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2023.06.01 17:59 Depth_Creative So we got the gator boss, how about a werewolf one? Rougarou anyone?

The rougarou (alternatively spelled as roux-ga-roux, rugaroo, or rugaru) is a legendary creature in French communities linked to traditional concepts of the werewolf.
In the Cajun legends, the creature is said to prowl the swamps around Acadiana and Greater New Orleans, and the sugar cane fields and woodlands of the regions
So basically it's a cajun werewolf and would obviously fit right into the setting of Hunt (There's already a mosin-obrez skin named after it). The wording of the reveal video makes it seem like this may be the first of many "wild targets". With Rotjaw being based around water maybe we could get a werewolf based around the woods(or even cornfields)?
I think it would be awesome. Imagine if, like the spider, it could climb around in the trees. Weakness to FMJ ammo? Another moon event? Kind of like Hunt's version of the Predator. No idea how the AI pathfinding would work on that :D
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2023.06.01 12:29 su3luq Translated DnD content in Arabic!

Hi guys..
I'm really happy to actually find a dedicated community playing DnD in Arabic. thuswhy I have this to share with out. I'm a translator in literary text and I have been working with this passion project of mine translating the rulebook of DnD in Arabic. It took me a year and a half to properly translate this gigantic text. and two days ago I have launched the website for it, so you can check it out at :
our initiative is called #su3luq and our aim is to translate TRPGs into the Arabic language. we have done so with DnD and there is more content in it to be translated that we're still working on (spell book, bestiary) , but eventually will move on to similar TRPGs like Pathfinder and Call of Cthulhu in the future.
Please don't shy away from making suggestions and I hope you have a great time flipping through our wiki .
Have a nice day :)
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2023.06.01 03:17 Ediwir Remaster wiki, quick info, and community feedback

Morning everyone.
A few days ago the idea was floated to pin a remaster megathread. We had that a while ago, but keeping a fixed pin long term is problematic for us because of the way Reddit is structured. Instead, the idea of entrusting the job to AI... I mean, to set up a new function on automod, has taken more form.
We have at this time a wiki page with a list of Remaster elements, details, and explanation. Of course, no list is perfect, and we'd like some feedback on what we missed, how to improve it, or what needs fixing.
> Remaster wiki page <
A couple notes: the page aims at collecting official news. Rumours, comments, or speculations are not going to be on it. Occasional notes for clarifications or estimates will be added where warranted, but will be clearly marked as such. We will look for sources, but it'd help if you could provide them. Paizo posts, streams (hopefully with timestamps), or screenshots are very welcome.
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2023.05.31 23:13 V3cna Where can I find Pathfinder media?

So, I just transitioned from D&D 5e to PF 2e and my players are loving it. I used to run a home-brewed setting in 5e and I'm doing my best to adapt my content into Pathfinder's mechanics (which is really difficult when it comes to races due to the Race Feats). The thing is, I'm getting really interested in Golarion and Pathfinder's lore but can't find any good media to get into, and is hard to understand a entire world through wiki pages and the Archives of Nethys. So, is there any media (podcast, videos, books, comics) that can help me better understand Golarion and it's lore? How did you get into the lore of Pathfinder? And what are your favourite media involving it?
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2023.05.30 11:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Megathread - May 30 to June 05. Have a question from your game? Are you coming from D&D? Need to know where to start playing Pathfinder 2e? Ask your questions here, we're happy to help!

Please ask your questions here!

Official Links:
Useful Links:
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2023.05.28 23:02 RigasUT QLASH Midnight vs. G2 Hel / PATHFINDERS - Final / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia New to LoL

QLASH Midnight 1-2 G2 Hel

G2 Hel stay on top of Europe by defeating QLASH Midnight in a final again

QLS.M Leaguepedia Twitter Website Facebook YouTube
G2.H Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit

MATCH 1: QLASH Midnight vs. G2 Hel

Winner: G2 Hel in 27m

MATCH 2: G2 Hel vs. QLASH Midnight

Winner: QLASH Midnight in 32m

MATCH 3: QLASH Midnight vs. G2 Hel

Winner: G2 Hel in 35m
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2023.05.28 18:31 Narratron Magic School?

Hey friends, if you want to skip the context, my actual questions are at the end of the post.
I've been running a Pathfinder for Savage Worlds game since the turn of the year, my group just hit Seasoned (the Savage Worlds equivalent of level 3-5, roughly), and it's going pretty well! (For the morbidly curious, I've posted a couple summaries over on the Matt Colville subreddit, but those maniacs are not exactly why I'm here.
As we discuss the future, my wife (who is a player both in my Savage Pathfinder game, and our other group, which is currently playing Dresden Files Accelerated) has often brought up the idea of a campaign based around a magic school, frequently citing a certain well-known module for The Dragon Game, though both she and I know it's actually not that well written, and neither she nor our friends would be likely to enjoy it very much without quite a bit of change.
SO. I have enough Savage Worlds material to make "magic school" happen pretty much however I like, but since I'm already running a game set in Golarion, and I'm positive there are at least a couple such institutions to choose from, that seemed like the simplest setup. And a bit of research led me to the Acadamae and the Academy of Secrets adventure, but I couldn't find much more in terms of arcane schools.
These then, are my biggest questions for you Pathfinder veterans:
First, is Academy of Secrets all there is, as far as "magic school adventures"? It looks like fun, but I was hoping for something a little more extended. Also, it's definitely not a starting adventure. I can make a campaign happen either way, I just like to get whatever guidance I can: a full Adventure Path would be ideal. I'll take a look at whatever's out there, though!
Second, are there other canonical "magic schools" on Golarion besides the Acadamae, even if they don't have an associated adventure or AP? The only other candidates I could find were the Academy of Applied Magic which seems to focus on producing magic items, and [Academy of the Arts]9 which seems pretty clearly no longer in operation.
Thanks in advance, everybody, and happy adventuring!
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2023.05.28 01:29 CounterYolo Initial Thoughts of the Palace of Ice DLC

