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2023.06.07 00:12 Lou-eez- How to deal with my manipulative mother?

Context: I (18f) have an emotionally manipulative mother who contributed majorly to my developing an eating disorder which has basically ruined my life. The main reasin I'm so bitter towards her is because she also dealt with an ed as a teen (and probably still does to some extent) so she should have known better and not done the things she did to influence an ed in her daughter.
Today she attempted to apologize for anything she did in the past to hurt me, because it's clear that I (and my 2 sisters) don't like her. So I told her she can't just apologize for something she doesn't realize she did (cause my ed). She asked me what she did and I told her I couldn't tell her because it's something very personal that I don't trust her with. She kept pushing and pushing and wouldn't leave my room for an hour, started rambling about her own family issues, how she's trying to be better, etc. I told her a little bit about how she's hypocritical, prideful, and got into the surface of her bad behaviors, but she still kept pushing for me to tell her the big thing. She acted as if she were entitled to know, and kept saying how it would be good for me to let it out so that I could forgive her, as if it were that simple.
I just don't know how to deal with her. I would rather let the ruins of our relationship lie in peace, but being that we live in the same house, that won't really work, and I don't trust her with knowing about my eating disorder. Maybe I should just let it all out, scream at her all the things I've held in and be done with it, but that would be letting her know too much about me. Any advice on how to deal with this?
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2023.06.07 00:12 throway85856336 Serious help***

So I’m a 22yo who lives in his family home with parents in MA . Tonight my dad came after me after an argument over him not respecting the rules i have for my puppy that most of my family breaks. After he had attacked me (i should be pressing charges for that lol) he had continuously threatened that he’s gonna kick my locked door in and “take whatever he wants from me” and when i mentioned that I’d be taking legal action if he invaded my Locked space my mom proceeded to tell me it’s “all their stuff since it’s their house” which is not true at all i don’t have anything of theirs and that the law says i can’t do anything (legal action) if they decide to break into my room Please help me
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2023.06.07 00:12 No-Problem-3498 Retirement Investment Accounts

Hello! Apologies if this has been posted a ton of times but would like some feedback on what to do. I’m 25 years old for context and have been working in corporate for almost 2 years.
I make 85k a year and my employer matches 6% of contributions to a 401k. That is currently at 14k. My investment elections include SP500 index fund and international index fund.
I also have a Roth IRA that I started last year and that is currently at 14k as well. For this I have FXAIX (fidelity 500 index fund) and FTIHX (fidelity total international indux fund).
Other accounts include 2k in crypto and an individual brokerage account that is at 5k that has some big tech stocks that I bought when they were low. I also purchased some ETFs like VOO and FTEC, those are about 3k of the account.
All and all, my retirement fund has around 35k in it.
I have around 130k in a HYSA. I plan to buy a house in the next year or so but would like to invest some more money into retirement as I would like to possibly retire early (late 50s or so). Should I up my 401k from 6% to reach the 401k max contribution limit for the year or should I take some of the savings money and put it towards the individual brokerage account, specifically VOO. I don’t have any debt other than a credit card bill each month that is around 600-800 depending on how the month goes. I do live at home still and have no car payment.
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2023.06.07 00:12 mrphiven Father passed away. what to do?

I just heard this morning my father passed away unexpectedly. He lives alone (divorced) and in a different state (CA).
I am the eldest of the 3 siblings and mostly in charge of what to do because mom does not want to do anything with it and shes in a different country.
For assets, My dad was never great with his finances, I doubt he has anything saved up in his 401k etc. No house, he rents. And he has 2 cars. One is paid off, i think.
I am flying to CA tomorrow and might stay for a couple of days.
I am seeking advice, I am very overwhelmed, phone calls from family, the landlord, the place where he'll get cremated.
I just dont know where to start.
what will happen to his accounts? what if we were never put in as benefeciaries?
What will happen to his car? I cant drive it to my state. Is it possible to sell his cars while im there for a couple of days? what if he still owes money for the cars?
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2023.06.07 00:12 shreddsledd I have a kitten and moved into a home with a 8 year old cat, my kittens not happy period.

