Body found in sacramento today

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2009.09.11 14:40 csdthegreat HelpMeFind - Need something found? Maybe we can help!

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2010.09.14 19:04 _Kita_ Body Acceptance: Accepting and loving your body as it is today

We are often bombarded with the "ideal body." We all have a lack of perfection and we all deserve to feel good about ourselves and comfortable in our skin, without the demands that we need to change it.

2012.03.04 03:45 kinda_alone Today I Fucked Up

TIFU means Today I Fucked Up

2023.06.04 21:50 notyourfantasyyy I fucked up my first day as a PA for an event production and I don't know how to recover (Long)

Was offered to help set up for a major Pride event in my local city today. Feel like I screwed myself out of a long-term gig. For background, most of my experience is with digital marketing, and social media, with two PA gigs behind me (over two years ago).
The company I work for is a sole own ownership fo a major event planner in the city who has a ten-year track record of running various sold-out events (flea markets, shows, etc), with a stellar reputation. Had an interview with the owner and her assistant last month and it went well. We clarified that I was looking to make a career change from digital marketing to on-site events production, and we confirmed that my PA experience was limited. Was told to hop on for my first event at the end of May, but received little to no communication from them regarding call times, etc. Upon following up the day prior, I was told that due to weather (outdoor event) - I would not be needed and to instead help out for their next major June event, which was held today.
I had to initiate a majority of the follow-up to confirm the date, location, and call time. Did not receive until night before.
Here's where I fucked up:
-Missed my alarm by an hour (The call time was 9 AM). Immediately reached out to the assistant event planner to profusely apologize and advise I would be there ASAP. I show up close to 10 AM due to traffic and apologize again once checking in on-site and jump right into helping get things sorted for indoor installations. Admittedly, I was very frazzled but ignored those feelings as much as I could in order to catch up on all work needed. Being late was 100% my fault, and I made sure to acknowledge apologize, and accept full blame for this mistake. Was told it was fine, and to do my assigned work.
-Asked for any available tasks/call sheets. Was told there were none and was assigned tasks verbally as needed by various individuals of the team. I made sure to introduce myself to everyone on the team that was there, tell them I was on the PA team, and to advise to let me know if any help was needed.
-Majority of the tasks involved cleaning, moving around gear, etc. I made sure to complete each tasks as asked, and checked in with my lead when I could find her to give her updates. Everyone leading the teams seemed extremely overwhelmed, so I did my tasks as quickly and quietly as I could, staying out of the way and letting them do their thing. My main contact seemed extremely frazzled and exhausted when I checked in with her. Walkies were not issued at all to anyone, and most instructions were delivered directly.
-I'm prone to anxiety and in between tasks I took 30 seconds to step aside (outside of view) and maintain myself as best I could. This was after helping load out a full room of geaboxes/furniture and setting up a dressing room. After confirming with one of the leads if it was ok to take a 20-minute minute break to drink water and something to eat before continuing tasks (everyone was about to break for lunch). Said lead brought me over to the venue bar (packed) - advised me to order my meal and water and that it would be comped under the company bill. When the food didn't come out on time, I immediately went to try to find that same lead to let her know, but could not find her for a good fifteen minutes. Asked teammates and everyone. After finally finding her, that's when she pulled me to the side and asked if I was okay, and that I seemed very frazzled. I explained that being late threw me off quite a bit, but I was ready for whatever else they needed me to do. She said ok, told me to hang out for five minutes to drink wateeat, and to not rush. Upon returning, she thanked me for the help, said she wanted to make sure everyone on the team was "in a good place mentally to work" - and said I could go home. I apologized and said I did not mean to come across as frazzled while working, and she said she understood as being a PA herself a while ago. She walked me out a short minute after, saying she would grab my bag for me. I said goodbye and asked if they would be needing any help with their next event, which she said "possibly, we will let you know." We also confirmed payment terms.
I feel like they aren't going to let me know, and I made a horrible impression on everyone on the team. I'm incredibly upset at myself over this, and I don't know what the best approach is moving forward. Outside of being late and everyone being overwhelmed, I enjoyed what I did and want to make this a career (transition out of digital marketing.)