Hi everyone! I just finished my initial cataclysm playthrough of the Palace of Ice DLC. I will be doing more testing on the spells & subclasses, but here are my initial impressions about the campaign itself & the new spells. I am not good at doing the proper syntax for spoilers on reddit, so I have just put spoilers on the whole post itself. If you do not want spoilers for the campaign itself, do not read this post until later. I won't go into super spoilers on much of the campaign, but there will be some in there.

New Spells (I plan to update these during the day next Monday -- be patient!!!)

Palace of Ice Campaign Review

Other updates

Anyways, that's my initial impressions for now. After I get my thoughts finalized for all of the spells & subclasses, I'll start re-releasing all of the tier list posts for feats, spells, & subclasses again. Are there things I missed? Let me know below!
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2023.05.27 18:51 RigasUT Vitality French Bees vs. G2 Hel / PATHFINDERS - Quarter-Final / Post-Match Discussion


Official page Leaguepedia New to LoL

Vitality French Bees 0-2 G2 Hel

G2 Hel defeat the Vitality French Bees in Europe's newest women-only tournament

Vitality French Bees Leaguepedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit
G2 Hel Leaguepedia Liquipedia Website Twitter Facebook YouTube Subreddit

MATCH 1: G2 Hel vs. Vitality French Bees

Winner: G2 Hel in 34m
VOD links: Champion Select Game Start

MATCH 1: G2 Hel vs. Vitality French Bees

Winner: G2 Hel in 22m
VOD links: Champion Select Game Start
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2023.05.27 07:18 chibi0815 Hotels & Resorts, first bugpressions

  1. As mentioned over here, the railroad connected warehouse is deviously bugged, as trains destined for it will just vanish the moment they are ready to go from regular cargo stations. So do not use them until reported fixed and please pipe up if you can reproduce this on vanilla/console.
  2. The cargo station/hub bug. Now this has been reported several times, but close inspection reveals it is likely has not related to the actual assets.In my current build the (DLC) industry areas are far away from the major residential and commercial bits and cargo stations in them did not show the problem. It was only the cargo stations/hubs near the core of the city. Looking WHICH trucks were affected and WHERE they wanted to go made it all clear, they were all trucks from the industry area that had (via intermediate shops) wandered into the city (normally the cargo rail would be faster). Now once near a downtown cargo station, their pathfinding determined that going via rail was the fastest way to get back home, alas since CS does not have RO-LA that is doomed to failure. ^o^
Banning trucks on the 2 roads/highways that connect the industry area and downtown reduced the issue to just a few corner cases, so this is a crude, temporary workaround of sorts.
Another "fix" is to temporarily turn the station in question off, once the path via rail becomes unavailable all the trucks will go off via road.This certainly beats what deleting individual trucks (TMPE required for that anyway).
This fix or similar ones do depend on despawning being enabled and still take a LOT of time, more than the length of road versus usage of the cargo station in question may provide
TMCE fixes this bug for the time being:

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2023.05.26 19:00 Shadowfoot Event: Grand Convocation (Absalom)*

Grand Convocation (Absalom)*
Pathfinders from all over attend this convention, sharing their latest finds, exploits, and wonders.\_Convocation
PathfinderSociety GrandConvocation
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2023.05.26 07:31 GlitchThatLives (NUKA WORLD) AHS Machine is straight-up gone; anyone have this problem?

I've finished the "Trip to the Stars" sidequest in FO4's Nuka World DLC, and, after looking up the wiki, I plan to install a mod to get the AHS Intelligence boosts permanent, also getting them back-to-back, since I can't get levels 4-8 until after I complete the sidequest.
However: when I returned to the Hubologist's camp, the monitor and chair of the AHS setup are both straight-up gone. As in; they aren't there anymore and the wires just cut off. Furthermore, I teleported everyone to the camp via the console, but now they just aimlessly walk without any clear reason instead of returning to the camp.
Has anyone ever had this bug before? NOT the one where Phil just sits there aimlessly; I know how to fix that one! Is there some kind of fix or mod to bring back the equipment/pathfinding for this to work?
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2023.05.26 07:29 GlitchThatLives (NUKA WORLD) AHS Machine is straight-up gone; anyone have this problem?