So I have a 9 month old kitten named biscuit, she not very social won’t let anyone really touch her besides me idk why she was born and raised well… I thought… I just moved in with a friend has a black cat who’s around 8 years old she is curious but doesn’t really care about my kitten But my kitten has been hissing and just losing her shit for days flipping her litter box won’t let me touch her, I understand adjustment and I’m sure I just need to be patient but i to start my work week and I’m afraid of really anything. Cause his older doesn’t ever care that she’s here she’s in my lap now. And my kittens hiding and hissing period no if ands or buts it’s been 3 days she’s not left my room once has a whole house to her and another cat who doesn’t give a fuck about her
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2023.06.07 00:12 PolyamorousPleb I made some art to express what a POTS flare/attack is like for me. I hope you feel seen by my art.

Digital paints, Photoshop CS4, artist credit to me
I recently got properly sick for the first time since developing POTS 2 years ago, and it really has made everything worse. I've been confined to the house for a few days and I thought I could make some art to express what it's like to someone who doesn't have POTS.
I've always found it difficult to describe properly what a POTS attack is like, because just saying something like "I get really bad headrush and have to sit down" doesn't really get across how all encompassing/smothering to the senses it is like when it's bad.
Foe me, it's really hard for to differentiate where the boundaries of objects and myself are, so for this piece I didn't use any hard lines, I just layered colours on top of each other.
Making art about illness makes me feel better because it feels like at least a small amount of the garbage feelings and experiences are stored somewhere other than my body and brain. I hope that this resonates with others here and that some of you get a similar feeling of catharsis, or at least that you feel seen by my art.
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2023.06.07 00:11 Ancient_Link2952 I hate myself

So this is the second time I’ve gone through this absolutely horrible time. First I got it on my legs from the Florida sun all day with 0 sunscreen, it was a living hell as I was fairly young and didn’t know what to do. I sat there writhing in pain for the first day and a half. Finally I asked my father what to do and he said try the peppermint oil in the bathroom. My lord did it work, it’s was instant relief and for me it lasted till it was over. That was a many years ago Now I’m sitting here on my couch after getting burnt on Sunday, again with zero sunscreen. I thought this would be another walk in the park, maybe some itching but I had forgotten. Ohhhh how blissfully unaware I was. At work today it was bearable, I could keep my mind off of the itching. But as soon is I walked through the front door it was like a switch flipped in my back. I immediately took my shirt off and started flailing around the house. I went for the ibuprofen, then aloe( I know I know not good) then itching spray. After the itching spray i tried playing vr to keep my mind off of it. I couldn’t even get the headset on before I started flopping on the ground. Finally I hopped in the shower turned it ice cold to numb it which worked but it started coming through so I turned it hot and my lord did that make it 10x worse for me. So I sat in the shower with it so cold that everything went numb, I went till I started shivering. I had my sister get me ibuprofen and Benadryl while in there and now I’m sitting on the couch with my back pressed against it and a beer in my hand. I don’t know what’s helping but it seems to have disappeared and I’m confused but so so happy, just hoping it doesn’t come back. It is still coming in little fire pricks but not nearly what it was. I don’t know what just happened to my back but my body just went through every emotion. Brings back memories
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2023.06.07 00:11 foodtower How to control major electric loads to run when the sun is shining?

My utility credits us significantly less for solar exports than it charges for electricity imported from the grid. So, I'm looking for cost-effective ways to shift consumption from night to day. No EV, and not currently interested in a battery system due to high cost. This is an Enphase system.
The best ideas I have now involve heating and cooling systems: heat pump, water heater, and refrigerator. Basically, run these devices during the day so that they overheat/overcool, and leave them off at night. So, I have a few questions:
Doing this could possibly save me up to maybe $100-$200 per year. I need to replace the water heater soon anyway and want to pick one that's conducive to this plan, but given this range of savings I'm not looking to make a gigantic project out of this. Thanks for any thoughts.
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2023.06.07 00:11 WildBlueUSAF_76127 Nathan Santalucia (MediCarolinas — Fort Mill, SC)

