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Cards Against Humanity is the Apples to Apples for horrible people. Come share your depraved card combinations and additions to the game.

2023.06.07 00:41 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E4 My Crow Speaks To The Cursed

Darkness covered the funeral as those black clouds rained onto black umbrellas. Most of the policemen were gathered to put Sergeant Ventura into the ground. Detective Winters turned from the man's family, Police, and with a scowling cigarette, he headed back towards his car.
"Did it go well?" I asked him from where I had waited in the back seat.
"You know I told them exactly what happened?" He asked me, after a moment of silent conversation. The rain was making a soothing noise on the roof and windshield, repetitive, insistent and natural. I listened to that, instead of the rest of his monologue: about filling out a report, and then talking about the report to his superiors, and now telling me the whole story. I looked out the window as he went on and on, and watched the various policemen and their wives filing away. I noticed only half of them had wives and only one had a male partner. I wasn't sure if he was to be referred to as a 'wife'. Can't be a 'spouse' in this state. "And for all that they just made me write that I had accidentally shot the corpse-shaped booby trap that killed Sergeant Ventura."
"You finished?" I asked while he stopped to catch his breath.
"Yes. Thank you. I feel better." He claimed. He started his car and we drove back to the hotel.
"You just gonna stay here with me?" I asked him as I headed past the beds for the bathroom. I intended to have a shower, thinking: "I admit I don't get them very often, living outdoors."
"I wouldn't dream of leaving you. You are the love of my life. I can't sleep when you aren't in that bed over there, in the same room as me. Meals just don't taste as good without you." Detective Winters had an odd tone of voice as he said all of that. I decided to just leave it alone.
While I was showering, I realized I was afraid of him. I was harmless compared to him, and I could kill someone to protect something I couldn't even explain. What would he do if I tried to escape? I decided it was best to accept this path. I wanted to make recompense for taking a life. It meant something to me, even if I avoided Earthly justice.
I shaved off my beard and tied my hair back with my bandanna. I looked like a human-being. I finally put on the clothes Detective Winters had bought for me at the thrift store. I looked like a decent person. Cory tilted his head at me.
"Looks like you could find a mate." Cory complimented me.
"Think so?" I asked, blushing.
"Amen." Cory squawked supreme affirmation. I presented myself to Detective Winters.
"Thank you." He muttered, with a cigarette towering ash atop a filter on his mouth, as he lay on his back with a towel over his eyes. He was thanking me for cleaning up.
I too got some rest. It seemed like all we did was sit at the policestation and fill out paperwork. I had started pacing and found I was not allowed out of his sight. Being confined was strangely exhausting.
I laid there and started to fall asleep. It was strange, sleeping indoors again. It had taken me so many nights in that bed to get used to it. My dreams were of distant times and places. Sometimes I saw Khurl and primitive humans in my dreams. Those were strange nights. The hotel window was open, and the sounds of people softly shuffling by, or arguing in the distance, or watching an infomercial all night on full volume, drifted in with the cool breeze. The world was outside and I had learned to sleep in a new place. A strange kind of sleep.
The phone rang and I awoke and sat up. Cory was watching me in the darkness. He asked:
"What is that?"
"It's Detective Winters's phone." I told him.
After it stopped ringing he woke up and got it and called back. He was laying there half asleep.
"You called?" He sounded quiet and spoke slowly. "I was asleep. I saw that you just called. I want to talk to you. Are you okay? I miss you. Hello?"
Someone might be talking to him. He was listening, there in the darkness. Then he looked at the phone, acknowledging that the call was ended. He gently set the phone down and rolled back over. I could only presume he was trying to fall back asleep.
Then his phone rang again and he answered it and asked in a voice I only heard him use there, at night:
"Please tell me what it is. I want to hear it." And there was a pause as he waited for a response. But it was his boss instead, and after chuckling: he told Detective Winters that he was needed at the scene of a murder. I could hear it.
"Let's go." He looked over and saw I was awake. We dressed and went to the car. The cool night air greeted us and Cory outstretched his wings, loving the breeze.
We got out of the car, at those last moments of night, at a hiking trail that led up Grandfather Hill, after crossing Sunberry Creek. I've tasted the legendary sunberries. They aren't meant for human consumption. I wouldn't recommend them.
Forensics had a van near the head of the trail. The body was about to get removed. They had waited for Detective Winters.
"There is the trail they made to get to her." Detective Winters had his last cigarette and lit it with his 'little red riding hood and wolf eyes' lighter. He took a death-sucking drag from it and pointed with it while he exhaled unhealthy air. "I want us to go the long way. I want to know the rest of her story."
I stood quietly and shivered. Cory clicked that there was a path if I turned around. It was a click that meant it was only the first step. There were three or four to find the path. He'd not tell me there were a series of steps, because crows don't think of numbers in the same pattern as humans. Numbers are magical, in their symbolism, to crows. Crows can count to a degree, but they will often stop counting if the number matches the same meaning they identify with the bushels they are counting. Thus the number three, to a crow, is also essentially female, as a symbol. Therefore when counting a group of females, there would necessarily be three. Every number had such a meaning.
