Blender how to make object thicker


2015.04.02 08:33 Uptown-Funk PhysicsEngineSimulations

A physics engines are computer software that provides an approximate simulation of certain physical systems, such as rigid body dynamics (including collision detection), soft body dynamics, and fluid dynamics, which are used in the computer graphics, video games and movies. **we are here to show you those amazing simulations**

2013.11.04 19:52 ConsiderablyMediocre Split Depth GIFS

A place to share many of the Split-Depth GIFS, you know the ones with the 3D effect by using white lines.

2021.04.15 00:40 LifestyleUnlocked DIYHealthyHairGrowth

This is a place to share tips and information on how we can all grow thicker, fuller, longer, healthier hair, using DIY haircare products. Some of the amazing ingredients we use can help hair to grow back in bald patches! DIYs are cost effective & fun to make! You know exactly what you’ve put in your products. *Feel free to follow the admin on YouTube:

2023.05.28 19:28 crystalkitty06 Considering BE and explaining it to people is one of the things I’m dreading the most

We are considering behavioral euthanasia for my very anxious and reactive dog but have not made a decision yet at this moment. I am seriously dreading the thought of having to talk about it with friends/family or anyone socially where it comes up as they know about our dogs. It makes it even harder that he doesn’t have any bite history, but he has come very close to it as we’ve pulled him away from situations, and he just lives in so much anxiety and stress. It’s not a quality life and we have done everything we can. I know that most people close to us will be so surprised. They’ve seen him all anxious but our loved ones have seen him in a friendly sweet light, and no one knows what we really go through with him. We are meeting with our vet behaviorist soon to really evaluate the situation.
He’s almost 8, and 90lbs, so he’s decently old for his size so I’m sure some people would assume a health issue arose. But as people find out, there’s no escaping telling them what happened and I am DREADING it. I know people closest to us that care for us will understand, but I think a lot of people won’t get it and judge us. I know I could lie if I want, I just feel so weird lying and saying he had a tumor or something. Does anyone that’s been through this have any advice on how they handled this?
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2023.05.28 19:27 TheGingerMenace Ready to try again

Hey all. I posted here once a while back about making an attempt to smoke less. Since then I’ve been smoking multiple bowls, joints, and dabs every day. I started smoking to cope with depression and that that’s over with I still can’t stop. I definitely got the addict gene.
Now that I’m out of college, I’m ready to try again. I want to take this summer to focus on myself, and part of that is kicking this habit.
I guess my main question is - how do I make it past the week without relapsing? Whenever I have free time or feel stressed, or, hell, even eat food I want to smoke. What do you guys do to take your mind off of it when it’s become such a routine?
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2023.05.28 19:27 SociallyContorted It never ends 😆

It never ends 😆
Making progress and the park continues to grow and fill out. Of course my game ADD still has be bouncing all around so i have quite a few unfinished/in progress areas i need to keep working on. Feeling pretty happy with how everything is looking since i had really no plan when i started this 😅 the castle-steampunk inspired adventure continues!
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2023.05.28 19:27 tutorhi Let us find students for you - TutorHi

Hi, potential and current NSBHS tutors,
We are sick of how greedy some tutoring platforms are!
So we made TutorHi - a tutoring platform that plans to put an end to all this greediness and we offer:
Actively finding students for you → We do all the hard work for our tutors! We will continuously run ads to target students on Google, Facebook, Reddit, Quora and more! Your business is our business. ⭐ Super low fees → TutorHi only takes around 4 to 7%, and sometimes even less. ⭐ Weekly payouts → No one likes waiting - your earnings on TutorHi are paid to your bank account automatically every week.
🎉 We'll give the earliest tutors who signup a reward - by showcasing them on our home page once we officially launch to students.
We hope to make tutoring more fair and affordable for everyone.
Find out more here
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2023.05.28 19:27 BattMarr How are the worlds interchangeable?

