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2023.06.07 01:07 Skorpion2425 Is this too much for new tie rods?

Is this too much for new tie rods?
Brought my car in for a wheel alignment and they said they couldn’t do it unless I get new tie rods(old ones were corroded). I’ve never replaced tie rods myself but this seems really high
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2023.06.07 00:19 Heelther My 24x36 Turned Out Great

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2023.06.07 00:02 papo96 City and Colour announces US tour

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2023.06.06 23:36 LacanianReal_ 2011 KLR

2011 KLR
Been riding this for a year now. Originally bought in Charleston SC, riding outside of Philadelphia now. Picture is at Valley Forge National Park.
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2023.06.06 23:02 Y0w0shi Applying to dozens of jobs, no callbacks. Wondering if there is any major issue with my resume or if I just need to keep grinding apps.

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2023.06.06 23:02 philswift23 H: Armor Shown, Q50c25 Handmade, VSSS Chainsaw W: AA - V/25/50b Enclave Flamer, Commando offers, OE/AP/FDC armor

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2023.06.06 22:59 vbp6us Is it safe to run a 72v battery w/ the included 80A controller? 84v x 80A=6720w

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2023.06.06 22:42 JavelinMan72 GTI w/ dirt-road living

Hello all! I recently came to a very expensive repair on my SE mk7, with a cracked spindel that, according to the few mechanics I talked to, should have broken and seriously injured me and my wife on our recent road trip, being a cast aluminum part. We narrowed the culprit down to a bad mechanic, or the occasional washboarding on my nearby dirt road I live on. Giving the mechanic the benefit of the doubt, I want to make any minor investment to mitigate rattling the car to bits. So, I thought downsizing my wheel size and increasing the tire wall would help a bit, but how small can I get the rims to fit over the larger performance brakes on an SE GTI? Also, and other recommendations to mods that I can do are welcome, other than 'get another car', would be appreciated. I just paid the car off, I like it, I want to drive it. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 22:36 MrBlueSky266 Chevrolet Cruze 2011 - ABS and Traction light randomly goes off and on.

I have a Chev Cruze. A few months ago, the ABS Light and Traction light randomly came on when driving - I took the car to an electrics place where they charged me £160 to diagnose and replace the "o/s/f a.b.s. sensor" - however, the issue persists but now sporadically. For instance, yesterday, I did a short drive and the lights were not on, I then stopped for lunch and restarted the car and they came back on, incidentally, I washed my car and focused primarily on the right rear wheel with a hose, the lights then stayed off for the rest of the day on long drives.
Prior to this, the rear right wheel was a bit flat, after putting air in, the lights went off but gradually came back on. I then got the puncture repaired and the same thing, temporarily fixed it.
So what gives?? What can I or someone do? Im still angry at the garage charging £160 to not really fix the issue but we will come back to that another time. I feel 90% sure it's a faulty sensor and the issue is near the right rear wheel.
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2023.06.06 22:27 iOoyu H: Pictures + 500 nuka quantums W: Q2525 Fixer

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2023.06.06 22:24 ResearchEU Tires Replaced, Lug Nut Seized, Stud Supposedly Replaced?

Tires Replaced, Lug Nut Seized, Stud Supposedly Replaced?
Recently had my tires replaced on an ‘09 Honda Fit, however proper torque was not applied to the driver’s side wheel. As a result one lug nut seized while on the freeway (previously popped out at angle where it’s likely the crossthreading occurred) and the other was loose. Went back to the tire shop to have them repaifix the issue. They straightened out the problem lug nut/studs and checked the remaining wheels to ensure proper torque was applied.
My question: The two lug nut/studs which had issues (pictured) protrude at least half an inch out from the normal ones (also pictured) which sit flush with the wheel cover - is this purely cosmetic or is there cause for concern? Whether it is the wheel itself being impacted or some other hazard?
To be clear, the lug nut/stud is straight and tight. Much appreciation for anyone able to offer some insight.
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2023.06.06 22:23 sw_is_best What freehub do I need?