I found a stone and when I stepped upon it I knew the path across the roots. It appeared when we got to the top of the hill. It led down to where the creek was. I stopped to get Detective Winters and heard him behind me:
"I'm following." His voice sounded like he had his eyes on me and couldn't really see the path. Cory kept urging my steps and then told me:
"This is where it first found her." Cory hopped down and pointed with his beak. "I think it is like a man. See its funny footstep?"
"What happened?" I asked.
"How should I know, my Lord? You always task me so." Cory flitted up to my shoulder and trembled and whispered into my ear: "It killed her, I am guessing. What do you think?"
I listened then. I had heard the forest once before. I knew this place, it could whisper, in that same tone. For just a moment it was almost a glimmer of a feeling, a childish emotion, a very crude and simple feeling, like just one note of a song. I glanced up and smiled.
"Cory." I said softly, smiling. He drilled a long series of clicks that was his most hilarious laugh.
"My Lord?" Cory wanted to hear what I was thinking.
"It is like Beauty and the Beast. This footprint, that is like a man. It is a man that is like a beast. He wanted her, loved her, followed her."
"Killed her." Cory added.
"That wasn't the plan. See how carefully it hid." I pointed where the shafts of sunlight lit each footprint perfectly. Such a thing could not step out of the bounds that were set for it by nature. Each of its movements in the forest was perfectly synchronized. Until something on its trail changed. Its movement pattern changed. It was following her, although still very careful as it went.
"What godless beast saw this woman and looked so intently?" Cory sounded interested. I could not guess, while I studied its saddest footsteps.
"This is where it retreated." I pointed to the path of its egress from the kill site. The sunlight danced through the trees as though the light were floating through the forest. In those strange shadows I could imagine the rest:
Hunched and breathing in the moonlight it had watched her approach. She had seen its eyes and perhaps she had screamed, fled, panicked. On instinct the beast had forgotten its fascination and attacked. Her fragile body stood no chance and it left her there and fled this direction. I was walking its path.
"I am going to get dogs out here. Wait!" Detective Winters called after me. He sensed the terrible danger and wasn't driven to it as I was.
"Must go now." Cory was insisting. My crow was also afraid.
"I want to see for myself." I also insisted. I was afraid too, but the quality of my fear was merely a sail to the fears lurking upon my path. I could not turn back and face those darker gazes. They could see into my soul and ignore me, cosigning me to the void.
The full moon still stood overhead and shone down in the lighting sky. In the eerie green light of the forest I found a clearing. I had followed the trail, losing the policemen and the detective. They would eventually find me.
The clearing was ringed by mustard colored toadstools all around its edge. A man lay in the bloodied pelt of a wolf as it peeled from his body. His claws held the earth and were caked in gore. Now I only felt the terror of my action. I had ignored my fear, for fear of being ignored by my own lucky stars. Now I was terrified of the thing before me, the deadly and unnatural visage of it.
The beast was breathing a painful mist onto my hand. He was a little more man, than creature, as his stillness grew; from moment to moment. He looked up at me.
"Know we see you." Cory spoke in his most sincere and clearest English.
"Why have you come to see this?" The man-wolf asked in a voice, broken by remorse, tired by rage, shamed by murder and driven to isolation. Besides the inhuman growl that its voice was composed of. Its yellow eyes stared, bleeding tears across a face not yet human and no longer an animal.
"Did you love her?" I asked. "Before she saw you, nothing happened to her."
"Melody! Oh god no! She followed me!" He exclaimed. When he said 'me' he began to howl dismally. This broke into an unearthly and almost inhuman cry of agony, straight from his soul. Hearing it, and knowing the fruit of his lamentation, is what turned a streak of my beard and hair white, and the white feather on Cory drained of color at that same time.
We stood in the morning light and waited. The cursed creature in front of us sobbed miserably. He said:
"I should be dead, not her."
"Death will always happen." Cory told him.
"Not for me." He wept bitterly.
"He understood you." I noticed.
"Indeed. I think it shows he is not so bad. You listen well enough to understand an animal." Cory spoke to me and then to him. He just stared at my crow. Then he confessed:
"It is the beast that is evil."
"She loved you too." I was sure. "Twas the beast that killed her, for that love."
"She did love me." He told the truth and the hot tears washed some of the blood off of his face.
Dogs and policemen arrived. The moon was gone and the sunlight was warming the forest. They trampled the toadstools and put the decomposing wolf's skin into evidence bags. They put the cursed one in handcuffs. An irony that the cuffs could only hold him while he was relatively harmless, not when he was the beast, of course. I was sure of that too, as I looked at a tree he had struck in his bestial fury, cutting into it like the wood of oak were soft.
"What will happen?" I asked Detective Winters.
"You know as well as I do." He replied. "Crazy guy like that will get the best care of modern medicine."
"That's probably for the best." I surmised.
"Yeah?" Detective Winters complimented me, as he lit a smoke he had bummed off of someone. "I believe you. You know I do."
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2023.06.07 00:40 Silent_Dog5390 I (32F) called my partner (33M) "Dumb Boy" while frustrated.