I've finished the "Trip to the Stars" sidequest in FO4's Nuka World DLC, and, after looking up the wiki, I plan to install a mod to get the AHS Intelligence boosts permanent, also getting them back-to-back, since I can't get levels 4-8 until after I complete the sidequest.
However: when I returned to the Hubologist's camp, the monitor and chair of the AHS setup are both straight-up gone. As in; they aren't there anymore and the wires just cut off. Furthermore, I teleported everyone to the camp via the console, but now they just aimlessly walk without any clear reason instead of returning to the camp.
Has anyone ever had this bug before? NOT the one where Phil just sits there aimlessly; I know how to fix that one! Is there some kind of fix or mod to bring back the equipment/pathfinding for this to work?
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2023.05.25 04:05 TotallynotMccree Angel Path thoughts from a veteran PF TTRPG Player + Storytime [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Let's begin with Deskari. I know this is definitely the dice gods hating Deskari in this particular run, but I just find it so hilarious that the Lord of Locusts, on the first attack in Act 5, he nat 1'd on the Cloak of Undead that I had on my pet, so he immediately got panicked and we just spent 5 rounds chasing him down and smacking him to bits. Then on the second go around in the Rasping Rifts, I thought I would just cast Weird on his mooks and then I'd try and burst him down. Nope, dude nat 1'd those as well and lost 3180 hp and plopped on the ground dead. I really thought they'd give him Death Immunity on Core, but I guess that's a nah.
Now for the part you probably clicked on the link for. My thoughts on Wrath overall, at least from adapting the TTRPG to a video game format the best they could, they've done an honestly wonderful job. Rules-wise, they are probably more consistent and to-the-book as they possibly could have. Flanking is definitely a bit weird as I thought I'd need to get on either side, and it also reminded me why we have a house rule in our group that Deadly Aim/Power Attack are free feats. But most of what I would expect to be from the TTRPG is in the game, of course with many limitations on race, but a good portion of the classes are there (still missing brawler though, which I find a bit odd, glad there is a mod though). In some instances, it did actually help with some rules lawyering in the TTRPG. Our group had a player who would five foot step and then charge, or move back and then charge. We had no way to really prove it until one of us (me) played the game. Overall, if there was a multiplayer component to this, I would honestly feel pretty okay running a session in it (very combat heavy but still). I'm still curious why they haven't put in the Gunslinger, he is a base class and there are already ranged touch DPS characters (Kineticist), so I don't think Gunslinger would be that far out of reach.
The real impressive feat to me though is how they have managed to turn what is literally one of the worst APs that have been printed, and put out a hell of a banger. For those who don't know, Wrath of the Righteous on the TTRPG version is insanely easy, any competent player worth their salt can break the game wide open with the mythic levels given. There was only two encounters I had to turn on story mode for, that would be that fucking Dragon in the Colyphrr Mines and the Crystal Fuckheads in...guess what, Colyphrr mines. I did not like the Colyphrr Mines, the Baphomet fight was cool though. Whoever came up with that design there with 3 bastards making you do 40+ Will Saves needs to be slapped which could of probably been mitigated if I built better or done some pre-scouting before. I honestly don't blame them for really buffing up the AC, as again the Mythic Paths can make things go really out of control, even in the TTRPG, thankfully they seem to have scaled it quite a bit better for the video game, having characters with full levels under your control can lead to some hilariously nasty synergies. So I understand the absolutely massive HP and AC bloat, if you used the Tabletop numbers and the numbers from the AP, the game would last 2 hours at most and be a walking simulator.
One thing I don't like however is how they lock certain character's respec at certain levels. Retraining is a regular thing in Pathfinderland, and you should be given the option to edit these character sheets much more than you are at a base. Giving Trever 2 Paladin levels that don't do anything is the most prime example, at least let me respec them or turn those levels into Vindictive Bastard or something. Don't leave this character that would of at least have given me a REASON to take Sosiel's boring ass out of the shed in the fucking dirt.
Character thoughts? I enjoyed most of them really, they all reminded me of various TTRPG Player staples, you have a collection of tropes to pick with, and the ones that stayed with gave me the holy J of alignment. NG KC, LG Seelah, CG Arueshaelae, TN Nenio, NE Daeran and LE Regill. The camp interactions were great, especially the voice acted ones. All of the voice acting, despite some of the writing, is absolutely fantastic and brings me so much more inspiration for other characters I want to play. They've made a nice set of compelling characters, aside from a dud or two (Sosiel and Wendy for me).
I would honestly recommend any player of the TTRPG to give this a shot. It will teach you MOSTLY good things about how to play Pathfinder by its ruleset (with some bad lessons here and there), and it gives some extra lore that you'd have to trawl through a Wiki for.
Overall, fantastic game, can't wait to get another run in. This time, let's see how the Lich plays :P.
Random Thought: Areelu Vorlesh says "Worldwound" so weirdly, no one else says it quite like her. She has a fanastic voice actress but every time I hear her say "Werld Wooohund" it just sorta brings me out of it.
Edit: Would be really cool if some modders figured out how to make Path of War and DSP Psionics in the game too, just a thought :P
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2023.05.24 22:49 CallMeAdam2 Revamping your world from the ground-up: thoughts and experiences?

