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The world of Knifemaking

2012.06.07 00:35 Nightshade3312 For the bladesmiths, beauty and destruction, art and skill.

A subreddit for the metalworkers who specialize in forging knives and other blade tools. Swords, daggers, kitchen cutlery, carving chisels, etc. Come in, look around, ask a question, learn, and have fun.

2023.06.09 10:47 sublimelover_420 First build stuck in bios

Just finished my first pc build, but I'm stuck on the setup. The pc keeps booting into the bios instead of the windows install media. The flashdrive is detected and I made sure to set it as the primary boot drive. I do have a single m.2 drive, but it's not set as a boot drive. I updated the motherboard's bios, but that didn't work. Not sure what else to do, any help is appreciated.
Specs motherboard: asrock b550m pg riptide cpu: amd ryzen 5 5600x gpu: asus dual radeon rx6700 xt oc edition ram: corsair vengeance lpx 16gb 3600mhz storage : WD Blue SN570 Power supply: thermaltake smart bx1 650w case: bitfenix nova mesh se tg
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2023.06.09 10:46 Hydralisk18 Moved my build to a Case, won't post

Recently upgraded my MOBO CPU and RAM, but due to the MOBO configuration my old fans wouldn't reach so I bought a new tower. Worked fine in the old case, but now it won't post. All the fans come on, including heatsink, and GPU (at first) and the RGB turns on, but then nothing. I've tried moving and reseating the RAM, and currently trying a CMOS reset with the battery out. Any other ideas?
Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Elite AX I7-12700k Corsair DDR5 Vengeance 5600 cl36 2x16gb EVGA 3060ti XC
E: moved to a new case* Also some extra info, after turning it on the orange CPU lights comes on momentarily, then DRAM, then VGA, then sits on Boot the rest of the time
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2023.06.09 10:46 lululock Monitor a whole network through 2 Ethernet interfaces

Sorry if the tittle isn't very clear but I don't know how to word it.
A client for which I work for has a very poor internet connection. The guys that manage the internet access only provided 20mbps for 30 Windows PCs. Of course, it's very slow.
We were asked to diagnose that because some random engineer (yes, he has a degree apparently) that work for them put the blame on us because there's Windows Update running in the background (even tho, software distribution is configured on the domain controller). I need to prove them it is clearly a bandwidth issue but they already ran tests (I wasn't there but our commercial guy was) but strangely enough, had no issues with only 20mbps (which I believe is pure BS or the results have been manipulated and my colleague didn't notice it).
Long story short : I'd like to Wireshark the network when they will be performing tests next week and I need the monitoring device to sit between the access point and the main switch. I thought about using a hub and connect my laptop to it but these are horrendously slow and will negatively impact the network.
I have a laptop and I thought that maybe I could get all the network packets go through it to get them via Wireshark. I figured it would be easier to do on Linux (correct me if I'm wrong) but my laptop dual boots Winblows 10 if it does matter.
I have 2 Ethernet adapters : The integrated Intel one (which requires an adapter to use but the controller is indeed in the motherboard) and a Type-C Ethernet adapter.
I've never done such things so my guess is to route the network from one point to another and then monitor the entry point with Wireshark ? Will this impact the network speeds (they will try with increased bandwidth next week but nothing near 1Gbps) ?
Sorry to sound like a noob, but networking isn't really my cup of tea. I prefer getting stuff compiled.
Running Arch, btw.
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2023.06.09 10:44 mariusmoga_2005 Xtia Xproto-L - PCIe Riser

Hey all,
I plan to build in the Xproto-L, I want to use the USB 3 side pannel and the c-zone extender thinking that it would make the middle section bigger and easier to manage the cables.
I am curious if the supplied PCIe riser cable from Xtia would still work in such configuration, or do I need to get a separate one?
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Good deal with nice discount.
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2023.06.09 10:31 RavniTrappedInANovel Alchimia Rex [031] [The Big](Bonus)

