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2023.06.03 21:00 LegEarly Micro Adventure

Micro Adventure
Just did an overnight at Harriman. Got off work at 3pm and was at the trail parking lot by 5pm. Hiked up to the bald rock shelter area and hammock camped for the night. Had some thunder storms roll through but I was only on the edge of them so the rain wasn’t to bad. Was up early the next day, hiked out and was home by 8:45 am before the wife was even awake (she tends to be a night owl). Was inspired by a YouTube video I saw and the guy dubbed these short trips “Micro Adventures”. Even though I was only in the woods for about 12 hours I found this trip so therapeutic and relaxing. Not another person in sight on a Friday evening hike. It’s allot easier to grab a quick overnight versus selling the wife on a whole weekend of me not being available. I will still do more extended overnights throughout the good weather. However I definitely will grab some more of these micro adventures as well.
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shapez - Puzzle DLC
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Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition (including + Zombie Driver HD + Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack + Zombie Driver HD Burning Garden of Slaughter + Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage + Zombie Driver HD Brutal Car Skins + Zombie Driver HD Soundtrack)
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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN key)
DOOM 64 (Bethesda key)
Liberated (GOG key)
STAR WARS: Squadrons (Origin)
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Dishonored 2 (GOG)


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2023.06.03 21:00 The_Fallen_1 [THJVerse] Arcane Starfarers - ep 39 - Unification

