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2023.05.31 18:49 Apprehensive_One_429 I’m done

I will turn in my two weeks notice tomorrow. This store is becoming ridiculous. We need help and too many people are not showing up to work. The coaches have contacted the higher ups and they tell us to just tell our store manager. We hire but no one shows up to orientation. Mind you this store is at least 2x the size of a regular Walmart. Today they have me picking, dispensing, and staging. For $17 an hour that’s ridiculous. We used to stage and pick and then new people came a changed the entire store around for the CEO. Now we pick and someone else stages and dispenses. Because we are so far behind in picks now I’m picking along with dispensing and staging. Some guy quit last week because his mental health couldn’t take it anymore. Yesterday we have almost every cart waiting to be staged. They ask other associates to help pick but never to help stage or even dispense, so we have tons of carts sitting there. This is very close to the worst job I have ever had. I’m tired
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2023.05.31 18:49 amazinglife1991 KetoAide homemade:calorie free electrolyte water

KetoAide homemade:calorie free electrolyte water
  • 24 oz filtered water(or tap water)
  • 1/8 teaspoon Maldon sea salt flakes (ANY type of salt will work in this recipe because the goal here is to add SODIUM, which ALL salt has) Some salts taste better than others, and some, such as Himalayan pink, Celtic gray or Real Salt, contain trace minerals as well
  • 1/2 Tablespoon magnesium citrate
Mix well. Refrigerate for best taste.
Magnesium citrate is sold at most drug stores in three flavors, lemon lime, grape, and cherry. It adds a slight flavor to the Ketoaide . It is inexpensive at $1 per 10 oz bottle.
I use Maldon Sea salt flakes for the sodium. I add 1/8 teaspoon. (1/8 teaspoon adds 265 mg sodium). You can add more to taste. Remember salt is a compound. Sodium chloride. I am referring to the milligrams of sodium in a measurement of salt.
Each bottle of KetoAide provides
  • 265 mg sodium
  • 75 mg magnesium
I drink a minimum of two bottles KetoAide a day when fasting, sometimes three. I also drink coffee, tea, and plain water. Seems to work very well for me.
265 mg sodium 75 mg magnesium
I changed my recipe a few months back because the people I work with at IDM do not recommend potassium supplementation. It’s not safe to do so.
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2023.05.31 18:49 BrutalAttis Vive Wireless Troubleshooting Tips (blue screens/dropped frames/latencies) [RESOLVED]

