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[GL] Celes & Vivi FR/BT - Campaign Draw 1 (DE: T Support Special) - Gacha Thread

2023.06.08 06:42 Greensky7 [GL] Celes & Vivi FR/BT - Campaign Draw 1 (DE: T Support Special) - Gacha Thread

Please keep all Gacha results here.
This is to minimize the barrage of Gacha results being put out.
If any associated posts are seen outside of this thread they will be deleted by the moderators. Thank you.
Draw starts June 8th at 2:00 UTC until June 22nd at 1:59 UTC
Weapons Featured
First multi draw is free. Forgot about this one.
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2023.06.08 06:41 SalamanderAmazing901 Found a Valorant Stickers App with excellent stickers on Play Store

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2023.06.08 06:41 Particular_Ideal_465 Discuss the differences between scientific and social definitions of drugs. What possible factors go into society's creating categories for drugs and drug use?

Discuss the differences between scientific and social definitions of drugs. What possible factors go into society's creating categories for drugs and drug use?
For an online drugs in society class. I’m interested in your opinions
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2023.06.08 06:41 Careful_Juice_8487 Rlc display suggestions?

Rlc display suggestions?
Hey everyone I’m pretty new to collecting hot wheels and rlcs and I’m just wondering how do you guys display your rlcs? I haven’t really thought of a better way other than standing them up on a little shelve lol
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2023.06.08 06:40 Kyurza [CA-ON][H] Death Adder V3 Pro with corepads, Pwnage Ultra Custom, Aqua Control Plus 2, Aqua Control Plus[W] Paypal

Mice: White DA3 with corepads, will put in the extra feet. Used for a few weeks and left it in box - asking $100 + shipping
Pwnage Ultra Custom, used for a few months and left in box (comes with extra plates and buttons like original did as well) - asking $50 + shipping
Both have original accessories and box.
Aqua Control Plus. Used for a for maybe a year but in good condition and will be cleaned and disinfected before shipping. - asking $20 + shipping
Aqua Control Plus 2. Used for a few months and cleaned once. Bought an artisan pad so I don't need it anymore. (Comes with original box) - asking $30 + shipping
PM for more photos or inquiries.
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2023.06.08 06:40 SolarstarValke REVIEW: SAS TIME!!!!!

Yup, it's Summer Time for sure now since we're finally going through Summer SAS at B&BW and of course that means a new selection of scents available, but cheap which is super exciting to see!. That said we have a healthy list of new scents to check out so let's dive in!

  • Disco Daydream (Cali Haze, Wild Vanilla, Radiant Coconut) - I think of all 6 scents reviewed, I think Disco Daydream might have the mysterious turnout to people. Not only do I not (and a LOT of people as well) know what "Cali Haze" is, the scent is not quite giving me much of coconut and vanilla, I feel like. If anything I get a floral, sweet smell (that may or may not have berries somewhere). Maybe related to both Vanilla Coconut and Butterfly, minus some elements....maybe a LITTLE of Sapphire Moon perhaps. It's an odd scent I guess as a whole, but it's OK...
  • Groovy Watermelon (Juicy Pink Watermelon, Sugared Strawberry Blossoms, Lime Zest) - Yep, it is what you think, it's a renamed/repackaged Pink Watermelon Blast from last year and while I don't enjoy the rename, this is still an amazing scent still! Very candy-like and sweet, yet also a little tart. Very good scent and still better than Spring's Watermelon Mojito in my opinion.
  • Plumeria (Pink Plumeria, Peach Nectar, Red Apple, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Gardenia Petals) - Moving on, we have the collection that brought back old 90's favorites (like what they did for Winter SAS last year). Plumeria we haven't really seen for a while (it was first introduced to these bottles in 2015, but this and White Tea & Ginger (and the rest of the set) predates them. Plumeria is a really interesting scent because it is a fruity/floral scent and it just smells so unique to me. It's really the mix of the plumeria/gardenia mix that really pops out on top of the sweet apple that fuses the scent. Does kind of smell musty in ways, but it's quite different for me.
  • White Tea & Ginger (White Tea Leaves, Sparkling Yuzu, Fresh Bergamot, Geranium Petals, Hint of Ginger) - Likewise, I think White Tea & Ginger is definitely a unique one as well. Definitely starts off with the floral & spicy scent which was good to smell and funny enough I think the tea leaves and geranium mix remind me of Night-Blooming Jasmine, but I think the Yuzu/Bergamot citrus-heavy element and the ginger itself gave it more depth! It might not be a scent for everyone, but I do like the herbal/spice feel of it (and luckily it smells just as good as White Tea & Sage).
  • Whipped Coconut Milkshake (Vanilla Ice Cream, Toasted Coconut, Sugared Amber) - We really can't escape coconut scents, can we? At least this is a gourmand coconut we're dealing with and just going from that comparisons were going to be made. To begin though, I was kind of hoping the scent would smell more creamier than what we got (especially with the ICE CREAM note, I don't get any of that lactonic element that should be here). So moving along it's still a gourmand coconut scent so I had to bring out Vanilla Coconut, White Coconut Caramel, and Coconut Cream Pie out for comparison. Definitely shares elements from the first (but not peach blossom), White Coconut Caramel has more of a deeper scent + the hazelnut note and while I think it is closest to Coconut Cream Pie, the latter is more gourmand and the pie crust note exists. Also I think Whipped Coconut Milkshake's amber note makes the scent warmer and a little more perfume-esque so they're all different, but small changes indeed.
  • Fruity Sherbet Scoop (Rainbow Sherbet, Zesty Orange, Sun-Kissed Strawberry) - Last in the review, we have Fruity Sherbet Scoop and it's also another scent that's kind of familiar in ways but like Whipped Coconut Milkshake, small differences make the difference. The biggest comparisons are between it, Tutti Frutti Candy and Rainbow Swirl Candy. So it is close to Tutti Frutti Candy BUT the difference between the two is quite evident with the lemon and orange notes. HOWEVER, this is a very close dupe if not an actual to Rainbow Swirl Candy from Winter last year! I can't detect much of a difference between the two...although it does smell different on skin because the mint in RSC and strawberry in FSS are the big hitters. Yeah, this was a hard one too. Furthermore, Fruity Sherbet Scoop, also like Whipped Coconut Milkshake is lacking a lactonic note, especially since it's a sherbet as well...kind of bizarre if you ask me.
Fav to least fav:
  • Groovy Watermelon
  • White Tea & Ginger
  • Whipped Coconut Milkshake
  • Fruity Sherbet Scoop
  • Plumeria
  • Disco Daydream