Throwaway for reasons:
My partner and I have been together for nearly 7 years, living together for 5.
Today I got home after visiting family for a week. While I was away we discovered that we have a bit of a pest problem (bed bugs) that has begun to migrate from our filthy neighbors apartment to ours. I gave my partner some specific advice on how best to deal with it until I got back and the superintendent can bring in pest control. While he did put in an effort, a lot of things were done poorly/half-heartedly along the way. (If you know anything about bed bugs you know that doing things right is so important)
I was trying my best to not be too nit picky as I have struggled in the past with being particular about house work (He is tidy, but needs reminding to do housework sometimes, and will forget to finish tasks he starts a lot. I'm learning to let things go here and there for the sake of both our sanity. He has also been getting better at remembering to do things around the apartment)
Our tensions are already a little high considering the bug situation, and I was tired from traveling all day. I noticed that the floors and baseboards had not been vacuumed very well and I could tell he had not vacuumed underneath our bed or moved the couch to vacuum there, so I brought this to his attention. He swore up and down that he did. I said "Ok, well I'm going to go over them again then."
He had also installed the air conditioner in our bedroom while I was away, but I noticed he hadn't used any of the wood planks (that we have used every previous year) to stabilize the base and seal the gaps on top. He had simply wadded up a hand towel underneath it and wadded up a body towel into the gap above it. I was confused thinking "Maybe we threw out the wood and I don't remember". So I went to the spot the wood is normally stored and it was right there. It was at this point I got very frustrated with having to re-do his work, and I muttered (not very quietly) "UGH. He's acting like SUCH a dumb boy".
From the other room I hear him, upset, say "I heard that." He excused himself to go for a walk to cool off while I stayed home fuming over the whole situation. I had let myself say that out-loud, no less even feel that way. I finished re-cleaning and stabilizing the AC. He's home now and while I know I am right to feel frustrated over the whole situation, I feel badly that I called him a name. Not necessarily to his face, but it's still not right. We have never called each other names in disagreements in the past and I don't want to be the start of it.
I want to apologize but I don't know how to start
TL;DR I got very frustrated and called my partner a "dumb boy" in the heat of it. I don't know how or if I can even apologize for it.
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2023.06.07 00:38 exportablue88 Taking the cashout on the ticket I posted yesterday. The odds on the 213.5 over have gone up, and I generally take that as a sign to cash out, only would of rode it if the odds stayed the same or dropped (which doesn’t always work, this method failed me earlier with my tennis/mlb parlay)

