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2023.06.03 06:54 cooldude123ha First custom board!

First custom board!
Keychron v3 with Gateron milky reds and Royal keycaps. Really happy with this board.
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2023.06.03 06:51 CoalEater_Elli I decided to go back to my old roots and make a xiang deck. It's even more fun than my ragin pendulum deck now.

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2023.06.03 06:09 PolitelyPanicking Songs where rappers extend their verse?

Hey all,
I feel like you'll either have no idea wtf I'm talking about or immediately understand
I recently discovered a pattern in my favourite parts of my favourite verses: They're always the part where the verse should end but it doesn't. For example a song where every verse is a 32 bar and then someone just keeps going harder.
I'm talking verses like Kanye's "No More Parties in LA" -
(it took 6 months to get the Maybach all matted out)
At this point, he over extends the verse and just keeps going and I love it.
More examples:
Lose Yourself 3rd verse "too much for me to wanna stay in one spot"
Father Time K-Dot's last verse "but it may weaken your soul my n\***s ain't got no daddy*"
Even Cardi B's Bodak Yellow last verse "none of they n****as is safe. I go to dinner and steak"
Tyler's verse on Rusty is similar as it just goes and goes but there isn't necessarily a moment that bangs harder than the others imo
None of these songs are my favourite verses ever by the way, just examples of this structure break that I love
Anyway, anybody else like this? Got any more examples I can listen to? It's like ASMR or some shit, I love it when rappers break structure and just keep going harder

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2023.06.03 06:05 Drawer_Fun I got clapped by a referee…

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2023.06.03 06:01 made_fr_this Hi everyone! Can you please help me find this dress that is featured in a belt item on vero moda?

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2023.06.03 04:45 Common-Tart-4513 USA players are extremely annoying part 2

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2023.06.03 04:38 jaymaster2525 Finally my NY Yankees are ready!!😁😁

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2023.06.03 04:32 LawbirdBringer Nature of a Minuteman 4

