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2023.06.09 09:13 artadventuress How Much Do You Know About The Value Of Art Or Summer Classes For Kids?

How Much Do You Know About The Value Of Art Or Summer Classes For Kids?
Art appreciation, creation, and understanding are crucial for young children's development. Young children can learn innovation, critical thinking, and visual learning skills through art education. These skills remain throughout a child's life and can help them succeed more at work. To find out more about how Art Adventures views art education, schedule a tour. There are numerous ways to deliver art lessons. They can also be taught online through homeschooling programs.

Children Who Participate In Art Programs Grow Up To Be Successful Adults

Children enjoy getting their hands messy with paint, but there are many more advantages to art or summer classes for kids than just creating beautiful artwork. Numerous studies now demonstrate that kids who regularly engage in creative pursuits, like painting and drawing classes, improve their problem-solving, risk-taking, visual understanding, inventiveness, and communication abilities. These are crucial life skills that help kids develop into happy, healthy adults.

Your child's Happiness And Self-Esteem Will Rise Thanks To Art

Most importantly, psychologists claim that encouraging kids to express themselves creatively teaches them how to make important decisions throughout their lives and helps them gain a sense of confidence.

Motor Skills Are Improved Through Art Education

Fine-tuned motor skills are facilitated by artistic movements and methods. It takes particular focus and steady hand movements to swirl a paintbrush, color within fine lines, and erase minute details in a drawing. Children can improve their motor skills while creating art in a playful and interesting environment. They gain more dexterity by cutting out and drawing shapes. A child's dexterity develops along with their handwriting, ability to draw more intricate lines, and accuracy of their drawings and paintings. Explore our art store at Art Adventures in Courteney to make your child curious about art.
Even toddlers can use a smartphone or tablet, indicating that children are absorbing visual information even before they can read. This data is made up of cues obtained from images or three-dimensional objects in digital media, books, and television.

Myth That Must Be Dispelled

In most nations, schools are reducing their art curriculum for the wrong reasons. Why should "more important" subjects like math and science take the place of the arts? Studies have recently shown that taking art classes can help students perform better academically. It is important to dispel the notion that art is an indulgence. According to scientific research, artistic endeavours and creative exploration help children develop their brains, emotional intelligence, and social skills. If that isn't enough proof that kids need art, research demonstrates that regular art class attendance improves a child's academic performance, life skills (which translate into more successful lives later in life), and self-esteem.

Art Adventures

We cater to and specifically offer our motivating Art Supplies near Comox Valley, in Courteney for you. Each student in our art classes receives individualized, supportive one-on-one art instruction. Our art classes are intentionally kept interesting. We adore inspiring and giving each student our undivided attention in every art class. Your child’s unique needs are taken into account when attending our art classes. To experience the difference, sign up for Art Adventures in Courteney, Canada, right away.

In The End

School curriculums in North America have shifted heavily in recent years toward common core subjects like reading and math, but what about the arts? Although some may consider art education to be a luxury, simple creative activities are essential for child development. It might be more crucial than ever for the development of the next generation of children to learn how to create and appreciate aesthetics.
5 Best Summer Art Camps Benefits For Your Children
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2023.06.09 08:40 yellowstar09 Best Car Detailing in Surrey

Yellow Star is the top player in full-service car wash and We use the best quality products and equipment for nicely cleaning your vehicles. Our services also extend to headlight works, interior and exterior cleaning, quick wash, and many more. We will make your car look brand new in no time at affordable rates.
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2023.06.09 08:30 AioliAdditional4584 Toronto Spontaneous Itinerary - Saturday, June 10

