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Put that product back or so help me. Pictures of misplaced items in grocery stores.

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The official subreddit for NFL football cards and football card collectors!

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Welcome to vegetarian, the community for anyone interested in a vegetarian diet. You don't need to be vegetarian to participate, but please respect that most of us are by keeping on topic and refraining from encouragement of non-vegetarian food. We are mostly US-based & follow the definition of vegetarian here which may include dairy and/or eggs. Please read the rules & learn about Reddiquette before posting. Recipes are required for all posts involving photos of home-cooked meals.

2023.05.31 18:20 420wasabisnappin So many dog foods are grain free and I am beyond frustrated.

For the second time in a row I have bought a grain-free food without knowing it was grain-free. There are so many options of dog food I get completely overwhelmed and I cannot afford to buy a THIRD bag of food in the span of a month at the moment.
I bought my dog a grain-free food by accident after her food (Purina Beyond) was discontinued and Chewy sent me my cats food instead of any kind of notification that they were out.
And my dog was also out of food.
So, I bought True Acres Chicken & Veg in a bit of a panic because it was a big bag for not too much money. "Grain-free" is written almost all over it but I didn't catch on until we were nearly done with bag #1.
My dog has since developed a rash on her belly that she scratches at a ton.
So I found Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach. The picture had nothing with grain-free listed, but I didn't scroll through all 8 photos listed, I just bought it. I had been working through the pages on Chewy for about an hour trying to find something that seemed within my budget for the price and weight and that was what I kept landing on.
Today I looked at the bag and right on the front it says "no corn, wheat or soy." I cannot explain how much I want to absolutely lose it right now. I had transitioned her and was feeling good, but since the rash persisted, I had made a vet appointment for fear that it was the mower chemicals and cut grass inflaming her belly.
I'm so upset. I have like two bags of very full dog food, just paid rent and am trying to save for this vet appt. I do not have funds, or space, or spoons to get yet another bag of food and transition her AGAIN.
Why is grain-free food so readily available? It shouldn't be given to a dog unless expressly determined by a vet, yet it's everywhere!
And now I'm so exhausted from looking for food the first time, I don't want to look again. I already feel exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out at the thought which in turn makes me feel like a terrible dog owner that I keep putting my baby through this.
Thanks for listening to me vent and if anyone has recommendations for a NOT grain-free dog food good for a 45lb Treeing Hound mix (budget of about $60/mo) I am so open to it.
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2023.05.31 18:19 Charupa- Lowe's Store Coming Soon on State Road 54 near Curley Road!

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2023.05.31 18:19 Bighairedaristocrat Transcoding seems to have stopped working (Large Libray with thousands of files)

So i'm a total Tdarr noob, but had figured out a way to get the first couple hundred files in my library transcoded from h.264 to h.265. It was running fine for a while. However, it kept giving me a message that it had reached the staged file limit (even though it was at 1,000). I posted about this and made some adjustments, but now, on every file, i'm getting a message simlar to whats in the log below. It will spend nearly half an hour on a 30-ish minute file, but end up not doing any transcoding. This seems to be a huge waste of time and resources - if its not going to transcode, whats it doing for half an hour? (Tdarr is running on a NUC in Windows 11 with an intel 1235u with 32 GB of RAM. The GPU is at 100% but the CPU is not used much).
I also have to keep expanding the staged file limite (its now at 2,000), even though, based on the options i selected, I dont think i should need to have it so large.

I would appreciate any tips/troubleshooting that anyone can provide.

The log is below, but her are the settings i'm using:

Trascode - 2 CPU 6 GPU
Health Check - 2 CPU 6 GPU
"Allow GPU workers to do CPU tasks" and " Always move failed transcodes to Transcode Error tab" are both enabled.