Is there any recourse left for me at this point? This would have been a dream gig for me long term and I feel like I fucked up so bad there's no going back.
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2023.06.04 21:50 PoundSand11 Why does the present day UK seem so gutless when it comes to dishing out justice? Why does the present day UK seem so gutless when it comes to dishing out justice?

Why does the present day UK seem so gutless when it comes to dishing out justice?
Why does the present day UK seem so gutless when it comes to dishing out justice?
I’m referring particularly to the vile antics being perpetrated by the thug or “prankster” on social media who goes by Mizzy. I don’t want to give him additional views or publicity so won’t add the links here…
I also found it pretty sickening how he was treated with kid gloves by a police officer
Edit - actually, I will link his YouTube channel so that more people with a moral compass can go and report it…
Edit - his real name is Bacari Ogarro, 18
Edit - news article about his arrest
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2023.06.04 21:50 JdtheOp Avatar: The Last Airbender episode is a lot like Stargate SG-1 Cor-ai; just coincidence?

So yeah, if you watch the episodes it's the same, Teal'c (Aang in my analogy) is found guilty of a murder he did many years ago; the people in town hates him for that and fears him too; after a while they decide to make a trial to find his guilt or innocence, in an unfair legal system in which the heir of the victim is the judge. His friends decide to find a way to prove his innocence failing in the attepnt, since Teal'c(Kyoshi this time) decides to confess the crime. After everything the main antagonists attack the village and he saves em (teal'c, aang) and they decide to let him go beacuse the crime was commited in another life ("The Jaffa that murdered my father died long ago, you are another person").
Is this just a big coincidence? maybe a tribute I'm unaware of?
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2023.06.04 21:50 NerdyGirl614 Reclaiming my power with a Breakup Selfie

Yesterday the universe handed me the matches and gasoline to burn a bridge in spectacular fashion and hopefully save another woman from huge heartache.
I found out by pure happenstance that I’d been the other woman for almost a year, when the guy I’d been seeing walked into the pool area I was at - with a woman who turned out to be his girlfriend of 5 years and was actively house hunting with him.
I saw them and called his name, and the look on his face was chef’s kiss. I walked up and shook her hand, introduced myself and asked how long they’d been together, and then nailed his ass to the wall with details about him and I, plus his active dating app profile too. She was in shock and I feel absolutely awful for her. But she and I exchanged numbers so she could ask me any questions, I told him to fuck all the way off, and then I snapped a breakup selfie with him to remember this day.
10 sec before or after, and I’d have missed them, but I turned around in my chair at just the right moment and the stars aligned. Poetic really.
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2023.06.04 21:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] Marisa Murgatroyd – The Experience Product Masterclass 2023 (

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2023.06.04 21:50 Abc321ghgh Idk what to do I don’t know why I’m even posting this but got any advice / input

Any advice . Just wanna say I’m not a active danger to myself and I’m not suicidal ( ⚠️TW mention of sh suicide attempts but not graphic) So I’m 15 yr old boy and I don’t know what to do. I have tons of trauma, I have anxiety, ocd, I had body dysmorphia,and anorexia, and depression I’ve been struggling of and on with disorder eating after anorexia “recovery” for 3+ years secretly. I now have scars all over and stretch marks that will never fade that I can’t hide. Something in me sometimes even finds comfort in depression. i can’t tell time on a clock and probably couldn’t pass a 4th grade school test because of educational neglect so there’s there’s no way of me getting any decent job probably . I’ve wasted years to mental illness I haven’t hung out with friends in over half a year when I really only have 1 friend anyways. I don’t have a boyfriend. I’ve tried to deny it but I think I’ve been medically/mentally neglected because my parents are probably just tired of my bullshit problems. I’ve atmptd in the past . I don’t play sports I don’t hangout with friends I don’t know anything about driving even though I’m passed the legal age for permits. Something in me wants to just have therapist just to get so much shit of my chest and feel heard and cared for by a therapist but it feels like a waste of time at the same time because I find comfort in the depression and see not much point in trying to get better onE f☝️ r me personally and if I was truly honest with a therapist it would just fuck up my family and fuck up my life way more and get thrown in a psych ward (not saying they don’t work for other people ) and I’ve already messed up stuff in there lives do to my own mental health. So with all that being said anybody got any advice whatsoever
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2023.06.04 21:50 LiveFreeOrBuy Filling 4"-deep mortar gaps in double-brick house. How long until dry enough to spray foam (vapor barrier, stopping drying)?