Rick had expected that taking an entire tribe to Sinco would be slow. Who wouldn’t? It was a whole tiny village after all, one nearing a handful hundred.
But the Orcs, and by extension all the other maidens, had more than one surprise in store.
When the tribe had set off, they’d done so with a grand demolition. The moment everything of value had been picked up and packaged, the village was then torn to shreds by anyone willing to take part in the little destruction-derby.
Following this, the tribe would split up into hut-family units.
Every “family” would be made of one human and multiple maidens. The maiden with the highest standing within the family unit (almost always an Orc) would be in charge of carrying and protecting the human on their back. And the rest would handle the luggage and supplies that “family” unit would take with them.
And from there, they would break into a jogging pace that, to a human, would have been a dead sprint.
Rick had the distinct “honor” of being carried by Urtha since Monica’s job as the chief meant it was her job to be at the tip of the metaphorical spear. Meanwhile, Rick was left seated on a sort-of-backpack the tall Orc carried.
Kiara flew overhead with the handful of other flying maidens that’d been woken up from the boxes. Leaving Eva and Dia to carry their belongings. It left an unpleasant aftertaste in Rick’s gut.
The smirk Dia kept shooting his way as he petulantly crossed his arms and resigned himself to being glorified luggage. “I could at least be playing the drums to mark the pace or something. It’s not like we’re being subtle or quiet.”
“Humans have no place drawing attention where danger lurks,” Urtha said, the only one present that wasn’t even winded. “Less so the Father.”
“Some feral might think you are a cheesy snack.” Dia, huffing as she pushed herself, still giggled.
“The tribe is tense enough already.” The Orc shook her head. “We rarely bring this many weaklings with us.”
“One of many changes to come.” Rick held the sigh, mostly because he was holding on to the chair to keep from falling over. He didn’t want to think about it, but once they reached Sinco, things would get complicated.
They were effectively marching out, seeking to conquer a city. Whether it be through actual warfare or maneuvering, they weren’t sure just yet. They just knew that they were prepared for the former if the latter didn’t work out. The reports had come in: Sinco was not in a good place. The constant presence of highly aggressive ferals had been chipping away at their defenses.
The only hope the city held was that they would receive reinforcements from Aubria.
Rick would get there faster.
It was in these thoughts that he pondered throughout the day. The tribe traveled and rested too often to the Orc’s liking. There was much friction to be had, and the humans were guarded like the treasures the tribe considered them to be.
When night came, a singular large hut was made for the humans, and the maidens would sleep in rotations. There would be small songs and minor stories that were shared, small moments of comfort. But they were all held under the looming watchfulness of the tribe.
Because they were at their most vulnerable. One missed feral deciding to make a stand could mean a human getting hurt. Rick had to begrudgingly respect them for that. As much as he loathed being treated like some kind of porcelain doll, there was no room to question that the maidens were going the extra mile for everyone’s safety and survival.
Though they would sometimes go a bit overboard against the maidens that “slowed down the tribe”. His role mediating such disputes had become his main role throughout the following days.
One morning, as they were preparing to set out, he heard it.
It started with a scream, then a yelp, and then a rush.
By the time Rick realized what was going on, Monica was upon him. Drenched from head to toe and stinking of salt and seaweed. The massive maiden was looking at him with a smile that threatened to split her head in two.
“Rick!” She hovered over him, dripping water all over. “Come! Come!”
“Is everything alright?” He asked from the discomfort of the portable chair he was currently occupying.
“COME!” she insisted, hopping on her feet and skittishly looking back, aiming her ear in the direction she’d come from. “Quick!”
“The tribe is not heading that way.” Urtha pointed out.
Rick considered it for a second. “Are there any problems shifting course to travel nearer to the sea?”
“It is a bad idea. For many reasons.”
Her words brought nods from Eva and Dia, to which Rick could only respond with a shrug. “Ok, then we could call for a break for the day, give everyone a chance to properly unwind, and I’ll go with Monica.” He pointed over at the feline that was bouncing on her heels, just barely holding back from reaching out and yanking him into her wet embrace. “Seems like the chief is very excited about something.”
“I bet its food,” Eva said.
“Urtha?” Rick waited.
The Orc glanced over at the crowd. “We will set camp for the day. We cannot afford to lose any of the weaklings.”
That was as good as he could’ve hoped. Rick nodded and was immediately snatched by Monica’s fuzzy paw. The maiden picked him up, putting him over her shoulder and trotting through the shrubbery and trees with little regard for who might be following.
Rick got himself a face full of leaves, flinching and batting them away. “Hey, wait, the branches-”
The Sabretooth yanked him into her arms and broke into a full sprint. Dirt and rocks burst forth from where she stood as air whipped about them. Her fang-filled smile only grew. Monica’s eyes were only focused forward. Rick, meanwhile, was trying to avoid swallowing bugs. The insects that kept flying about appeared to prefer smacking against his face.
There was a moment of clarity, light, and blue.
And with a splash, he was underwater.
Rick made the mistake of gasping, swallowing sea-water, wildly flinging his arms to get himself to the surface. Monica yanked him out of the water, leaving him feeling like a half-drowned cat as he coughed and spat.
“LOOK!” she proclaimed, dropping him on the sandy beach as she hurried towards the crashing waves, kicking at them and sending sprays of foam high into the air. “Rick! BIG!” She waved wildly, rushing her way into the water, then back out.
“That’s the sea.”
“Monica see!” With wide arms, she tried to point at all of it at once.
“No, it’s a new word. Sounds similar.” He combed his hair out of his face with his hands, removing his shirt. “Sea. S-E-A. Big, wet, and salty.”
“BIG WET!” Monica was cheering and splashing, kicking her way up and down the shore, jumping into the waves and coming out a dozen meters away and then making her way back to the shore.
“It’s the sea.” He couldn’t help but smile, watching as she slapped the water with her huge paws, creating a billowing tower of water and foam to rise at least a dozen meters into the air.
He put the low-end terrifying notion of how much force was packed into that strike and kept an easy-going smile.
“It’s the ocean.” The voice called from above, Kiara leisurely drifting down and sitting next to him. “Too far away from anything or anyone. Few ships go through here.”
“So chock-full of dangerous ferals?”
“Just like everywhere else.” Her eyes weren’t on Monica. The Succubus’ gaze appeared more focused on trailing the waves as they crashed into the shore. “Likely they’ve been scared off, though. The rush must have eaten everything available near the shore.”
Rick looked at the waves, then at her. “How can you tell?”
“There’s nothing in the waves.” She pointed. “Usually there’s at least the odd Sprite.”
“Maybe Monica scared them off.”
“Doubtful.” Kiara shook her head, turning to eye him with a slight smirk. “You’re drenched. Maybe you’d want to take your clothes off?” Her gaze trailed over him in a distinctly predatory way.
“You’re hungry, huh?”
She leaned closer, hand reaching over to caress his shoulder. “Maybe a little more than that…” Gold eyes locked to his, her hand gently pushing his back into the sand, the Succubus moving in closer so that she could pin him down.
Rick grinned. “Careful with the splash.”
The momentary confusion turned to shock and horror as she was yanked away and flung into the sea. Monica stared with ample amount of self-satisfaction as the Succubus swore and sank into the waves. “No horny time.” The feline declared, looking at Rick with a dangerous glint in her eyes.
“I understand.” He raised his hands, playing the role of innocent bystander.
“Play time.”
His eyes widened with concern. Uh oh.
She reached down, pulling him up by the shirt. “Rick train swim.”
“I know how to swim.” He quickly proclaimed, grabbing hold of her claws as her arm tensed. “BUT!”
Monica hesitated, looking at the water, then at him with narrowed eyes. “But?”
“Don’t throw me like you did Kiara or I will break,” he said, quickly relaxing a little as he pointed up into the air. “Throw me a little up. Gently, into the water.”
She eyed him for a moment, and with a flick of her tail, caught a stone. “Like this?” She grasped the rock and gently tossed it into a high arch that fell into the sea with a little plop.
“Yeah, just like-AAAAAHHHH!!!”
He was flying, body spinning in the air as gravity quickly lay claim. Rick did the only thing he could think of, curling into a ball, drawing breath, and plunge. He was underwater in the next instant, bubbles and light, with the sandy bottom still within sight.
It was down there that he spotted Kiara looking up at him with a smirk, a bubble wrapping her head. The conspicuously naked Succubus used her wings to swim up at him, catching him in her grasp and pulling him down.
Rick clutched his mouth, trying to keep his breath.
Kiara’s amusement was apparent as she held him by the shirt, looking at him with a mischievous twinkle. The iron grip remained, and he could see what her plan was, so he leaned into her, breaking the surface of the bubble with his face.
The breath was cut short with the kiss.
Then she shoved him away, waving off and winking as she swam further away from the shore. The speed she was moving with clearly was one not meant for him to follow, so Rick didn’t, going up to the surface.
Monica was waiting for him, excitedly grinning from ear to ear.
“Again!” he declared the moment he stepped on the sand. “But this time not from the shirt or it might rip.”
By the time others were reaching the beach, the duo had figured out a way to make the launch procedure safer… ish. Mostly in that the victim of choice would stand on Monica’s palm and curl into a cannonball, so that she could then throw.
And the maiden had quite the throwing arm.
