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2019.08.07 22:32 DeVoery 10FastFingers

An online site where speed-typers practice typing and improving their skills.

2019.08.07 22:32 DeVoery 10FastFingers

An online site where speed-typers practice typing and improving their skills.

2013.07.23 02:43 girrrrrrr2 ShittyFastWorkers For people who are fast, but not accurate

Watch a man cut a fish, into pieces... along with the desk and part of his fingers, does it matter that he isnt accurate? No, He just has to be fast to be here!

2022.12.04 14:08 sdcardroot How are completions on texts counted?

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2022.11.26 02:03 ombresaco 10FastFingers – Esperanto – 132 WPM

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2022.11.15 17:18 u-copycat Bye, bye 10FastFingers! Hello, Monkeytype!

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2022.10.09 13:00 wyubnm bunu 100 yapmak için ne yapmam lazım? 2017den beri 10 parmak klavye kullanıyorum bu süre zarfında 91 oldu

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2022.10.02 18:59 duvckboy A Typing Test . I used HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers(kinda)

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2022.10.02 18:57 duvckboy A Typing Test . I used HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2022.10.02 18:57 duvckboy A Typing Test . I used HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2022.10.02 18:56 duvckboy A Typing Test by me, using HTML,CSS and JS. Copy of the 10FastFingers :D

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2021.08.03 11:49 DekoTheCoward Please help me with my typing speed... I am stuck

My current typing speed is 70-80 wpm with an accuracy of 97%. When I make less mistakes, my speed can go up to 90 wpm.
I wanted to reach an average speed of 100 wpm but I have plateaued at this speed for 2 months. I have been using MonkeyType and 10FastFingers every day. What should I do? I feel stuck... :(
(Ah also, I saw an article that says it is a good idea to reset your fingers back to home-row every time you finish a word because it improves accuracy. Is that right?)
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2021.07.23 09:16 -BunsenBurn- Dvorak Resources Megathread

New to Dvorak and don't know where to start? Novice who wants to improve? Master looking for the hottest speed typing resources?
Here is a megathread containing pretty much anything you may ever need for installing, learning, and mastering the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout and its variants.
Google Doc Mirror

Installing Dvorak Resources

Dvorak Touch Typing Courses

Speed Typing Applications/Games

Additional Dvorak Resources

Programmer Dvorak Resources

One Handed Dvorak Resources

Non-English Dvorak Resources

Dvorak Communities

Dvorak/Alternate Layout Content

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2021.07.21 13:31 -BunsenBurn- New to Dvorak but struggling with the home row? Here are text files that contain home row only words from the Oxford 3K

Given how the number of touch typing courses specifically for Dvorak is relatively limited, and how a beginners course for many isn't enough to become proficient, I made a list of words that contain characters only from the home row.
In this google drive folder consists of 2 txt files:
One where every word is divided by a vertical bar with is used for parsing words on sites such as 10FastFingers.com when using their custom test setting.
In the other every word is placed on a new line in case you want the raw list.
If you want to use these, downloading is unnecessary as you can copy and paste the text in the Google drive preview.
These words are considered by Oxford to be the 3000 most important words to know to learn English, as such, your typing tests are sure to contain familiar words without being boring from the same small pool of words that you might find on similar online typing courses.
The current files contains 164 words so if anyone wants a larger list or a list using a different criteria, I am more than happy to help.
This list is generated by a Java program I wrote to practice file parsing and regular expressions.
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2021.06.30 21:13 donkey_waffles Accountability Post -- Month 1 Review + Month 2 Goals