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Despite still being on duty, as Daniel stepped foot onto Olinath Orbital, he felt a wave of relief and relaxation, finally free from the weight of the recent events. He looked to his side as Oprin stepped into the station, who began to look around in wonder at the much larger structure that didn't feel as tight as either the ship or the bunkers. She continued on forward, watching some of the Navy personnel out of the window as they worked, performing initial checks and maintenance on the exterior of the Trailmaker. The pair continued to walk down the docking arm until they reached the main body of the station, where things began to open up further, with many wide and long corridors allowing large groups of people to travel easily, with some smaller ones branching off, allowing access to some of the less busy areas.
Most of the people walking around were Navy personnel, either services the docked ships or the station itself, though there was the odd group of Langan exploring their new temporary home. The pair continued on past them though, heading towards the centre of the station where they were both needed. Daniel guided Oprin to the nearest treadmill, which they both hopped into, speeding up their walk down the long corridor as they made their way to the central hall, stopping a short walk away which they walked unassisted.
As the pair entered the room, they were greeted to the sight of a large crowd, bursting with activity, that upon further inspection turned out to be a few hundred Langan, conversing with a number of UPC officials and three Deities, the first being Celenamartra, but the other two being Deities that Daniel had never met before, though he could identify them by their appearances matching their pictures well.
"I know Celenamartra, but who are the other two?" Oprin asked.
"The large Blue Dragon is Liathock, the God often popularly worshipped by those interested in space and exploration, history, and the mysteries of the world around us, and the Elven woman is Valan'srah, the Goddess often associated with trade, commerce, and powerful magic," Daniel explained.
"Are they nice like Celenamartra?"
"From what I've heard, all the Deities are nice, though they sometimes work in confusing ways that don't always make sense that can leave some people frustrated and annoyed."
"I see…" she replied, getting slightly worried about their reason for being here.
"It's been a long time since any number of them were together in public off of Earth though. Either they wanted to give you a really warm welcome, or they're planning something," Daniel concluded.
"Like what?"
"I have a guess, but I don't want to get your hopes up."
“So you think something good will happen?” Oprin asked.
“Most likely. They tend to only act to do good. It’s usually when they don’t act that people can be disappointed.”
“I see…” she trailed off, looking at some of the people in the crowd. “I don’t recognise everyone here, and some of them look quite healthy…. Did we wake some of them up? Excuse me a moment.”
“Of course,” Daniel replied as she headed into the crowd. He then began to look around, quickly spotting Captain Harris standing at the side of the room on her own, so he headed over, making sure he was still easily spottable to Oprin in case she started looking for him. “Captain.”
“Lieutenant Commander,” Captain Harris replied. “How are you finding things so far?”
“I’ve admittedly only just arrived. Had a report to write and some drama around the sleeping quarters to deal with.”
“Sergeant Richards?” the Captain asked.
“I don’t know his name, but I know he works in engineering. Tall and quite muscular, but I get the feeling he does heavy lifting and not the bulk of the thinking.”
“Thanks for setting him straight before the other senior officers descended on him.”
“You’re welcome, Captain. On another note, am I correct in thinking that some of the Langan here were from cryo pods?”
“Mhm. 187 pods failed in transit, and the occupants woke up.”
“No deaths?”
“None,” she confirmed.
“Those pods are something else….”
“They’re very simple, and Langan biology seems particularly resilient to rapid freezing, though it’s evidently a random quirk rather than an evolutionary advantage given how quickly they need to be frozen to survive.”
“They’re very lucky then.”
“Indeed,” the Captain agreed.
“So, what happens now?”
“Overseer Tenmus and a few Langan politicians that have been woken up are working out some finer details that were put as delayed negotiation points on the original offer to join the UPC. Political structures and integration targets, that sort of thing.”
“Do you think there’s going to be any issues?”
“That depends on the old politicians. The government they were a part of was an oligarchic meritocracy, and we’re a social capitalist democracy. It’s going to cause some integration pains if they stick to that, but given that the old government doesn’t exactly have a lot of power, and a lot of the Langan that are awake don’t exactly revere them, things might change.”
“What about the sleeping ones? Do you think they might have a lot of their elite still frozen that will disagree?”
“They were in Bunker 02. There were no intact pods in that one, despite being designed to be the safest of the lot.”
“Ah, yes, the one with too much concrete to shield them,” Daniel replied, remembering the video of the improperly supported ceiling resting on top of thousands of smashed cryo pods. “I wonder how many bunkers would have survived if they’d figured out the importance of rebar.”
“Nine bunkers were lost due to structural failure. There’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t have succumbed to any of the other many issues the other bunkers did, which some likely would have, but they might have made it,” she replied. “There’s also no guarantee that the rebar they would have used would have been suitable for weather that cold. It could have caused uneven contractions that might have caused cracks to form faster.”
“Maybe…” Daniel sighed, trying not to focus on the loss of life.
The room suddenly grew quiet as one of the doors to the room opened, and four Langan walked in, one of which was Overseer Tenmus, as well as a number of UPC officials, including the President of the UPC: a tall male Human who was noticeably aged, but Daniel knew was undergoing immortality treatments every so often. A microphone was presented to the Overseer, and he cleared his throat as he prepared to speak.
"Welcome all in attendance. It is with great privilege that I can declare that the Langan people have officially joined the UPC," Overseer Tenmus announced, gaining cheats from the crowd of Langan, and claps from everyone else in attendance. "There will be some changes, but given what we've all been through, I'm sure you'll all agree that change is most welcome. Going forward, we shall be changing how we decide who is in charge, and nominating people into the UPC's political forms, of which we currently have a seat in both the two main bodies to ensure fair representation, with more seats available once our population increases so that we are no longer a minor colony. These positions will be filled by a vote of all people on our new home. These votes will happen shortly after the celebrations.
"We have also decided to switch our local government to a similar system, with a transitional period of ten years from the current leadership to ensure the initial stages go smoothly, with votes occurring every five years after that. A technological enlightenment program has been established, and the plan is for students in schools to be taught about the new technologies, while analogues for what we have been used to will be made available so there isn't a harsh transition. Learning about the new technologies is encouraged however, as they provide many benefits. All other details of the agreement remain unchanged, and the vote on naming our new planet is still planned to be held once everyone has been woken up. With that, I thank you for listening, and I will now hand over to President Finley."
There was another round of cheers and clapping as the Human President stepped forward, quickly shaking hands with the Overseer as he took the microphone.
"Thank you, Overseer Tenmus," the President began, glancing at the camera at the back of the room. "There has been a dream from long before the peoples of the UPC reached the stars that one day we would find that we are not alone out there. We knew there was a strong chance we weren't, but despite us looking, the Universe was always silent. Today, however, we now know that we are not alone, and I am proud that we can stand hand-in-hand with people from another world, and that we can work together to make the Universe a better place. The UPC stands fully committed to supporting the Langan people as they grow, and our hand is outstretched so we may stand side by side as one people. Today marks a turning point in history that will be remembered for millennia. Thank you all for listening."
There was an awkward momentary shuffle as the three Deities walked over to the microphone, positioning themselves in front of the camera, the size of the two Dragons forcing it to be tilted upwards so that a window overlooking the planet below was in shot.
"Greetings, everyone," Celenamartra began. "Today, the three of us have met with many of the Langan people, heard their plights, and listened about many of their woes. Their world was far outside our jurisdiction, and I am saddened to see what happened because of that. However, the Langan people now have the full support of all Deities."
"We all agree that we should help them," Valan'srah added. "They have lost too much to start over with no help from us."
"And I'm sure many of you feel that you'd want to help in any way you can after what they've been through," Liathock took over. "Too often do tragedies happen, but their entire home becoming uninhabitable through no fault of their own is an unspeakable tragedy."
"Which is why we're committed to doing what we can to help them," Celenamartra continued. "During the rescue efforts, a number of plant seeds and animal eggs were recovered from their home, and the plan was to use them to slowly terraform their new home. There’s not enough to restore the full biodiversity they were used to, but there is enough to create a stable biosphere. It would be a slow process that would have left the Langan people station-bound for months or likely even years, and would take decades to complete. The UPC has already brought the planet into a position where the process can start, so we thought we ought to do our part."
The crowd began to murmur in disbelief as the planet behind the Deities began to turn greener and greener, until the once rocky surface was completely transformed into a lush forest that spanned almost the whole planet, only stopping at the oceans, frozen poles, and a thin strip of desert near the equator. Daniel couldn't help but smile to himself as his earlier guess proved to be right.
"We are now equally committed to the Langan as we are to any other people, and we will ensure that they get the help they need. Thank you for listening," Valan'srah concluded, heading off camera with the other two Deities.
"Hey, so, do you think they're expecting us to worship them now?" Oprin asked Daniel as they headed towards the hangar they had been directed to.
"Probably not. The Deities have never been ones to ask for worship, and have even discouraged it at times," he replied, checking which shuttle they were on. "At most they'd like to be respected as Deities, or an equivalent that is suitable in your culture."
"I think they will get that," Oprin assured him, entering the hangar.
Daniel led her over to their shuttle, which was a medium sized cargo shuttle that had a small prefabricated house attached to its cargo mounting point. After they boarded, a few more Langan joined them on board, and the shuttle took off, sliding out of the hangar and immediately heading for the planet. The ride was relaxingly smooth compared to the ones from the Langan's old home, and before too long, they reached the green plain near a large river that was destined to be where the first Langan settlement was established. The house was dropped off at its designated spot, where a waiting team quickly installed it, and the shuttle then landed to let its passengers disembark.
As Daniel and Oprin stepped on onto the grass-like plant growth beneath them, Oprin took in a deep breath of fresh air, and sat herself down, looking up at the sky as shuttles flew past, delivering people, supplies, and more buildings. She watched as a particularly large ship floated down to the nearby river, depositing the foundations of a water treatment plant, which it then began to construct properly. She then watched as a freighter dropped off a series of large buildings, with a hospital, a school, and a UPC embassy being the three dropped off close enough for her to make out.
"It's really over now, isn't it?" Oprin asked.
"Yes, it is," Daniel confirmed, sitting down next to her. "It might take a little while for things to properly settle into the new normal, but you're not in any danger anymore."
"I'm not wasting your time, am I?"
"No, my current duty is to help the person who helped us. Basically, you've got me for a few days to help you with whatever you need."
“So I have a servant?”
“I guess,” Daniel shrugged.
Oprin let out a small chuckle before watching more buildings be installed. “I’m surprised by how many buildings you have already if this wasn’t something that the UPC planned to happen today.”
“The station in orbit is designed to quickly churn out most buildings needed for the early colonisation phase. All you need to do is feed the factories with the right resources, and the prefabs can be churned out in a few dozen minutes. The prefabs aren’t exactly as good as properly built structures, but they are still pretty good. I don’t know the resource situation, but I doubt we’ll get everything needed to wake up all the cryo pods before the stockpiles run out and more have to be shipped in.”
“It looks like there's more than enough for a thousand people already though.”
“Ture, but bear in mind there will be some other people from the UPC living here to work in the power plant, water treatment, hospital, and so on. We can’t just dump foreign tech on you and expect everything to go smoothly, can we?”
“I suppose…. Hey, do you think my new house is installed yet?” she asked.
“No idea. Wanna find out?”
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2023.06.03 20:59 RosePetals314 [US to US] [Sell] [Perfume] Lots of gourmands! Arcana, NAVA, Poesie, Etc

