How much is hilton security deposit

Hello CIA

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2011.12.13 16:20 Trevj opsec

OPSEC is the process and practice of Operations Security. Although it has roots in the military, OPSEC can be applied to any venture requiring secrecy and survival, from business security to personal safety. OPSEC is a mindset of critical thinking and safe habits. Read the sidebar below for more information!

2014.01.07 19:04 realsatireworld Let us go to the moon, one challenge at a time.

What are you willing to do for Doge?

2023.03.21 02:39 ThrowRApurplefox I (26F) am worried that I'm falling out of love with my boyfriend (27M)

Please forgive me for using a throwaway account. This has been eating me alive lately. I just need some impartial opinions.
My boyfriend and I have been dating on and off for about five years, been living together for two. Things have largely been great since we moved in, but cracks are starting to show.

The thought of dumping him just fills me with so much dread. I was the one who did the last couple of times. Seeing the sadness in his eyes made me feel nauseous. My friends are his friends, who already had to forgive me twice for being the on-again-off-again girlfriend. I don't think they will forgive me again. I won't have anyone left. I would have to hear him insist to me that we're soulmates. I would have to think about all of the amazing things he's done for me. I would have to think about him loving me unconditionally, how he was ready and willing to take me back twice, how he said he was "waiting for me," and living with the reality that he might insist on "waiting for me" again instead of moving on with his life. Honestly, the fact that I did break up with him those two times in the first place says a lot. But why did I keep coming back?
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2023.03.21 02:39 YerBoiZ Need to choose a modular toolbox for the home DIYer

I'm debating between the Ridgid Pro Gear 2.0, the Dewalt Toughsystem 2.0, and the Craftsman Tradestack. The thing I value the most is how easily I can lug my box system up and down stairs, and I also care about having a good amount of space (obviously lol). Having a good system for organizing shallow boxes and expandability are somewhat important as well. Packout is way too expensive, but I acknowledge that they are great from being able to use one when I worked at Milwaukee.
I like the Ridgid because it has the disconnectable handle/wheel section, which would help me load it into my sedan a lot easier. Seems very sturdy as well. The handle does however feel cheap, as there is a lot of play especially with it extended. Has a limited lifetime warranty which could come in handy. Looking at the rolling toolbox, medium box, and small box for $180.
I like the Dewalt because they seem to have good options, and they have drawers which I very much value, and the handle can be partially detached but not to the same degree as the Ridgid. I also like the easy disconnect system for the boxes as I don't need to latch/unlatch anything. Seems the sturdiest/on par with Craftsman. Has limited lifetime warranty. Looking at the system on sale with the large box, medium box, small box and medium tool tray for around $180.
Finally, I like the Craftsman as it seems to be the cheapest, has very deep drawer options, and it has an even easier to disconnect latch with just having one latch at the front. It also seems very rigid, like the Dewalt. Has limited lifetime warranty. Looking at the system on sale with the rolling box, medium box, and a deep crate for around $135.

Which of these systems would you guys recommend? Feel free to let me know your experience with them as well.
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2023.03.21 02:39 LorraineBoedeker Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint 2 (Updated)

I have Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course is one of the best programs out there that will improve your relationships with females.
Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course will show you how to:
If you are interested in getting Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint V2 Course contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
WhatsApp/Telegram: +44 759 388 0762
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2023.03.21 02:39 Ok_Good_4099 The Gov and Fed created a ticking time bomb

