Activate sim card att

How to bypass the setup screen in iPod touch 4 on ios 7.1.2.

2023.06.05 11:56 Cola_Windows How to bypass the setup screen in iPod touch 4 on ios 7.1.2.

How to bypass the setup screen in iPod touch 4 on ios 7.1.2.
Recently,I installed ios 7.1.2 in iPod touch 4.It supposed to go to desktop directly after the first boot.However ,I got into the setup screen for a weird reason.Since iPod touch 4 isn’t officially supported by Apple and it can’t be activated.Also,Wi-Fi is not working here.I just got stuck on the connect to iTunes screen.After I connected to the computer,it recognised as iPhone 4 and ask me to put a SIM card in it.How I can fix this weird issue by bypassing setup ?
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2023.06.05 11:53 TheLordSet An idea for an aspect to nerf Green and give it more choices

So, we can all agree Green is one of the strongest spirits, waaay above the curve, just because how strong [[Gift of Proliferation]] is.
It's so strong that whenever I play Green, I feel forced to reclaim it every turn - I know I'm not actually forced to do so, but imo it isn't fun to actively cripple yourself during a game. This is especially true in multiplayer games.
My idea isn't fully formed, which is why I'm not bringing a "full" aspect, just these thoughts
It's: * Add a special rule as Gift of Proliferation and remove the card. Maybe make it replace something, maybe not. The rule itself can be called something akin to the card name. * This rule uses special "Proliferation Tokens" that you can earn one per turn by doing some specific thing that isn't guaranteed but isn't hard to do. Could be something like "each turn, the first time you add a presence to a land without blight, gain a proliferation token" * You can store up to 4 of these tokens * You can burn 2 of them at any point during the Spirit, Fast or Slow phase to gift any spirit the proliferation, working the same way it does currently * This rule would make it so you can gift people proliferation without having to reclaim every single turn, opening up options for Green, whilst being a small nerf (which makes sense) by making it a max of every other turn, rather than every turn * This would free up one unique card slot, to have the same cost and elements as Gift of Proliferation * I don't have many ideas here, but maybe something that adds badlands? Since it comboes so well with [[Creepers Tear Into Mortar]]. The flavor could be like, the plants become very poisonous
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.05 11:46 OzBargainBot 10x Everyday Rewards Points on $50 and $100 Visa Activ and Perfect EFTPOS Gift Cards @ Woolworths

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2023.06.05 11:41 AstrologerShama Journey to the Vedic Retreat Occult Sciences Astrologer Shama

Journey to the Vedic Retreat Occult Sciences Astrologer Shama

Journey to the Vedic Retreat Occult Sciences Astrologer Shama
Learn the Art of Basic and Advance Tarot Card & Vedic Numerology in the Journey to the Vedic Retreat Occult Sciences, under the Guidance of Gyan Guru Dr. Shama Sharma (PhD in Astrology and Vedic Guide) - in association with Subh Mangaal Yatra.
Date - 12th to 16th August at Rishikesh
Our Vedic Journey Package:
  • Stay in Luxury Resort
  • Stay on 3 Sharing Basis.
  • All Meals Included.
  • Local Sightseeing with activities like: sightseeing, Ganga Aarti and much more.
Contact Details: Phone - +91-7217846426, +91-9599067086 Email ID - [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Website -
Media Partner: Ojal Digitals -
Brand Partner: Easy Trade Networks
Television Associate: Swadesh TV
#DrShama #DrShamaSharma #Astro #Astrology #Numerologist #AstroNumerologist #AstrologerShama #DrShamaSharma #VedicRetreat #VedicRetreatOccultSciences #VedicJourney #Rishikesh #VedicGuide
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2023.06.05 11:39 This-Potential487 UnionBank

Hi po,
So nawala po ung sim habang nasa enchanted kingdom kasi nakabukod sa isang pouch. Kinontact ko po ung UB support at tinanong nila ung last 6 digits ng atm ko, 4 lang po alam ko kasi wala pa po ako physical card pero nilagyan ko na ng balance just in case... magbibigay po kaya sila ng alternative way ng verification purposes? may naka experience na din po ba nito? salamat sa sasagot
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2023.06.05 11:36 ZeldaNut93 Potential sequel?