[Step S01] [2.00.20] Server relay initialising job
Node[hot-horse]:[Step N01] [2.00.20] Node relay received job
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[bony-boar]:[Step W01] Received file, original: ***[File path]***.mp4.mp4
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[bony-boar]:[Step W02] [C1] Running pre-process file
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[bony-boar]:[Step W03] [C1] Analysing file - running plugins
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[bony-boar]:[Step W03.1] [C1] Won't process: requireGPU
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[bony-boar]:[Step W10] Worker processing end
Node[hot-horse]:[Step N01] [2.00.20] Node relay received job
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W01] Received file, original: ***[File path]***.mp4
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W02] [C1] Running pre-process file
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W03] [C1] Analysing file - running plugins
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W04] [C1] Preparing command
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W05] [C1] Launching subworker
25m 19s
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W06] [C1] Worker [-success-]
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W02] [C2] Running pre-process file
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W03] [C2] Analysing file - running plugins
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W03.1] [C2] Won't process: requireCPU
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[kooky-kite]:[Step W10] Worker processing end
Node[hot-horse]:[Step N01] [2.00.20] Node relay received job
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[young-yak]:[Step W01] Received file, original: ***[File path]***.mp4
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[young-yak]:[Step W02] [C1] Running pre-process file
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[young-yak]:[Step W03] [C1] Analysing file - running plugins
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[young-yak]:[Step W03.1] [C1] Won't process: notRequired
Node[hot-horse]:Worker[young-yak]:[Step W10] Worker processing end
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2023.05.31 18:19 AutoModerator Biaheza - Dropshipping Program (Here)

Contact me on (+44) 7593880762 on Telegram/WhatsApp if you have interest in Biaheza's Dropshipping course.
The course focuses on practical steps that take you from zero to a profitable dropshipping store in no time.
Biaheza's Dropshipping course guarantees real results, not just theories!
Experience the thrill of launching your own store and making over one thousand dollars on day one. Biaheza will guide you through every step, explaining how to scale your business for even greater success.
You will learn how to:
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.,, and more!
Biaheza's Dropshipping course witll show you how to captivate your audience, drive sales, and maximize your profits effortlessly.
If you are interested in Biaheza's Dropshipping course contact us on:
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
WhatApp/Telegram: (+44) 7593880762
Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets).
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2023.05.31 18:19 nikk0_b [WTS] Planet Eclipse Etha 1st gen - $200 obo (free shipping, paypal fees included)

[WTS] Planet Eclipse Etha 1st gen - $200 obo (free shipping, paypal fees included)
Cleaning out my garage. I purchased this etha used around 2014. It never saw the field during my ownership. The only use it saw was in my backyard. It shot flawlessly when I used it. I do not remember how many paintballs I put through it because it's been in storage ever since 2015. It is in near mint condition. All accessories, spare parts, and tools, as well as the barrel, are not included because they didn't come with it when I purchased it. I put a battery in it, and it turns on. Unfortunately, I don't have air to dry fire/test it out. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I will update the description if any questions are asked. I'm willing to adjust my price accordingly if it's too high. I've been holding on to my markers for too long. Unfortunately, i don't intend on getting back into the game. I'm ready to give my markers up for a steal.
Pictures show my ebay username. I initially intended to list it on ebay, but I figured I try to sell here first to avoid ebay fees. I also intended to post yesterday, but I got busy.
I have more pictures, but it says gallery is not allowed. DM me and I can provide you more pictures.
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2023.05.31 18:18 Aiming4Gaming0 40 ADVANCED Tips in V Rising 2023 V Rising Guide (Gloomrot update!)

40 ADVANCED Tips in V Rising 2023 V Rising Guide (Gloomrot update!)

V Rising features many mechanics that, once mastered, can greatly enhance your gaming experience.
So, today, I have prepared a list of 40 advanced tips to help you understand and utilize these mechanics efficiently.
This is Aming4Gaming, and today we're aiming for advanced gaming!