Hi all, but of a noob question here but my free wheel basically died and I’m not sure what freehub I can replace it with. hub is on a specialized turbo levo alloy. Rear Hub is - Alloy, sealed cartridge bearings, 12x148mm thru-axle, 32h. And it’s running Sram 12speed nx eagle mech
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2023.06.06 21:57 DanteSparda45 4th Gen Classic issues

I've got a 4th gen classic and I've done all the necessary repairs i think needed to be done. Flash modded it (iFlash Dual with the 4G converter and a Samsung 64GB SD card), swapped out the old battery, bought a firewire charging cable. Only thing i haven't swapped out is the logic board, as the screen and click wheel work just fine. This ipod is turning into the Ship of Theseus lol
Well, I try to sync it with itunes and its not cooperating at all. Computer sees that there's a usb device attached, but doesn't recognize it. iPod freezes on the "OK to Disconnect" screen. And i keep getting the folder with "!" screen, with the occasional sad ipod screen.
Either i have to replace the logic board, swap out the iflash kit for something else, there's an issue with the cables, or windows is being a total jerk.
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2023.06.06 21:02 mapgreybot1 Church Street Inn, Ascend Hotel Collection

Church Street Inn, Ascend Hotel Collection - 177 Church St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States
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2023.06.06 20:57 Chico237 #NIOCORP~DoE/LPO MONTHLY APPLICATION ACTIVITY REPORT Loan Programs Office for MAY 2023 (Show an Increase of 9 Applications) & A Recap of 2023 activities & responses to date!

#NIOCORP~DoE/LPO MONTHLY APPLICATION ACTIVITY REPORT Loan Programs Office for MAY 2023 (Show an Increase of 9 Applications) & A Recap of 2023 activities & responses to date!





Each month, the LPO Monthly Application Activity report updates:
  1. The total number of current active applications that have been formally submitted to LPO (150)
  2. The cumulative dollar amount of LPO financing requested in these active applications ($127.7 billion)
  3. The 24-week rolling average of new applications per week as of the close of the previous month (1.7)
  4. Technology sectors represented by applications
  5. Proposed project locations represented by applications

6. Status of where applications stand in the review process: Of the 150 active applications, approximately 45% of applications are under initial review, approximately 40% are under advanced review, and roughly 15% are in due diligence



FOLLOW THE TRAIL & CONTEXT OF THE QUESTIONS ASKED TO NIOCORP MANAGEMENT BELOW: Sharing Jims's responses to " Relevant" questions on 11/15/2022:

1) - Has Niocorp recently applied for a DoE/LPO loan for "debt"..?
"We are indeed in discussions with several U.S. federal agencies about potential financial assistance to the Project, but all have very strict rules about disclosure of those discussions and processes. I’m sorry but I cannot say anything more about this at present. "
2) - Could any additional CO2 capture methods still be possible by ex-situ, direct mineralization, or other methods now being undertaken via the New Process?
"The reagent recycling tied to the Calcium and Magnesium removal, which we recently announced as part of our demonstration plant operations, is effectively a carbon sink and is expected to reduce the carbon footprint of the eventual operation*."*
3) - Who owns the patent/rights to this New Process being implemented? Or can it be licensed moving forward?
"We hold the rights to any intellectual property developed and related to the Elk Creek process by virtue of our contractual relationships with L3 and other entities involved in the work. While our focus remains on using proven commercial technologies in the public domain, we will act to protect the parts of our process that may be novel. "


ON JUNE 6, 2022 ~Process Enhancements to NioCorp’s Critical Minerals Project Plans Point to Possible CAPEX and OPEX Reductions and Possible Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions~

Process Enhancements to NioCorp’s Critical Minerals Project Plans Point to Possible CAPEX and OPEX Reductions and Possible Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (June 6, 2022) – Metallurgical testing being conducted now by NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX: NB; OTCQX: NIOBF) in Quebec, Canada, is intended to quantify the Company’s ability to extract rare earth elements (“REEs”) from Elk Creek ore. It is also aimed at testing a carbonation process that can be used to recycle key reagents used in the removal of calcium and magnesium carbonates from the Elk Creek ore ahead of operations that are expected to extract and recover niobium, scandium, titanium, and rare earths once project financing is secured!

JANUARY 2023 National Defense Act Calls out NIOBIUM & TITANIUM & SCANDIUM & the need to establish a U.S. Industrial Base for the Supply & Processing of ALL!