So there's a lot of talk around a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy. While not officially confirmed as far as I know, it would be in their best interests, I think, to use it to expand on the gameplay ideas, and the unfinished story things that happened.
I think Hogwarts Legacy was rushed in some aspects. So much was picked up, touched on, and never brought up again. Like curing Anne. Or the consequences of your decision in the final repository.
I would love it if it was a direct sequel, picking up right after the house cup.
Professor black knows what happened, and realizes how his hindrance of Niamh Fitzgerald's trial could have lead to dire ramifications for Hogwarts itself. So he reaches out to you, and allows you access to the map chamber over the summer, where you can control that ancient magic further.
Instead of just throwing things, full on levitation. Instead of the ancient magic finisher, you can fully harmess that ancient magic lightning from your wand. You can transfigure enemies at will. You can choose how it affects your target, instead of it being random.
Fast forward, and now the next school year starts.
Sebastian is either in Hogwarts, or has correspondence with you outside of it after being exonerated, claiming self defense, but still not allowed back in hogwarts. If you didn't turn him in, he's still wanting to find a cure for Anne, but he will not touch dark magic with a 10 foot pole after everything that's happened. If you turned him in, he holds resentment towards you, and becomes an active antagonist towards you. Believing you betrayed him.
Natty has a renewed focus to help her friends, and fight evil... feeling bolstered at enduring a Crucio blast, and realizing how much good she's done. She'd be well on her way to being a first class auror.
Poppy would be a lot more focused on all magical creatures. Even potentially dangerous ones, like the spiders. She'd be working on ways to contain and care for the dangerous creatures as well. Leading to an escape, maybe?
Amit plays a much bigger role, being the fourth ravenclaw companion. After realizing he doesn't know as much about Gobledegook as he thought, he commits to talking with friendly goblins and learning all he can. Under permission from the ministry, knowing what Ranrok did and why he did it, they allow Amit to share some simple potions. Like wiggenweld. Or Edurus. Things that would help them survive an attack. In exchange, Amit is building bridges, with mixed results. Some are grateful to be treated with respect. Others are suspicious. But it's a start.
And so, with these characters in place... I would love to see some consequences for the choice with the repository. Like, if you kept it secret, you gain the respect of the keepers, and since no one knows, you're a force to be reckoned with in combat. If you broke it open, the keepers refuse to help you. But they will chastise you a lot. This also means though that your existing ancient magic is boosted by a lot. So instead of versatility, you have raw power.
I would love to see more flying and ground mounts, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Yes, hippogriff. Yes, thestral. But maybe draw from some of the ones from Fantastic Beasts? Or how about a dragon as a mount? Poppy being able to help you connect with these creatures would be great. Maybe an Acromantula mount?
A direct sequel could remedy the issues of the first game, and fully flesh out what they started. I can foresee some great things from it if they play their cards right. An open world harry potter game is an insane idea, and having this level of freedom, like being able to jump on your broom basically whenever, or riding a mount whenever, or going basically wherever, casting any spell you like, whenever... its an awesome concept that could be explored so, so much further. Not just from a story perspective but also a gameplay perspective. Especially when you factor in ancient magic. An unexplored aspect of Harry Potter.
I'd like to see some other ideas. But I'm convinced they could have something truly spectacular here
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2023.06.05 11:33 MewVstar 2 pulls from the weekend and 2 of my favs

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2023.06.05 11:33 Coolgrip Earn money with REVOLUT 50€💵

