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Boar Vessel, 600-500 BC, Etruscan, Ceramic

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This subreddit pulls one picture each morning (EST) from the [Cleveland Museum of Art's Free API]( For technical details, it is slowly going through the exhibit one day at a time starting with index 0 on January 2nd, 2020. So you can follow along yourself.

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2023.06.05 11:00 RX-HER0 Spider-Man in DnD 5e!

Before we start, I'd like to give a great thanks to the "DM Mentor's Guild" discord, for without them I wouldn't have been able to make this build at all! Make sure to check them out! This server has experienced DMs with a knack for helping others tell an immersive fantasy, balance encounters, and fix game related issues. If your question requires a personal touch, there's no one I'd refer you to over the good guys at the "DM Mentor's Guild" server!
This is a guide for how to play Spider-Man in DnD 5e. Of course, it will be impossible for this to be all-encompassing, but I’ll do my best.
“With great power, comes great responsibility.”
Peter Parker isn't a mutant, but rather just a human. Due to the spiderbite, he’s far from your normal high schooler, however, so we’ll make him a Variant Human! Variant Humans get a feat at level 1, and we’ll be taking the Crusher feat to weave to yank enemies with our webs and launch them with our super strength! This feat gives us the ability to move a creature 5ft, once per turn, when you hit with an attack that deals bludgeoning damage. Additionally, when we crit on an attack, all attacks against our target have advantage until the start of our next turn. Finally, we may boost our Strength or Constitution by +1, and we’ll choose Constitution. As a Variant Human, we are also able to increase 2 of our stats by +1. Let’s boost Dexterity and Wisdom for better web-slinging and stronger Spidey-Senses! Finally, let’s grab Perception as a skill, to represent our peak ability and health!
Stat Array.
Peter’s got a wide array of abilities, so to cover this we’ll be using Point Buy, which gives us 27 points to put in our stats, which start at 8 as a default. Each increase above 13 will cost 2 points instead of 1.
9 points in Dexterity! Spider-Man is a slippery, nimble fellow with an agile fighting style! Our Dexterity will be 15 + 1 = 16, with a +3 modifier.
5 points in Wisdom! Peter’s always had a good heart and a just head on his shoulders. Additionally, Wisdom represents his senses, like Spider-Sense! Our Wisdom will be 13 + 1 = 14, with a +2 modifier.
5 points in Constitution! Spidey definitely can take a beating, but he’s more of the more frail characters of Marvel. Our Constitution will be a 13 + 1 = 14, with a +2 modifier.
5 points in Intelligence. On top of being nimble and perceptive, Peter’s smart beyond measure- to the point where he made his extremely strong, chemically binding web fluid by himself! Our Intelligence will be a 13, with a +1 modifier.
2 points in Strength. Spider-Man can lift metal fortresses, but we just can't have everything. Still, we can’t dump it. Our Strength will be a 10, with a +0 modifier.
0 points in Charisma. Peter’s a nerd who constantly gets picked on by Flash Thompson. Even as Spider-Man, he’s not exactly appreciated by the people of New York. Yeah, yeah, I know -he still had to have amazing Charisma to bag Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane, and Black Cat- but we can’t have everything. Our Charisma will be an 8, with a -1 modifier.
Peter Parker was a high schooler that, by circumstance, was bit by a radioactive spider, did a wrestling gig, saw his uncle die -you know the story already. Let’s grab Deception to lie to Aunt May, and Investigation, to devise tactics to defeat our enemies! Let’s call this the Web Head background.
Spider-Man is a fast, nimble hero who crawls walls and prefers to dodge attacks over tank through them, so we’ll kick them off as a Monk 1!
Let’s grab Athletics and Acrobatics as skills, to do whatever a spider can. We gain proficiency in Strength and Dexterity saving throws. We are also proficient in all simple weapons and short swords. For our artisan’s tool, let’s grab Tinker’s Tools.
Our favorite wall-crawler wears nothing but his costume in action, so it’s good that all Monks gain Unarmoured Defense! We gain a new way of calculating AC; 10 + Dexterity modifier + Wisdom Modifier! In other words, our AC does not come from armour, but from quickly evading blows and predicting attacks through Spider-Sense!
We also gain Martial Arts! We may use Dexterity instead of Strength for Unarmed Strikes or Monk weapons, which means that we can viably use all of our martial jabs and kicks. Furthermore, when rolling damage for a unarmed strike or monk weapon, we may role our martial art’s die + our Dexterity or Strength modifier in place of our usual damage. Our starting die is a d4. Finally, when we hit with an unarmed strike or Monk weapon on our turn, we may make an unarmed strike as a bonus action.
We’ll use Unarmed Strikes for our punches and kicks, and for our web shooters, we will actually use a sling! Why? It’s a 1-handed ranged weapon that does bludgeoning damage. With this, we can use our Crusher 5ft pull with our unarmed strike, which is our super-strength, or with our sling, which is yanking an enemy with our web shooters.
Monk 2.
At this level, our training allows us the ability to harness the mystic energy of Ki, which is a representation of our Spider Powers! We have Ki points equal to our Monk level, and regain all Ki on a short rest. Our Ki save DC is equal to 8 + proficiency bonus + Wisdom modifier. We may use Ki to fuel the following effects:
Flurry of Blows: Right after we take the attack action, we may spend 1 Ki point to make 2 Unarmed Strikes as a bonus action! This is a combo!
Patient Defense: We may spend 1 Ki point to take the dodge action as a bonus action. This is you focusing on dodging.
Step of the Wind: We may spend 1 Ki point to take the dash or disengage action as a bonus action! Be the spider JJJ just can’t squish!
Finally, we gain Unarmoured Movement at this level. While wearing no armor or a shield, we gain a bonus to our movement speed, which makes sense given how slippery Spider-Man is. Right now, it’s +10ft, and it’ll increase as we level up.
Monk 3.
At the 3rd level, All Monks get to choose a Monastic Tradition! For skirmishers like Spider-Man, Drunken Master is the best pick (you don’t actually have to drink for it to work).
As a Drunken Master, we gain proficiency in Performance, which we use to emulate our alter-ego ( also, use it for the dance ), and Brewer’s Supplies, to brew some New York joe.
All Drunken Masters also gain Drunken Technique, which gives us +10 movement speed and the benefit of the disengage action, when we use Flurry of Blows.
We also gain Deflect Missiles as a 3rd level Monk! As a reaction to being it with a ranged attack, we may deflect it, reducing the damage of the attack by 1d10 + Dexterity modifier + Monk Level. If we reduce the attack’s damage to zero, we may throw the projectile back as a monk weapon using the same reaction, at the cost of 1 Ki point! Catching a projectile and throwing it back is just the thing Spider-Man would do.
Monk 4.
At this level, we gain our First ASI! As a Monk, we desperately need them, so let’s not squander this bonus and boost our Dexterity by +2! Our Dexterity is now 16 + 2 = 18, with a +4 modifier!
We also gain Slow Fall at this level! As a reaction, we may reduce the damage from a fall that we take by 5 times our Monk level! It would be a shame if you took falling damage from your own jump, after all?
Monk 5.
At this level, we gain Extra Attack! When we take the attack action, we may make 2 attacks with that action! Spider-Man doesn’t take his rogue’s gallery down with one powerful strike, but with many rapid ones.
Additionally, we also gain Stunning Strike at this level! When we hit with a creature with an attack, we may expend 1 Ki point and force our opponent to make a Constitution saving throw. If they fail, they are stunned until the end of your next turn. This is you webbing up your opponent!
Alright, we’ve got a decent amount of martial ability and spider strength, let’s grab a few more specific abilities. To do that, let’s multiclass into . . .
Wizard 1!
All Wizards get Spellcasting, but we’ll reflavor yours as abilities you get courtesy of your radioactive blood, and/or your gadgets! After all, Spider-Men in general are at least a little bit mystic due to the Web of Life and Destiny. With how quick-witted you are, Intelligence will be your spellcasting modifier. As a Wizard, we get a spellbook for our spells, which for you is just your school notebook.
For Cantrips, we’ll pick . .
Mage Hand, to yank items towards you with a thwip.
Light, which is a light.
Mending, which is webbing something back together.
1st level Wizards also get to add 6 spells into their spellbook! Let’s grab . . .
Shield, which is a Web Barrier.
Longstrider, even more dexterous movement.
Catapult, which is using your webs to slingshot an object.
Gift of Alacrity, for even better reflexes.
Thunderwave, which is our impact webs.
Jump, which is how we’ll do web swinging. It isn’t climbing and isn’t flying, but I think this is a good compromise. With this and Step of the Wind, we have a 60ft long jump and a 18ft high jump.
As a 1st level Wizard, we also get Arcane Recovery, which allows us to, once per long rest, recover spell slots with a total level equal to or less then our Wizard level. The spell slots recovered cannot be above 6th level, to reload and gain more ammo!
Wizard 2.
2nd level Wizards get an Arcane Tradition, and the War Magic Tradition is the pick for superheroes that apply their intelligence in both rigorous study and brutal combat!
War Magic Wizards gain Arcane Deflection, which allows us to gain a +2 bonus to AC against the attack or a +4 bonus to that saving throw as a reaction. If we use this feature, the only spells we may cast next turn are cantrips. This is great for us, since we rely on weapon attacks anyway! This is our Spider-Sense.
We also gain Tactical Wit, which allows us to add our Intelligence modifier to our Initiative!
For our new spells, lets learn . . .
Silvery Barbs, which is distracting our enemy with a spurt of webs!
Identify, which is us using our Intelligence to figure out a mysterious magic item.
Wizard 3.
For our Wizard spells of this level, let’s learn . . .
Web, which is an AOE web (duh).
Earthbind, which is yanking Green Goblin down with webs.
Okay, we’ve got everything we need from Wizard, so let’s jump back to . . .
Monk 6.
At 6th level, we gain Ki Empowered Strikes! Our Unarmed Strikes now count as magical for the purpose of overcoming non-magical resistance.
As a Drunken Master Monk, we gain Tipsy Sway! This gives us two benefits:
Leap to Your Feet: When we’re prone, we can instantly flip off the floor, costing us only 5ft movement instead of half.
Redirect Attack: When we are missed with an attack role, we may spend one Ki point to cause that attack to hit one creature within 5ft of us, other than ourselves.
Both of these abilities are very fitting for Spidey!
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +15ft.
Monk 7.
At this level, We gain Evasion, which allows us to take half damage from a failed Dexterity save, and no damage from a successful Dexterity save! This is also a good ability for Spider-Man.
Additionally, we gain Stillness of Mind! As an action, we can end one effect on ourself that is causing us to be charmed or frightened. Spider-Man’s always had a good heart and a strong will, so it makes sense that it would be difficult to sway him with charms or frightens.
Monk 8.
At this level, we gain another ASI! Let’s boost Dexterity by +2 to cap it off at 18 + 2 = 20, with a +5 modifier! Now we’ve got the maximum amount of nimbleness that we can achieve.
Monk 9.
At this level, we gain an Unarmoured Movement Improvement, which allows us to run up walls and across water. Running up walls is our wallcrawling, and I guess across water is some shoe gadget you made?