I removed the drywall in my basement and found a dozen gaps in the mortar one brick high, one brick deep. I'm guessing the depth is 4". If I get the gaps filled, and the next day spray foam, I'm concerned moisture will stay trapped, so the mortar won't fully cure. (Spray foam is a vapor barrier.)
  1. Could moisture travel thru solid brick itself?
  2. Could moisture travel thru old solid mortar (to the outside, thru the 2nd brick's mortar)?
I know factors like water temperature (short term) and air temperature (longer term) affect drying time, but I read wildly different answers to how long it takes to dry:
"Quickcrete dries in 10 minutes."
"The general rule of thumb is that concrete takes about 28 days to dry for every inch of slab thickness."
I realize there's a difference between being too dry to spread vs dry enough to walk on vs fully-cured.
How long after inserting the mortar can I install the vapor barrier (closed cell spray foam 3")?
(Double-brick means the walls are 2 bricks side by side, with no gap between.)
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2023.06.04 21:49 jdp117 My Short Time With the LG C2 42

My Short Time With the LG C2 42
I bought this "monitor" because I wanted to step up in size and resolution from a 27" 1440p TN panel that's around 6 years old now. I know all about OLEDs, I've got a 48" C1 hooked up to a PS5 in another room which is a fantastic next gen gaming experience. Many 4K monitors are ridiculously expensive, so I thought I'd try the C2 as on paper, you get so much more bang for your buck. When the likes of LG and Asus are selling 4K monitors for £1000+, an LG C2 for less seems like a bargain, so I took the plunge.
I wanted a larger screen for productivity, and as a C1 owner I knew I'd be getting an incredible picture quality experience when gaming, which I also do a lot of on PC. I thought I'd be killing two birds with one stone - larger screen for editing and productivity tasks and an OLED panel for glorious PC gaming.
There's not much to say about the media consumption side of it, games look as fantastic as you'd expect. Hades and Ori were two standouts for me as I tested the C2 on PC. I also found myself surprised at how well I could run a game like RDR2 at 4K with the right settings on a 3080.
As for productivity, some people have said it's not great, others have said it's passible, but for me, the C2 just isn't the one, as much as I would like it to be. At first, text fringing didn't bother me, nor did the ABL, but they seemed to stand out more and more over time. I wear glasses for computer use, but the fringing on text on an OLED makes it look blurry, as if I'm not actually wearing my specs. I could not get used to it. As for the ABL... Yeah, it's just annoying. I know you can disable it with a service remote, but I didn't want to go down that route. I don't think anyone should be voiding their product's warranty, just to make it work in a way that it is not intended to, even if it improves the user experience.
I also noticed pixel shift a lot more than I thought I would. It really is noticeable when you have many static items on screen. I spend a lot of time on the desktop in editing software, spreadsheets and word documents. The risk of burn in is much higher for productivity users, although LG have done a fantastic job over the years of mitigating burn in generally.
Back to gaming and the general 42" experience - I love to play shooters like Overwatch and Apex. I'm not a die hard comp player, so the "slower" experience of a lower refresh rate was noticeable, but it didn't bother me too much. But for me, personally, I had issues playing FPS games on such a large screen. My desk is 30" deep, which seemed far enough according to many people on the Internet, but for me, it just isn't deep enough. I'm not sure how some of you folks use this screen on shallower desks than mine! There's no getting round the fact that this screen is large on your desk, and you do need to move your head to see items in the corners, even at a distance of roughly 36" from eyes to screen. Unfortunately, this results in some discomfort after time.
All in all, the LG C2 is a fantastic screen with best in class picture quality. If you spend the majority of your time watching content or gaming and don't mind the size, then I'd recommend this as a PC monitor, absolutely. But if like me, you want a good desktop experience as well, I'd steer clear. I probably spend 60% of my time on the desktop, and 40% in game when it comes to my PC usage. At the end of the day, the C2 is still a TV, and that in itself has its own issues, although some of those issues do tend to be trivial.
So, unfortunately, after around 10 days of trying to get used to it, the C2 is going back to the shop, and the hunt for a decent 4K monitor continues.
Feel free to ask me any questions about the C2! I found this sub incredibly helpful when I first made my purchase, so I'd like to try and help others who might be thinking about the C2 for their own PC setup.
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2023.06.04 21:49 wacchac documenting the design history of bags