Anybody know this clown? Even found his address. I’m a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve serving full time at a joint reserve naval-USAF Reserve/National Guard military installation in Ft Worth, Texas. I was TDY to S.C. And at my brother’s house while he was on a business trip to Atlanta. He asked me to talk to this clown he booked an appointment with regarding some life insurance and had him on speaker phone. The plan sounded like garbage but the most disturbing thing was this guy started hitting on my brother’s 14 year old granddaughter who was at the house. It was awkward as he kept looking at her funny and asking questions like how school was and stating she was beautiful. He even touched her. I took the guy to the side afterwards and he denied doing anything but had this smirk on his face. He said he’s genuinely nice to everybody but he knew from my mannerisms, that I was not buying his shit.
Off topic, I know he said he has a wife and bragged how he carried 4 cell phones and she only knew about one. I would love to find out who the wife is and tell her a thing or two about him.
The jerk seems to remove all his poor ratings for his business (MediCarolinas) and since about March, a little after this occurred, I have attempted to post a 1 star rating with this explanation 5 times and each time, my review has gotten deleted. Look up the business on google and you will see he has all 5 star ratings… hmmm? He also (unlike other businesses do) thanked any of his eaters. Even major chain restaurants do that or apologize to the ones who leave low ratings.
I’ve had years of experience as a general officer sitting on court martials for suspected pedophiles and many acted the same way this guy did. Guess what? They all were also found guilty with unanimous evidence.
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2023.06.07 00:10 JayRe76i What changes I would make to the class system.

So this is strictly opinion based and not meant to be an ideal class system by any means. That said, there are a few areas where i would have liked some changes and maybe even some additional class options. So without further ado:
  1. Infantry Lance units. Three Houses has exactly three infantry Lance classes. There is Soldier, and there is Dimitri's two personal classes, High Lord and Great Lord. So let's change that. First of all I would suggest changing the existing Armored Knight and Fortress Knight classes to being Lance classes instead of Axe classes. This will make it harder for Gilbert and Dedue to class into these classes, but they still both have Warrior as well, and as far as I remember, Gilbert at least does have a Boon in Lances. In addition to this, it would also be nice to have some regular Lance units. I would call these Lancer and Halbadier respectively, and their stats would likely be similar to the Mercenary and Hero class, with a little less speed and more Dexterity. Halbadier would probably recieve Lancefaire and maybe Lance Crit +10 or something similar. For class masteries, I imagine Lancer might recieve Vantage and Halbadier could have a unique combat art, along with the Swordbreaker ability. The final addition I would make, and the reason for changing Armored units into Lance units, would be the addition of the Dragoon class, an Armored Lance master unit that also excels in Faith. I imagine Sylvain in particular would excel in this class, and it would be an interesting unit to see in combat. I would give this unit Lancefaire and Faith Tomefaire, as well as the skill Armsthrift from Three Hopes, which reduces the cost of using Combat Arts by one.
  2. New abilities. There's not a lot here, and what I do have for changes is mostly geared towards advanced classes. For starters, Hero. The class is infamously terrible, not only does it recieve Swordfaire and Vantage as it's skills, but it requires a C in Axe of all things to certify into it. This makes it one of the worst classes in the game. I would have Hero require a C in Authority instead, and instead of having it be a Sword Class only, I would swap out Swordfaire for an original skull I call Master of Arms. This skill would give the unit access to the Weapon Triangle and grant the unit that has weapon advantage +10 Avo while granting the unit with disadvantage -10 Avo. This would go both ways so players would have to be careful on how they place their units. In addition to this, Swordmaster, Warrior and Halbadier would each have Weaponbreaker abilities included in their class mastery, giving them a bit more utility, and a reason to class into them even if it is not a unit's final class. The same would go for Sniper, Grappler and Warlock. They would make up their own Weapon Triangle and recieve Fistbreaker, Tomebreaker and Bowbreaker respectively as part of their class mastery. I would also get rid of genderlock entirely for the grappler line. Also, I've been using some of these terms already, but I would combine Black Tomefaire and Dark Tomefaire, as well as Black Magic Uses x2 and Dark Magic Uses x2, into Reason Tomefaire and Reason Uses x2 respectively, and completely get rid of the male exclusive Dark Mage/Dark Bishop class line. Finally, I would have Gremory/Sage be available for both genders. The male Sage could reuse the now obsolete design from Dark Bishop. And I would also give the Heartseeker ability to Mortal Savant. Poison Strike would go to the Thief class and Lifetaker could be a mastery ability for Dragoon or some other class.
  3. Special classes. I would get rid of these altogether. Most of them are redundant (Valkyrie and Trickster especially) and offer little as far as actual utility goes. I would like to keep Duelist Blow and Uncanny Blow though, which I would give to Mercenary and Brawler respectively as their new class mastery abilities. War Monk/Cleric would be the only class I might keep, likely as a Axe and Faith class instead of a Brawling and Faith Class. The Trickster class I would change somewhat and have ot be a Sword/Bow/Faith Master class called Ranger. It would recieve Locktouch, Heal +10 and Stealth, so nothing particularly special, but it could be an excellent class to give the Lucky Seven skill to as a mastery ability.
  4. Mounted units. So here comes the big change. Now that we are through with the infantry classes, a few changes need to be made to the mounted units. First of all, Lance units are way overrepresented in mounted classes, with the only classes that don't require Lance being Wyvern Rider and Great Knight. Let's fix that. Traditionally, Cavaliers in Fire Emblem have been Sword or Lance units, so I would suggest equipping them with Swords instead of Lances. This change would also apply to Dark Knight and Holy Knight as well, and I would completely remove the Lance/Axe requirements from Bow Knight and Great Knight, in favor of giving Bow Knight access to Bowfaire and Great Knight to Master of Arms. I would also suggest giving both Pegasus Fliers and Wyvern Fliers access to both an intermediate and an advanced class. These would be called Pegasus/Wyvern Rider and Pegasus/Wyvern Knight respectively. I would then replace Wyvern Lord with Malig Knight, which would recieve Transmute as it's mastery ability, and Falcon Knight would recieve access to Faith Magic. While I would not open Pegasus classes up to male flier, I do have another solution that might work just as well. Introducing the Griffin RideKnight could offer an alternative to the female exclusive Pegasus Knight, and it would still work even if it weren't male exclusive. Allow me to explain. I would introduce a stable system, wherein players are able to raise mounts, Horses, Wyvern, Pegasi and Grifffins to be exact. In order to class into a mounted class, a unit would need a given support rank with their mount, C for intermediate classes, B for advanced classes, and A for master classes. Only female units would be able to raise Pegasi, but both could raise Griffins. A unit can have only one mount at a time, but would still be able to raise a second if so desired. In order to prohibit female units from mastering the same class twice. Any class progression made in Pegasus classes would also count towards Griffin classes, this way the player can choose which mount they want. Altogether, I feel like this is a solid solution to the Genderlock issue, and also gives an added level of difficulty when classing into a mounted class. These changes would however mean that the current Wyvern Lord and Falcon Knight classes, as they currently exist, would not be included in the game, and instead the strongest purely physical Flying units would be Wyvern/Pegasus/Griffin Knight, with Malig/Falcon/Seraph Knight being Hybrid classes.
If I missed anything or wasn't clear enough, feel free to ask questions or share your opinion! I welcome all forms of constructive criticism!
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2023.06.07 00:10 Minibearden [Online][PF1E][CST] Forever DM looking for a game to play in.