By "revamp" here, I mean "rebuild." That means that all of your old notes become non-canon and are abandoned for all but ideas. You make your world, but again, and with a superior foundation! It's like doing more drafts, except that you weren't intending for your current "draft" to be a draft.
I've got this world that I've revamped three or four times now, and I believe I'll be revamping it again. There's several elements of it that I'm not satisfied with, and it could do with another do-over. I can do better!
What are your thoughts and experiences in regards to revamping your worlds?
For my own world, it's a Pathfinder 2e world. These are the current reasons I'll almost certainly be revamping it:
  • My "gods" are all tutelar, many in number, and small in territory. I'm considering getting a more usual pantheon in addition, but I'm conflicted on this matter. I have 12 moons that act as the world-wide deities, but they're not very active or willful, so they don't feel like they count.
  • Because it's PF2e, I felt like I had to include an array of ancestries. Not all of them, but enough to have choices. Problem is, that felt blatantly wrong for that world. I'll cut most of those ancestries, leaving in humans and most human-looking ancestries (such as, arguably, kitsune and anadi), plus most monstrous ancestries (such as dragons and slimes from Battlezoo, and arguably sprites). Not only does that feel right, it's also less work for me.
  • I've recently felt the immense satisfaction of building a world's history before most else. I'll try to do that and see if that can pair well with trying to reach a particular state of the world.
Answering a couple more of my own questions:
  • I haven't used this world yet, but I have chatted about it a good bit with a friend.
  • I haven't gotten a hit to my motivation for this world after revamping before. If anything, my motivation for my world increases when it's revamp time.
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2023.05.24 21:30 ArchmageXin Question about the Sihedron

So, someone on another thread pointed out my screen name (ironically something I made when AOL was popular) is actually a historical character in Pathfinder.
So I decided to look the person up, and he apparently was famous for an artifact called Sihedron.
However, the Sihedron was broken by seven rebels and each took a shard, which grant them the ability to cast a spell (for example, wrath let you cast fireballs), but come with huge costs (Lust must have sex once every 12 hours, Greed would never sell anything, sloth can't move etc).
My question is...just why? For a bunch of Major artifacts, it seems to give very mediocre power boost but come with some serious downsides.
Am I missing something?
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2023.05.24 11:54 23Redjack23 Magical Recommendation

I recently bought BG3 and I'm trying to familiarize myself with the ruleset before the final release this summer.
I come to you with a few questions about what class to pick for my MC. I've seen a few videos but I'm looking for a specific power fantasy and the videos don't quite explain it.
I always RP mages, but I think the kind of mage I like to play doesn't quite exist in the DnD ruleset.If anyone is familiar with Pathfinder's ruleset what I'm looking for is the closest equivalent of the Kineticist ( the best things about it, for me, are:
  1. Charisma Caster
  2. High DPS
  3. Medium CC/Utility
  4. Avatar-like powers, bending elements, conjuring elemental storms, more like an elemental blaster
Notes: I don't mind having a few spells, for me, I prefer fewer spells that feel very powerful than being a Jack-of-all-trades. Also, I enjoy magical classes that allow me to manipulate my spells in ways I can be creative with them rather than having 1 different spell for every kind of situation.

Thank you to anyone willing to reply

EDIT: Thanks to everyone who replied. After investigating, reading replies, and helpful DMs I concluded that I'm going to try out Warlock Fiend Drow Half-elf. The metamagic while definitely interesting I think I would end up not using it properly.
Again thanks to all of you for your help
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2023.05.23 14:02 MJYW [Mizuki and Caerula Arbor] In-depth Mechanics Explanation


This post is a detailed breakdown of some of the new mechanics introduced with IS#3. Paragraphs in italics (often at the start of each section) are flavor text, taken from official teasers.


A bright light may guide you to powerful enlightenments that can be used to protect you from the ocean. However, your light value will be reduced through certain encounters, or when you take objective damage during battles. The lower your light value, the easier it is to get lost within the ocean; but perhaps, getting lost isn't all bad?
On the map interface, your Light value is always displayed on the top of your screen. By default, adventures begin with the maximum Light amount of 100. This amount can decrease due to the following:
  • Starting an adventure on a higher difficulty level
  • Certain choices on some encounters
  • Collectible effects
  • Losing Life Points in battle (-5 Light per battle)
  • After a battle, if your final Life Point amount is less than half your max Life Point amount, 5 Light will be deducted.
When on the map interface, you can tap on your Light amount to view a description. The following is what will appear:
Light Value Name Description
100 Luminous The light radiates, and shadows cower.
50-99 Flickering The candlelight sways; light and shadow interweave.
1-49 Dim Behind a speck of light, the shadow follows.
0 Extinguished No more flame, no more light.
As Light decreases, smoke effects start appearing on the borders of your screen, gradually becoming more and more distinct. When your Light is Dim, the BGM on the map interface changes.
When your Light is Flickering, you will be able to see hidden nodes and paths, which become more apparent as Light decreases. When Light drops to 50 or less, you can access the hidden nodes by using a Key.
  • The arrows on hidden paths are hollow.
  • It is also possible to access hidden paths when Light is Luminous (or Flickering), but with a lower probability.