If anyone wanted to do anything over this coming weekend but has not yet planned anything, I wanted to share my itinerary for this Saturday. I believe this itinerary is great for either spending some more leisure time with friends or even bringing out someone for a date. Hope this helps brighten up someone's day and save people some time!
Overall Google Map Travel Locations -
11:00am - 12:30pm (Do West Fest)
Description: Do West Fest is an annual celebration of music, arts, food, fun, and community takes place along Dundas Street West, from Shaw Street to Landsdowne Avenue, covering 16 blocks of downtown Toronto
Site:, Location: Do West Fest, 1166 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1X4
12:50pm - 1:20pm (Toronto Flower Market)
Description: Founded in May 2013, Toronto Flower Market is the city’s first outdoor flower market. They celebrate and support Ontario-grown flowers & plants, connecting growers and florists directly with the city
Site:, Location: CAMH, 1001 Queen St W
2:00pm - 2:30pm (Toronto Art Crawl)
Description: Toronto Art Crawl was founded in 2013 with the simple mission to create a plaform for Toronto artists and designers to sell their amazing creations, and to promote culture and creativity in our awesome City of Toronto
Site:, Location: The Bentway, 250 Fort York Blvd
Optional Travel to Grilled Cheese Challenge:
4:00pm - 5:00pm (Lakeshore Village Grilled Cheese Challenge)
Description: The Furlani Grilled Cheese Challenge festival is hosted by the Lakeshore Village BIA and is Ontario's oldest celebration of grilled cheese sandwiches. Competitors/vendors compete to earn the title of "The Best Grilled Cheese"
Site:, Location: Lake Shore Blvd West at Islington Ave (Closer to Etobicoke)
Hoping to do these posts on a weekly basis so let me know if this is of any help
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2023.06.09 08:28 ApplianceRepairrrrrr Repair My Appliance

About us?
Your appliances are the most important part of your home, and even if you take good care of them, they sometimes need repairs. Whether it’s refrigerators repair, oven repair, stove repair, or other appliances in your home, make sure you only hire an appliance repair professional to get the job done right the first time.
Choose Repair My Appliance for all your device repair needs; we’re ready to diagnose and repair any device in your home!
App installation and repair service?
Consumer appliances or household appliances are electronic devices (analog or digital) that are used on a daily basis, usually in private homes. Consumer applications include devices for entertainment, communication, and entertainment.
In British English, manufacturers, and retailers often refer to them as household appliances, to distinguish them from “white goods” used in domestic work such as washing machines and refrigerators, although they may now be considered household appliances, some of which are connected to the Internet. Some of these containers are traditionally made of natural or artificial wood, hence the name.
It became rare, but the name persisted, even for things that didn’t have a wooden case (like a video camera The best-selling consumer electronics products and appliance parts edmonton , best appliance repair edmonton are optical discs such as consumer electronics, radios, televisions, VCRs, and DVDs players, digital cameras, camcorders, camcorders, clocks, alarm clocks, computers, game consoles, HiFi and home appliances.
When you face any issue related to your appliances like dishwasher repair, microwave repair, or fridge repair edmonton then you have to repair their appliance and your first priority is the professional technician.
The next time you need edmonton appliance repair, remember Repair My Appliance provides repair services.
If you need a mechanic to appliance repair edmonton, or you have to worried about best rated appliance repair edmonton services then our mechanics are available 24/7 to help you.
For appliance repair services, Contact us:
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2023.06.09 08:15 Spine_wise 5 Exercises Physiotherapists Suggest To Improved Mobility

5 Exercises Physiotherapists Suggest To Improved Mobility
Physiotherapy can help people to increase their body mobility and flexibility. Physiotherapists suggest some definite exercises depending on the patient's condition to improve mobility. There are the top five exercises that therapists advise people to perform.
If you opt for Physiotherapy Near Me, contact Spine Wise. Here you can get Dr Amit Sharda, a renowned Chiropractor in Bowmanville, who can offer you the best Physiotherapy Bowmanville.
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2023.06.09 07:29 Giuseppe-Cartolano Best Homes for Sale In Montreal & Laval Giuseppe Cartolano

Best Homes for Sale In Montreal & Laval Giuseppe Cartolano
Looking for your dream home in Montreal or Laval? Look no further! Giuseppe Cartolano, the best real estate agent in Montreal, is here to assist you. With an extensive knowledge of the local market and a commitment to exceptional service, Giuseppe will help you find the perfect home that suits your needs and preferences. Contact Giuseppe Cartolano today and let us help you find your ideal home in Montreal or Laval.
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2023.06.09 07:15 BlueNoise_1995 Any Honest Reviews of Northern Virginia?