Previous, First, Next ------------------------------- Memory Transcript: Taxxik, Venlil search and rescue pilot.
Date: [standardized human time]: September 7, 2287
My ears were ringing, my heart was threatening to jump out. I didn't know what was happening in the moment as I fell backwards with the momentum of something hard and heavy striking me in the chest. The sense of dread ran up my spine and down my tail as the I thought for a moment I had gone deaf.
I coughed and gagged as I felt the Predator move their hands from my ears. I felt one of its hands cling to my back while the other pats my chest. "H-hey! hey! you okay!?" he cried out as I groaned, this feeling. I don't think I'll ever forget it.
"I-I'm okay, I'm okay" I squeaked as I recovered from the feeling in my chest. "W-what happened?"
"I think you held it too close and the recoil uh..." The Preda-. Even. Scrunched his face up, for a second it looked like he was snarling... he must've recognized the fear on me because he swiftly covered his mouth up with a hand "I think the recoil basically gave you a rather... uncomfortable punch to the gut"
Trying to ignore the fear of seeing him snarl like that, I glanced downwards at the weapon in my hand. It felt surprisingly heavy. Though for someone like me. Was more awkward to hold than anything else... Kinetic weaponry was overturned for energy weapons, to save on resources for ammunition... I only fired a energy weapon once, and now. I understand why we swapped for them. This blasted contraption nearly broke my ribs!
"Well hey, at least you hit the bottle" Even pointed out, drawing my attention away from the gun in my paws. The shattered glass upon the ground where the bottle once stood invoked... something... in me.
I felt myself warm up a little inside. First time firing a Kinetic weapon, one made for PREDATORS. And wasn't even custom made for my size. And I hit the target... my ears fluttered, my tail swayed. I felt giddily as I pulled the gun back up into a small embrace. For as frightening this experience has been, I think I'm enjoying it a whole lot more than dealing with the Arxur.
... "So, shall we continue?" I asked, seeing that snarl on Even. even if it was hidden. Should've scared me again but... it felt... warm somehow.
----------Memory Transcript: Number 10059. Tilfish Cattle.
Date: [standardized human time]: September 7, 2287
Today is my day. I'm getting chosen... Why... why is the world so cruel?
The Chief hunter won't stop staring at me through the screen as the transport driver communicates with them. The others in the cage aren't moving... Maybe they're dead, maybe they are just trying to fake it... or maybe they are just asleep... I don't even know if I care.
I've been a breeder for a while, seems I've outlived my use to the predators... I couldn't sleep, so I simply watched and prayed it'll be swift when we get there.
Everything shakes, many of the other cattle cry out in confusion. The Arxur transport driver shouted at us to keep quiet as he shifts through his controls... What was happening? We can't already be there.
Another shake.
Things are getting dizzy as something strikes the ship hard.The Arxur reaches for their weapon as the doors open. I watch in silence as fire bathed him. A number of figures stepped from the door. Was this... what is this?
"We're getting you all out of here!" The lead of the strange bunch shouts through their mask as they move to the cages. Was this rea-!
I sat up fast, as if the Arxur cattlemaster was waking me himself. I heaved and panted as I looked around the strange environment... where was the ship? This... am I on a planet!?
I jumped at the noise, glancing around, I groaned as I clambered out of my be-... this isn't a bed. This is a table? Why was I-
I spot some odd shaped machine in the corner of the room, seemingly deactivated. Scurrying to the stairs, I began descending. the stairway, trying to collect myself. My body felt as if it was against every action I took as I rounded the corner at the final step. What I saw would've made me scream... if I wasn't me.
A hulking machine stood in the center of the room. I could feel heat radiate off of it as it stares off to who knows where. Keeping an eye and an antenna on it. I stepped through a hole in the wall. My hand ideally feeling at the cracks in my exoskele-that isn't my.
Looking down, I see what covered my wounds. Bandages? How interesting. The Arxur never bandage u-
Another BANG took my attention, Looking towards my right. I saw a unfamiliar figure and a... Venlil pup?... shooting something.
I sneak over, trying to understand what I'm seeing as the unknown creature praised the little pups' accuracy "You'll be protecting yourself in no time!" it cried out in a guttural voice... I'm ever thankful the Arxur never took my implants out. If I had gotten to where they were taking me, this would've been very diff-"Oh, wait. Taxxik. Look who's awake" The figure says as it turned to face me... those eyes.
P r e d a t o r.
"H-hey, you alright? You shouldn't be up by yourself! how long have you just been standing there!?" The pup whined as it handed the Predator the weapon it was using. I mimic fear the best I could as I gestured with a shaking claw towards the towering beast.
"I-I know, I know. It's okay, he's fine." The pup tries to console me as he pats my arm and tries to stay between my vision and the Predator, tough luck for someone so small.
"He... well, saved us. We're safe here" the pup... said those words with uncertainty but clearly seemed trusting of the Predator. How interesting. Predator Disease? Perhaps I won't have to...
"W-where" I stuttered my speech to match the faux fear. "Where are we?"
*"*We are on earth... where we are specifically, I can't quite say. Not a lot of signage left out here" The Predator exclaimed as the Pup nervously holds my arm as I raised my head to better watch the meat eater who towered over us. "Somewhere between what remains of New York, and the Pitt - at least, according to my maps"
"I... don't understand..." I reached to clean an antenna as the pup patted on the arm he was still clinging to. "Ssh, don't worry. I don't understand much either... b-but uh. It's okay!" the pup exclaimed as I shifted my head to better look at the small Venlil "They aren't like the Arxur, farthest thing from them if Even here is anything to go by!"
I spot this... Even... fidget at those words... he either lied to the pup, or didn't tell them something... I do not like this.
"They even have their own Exterminators" the pups' whisper dragged my attention back to him. "Even is a uh.. Minute man." the Pup paused to pronounce the words right, seeing Even nodding seemed to have confirmed the words the pup was using. "They're just like exterminators, just... trust me on this, okay. We're safe with Even" I watch the pup in uncertainty as they proclaimed this information.
Predators with Exterminators, such a idiotic idea... however... if there is to be believed, is the fact Even hasn't eaten us yet... considering I'm not in a ship, I've must have been out for a while. Leaving this pup to fend for themself. Why he was here, only Protector knows.
If humans like... E v e n. Were anything similar to the Arxur, they'd have eaten us by now, or left us for dead somewhere... unless he is planning on invading our homes. I don't see why he would do such things as wrap our wounds up and tend to me while I was unconscious.
Such a peculiar creature.
"So-" Even spoke "-You uh... got a name?" I studied its face for a moment, before looking to the ground as I searched through my memories... name... when was my name used? "I... do not remember" I answered as I felt at my head. How long have I been cattle for?
"Well... anything we can call you till then?" "Just... call me Til.. u-until I remember my name again."
"Alright then Til... I know you just woke up but... well, the sun is going down so... you're gonna have to go back to sleep." The Predator walks past me and the pup "Come on you two, I'll get the sleeping bags ready" it exclaimed as it entered the building...
What a truly, peculiar specimen.
"Here, you must be starving." the predator stated as we followed him into the building, handing me a odd... plant?
Hesitantly, I go to bite the questionable plant.So sweet. So delightfully sweet.
"Wh-t iz thz?" I asked as I began to scarf down this delightful bit of food. Barely taking a pause to speak "That would be Mutfruit" The pup answered for the Predator as I enjoyed this wondrous Mutfruit
So much better than the kibble we were fed!... Such sweetness. I must have more. ------------
Heeeeeyy, The Tilfish woke up! Truth be told, I was half planning on having her succumb to her wounds during target practice.Anywho, another short-ish chapter. Feel free to share thoughts in the comments.All together, this chapter is about the Tilfish waking up.
Previous, First, Next
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2023.06.03 04:32 vmuchyes Galaxy tab a7 android 12 update trouble