The couple of Goblins that showed up excitedly joined in. Then came the Orcs, Mousegirls, and Doggirls, and by the time Urtha had shown her face, the various tribe members had a line of eager volunteers to be thrown into the sea. While the Orcs were competing with one another to see who could get their cargo the furthest from the shore.
Dia caught sight of the glare before Rick could even speak up. “I’ve set up a rotation of guards with the ones keeping watch over the tribe,” the healer proclaimed. “And the water maidens are working as lookouts.”
“Do you think that would placate me?”
“Do you want to play in the launch games?” Rick asked, giving Dia a warning look. “I bet you’d give Monica a run for her money.”
“She is stronger.” Urtha spoke after just a moment of observation, shaking her head. “I would need to wait for her to tire.”
He looked at the Orc as she remained near them, but didn’t sit. He could almost taste the tension within her, that knot of uncertainty. “Would you like to build a sand castle, then?”
“A castle of sand?”
“Exactly that.” Rick sat up. “Just wet sand and more sand, and make a castle with it.”
Urtha’s thick brows furrowed. “That… sounds childish.”
He shrugged. “Sand is fragile and crumbles easily if mishandled. Consider it a test of skill.” A sly smile followed. “Or are you scared a little human will be better at it than you?”
With a scoff, she stomped her foot once. “Show me.”
“I’ll join in!” Dia said. “It’s been a while since I’ve played mud-walls.”
“The what now?”
“It’s a game we healers played when little helped give us finer control over our power.” She crouched down, grabbing a handful of wet sand and proceeding to carefully lay it down in the shape of a very thin tube. A tube no thicker than a straw, and tall enough to reach her knee. “The trick is in pushing the water away at the right time.”
Rick and Urtha shared a worried glance.
Two hours later, things had escalated… a little.
It turned out that the Orc’s ability to make wood nearly as tough as steel could be applied to sand to just enough of a degree that Urtha had made a box tower about two meters on the side and five tall. Rick, working with a knife, carved out details on the tower.
Mostly windows and bricks.
Dia, on the other hand, had built a miniature replica of the fortified city of Balet. Devoid of any details, the city was a configuration of boxes roughly knee height.
It was when some maidens that had tired of the Monica-Launcher™ had gathered to watch that things escalated. With Mousegirls quickly getting recruited by Dia so that they could turn the sand boxes into detailed houses, and Urtha recruiting other Orcs so that they could put together a second tower.
Somewhere along the way, Sheel had shown up to set up an impromptu grill service.
Rick got his fill as he watched the competition unfold, recovering his energy and feeling exhausted in a good way. He caught sight of Kiara emerging from the sea, sans clothes. The Succubus took one look at the gathering, and eventually locked on to him.
The alluring blue-haired Succubus shifted her walk, tucking away tiredness and presenting only assuredness and grace. Her ample hips swayed with a mesmerizing rhythm, tail punctuating every step with a flick. The maiden made a show of pushing her sky-blue hair over her shoulder, presenting her bare chest for him to drink in.
There was a twinkle of enjoyment in her golden eyes when his gaze locked on to her body. A sly smile played on her lips, seductive and coy.
As she reached him, the succubus knelt down and whispered in his ear, her voice soft and alluring. “Is this spot taken?”
Rick felt his throat dry, and he coughed a little. “Sure.”
Kiara grinned wider, taking his lap, tail reaching under his shirt to caress his chest. “It is very comfortable.” She punctuated her words by grinding against herself against his crotch a little. “You seem thrilled to see me.”
He wrapped his hands around her midriff, pulling her against his chest, ignoring the slight discomfort of her wings. “Be warned that Monica is looking our way,” he whispered. “Engage and you will get launched. She’s gotten great at it.”
The tail twitched. “Noted.” Her tone was begrudging. “I meant to ask, are you familiar with… this? The sea? The ocean? The depths?”
“I’ve been on my fair share of boats, and went diving in a reef once.” He admitted freely. “And I’ve flown over the clouds in one of the most boring technological marvel my world built.” A little chuckle followed. “But I think you were meaning to lead this somewhere else?”
Kiara shifted, staring over her shoulder for a moment. “I’d like to hear more about your world sometime.” Her voice held an edge of hesitation to it, and Rick had the distinct impression she was trying to hold something back. “But yes, I was meaning to lead the conversation to this.”
The tone was gone; the look was gone, replaced by smug satisfaction as she held up a blue gemstone. The object was the size of a pearl and a deep, glimmering blue.
“An impure elemental stone.” The Succubus declared. “Take it.”
Rick obliged, lifting it to get a better look. Light wavered and refracted within the sphere, adding a shimmer that made it look as if there was a tiny sea contained within. Twisting and shifting the stone did not make the illusion of change, making the little sphere appear like a looking-glass of some sort.
The refracted light swayed and shifted against his palm like an aurora.
“It’s… this is really impressive.” He declared after a moment, glancing back at her.
“I stumbled onto this while looking for something else. It has some minor value, but is mostly useless since it has a very low purity.” She shrugged her lithe shoulders, trailing his jaw with her sharp nail. “Consider it compensation.”
He frowned a little. “Compensation for what?”
She shrugged, beating her wings once and hopping on to her feet. “I will go get myself a change of clothes and a snack.” She turned to leave. “You’re more than welcome to join.”
Rick could only chuckle. “I appreciate the offer, but I’m exhausted right now.”
“Have it your way.” The maiden vanished into the thicket, sauntering off to the tribe. “If you’ve got nothing better to do, pay some attention to the little leech. Wouldn’t want her to feel neglected, now would we?”
Where had that come from? Rick watched her go, taking a moment to stand up and check that the little get-together was going nowhere. From there, he turned his focus inwards and sought the bond to Eva. It was tougher than he’d expected, especially with the noise from all the other bonds trying to drown out everything.
He found her sitting on a rock, at the very edge of the sandy shore, staring off at the setting sun. The maiden had her knees tucked against her chest, body covered under her black cape, only her red eyes and pale face exposed to the sunlight.
She noticed his approach, but didn’t react.
Rick took a spot next to her, not quite within arm’s reach. “You’ve avoided talking with me. Anything I should worry about?” His question caused the intended result. Eva looked at him with wide eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. I know you don’t like small-talk, and this is just about the most important subject I could think of.”
The Fledgling turned away. “True.” She acknowledged. “I cannot answer your question, sir.”
“Can’t or won’t?”
“Can’t.” She hugged her knees, turning away and towards the horizon.
Was she hesitating to take a stance, or was she unsure of what stance to take to begin with? Rick nodded a little. “If it’s any consolation, it’s weird for me, too.” He lay back on the stone, looking at the orange clouds above. “Especially with how stiff you’re acting.”
“The Wildling-King calls me his property, and then complains he is treated with the due formalities?” Eva glared.
“Point taken.” Rick sighed. “I just expected that you’d learn from the others.”
“I cannot compare myself to the monster that is Monica or Kiara, nor consider myself to hold a fraction of the trust you give Dia,” she summarized. “I am a Fledgling. Anywhere within the kingdom, a slip of the tongue, a mistake, or a perceived fault would earn me severe punishment.” The maiden glowered, then sighed. “I myself have given such for less.”
“So you don’t know what to expect from me, but will avoid talking with me about those expectations.”
The glare intensified. “I would trust you of all would understand the matter is not that simple.”
“You’re not calling me sir.” He replied with an arched brow, watching her flinch. “I don’t want to insult your intelligence, but it seems like you’re intentionally running on a groundless hypothesis. So my question would be, why have you kept at it?”
She deflated with a sigh. “I don’t know.”
Rick reached out, ruffling her hair. “Well, while you think about it, how about spending some actual time together with the others? Brooding didn’t get you the answer you were looking for, so how about trying to change the pace a little?”
The glare intensified. “I was not brooding. What do you take me for? I am older than you! I was the head of a noble house of great prestige!” She shot to her feet, glaring, lips curling into a snarl.
Rick stepped closer, directly into her personal space. “Evangeline.” He declared, his tone holding only the barest edge to it.
The Fledgling flinched, looking away, hands hiding under her cape. “You are right.” She spoke, deflating. “I… am Evangeline now.”
She moved to kneel, to lower herself, but his hand on her chin held her in place. He raised her gaze so that they would meet eyes. “The only line you stepped over was baring your fangs at me. Nothing else.”
He wanted to step away, to turn around and go to the beach with the others. But something else held him in place as he looked down to those ruby red eyes, the way she trembled against his palm, how she inhaled deeply and her eyelids fluttered. The maiden leaned into his touch, taking a hesitant step closer.
“Th-this…” Eva stammered, swallowing.
Rick leaned closer. “This is your chance to step away.”
She didn’t.
The Fledgling followed the gentle tug of his palm, raising herself to her tiptoes, leaning into the kiss. She froze, opening her mouth a little and scratching his lips with her fangs in hunger. They pierced, only enough to draw a drop of blood, only enough to make him flinch.
Eva recoiled, eyes wild, face beet read. “I, no, I-… This isn’t…”
The maiden vanished into the shadows before he could say anything. He could sense her quickly making an escape through the darkness. The human was left mostly amused at the reaction, chuckling as he took the long way back to the others.
He could understand why Kiara found entertainment out of teasing the Fledgling. Idly, he wondered if they could exchange some notes.