This post is mostly serving as a way for me to hold myself accountable, but maybe it will help some new learners out there who are at the very beginning and a bit overwhelmed like I was.
I've had a couple of false starts with Korean over the years, but I never got past more than learning 한글 and a handful of vocab words. I knew that I wanted to learn in a different way than I was "taught" Spanish in school because, like a lot of people, after four years I couldn't understand anything native speakers said, let alone say anything myself.
I read Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner, which I definitely recommend. Then I found Refold, and it was exactly what I was looking for to help guide me in implementing what I learned in Fluent Forever. I'm starting from basically zero, so I'm in Stage 1 according to Refold's roadmap, and below I have organized the resources I'm using based on how they have things laid out.
My main long-term goal is to be able to watch dramas without subtitles. I also love reading, so reading novels is another goal, but because I know that listening will be much more difficult for me than reading, I'm focusing more on listening skills, especially in the beginning.
Though I said I am starting from basically zero, I do have something like 800+ hours of listening under my belt from watching subbed dramas, so the sounds of the language feel familiar, and I can recognize those super repeated words I assume everyone picks up from watching a crapload of dramas.

Stage 1A: Tools + Habits

Active Immersion
Passive Immersion

Stage 1B: Building Blocks

Phonetics + Writing System

Stage 1C: Jumpstart Comprehension


Goals for Month 2

Month 1 was really just me fumbling around checking out what kinds of resources would best suit my learning style and goals. I feel like I made a lot of progress in setting myself up to learn but not a lot in the way of actually learning. At this point, my goal of understanding the dramas I like to watch seems impossible, so I'm trying to completely ignore it and only make concrete, actionable goals.
I have no plans to take the official TOPIK test, but I think that it could be a helpful way to measure my progress and provide motivation (look how much I've learned so far), highlight weaknesses (wow I missed all the questions pertaining to xyz), and give me something concrete to work towards. Therefore, a mini goal I've set for myself is to take one of these TOPIK 1 mock tests at the 6-month mark and the 1-year mark.
Since next month will be my first truly focusing on just learning, I'm not sure what kind of balance yet will be sustainable for me between doing too much and getting overwhelmed versus not spending enough time in the language and feeling stagnant. So though these are the goals I'm going to try to hit, they are subject to change in order to prevent burnout.
Month 2 Action Goals
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2021.06.15 07:18 BicycleInteresting99 Increase your friction towards the sites, so you quit PMO.

I will get straight to the point.
Use the browser extensions to block your trigger sites:
  1. Blocksite - BlockSite - Stay Focused & Control Your Time - Chrome Web Store (google.com)
  2. StayFocused - StayFocusd - Chrome Web Store (google.com)
When you feel the urges, I recommend these websites
  1. NoFap Emergency - Provides motivation
  2. Typing Test English - 10FastFingers.com - It's a typing speed test. I started using this last month and I my typing speed increased dramatically. (I recommend learning the proper fingering)
  3. Learn something new, every day! (blinkist.com) - It gives one free summary of books daily.
  4. nofap - I sometimes come here and read the posts to avoid urges.
Lastly, I strongly recommend you to just turn of your devices and go do something else like going for a run, cold showers etc., when you feel the urges.
We are humans and we may face downfalls. But ultimately, it's you who should change your mindset. These tools will just increase the resistance to PMO. But it's you who decide if you want to change your life for the better.
Learning to pick yourself up through the failures is the ultimate key to quite PMO.
Goodluck on your Journey. ✌
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2021.06.14 03:42 wynokee I'm 15 years old and happen to be in the top 1% in terms of speed in two separate languages. AMA!

I am a 15 year old male who took up touch typing at 13. I have a personal best of 153 wpm and 124 wpm on 10FastFingers.com in both English and Indonesian respectively.
These tests are 200 random words in the language, no rhyme or reason, and you have 60 seconds to type as much as you can.
With this clarification, that's that! AMA!
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2021.06.01 08:57 rediredix لپ تاپ استوک ایسر 715