Taking the cashout on the ticket I posted yesterday. The odds on the 213.5 over have gone up, and I generally take that as a sign to cash out, only would of rode it if the odds stayed the same or dropped (which doesn’t always work, this method failed me earlier with my tennis/mlb parlay) submitted by exportablue88 to lockcity [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:38 GuaranteeDapper My grail: SBGN005

My grail: SBGN005
Thanks to the write up on buying GS in Japan on this subreddit, I was able to find a discontinued SBGN005 in great condition at the right price. Had to trek to multiple watch stores around Tokyo over several weeks, but I eventually found what I was looking for. And boy was it worth it. Instantly knew it was a keeper, and I decided to treat myself for my graduation. It’ll be a constant companion on my travels near and far for hopefully a long time to come!
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2023.06.07 00:37 quadraphonic Heat: Pedal to the Metal arriving in CDN stores

Hey folks, not a deal per se, but I know lots of folks have been waiting to pick up a copy of Heat. I noticed a few stores got some in today so keep your eyes open!
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2023.06.07 00:35 AzGunnin Worth trying to sell 14k gold private party?

Worth trying to sell 14k gold private party?
I’ve got some gold jewelry I want to sell in order to get a bigger 14k necklace. Today I visited 3 local jewelers to see what they had in stock and what they’d offer me for my jewelry.
What I have:
Necklace 1- 20" 2.4mm 14k diamond cut solid rope necklace. 11.5 grams
Necklace 2- 17" 1.75mm 14k hollow rope necklace. 4.6 grams.
Pendant- 14k roughly 2.0 grams.
Total weight was 18.09 grams and the best cash offer I got was $525. One store offered up to $700 in trade-in depending on what I bought, but they didn’t have anything near what I was looking for. All 3 stores tested the gold and confirmed 14k purity. Both necklaces have Italy stamps but the colors are quite different. The bigger necklace has maybe a slight orange to it. Hard to describe, but none of the jewelers seemed concerned about it. Now I understand the price I'm being offered is basically scrap price, but I feel like the bigger necklace has a lot of life left and could maybe be resold? I've owned it a long time but hardly worn it. Or is it not even worth messing with?
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2023.06.07 00:34 Askew123 Looking at a FS2020 and retro gaming rig under $700

Here is what I have planned out... in USA/California - not near a Micro Center
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600 3.5 GHz 6-Core Processor $129.00 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Deepcool AG400 BK ARGB 75.89 CFM CPU Cooler $29.99 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock B550M Phantom Gaming 4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard $84.99 @ Newegg
Memory Silicon Power XPOWER Turbine 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory $49.97 @ Amazon
Storage Silicon Power UD90 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $82.99 @ Newegg Sellers
Video Card ASRock Challenger D Radeon RX 6600 8 GB Video Card $179.99 @ Newegg
Case Thermaltake Core V21 MicroATX Mini Tower Case $59.99 @ Amazon
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $616.92
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-06 18:42 EDT-0400
I have a EVGA 500 GD power supply and Win 10 license I'll move over to this rig.
Monitors are dual 2K WQHD Samsung monitors (S24H85x).
Would love feedback on the components.
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2023.06.07 00:26 glassglacier What is the worst station & why is it truck delivery? 📦🚛