Earn money with REVOLUT 50€💵
Earn money with referral links and inviting friends. Claim your 50€ here:!JUN1-23-AR
LIMITED OFFER UNTIL 21 OF JUNE!!!! Complete the instructions and claim your money
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2023.06.05 11:32 MewVstar 2 pulls from the weekend and 2 of my favs

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2023.06.05 11:31 Minh1403 Review every clan combo: Part 1: Hornbreaker Prince

Review every clan combo: Part 1: Hornbreaker Prince
Spire is an asshole, so I return to MT a bit and it still feels so good to play. So here's some writings!!!!
The champ: Hornbreaker Prince:
  1. Brawler: Multistrike is good, so having a ton of multistrike is good!!!! Hellhorn has so many ways to scale offensively so it's extremely rare to brick. Defensive scaling can be an issue cuz this champ is just a multistrike maniac, nothing more. Ring 1 can be spooky without a scaling card. I enjoy this path cuz multistrike is great.
  2. Wrathful: Your "objectively" superior champ path. Can carry early game. Can scale with self-ping Torch. Kill some dudes and he also scales defensively. Best scenario is you sac 1 Brawler for 1 Wrathful so your multistriker can also gain armor.
  3. Reaper: never pick. 0/10 champion.
Starter card: Torch: a ping is nice, allowing you to go pretty aggressive early, take the hoard, take the boon, take the trial. Good candidate for a +20/consume upgrade. Can be used to kill imps or trigger Revenge proc. Fall of hard late game but still usable in mid game somewhat to kill the 9/2 dude. A-tier starter.
The clan combo: Overall, Hellhorn is a strong clan so they pair well with every other clan. Strongest is with Wurmkin, Stygian and Awoken. Melting can be sus, and Umbra is always terrible.
  1. Def Awoken: HH has armor, Awoken has healing and those 2 don't work well together. The only upside of Restore in this combo is that it opens the 2 Hollows and Steelsinger, but like I said, HH is not short of ways to scale attack power so this is a pretty small upside. But this is the classic beginner combo so it can't be that bad, right? Yeah, it turns out that Awoken has good dps units and HH has good way to scale which is the biggest weakness of Awoken. Tank can be an issue cuz the Prince himself is not super good even with Wrathful at front. Quick sweeper can solo carry easily in this combo with all the regen/armor and rage. Overall, a nice and balanced clan combo. Spike Wrathful is, or was, a thing, too.
  2. X-Awoken: Rootseed is the best starter card. It opens up Brawler right from Ring 1 and it helps to cycle through your deck faster, thus you see your sweet Ritual of Battle more often. Sure that Hollows are not as enticing as they are with Restore but with Brawler, you just need a dedicated tank anyway. Not many notable things to say about these 2 combos. They're just perfectly balanced. Weird that I split them up into 2 parts, though, lol. Awoken units prefer carrying solo, too, so less pressure on having to hunt Endless for Rage Imp. Pretty neat.
  3. Def Stygian: Frozen Lance is meh, so I will talk about this combo in the X-Stygian part, lol. Both of the Stygian's starter cards are not super impactful, even less than Torch so nothing's too special to distinguish them. I guess one upside of Frozen Lance is that they can receive +20/consume upgrade which makes them remove themselves and do some damage. But like... meh.
