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Deep Rock Galactic is a 1-4 player co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters. Now fully released!

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ROCK AND STONE!! This is a place to discuss everything DeepRockGalactic the board game related. share stuff you've done, share your ideas to improve what is already given, and help people with their questions.

2023.06.05 01:04 manofthe20s New 30 Gearing Guide

A friend of mine just hit level 30, so I typed up a little guide to getting geared. Let me know what you think!
**if you’re not yet max level, I highly recommend not spending any crafting mats or Melk bux.
Congrats! You’re finally level 30. In your next shop refreshes, you can now start to acquire endgame, fully powered equipment.
What does that mean for all the loot you’ve acquired while leveling up? Well, it’s mostly trash. So discard it for some scratch. HOWEVER, you may have gotten some golds or purples with some decent blessings, so don’t destroy those just yet.
Base Power Level The base power level is possibly the most important aspect of your equipment. The base power of your item is the small number at the top right of the modifiers box.
The max base power level of a weapon is 380, but it’s all rng, so really anything 360+ is top tier. Some dependency as well as where the stats land within the modifiers.
For curios, the highest base power is 80. So 70+ is worth upgrading. Personally, I like toughness or health over stamina or wounds.
Blessings Blessings come in up to 4 rarities, with tier 4 being the best.
Blessing balance at the moment is not at all balanced. Some specific ones greatly enhance the usability of weapons (power cycler for power sword) and others are pretty useless. A good tip generally, is to look for blessings that increase power. Generally can’t go wrong with those (slaughterer, head taker, thrust, deathspitter, etc.).
Here’s a list of all the blessings available for each weapon:
At Hadron, you can strip blessings from a weapon you don’t want to use to add it to your available blessing library. Some of your leveling purples and golds may be good to strip some blessings off of.
Blessing libraries and availability is segmented by weapon classes. For example, if you strip Infernus IV off an infantry lasgun, then that blessing is now available to be put on any other infantry lasgun, account-wide. Pretty sure this is actually the only meaningful account-wide progression that can carry over between your characters.
In the above example, the blessing you strip from the infantry lasgun, does not appear in the libraries of either the recon lasguns, or the helbore lasguns.
In my experience, hunting blessings to expand your blessing library is the longest part of the gearing game. So tier 3 is a fine place to settle for some of the better blessings until you can get a tier 4 version.
Perks This is where the reroll-until-rarity mod shines. If your weapon has at least one good perk on it, then you’re in business. Go to the mod settings, select what perk you want, and go put it on the weapon using the refine option at Hadron.
Strategy to Get Good Gear Unfortunately, the whole system is RNG, but here are some tips to get you decked out in some pretty decent stuff quickly.
Armoury Exchange + Hadron This shop updates on the hour, every hour. I’d advise just purchasing any weapons you see at base power level 360+, unless it is specifically a weapon class you know you don’t want to use (sorry laspistol). You can then take these powerful armaments to Hadron and consecrate them all the way up to gold items. Hopefully, you’ll get at least one good perk and one good blessing once the weapon is fully consecrated. Then, you just refine the bad perk into a better one, and rebless the weaker blessing with a more powerful one from your blessing library.
Sire Melk Good ole sour milk. The contract man. Not all contracts are created equal. Reroll your weekly contracts from bad ones(complete X missions with no one dying) to good ones(collect X plasteel). Ideally, try to complete all your contracts for the week, because the weekly 1k coin bonus for finishing them all is quite a lot.
Rarely will you get a pure, great item from Melk. But, he is a great place to hunt for blessings. If you see a weapon with a low base power level, but a great tier 4 blessing, buy it and strip the blessing off it to put on a better weapon!
Try to keep a reserve of 3,000ish weekly coins so you don’t miss out on a rare, big time blessing if you see it.
Emperors Gifts Every successful mission, the emperor opens his vaults and gifts you a piece of equipment. Early days at level 30, these could actually be upgrades or provide you with blessings to strip, so always check to see if you can make use of your mission reward.
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2023.06.05 01:02 Tar-_-Mairon Thoughts?

I had made a post about a trilogy of books which had slavery, and other things in it. It was my first gay novel, I won’t get into the details of it. Anyways, I had stated that through those books I finally emotionally comprehend the abhorrent nature of slavery. I made a comment about the British Empire, how it was the only defining factor to the end of the Slave Trade. Someone replied, and it just made me angry and boil.
This was my response, what are your thoughts on it?
[Every country throughout human history has, at one point, been implicated in the institution of slavery. Yet, at the zenith of its power, the British Empire abolished slavery - a move not dictated by coercion but underpinned by Christian principles. The British people did not finish paying the compensation for the emancipation of slaves from their owners until around 2014 or perhaps 2015. Up until then, 40% of our national debt was attributed to the emancipation of slaves. Additionally, nearly one million British natives collectively lost their lives in the struggle against the Slave Trade. We established the first human rights organisation in history, and it was only due to the unrivalled strength of the British Empire that the French and Spanish Empires were compelled to reform - not immediately, but gradually.
These are the facts as I understand them.
I do not deny that the empire of my people has been responsible for some abhorrent acts. However, given the choice of which empire to reside within, it would unequivocally be the British Empire. We did not segregate by colour, and we treated women with respect. We enforced the death penalty for those who inflicted harm upon women, ended the savagery of cannibalism, and halted the practice of Indian widows being burnt alive, under threat of death and land confiscation.
Admittedly, we have committed terrible actions. The atrocities of the opium trade and imperialism have left indelible stains on our history. However, one monumental action outweighs all: Queen Victoria’s imperial decree in 1833, which outlawed slavery. With this decree, the empire embarked on a war, a war I can declare, with complete sincerity, as the only righteous war against a trade that was undeniably and entirely evil. Wars are seldom straightforward, but this particular war was unambiguously so. We waged this war alone, without any materialistic motivations, guided only by justice and righteousness – the path Christ would have desired for the liberation of men from such cruel oppression.
Neither France nor Spain, the other significant empires, desired to free themselves from slavery, nor from the evil and abhorrence that it represented. They were consumed by greed and showed no remorse. Consequently, we resolved to wage war against them - against any who refused to take a stand against slavery. The choice was clear: you were either with us or against us.
This aspect of my history was never taught in school. I had to learn it on my own.
Regarding the book - have you ever experienced or understood empathy? If so, you would comprehend my admission that I can now partially grasp the emotional malevolence and wickedness of slavery. I conceded that I could only empathise to a limited extent. Apparently, you lack such a capacity for emotion… my younger self would find this amusing. There was a time when I was devoid of empathy, remorse or compassion.
I am aware of my history and acknowledge that my people, like all others, are not without flaws. Nevertheless, we were the pioneers in questioning the ethics of slavery, and we did so because we possessed the power, because we were Christians and, above all, because we were British!
Today, the world has largely forgotten the sorrow of traditional slavery since it was a practice of a bygone era. A few malevolent countries still engage in slavery, although they do not openly admit to it. Today’s Britain lacks the power to intervene. If we still possessed the strength we once had, countries like China and others engaging in enslavement and oppression would have been held accountable.
My life has not been a bed of roses. At the age of 13, I made a statement in a history class that my peers could not comprehend: “Without Hitler’s heinous acts, the world would not be as peaceful as it is today. Hunger and starvation would be more widespread. The robust global viewpoint against human rights violations wouldn’t exist. The discourse and yearning to avoid wars wouldn’t be as intense. Yes, conflicts and confrontations will always exist, but not on the scale previously witnessed. The Five Powers of the world will avoid such wars if possible. Without the atrocities of Hitler, without the suffering and evil in that war, would the world be as peaceful? I don’t believe so.” My classmates accused me of supporting Hitler, despite my statement suggesting nothing of the sort. I assessed his actions with emotional detachment, acknowledging the malevolence of his deeds, but still noting their causality and effect.
I don’t have an ordinary perspective. My observations often diverge from others’ due to their emotional attachments.
You might be swept up in the current of anti-British sentiment. I bear no ill will towards you for this. Rather, I encourage you to delve into the history of how the British Empire abolished slavery and what that entailed. Consider how this action shaped the world as we know it, and ponder what the world might look like if the British Empire had not existed.]
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2023.06.05 01:00 code_hunter_cc Best practice for nested fragments in Android 4.0, 4.1 (<4.2) without using the support library