Monk 10.
At this level, we gain Purity of Body, which makes us immune to poison and disease. Spider-Man’s got super-healing, after all.
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +20ft.
Monk 11.
At the 11th level of Monk as a Drunken Master, we gain Drunkard’s Luck! We always have a bout of luck when we need it most, as whenever we make an attack, save, or check and have disadvantage, we can spend 2 Ki to cancel out the disadvantage.
Monk 12.
Another ASI at this level. Let’s boost our Wisdom by +2 for higher AC and greater Spidey-Senses! Our Wisdom is now 14 + 2 = 16, with a +3 modifier!
Monk 13.
At the 13th level of Monk, we gain Tongue of the Sun and Moon! We are now able to understand all spoken languages, and all creatures that speak a language can understand what we can say! Spider-Man is beloved world-wide.
Monk 14.
At this level, we gain Diamond Soul! We’re now proficient in every single saving throw, including death saves, and if we fail a save, we may spend a Ki point to reroll!
Our unarmoured movement bonus increases to +25ft.
Monk 15.
All 15th level Monks gain Timeless Body! We no longer suffer the ill effects of aging and cannot be aged magically. I guess this explains why was perpetually in highschool (yeah I know the real reason is the comic line restarts).
Monk 16.
At this level, we gain another ASI! Wisdom is important for us, so let’s boost our Wisdom by +2! Our Wisdom is now 16 + 2 = 18, with a +4 modifier.
And finally, we’ll cap off our webbed wonder with . . .
Monk 17.
This is our final Drunken Monk Feature, Intoxicated Frenzy! When we use Flurry of blows, we can make up to 3 additional attacks with our bonus action, provided that each Flurry of blows attack targets a different target.
We are extremely mobile! 55ft movement base, 110ft movement on a dash, 220ft with two, 20ft horizontal jump and 18ft high jump with Step of the Wind and the Jump spell, and we can crawl on walls and run on water! We’re really hard to pin down, especially since we can disengage for free when using Flurry!
We’ve got great defenses! 19 AC, Proficiency in every save, we can remove disadvantage for 1 Ki, we can reroll for 1 Ki, +5 to AC through Shield, +2 for free through War Magic, and +4 to saves also through War Magic.
We’re great at handling crowds, as we can make 7 attacks with Flurry of blows as long as we hit a different creature each time, and can make a Stunning Strike attempt on each hit!
We dipped Wizard for Web, but we have a really low Spellcasting Modifier and as such a really easy save to beat.
We missed one of the best Monk features, Empty Body.
A sling is just worse than a shortbow (in DnD, slings are crazy IRL)
Black Suit Spider-Man Quickbuild
Miles: “Let’s go man, before he gets too far!”
Peter: “No . . . he’s mine . . .”
Miles: “You sure? He’s got big teeth.”
Peter: “So do I.”
This is still Peter, but now he’s making use of the dark powers of the Symbiote, so he’ll still be a Variant Human but instead of Crusher, we’ll grab Eldritch Adept and gain the Mask of Many Faces invocation, which gives us at-will castings if Disguise Self. This’ll be how we shift from
our classic and black suit.
Our main stat is Strength.
Take 1 in Monk for Martial Arts.
Put the following 6 levels in Barbarian, which fits the much more brutalistic nature of your newly adopted fighting style. Take the Beast subclass for large symbiote weapons! Your maw is conjoining your arms and spawning a giant toothy jaw, your claws are tendrils at the tip of your fingers, and your tail is a great black tentacle that leaps out of you. Not to mention, you can crawl and jump(webswing) long distances now too. We’ll be using the Barbarian’s unarmoured defense.
Put the next 2 levels in Monk and take the Astral Self subclass, which we’ll reflavor as our stretchy symbiote attacks. We’ve got 3 Ki, with 9 over the course of the day, assuming 2 short rests.
Put your remaining 11 levels in Barbarian. Infectious Fury is placing a mote of your symbiote within your target and making them attack your ally. Or, it’s just scaring the shit out of them if you choose the other option. Call of the Hunt is giving a bit of your symbiote to the entire party.
Venom Quickbuild
“We are Venom.”
While building Black Suit Spiderman I noticed that the build would also work perfectly for Venom, which makes sense.
This build would be the same as with Black Suit, but we’ll grab a 1 Rogue level at the beginning and grab Expertise in Strength and Intimidation.
Carnage Quickbuild
“I am the ultimate insanity! I am CARNAGE!”
This build is the exact same as Venom’s, except we grab Rogue 2 after level 6 of Barbarian for Cunning Action, and we’ll put Expertise in Acrobatics instead of Athletics.
Spider-Gwen Quickbuild
“All right, people, let's start at the beginning one last time. My name is Gwen Stacy. I was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two years I've been the one and only Spider-Woman. You guys know the rest . . .”
This build is the same as the original, except instead of Crusher we’ll grab Mobile, and we’ll take a 1 level Rogue dip after our Wizard levels for Expertise, which we’ll put in Perception and Acrobatics.
Miles Morales Quickbuild
“Okay, let's do this one last time, yeah? For real this time. This is it. My name is Miles Morales. I was bitten by a radioactive spider. And for like two days, I've been the one and only Spider-Man. I think you know the rest . . .”
Miles is a high schooler who was bitten by a radioactive spider, just like Peter, so he’ll be a Variant Human too, although for him we’ll grab Mobile instead of Crusher for hit and run tactics. He’ll still use a sling for webs. Make sure to grab Sleight of Hand to swipe the USB from Peter.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
From there, put all 20 levels in Monk and take the Ascendant Dragon subclass. We can change our unarmed strikes to elemental damage, so this is how we get our lighting abilities (don’t use it for any other damage type because that’s out of character!). Same thing goes for Breath of the Dragon - it’s a blast of Lighting Wings unfurled is our web swinging, and Aspect of Wyrm and Ascendent Aspect are already built off of flavor we’ve already established. Empty Body is our invisibility, and Stunning Strike is a zapping stun.
Spider-Man 2099 Quickbuild
“What has yesterday done to tomorrow?”
Miguel O’hara is a human, but his DNA was overwritten with that of a spider, so we’ll choose Simic Hybrid, and our level 1 mutation will be Nimble Climber. ( Ask your DM if you can have the Sunlight Sensitivity trait )
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
Put 5 levels in Monk and choose the Open Hand subclass. Our Open Hand Technique is our super strength and agility, and Stunning Strike is injecting someone with our venom. Choose Grappling Appendages, which are just your claws.
From there, put 2 levels in Rogue ( ask your DM if you can use Sneak Attack on Unarmed Strikes ) for Cunning Action and Expertise. Take Expertise in Athletics for grapples and Perception for your super hearing and supervision.
From there, put 2 levels in Artificer and grab the Repeating Shot infusion for your organic webbing, Sending Stones, which are tech communications, Goggles of Night for your darkvision, and the Wand of Detection, which is your AI Lyra doing a scan for you.
From there, put 3 levels in Wizard and take the Conjuration subclass, which gives you a 3d printer you can use to make small items with. Choose all the spells that we chose in the original build.
Then, dump the remaining 8 levels into Monk. Wholeness of the body is our healing factor, and Tranquility is simply us being hard to hit.
Spider-Noir Quickbuild
“Wherever I go, the wind follows. And the wind smells like rain."
This Peter was bitten just like our Peter was, so we’ll make him a Variant Human. Instead of Crusher we’ll grab Gunner for your revolver.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
Put 5 levels in Monk, choose Kensei, and grab a Revolver. Our Stunning Strikes are Knock-Out punches.
Put 3 levels in Fighter and take the Blight Fighting style to fight in pitch black darkness. Choose the Battlemaster subclass. Grab Trip Attack, Feinting Attack, and Ambush.
Take 2 levels in Rogue for Cunning Action and Expertise. Take Expertise in Athletics and Stealth.
Take 3 levels in Wizard and choose the Divination subclass, which is your Spider-Sense. Choose the same spells as the ones we chose for our initial build, except swap out Earthbind for Spider Climb.
Dump the remaining 7 levels in Monk.
Peni Parker Quickbuild
“私の名前はペニ・パーカーです。私は 3145 年のニューヨーク出身です。父のロボットの中に住んでいるクモと精神的なつながりがあります。そして私たちは永遠に親友であり続けます。”
Peni Parker wasn’t given power by a radioactive spider, but she bonded with it -oh, and that spider controls an anime mech that she pilots. Let’s make Peni a Variant Human and grab Telekinetic, which is you pulling or pushing something with webs.
Our main ability will be Intelligence.
Put all 20 levels in Artificer, and choose Armourer as your subclass to get your SP//dr mecha.
Choose the Guardian Model. We’ll be wearing Full Plate.
Choose Enhanced Defense, Goggles of the Night, Enhanced Arcane Focus, Armour of Magical Strength, Boots of Elvenkind, Slippers of Spider Climbing, Boots of Striding and Springing, Ring of Jumping, Belt of Hill Giant Strength, Ring of Protection, Spell-Refueling Ring, and Helm of Awareness as infusions.
Pick Booming Blade, Sword Burst, Guidance, and Thorn Whip as cantrips. Prepare Web, Spider Climb, Stoneskin, Haste, Absorb Elements, Detect Magic, Faerie Fire, Identify, Jump, Longstrider, Kinetic Jaunt, Dispel Magic, Glyph of Warding, Water Breathing, and Alarm. We also get Magic Missile, Thunderwave, Mirror Image, Shatter, Hypnotic Pattern, Lighting Bolt, Fire Shield, Greater Invisibility, Passwall, and Wall of Force.
Booming blade is a sonic strike, Sword Burst is a 360 swipe, Guidance is looking something up, and Thornwhip is a grappling hook. Web, Jump, Longstrider, Kinetic Jaunt, and Spider Climb are typical spider-person stuff. Stoneskin, Absorb Elements, Alarm, Fire Shield, and Dispel Magic are SP//dr’s defenses. Detect Magic and Identify are scanners, Faerie Fire is targeting systems, Glyph of Warding is a trap ( I guess you can do that now? ), and Water Breathing is just SP//dr being airtight. Magic Missile is web missiles ( yeah I know it’s a stretch ), Passwall is smashing through a wall, Wall of Force is a forcefield, Lighting Bolt and Shatter is techy stuff the mech probably can do (?), Haste is a battle focus, and Greater Invisibility is out of character so don’t use it.
Spider-Ham Quickbuild
"I was bitten by a radioactive pig."
Spider-Ham was a spider that was bitten by a radioactive pig. Instead of trying to comprehend the logic check that such an origin demands, let’s just make him a Gnome, which fits since he’s a tricky, short fella. Specifically, a Forest Gnome, and we’ll use Minor Illusion for our cartoon shenanigans. We’ll use a light hammer for our mallet.
Our main stat is Dexterity, but we also want decent Wisdom for AC and saves.
From there, the build follows our original Spider-Man build, except instead of taking 3 levels in Wizard, we’ll take 3 in Warlock. Choose the Hexblade subclass.
Take the Beast Speech and Improved Pact Weapon invocations.
Take the Pact of the Blade boon. This is your hammerspace.
For cantrips, grab Prestidigitation, True Strike, and Mage Hand. For spells, learn Shield, Hex, Expeditious Retreat, and Shadow Blade.
Expeditious Retreat is just running fast, Prestidigitation and Major image will be used for cartoon stuff like making a lightbulb appear over your head. True Strike is waiting for the right time to strike. Shield is dodging out of the way, Hex is a combat focus, and Shadowblade is a random weapon pulled out of hammer space ( it deals psychic damage because your opponent can’t comprehend that they’re being beaten by a pig ).
submitted by RX-HER0 to 3d6 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 10:47 CryptoHindiNews FTX से मिले $550K डोनेशन को लौटाएगा Metropolitan Museum of Art