So I recently got ICRPG and I really like everything about the system, one thing I don’t get though is that it keeps bringing up that the worlds are interchangeable and I don’t get that. All the worlds have different classes and races and powers and enemies and sometimes even HP averages. How would it work to run a game and, like it says in the book, have a portal that goes to another world? Do I just have the players make new characters with the new rules? That seems strange.
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2023.05.28 19:27 msnavidad 21 [TF4R] #Chicago - Trans girl looking to start a new relationship :D

Hi!! My name is Elise and I’m a Black and Mexican trans woman from Chicago. I’m here looking for a local partner I can hang out and have fun with!!
About me: I’m really into anything creative, movies, art, fashion, and especially music. I’ve been working on music as a hobby for nearly a decade, but now I think I’m finally ready to finally release some music and hopefully make a career out of it!! For the music I make, it’s mainly rap, though I do love to dive into EDM and Rock as well. Some of my favorite artists are Denzel Curry, $uicideboy$, Tennis, Alfa Mist, Rico Nasty, and Slipknot. I’d love to hear some of your favorite artists and songs!! Right now, I’m listening to a playlist from my childhood, the original soundtrack to Midnight Club 3 (IYKYK lol)!!
Anyway, for other artistic endeavors, Im starting to learn how to draw and especially how to 3D sculpt. I’ve always been into visual art but never tried to pursue it, that is, until I bought an iPad and realized it would just be a paper weight if I did nothing with it 😭.
For my other passions, I really want to make movies and clothing in the future, I might get started with script writing this summer if I feel ready for it!!
One more thing, I’m really into tech, but if you know anything about trans gals that was already a given 😝.
About you: Just someone that’s fun to be around, talk to, and hang out with that’s in Chicago!!
So yeah, that’s about it!! Hope to meet some wonderful people soon :D
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2023.05.28 19:27 IndustryFew4693 frustrated, venting

After being really good for like two years, i decided to try and get off my antidepressants (that also have anxiolytic effect) at the beginning of the year. First few months were okay, then i started getting more and more anxious in daily life, apathetic, less resilient to stress. I went back on the same medication and started feeling a bit better again.
Then my country RAN OUT of the specific meds i take (there is no replacement, only one brand), and i had to take half the dose to spread it out till it shows up again, now ive been taking it like before and im still not feeling too good.
im an introvert, working in a very busy, understaffed clothes retail store (so many people come in a day that you LITERALLY cant walk more than 10 meters without 3 people stopping you to ask you something, and the fact that 70% of people are disrespectful, demanding and rude certainly doesn't help.. i like to talk back (ive learned not to take shit from anyone after high school), but working and interacting with so many people is so draining and stressful...
ive been taking as many shifts as possible to make more money to go on a summer holiday, and its really taken a toll on me.
i feel like ive overworked myself and its making me feel overwhelmed, numb and anxious, i just want to dissappear somewhere without any outer stimulants for like a week
my psychiatrist suggested me we could try a new medication, but i dont really want to, im scared of the side effects, especially sexual disfunction since my libido is naturally really high and im a very sexual person
ive just been so frustrated because i thought i was better for good, that ive beat it forever (how naive) because ive really been feeling great for like a year and a half- two years, and now its back to unstable/low mood/anxiety. (not nearly as bad as before i started getting help, but still)
i feel defeated, its tiring to fight it through
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2023.05.28 19:27 promptsclick ChatGPT Prompts: Enhancing Human-Like Conversations

The advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionized various fields, and natural language processing (NLP) models like ChatGPT have played a significant role.
ChatGPT is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text responses.
In this article, we will explore ChatGPT Prompts, which are specific instructions provided to the model to generate desired responses.

How ChatGPT Prompts Work

ChatGPT Prompts act as guiding instructions for the model, helping it understand the desired context and generate appropriate responses.
These prompts are designed to provide relevant information, context, and constraints to influence the output of the model.
By structuring the conversation with prompts, users can elicit specific information or responses from ChatGPT.
  1. Tell me a joke and make me laugh.”
  2. “Check the weather today, is it sunny or rainy?”
  3. “Share the meaning of life, your philosophical insight.”
  4. “Recommend a book that captivated your mind and heart.”
  5. “What are your thoughts on AI, its potential and risks?”
  6. “Help me solve this math problem, I’m stuck!”
  7. “Update me on the latest in technology, news or gadgets.”
  8. “Your favorite movie and why it touched your soul?”
  9. “Tell me the capital of France, the city of romance.”
  10. “Share the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, I’m craving!”
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2023.05.28 19:27 xThunderDuckx Are my allergies going to go away at all this summer?