Just wanted to give back to the community as a thank you for all the people modifying games like FO4VSkyrimVR that I love so much.
I recently upgraded my system and ran into some typical Vive Wireless and other common VR issues.
Like many I got frustrated with blue screen issues. I think it is quite resolvable unless a person truly has faulty hardware.
My wireless experience is now amazing and hoping some of my tips my help others with wireless issue.
Troubleshooting Tips:
Check for the obvious off first:
  1. Update MB, VR hardware etc. firmware/bios.
  2. Update GPU, VR, MB hardware drivers.
    fpsVR is good at helping determine in real time GPU or CPU frame timings. (or other free options)
A) CPU frame times:
CPU Frametime example issue
CPU frame time issues are a much larger issue compared to GPU frame issues. If your game is getting constant CPU frame time spikes either your CPU is underpowered, has RAM speed (maybe XMP not enabled), or weird P/E core issues. If your CPU often spikes frame time then no amount of GPU will help you get a smooth VR experience (and some games are worse offenders than others: FO4VR (single core), SkyrimVR and DCS etc.)
B) GPU frame time issues:
GPU Frametime example issue
Good news here is that you have options. Drop GPU in game settings. Drop rendering resolutions etc. Anytime you can make your GPU render fast enough to prevent GPU frame time within your headset refresh rate zone (or to a point that you can live with it). First dial settings down, then add back after all other issues are resolved.
C) Marching of the dreaded purple line on GPU frame time chart or what feels like a micro stutter:
Example Purple Line on GPU Frametime Chart
Often caused by background monitoring processes like Corsair (suxs), MSI etc. You can write a .bat script that can be run before each VR session. Kill all unnecessary processes. Locate by looking at TaskManager > Details > Sort by CPU or Memory usage. Read up dont kill stop critical MS OS processes. Some processes be so embedded that it's best to uninstall them altogether.
taskkill /IM "exact_exe_name.exe" /F
Ex: taskkill /IM "WhatsApp.exe" /F
Stop all unnecessary services. Locate by looking at TaskManager > Services > Sort by Status and look for Running. Read up dont kill stop critical MS OS services.
net stop "exact service name"
Ex: net stop "ROG Live Service"
Purple lines are normal during major CPU/HDD tasks like game start or major texture loading. However, once your game is up or new areas loaded you should NEVER see them, if not you have a symptom of a larger underlying problem.
Here is an example of a "good" purple line during loading of an area
D) Intel WiGig Wireless issue: Streaming image in headset “blurry” or “pixelated” either main game or even SteamVR home
Not enough CPU allocated either SteamVR processes or Intel WiGig process:
  1. vrcompositor.exe
  2. vrserver.exe
  3. HtcConnectionUtility.exe
There is a chance if you are running P and E cores that some of your SteamVR process are running on an E core. My 13900KS did just that! You could either try hinting your VR processes to force use P cores or brute force disabling all E cores and see if issue persist. As P/E core technology matures hopefully this will become less of an issue. But I can 100% attest that my random “blurry/picilabed” vr image stream issue was resolved by ensuring that all my steam VR process and game run on P cores only.
If you are running an old CPU and depending on game -- you may not be able to resolve this at all.
You could also set the priority of you all you’re the important SteamVR, game and Intel WiGig process, I don’t recommend using “Realtime” ever. “High” is as high as I would go.
wmic process where name="vrcompositor.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="vrserver.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="Fallout4VR.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL wmic process where name="HtcConnectionUtility.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL :: Example of game: wmic process where name="Fallout4VR.exe" CALL setpriority "high priority" timeout 1 > NUL
But don’t mess with CPU affinity setting IMO just let the OS do its thing, else you may end up with CPU core overallocated. E) Vive-pro headset blue or grey screen:
Get the obvious out the way, make sure decent line of site from camera to wireless headpiece. Much less of an issue IMO also you can clearly see your signal strength. You could also try different channels, but that too is not major impact.
Actual Intel WiGig card Temperature is the number 1 cause in my opinion. I placed my card right over a fresh air intake fan and ran fans at max and have not had a single headset blue screen since. I am tempted to add a fixed fan connected to the MB header as a permanent measure. This card is passively cooled, so if your case gets hot inside you can run into blue/grey screen issues.
Example card placement in my pc case
A well known heat issue is the Vive wireless headset temperature. Easily fixed by googling and buy headset fan mod. Vive wireless logs will show if you have this issue, normally you will get blue/grey screen crashes after 80c … if you are running around 45-50c you are probably fine.
Vive Wireless Headset Fan Link
3D Print Mold Link
If you have fpsVR there is a checkbox to allow showing real time wireless adapter temp too.
Ensure your WiGig process never loses power.
You can locate the physical card and ensure Windows never cut its power.
Device Manager > View > Devices by Connection Type > System Devices
Example Link for example in my case, all under 7A3C you change the power setting to
Uncheck - Allow the comp. to turn off device power
Uncheck above box for all subs
Ensure SteamVR never turns off power to VR related USB devices.
SteamVR Developer Disable Power Management
Loose USB connection between battery pack and wireless head piece. Probably less of a cause but can easily get a USB 3.0 replacement cable with better shielding.
USB Cable option -- not needed IMO
Length of coaxial cable from WiGig card to wireless sensor camera. Mixed feelings about this. I extended mine by about 3’ … I have zero issues, but increasing the distance could add to image qualify issues. If your troubleshooting remove it from your loop.
Example of extension cable Link
Replacement battery pack. If the power is clean, you should be fine. I don't suggest using 3rd party battery packs. Use original when troubleshooting.
I firmly believe the Intel WiGig card and Vive Wireless adapter heat are the biggest culprits to blue/grey screens.
F) Weird perceived in game lag, latencies or what feels like missed frames but without purple line on.
Do not change or add artificial FPS caps either using vsync, or MSI or Steam command line hints etc. One may mistakenly think that for example if your headset is 90Hz that artificially capping your FPS at 90 may be beneficial to remove additional wireless load -- But you actually adding problems with timings that maybe wont even show in fpsVR. Remove caps and aim for max fps.
G) My thoughts on overlocking:
Some posts argue that overclocking, or RAM XMP can be RC for blue screens. My view is that if you overclock and RAM tests are stable, you should not worry about it as you need all the CPU/RAM speed you can get for good VR.
H) Re-projection
I get a bit more reprojection with wireless compared to tethered with cable, but since it adds no latency to my gameplay (that I can tell), it does not bother me. OVR will show your stats. Keep an eye on reprojection and dropped frames. Reprojection is close to non-issue imo.
I) Other tools
latencymon -- somewhat useful to see if you have driver latencies
J) My Hardware
Recently upgraded and built new PC, from 9900KS/3090 to 13900KS/4090 (water-cooled). VR: VivePro (set to 150% rendering with lens mod and vive wireless. Still using old OG Vive lighthouses, Index knuckle controllers and sometimes old Vive wands. I have tried other VR headsets, but OLED, lens mod (clear) and total freedom of wireless to me are subjectively better. I don’t like the SDE I get, but can give up wireless and lens mod and OLED.
VR games I enjoy: Mostly FO4VR and SkyrimVR My VR play space and setup
Pancake Games: 1400p x3 screens DCS, E:D etc. My old setup flight sim
What "good times" in FO4VR can look like:
Looks for frame times and temperatures, Vive Wireless temp. at very bottom.
Diamond City loading in image
Diamond City After Load In
Rain and other effects ongoing
Hope this helps someone, took me some time to put this all down!
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2023.05.31 18:48 Pompuswindbag Randomized Reddit TDA Episode 8 (VOTE IN THE COMMENTS)