I'm writing an app for 4.0 and 4.1 tablets, for which I do not want to use the support libraries (if not needed) but the 4.x api only therefore.
So my target platform is very well defined as: >= 4.0 and <= 4.1
The app has a multi-pane layout (two fragments, one small on the left, one content fragment on the right) and an action bar with tabs.
Similar to this:
![enter image description here](
Clicking a tab on the action bar changes the 'outer' fragment, and the inner fragment then is a fragment with two nested fragments (1. small left list fragment, 2. wide content fragment).
I am now wondering what's the best practice to replace fragments and especially nested fragments. The ViewPager is part of the support library, there's no native 4.x alternative for this class. Appear to be 'deprecated' in my sense. -
Then I read the release notes for Android 4.2, regarding ChildFragmentManager, which would be a good fit, but I am targeting 4.0 and 4.1, so this can't be used either.
ChildFragmentManager is only available in 4.2
Unfortunately, there are hardly any good examples out there that show best practices for fragments usages without the support library, even in the entire Android developer guides; and especially nothing regarding nested fragments.
So I am wondering: is it simply not possible to write 4.1 apps with nested fragments without using the support library and everything that comes with it? (need to use FragmentActivity instead of Fragment, etc.?)Or what would be the best practice?
The problem that I am currently having in the development is exactly this statement:
The Android Support Library also now supports nested fragments, so you can implement nested fragment designs on Android 1.6 and higher.
Note: You cannot inflate a layout into a fragment when that layout includes a . Nested fragments are only supported when added to a fragment dynamically.
Because I put define the nested fragments in XML, which apparently causes an error like:
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Binary XML file line #15: Duplicate id 0x7f090009, tag frgCustomerList, or parent id 0x7f090008 with another fragment for At the moment, I conclude for myself: even on 4.1, when I don't even want to target the 2.x platform, nested fragments as shown in the screenshot are not possible without the support library.
(This might actually be more of a wiki entry than a question, but maybe somebody else has managed it before).
A helpful answer is at: Fragment Inside Fragment
Answer link :
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2023.06.05 00:57 not_my_gig Thinking about a bad memory from my childhood.

TW: Animal abuse and murder attempt
When I was a kid, my mom did horrible, horrible things to me and our pets, but the below was one of the worst. I still think about it sometimes even now, as a full-grown adult who no longer lives with her and has a separate life on the other side of the country. It just still bothers me, and I think it always will. Sometimes I even have nightmares about it, though they’re much less frequent now.
I shared this story on another post recently and have been dwelling on it periodically throughout the day, so I figured I’d create a separate post as well, just to try to get it off my chest. This memory is just really weighing heavily on me today. I hope no one minds the copy and paste.
Anyway, what happened was my mom drowned one of our newborn kittens by putting it in the washing machine with her clothes. She insisted it was an accident, but then that “accident” happened again. And I think again. I lost track of how many she drowned, honestly. Living in that house was like being in a horror movie that wouldn’t end.
What I do remember, crystal clear, was her calling me over to look at the poor kitten’s wet, lifeless body and her laughing about it, as if what she’d done was a hilarious joke. She was SO HAPPY about killing the kitten and hurting me (cats have always been my favorite animal). I can’t think of any way to describe her attitude except for maybe “delighted” or “pleased.”
I wasn’t the sort of kid to raise my voice or get agitated over things, but killing animals crossed the line. I remember me screaming at her and calling her a murderer, a killer. She was absolutely shocked at my reaction—I think in her evil, twisted mind, she’d expected me to be sad and cry, but not get angry, because I was usually such a quiet kid. I don’t think she could even fathom that anyone would get upset over her killing an animal, as though animals are no more important than plants or rocks, or something.
I remember I also said something like, “What’s wrong with you? You’re a monster! You should have died, not them! You deserved to die, not them!” And since she had blithely moved on to chopping vegetables or meat for dinner as though nothing had happened, she had a knife in her hand. When I screamed those things at her, she got angry and whirled on me, chasing me through the house with the knife, trying to stab me. I think she was saying “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you for that!”
Thank the Lord I made it to my bedroom and was able to brace myself against the door and hold it shut. To this day, I don’t know how she wasn’t able to force the door open. I was a kid, maybe 8 or 9, so logically, there’s no way I should’ve been able to hold it shut on my own. She got the door open a couple inches a couple times, and I saw the blade of the knife as she stabbed through the opening to try to get me, but thankfully, she missed and I was able to slam the door shut again. And I heard the scrabbling of metal as she tried to stab me through the closed door, but thankfully, she couldn’t get through. Thank God.
I stayed braced against the door for what felt like an hour or so, too terrified to move. I never buried the animals, unfortunately, as another animal I’d buried at my father’s house had been dug up by wild animals due to the grave being too shallow, and I knew I wasn’t strong enough to dig a properly deep grave on my own. I later found the kittens in the kitchen trash can.
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2023.06.05 00:57 radio38 the recent culture war discourse gender BS is getting stale so i thoght id dredge up court ordered busing and the class of 1999 where are they now?
as a kid i walked to my middle school in seattle therfore i am not a pussy and am grafeful for that today across the street from my middle schoo was a high school that was closed the same hischool my grandma went too it was closed in 1980 as a result of the school district busing kids across town in a effort to desegregate schools
it was called court ordered busing becuase their was a lawsuit and judges oreded it like they do
the north seattle "whites" were furioius
by the time i came along in 1988 i was terrified of riding the bus to the "blacks" part of town in the CD so therefore i was pussy which i regret..random people in seattle would tell horror stories about the CD neigborhood like it was a freddy kruger movie and scare children like myself and the year before i had to ride the bus the black and white kids at roosevelt highschool had a race riot in the hallways according to the newspaper which confirmed what the scary older kids were telling my about the bogeman
the whole busing wars of the 70's especially in boston seem so far away now considering jan 6 and what not
as bad as the political violence has been recently its worth comparing to just how explosive busing was and how forgoten it has become and i thought id dredge it up here because im bored of the recent culture war stuff and want to hear from any of you who were bused or i want to know
if your a zoomer or cluesless milienal and you heard the term court orded busing what would you think that meant forgeting i just told you what it was
if you were bused are you bitter about it now
im bitter because it didnt work for the most part and resulted in my highschool haveing advance ap classes that were 90 percen white asian and a commercial cooking class that was 90 percent black that you could smell when they burned shit deep frying pencil sharpeners
for me it was a shitty negative jaded attomsphere intimidation resentement and being exposed to teachers who gave up and gave us no instruction so long as the attentance report was kosher
then end of most housing discrimination and gentrification has sent tons of black students packing for the seattle suburbs and it wont be long before surburban blight replaces the expresion inner city blight
that high school my gradma went to opend again and if you want to see it and see some fake urban blight in a movie then watch the claass of 1999 which was filmed there in 90 when i lived down the street and watch harry and the hendersons in the same nieghborhood and watch the extremely dated movie singles becuase it was filmed next where my high school soccer team practiced and fuckit visit volunteer park and find the tower in volunteer park and walk to the top of it my soccer team usde to run to the top of it and then go to the asian art museam and consider that bruce lee kenny G jimmy hendrix and and quiney jones all went to my hischool and that gives me a false sense of superiority which is funny cuss i like to brag about that but i hate the school as well
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2023.06.05 00:50 Former-Economy4865 My ex-gf hates me and i feel really bad about it