What it says on the tin, android 12 update for galaxy tab a7 SM-T500 will not install. No error message or anything, just when I hit download the eta still shows --:-- and if I leave the update screen it brings me back a few minutes later. I've even left it overnight to see if it's actually is updating and just a ui bug, nothing. Does anyone know what's going on? Also, in the settings, the button for the update menu has this weird orange "n" symbol next to it, if that indicates anything
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2023.06.03 04:31 Ahhhhhhhhaa trading 4 droots for hie(pls its my dream fruit)

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2023.06.03 04:24 DishPiggy Someone posted FOH groupchat, meanwhile in BOH group chat…

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2023.06.03 04:04 BlueOctopotato What do you eat on a regular basis?

Just looking for meal ideas? I’ve mostly been eating snack foods as opposed to meals..
Schär white sourdough bread with butter (and either cinnamon sugar or garlic seasoning)
Kevin’s Natural Foods cauliflower mac n cheese
Simple Mills almond flour crackers (sea salt or cheddar)
Fairlife chocolate protein shakes
coffee with Chobani dairy creamer and a spoonful of benefiber
Veggies Made Great muffins (cinnamon roll flavor is great)
Harvest Snaps lentil snacks (the kickin BBQ flavor is pretty good)
Blueberries and grapes to snack on
Background: so.. I still feel hungry like normal, but eating is more of a chore than anything else a lot of the time. I do get bored with certain foods easily (ADHD yay) but I think celiac/vitamin deficiencies and hypothyroidism are messing with how food appeals to me too. I am currently medicated for thyroid, and taking supplements for deficiencies
For awhile, I was on a kick making air fryer adobo chicken breasts and I’d just eat the chicken with brown rice. I still like the chicken, but I got bored with the rice. Quinoa too. I’ve tried a variety of veggies being served with it but it’s only appealing to me right after I make it. What do you make on a regular basis?
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2023.06.03 03:49 Turkzillas_gobble Fauxlivia, our most vexing character (long)