Die Rolls are a brand new addition to this Integrated Strategies adventure. When encountering certain events, the die will automatically be cast, meaning you have accepted fate’s guidance.
By default, you start with a 6-sided die. This can be upgraded to an 8-sided or 12-sided die through a certain starting squad and a certain Collectible. By upgrading your die, you increase the probability of favorable outcomes.
You have a certain amount of Die Rolls, and can gain more Rolls in many ways throughout an adventure. You can consume one Die Roll in the following scenarios:
  • In combat: decrease the movement speed and ASPD of all enemies by a certain amount for 15 seconds, and current Operator redeploy time can be decreased with upgraded dice.
Stat Affected Dice Result Effect Dice Result Effect Dice Result Effect
Enemy ASPD 1-3 -20 4-6 -30 7-12 -40
Enemy Movement Speed 1-3 -50% 4-6 -70% 7-12 -80%
Operator current redeploy time 1-6 None 7-9 Halved 10-12 Set to zero
  • Refreshing the items in shops.
  • Rerolling the Die when obtaining unfavorable outcomes at Wish nodes and new floors.
  • Open the Drifting Cache
  • Certain Encounter events
The mandatory Die Rolls in Wish nodes, new floors, and certain encounters do not decrease the number of Rolls you have.

Light and Dice

When entering a new floor, the die will be rolled to determine what happens to your exploration team. This does not reduce your amount of rolls. The following two tables indicate the effect of this dice roll:
Light Value Dice Result Description Dice Result Description
100 1-5 Smooth Sailing 6-12 Favored by Fortune
50-99 1-3 Twists and Turns 4-12 Smooth Sailing
1-49 1-5 Twists and Turns 6-12 Smooth Sailing
0 1-5 Cursed 6-12 Twists and Turns
Description Effect
Favored by Fortune Obtain 1 Enlightenment
Smooth Sailing The seas are calm, and nothing unusual is afoot
Twists and Turns 1 Operator is inflicted with a Rejection
Cursed 2 Operators are inflicted with Rejections


Enlightenments provide powerful buffs to your squad, a suitable from the civilizations of Terra to those who seek to confront the ocean.
Enlightenments are the functional replacement of Plays for IS#3. A key difference between the two is that unless otherwise stated, all Enlightenments last permanently. With how much of an increase in strength each Enlightenments can provide to your team, it's only fair that they don't drop after battle anymore, as Plays did.
Another difference between Plays and Enlightenments is that you can hold multiple Enlightenments simultaneously, resulting in an absurd amount of strength for your team. The following is the list of Enlightenments and their effects:
Name Effect
Ursus's Warcry For 30 seconds after the start of battle, all enemies have -30% ATK and Movement Speed
Yan's Vicissitudes The Operator on the battlefield with the highest HP will restore an additional 2 SP per second
Colombia's Inspiration Gain an additional 70 Command EXP at the end of the next battle (One-time only)
Sami's Tenacity The Operator on the battlefield with the lowest HP percentage restores 50 HP per second
Victoria's Honor All friendly melee units have +35% Physical and Arts Dodge
Leithanien's Elegance All friendly ranged units have +300 DEF and +30 RES
Sargon's Generosity When obtained, randomly obtain 2 Collectibles


Each time you dive deeper into the ocean, you may encounter different kinds of rejections. Operators afflicted by rejections will receive nasty debuffs for the remainder of the explorationbut these effects can be surpressed through certain relics or encounters. Each rejection will be a punishing test of the Doctor's command abilities
Rejections are yet another new mechanic of IS#3; this time, it's a purely negative addition. Rejections are permanent debuffs that inflict your recruited Operators.
Should your Light amount be at full value, Rejections on your Ops will be few and far between. However, as Light decreases, your Operators' bodies may start reacting violently against the embrace of the sea. Rejections can be cured via certain Collectibles, certain Encounters, or sending an affected Operator on an Expedition.
Due to peculiar nature of Terra's waters, should multiple Operators be inflicted with Rejections, they will all be of the same type. The following is the list of possible Rejections:
Name Effect
Hemopoietic Inhibition Operators with this Rejection will continuously lose 150 HP per second whenever their HP is not full. Note: HP cannot drop to 0 as a result of this effect.
Concentration Disorder Operators with this Rejection will automatically activate their skill.
Neurodegeneration Operators with this Rejection will be Frozen for 15 seconds after deployment.
Metastatic Aberration Operators with this Rejection have -50% Max HP, ATK, DEF, Deployment Cost, and Redeployment Time.


Keys are an entirely new resource introduced in IS#3, and it is by far the hardest resource to acquire across all difficulty levels.
Keys are obtained via Encounters, Collectibles, Commission rewards, and can be randomly dropped after a successful battle. Keys can be used for the following: * Open the occasional Drifting Cache * Withdraw from your balance in Cannot's Prospective Investment System * Unlock a blocked passage in front of you or to your side. * Certain Encounter events

Drifting Cache

The Drifting Cache is what replaces the post-battle drop chance of Plays in IS#3. They're unlocked via the second node of the skill tree, and each cache contains one Collectible.
You can unlock a cache either by using a Key to immediately obtain the Collectible, or roll a die to attempt to obtain it. A dice result of at least 5 will successfully grant the Collectible; otherwise, you will be given 2 Originium Ingots. A third option for each chest is to smash it, earning no rewards.