So yeah i've never really posted anything on here, but i don't have lot of people to talk to right now, so here i am. Me(15M) met my ex-gf(15F, let's call her L) on a school excursion about half a hear ago. I knew she was in in a few of my classes but i hadn't really ever talked to L yet. On this excursion though, we were put into small groups of about 8-10 people i think. I was in a group with L, a good friend of mine, who knew her already and a few other people. So we kinda started talking a little, and idk what happend but something about her just instantly did something to me. We talk a bit more, and at the end of the day, after knowing her for only like 6 or so hours i had the biggest crush. I kept just thinking about L every day, and finding as many excuses as i could to be near her. I even started hanging out with some of her friends just to make it not so obvious. These people actually ended up becoming some of my best friends, and we formed a friend group together, with L also in there. It was like a 2 month long period where i did absolutly anything to be with L, up until the point where she actually started liking me back, though i didn't know that yet at this point in time. Another few weeks go by, and then one day while i was with L and another friend we were talking but L had to leave, so me and my friend were left. Only about 10 seconds after L left my friend asked me: "Hey, do you like L?" And i immeadiatly answer with: "yeah.. is it that obvious?" To which he responds with in a laughing manner nodding his head up and down. So at this point i realize it was really obvious to tell i liked her and a few day later i thought "screw it, i'm just gonna tell her, otherwise nothing is ever gonna happen." At this point we already used to talk for hours every single day. So it was like 2 am and i just tell her. Her response initially didn't seem all that promising. She said something along the lines of: "Oh wow, i wasn't really expecting that. I might have to think about it for some time to see if that's the same for me." she told me later that she only said that because the didn't really know what to say, and she beat herself up for not instantly saying that she liked me back. A few days later she suggests we should go on like a date. We settle for a movie, and when we get there she tells me that she also liked me. This was about 5 moths ago and this is where our relationship started. For about 2-2.5 months it works really well and i was probably the happiest person on the face of the earth. We still talked for hours on end every day and we did fun things together. I know it's sounds really naive to say but after those 2 months i already loved her more than anyone or anything in my life, and i honestly thought we were gonna be together forever. But that was when we had our first fight. (for clarity, there never was a physical fight between us, just discussions. thought i should make that clear.) I felt really bad about it, but i just thought: "well, things like that happen." And we settled it. It hurt both of us to be angry at the other. It didn't stop there though. She kept doing things that i really did not like, but whenever i said anything about it, she would get angry at me for not letting her do what she wanted and she would ignore me for the next few days basically. After that she would pretend like nothing happend, so we never really stop arguing about the same things because she just wouldn't listen to me, she'd just say goodbye and kinda ignore me. Not to say i am perfect or anything, i made a lot of fcking mistakes and i screwed it up. Also she has had some really big beef with one of our friends, who's also in out friend group (let's call her S). This is because apperantly, before L and i had a relationship, S also liked me, and the girls knew this about each other. S and i have been really close friends for quite some time know though, and L was scared that i might hav liked S more than her. I always assured her that this wasn't he case, but i don't think she really believed me. I don't know how big of an impact this made since at this point in our relationship she wouldn't really tell me these things and talk about them anymore. These are some of the reasons the broke up with me after only about 4 months. Since then she's been just outright ignoring me and being really mean to me. It would be an understatement to say this really fcked me up. Even though towards the end, we fought a lot, i really loved her more i then i thought was even possible. I would've done literally anything for her, because in the moments we didn't fight, she made me the happiest person on earth. But i have kinda been showing signs of depressions lately and i have seriously considered making an end to it all, because i just couldn't imagine my life without her, i had already planned my whole life out, only for it to all fall apart. This was about 2 moths ago and she has been ignoring me more and more, and also getting more and more mean towards me. She's really changed over this time. After she had just broke up with me she told me she wanted to stay best friends, like we already were. But of course that didn't happen. Today she send me a text that she didn't even want to friends anymore and wanted me to stop texting her or really talking to her in general, which is difficult since we're in the same friend group still. We both just have a very different way of dealing with it, and she hasn't really been supporting me, even though it's been a really difficult time for me, with my parents getting a divorce and the passing of my grandmother. And with me losing her as both my girlfriend and my best friend i just don't really have anyone to talk to and just help me with these things. I mean i've got some amazing friends that would always want to help me, but it just doesn't feel the same. And i just don't know what to do. I wish i could somehow show her how much i cared for her, and that everything i did, also the things i did wrong and hurt her with, i did for her. But now she just hates me and she's putting the blame on me, which i think starts feeling more and more justified after i remind myself how terrible of a person i am. But i just let my emotions guide me too much, i want to get over it and move on but i can't, i really just love her so so much, and no matter what she thinks about me, that's not going away.
If for some reason you read the entire thing, which i doubt anyone will, i just wanna say thank you, i realize know i don't think i even really need advice, i just really wanted a place to vent, though i would love any i you guys have it.
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2023.06.05 00:45 Draculin Lang Jack