This guide originated from my YouTube video, where I show all resource locations in action. If you enjoy watching videos, I would be really grateful if you checked it out and rated it - it would help me a lot!
However, it's also fair to offer something to Reddit, which is why I decided to make a text version of my guide here as well. So, if you prefer text guides, it's right below!
All tips are grouped by their purpose for easy navigation.

Are these tips accurate enough?

To put it simply - I wrote down all the things I came up with, then spent 4 hours checking them one by one to confirm that they are working. I hope this is enough to confirm my confidence on the subject :)

Farming techniques

  1. Farm Pristine hides easily in Gracefall Village by weakening villagers during the daytime, waiting for nightfall, and eliminating them in their werewolf form for free loot.
  2. Utilize bosses and big enemies to gather resources as they can effortlessly destroy rocks and trees.
  3. Use Bear form to break big resource deposits without the need for explosives.
  4. The Haunted Iron Mine has become obsolete with the newly added Iron Cave. Gain access to it using explosives or by transforming into a bear.
  5. Golems in the Iron Cave won't attack you when you're in bear form.
  6. Employ area of effect skills to farm cotton or sunflowers more efficiently.
  7. You can mine iron with any Merciless Copper weapon, an upgraded version of regular copper weapons. Maces provide an extra 25% damage to rocks and veins.
  8. Change your blood type to Worker for more efficient resource mining. It increases damage to nodes, resource yield, and even offers a chance to instantly destroy nodes.


  1. Take advantage of enemy encounters where they fight each other, providing an advantageous handicap in boss battles. This strategy works particularly well in Haunted Iron Mines and Gloomrot.
  2. Be mindful of your WASD inputs while mounting your horse to prevent accidental backward movement.
  3. When fighting bosses in a group, the number of spawned enemies and spells in boss fights increases, along with their overall power.
  4. Relic weapons offer significant stat boosts and effects such as chill or shock on skill usage.
  5. Make use of the blood moon, which boosts your blood quality and movement speed, making boss battles easier.
  6. For quick and free HP restoration, enter your coffin and wait a few seconds.
  7. Check your server settings to confirm the difficulty level. Some servers increase boss stats to create a more challenging and souls-like experience.
  8. Skeletons serve as powerful distractions in fights, absorbing attacks while you shoot enemies from a distance.
  9. Use your blood drain power to swiftly eliminate enemies without waiting for the drain to complete.
  10. Bear form boasts superior health regeneration values, allowing you to save your items or blood.


  1. Visit newly added traders to obtain items, potions, books, and much more.
  2. If you're missing gems or materials for upgrade, purchase them from traders.
  3. Acquire specific floors from traders instead of relying on random drops.
  4. Or you can maximize your profit from unlocking new items with scrolls or paper by purchasing cheap books.
  5. Unlock human form by defeating Bane the Shadowblade, enabling you to visit cities and new traders without being attacked.

Bag system

  1. Bags are essential for expanding your storage system, allowing you to store multiple resources without taking up inventory space.
  2. Coin purses protect you from the negative effects of silver and can hold multiple stacks of coins.
  3. Equip multiple bags of the same type for added storage convenience.


  1. You can occupy other players territories even in PvE. Just find a decaying castle and seize it.
  2. When mounted, you can turn your blood sense on to simplify the search for victims.
  3. Summon the putrid rat in the Vermin Nest within your base to unlock rat form. Use rat form to open golden chests without detection, but be quick as the opening animation cancels the form.
  4. Protect yourself from garlic by drinking garlic resistance brew or potion, simplifying your farming by reducing garlic stacks in the same time period.
  5. The same tactic works for silver resistance potions, allowing you to carry more silver.
  6. Other players' bases can sometimes be accessed by jumping from higher ground.
  7. Wisps give you temporary protection against Cursed Forest sickness. Alternatively, defeat The Wanderer and craft the Shroud of the Forest for full protection.