just curious if there's anyone out there who tracks / documents design updates like this.
i've looked around, but can't seem to find a person / blog / review channel / etc that seems to write about design changes like these.
i'm imaging the type of blog writing that sort of blurs the line between straightforward feature update reviews & historical design research, and isn't limited to a single brand or use case.
for example, when i thought about these updates to my bag, i found myself looking into the earliest forms of water carrying (harvested animal bladders), why we use cylindrical bottles instead of canteens (more water vs more effective carry), and what's up with the lash tab (does an urban traveler really need molle, or will a single pig snout suffice?)
so i guess i'm just curious if there's some design history bag geek out there obsessively connecting that random stuff with topo's (or whoever) latest release.
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2023.06.04 21:49 TBTI Tribal hats for sale?

Don’t think those can be found at any store here? Interested in buying two if anyone is selling. Local dbacks fan here
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2023.06.04 21:49 HerefoyoBunz Today (Sunday) is my 21st. I felt like taking tomorrow off anyways, would it be bad if I did?

As stated in the title. Todays my 21st. I already felt like taking monday (tomorrow) off. Now as of today I almost impulsively want to.
I didnt cook today and probably wont as a result of doing things that take up so much time, which is usually what my Sundays are used for, to prep meals for the week. A. Saw ‘Into the Spiderverse’ B. Went bowling C. Now supposedly going to go have dinner with my dad.
While Im not drunk, maybe teetering on the edge of buzzed, dunno how many more drinks, but keeping the water coming (I haven’t ever drank any up until now) I keep feeling more confident in taking it off. A 3 day weekend on my birthday seems nice. I havent taken it off before since I was 16.
Would it be “bad”? I dont normally take days off unless puking/feverishly sick or severely injured. And I work as an automotive apprentice and train under my uncle at a dealership.
Note: I feel it is important to add this would be without pto as Im using all of the 20 some hours for vacation next month
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2023.06.04 21:49 throwawayfetish294 Aching pain in eye. 4th day of prisms. How much longer does adjustment take?

