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This is a subreddit meant to be a sister subreddit to /EDC only geared towards people who carry bags around with them for whatever reason. Lets include job specific bags, or bags you carry around for specific events. Show us what you've got! So, What's in your bag?

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/cinematography is a forum dedicated to becoming an active resource for cinematographers of all skill levels.

2018.12.11 06:45 blisstake Did you find an old safe or keep finding neat stuff in your attic? Come share here!

Opening things in safes and finding other odd stuff

2023.06.03 19:45 AutoModerator The System by Todd Valentines (The Program)

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2023.06.03 19:41 Ashyildae Summer Cooling

I'm trying to figure out how to handle some cooling issues for our Hedgie and I'm not sure how to write this in a coherent way (I'm sick right now, so, that doesn't really help). Some things to know: After some years of unfortunate things out of our control, we will be selling our current home and moving into the family's summerhouse, which does not currently have AC available. We intend on changing this asap but won't be able to until after selling this place and moving directly in to the other. We live in Greece and the summers can be hot and humid. What we currently have are tiles and a portable swamp cooler. The best thing that I can think of (definitely as a temporary solution) is to put his cage in one of the bathrooms on the bottom floor. The ground floor of the house is about halfway underground, so it's already the coolest area from the rest of the house. Keeping the bathroom door closed will keep the heat out. As for the swamp cooler, I've never used it and I'm not sure how efficient it will be. The bathroom is very, very small, so I'm hoping that it won't be too difficult to get and keep the temperature down. As for the tiles we have in Hedgie's cage, he hasn't figured out that he can lie on them to keep cool. Again, we do not intend this as a permanent setup. We fully intend on installing AC in our home.
One thing to keep in mind is that because of where I live, I do not have access to stores say like Walmart or Target. Most of the stores in my general area are touristy or food markets. We purchased the swamp cooler from a small electronics store here, but that's all they had. Greece also doesn't have its own Amazon, which means we have to use either Germany's or the UK's (not even sure if that's viable though because of Brexit). If we find something on another Amazon that will ship here that works and is compatible, I'm all for trying to get it. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, everyone.
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2023.06.03 19:40 montymaximus Create your own starting line-up with pro wrestlers.

It’s the NBA Finals, so I thought this would be a fun exercise. I’ll start:
Point Guard 2006 Kurt Angle. The Floor General. He’s a master technician and olympic gold medalist. It was very common to see Kurt direct traffic during multi-man matches back then, so I thought he would be the perfect point guard. Plus, he has captained multiple Survivor Series teams. Given his experience in the olympic stage, his clutch gene will be vital in closing games.
Shooting Guard 1991 Mr. Perfect. The Specialist. His titantron literally features him shooting a basketball without even looking. Pretty sure he’d be the perfect 3-and-D player (Lockdown defender and 3PT Shooter) given his skillset. He can draw charges very well too with his immaculate flopping/selling.
Small Forward 1989 Rick Rude. The Enforcer. With his size and length, Rude would be the ideal perimeter defensive presence for this squad. He’s gonna be adding toughness, too. He’ll be in charge of locking down the opposing team’s best player. Him carrying his feud with the Ultimate Warrior would have prepared him well against any star possible.
Power Forward 2003 Brock Lesnar. The Bulldozer. He’ll be our offensive focal point. Similar to LeBron James in 2013, Brock can just simply bully his way through defenders and score at will. He’d be too strong for lighter defenders and too fast for bigger defenders. He’s amateur wrestling prowess will be in full display through his tenacious rebounding.
Center 2007 The Undertaker. The Anchor. The man in the middle from the dark side. I believe he played basketball during college, and scouts saw him as a powerhouse. But for this team, Taker will be our defensive anchor. Taker is strong enough to bump against other big centers, and quick enough to defend the perimeter. His length and athleticism will also be useful for alley-oops and defense. No ego, so he won’t be hogging the ball, too. The perfect anchor, indeed.
Coach Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. The Mastermind. I mean he’s not known as “The Brain” for nothing. A genius and will do whatever it takes to win. Will focus on defense and grit. I see a little of Chuck Daly in him.
What’s yours?
Have fun!
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2023.06.03 19:39 otterpop21 This game exceeds expectations