$5 for shipped, will ship within 3 business days. From a smoke free and cat and dog friendly home. Payment through PayPal goods and services only.
-Cupid's Arrow 1ml EdP decant $5 (sugar cubes effervescing in sparkling champagne, seductive pink orchids and white tuberoses, tempting vanilla toffees, and fragrant Buddha's Hand citrus for happiness and
-Chocolate Cake 5ml $14
-Pistachio Gelato 5ml $14 (Cold swirls of gelato with French vanilla beans and sweet, nutty pistachios.)
-Miss Skiffins 5ml $18 (A felicitous and seemly blend of blueberries, blackberries, vanilla, sweet mallow, clean musk, sweet pea blossoms, and a small chunk of honeycomb.)
***Black Hearted Tart
-Only in Dreams 1.5 ml $3 (White gardenia and calla lily petals are scattered upon a bed of fluffy marshmallow clouds with a base
-Surfpunk sample slink $3 (Mango Purin jelly dessert made with mango purée and milk. Melon cream soda with notes of sweet honeydew and vanilla ice cream. Kakigori shaved ice topped with musk melon sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk.)
***Death and Floral
-Gooey Marshmallow 5ml rollerball $10
***Haus of Gloi
-Tonka Bean Tea Cakes slink $2 (Fluffy little cakes flecked with lightly sweet tonka bean and coated in a delicate sugar glaze.)
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Bastet’s Mystifying Caramel Biscuit 5ml $20 (Sugar Biscuit accord, Buttercream Frosting, Vanilla Extraction, Caramel Sage Crème, Molasses Sugar, Caramelized Vanilla Bean, Caramelized Rum, Maple Leaf, French Vanilla Bean and Custard)
Seth’s Ultimate Vanilla Sugar Cookies 5ml Full to TOL, has a blue name sticker on top of cap. $20 (Vanilla bean, Chrystalline, warm and buttery sugar cookie accord, sugar, butter cookie accord, buttercream and Tahitian vanilla bean.)
Raspberry Musk 6ml $25 (Bastet’s Musk absolute (Tuberose, Mallow, Angelica, Musk Flower, and White Lily), Wild Transylvanian Raspberry accord, Raspberry skin accord, Crystalline (Studio Limited Vanilla) absolute, Bastet’s Amber absolute, eNVie saphir, Bastet’s Ice Cream)
Apricot Muhallebi 2ml shop sample $8 (Apricot seed, Apricot essence, Apricot Custard accord, Cake accord, Rice Milk, Bourbon Vanille, Orange Blossom, Sugar Cookie accord, Almond Macaroon accord, Buttercream accord, Vanilla Bean, Butter accord (vegan) Sweet Cream accord (vegan), Toasted Coconut accord, Cardamom absolute, Pink Sugar, White Musk and Crystalline Vanilla Absolute)
Hera’s Strawberry Pound Cake slink $3 (Strawberry Crème Icing, Strawberry Poundcake accord, Vanilla Bean, Studio Limited Crimson Musk, Bastet’s Musk, Vanilla Shortcake, and Whipped cream accord (vegan))
Paper Moons slink $3 (Vanilla Orchid, White Musk, Bastet’s Musk essence, Vanilla Bean cordial, Egyptian Sugar Cane, Coconut Milk, White Cinnamon, Powdered Sugar, Angel Cake accord, Almond Cake accord and Buttermilk Vanilla accord)
***Nui Cobalt
Tomfoolery shop sample $3 (Toasted oats, molten brown sugar, candied crushed walnuts, and tangy-sweet golden raisins.)
Original Prankster shop sample $3 (Fresh from the oven, crisp cinnamon sugar gives way to warm, soft vanilla cookie with just a trace of salted butter.)
Scallywag shop sample $3 (True cocoa absolute accentuated by notes of caramelized sugar, toasted marshmallow, Bavarian cream, and the subtlest touch of melted butter.)
-You Tempt Me 5ml $15 (vanilla custard, marzipan, sweet cherries, a hint of pastry crust, ambery notes)
-Waltz of the Snowflakes 1ml shop sample $3 (Notes: a magical dance of peppermint snowflakes, buttery sugar cookies with vanilla glaze, topped with crystallized sugar)
-Dreamland Confection 2ml $4 (Notes: a billowy marshmallow pavlova layered with candied clementines and fresh cranberries, whipped cream surrounded by a wintry flurry of cotton candy and balsam fir branches)
-Mother Ginger shop sample $3 (Notes: a dark gingerbread cake with all of the holiday joy baked within: heaping spoons of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, brown sugar, sticky molasses, caramelized edges)
-Eggnog Noel 5ml $12 (Notes: creamy custard, opulent vanilla, warm nutmeg, a splash of French cognac)
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2023.06.03 20:56 tsukasaokino Locator 62 experience (spoiler: not a happy conclusion)

Applied in early March, the application was accepted 3/8.
I start to panic around May 22, because our DOT is...today. June 3. 🙃 Do you see where this is going?
As I'm sure many of you have become more than aware, the whole experience trying to call NPIC is a total nightmare.
Around May 24, I try to pay for 1-2 day shipping and expedited service. No charge on card. Passport still stuck In Process, NPIC have no relevant information that you can't already see from your status page.
I try to get congress involved, case worker just tells me what the NPIC agent she talked with said, which is not much different than what I've already been told thousands of times and asked if I wanted to give my CC info to expedite. Already did that. Not much else.
Finally, on June 1, it changed to Approved and said may arrive on around June 7, than changed to Shipped with tracking #. The tracking # than disappeared from the status page sometime the same day. But I still saved the #.
It changed from Shipped back to Approved, and says "may arrive on or around June 10."
The tracking # says estimated to arrive June 5. Not that it does me much good now. I needed it today, as we were all going to travel to Brazil as a family, flight is today June 3.
The rest of my family applied for their passports only a few days before me, and they all got their passports 3+ weeks ago.
If it helps, they were all Locator 74, and I was the only one with Locator 62.
Everyone else left for the airport not too long ago, and I'm stuck at home. I don't know if I'm planning to try and catch another flight later on to catch up, but honestly, this entire ordeal has left me drained.
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2023.06.03 20:55 Dawn36 Getting your dog a dog

I already have a Chihuahua mix, she's 5 and about 20lbs, and I thought she'd like a dog so I got a puppy. Well the puppy is now 8 months old and the Chihuahua never bonded with him. Full disclosure, I didn't know what the puppy would be, a friend rescued two pregnant dogs, and the mom of mine was a boxer mix, so my baby is a boxer mix + maybe a shepherd? Well the puppy is at a trainer and there is another dog, about the same size/age golden retriever, and my puppy is having the time of his life with this other dog. His training is going amazingly well, I get so many cute videos of him and this other dog having a blast playing, and he is so much more happy and we'll behaved.
My Chihuahua is a happy girl, she doesn't act out, she is calm and nice to all dogs/humans (she went to training too, but very low-key), but she just doesn't want to play with the puppy. Do I get my other dog a dog? A tired dog is a happy dog, and I can only entertain a high energy dog so much, but he is enamored of his new playmate and the trainer said it is really good for him to have someone to play with. I'm going to talk to his trainer, and he works closely with rescues to help train dogs so they can find homes, and maybe he might be able to help me find one that my baby would like. Plus, my yard is massive, my house is dog friendly, no kids, no parties, just regular 9-5 adulting with more than enough disposable income. So, did anyone get their dog a dog and did was it positive?
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2023.06.03 20:54 ThrowRAwiff How do I[M32] convince my ex-wife[F29] to give me another chance?