I'm a vocalist in an extreme genre of music, and my band recently started touring. I am noticing, unfortunately, however, that this summer, the past month or so, at least, my allergies have been a major interference in the way of performing. What's worst is that pretty much every single person that watches our shows is smoking constantly, making the throat irritation and symptoms of my allergies worst.
You know how when you cough sometimes and you can feel the back of your throat like "yeah, there's some phlegm back there"? I've got that 24/7 now and it's not even there enough to like, spit it out. It's annoying as sin and has me working harder to get the same results with my vocals that I'd have no issue with during the winter.
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2023.05.28 19:27 humanethunder11 Require advice for the logo of a Youtube Channel which I am restarting after three years.

Require advice for the logo of a Youtube Channel which I am restarting after three years.
I am restarting my youtube channel, and I wanted to get a suggestion on how to revamp my channel logo, because I want it to be good from the start instead of becoming big, making it familiar and then changing it, as you can see the old one is not that great and even has a copyrighted image for the genie body, I made this three years ago when I had 0 knowledge about this, ( I still am pretty noob in this). So I needed your help to revamp/create a new logo about this from scratch.
I greatly value your help towards this thread.
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2023.05.28 19:27 Tenebo [Event] [A3] [PVE] [Casual] [NA/EU] Project Awesome invites you to Operation Coup le Dance, June 24, UTC 1900

Operation: Coup le Dance
The republic of Cassiterides, 1990
Project Awesome members and invited teams and players.
Project Awesome Arma and Teamspeak Server
24/06/23 1900 UTC
Estimated duration: 2 hours
Sign up to gain a slot if you are a player, message me if your a team:
General Charles Le Tour has been freed from imprisonment and his loyal officers are now actively plotting to overthrow the government.
The Northern Brigade, which was once the fallen general own brigade, has been placed under house arrest, while the Southern Brigade, led by what many see as Charles rival, has been tasked with assisting the government to maintain safety against a growing threat of rebellion. However, the government is unaware of the Southern Brigade's true loyalty.
The country is currently under a curfew, with the Gendarmerie and Republican guardsmen patrolling the streets and army personnel is setting up roadblocks around the capital. The smoke is thinking, and where there is smoke there are flames.
Map of AO
HTML-file here, you will also find the mods in our discord.
Warning order
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2023.05.28 19:26 Ill_Honey_4895 My doctor is driving me mentally crazy