FTX से मिले $550K डोनेशन को लौटाएगा Metropolitan Museum of Art submitted by CryptoHindiNews to cryptohindinews [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 10:42 Professional-Row8286 The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

The Art of Creating A Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design
original article:
If you get bored of setting up your interior like a standard house and want to try out layers, cohesive and eclectic interior design is exactly right.
Eclectic design is a kind of interior design that combines various styles, motifs, and layers together in order to make an exquisite aesthetic or personal identity style. The core of it is balancing the between different styles, colors, and textures to create a harmonious space.
Since you find cohesive and eclectic interior design interesting, read on our tips to create an amazing interior design that is both functional and beautiful!

Profoundly Understanding About Eclectic Interior Design

What is Eclectic Interior Design?

Eclectic interior design is a unique style that combines different design elements (styles, cultures, colors, etc) with different materials to create a harmonious and appealing space.
Moreover, the eclectic style can indicate your personality identity and creativity by mixing pieces that have sentimental or inspirational values. It is a style that encourages you to be yourself by virtue of embracing individuality

The Benefits of Eclectic Interior Design

One of the main benefits of eclectic home decor is that it helps you to create a space that truly reflects your personality and style. It is a style that is not bound by rules or limitations, and it encourages you to experiment with different design elements.
In addition, eclectic home decor also allows you to mix up and match a variety of pieces from different styles, from classic to modern styles which can be a cost-effective way to decorate your home.

The Challenges of Eclectic Interior Design

Though it's a fact that you can be totally creative in modern eclectic interior design, it also requires challenges to create a cohesive and balanced space.
Besides, it is important to maintain a harmonious balance between the color palette and decorative pieces that complement each other. Avoiding overusing many things and cluttering your space with unnecessary pieces.
Overall, if you understand both the benefits and challenges of eclectic design, you're able to create a perfect balance that reflects your individuality.

Creating a Cohesive Eclectic Interior Design

When we talk about eclectic interior design, we should mention the combination between different styles, patterns, colors, and textures. Mixing these elements will help us to create a unique and personalized space. However, balancing elements is not an easy task. There are some tips on how to create amazing eclectic interior design for your house:

Establishing a Color Palette

The first and foremost thing before building a cohesive eclectic interior design is to pick a color palette. You’re able to start with neutral base colors like white, brown, beige, or gray. In addition, you totally can mix them with different shades and hues that complement a harmonious look in your interior.

Mixing Patterns and Textures

Mixing patterns and textures is also considered as important as choosing a color palette. Mixing various elements or decorations is a tough task. You can combine patterns in the same color family for instance stripes, florals, geometrics, etc to make them in moderation and balance them. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to mix different textures like velvet, leather, and linen, to add a highlight and draw guest’s attention when they enter your space.

Incorporating Different Styles

Incorporating different styles is a need to create an eclectic interior design. Still, it’s necessary to choose styles that combine each other well and then make a cohesive look. It’s also common that people to mix modern furniture with vintage accessories so as to make an exquisite combination.

Balancing Old and New

Balancing the old and new furniture or decorations in eclectic interior design is also crucial. It almost has no limitation in mixing old and modern aesthetics to make a balance and interesting look in your interior. Nonetheless, you should have noticed to pick decorations or pieces of furniture that have a similar color palette to create a perfect centerpiece of the house instead of making it look cluttering.

Adding Personal Touches

The last element is considered as important as the first one which is personalizing the electric interior decor in your own way. Consider adding your favorite works like artistic pictures, family photos, awards, travel souvenirs, or building a home bar or coffee table. Going shopping in reliable stores and picking some elegant metal legs for table or bar height metal table legs for your own chilling space is also an ideal option. Displaying your own works can help you feel comfortable in your own living space!
In conclusion, creating a cohesive eclectic interior design is not a tough task. The initial part of it is you need to know how to balance different elements and turn them into your personal identity. With our useful tips, you’re able to build a unique interior design that reflects your personality and style.
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2023.06.05 10:41 littprince [Store] Collectors Cache 2019, Aghanims 2021, Diretide 2022

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Aghanim's. 2021 Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Ogre Magi 30💲 1
Cache 1. 2019 Gothic Whisper Phantom Assassin 95💲 1
Cache 2. 2019 Cinder Sensei Ember Spirit 145💲 4
Cache 1. 2019 Defender of Ruin Disruptor 20💲 3
Cache 2. 2019 Fowl Omen Necrophos 15💲 5
Cache 2. 2018 Cruelties of the Spiral Bore Magnus 50💲 2
Cache 2. 2018 The Rat King Chen 8💲 2
Collection 2022 Charms of the Firefiend Batrider 1💲 1 1

Diretide Cache 2. 2022 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Darkbrews Transgression Alchemist 8💲 2
Withering Pain Clinkz 8💲 2
Dawn of Darkness Foretold Doom 8💲 2
Sacred Chamber Guardian Huskar 8💲 2
Bird of Prey Legion Commander 8💲 2 1
Feasts of Forever Night Stalker 8💲 2
Freebot Fortunes Ogre Magi 8💲 2
Transcendent Path Oracle 10💲 1
Darkfeather Factioneer Phantom Assassin 10💲 1
Cursed Cryptbreaker Pudge 15💲 1
Grand Suppressor Silencer 8💲 3
War Rig Eradicators Techie 8💲 1
Acrimonies of Obsession Vengeful Spirit 8💲 3

Diretide Cache 1. 2022 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Hounds of Obsession Chen 8💲 13
Seadog's stash Clockwerk 8💲 12
Starlorn Adjudicator Dawnbreaker 8💲 10
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Shadowleaf Insurgent Hoodwink 10💲 10
Champion of the Fire Lotus Monkey King 8💲 14
Crimson Dawn Phoenix 8💲 13
Scarlet Subversion Riki 8💲 13 1
Whippersnapper Snapfire 10💲 10
Spoils of the shadow veil Spectre 8💲 12 1
Forgotten Station Terrorblade 8💲 11
Dirge Amplifier Undying 8💲 12
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt Ursa 8💲 13 2
Deathstitch Shaman Witch Doctor 8💲 12