  4. X-Stygian: Forgone Power >>>> Frozen Lance, fight me. Yeah, they're rng bullshit and unreliable but they cost 0, stack frostbite which destroys early bosses which means you can yolo Brawler prematurely. Also somewhat open up Offering cards. About units, Incant units of Stygian works well with HH units. Incant scales slowly without Awoken Rootseed and Sting, and HH own way of scaling helps to amend that. Stygian also has a lot of synergy with Armor which HH also loves, also Siren Song which stacks daze on bosses with Tiresome Climb. Iron Dropcage is at its best here. Eel Gorgon is the only Stygian unit that hates Hellhorn, I think. Probably Titan Sentry, too, cuz he competes Endless with Imps.
  5. Def Umbra: Shadesplitter can be used to help Brawler scale in the early game... Other than the Emberdrain pack, Umbra doesn't provide much value here which is just the current sad state of this clan. Shoutout to the "extremely rarely working" build "Alpha Fiend into Shadoweater" here. 4 pips whole and the dude wants to eat morsels, lol. Umbra is also a rare source of Trample but Hellhorn is short on multistrike so Trample is less important.
  6. X-Umbra: Plink together with Torch make early game pretty chill. Though Plink also means an Umbra unit plan is outta window unless you are extremely desperate. Even more than Shadesplitter, Hellhorn just solos here. I guess just like Frozen Lance, the upside is that Plink can take the Surgestone to remove itself.
  7. Def Melting: Dreg as the allied clan is famous for being extremely bad, but that is with Stygian or Wurmkin. Dregs are fine with Prince. They remove themselves from your deck. They help Wrathful to kill backlines with more than 2hp like the 9x2 guy. They eat Lifesteal stack from the garbage shuffle boss. Though Parafin Enforcer and Fade's First Blade can generate Rage and Mold Braces can generate armor, I feel like these 2 clans don't work together too much. However, unlike with Umbra, Melting is strong so in this combo, either you go Hellhorn solo or Melting solo and they're all fine. I think the biggest upside of Dregs is that they can activate Hell's Banners and Flicker's Liquor for free which helps Hellhorn to play their very expensive cards like the Tome or Last Stand easier.
  8. X-Melting: Yay, you don't have to hunt Endless for your Rage Imp anymore. And unlike with Queen, Prince doesn't start with 5 useless imps, so you can easily use Primitive Mold to bring back your favorite imp consistently. You can also somewhat use Primitive Mold to "scale" Brawler in early rings, but that's risky. Overall, Primitive Mold is always way more useful than Dregs, but unless you work with Imps or Melting units, you probably want to remove these cuz Rage scaling of Hellhorn doesn't enjoy dying.
  9. Def Wurmkin: Fracture and Torch is such a good pair to kill dangerous backliners in early rings. Hellhorn has plenty of Ascend cards which Wurmkin loves cuz their units are big. Keeper can scale both Brawler and Wrathful. Like Hellhorn, Wurmkin has scalings in both common pool and rare pool, so these 2 clans are just cosy together. One thing I haven't touched is that Awoken, Stygian and Wurmkin scales raw stat, not buff like rage, so you can rely on them if you see Chaste Seraph. Pretty neat. So with Chaste, Hellhorn/Umbra probably is going to have a hard time.
  10. X-Wurmkin: Same, heh. Wurmkin is weird when their 2 starter cards work pretty much same. I guess it's also like Frozen Lance vs Forgone Power. The Stygian pairs deal upfront damage, while the Wurmkin pairs deal targetable damage. FP and Fracture deals damage via a debuff while Frozen Lance and Echo Break deals raw damage.
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2023.06.05 11:30 Sad-Clothes-3123 Quick Xyz support card