We met when we were young, she was 19 I was 22, I admit I was not the best husband, we got married very quickly I was very immature and I made mistakes but I sincerely think that we could have worked on it we divorced 4 years ago I told her atrocities and I regret it, but i thought about her all the time. She moved out of town right after the divorce was finalized but recently returned. I thought maybe we could get back together maybe she had changed her mind but I was still blocked by her and her family and friends wouldn't give me a way to contact her.
I ended up finding her place of work, she worked in a small cafe, I found that a little sad and I went there, she was I admit it even more gorgeous than during our marriage she was beautiful, i tried to talk to her and at first she pretended not to know me and treated me like a normal customer, i tried to explain to her that i had improved than i was sorry for what i did and said, that I was no longer the same man but nothing to do she did not want to listen to me, it pissed me off, she ended up telling me that she was married to someone she loved, that she was happy, feeling good about herself, that she was finally in good place mentally, it hurt me that she said that. I was shocked, i mean i never would have thought that she could marry someone other than me i tried to explain to her that if her husband let her work in a cafe, her husband shouldn't be so great she didn't get mad but what i thought was a student waiter arrived and simply explained that they both owned the cafe and that i should leave and leave her alone, that was her new husband but well he was way too young so i admit it at first i wa quit rude thinking it was someone outside our conversation she got mad and told me it was her husband i tried to tell her she made a big mistake that he was way too young for her, i admit i was so jealous but i honestly think i was right i tried to reason with her to tell her it's not too late but she had a big expression of disgust on her face and her husband simply told me to get out or he will call the police i tried to argue but she didn't want to listen. I'm at home right now i really don't know what to do, i know i've made mistakes but i want to spend the rest of my life with her and i need to remmaries her and I can't believe she was able to move on so easily what can I do to get her to listen to me? Her Husbanb is way too young he look like an adolescent i am sure he earn less than me, he is short unlike me she was very ambitious when we were a couple but she works in a small cafe now?i'm sure it's his fault and i mean i'm not who i used to be 4 years ago i'm sure i can make her even happy now, so what can i do make her come to me again ???
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2023.06.03 20:52 brbr420 Pure pharma love it good price from my homeboy that just came back he saw me on Facebook thank God for networking!!

Pure pharma love it good price from my homeboy that just came back he saw me on Facebook thank God for networking!!
Very grateful I'm probably going to eat more I've already eaten six I bought 20 for 100 good price cuz he's a home boy back in the day hook up!! I mean I'm 40 now so LOL but he gave me all my favorite ice cream flavors
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2023.06.03 20:52 Antique-One1505 Need help understanding after shrooms trip 7 months ago

Hey fam I’m coming on here asking for help. 7 months ago I took shrooms (1.3) or something like that and I didn’t know much about them but I was in a good head space. The trip was good for a while then got overwhelming and i had to get up and get outta the room I was in i just couldn’t sit. That lasted for a while but it calmed down and I had some strong emotions. That next morning I woke up and my surroundings felt off when I went home I came to find out this is derealization. I’m still feeling all the feelings I felt in the shrooms including the one I don’t feel comfortable in any room and have to move and it feels like I lost my confidence and I have been depressed. I thought this would pass but it hasn’t and I would do anything to go back to my normal self and live in the present. Do you guys think I could do anything to help myself ? Another trip ? I’m 20 btw
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2023.06.03 20:51 General_Gengar I want to stop thinking about relationships. I am too much of a disaster to date

I am the kind of person who would seriously damage anyone who dates me. I face an insurmountable road to improve myself to a point where I wouldn't just traumatize some random woman.
If you read this list of faults and you decide that I should keep inserting myself into other people's lives, then I don't know what to tell you. I have failed myself and my family my entire life. I have never been good enough to succeed at anything. I'm not even a good caretaker for my brother.
I just want the thoughts to stop. I tried to run away from any space that talked about loneliness, but I just got lonelier. If I could get better at suffering in silence, the lives of those around me would improve dramatically.
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2023.06.03 20:50 Gombajuice GF and I(M) are curious about the lifestyle. What should I and bring up about my past sexual relationship in regards to what/who I like(d) and what should be kept to myself?

We’ve been friends of friends for years and went on a few friend group cruise vacations.
On these cruises we met a lot of people in the lifestyle so it was eye opening and intriguing to both of us, but at that time we were still years away from together. Fast forward to today and I think it is important looking back. Also, we just booked Temptations cruise 2024 since our friends are going and it’s turned up the curiosity talks.
Now that we are dating and intimate she has told me some fantasies that she hasn’t been trustful enough to tell ex partners… like trying things with women to things like watching me get with someone else only for her to take me away at any moment and go home with me, or sharing a girl with me. We just breached the topic of her being with another guy and we’re both unsure of it (I’ve made it clear to her that I understand it seems unfair and selfish on my part, but we’re both far from figuring out what we’re comfortable with, if anything, outside of monogamy)
She was raised Catholic so she is still working through some sex shame so we are going deep in these lifestyle talks, but slow in execution and honestly still warming up our own monogamous intimacy.
Our relationship has been an absolute rocketship, head over heels, liked each other for years without the other knowing it, yadda yadda, but sexually it really hasn’t taken off yet and I brought it up last night and she agreed.
We already had good communication and it’s one of the things we value in each other, but we understand this takes 100x more communication and we’ve already had some great talks about these fantasies and scenarios and are so supportive to each other and really enjoy having them. Plus, it’s kind of hot for both of us so I think it’s helping us explore our sexual relationship (currently long distance so it can only grow so quickly)
Im naturally a person who can’t hide my thoughts and struggle keeping things close to the chest….
So…. before we dated I had just broke up with a long time off again/FWB/on again/back and forth gf. We cared for each other, enjoyed each other, loved each other, but I was not in love and could never commit because I didn’t see a future. But omg the sex was PHENOMENAL and tbh I still think about it a lot….
I say that to ask, (because I like being open and sometimes tattle tale on myself and honestly I feel a lot of guilt over it and bottling it up isn’t helping) is there any possible way that bringing this up in any manner can be healthy for the both of us during these talks?? I partially want to get it off my chest either way, but I think the only possible way it could be acceptable is tying it into these talks while we are having an emotionally intelligent heightened conversation.
I want to grow with her and over-communicate everything and continue building trust. When people in these types of lifestyles talk about over-communicating. Where’s the boundary? Is there one? Am I an absolute idiot for even thinking it? She’s the one. I just don’t want to hide anything. Am I making a big deal of it?
Also, any other advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
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2023.06.03 20:50 Few-House402 I had never been that sad my entire life