Base building & Crafting

  1. Grow plants within your base's dedicated planting area to acquire all the resources you need without visiting other locations.
  2. Utilize the new teleporters to swiftly move between different areas within your claimed zone.
  3. If you need gem dust immediately, destroy excess gems in the grinder.
  4. Destroy unneeded jewels to obtain gems and gem dust.


  1. Each use of blood extraction increases the misery of your prisoner and the damage from extraction. Lower their misery with specific fish to avoid losing your precious blood source.
  2. Blood merlot is superior to regular blood extraction as it consumes fewer health points and induces less misery.
  3. Use irradiant Gruel to raise your prisoner's blood quality to 100%. However, it's important to note that there is a 35% probability that your prisoner may undergo a mutation when using this method.


I hope with this guide you have achieved what you were aiming for today!
If you want to watch more guides, they can be found on my YouTube channel! I'm doing my best to create guides on both YouTube and Reddit, but I have a full-time job, so it's a bit hard to keep up with everything :(
Anyway, thank you for reading up to this point, and see you later!
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2023.05.31 18:18 IntricateSunlight Does anyone know where to find cute footwear that are size 12 US women's?

Unfortunately I'm slightly over the size of what most shoe stores and manufacturers carry for women as most only go to 11. Though I can fit 11 its typically tight and I found 12 fits better for me. I dont need wide, I just have narrow long feet.
Anyone know a good shop for women's shoes for us tall girls?
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2023.05.31 18:17 Individual-Bat232 I think I might've time travelled

Hi I've recently thought about timetravelled and then memory of mine came up to me. I was about 6 or 8, and I was in the Krynica Mountains in Poland. It was very snowy that day. I was pretty new to skiing, and from time to time I would fall down on the snow. One time when I was doing zigzag exercises with little flags (it looked like a flag with a pole on both sides), And then, as I recall, I went into this flag between the poles (I was alone; there were only strangers there; my family was on other ski slopes), and I fell on my face. When I turned around, everything looked the same. There was snow, trees, and even this flag thingy. And then I saw a cameraman with an old-school camera (a wooden camera for black and white photos). That's how it looked. I think he was making a movie. He was standing before me, but his back was to me. Then I saw who he was shooting. There was a woman with very white glamour skin and very velvety black hair (and with black uv glasses or something that looked similar); what was most eye-catching was that she was wearing luxurious fur and very old-style clothes. The cameraman also had very old clothes. She also was skiing with two ski poles in her hands. So after I saw them, I saw her sliding sideways in front of me, and the cameraman was shooting her. It lasted like 60 seconds, and she slid near me, and the cameraman went after her. They didn't notice me. After those holidays, I told my family, but they didn't believe me, and I've moved on. I'm not sure if I have time traveled or reality shifted. But something unusual happened that day. Tell me what you think about this. I'm not sure, but I think the footage from that cameraman might exist somewhere. Maybe they were photos or a movie; I'm not sure.
The footage might've looked like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQQQxRacXBw
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2023.05.31 18:17 ChaoticKismet selling age restricted products at 18 in mississippi?

i'm a new csa and i started training yesterday as a cashier. while i was doing my PPLs i asked the store manager if i would be allowed to sell age restricted items since i myself am not 21 but the PPLs weren't specific to which states could and couldn't. she said i would be allowed to sell them since i'm 18, and then just to be certain called over the shift lead
the shift lead said no i couldn't and that something would pop up on the register once the item was scanned requiring authorization, and i'd have to call a code 21 before i could complete the sale.
yesterday i asked the girl who was training me about it while we were discussing IDs, and she said she's under 21 and still sells tobacco and such with no problem.
i'm working the night shift tonight and i just want a clear answer before then before i rip my hair out from pure annoyance.
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2023.05.31 18:17 nicrusso Outdoor Time (Safe/Unsafe)?