لپ تاپ استوک ایسر 715

لپ تاپ ایسر
مدل لپ تاپ استوک در شیراز دارای پردازنده 2.3 گیگاهرتزی Intel Pentium 4417U با 8 گیگابایت رم ، 32 گیگابایت حافظه فلش و پردازنده گرافیکی Intel HD Graphics 610 است. واحد میان رده 649 دلاری شما را به یک پردازنده مرکزی Intel Core i3-8130U 2.2 گیگاهرتزی ، حافظه فلش 64 گیگابایتی و پردازنده گرافیکی Intel UHD Graphics 620 تبدیل می کند.
واحد بررسی ما 779 دلار هزینه دارد و از پردازنده 1.7 گیگاهرتزی Intel Core i5-8350U با 8 گیگابایت رم ، 64 گیگابایت حافظه فلش و پردازنده گرافیکی Intel UHD Graphics 620 بهره می برد.

طراحی و رنگ لپ تاپ ایسر
شاسی آلومینیومی با خاکستری تخته سنگ تا لبه های گرد آن براق است. یک آرم کرم خاکستری تیره در گوشه بالا سمت چپ ، درست بالای آرم کروم براق Acer قرار دارد. لپ تاپ بیشتر از آن آلومینیوم خاکستری تیره را نشان می دهد.
یک صفحه کلید دارای نور پس زمینه در یک صفحه فرو رفته در بالای صفحه لمسی شیشه ای قرار دارد. مستقیماً در سمت راست یک خواننده اثر انگشت قرار دارد. حاشیه های صفحه نمایش ضخیم تر از حد مجاز.
نوت بوک با وزن 3.8 پوند ، نوت بوک 14.4 9. 9.8 0. 0.7 اینچی از وزن متوسط است. نسبت به HP Chromebook 15 (3.9 پوند ، 14.1 9. 9.7 7 0.7 اینچ) و Acer Chromebook Spin 15 (4.6 پوند ، 15.2 در 10.3 0. 0.8 اینچ) سبک تر است اما سنگین تر از Chromebook Flip C434 کوچکتر (3.1 پوند ، 12.6) x 8 x 0.6 اینچ)

دوام و امنیت
715 فقط مجلل نیست ، بلکه به لطف گواهینامه MIL-SPEC-810G سخت گیرانه است ، که اطمینان می دهد این سیستم پیچیده می تواند در برابر قطرات ، شوک ، لرزش ، گرد و غبار و شن مقاومت کند. از نظر امنیت ، شما خواننده اثر انگشت یکپارچه دارید تا داده های حساس خود را بیش از حد ایمن نگه دارد.

در سمت چپ ، یک پورت USB 3.1 Type-C ، USB 3.1 Type-A و یک جک هدست دریافت می کنید.
در سمت راست ، علاوه بر اسلات microSD و قفل کنزینگتون ، پورت USB 3.1 Type-C دیگری نیز قرار دارد.

نمایش گر
صفحه نمایش 715 با اندازه 15.6 اینچ ، 1920 10 1080 رنگ قابل قبولی با جزئیات متوسط تولید می کند. وقتی تریلر Wonder Woman 1985 را تماشا کردم ، هیچ کدام از رنگهای این تریلر معمولاً پر جنب و جوش ظاهر نشد. زره های زرق و برق دار Wonder Woman کم رنگ به نظر می رسید ،.
با توجه به اینکه چقدر تریلر Wonder Woman بی لیست به نظر می رسید ، من تعجب نکردم که دیدم این پنل فقط 63٪ در گستره sRGB دارد. نه تنها زیر 100٪ حداقل ، بلکه کمتر از 79٪ Chromebook متوسط است. با این حال ، هنوز هم تراز Chromebook 15 و Chromebook Spin 15 بود که ما برای تولید مثل رنگ اندازه گیری کردیم ، که به ترتیب 64 و 68 درصد اندازه گیری شد. فقط Flip C434 میانگین را 93٪ پاک کرد.