I didn’t know what to expect going into Diablo 4. The beta was amazing, almost too amazing. It was all I could think about when it stopped. Every game I played in between felt a bit dull and left me feeling empty. Then Thursday came around and I was nervous. Reading all the queue time jokes I was fully prepared to play something else while impatiently waiting. Login in was smooth. Had a minor hiccup with Battlenet not recognising my password, though it solved itself in about 30 minutes, my heart goes out to PS5 players.
Well after all the wait I picked my class - Rogue. And you know what? I didn’t even care that my ultimate was trash. The game is that awesome. Would I love to have a cool fire snake? Yes. Turn into some wild creature and go on a killing spree? Absolutely. But do I need it? No. I’ve sincerely enjoyed this game so much I just built around and still crushing it. Able to keep up levels no problem with any other class.
Amazing game, amazing experience, 10/10 highly recommend.
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2023.06.03 19:37 MHB24 Reporting Back: My LDN Experience So Far

Recently I developed throbbing pain in my hands and feet. In the past I have had small joint issues from the tick bite, but with this turning into what I can only guess is fibromyalgia, I wanted I wanted to try LDN. In the past few years I have had fatigue and memory loss/brain fog... so I was hopeful it would help with that.
The instructions said to take 1.5mg and after a week, bump up to 3.0. Take 3.0 for a week, then begin 4.5, and take that moving forward
I took 1.5 around 6pm to gauge its effect on me. I sat down on the couch and I must have passed out as I woke up about 3 hours later. I never intended to take a nap so the drug must have put me to sleep.
Heres the bad side: when I woke up I had a crazy bad migraine. It was top 5 worst headaches I have had. Just a throbbing, crushing pain from the center of my head. Talking and moving just made it worse so I tried to lay there and ride it out. I began to feel like my skin was clammy or slightly sweaty and I felt hot, but I was told my my wife that when she checked me for fever it felt like I was freezing ... it felt like I had a really really bad hangover
I woke up today around 6am and still had a mild headache. That finally went away around 11.
Was the dose too high?
What should I do now?
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2023.06.03 19:33 Interesting-Peace-51 Whats your opinion on having a radical communist run for president in the 2024 election?

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2023.06.03 19:33 deoxyribonucleo3p Biomedical adjunct position : purgatory???

I have a question for y’all about biomedical (immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, cell bio in particular) adjunct positions in the USA. I’m a PhD doing my post doc at a top tier R1 institution. I love my post doc so far and have received some great NIH/private fund grant support. I’m hoping to get a few publications out in the next year before hitting the faculty job market for tenure track positions.
At my university there are many MD PhD or MD who are getting hired on as adjuncts so they can get a pay bump and be able to hire techs. I don’t think this is a common path for a PhD? I have connections to a few clinical depts so I could see myself trying to negotiate something like this. But I’ve always viewed it as a sort of academic purgatory? Should I just keep the horrible post doc pay for a few more years until I get lucky and get hired in a tenure track (I think I’d probably have to apply several cycles based on my friends’ success rate and how competitive it is). Is there any benefit in trying to finagle an adjunct position now? I have funding to hire a technician but I can’t be their supervisor as a post doc in my institution. Or I could save that money for when I have my own lab…. For what it’s worth, my ideal/dream would be to be hired by a basic science dept (not a clinical dept) into tenure track.
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2023.06.03 19:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (

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Phase 0) Digital Economics 101

The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.

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Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

Most people are sitting on a goldmine of skills, experience, and knowledge (that they can use to help people 1-2 steps behind them).That is what people pay for.Considering 95% of the market are beginners… if you are good at something, you can help them get to your level (no matter how “basic” you think the information is).Do you not watch basic content all day anyway? People don’t want new information, they want to be reminded of what works.

Phase 4) Marketing Strategy

You aren’t making money because you aren’t promoting yourself or your offer.That is literally the only way to make money. Have something desirable and consistently put it in front of peoples’ faces.In Phase 4, I will show you how to systemize, automate, and be consistent with simple promotions.You will be able to make money without having the chance of forgetting to do it (or letting fear of failure get in the way).