Aghanim's Cache 2021 Hero Price Stock Reserved
Blightfall Abaddon 12💲 3
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist 16💲 1 1
Secrets of the Frost Singularity Ancient Apparition 12💲 2
Days of the Demon Axe 15💲 1
Widow of the Undermount Gloom Broodmother 10💲 2
Perils of the Red Banks Chen 12💲 4
Apex Automated Clockwerk 25💲 1
Perception of the First Light Dawnbreaker 25💲 2 1
Silverwurm Sacrifice Dragon Knight 20💲 1 1
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 10💲 2
Forgotten Fate Mars 15💲 2
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 8💲 3
Test of the Basilisk Lord Razor 10💲 1
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 10💲 1

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Endless Night Abbadon 15💲 1
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 10💲 2
Fury of the Bloodforge BloodSeeker 10💲 4
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Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 12💲 2
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 20💲 3 1
Souls Tyrant Shadow Fiend 25💲 4
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 10💲 1
Verdant Predator Venomancer 10💲 2
Tribal Pathways⠀ Warlock 10💲 4

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Soul of the Brightshroud Death Prophet 15💲 1
Scorched Amber Dragon Knight 20💲 1
Glimmer of Sacred Hunt Drow Ranger 45💲 1
The Arts of Mortal Deception Enigma 12💲 2
Pursuit of the Ember Demons Huskar 20💲 2
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 8💲 1
Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 20💲 1
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Curse of the Creeping Vine Undying 12💲 3
Genuine Weather Effect can be traded without delay
Genuine Weather Price Stock reserved
Ash 7💲 6
Snow 4💲 11
Rain 4💲 10
Moonbeam 4💲 10
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Harvest 3💲 12
Spring 3💲 11
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Total 32💲 6 1
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PayPal payments must be in the form of Friends & Family to prevent fees & chargebacks.
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What You Get: MODULE 1: The Presuppositional Playbook Psychology The most fundamental difference in face to face, vs virtual selling is the absolute need to have the prospect be pushing for the sale. They must be the one driving for the solution. They have to want it more than you do. They have to be more engaged in the process than they are face to face. When you sell virtually the more you talk, the worse your close rates will be. When you are sitting with a prospect together, it’s easy to have the momentum of the meeting and the relationship you’ve developed together carry the sale to the finish line. This does not happen virtually. There is a distance, a void between you and the prospect that is easy for them to take your information and disappear, taking it to another advisor they know better. Presuppositional Selling does two important things. First, it structures the sales interaction in such a way that the prospect discovers intrisically the problems, pains, gains, and desire for a solution. One of the most powerful ways P2 selling works is helping the prospect see what they have not seen before. It changes context. It changes the frame. The Crucial 1st Appointment The first appointment in the leverage point that determines the success or failure of your entire sales process. Do a poor first appointment by talking too much, or ‘spilling your candy in the lobby’ and you’re doomed. Prospects won’t show up on the next call, and they will be lost and gone forever. There is an art and a science to doing the first appointment effectively and you’ll see exactly how to do it right. It starts with our 13 steps first appointment playbook. In this playbook you’ll get:
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  • How to create authority in the first 30 seconds of a first appointment, by doing the EXACT opposite of what your prospect expects…and what every other salesperson does.
  • The Credibility Transfer: How to use “borrowed credibility” to get your prospects to trust you—even if they don’t know who you are.
  • The PLI “Power Switch” Principle that flips the power dynamic, so YOU are perceived to have the power (and not the prospect).
  • The One Eyed Man principle that STOPS the prospect from treating you like a salesperson.
  • RAPID SUCCESS IN JUST 20 MINUTES: Learn how to do a first appointment in just 20 minutes over the phone, no technology needed.
  • The Decision Matrix: This is the most critical part of the entire sale…and it’s made right here. (Most producers hit only 1 out of the 4 keys to the decision matrix and it costs them sales constantly.)
  • STOP THE HATERS: How to ensure competitors, incumbents, and other ‘characters’ don’t blow up your sales with bad advice to your clients. (PLEASE, if you do nothing else, learn this critical component to stop losing deals needlessly!)
  • The “golden thread of motivation”: This is the thread that holds the entire sale together. When a prospect forgets why they called, why they are meeting with you, or why they are buying, you will fail in closing the sale.
  • The “Fried Chicken Rule”that ensures your prospect is engaged and selling themselves, not tuning out.
  • How to set ROCK SOLID second appointments to ensure you never get a ‘no show’ on your next appointment.
  • The SOLUTION step: How to ensure you are sharing just enough to whet their appetite and create burning curiosity for the next appointment to get them coming back for more, (while being 100% compliant!)


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 10:30 Eminizzl [Discussion] Seeking Workshop Venue with Modern Art Flair in Switzerland or generally Europe!

I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect workshop venue, and I thought who better to ask for suggestions than the diverse and knowledgeable community here on Reddit! I'm looking for a place in Switzerland or anywhere else in Europe that exudes a "modern art" vibe, be it a museum, castle, or any other artsy location.
Here are the specifics:
  1. Capacity: The venue should be able to comfortably accommodate around 30 people. We'll be engaging in presentations and various activities throughout the workshop, so a spacious setting is essential.
  2. Duration: The workshop is set to span two and a half days, so the venue needs to be available for this duration. It would be fantastic if there are separate spaces for the presentations and breakout sessions.
  3. Location: Ideally, the venue would be situated in Switzerland or somewhere else in Europe, making it easily accessible for participants coming from different parts of the continent.
  4. Modern Art Flair: We're aiming for a location that exudes a modern art flair. This could be in the form of a modern art museum with captivating exhibits or a futuristic architectural gem that will leave our attendees in awe. We want the venue to inspire creativity and stimulate innovative thinking.
I believe that combining art and learning can spark a unique and enriching experience for all participants. It's incredible how the environment we're in can impact our productivity and imagination. So, I'm excited to hear your suggestions!
If you know of any museums, castles, or other artsy venues that tick these boxes, please drop their names and any additional details. Personal anecdotes or experiences related to the venues are also highly appreciated!
Thank you all in advance for your valuable input. I'm looking forward to your suggestions, and I'm confident that together, we can find the perfect workshop location with a modern art twist.
Cheers! :)
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Need Recommendations for Mold Air Duct Cleaning Services in Alpharetta
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2. Exceptional Customer Service and Satisfaction
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2023.06.05 10:16 sumitaryaa Best Laptop Repair Shop in Noida - UREP

Best Laptop Repair Shop in Noida - UREP
In today's fast-paced digital world, laptops have become an essential part of our lives. Whether it's for work, education, or entertainment, we rely heavily on laptops to meet our daily needs. However, like any other electronic device, laptops can encounter problems and require repair services from time to time. Finding a reliable and trustworthy laptop repair shop is crucial to ensure that your laptop is in capable hands.
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Expertise and Experience:

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About UREP Doorstep Laptop Repair Shop:

UREP Doorstep is the best laptop repair shop in Noida, known for its expertise and exceptional customer service. With a team of skilled technicians, they offer doorstep repair services, saving you time and effort. They provide quick turnaround times and transparent pricing, ensuring you receive quality service without hidden charges. Using genuine spare parts, they offer comprehensive repair solutions for all major laptop brands and models. UREP Doorstep's commitment to customer satisfaction makes them the go-to choice for reliable laptop repairs in Noida.

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2023.06.05 10:13 NotQuiteSure69420 Help! Figuring out my Type. [Long Post Alert]