Randomized Reddit TDA Episode 8 (VOTE IN THE COMMENTS)
Episode 8- Sports Challenge
The Killer Grips arrive with their luggage. Scott arrives in his tacky tuxedo, and begins calling out award winners.
“Best Psychological Torture” goes to…Shawn and “Least Terrible Navigator” goes to….Taylor!
Taylor gets up and takes her award. Rock and Jasmine look nervous. Scott explains it’s the last award of the night.
The “Closest Cut to Elimination” Award goes to….Jasmine!
Rock is bummed and takes the Walk of Shame down to Lame-o-Sine and is driven away.
However, a limousine pulls up after Rock is driven away and emerging from it is….Emma?!
Scott explains that Emma has taken the Total Drama team to court and thus she will be reinstated into the game as a member of the Killer Grips! Jasmine and Shawn are incredibly upset about this. Taylor is happy, runs up and gives Emma a hug. Emma says she’s so glad to be back, and is so proud of Taylor for how far she came since being the first person eliminated last year. Taylor says in an interview she’s happy to get one of her own friends back, Emma says she doesn’t give a damn about Taylor but is always more than happy to get an easy alliance to reach that million dollars.
When the grips return, Dawn is shocked to see Emma is back and Emma is shocked Dawn lasted this long. Emma claims a bunk bed that used to belong to Miles and Sky, she disinfects it from Miles’ “Natural Oils”.
The next morning, Duncan mistakes Scott’s horn playing for Harold’s snoring and tries strangling him, but Jacques tells him to wait until the merge. He’s still technically their teammate. Dawn swipes Emma’s PDA, which was given to her as a competitive advantage. The two fight over it. Scott says to break up the fights…until the challenge that is. He explains that the network has been observing the teams over the last couple episodes and ranked them based on individual athletic abilities. Both teams will take on athletic challenges, with a tie-breaker in case it goes to 2-2. They’ll be going in order from strongest to the weakest.
Jasmine clearly has the height advantage, and is able to use it against Duncan. However, Duncan reveals in an interview that he’s always been a fan of wrestling…especially pro-wrestling. He knows a dirty tactic or two.
Duncan head-butts Jasmine, goes between her legs, and uses a piercing to slash Jasmine behind her knee. He puts her into a guillotine choke hold, and Jasmine taps out. Duncan’s declared the winner! One point to the Screaming Gaffers! Shawn complains Duncan cheated, Scott says he only watches Pro-Wrestling and thinks it’s legit. Jacques tells Shawn to shut it and get ready to lose.
Shawn bounces the ball several times, and launches it behind him. Jacques laughs and says it won’t be coming back, however the ball bounces off a sign, hits Jacques on the head and into the basket. Jacques says that was pure luck!
Jacques puts on a classy display using his natural athletics, when he makes a huge leap to dunk the basketball, Shawn whacks him between the legs with his own basketball. Jacques drops and Scott declares Shawn to be the winner! Both teams are tied!
Harold says he’s a pro at Badminton, Emma says she got a scholarship for it. The two are incredibly evenly matched, however Emma’s stronger cardio allows her to push herself past Harold’s limits. Harold eventually passes out and Emma is declared the winner! Another point to the Killer Grips! They take the lead!
The bell rings. Dawn says she’s not one prone to violence due to her pacifist nature. Scott explains that’s why she’s somehow below Harold despite being more athletic than him. Taylor says she’s not a pacifist and WALLOPS Dawn for a TKO! Scott declares Taylor to be the winner! The Killer Grips win!
Duncan glares at Jacques, Harold, and Dawn. Scott says it’s Golden Scott award time!
Duncan suggests the audience vote out Dawn, Harold’s pathetic but at least he tried.
Jacques suggests the audience vote out Dawn, he has no tolerance for pacifists.
Harold suggests the audience vote out Jacques. While Duncan and Jacques are both awful people, Duncan at least won his event.
Dawn suggests the audience should vote out Jacques, his evil aura is not compensated by providing them victories.
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2023.05.31 18:48 togaphi Receiving pushback on undervalued bags

As most of us know, whenever a Surprise Bag doesn't meet the minimum value, we contact TGTG about it. They usually compensate us with a refund or a voucher (and lets the store know in hopes of improved bags in the future). But lately, it seems like their reps are being stingier with the compensation compared to a few months back. Has anyone else noticed the same thing or is it just me?
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2023.05.31 18:48 earfull I will be camping extracts

Apologies in advance.
It’s my first wipe. I just hit level 41 and I have 23 PMC kills total.
I enjoy questing and completing tasks the most. I play solo and watching my virtual rubles go up is what gives me a dopamine hit. I don’t care for PVP. I play this game like it’s some beefy grandchild to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and I love it.
I have no desire to come into contact with any players when I play. However, a majority of my quests are asking for PMC kills and I really want to hit level 42 to max my traders.
So look out! You’ll find me in a scav vest in a bush on path to lighthouse, playing solitaire in the tent beside emercom between 22:00 and 10:00, chucking grenades like a water balloon fight at the start of factory, and hiding in the dark with a pistol anywhere an extract has stairs.
Even if there aren’t many players this late in wipe, the few of you still have to pick an extract!
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2023.05.31 18:48 Defiant_Ad_9395 Is It Foolish to Assume All Men Are Dangerous?