I’ve been seeing pictures here and there of people taking their gecko outside (in a backyard, or on a path near a forest, etc.) and I’m wondering if this is risky, or not so much. To me (I had a rat many years ago that I took out to my backyard once or twice when I was young and sort of careless) this seems unsafe - just for the fact that a hawk, or any large bird could swoop down super fast and (best case) knock the gecko to the floor, also for direct sunlight reasons. I’d love to bring mine out, but it seems scary. Just curious what the thoughts are on this. Of course I pretty much intend on keeping mine indoors, but again, curious.
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2023.05.31 18:17 sourcandyplague is it a good or bad idea to tell my boss im autistic?

for context: i am (19m) autistic and adhd. im diagnosed but my doctor never mentioned a level or anything, so for a lack of a better term i think i am fairly high functioning . My younger sister is also dx with autism and adhd and my older sister suspects she is autistic but doesn’t have a dx and doesnt say she is. My older brother has adhd. But anyway.
I am a third key manager in a clothing store . i rank highest out of all of the other third keys as i work the most hours but i still answer to a couple people (mainly gen. manager and asst. manager. But we have a department and boh manager too)
now, my boss recently hired a handful of people while i was away on medical leave. Many of them answer to me or other third keys for the most part but we have a few who only would if their respective managers werent in . One of them, he works back of house and he is autistic. A different level than me, and again, idk what level means what, so hes still high functioning but less than me of that makes sense? like, anecdotal example, he reminds me of students who have a teacher’s assistant with them in class but still attend regular classes if that makes sense .
Anyway. My boss and his manager are a little perplexed because this is their first time with someone who is undoubtedly autistic. I want to let them know that , while i obviously dont have any official or formal training , I have experience with autism and autistic people from both growing up with it and having a younger sister with it. And that if they ever have a question or need a hand with anything if i am in I can help . But i dont know, is that stupid? A few of my coworkers know that i have autism but for my boss, all she knows os that i have adhd. But Id hate for something to go wrong and even if I cant fix a problem at least alleviate it a little bit.
There havent been any issues yet that im aware of, just that hes taking a little longer than theyd hoped with training but ive worked with him a few times and he just needs very direct instruction which one of the BOH associates is very bad at giving. So IDK. ive been with this company for a while and I trust my boss but idk if its worth it to reveal that part about me. He only really answers to me or other third keys if the boh manager is unavailable.
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2023.05.31 18:17 Sl_reditt Renewal Project Of Taipei Main Station (In-Progress)

Renewal Project Of Taipei Main Station (In-Progress)
Hello!!! I'm a Taiwanese highschool student who is interested in the field of Architecture and now I'm on a self-led project on Taipei Main Station Renewal. The intention to start this project was that I believe Taipei Main Station and its nearby area need a redevelopment and regeneration to revitalize the Western district of Taipei.
By that I meant to improve business activities, more pedestrian-friendly designs, more jobs opportunities, better infrastructures, potentially improve of sustainability, economic growth, and so much more benefits!!!
The ultimate goal is to make the west district of Taipei thrive once again along side with the ongoing construction of Taipei Twin Towers and several other projects in the district. Creating public spaces, retail spaces, spaces for education(?), and office spaces. Resulting a new entertainment hub for Taipei, and not just a solely building for tourists to arrive and leave after 5 minutes to the MRT. As well as make the area more livable for the locals. Thus marks the idea of TOD ( Transit-oriented development ). The idea is similar to King Cross Renewal in London or Shibuya Station Redevelopment in Tokyo.
Anyways I just wanted to post in reddit here to ask what's your thoughts on Taipei Main Station. Cons and Pros. Could be anything that is above ground, the underground city is non of my business, lol. And any recommendations or suggestions that you would love to see in the redesigned Taipei Main Station and it's nearby area!!! At the end feel free to criticize or discuss about my current design!
Here are some images of what's going on now.
Light blue area is the space I'm designing atm

Front elevation

aerial view

An idea of sky garden

Progress atm

My Instagram for more updates around subjects of Architecture and other environmental concerns in Taiwan.
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2023.05.31 18:17 SomeSilentForest Hello there

I smoked cannabis heavily and cigarettes moderately for 3 years(18-21), im pretty much quitting at the moment, (only smoking on weekends), how likely am i to get cancer in the near future in your opinion? Its really bothering me and getting me anxious. Its making it really hard not to want to smoke to calm my nerves
Thanks in advance
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2023.05.31 18:16 mourninglory Thoughts on working at an airport Sbux for my first time as a barista?