Howdy, I'm trying to figure things out, and I'd love to get some feedback from the MbtiTypeMe community! While I don't know that anyone will read this full thing, I decided to fill it out in its entirely in hopes it would flesh out a fuller impression.
• How old are you? What's your gender? Give us a general description of yourself.
I am 29 years old, and female. Currently, I'm going to school full time, working towards my associate's degree (although, my end goal is to get a master's degree in the realm of marketing research). Before I was in school I was working full time doing administrative work, but it was incredibly unsatisfying. It was more of ends justify the means type of ordeal, but it wore me down and was ultimately unfulfilling taking a toll on my physical and mental health. The work was often prep-work and getting things for other staff to wrap up, with minimal feedback, and shitty work gossip (In my time there, I never clicked with my team socially, but we were friendly enough).
Outside of the work/school world, I'm happily married. Before meeting my husband, it wasn't uncommon to go on dates with men who would laugh and comment that I was weird when I'd make jokes (I have a pretty absurd sense of humor). My husband never called me weird, if anything he met me at my level and egged me on. He's incredibly straightforward, no bullshit, and has an equally absurd sense of humor and I love him for that.
Socially, I have a handful of very close friends and from there I would say my network webs out to a wide scope of acquaintances. I have limited time and energy, so I'm very selective with who I spend my energy and time on. In my early 20s, I had a very wide social network, but I discovered as much as I wanted the friendships it wasn't entirely mutual. I spend a great deal of my early/mid-20s friendless, but I never felt lonely. I still found the means to get out on my own and explore life on my terms.
With the friends I do have, a number of them have commented I can be pretty intimidating, or intense on first impressions. Additionally, it's not uncommon for others to ask for advice or assume I have some authority (for instance, in my last quarter of school separate colleagues asked if I'm a business owner or an instructor on separate occasions). On this note, I would say I have a more masculine energy.
• Is there a medical diagnosis that may impact your mental stability somehow?
I have been tested and diagnosed with mild ADHD.
• Describe your upbringing. Did it have any kind of religious or structured influence? How did you respond to it?
I was raised in a strict religious household. My parents were authoritarian and would use the bible to backtrack and bend their rules, so there was a lot of confusion and insecurity about what to believe. I stopped believing in my early teens, but it amplified my parent's goals of indoctrination. I was forced to attend church weekly and during weekdays I would watch sermons about going to hell until I was finally able to move away from home.
One of my parents has BPD, so I think it made having structure a much more difficult endeavor. There was a lot of chaos and disorder outside of the religious aspect. It wasn't uncommon for me to reason with my parent when they would get into rage fits, especially in public. It never occurred to me, but I had to grow up quickly. A lot of my enrichment from a young age was relatively limited, and the things I did love often came with a lot of disapproval.
Despite the disapproval and shame, I would often argue my case and try to reason with my parents. I wanted to explore the contents of the world, and if I didn't get their approval I would find a way to explore whatever I wanted anyway. For the most part, it was entirely innocent books and media, so it was easy to justify. Being enterprising from a young age, I got a job as soon as I could to access things I wanted without having to run it through my parents.
I acknowledge I faced trauma in my childhood, and as an adult, I am getting therapy to work through it. At the very least I can leave the experience with the knowledge that I'm resilient despite the odds.
• What do you do as a job or as a career (if you have one)? Do you like it? Why or why not?
Currently a full-time student, I do have specific goals for my future, however, I think I would like to limit certain personal information for the sake of my privacy. I will say this much, I love going to school. Never in my life have I thrived as much as I am now. It's incredibly satisfying to work towards a goal and enjoy the process along the way. My biggest highlight is the opportunity to fail and try again. This is a concept I never had the luxury to truly experience until now. Lastly, being back in school also brought my ADHD diagnosis to light, which has given me a new lease on better understanding and navigating some of the mental roadblocks I deal with.
• If you had to spend an entire weekend by yourself, how would you feel? Would you feel lonely or refreshed?
If my schedule is jampacked, and I've had minimal time to myself, or minimal time to recharge then yes I will be an absolute spud on the sofa by myself for an entire weekend. Although, as much as I love time to myself, I'm always ready to reconnect with people. If I get sick and I'm cooped up for a week I get severe cabin fever. Ironically, it's not always the desire to socialize as much as it is to be out of the house and around people.
• What kinds of activities do you prefer? Do you like, and are you good at sports? Do you enjoy any other outdoor or indoor activities?
I've always enjoyed sports, can't say I'm a pro by any means. I like yoga, and working out at the gym (I'm planning to take a Pilates class over the summer, I might add something else. I want to stay active). I'm not as active these days with my schedule, but it can be a real release for me to get into the moment and put my body to work. As for competitive sports, I've also gotten involved in paintball recently. The entire experience is a major adrenaline rush, and 100% worth every welt, bruise, and cut.
• How curious are you? Do you have more ideas then you can execute? What are your curiosities about? What are your ideas about - is it environmental or conceptual, and can you please elaborate?
I was the kid that got in trouble for A) Stating the obvious (elephant in the room). B) asking too many questions/the wrong questions (they weren't wrong, but maybe intrusive). I would say I can get pretty curious about things, especially when they are more abstract. It's like this "make it make sense" or "how can that work?" kind of mindset.
I wouldn't say I have more ideas than I can execute, generally, if I have ideas I like to add them to the list (for instance, I keep mental lists of major projects I want to tackle and make physical lists regarding the means to finish those projects). I try to make my projects manageable, so once I get an idea I try to figure out how I can make it happen.
I'm curious about whatever projects I'm working on, or classes I'm focused on. I get pretty hyper-focused on whatever I'm working on. In school, for instance, I find my curiosities peak at new concepts or ideas that don't quite make sense to me right off the bat. I like getting into a dialogue to clarify how things work. Also, I think part of my curiosity is breaking down the objective from the subjective. Recently, I questioned how an instructor's definition of learning, which included a statement that drugs (amongst other things) weren't a part of learning. This led to an interesting back-and-forth about the use of psilocybin or ketamine in therapy as means of working through traumas. My argument is that drugs could be a means of learning, in that instance.
I think my arguments could be pretty conceptual, but I don't think they're particularly limited.
• Would you enjoy taking on a leadership position? Do you think you would be good at it? What would your leadership style be?
Personally, I would prefer leadership roles that allow me to help others in the group use their strengths in making things happen. I think I would be alright in a leadership role, in group settings I'm particularly comfortable communicating, and discussing logistics, as well as developing plans to move into the next steps of a process. When it comes to leadership style, I think I would most likely be authoritative, but collaborative. While I highly value the input and ideas everyone brings to the table working on projects, I'm confident in pointing out the best plan of action when weighing the pros and cons in decision-making. I'm comfortable with discourse and conflict, having opposing views can be an opportunity to critically think about solutions or projects, in general.
• Are you coordinated? Why do you feel as if you are or are not? Do you enjoy working with your hands in some form? Describe your activity?
In regard to my coordination, I have decent reflexes, but I can be a bit clumsy as well. When I'm really invested in something at my desk I'll forget I have a cup or glass and bump into it, sometimes knocking it over. From time to time I will bump my foot or trip on something if I'm deep in thought while I'm trying to get from point A to point B. As for working with my hands, I wouldn't say I'm particularly intricate, but I paint and sketch in my spare time. I'm not sure if you mean hands-on activities or activity levels, but I try to find excuses to get out and get active when I can.
• Are you artistic? If yes, describe your art? If you are not particular artistic but can appreciate art please likewise describe what forums of art you enjoy. Please explain your answer.
I am artistic, but I wouldn't call myself an artist. It's something I enjoy tinkering with through painting and sketching studies in my spare time, as I mentioned in the last question. I had few means of creative outlets as a kid, so I spend a lot of time drawing, or developing character designs for fun. I tend to appreciate painted works in my adulthood, particularly works from the Baroque and Renaissance eras. I'm planning to visit some art museums over the Summer to get a close-up look at some pieces I've admired over the years.
• What's your opinion about the past, present, and future? How do you deal with them?
My relationship with time is interesting. Working through some of my traumas, little scenes from my childhood and teen years have come to the surface. I certainly take the time to reflect on them as they come up, but I don't necessarily make a note to remember them (although, they may come back again for no reason). In regards to the present, I can immerse myself here when needed, and find myself getting into the moment as I'm working on things. In classes, I often lose track of time if the topics are interesting, and in social settings, I would say time flies. However, having generalized anxiety, my thoughts can pull me out of the present. I have a habit of thinking about my agenda for whatever's next or working out how I can keep my ducks in a row for school. Finally, regarding the future, I tend to think about major life goals and things I want to achieve, but I also have a tendency to assume it will be simple to attain those things. Growing into myself, I've learned how important it is to develop realistic goals and plans to make those things happen.
• How do you act when others request your help to do something (anything)? If you would decide to help them, why would you do so?
The answer to another person's request would be entirely dependent on the nature of the request. Deciding to help them is based on why they need help, and what I can offer.
For example, if someone is asking me to help them in doing something underhanded or harmful to another person I'm going to say no. On the other hand, if a colleague needs help with a project or outreach when they're dealing with time constraints, I'll gladly help them with whatever it is, or connect them with someone who can if my own time is limited.
• Do you need logical consistency in your life?
Yes, and no. I generally like having an idea of my schedule, as well as good habits in personal upkeep to make sure I'm on task. However, I don't think I would enjoy being particularly rigid with my lifestyle outside of that structure. Having ADHD I think I need the wiggle room to change between tasks, as sticking to one thing at a time can make it hard for me to get things done which is really bad for me. It's really a tug and pull for me sometimes because in order to get things done I usually need to multitask.
• How important is efficiency and productivity to you?
I would say it's pretty important. I am my own worst critic, so there's often this thought that I could have done more when I've done enough in my day. I want things to be done, and done right. For instance, thinking about my laundry, I have a specific way I wash and fold and storing my clothes so they take up minimal space but I'm also not wasting time folding for hours (look up the Kon-Mari method if you're actually reading this, it's awesome). I'm always interested in learning how to do things better, for the sake of making my life a bit easier.
• Do you control others, even if indirectly? How and why do you do that?
I don't think I control others, but I can be bossy and authoritative. Although, in that light, I am very clear to reason with others why I need them to do something or behave a certain way. I think about a situation where I was being approached by a very aggressive-looking man while I was trying to get to my car after school one day. Sensing danger I checked my surroundings and spotted a male bicyclist approaching in another direction, I waved him down and started a conversation with him telling him to stay for a moment without adding context. The biker stopped confused, and I just continued creating conversation as if everything were normal, once the aggressive man had passed us I explained exactly what was happening to the cyclist, thanked him for sticking around, and moved on.
• What are your hobbies? Why do you like them?
I like painting, tarot, yoga, hiking, paintball, and collecting figures amongst other things. I like painting because it's a creative outlet, but it's also an interesting challenge for learning. Tarot is used as a journaling prompt, more often than not, but I check in once a month and give myself a reading to write about. It's a good tool for introspection. Hiking and paintball are nice ways to get outdoors and touch the grass, but also see some cool sights or get an adrenaline rush from shooting things or being shot at. Lastly, I'm a huge nerd, but I'm super selective about the figures I buy (For instance, I'm not going to buy a figure based on the brand or license, I'm more concerned about the construction or aesthetics of the product).
• What is your learning style? What kind of learning environments do you struggle with most? Why do you like/struggle with these learning styles? Do you prefer classes involving memorization, logic, creativity, or your physical senses?
Again, a note on my ADHD I have to multitask. However, sounds and settings can be extremely distracting for me. I have to be in the right setting and I often times put on music that involves some kind of soundwave frequency to help me focus on my projects. When it comes to learning I have often thrived on repetition, quizzes, and thought questions so I can throw whatever knowledge I have now for review.
Regarding learning environments, I love classes that involve discussions around the concepts or topics being covered to clarify and understand the content. I like spaces where I can question the logic, or develop an idea better. While I use repetition in studies, I really don't enjoy classes strictly involving memorization, they leave little for the mind to chew on, and I often find I forget information from classes if it lacks some kind of context.
• How good are you at strategizing? Do you easily break up projects into manageable tasks? Or do you have a tendency to wing projects and improvise as you go?
Ironically, I'm writing this after wrapping up part of a project for one of my classes. Generally, when I have a project I'm pretty quick to decide what I want to do, so I can begin my research and prep work. For instance, for my current writing project, I had a few weeks to select my topic, but knew from the early stages what I planned to write about, and began creating an outline and gathering evidence. I typically work with print copies of peer-reviewed journals, so I can highlight and write freely as I come across relevant data - once I'm done with a journal I add a few key notes about the content and how I plan to use it. Admittedly, I have a tendency to procrastinate in actually starting certain processes of the work, but I get really zoned in once I get things started spending hours on the task at hand until it's completed.
• What are your aspirations in life, professionally and personally?
Professionally, I'm looking into a niche field involving science and psychology focusing on work-life quality. I've always enjoyed working in professional settings, but take issue with the culture as well as bureaucracy in policy-making that is detrimental to work-life balance, livable wages, and a humanized work culture. I've always been very passionate about professionalism, and recently, I've been considering exploration of the workforce law as well. My end goal is to implement change on a larger scale, setting higher standards for workers' rights.
Personally, my aspirations involve attaining an M.A. and if it's within my means a Ph.D. Of course, I would also like to eventually buy a house, and as I've often joked with my husband a job in which I can make enough money that he can quit his job and pursue his own hobbies and interests. He's supported me along my journey for enlightenment, and in turn, I'd like to support him in his endeavors as well. I would also like to travel much more, I have a list of destinations I would like to visit in my lifetime.
• What are your fears? What makes you uncomfortable? What do you hate? Why?
Oh god. I think what I fear most is letting people down. One of the primary sources of my anxiety is disappointing a loved one or someone who holds me accountable. I also fear getting into a car accident or drowning, but those seem relatively general. I'm deeply uncomfortable with the idea of Christianity, growing up in a religious household there was a lot of conditional love, and I was not seen for my authentic self. I am deeply bothered by being told I will "one day be saved," by my loved ones, as I have lived through the authoritarianism and conditional love they learned through "being saved".
I'm also uncomfortable with people who are over-the-top friendly, I'm not one to write people off immediately, but it's safe to say I'm going to proceed with caution. I recently met someone through an acquaintance that was heavy on compliments, and something about them seemed particularly artificial, and hard to be around.
Lastly, I would like to think I don't hate a lot of things, but I often jokingly say I am a machine that runs on spite. However, a few things do come to mind: firstly, when I'm the only one pulling their weight in a group, secondly being made a fool, and thirdly but most importantly being stabbed in the back by a loved one. Have your heart broken enough times, and soon you will realize the value and scarcity of a true friend.
• What do the "highs" in your life look like?
Highs in my life involve failing. This probably sounds weird, but in the last few years, I've been trying this new thing where I fuck things up with the intention of learning and improvement. For me it's failing and getting the feedback and criticism I need to not only get back on my feet but start running until I trip again...and then we repeat. Quite frankly, some of the largest growth in my life has happened in this time. I feel much more confident, and even when I face new stress and frustrations I can acknowledge I am taking on new challenges and forging invaluable growth that can get me where I need to go in life.
• What do the "lows" in your life look like?
The lows these days are when I'm burning the candle at both ends and have a mountain of tasks ahead of me. I do take small breaks to care for myself, but I still crash and burn sometimes. Occasionally my mind goes to darker places, when I'm burning and I have to work through the negative self-talk I put myself through.
I've been through some pretty severe depression in the past. I think an example of my lowest point was quitting my job during the pandemic, with no plans for the next steps. I ended up couch bound for a few months processing my life, realizing the means I was involved in were not only unsatisfying but didn't justify the ends. It was devastating, but I eventually got the help I needed and felt a new lease on life when I realized I had the opportunity to do something that fit my needs.
• How attached are you to reality? Do you daydream often, or do you pay attention to what's around you? If you do daydream, are you aware of your surroundings while you do so?
It's sometimes hard to describe this for me. I can get really involved at the moment, and immerse myself in the world I live in, but there's also this greater internal part of me in which I daydream or live in my head. Even as I write this, considering where I'm at I am immersed in imagery that describes what I'm thinking. It's easier for me to sift into my head, but then when I'm pulled out of a thought it's almost like a snap back into reality. Other times, for instance, in brainstorming I'm often times comparing ideas and getting a picture of whatever would be implemented. It's easy for me to picture each experience and recognize which one holds the most value based on the way I sift through each thought. Honestly, it's really hard to describe the way my thoughts are organized, it's almost unconscious how I reach the point of knowing what is best. At the very least, I can usually tell you exactly why whatever option(s) is the best.
• Imagine you are alone in a blank, empty room. There is nothing for you to do and no one to talk to. What do you think about?
I'd probably first feel a bit anxious if I have something on my agenda I need to attend to. Assuming there was no concept of time in this room, I'd probably daydream freely, about whatever world I would like to immerse myself in and run whatever scenarios over and over until I figure out how they play out best. I don't have a lot of time these days to daydream like that, but I love playing with my imagination in a more creative sense when I have the free time to do so.
• How long do you take to make an important decision? And do you change your mind once you've made it?
It's generally a pretty quick process, but sometimes I do take more time if it's particularly impactful. Ill use the example of buying my last car. I knew exactly which make and model I wanted, and had no interest in considering alternatives (I also didn't care how long it took to find the car, I wasn't compromising). I got into a pretty heated discussion with a local car salesman trying to sell me a different make/model vehicle insisting they were basically the same thing. I know they are, but I knew what I wanted and found the exact thing a few weeks later. I don't really recall the details of our conversation, but I remember thinking it was entertaining a salesman thought arguing with a customer would sell them on something.
• How long do you take to process your emotions? How important are emotions in your life?
I have a difficult time feeling my feelings, in the sense that feeling sad or vulnerable feels wrong. In my late twenties, I'm starting to learn how important those feelings are in working through stress and pain. I can be pretty intense about how I feel, but I have a really hard time externalizing it in a healthy way. This is one of the more tricky facets of my life, but I often worry that internalizing certain emotions will only backfire on me in the long run.
• Do you ever catch yourself agreeing with others just to appease them and keep the conversation going? How often? Why?
I typically won't go out of my way to appease someone if I don't agree with them. I've been in situations where someone is airing an opinion or information that is absolutely wrong. For me, I see it as an opportunity to enter into polite discourse and ask for more context to a person's belief or view. I just had a situation like this come up over the weekend and the discourse led to a really interesting discussion, which created some new nuance and context for a number of people in the group. I love that kind of discussion that makes you put your thinking cap on.
• Do you break rules often? Do you think authority should be challenged, or that they know better? If you do break rules, why?
Often? I can't think of a time when I bent rules recently, usually, I don't break a rule unless the logic behind it isn't sound. I can be a bit of a shithead when it comes to questioning workplace policies. I worked in an office with shifting clientele and due to certain legal requirements, there would be shifting workplace policy implementations on a regular basis. There was a lot of room for error in the policies written, the department head loved my insights for the sake of covering their ass, but the staff who wrote policies had it out for me. I never saw it as anything personal, but if something doesn't make sense I'm going to say something, even if I run the risk of getting reprimanded.