I am an 18 year old guy , I had to leave my country and family behind for a better life , I live with my uncle and he's a nice and good guy but he's just not home anyways so I have no one to talk to or interact with , this is affecting my mental health , I joined a gym in the same building and I met good people but I still feel a void in me , something that needs to be done but I don't know what, I thought I needed a girlfriend because I never had a relationship my whole life , and so a girl would make me a happier , more loved person , but I can't attract girls I don't know why , although I treat them like a normal human being People told me I looked attractive but it shows the opposite when I try to talk to girls (u could see me in my profile ) I'm lost now , whenever I call my family I just feel worse because I can't be near them , and I will be celebrating my 19 years of age alone soon . Just wanted to vent out , thanks....
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2023.06.03 20:50 ProfessionalNo8594 My 2 year old spayed maled keeps escaping our backyard.

My 2 year old spayed maled keeps escaping our backyard. We have a huge yard with a privacy fence but he keeps getting out somehow. We put chicken wire around the whole fence and it worked for a couple days but i think he found another way out. The good thing is he doesn't go far. Hes tagged and microchipped. He does come home when he's ready, but im worried hes going to get picked up one of these days or one of the neighbors are going to complain. Its not simple making him an indoor cat because he paces out the door and my son who is autistic goes out there to play constantly, what do I do? He also keeps taking his collar off that has his name and everything. Everytime i find his escape route he keeps finding more ways.
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2023.06.03 20:48 coffeeaddyct oddly good evening! hi guys:)

Saturday evening and I just finished the chores for today! Might grab a snack!:D
anyways.. I'm fem, 17 yrss old. You can call me Bella. My interests / hobbies are:
a) Coffee. I prefer black without sugar. How many cups a day? On good day 3-4, but mostly just usual 1-2.
b) Cats. I have cat, she isn't mine but she is. Sometimes she visit our home and now we are buddies.
c) Annoying my sibilings. It is actually full time job but it's honour doing it.
d) .. Lemme think. Anime? I used to watch it a lot but lately not so much. I can still talk about it and about mangas/manhwas as well.
e) Cooking!!! I forgot about it lol. I love cooking specially different types of soups.
f) Walking / just being in nature! It helps me with my mental and physical health plus it is fun. I also like gardening:))
Well, see ya! Have a nice day/night! <3
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2023.06.03 20:48 Anonymous_D-boi The missile knows where it is... because the Devil told it

