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2013.09.12 04:30 Pencil Skirts

A pencil skirt is a slim-fitting skirt with a straight, narrow cut. Generally the hem falls to, or is just below, the knee and is tailored for a close fit. It is named for its shape: long and slim like a pencil.

2023.06.03 20:05 Knightley_Crusad 7th Shock Troops Battalion [HALO][Recruiting][NA/EU/AU][Semi-Realism]

7th Shock Troops Battalion [HALO][Recruiting][NA/EU/AU][Semi-Realism]


Unit Picture

Disciple 1-1

Disciple 1-2

Disciple 1-3

Prophet 2-1

Prophet 2-2
Prophet 2-3

Tempest 3-1

Tempest 3-2
Tempest 3-3
The 7th STB is a semi-realistic Halo Arma 3 ODST unit primarily based in the United States. We started in April of 2022 and currently have 100+ weekly members and are growing. We strive to ensure our operations are as smooth, and entertaining as possible.
What Is Our Mission?
The 7th STB was made by Arma Veterans who have played the game for years, and our main focus is on keeping a tight-knit group who can enjoy the game at its core. We work tirelessly on ensuring that everyone has a great experience by creating diverse, fresh, and entertaining operations every weekend.
We are a semi-casual unit focused more on a "fun", rather than a "serious" environment. However, we still hold to the mil-sim structure inside and outside of operations.
Our operations take place during engagements with both the Insurrectionist and Covenant forces but focus on battles during Operation Trebuchet.
What makes us different from other OPTRE units?
  • Our rules are more relaxed, and we have a more experience-based approach to training. We try to avoid the inherently tedious aspects that most units hold to.
  • At the end of the day, we are a community-driven unit that strives to have the most fun as an organized group. We play games outside of Arma and hang out regularly, and we are always looking for new people to play with.
  • We actively have opportunities for many MOS and Leadership positions in our unit and don't discriminate against anyone who wishes to try their hand at said billets.
  • We do weekly main operations and fun operations, with 3 dedicated ops per week.
  • Custom armor is available for active members, and is not restricted by rank.
Available Detachments?
Redeemer Company 1st Platoon "Disciple"
Disciple is our ODST Infantry detachment that focuses on dropping into hot AOs with Drop Pods, Paradropping, and quick pelican assaults. If you’re looking to be a shock trooper, look no further than 1st platoon.
Redeemer Company 2nd Platoon "Prophet"
Prophet is our ODST Mechanized Infantry detachment. 2nd Platoon focuses on being mobile infantry that’s supported by vehicles like IFVs, APCs, and Scorpion tanks. If you’re looking for large scale assaults, prioritizing heavy firepower and constant momentum, 2nd platoon is the place for you.
Redeemer Company 3rd Platoon "Tempest"
3rd Platoon is our Newest platoon. Currently our goal is to open another infantry detachment that will grow into its focus as it grows. If you’re looking for a brand new platoon with tons of opportunity for leadership or MOS positions, then 3rd platoon is perfect for you.
Redeemer Company Air Combat Squadron "Archangel"
Archangel is our aviation detachment, their main focus is insertion and extraction of infantry assets on the field, providing Close Air Support (CAS), overhead reconnaissance, and air-to-air combat. Archangel is our greatest asset in achieving victory on the battlefield, and they are trained in radios, aircraft, and resupplies.
Redeemer Company "Valkyrie"
Valkyrie at its core is a medical QRF force capable of neutralizing infantry and light vehicle contacts in defense of downed ODST’s. Our main missions are as follows; general support, mass cas support, and search & rescue.
Operations Times?
1st Platoon Operation: 7pm est on Sundays
2nd Platoon Operation: 1pm est on Saturdays
3rd Platoon Operation: 3pm est on Sundays
Fun Operations: Anytime, any day
Who Can Join Our Unit?
  • Must be 16 Years of Age or older
  • Must have a legal copy of ARMA 3
  • Must have a working headset
  • Must speak fluent English
  • Any or no experience in a Arma Unit
  • Must be able to attend two main operations in a month
How To Join The 7th Shock Troops Battalion?
  • Join our discord to join
  • Visit our website for more information on the 7th Shock Troops Battalion
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2023.06.03 20:05 Soulmariachi Small collection of Redlines in package that were given to me from a relative.

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2023.06.03 20:05 ThatTallGuy21 ICE user with certain concerns I don't see being mentioned about the current state of EVs that has me dragging my feet

Full disclosure: I don't own an EV. I just need some help smoothing over some issues I keep bouncing around in my head.
Up in the Northeast US, our summers can get pretty hot (90+F) with very cold winters (below 10F). Last winter for example, there was a stretch of days where the windchill was -40F. From what Ive read, not ideal conditions for an EVs runtime.
Due to these conditions I've read an EV will operate at 80% of it's ideal conditions. So for example, a 250mi capable battery now only gives me 200 miles.
In the Northeastern US, my concern is that there will be more times where I'm not getting the full mileage a large chunk of the year (~6 months). Current EVs already get less mileage on a fill up than ICE counterparts so this feels more inconvenient. In my mind, it feels like for EVs be successful they need to have longer range batteries just to account for places with less than ideal environmental conditions. Not necessarily so I can drive longer distances without a fill up. What am I missing here?
Which brings me to my next point. My family typically owns cars for 12-15 years. Well beyond the period of making payments on the cars. If I'm getting only 200 miles due to poor conditions, what would the battery degradation be like 12+ years from now? In my example, at an already theoretical shorter 200mi, would I expect to only have 150mi on a battery in less than ideal conditions 12 years from now?
On a somewhat separate note, are there concerns or assurances that Tesla will still support the software for the displays used to run EVERYTHING in the model 3 or Y 15 years from now? Feels risky to me that the car software 12 years from now will be very slow (like any other PC) when performing important tasks, thus taking user eyes off the road longer.
Could use some EV owners perspective on the above.
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2023.06.03 20:05 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 44 (Long)