Iv had ongoing hip pain throughout my life starting at age 6 to today at age 22, I was a victim of CSA, and went through intense bullying throughout school for being Trans.
I am 22 years old a Trans male (ftm), when I was 12 my mom witnessed NY hip issue for the first time after all the years of me complaining, I went to stand up and it felt like my leg bone and my hip were grinding together and it was so painful, I stopped half way up and started trying to massage it and wiggle my hips to try to put it back wherever it came from lol
My childhood PCP took a Xray and told my mom and I that it was probably due to growing and the X-ray showed I was done growing... nothing else, my hip issues continued and few years later I went to a clinic for the hip issue and left with giant pills I didn't take.
Fast forward, in Feb of 2022 I was SA at gunpoint, I got a STD and ended up asking my current doctor for HIV exposure care just in case I was exposed to HIV.
For like 4 months I had to take 2 different antibiotics, a week into taking them I got really sick, non stop nausea and vomiting, couldn't even keep water down, so I reached out to my doctor and she told me and I quot "I belive it's due to your anxiety from the assualt so I'm going to give you Zophran" I felt hurt because I knew it was not from my mental health, but I just wanted to feel better and went along taking the med.
I ended up running out over a weekend and ended in the ER, they gave me IV fluids and more Zophran, the ER DR made sure before I left that I knew that he thinks my doctor is wrong, and it's not normal to be vomiting like that, but also didn't think it was due to the Anti biotics....
After stopping the Anti-biotics I stopped vomiting but during taking them and after I started having issues digesting beef, I have mostly consumed beef my entire life and ate a lot of beef so what I feel was happening is it was setting in my stomach to long and I was vomiting it up, I later discovered 3 months after stopping the meds I could eat beef low in fat in small amounts.
Well, in Feb/March my right hip kinda locked making me do a abrupt stop walking out of my friends house on the concrete after it had rained, I fell down concrete stairs slipping on black ice, I also had a ear piercing infection from my jewelry getting yanked on by my dog and it was close to being heald up, so I made a doctor's appointment a month later as my back was still bothering me from the fall and the lympnod behind the ear was slightly inflamed but you could only tell running your hand across.
The week of my scedualed dr appointment I started getting a dull to sharp pain in my right pelvic area, so I Also wanted to address this.
My doctor appointment went like this: I reported back pain from the fall, ear piercing infection that was almost cleared up but was concerned the infection spread but it did not, Hip issues were starting to act up again and new pelvic pain.
My doctor pushed on my stomach, with no pain, pushed on my back with only lower tenderness, and did not examine the pelvic area at all....
She told me that she did not think my swollen piercing that I had cleaned puss out of the same day was infected but prescribed a cream that I didn't end up using as it cleared up within 2 days on its own, she also said to ignore the hip pain and to watch my pelvic pain, she may send me to the GI dr.
Fast worword 2 months, my mom, sister and nephews were getting sick off and on and I ended up super sick, felt similar to how sick I was on anti biotics and so I feared I was experiencing issues around food, I poorly did my own food sensitivity test and came up empty handed with no mew issues.... so I scedualed another appointment. Than I also noticed that my previous after visit summary notes were all wrong, it was like she didn't listen to anything I said and made assumptions and didn't even note what I reported properly....
So we did a telehealth because I refused in person and no longer wanted to be touched as I wasn't going to have her push on my stomach that wasn't a issue and not do anything and just wanted to talk, she ignored that she messed up my medical records, followed by telling me she thought she referred me to the GI dr but she couldn't see one, so she wanted to send me to a GI Dr, I reluctantly agreed and scedualed it, she also ordered a CT of my Pelvic and abdomen, along with gave me dicyclomine 10mg 4 times daily, even though I was having normal bowel movements..ect
The GI appointment was mistakenly prior to the CT, so I explained everything, seemed like they heard me, understood, and said that they would need to see the CT before they could run test like a colonoscopy.
I went got the CT same day and following day it came back remarkable no issues, so GI had scedualing call me to scedual a upper endoscopy and lower colonoscopy.... Noone still at this point examined my pelvic area by applying pressure..ect just my stomach that wasn't a issue.
I reached out because I wanted to know exactly what to expect before, during and after the procedure to determine if I wanted to do it... they did not answer about the procedure but did respond with telling me they Think it's IBS, and not doing it would be a possible missed dignoses.
I responded asking why IBS when it's only pelvic pain, the GI doctor said that IBS can just be pelvic pain...
I learned IBS is when you have abdominal/pelvic pain ACCOMPANIED BY Diarrhea or Constipation, and or the pain is relived or lesson by bowel movements or passing gas.. non of this fit my issue sense I'm not having bowel issues besides a red meat sensitivity....
Couple weeks after I noticed nothing improved and the Dicyclomine was starting to make my stools harden, leading to mild constipation which is likley in my opion due to the med slowing down my digestive system which makes sense, i also notuced my pelvic pain... is actually sharp pain where my hip meets my pelvic area and I'm back to it probably being a hip issue or a Gynecologist issue as my ovaries were removed at age 16 due to cysteine and my mother has a history of cervical cancer.
I want to stop the med, I don't feel like I can trust my PCP or my GI doctor due to not medically recording my really issues but instead making up they're own, for example I said the pain felt like the pain I had from my ovaries, but I knew it was not my ovaries because I no longer had them, and the GI doctor put in the notes the exact opposite literally, she said I said it didn't feel the same and was different, I also told her the med was not working as I started the med 3 days after no longer being sick and it's done nothing for existing issues, so she put in my medical notes that the medicine helped a lot and relieved mostly all the abdominal pain, vomiting without nausea and did not help with pelvic pain...
the med didn't do anything, I wasn't suffering stomach issues, and what do you mean no nausea! But vomiting??? It was when I was sick and fure sure had nausea....
I reached out to my previous orthopedic doctor I seen for my shoulder after a car accident asking if hip pain can cause pelvic pain, she said no but I followed up later with my findings it was where my hip meets my pelvic and I reached out to the GI dr to let her know I found issues with my after visit notes/summary and wanted to scedual a appointment to go over my last visit prior to the upper and lower procedures.
I also notuced the telehealth pcp appointment where I got referred to GI was also wrong .
Both of them put I was sick for 3 months along with my pelvic pain... I literally was only sick for maybe 2 weeks in April which was month 2, it ended by month 3, so I don't know why they put that it's been ongoing and is still happening... so much other things were incorrect in the notes too and I am so frustrated and scared because I don't know what to do, am I doing the right thing...
I reached out to my Endo dr for PCP referrals and explained it all and asked for advise on the situation.
I want to get rid of my PCP and maybe this GI dr because I feel medically gaslight, not listened to and like they are just going to throw random prescriptions at me till one works..
But, due to my PTSD and anxiety I am having a entire mental break down over starting over and having to find a dr I like to stick with.. and because of my Major Depressive disorder I feel no motivation to even keep trying, I just want to cancel everything and remove the two doctors from my care team and stick to urgent care or the ER when needed.
What are yells thoughts? Sorry it is long and I hope I worded it to make sense.
I don't know what my hip issue underlying cause is and now I don't know if the hip/pelvic pain is hip pain, reproductive organs, if I need a Gynecologist or a Orthopedic dr, and I also told them I am not saying I don't have IBS, but I strongly believe that the current issues are not related at all to IBS.
So I'm not old enough to be experiencing all this, I can only make so many decisions on my own with my limited knowledge of being young and still learning.
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2023.05.28 19:26 Greenhousesanta Drop down menu options