Personally I don’t hate it. I love a few hours just hauling boxes and chillin’ in the freezer, but it seems apart from me and literally one other person, everyone hates it. Not even the managers want to go neasupervise it.
Sure it’s manual labour, but it becomes draining when we have no-one. A new hire specifically for truck ghosted us after doing it twice and another is desperately trying to get off it leaving only myself and two other permanent crew. That might sound ok, but we’re a big fucking store and there’s so much shit to carry… 😮‍💨
I’m envious of the “my feet hurt” posts because as I’ve adapted to that, now I have to deal with my arms feeling like spaghetti whenever people don’t show up for truck!
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2023.06.07 00:19 RCSounds36 Ryan Celsius Tour dates

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2023.06.07 00:15 worldbeverageliquor Liquor Store - 2Liquor Store Near Me Late Hour Liquor Store Best Liquor Store Top Liquor Store Beer Store

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2023.06.07 00:13 GC-FLIGHT Tram guidance and useful apps

Hi fellows visitors in my hometown !😄👋 Just a quick post which might be handy for commuters in Le Mans :
Local tram app:
Seek Setram on your app store (app may be switched to english)
App shows Guidance and schedule for commuting between town and city
There are 2 lines (T1 & T2)
Main tram line leading to circuit is T1 with directions label "Antarès" and you may want to stop at the line terminus "Antares Stade Marie Marvingt" This leads to the 24H east entrance.
T1 trams showing "Université" are the opposite way getting from circuit to town.
Last return Trams till friday included will be around midnight and around 1:am for friday
Sat / Sunday trams run all night !
Single ticket is 1.5 € ( one hour validity / as many trips on the network during this time)
Return ticket is 4.2 € (1 day validity / as many trips on the network during this time)
Tickets available on mostly every stop from automatic dispensers (Card and contactless payment accepted) and special booths opened at train station and Tram terminus near circuit.
Also be sure to seek and install the app "24H Le Mans Experience" which is the official guiding/Events app (Editor : SSP ACO)
Hope this helps ! Have a great day here for the centenary's race ! 🏎️🏁
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2023.06.07 00:02 papo96 City and Colour announces US tour

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2023.06.07 00:00 EndSection280E More pertinent is how MM is performing in the states they do business.

“Revenue in various states in which we operate is as follows:
In California, revenue for the three and nine months ended March 25, 2023 experienced a decline of $4.4 million or 20% and $12.9 million or 18%, respectively, over the same prior year periods.
In Nevada, revenue for the three and nine months ended March 25, 2023 experienced a decline of $1.3 million or 34% and $3.4 million or 29%, respectively, over the same prior year periods.
In Illinois, revenue for the three and nine months ended March 25, 2023 experienced a decline of $1.3 million or 33% and $3.1 million or 25%, respectively, over the same prior year periods.
In Arizona, revenue for the three and nine months ended March 25, 2023 experienced a decline of $0.9 million or 21% and $2.7 million or 22% respectively over the same prior year periods.
In Massachusetts, revenue for the three and nine months ended March 25, 2023 experienced a decline of $0.2 million and an increase of $1.3 million, respectively. Our store near Fenway Park opened December 2021 with no comparable sales for the first six months of the year.
During our first fiscal quarter, we completed the sale of our Florida-based assets. We continue to hold for sale our New York-based assets which are presented as discontinued operations.”
Will more MM stores cure their problems?
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2023.06.06 23:59 jupitercitylightss Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code

Go to this page for Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.06 23:45 Imperceptions Question for those of you who have a Shark Hydrovac - what other cleaners can be used in it without ruining it?

The Shark HydroVac™ Multi-Surface Concentrate does not seem to be sold anywhere in stores near me, and sometimes I run out before I can reorder. Have you had any success with other cleaners? Does anything non sudsing work? Please let me know! I am in Canada.
Also as a note for this post, I CANNOT use cleaning vinegar, as my husband gets sick if I do!
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2023.06.06 23:43 ignacvucko Beginner fertilizer question (Ontario)

Is there much difference between these two fertilizers?
Costco: Scotts® Turf Builder® Green MAX® Lawn Food (27-0-2)
Local Landscape Store: Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Food (30-0-3) and is 10% more expensive.
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2023.06.06 23:29 AffectionateStep5001 Rakuten Canada Referral - $30 when you make a purchase of $30 or more at participating stores online 🇨🇦 :)