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.03 19:30 aop42 Did anyone miss that AMC started a program called "Sightline" that basically charges you more for trying to reserve good seats in the movie theater?

Here's a Deadline story about it. Basically unless you want to sit in the very front or very back, or off to the side, they'll charge you more to reserve that seat. Unless you are a member of their "AMC Stubs" program which is $20 a month.
The extra charge is about $2 a ticket, before other fees and taxes.
What do you think about this?
I personally think it's ridiculous and a slap in the face to people who have been supporting their business. I was planning to reserve IMAX seats for several people last week yet now I'm looking for alternatives. It's like you're rewarded for already paying the high prices for this format, for trying to reserve tickets early to get decent seats, by being charged more for the same thing that was a flat rate a few months ago.
Just seems like a cash grab and just seems disrespectful.
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2023.06.03 19:28 Striking-End-3384 Colleen Ballinger: Brainy Quote®️ featuring Colleen Ballinger

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2023.06.03 19:28 OkEmergency5099 Advice wanted

Hello guys, just wondering if anyone can give me any advice on how to improve my mental health
Bit of backstory: was in a 6 month situationship, it ended, it’s been 7 months since then and I’m still heartbroken, I don’t think it’s over wanting them back but more the loneliness I’m feeling,
So yeah, what worked for you guys, any advice is appreciated
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2023.06.03 19:27 VirtualShadow22 I just need some advice.

So, I want to begin by stating that I have a horrible time letting go. My ex and I had officially broke up back in March. We were dating for just a little under a year. With the breakup, we agreed that we should stay friends. Because we don't really have any other friends besides eachother. That went well at first. Just normally talking. But after a few weeks, we both asked each other if we could try again. We agreed and did so. Then we started arguing again. So we agreed to slow it down and be friends again.
After about two months, I contacted her again to try and see if we could hang out. She had mentioned it a little while before anyways. Just to catch up. We planned to try and meet out at the Renaissance fair that was going on here last weekend. Another note I'd like to make is that I was with family as well. My mother is protective of me.
So we walk into the fairground. And after a little while, I spot her. She has a friend with her, which doesn't bother me at all. But they both start turning around and began to sneer at us. Of course, my mother didn't take this lightly at all. So she went to confront them. Respectfully told them to knock off their sneering and to go on with their day.
My ex and her friend then come up to us and begin bombarding me with questions. Asking what is going on. I'm frozen from embarrassment and can't fucking answer. There was all too much going on around me and I just couldn't handle it.
After a few hours of quietly following my group, ashamed of myself. We finally leave. As I get in the car, I look at my phone to see a message from her. Stating that I'm a piece of shit for not talking to her about what was going on. And that she doesn't want to talk to me ever again. I know that I fucked up. All because I couldn't speak up. And I am contemplating whether or not to just shoot her a message trying to explain myself and apologize. I know she won't care or probably won't even see it. But I just need that sense of closure and to get that off my chest. Because I feel sick to my stomach, I'm having trouble sleeping, and I just want it to end is all.
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2023.06.03 19:25 Polishcockney Overwhelmed

Anyone overwhelmed? I understand it’s an open world game but I feel a bit lost.
The objectives are so far apart and the lack of linear gameplay, I feel I am doing something wrong.
I look at the guides as I am playing with a whirlwind barbarian and this who two handed wielding with the technique, and someone on YT explained about putting the opposite weapon in a slot etc. I am genuinely confused.
Can someone help and post what weapons, is it two swords? Or have you mixed them for the dual wield? I am not sure I am rolling with a optimal setup to be honest.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.03 19:24 StaticStackz26 The mouse is in the Bucket

Today when I got up and went into the bathroom to handle morning duties, a mouse ran from behind the toilet and into the door. The mouse didn't fit underneath and ran back behind the toilet. Now I had no traps at home, so I finished and closed the door. After I had acquired the appropriate method to rid my home of this evil doer, I went back into the bathroom where I saw he had chewed through my door. To my dismay I thought "he got away to live another day." When I hear a squeak come from the bucket on top of my tub by the door, there he was inside. I got rid of the mouse and told my wife what happened because I havent stopped wondering how he got in the bucket in the first place. IMO the mouse chewed through the door only far enough in between the 2 sheets of wood, then climb up the door looking for a way out and when reaching the top and edge of the door. He JUMPED and landed inside the bucket.
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2023.06.03 19:23 Lucky0883 Would you play a Minecraft game creator? (Server idea)