Mark to market for bonds is what got us into this current mess. These bonds were purchased at extremely low rates from all of the money that flowed into the banks in 2020, almost 3 trillion in new deposits.
Deposits, All Commercial Banks (DPSACBW027SBOG) FRED St. Louis Fed (
Mark to market for mortgages is something that they conveniently haven't mentioned. Currently 99% of mortgages are under 6%. Most of these mortgages are for 30 years. Even if banks didn't buy bonds when they were flush with new deposits, they had to do something with the cash, and it likely had something to do with mortgages.
Higher Mortgage Rates Lead to Strong Lock-In Effect - CoreLogic®
By keeping rates so low for so long and then raising them so sharply, the Fed really messed stuff up. The government is partly to blame with the influx of cash and the shutdown of the country. With the new funding program, the Fed is like a surgeon that hit an artery and is temporarily stemming the blood loss to buy time. Powell is between a rock and a hard place; if he lowers rates, he'll help stem the blood loss; if he lowers rates, he'll boost inflation even more.
These bonds, and worse, mortgages, are for much longer than a year. I don't know for sure, but my prediction is if people's confidence isn't high, or if we go into a recession at the end of this yeabeginning of next, when this program is up, shit's really gonna hit the fan. Banks will not have the liquidity to cover their depositors, and Yellen already said not all depositors will be covered, only depositors at the big banks. These bank runs could just be a small taste of what's to come.
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2023.03.21 02:39 StarGamer- TW!! Vent: SA, CSA, Grooming

Tw: talk about rape
When I was 9 I discovered Roblox. And through Roblox I discovered a danger I could have never fathomed. At age 9 my childhood ended. At age 9 my fate changed so drastically. At age 9 I was taken advantage of and groomed by many older men.
They told me to cut myself. They made me talk dirty. They made me send pictures. And I obeyed every order. They made rely on them to feel good. It’s weird to say out loud, but I think I had a sex addiction at 9. Although everything was virtual, I’d sext these men constantly. Every chance I’d get. I couldn’t lead a normal life with friends because my priorities were always to please and get praise from these men.
They ranged in age. 12-60 I’d say. They didn’t care what age I was. And I didn’t care about theirs either. All I knew is that the attention and praise felt good and this was the only way I knew to get it. I was addicted to the attention. I was a whore. A child whore. It’s crazy to think there are still photos out there of me as a child. I did any sort of weird request they asked. The shame I feel now is immeasurable.
My parents would always catch me, but I’d always find a way back online and new men to make me feel better about myself. This continued until I was 14. It only stopped because I had gotten a boyfriend. (Who then gave me ptsd anyways.)
But for 5 years I couldn’t stop. Despite my whole family knowing. My dad even told my aunt and grandparents. I didn’t even realize until my aunt brought it up. I’ve never felt more guilt and shame. My own dad called me a whore. Asked me why I couldn’t just keep it in my pants. I didn’t know. I still don’t. I wish that instead of yelling at me they gave me the attention and praise I longed for. The love I could only find in those disgusting men.
It feels like I lost my whole life. My trauma made me forget ages 9-14. And then right afterwards the boyfriend who made me forget gave me ptsd. Now I have horrible memory loss. I don’t remember my life. I don’t know who I am anymore. All I know is I’ve been a whore since a child.
But the most horrible thing to come from this? Kinks. I had a rape kink because in our role plays I’d always be forced. I had an age play kink because I was always much younger than the guys. I say had. Because it’s not a kink anymore. I don’t find pleasure in it like I used to. I fantasize about being raped but I don’t enjoy it. I just want to be abused. I want to abuse myself. To make myself suffer. To have other people make me suffer no matter how bad the emotional and physical pain is. But why? I just want to be normal and I know this is far from it.
I feel like a freak. I hate pain but at the same time I deserve it. I hate myself so much. My identity is my past because I have no future. The past is all I know about myself. Those men made me who I am. A mindless slave who obeys. I do whatever people expect of me because I don’t have a choice. How do I escape myself?
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2023.03.21 02:38 soapin1969 like .. why ?? if that’s all he was gonna say after 3 weeks NC .. i don’t get it

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2023.03.21 02:38 moo-mars Road Test anxiety