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2023.06.05 11:27 Superteletubbies64 [H] Paypal or Revolut 75% [W] Steam GC EU

Looking for Steam GC only, any amount below 100 bucks, must work in EU, USD cards are fine if they can be activated in EU. Not buying from new accounts. 75%, no exceptions, only paying with F&F if your account is reputable, G&S otherwise.
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2023.06.05 11:27 UPellegrini What other games where you can create things other than Minecraft do you play?

Hi everyone,
I just started playing Minecraft recently and I am amazed by the amount of things you can do and create. I'll be honest I thought it was a bit dummy before trying it and instead now I am addicted to it.

I was wondering if you found other games where you can create things that you like to play in parallel with Minecraft.
For example, in my case I play:
What I am trying to say is that in my specific case it is a pattern to be able to create my unique things (like cards and combos in Ariokan) inside the game. Is the same for you? What games do you play then to satisfy this need?
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2023.06.05 11:16 KiluaZoldick1112 HSBC replacement card

I got a fraudulent transaction sa cc ko sa HSBC last May. Thankfully, na flag ng store na fraudulent transaction sya so sila na nag initiate na mag cancel and refund nung transaction. I called hsbc to block my card and they said that they will replace it with a new card. Dumating na yung new card pero naisip kong ayaw ko na magkaron ng hsbc card kasi may ganito agad kahit 2months palang sakin yung card. Sa ibang bank naman hindi to nangyari sakin kahit ilang years na yung cc ko sa kanila. I dont feel safe sa hsbc and medyo hassle din mag file ng dispute if ever mangyari ulit. So my question is do I still need to call hsbc para ipa cut na yung account ko? Or i dont have to kasi block na naman na yung old card ko and hindi ko nalang i activate yung replacement card?
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2023.06.05 11:11 EnderJoker77 Help for a low cmc kicker/flashback/emerge/prototype "every card is always useful" cube

Hey guys, first time posting here, and I was wondering if you could help me with a cube idea I had some time ago. While I was creating my pauper cube for casual play I found out (during testing) that many of the low cmc cards I added wheren't the best or created bad topdecks in the late game (which is normal but still annoying). After fixing that I pondered the orb and noticed a bunch of cards in my Dominaria United bulk box, the 40 card common/uncommon kicker cycle and thought "wow all of this cards are useful both early and late game, maybe I could make a cube around them", and here I am now.
So the plan is simple, have a cube with cards that at max have something like 4 cmc but all of them, and I mean all, have some sort of effect that makes them (for more/less mana) usefull in almost all moments of the game, such as kicker, flashback, emerge, prototype or even expensive activated abilities. The problem rises from the fact I don't know where to start, apart from the 40 DMU cards, and while I can visualize the archetypes from that set of cards (azban 1+/1+, sultai graveyard matters, mardu(?) sacrifice matters, naya go wide, temur spells matter, jeskai blink theme for the prototype cards, etc...), I don't know what else to add that both supports this themes AND follow the general rule of "always useful".
So, in short, where can I find a cube with a similar idea so I can have a base to start from? Or do you have advice in general for other keywords, sets of cards that synergize well with this theme or just some tips on how to build the cube. The perfect dream is to have a cube where everything is useful in almost every phase of the game, even if it's an impossible dream, I want to get as close as possible to it.
Thanks in advance
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2023.06.05 11:09 thizzismadness Armed guard in California?

Hello, how do i become an armed guard in California? I have an active guard card. I heard i need to take a 14hr firearm training course (8hrs study course and 6 hrs shooting range) plus an assessment test psi (16pf) ? Wow jesus christ my head hurts just thinking about it….
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2023.06.05 10:53 Sapbaby420 HELP NEW USERS !!! I’m so close I need 3 to be safe

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2023.06.05 10:52 MuLoginBrowser How to Solve Multiple-Account Association? Share the Solution Professional Cross-Border Sellers are Using

How to Solve Multiple-Account Association? Share the Solution Professional Cross-Border Sellers are Using
With the rapid growth of the Internet, more and more users are becoming more conscious of their online privacy, however, there are many ways for websites to track you without your knowledge. So, whether you want to avoid this for personal reasons or need to grow your business with multiple different identities, using MuLogin Antidetect Browser can solve this set of problems for you.

Using only proxy IPs or V.P.N. is far from hiding your real fingerprints
On the Internet, there are many ways for websites to track any user online. For example, cookies, store information about your devices, and preferences, and can follow you across multiple sites to record your online activity or send targeted ads based on your online preferences. As you know, IP is another important browser fingerprint identifier, and websites can know where you are based on your IP address.
Changing cookies and IP addresses is easy. You can delete cookies or use a different browser profile, and a V.P.N or proxy server can provide you with a new IP address. Even better is the fact that websites are slowly disappearing from getting your cookies from third parties, which limits the ability of websites to understand your browsing habits. However, for marketers who need to manage multiple social media or e-commerce accounts, this is not enough. The ultimate reason for this is browser fingerprinting.
Browser fingerprinting includes the device's IP address, hardware, and software parameters. It can be collected through JavaScript and other technologies (such as HTML5canvas fingerprinting) to create unique profiles. There are many privacy measures you can take (such as using an ad blocker or using a less mainstream, more private browser) to hide your browser fingerprint, but this will only make it easier to distinguish you from other users, and using a mainstream browser is the best option for not being noticed by websites.