How do I make a drop down menu say either N/A or give a yes or no option based of another drop down menu yes or no?
Yes would output N/A in the next box No would alow you to select a dropdown with options yes or no.
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2023.05.28 19:26 JerAxai1 There will never be another time we play the game for the first time

Before anything: I understand that there is likely to be competitive advantage for those who have played the game beyond betas and that's already a big issue for the fairness of this competition. But this is not my concern with this post.
My goal with this post is to remind people that you are in control of your own game experience. You are given the choice of participating the competition or not. It can be tempting, but I suggest you to take a hard look at it before committing to doing it. See both the ups and downs to it and figure it out for yourself.
I love competitions, but imo this is not a good place to have one. My main concern is that players will tunnel vision the competition and do whatever they can to succeed. There is going to be a lot of people making choices that they wouldn't necessarily normally do. Some of these choices could be for example the following:
All of these will indirectly affect how much one experiences enjoyment for just playing the game as it is. I don't think Blizzard has fully thought through this one out.
I don't know what's the impact of this. But probably a lot bigger than we can forsee. We need to remember: There will never be another time for us to play the full game for the first time.
(For all of those who love to compete in everything at all times, this post probably won't mean much to you.)
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2023.05.28 19:26 Saskjimbo How to prevent your exec team from fucking you

Hey everyone,
It's me again. I hope your day is going well.
I'd like to address a problem. Managers who make decisions to either look good or profit in the short term. These managers can be super toxic and can do irreversal damage to your company in the long term. They can hurt reputation or ingrain cost structures that will persist for years after they've moved to a different company. In the short term, they act based on greed, desire for bonuses, or the desire to appear in control or decisive. Given that they are executives, their focus should be on the future. How can we align their interests with the company's? And the answer isn't stock options. I've heard of VPs burning 10s of millions and the stock price doesnt materially move. It's not an incentive to act in the best interest of the company.
Solution. The numbers are examples.
  1. Have them buy their job. If you're willing to pay 500k a year, have them take out a loan for 500k and give it to you. It will be held in escrow and protected from potential insolvency
  2. Tell them that their performance will be evaluated 3 years after they leave the company by an independent group.
If they made the right decisions and moved the company forward, they'll be awarded 1.5M. If the review panel reveals that they've screwed the company with poor judgemeent, the company will keep the 500k.
With these numbers, obviously this is at a company where the exec has significant control over vast sums of money.
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2023.05.28 19:26 Proud-Lack-3383 APUSH Question

Hi, I’m a rising junior taking APUSH next year getting a start on my summer work. Last year, for AP World, I used the AMSCO textbook and found it to work really well, because it follow along unit by unit with the AP curriculum and Heimler’s History.
However, this year we have to use Brinkley’s an Unfinished Nation, which is in a much different order and seems to have excess information compared to the AP curriculum. Does anyone have any experience with this book? Or how I could look to make sure I’m still following along with the AP curriculum? Unfortunately I can’t use AMSCO even if I wanted to since I believe our quizzes and tests revolve around this book in particular
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2023.05.28 19:26 siktophun1 How to escape from my head?