I (27M) am a single, Black male living in San Diego, CA at the moment, and just finished getting my MA. I currently work FT for a federal contractor but I just landed a job teaching at a local community college.
I’ve been looking to move to a different state for a while now and on almost everyone of my searches Virginia, specifically the Northern Virginia area kept popping up. Places like Arlington and Alexandria seem like nice enough places. Crime seems relatively low, housing (at least for what I can afford) is A LOT better than what I’m paying for now and it looks walkable.
The difficult part is that I haven’t been able to talk to people who’ve lived there to get the “insider” perspective. So, does anybody have any feedback on what it’s like living in the Northern Virginia area? What’s the best part(s) about living in the area? The worst part(s)? Would you recommend the area? Let me know!
Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to hear your responses! 🤙🏾🌴
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2023.06.09 07:14 itechnolabs Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up

Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up
What are the essentials for a start-up to succeed?
Do you know how to develop robust mobile applications that reflect your brand’s voice?
Or is it about technical expertise that will allow you to dominate the technology ecosystem?
Most of the time non-tech entrepreneurs wrestle with these issues. These questions are posed even in the present, a certain segment of society does not believe that non-tech entrepreneurs could create a similarly impressive technology product, if not greater than their technical-backed counterparts.
CEOs and founders who aren’t tech-savvy have shaped the technology world in the present, even without a technological background. Whatever their academic background or prior experience in the field of technology they pave the way to success by spending a lot of time learning how to improve their skills and upskilling and finding the best talent.
Let’s say for example: Beginning a long and successful journey since its start as a hospitality company, Airbnb is run and developed by non-tech-savvy founders. Three co-founders and none had any background in computer science. Brian Chesky, a great visionary who realized his goals and was named to the top of the list of 100 most influential individuals by Time magazine, used to play hockey and bodybuilder before launching Airbnb together with Co-Founders Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk.
There are numerous instances in which non-tech-savvy founders have created amazing products and were at the forefront of technological innovation. In the past, such as Pandora, Alibaba, StyleSeat, and TeeSpring in addition to Tinder, Vayable, and others, non-tech-savvy founders have been able to even surpass the inventive heights reached by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology.
In addition to the insight and knowledge of the founders, it was a factor that was essential to the success of these remarkable organizations. That is the kind of talent needed for understanding, creating, and executing the ideas of these very successful entrepreneurs.
However, hiring developers for startups is a lot easier task to do than said. This article by iTechnolabs will help you learn how to find developers for your startup. We will discuss how you can find developers who are the perfect fit for your company and will assist you in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.
Read more about Tips For Non-Tech Founders To Hire Developers For a Start-Up
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2023.06.09 07:06 Gold_Ice424 Transforming Your Outdoor Space: Discover the Best Interlocking Pavers, Fence, and Deck Company in Toronto

Creating a captivating outdoor space is an essential aspect of enhancing the overall beauty and functionality of your property. Whether you’re looking to revamp your driveway, add a stunning deck, or install a durable fence, it’s crucial to work with trusted professionals who can bring your vision to life. In this blog post, we’ll explore the world of interlocking pavers, fence and deck company, and renovation services in Toronto. Discover how these experts can help you transform your outdoor area into a haven of beauty and relaxation.
Visit Us :-
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2023.06.09 06:47 Rainyfriedtofu Attempt at explaining AI by other healthcare providers