Please see Jim's responses to questions posed for comment-3/17/2022.

~A) Could you comment on what the production of higher purity Niobium & Titanium could be utilized for once realized?
"If the higher purity niobium and titanium intermediates that L3 was able to produce at bench-scale are replicated and proven at demonstration scale, this would put us in a position to more easily move to other products beyond those outlined in our 2019 Feasibility Study. Niobium oxide for use in Li-Ion batteries is one possible example, although the production of that product would require additional processing steps beyond the higher-purity niobium intermediate that we discussed in last week’s news release. The company is not yet in a position to make a determination on whether or not, and when, to possibly expand our Niobium product offering. Higher grade TiO2 could expose us to additional markets where higher margins could be obtained. But, again, we are not in a position to speak to those possibilities in any detail yet. "
~ B) Niocorp’s preferred separation method is SX. Are these higher purity processes part of an improved SX process or “something else”?
"No, the processes we recently discussed occur in the earlier stages of the flowsheet, prior to any SX processing. We look forward to unveiling those details once these processes are verified at the demonstration plant level and once all associated work needed to complete an updated Feasibility Study is completed. "
Sharing Responses from Jim Sims to three relevant questions on 3/13/2023
\*Jim-**A) Could you offer comment on What Scope 3 emissions mean for the Elk Creek mine moving forward into production & to the end users utilizing the products being processed at the mine? & Would Niocorp's Scope 3 Carbon Emission Reductions qualify foas "Carbon Credits" in the context above? Could/Does Niocorp's "Carbon Friendly GHG/ESG" mining processes & work scope qualify for- INNOVATIVE CLEAN ENERGY LOAN GUARANTEES Department of Energy?*
"We have made an internal estimate of the benefits of our planned products at a Scope 3 emissions level. However, the definition and applicability of Scope 3 emissions must eventually be determined by government regulators, and the SEC is examining many aspects of this issue now. At present and in general, carbon credits are created by mitigation measures taken at the Scope 1 emissions level, although there are several different approaches being examined across the U.S. As to DOE programs, I am not allowed to comment on that at this time."
B) Is/Could an "ANCHOR" Investos still have interest in the Elk Creek Project? Comment If you can... (A,B,C,D.... as all options are on the table.)

"Yes. "

C) (Follow up) - Is Niocorp still engaged with "Several Federal Agencies" other than the EXIM Bank as sources for "Debt" or Off-take agreements? Comment if you can...

"Yes, multiple federal agencies, elected officials in the Congress, and the WH. "

What were they doing in D.C.????

MARCH 2023~Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project~

Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues Letter of Interest to NioCorp for Potential Debt Financing of up to $800 Million for NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, Colo. – March 6, 2023 – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (TSX:NB) (OTCQX:NIOBF) is pleased to announce the receipt of a Letter of Interest from the Export-Import Bank of the United States (“EXIM“) for potential debt financing of up to $800 million through EXIM’s “Make More In America” initiative to fund the project costs of NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project.
EXIM’s communication to NioCorp states: “We are pleased to extend this Letter of Interest in support of the proposed capital funding plan by Elk Creek Resources Corp. for the Elk Creek Project. Based on the preliminary information submitted on expected exports and jobs supported, EXIM may be able to consider potential financing of up to $800,000,000.00 of the project’s costs under EXIM’s Make More In America initiative.” Elk Creek Resources Corp. is a Nebraska corporation wholly owned by NioCorp.
A project finance letter of interest from EXIM represents only a preliminary step in the formal EXIM application process, and the Letter of Interest states that the communication “does not represent a financing commitment” and “is not an explicit indication of the financial or commercial viability of a transaction.”
NioCorp expects to submit an application to EXIM to begin the first phase of the underwriting process (“Phase I”) as soon as possible. As stated in the Letter of Interest, “Upon receipt of NioCorp’s application for financing, EXIM will conduct all requisite due diligence necessary to determine if a Final Commitment may be issued for this transaction.” The process from submission of a Phase I application to a final commitment of financing by EXIM, if any, is expected to take approximately six to nine months and is subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. See “About NioCorp’s Application Process” and “Forward-Looking Statements Disclaimers” below for additional information. As explained in the Letter of Interest, “Any final commitment will be dependent on meeting EXIM’s underwriting criteria, authorization process, and finalization and satisfaction of terms and conditions. All Final Commitments must be in compliance with EXIM policies as well as program, legal, and eligibility requirements.”
“We are very pleased with this Letter of Interest from the Export-Import Bank of the United States for NioCorp’s Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project, and with the fact that we may qualify for as much as $800 million in debt financing from EXIM,” said Mark A. Smith, Chairman and CEO of NioCorp. “We look forward to finalizing and submitting a formal loan application to EXIM and working closely with them through this process.”
The debt financing is subject to the satisfactory completion of due diligence, the negotiation and settlement of final terms, and the negotiation of definitive documentation. There can be no assurance that the debt financing will be completed on the terms as described above or at all.
As noted on EXIM’s website, in February 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14017 directing an all-of-government approach to assessing vulnerabilities in – and strengthening the resilience of – the United States’ critical supply chains. From that Executive Order, the White House released findings from its comprehensive 100-day supply chain assessments for four critical products: semiconductor manufacturing and advanced packaging; large capacity batteries, like those for electric vehicles; critical minerals and materials; and pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.
More information on EXIM’s Make More In America initiative can be seen here:
The information on or accessible from any social media postings or sites, or EXIM’s website, is not, and will not be deemed to be, incorporated by reference into this press release or any filings with the SEC.