For Canadians 🇨🇦 only
The way it works is Rakuten gives you cut of their affiliate revenue.
Make sure your adblock is disabled on both Rakuten and the store site you’re purchasing from, or it might not count.
Simply log in and click on the store, and it will redirect to the store’s website. When you make a purchase, you get a certain % cashback (varies by website and current promos).
Once you accumulated enough cashback, it can be deposited into your PayPal or you can request a cheque.
You earn $30 after a purchase of $30+, within the first 90 days of signing up, on one of the many supported stores.
Get started here:
Thanks for considering this referral :)
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2023.06.06 23:20 roastmasterbash Jokers Wild - the Roast Battle/Strip Poker Hybrid RETURNS June 18th 9pm!

Jokers Wild RETURNS Sunday June 18th 9pm @ Comedy Bar West!
Comedians BARE it all for your laughs at Jokers Wild - a show that combines explosive roast battles with strip poker!
Comedians come - err, enter the stage and sling fiery roast jokes, and whosever doesn’t land takes off a piece of clothing. The battle ends when one is down to their unmentionables - or if they forfeit first.
One things for sure - the show will be a night to remember. And that’s the naked truth.
Created and Hosted by Roast Master Bash
Co-Produced by The Whore Store
“WARNING: This is a ROAST show. No subject matter is off limits. While we can promise our main goal is to be funny, we cannot promise they’ll be to everyone’s taste. Please exercise discretion when buying tickets!
DISCLAIMER: There is a ZERO tolerance policy for any lewd and inappropriate remarks directed at the performers. While we encourage getting in the rowdy and raucous spirit of a roast, any audience heard making such remarks will be asked to leave.
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2023.06.06 23:17 Jgrupe I'm the New Sheriff in Hollow's End. Monsters are Invading from Another Dimension