Hello fellow Apes,
I am supposed to be playing D4 with my kids but instead I am writing this post for you. It's ok. I'm having fun because I'm actually into talking about this shit. Anyway, I was inspired to write an explanation regarding other companies used of AI based on u/Sandro316 's reply from this post I made earlier I'm posting it here to we can highlight this topic, and the information doesn't get lost in the comments section.
The purpose of this post is to explain in laymen terms what these companies are doing in AI from the perspective of a healthcare administrator. A little bit about my background. I started out in healthcare research and did my fellowship at NIH. I have 13+ years of experience working at director and c level positions in healthcare and social services. I'm also a big computer geek, and I current have my staff working on an AI system so I can train staff faster and equip them with the skills to help clients/consumers/patients navigate the complex healthcare and social service systems that we have in California. With that said, let get started.
As a side note, I will make another post regarding the patents CLOV has which pertain to how its AI's is and will be functioning in the future.
Humana for example is mainly focused on improving the customer experience and streamlining administrative tasks
This article is using a lot of big words to explain to you that they trying to build a system that mimic Kaiser and a automated call bot that will hopefully answer all of your questions. Here is a same quote
" Call Center Experience
Humana members call for many reasons: understanding a claim status, inquiring about benefits eligibility, placing orders for new or re-filled prescriptions or appealing a medical coverage decision.
The answers to these questions are stored in different information systems. The company uses artificial intelligence and intelligent automation to help bridge gaps between systems. The aim is a better call experience. "
This is just a small reduction of the current problem regarding claim processing. They are not giving providers a better tool to process claims faster and more accurately. They are just improving their call bot.
The rest of the stuff that was wrote in the article are just Humana trying to copy Kaiser's current system. IF you have Kaiser and appreciate how fast and seamless they make some process such as drug refill, you should get a rough idea of what Humana's AI is trying to achieve.
"United is a little closer to Clover with their optum subsidiary but it is mainly focused on improving patient outcomes by getting them care faster and with the right physician for their case."
This is exactly what you think it is. They are creating an AI to hopefully understand patients and providers communication better so that they can route them to the appropriate people to process the claim. The reason why United is doing this way go back to the comments I made in my previous posts. They are a very old healthcare company that has a lot of money. However, because their system is so old and deeply rooted in their money making process, it is hard for them to build something like CA which can process treatment, make recommendation, and process the claim--"giving providers more time to treat patients instead of doing paperwork." Want to know what happen when a provider fuck up on their claim? They delay your treatment until the claim is approved by the insurance. This is what United System is trying to reduce with AI.

This second part of their AI is exactly what CA is currently doing. While Optum and United are in development of a system that they still have to figure out how to integrate into their legacy system without causing catastrophic errors--CA is being used and has proven to improve healthcare outcomes and reduce cost (MCR). As a side note, if you think integrating, migrating, or switching to a new system is easy, just take a look at the shit show that is redetermination for Medi-caid that is currently going on. So many people are being dropped from Medi-caid and they don't even know it.
As for the rest of the article and the fancy words they used, it's fucking Kaiser. I'm sorry that I get annoyed, but whenever I read an article that used fancy words to trick laymen people, I get mad. I advocate for the people with 9th grade literacy, and this kind of shit are just describing Kaiser's system which is the current king of primary care if you haven't heard about it. Their system is used at the role model at so many meetings, it's not even funny. They have amazing coordinated care because they are the insurance and provider.
Anyway, next article..
"Oscar is again trying to improve outcomes by routing members to the correct place. Then also improve efficiency."
The AI being deploy here is to reduce the amount of fraudulent claims basically medical misuses. I'm actually very knowledgeable about Oscar, and they not investing in AI as much as they should. They are just improving their current system to detect bad claims and speed up the processing time.
In summary, CLOV's current competitors are trying to build AI on top of their current medical billing systems/platforms. Consequently, due to the limitation of those systems/platforms, they are not able to innovate as much as CA. By the end of the day, their system is still heavily reliant on a human being on insurance side to process the claim and another human being on the provider side to file the claim correctly.
This is very different than providing providers with the tools to
1) process claims
2) make recommendation on what claims (treatment) should be used based on the data from previous patients.
The big problem with health insurance companies now a day is they are so out of touch with the amount of time a provider need to invest into their staff to understand each company's process to file claims, reconciliation, out of network referral, and etc so they keep finding ways to make it easier for their staff while introducing a bunch of new rules and procedures that are not helping providers. Providers cannot provide services without authorization. Authorization should not require a fucking manual for every god damn insurance company. Ever wonder why you have to check whether your provider accept your insurance? What you are really checking is whether or not they are vendorized or are on the panel to bill the insurance company. Low payout and complicated procedures for processing claim and vendorization are barriers to care.
The only company that even come close to CLOV is United and they are still in development. CLOV's AI is live with multiple patents.
The best analogy I can give here to compare Tesla (pre-big-ass company) to GM during the EV1 era. GM made the first electric car and was much bigger than Tesla. Tesla was testing out it's battery powered roadster. However, Tesla had years to test out building their car, battery, and production line.
While CLOV is working on testing and proving the profitability of its AI, other companies are just in the process of developing them. Some of them aren't working on it at all.
Before I forgot, all of the healthcare company mentioned above are basically trying to reduce their turnaround time for when a claim is submitted for both new and prior authorization.
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2023.06.09 06:46 toplimocanada Unparalleled Luxury and Convenience: The Best Toronto Airport Limo Service- writingandseo