با توجه به اینکه چقدر تریلر Wonder Woman بی لیست به نظر می رسید ، لپ تاپ استوک من تعجب نکردم که دیدم این پنل فقط 63٪ در گستره sRGB دارد. نه تنها زیر 100٪ حداقل ، بلکه کمتر از 79٪ Chromebook متوسط است. با این حال ، هنوز هم تراز Chromebook 15 و Chromebook Spin 15 بود که ما برای تولید مثل رنگ اندازه گیری کردیم ، که به ترتیب 64 و 68 درصد اندازه گیری شد. فقط Flip C434 میانگین را 93٪ پاک کرد.

ایسر یک جفت بلندگوی زیرین را در 715 مجهز کرد و من آرزو می کنم کاش آنها روی عرشه صفحه کلید بودند. با پخش موسیقی از برخی از هنرمندان مورد علاقه خود در YouTube ، متوجه شدم که صدای لپ تاپ خفه شده است و به سختی می تواند فضای کمی را پر کند. اگر می خواهید حتی صدای مناسبی از این چیز بیرون بیاورید .

صفحه کلید و صفحه لمسی
ایسر به اندازه کافی آینده نگر بود تا بتواند یک صفحه شماره اختصاصی به صفحه کلید اضافه کند ، که اولین بار برای ایسر و دنیای لپ تاپ است. این برای افرادی که در مدیریت مالی شخصی هستند یا دانشجویانی که باید برخی از اعداد را خرد کنند مفید واقع می شود.
از کنار صفحه ، صفحه کلید به سبک جزیره ای فاصله مناسبی دارد و نور پس زمینه آنقدر روشن است که در یک اتاق کم نور تایپ می کند. متوجه شدم که تایپ کردن روی Chromebook بسیار راحت است ، و این اقدام با یک کلیک خوب همراه با بازخورد بهاری انجام شد. من در تست تایپ 10FastFingers 106 کلمه در هر دقیقه کسب کردم. صفحه لمسی 3 4. 4.2 اینچی از گوریلا گلس ساخته شده و لمس آن نرم است. وقتی مکان نما را روی صفحه می کشیدم و حرکات چند لمسی را انجام می داد ، ردیابی کاملاً نقطه ای بود. با استفاده از گوشه های پایین صفحه لمسی به عنوان دکمه های کلیک راست و چپ ، بازخورد محکم ارائه می شود.

سیستم عامل Chrome
Google پشتیبانی از Android را به سیستم عامل Chrome اضافه کرده است ، بنابراین تمام قدرت فروشگاه Play را در نوک انگشتان خود خواهید داشت. با این حال ، همه برنامه های موجود در فروشگاه نمی توانند از رزولوشن 715 استفاده کنند.

عمر باتری
آیا نیاز به انجام برخی از کارهای بعد از ساعت دارید؟ نگران نباشید ، 715 شما را پوشش داده است. این لپ تاپ در آزمایش باتری Laptop Mag باتری (وب گردی مداوم از طریق Wi-Fi با سرعت 150 نیت) 10 ساعت و 13 دقیقه دوام آورد. به راحتی از میانگین 9:39 Chromebook ، Flip C434 (9:58) ، Chromebook 15 (9:51) و Spin 15 (9:37) پیشی گرفت.
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2021.03.16 13:34 ResidentRunner1 [Discussion] What is your typing speed?

I average 120 WPM usually on mechanical keyboards, but on my Chromebook I can average up to 134 WPM with a high of 154 WPM once on the Dictionary TypeRacer universe
To be honest, I could go even faster when words are lined up correctly. In speed-typing, it's called "bursts", where you can reach briefly speeds of 160 WPM or higher, for fast typers. Hell, on 10FastFingers sometimes, on the REALLY short text practices, I've hit 228 WPM before.
So what is your typing speed?
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2021.02.16 08:02 CraftingBlue28 I have been trying my best to learn touch typing but it hasn't been good. I've only averaged at about 40 wpm on 10fast fingers but get even lower on type racer because of all those punctuation marks. I've also had a problem with mistyping and often looking down. please help