Foreword: Hi everyone! Be warned that this post was made by someone who A) hasn't done any creative writing outside of mandatory school work and B) has english as their second language Any and all criticism is welcome. Hope you'll like the piece!
The Captain didn't like the assignment when his superiors gave it to him. He started to dislike it even more when his RWR started beeping just after his ship started a retrograde burn to orbit this strange new world. He started disliking it even more when this planet's inhabitants, the Humans, he recalled from his briefing, seemingly started to redirect their artificial satellites to intercept his ship.
He commands the IS Poltergeist, a Ghost class Signal Intelligence vessel. Essentially a small freighter that, instead of cargo, carries an assortment of the best and most sensitive electronic intelligence gathering equipment that money could buy this side of the Milky way. Their task is to monitor the Human's planet, Earth, for any actionable intelligence and, more importantly, to make sure that nothing gets to the rest of the fleet parked in geosynchronous orbit of this Earth's moon without them knowing. The biggest plus is that you usually get to stay away far from the fighting, however, when things get tough, you can rely only on your speed and maneuverability because the ship doesn't have any PD, and since they were already low on fuel and had to do a whole lot of dodging on top of that, they were essentially helpless
The small Imperial fleet numbering less than half a dozen vessels arrived in the system 2 weeks ago after an explorer vessel reported that it found out signs of intelligent life in the system. The commander of this expedition was a young Prince of a small kingdom integrated within the Imperium determined to prove himself as a warrior and as most, if not all, of his kind was rash and hot headed. He decided that a planetary raid was the best course of action, against the advice of every senior officer in the fleet. He led his men personally to the surface. The raid ended after about a day on the surface, when an artillery shell landed about 5 meters from the Prince's tent and heavily wounded him. The Prince's second in command ordered immediate evacuation. They left behind nearly 200 dead and brought with them about 400 wounded. The Captain was glad that he and his crew got to sit that one out. He knew that a lightly armed marine raiding force going against a proper ground combat element wouldn't end nice. Now they were stuck in the system because the doctors didn't want to risk killing the half dead Prince by travelling in FTL and because the insolence of attacking an Imperial aristocrat had to be punished...
Lieutenant Clark, like everybody on Earth, was gripped by a mix of shock and excitement when it was revealed that an alien fleet was confirmed to be en route to his home planet. When the Aliens made planetfall and started killing people, all those feeling turned to anger, even if they landed far away from Clark's homeland. The Aliens swiftly started to evacuate once the local military started to rain hell on the Alien HQ, courtesy of their big guns. Some of the evacuating Alien transports were then shot down by either air defense batteries or fighter jets. Once the dust has settled, people far smarter than Clark were quickly able to decipher the Alien language enough to understand that the force they fought of was only a relatively small raiding party and that the Aliens would be back. In that moment, the entire world mobilized, and that included the transfer of lieutenant Clark to an experimental fighter wing.
As it turns out, the goverment procured a small number of anti-satellite missiles in the 1980s. The project was publicly scraped because of cost overruns and the ethics of leaving behind giant clouds of space debris with every weapon test, however the idea was never completely thrown out the window, and a new and improved missile had it's first few prototypes completed just a few months before the Aliens came. Someone thought that the Aliens would easily detect and shoot down a big ICBM launching at them, and so they decided that something smaller, like a stealth fighter jet armed with this new missile would more easily evade radar detection and interception. And lieutenant Clark was the person to fire this new missile when they came back. The theory is simple; pre-programm the target into the missile on the ground, initiate a steep zoom climb while aiming roughly at the target and the missile will automatically launch at an altitude of around 12 kilometers. Turning that theory into practice meant spending about 10 hours every day on simulator so that Clark and his colleagues would get the procedure right every time they tried.
When the space agencies of the world detected a lone Alien ship burning to orbit Earth, they aimed practically every radar they could on it. World leaders already decided on a course of action, they ordered satellites on orbits near the Alien vessel to crash into it. The Aliens dogded, but didn't defend themselves in any other way, which was seen as a good sign. When no attempts at communication were detected from the ship, the order to shoot it down was given.
"Lieutenant Clark to briefing room 4!" the voice sounded on the base's public announcement system. Clark knew it was his moment to shine. The plan was what they rehearsed a hundred times over the course of the last few days. Clark with his stealth jet would fire the anti-satellite missile, while two other planes would provide jamming support so that any attempt to intercept the missile wouldn't succeed. They would be doing this over the ocean, so they would be accompanied by an AWACS so that command would know what's happening. Before the pilots left the room, their aircraft were fueled and ready and Clark's missile already knew it's target.
The Captain was nervous, but he knew he couldn't show it to his small crew. It was only him, his XO, the pilot, the radar operator, three SIGINT gathering operators and an agent from the Imperial Intelligence Agency, from the First Contact Detachment. He didn't like spies, even if they didn't call themselves that, because they usually meant trouble, and this time was no different. He walked to the pilot's console and saw that their fuel reserves were dangerously low, and the Humans haven't stopped trying to intercept them with their satellites. He saw the RWR indicator light still flashing, however they turned off the sound long ago, would have turned crazy already if they didn't. They periodically deployed chaff, but it was essentially useless against having every radar capable of it turned on them. He then glanced at the map showing their orbit relative to the surface, seeing that they were just entering space above an ocean.
"Contact!" shouted the radar operator. "Two unkown contacts coming up from the surface. They are getting stronger, marking as Bogey one and two." The Captain looked at the radar screen with dread as, at first, the two bogeys were marked as weak signals, then strong, and then, what can be only described as a sea of new contacts of different sizes, strenghts and types, flooded the screen. "All men to battle stations! Seal your vac-suits!" screamed the Captain across the cockpit. Everyone, with the exception of the agent, who rarely found himself on a ship, knew that they were being jammed and what that meant. "Pilot, prepare maneuvering thrusters and deploy chaff!" ordered the Captain, focusing his sight on the radar screen. He knew that once the enemy weapon was close enough, their radar would burn through the jamming and they would be able, the universe willing, to dodge it.
"New artificial satellite on collision course, marking as SAT-37." said the radar operator. The pilot looked at his console and then at the Captain. "Permission to dogde?" he said, his voice shaking. He saw that with the amount of fuel they had, they either dodge the satellite, or the enemy weapon. The Captain looked at the map of the planetary system. He reckoned that if they dodged, they would need to orbit this Earth for another 40 minutes before they would be able to do what the Humans would call a Trans-Lunar injection and join the rest of the fleet, with the amount of fuel they had. "Permission granted" the Captain calmly answered. He would rather die to an enemy than to a bunch of scrap metal.
"Jester lead to all flights, initiating jamming, the field is your's Devil. Jester lead out."
"Understood, Jester lead. Devil out." said lieutenant Clark. He pulled the plane's joystick towards himself, putting the aircraft into a steep climb. The attack was timed flawlessly. They managed to aim another satellite at the Alien ship, meaning they will be busy dodging it and not the missile. He had the ship's position marked on his helmet's HUD, now it was only a matter of keeping it in his plane's gunsight long enough for the missile to fire. Clark now experienced the tiniest bit of doubt; will the single missile be enough? Enough to show them that they aren't untouchable, he thought. Seeing just a small piece of debris from the Alien ship fall to the Earth would be a huge morale boost to everyone, and Clark didn't doubt the power of motivation. At 39 000 feet, the missile launched automatically, and Clark let his plane first level off, and then descent. His comrades from Jester flight will need to continue to climb for a little while longer, to support the missile with jamming.
Just before the missile launched, it activated it's infrared seeker. It started to scan with this "eye" around the area where it expected it's target. It found it with the Ghost class's large aft radiators, designed to dissipate heat from the expansive electronic and computer systems found onboard. It momentarily considered locking onto the satellite thrown at the ship, however the flight computer chose the bigger and hotter target. About 10 kilometers out, it detached it's warhead, an 18 kilogram tungsten slug travelling at a speed of 6,6 kilometers per second. About 2 seconds later, the projectile hit it's mark. The Poltergeist's light armor gave way, and the slug penetrated the whole ship through and through. Unfortunately for the ship, it penetrated one of the fuel tanks with some fuel in it. The hole, acting as a makeshift thruster, started squirting fuel out of it and putting the ship into a spin while also slowing it down. This was prominent enough that the ship got put on a lower orbit, meaning that the increased drag from the atmosphere would aerobrake the ship little by little, until it deorbited.
When the contact corresponding to the enemy missile appeared on the radar scream, the only thing on the Captain's mind was shouting: "Brace for impact!" The Human missile hit the Poltergeist about 3 seconds later, and put the ship into a noticable and immediate spin. "Damage report!" shouted the XO. The pilot looked at his damage control instruments and replied: "Aft radiators hit, looks like it went all the through, we're leaking air and fuel into the void, 3 out of 8 aft maneuvering thrusters not responding, we lost a lot of the intelligence gathering equipment. We're also heavily spinning. The flight computer just updated our orbit. Looks like we'll deorbit in about 4 orbits."
The Captain, shaken but happy that they just didn't die there and then, spoke: "Abandon ship, get to the escape pod, we're done here." The crew then went through the procedure of destroying code books and any and all classified material. The Intelligence Agency agent, seemingly a big patriot, protested the abandonment of the ship and said that they couldn't do that to the injured Prince. He shut up when the XO told him he can stay behind and burn up in the atmosphere when the ship deorbits in a couple of hours. Once everyone was in the escape pod, luckily they had a variant able to survive atmospheric entry, they launched towards Earth. They landed in the ocean and were found by a military vessel. They had to be guarded and kept in isolation because a lot of the sailors "just wanted to ask questions".
On his way home lieutenant Clark had to be refueled by a tanker aircraft. When he landed and parked his aircraft, he got surrounded by a crowd of cheering aircrew and base personnel. The sergeant helping him out of his plane spoke to him: "That was one for the history books, sir!"
"Agreed, sergeant, agreed." He even saw someone walking to his plane with a bucket of paint and a stencil of a stereotypical UFO. Clark managed to get a medal and be promoted to Captain because of the whole ordeal. Most importanly for him, his callsign changed to the callsign of his solo flight: Devil. Because only the Devil could take a fight with an Alien ship and walk away unscathed.
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2023.06.03 20:47 Witty_whale575 He is a psycho