What pain points MuLogin Antidetect Browser can solve
MuLogin Antidetect Browser embodies two main keywords: management and anti-association.
Management: refers to the ability to batch manage multi-platform network accounts, support cookie import/export, account password-free login, multi-person sharing, and collaboration.
Anti-association: refers to the independent separation of each browser configuration environment, each browser file cookies, local storage and other cache files will be completely isolated, and browser configuration files cannot leak information between each other, to prevent the network account from being associated due to the same browser fingerprint.
The main groups currently using this software: are affiliate marketing, cross-border e-commerce users; webmasters managing ad placement, social media marketing and web information crawler users, etc.

What is MuLogin Antidetect Browser and how is it different from a regular web browser?
MuLogin Antidetect Browser has the same internal structure as regular Chrome or Firefox. You can use MuLogin to create utterly separate browser profiles. By creating a browser profile with MuLogin Antidetect Browser, your digital fingerprint will be completely disguised, and the site will recognize that a different person is accessing it from another device. The browser environment is completely independent, and information cannot be leaked between each browser profile.
MuLogin Antidetect Browser is not the only tool to protect the privacy of your digital identity. However, operating MuLogin is easier and more hands-on than running multiple different devices or virtual operating systems. You can also share profiles with others, which is very convenient for users, and businesses that manage multiple accounts.

How MuLogin Antidetect Browser Works
Browser profiles are created in MuLogin, each profile will not have the same digital fingerprint and the browsing environment is 100% completely independent. You can create profiles by clicking on the randomly get profile, or you can manually set and modify them according to your needs, such as user-agent, operating system, IP address, graphics card, fonts, plugins, media devices, battery capacity, Bluetooth, etc. The fingerprint of the profile created is different from the fingerprint of your real device.

MuLogin Antidetect Browser Main Uses
For personal privacy reasons, many people use anti-association browsers to protect their privacy and themselves from being tracked by websites. More users use MuLogin primarily to grow their online business - users can register, log in, and manage accounts on multiple platforms without being associated. The main uses are in the following areas:
Affiliate marketing
Using multiple advertising accounts to place marketing and increase placement flow in bulk operations to spread the risk.
Create multiple independent commerce accounts in e-commerce platforms to increase revenue and reduce the risk of online retailing.
Social Media Marketing
Create and manage an unlimited number of profiles through MuLogin, log in and manage multiple social media accounts at the same time, and set up your own access rights for each team member to avoid the risk of account bans due to different devices, environments, etc., thus effectively ensuring account security and improving team efficiency.
Ad Verification
Validate the target market selection and placement of ads by simulating users, different devices, and geographic locations to eliminate misleading ad creatives and broken links.
Retail Price Matching
Based on a visitor's geographic location, device, and browser history, retailers algorithmically adjust the prices of their products. Compare prices with a real visitor to avoid account blocking or scamming.
Ad Spying
Reverse engineer the user targeting of the original ad campaign by analyzing which social media accounts have placed which ads.
Web Crawler
Replaces several devices or virtual machines with virtual browser profiles that take up fewer resources. Provide call interfaces to ready-made fingerprint browsers for rapid development and use.
Brand Protection
Check for blocked resources in different areas to monitor and prevent anyone from illegally exploiting your brand.
Run Selenium tests in a LIVE environment to see how your site works with various traffic analysis and filtering system settings. See how your site's content is performing based on the specifics of your visitors.