I know what you're thinking: I can fix her.
It's easy to love her; her biggest story arc depends on her being irresistible, and even after she gets exposed, almost everybody wants to know what she thought of them in her seemingly sincere spy journal. Even Olivia lamented that her Redverse counterpart was like a better version of herself, surrounded by friends and loved ones and with a much healthier work-life balance, and it's clear that F is just a lot more charming than O is. F loves her job, while O is mostly gritty determination; after some very early-episodes sexy times with Scott, O hardly ever seems like she's enjoying herself for quite a while, she's too busy slurping down that flatworm juice, getting shit done.
But of course F loves her job; almost all the Fringe folks over there are having a lot more light-on-their-feet fun than our Fringe folks, probably because in her words, "we're heroes". Another way to put that is that the Redverse is more of a police state, and it's a lot more fun to be the boot than the face, as long as they don't look to hard into the more classified shit their boss is up to, like what happened to their Broyles. Brushing off things like this happens a lot on this show, and nowhere so much as done by F. She may be quicker with a smile, but that's how she reacts to just about everything: fun smiles, flirty smiles, mocking smiles, nervous smiles. F rolls with it all. It's a different armour than O uses, but it's still armour. I can see her having the same lament about never having learned how to be vulnerable, if there was anyone around her worth confessing it to.
In the spirit of so many misdeeds on this show never really being answered for, at no point does F apologize for (or much reckon with at all) the pain she caused people on her deep-cover mission, even after the Rebootening when the damage is considerably less dramatic and there's a real necessity for her to work with these people directly. The closest thing to remorse she expresses is when she's caught and tries to appeal to Peter's romantic side; nobody's really buying it, and I don't think she expects him to. After this does she even interact with our side again until the new timeline, where patching things up with Walter and O was nice but a little too easy? The original F's more soul-crushing compromises make her harder to root for, but they also make her more compelling as a character. F has done some awful things, and while she never really has to answer for them directly - namely any honest reckoning with Peter and O - at least she eats some shit over it once the pregnancy comes out.
There's a lot of fallout from that, starting with how the man she seemed quite happy with, who had every intention of marrying her, fucks off without even asking for an explanation. Her co-workers, who she's otherwise relaxedly friendly with, start gossiping and speculating about it when they aren't satisfied with what little she's willing to tell them. They care, but we see a limitation to those friendly relationships: Lincoln and Charlie are just too much of a couple of bros for it to occur to them that there might be horrible shit behind this unexpected, unwanted pregnancy. Maybe she was raped? Maybe it's reality-bending interdimensional sci-fi shit? No wonder she's not telling you guys anything!
Then, just as she's weighing this pregnancy against her own sci-fi medical mortality, she gets abducted and abused (you could've asked, Walternate!) and made to give birth under some pretty awful circumstances, not the least of which is her belief that it's going to mean death for her and/or the baby. It all must've messed with her hard, if she's pleading with Lincoln to save the full-term baby she didn't even want yesterday. As brutally intense as this thrilling, messy little arc is on the show, I can see why some people would absolutely hate it. It's a thorny grab-bag of sexual and reproductive politics plotted with such bro-ey insensitivity I was shocked to find the “Bloodline” writing is credited to two women.
Ultimately she gets through it all fine, and oddly unscarred by her traumatic experience. F becomes a happy single mom through the most bizarre circumstances and doesn't seem to mind how she got there, implied to be "taken care of" by Walternate, though she still goes to extremely dangerous work at Fringe. If something happened to her at work, I bet he'd be fine with it. He might even be counting on it. Strange omission here: F went to our side on an existential wartime mission against amoral monsters who were conspiring to destroy her universe, and saw enough to know that's not true, but this didn't really change anything about her or Walternate's goals. He kept on with his war, she kept on with her job.
Then the Rebootening happens. Same Fauxlivia, same smiling, nothing-personal animosity, but minus the baby and the, uh, sex crime. There's a lot to get into there; we could argue whether this counts as rape, but at the very least, it's a little beyond your standard honeypot spy shit. If the sexes were reversed I think we'd see it pretty clearly, but here, I think the pregnancy does make it a little different, since that happens to her, and not to the man she's deceiving, and despite some nonsense storytelling teases about Peter having to choose his preferred Olivia (come on, show) the baby is never used to further manipulate him. I wanted justice for her, and for what she'd done, in the previous timeline and I think the thing that feels most “lost” about changing it is never seeing how that would work. But it's hard to miss that things just shake out better for her all around in the new one. Whatever other reservations I have about the s4 timeline, the "cleaning up" of F was the one thing it did that worked for pure palatability. Maybe s3 F couldn't be rehabilitated, but I dunno, Quark is much worse than this and Deep Space 9 fans love him as a rascally scamp.
Each version of F gets one season plus a bit to work out some approximation of an arc, but after the deep-cover mission they're all kinda B-stories. Perhaps they even came at an unfair cost, front-n-centre time that could've been used for Astrid (who hardly ever got any) or even O herself, who never seemed to me to lack for screen time but maybe Blair Brown's lament about this turning into a show about the men wasn't wrong; Peter's story was always about the same Peter and O is split between two, arguably four people which could make for character work that's more wide than deep.
But after watching s4 and settling on being mildly dissatisfied about what was becoming of O, I found myself feeling more weirdly haunted by what was going on with F. She went through (and did) so much shit in s3, you could make a whole show out of this person's crazy-ass life and I would watch that all day. In s4, she's a fun foil for either version of O, but there isn't a lot more there anymore. We can believe that Peter's estimation of her would be mostly positive – after all, she's mostly O, and without the previous F's moral compromises – but I don't think he would've said that in s3.
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2023.06.03 03:32 Aluuro 1941 Tillamook, Oregon The Fern cafe