New Year’s Revolution 2007 (Raw)
Date: 7/1/07
Location: Kemper Memorial Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
Bobby Lashley vs Shelton Benjamin
#1 Contender’s Match for the World Tag Team Championship:
Cryme Tyme vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Victoria
Intercontinental Championship:
Jeff Hardy (c) vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina
Ric Flair vs Chris Masters
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada (By Disqualification)
(Vince McMahon has been impressed with Umaga and rewards him with an opportunity to win the WWE Championship. McMahon says that he hates John Cena and has the utmost confidence in The Samoan Bulldozer to destroy him. Cena says Umaga might be undefeated but every challenge that’s thrown at him, he’ll do his utmost to overcome. Umaga gets himself disqualified, utterly decimates Cena and leaves him in a bloody mess.)
Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship:
D-Generation X (c) vs Rated-RKO
(This feud continues as Rated-RKO are granted another championship match against DX by Vince McMahon. The stipulation is decided by DX though after Shawn Michaels beats Edge in a match. DX choose to have it in a place Orton & Edge can’t run… a Steel Cage! DX promise that Rated-RKO are going to get their ass kicked because they deserve it for the way they’ve been acting since aligning with one another. Rated-RKO win the championships via escaping the cage.)
(Triple H tears his quad in the main event of New Year’s Revolution. This puts him on the shelf for the time being.)
Royal Rumble 2007
Date: 28/1/07
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Rated-RKO (c) vs Cryme Tyme
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Chavo Guerrero vs Jamie Noble vs Super Crazy
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Test
(Test wins a Battle Royal to become the #1 Contender. Test says that Rob Van Dam’s title reign will be short lived because he’s going to destroy him at the Royal Rumble. RVD meanwhile promises that his reign is just getting started and Test is going to feel the wrath of the extreme at the Royal Rumble. RVD wins after delivering a Five-Star Frog Splash from the top of a ladder through a table.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs Mr.Kennedy
(Mr.Kennedy wins a beat the clock challenge to become the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship by ensuring The Undertaker didn’t beat Finlay on time after providing a distraction. Kennedy says this is an opportunity he’s been waiting for to further rise in the WWE and his rise will be complete when he beats Batista at the Royal Rumble. Batista says Kennedy can talk the talk but at the Royal Rumble, he won’t walk the walk when he beats the utter crap out of him.)
Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Same build up, same bloody and brutal affair and the same finish. John Cena forces Umaga to pass out by choking him with the rope to retain the WWE Championship in an all time classic.)
Royal Rumble Match:
The Undertaker (#30) wins by last eliminating Shawn Michaels (#23)
Royal Rumble Notes:
The final four are The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Edge and Randy Orton
Edge enters at #5 and lasts 44 minutes in this match before being eliminated by Shawn Michaels
(Umaga beats Jeff Hardy for the Intercontinental Championship on the February 12th, 2007 episode of Raw)
No Way Out 2007 (SmackDown)
Date: 18/2/07
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs Elijah Burke
(After the match, CM Punk’s music hits and he stares down Van Dam.)
WWE Tag Team Championship:
Paul London & Brian Kendrick (c) vs Deuce n Domino
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Gregory Helms
Kane vs Booker T w/Sharmell
(Booker T cheats to win by putting his feet on the ropes during a roll up. Kane then Chokeslam’s Booker T after the match to signal that he isn’t finished with him.)
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs Finlay w/Little Bastard
(After the match, MVP attacks Chris Benoit and takes him out with a Playmaker.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs Mr.Kennedy
(The Undertaker chooses to face the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania. Batista claims it will be him and says it’ll be an honour to face The Deadman at WrestleMania but promises Taker will regret it because by choosing him, he’s chose his streak to die! Mr.Kennedy interrupts Batista and says he won’t be the World Heavyweight Champion facing The Undertaker, it’ll be him. Kennedy says it’s his destiny to bury The Deadman for good and Batista’s fantasy that he’ll end the streak will end at No Way Out. Batista promises to get rid of this distraction in Kennedy at No Way Out and will then focus on the biggest match of his career at WrestleMania. Batista wins here and after the match while celebrating his victory… GONG! The Undertaker appears and stares down Batista as No Way Out draws to a close.)
Hall of Fame class of 2007:
Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Perfect, Jerry Lawler, Mr. Fuji, Jim Ross, The Wild Samoans, The Sheik and Nick Bockwinkel
WrestleMania 23
Date: 1/4/07
Location: Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan
Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Booker T vs Kane vs Mr.Kennedy vs Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy vs Edge vs Randy Orton vs Carlito
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Jimmy Wang Yang
United States Championship:
Chris Benoit (c) vs MVP
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
Rob Van Dam (c) vs CM Punk
(CM Punk says after months of trying to prove himself, his rise will only continue and he has the ECW Championship in his sights. Punk says with all due to respect to Van Dam for as great as he’s been for ECW, it’s his time now whether RVD likes it or not. RVD tells CM Punk that he thinks he’s a phenomenal wrestler who has huge potential to succeed on ECW but his time isn’t now, no matter how much he believes it. CM Punk wins the ECW Championship in a very good 15 minute match. Both men shake hands after the match with Van Dam passing on the ECW torch to The Second City Saint.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista (c) vs The Undertaker
(Batista says with all due respect to The Undertaker, his streak is coming to an end and he’ll further cement himself as the face of not only SmackDown but the entire company. Batista says he’ll not be intimidated by any sort of mind games Taker tries to play which is indeed the case. Taker tries to play mind games on The Animal but it doesn’t work in the slightest. Batista says he’s without doubt the biggest threat ever to The Undertaker’s streak and also goes on record to say he doesn’t fear The Undertaker like others have and he’s just another normal man in his eyes. Undertaker says despite Batista not being intimidated, he’s going to find out The Deadman isn’t any normal man and his ballsy pride will fall at the feet of the reaper when he once again wins gold in his illustrious career while keeping his WrestleMania streak in tact. Batista comes very close but in the end, The Undertaker wins the World Heavyweight Championship to go 15-0 at WrestleMania!)
Hair vs Hair Match for the Intercontinental Championship - Stone Cold Steven Austin is the Special Guest Referee:
Umaga (c) w/Armando Estrada & Vince McMahon vs Bobby Lashley w/Donald Trump
(Same build up as in real life but with Umaga’s Intercontinental Championship on the line. If Umaga wins, Donald Trump will have to shave his head. If Bobby Lashley wins, Vince McMahon will have to shave his. As much as Vince tries to screw Lashley, Austin ensures he doesn’t, stunners McMahon, stunners Umaga and Umaga then falls into a Spear from Lashley who then pins Umaga to win the Intercontinental Championship! After the match, Austin, Lashley and Trump shave McMahon’s head and celebrate with beers. Austin then stunners Trump and the crowd pops big time as he and Lashley continue to celebrate.)
Lumberjill Match for the Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Melina
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels
(Shawn Michaels wins a #1 Contender’s match against Edge and Randy Orton on Raw to earn this shot against John Cena at WrestleMania. In the build up, Shawn Michaels says it’s been 9 years since he’s been the WWE Champion and with him not having many years left ahead of him, he wants to be on top of the mountain again and feels he has a massive chip on his shoulder to win the big one again. Michaels says just like at WrestleMania 12, the boyhood dream will become a reality even at John Cena who he respects expense. John Cena says Shawn Michaels is an all time great, Mr. WrestleMania, The Showstopper! And it’ll be an honour to face him at WrestleMania but he’s not willing to let Shawn Michaels take his title in favour of a boyhood story that he’d be in favour of if it wasn’t at his expense. John Cena forces Michaels to submit to the STFU. WrestleMania draws to a close with Cena holding his title up high.)
(PPV’s will no longer be brand exclusive.)
(The Hardy Boyz beat Rated-RKO to win the World Tag Team Championship on the Raw after WrestleMania.)
(Vince McMahon appoints Jonathan Coachman as the new GM of Raw.)
Backlash 2007
Date: 29/4/07
Location: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
The Hardy Boyz (c) vs MNM
(After the match, Johnny Nitro attacks Joey Mercury and officially ends MNM for good.)
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Melina
United States Championship:
MVP (c) vs Chris Benoit (By Disqualification)
(Benoit wins via DQ after MVP hit’s him with a low blow.)
Intercontinental Championship:
Bobby Lashley (c) vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada & Shane McMahon
(After WrestleMania, Umaga invokes his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship and Vince McMahon instructs him to utterly decimate Bobby Lashley for shaving his head with Austin at WrestleMania. Vince’s son Shane returns in the build up and says he’s the insurance policy to ensure Lashley pays for his actions and to also ensure that Umaga reclaims the championship. Bobby Lashley retains here despite Shane’s best attempts to cost him after delivering a devastating Spear to the Samoan Bulldozer.)
Extreme Rules Match for the ECW Championship:
CM Punk (c) vs Rob Van Dam vs Marcus Cor Von vs Elijah Burke
(After WrestleMania, CM Punk says that this is just the start of his rise in the WWE and one day he’ll go onto bigger things but right now, ECW is his home and he welcomes all challenges thrown his way. Vince McMahon interrupts and tells Punk he doesn’t like the thought of him being the face of ECW. Vince also says that Punk’s fantasy of going onto bigger and better things won’t happen while he’s in charge because he’s never WWE or World Championship material. McMahon says Punk will defend the ECW Championship at Backlash against 3 other men in an attempt to be proved right that Punk isn’t good enough. Vince chooses Rob Van Dam, Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von. Punk says Vince can stack the odds if he wants, he’ll overcome them and be the fighting champion he promised to be. CM Punk retains the championship after delivering a GTS to Cor Von.)
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Brian Kendrick
Last Man Standing Match:
The Undertaker (c) vs Batista (Draw)
(On the SmackDown after WrestleMania, Batista interrupts The Undertaker and tells him “Congratulations, I want my rematch”. Taker nods in approval and the match is set. Teddy Long ups the stakes and announces this match will be contested in a Last Man Standing Match! Batista says Taker was the better man at WrestleMania but he took him to his limit and maintains The Deadman is like any normal man and he can slay him at Backlash. Taker promises it’ll be the same story as WrestleMania and Batista will Rest in Peace! This match ends in a draw after Batista spears Undertaker off the stage and both men fail to answer the referees count of 10.)
WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton vs Edge
(Shawn Michaels asks for another shot to face John Cena for the WWE Championship but is interrupted by Edge. Edge says Michaels lost at WrestleMania so he can get to the back of the line, it’s his turn to face John Cena and get revenge on him after losing the championship to him in his hometown back at Unforgiven. Randy Orton further interrupts and says Edge has also lost to John Cena so he can get to the back of the line too. Orton says he’s never faced Cena so it’s only right he gets the opportunity because he knows if he gets it, he’ll beat him! This causes tension between Edge and Orton as they’ve also just lost their titles and they officially split in the build up to this and start fighting every time they see each other. Jonathan Coachman says all 3 men have a case so at Backlash, John Cena will defend his title in a Fatal 4-Way. In all time classic main event, Shawn Michaels delivers a Sweet Chin Music to Cena who then falls on top of Orton and covers him to luckily retain the WWE Championship! Michaels can’t believe since he had the match won. Backlash draws to a close with Michaels walking backstage in utter disbelief and signals he’s not done with Cena yet.)
(Mr. Kennedy loses the Money in the Bank briefcase against Edge on the May 7th 2007 episode of Raw.)
(The Undertaker and Batista have a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship on the May 11th, 2007 episode of SmackDown inside of a Steel Cage. The match ends in a draw when both men escape the cage at the same time. After the match, Mark Henry returns and completely destroys an already beat up Undertaker. With a destroyed Taker down, an Ultimate Opportunist comes over from Raw and cashes in his Money in the Bank contract… Edge! Edge Spears The Undertaker twice to win the World Heavyweight Title. Druids then carry The Undertaker out of the arena and The Deadman is written off TV.)
And that’s part 44 over and done with guys. That was long, creative and an absolute pleasure to share with you great people in this community. I’ll be back very soon for part 45 where we’ll see Edge move to SmackDown, Great Khali NOT become the World Heavyweight Champion and a much better SummerSlam 2007. I also want to inform you guys that in the next part, you’ll also hear my opinion on Chris Benoit after the tragedy still sadly unfolds. Stay safe and stay tuned.
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2023.06.03 20:05 hustlersinventory Top Ways to Choose the Best Fitness Clothing