If you actually made it this far, you get a banana sticker (and my thanks! That was a lot, so props to you for sticking it our!).
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2023.06.05 10:11 EngineeringOdd2235 How do you buy abstract paintings step by step?

How do you buy abstract paintings step by step?
Hand-painted portraits from photos are one of the oldest types of art forms. Do you want to buy a painting online of your loved one?Are you looking for a website to Custom Paintings From Photos?【】-the no.1 company to buy custom painting online can satisify your special needs. It is also among the most popular. Portrait painting of your loved ones is a wonderful method to immortalize your memorable moments. The Different Types of Hand-Painted Portraits From Photos There are many different types of custom hand painted portrait. You can find but there are three main categories including realistic portraits, impressionistic portraits, and abstract portraits. Realistic Portraits: The attention to detail and appearance of realistic portraits are amazing. Despite sometimes appearing to be photographs or mug shots, they are not. They’re actually paintings. To create realistic portraits can be used oil or acrylic paints on canvas or paper. Some artists may also use pencils and pastels while producing realistic portraits. Impressionistic Portraits: Due to their emphasis on capturing the subject’s feelings rather than their physical characteristics, impressionistic portraits are more abstract than realistic ones. This means the subject’s feelings about something or someone in their life. They are more important than physical characteristics like facial features and skin tone. Sometimes impressionistic portraits are painted with watercolors or pastels on canvas or paper. Abstract Portraits: An abstract portrait is one of the Western art genres that cannot be compared to actual world references. It means how unrealistic the artworks are. It is a form of artistic illusion. Since artists can construct their own designs without considering them to be exact reproductions of genuine photos. Abstract portraits can be considered more creative forms of art. Painters are more passionate because it reflects their unique emotions. Can I take a picture of a painting and find out who painted it?
Yes, you can try using the reverse image search on Google to identify a digital copy of a painting or image. The information could help with the painting itself but may also provide an answer to who the artist is, and other relevant information. How do I find an artist by a picture of a painting? 3 Simple Ways to Identify a Painting - wikiHow Run a reverse image search if you have a digital copy of the painting. If you're using Google Chrome, you can right click an image and select “Search Google for this image” to search the web. You can download an image and upload it to the engine instead of copying and pasting the URL if you prefer. How Much Is a Hand-Painted Pet Painting Portrait On Canvas? The expenses of hand-painted pet painting portraits on canvas vary by size and complexity, as an example: A 16×20 inch canvas might fee $100-$150. We suggest starting with this size because it gives you enough room for detail barring being too overwhelming for your wall space. But if you have precise wishes involving fee points or dimension vary that are not met by way of this instance variety of options, feel free to contact us. We are proud to offer reasonable prices for our customers. How do I find an artist by signature on a painting? How to Find an Artist by Their Signature? There are books available in large public libraries, art museums, and certain universities. Many online databases also let you search whole or partial signatures to find out the artist, which also works for initials or monograms.
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2023.06.05 10:06 NottinghamBot Upcoming live music events in Nottingham (week starting June 05)