As the title says I'm a forever DM and I would like to be able to play again, so I'm looking for an LGBTQIA+ friendly Pathfinder 1E game. I'm a 36 yo dude, and I've been playing since PF1E first came out, so you won't have to help me with much, if anything, except maybe if you have house rules. But I'm not a rules lawyer either. I'm pretty chill. I like a good mix of combat and RP, erring on the RP side, and I'm looking for anything really, modules or homebrew.
I live in the midwest so I'm CST, and I can play any day of the week except Saturday so long as we don't go past about 9:45 PM CST (10 PM at the latest) if the game falls anywhere Sunday to Thursday. I'm very familiar with Roll20 as I've been running games on there for years. Currently running my own homebrew every other Saturday, hence why I can't play on Saturdays.
As for my character idea, I'd be playiong a Gnome Illusion specialist Wizard. He comes from money but decided he was bored of his wealth and privilege and went to learn magic. His parents thought he would fail, but still wished him well. He studied only illusion magic as something about it appealed to him. He did occasionally learn a spell or two for defense and offense if needed, but mostly stuck to illusion. Once he had become a full fledged wizard he decided to go adventuring. Again, his parents wished him well, but gave him no monetary support as they figured he would fail anyway and that when he did they would welcome him back and start teaching him to take care of the family's affairs. He has no trauma or tragic backstory. :D
Anyway, that's pretty much everything about me and what I'm looking for. If you think I'd fit into your group, shoot me a message on here or add me on Discord. My Discord is minibearden#7794. Thanks for reading this post and I hope to hear from a great DM soon!
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2023.06.07 00:10 AYYYDIOS How to cancel a signed contract in South Florida that has pass the 3 day right to cancel.....