On first glance, Whickham appears to be a typical former pit village, a place of no consequence in the north east of England. But should you look closer, you would reveal a long and interesting folkloric history. And at the heart of that history, is Lang Jack.
Should you ever visit Whickham and ask about Lang Jack, you’d hear all the standard stuff. They’d tell you that he was incredibly tall, and inhumanly strong. They’d say he heaved stones from a quarry the next town over on his back and up the hill that Whickham sits atop in order to build his house. And lastly they’d tell you that you can visit him yourself, his monument is at the centre of the village, a great towering pillar holding up a bust of the man himself.
All of this is true, or so they say, but there’s more.
What they won’t tell you is that he was almost as famous for his anger as he was for his height. In fact, in a fit of rage he is reported to have tipped an entire cart of stones, horse and all, down an embankment, killing the poor animal and destroying the cart.
They also won’t tell you about his alcoholism, which destroyed his family, career, and liver, leading to his untimely death. He would often get so drunk that he would jump up and down on the spot, one part party trick, two parts act of vandalism when his heavy frame crashed through the wooden floorboards and he flopped into the cowshed beneath him.
But most importantly, they won’t tell you to visit his monument at midnight. They’ll never tell you this because they know the story of Ye Olde Lang Jack’s monument, they know the games they would play as children, and they know the fear that creeps into their chest when they remember the look on that contorted, dissolving stone face.
To tell the full story we have to go back in time, back to a time long after Lang Jack’s death, and long before his monument was moved. You see, the monument once sat in a very different part of Whickham, a place called Woodhouse Lane in Fellside. This area is much more rural, with sprawling fields around it in almost all directions. It sat beside a cottage, Jack’s cottage, the one he built with his bare hands.
The monument was first placed there in 1860, the same year of Lang Jack’s death. There has long been speculation that Jack was buried beneath the monument rather than in the churchyard like many other notable Whickham villagers. Peculiar for the time, Jack rejected the church, instead spending much of his time drinking and working as ‘hired help’ for businessmen who sought to intimidate and punish unruly workers, especially unionmen.
As a result of this speculation, the site of Lang Jack’s monument was a popular one among children and teenagers looking to spook themselves.
They would arrive, rocks in hand to hurl at the monument of Olde Lang Jack. Each child would take turns trying to strike the stone giant in the face as it smiled down at them from its 18 foot plinth. And if they missed, Ye Olde Lang Jack might just reach up with those long arms of his and snatch them deep down into the dirt.
Children played this game for years, and the stories of Jack’s grave spread like wildfire. Generation after generation the game was modified to fit the modern day, and as it was, so too did the stories of Jack mutate, and finally, with each stone throw, Jack’s face became more mutilated.
The years of wind, rain, sleet, and stones twisted Jack’s once charming and chiselled face into something much more unsettling. Corrosion took away his smug smile and replaced it with a sneer. Then it took his eyes, once kind, now they stare piercingly outward, as if a single glance could turn you to the very same stained and mossy stone.
This new face, and in particular the eyes, is what drew the children back. They gawked and pointed and groaned out chants they’d received from their parent’s childhoods. There were many variations, but most went something like this:
"Gangly Lang Jack, The Giant of Whickham
Who stood eighteen feet tall but that’s not all
So mighty and strong that they wrote this song
To tell all of Ye Olde Lang Jack.
He built our home with only his hands
The most beautiful village in all of the lands
Now he lies cold and dead underfoot
Hands grasping at nothing, his purpose kaput.
So chuck him a stone and give him a wink
Stare into his eyes and see if they blink
But watch where you step, the giant is sleeping
And listen carefully to Olde Lang Jack’s weeping."
They would dance around the monument to Lang Jack and sing this song, then dare each other to stare into his eyes. After that they’d throw their stones and more often than not be chased off by a local, giggling into the distance, off to tell their friends about their bravery under the stony gaze of Lang Jack.
This bravery didn’t last long. Soon the very sight of Lang Jack would strike fear into the hearts of the children of Whickham. No longer would children sing the song of The Giant of Whickham, they wouldn’t visit his grave or throw their stones, but most of all, no one would dare stare into Olde Jack’s eyes.
Fear like this was not the type that crept into the heads of sleeping children as they dreamt of the fun they’d had at Jack’s grave. Instead it was a very unnatural fear, a fear that came at a cost, and that cost was the life of a young girl named Mary.
Mary was brave, braver than most, and she wore that bravery like a badge of honour. So when some of the older girls dared her to go up to Lang Jack’s grave alone, she didn’t hesitate before agreeing. She even upped the stakes and decided that she would venture up in the evening, just as the sun was starting to set.
The night she chose was particularly blustery, the wind howled through the treetops as she made her way to meet Lang Jack. Polaroid camera in hand she pushed hard against the gale that saw fit to blow her back down the hill. But she was persistent, and so brave, so with each gust she only quickened her pace.
Mary rushed to the top of the hill, triumphant over the weather and ready to take on The Giant.
What happened next will forever be between Mary and Jack, and the two of them alone. A passerby claims to have seen a flash atop the hill before hearing a mighty crash. Thinking it was lightning they hurried back to their home. But beyond that, no one truly knows what happened that night.
Mary was found the next day, still clutching her camera. A single polaroid is said to have been found at the scene. Those who have seen it have described it as the frozen eyes of the devil himself. Although it is much more likely to have been a snapshot of Lang Jack’s face as the bust fell from atop the plinth and onto poor, brave Mary.
After that night the monument was moved to where it remains today. It was shortened to reduce the risk of another fatal accident, and placed where all of Whickham could see it, where there would always be someone to chase away the children.
The children who knew Mary, or knew her story, grew up fearing the statue. They forgot his song and denied ever throwing their stones. Time weathered their memories and before long they forgot why they were even scared in the first place. But their children remained curious, and some still met at the statue.
And so this brings us back to what they won’t tell you. They’ll never tell you to make the same mistake that so many have before. They won’t tell you to meet at Olde Lang Jack’s gravestone at midnight and stare into his eyes. And they won’t tell you to listen for his weeping and look for the tears streaming down his scarred face. But you’ll do it anyway, because how could you resist?
So the cycle goes on, and the stories continue to be told for years and years. All the while Jack cries on his plinth. Why does he cry? Nobody knows. Does he feel guilty for what happened to little Mary? Perhaps, or perhaps he mourns the man he once was. Before folklore changed him into the gibbering spector locked in the stone tower. Feared by many and ignored by most, only noticed by those who wish to see him weep.
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2023.06.05 00:43 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses 05 June 2023