Engaging in physical activities such as gym workouts, running, or practicing yoga requires appropriate fitness clothing to enhance your performance and ensure the utmost comfort. However, selecting the ideal clothing can be quite challenging due to the plethora of options available. So, in this post, we will share a few crucial aspects that you should consider while selecting the perfect fitness clothing -
When it comes to fitness clothing, the choice of fabric is important. You should opt for fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and lightweight. Usually, fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex are used in fitness apparel due to their moisture-wicking properties.
The perfect fit is important for fitness clothing as it provides freedom of movement during the workout. You should avoid clothing that is too tight, as it may restrict movement and hinder your performance.
Choose colors, patterns, and designs that resonate with your personal style and make you feel motivated. Feeling good about your appearance can boost your confidence and overall mood, positively impacting your workout performance.
Keep these points in mind while choosing fitness clothing for a smooth and hassle-free workout session.
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2023.06.03 20:05 juliefarted anxiety poop tips??

hihi!! i recently started working and it’s absolutely killing my anxiety. my agoraphobia is slowly starting to come back with the anxiety attached to this new job. it’s very strange because once i start working my anxiety goes away completely, but the moments leading up to it KILL ME. i’ve been having 2-4 panic attacks each week and now they’re starting to manifest anxiety poops. i never used to have anxiety poops, but within the last month i’ve been experiencing them whenever i have a panic attack about going to a public place for more than 2 hours (or somewhere that’s far from home). normally when the stressful situation is over i feel better. most of the time it really messes with me in the sense that i might be sick or i might’ve caught a stomach bug.
is there any tips i can use when i do get these anxiety poops? ESPECIALLY if i’m going to work.
i might talk to my doctor about it to see if she could prescribe me anything for this.
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2023.06.03 20:05 GeneralGold742 Any new news on shaders/RTX on the next gen consoles?

Its been nearly 4 years since RTX was announced to arrive on next gen consoles and I have not heard many updates about it. Has there been any news in the past couple months on when shaders or RTX is coming out of testing?
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2023.06.03 20:05 AutoModerator (Reddit) Watch ‘A Man Called Otto’ OnLine Free Streaming For Reddit

Here are options for downloading or watching A Man Called Otto streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the anticipated comedy movie at home. A Man Called Otto available to stream? Is watching A Man Called Otto on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we have found an authentic streaming option / service.

Watch Here☑️A Man Called Otto Online Free

There’s nothing like ringing in the New Year with a new Tom Hanks movie. The actor is back on the big screen for his new role in A Man Called Otto, based on The New York Times bestseller, A Man Called Ove. And we’ve got you covered on all the ways you can watch it!

Here’s everything we know about how, when and where you can watch A Man Called Otto:

When Will A Man Called Otto Be Released?
A Man Called Otto received a limited release on December 30, 2022, and will expand to more theaters on January 6, 2022, before expanding even wider on January 13, 2022.

Will A Man Called Otto Be Available for Streaming?
It is currently unknown when A Man Called Otto will be available for streaming, but we’ll be the first to let you know as soon as that information is revealed. The film will likely stream on Netflix, thanks to a deal that was struck between Sony and the streaming giant.

Where to Watch A Man Called Otto Online:
There aren’t any platforms available to watch A Man Called Otto online. As a result of the film’s massive popularity, MAPPA has opted to release it exclusively in cinemas. On the other hand, the studio wants to refrain from redirecting money since streaming the film would reduce their earnings.

No streaming providers are thus permitted to provide A Man Called Otto Movie for free. However, platforms like Funimation, Netflix, and Crunchyroll would likely purchase the movie. Finally, which channels are most likely to release the film globally?

Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Apple, YouTube or Vudu, or available to stream on Disney+. Read on for more information.