So I've had lifelong binocular vision dysfunction which wasn't corrected or diagnosed until very recently. Main symptoms I had were anxiety in stores, super blurry vision, derealization, etc.
I was told recently that my right eye was super dominant and massively over worked compared to my left. At the time I was prescribed prism in my left eye only (2 diopeters IN) in an effort to relieve stress on the right eye by forcing left to work.
Well I didn't get that prescription made until recently. Basicaly my dominant eye began aching. I can feel the eye muscles hurt, and pain behind the eye. I can definitely tell it's the eye muscles that are hurting as they're tender to touch. Not sure if its 4th nerve palsy.
Anyway my eye ached but eye patch helped a bit. I then got my prisms made. Here's my experience so far:
Day 1 - eyes felt very relieved but ache was still there. It would come and go but felt 70% better.
Day 2 - ache returned strongly. Back to being terrible
Day 3 - amazing. 85% better, but still came and go
Day 4 - felt bad again. Just like before I got my prisms
Day 5 (today) - I'd say a lot better than yesterday but not as good as day 3. Although there were moments today where it felt almost fully gone
Basically I feel more relief than I did by eye patching the dominant eye (which helped a lot) however its still frustrating.
Is this normal? Should it take even longer to adjust? I guess because I've had this problem for years and years I guess I need to adjust. However I'm not sure how long I should realistically expect?
The ache pain is really the most annoying symptom for me.
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2023.06.04 21:49 Charcharbinks98 Literary Beast

Literary Beast
Ellith Kensington, the famous horror author of the 1600's, was synonymous with controversy. Previously exiled from several communities, he now dwelled amongst the Plymouth Colony. The townsfolk were wary of him and his abhorrent writing. They fearfully pondered the rumors of his past, the stories of his creatures, and the inevitable disasters that seemed to always follow in his wake.
Kensington's publisher's deadlines encroached ever so closely onto him, in this, the hour of an impossible decision. Write the story so he can afford to eat and run from the life he's made for himself once again, or suffer in starvation and welcome death.
He wet his quill with ink. Flames leapt in the nearby fire, illuminating the vacant parchment that lie before him, along with his gaunt and slender face. Perspiration clung to his brow as he gripped his writing quill.
Food came at a cost and his writing brought the only chance of attaining what he so desperately needed. He was strapped for means of purchasing food due to the length of time since his last story. His publishers grew impatient and angry. He had waited as long as he could without eating, the hunger was killing him. Living in fear of his own writing and the certain doom that follows was no longer an option.
The hungered pains and shrieks of his stomach prodded along his relent. In a moment of weakness, He decided to abandon his morality altogether.
Fear grasped and tightened it's cold fingers round his shoulders as he pressed quill to paper. Once more, he breathed life into the macabre.
It's happening.
A portal blacker than the ink on his quill, stained the night sky cracking the dimensions between time and space.
Black liquid spilled through, splattering out a limp and lifeless creature onto the cobblestone street.
The creatures eyes open.
Its claws sheathe out of its massive paws and the creature's legs twitch. It stands tall and shakes off the inky afterbirth onto the nearing houses and rooftops. Towering over the town, the creature lifts its head and lets out a deafening shriek.
Inside, a startled Kensington fearfully fumbles, overturning his ink.
The creature scans the streets and targets a young woman desperately seeking shelter from its fury.
Kensington rushes to the front door and flings it ajar, stumbling back in terror. No more than three yards before him lay a woman in the street, pressed against the cobblestone by another of his cryptid creations. Its claws had pierced her lifeless body all the way through, curling into the dirt below.
It devoured the woman and triumphantly roared with a wicked delight, echoing amongst the screams and shouts of the nearby townspeople.
Kensington's guilt tore at his very soul. He scampered to back to his writing desk and, through his writing, directs the beast to his front door.
The massive beast fills the doorway, splintering the wooden beams and decimating the stone walls. as Kensington lifts his arms, accepting defeat. He Embraces death, so as to spawn evil in this world no longer.
The Beast clamps down on him. It's incredibly sharp sets of teeth serating his midsection to mush, accepting his offer and claiming the both of their existences.
An eerie silence danced amongst the town, the stars and the moon above; as the flame lighting the wick on his writing desk burnt out.
Kensington and his cryptids are no more.
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2023.06.04 21:49 jestemkasztan One arm handstand twisted body