As a kid growing up, my mom constantly beat me up over the that strangers were dangerous and I watched a lot of true crime, making me cautious and anxious AF as an adult.
Anyway, I am 26 years old and a virgin and haven't dated much because my mom constantly told me sleeping with people was gross and scary and that I'll get diseases, STDs, get knocked up, etc. and she didn't believe I was bright enough to use BC right because I'm kind of an airhead and forgetful.
I've been using dating apps a lot but the guys there are mostly disgusting or lazy and just message hey. But I came across a handsome guy (27M) who actually took the time to do a videocall with me, was super kind, polite, thoughtful, and asked me out for dinner.
He smiled the whole time, offered to pick me up (I didn't accept), checked in with me to see if I needed to use the restroom, got me steak and cocktails, and was just so sweet and handsome. I had major social anxiety during the d8 because I just didn't believe this was real and the guy noticed and I think it made him turned off.
Anyway, at the end of the d8, he invited me back to his place. I panicked because I thought if I went he would try to sleep with me, so I made up an excuse about my dad picking me up and ran into the convenience store. Surprisingly, the man smiled and was very understanding and gave me a hug and left. WTF as soon as he left I realized I made a huge mistake.
When I got home I texted him that I don't go back to the guy's place for safety reasons and because it was my parent's rule, he said that me saying this made him feel like I had doubts about him or didn't find him attractive. I told him that wasn't the case, he seemingly understood but never asked me out and unmatched me a few days later informing me he had taken things further with another person. He also blocked my friend request on FB and I can't find him anywhere else online nor with any other women online.
This was over a month ago and I keep having dreams about him, like for example I had a dream I went to a high-end spa and fitness club and ran into him and we slept together. My self-esteem is also shot to pieces and I don't know why he doesn't want me anymore. I think he was genuinely interested in me and I feel so foolish and paranoid for not going back to his place. I also feel quite rude not going back after he put in ALL that effort and think I probably came off as a boring worry wart. Thoughts?
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2023.05.31 18:47 NorfolkAntony The hate Andrew is getting is weird

Why do people on social media see a kid getting mistreated at his job standing up for himself and immediately their response is to post about just how alpha male they are and could take him or how customers are always right.
Everyone got an opinion.
My 10 year career started with someone trying to fight me because I was helping him load and he wasn't paying attention and almost threw a 2x4 at our then pregnant ASM. I've had people get out their cars, flip me off, etc. because in Pro Parking I told them not to reverse their truck into the store for concrete, or to block the road. And the irony is, at 1861 literally most of the customers knew me and still know me to this day shopping at my new job or seeing me walking down the street.
Most contractors are cool, it's the resellers, wannabe alphas and tax exempt who get the most aggressive for no reason.
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2023.05.31 18:46 BigDaveVT Rear speaker upgrade

I just upgraded the fronts a few days ago and the difference is huge. Did the tears today and even at max volume they’re low as hell. Is the factory system that terrible?
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2023.05.31 18:46 Annathin Elite+ Error Code: Auth 9997 CODE_ERROR 606 abnormal

Elite+ Error Code: Auth 9997 CODE_ERROR 606 abnormal
Elite+ Error Code: Auth 9997 CODE_ERROR 606 abnormal
Is anyone else receiving this error message? My Elite+ box is about two weeks old and last night I received this error for the Blue TV v4 app and for the APP Store. On the Blue TV app it says loading and frozen at 98% and on the APP Store it is only buffering. And yes, I have unplugged the power now about 7 times and replugged it in and still the same issue. And on the Elite+ there is NO option on the bottom of the main page for Customer Support. Even tried using my cellphone HotSpot verses my Google 1Gb fiber internet connection. Is a S4 Pro box out there getting this message as well since they are basically identical?
Some added information... my Elite, S1, and S3 Pro boxes are working fine. But, they all run older versions of BlueTV, and apparently, the APP Store as well. So, that narrows it down to an issue within the Elite+.
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2023.05.31 18:45 No_Statistician4756 Isn’t this creepy?

Met a guy 8-10 times over a span of 4 years. We are located across different coasts in the US. So whenever I visited his coast, we would catch up.
He confessed that he likes me and is ready to involve parents and take things forward. He confessed the same thing 2 years back as well. But relocation wasn’t possible at that time due to pending process in immigration on my side.
Have a date scheduled today and I requested him to pick me up from grocery store as I don’t have car.
This is his exact response :
People pick up food from Whole Foods(grocery store in US) … do I get to eat you after i pick you up?
He’s been incredibly decent all these years. This statement above comes across as extremely raunchy and inappropriate. I haven’t developed any feelings towards him yet. I guess he is assuming I have romantic interest in him and I am attracted to him. As of now, I just think he’s a nice guy and I respect him. I wanted to give it more time to see if I start to like him in a non-platonic manner (I am not sure if I will proceed unless I at least feel like there’s scope for attraction to build in the future).
Do I write him off over this or should I say that this is too fast for me and feels inappropriate?
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2023.05.31 18:45 ctodReddit Scribe Requests