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2023.06.03 03:30 FazbearTM789 These are all my flash modded iPods

These are all my flash modded iPods
These are all my iflash modded iPods, All have 128GB SanDisk SD Cards, 5th Gen and 6th Gen have the iflash Solos in them, bought the two boards together, the 4th Gen has an iFlash ATA-1 adapter, and the 3rd Gen has an iFlash Solo with a ribbon cable adapter. It was recommended to me that i use this board to put less strain on the internal cable
If I had to pick favourites, I would pick the 4th Gen as my favourite, then the 5th Gen, then the 3rd Gen, then the 6th Gen
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2023.06.03 03:16 LilyMcAllister $2.76 EACH! Shake 'N Bake Southern Fried Chicken Coating Mix, 142g (Pack of 12) $33.12

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2023.06.03 03:04 ilovejamiee Gift cards go brrrrrr

Gift cards go brrrrrr
BTW, Bass Pro will price match this flash light for $114.95
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2023.06.03 02:56 Terrordyne_Synth Let's see those odometers!

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2023.06.03 02:56 t-ryansaurus-rex I wish I would have done it right from the get-go!

I should have listened to you guys, woe is me. I made the mistake of only inoculating just two bags of rice for my first grow (even though I had 45cc of spore solution LOL). I ended up killing the mycelium in one of the bags because I pressed it too hard after the first break-n-shake. S2B went fine, but I let most of the mycelium overgrow waiting for a relatively small patch to start filling in when I should have just went to fruiting conditions. Then I even messed up fruiting conditions by leaving too big of a crack and letting my overgrown mycelium sorta dry out?
I’m trying to save it by putting the tub in a larger bin full of 4” of perlite that I soaked for 15 minutes and then drained. I also put a heating pad under it and a thermostat set to 75F.
I already have my next grow going. I inoculated 16 bags of Uncle Ben’s about three weeks ago while the first two I had going already where still filling out (eight bags with their own strain). I just S2B them all yesterday - this time I did a 1 bag to 1qt coco coir ratio (that I pasteurized using a 1g coco coir to 5.1g boiling water ratio). Each 6qt container has 2qt coco coir and 2 bags mycelium, no casing layer this time. I’m going to leave my lids sealed down until they’re ready for fruiting, then I’m just going to crack/unclamp the lids and mist/fan twice a day and just not fuck with it outside of that.
For my NEXT grow, I inoculated 24 bags of rice, but this time I went with the Kroger brand because Uncle Ben’s seems to be too moist and it is keeping the mycelium from overtaking all of the rice. I guess the silver lining in all of this is that I haven’t had any contamination so far, so at least I’ve got that down lol.
Hopefully I get to harvest something soon 😵‍💫
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2023.06.03 02:48 JohnXm [Bug] Menu not correctly drawn in Dolphin 5.0-19368