Mon 05 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
18:00 The Royston Club Indie Rock Rough Trade

Tue 06 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
18:30 Vision Video Post-Punk Rescue Rooms

Wed 07 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
18:30 Hundred Reasons (with The Big Sad) Rock Rescue Rooms
19:00 Rozi Plain (with Grain Mother) Folk, Singer-Songwriter Metronome
19:00 Vipertime Jazz Peggy's Skylight

Thu 08 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
19:00 Baba Ali Rnb, Soul, Blues Bodega Social
19:00 Doomsday Clock (with Diall, Poisonous Reflection) Percy Picklebackers
19:30 The Rosadocs Indie, Alternative, England Chameleon Arts Cafe

Fri 09 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
10:00 (CLUB)Brickworks Presents: Ross From Friends House, Tech House, Electronic The Brickworks
18:30 CHVRCHES (with Dead Pony) Synthpop, Electronic, Electropop Rock City
19:00 Walls of Dada Rough Trade
19:30 Kazabian Southbank Bar City
22:00 Subsonic Italian, Electronic Stealth
N/A Ross From Friends House, Electronic Brickworks
N/A Qariaq England Chameleon Arts Cafe

Sat 10 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
09:00 Cauldron (UK) (with Negative Frame, Bloodfury, Embitter, Dandelion, Intent to Kill) Percy Picklebackers
11:00 Sub Focus (with Shy FX, Ross From Friends, S.P.Y, LF SYSTEM, Conducta, Vibe Chemistry, Jaguar, Pretty Girl, 4am Kru, Melle Brown, Y U QT, Girls Don't Sync) Drum And Bass Colwick Country Park
12:30 (CLUB)Brickworks Presents: LES GENS x Certi x GIN - Night & Day House, UK Garage, Breaks The Brickworks
14:00 Ziggy Alberts Singer-Songwriter, Folk Rough Trade
17:00 (CLUB)Rebellio Events Party - Ages 14-17 Years House, Drum n Bass, Pop Tunnel Nightclub
18:00 OHIG (with O'Higgins & Luft) Jazz Peggy's Skylight
18:30 Circa Waves (with Courting) Indie Rock Rock City
19:00 Snuff Punk, Punk Rock The Old Cold Store
19:30 OHIG (with O'Higgins & Luft) Jazz Peggy's Skylight
19:30 Definitely Oasis The Level, Trent University
22:00 (CLUB)Taylor Swift vs Harry Styles Party Night - Nottingham Pop Percy Picklebackers
22:00 Max Dean Stealth
23:00 (CLUB)Great Man 6 R&B, Dancehall, Hip Hop Venue TBA
N/A Neffa-t (with Y U QT) Brickworks
N/A Territorial Gobbing (with Rob Lye) Cutup, Noise, Electronic JT Soar
N/A V Rocket (with DJ Esco) , Venue Tba

Sun 11 Jun 2023

Time Artists Genre Venue
12:00 JUBE Pop Peggy's Skylight
18:00 Torn Sail (with Brown Fang) Balearock Peggy's Skylight
23:00 (CLUB)Sundays @ The Cell - 2-4-1 Drinks Before Midnight R&B, Drum n Bass, Disco The Cell
N/A Barrett Pop The Running Horse
Data collected from and This data is sometimes wrong, always check before relying on it.
Feel free to use these posts to share information regarding any other gigs.
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2023.06.05 09:48 azcoinnews Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations

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2023.06.05 09:48 azcoinnews Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations

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2023.06.05 09:48 azcoinnews Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations

Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations submitted by azcoinnews to ftx [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:47 azcoinnews Metropolitan Museum of Art to Return $550,000 in FTX Donations

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Previous Blog – How Does Book Aeromed Air Ambulance Service in India Play an Important Role in the Case of Emergency Patient Transportation?
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2023.06.05 09:45 ConfusedALot_69 Time family rant (XL)