How to watch A Man Called Otto
After opening in New York and Los Angeles on December 29, A Man Called Otto is expanding. It is now playing in a number of US markets, with it arriving everywhere in the US by January 13. Outside of the US, A Man Called Otto premieres in the UK on January 6.

To find out if, where and when A Man Called Otto is playing near you, you can check your local movie theaters’ websites or get a full scope of everywhere the movie is playing near you in one place on Fandango.

Does Netflix offer A Man Called Otto?
The streaming behemoth’s colossal television and film library does not have “A Man Called Otto.” The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is just one of the dark fantasy movies we advise our readers to watch.

Where the Crawdads Sing was released in theaters on July 15, 2022, before it came to Netflix on Nov. 12 — around four months after it debuted. If A Man Called Otto follows the same pattern, we could be watching from the comfort of our homes by late April or early May 2023.

Will A Man Called Otto Be On HBO MAX?
HBO MAX and Funimation, who will be in charge of its distribution in North America, have acquired the movie’s rights.

Will A Man Called Otto Available On Hulu?
Viewers are saying that they want to view the new movie A Man Called Otto on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

Who’s In A Man Called Otto’s Cast?
Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks headlines the cast of A Man Called Otto as the protagonist – a retired 60-year-old widower whose only objective in life seems to be harassing his neighbors and anyone else who crosses his path. In other roles, the cast also includes, but is not limited to, Mariana Trevino as Marisol, Otto’s new neighbor, along with Rachel Keller, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Cameron Britton, Kailey Hyman, Mike Birbiglia, Elle Chapman, Kelly Lamor Wilson, Lavel Schley, Juanita Jennings, Julian Manjerico, Spenser Granese, and Jon Donahue, among others.

What Is A Man Called Otto About?
The official synopsis for A Man Called Otto reads,

“Based on the comical and moving # 1 New York Times bestseller, A Man Called Otto tells the story of Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks), a grumpy widower who is very set in his ways. When a lively young family moves in next door, he meets his match in quick-witted and very pregnant Marisol, leading to an unlikely friendship that will turn his world upside-down. Experience a funny, heartwarming story about how some families come from the most unexpected places.”
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2023.06.03 20:05 Sowhxxtt Is he lonely and bored. Or is this love genuine.

Is he lonely and bored. Or is this love genuine.
I posted synastry and composite just in case We met through a mutual friend he works with. From the first day we met we’ve pretty much been inseparable. We get along pretty well and have a great time together. Same interest, love to laugh, drink and eat. We do got that mars & Pluto aspects going on so as you could imagine it gets ugly sometimes.
I do wish he would stand up for me more when it comes to people in his life. Lately our friends have been way too involved in our relationship and it could possibly break us up. He says he doesn’t know why they’re invested in our situation and says he doesn’t share anything about us. Possibility of a 3rd party situation too.
I’m wanting to know; Is he genuine for the most part. Is it worth fighting for and are things going to change. Are we even a match long term?
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2023.06.03 20:05 unspoken2121 What am I doing?

I don’t really know what I’m doing here again, but I guess I just wanna get this written down so that I know it actually happened before I become absolutely delusional again and start believing that I no longer have empathy.
And I don’t mean for any of this to come off as encouraging. I am just simple sharing my thoughts and experiences in the form of venting since I can’t tell anyone in person.
So, at the end of April, I cut myself for the “first” time (I did it once before when I was 11, but that was for separate and unrelated reasons). I was really freaked out about it and then the guilt set in. Those cuts didn’t scar and have already healed completely, but it didn’t stop me from feeling like shit because I promised my mom that I would never hurt myself again and I did.
Then, a few weeks later, I did it again. I marked up my chest a bunch and I was just kinda doing it mindlessly. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I was like “I should stop” and set everything down. But after a bit I just continued and denied that anything ever happened for a while before coming to terms with what I did and cleaning up.
It is super strange to me in the moments, because all I want to do is cut deeper and get mad when I can’t.
I did the same thing but less the next day along with a few other small things.
But last Tuesday, I got the sudden urge to cut into the hypodermis layer. It felt so strange to cut into the dermis layer in all honesty. But that is as far as it went. Just a few millimeters and didn’t even reach hypodermis, because I came to the sudden realization of what I was doing and just threw everything away.
Ever since then, it’s all I’ve been able to think about. I know I shouldn’t, but all I want to do is go down the street and buy razor blades. They would be much sharper then what I last used and I don’t want to use a dull push dagger.
I don’t really know what I’m doing and I hate how I’m going to leave at least one permanent scar on myself.
I’m sorry mom.
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2023.06.03 20:04 defdumplanet Is it ok to start playing now on PS5?

I've been anticipating this game for a long time, and I know many of you have as well! However, I'm the type of person that doesn't want to start a game if it is very buggy… I prefer to wait until the game is in an ″appropriate state″ – meaning that it is stable, that it's gameplay modes (quality & performance) function correctly, and there are no game-breaking glitches/crashes, etc…
Obviously I know that making these games is a huge undertaking. No game is perfect and they all have some bugs. I'm not referring to that. I'm referring to the news since it's launch about its major performance issues & game-breaking crashes.
I also know that patch 5 came to PC about 2 and a half weeks ago, but has not yet been released for consoles, and that there still isn't even an estimated time frame given for consoles. I can't find any recent news updates, so I thought I'd try Reddit! I've read that the main issues were mostly all ″PC issues″ and since there have been 4 patches (on consoles) so far, I am wondering how the game is currently running on PS5. If it IS still having big issues on consoles, then does anyone at least know whether or not patch 5 is supposed to be the final one that will ″fix″ the game, or is it just one of many more yet to come over a period of months?
Thanks all!!!
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2023.06.03 20:04 NickIrvinOfficial Colorado! I'm throwing a free outdoor Techno event in two weeks! Please stop by! 🌅