Assuming the Kindle team creeps on this sub (I would too haha), I have some requests for the scribe, no idea if all are possible but some should be.
  1. First and foremost, please push for more engineering texts to have a kindle version! There are some greats out there that sadly don’t have one, and the scribe is for me, the best way to prevent having to carry around those heavy butt books to work.
  2. Work with large corporations to allow their employees to use the scribe for notes and calculations. I work for Boeing, and having this at work to scribble down quick hand calcs would be great, but because of the cloud sync portions that’s a no-no, because I work in defense (but BCA side also has proprietary restrictions so it’s not allowed there either).
Onto the harder stuff:
  1. Convert hand written equations to formatted equations, as CAS does it on graphing calculators.
  2. A graphing calculator app with CAS built into the notepad feature set!
  3. Smart gestures for features like check boxes on a to-do list (draw a box and it becomes a check-box, etc)
  4. A user facing App Store where people can create and upload third parter apps (preferably written in python)
  5. A python compiler and handwritten code to text code conversion
  6. Waterproof rating
  7. Color e-ink please o please o please
  8. Split screen mode to read a text and take down notes in note-pad at the same time
All right, that’s what I have for now.
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2023.05.31 18:44 jessicarosa720 Starting a small business and Sanrio

I am wanting to start a little business. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! I am wanting to make a online store with fun gadgets and accessories! How should I go about starting my business? Do I do all the legal stuff first? Like getting the business registered? Or do I play around with products I like and order random stuff to find good quality stuff?
I’ve been seen the mystery scoops and bundles on tic tok, esty, fb and a bunch of other places. I love the idea of it, it seems so fun! I don’t want to make it my business completely but it is something I would like to add to it. I know Sanrio is a big thing right now and on their website they clearly state that you are not allowed to resell stuff with hello kitty on it etc. without their permission. but I see that all over the place… how is everyone selling this stuff? I seen stuff on I want to get that is from a verified seller but I’m scared because I don’t want them to come after me for selling sanrio products. Do I need to get a license agreement with them? I feel so confused researching this stuff and I feel like I’m just confusing myself. Can anyone give any advise on this?
Thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨
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2023.05.31 18:44 nothere471 Question about ceramic and heat/UV protection at 70%

Hello, I’m interested in getting ceramic tinting all around my car (windshield too) and had a question about ceramic tint.
I’m not a fan of dark windows at all since I drive at night a lot and love the clear (factory) look to my car but during the day I get bad sunburns even with sunscreen when the sun hits my skin for more then a few minutes.
My question is: If I get full 70% all the way around my car, will this help with UV and heat from entering my car or just I get a darling tint for a higher protection?
I had normal tint on all my cars in the past and the didn’t like my driving experience at night but now that ceramic has been around and I have the opportunity to have it installed I’d like to keep the windows tint as stock as possible if that makes sense.
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2023.05.31 18:44 Slight-Ad-7054 SUBS!

I blew my factory sub amp on my 2014 q60x coupe. It has the 16 Bose setup and I was wondering if there is a way to wire an aftermarket amp in replacement to my blown oem sub amp. PLEASE HELP IDK ANYTHING ABOUT SPEAKERS!!!
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2023.05.31 18:44 greggioia [For Sale] Downtown Science - Downtown Science (sealed copy!)

pictures and video of the record are at
Downtown Science - Downtown Science (1991) Record Grade: Mint Jacket Grade: Mint Price: $125.00 The one and only album from NY legends Downtown Science. This is the sound of New York hip hop in the early ‘90s. 1st U.S. press, still factory-sealed. #Rare find!
I'm in the US, and will ship internationally.
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2023.05.31 18:44 NitkarshC How to create a class out of it.

Sorry guys, I know it must be a puny question to be asked. As, I don't know I have been struggling to understand the concept of classes in python. I tried to read multiple articles, but you know coding is skill to be practiced. Theory is all good that it is a blueprint for the object. Things inside are called attributes. We can load classes in to other programs. It is useful for storing similar kind of objects and what not.
But, I can't wrap my head properly on how to make or create a good classes out of nothing? I don't know I tried watching tutorials it didn't helped. I want to get into competitive programming really bad. With the strategy of : ``` def powerOfHabits0(): return 1.01 ** 365
def powerOfHabits1(daysWorked): return 1.01 ** daysWorked
``` This cute things aside. The only way I can think of learning python is by practice. I can't afford a mentor, private so I can't with the help of tutorials now. So, needed someone to guide me just a little. So, a helping hand will be fine.

Can you help me make a good class out of it and how to use it efficiently.

Thanks you guys, to help me.

I wanted the help on this one.


box star pattern.

def boxPattern1(): n = int(input("Please input the size: ")) i, pattern = 0, "" while(i < n): pattern = pattern + "" * n2 + '\n' i = i + 1 return pattern



How should I use class in this case?

This box pattern is good.

This asks for user input, let me design a faster way to test the program.

Rather then wait for it to ask for input.

def boxPattern2(): n = int(input("Please input the size: ")) i, pattern = 0, "" while(i < n): pattern += "* " * n + '\n' i += 1 return pattern


def boxPattern3(n: int) ->int: i = 0 pattern = "" while(i < n): pattern += "* " * n + '\n' i = i + 1 return pattern
print(boxPattern3(3)) print(boxPattern3(5)) print(boxPattern3(7))

How to make automatic test cases?