Hello, I'm back, kinda.
Things have been a monumental mess over on my end. Lots of things happened over the past couple months.
I'll be clear: Reddit isn't a convenient place to post stories. Yes, there's a community, but the website is very clearly designed for other kinds of content creators. Story writing is more of a "Despite" thing. Combined with the upcoming policy changes (what with the site being sold off and wanting to coerce users into their App, at the cost of all else), I don't think I'll be sticking around.
The story will continue being regularly posted over at Royalroad and Scribblehub.
There's practically a full volume already posted over there. Seriously, as a writer I can't stress enough just how monumentally important the post-scheduler is for me. My life is far too chaotic and sometimes I spend weeks without time or energy to prepare the posts, and then just dump 15 of them into the auto-loader.
I will try to get the next full volume (up to chapter... 62?) posted here throughout the next couple weeks, and unless something changes, I'll mostly stick to those other sites from there onward.
See you guys around, and thanks for sticking this long with the story.
[Standard Patreon Link].
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2023.06.09 10:20 yssryn See physical damage on motherboard, figuring out next steps

Troubleshooting Help:

What is your parts list? Consider formatting your parts list.
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-12400 2.5 GHz 6-Core Processor $172.00 @ Amazon
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Memory *Silicon Power SP016GBLFU320B22 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL22 Memory $27.99 @ Amazon
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Case Fractal Design Define 7 XL ATX Full Tower Case $224.99 @ B&H
Power Supply EVGA 750 GQ 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Semi-modular ATX Power Supply -
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $3174.05
*Lowest price parts chosen from parametric criteria
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-09 03:54 EDT-0400
Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive.
I built this NAS/home server about a year ago. It has been stable since.
I came home last week to find the server powered off. Strange, so I tried to power it back on. The power light came on for less than 1 second and then shut off. I opened the side of the case to observe, and tried to power it on again. The power light came on, the back case fan spun up, and the CPU fan spun up as well, again for about 1 second or less.
List anything you've done in attempt to diagnose or fix the problem.
I started to reseat all the components, check cabling, and so on, checking to see if the computer would power on at each step. I reseated the RAM, then tried booting with just a single stick.
Finally, I took off the other side of the case and observed some damage on the back of the motherboard, where it appears something has gotten hot and popped. Sorry, but not super familiar with the terminology that I should use here to describe what has popped. I tried to take some pics of the damage (posted below) but let me know if I should provide pics of anything else or clearer images.
Post relevant photos of build/parts here.
Provide any additional details you wish below.
My main problem is obvious--the motherboard should be replaced. I have a new one on order and am waiting on it to arrive.
So I have a few questions I'd appreciate some help talking through with.
1) What could have caused this, or what most likely happened? Just a fluke? Poor manufacturing and a board defect? Are other components likely to have been affected? Other than the visible damage in the images above, I do not see anything physically wrong.
2) Anything else I should check before trying to swap out the damaged motherboard for the new one?
3) What steps can I take to limit the chances of this happening again? Better or bulkier PSU, better cabling, something else? I'm strongly considering adding a UPS as a first step.
If I've missed any pertinent details, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or help you can offer.
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2023.06.09 10:19 Intelligent-Sky7403 Dealing with mouth service ppl.

I’m open to hear any advice, how do y’all deal with mouth-service ppl. Cuz i feel stuck. I Don’t want to do their part of the work and they just TALK they would do anything but the work and I don’t want to create tension between us cuz it won’t make anything easier. And not doing the work at all isn’t an option. What they do is get in a session or meet somewhere and instead of getting work done they talk and discuss in the air. I keep text them asking before we meet to specify what are the goals that we should achieve in this meeting so I can sit a plan to manage the time and WORK but they just talk and no goals are sit or met, it’s always me that have all the supplies and they just can’t do it cuz of some excuse. I tried to show them how helping each other is good i sometimes share with them my assignments’ answers to make it easier for them, and copy a programming code that i wrote and send it to them . And i do it without them asking because I want to show them what a team we should be. They just answer my question with a question like how could we do it ..and I’m just like them i’m discovering still learning but the meaning of their question is ( asking me to go figure out how to manage doing something and then come tell’em and then they act dumb and since I figured it out might as well just do it in behalf of all of us).i hate team work!
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2023.06.09 10:18 acp-manufacturer Mastering the Art of ACP Sheet Installation: Essential Steps to Follow

Aluminium Composite Panels (ACPs) have gained immense recognition within the building business attributable to their sturdiness, versatility, and aesthetic attraction. Whether or not you are a home-owner, architect, or contractor, understanding the correct set up course of is important to make sure a profitable consequence. On this complete information, we’ll stroll you thru the step-by-step course of of putting in an aluminium composite panel. So let’s dive in and learn to obtain a seamless {and professional} set up.

What are the instruments required for the set up of ACP sheets?

Usually, to put in ACP sheets, the next instruments are required:
  1. CNC Router or Hand Router
  2. Blade Thickness of 10mm or 12mm
  3. If we now have to roll the ACP then we might require a 3 curler bending machine
  4. Measuring Tape
  5. Leveller
  6. Drilling Machine
  7. Security gears: Gloves, helmets, building boots, security rope, security goggles and all vital security equipments are required

Understanding the design course of

Necessary notice – All the weather sizes and numbers have to be calculated in response to useless load, dwell load and wind load approaching the facade
Let’s take a look on the stepwise design course of –
  1. Calculate the bracket measurement and the space between the 2 brackets.
  2. Wind load determines the panel measurement calculation
  3. Calculate the scale of mullions (Vertical hole rectangular aluminium pipes) and transom (Horizontal hole rectangular aluminium pipes).
  4. If panels require a stiffener, the stiffener measurement and numbers ought to be calculated and often it’s of the identical measurement as that of mullion and transom
  5. Load on metal bolts which might be connecting mullion and transom to brackets must be calculated which is able to resolve the sizes accordingly
  6. Lastly, calculate the load on the anchor fastener and choose the actual anchor fastener suitably
  7. Additionally we have to calculate the linear thermal growth of the panels to maintain the growth joints between two panels.
  8. L Cleat sizes and numbers ought to be calculated
  9. Measurement of screws and rivets to be calculated for becoming a member of the ACP to the again body with the assistance of L Cleats

Need to know the way your entire set up course of takes place? Right here’s a breakdown of the method of ACP sheet set up –