The airport near me pays $15-$16 for baristas, but I have never worked at Starbucks or another coffee shop before. I do have food industry experience. What are y’all’s thoughts and experiences with working at an airport Starbucks? Thanks
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2023.05.31 18:16 starryvista Getting increasingly frustrated with ADHD360 and broadway pharmacy! Currently down £90!

I’m nearly 2 months into titration and every single part of the process for getting medication has been painful.
My first prescription took 10 days to get to me from my initial assessment. I paid and signed up immediately, prescription was written, but broadway pharmacy took that long to finally get something out to me.
Then ADHD360 emailed me to say I needed to buy more tablets (prior to review) so I did as instructed and paid. Only for my clinician to change my dosage and wrote me a new £110 prescription. So I paid for that.
My clinician wasn’t very helpful at all about the duplicate prescription (pretty sure given it’s a controlled drug they shouldn’t be doing that!)and I was told ‘to just ring up ADHD360’ if you have any issues.
So I ring ADHD360, who basically say it’s absolutely nothing to do with them and something I need to sort with broadway pharmacy. After several phone calls, I’m advised to refuse the ‘incorrect’ prescription parcel and they’ll refund me the £90.
Which I do, the parcel gets sent back to them. I then chase broadway pharmacy several times and each time they say haven’t got it.
They did. It was signed for by them the day after I sent it back. There’s proof of delivery! It’s now 2 weeks since it arrived and I still haven’t got a refund and being given the run around.
ADHD360 basically shrug their shoulders and say it’s nothing to do with them, which I think is pretty shoddy given the fact I’m paying £950 odd to be ‘under their care’
And to top it off, I’m £90 down on a prescription I had to refuse.
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2023.05.31 18:16 MetricWeakness6 Strangest way I saw a tank crew die

Strangest way I saw a tank crew die

Most strangest thing I saw in my time in Foxhole tbh (this was a while before 1.0 war I think?). So a quadiche or was it a Bardiche? was coming from the the SE of the road(Collies) and me and another guy (Warden) were SW where you see us but a bit further down. The Quad/bard was moving up to the middle of the intersection before one of the crew in it saw us and immediately jumped out even though we werent even near it (we had no AT on us) and tried to shoot us but somehow forgot about the MG pillbox on his right (the one you see there) and subsequently got gunned down by it.

Then the tank continued driving towards the NW side of the road and somehow entirely ignored the AT pillox you see on the left of the picture. The strangest thing was is that the tank died in 3-2 shots from the AT pillbox.

TLDr: one of the crew of an enemy tank saw us and got up to shoot us but forgot about the MG pillbox, enemy tank then got itself killed by 3-4 shots from the AT pillbox

It definitely wasnt moving in the direction of friendly territory and could have easily gone back the way it came to do so.
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2023.05.31 18:16 Chocolil Catalina Coupons not Printing

For like a week now we haven't had a single catalina print in the store. Customers that frequently come in knowing what to buy for manufacturer coupons or expecting a Spend X and get Y Rewards are complaining now.

Normally we have a trash can near the register filled with reward slips that people say they don't want but its been empty for like a week. Is this like a known issue or do I need to call someone? It's not like that rare thing where a customer should have gotten a manufacturer coupon for buying 2 products of something or spending $15 in say beauty. They aren't printing period for any transaction. Even the generic advertisements for like Advil if you are buying pain medication.
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2023.05.31 18:15 Thisusernamethough94 Do I qualify?