Over a year ago I asked what improved Nb & Ti could be utilized for moving forward.
  1. Could the improved Niobium & Titanium oxides now under development be utilized in/for Batteries, Electronics, Xenes, SuperAlloys & Titanium Sponge production in the future? Comment if you can, or maybe 🤔 we’ll have to wait just a bit more?


2) The last remaining 25%of Niobium production has yet to be placed under an enforceable contract since 2020. Is the MOU still in place with a major U.S. steel producer or…Are “Other” Entities interested? (Comment if you can)


3) Has Niocorp applied for a DoE/LPO loan?


Or still dealing with several federal agencies in addition to the EXIM Bank?

" YES "

ON APRIL 4, 2023 ~NioCorp Achieves Processing Breakthrough in Demonstration Plant Testing of Niobium and Titanium Production~

NioCorp Achieves Processing Breakthrough in Demonstration Plant Testing of Niobium and Titanium Production - NioCorp Developments Ltd.

New Process May Allow NioCorp to Produce Higher-Purity Versions of its Niobium and Titanium Products, Which May Open New Markets to the Company
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (April 4, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company“) (Nasdaq:NB; TSX: NB) and L3 Process Developments (“L3“) are pleased to announce a process breakthrough in niobium and titanium recovery achieved at L3’s demonstration-scale processing plant Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. The breakthrough points to a potentially more efficient way to process niobium and titanium into higher-purity products, which may in turn open up new markets for NioCorp’s proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (the “Project“) planned products, once sufficient financing is obtained to allow the Project to proceed to commercial operation.

JIM SIMS RESPONDS TO TWO ONGOING RELEVANT QUESTIONS MAY 5, 2023 (***Please see all earlier posted responses to this line of questions for reference)

RESPONSE: "There are several DOE programs, including the LGP program (Title XVII), that could potentially provide debt assistance to NioCorp."

RESPONSE: " As I have stated many times before, we are not allowed to confirm or deny whether we have a pending application with the DOE for this or other programs." -

MAY 25th 2023 ~NioCorp Demonstrates Higher Niobium Recovery Rates New Processing Approach Demonstrates the Ability to Make More Niobium per Tonne of Ore, Produce a Higher Purity Product, and Potentially Address New Markets with Different Niobium Products
New Processing Approach Demonstrates the Ability to Make More Niobium per Tonne of Ore, Produce a Higher Purity Product, and Potentially Address New Markets with Different Niobium Products