Elevating Your Travel Experience with Top-of-the-Line Toronto Airport Limousine Service

Introduction :

This thorough guide to the top Toronto airport limo service smoothly combines elegance and comfort. Nothing comes close to the convenience, elegance, and dependability of a first-rate limousine service when it comes to getting to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport. In this guest article, we will discuss the remarkable advantages of hiring a reputable Toronto airport limo service, emphasizing the top-notch amenities, first-rate customer care, and hassle-free experience that are waiting for discriminating visitors. Discover why a Toronto airport limo service is the height of refinement and convenience, whether you are a business professional, a regular traveller, or just looking for an opulent transportation alternative.
Step inside a slick, classy limousine from the best Toronto airport limo service to experience the height of luxury. The luxurious interiors, cutting-edge facilities, and opulent exteriors of the vehicles on offer will all be highlighted in this part, which will also delve into their luxury and elegance. Travellers may savour the utmost comfort and sophistication, from roomy seating and climate control to cutting-edge entertainment systems and complimentary refreshments. A Toronto airport limo service guarantees that your trip, whether you are flying alone or with a group, will be nothing short of exceptional.
The top Toronto airport limo service takes great pleasure in upholding the highest levels of dependability and professionalism. This section will stress the value of selecting a reliable limo service that emphasizes timeliness and punctuality. Travellers may relax knowing that their trip will be efficient, stress-free, and driven by skilled and experienced chauffeurs. Because of the limo service’s dedication to offering a dependable transportation option, you will consistently arrive at the airport or your destination on time.
Originally Published at on June 9, 2023
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2023.06.09 06:32 Perfectthreading Expert Picks: The Best Tattoo Shops in Fresno, CA

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2023.06.09 06:23 selbermacher Muss ich eine feuchte Aussenwand im Keller neu verputzen wenn ich den Raum nur zum Abstellen nutzen möchte?

Muss ich eine feuchte Aussenwand im Keller neu verputzen wenn ich den Raum nur zum Abstellen nutzen möchte?
Muss ich eine feuchte Aussenwand im Keller neu verputzen wenn ich den Raum nur zum Abstellen nutzen möchte? Oder kann ich es einfach so lassen, wenn es mich optisch nicht stört? Geht durch Feuchtigkeit etwas kaputt an der Mauer?
Ein handelsüblicher Feuchtemesser zeigt so um die 40-45 Einheiten an. An ein paar Punkten nahe dem Boden auch so ca. 60 (die Skale scheint laut Anleitung bei 100 zu enden).
Als Ursache nehme ich an, dass bei unserem Altbau, wegen fehlender Drainage, das Grundwasser an die Wand drückt. Es sei laut einem Nachbarn in unserem Bereich "recht hoch".
Kann durch die Feuchtigkeit mehr Schaden entstehen als ein feuchter Kellerraum, den ich regelmäßig lüften muss? Wenn ja, was für eine Art Fachmann wäre für eine Analyse der beste Ansprechpartner?
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2023.06.09 06:16 Afluffygrue Fuck /u/spez. final version of my oft posted personal recommendations