Hey there! I have a simple yet in-depth question. I'm thinking about making a Minecraft mini-game creator, I just don't know how many people would play it or even be interested in it.
Pretty much using a very basic system I came up with, you place down blocks that work almost like code, but they aren't full on block coding like the server DiamondFireMC does, they are placed individually, and you set a radius that they work in. For example, you would type a command like /getblock damagedevice [radius] [health] and whenever a player enters a set radius around the block, it would do a set amount of damage. The blocks will be able to work together all around the project, I just don't know how that would work yet, but it will be possible.
I also plan to have minigames alongside the project, as a way to show people what can be made with the block system and give off the source blocks so that people can get started faster with their minigames. This server would also allow every tool for free, it would monetize off of more project slots and cosmetics you could use in your project. Using Items Adder.
What do you think? Would you play this, or even create on this? Feel free to leave any suggestions below.
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2023.06.03 19:18 nikharr Purple Wedding Target was not who died [Spoilers EXTENDED]

I don't think that Joffrey was meant to die at all. Littlefinger's menace is Tyrion, he literally swears vengeance against Tyrion when he leaves for the Riverlands ostensibly to woo Lysa. Olenna Tyrell: she probably wanted Sansa for Willas and was simply trying to rectify the situation of Lannisters acting quickly to marry Sansa and Tyrion. Joffrey's mockery of Tyrion and/or Sansa was unpredictable in its detail, and thus Sansa's crystals' proxomity to Joffrey. Not to mention, it's risky and a waste of resources -- all the Highgarden money spent on the wedding. And, the cup is meant for Margaery too, and we know that the Tyrells are impeccable in their apparent royal and marital fealty to the Barratheon heir Joffrey.
Tyrion being blamed for the death of Joffrey is also unpredictable because of the spontaneous bullying of Tyrion by Joffrey. But clearly, this is the most desired result as **it brings Littlefinger closer to resuing/possessing Sansa.** These motivations of Littlefinger are obviously strongly supported for from what we know of his character, as well as the clearly time-invested set-up of Ser Dontos near Sansa in a way that shows an understanding of Sansa's character he has. We can only imagine his inclination to remove Tyrion and possess Sansa when Tyrion, his horrible enemy, gets his Catelyn-lite.
Also, Littlefinger always makes long term plans, never ones that make people fear him and let him have success, but rather ones that give him undetected power. Attainting Sansa as kingslayer was definitely how the purple wedding went wrong.
I also believe that the lemon cream was poisoned. When I had first read it, I had suspected the lemon cream, for it was very suspicious that a serving man, unasked for, embellishes Tyrion's pie with the cream. And Joffrey also eats it obnoxiously, with a lot of description. But if this was a backup plan, I don't know. Or maybe, what the cream was poisoned with, was the purple crystal.
Also, I believe that the poisoner might choose the public opportunity to poison Tyrion to absolve Sansa? So many witnesses at the wedding for her lack of guilt or something.
This is my first post here. I am sure it is very likely that this has been done before and/or thought before. I just... am excited.
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2023.06.03 19:14 pyrnixas Tips to pirate for beginners