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with one arm handstand. I've been practicing OAHS for about 5 years but it's sporadic, a few attempts a week(never been my goal). My body has always been slightly twisted which you can see in the pictures. I maintain positions on my back.
The problem is that I can't feel my body to get into a good position. Trying against the wall as well as with the assistance of another person makes me feel like I am in a very uncomfortable position. When the other person sets me up and lets go, I immediately return to the twisted position.
When I shift my weight to the other hand I have no problem with the twist. Admittedly, I can't stand on the other hand, but I have no problem getting into a better position.
Any tips on how I can improve my position and not be twisted?
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2023.06.04 21:48 Wubblesboi removed from game world

so my brother got destiny today, and i've been guiding him through the start of the game. but i've been removed from game world like 8 times today. in the tower, strikes and dares of eternity. my connection is fine though. i was wondering if anyone else is having the same issues or may know something i could try to fix it?
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2023.06.04 21:48 Armyman2001 3 shinies found normally in one day

3 shinies found normally in one day submitted by Armyman2001 to pokemongobrag [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 21:48 SameCarrot1717 Caught a shiny in my yard last Sunday, found this guy in the exact same spot. #honeyhole

Caught a shiny in my yard last Sunday, found this guy in the exact same spot. #honeyhole submitted by SameCarrot1717 to PokemonGoMystic [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 21:48 splityoassintwo Is accurate calibration of LG OLED still impossible?

I spent a lot of time recently trying to use a ColorChecker Display Plus to calibrate my C2. I've tried Calman Home for LG and Colourspace. Calman does show that post calibration results are better (delta E <3), but while learning Colourspace I found this:
Standard RGB OLED displays work well for SDR use, requiring no additional white pixel. Adding the white pixel cause volumetric issues throughout the whole brightness range (including SDR), and causes serious issues with HDR. While the SDR issues can be calibrated out with a high-density 3D LUT via an external LUT box, the HDR issues cannot.
In very simple terms, this means that WOLEDs can never be accurately calibrated for HDR, due to a lack of colour volume...
Is this information still correct? Is accurate calibration of WOLED in HDR still impossible? Is it worth calibrating SDR if I don't have an external LUT box?
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2023.06.04 21:48 No_Dentist_2923 Anyone know what this could be?

Anyone know what this could be?
I have an bon outdoors where I water my plants, and every couple of days I check it for mosquito larvae to feed my fish before dumping it. Yesterday I found this long thin white tread of a worm. When bothered it curls up like in the video but when relaxed it stretches out mostly straight. Any idea what it is? And should I try to keep it or kill it with fire!?! I’m pretty freaked out by it to be honest, but also very curious.
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2023.06.04 21:48 Rpal17 Pc Black screening and Looping

Specs Ryzen 7 5800X RTX 2080 super CORSAIR Vengeance RGB RT 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C16 ASUS ROG Strix X470-F Gaming AMD Ryzen 2 AM4 DDR4 DP HDMI M.2 ATX Motherboard EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G1 120-G1-0650-XR 80+ GOLD 650W Fully Modular samsung 500gb ssd (has windows 11) m.2 1tb ssd (now has windows 10) 3tb HD
Had Windows 11 and Pc black screened and will no longer boot on windows 11. efc scan found corrupted files but cant do anything in the troubleshooting windows offers, tried resetting pc and reverting to past state but has errors and cant complete the process. had a backup flashdrive with windows 10 so installed windows but pc is still black screening, but windows 10 eventually boots up
has happened while gaming and while idle, have unplugged and replugged gpu, ram , ssd and m.2 ssd out of ideas
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Nigeria's Alayide, May 31 (Reuters) - In his home Nigeria, cassava is a staple crop, and Busari Kasali used to worry that it might deteriorate before it reached the market. The 76-year-old said today that keeping up with Unilever, a major consumer products company, is his top priority.
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2023.06.04 21:48 Additional_One1031 Rock found in Southern MN in a creek bed.

Rock found in Southern MN in a creek bed.
I found a few like this. Some of the holes have little quartz crystals in them.
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