Set up:

  1. Verify the extent of the floor initially by the leveller.
  2. Drill holes to position the brackets on the floor
  3. Brackets are hooked up to the floor by Anchor fasteners.
  4. Mullions and transoms in response to the leveller values are hooked up to the brackets by metal bolts
  5. On a levelled floor we’ll minimize the ACP to sizes by hand/cnc router.
  6. Then, the ACPs are routed to type the tray.
  7. A minimal of 25mm fold is required to type the tray
  8. On the center of the fold i.e. at round 12mm, holes are drilled to connect L Cleats
  9. The opening sizes will probably be in accordance to the scale of screws or rivets
  10. The L cleats are hooked up to the ACP from one facet and the opposite facet is hooked up to the body.
  11. Growth Joints stored between two ACP’s will probably be first stuffed by Backer Rod
  12. A masking tape is hooked up on all of the 4 sides of the ACP earlier than filling the non-bleeding climate silicon sealant.
  13. After filling the non bleeding climate silicon sealant, the masking tape is eliminated in order that the silicon sealant stays in a straight line.
  14. If there are stiffeners for use that helps to make the tray at equal distances. Relying on the variety of stiffeners, double tape is positioned.
  15. Stiffeners are hooked up to the again facet of the tray with the double tape and your entire course of takes place on the bottom itself.

Nitty-gritty of the ACP Sheet Set up Course of:

Put together the Floor:

Be sure that the floor the place the ACP will probably be put in is clear, dry, and free from any grime, mud, or particles. Make any vital repairs to realize a easy and even floor.

Take Correct Measurements:

Measure the realm precisely to find out the panel sizes required for the set up. Use a measuring tape and stage to make sure exact measurements.

Lower the ACP Panels:

Utilizing an electrical noticed or panel cutter, minimize the ACP panels in response to the measured dimensions. Comply with security precautions and the producer’s pointers for slicing the panels.

How the ACP panels are hooked up to the Wall?

Select both mechanical fixing or adhesive fixing technique for attaching the ACP panels:

a. Mechanical Fixing:

b. Adhesive Fixing:

Ending Touches:

Examine the set up for any gaps, misalignments, or imperfections. Make vital changes or corrections to realize a seamless end.

Clear and Preserve:

After the set up is full, clear the ACP panels utilizing a light detergent and a smooth fabric. Recurrently examine and preserve the panels to make sure their longevity and efficiency.

Backside Line

Putting in an aluminium composite panel requires precision and adherence to particular pointers. By following the step-by-step directions outlined on this information, you may obtain an expert and flawless ACP set up. Prioritize security, use the correct instruments and supplies, and seek the advice of the producer’s directions for particular suggestions. Embrace the flexibility and great thing about aluminium composite panels whereas remodeling your house with confidence.
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2023.06.09 10:17 PutridBeginning421 Is my father being a cheap ass?

My father is in his 60s, wealthy from real estate and his business. We’re going to baseball game and tailgate before. I was told by my sis to bring buns, condiments, and a grill . He’s bringing brats and sausages and she’s bringing burgers, and we decided everyone will bring whatever they’re drinking for themselves. I’m also picking my dad up and driving. He calls me, says, hey I’m bringing brats and sausages, can I have some of your beer, and we can split the parking. I say nope you can pay for parking, I’m driving, picking you up, and supplying the gas and he got all weird. ( gas costs more then the parking) None of this matters to me, he can have as much of my beer as he wants for what I care, until he starts negotiating with me. As a father I can’t imagine acting like this to my kids when they get older . Am I wrong for feeling that way or is he being a cheap bastard ? Often times I help him at his rentals doing work he doesn’t know how to do, he don’t offer me jack for it and I don’t expect anything. Sometimes my mom slips me some money when he’s not looking cause she’s the total opposite. He’s been like this my whole life. BTW, his garage is filled with cases of beer. He stocks up when it’s on sale at his favorite liquor store . 😆😁😂
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2023.06.09 10:17 Raenor Just making sure no stupid mistakes in this build.

Hey team,
Just making sure my build below isn't super stupid or missing anything obvious? I'm fairly set on the CPU/GPU combo but happy to take advice on the other parts. I'm somewhat limited as I need to get this from a specific retailer in New Zealand due to a deal through my work, which definitely limits my options. Especially on the MOBO as it looks like I can only really get the MSI one below or a selection of ASUS ones. I kinda want to shy away from ASUS due to recent shenanigans (looks like their problems have been sorted with BIOS updates?) but could probably be talked into their gear. Planning on running the RAM at 6000 with EXPO settings which is something fairly new to me.
The case is something I would like other options but this looks really sexy to me. I understand I need some case fans for it but those I will get separately. The H9 Flow looks similar and a good contender? Would prefer a full or mid tower as I'm too lazy to build small form factor PCs and I have the room.
Will be used for mainly gaming at 1440p 144hz or higher and I usually aim to have my PC last 4-5 years before upgrading unless absolutely needed. Also NZ prices suck, a lot. Kinda at my budget limit, could squeeze a little more if necessary. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor $828.99 @ PB Technologies
CPU Cooler Noctua NH-D15 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler $209.99 @ PB Technologies
Motherboard MSI PRO X670-P WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard $698.99 @ PB Technologies
Memory G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL32 Memory $269.00 @ PB Technologies
Storage Gigabyte AORUS Gen5 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 5.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $348.99 @ PB Technologies
Storage Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive $218.99 @ PB Technologies
Video Card Sapphire PULSE Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24 GB Video Card $2048.99 @ PB Technologies
Case Lian Li O11D XL-W ATX Full Tower Case $357.11
Power Supply be quiet! Straight Power 11 1000 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $378.99
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $5360.04
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-06-09 19:54 NZST+1200
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2023.06.09 10:09 No-Independence9093 [spoilers all] Which of the 3 magic amps is better.

As we know in the dragon age mages have 3 main ways to boost their magic. Each have their own pros and cons. And I ask which do you guys think is better.
Lyrium; needs to mined and refined before a mage can be in the same room, is addictive, has nasty long term side effects, expensive, and the chantry controls it. That said it is apparently abundant, doesn't have any moral and minimal short term physical risks (once refined)
Blood magic; half of Thadeus calls it evil and kill the users on site, increases the risk of possession and it does offer more power the more blood is used (and it doesn't have to be the mage's) so it technically encourages murder. That said the supply is everywhere, killing is not mandatory, blood of the enemy works just as good as the mages, has no upper limit on power, and the other half of Thadeus is ok with it.
Spirits; seem to only amp certain types of spells, opens mages up to possession, and is barely tolerated. That said the boost to the spells is crazy high, get some interesting friends, never requires money and might even reverse your own death.
I am kinda torn between blood magic and spirits. Been an advocate for blood magic for years but the spirits are also cool.
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2023.06.09 10:06 birle33 New pc built recently, worked for a few days. Today won't turn on anymore

I don't know what to do anymore, I tried everything.

I recently built my first pc, initially I used it for 3 days without a case on the motherboard box without problems, after the case arrived it worked like a charm for another 2 days.

Today it no longer boots up, the cpu led on the mobo flashes red and the pc keeps restarting with all the fans spinning for 1 second. I can't get into the bios in any way, I've tried everything but it doesn't seem to work anymore.