I got the latest beta (5.0-19368) of Dolphin as I was trying to get some screenshots.
Opening the menus, sometimes does not draw it complete. It cuts the bottom part:
It also happens for sub menus:
If I select a different menu and go back to the ones with issues, they are displayed correctly.
I'm running Dolphin 5.0-19368 on Windows 10 22H2.
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2023.06.03 02:48 Unusual_Ninja_6252 Once Upon a Time in France Response to Ex-Employee Post

This Post is in response to the ongoing allegations against Once Upon a Time in France and co-owner Melvil Arnt. Once Upon a Time in France has thoroughly reviewed and investigated the allegations in the May 31, 2023 Reddit post by DivineIdylle and takes them very seriously. Once Upon a Time in France has been unable to confirm the identity of the original poster or the individual he or she is posting on behalf. We welcome the original poster and this individual to reach out to its representatives to discuss these allegations in detail. Recognizing the sensitivity of this matter, Once Upon a Time in France has provided an email address below that is accessed and monitored only by legal representatives of Once Upon a Time in France to provide a safe and secure outlet for the original poster and individual, should they wish to come forward.
Once Upon a Time in France considers the health and safety of its customers and staff as its top priority. The allegations regarding health code violations in the 5/31/2023 Reddit post are completely false. Once Upon a Time in France has not and will never serve roadkill to customers. We wish to clarify several of the allegations in the post directly: · There was an accident with a previous sous chef concerning a steak that fell on the floor. His actions were unacceptable and management addressed the incident directly with the sous chef as soon as they were made aware of the incident. The sous chef no longer works at Once Upon a Time in France. · The video of the insects is the result of an infestation of a piece of food (exterior from our restaurant) that was left by accident in our outside storage unit by a member of our team and was cleaned as soon as it was seen. No other incident of the sort has ever happened in nearly 4 years of operation. We are routinely inspected by the TN Department of Health. On March 9 2023 the TN Department of Health gave Once Upon a Time in France a health score of 97. This and all previous health inspection reports can be found at In addition, the TN Department of Health conducted a surprise inspection of Once Upon a Time in France on May 17, 2023 and also one on June 1, 2023 and the inspector concluded there were no violations anywhere on or around the premises including no infestation of insects or improperly stored meat. Finally, Once Upon a Time in France contracts with a pest control company to routinely maintain the restaurant. Once Upon a Time in France opened for business in East Nashville in December 2019 by Melvil Arnt and his family and has since served over 78,000 customers.
We have earned a reputation as a friendly small neighborhood bistro that is French family owned and operated and serves authentic traditional French food. Once Upon a Time in France is an establishment that is recognized for the quality of its service and menu offerings resulting in Once Upon a Time in France being voted Best New Bistro in the Nashville Scene’s Best of Nashville 2020 and Best Restaurant in Nashville 2022.
In an effort to not cause further trauma to the original poster, the only comment Once Upon a Time in France wishes to make is that all of the allegations concerning sexual harassment and inappropriate conduct are factually incorrect.
Once Upon a Time in France encourages the original poster and individual to email Once Upon a Time in France’s legal representative as indicated below.
If you have been a loyal customer, if you had a great experience at our restaurant and recognize it for being a genuine and safe neighborhood bistro please continue to support us.
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.03 02:37 Main_Procedure_4077 Hey there, I’m new to this subreddit

Hey there, I’m new to this subreddit
I bought a iPod 6th gen classic off of market place and just realized it had a black spot on the screen but it wasn’t really visible when it’s on, I was wondering what it was and what I should do.
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