``` I know theory but that won't pay me. I want to become SDE, so need actual pragmatic applied practicals.
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2023.05.31 18:44 CalmGains Earning plays for CRWD, CRM, AI, OKTA, and JWN

Let's do the shotgun approach. I'm going to be discussing all five earning plays in one post, and then put my conclusions at the end. All of these stocks are putting out earnings today, after hours. Yesterday I posted about HPQ going down, and it went down, puts up ~80%. So let's get into the details of this post.
Starting with CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD), where analysts are predicting earnings of $0.509 per share compared to earnings of $0.310 per share in the same quarter of the previous year. They are also expecting the company to report $677.4 million, an increase of over the prior year quarter when the company reported $487.8 million. With regard to the current fiscal year, analysts expect a profit per share of $2.33, while the previous year saw a profit of $1.54.
CrowdStrike’s first-quarter fiscal 2024 results are likely to reflect the benefits of the continued solid demand for its products, given the healthy environment of the global security market. The increasing number of people logging into employers' networks has triggered a greater need for security and might have spurred the demand for CRWD’s products in the fiscal first quarter. A strong pipeline of deals indicates the same.
Stellar revenue growth in subscriptions might have contributed significantly to the first quarter’s top line. Further, the increasing number of net new subscription customers may have acted as a tailwind.
Moreover, CrowdStrike’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an upside, benefiting the company from its products’ availability on the AWS platform. The expansion in the volume of transactions through Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, growth in co-selling opportunities with AWS salesforce and the uptake of AWS service integrations are likely to have contributed to CRWD’s earnings in the to-be-reported quarter.
However, elevated expenses for enhancing sales and marketing capabilities and increased investments in research and development are likely to have weighed on the company’s fiscal first-quarter bottom line.
Next is the software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider Salesforce (CRM), wallstreet expects CRM to post adjusted earnings of $1.61 per share, which is on the higher end of the company’s guidance and nearly double that of the Q1FY23 figure of $0.98 per share. CRM has consistently beaten earnings expectations in the past eight quarters, with a strategically built portfolio covering virtually all aspects of digital transformation. So far this year, the stock has gained 59.9%, outperforming the S&P 500's 10% gain.
Similarly, the analysts expect Salesforce to post revenue of $8.18 billion, which is also on the higher end of the company’s outlook and represents a 10.4% year-over-year growth. However, sequentially, the revenue expectation shows a modest decline of 2.4%.
Salesforce’s first-quarter performance is likely to have gained from its focus on building and expanding relationships with leading brands across industries and geographies. Also, significant growth opportunities in the public sector are expected to have been a tailwind in the fiscal first quarter.
The company’s ability to offer integrated solutions for customers’ business problems is likely to have been a key growth driver. The firm’s products, like Trailhead and myTrailhead, are helping companies through their transformation processes and increasing business scale with modern technology.
Salesforce’s quarterly performance is likely to have benefited from the robust demand environment as customers are undergoing a major digital transformation. The customer relationship management software provider’s focus on introducing more aligned products per customer needs is expected to have boosted its top line in the quarter.
Also, the acquisitions of Slack, Mobify and Vlocity are anticipated to have aided CRM’s top line during the to-be-reported quarter. Growth across its four major cloud service offerings, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, and Other and Marketing & Commerce Cloud, is anticipated to have boosted Salesforce’s subscriptions and supported its revenues.
However, a decline in software spending by small and medium businesses amid the macroeconomic uncertainty due to the pandemic and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war might have affected Salesforce’s fiscal first-quarter performance. Further, stiff competition from Oracle and Microsoft is a concern, along with forex headwinds.
On May 26, Goldman Sachs analyst Kash Rangan reiterated his Buy rating on CRM stock ahead of its earnings report. Rangan has set a price target of $325, implying a massive 50.8% upside potential from current levels.
Rangan is highly optimistic about Salesforce’s quarterly winning streak and the potential tailwind from the artificial intelligence (AI) race. Even so, the analyst cited that this will be the first time that CRM will recognize a sequential decline in subscription revenue.
Despite that, Rangan noted, “As a system of record with a plethora of customer data that can help train its LLM (large language models), CRM can benefit from Generative AI. As the macro begins to inflect, we see CRM being well positioned as it realizes the benefits from sales efficiency efforts and workforce reductions of recent quarters.” Salesforce said it will integrate its generative AI Einstein GPT into every facet of the company - sales, service, marketing, commerce and IT interaction. Pricing details were not disclosed.
I know everyone wants to hear it, next is (AI). There's no denying it, the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, in particular ChatGPT, is more than just hype. It is real. As you may have noticed, one company that's riding high on the AI wave is, which has seen its stock more than doubled as interest among investors surge. The stock has gone on a breathtaking run over the past thirty days, rising close to 90%, compared with the 3% rise in the S&P 500 index. On a year-to-date basis the performance looks even more astonishing, skyrocketing 194% compared with the 10% rise in the S&P 500 index. How much higher can its shares go? is benefiting from the increasing adoption of its services, including C3 Generative AI Product Suite, C3 AI Ex Machina (wasn't that a movie?), C3 AI ESG and C3 AI CRM. An expanding product portfolio is expected to have remained a key catalyst in driving demand for the company’s fully-integrated AI products in the fiscal fourth quarter.
During the to-be-reported quarter, the company made significant development toward its Generative AI platform, facilitating the ease of use and the capability of its enterprise AI applications. This is expected to have driven the top line. has been benefiting from strengthening industry and technology-specific partnerships. From its industry partnerships with the likes of Baker Hughes in oil & gas & chemical markets and Booz Allen in government defense sector, has been leveraging domain expertise to expand its customer footprint.
With its tech partners, C3 has been benefiting from strength in its sales capabilities besides tech and product functionality. Partnerships with the likes of Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and Accenture are expected to have driven the top line in the to-be-reported quarter.