Courses for 05 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.05 00:43 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses 05 June 2023

Courses for 05 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.06.05 00:42 newshirtworthy Hey friends. I would love any advice or resources for retraining our 2yo St.Bernard. More details in the comments

So, we have this beautiful St.Bernard named Sully. We went hard on the training with a private trainer, and group classes as a puppy.
Unfortunately, we had an 18 mo lease with 4 other people, a few of whom did not like Sully at all (despite him never being aggressive with them.) Whenever they came in or through the room he was in, he would go nuts. All he wanted to do was inspect, but a couple roommates were really clear about how much they didn’t like him, so the vibe was very different all the time and he was never very comfortable, and was outside almost all the time (within reason, of course.)
Now, we live in our own place which is a much better training environment. We take him on two walks a day, one for fun and one for training in a nearby park.
His biggest issues are recall and reactivity. He is SUPER stubborn and sometimes can only be coerced with food, and even then, sometimes he just ignores me
What I’m really looking for is a comprehensive guide on retraining, or even just a list of activities, or advice
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2023.06.05 00:40 srofais Astel will be collabing with Inuyama Tamaki and the special grade curse has already activated before the stream starts

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2023.06.05 00:39 TheJustGordo EXPLAIN MANAGEMENT, EXPLAIN

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2023.06.05 00:38 Null-Sanity Vanilla Expanded Team - Thank you for making my colony more ~~horrorifying~~ interesting.

I found myself drawn back to the captivating world of Rimworld after a prolonged hiatus, my interest piqued by the introduction of VE Androids. Inspired by their synthetic charm, a grand vision took shape in my mind - the birth of an android Eden, a utopia amidst the stars. Accompanying this ambition, I incorporated Rimnaughts, adhering to the whimsical theme, "We're androids on the moon, we came with our harpoons"
The idea was to sprout our roots in a temperate forest, a stepping stone on our celestial journey to the moon. However, like many well-laid plans, this one quickly unraveled, evolving from mere "issues" into dire "decisions."
First, a disheartening discovery: SRTS and Rimnaughts asteroid mining were incompatible. Despite my attempts, traveling to the asteroid was unachievable, the crucial 'confirm' button stubbornly unresponsive. Second, the shocking requirement for creating new Androids: a need for four humans.
This unexpected turn of events metamorphosed my envisaged android utopia into a dystopian nightmare. Emancipated sex slaves were repurposed as brains-for-scan, living a lie of opulence while being used to fabricate androids. These androids, in turn, were subjected to a class-divided society: awakened androids basking in luxury while their non-sentient counterparts suffered unbearable existences.
Allow me to elaborate:
1) SRTS incompatibility dictated that asteroid travel adhered to drop-pod regulations, necessitating a constant supply of chem fuel. VE chem fuel offered an easy solution, but it wasn't viable in a space station setting. My only choices were a ground or moon station to refine and transport chem fuel, necessitating steel extraction via deep drilling.
In a typical game, this process would require a self-sufficient base with four inhabitants and ample setup. However, with androids, it could be a one-bot job - provided they possessed shooting, building, mining, reactor-replacing, and hauling abilities. They could import reactors and export chem fuel in return.
Regrettably, this system birthed a stark class divide. Awakened droids resided in the space station, leading lives of ease, while others were doomed to maintain the infrastructure.
2) The creation of androids required four pawns for brain scanning. When the first slave ship arrived bearing two high mates, an idea formed in my mind, inspired by the therapy mod: "How fascinating would it be if they could become robot therapists?" With their social skills, it seemed like an enjoyable pursuit.
To prevent human domination, I modified my idioigion to trans-humanist and devised a regime of nutrient paste diets and immortality via biosculpting for them. They lived in luxury, socializing with droids throughout the day, their schedules filled with leisure.
However, the grim reality soon dawned upon me. These high mates were pleasure toys from glitter worlds, purchased as slaves, recruited, and then subjected to brain scans repeatedly to create more androids. They existed to provide therapy to my robots, living an illusion of luxury.
So, there it is - my journey turned macabre, a twisted tale that began with noble intentions. Thanks to the unexpected twists orchestrated by the VE team, my colony's story has become both fascinating and frightfully chilling in equal measure.
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2023.06.05 00:37 CaptainChristopher02 My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 17)

My Floridian Arxur Daughter (Part 17)