I'm 21 years old and I don't have my liscence. I've taken the road test three times in the past year, the last time I took it was on Thursday of last week. I bombed. Hard. I made sure I knew everything and what to do, I'm decent for a new driver, I know how to do a three point turn and my parallel parking is great, I drive as much as possible with my mom and I made sure I was extremely prepared. However when I got in the car for the test I was panicking the whole time. I failed almost everything and everything in my brain got jumbled up. (I'm not diagnosed with anxiety, never seen a psychiatrist or been on meds or anything, not how my family is, but I am a deeply deeply anxious person) I don't know how to get past this. My next test is in a couple weeks and I know I'm prepared and can drive and having my liscence would make my life so much easier but I'm so worried I'm never going to get it because of how anxious I get on the test. I just want to know if this is a shared experience and if anyone has any advice or anything. :(
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2023.03.21 02:38 abcd4321dcba 5 surprises after a year of fatFIRE

Hey fatties. A year ago today was my last day at work. I had typed out a victory lap post but just didn’t have much of interest to say: Tech, IPO, 8 figures… snooze.
But, I have enjoyed reading the few retirement life summaries I’ve seen here so I figured I’d add mine and share the 5 biggest surprises I’ve had since FF. I’ve gone into detail, so it’s long, but tl;dr the best benefits of fatFIRE come from the FIRE, not necessarily the fat.
Surprise 1: No fatFOMO. After I put in my notice, I spent a disproportionate amount of time worrying about the unvested stock (10% of NW) I was leaving on the table. Since fatFIRE, I’ve thought about it ONCE, and my thought was “I’m so glad I left when I did.” I have former colleagues well past FF numbers slogging it out for every last cent. I get it… but I’m glad I’m onto the next chapter.
Surprise 2: I had no IDEA how wonderful life could be having full control of my schedule. Sure, my tech job was flexible, but I had meetings all day and very little calendar control. Being able to say YES to almost any golf round, mid week ski trip, coffee chat or whatever creates so many opportunities for life to be spontaneously awesome. Duh, right? But I am so surprised how often this comes up. Plus, I really like that I can say yes to the people in my life: You can’t be there for anyone if you can’t, you know, be there.
Surprise 3: The flip side of freedom is boredom. Don’t cry for me, but it has been an adjustment at times looking at an empty calendar on a Tuesday afternoon. I tried to follow all the advice to retire “to” something and plan for my FF: I started a time consuming new hobby (10-20 hrs a week), traveled more than ever, started volunteering, started a new side business, and took on a few consulting gigs. But yea, sometimes it’s 11:15AM and the day is clear.
TBH, I had a lot of internal anguish about this, feeling lazy or just listless, but as time has gone on I’ve come to terms with it by acknowledging that every single day in my corporate life was equally if not significantly more pointless. BUSYNESS is a terrible mark of productivity even if people get huge chubbies about having a full calendar. So, if I end up fucking around on my guitar and taking a long walk on Tuesday afternoon, life absolutely goes on. Over time I’m enjoying this freedom more, but the surprise is how big of an adjustment it’s been.
Surprise 4: I don’t spend that much time worrying about money. I assumed after fatFIRE and particularly in the first year I’d be watching the market like a hawk, monitoring my spending, and freaking out wondering if it’ll last. Besides a monthly budget check and half yearly NW tally, I am rarely thinking about money. To be fair, I tried to plan so this would be the case. I’m at a 2.5% withdrawal rate, and have only 10% debt to assets (the only debt being a 2.5% 30 year mortgage). I also have income producing real estate that covers a large portion of my expenses, so I don’t really ever need to sell stock anyway. In short, I built my budget with room for mistakes, purchases, and market shenanigans. That room in the budget has left a lot of room in my mind for things besides money.
Surprise 5: Giving and volunteering is work (if you take it seriously). I’ll admit, I rarely did anything charitable before fatFIRE. So now that I’ve had more time I’ve resolved to be more generous with my time and in the process try to find an organization I’d like to be financially generous with.
Fuck me it is hard to get involved with stuff. Most charities have terrible websites and obviously they run on very few staff so talking to someone is often hard to do. If you do eventually get signed up for something, you find that many volunteer opportunities are pointless. Eg, in the last year I’ve refiled old papers, cleaned supply closets, wiped down washing machines, etc. I’ll do it, but it doesn’t do much, if you get my drift.
But, I kept on trying to find something and after six months I found a charity where the fruits of my labor are way more tangible. I recently gifted basically a month of operations for them and it was AMAZING knowing what it was going towards and seeing it in action. I still have a lot more to learn here, but damn, it’s surprising how much work it is to give in a meaningful way (time, especially).
Summary: I’m an order of magnitude happier after fatFiRE. I’m healthier, have better relationships, and despite a few road bumps life is GOOD. If I have any advice it’s to retire sooner, even for a bit less fat. Seriously. The most rewarding parts of retirement and FI have come from the benefits of time and freedom, not necessarily the money itself (I know the money enables the freedom… you get my drift).
Edit for shitty formatting on my part
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2023.03.21 02:38 No-Pudding-4746 TW: I don’t want to exist