Aside from recently announcing that its generative AI product suite is now available as a public offer on Alphabet's Google (GOOG , GOOGL) Cloud Marketplace, the company also issued preliminary results that included positive cash flow in FQ4. This suggests that the company’s $800 million cash currently on its balance sheet will grow. Its management has sought to change the company’s business model, shifting the business away from short-term revenues to a transaction-based pricing method, while boosting long-term revenues by growing its customer base.
Those initiatives appear to be working with growth rates starting to re-accelerate. CEO Thomas Siebel said, "Since we announced C3 Generative AI, we've had intense interest from current customers and prospects to get these capabilities deployed and in use across their systems.” The product suite features enterprise search, allowing businesses to search across their database to locate and retrieve relevant information. On Wednesday, the company will look to prove that it is here to stay and has a sustainable path towards profitability.
For the three months that ended April, Wall Street expects the Redwood City, Calif.-based company to post a per-share loss of 17 cents on revenue of $71.32 million. This compares to the year-ago quarter when the loss was 21 cents per share on revenue of $72.32 million. For the full year, the loss is expected to be 46 cents per share, narrowing from 73 cents a year ago, while full-year revenue of $265.67 million would rise 5.1% year over year.
The company still has a lot to prove and important questions to answer. Namely, does it have a strong enough moat to establish a leadership position in enterprise AI software? ended Q3 with 236 customers, the same total reported at the end of Q2. In other words, there has been no sequential growth in the customer base, suggesting there’s a lack in competitive advantage and/or product interest.
As noted earlier, a few quarters ago, the company moved towards a new pricing model to help onboard new customers at a lower startup cost. This will allow the company to charge more when these same customers utilize the software at higher levels. As a result of the pricing change, there was a noticeable dip in Q3 revenues. Although the company surpassed consensus estimates, producing Q3 revenue $66.67 million, the figure declined 4.45% year over year.
The Q3 adjusted loss of 6 cents per share did surpass estimates by 16 cents. Despite the nearly 5% dip in revenues, the stock soared higher. Investors looked beyond the current numbers and instead focused on the fact that the trough in revenues had been reached. The belief is that the company’s consumption-based pricing model is now poised to generate even more revenue than the subscription model it once used. As such, the guidance the company provides today will be a key factor in the stock’s near-term direction.
Strong demand for the company’s Enterprise AI software, driven by accelerated digital modernization across major industries, is expected to have aided fiscal fourth-quarter performance.
Okta, Inc (OKTA) is next. analysts expect earnings of $0.118 per share compared to losses of $0.270 per share from the same quarter last year. They expect Okta to report sales of $511.0 million, an increase of 23.16% over the same period last year. Looking at the full year, analysts expect a profit of $0.760 per share. In the previous year there was a profit of $0.040 per share.
The company’s first-quarter fiscal 2024 results are expected to reflect the benefits of increased use cases of identity solutions and an expanding product portfolio.
Okta is expected to have experienced strong demand for its Workforce and Customer Identity solutions. Continuous innovation in its solutions have helped Okta score notable enterprises such as Sonos, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, MassMutual and OpenAI. Its products’ ability to automate processes, secure data and reduce costs has been another positive.
Demand for the company’s solutions has been strong due to the deployment of cloud and hybrid IT, digital transformation projects and the adoption of Zero Trust security. The momentum is expected to have continued in the to-be-reported quarter.
These factors are expected to have expanded the customer base in the fiscal first quarter. In the fiscal fourth quarter, Okta added 550 customers, bringing the total customer count to 17,600, up 17% year over year. Customers with more than $100K in Annual Contract Value increased 27% year over year.
However, Okta is expected to have faced challenges in execution and heightened attrition. Challenging macro environment and unfavourable forex are potential headwinds. These factors are expected to have hurt its fiscal fourth-quarter prospects.
Finally, let's take a look at Nordstrom (JWN). Their first-quarter fiscal 2023 results are expected to reflect the significant impacts of decelerating demand trends. Reduced consumer spending amid lower income groups, stemming from the tough macroeconomic environment, has been hurting revenues across both banners. Analysts expect losses of $0.105 per share compared to losses of $0.060 per share in the same quarter of the previous year. They also are expecting the company to report $3.16 billion, an decrease of 11.59% over the prior year quarter. With regard to the current fiscal year, analysts expect a profit per share of $1.87, while the previous year saw a profit of $1.69.
Management expects the impact of the winding down of Canada operations to hurt revenues in fiscal 2023. The impacts of the closure are likely to get reflected in the fiscal first-quarter results. I anticipate a decline in revenues in the to-be-reported quarter. Moreover, I expect sales to decline for both the Nordstrom banner and the Nordstrom Rack segment.
In order to maintain healthy inventory levels, Nordstrom has been undertaking additional markdowns. The higher markdowns have been weighing on gross margin, which is likely to have continued in the to-be-reported quarter.
However, the company is committed to enhancing customer experience via its Closer to You strategy, optimized supply chain and better efficiency. These endeavors are expected to have slightly offset the aforementioned declines.
Nordstrom has been focused on technology advancement by boosting e-commerce and digital networks, supply-chain channel improvement, and marketing efforts. The digital business has been witnessing gains from improved digital traffic across both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, as well as increased utilization of Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store service. Its mobile app has also been performing well. Alongside these, the integration of into is anticipated to have contributed to the company's top line in the to-be-reported quarter.
So what to do for earnings?
Just to keep it sweet and simple, I'm getting calls on CRWD, CRM, AI, and OKTA. And I'm getting puts on JWN. I don't expect all of them to hit, I just like to throw my money on the table and see what flies. Keep in mind tho, as with all my other posts, these are entirely meant to just educate people about what we tend to look for when making an earning prediction. It by no means can be considered financial or investment advice.
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2023.05.31 18:43 Immediate_Sale_6857 Random "tracking lost" since v50