MuLogin Antidetect Browser is a powerful tool for improving anonymity and managing multiple online identities and is a great choice for many marketers doing business. Visit the official website to learn more, and new users can enjoy a free trial!
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2023.06.05 10:44 yyyyyyy77775 I received different CC from my application

My first CC, I applied personally sa branch nila. I remember checking "M Free Mastercard" but I received "Rewards plus Platinum" instead.
I called their hotline, as per them. It is upon approval daw kse. Weird lang kse I preferred being rejected rather than receiving the CC that I didn't order since first card ko nga sya. Hindi ko sya mamaximize to the point na maqualify ako to waive the annual fee.
Then my friend told me na sinasadya daw nila yun for me na mag spend ng mag spend. Now, I'm planning not to activate it and try to apply again for M Free Mastercard.
Your thoughts guys? Is it wise not using it and apply for other CC instead na may free annual fee. Suggestions are much appreciated.
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2023.06.05 10:40 Motor_South_6577 Make your vacation memorable with vacation rentals.

After months of working, the only thing everybody wants is a relaxing holiday. This is the time when one wants nothing more than to unwind and have fun. The challenge of planning the perfect vacation is narrowing down the options from among the many stunning tourist destinations. However, picking a fantastic destination is only one part of the process of organizing a trip.
The selection of a suitable cheap Airbnb Fort Lauderdale FL, taking into account factors such as location, desired amenities, and cost, is an essential element of any vacation preparation. While hotels have always been a popular option, these short-term rentals are quickly gaining popularity among travellers.
Airbnb near Fort Lauderdale can be anything from a house to a villa to a condo. No matter what kind of vacation rental you end up booking, you can rest assured that it will be cheaper and more spacious than a hotel room. Vacation rentals can be anything from cozy cabins to huge mansions.
Luxury Airbnb condo fort Lauderdale have everything from full kitchens to movie theaters, saunas to hot tubs, fireplaces to books, and gardens to security systems. Cleaning services, food delivery, catering, and even laundry facilities are available at certain vacation rentals. Private golf courses and fitness centers may be made available by some property managers and owners.
The vast majority of vacation homes are found in convenient proximity to the city’s most visited attractions. Visitors to these rental properties will appreciate their convenient central placement. Fort Lauderdale short-term rental is like having a second home right in the middle of the action at your favourite place.
Vacation rental sites accept credit card bookings safely, or you can contact the owner or manager personally. If you’re seeking for a bespoke service, expert rental managers can help you find what you need. Last-minute and off-season bookings may also qualify for special prices. You should always choose a luxury Airbnb Fort Lauderdale.
Here are a few things to think about when booking a rental property for your next vacation:
  1. 📷
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2023.06.05 10:35 TitaRose FINALLY!!

May 19 - nag-apply ako sa UB not hoping anything nag try lang ako since 6 months na rin naman yung reference card ko
May 27 - nakareceived ako ng same response nung unang beses akong nag apply, I honestly give up na kasi baka declined ulit
Today June 5 - unexpectedly nakareceived ako ng text na approved na first credit card na hindi secured and I'm so happy!
Question po: 1. Gano katagal delivery if within MM lang? 2. Pasok ba sa NAFFL to? Andami ko kasing nababasa na meron? Thank you ng marami ❤️
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2023.06.05 10:34 ThatAnimeSnob Proposed Rulebook Errata