More Streamlined Production Process Demonstrated

NioCorp’s new process has been demonstrated to be more efficient than the previous design, is expected to require fewer processing steps, and may allow the elimination of entire processes in NioCorp’s planned processing plant in Nebraska, such as acid regeneration.
“I am very pleased with the results shown in our demonstration plant for niobium recovery,” said Mark A. Smith, CEO and Executive Chairman of NioCorp. “These results point strongly to the likelihood of NioCorp producing more niobium from each tonne of Elk Creek Project ore, which could have positive impacts on our Project’s anticipated overall financial returns. These results also point to the prospect of our Project producing more forms of niobium for a greater range of global markets.”
“These are very exciting results and they point to potentially greater production levels and additional optionality in terms of where we can sell niobium and the prices these products command,” said Scott Honan, NioCorp Chief Operating Officer. “While the demonstration plant has performed well, the pace of operations has gone at a slower rate than any of us would have liked. That is often the case with demonstration plants, which by their nature are designed to investigate innovate pathways for producing commercial products as well as stress testing those processes. Our top priority in this project has always been to maintain a very high standard for technical feasibility and testing, and to conduct the work safely and efficiently. Adhering to high standards is critical to the project’s success, including being able to attract necessary financing to bring projects such as ours to commercial reality.”

MAY 26th 2023~NioCorp Demonstrates the Ability to Potentially Double Projected Titanium Recovery Rates for the Elk Creek Project
Demonstration Plant Shows New Recovery Process May Double NioCorp’s Titanium Production per Tonne of Ore as well as Produce a Higher Purity Product that May Command Higher Market Prices
CENTENNIAL, Colo. (May 26, 2023) – NioCorp Developments Ltd. (“NioCorp” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:NB) (TSX:NB) is pleased to announce that it has successfully demonstrated an ability to potentially double the recovery of titanium from each tonne of ore the Company expects to mine at its Nebraska-based Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project (the “Project”), once project financing is obtained and the commercial plant is constructed. The new process is expected to produce a purer form of titanium that may command a higher price than is assumed in NioCorp’s June 2022 feasibility study for the Project (the “Feasibility Study”). NioCorp’s demonstration plant in Trois Rivieres, Quebec, has shown that the Company’s new and improved recovery process can likely achieve an 83.7% rate of overall titanium recovery to final product. This compares to a 40.3% titanium recovery rate in NioCorp’s previous process approach. This new result points to a potentially large increase in the amount of titanium that NioCorp can potentially produce at currently planned rates of mining.

MAY 29th 2023~NioCorp Launches Phased Approach to Commercial Production of Made-in-America Aluminum-Scandium Master Alloy
NioCorp Partnering with Nanoscale Powders LLC to Explore the Possibility of Establishing the First US-Based Mine-to-Master-Alloy Vertically Integrated Production of the High-Performance MaterialNioCorp’s Potential Commercial Production of Al-Sc Master Alloy Could Launch Prior to the Company’s Planned Production of >100 Tonnes/Year of Scandium Oxide at its Proposed Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project in Nebraska and Would Use Scandium Produced at the Elk Creek Facility as well as From Other SourcesChina Now Dominates the Scandium World, but North America is Now Positioned to Emerge as a “Leading Scandium Producer,” says NioCorp CEO

MAY 29th 2023~ Jim/NIOCORP respond to question on recent Scandium News Release above:What comes to mind right off the bat is:

*A)"How is this Scandium AlSc master Alloy different than what Niocorp produced with IBC & AMES laboratory???"*Response:

"It is a different process that will be utilized. "

*B) Will this be a Patentable approach now moving forward? in conjunction with Nanoscale???*Response:

" Yes and yes. But we do not discuss the details of intellectual property matters except as required by law"

(\****This is very interesting indeed because a few years back Niocorp was not interested in patenting any such materials!)*
*C) IS NIOCORP still engaged with IBC, AMES & OTHER ENTITIES in regards to Scandium Alloy production & uses moving forward? and with the New Niobium & Titanium oxides as well!!!!*Response:

"We are focusing on our partnership with Nanoscale on the production of AlSc master alloy, but we engaged with a number of parties on various elements of our scandium-aluminum master alloy business development. We are not working with IBC on niobium or titanium product development efforts."



Sharing Jims response as Niocorp does have legal DISCLOSURE constraints to deal with in regards to all "Material News releases"! When asked about Rare Earths ON ~MAY, 26th 2023~
"NioCorp has not made a final determination on which REE products we will make, including tonnages, etc.. That determination can only be made in the context of publication of an updated Feasibility Study"


Hmmm... LAtest batch of Questions to Team Niocorp has gone "unanswered????" I don't think they can answer them until they can! Although these latest Niocorp material NEWS releases are AWEFULLY ENCOURAGING!