Art by u/HaajaHenrik
Memory Transcript Subject: Carlos Jose Rodriguez, Mechanical Engineer, Florida Man
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 28, 2136
[Basic Medieval Music Plays on Speakers]
“We continue the adventures of Finn the Human boy and his quest to save the beautiful Princess Chalta! We meet our hero at the castle of terribleness, but he must tread carefully. Lest he face the wrath of the evil beast guarding the castle, behold Salisek! The great furred beast!”
Salisek quickly jumped out from behind the treehouse tree and gave the cutest growl I’ve ever heard, prompting a delightful giggle from the kids.
I love play time.
“Grr,” the terrifying beast said. “You come for the princess? Well than brave warrior, if you are so brave, come and face a true beast!”
Finn drew his sword… it was really a stick he found on the ground but who cares. “Move aside beast! I know how to use this! If you leave now, I will spare you, but you will never get in the way of me and my beloved Princess!”
Princess Chalta waved her handkerchief (a washed dishtowel), from the top of her tower (the old treehouse). “Save me brave Finn, the beautiful beast has captured me and placed me in this tower!”
Finn swiped his sword as the beast dodged and ducked. Salisek tackled the adventurer to the ground and proceeded to swipe at his face. Finn held on to his sword and swiped the beast’s side, causing her to miss. Before the beast could draw a second wind, Finn plunged the sword into her “heart”.
“Ahh, I have been bested! Curse you… brave… Finn…” Salisek the Beast was no more.
Finn limped up to the tree and held out his hand. “Princess Chalta the beast is dead! I have saved you!”
Chalta, using her magic wand (also a stick), escaped from the dreaded tower (she climbed down the stairs). “Brave adventurer, you have saved me. I am forever in your dept. By royal decree I pronounce you, Sir Finn, Protector of the Happy Kingdom! Alas, I only have one more thing to give, my hand.”
The princess reached out her hand, and the adventurer accepted. The two embraced in an adorable hug.
“AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER!” We all yelled. Well… all except the parents who were watching the performance from the backyard. My narration clearly won them over as they gave us a standing ovation.
“Aww! So cute!” Talice said, giving a delightful tail motion indicating extreme affection.
“¡Una lindo princesa y su valiente caballero, AY QUÉ PRECIOSO!”, Mom said with a high pitched squeal.
“Oh, my brave baby knight!” Marleen was clapping ecstatically, clearly proud of her son’s performance.
Tarvik and Dad were sharing banter. “They were great weren’t they Dennis?” “Eh, the Narrator could use some work.”
Okay, I know he was joking but that still hurt.
We all laughed together until mom’s watch rang, indicating the food was done.
“Okay everyone time to eat!” Mom said, allowing us to go back for another wonderful family dinner.
We all sat at our respective seats with a small additional table for the kids. Mom decided to serve them first. I never questioned mother’s cooking but seeing her plate up the kid’s food made my blood boil… WHY THE HECK DO THEY GET NUGGETS! Wait… aw hell no, friggen DINO NUGGETS!
“Mommy, mommy! What are these? They have funny shapes,” said the Princess of the Happy Kingdom.
Her brave knight replied, “They’re dino nuggets! They’re shaped like dinosaurs.”
“What’s a dinosaur?”
Finn and I shared a collective gasp as he tried to explain Dinosaurs the best he could to Chalta. He named all the dinosaurs he knew; Pterodactyl, Brachiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex (the best one), and Stegosaurus. He would even match up the dinosaur to the nugget he picked up.
“They were like- HUGE animals that lived a LONG time ago! They were so cool!”
The Venlil’s looked on in wonder.. In their time here they had been reading on Earth history and Science. One thing that they all agreed on was that Earth simply had more knowledge of everything other than practical medicine, and other advances in technology. One thing that really fascinated them, Tarvik especially, was the amount of information we had on wildlife and how nature worked.
Even thought Tarvik was an exterminator who had to learn about predators the Federations tempering made it nearly impossible to learn anything of value other than they eat meat. Many herbivorous creatures were even made into “predators” because of certain characteristics such as being aggressive or territorial. The knowledge of just how ignorant the Federation made him left him in a sour mood for a while. He constantly wondered how many creatures he set ablaze that simply didn’t need it.
After learning about how we handled dangerous animals, especially in Florida, he was starstruck. Not only had we lived with predators but tamed them into becoming our useful servants and family. Once he realized how little he knew he decided to do some “human research”.
Salisek and Talice also wanted to get into the lesson, but where would they start? They found that answer when we left the other day and found some of my old educational children’s books. Like many kids my age I loved animals, but one thing I loved most was dinosaurs. After they had done some snooping Tarvik found one of my old books and almost had a heart attack. I don’t know how that conversation when down, I can guess that seeing a large Arxur-like creature on steroids was probably not a good image to find.
It was probably funny though.
It was definitely funny.
Still, he had once again overcome his fear and did his best to learn all he could about Earth’s prehistoric wildlife. Hearing Finn name a bunch of facts instilled a feeling of wonder at the knowledge he was learning from an individual passionate on the subject, but also envious at how he wished he grew up, with books about actual nature instead of propaganda. Hearing Finn and Chalta talk about it instilled a sense of hope in all of us that it will be different.
“-and for a long time we thought they were related to lizards, but guess what!”
“They’re actually related to birds and had hollow bones and feathers!”
“Really?! Could they fly?”
“Some of them did, but others used their feathers for insulation and hunted like most other animals. That is assuming they hunted.”
The kiddos were eating their Dino nuggets contently when I got a message on my phone… from Samuel.
“Hey mom, can I be excused? It’s urgent.”
My mother looked at me with concern. Usually, we don’t skip family meals, but she knew about my situation. Ever since dad told me about Samuel, I wasn’t sure what to think. Now that Vraka’s given me another chance I need to see what’s up.
Is he okay, why hasn’t he talked with me?
I got up from me seat and Chalta seemed to notice my mood.
“Big brother, are you okay? Is it about Samuel?” she asked, concern present in her voice.
Mom answered for me so I could take my leave. “Don’t worry my bebé, big brother just needs privacy right now.”
“Does he want a dino nugget? I got a ty-rhino saur-us rex.”
“Yes I would,” I said slickly yoinking the dino nugget out of Chalta’s claws before I went upstairs to my room. I closed the door and read the message in private.
Hey man, it’s been a while. A lot’s happened with me. I got a girl now! An Arxur as you could probably guess. You know Vraka and her sister Akara. They really like you. When you get the chance, can we talk? I can explain why I was silent for a while.
I took a deep breath and pressed the call button. It rang for a moment before picking up. I didn’t have a plan on what to say. What would be the plan? I decided to just wing it. He was technically still my friend after all.
“Hey it’s Carlos. H-How are you?”
There was a pause before he continued. I could guess he was probably tense too. “Fine actually. I assumed you wanted an explanation.”
“Bro, I was worried about you! I assumed that after I left the Gator Land to work for Disney, which is the most Florida thing I’ve said all day, that we just lost touch. That was two years ago, what happened?”
Samuel took a deep breath before he responded. I had a feeling whatever he said next was gonna hit hard.
“About a month after you left my parents got in a car accident. They… didn’t make it.”
I was silent for longer than I probably should have been. I didn’t know what to say.
“Oh my God. Is that why you cut contact?”
“I was a wreck. I lost the only real family I had. My grandparents weren’t that close with us.”
“I remember. You said it had something to due with how your Catholic mom married your Jewish father? That’s what upset them right?”
I didn’t know the whole story but one time I was talking with his parents while they dropped off his lunch. We ended up on the topic of family and religion, that’s when they told me their situation. However, I could imagine they left certain private details out. It made sense, after all, it was sensitive family drama.
“Yeah, they where old traditional nut cases, at least I think they were. When they heard about the accident, they tried every day to check on me. I would say it was because I hated them, but that would be a lie. I knew for all their faults they still loved my parents… and me. I pushed them away because I was broken and scared of loving someone again. After that it was a downward spiral.”
“What else happened?”
“Without my parent’s income I lost the house. That is arguably my biggest regret. Sure, I don’t think I could have afforded the monthly payments anyway, but I still should have tried. I stopped showing up to work and eventually became homeless.”
“You were homeless! If my parents knew we would have taken you in no questions asked!”