Hi all. Just reaching out to see if anyone else experiencing what I am.
I have the Pro on lastest public update (V50 I think, I update as soon as they become public). Used to work perfect, no issues. However since last update I get random "Tracking Lost" for like 3-5 seconds then it comes back. Very annoying. Happens intermittently, usually 2 -3 times in a full battery sesh.
As I said before it was working perfectly before the latest update so I've discounted the idea of it being a faulty unit. Lighting is good and always play in same room setup as before the update. Cleared guardian, repaired, factory reset etc, all the usual fixes but issue persists.
Interestingly it happens always in Horizon Worlds. Never seen it invthe home screen or any other app. In Bonelabs your hands sometimes jump to your face for a split second then return again which looks like tracking issue just manifesting differently in different apps a guess.
Anyway, anyone else getting random "tracking lost" since last public update?
Thanks all.
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2023.05.31 18:43 OrganizationKey5567 CRA Scam Calls?

Unsure of where else to ask about this but here will do. Has anyone else gotten a call/voicemail from "the CRA" leaving a number to call back: 18006615991? No names, reason for calling, or anything besides that, and hours you can call back. Is this legit? When I dial the number, my phone does the "smart calling" thing and immediately says it's suspected spam. I can't find the number anywhere online, aside from a few other people also asking if it's a scam, with no definite answer. I don't really want to call the actual CRA and sit on hold for 6 hours only for them to say "nah you're good, it was spam" so I'm hoping for some answers lol
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2023.05.31 18:42 -Sentionaut- Anyone knows anything about this Dallmeyer "Beam Expander"?

Anyone knows anything about this Dallmeyer
Came with a lens lot. I've seen similar models online, but not quite this one. I still don't know clearly what a "Beam Expander" is, as the references I saw were related to lasers light. This is a 1963 item, and as far as I know laser was not being used industrially yet. So I'm back to ground zero.
One curiosity is it seems to have a mistake on the box print. The print says the serial number is 697762, while the lens has 697763. I'm assuming it's a mistake of whoever wrote the label on the box, because according to the info of other similar Dallmeyer models, it seems the last two digits could be the year. Provided it's the year, it's more likely that the engraving was correctly set and 1963 is the year of manufacture. Every other digit is the same, so I would rule out the possibility of being a different lens from another year. Imagine the coincidence.
Another theory of mine is they could've either mistakenly put into the box the next lens in the production line, but that's equally weird, as it would've probably had to happen somewhere between the factory and the store receiving the corresponding lot.
I have so many questions. Like, what exactly is this? What was it used for? When did they make it and why the number mismatch? And more importantly, can I make this focus on my camera? ;)
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2023.05.31 18:42 Opposite-Airline-897 AITA for picking up someone’s kid so they could see something in my shop?

My elderly parents own a Lolly store, I work there a couple days a week, usually on holidays were they want time off.
So midday Tuesday a couple girls were in, probably like 4 and 7, there was a few other people in the store.
The shelves have flat tops with stuff on the top (mostly older kids lollies) but the four year old wanted to see the top shelf, I tried to explain what was on the top but she asked very politely if I could pick her up so she could see.
So I picked her up. Mum must of been watching from the window, but a split second later she came into the store yelling at me to put her kid down. The kid didn’t even get to see the top shelf.
Marched her kids out of the shop. Really angry. I still feel kinda bad. Is it wrong to do that? I’ve done it before…
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