A dear relative was misled in a general contract on the PACE program. She did sign the contract(signed on 06.28.23) but wasn't explained about the lien on her property nor the financing implementation that she was getting drag into which after paying 30 years of monthly installments will come out to $53640 when the original work was $1700 for updating her property. The below text is their 3day policy which they are holding to. They don't want to cancel, their last words was I'll see you went you want sell your house. Please help.
THREE-DAY RIGHT TO CANCEL You, the buyer, have the right to cancel this contract within three business days. You may cancel by e-mailing, mailing, faxing, or delivering a written notice to the contractor at the contractor’s place of business by midnight of the third business day after you received a signed and dated copy of the contract that includes this notice. Include your name, your address, and the date you received the signed copy of the contract and this notice. If you cancel, the contractor must return to you anything you paid within 10 days of receiving the notice of cancellation. For your part, you must make available to the contractor at your residence, in substantially as good condition as you received them, any goods delivered to you under this contract or sale. Or, you may, if you wish, comply with the contractor’s instructions on how to return the goods at the contractor’s expense and risk. If you do make the goods available to the contractor and the contractor does not pick them up within 20 days of the date of your notice if cancellation, you may keep them without any further obligation. If you fail to make the goods available to the contractor, or if you agree to return the goods to the contractor and fail to do so, then you remain liable for performance of all obligations under the contract.
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2023.06.07 00:10 EATherrian Horror book from maybe the 80s

I think it was from a Scholastic book fair. It was horror book with multiple stories and illustrations what were actually quite good and realistic. I remember three stories: One had child ghost in carriage house who gets a living boy to join him, one had a ghost in a wall-off burned room I think also involved a ball rolling down stairs, and one had a girl disappear in a snowstorm only for the girl's bloody footprints later.
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2023.06.07 00:09 poopbrainmane Need to get my dad a will. Good enough to do an online tool or should I get a state specific lawyer on upwork?

As the question says, I need to get my dad a will. Good enough to do an online tool or should I get a state specific lawyer on upwork?
I’m in software so I actually feel like this could be handled pretty good if there’s a reliable tool out there (not looking for a free tool)
Or, should I find a solidly reviewed lawyer on upwork?
How much should I look the spend?
His finances are extremely basic. One primary House and couple of stock accounts.
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2023.06.07 00:09 trynapassphysics Need financial help and advice

This is almost my second year working out of college. I make around 116k. I have a 401k that I put 15% into and also maxing out a roth IRA. Rest of my money is in the apple HYSA just to make some additional money. Living at home but paying rent to help out my parents around 800 a month. I don't have the best spending habits but I save a good amount. Am I ok to retire at 65 if I keep doing this? Should I be investing into something else? Should I be saving money to buy a house ? Life is a bit overwhelming so I would love some advice !
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2023.06.07 00:09 Chance-Personality50 Adventure Hooks

an anciently old man suddenly approaches a player on a dark street, hands them a heavy leather bound book, with an iron lock saying; "tell them I am sorry" and promptly collapses dead.
while boating a sudden storm washes you ashore a small island with an old house, the only house, on the summit of a hill.
While attending a dinner party a bright flash of light and thunderous boom shakes the house, momentarily unconscious you and the rest of the guests awaken with no recollection of who you are.
Your Neighbor has not been seen for weeks. Your Neighbor's young son tells you his father has locked himself in the attic not asking for food or water, but moves about, the house is verry cold within.
A Player is a Prohibition Officer on a raid. After a fierce gun fight the remaining mobster puts the revolver to his temple laughs and pulls the trigger, In many oak barrels with a strange symbol burned upon them is an odd, foul smelling, viscous black fluid.
A Scientist coworker at your research lab had been studying the devices of Nicola Tesla when he suddenly went missing; 3 weeks later his rotting corpse knocks on your door and gibbers some sort of language then desolves into a puddle of goo
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2023.06.07 00:09 Franken_Bird I (F21) cheated on my bf (M21) last night and I hate myself for it.