“But that’s not the issue. Being homeless wasn’t a problem, it was a symptom of my problem. I could have called you, other friends, or even my grandparents. Instead, I just ran.”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I never knew Samuel was going through so much all these years. Does that… make me a bad friend? Could I have done something differently?
“How long were you homeless?” I asked.
“About a month. I can’t really say why but one day I was just… sick and tired of everything. I was tired of being homeless, of being depressed, of being drunk, of letting my fear and anger control me, but most of all I was sick of living a life I KNOW my parents would never have wanted for me.”
I could hear Samuel tearing up through the phone. I also started to feel a lump in my throat as he continued speaking.
“I went back and contacted my grandparents. I don’t know think I would have stayed homeless much longer since I found out they were looking for me. They contacted police and everything. The look on their faces when I showed up on their doorstep is something I cherish even till this day. After that it was a matter of building myself up again. I started going to therapy and a special club for men like me trying to recover from alcohol abuse. Hell, I even started going to the gym.”
“Was it hard?”
What kind of question is that? Of course it was!
“Yeah. I talk like it happened in a day, but in reality, it happened over the course of a year. I got rehired at Disney of all places and slowly started rebuilding my income. I eventually worked my ass off, and I’m telling you I really did, to earn back my parents’ house. It helped since they left a small inheritance in their passing. It’s where I live now. Actually you also worked at Disney, how come we never saw each other?”
“I worked as an apprentice with a lot of their Imagineers in Lake Nona while I went to college. Still can’t believe they had that program.”
“I worked with the animals at the Animal Kingdom Resort before getting moved to Magic Kingdom.”
“That’s awesome man! I’m really happy that you were able to bounce back, but how did you meet Vraka?”
“After the bombings I decided I needed to get out their and make my parents proud. Helping people regain hope and seeing the light of day made me smile. I’ll admit though, Nazi space crocs where not at all on my list of reasons to go. Not to mention they always gave off a menacing vibe, but after some time I realized they’re not so bad. I even got friendly with a certain Arxur and even thought she was cute. She had this way of making me laugh, even if it was by accident, and she always had this odd personality. Like you know how cats pretend they don’t love you and act cold to show affection? Like that.”
“So, what you’re telling me is that Vraka is or was… as tsundere. Heh, like your favorite character in that Anime we use to watch as kids?”
“HA, I blame Asuka and Neon Genesis for my taste in women.”
We laughed together, taking in the much-needed humor before I asked him the question bugging my mind the most.
“So how did you two… you know…”
“Right, heh, so one day she was talking passionately about all the new things she’s learning about the different ways we cook our meat. She looked so cute I almost instinctually asked if I could pet her. I know it sounds rude, but she’s a sentient gator and I grew up in Florida, sue me! Anyways she must have taken it personally since she challenged me to a hunt of old. We would hunt prey until the day ended without weapons and I could pet her if I won. Now I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been learning to hunt with my dad back in the day AND I’ve gotten a lot stronger since then. Now she said no weapons, but a rock isn’t a weapon. Even if it is, she still had an unfair advantage with her claws, so I call that balanced. Now I’m no MLB player but I could pitch back in high school.”
That was true, Samuel was known for his powerful throws, and since then he said he’s worked out so it might be stronger.
“Before the buck knew it, I threw the rock so hard and so accurately that it nailed him in the skull long enough for me to snap his neck.”
“Wait I’m sorry, did you say you HUNTED A DEER WITH A ROCK AND IT WORKED!?”
“Yup, and as it turns out Vraka didn’t do any better. She brought back a young white-tailed deer with a good couple scratches while the worst I got was mud on my hands from the rock. Since I won fair and square, she owed me my pets. She brought us to a private room, and I got to scratching. Turns out Arxur are so touched starved that a couple of scale scratches and belly rubs where enough to send her into heat, one thing led to another and…”
“You’re now the infamous Arxur Layer! You shall bring peace to the galaxy with the Excalibur in your pants!”
“You laugh but just ask Vraka, it was a one to six ratio.”
“Pftt, Jesus Christ!”
I started laughing so hard my sides started hurting. I hear Samuel dying on the other end too. Our collective wheezes filled the room with childlike noise not found since our childhood. We laughed until we couldn’t laugh anymore and once the room was quiet, I asked Samuel another question.
“Samuel, why did you never call?”
I could hear Samuel exhale, likely thinking about what to say next.
“The longer I was gone, the harder it was. I guess I was afraid of how you would react… if you’d care.”
“I do man, I missed you, and I’m glad to know you’re okay.”
“Thanks man. Hey, I heard you’re going to Magic Kingdom this weekend. For Chalta right? I should be working that day.”
“That’s awesome man! Maybe I’ll see you then, we’ll be eating Cinderellas Royal Table around two in the afternoon. We want to get early so Chalta can take pictures with Cinderella.”
“You know, I can get you a little something better.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’ll send you a number and tell them you know me and send the code, Princess Tea Party. Just trust me bro.”
I didn’t know what to think of this arrangement but what I did know was that Princess Tea Party sounded like something Chalta would love. However, given the nature of the name I was going to have to show her A LOT more princess movies.
“Alright man I’ll do it. We’ll talk some more later but I gotta get back to the family. Thank you for talking with me man, we’ll set up a boy’s night one of these days, okay?”
“Heck yeah man! I’ll see you around.”
I hung up and breathed a sigh of relief like no other. It was good to know Samuel and I were on good terms. Still, it was sad knowing all the things he went through. I knew his parents; they were good people. Making peace with his grandparents was a nice turn of events. I knew they were at odds but sometimes tragedy brings the best or worst out in us. I’m glad it was the former for him.
With a triumphant smile on my face I went down the stairs, only to find Chalta waiting for me outside my room with her hand stuck in… oh my God.
“Hello big brother!”
“Hello Chalta. Watcha’ got there?”
“A peanut butter jar.”
“That’s interesting, why is it stuck to your hand?”
“Well, mommy wanted Talice to try it and she gave some to me to try too. It was so tasty! I got a little carried away and stuck my whole hand in.”
“So why are you going up stairs?”
Tears started to flow in Chalta’s eyes as she started cry talking like kids do when they get into funny situations that seem scary to them.
“M-momma said you had t-tools. *sniff* A-And you kn-knew *sniff* what to do. P-Pwease big broder I don’t want a peanut budder for a hand!”
I took all my willpower not to laugh. This was so astronomically cute.
I carried the baby into my room where I keep a small selection of tools I used to use in case I had a home project. Scissors that are used to cut thin sheets of metal might work for plasic. I decided this would be better than a sharp knife and reduce the risk of hurting Chalta. After a minute, I was able to cut her hand out.
Chalta’s eyes widened, and a big toothy smile formed. “YAAAY! I don’t have a peanut butter hand anymore! Thanks, big brother! …I’m gonna lick my hand now.”
Chalta did in fact lick her peanut buttery hand and went back downstairs to rejoin the family dinner, practically skipping down the stairs while licking the consequences of her actions.
She’s so precious!
When I sat down at the dinner table mom plated my food for me.
“Here you go, me hijo.”
“Thanks mom!”
Mom handed me my plate and gave me a motherly kiss on my cheek. “Thank you! Chalta wouldn’t stop crying, also how did the talk go with Samuel.”
“Great actually and he says he has a surprise for Chalta.”
Chalta looked up from her peanut butter indulgence and focused all her attention on me.
“Surprise? Like what?” Chalta said with excitement and curiosity.
“I don’t know yet, but I promise this weekend we’re going to have so much fun!”
“Are we still going to see Cinderella?”
“Not just her, but tons of other things too! That’s why we’re going early. We got a whole day planned out.”
Chalta had a big smile on her face and was practically shaking with excitement. I also had a surprise up my sleeve, courtesy of dad who helped pitch in. Chalta has had a hard life, but this weekend will be the greatest weekend of her life.
Finn raised his hand like he was in a classroom. “Are we going too?”
Chalta was the one to answer this time, “Yes and Akara should all be going. We’ll all be in the same place!”
“Salisek, I know you’re fine with Vraka but are your parents okay with being around more Arxur than their use to?” I asked.
The Venlil couple looked at each other and intertwined their tails.
Talice spoke first, “We’ve talked with Salisek, we’ll be fine, if not a little shaky at first.”
That was good to know. Last thing we want is for Venlil to pass out when we promised the staff they wouldn’t. As much as their confidence left me skeptical, I could trust their judgment.
“I can’t wait to see all my friends and family together!” Chalta said.
I couldn’t wait either.
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2023.06.05 00:35 HeroinChai Adopt Me Please