Hi there,
I had a question about food stamps. I own a home along with my brother and father however I haven’t been able to work for the past year and unfortunately still don’t have a job. I’m overage and right now my only source of income is some money my father gives me as an allowance to pay my bills (below gross income limit for 1 person) I also have lots of bills to pay and it’s getting pretty hard to afford groceries. Would I qualify for food stamps?
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2023.05.31 18:15 codefreeze116 PS Plus subscription cancellation

Hey folks,
I'm trying to cancel my PS Plus subscription I tried to reach out to their customer support via
But their chatbot is giving me a hard time saying - `we're experiencing high wait times for our Support Agents`. Is there any other means by which I can reach out to them
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2023.05.31 18:14 heyitscory Is there a trick to staying logged into to the Android app?

I know the app saves favorites locally when I'm not logged in if I manually add them after installing the app. I switch devices a lot, so I often have a fresh install without going through and digging for my 15 or 20 favorites.
I know my favorites are stored remotely because I can log in and my list pops back up at the top.
Sadly, the app doesn't like staying logged in.
On the plus side, the browsing while not logged in to set up my favorites list means I might find a new channel I didn't have before, but until I get around to it, I have to keep logging in over and over, almost every time I open the app. The password manager that works in some other apps doesn't offer to auto-complete.
Is there a way to keep the app signed in more reliably, or barring that, save my signed-in favorites locally so they're still there when it inevitably logs me out?
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2023.05.31 18:14 rumpusrouser What do I do about a girl who always tells me my daughter is not playing nice?

I realize my title sounds like my daughter can do no evil but hear me out. My daughter (4) has just made friends with a girl (6). She lives across the street and they play almost every night. I always sit near and watch them, since my daughter is still so young I want to make sure she isn’t stealing toys/throwing fits/etc. The 6 year olds mom also sits outside and we chat. However, at least 3 or 4 times a night the 6 year old will come tell me my daughter is being mean. She will tell me “she’s not playing the game right” or “She won’t let me ride her scooter” or one time it was “she asked for candy even though I said it was mine.” To be clear if my daughter was honestly not playing nice I would be the first one to correct her, that’s why I’m outside in the first place. But like the 6 year old locked my daughter in a dog kennel last night, my daughter cried and she didn’t let her out until I said, “She is telling you she doesn’t like this, let her out.” (Her mom had stepped into the house at this point.) Last night another girl (5) was playing with them and even she went up to the 6 year old’s mom and said “6 year old isn’t being nice to 4 year old” But the mom didn’t really do anything. It’s not really an option for me to not let them play because they live so close. They are always outside and my 4 year old really wants to play with the 6 year old. The 6 year old is even the one who always asks my daughter to come play. I had a long talk with my 4 year old about how if someone is being mean to her she needs to come tell me and we will go do something else fun. I have thought about the next time the 6 year old tells me my daughter is being mean, telling her, “I’m sorry that’s happening, should me and 4 year old go inside and take our toys with us?” Because we are the ones with the scooters, chalk, and sandbox. But if she said “yes” that’s just punishing my 4 year old. How would you handle this situation? Am I overblowing it? I am just so tired of her being a jerk to my kid.
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2023.05.31 18:14 Suitable-Ad8983 Gameplay connected to server?

Right now I live without wifi so my 15 gig allowable hotspot from my phone did the job downloading with the hotspot running out near the end switching to slow and spotty connection to finish download. After a bit of chugging, the game verified that it had in fact released and opened. I got to the main menu and found that my controller and mouse inputs did nothing to scroll or select.
I theorized that this was some EA online at all times BS so I disconnected my expired and very spotty hotspot and viola, the game runs seamlessly. This makes me think that the game runs through an online server and all button presses have to go through this server whether local or external even when you are in single player modes and menus.
Hopefully this doesn’t lead to any pointless performance issues for any of you but thought I’d point it out cause it was weird.
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