I am just really struggling with being alive. I am so tired of the constant pain and feeling awful. It kills me knowing that I will never get better, I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this. I just want to cry, there’s no point to any of this. It’s frustrating and it’s just so unfair. The only reason I’m still here is my husband. I am only alive because I couldn’t put him through that. But nobody seems to get how physically and mentally painful living like this is. I have to keep so much to myself and that only makes it worse. It would be better if I never existed at all. My life is a complete waste. I have no friends, no hobbies, no goals, I literally just sit at home all day everyday doing pretty much nothing except being in pain. And I’m just so over it all.
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2023.03.21 02:37 Fair-Cod-8057 FourChairaways (Seth, We Gud?)


Fig 0: This disc; its disquetti.
Please, in a spirit of friendship, this disc Between us by four tables held.
Godfriend, for funerals, set four tables, Each four-chaired, door-belled.
If even one bellsound be heard, All chairs to betray their tables,
Please, God-responding word, Between us, in a spirit of this holo-disc.
I don’t want to look–this way or that way; I don’t want a chair–yours, mine, & theirs:
I won’t take a look, fake a look to payday; I want, just to, look once–to look it, away.
I’m just not gettin it up, mate. I’m just not gettin it up, at all.
I heard of a pill that will raise– I heard of that pill in the fall.
I wasn’t there when she called me; I wasn’t even there when she–
No. No, when we wasn’t there with him or her. No. No. We wasn’t real there with them either.
No. They wasn’t with them. We was in the chair-ring then.
We was in the chair-ring when We was there in the ribbons.
Negativ: correction, the last time We saw it–negative. It is a shard–
Negative, what it is is it appears To be a shard of sentient Guard-
Nanotubularized biomass, sir; it Wants to know how much for it.
For it, sir, for the right of using it, That word, sir, that thought of it,
[& of you, sir, and Ozymandian.]
We are considering a fair deal to Be similar enough in value to you
To offer you in transfer for it for An exchange product, fort-gold.
We'll give the shard-friend you, Her, and ourselves, and we will
Keep our, it, they, them, he, his, [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] And, she, plus, minus, thus, kids,
Keep, catch, cake, croke, crawl, Sheep, shock, cloak, broke, awl,
{Formed for meaningless rending:}
Blood, shock, bride, block, stack, Grill, shank, hamhock, blowback,
Oil, oil, oil is back! Oil is that! Oil is black: Backward-kinged bakingrease, spaceattack.
Cure the contract-imprisoned placenta; Rob the Imperial Guard of one ballista-
Backward canned-cake-increasing distract. Oil, oil, oil is back! Oil is that! Oil is black:
Grill, shank, hamhock, blowback, Blood, shock, bride, block, stack,
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:} {Formed for meaningless rending:}
{Formed for meaningless rending:}
Sheep, shock, broke, cloak, awl, Keep, catch, cake, croke, howl,
And, she, plus, minus, thus, kids,
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] [In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:] In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
[In my fireless spit Desdemonist:]
Keep our, it, they, them, he, his, Her, and ourselves, and we will
Be similar enough in value to you To offer you in transfer for it for
An exchange product, tort-gold, We are initiating a longput into.
[& of you, sir, and Ozymandian.
OZYMANDIAN: I will it thus to be it thus OZYMANDIAN: And thus it being what,
I posthumize this incantation as a longput Or an exit wound, this just being what it was,
Its nature being such that no one then would withstand it, This being, thus, the feebly framed wish of a discontented
Fig A: momentia dementa
I am a pitiable and crushable peasant– I labor for the caprices
of the custodians of appearances– I am a printable and touchable lament.
I am an untrustable, catatonic patient– I deny your inscrutable claims
of being that ecstasy, that entity of names– I am a corn-fed, lust-enfeebled poet.
I am a trainable and empty penitent– I suffer to prove my organelles exist
to the nuclei who give orders to them– I am a hangable and tenuous moment.
You stupid stitchers. You know Nothing of the present tenses,
Blowing all away in bleary violence– Butnustfond Desdemonian silence!]
Fig. @: surplus artifact, 10 AM
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2023.03.21 02:37 Disastrous-Mulberry9 I am a Junior in high school, and I have a 33 ACT, 3.97 UWGPA roughly at both my cc and high school, graduating with an AS(physics focused). I want to get into a prestigious physics program—eventually getting a PhD. How can I best achieve this?