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2020.11.30 20:29 MemeDinkler 21 Days of learning touch-typing on 10FastFingers.com , 10 consecutive sessions per day

21 Days of learning touch-typing on 10FastFingers.com , 10 consecutive sessions per day submitted by MemeDinkler to learntyping [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 23:37 YeetYallMorrowBoizzz 125 WPM Plateau

I've been stuck at 125 WPM for roughly one year. I got this speed from mostly just typing normally, but I started to practice on Nitro Type and 10FastFingers a month ago. My average WPM is still the same as a month ago, is this where my typing speed plateaus?
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2020.10.21 19:32 KrisKSR 10FastFingers speedrun world record (1:00!)

10FastFingers speedrun world record (1:00!) submitted by KrisKSR to InterdimensionalCable [link] [comments]

2020.10.08 14:50 pragmaticoutcast Tell me if touch typing really keeps your fingers relaxed

Hi, I have been typing at 60+ WPM 95+% accuracy (I have hit 75-80 WPM 95+% accuracy in the <= 5 minute timed tests) and I type with the index fingers for the letters, left thumb for the space bar (and sometimes for the lower ranked letters, if my brain compels me to) and the right pinky for the Shift. I tend to use the middle finger occasionally as well, for instance -- the middle finger for the upper ranked letters and the index for the lower. You get it!
I have to document a lot. Google searching and discussing on various forums is a part of life. I have always wondered if touch typing would be beneficial for having my fingers not pain while typing. The pain is very much instantaneous and fades away as I keep my fingers off the keyboard -- it is a pain, regardless. Will touch typing help me?
I have seen some of the posts here and shortlisted Typing Club, keybr, TypeRacer and 10FastFingers for my practice. How long did it take you all to achieve 80+ WPM (95+% accuracy)? This could be in months (not more than 6), days. If it took you years (given you could type at a decent speed before, just using your own unconventional algorithm), please do not mention that -- it'll only demotivate me. Just write "it took me a lot of time" in that case haha.
I type on my laptop keyboard, just for the record.
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2020.08.04 20:30 zhuzhujade List: Games & Websites to Practice Typing Korean

I did a lot of Googling and digging through this subreddit too to find these resources, so I don't claim credit for this compilation; just putting them in one spot with links. I cross-posted this on my Tumblr with images and screenshots if you want to check those out as well.

TaDak TaDak

A Korean website to help kids practice typing, TaDak TaDak is an onomatopoeia for the sound keys make when you type (타닥타닥). This site rocks! It has so many different exercises for practicing typing Korean and it’s freeeeeee.

Hard Mode TaDak Games

If you want to really suffer or you’re an advanced learner, try these TaDak games on for size.
I’m sure we all felt like (or still feel like, in my case) children when it comes to learning Korean; my advice is to just lean into it. Don’t be taken aback by using tools for kids.
Yes, I am a child. Please teach me and don’t be mad at me because I don’t know anything and I’m trying my best.

Hangul Attack

GO! Billy Korean provides amazing resources for Korean learning, and one of those is Hangul Attack, a completely free game to practice Korean typing.
You type the 한글 as they fall from the sky; if you make a mistake, a meteor will fall down. You can shoot meteors down with your space bar. Any characters or meteors that hit the ground drain your life points.
Visit Billy’s website to download and install the game for your computer.


Increase your typing speed while racing against others - publicly or privately.
You can either enter a typing race against random online opponents, practice on your own or race your friends. Great tool for those of us with a competitive streak cough cough
Try it out here!

Typing Tests

I’m sure we’ve all taken one or two typing tests for our native languages at some point or another, so it shouldn’t surprise you that there are options for Korean typing tests. Here’s just a few that give you text to type and measure your speed and accuracy.
Hope this helps you out! ^^ If any redditors know of additional resources or mobile apps, I'd love to edit this post and add those to the list.
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