Part 1
Part 2
We were driving rapidly down Main Street as a horrible creature from another dimension followed behind us, its long strides keeping pace and making the car shake with each step it took. The engine roared as we sped away from the butcher shop. Randy was sitting in the seat next to me and it took me a minute to realize he was eating something.
It was a bucket of KFC.
"Seriously!? How can you be hungry at a time like this?? We're about to die, Randy!"
"We got bigger problems than that right now," he said, patting down his pockets with greasy fingers and leaving stains as he searched for something. "We're all out of booze! We need to make a pit stop as soon as you get a chance."
Normally this would be an absurd statement. But unfortunately the lack of alcohol was a bit of an issue, since there were plenty more monsters ready to come through into our world, and the only thing keeping them out was our ability to stay intoxicated so we didn’t see them. I had kept my percentage down below the legal driving limit, but I was starting to feel like that wasn't cutting it anymore.
"You need to start drinking more," Randy explained. "You're the one who saw it first, remember? If anything, this is kinda your fault."
I gripped the steering wheel with white knuckled rage and continued driving.
Regardless of what he said, I want to make sure it's on the record that this was all Randy's fault. He had admitted to making at least one wish using a cursed magic monkey paw - and we all know how that usually plays out.
I saw a convenience store and immediately slammed on the brakes. Reaching over Randy, I threw open his door and kicked him out. It was easy since he wasn't wearing a seatbelt and was already beginning to fall asleep.
"What the fuck, dude?" He yelled as I pulled away.
"Get us more booze! I'm gonna circle the block," I shouted at him out the window, picking up speed.
Then I took out my gun and aimed at the monster which was getting closer by the second. I took three shots at it over my shoulder and missed two of them. But the third caught it squarely in the neck and it began to howl a guttural cry, dripping black blood all over the street from its fresh wound. It slowed down momentarily, but then picked up its pace again, coming after me with renewed rage.
My goal had been accomplished, though. I’d been trying to keep it away from Randy, since he was on foot and more vulnerable. We would need to abandon the car, though, I realized. If I was going to start drinking more I wouldn’t be able to drive safely. As bad as things were getting, I wasn’t about to start breaking the law - especially that particular one. I’d seen enough death and destruction caused by drunk drivers over my years on the force. I wasn’t going to go down that road.
I looked back to see the creature still gaining on me.
My mind was racing trying to think of a way to evade it, to outwit it. I needed to do something to kill it. But what?
Suddenly my cell phone was ringing. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Jay, the delivery driver. He was in the car ahead of me and I had kind of forgotten he was there.
“Listen,” he said quickly. “I got a plan. We need to lure that thing to the swamp. Just follow me and keep up the pace.”
“It’s a cop car,” I said dryly. “I’m pretty sure I can keep up with your piece of shit-”
My words were cut short as the line went dead and the car ahead of me began to accelerate rapidly. I floored it but found the guy was still gaining distance between the two of us.
Whatever he had under the hood was making that little car go a lot faster than I would have thought possible.
My phone dinged and I looked down to see a text from Jay. It was an eggplant with a water spray emoji.
This fucking town…
We reached the edge of the city limits of Hollow’s End to find a parking lot which sloped at an unnatural angle downwards. At the bottom of this strange gravel lot was a murky-looking swamp full of brackish green water. A small copse of trees stood to one side near the shore.
No other cars were parked there which was good, since the creature was still close behind us.
I was following Jay as closely as I could and imitating his car’s movements, although my vehicle was sluggish and clumsy by comparison. He was still driving at top speed, and I figured it was important that I keep up with him for whatever he planned to do.
When we reached the edge of the water, near that little grouping of trees, he hit the brakes and swerved to the right. His tires stayed on the gravel, but just barely. The entire parking lot was sloped so severely towards the water that the force of gravity was insisting on taking us into the swamp.
Realizing that my bigger vehicle wouldn’t make the turn in time, I hit the brakes early and tried to slow down, knowing that otherwise I would crash right into a tree or go into the water trying to make the move.
As soon as I slowed down I could hear the creature’s breath and its movements just behind the car. I avoided the temptation to look back, since I knew it would be my death if I did. Instead, I yanked hard on the wheel and turned it to the right, skidding to a stop on the grass, my fender just inches away from a large pine tree.
The creature’s brakes were not quite as good as mine, since it was desperate to kill me and hadn’t really slowed down. Instead, it went skidding into the green water, coated with algae and looking much thicker than was normal. It was like a giant bowl of pea soup. The creature was thrashing around, looking as if it were in pain, and then I noticed the tendrils of swamp water moving on its skin, pulling it in deeper, like an enormous squid wrestling with a shark.
My phone rang again and I picked it up, my eyes still focused on the creature trying to get out of the swamp. It looked like it would not be able to escape from whatever was holding it there, and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t gone in with that wild last minute maneuver.
Then it was as if an enormous hand reached up from below and pulled the creature under. Despite the fact that there were only dark empty sockets where eyes should have been, I could have sworn I saw them widen as it was dragged under, and then was gone.