Any advice?

My specs:
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2023.06.09 10:05 SurajSigh Top mini tractor in India – KhetiGaadi

Mini tractors have revolutionized the world of farming and gardening with their compact size and powerful performance. These versatile machines provide a perfect blend of efficiency and convenience, making them a popular choice for small-scale agricultural activities and landscaping projects. With their quick manoeuvrability, mini tractor can navigate through tight spaces, allowing farmers and gardeners to work with ease in narrow fields or crowded gardens. Despite their small stature, these tractors have strong engines and long-lasting attachments that allow them to perform operations like tilling, ploughing, and hauling with great precision. Mini tractors have truly become an invaluable tool for modern farmers and gardening enthusiasts, transforming the way we approach small-scale agricultural and landscaping endeavours.
The Mini Tractor for Agriculture is the best for people on a tight budget who need productive work in the field. For those farmers wishing to complete small-scale farming, landscaping, orchard farming, and mowing duties, a mini tractor is a great choice. Small tractors work well and efficiently in small areas and provide results quickly. So, you can now quickly and affordably purchase small tractors from various well-known companies.
Top 2 Mini Tractor
Swaraj 724 XM Orchard
Mini tractors made by Swaraj are among the best tractors available even and perfectly mix efficiency and style. Mini tractor model 724 XM Orchard is made by Swaraj brand. Some important details of the Swaraj 724 XM Orchard tractor model are listed below:
Engine: The 25–30 HP engine in this small tractor spins at 1800 revolutions per minute. It has a 2-cylinder, water-cooled diesel engine.
Fuel Tank Capacity: It has a 60-litre fuel tank.
Lifting capacity and weight: This Swaraj tractor type has a lifting capacity and weight of 1000 kg and 1430 kg, respectively.
Dimension: This model measures 2850 mm in length and 1320 mm in width.
Implement Compatibility: The Swaraj tractor 724 XM may be used with a rotavator, boom sprayer, cultivator, and MB plough, among other implements.
Swaraj 717
A small tractor produced here by the Swaraj brand is the Swaraj 717. Let's look at its key features:
Engine: The 15 HP engine in the Swaraj 717 micro tractor has of 2300 RPM. It has a single cylinder in its water-cooled diesel engine.
Fuel Tank Capacity: It has a 23-litre fuel tank.
Lifting capacity and weight: This model of Swaraj tractor has lifting capacities of 780 kg and 850 kg, respectively.
Dimension: The size of the model is 1220 mm long and 1210 mm wide.
Implement Compatibility: It is compatible with tools including rotavators, cultivators, boom sprayers, and seed drills.
The Swaraj 717 has a price range of between Rs 3.20 lakhs to Rs 3.30 lakhs.
mini tractors have revolutionized the world of farming and gardening by offering a compact yet powerful solution for small-scale agricultural activities and landscaping projects. These versatile machines combine efficiency and convenience, allowing farmers and gardeners to navigate tight spaces with ease. Despite their small size, mini tractors boast strong engines and durable attachments, enabling them to perform various operations such as tilling, ploughing, and hauling with precision. Among the top mini tractors available, the Swaraj 724 XM Orchard stands out with its 25-30 HP engine, ample fuel tank capacity, and compatibility with a range of implements. The Swaraj 717, with its 15 HP engine, is another excellent option for those on a tight budget. Both tractors offer productivity, reliability, and affordability, making them invaluable tools for modern farming and gardening enthusiasts.
For more about the tractor, farming equipment, tractor price, and tractor videos, visit our page.
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2023.06.09 10:02 charmyposh-9546 Things to Recollect While Purchasing Formal juicy couture Shoes For Ladies

Things to Recollect While Purchasing Formal juicy couture Shoes For Ladies Looking for formal shoes is essentially similar to experiencing your own lighthearted comedy, with the exception of, rather than affection, you're in quest for the right shoe. Furthermore, assuming there's anything that well known films have shown us, it's that the quest for Mr Perfect could be very troublesome and the equivalent goes for formal shoes for ladies.
It's obviously true's that an informed client is a blissful client. Siphons, shoes, boots...Sometimes it is extremely challenging to not lose all sense of direction in the range of ladies' shoes out there.
So before you type purchase planner shoes online in your web search tool, we should stroll through a couple of tips that will assist you with getting the ideal conventional shoes for yourself:
You will be working the entire day, for at least eight hours, and assuming you are staying at work past 40 hours or work in administration, for longer than that. The 40-hour long week of work is hard an adequate number of on your feet without adding more hours to it.
No narrow office shoes
However they are endlessly on the more alluring side, you should stay away from them or go for a more extensive narrow toe to diminish the possibilities creating excruciating bunions and neuromas. You would rather not be removing the space of your toes, nor put included pressure them.
Shut administrative center shoe is most likely your smartest option
Since there is a lot of grasp happening in any case, with foot pressure not really important. Lashes that keep the shoe appended are best in more favorable conditions, however it could likewise cause torment on the off chance that the ties are not made right. You don't need your toes accomplishing basically everything, and you would rather not be removing flow all things considered juicy couture Shoes
Quality matters
Search for something of better caliber, regardless of whether it could cost a triviality more. Certified cowhide is your companion. Favor it to any of the less expensive office shoes. On the off chance that you disapprove of wearing calfskin, material choices likewise exist, with tweed or dreary in regular shades a decent choice.
Mind the variety
Know about the variety mixes with your attire too. Match the varieties on the off chance that you would be able, or go for something reciprocal on the off chance that you can't. Ivory office shoes with pastel dresses look pretty wonderful, while a dark dress with red-soled dark office shoes will unquestionably be getting consideration all over.
In the event that it fits, you got it
Ensure that the workplace shoes are the perfect fit. Now and then we go a size up or down since stores don't have half sizes. Try not to think twice about such, since you will just endure the side-effects over the long haul. Regardless of how much a shoe costs, in the event that the fit isn't right, no measure of padding will safeguard you from torment.
Solace goes far
Normally, formal shoes for ladies depend more on style than solace. Everything revolves around the allure. Yet, haven't arrived to purchase shoes for the eyes of others' are we?
For the ideal office shoe, you ought to pick something agreeable, made of normal materials, decorated exclusively with moderate contacts, with meager soles and straightforward heels, in an exemplary shade of one or the other dark or blue, beige or dim or brown. Leatherette is likely not something you ought to select either since it doesn't take into account the foot to inhale under it.
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2023.06.09 09:58 cglogistic Different modes of transportation in logistics and when to use each

Transportation is considered an essential component in the logistics sector because it assures the timely delivery of products from one place to another. Though there are several modes of transportation available, it is important to select the right one for your logistics requirements. This blog contains a discussion regarding distinct modes of transportation and when to use each, with an emphasis on CG Logistics' innovative logistics solutions.