You’ve seen the Going Dark API posts. I’m out. I’ll be using an app to nuke my content from Reddit at the end of the month. Save this or don’t.
Personal Arizona cannabis recommendations
Based on comments from
Updated 2023-06-08


ROSIN carts (use ≤ 2.0v, let cool between)


RESIN + CDT carts (“Live”)

BUDGET carts (cheap, distillate)

ROSIN jars




FLOWER budget 1, 2, 2



AVOID dispensaries


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2023.06.09 06:16 gnr4life21 How to stop this

How to stop this
Hi there, I have this case that is printed in PLA and this discolouration is from glue fumes (I think) I use Super Glue which is like CA glue? What is the best type of glue to use with pla to aviod this. TIA
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2023.06.09 06:06 annamaaae Spoke with Best Buy canada again, there’s still hope.

Spoke with Best Buy canada again, there’s still hope.
A glimmer of hope for us Canadians.
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2023.06.09 06:01 AutoModerator [Official] r/BoxingDiscussion Betting Talk Thread - June 09, 2023

Discuss all things boxing betting
Odds and Resources:
Please bet responsibly. If you feel like you are betting too much you can follow these links for help:
Click here to message the Mods of /BoxingDiscussion
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2023.06.09 06:01 rmma [Official]r/mma Betting Discussion Thread - June 09, 2023

Discuss all things MMA betting
Odds and Resources:
Popular Betting Websites
Link to rMMA's list of betting sites
Please bet responsibly. If you feel like you are betting too much you can follow these links for help:
Click here to message the Mods of rMMA
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2023.06.09 05:54 RoughTrust9992 My Senior Citizen parents hired and paid in full for an hvac system & contractor ghosted before job was completed. What can I do?

My parents are senior citizens in their 70s & 80s. Hired a small hvac contractor with valid CA contractors license, BBB, etc all legit to install system with all necessary legal permits. He installed system, took payment of 10k (money it took my parents years & years to save) & ghosted. Didn’t increase blower speed as I asked and it doesn’t blow well enough to properly cool the home. Never fulfilled the permits for CA state or our local city. Kept saying it was getting done in a few days or next week & now over a month later he wont respond to any calls, texts, emails. A contract was signed by all parties stating full hvac system installation and all state & local permits included. Plus 2 year labor warranty and 5 to 10 year on system by manufacturer. I’ve never had someone just disappear like this. The hvac system is essentially illegal without the permits & my parents can’t sell the home & the homeowners insurance will not cover a claim due to non permitted system. Also, not blowing air forcefully enough. What do I do? How do I best help them? This was soooo expensive for my parents and have no money to hire another company. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 05:33 S1ck0fant Just bought my first house

This is my first house ever. Bought into 30k equity. Couple of questions.
This isn’t entirely a fixer seeing as the appraisal came in +30k, but I do have some work that I’d like to get done. My question is which ones will have the highest ROI.
Roof - complete
Plumbing - Ideally completely doing the system seeing as the house was built in 1945 and the plumbing is believed to be the original piping per the inspection report, which is normal for the area and nobody apparently drinks the tap water.
Electrical - ( I believe it’s just the panel got itemized bids coming on Monday)
My budget is $30k (not using the equity, I plan on using a Section 504 Home Repair Program - based in CA)
I don’t know what the cost of all the jobs will be till the itemized bids come in, but I’d rather just choose the one that will provide the most ROI and chop away at the others later down the road.
Thoughts or recommendations?
Also, do I just sit on the equity for the next 5 years and let it grow while doing my best to increase it with working on the house through the 5 years? We plan on moving in 5 years.
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2023.06.09 05:29 RuleThis2042 After 2 years in a rent-controlled unit, landlord requests a 25% rent increase