Call of We Many

The Call of We Many is an effect that only takes effect on the current floor, and up to two Calls may sound at once. The deeper you are in your exploration, and the dimmer your light is, the easier it is to hear the Call of We Many.
The Calls of We Many are the replacement of Hallucinations from IS#2. Some of them may be familiar, while others are entirely new with this IS theme:
Name Effect
Echoes: Exploration (formerly Bewildered) This floor has 2 additional nodes, but twice as much Light will be lost
Echoes: Predation (formerly Survivalist) On this floor, friendly units and non-Boss enemy units gain +50 ASPD; friendly units receive -70% healing and regeneration effectiveness
Echoes: Assimilation (formerly Obsessed) Every time you enter a non-combat node, gain 3 ingots. Ingots obtained in this floor cannot be taken to the next floor
Echoes: Death and Rebirth Battles on this floor drop +100% Originium Ingots; upon entering a combat node, you will immediately lose 1 Life Point (Cannot drop below 1 from this effect)
Echoes: Proliferation Battles on this floor have a 30% chance to drop an additional Recruitment Voucher; all enemy units have +15 RES
Echoes: One Among Many Battles on this floor grant +50% Command EXP; all enemy units have +50% DEF
Echoes: Overgrowth After the end of each battle on this floor, gain 1 Max Life Point; however, Life Point and Shield losses are doubled
Echoes: Adaptation (formerly Blind) The first Wish Fulfilled node you enter on this floor will grant 1 random collectible, but you will no longer be able to identify node types beyond the nodes directly ahead of you

Rogue Trader Modifications

A shop where you can spend Originium Ingots to buy various tools and relics. May occasionally provide a special investment service as well as a chance to obtain merchandise 'for free'?
Have you ever entered a Rogue Trader node in IS#2 and wished that the items in stock were better? In IS#3, that now becomes a possibility. With a simple Die Roll, you can appeal to Cannot's generosity to refresh some of the shop's items:
  • 2 random items will be refreshed with any Die Roll.
  • When at least a 5 is rolled, all items will be refreshed.
  • When at least a 7 is rolled, Super Rare Collectibles will appear among the refreshed items (as well as the chance for a Collectible not normally sold), and some items will be discounted.
With a new Integrated Strategies theme comes a new Prospective Investment System. The investment milestones have been modified; thus, Investment progress and amount do not carry over across different IS themes. The following table details IS#3's investment milestones:
Historic High Investment Reward
25 Unlock the 'Balance Withdrawal' function in the 'Prospective Investment System'
100 Can Cannot show you his wares?
200 The Rogue Trader will stock an additional item
325 Unlocks the Collectible, 'Flames of the Inquisition'
500 The Rogue Trader will stock an additional item
Additional milestone details:
  • When 200 Ingots have been invested and the corresponding milestone reward is unlocked, Cannot will increase the price of a random item being sold by 50% in each shop.
  • When 500 Ingots have been invested and the corresponding milestone reward is unlocked, Cannot will increase the price of a random item being sold by 100% in each shop.
  • When 100 Ingots have been invested and the corresponding milestone reward is unlocked, a button "Touch the Wares" will appear on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
Detailed description of the 100 milestone reward (contains a surprise that is best found out on your own, be warned): * Continuous taps on "Touch the Wares" will irritate Cannot. * After Cannot warns you one final time, you can choose to "Listen to Cannot" or "'Bargain with Cannot". * "Listen to Cannot" and nothing happens. "'Bargain' with Cannot", and enter a special combat stage. * After winning this stage, you can loot Cannot's store. All items currently on stock can be obtained for free, but Cannot will leave for the remainder of your exploration. All shop systems will be non-functional (i.e. Investment and item refreshing) on the current and future Rogue Trader nodes within the same exploration.

New Node Types

Nodes are an important part of your exploration. In Integrated Strategies - Mizuki & Caerula Arbor, you will find many strange and exciting experience in many Nodes than before. They will guide you to discover the Stories of Days Gone By that lie beneath the sea.

Wish Fulfilled

A unique, local Iberia custom. Roll the die, and pray that you'll obtain the relic your heart desires. \If you are lucky, you may be granted additional gifts upon having your wish fulfilled.*
In Wish nodes, you normally have a choice between 2 displayed Collectibles. After selecting one, your dice is rolled (without reducing your number of rolls). If you roll at least a 2, you get the selected Collectible. If you roll at least a 6, you get a random additional Collectible along with your selection. If you roll a 1, you get a random Collectible instead.

Fortuitous Opportunity

Sometimes, one man's trash is just what another needs to survive. In the new Fortuitous Opportunity node, you can exchange some of the relics you've obtained to get another random relic.
In this node, you can exchange an unwanted Collectible for a different one. First, a list of exchangeable Collectibles you possess are displayed. Not all Collectibles are exchangeable. In general, Collectibles that provide resources, one-time-use Collectibles, and ending-related Collectibles cannot be exchanged for another.
After the Collectible to be exchanged is confirmed, you will be given a choice between two Collectibles to receive. The rarity of the possible choices is based on the Collectible you offered for exchange. If a cursed Collectible is offered, it will be treated as a Normal rarity Collectible.
If you decline to exchange a Collectible, 4 Life Points are restored.
Refer to the Collectible List to see which Collectibles are exchangeable and their respective rarities.

Emergency Dispatch

While adventuring, you may have to arrange for operators to leave the team to handle other tasks. The operators you send away will be temporarily unavailable, but they will continue to grow and advance while acting on their own. When the rejoin you on the next floor, they will return with the corresponding compensation for their work! At the same time, this is also a good opportunity for a beleaguered operator to suppress their rejection.
You can choose a currently recruited Operator to send on a dispatch. The selected Operator will temporarily leave your team until the next floor. At the start of the next floor, the Operator returns, becoming promoted and being cured of their Rejection.
Should you decline to send an Operator on a dispatch, you will gain 3 Hope.