So about Summer SAS so far

Definitely was a step-up from last year what with the collections being weird, like the main set released didn't release with all the products available (still ticked Cinnamon Sugar Donut never got a FFM), some old SAS shenanigans appearing and lack of new overall. This SAS had 3 solids sets released which seems a bit more focused, though I think we could've had a couple more new scents especially some unique ones which this year was kind of lacking in some way.

The 70's collection is fun to look at for sure, but 2 scents were old (Golden Sunflower & Rainbow Waves), one was renamed (Groovy Watermelon) and one was a new scent, albeit an odd one with Disco Daydream. Not bad, the scents were good choices (Golden Sunflower is odd for being a Fall scent and Rainbow Waves was last year's Pride scent). Good set, maybe somewhat confusing.
Next set was the returning 90's scents + Cucumber Melon returning to celebrate 25 years and this set is.....missing something? While I'm not the biggest fan of both Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze, my first introduction to Plumeria and White Tea & Ginger was positive...but I was hoping for some other oldies to make a return that haven't been in these FFM/Body Care styles yet.
Last was the Salt Shack collection Like I really could've used a new scent somewhere here (especially since it's the 3). Like Cotton Candy Clouds has become the mainstay (has appeared more frequently than Boardwalk Taffy and Whipped Berry Merengue put together). Sadly both Whipped Coconut Milkshake and Fruity Sherbet Scoop were way too close to previous scents that I couldn't really find myself excited for the set.

Overall, Summer 2 (SAS) is both better and disappointing in ways. There wasn't any new scents introduced to older sets like last year (give or take. that may be good or bad), but the sets introduced felt more focused and together. A lot of the remaining scents selling are mostly from Spring this year and Christmas of last year...kind of eh?
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2023.06.08 06:40 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle Courses (Complete)

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2023.06.08 06:40 Easy-Reflection-4878 I found more

I found more
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2023.06.08 06:36 Lonely-Machine-4993 Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gen 8 Review, Experience and Recommendations? i7 vs i5? is i7 worth for more $?