Seems like it's an old story at this point. I’ve read so many of them on reddit, wondering if it would happen to me, and it has. Emails are pasted below with identifying info removed.
First, I requested to have my wife added as a resident of the condo. Condo management kicked it back to my landlord for approval, which I didn’t think was required. Landlord tells me that they need to increase my rent due to their increased costs and financial troubles, sort of as an exchange to approve my wife’s occupancy, threatened to potentially occupy the unit themselves, however they moved overseas months ago. I’ve just refused, but I offered to help them out with a temporary payment outside of the tenancy agreement. Of course I’d like to continue living here. The emails fill in the details up to now. Looking for advice.
Congratulations on your marriage.
The first step is for us to receive approval from your landlord to add your wife as an additional resident in the unit. They are copied here and can do a “reply-All” to this email, or they may provide a Lease Amendment if they wish.
When we receive their approval, then we will send you the registration forms and information to get your wife setup on the system.
Property Administrator
Thank you property administrator, Hi Landlord, I hadn't mentioned this because my understanding is that it's only for logistics at the condo (picking up packages, calling security, management etc.) After reviewing the LTB's Landlords, Tenants, Occupants and Residential Tenancies Interpretation Guideline 21 and seeking professional advice, I determined that my wife is considered a "spouse of the tenant" and occupant of the unit, but there's no requirement for her to be on the lease. The legal relationship of landlord-tenant remains between you and me. I hope to have your blessing to ease this process with the condo management.
All the best, Tenant
Dear Tenant, First of all, I wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations on your recent marriage. I sincerely wish you and your spouse a lifetime of happiness together. I am writing to discuss an important matter regarding the approval of your spouse as a resident in our system. While you are correct about the existing rules and regulations, I would like to request a favor before granting this approval. During my vacation overseas, I received the unfortunate news that I have been diagnosed with cancer. As a result, I had to prolong my stay here to undergo treatment. This unexpected turn of events has had a significant impact on my businesses in Canada, causing a disruption in my income. Furthermore, I have been faced with increased maintenance expenses and mortgage costs, which have put me in a financially burdening situation. Given these circumstances, I must reluctantly ask you to consider an increase in rent. Let me clarify that I have never requested a rent increase beyond the guidelines set by the government. Our longstanding relationship and the fact that you have been living alone have been key factors in maintaining our good rapport over the years. However, considering the current situation, it has become unavoidable to raise the rent or consider moving into the unit myself. I am hopeful that with your recent marriage and the added financial support from your spouse, you would be able to assist me by paying the revised rent amount. I want to emphasize that this decision has not been made lightly, and I understand the inconvenience it may cause you. The proposed new rent amount is $2700.00, effective from July 1st, 2023. This revised amount takes into account the increased maintenance expenses and mortgage costs that I am currently facing. To provide you with further context, I have attached information on the recent rental prices of neighboring units. This data shows that the offered amount is both reasonable and below the current market price. I genuinely value you as a tenant and appreciate the care you have taken of the property throughout your tenancy. I understand that this rent increase may impact your budget, and I am more than willing to address any concerns or questions you may have. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Sincerely, Landlord
Hello Landlord,
I'd like to say again that I'm sorry to hear about your health and business challenges. I have close family and friends with cancer. I know how painful that has been for my loved ones. And, like you, my wife and I are adjusting to higher mortgage costs on a property while our income has not kept pace. For that reason, I must decline your request for a 24.1% increase in rent following a 2.5% increase two months ago.
A tenancy agreement contract comes with risk for both parties, and I had to factor that risk into my financial plan. I sought a rent controlled unit to mitigate it. I believe that rent controls in Ontario exist to protect renters from sudden increases in rent. They are not to be simply dismissed when the landlord wants to pass their unexpected financial burden onto their tenant.
I'm not sure if you were implying a quid pro quo: approval of my wife's occupancy in exchange for increased rent. I may have understood that, but that would be inappropriate under the law and its interpretation in Ontario. My apologies if I misunderstood. I am also concerned about you stating that a key factor in our “good rapport” is my residing alone in the unit. I pay for the right to occupy the unit, and as long as I don't violate overcrowding bylaws, I may have other occupants. The law is quite clear on this. I believe that the good rapport we have shared is based on each of us fulfilling our obligations under the contract, our courteous and timely communication, and our willingness to help one another on occasion beyond the terms of our contract.