TW: SA Mention My bf(21M) and I(21F) have been together for almost 6 months and last night I cheated. It wasn't on purpose and there was no actual sex involved, but I still feel awful. I've never been on this end of things before, and I'm not sure what to do. He wants to stay, but says he'll never trust me again. He doesn't know what he wants and I don't know what else to do here. What should I do on my end? BACKGROUND: I went to go visit a friend of mine who had just gotten a cool tattoo and I wanted to go see it. This guy was my friend so I figured it would be normal. I told my bf, who was not in town at the time, that I would be going over. I had sent time there before with him and even this friend one-on-one, so I didn't think anything of it. He told me not to go and I should have listened. He said he didn't trust the friend, and until it happened I didn't believe him as this friend had never made it obvious that he was even remotely interested in me. If he did, I wouldn't have noticed because I'm pretty oblivious to that stuff. I dropped him off at his house and we sat on the porch and talked and then we went upstairs. We were drinking too, which didn't help matters. We talked about a bunch of shit like our issues and I opened up to him about some deep and personal trauma that I had when it came to personal boundaries. I told him this and when he had finally gotten close enough, he kissed me. I didn't know what to do. I froze and didn't know what to do. I'd been in situations like this before and usually they never end well. When he kept trying to push it, I made attempts to shut it down, but then it led to more coercion. At that point I was panicking because it brought back a lot of deep-seated trauma that I have been trying to get solved on my own time. I could either stay and submit so I don't get hurt or attempt to outrun a dude who towers above me and regularly lifts weights and has admitted to using body building enhancers. I went with the easiest option because while I may have known this guy this whole time I'd been dating him, I didn't grow up with him and I knew nothing about his past, so when my bf told me he's tried stuff before with other girls, but I gave this guy the benefit of the doubt because I think people can change if they're willing. I never had any idea that this guy was interested in me, because I honestly never would have noticed. But yeah, I went with the "go along with it" approach because in that moment, due to past trauma and basic logical reasoning, I determined that running now would decrease my chances of survival. We never had sex and when I finally had the courage to run, I did and fast. I didn't know how to tell my bf that it happened and I waited until he was nearly asleep because the guilt was eating me up and making me vomit. I told him, it didn't go well, and now I'm not sure where we're at. He drove my car home and kept saying things like "I hope he tasted good" and other things to rub salt in the wound. So far my mom, a mutual friend, and a member of his family know about it. I already got threatening messages from the family member along with other things that I won't say. NOW: He said we were done so I accepted it. I started packing his stuff and told him to come get it today and bring my stuff because I don't want this process to be longer and more painful for him. I hear nothing until he starts texting me saying how he doesn't know what to do. This is after he said he needed space. I then hear about how he wants to be with me but will never believe a word I say because I screwed this up. So far he's called me twice since then and its the same conversation. He doesn't know what he wants, I tell him to take the time to make up his mind, he starts rubbing salt in the wound, and I end up crying because I don't know what he wants to hear from me. My mom is upset with him primarily because, and these are her words not mine, "If he knew how dangerous and somewhat predatory his friends are and told you, why did YOU have to be careful? He knew these people yet still kept you around them. Why do you have to be taking the weight for his shitty friend's behavior." He knows I didn't initiate it, but he still thinks I did. I'm trying to give him space but when I hear things like "we're done" and then 4 hours later "I still love you" and then a slew of just nasty comments toward me. I don't want him to leave but I know I can't make him stay, so for now all I can do is give him space. I've been beating myself up about it all day, wanting to disappear into the woods, I showered twice today because I felt dirty from everything that had just happened. I hate myself for it. I know I screwed up, and I know I can't come back from it. I just don't know what else he wants from me. Due to my royal screw up, I've pretty much decided to avoid an entire city and his hometown so avoid any more issues. I've also blocked any and all of his friends but not him because that's what he wanted I guess, I don't know.
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2023.06.07 00:09 StandardBorn8306 Rental assistance in La?

Would appreciate any info for my daughter that’s disabled and needs housing she’s applying for ihss and gets medi cal
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2023.06.07 00:09 YaboyRipTide I just left a job to become a bartender and broke my foot the week before. Now what?