Adopt Me Please
Guild broke up. Daily player. 586-541-757
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2023.06.05 00:33 srofais Astel will be collabing with Inuyama Tamaki and the special grade curse has already activated before the stream starts

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2023.06.05 00:32 bfwolf1 I booked an ANA RTW

I've been pretty deep into the credit card/points game since 2014, but I've just booked my first ANA RTW for next April/May. It cost me 145K miles and about $810.

From To Carrier Class Length of Stay
AUS IAH United Economy Overnight layover
IAH MEX United Economy 4 days
MEX NRT ANA Business 6 days
KIX TPE EVA Business 6 days
TPE DPS EVA Economy 7 days
DPS SIN Singapore Business 14 days
BKK VIE EVA Business 7 days
TLV WAW LOT Business Layover
WAW ORD LOT Business

I've been planning this for quite a while and it pretty much worked out as well as I could've hoped. I had the extra challenge of needing to be in DPS on specific dates as I'm meeting a buddy there to go to Komodo Island, and he already had his ticket. I'm also meeting a friend in TLV with some fairly strict time constraints. And I had to fit it all in between the solar eclipse on April 8 which I'm seeing in Austin and getting back by the end of May because I'm hiking the Grand Canyon with my brothers.
Some learnings:
1) Going west is tricky because the transpac flights are so competitive, but for my itinerary, it was the only way it was going to work based on my friend's availability for meeting me in TLV. Plus west is easier on the jet lag. As I saw transpac availability getting eaten up quickly, I knew it wouldn't last until 355 days from my transatl flight. So I took aggressive action and booked the only available transatl left as a roundtrip MEX-NRT-MEX. When it was finally time to book the RTW, I asked the CSR if there was anybody on the waitlist behind me on the MEX-NRT flight. There wasn't, so I had him cancel it (AFTER building the rest of my RTW and making sure everything I wanted was available), and fortunately the flight went back into inventory and the CSR grabbed it.
2) Speaking of CSRs, everybody says it but it's true: ANA CSRs are the absolute best. They know the program inside and out. I had called in just to talk things out with them one time about a week before my transatl flights would be available. I was really concerned about somebody nabbing the BKK-VIE flight during that time and I was planning on buying a roundtrip with that flight in it too just like I did with MEX-NRT. But through my convo with the CSR, I realized the best option was to just book the RTW with dummy LOT flights leaving from TLV the same day I arrived in VIE, and then changing the dates on those flights a week later when the dates I really wanted became available. LOT's J seat release is dependable and not that popular (for good reason as it's below average) so I was confident I could move the date and I was right.
3) The 3 tough flights are transpac, transatl, and Asia to Europe/Africa. You've generally got to build your trips around those. The rest of the flights tend to have good availability and if they're short-ish, economy is always an option.
4) It's good to know going in that some flights just don't exist as options. I knew Singapore Air long-haul J was not bookable via ANA points, so I didn't waste any time on that. It also turns out that Thai wasn't showing up with ANA, even short haul Y KUL-BKK--I am not sure that's a permanent thing but it's a thing right now. The EVA 5th freedom flights from BKK to LHR, AMS, and VIE are really good options for getting from Asia to Europe, but the latter 2 do not fly everyday.
5) I was concerned ANA might consider landing in VIE and then flying out of TLV to be backtracking, especially given that they are not in the same region, but it was not an issue.
6) ANA's taxes are really a weird beast and a total black box. When I booked it I paid about $780 in taxes which was around what I expected. But then when I changed my LOT dates, I owed an additional $37 in taxes even though it was the exact same flight numbers, just a week later. Huh?? Anyway, obviously small potatoes so I didn't care.
7) When you book the RTW, you don't pay the taxes immediately. They have to do some fancy corporate calculation on it for some reason, so they basically put the itinerary on hold and then call you back some hours later to tell you the taxes and allow you to pay it. It's a little unnerving having to wait for the call, but it worked out. When I called a week later to change my LOT dates, it was the same situation, only they didn't call me back some hours later. So the next day I called in and the CSR was able to get corporate to calculate the tax difference while I was on the phone and I paid it. Which is good because:
8) Hold times are really long. I called 4 times in total. The first time was a 2 hour wait. The other 3 were 75-90 minutes. When you call doesn't seem to impact that. But as I was trying to book stuff 355 days out and new availability comes out at 9 am Japan time, I typically called at 8 am Japan time so that we were ready to go as soon as I got through. I know there are some people who will call in even earlier and then BS with the CSR if they get through before 9 am Japan time so that they can grab stuff right when it hits 9 am....fortunately I was reasonably confident that my flights wouldn't be nabbed in the first hour of availability so I didn't have to resort to that.
Major highlights of the trip I'm especially looking forward to are Komodo Island (from DPS) and Borneo (from SIN).
Happy to answer any questions about booking a RTW.
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