I hope to share my perspective with you in the next two paragraphs. Though you may see your previous rent increases to the guideline maximum as a good faith gesture, I see them as simply following the law. In fact, you increased the rent as much as you possibly could. A good faith gesture would have been an increase below the guideline or no rent increase at all. I write this not because I expected zero rent increase, but so you understand what I hear when you say, "Let me clarify that I have never requested a rent increase beyond the guidelines set by the government." You are stating that you've never requested something that you are not allowed to request, which I don’t consider to be a favour. Now you are requesting that very thing.
I acknowledge and appreciate that you have never invaded my privacy, and you have always been respectful in your communication with me. I have given you that, and more. I have gone beyond my responsibilities as a tenant on many occasions, saving you money by avoiding the need for expensive contractors and property management. You’ve only sent someone once: a plumber after I spent my time and money trying to fix the problem. As far as I know, you’ve only been to the unit once yourself during my tenancy, which was with the plumber. When the unit above leaked and destroyed the front closet, you never came. I dealt with building management, and I donated my labour to fix the water damage to the wall and the coat rack. I have repaired and repainted all the walls of your unit with the original paint at my expense. I have stripped and re-caulked your bathtub because it was growing mould and had gaps that were allowing water to get under the tub. There have been other issues that I can assure you other landlords would have been called to address: HVAC problems, neighbouring balcony leaking problems, clogged drains, noise problems and more. You dismissed your property manager and moved to the other side of the globe. If that’s not recognition of the value I provide you, I’m not sure what is. I think our good rapport is based on my many gifts to you in the form of my time and money. It is based on me dealing with problems that landlords are legally responsible for.
Your request to increase my rent by nearly 25% with 23 days notice of the first new payment is inappropriate in the extreme. It is 10 times the annual rent increase guideline. It follows a rent increase of 2.5% only two months ago. And, it's 1/4 of the minimum 90 days notice for a legal rent increase. I realize this is a request, not a notice, nevertheless it is an enormous increase with little warning, and it’s attached to the threat that you will evict me if I don't agree. It is an unreasonable demand that puts me under duress, and that would cause me undue hardship. I also have no guarantee that you would not do the same thing again later if I acceded to your demand.
Ultimately, I understand and respect your right to occupy your unit. I imagine that you understand and respect my need to verify that occupancy for the required period after my hypothetical eviction. I am in a position to verify who is living there, whether the unit is rented again or not, and to pursue any legal action that would follow.
With all that said, if you would allow me to do a detailed review of your finances, I would consider agreeing to a rent increase. This would have to occur with at least 90 days notice, in accordance with a legal rent increase.
Alternatively, I would be amenable to a temporary extra monthly payment to help you get through these difficult health and business circumstances. There would be no change to our tenancy agreement. We could at both parties’ discretion revise and renew the agreement at the end of its period. I would be happy to put such an agreement into writing.
I would like us to speak on the phone or an online platform like WhatsApp because I feel we can come to an agreement that is legal and beneficial to us both. I fear that a contentious end to our relationship would be very taxing financially, emotionally, and time-wise. Nevertheless, I believe strongly in what is right, in my rights as a tenant, and in your responsibilities as a landlord. I am prepared to see whatever process we enter to the very end.
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2023.06.09 04:45 unwillingpenguin So long friend (lost knife)

Lost my SOG terminus xr today, it wasn't much but it was one of the first good knives I bought when I didn't have much. It was also one of the first knives I ever sharpened to a mirror polish edge. Loved it and carried it often, I've retraced my steps today as best I could and looked all over my semi truck but to no results. So I'm posting here for some closure and to say to whoever finds it, I hope you love and use that knife with the same care and attention that I did.
If anyone happens to find it in Santa Nella, CA please reach out, the only place I was unable to check was the TA truck stop because I had left there and am unable to go back.
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