It's on June 17th at Clear Creek Valley Park. It's at their amphitheater and I'm bringing a killer sound system too.
It starts at 1pm and it goes until sun set.
I picked some of the best local talent in Denver to play. These people really are in it for the love of the music and they've been in the scene for many years. To close out the night, SURCO is bringing his custom setup for a two hour LIVE Techno set. You don't want to miss it
Bring yourself, bring your friends and come make friends. We're going to celebrate music and life!
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2023.06.03 20:04 ThrowRA-nameless2650 I (24F) need clarity on my relationship with my (38M) boyfriend. Should I be more patient and wait this out and continue to work on myself. Am I the problem?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years and we just had a baby 6 months ago. I have a 5 year old with my ex who isn’t involved (I have sole custody and we haven’t seen him in a few years) Back story, when I started dating my boyfriend I told him some very personal trauma that I had never told anyone before about my step parent. I told him this because the more we hung out and the closer we got the secret just kept eating at me more and more which never has happened. I was sexually assaulted my freshman year by my step parent. Since telling my boyfriend he first was supportive but did make it very clear that if him and I ever had children they would not be allowed anywhere near my step dad. I did find it a little strange that that happened to be his initial response to that before saying anything else but also understood where he was coming from. I had already had my now 5 year old daughter and she had been around my stepdad many times because I pretty much pretended my whole life that the assault never happened but after telling my boyfriend this secret and hearing his response about our future kids not being allowed near him it made it extremely difficult to have my 5 year old around my parents anymore because it made me feel like a bad mother. After about a year of dating my boyfriend I finally told my mother about the sexual assault and she and the rest of my family disowned me. My whole life I’ve lived in a very rural area and I have never been used to a kind of city life but agreed to move in with my boyfriend who lives in one of the largest city’s in our state. This has been a huge adjustment for me but also is about an hour away from all of my friends and family. Fast forward to being pregnant with our bow 6 month old I noticed my boyfriends mood and attitude shifting but he always told me it was my hormones and would tell me I’m too dramatic, too emotional and make a big deal out of everything and part of me really believed him but also he had told me my moods were unpredictable because of my situation with me and my mom not speaking anymore and again I believed him. I tried explaining to him that this was probably the lowest point in my life and that I have a lot on my plate but it seemed like everytime I’d try to explain my feelings I’d be expected just to get over it and forget about it. I’ve felt like I haven’t gotten any support through this very difficult time. Fast forward again to having our daughter, my boyfriend was the only one in the room when our daughter was born which I was absolutely fine with but also a bit sad that my mother wasn’t there. I told my boyfriend before the baby was here that I didn’t want a lot of visitors once we got home and that I wanted time to settle and enjoy the first few weeks with our daughter and also enjoy the time while he’s off work at the least. He verbally agreed to this but every day since we had our daughter someone has came by to see her and his parents would drop by without even giving a heads up and I got no rest the first few weeks with her but also felt like I missed out on some of our special family bonding time. I tried expressing my feelings to him but it seemed to only anger him. Now currently I still regularly try to express my feelings when I’m upset whether it be about being tired from being up with the baby, taking care of my first born, missing my family or just feeling hurt by some of the things he says to me it seems like no matter how I approach him about these things he name calls me dramatic, crazy, sensitive, delusional or tells me it’s my problem. It’s been and extremely difficult year and a half and my boyfriend used to be so empathetic and supportive but I feel like I’ve completely lost that side of him now and I’m confused on if it’s me if because of my trauma I really am being too much at times or if he should be more supportive? I’ve broken up with him a couple of times since having our daughter but we’re always back together like 1 or 2 days after I try to have my space but each time we’ve gotten back together we go right back to square one. What should I do? Also I am currently doing weekly therapy and have been pushing myself to spend time with friends more so I dont get stuck in a depressive state and so I can work through my trauma. What should I do? Should I be patient and run this through it’s course or should I move on and take this time to work on myself?
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2023.06.03 20:04 Fragrant-Invite-2441 Anyone wanna come dump a load in a trans guy?

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2023.06.03 20:04 Jorpho A few mysteries I couldn't figure out in seeking to avoid spoilers (mainly Act 3)

Normally I would consult a FAQ for things like this, but I'm hoping to avoid unnecessary spoilers for other things I haven't figured out, so would you please indulge me and pass along some of your hard-won knowledge?
Some of these are probably related.
Act 2:
Act 3:
Thank you for your patience. :-)
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2023.06.03 20:04 TheBobParr 2.5" Shock advice...