As the title says, I recently was planning on moving to the beach to live with my sister this weekend and becoming a full-time bartender at a big touristy bar. Last Wednesday was my last day at work and everything was all hunky-dory until I broke my foot over the weekend. The doctor said he recommends surgery which would sideline me from any sort of "normal" walking for 5ish months including 2 months in a wheelchair. I'm currently getting a 2nd opinion to see if that really is the case as the doctor also mentioned I could go without surgery, let it heal, and just see what happens from there as there is a chance I can just go ahead and start walking with no issue again. Eventually, though, I will need surgery probably in the next 10 years.

Regardless, you can't bartend on 1 foot so that is pretty much done. I am 24 years old with a bachelor's and a master's degree and about 1300ish in the bank. I bought a car a few months ago with the help of my parents and that monthly payment is about $250. Outside of that, I have no debt to my name. I am thinking about a personal injury/negligence lawsuit as a result of my broken foot but that would be months down the line before it would get settled.

My options are either living at home with my parents until the fall when I "should" be healthy enough to work again, or moving to the beach and finding an easy retail job at a little shack. Rent at the beach would be $550ish whereas I probably wouldn't be charged rent if I went home. In terms of a virtual job, my previous industry was sports so it was all-in-person and it would be impossible to do it virtually. Moving over to the hospitality industry/bartending, obviously, that can't happen either. I would love to stay in one of those two so I don't really want a full-blown career change at this point in my life either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?
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2023.06.07 00:09 betchwtfff I 18F am in a situationship with my coworker 45M and my mom 50F just found out through the grapevine.. I dont know how to go foward with this

Wow okay so let me start with some context, I live in a pretty small town where if you are out and about and socialable even just a little bit you get to know a lot of people. Ive also lived here my entire life so id consider myself somewhat rooted in this community. Im going to call him Josh, Josh has lived here off and on since he was a 18 so hes also pretty deeply rooted in the community. His mom is from the states and his dad is from here.
For example, while I was growing up (elementary school-middle school) there was a ice cream shop up from my house which one of his friends ran, he would be in there sometimes. I dont particuarly remember if he was ever in when me and my family would come in and get ice cream but im just going to say hes known me for a while, and definitly since I was a minor.
We never really had conversations until i was in highschool around 15-16yo and he worked in a jewlery and thing shop that me and my friends liked going in. From there we actually began knowing of eachothers existence but it was never in any way. Just having friendly conversation with a familiar face.
Then last summer i went away on a trip for a month and my job had to hire new people and he was hired as he was also a friend of my boss and her family so it was an easy quick fix to me being gone for a month. Once i got back from my trip i wasnt working any of the same shifts with him unless I was covering, so i didnt see him all too much and didnt really put too much effort into having conversation when we were working together.
Up until Jan 2023 we began working together more and so i began talking to him more and over the course of that month (im 18 and1/4 at the time) and we began hanging out outside of work but always just after work, never going out of our way to hang out on off days. We'd go to the beach after work and have a couple beers and just talk, for hours. I love the types of conversations we have, they range in topic and level of depth but we consistintly get the whole spectrum. Ive always felt a little bit awkward speaking, in the sense of not feeling like things come out right and always being misunderstood. But for some reason with him ive never felt more present and actually capable of talking, processing, and understanding all at once. He's healed things in me from previous relationships and ive done the same for him. I wasnt planning/plotting to sleep with him we never really talked about it and it was kinda a 'if it happens it happens' type of thing for me. Working with him I had a little crush on him but im not the type of person to do stuff with coworkers but after actually getting to know him, my little coworker crush developed into an actual crush.
One day me, him and our other coworker (26F) did our usual sunset beach beer hangout and we all felt hungry and josh offered to make us some food up at his place, and we agreed. I had a bottle of nice whiskey at my house so i dropped by and picked it up before heading up. we all ate and got a bit drunk, him and our other coworker more than myself since i had to drive 15-20 min to get home and she lived just down the street. She ended up deciding to leave around 11pm and i chose to stay and hang out longer, soon enough it was 3am and we both felt like it would be best if i dont drive home (i had drank more and was getting tired). He has a small one bedroom place and doesnt have room for a couch so he was going to sleep on the floor while i took his bed but i told him that i feel comfortable with him sleeping next to me. We ended up sleeping together and have been seeing eachother since then.
We've been keeping "us" pretty down low because I know that both of my parents (mom 50F and dad 57M) would have a pretty big issue with it. My mom was aware that i'd hang out with him after work/outside of work and that we were friends, I was just hiding that ive been sleeping with him. I'd hang out with him and his friends, be invited to BBQ's and camping out, they didnt know at first but as of more recent times they have been made aware of our dynamic and are completely supportive. Now majority of his friends that he sees on the weekly basis knows and the word has spread.
Im on a trip visiting family on the mainland and before i left i mentioned to him that ive been thinking of having our relationship be just platonic again. We've taken a break before (he expressed a need for it the first time) and now i felt like it would be best if we'd stop sleeping together as i felt like things were progrssing too fast and too many people were getting involved (aka i was getting overwhelmed and anxious on how this was all going to go/end). Ive been gone for a week and we havent been texting as much, he knows im with family and want space. And then I get a text from my mom saying she heard that josh has a 18 year old girlfriend and that she'd like some explaining. ive texted him and updated him, i want us to stay on the same page. I really dont want to tell my mom the full truth but I also dont want to lie, and i know he wont support me lying as well. Hes currently at work and will be there for the next 4-5 hours so im just playing the waiting game to see how he feels about the whole situation.
Should I tell the whole truth since shes already been told by someone in the community and just come clean even though my body is screaming run? I know that I should i just know that it would cause so much tension in the house and im already planning on moving to a different stare in november of this year and i dont want our last months to be full of fighting. not to mention the rest of my life this being held over my head. i just wish that i could do things and not have it be everyones business, especially since its not a serious relationship and we both knew it was never was going to be one.