Here is a few other things:
I am an instrumentalist (alto sax) I have played in band (I have a few honor bands and minor awards).
I sing in choir (I take private lessons, will be a 3-time member of the Iowa All-State Chorus, have participated in a few other honor choirs, and I have a few minor solo awards).
I participate in theatre (have had one lead role but have participated in 4 shows).
Worked as a lifeguard last summer
Will work under my dads business for the next
I do not volunteer much.
I go to a medium sized public school in a rural area in Iowa (so if not prestigious undergrad, in-state would be preferable)
Only taken one AP class because our school only offers 3 and got a 5 (APHUG).
Opportunities for science related activities are scarce.
I will have taken Calc 1-3 and classes on classical mechanics.
I am a white male, and my family is on the wealthier side, meaning no financial aid (no alumni).
I just want general advice for the next several years of my life. Also, I want to see if getting large scholarships to less prestigious schools would be possible, but a PhD would be the current end goal. I’m thinking I will do at least a minor in computer science depending on the circumstances. I would want my graduate work to be in a prestigious program and would be fine with a less competitive school for undergrad, but I have no clue how studying at less competitive school will affect my competitive PhD program chances.
Let me know if you have any other critical questions!
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2023.03.21 02:36 jaycwhitecloud Why I don't use industrial foams and epoxies...but when/if I do...???...These are some of my methods...