“Problem solved,” Jay said when I answered the phone. “You can thank me later. And we’ll definitely owe Swampy a favor. Now let’s get back into town and grab Randy. Maybe the three of us can figure out a solution to this whole mess.”
I managed to convince Jay to let me ride shotgun in his car, telling him that mine was having engine trouble. This was partly as a ploy to make him our designated driver, but also to cover for the fact that he was clearly the superior driver of a far better automobile than my cruiser. And who knew when we’d have to outrun one of those monsters again?
After applying copious amounts of duct tape to all of the mirrors on the vehicle, we were off, heading back towards the convenience store where I’d left Randy.
We found him out front with a large paper bag full of bottles in his arms, sleeping in the grassy ditch near the road. There were several children taking turns at poking him with a stick.
“Okay, beat it, kids!” I yelled at them as we approached.
The children ran off and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a few of them looked very odd. One had a furry face and ears like a dog, while another had red eyes, and yet another was running on all fours. They scattered in every direction, making it difficult to pinpoint any other discrepancies.
“What’s the deal with this town?” I muttered to nobody in particular.
“How much time do you have?” Jay asked, laughing. “This place is weirder than you could possibly imagine. There’s a lot of history here. Sorry to say, you didn’t really know what you were getting into when you moved to this place.”
“Can you give me a quick summary?” I asked, kicking Randy gently in the ribs. He snored and swatted the air like an annoyed cat, then rolled over on his other side. His right leg began to pump up and down as if he were chasing a rabbit in his dreams.
“I’m not really at liberty to discuss all of it. People in Hollow’s End prefer to keep their secrets to themselves. But if you get to know them, you’ll find most folks are nice enough. As long as you live here, anyways. Tourists do tend to occasionally go missing if they stay out past sunrise. And if you meet anyone wearing a hooded robe your best bet is to avoid them. Oh, and there’s this guy named Frank who-”
Randy sat bolt upright, screaming at the top of his lungs, clutching the bag of liquor bottles so tightly against his chest that I thought they would shatter.
“It’s okay, man,” I said, leaning down to pat his shoulder in what I hoped was a comforting gesture. “It was just a nightmare.”
He was breathing heavily for a few moments and didn’t respond. But then finally he unscrewed the cap of one of the liquor bottles and took a long gulp.
“Right. A nightmare. That’s all it was.”
He didn’t seem entirely convinced.
“Alright, what’s the plan, guys?” Jay asked. “I’m happy to help out if you need me to.”
I took one of the liquor bottles from Randy and took a long drink from it. After wiping my mouth, I screwed the cap back on and stuffed the bottle in my pocket. Thinking hard about the next lead to follow up on, I came up short. We didn’t really have anything.
“Do you know anyone who would be interested in buying a monkey paw?” I asked. “Is there anyone in town dumb enough or reckless enough to take ownership of it? Because I feel like that fucking thing is at the center of all of this. It’s like a murder investigation - if we can find the weapon used to commit the crime, we might be able to solve it.”
Jay looked at me and Randy looked at the ground between his legs.
“I know just the guy,” Jay answered. “You know how I was telling you to stay away from Frank? Well, we might need to disregard that advice, just temporarily.”
The three of us pulled up outside a house a short while later, now with Jay behind the wheel, chauffeuring us around town.
We went up to the front door and he continued explaining the protocol for how to deal with this Frank individual.
“Remember, whatever you do, don’t stare. And don’t go inside his house - whatever he wants to tell us he can tell us outside. People who go in there are usually tourists, and they’re never, ever seen again. That’s like guaranteed death just stepping into that place.”
I tried not to think about how many rules I was breaking, how many vows in my oath as a Sheriff were completely null and void now.
“You know I’m a police officer, right? Most people don’t speak so freely about the kidnapping and murder of tourists.”
Randy slapped my arm.
“Come on, man. Just when we’re starting to think you’re cool, you go and say something like that. Killing tourists is a proud tradition in Hollow’s End. If you don’t like it then you shouldn’t have moved here.”
I didn’t have time to debate the subject anymore, as Jay was now knocking on the front door of the house.
The door swung open on the first knock, as if it had been slightly ajar.
“Hello,” Jay called into the darkness. “Frank? Are you there? I need to talk to you about something.”
He stuck his head into the dark gap afforded by the open door. For a moment I had a horrible mental image of it slamming shut on his neck, squeezing and choking him as blood poured from wounds created by the pressure of sharp wood on his flesh.
But instead, something worse happened.
Jay let out a gasp and then disappeared through the gap. As if he had been picked up by his hair and was dragged inside by a hungry bear.
My heart was pounding fast as I realized I was going to have to ignore all of Jay's warnings if I was going to save him and the town. Despite the dangers, we were going to have to go inside after all.
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I have visited the Las Vegas/OmegaMart installation and spent nearly five hours wandering through it. (I spent an hour in the store itself, looking at all of the products). I would like to visit the installation in Grapevine. Does anyone know if it is as substantial as the one in Las Vegas? Is it more of a "work-in-progress" that will be established over the years?
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