sorry if this is all over the place im currently an nervous mess. i have therapy before i head home and have to deal with this in the flesh. wish me luck xoxo
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2023.06.07 00:08 VortexeGaming Need advice or a second opinion (If this friend is gay for me or not)

Backstory: So I have this friend (We'll call him J) and we've been great friends for 8 years. We're in our late teens. J is a pastor's kid, and we're christians. Please don't hate, but our religion doesn't agree with the LGBT and stuff, but I like this community nonetheless. So There have been many times that raised flags if J was gay for me or not:
I was at his house one time and we were chilling on his bed. We were next to each other, but a blanket kept us apart. I was watching memes and J overheard and wanted to come see. I turn my head to see his reaction, and his face was like 3 cm away from mine, and he didn't seem bothered. He rolled back over to watch instagram reels (IDK tbh). I found another meme and wanted to show him. He was laying in a way where he was on his side, and he was wearing a tank top and sweatpants. His hip was exposed much normally than usual. I decided to get his attention by tapping his hip, and he resonded. After that, I found another meme, and his hip was still there. I tapped again, but this time, I rested my hand on his hip, and he didn't say anything about it.
Second time, I was at church when it ended, and my church likes to fundraise and sell food. I was standing outside of the door trying to get a line in place when J comes up to me. I dab him up, as usual, and then he looks straight into my eyes, and goes "Heyy", like in a way you'd hit on someone. I said hi back, a little bit of butterflies in my stomach as he walked inside.
Third time, I was at worship practice for my church (I know, I go to church a lot) and me and J were playing volleyball in the courtyard. I was inexperienced, and he was on a high school team, so he showed me how to properly stand. He took his hand and put it on my inner thigh and made me spread my legs a bit, but it was a firm grab and it lasted 4 seconds longer than it usual should have.
Here's where it begins to get confusing. i was at a restaurant with J when we were playing clash royale together. He accidentally pressed an emote that showed a heart, and I did one back which blew a kiss. He went ,"That's gay bro." And I was like "Yeah but you went first."
So I'm confused here. Does J have feelings for me? or is he hiding them? Or is he just straight but comfortable around me?
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2023.06.07 00:08 JazzlikeCable 115k in San Diego vs 90k in ATL

So obviously San Diego is expensive. The biweekly take home after taxes/deduction in SD would be about $2900 vs $2200 I get now.
Paying $1600 for a 640 sq ft 1/1 in midtown ATL, looking for the same hopefully around $2000 in SD.
Curious to hear what y’all think in SD. Factoring in true cost of living in SD, think it’s worth the trade off?
P.s I hate Atlanta and want to move. Long term would like to buy a house in Florida just saving until then.
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