Hi all,
Per some current conversations (both positive and negative) here on Vivarium and because a member ( u/Cumbiscuit69420) requested I do so, I going to share some basic insights or why not these and when/if they are used what some of the better or more professional choices are...
First, and for validation again from the other post, besides an early background in this hobby professionally, I have also been an architectural designer and fabricator now for over 40 years with a sole focus on only natural, traditional, and sustainable architecture. Biome enclosure (what is now called "bioactive) was/is a hobby that became professional because of my background and other skill sets...
As such, I have a personal ethos to have the smallest carbon footprint possible in all my work and not support those industries that are choking this planet to death with toxins of all manner and forms...nor is there a reason to use them at most (not all) installations...My goal with enclosures is to be as natural as possible with a minimum ethos of 98% natural in mass and/or volume of the space to be created...with the "tech" comprising most of what is modern...
The material too often used now are of a highly industrial nature and taken completely and utterly out of context to the manufacturer's intended use...A simple rule of thumb for most of these is to ask if they would meet "food preparation and water storage" criteria. The other is how " California Prop 65" would look at the material and what warnings would go with most of these simply are not safe to work with long term without much better protection than I see DIYers exercising...
For most enclosures, I tend to simply use natural textiles, clay, natural cement, stone, and natural wood. The means, methods, and material applications of how to do this are virtually endless and will fill a book quite nicely...LOL...but the basic premise is...If you're going to emulate a "slice of nature" then make it a "slice of nature" and not a "slice of an industrial chemical park" or something else like that... otherwise it is just "fake nature" and also supporting an industry that could care less how much damage they do with their chemicals, microplastics or manufacturing processes...
So, the question at hand was how to "waterproof" a plywood box. I typically do not use or recommend plywood because it is expensive and not very ecologically sound...(bamboo green plywood, some "hemp hurd" versions, and "wood wool board: are the exception)...but the question was about plywood...For this, I would first make a "box within a box" as the outer shell needs to remain fully and structurally sound. The inner box is the later that is made "water resistant" as true "waterproof" (for the long haul) is limiting in most examples...
I say most, as the amount of epoxy you actually need, to truly "waterproof" the wood is pretty extensive and expensive. This raises the next question of pragmatic logic and actual examination of "cost" in both time/effort and materials. "MAKING" a piece of wood, regardless of type, "waterproof" has always cost more than going with a known and proven material like glass in virtually every example I have seen or been part of. Glass tanks, though heavy, are just typically cheaper and more durable (when all things are considered) than "TRYING" to make a piece of wood waterproof...Though many spend hours doing so and $$$ forcing this all to work...
If...???...we continue on this effort to a plywood box, for me, I use typically use a proprietary botanical-based elasto polymer (think liquid about its history...lots to learn and think about there) that is of my own fabrication from base materials found in the flooring and water tank industry. This natural polymer would then be colored with natural mineral pigments and go onto the inside liner wooden box with a spacer between as a thermal break and to afford future repairs or modification to the interior box should changes be warranted or needed. I may even do some "build-ups" if looking for more features and/or adding some other natural materials like stone, limbs/roots, etc...That is the very basic approach...
If...(???)...when I have used epoxies or related materials (which I have and do) they are from some of the following vendors below of which I have worked for a long time or since the companies opened. I'm adding a few more links that readers may find helpful or have more detail and technical questions about...Note: I get no revenue or am I paid by these vendors...I use them because they are the best in the industry...when I have to use them...
If any member here has questions about "how to" or wish more detail on a point I shared here, I would be glad to respond. To those few with a drive and penchant for debate, or a "prove it" attitude...???..please don't comment so we can leave the thread for those members wanting to learn something...
Zoopoxy...This is the actual industry standard for professionals and not some "made up" or "make it work" material that TOO many DIYers are using...My first professional builds in the 1980s were with these materials in styles and format as found with companies like Houthoff Zoo design, who is probably one of the best companies in the world in this field... a much newer company but I like working with these Chemists and owners as they are trying really hard to eventually create a 100% natural and safe to work with botanical epoxy...So I do support their efforts by using their products...WHEN I HAVE TO...!!!...LOL...use an epoxy resin for certain applicable applications...
Smooth-On...was probably my first go at all this back in the 70s...It is not my preferred material or epoxies but they are certainly some of the first in the industry to support DIYers with materials for creative projects...including some for animal enclosures. I learn a lot from them over the decades and use these techniques still but with different materials like those above most often...But still...a solid company for "learning methods" of making molds and related should that interest anyone...
Vivarium Works...does sell kits...but I do not recommend them...for all the reasons I listed above about industrial materials. However, it is a good solid kit, and the maker has a solid background in this profession. The materials are anything but safe and/or nontoxic in their "wet state." His web page is an excellent information source for ideas and very informative so you can learn and adapt many of these methods into better more natural material approaches to doing this work...
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2023.03.21 02:36 norros097 New tank

So I'm sick of waiting for que or a tank or a healer for content runs an i know from experience hosting tanks are in a much needed supply right now. iv decided for my play style (barb dps) tank is the way to go but I know I'll be a baby tank for a while seeing as how I main dps an all but I'm watching vids daily but I'd like any tank main players to shoot me some tips or tricks you don't see to often in the vids any help is appreciated much love to all the tanks out there!
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2023.03.21 02:36 Jasper-Welch I think I'm burned out?