This is coming from a long time pirate that can tell you a little as to what to do with pirating. I'll give a few tips and no I'm not going to detail what I do because, I'm not interested in incriminating myself.
Tip #1 - Use a VPN. Self-explanatory.
Tip #2 - Keep a tab on piracy news, it'll give you hints on what to watch out for, like raids, leaks .etc
Tip #3 - Keep your piracy patterns randomized. ISPs and anti-piracy firms expect patterns and they expect you to be one of those pirates who do it 24/7, makes it easier on them to pinpoint.
Tip #4 - Don't be a smug bragger. Nobody really cares, because we're all doing piracy for a various assortment of reasons. We all have our limits, some of us hoard lots of shit, some of us are content with what we have from our pirating days. We don't like that big loud run-a-mouth pirate that's got to go around building clout because of what they do with piracy and why they pirate. You're not special.
Tip #5 - Don't get people who're morally conflicted involved. This could bite you in the ass. Don't tell people as to how you got so many games "for free" or how you manage to practically be a movie theater with how many movies you got. If pressed, you could at least say you rip the discs for preservation purposes. Otherwise, shut up.
Tip #6 - Never stay logged into somewhere like Google when using a VPN and a browser that you're still logged in. Reason why is that places like Google, can notice a change as to where you've logged in and tie your account to any suspicious activity. Just use another browser that you're not logged into and you're fine.
Tip #7 - If you're asking a 1,000 questions about piracy, then you're probably not fit to pirate. Pirating is easy to learn, the hard part people seem to have trouble is with common sense, no surprise.
Tip #8 - Don't use the networks of friends or family to pirate. That's just simply rude and you could get them into trouble because of your impatient selfishness.
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2023.06.03 19:10 Perfect_Order7461 hacked? $1 payments i didnt make

thankfully i havent used cashapp in forever so i have kept a $0 balance but this is the second time recently where ive had someone attempt to send $1 payments to some unknown merchant. one was declined due to insufficient funds and the other was declined because of an incorrect expiration date for my card but it seems they got the card number and everything else correct. after the first time it happened i reached out to support and they gave the lamest response to just change my password and use face id or whatever which i already had & doesnt change the fact that NO ONE shouldve been able to have access to my account to make that payment in the first place since no one else uses my phone or has ever seen or touched my physical cashapp card. anyway i took all the security "measures" they recommended and it still happened again. seriously considering deleting my account because idk how this can happen when ive taken every security measure and its annoying that cashapp support doesnt seem the slightest bit concerned that someone else is trying to somehow make payments from my account. has this happened to anyone else? btw the names of the attempted recipients were "" and "Barrow Afc Seat Lab" not sure what either of these things are. also after the first time it happened i locked my cash card so it was locked when it happened the second time.
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2023.06.03 19:09 digitalamish Adding an inheritance when my father is close to death?

My father is bed-ridden on hospice now, and doesn't have long left. He has a pickup truck that he would like to give to my brother in law to thank him for helping these last few months. None of us have a problem with it, but we started thinking about how best to fulfill his wish. At this point I don't think we are going to be able to engage a lawyer and amend his will.
What is the best method to make sure he gets the truck? Can he just make some sort of a written declaration of his wishes? Do we do something odd like sell it to him for a dollar?
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2023.06.03 19:08 504_Exotikz What is going on??

What is going on??
Just curious what's up with my bud here.. I decided to try Bragg Canna from a dispensary in Waveland & I opened it up to find the tip of my bud having this offwhite/different color tip.. what's going on here with that?? First time seeing a bud look like this.
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2023.06.03 19:08 WinterRedWolf The forest was gorgeous, birds chirping and the sun shining through the branches as she walked along the dirt trail.

But she simply could not enjoy it as much as she’d like to knowing what she’d just done with the shovel and knife in her hands.
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2023.06.03 19:07 Dumb3rdoor How do i set up DLSS3 and Reflex on a Gsync Monitor and what about Vsync?

Situation is the following
75hz Gsync Monitor playing Forza 5 with DLSS3, Reflex+
Can somebody explain what i set up in Nvidia Center and what has to be done ingame?
Before there was DLSS3 i used to force Vsync and FL 72FPS in Nvidia Center, having read somewhere. that this would ensure the Monitor stays in Gsync range (?) Anyway that was a long time ago, and i don´t know whats the right way to go about this.
I would like to stay below 75FPS though, for power consumption reasons.
I have read here, that Reflex limits FPS to somewhat below the monitor refresh rate...this doesn´t seem to be the case for me though. With everything on default in Nvisia Center, and Reflex/Dlss3 on ingame, i get 170FPS
If anybody has a source that touches on all this, thats ok as well, but just googleing was a bit much for me.
Thanks in advance.
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