Wander into Wonderland

A rare, mysterious node. While affected, you will be whisked away into an entirely new floor to deal with dilemmas and challenges posed by the Seaborn.
Through this node (found only on floors 3 to 5), you are able to enter a hidden, mysterious floor by spending 1 Key.
This hidden floor has the following properties:
  • At least 1 Call of We Many is forcibly triggered.
  • Similar to floor 6, this floor's layout is fixed, as follows: Wish Fulfilled -> Combat Ops/Emergency Ops -> Combat Ops/Emergency Ops -> Dreadful Foe.
  • The combat nodes that appear are battles from floors 5 and 6.
  • The final stage is randomly selected from the final boss fights of IS#1, having identical stage layouts, enemies, and even map BGM.
After completing this floor, you will return to the point at which you entered it.

Regional Commissions

The closer to the ocean, the closer you are to trouble. Rhodes Island's representative in Iberia is plagued by various needs year-round. Perhaps you can help her resolve some of these problems, and get paid to better explore the ocean in the process.
There are three difficulties of commissions. Once you select your commission difficulty, you will be randomly assigned a commission belonging to that difficulty. On the map interface, you can check your current commission progress on the bottom of your screen.
Once you complete a commission, you can immediately obtain your rewards in the map interface. Entering a second Commission node isn't needed to receive rewards. You can choose one of three rewards that are randomly displayed, based on the difficulty of the commission you have cleared.
The following are the lists of commissions per difficulty, and possible rewards for completing a commission:
Take a look at the trickiest commission
Commission Name Commission Task
Cross the canyon Clear the next 4 battles, during which your Deployment Limit will be reduced by 2
Endure a harrowing battle Clear the next 4 battles, during which enemies will have +30% ATK and HP
Rekindle the lighthouse Gain a total of 15 Light
Adjust the lock cylinder Spend a total of 3 Keys
Search for a miracle Spend a total of 6 Die Rolls
Possible Rewards
Obtain a random high-quality Collectible
Obtain the Collectible 'Tulip's Secret Formula'
Gain 3 Hope and recruit any Operator
Gain 12 Objective Shield
Gain 8 Originium Ingots and 2 Keys
Take a look at the mid-tier commission
Commission Name Commission Task
Enlisting blockers Clear a total of 2 battles without adding Defender or Guard Operators to your squad
Enlisting strikers Clear a total of 2 battles without adding Caster or Sniper Operators to your squad
Enlisting support squad Clear a total of 2 battles without adding Medic or Supporter Operators to your squad
Enlisting infiltrators Clear a total of 2 battles without adding Vanguard or Specialist Operators to your squad
Eliminate threats Defeat a total of 50 enemies
Impart Experience Promote a total of 3 Operators (Excluding Operators promoted through Emergency Dispatch)
Search for an eikon Roll a 6 or greater in a Die Roll
Hunt Sea Terrors Defeat 20 Sea Monster enemies
Possible Rewards
Obtain a random Collectible
Recruit an Operator (from a selection of 2 random classes)
Gain 4 Max Life Point
Gain 7 Originium Ingots
Gain 3 Hope
Take a look at the simplest commission
Commission Name Commission Task
Fundraising efforts Spend a total of 10 Orignium Ingots
Target suppression Enter 1 Combat node
Pathfinders needed Enter a total of 2 Encounter nodes
Talent search Recruit a total of 2 new Operators
Confirm address Enter 1 Safe House node
Offer a prayer Roll 1 Die
Possible Rewards
Obtain a random collectible
Gain 2 Die Rolls
Gain 3 Objective Shield
Gain 5 Originium Ingots
Gain 1 Key
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2023.05.23 11:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Megathread - May 23 to May 29. Have a question from your game? Are you coming from D&D? Need to know where to start playing Pathfinder 2e? Ask your questions here, we're happy to help!

Please ask your questions here!

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2023.05.23 03:00 Shadowfoot Event: 23 Desnus 4307 AR: Pathfinder Society Founded (Absalom)

23 Desnus 4307 AR: Pathfinder Society Founded (Absalom)
This occurred after a pub crawl resulted in a promise to meet in the Wounded Wisp each year to share stories of their exploits.\_Society
PathfinderSociety WoundedWisp 4307AR
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2023.05.22 23:02 Barium2 super vampire template.

I found this vampire template for my campaign that CR would recommend putting an opponent of this template? its from dnd 3.5 , does it require any adaptation for pathfinder?
Str increased to 35
Cha set to 35
Int and Wis +15
dex +20
Base Land Speed increases by 300%
5x range for the Scent ability .
Damage Reduction 30/(holy, epic and good, anti-vampiric) .
Natural weapons are treated as epic and evil weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction .
All HD become D20. If already equal to or greater than D20 then there is no adj. Max hp are gained per level.
Double spell slots for all spell levels. If the increase would be less than 10 than instead of doubling the number of slots there will be a +10 to the number of spell slots for that spell level. This applies to both mage and cleric spells and is reapplied each time the vampire gains new spell slots (the vampire does NOT receive an additional 10 slots, when they gain new slots, remove the 10 bonus slots they have, if their base slots are 11 or higher, double the slots and do NOT apply the 10 bonus slots, this is calculated for each spell level for each spellcasting class).
Immune to polymorph, petrification, and other form-altering attacks
Resistant to detection. The vampire is treated as always being under the effects of a nondetection spell of a caster level equal to the vampire’s .
Skills: +20 racial bonus on Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, and Spot checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

Immune system is extremely advanced. Magical/Supernatural poisons or diseases (such as mummy rot) do not affect the vampire unless otherwise stated by the DM. Foreign objects are ejected from the body (such as a pole). Any foreign substance that enters the vampire’s body is virtually instantly eradicated, leaving behind no trace.