(TBM, dang autocorrect)
I'm on vacation in NYC. I was skeptical of coming, due to unresolved bottled up familial issues (came with brother and mother), and was right to be so. Yes I know, confirmation bias is a thing, but at the beginning I certainly had no bias. I somewhat enjoyed it, talking slightly with my brother and playing games, traveling the city with 100 lbs of luggage, enjoying the sights, but my enjoyment particularly with my family was degragated (for lack of a better word) as of course, I was a third wheel. My mom and brother get along just fine, being very similar in values and personalities, both of em with their own little niches, and I was left behind as they chatted... and chatted... and chatted... with each other. While somewhat annoying if I wanted to do anything or get their attention, I'm used to it so I tried my best to enjoy what I could where I could.
I should probably get more to the point.
My family is quite inconsiderate. Especially of me, because they have whatever their own excuses are inside their heads. I'm sure this is rather bold, religious issues aside, so let me explain.
My family pays little to no regard to strangers. Occasionally, they smile superficially and try to be missionaries... ughck... and say sorry emptily, naturally ofc whenever they make a small mistake, but the other things they do... some I can't really explain very well, so I'll give examples. On a subway, despite some people very close nearby seeming like they reaaally didn't want to be bothered, my family chatted about things that held no importance, even by what I'd assume their standards are. It's small, ik; but it's so constant and happens even when they're aware that I can say it's somewhat evidence that they do not care about the well-being of most people. Despite saying they do..... OK next example. Sitting next to each other in 2 tight knit seats and turning around while wearing backpacks in order to face each other... quickly turning back and forth to smile fakely and utter a quick sorry- showing a lack of awareness for people around them. I know, I know, it's pointless to explain, but I'll get to it. Third example: while a single worker is there, my mom helps my brother dig for a certain shirt, while my brother tries. on. many. shirts, and tosses them around in the shirt pile, disregarding the worker that's trying to fold every single one, let alone other customers.' Oh, all while I get so sick of waiting and trying to tell them to hurry every 10 minutes- I somewhat timed it, that I even help the worker fold the clothes. We were there for an hour and a half. I keep telling them to hurry, as my symptoms are getting worse. Oh, did I not mention? I didn't just get sick of waiting, I got sicker while waiting. 4 hours earlier, I got sick. 4. Hours. That's when I first told them I needed to get home asap.
Which brings me to the morning of the day. I woke up, feeling fine, and while eating breakfast, my brother gets me to talk about something I don't want to, and then says one of the most blood boiling, way out of line things I've ever heard of in my life after he got annoyed at me when I told him "if you don't want me to explain my way, you don't have to listen." (Reminder that HE wanted ME to talk. I didn't care). I calmed myself down and clearly told him that he should never say anything like what he said, to anyone, ever. Of course, my religion-enhanced entitled brother was appalled at such a statement. Or more accurately, did. Not. Care. Because since I'm not part of the church, my words carry no weight, and OF COURSE I'm always wrong. So fast forward a bit; my brother, mom, and I go to the museum of science and natural history. We immediately get split up, which I'm perfectly fine with, since I just wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING with my new phone (Samsung A23 ultra), testing the limits of it's camera. All in all I took around 300 using the multiple options from lighting to megapixels, and let me tell you, the camera is FUCKING AMAZING. Anyways, all the 200mp pictures at higher zooms apparently drain the phone battery pretty quickly as it processes the photos. So my phone starts running low, around 20%. It was about 63% when I first came in around 45 minutes prior. I'm getting very hungry, and combined with breakfast and other misc tiny events, hangry, so I text my family for us to meet up and eat, because I'm famished and really can't wait too much longer. I have to wait what felt like a really long time, 15 minutes, while I kept taking photos, more spread out now, and my phone battery came down to 10. Thank goodness they had some beef jerky they never mentioned about. My mom didn't want any so I had half and gave the rest to my brother. I'm still ravenous, the beef jerky wasn't nearly enough to satiate my hunger. I'm practically desperate for food. I don't want to leave them for food, and I don't want to leave the museum otherwise I couldn't come back in via the rules, and I want to take more pictures. Reaaaly badly. Not just for me, but for my family too. At this point my battery's getting really low, 6%, so I stop taking photos entirely unless there's something REALLY cool. But my hangryness makes it so that I'm skipping a lot of pictures anyways. As I mentioned, I really wanted to take more photos, and this would really be my only opportunity in the museum, so I ask my mom to charge my phone using her iPhone 14, which is at the about the same percent as my brother, around 60%. I only needed a little bit of charge to make sure my phone won't die for the rest of the museum, and for communication. My mom says no, as does my brother, since they don't want to take of their cases. Because of dust- my brother. Because I said so- my mother. I suppose it's understandable, but considering the potential dangers of NY and a great need to be able to communicate when separated, they were kinds benign, ridiculous reasons. That seemed even more so during my hangryness. I didn't want to risk my phone dying while leaving them, so I'm forced to stick with them. And since they aren't willing to get food or go with me to get some, or help me find a charger, or anythkng.... I'm stuck unable to do anything while constantly starving. Which I make sure they really do know. I verbally voice my needs and reasons. Anyways, it's always nonsense and ignorance, so I decide f it and leave them to find a food court. Oh, no point, the museum closes soon. Okay, plan b, charger in the gift shop. No charger. Time for any more pictures? Not really, plus too risky bc of battery. Okay, so I leave. I sit down at the water fountain at the exit, text them, and wakt. For minutes. The museum is already closed and they aren't coming out. They text me and tell me they're waiting for me at an intersection. My phone's at 2%... a potentially dangerous situation. I meet em, voice my concerns, and FINALLY, we get food. Because 'I'm hungry' was what they said, but they also said they're finally hungry too- key word finally. They had no priority to get me food, showing they take priority for their own hunger; it's not like I could risk separating from them now to get food myself when my phone's about dead. I had to be dependent without a real choice; I don't know my way around the city and definitely don't feel like talking to people.
I need food asap. My stomach hurts a lot from hunger, which I verbally tell them (I also start really noticing a growing sore throat that started in the museum, and tell my family I'm starting to get sick- I can feel what's to come), yet rather than letting me use their phone directions or leading me to the nearest food place, my brother takes us past many food places (I'd leave them and go for one, except neither of them would join me, and my phone's practically dead, so we might not be able to find each other if we separate, so I have no choice but to follow them) in order for us to go to a particular food booth. My mom values my brother's wants over my own needs. I know they're particular needs, hence why I was elaborating and saying them aloud. And now they're annoyed at me. They make small comments as I begin eating, such as "You should be happy!" and "we're on vacation!" In sing-song voices. I leave them and move to somewhere to eat alone, telling them not to bother me. Oh, they do, a few comments, because they never stop despite any number of times I tell them, so I just stay quiet and aggressively motion for them to stop. They luckily do and I'm able to eat relatively peacefully, despite my boiling blood and them interrupting me near the end of my meal that they're going. So I have to throw away the rest of my meal since I have to stick with them and they won't wait, and they wouldn't be able to wait without constantly rushing me and making comments, so oc I've gotta go. Luckily, they finally take me somewhere I needed to go... that also happened to be somewhere my brother WANTED to go. An apple store. Thank. Goodness. While there, I try charging my phone on an empty display magnetic charger, looking around to be sure it was okay to do. Charge symbol flashes, so I set it down and test an iPhone 14 while waiting. Hehe my camera better- me while scrolling through preset photos taken by the iPhone. Anyways it turns out that the magnetic charger did nothing, but luckily downstairs, apple had the charger I needed, so I spent $40 and started charging while waiting for my family to look around the store. They finish and tell me they're going to a nearby church for a reason I can't remember, and I tell them I'm gonna stay and let my phone charge, not even realizing the church has outlets, not that it matters, now that my needs are met and I got food and charge- all the way to 40% by the time they're ready to leave the church and meet up. I thought we'd be going home. As I exit the Apple Store, done for the day, my muscles, especially near my head tense up painfully and I begin shivering a lot whilst feeling cold and suffering a massive headache. Oh boy, I shouldn't be this sick this fast. I better get home quick. Luckily after a block it stops, and after heading towards the subway I thought could take us home, they tell me they're somewhere completely different. I eventually find them via Google maps and we take the subway to a crowded, lit up section of Manhattan. I'm starting to feel really unwell, so I decide it's best not to separate from my family. I make sure they know I'm serious about going home asap. As we walk to a corner of the block and I'm confused as to why we're not taking the next subway home, which would've been down in the same subway station, my brother apparently realizes he forgot his cheap sunglasses in the apple store, which is almost closed now. I tell him, my mom also telling him, that we should just wait until tomorrow, and I add especially because I'm getting reaaaaally sick and almost can't stop shivering (bonus points to my mom for saying "well, you don't LOOK sick"), have a headache, muscles ache, etc, but nope. Brother wants glasses so entitled bastard gets glasses. I wait while my mom calls the store to make sure apple still had em (Why didn't brother call them himself? He's a big boy). Of course I'm getting really annoyed, anxious, impatient, etc, but ofc them being them, don't realize and do nothing about it, despite me explicitly stating my literal needs. Apparently apple still had em, so mother and I go into nearby shop (really fun stuff, I wish I felt good so I could properly enjoy it) while waiting for bother. For 45 minutes. It feels like hours to me. I keep telling my mom let's just go, I can find our route with Google maps, and big boy bother already knows his way around the city since he served a mission. But nope. Mother insists we wait. So wait we did. I'd go myself, but if I haven't said it enough, I can't leave them. Not just because my muscles are weak and I'm concerned for my own safety, but because despite them leaving me on several occasions, I wouldn't want to leave either of them that way I could make sure they're safe. Anyways my brother gets back finally, and instead of prioritizing my very real and very serious need to get home asap, he decides he wants a shirt that I happened to get. So we go to the shirt booth. And I wait. And wait. And tell my brother to hurry, that I REALLLLLLY got to go, I'm sick and getting physically weaker, shakier, achier by the second, so much so that it's hard to physically conceal and I'm surprised no stranger mentioned anything. And then I wait, and wait, and tell him again, warning him I might say something mean if I have to wait too long, and then I wait, and wait, and warn him a third time that it's his final warning, I really gotta go and I really will say it soon as I get a proper chance. So that waiting was about 30 minutes. I then spend another hour waiting. Felt like so many days. I'm watching around for shirt thieves while bored, looking at phone occasionally, and then decide to help shirt folding guy by observing the way he folds and copying him (he was very good and efficient, I would need many hours of practice to actually get the folding right, that he was doing 99% of the time at a consistent pace). I'm opening my mouth as little as possible, not talking to anyone unless absolutely necessary, and turnikgnaway from everyone, to reduce any chance that others could get sick. Oh, you thought the accumulated 3 hr wait was long? My brother wanted to shop more after finally picking out his shirt. Luckily, my mom actually stepped in for me and helped me finally convince him to let us go. I am pissed at my brother at this point, he made some other comments about me to make me really want to slam his head into the wall. But no, I just resort to slightly 'accidentally' step on the back of his shoes- his not nice shoes- 3 times. Of course he's super pissed and him and my mom make me stop. My mom verbally says to me "don't do anything physical." I would never actually hurt my brother. Or anyone, for that matter, no matter what they do to me. Even in self defense I would consciously do the least damage possible. The fact my mom simply doesn't trust me for something so small and obvious, especially in public where it really is obvious just hurts, in accumulation to everything else. The fact they see little to no wrong in what they do, and shine a beacon on even the smallest things I do astonishes me and hurts. Anyways, we go on the subway, take a long walk to our car, and I have to wait 30 minutes while my brother is on the phone since he's our stick shift nighttime driver; my mom hates driving at night and I don't know stick shift, so I have no choice to wait. Oh, did I mention I started really having to go to the bathroom during the walk? I told them, too. So I realllllllly need to get back home. I'm sick enough and just really got to go now, too. But nope. Bother's forking not-even-girlfriend that he barely knows, that he came on this trip to literally see, comes first, even via phone. I ask him if it was important, he said yes, I asked how important, he said "she was having trouble with a friend," I ask if it was life and death importance, because at the rate my symptoms are at, not to mention my newfound dinnertime hunger and thirst, and my need for a bathroom, there could be a very real chance of death, and it's so much more important. My mom just waits on my brother hand and foot though. Oh, she's similar to my brother and has her own wants too. She was rushing my brother on the phone (with me), not for me, but because target was going to close soon. Fucking target. We can't go in the morning? I'm getting weaker by the second. THEY KNOW BUT THEY DONT CARE. It's so fucking appalling how awful they are. Anyways we eventually get home. And part of the worst part happens. Because of my emotional distress at this point, my symptoms are enhanced to the point I'm to shiverry and spasmy and dizzy and achey and weak to walk, let alone balance. And yet, despite them seeing me, and me telling them I need help, they take no initiative and I'm just so hurt so I tell them to leave me alone and just go. And they do. So I spend 15. Minutes. Trying to walk about 700 feet, leaning against nearby obstacles for when I uncontrollably shake. I have no doubts I look a lot like a drunk. A lady comes up and asks if I need help, but I'm 300 ft or so away and I don't want to get her sick so I say no, I just need to go there, but thank you, and point to my destination. Her security guard drives by (she apparently owns the place), and also asks me if I need help; I'm not really thinking straight and quite dizzy, and every sound and sight is slurred, so I thought I heard him say I can have a ride after I point to my destination, but then I make sure he knows I'm sick, and anyways whatever conversation we had, I end up walking the rest as the guard makes sure I arrive safely. As I near my destination, I see my family just outside the door and I start trembling more, having to brace my knees in the middle of the street every couple steps to keep my balance. They don't help. I'm in tears, because I mean, who wouldn't be at this point? They probably still think I'm faking it all
And they probably still do, days later. My occasional trembling stopped except for once in a while near them, but despite all my tribulations and minimal ability to walk, they don't so much as offer me water. Or bring me some when I ask. Even on my birthday the other day my mom hardly did anything, and my brother did nothing. Theyve made no moves to try and fix things, and have no doubt dismissed the whole situation, expecting forgiveness but never 'repenting,' and put it behind them. Maybe I didn't hear then, but they didn't so much as say sorry. Hell, they barely left me alone when I asked. Especially on my birthday. I wanted to watch the new Spiderman, and would have alone if not for me being sick and needing a ride. I'd wait and watch it a different day even tho it was my birthday, because I wouldn't want to risk getting others sick, but they already bought tickets. So I couldn't say Later. My birthday hardly felt like a day at all. I hate my family.
Sorry for the long comment lol, just had to put my raw, jumbled, nonsensical thoughts somewhere
Additional notes- I have autism, and I'm half deaf in both ears. My family does not care enough to take the time to accommodate or understand my specific needs. This corrupt religion enhances their inconsideration
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