Home - NioCorp Developments Ltd.
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2023.06.06 20:54 XxROTSA2xX Hot Take

I really miss Kendrick Lamar's Black Hippy days, and I wish that he was more affiliated with the rest of the crew (Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul). Like I wish they had features on Kendrick's later albums. For example, a ScHoolboy Q verse on "DNA" would totally work, considering his flows on "Hands on the Wheel" and "X,", a Jay Rock verse would work on "Father Time," and an Ab-Soul verse would work on "Momma," (though those are not essential because those are all perfect songs in my opinion). I also wish there could be a full Black Hippy album (I've made countless playlists of their collab songs that I treat like albums).
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2023.06.06 20:36 Adamdotwhatdotwhat 2023 ducati monster sp [1943x1943]

2023 ducati monster sp [1943x1943]
Photo I took when I was visiting Charleston SC over the weekend.
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2023.06.06 20:33 Mouse2k02 Money pit crisis

Hey y'all. I'm in a shit situation and I am looking for some advise on what I should do next.
I bought my first car about a year ago, 2008 Corolla S 5spd. Love driving a manual, but didn't know anything about it when I got it and the seller screwed me. Needed a new clutch, needed new tires, I wanted new wheels, needed new stereo, and needed a new transmission. The car has been drivable for the past year, but required granny shifting in certain gears and was not fun to drive. Finally decided to fix the trans this week and a local shop baited me with a low guaranteed price, only to give a real price 3x that amount after holding my car for almost 2 weeks. TLDR: I have a car I overpaid for, have sunk more than I paid for it into it in repairs and upgrades, and am now faced with pouring ANOTHER 2ish thousand into it. Now that the trans is out, I am looking at used transmissions to put into the car and hoping that is discounted by the fact that they do not have to drop the old trans.
Thinking this would all go fine, I bought a dream car of mine this past spring (pre-trans repair idea). It's a 92 Miata and it doesn't have any issues at the moment (especially not in the transmission department). However, the Miata can't be my only car at the moment.
What should I do? Should I fix the Corolla and assume that there will not be any other major problems for the foreseeable future? Should I cut my losses and sell the Corolla to get a beater car as a daily driver? Should I sell both and get one car that can do it all? Something else?
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2023.06.06 20:30 khoafraelich789 Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition review: precious mettle

Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition review: precious mettle

Platinum touches do add class
Quality feel to whole package
Really sophisticated SUV drive


Interior less impressive than newer Porsches
Options can be expensive/overwhelming
Essentially on runout

If what’s good enough for Canadian/British tennis ace Emma Raducanu is good enough for you in the world of premium SUVs, then may I introduce you to this: the Porsche Cayenne Platinum Edition.

It’s what British number one (and Porsche global ambassador) Raducanu drove while in New Zealand for the ASB Classic last month. And while I’m not normally a sports-celeb (or any kind of celeb) gazer, it’s relevant in this instance because this is the actual car – now on Porsche NZ’s company fleet.

What makes a Cayenne Platinum? The bad news is there’s no actual platinum in the Platinum Edition. But it does bring a satin finish to details like the air-intake slats up front, the Porsche lettering in the rear light bar, badges and the 21-inch RS Spyder Design wheels. The exhaust pipe extensions and window frames are also blacked out. Not a lot of which is immediately obvious on this black car… but other colours are available.

In the cabin there are Crayon (the Porsche colour, not the children’s drawing implements) seatbelts, brushed alloy door sills with the Platinum Edition logo and snazzy silver trim. A panoramic roof is added, the Bose sound system gets an upgrade, there’s extra ambient lighting functionality, sports seats with memory, the Porsche crest on the head restraints… and an analogue clock. Old school.

It’s a fairly comprehensive package on this Cayenne 3.0-litre, even for an $8000 premium over the standard car at $161,800. The same specification is available on the E-Hybrid and S versions further up the range, SUV (as featured here) or Coupe.