I started dating someone last year who I was beginning to think was the love of my life. He treated me so well, was extremely devoted, and someone I was planning a life together. Things were going great but over the last two months I noticed him acting very distant and dodgy. We also hadn’t been intimate in some time. After months of begging him to tell me what was wrong he confessed to me that he made out with someone else. I was so devastated I almost threw up. He cried and whaled to me for hours about how sorry he was and that he had no words. Finally I told him to leave so I could think through some things.
The next day I went back home to see my family and just get the support I need. He had become close to my family, they knew him and trusted him so everyone was in shock. After speaking to my mother about things she told me to take some space and think things over, ask myself what I want and no matter what I had her support.
So to get my mind off things I met up with a mutual friend from HS. We caught up and I told him about everything that has happened. I finally expressed to him that I was considering taking my bf back and he looked at me nervously. My friend told me that he heard from another mutual friend that my bf has been cheating on me for months with multiple women. He told me he’s only gone as far as kissing but that was all a lie. He even told people at his work he was single and when he slipped up and people found out that he had a girlfriend then our mutual friend was pressuring him to confess. During the time our friend was pressuring them to confess was during the two months we were having our troubles but I think he’s be cheating for far longer.
He went as far as to tell our friends that I’m suicidal and that he can’t tell me because I can’t handle it and when our friend threatened to tell he went to her work and threatened her. I am so schooled by all of this. My now EX bf was living a double life. I know I deserve so much better than this and I am done with him. I am a good person and he took advantage in my trust then had the gull to cry to me about it when he was exposed. I am so grateful that I found this all out and have a family that loves and supports me. I will grieve and cry, but I know I will be okay. I have never experienced pain, betrayal, and agony like this before. I am so devastated but at the same time I am so immensely grateful to know the truth before I committed to a life with a person I never even truly knew. Thank god.
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2023.06.03 20:47 JackCryo Le Diagnosis has arrived

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2023.06.03 20:47 Eiovime My (30F) anxiety / stress is harming my relationship with my partner (30M). How can I better myself?

My partner and I are both in our early 30s and have been together for approximately 8 years. We have no kids, no major financial issues, and no mortgage, but we do have a cat. We’ve always had a very healthy/fun relationship with great communication.
Some more details/context:
The problems really started about 1-2 years ago when I began getting excessively stressed at work and bringing it home with me. I was the manager at a small business and I relied on my partner for talk therapy which helped me a lot and he always told me that he was happy to listen to me which I really appreciated. I am ashamed to admit that at certain points during this time I was very snappy with him which I've since acknowledged and apologized for my behavior. Regardless of his help, everything eventually came to a head and I had a pretty bad mental breakdown a few months ago due to the stress. I ended up quitting my job at his encouragement (he got a pay rise around the same time so we are very fortunate in that aspect). We both work from home now.
He's always been very supportive and helpful and due to that I’m doing much better mentally compared to a few months ago but now we're facing new challenges.
Here's a few examples of the issues that we've been having:
1) I chat a lot and my partner's the only person that I can really talk to as I live overseas from my family and I don't really have any friends anymore aside from my partner. At one point he let me know that I interrupt his work/hobbies too much when he's trying to focus so I've tried cutting back on my interruptions (and have succeeded for the most part), but that hasn't seemed to help our relationship much. He still seems mildly irritated half of the time that I try talk to him lately.
Due to this, I thought that initially our issues might be due to us working together in the same room all day everyday and that he might need some more space. I’ve asked him a few times if he wants me to get a new job, or for me to work in the other room, but he denies it and insists that he likes the company and that he would get lonely if I wasn't there with him. I'm just not sure what I should do for this issue other than continuing to not interrupt him as much as possible.
2) He also admitted a few days ago that he’s frustrated that the works all of his issues out himself but that I can’t seem to be able to do the same. After talking with him a bit to try to understand the issue, he said that it was probably not a good thing for him mentally and that he would work on being more open with me, but it seems like he's gone back to doing what he was doing before and somehow being even more emotionally shutoff. I feel pretty ashamed that I can't handle my stress/anxiety very well,and I sometimes wish that he would come to me for help like I did for him,but I know that I can't ask him to if he doesn't want to. I've been turning to journaling as a way to process my issues recently which seems to be helping a bit.
3) He also admitted that he feels like he has to base his life around my anxiety and that he needs to filter himself in order to not upset me which I feel horrible about. I never wanted to do that to him and I told him as much. This is likely due to me having verbal diarrhea to him about everything that worries me. I also apologized for that and told him that I would work on it.
There have been other more minor things, but as I said before, most of them are based on misunderstandings.
During all of this,I offered to get medication for my anxiety but he said that I should try to work on myself first before considering medication. I've been struggling with anxiety for about 15 years, but it seems like it's gotten harder over the last few years.
Let me just say that outside of our issues, my partner has always been very loving and supportive. These issues are a more recent thing over the past 4-5 months since I started working from home. He still shows me love and support, and I try to do the same with him, it just feels somewhat strained due to our recent issues.
I’m just really conflicted. Due to all of this new information my anxiety feels like it’s gotten a bit worse and I’m trying my best to manage it. I’m worried that I’ve been doing a lot of harm to our relationship by being too stressed/anxious. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle.
I just want to be better but I'm not sure what else I can do. I will be seeking therapy and/or medication if I can’t better myself naturally.
Any advice on how I could better myself or what you have done in the past that helped you would be much appreciated.
TLDR: I've been having anxiety and have been bothering my partner a lot lately. We've also had a lot of miscommunications lately and I'm worried that our will continue to go downhill. I would very much appreciate any advice on how I can better myself.
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2023.06.03 20:47 birthdaygal26 WIBTA for wanting my birthday to be about me?