Air transportation

In the logistics sector, air transportation is a significant mode of transportation, particularly for goods that must be transported rapidly and over long distances. CGL provides air transportation services through its collaboration with numerous aircraft charter companies and air charter companies in India.
In the context of air transportation, there are distinct types of aircraft that could be used, based on the size and weight of the cargo and the destination and urgency of delivery. For example, smaller cargo might be transported through light aircraft, while heavier and larger cargo might require the use of cargo planes and even commercial airlines.
CGL India has entered into partnerships with some of the best air charter companies that support it in delivering clients with a number of transportation services, including air freight, air cargo, and air charter services. Through these partnerships, CG Logistics is able to offer clients access to a large fleet of aircraft that could be used for numerous forms of cargo, from small packages to oversized and heavy cargo.
One of the primary benefits of air transportation is that it provides faster delivery times in comparison to other modes of transportation, like sea or road transport. For example, products that will take numerous weeks to transport by sea can be transported by air in a matter of hours or days, depending on the destination. This makes air transportation a preferred mode of transportation for urgent and time-sensitive cargo.
CGL also offers air transportation services for project cargo movement that include the transportation of complex and significant cargo for industrial projects. Such cargo may involve heavy equipment, machinery, and other oversized items. CGL India has the expertise to handle project cargo transportation through the air, ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.
Along with the air transportation services, CGL also provides customs clearance services for air cargo and air freight, ensuring that all relevant rules and regulations are complied with and the cargo is cleared for export or import.
Overall, the role of air transportation is vital in the logistics industry, and CGL offers a range of air transportation services through its partnerships with aircraft charter companies and air charter companies in India. With its capabilities in project cargo transportation and customs clearance services, CGL is capable of ensuring that customers’ cargo is safely and efficiently transported to its destination through air transportation.

Road transportation

Road transportation is a significant element of logistics and plays a major role in the timely delivery of products. It is normally the most simple and cost-effective mechanism for transportation for domestic shipments, particularly for short distances. CGL is one of the leading logistics service providers in India and provides a wide range of road transportation services to satisfy the different requirements of customers.
CG Logistics runs a large fleet of vehicles ranging from small vans to heavy-duty trucks. The vehicles are equipped with modern tracking systems, supporting real-time monitoring of the location and status of shipments. This assures that clients can track the movement of their goods at any time, giving them complete visibility and peace of mind.
One of the significant benefits of road transportation is its flexibility. Unlike other methods of transportation, road transportation permits the transportation of goods to almost any place, even those that are not accessible through other modes of transportation. This makes road transportation an ideal mode for the transportation of products to remote areas or places with poor connectivity.
Another benefit of road transportation is its speed. It is normally faster than other methods of transportation, particularly for short distances. This makes it an ideal selection for time-sensitive shipments that must be delivered rapidly.
CGL India provides a range of road transportation services, including full truckload and less-than-truckload transportation. FTL is appropriate for clients who need to transport a large number of goods, while LTL is appropriate for clients who need to transport smaller quantities of goods.
Along with traditional road transportation, CGL also provides other value-added services like warehousing, distribution, and customs clearance. This permits clients to benefit from end-to-end logistics solutions, saving them both cost and time.
Overall, road transportation is a significant element of logistics, and CGL is committed to offering reliable and efficient road transportation services to its clients. With a significant emphasis on innovation and technology, CGL is well-positioned to satisfy the evolving requirements of customers and the logistics sector as a whole.

Rail Transportation

It is a method of transportation that uses trains for the purpose of moving goods from one place to another. Rail transportation is considered an efficient and cost-effective method of moving large volumes of cargo over significant distances. In the logistics sector, rail transportation is a vital element of the supply chain, particularly for the movement of bulk goods.
CGL understands the significance of rail transportation and provides a comprehensive range of rail freight services to its clients. The rail transportation services of the company are designed to cater to the particular requirements of each customer, and they provide a cost-effective and efficient manner of moving goods across the nation. Moreover, CG Logistics is engaged in providing effective rail logistics solutions for customers in places lacking alternate modes of connectivity.
The following are the main benefits of rail transportation:
CGL’s rail transportation services include the following aspects:
Rail freight forwarding: CGL provides rail freight forwarding services to move goods around the nation.
Overall, in the logistics sector, the role of rail transportation is vital, and CGL recognizes its significance by providing a range of rail transportation services to its clients. With its reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly rail transportation solutions, CGL is capable of satisfying the requirements of clients across the country.

Integrated solutions for CGL India

CGL has over 20 years of experience carrying tailor-made end-to-end solutions for integrated freight logistics for all scales of organizations around industry verticals. Through analyzing the prerequisites, experts at the company work to optimize the best solutions that save time and money for safe deliveries around the world.
Moreover, CGL India provides a range of integrated solutions that support clients in selecting the correct mode of transportation for their logistics requirements. As one of the best logistics companies in India, CGL provides customized solutions that include project cargo management, international warehousing services, project cargo handling services, and cargo transportation.
One of the main characteristics of the integrated solution offered by CGL India is its ability to integrate with other systems. The platform could be integrated with a variety of business systems, like an ERP system and an order management system, to offer businesses an overall view of their operations.
CGL’s integrated solutions also provide a range of value-added services like packaging, customs clearance, labeling, and many more. This could support businesses in simplification of their logistics operations and decrease the administrative pressure connected with the management of logistics.
Overall, the integrated solution of CG Logistics provides a comprehensive range of logistics solutions that can support businesses in streamlining their supply chain activities, optimizing their logistics procedures, and decreasing costs. CGL’s integrated solutions can help businesses stay competitive in the current fast-paced business environment.
In a nutshell, selecting the right mode of transportation for your logistics requirements is crucial to ensure the timely delivery of products. By providing a comprehensive range of logistics solutions that involve air, sea, surface, and rail transportation, CGL assures that clients have access to the correct mode of transportation for their logistics requirements. With an emphasis on innovation and technology, CG Logistics offers integrated solutions that support the optimization of supply chain efficiency and help clients stay ahead of the competition. In order to know more, connect with us.
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2023.06.09 09:58 aintnofrontin System doesn't have any USB boot option.

hey yall, i recently had an error on my acer laptop saying "your device needs to be repaired", this occurred after the battery on my laptop died and i started it up again.
i heard that if i used the media creation tool on a different laptop and put it on a usb, i could install windows from there
i thought it would work, but my device detects no usb boot device, even though windows is downloaded on my usb drive.
i tried changing my UEFI boot to legacy, but it appears a startup tab doesn't even exist on my end.
i also tried disabling secure boot, but that didn't work either.
i tried switching to multiple usb ports but that didn't work either.
very stumped right now. any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.09 09:51 birle33 New pc built recently, worked for a few days. Today won't turn on anymore

I don't know what to do anymore, I tried everything. I recently built my first pc, initially I used it for 3 days without a case on the motherboard box without problems, after the case arrived it worked like a charm for another 2 days. Today it no longer boots up, the cpu led on the mobo flashes red and the pc keeps restarting with all the fans spinning for 1 second. I can't get into the bios in any way, I've tried everything but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Any advice? My specs:
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2023.06.09 09:50 1a4chuck Requiem: Emphaty and Kindness Found in a Homeless Man