The privileged life of motoring writers being what it is, I think this is actually the first time I’ve driven a “normal” Cayenne – which is what this is under the Platinum garnish, with the least powerful 250kW/450Nm 3.0-litre V6 single-turbo engine.

It’s definitely not slow, with 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds, and “entry level” is not an appropriate (if technically correct) phrase for such a comfortable, luxurious and expensive car.

Porsche pretty much invented this whole sports/premium SUV genre and the Cayenne is still one of the most rewarding to drive. The engineering foundation of the thing is evident in higher-end models like the GTS and Turbo GT, which are both wild and wildly entertaining.

The standard Cayenne is more smooth than sporting. The steering is great, the chassis impossibly tight and precise for such a large SUV and the engine makes nice noises when you reach the upper rev range; but overall the impression is more of a luxury SUV polished and refined to the nth degree, a near-perfect execution of a premium crossover. Which is as it should be; it just has a really different feel to the faster, more driver-focused models.

Can’t go into the fine detail of the driving experience too much, because this car also has some extra equipment that’s not part of the Platinum Edition package, such as adjustable-height air suspension in place of the standard car’s steel springs, which is a substantial change. But it all just shows how much variation Porsche can dial into one SUV platform through a comprehensive range (there are 19 different Cayenne models on offer in NZ).

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that the Platinum Edition is also a handy way for Porsche NZ to increase interest in this Cayenne as it enters the end of its run. Porsche has already announced the third-generation model is getting a huge upgrade in 2023, including a “semi-active” chassis and much more digitisation in the cabin. Porsche Cayenne series manager Michael Schatzle calls it “one of the most extensive product upgrades in the history of Porsche”. Could be a Grand Slam of an SUV.

ENGINE: 3.0-litre turbo-petrol V6
POWER: 250kW/450Nm
GEARBOX: 8-speed automatic, AWD
0-100KM/H: 6.2 seconds
CONSUMPTION: 12.5l/100km (WLTP)
PRICE: $161,800

Source: drivencarguide
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2023.06.06 20:16 Slippa2022 I-485 & I-130 approval 🎉

Hey y’all!
I almost feel guilty for posting this because I know how I felt when I saw approval posts but I’m just posting here for people to give you a bit of hope and just think when it seems like it will never happen, it’s closer than you think!!
My FO is Charleston, SC but when I did the USCIS Emma chat, they said it was being processed in Montgomery, AL but below it says the NBC so maybe it just depends on the situation.
I got a conditional green card and we have been married exactly 1 year the date we received the approval!
Can someone tell me how long the green card takes to come after approval?
My Case Timeline
Category: IR-1/CR-1 (U.S. citizen filing for a spouse)
Total Days: 285 days
● Aug 24, 2022 / I-130, I-485, I-765 / Submission to USCIS
● Sep 07, 2022 / I-485 / Biometrics, i.e. fingerprint and photo
● Sep 19, 2022 / I-765 / Decision (Approval)
● Jun 03, 2023 / I-485 / Decision (Approval)
● Jun 05, 2023 / I-130 / Decision (Approval)
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Looking for top-notch legal support services? At Your Service Nationwide has got you covered! #AYSN specializes in process service, mobile notary, and remote online notarization (RON) services.
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Looking for top-notch legal support services? At Your Service Nationwide has got you covered! #AYSN specializes in process service, mobile notary, and remote online notarization (RON) services.
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2023.06.06 19:41 Francis_idk Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong
2 years later and my 2015 is still kicking
I(F23)/ (F21 at the time) was told it would be a pricey vehicle to maintain and it Lowkey was for a second when the dealer randomly told me something was leaking last year and tried charging me 5k to repair that and some rotors but that was my mistake taking it to the dealer in the first place. BUT OTHERWISE it has not been at all :)
We been in a couple of accidents lmaoo but it kept me safe like no damages to my car 🙈 OH and a wheel popping when we jumped over a parking divider ig my wheel was low in air cuz ive done it before and it never popped till that one time
But yeah I’m excited to fix the suspension, tint the windows and take this baby off-roading eventually :D
Or should I upgrade to a newer model 😤 I’m almost done paying it off :P was considering a tesla… hopefully Jeep implements self-driving capabilities to a Wrangler one day.
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