I(26f) just had celebrated my birthday. I have 3 best friends mike(25m), Anna (24f) and Rose (25f). So on the Facebook invite I said drink at the bar and just see where the night takes us.
During the Uber ride Anna, rose and mike started discussing about possibly taking md. I get randomly drug tested at work. So when they asked me if I wanted any I reminded them I get tested. I was worried that they might pressure me to go to nightclubs when that may not be the direction I’d like to take the night. So I said “just remember this night is about me” and they said “yeah why wouldn’t it be about you?” and we just kind of left it at that.
At around 10 they said they gonna go get their md and they’ll meet me at a club. I say that I’m not sure we’ll end up at a club. They were a bit shocked as they thought we were going to clubs and I said we’ll see where the night takes us on the invite. I was also a bit annoyed because it felt like they just wanted to ditch me to go clubbing. They reassured me that wasn’t the case and they’ll come right back and keep in contact with me via a friend Alex (30m)there just incase if I haven’t check my phone and all that.
Around 2 hours later, alex still hasn’t heard anything, I get a message from rose when the bar is nearly closing up asking where I am and I respond that I’m still at the bar and waiting for them. Rose responds “let’s go to this nightclub” I say “nah” and she’s asking “why not. come and party” I responded with “you said you were going there and coming straight back”
Rose starts to say that they’re on their way back now but at this point I said not worry about coming back as I felt it shouldn’t have taken them this long. Rose kept saying that it took them 20minutes to get to the club but I said well even if it took you 20 mins there the times still didn’t add up to how long they had been gone for.
She then asks if I’m upset and I said that from the start they were hinting at clubs and that they can go to clubs any time they wanted on any of the weekends they usually go, why couldn’t tonight just be what I wanted with the bar and why did you all feel the need to go get drugs in the first place. I also expressed that I felt upset that work friends were more concerned with me having a good time on my birthday and it felt like my friends thinking about getting high and going to nightclubs.
A friend from work ended up taking me home and I asked for their opinion on it as I felt I overreacted. They said my best friends shouldn’t have abandoned me on my birthday and that it seemed like they were more concerned about how they were going to have a fun time from the start when it should have been about you. She also brought up the point that if they were really going to go there and back why did all 3 of them need to go why couldn’t just 2 of them go and 1 stay with you
I feel I was the asshole because I said they can go and get the drugs and over reacted.
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2023.06.03 20:46 Massive_Heat2802 Husky Rottweiler Mix 12 week old Puppy Leroy needs to be rehomed.

Husky Rottweiler Mix 12 week old Puppy Leroy needs to be rehomed.
This dog is amazing and one of the best dogs out there. He is good with everyone, and all animals as well. He knows how to sit, he knows his name, and to come when you say “come here” not just “Leroy”. Again his temperament is very chill and relaxed, he will make an amazing pet. The reason I want to rehome him is because I live in an apartment and I work 8hrs out of the day so he doesn’t get to be outside too much or get to hangout that often either. This was really tough to do, and all I want is the best home for him where he can really be him and be free to do his thing. I do ask for $200 as that’s what I paid for him but it comes with a crate he can grow into, all his toys, and everything else I have for him as well.
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2023.06.03 20:46 SushiJo Question for my sushi chefs who are working in restaurants:

Hey y'all. I teach sushi classes all over the southeast and have been doing so for 11 years (7 of them as a full-time job). I'm incredibly busy, teaching in public as well as doing in-home classes, corporate events, sorority classes and even teaching at universities (including three SEC schools.)
Here's my question:
I'm looking into putting a plan together to train sushi chefs on how to teach my exact class in other parts of the country. This isn't something that just anyone can do; you'd need to not only have a pretty well-rounded knowledge of sushi making, but also (the most important part) be able to stand in front of 30 strangers and teach them the class without having stage fright or being nervous. Having the confidence to be able to answer random questions thrown out by students is also a plus, although the class itself has been designed (over those 11 years) to answer what they care about and leave out the things that they have no interest in. This has taken all of those years to hone down into the perfect 2 hour class, and should be fairly easy for anyone to learn to teach, as it would mostly be memorization. For instance; if you walked into my class at 7:05 pm three nights in a row, I'd be saying the same thing each time.
My idea is to handle everything except the teaching of the class myself, and all my chefs would be responsible for is buying their proteins and veg (tuna & crabstick + cucumbers typically) and showing up to teach the class. This would be a great way for a chef working for a weekly paycheck to teach a couple classes a month on a weeknight & make $600 for each full class. I've already got a system in place for finding the space to hold the classes, generating ticket sales and a "script" for the class that is a sure fire way to make a group of strangers want to be your very best friend by the end of class. There's humor, hands-on rolling, and lots of learning involved in the class.
I have incredible reviews and the reactions of my students to making their own perfect sushi rolls is the best part of what I do. I have made dozens of friends over the years; been invited to their beach houses, weddings, parties and generally have had a fucking blast while doing something I love.
I'm just now putting a packet together. There will be no cost to start up, but I will be taking a portion of the ticket sales (which will not affect your ability to make $600 if we have a sold out class) for providing the space + the training materials, generating sales, and promotion. We would of course include an NDA and a time-limit non-compete for our chefs, but in the end you'd have an option to teach up to 2 classes per month on weeknights and add up to $1200 to your monthly income.
Constructive thoughts and questions are of course appreciated. I am a pretty good sushi chef, but I'm a great teacher and this formula is proven to work.....I just can't be in 7 places at once!
Thanks for your time ~
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2023.06.03 20:46 throwRA9911will Wondering if my gf(21F) drugged me(24M)

Wondering if my gf(21F) drugged me(24M)
I(24M) went out to the club with my gf(21F) of 3 months, and some of her friends for her graduation a few weeks ago.
We drank and went out had a good time and danced. We drank before leaving and at the place but I distinctly remember only drinking one drink while outside.
So more than an hour after my last drink we decide to leave and go back to her place. All seemed fun and well but when we get home the first thing she does is bring me the rest of the food we got together earlier, she hand me my meal and I just start eating it not thinking much of it.
At this point I remember feeling myself sobering up already.
Her friends go back to their rooms before us , however when I get up to go up the stairs to her room I just blank out and next thing I remember is waking up in the morning in her bed.
What’s surprising to me is that the last drink I had was more than an hour before we got back to her place. The only thing I consumed in between that last drink and passing out was the food she handed me at her apartment.
What would you do in this situation? How would you react and what do you think is the rations thing to do?
TL:DR blacked out after eating food gf gave me more than an hour after my last drink
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