For JKU 2017 Sahara, the bushings are dead on my Pro Comp ES9000 with 2"5 after just 30000km, ordered them on 4WP, don't know yet if it can be shipped in French Polynesia... and then replaced
BTW in case I cannot handle the bushing issue, I need your advice for Shocks ... that can run in hot temperature all year, for small crawling and bumpy road.. Is Bilstein 5100 Series a good one ? other choice for less than 120$ ?
Thanks !
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2023.06.03 20:04 mercuryisalwaysretro Unsolicited Advice from a Potential Client

I’m the VP of Marketing and Communications for a non-profit that specializes in a niche area of public policy. I am not kidding you, I get at least 30 cold emails a week from copywriters looking for work. I’m not sure if this is a function of so many “get rich quick” copywriting courses or what, but it’s getting a little ridiculous.
Because a big part of my professional career has been spent on persuasive messaging across multiple industries, I’ve lurked on this sub periodically over the years. I know most of you are passionate about what you do and don’t follow whatever internet guru advice is selling you without a second thought.
But for those of you who are just starting out and are cold emailing on the advice of one of these courses, I would like to offer some advice from the perspective of a potential client. Because, frankly, you are wasting your time with your current tactics.
I’m sure that many people have given this advice, but I thought it would be helpful to hear it from a client directly:
1. ACTUALLY research the business and its needs.
My organization doesn’t have “clients” in the traditional sense. It’s very clear we’re not selling anything if you had bothered to look at our website for 3.5 seconds. So, when I get an email telling me I’m “leaking” clients or missing out on sales, it automatically goes to the spam folder.
I understand that cold emailing is a numbers game, but the potential client can see when you’re playing that game with little care for the actual needs of the businesses and organizations you’re reaching out to.
Simply put, it’s clear a lot of you are half-assing your prospect research.
If you’re writing an email template that contains things like: [INSERT COMPLIMENT HERE], or [HIGHLIGHT SPECIFIC ISSUE HERE], and only looking for the information to fill in the blanks, you’re probably not doing enough research.
In my case, we work on a very niche policy area. Nearly everyone new who works with us will have to educate themselves on the issue. At a baseline, show me understand the larger problem we’re actually trying to address not the content problem you *think* we *might* have.
Beyond that, know what core things your target industry needs. If you’re targeting my organization, you should know non-profits primarily need three things to varying degrees: donors, manpower, and stakeholder engagement. If you’re targeting non-profits, and you don’t know that, you aren’t ready to pitch non-profit clients.
If you understand those basic needs, tell me how you can help with those things. Concretely.
For example, if you researched our org more thoroughly (and by that, I mean looking at our “about us” page on our website), you would see that we’re a team of less than 10. Despite our small size, we produce at least five 100+ page research reports with dedicated landing pages and supplementary content, hundreds of standalone articles, several targeted newsletters and an array of fundraising and media materials in a given year.
That means, as the head of comms, my problem isn’t that my team doesn’t know what they’re doing when it comes to copy. My team has more work than we can handle.
My biggest need is someone who can help alleviate some of my team’s workload. No one has mentioned that. Instead, I’m told our SEO or site traffic is bad. (It’s not, and I promise you that you don’t have actual data that can support that).
The problem you are proposing to solve doesn’t have to be the client’s current messaging, tactics, or content. And even if it is, it’s not necessarily always a productive place to start.
And this is also a great example of where your approach is leading you to miss out on a big opportunity! I have an extremely competent team who can give clear direction on deliverables. I just need more help but don’t have a budget to hire a permanent employee. If you’re starting out, that's a pretty good environment for building your portfolio and upskilling.
2. Research the PERSON you’re reaching out to.
A little of this may be my ego talking, but you need to research the person you are reaching out to. A quick look at my LinkedIn would tell you that I’ve been working in marketing and communications for nearly 15 years and specialize in persuasive messaging. While I work at a small non-profit now, the for-profit companies and public figures I’ve worked for throughout my career are likely the ones you want to be writing for.
So approaching me with a “bet you didn’t know…” pitch about some very common copywriting or messaging tactic, while claiming you are an “expert,” would be offensive if I didn’t know 100 other people got the same exact email from you.
It also means that you shouldn’t be copywriting your pitch/inquiry to me. I can see exactly what you are trying to do and, frankly, a lot of you aren’t doing it well.
I’m certain that there are some potential clients respond to that approach and there’s no shame in going after them. Money is money. But they probably aren’t the clients that will help you build a long-term career.
Let me be clear, I don’t need or want you to kiss my ass. I would just much rather receive an earnest, human email saying that you would love to support our organization’s mission and you think you can make my team’s lives easier. Hell, tell me you’re looking to build your portfolio and would love to get more experience with the range of content we work on.
In short, start a genuine conversation.
I love finding trustworthy, talented people and I’m always happy to make referrals. My friends and colleagues refer great freelancers to each other constantly. When you fail to change your approach based on the person you are pitching, you are not just throwing away potential work. You are throwing away valuable relationship-building and networking opportunities that could get you out of the cycle of needing to cold email to sustain your business.
3. For the love of god, just send me your portfolio link.
I’ve noticed that a lot of people emailing me these days think they should hold back a link to their website or portfolio to force a reply from the client.
Your work should speak for itself. If you’re trying to play games to get me to reply, I promise you I won’t. And very few people in my position would.
This goes back to the idea that you shouldn’t be copywriting your pitches to high-knowledge potential clients.
All this says to me is you 1) are not confident in your work, 2) are using predatory marketing tactics that aren't aligned with how I prefer to do business, and 3) can’t read a room.
It’s giving used car salesman, if we’re being honest. I don’t want to be “sold” on your service. I want to be convinced of your reliability, skill set, and ability to collaborate productively.
Like I said, none of this is new or revolutionary advice and much of it is solely based on my personal experience. But based on what’s in my email daily and what I see from newbies on here, there’s clearly a lot of formulaic and bad advice circulating.
I'll be honest, I don't love cold emailing as an approach to finding clients and think you are better off building relationships through working in-house, finding some initial clients on sites like Upwork/fiverr, or applying to short-term contract roles on job boards. But it's rough out there and I know establishing an income stream quickly is important, especially in these rough economic times.
So if you are going to do it, do it with intention. Lots of us are looking for talented folks, don't take yourself out of consideration before you even hit send on that email.
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2023.06.03 20:04 Chekov_shmekov Im not sure if that has been posted yet but this came from the succession discord on the day of the final and there were a surprising number of rlly good predictions on it