This may be my last post because I use RIF. The debacle with this API monetization thing gives me a great out -- my wife sometimes [sic] calls herself a "Reddit Widow" which . . . hurts.
Story time:
I gave my son a decent Leatherman pocket knife for Christmas.
I had it engraved with:
"To ***** I Love You, Dad" and "If found call 541-852-**** for reward". If you have sons, you know why.
Well, he lost the knife a few weeks ago in downtown Eugene. Did it fall out when he got in/out of car? Not sure.
A week or so goes by . . .
Homeless camp (or something - details unclear). A woman shows off the knife. A man checks it out.
After the gentleman reads the inscription on the knife, he trades her a (rock/gem/hipppiecrystal?) for my son's knife. He then gives her his personal knife because she says she needs a knife for protection. She is homeless and has to deal with issues that I don't want to try to imagine.
So this random dude gave her his knife in exchange for my son's knife. Who does this?
Not two days later my son gets a call from some rando that says he has his knife. He explains to him that he is homeless and wants to get the kinfe back to its owner. He asks for nothing.
As a father, I was concerned.
Over a couple of weeks, there were several calls from random numbers -- all from this same homeless dude -- asking when they could meet. There was some hesitance, naturally.
Eventually, my son met up with this kind 40ish year old man, and this gentleman returned it without a hitch.
Apparently, he was super friendly and just wanted to make sure a son got a gift from his dad back.
So . . . Remember: Homeless people can be kind. I know I need to work on judging less. Hoping this story helps you do the same.
I want to give my thanks to you (Name Unkown but there is a Z and an 8 in there, maybe?) - Your kindness is noted, appreciated, and gives me more apprication for the human spirit . . . You could have just kept that knife -- but no -- you went out of your way with multiple phone calls to my son and got his knife back to him.
Thank you, Sir!
----FWIW, my son gave him a sleeping bag and a few other camping supplies as a reward
-- I wish I checked the spelling of "empathy" in the title
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2023.06.09 09:49 shakamone After 4 years, SideQuest is still making your Quest better! Streaming now supports audio!! 👏👏Custom homes can be installed inside VR again!! Tonnes of other fixes. Plus 100 FREE exclusive giveaways running now with Quest Pro Controllers, Quest2s, Pico4s, Hoodies, 50+ FREE Game Keys + more!

After 4 years, SideQuest is still making your Quest better! Streaming now supports audio!! 👏👏Custom homes can be installed inside VR again!! Tonnes of other fixes. Plus 100 FREE exclusive giveaways running now with Quest Pro Controllers, Quest2s, Pico4s, Hoodies, 50+ FREE Game Keys + more!
Howdy Folks!
Hi, I'm Shane the CEO of SideQuest. Nice to see you! I've got a few things to tell you guys about today so ill just jump right in!
We recently turned 4! We are super humbled to have already spent nearly half a decade helping developers grow and helping users get access to loads more games for their VR headsets! Some of the most popular games in VR got started on SideQuest. We think that is because we are still dedicated to giving all our energy to help developers at no cost, so they can get you some of the best and most cutting edge games in VR. We ❤️ developers, they are the troops.
Giveaways: Shed loads of FREE stuff!
That's right, 100+ giveaways running right now! All totally FREE to enter!
5 X Quest Pro Controllers 4 X Quest 2s, 2 X Pico 4, A Bobo M2 Pro Battery Pack, 50+ FREE Game Keys Tonnes of hoodies, caps and beanies. We have great games to give away too, here is a complete list of the games each of which we have 1-2 keys to give away for FREE!
More Info:
50+ FREE Game Keys on Quest up for grabs!
Zombies Noir GrooVR - Air drumming Finger Gun Unplugged: Air Guitar Blockworks Farming Tractor Airport Ground Handling Simulator VR Cubism Trippy Tavern Gravity Lab Eye of the Temple Vader Immortal: Episode I,II and III Marvel's Iron Man VR The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners The Walking Dead: - Chapter 2: Retribution BONELAB Swordsman Among Us Blade & Sorcery: Nomad Contractors Beat Saber Drunkn Bar Fight Job Simulator Vacation Simulator Walkabout Mini Golf Pistol Whip Red Matter Red Matter 2 Resident Evil 4 Titans of Space PLUS SUPERHOT VR Breachers Into the Radius Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted Shave & Stuff The Room VR: A Dark Matter Hand Physics Lab World Of Mechs Fruit Ninja 2 Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond ARK and ADE Windlands Tetris® Effect: Connected The Climb The Climb 2 Green Hell VR Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street The Thrill of the Fight
How do i Enter?
These giveaways will be a little different to giveaways we have run in the past, more challenging and we hope more fun too! To mix things up we have hidden these giveaways inside a game for you to find - just like an easter egg! This means there is some challenge but for those that are up to it, they get much higher chances of winning these prizes!!
To start with we have hidden 100+ giveaways inside different worlds in our game Banter! All you have to do is download the game and look for these buttons and click them! Once you click them it will reveal a link to the hidden giveaway!
Tip: Take a screenshot in-vr to collect them along the way by pressing Oculus button + Right Trigger.
We are excited to experiment with this new form of giveaways, and we hope to expand this to other games too in the future!
We just launched a new space in Banter called SlipStream Island! You can find it in the menu, it's a lot of fun sliding and slipping around! A massive space to explore with friends too! It has 25 hidden giveaways in it too!
Ok if you have read down this far, Congrats! You will be rewarded with more info to make it easier to find the hidden giveaways. Yay!
Here is where all the prizes are and how much is in each world:
SlipStream Island (25 prizes) Backrooms (15 prizes) Winter Sport Resort (10 Prizes) Dive To Atlantis (7 Prizes) Outset Island - Night (5 Prizes) RPM Tag (5 prizes) ISS (4 prizes) GoldenEye Dam (3 Prizes) Quest Homes (3 Prizes) Mars One (3 prizes) New Users World (3 prizes) Croft Mansion (3 prizes) Cinema (3 prizes) Poolhouse (3 prizes) Time Warp Cabaret (2 prizes) Rocket Party (1 prize) Star Trek Bridge (1 prize) SQ Community Hub (1 prize) Meditation Clearance (1 prize) Ben’s Toy House (1 prize) Custom Home: Steam Void (1 prize) All Star Wars Custom Homes (3 total prize, 1 in each)

SideQuest Desktop: SideQuest Stream now with audio!

v0.10.35 of SideQuest now supports streaming with audio!
Until now you weren't able to get audio in the SideQuest Stream feature, but as of three weeks ago the Quest 2 could finally do this due to the android 12 upgrade in v51 firmware, and that 3 weeks ago scrcpy released version 2 of their software which now supports audio out of the box on Android 11+! For anyone who streams or records long gameplay sessions this is an awesome update to get. No more need for audio cables, or bluetooth transmitters/receivers. Yay!
Grab the latest version here!

SideQuest In-VR: Custom Homes from inside VR is back!

Use SideQuest inside your headset for an all round easier experience!
As users started to get v51 on their devices we realized that some features broke on the SideQuest in-VR app. After we got over cursing Meta for breaking some stuff, we worked hard to get the app working at its best again. One of the biggest problems was that custom homes no longer worked when installed this way and could only be installed using the good old SideQuest desktop app. I'm happy to say that we have now fixed that issue and custom homes are now working again so feel free to dive into your favorite custom homes from inside the headset again. We also fixed a number of issues with the search an d filtering system that we also broken in the v51 update.
Grab the latest version here!
That's all for now! Thanks from the whole SideQuest team! ❤️
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