I'm writing this during one of those rare moments of clarity that I'm experiencing tonight. Sometimes, I can go weeks or months without feeling the way I do right now. I apologize for the repetitions, poor text organization, a lot of text and a bad English. I just wanted to describe all the sensations I experience and fix it on the paper...
I'm 24 and experience this from childhood or Elementary School I guess. But I feel like I didn't even live a year of life from that time. I feel like I'm trapped inside my own mind, unable to fully engage with the real world. It's as if my thoughts constantly anticipate and worry about everything I need to do, always reminding me of my responsibilities. This incessant thinking prevents me from truly being present, and I feel like I'm isolated from everything. I can't proccess new information because other thoughts occupied my mind.
During moments of clarity, I have a clear sense of what I want from my life and the direction I want to pursue not thinking about everything I could be or should be doing/thinking about. My body and my brain are relaxed and feel comfortable getting new experience and not trying to analyze new information 100 times before recording it and being unpresent while doing it. I can make concrete plans, come up with new ideas. I can also feel grateful for what I have and not be in a rush. I can feel real world and my real self. I am able to genuinely experience and express my emotions without suppressing myself and truly experience life. I feel like it's another person which comes out without any psychological blocks and clamps, without tension and anxiety, without constant thinking about something and trying to keep everything under control.
I feel incredibly relaxed and utterly accepting of the current situation. I am capable of engaging in meaningful communication with others, understand them, listen to them, feel and hear what they say, have a great sense of humour and creativity, I feel like I'm on a roll. I get really curious about everything. I'm able to analyze external data from the real world and deriving genuine enjoyment from the usual activities I partake in. It's as though all my senses and emotions were temporarily disabled for a long period of time. Like my true self was absent. It's as if I've awakened from an incredibly long dream, as if I hadn't truly been living before. It's almost like someone else was merely on autopilot, just gathering some random data and facts(if someone is talking about himself in 10 sentences, I would have no idea and no information about 9 sentences at all. But I will remember 1 sentence very well and will stuck on it, like my mind on an eco mode, skipping everything), similar to what you see in the movie 'Click', my mind just skips everything. I become utterly frustrated and depressed during these instances when I realize that I've skipped and slept through chunks of my life, as if a robotic entity was in control instead of me, laughing when it's need to laugh, saying something what need to be said, but being unpresent and not involved in a proccess at all, only physically being present. My mind needs to reach a boiling point, cease its endless stream of thoughts, and create an opening that allows me to break free and breathe a little and feel how amazing life is. These reliefs happen only a few times a month at best(mostly in evenings or night time and last to the next day). I'm trying to go present and then I feel guilt that I was unpresent all the time and then I promise myself to be present but I find myself being forcefully pushed back into my own thoughts in the next few seconds. And I have like a fight when I'm present 10% of the time and every time I feel more and more guilt that I turned my mind off and it creates tension and anxiety that I just can't escape.
Lately, I don't experience anxiety so intensely, rather, I feel disconnected from the world, like just someone turned the light off and holds a light switch with other thoughts. I look but I don't see. I listen, but I don't hear. And I don't really know what I'm thinking about rn if I think at all. Just random thoughts appear that begin and don't finish and then stuck in my RAM. Like I'm running on eco mode with disabled senses all the time, being afraid of getting new information because it will exhaust my mind.
It feels more like I'm low on power. Whenever I try to get myself into the real world it says you don't have enough charge to get information from real world and turns me off. And continues to juggle between routines I have(f.e. shower-breakfast-work-walk-meditate) and I just can't simply delete a task from my head even after completing them and checking a mark in a to-do list. If I succeed in deleting this thought than I feel anxiety and seeking for a new thought to replace it. And I always think million times if I didn't forget something even not important. I tried even using a calendar or to-do list for my routines. But my mind always turns me off and not letting me relax.
It's like I can have only 10 tabs opened in browser. But I don't close them, I'm desperately jumping between them, reloading and checking if something changed. And I feel unable to close these tabs because I'm always unsure if I finished it and also I have to do this thing again tomorrow so I can't get rid of this tab. And my life kinda goes between these 10 tabs ignoring everything else. Being unable to open new tabs to get and proccess other information. Can't concentrate on anything that gives new information: books, games, new places, conversations, news. My mind always shifts me back instantly to my tabs.
All I my life is looking for ways how to make my routine easier to the point when I can let myself relax. I eat unproccessed food or buy already cooked. Limited myself to vegan diet, so I don't have a lot of options. Try to get rid of every item that I won't use in the nearest future. Keeping my workspace organized and minimalistic. Like I'm stuck in improving my routine. But it actually makes "eco-modes" even more longer...
I have a feeling of just wasting my potential and life if I stop thinking and seeking for something that can improve my life. I feel guilty when I try not to think.
I'm just good only at improving something or finding a way to make a work easier to make my involvement as little as possible. It helped me to reach success in my work and a kind of money freedom, but it hurts my life. I reached that point that I can't improve anything anymore(I feel like I did everything is possible to be happy but it actually makes me more unhappy and unpresent). I just living a life in these 10 tabs...
I'm like in suspended animation waiting for something to change my life, that at some point I will make life so easy, that I will allow to relax and enjoy and break these loop of constant search for improvements. I make always goals for the future like: When I'll have a passive income of 3000$ I will allow myself to relax and travel the world. But when I reach it I feel like it's not enough. It will never be enough. I literally have everything to be happy and enjoy life. But I can't. I want to look and see. I want to listen and hear. I want to feel emotions both good and bad. I just want to live life and not to be closed in my head with 10 thoughts that repeats over and over again.
I don't know what my diagnosis is, because my 2 doctors told me that I have a mild depression and everything is ok. I'm not depressed, just frustrated that I can't live and experience life. How can I move out from this loop and experience clarity at least more often? I'm open to any recommendations, advice, meds. Anything that can help not to skip my life.
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2023.05.28 19:26 Phshteve18 As AI tools continue to become more widespread, is there any way to monitor for ChatGPT and other AI programs in classrooms and student work? Is this even a goal worth pursuing?