Im not sure if that has been posted yet but this came from the succession discord on the day of the final and there were a surprising number of rlly good predictions on it submitted by Chekov_shmekov to SuccessionTV [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:04 MrSteezyGreen30 Erza Scarlet In Her Sexy Swimsuit With Irish Green Background Color

Erza Scarlet In Her Sexy Swimsuit With Irish Green Background Color
It's almost summer time and kids/teenagers are enjoying the end of the school year until the beginning of September. Also Father's Day is coming up within 2 or 3 weeks from Sunday. So be sure to buy some nice gifts for your dad and make them proud and threat them nicely. By the way, Here's an awesome picture of Erza Scarlet wearing her sexy swimsuit that I've just customized with GIMP to make this background color in green and next time it will be royal blue. I'm also going to make a Happy Canada Day with a picture of Mizore Shirayuki wearing her sexy swimsuit that has Super Mario World Game Over Text Font and it will be post on here and my YouTube's Community Tab Post even my instagram account on MrSteezyGreen30. Please enjoy the rest of your Summer Holidays everyone.
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2023.06.03 20:04 zk2336 [WTS] Post Office Run! (Berg, Grayman, Vero, Kingdom Armory)

Making a post office run today and throwing these out there to save an additional trip! Continuing the collection reduction. Happy to provide any additional pictures or information!
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/CX9BY21
Vero Impulse Mini 2nd Run: Bought this directly from Vero on a drop. Factory Edge on M390 Blackwash blade, Stonewash scales with Blackwash Hardware. Great action, perfect centering. Knife comes as a complete kit. Asking $225
Vero Video: https://imgur.com/a/cUaNewO
Berg Slim: Original owner bought directly from Berg. Knife has been carried, opened a few boxes. Full kit. Overall great knife with awesome action. Asking $225
Berg Video: https://imgur.com/a/bioQ7HF
Kingdom Armory Bench Series Rogue: Original owner, bought directly from Kingdom Armory. Factory edge(maybe cut paper), lightly carried. CTS-XHP Darkwashed blade. Full kit. Don’t want to see it go but testing the waters. Asking $700
Rogue Video: https://imgur.com/a/t6Q88pv
Grayman Dua: At least second owner, won in an auction on the bay. The edge could use some work, not a great factory grind. This knife sat waiting to be sent off for mod work and I never got around to it. Solid lockup, zero play in any direction. Knife Only. Not a common knife, open to offers, Asking $350 ORO
Grayman Video: https://imgur.com/a/FQkRJM5
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2023.06.03 20:04 Accomplished-Toe-108 I’ve officially retired from trolling. I am Spider-Man no more

As like 80% of you know I am Spider-Man. The notorious troll who dismantles garrisons plays 60’s music and starts fights. Also as some of you know the reason I trolled in the first place was because I couldn’t stand the rampant racism and all around degeneracy in the game. I did what I did as much as I did in the hopes of bringing enough attention to the problem to force the devs to fix the issue. The vote to kick is a good enough solution for me but there is still a lot of work to be done in my opinion. I know it isn’t worth much but I genuinely am sorry for all the chaos I caused to the people who just wanted to play the game. I genuinely really am. I felt bad a lot more than you may think I did. I promise from this point forward my trolling days are mostly done. Aside from the occasional quip I don’t plan on causing any more problems. As penance I intend to play medic only for the next 2 months. I will still play my Funky beats because I like them. I am sorry. Genuinely genuinely sorry.
Now for a more pressing issue: My association with Loka. I have never once in my life been so disgusted to associate or be confused with someone as Loka. For clarification me and Loka are not the same person. My alter ego on this game is Edmond Dantes. I am not nor have I ever been loka. I made claims that I was previously simply for the sake of causing confusion controversy and chaos. I regret this now. Saying the N word threatening children and school shootings even for a troll is crossing a line. A huge red line. I’ve never done that. I don’t want to do that. And I never will. It is a disgusting horrible thing. Even 10 years ago when I was 15 I had the sense to know better than to say these things much less feel that way. As a troll myself I can say that In my opinion the best way to deal with this is to shun him. Don’t acknowledge don’t report. Just mute shun and vote to kick.
To loka-you really fucked up man. At this point I think your best route is to publicly apologize and either quit playing the game or change your name and never come back. You crossed a line dude even to me.
Happy hunting guys I hope you enjoy more peaceful times. -Spider-Man.
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2023.06.03 20:04 garybpt A bit more Discord UX done today, making the community safer

I decided to extend my coding hiatus for one more day and work on some safeguarding for our eventual Discord community.
Following a number of YouTube tutorials I've implemented:
The community space should now be safe from those that want to do harm, and I think Arcane will give a nice push for engagement amongst community members. At the same time, I've upgraded the server to a Community Server so I can now run online events for members. Pretty cool. I have a load of ideas for it and I'm looking forward to testing this in the coming days.
My goal for this project eventually is to have a side business outside of my day-to-day work. I'm not too bothered about people paying for general community membership in general because, whilst it's small, Discord doesn't cost me (other than time) to run. However, the OpenAI API does, so this would need to be a paid upgrade.
I've been playing around with Midjourney, another service that uses Discord, and I'm really interested in how they've implemented their payment system. I'm not 100% sure how they've managed to do it but I'm going to try and find out.
If anyone has any ideas then I'd love to grab a virtual brew.
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