Ever since I finished college and started working ~9 months ago, I've barely been able to focus on being productive. At most, I'm able to do productive work for 2 hours a day, and that's if I push myself. Beyond work, I really only go to the gym, play video games, and read occasionally. I have no motivation or energy for anything else. I'm just confused because I have no idea how I'll work until retirement (if I get to retire).
In my 5 years of university, I did a bachelor's, master's, 18 months of internships, one quarter of research, and ran a large student organization. My workload was so much more than it is now, and yet I was able to juggle it. Could this all be a result of having 5 years of intense stress? Was the looming threat of missing deadlines and failing school what actually motivated me? Or is there something different happening altogether? I don't know, but whatever it is makes me exhausted.
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2023.03.21 02:35 Acceptable-Bid-4193 Numbness after wisdom teeth extraction

I (F22) had surgery to extract 4 wisdom teeth at once. The problem is I still have numbness that feels like pins and needles on half of my bottom lip/chin/ gum. Basically 1/4th of my mouth, bottom left.
I saw stories of people going through the same but I'm just confused on what my next step should be. My dentist told me to go on vitamin B to help and he keeps checking me ever tew months to see any progress. It makes me sad that I have this to be honest and some of the problems it has caused me include: biting my lips while eating food, bleeding inside my mouth from chewing on my lips not knowing how hard I'm pressing and getting tired when talking cause it makes my mouth feel heavy.
Any recommendations on what I can do next? There hasn't been much progress, I'm afraid of being stuck with this. Is this considered malpractice? Can I even sue for this or did I sign up for something like this potentially happening before getting the surgery cause I had to sign some forms.
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2023.03.21 02:35 whoopingtank_30 Is it normal to be super hungry on testosterone?

I’ve been in T for only 3 weeks and i’ve been so hungry lately and i’ve gained 2 pounds. I’m don’t want to become overweight so i’ll have to watch how much i eat now i guess. Is this normal?
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2023.03.21 02:35 KidCanada7 Gaming + Recording PC for under $600 CAD?

Hey there, I'm looking for a Gaming PC that can play Minecraft (And run other modern games) while recording and do editing at a decent pace for under $600 CAD ($600 CAD is the max). I'd want it to be compatible with Windows 11 and not have many lag spikes. Don't know much how much better I could get compared to my OptiPlex with a GT 1030 but it is probably not gonna be any good soon. Thanks!
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2023.03.21 02:35 Throawawayacct223163 As a guy and cars

I was driving home from some grocery shopping. I live by people from my local church. We all know each-other’s family and where we all live. There is just one family I do not know their 2 kids. They are antisocial, not part of the young adult interactions. All I know from the kids (parents) interactions with my parents is that there son has a navy blue tesla. Cool, so does others in my block.
Well on my way back home, I was driving on a main road to my house. I happen to drive right behind a navy blue tesla, didn’t think much of it. I reach at a red street light and stop there for a few minutes. It turns green and I continue to drive home. I approach a right lane that would take to get onto the freeway (its closed due to construction). The tesla pretends to drive right (as if they’d take that lane) and then gets back into the his or her lane. I thought that was weird.
Well we reach a red light and I wanted to change lanes but couldn’t due to the street light. I figured to change lanes when it turns green. The street light turns green and I change lanes. The tesla person speeds up out of no where and makes a right turn (where we both would go to get to home if it were the family’s so ). I did not go that route, I just went straight ahead.
Just out of curiosity, if you knew who a girl was, don’t know her personally, just know how she looks like and how her car looks like, would you have done this to test to see if she was following you or what might be your reasoning for these actions?
I don’t think he was trying to get a positive attention. Wanted your thoughts!
Thank you!:)
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2023.03.21 02:35 null7ella both my parents had a dream about my little sister that came true