Lifesense (Su): The vampire notices and locates living creatures within 60 feet, just as if it possessed the blindsight ability. It also senses the strength of their life force automatically, as if it had cast deathwatch. The vampire also notices undead within 60 feet in the same manner but since undead have no life force the vampire cannot determine how close they are to being destroyed. The vampire must concentrate to use this ability. While this ability is active, the vampire is never caught flat-footed or surprised by living or undead creatures

Unnatural Presence (Su): Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence of the vampire at a distance of 90 feet. They will not willingly approach nearer than that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are within that range. They may detect the vampire for an additional 30 feet beyond the first 90. While they are within that range, they will be shaken. They will never willingly track the vampire. In general, fey folk such as pixies, nymphs, etc…and other guardians of forests such as unicorns are intolerant of intelligent undead (as they often represent the worst of the unnatural). A Pureblood’s presence is so unnatural that fairy folk and guardians such as unicorns are treated as always being hostile towards the vampire and will attack them on sight. They will flee if they don’t think they can win but will do their best to drive the vampire off. Purebloods automatically fail any Charisma, Diplomacy, or other social checks when dealing with fairy folk; they will not even hear what the vampire has to say. If the vampire wishes to deal with fairy folk they must use their servants as mediators as the fairies despise the pureblood’s very existence.

Negative Energy Beacon (Ex): In many ways, the vampire is a beacon of negative energy. Casters that attempt to absorb hp from the vampire suffer double damage and gain 2 negative energy levels. The vampire also resists positive energy by 50% and their claw attack deals 4 negative energy levels rather then 2. Due to this intense connection to the negative energy plane, the vampire may use Enervation and Energy Drain at will as supernatural abilities. The vampire heals as many hp as the target lost due to the level loss. If the hp would go over the vampire’s total then the extra hp are treated as temporary hp that will go away in 1hr. This ability cannot be used to heal damage caused by anti-vampire magic. While the vampire cannot be disrupted (the connection to the negative energy plane is too strong), weapons with disruption cause triple damage (rather than double) to the vampire.

Anathemic Turning (Ex): The powerful energies within the vampire are too potent to be turned by any cleric, no matter how powerful. Any cleric attempting to turn the vampire will sense this power even as they raise their holy symbol. The vampire must first resist their turning attempt (as Resistance to Turning) as if they were an undead with HD equal to half their own (The vampire is immune to turning/rebuking, if they fail the resistance, nothing happens). If the vampire is successful, they can then make an opposed Will check against the turning cleric. Success indicates the turning is reversed, causing the cleric’s holy symbol to blacken (losing its potency as a holy symbol, becoming nothing more than a useless object with a faint evil aura) and the cleric to suffer 3d8 points of unholy damage (Will save for half). If the vampire rolls a natural 20, their powerful will shatters the cleric’s holy symbol, causing him to suffer 8d8 points of unholy damage and stunning him for 2d4 rounds. He also loses 2d4 of his remaining turning attempts for the day.
Memory Blank (SuP): By touching a living creature, the vampire may alter the victim’s memory. This ability works in the same manner as the Modify Memory spell except as noted here. The victim suffers a –10 penalty to their will save and the vampire may alter +2 minutes of memory per caster level.

Enhanced Children (Ex): Any creature turned into a vampire by the Category A Vampire gains a +2 enhancement bonus to its Strength and Dexterity. It also gains 1 extra hit point per HD. If the Pureblood is destroyed, the vampire loses this enchantment bonus.
Pureblood’s Chosen (Ex): A Category A Vampire may designate a single Category B or lower vampire of its choice as its chosen (note: a vampire familiar not under the control of the Category A Vampire may not benefit from this ability). Doing so requires a 1-hour ritual during which the chosen must consume a small portion of the Pureblood’s flesh. The chosen gains a +6 enchantment bonus to its Strength and Dexterity scores. It also gains 3 extra hit points per HD. The Pureblood can remove this designation as a standard action. If the Pureblood is destroyed, the vampire loses this enchantment bonus. This bonus does not stack with Enhanced Children.
Unholy Grace (Ex): The vampire adds its Charisma modifier as a bonus to all its saves and as a deflection bonus to its armor class.
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2023.05.22 19:41 Monsieur_Orgon What is The Other?

Pretty much what is says on the tin.
I've been playing Pathfinder for decades and consider myself something of a lore expert, but I could not place The Other into any known box. The game itself is unhelpful, obviously, to increase tension. Based on what it does, how it appears, how it behaves, and what it (tries to) communicate to you, it seems like it might be related to Nhimbaloth. Of course it is possible the writers just made something up for dramatic purposes.
Is there anything you can learn about it other than talking to Daeran after the quest is over? Does anyone have any good theories?
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