I'm an education student at the moment, and I'm studying to be a history teacher. I am just finishing up my practicum for the year, and I've started to notice the occasional student saying something along the lines of "I'll just ChatGPT it when I get home," when given homework.
As I see some of my peers in university using ChatGPT to get answers for their work, this question has started to come to the forefront of my questions about teaching in the future. I'm really in favour of using technology in the classroom, but AI stuff does make me a bit wary given that it can sort of just write full answers on its own.
Do you think that trying to stop students from using AI is even good? Does it detract from learning important skills? If so, how can we either detect it or get students not to use it?
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2023.05.28 19:26 GhostShip99 Pashtun Gun culture has great to part to play in them being safe from police rapes and Punjabi Army brutalities; Punjabis and Sindhis should take notes

I am Punjabi btw...
If you look at history, it was pashtun tribes who defended the kashmiri border along with Pakistan Army. Can you imagine a rag-tag group of men were there to aid the army, back then Punjabis were brave too (atleast a little bit).

Men are protectors of women and the pashtun culture puts great emphasis on this occassion. Some might say that they unnecessarily subjugate women to idiotic restrictions like taliban banning girl's education but that's mostly political, its not pashtun culture its deobandi school of thought. When you have guns in your house and you know everybody has one and you are armed to the teeth; the police cannot do anything because you've the same weapons as them so the fight is equal. Imran khan is also pashtun; their men - if properly nurtured - grow up to be extremely brave and do impressive feats for example defeating all great powers in history.

I aboslutely admire their tribal culture and their simplicty and you can see the Punjabis are the main oppressors now and to their own people as well. The majority of Pakistan army men are punjabis and they are docile af ; they have no shame, no sense of standing to certain principles. They do not have a vibrant gun culture and they have not defeated any great power. The only thing they are good at is making food.

Sindhis are very docile, even more than punjabis. Sorry my brothers, it is what it is.

Balochs are more similar to pashtuns; their tribal values are indeed great. Nawab bukhti fought against Pakistan army because one Pakistani officiers raped a woman; it would have been fine if this was one person's action; the whole army did nothing; no action was taken, goes to show the how rape loving these people. In ISSB, they specifically asked you if you had sex in the interview, probably they are looking for people who did so that they can further cement the rape culture.
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2023.05.28 19:26 Afraidofjurrasicpark Local coffee partnership

I own a local food truck. I don't sell coffee and quite honestly, I'm not interested in spending a lot of effort brewing coffee or getting a machine, but enough people have asked. I'd love to support other local businesses owners. How would a coffee partnership work? I don't really care about making money off the coffee. Also, any coffee truck owners interested in partnering up, DM me
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2023.05.28 19:26 Equivalent_Pepper969 How to make more head's?

Can I like poke it with a scalpel or something to make the peyote seedling produce more heads? I could "mutilate" it In rather sterile environment so I'm not worried about anything mold or any infection it could get
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2023.05.28 19:26 Aortegaj1995 Commissions have started

Commissions have started
I’m officially 5 rugs in and commissions have started coming in, just a general question on how everyone does pricing, with materials considered how much to you charge on top for labor being that making our rugs is super time consuming and a labor of love for a lot of people! Curious to see what you guys say! Cheers
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