So, for some backstory, my parents aren't very superstitious people -- they're religious, but they're the type of people to find a logical explanation for the harder-to-explain occurrences. So, this dream they both had must've been quite realistic for them to act this way.
The show's star, or more so post, is my little sister, who I'll name... Mica (she loved that name when she was little, it seemed fitting to call her that). I think she was about 5 or 6, but I don't know -- all I know is that she was young. The night my folks had this dream, we were supposed to go to my step-grandmother's house to help fix something on the house's roof. I haven't directly asked them what happened in the dream, but when we woke up in the morning, they told Mica to stay away from anything high, and when she asked why, they told her they both had a dream where she fell from a high place.
They told me to watch her closely that day; they both looked genuinely worried for her safety, so I did precisely that. The entire day, I ensured she stayed away from the ladders, and pretty much anything where she could fall from a high place. The day passed without any incident, and the dream was soon forgotten. The following week or two (again, I can't exactly remember), that's when the fall happened. Now, I do want to reiterate Mica was perfectly fine -- which is mind-blowing (you'll see why I say that in a second here).
Before I continue, I need to describe the layout of where the accident happened. So, it took place in the basement, right beside the stairs. The stairs had this wooden pole that was supposed to be the railing, so there was a good amount of space underneath this so-called railing. The basement was unfinished then, which meant the floor was cement. Man, remembering this makes me wonder how in the hell Mica walked away unscathed. To get to the basement, you walked down four steps to this small landing where the back door was located. Then, they turned the opposite way and went down to the basement -- hopefully, that makes sense.
My parents and I were in the basement in the middle of an argument, which often happened in that house. Mica, being the curious kid she was, tried to covertly position herself at the top of the stairs to see what the altercation was about. I have no idea what happened, but she somehow slipped from the top of the stairs and landed headfirst on the cement. We all surged toward her, worried as all hell that she cracked her head open or worse. But after my parents inspected her for any wounds, Mica seemed perfectly fine -- albeit a little rattled. My parents took her to the doctor to ensure she was okay, and by some damn miracle, there wasn't any sign of a concussion or other severe injuries.
Someone out there was watching out for her that day, and I am so damn grateful that she is alright. Mica is now 18 and living her best life. As for the shared dream, my parents never had a dream like that again -- that was the only time that's ever happened. Thanks for reading! This is my first post on this subreddit, so hopefully the story was somewhat well-written. Also, I suck at ending posts/ stories, so, uh… stay awesome!
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2023.03.21 02:34 HistAnsweredBot How much war history that we take as fact is just made up propaganda that has been formulated by the media to make “our side” look powerful, skilled and righteous?

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2023.03.21 02:34 Narrow-Tour1071 Hollywood is a failed state?

Am I the only one that feels Hollywood is truly a lost cause? There are almost zero good fresh films I see coming out of Hollywood. I guess they are giving people the lowest common denominator crap they know sells. Sequels and remakes should be banned until good films can be made again. I don't know what I dislike more about Hollywood these days, the films or the people who make them. I just watched the Third Man again last night and am amazed how much more clever and enjoyable it is than todays "blockbusters".
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2023.03.21 02:34 pampam3456 [DOWNLOAD] T. Harv Eker – Secrets of Inner Power 2.0

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In a moment, we’ll break down how each module in the program can help you master your mind and develop your character, so that you can succeed no matter what… but first, in case you’re new around here, we want to tell you a little about Harv.
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