Here is a proposed list of changes or additions for the 2021 version of the Hero Quest rulebook. Let me know what you think.
Page 8: The Wizard is underpowered. Give all 12 spells to him. The Elf can instead get 3 Elf Spells (given in Mage of the Mirror).
Page 11: Don’t roll to move. Give the heroes a fixed number of squares, akin to monster movement. It can be 8 for all heroes and it can go up or down depending on the race (Elves are faster, Dwarves are slower) and the amount of weight a hero carries (too many items or heavy armor).
Page 12: Open doors can be closed and locked, using a lock or magic.
Page 13: You can attack more than once if you hold 2 weapons. However, the first attack will have a penalty of 1AD and the second will have a penalty of 2AD (thus a hero with 2 Broadswords rolls 2AD and then 1AD). You can also attack 2 times with the same weapon if you don’t move on your turn. The same penalties as before apply here as well.
Page 13: Attacking with ranged weapons is harder. You must either spend your attack phase or movement phase to reload a bow or crossbow.
Page 13: The Elf begins with 3 Elf spells. The Wizard begins with all 12 Elemental spells.
Page 13: The Wizard has no armor or weapon restrictions, but every combat die he gets from restrictive gear increases the odds of spell failure. Before casting a spell, the Wizard rolls a red die. If the result is not higher than the total number of combat dice he gains from restrictive gear, the spell fails to activate. This rule helps the Wizard to be useful in combat AFTER he has spent all his spells and switches to using armor and weapons normally used by other heroes. Another change this rule requires is the Wizard NOT being able to buy any magic weapons or armor specifically made for the Wizard (such as the staff or the bracers or the cloak). Those will have to be Artifact-only type of rewards, found only in Quests or given as reward for completing a Quest.
Page 13: A counterattack can follow an attack instead of waiting for your turn. See the details regarding that in the Counterattack variant topic I wrote some months back.
Page 15: Only one Treasure card is allowed to be pulled per room (more than 1 Treasure searches are allowed if there are special treasures in a room). As a visual aid, a token can be placed in a room that has been fully searched and is now empty of things to find.
Page 15: A Wandering Monster will attack a different hero if the one doing the searching is fully covered by other allies. You can also switch Wandering Monsters to Patrolling Monsters. See the details regarding that in the variant topic I wrote some months back.
Page 16: Potion effects do not stack. You can’t drink 2 potions of the same kind for a double boost. You can’t automatically drink a healing potion whenever you get to zero Body Points. Drinking a potion counts as a partial action. You are allowed only 2 partial actions on your turn, along with your movement and normal action. You are allowed to let another hero to drink a potion you carry on your turn.
Page 16: As with normal doors, secret doors can be closed and locked, using a lock or magic.
Page 17: Monsters spring traps. Zargon makes sure not to trigger them, if possible. He can give a monster ranged weapons if he doesn’t want them to get closer.
Page 17: You don’t search for treasure or secret doors inside a pit trap. That’s dumb.
Page 17: When you fall willingly in a revealed pit trap (not a pit trap that hasn’t been revealed), you don’t suffer damage.
Page 18: You can’t automatically drink a healing potion or cast a healing spell on yourself whenever you get to zero Body Points. That’s dumb.
Page 19: Other heroes can stabilize a hero at zero Body Points by pouring a healing potion on him, or casting a healing spell on him. He returns to 1 Body Point only.
Added rule, not found in the Rulebook: When a whole round passes without the heroes fighting a monster or opening a door, Zargon is allowed to add monsters or buffs to the next monsters. Proposed ideas (roll an 8-sided die if you want a random result):
1: Spawn point: Add 2 to 4 Patrolling Monsters on one of the 4 corners of the dungeon.
2: Reinforcements: The next group of monsters will have 1-3 more monsters of the weakest type.
3: Ambush: The next group of monsters will attack as soon as the heroes see them.
4: Preparation: The next group of monsters will have +1 to all its stats.
5: Looting: The next room with special treasure will have been looted and the heroes find nothing when they search it. Let Zargon know there was something that has been taken and which can be found in the rucksack of a monster in a room nearby if they don’t stall again.
6: Entrapment: The next area will have 1 to 4 traps (if it didn’t before) or 1 to 4 Wandering Monsters (if it didn’t before).
7: Curse: Zargon casts 1 random Dread Spell on the heroes.
8: Mage lieutenant: The next group of monsters will have a Dread Sorcerer among them, who will know 3 random Dread Spells.
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