Hey everyone,
I've been eyeing the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gen 8 for a while now, and I'm curious to know if any of you have had experience with this laptop. I've read some reviews online, but I wanted to get some firsthand opinions from the Reddit community.
If you own or have used the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gen 8, I would appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and experiences with the laptop. Here are a few specific questions I have:
  1. Cooling and Noise: Does the Slim 7i handle heat well, and is the fan noise noticeable during intensive tasks? Does it get too hot during intensive gaming sessions?
  2. Battery Life: How long does the battery last during normal usage?
  3. Any known issues or quirks: Have you encountered any specific problems or quirks with the laptop? Are there any common complaints or issues that potential buyers should be aware of?
  4. Overall Recommendation: Based on your experience, would you recommend the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i Gen 8 to others? Why or why not?
I live in India and The configuration I am looking at for 1900$, right now is : Processor 13th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-13500H Processor (E-cores up to 3.50 GHz P-cores up to 4.70 GHz)
Operating System Windows 11 Home 64 Single Language
Memory 16 GB DDR5-5200MHz (Soldered)
Hard Drive 1 TB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 TLC
Display Type 40.64cms (16) 3.2K (3200 x 2000), IPS, Anti-Glare, Non-Touch, 100%DCI-P3, 430 nits, 165Hz, Narrow Bezel, Low Blue Light
Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4060 Laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6
AC Adapter 230W Slim 3pin AC Adapter - India
Warranty 3 Years Onsite + 1 Year ADP + 1 Year Legion Ultimate Support
Camera FHD with Dual Microphone
Fingerprint Reader Fingerprint Reader with Power Button
Keyboard White Backlit, Storm Grey - English
Wireless Wi-Fi 6E 2x2 AX & Bluetooth® 5.1 or above
Battery 4 Cell Li-Polymer 99.9Wh
I am confused between i5 13500h and i7 13700h. The i7 configuration is 200$ more expensive. I can afford it but my question is, is it worth more money?
I understand that everyone's experiences may vary, but I'm hoping to gather some insights to help me make an informed decision. Any feedback or recommendations would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance for your help!
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2023.06.08 06:35 Hydrotricithline Sorc - Two handed staff vs weapon + orb my experience so far

I've been playing around with sorc builds a little lately, been wracking my head trying to figure out why anyone would use a 1h weapon + orb vs a 2 handed staff.
Hear me out:
two handed staff vs 'knife' and 'orb. The 1 handed weapon is higher dps with the orb than the 2 handed weapon is. Obviously the difference is the attack speed. So assuming the DPS was equal between the 2h vs 'dual wield', the effective dps should be the same. correct?
However, for simplicity sake to illustrate my point, If a 2-h weapon does 10 damage per swing at once a second, and a weapon+orb does 5 damage per swing at the speed of 2 swings per second. The damage between the two 'should' be equivalent. However the missing factor here is mana/spell points. The 2-h weapon only has to pay the cost once, and the 1h + orb has to pay the cost twice, for the same dps.
I might be bias here as I'm building a dot/fire sorc build, but I haven't been able to eye ball the 'firewall' spell 'ticking' damage any faster or slower based on the weapon speed I'm using once cast. And if (using enchants) I get a 5% proc chance of making 2 more firewalls per burn damage vs an enemy, the damage (over 8 sec) is radically larger when using the slower 2h weapon.
I'm trying to find any practical reason of why anyone would pay almost double the mana use, for the same (or less) dps using a caster vs when using a 2h staff.
The only viable 'reason' I could see is maybe another gem slot (or two?) and more 'extra stats' but I'm seriously doubting that's going to make up the damage per spell shortfall (and the excessive mana use) as the mana cost of the spells doesn't seem to scale downward with faster attacks.
Maybe I'm missing something here, would love any input. Maybe I'm using false assumptions but so far I'm trying a higher dps 1h+orb vs my crappy staff and my 2h staff, and my staff is burying the higher dps items both in actual dps and in mana use.
Any input is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 06:35 SandovalsNews BREAKING: Mark Meadows Has Agreed To PLEAD GUILTY!!!! 😀😃😄😁

BREAKING: Mark Meadows Has Agreed To PLEAD GUILTY!!!! 😀😃😄😁
BREAKING: Mark Meadows Has Agreed To PLEAD GUILTY!!!! 😀😃😄😁
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2023.06.08 06:35 TrueShpitzer22 How can i get Add-ons Preferences without paying ? I need tihs red circle and i don't have it so any way to get it somehow or link to send me ?

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2023.06.08 06:35 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Here)

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2023.06.08 06:35 Horny_Gila Idk about this

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2023.06.08 06:34 _vinpetrol 2023-06-08 Nattens nyheter: 1 bomb

Nya grova brott Källa
Bomb - Skåne svt
Man knivskuren - Västergötland expressen
Övriga brottsnyheter
Ville bli skjuten - Mora svt
Mordbränder - Ystad expressen
Åtal: bomber - Stockholm mitti
TR: livstid + utv för dödsskjutning - Stockholm mitti
TR: 4 år + utv för upplopp - Norrköping svt
HR: 10 år för mordförsök - Sörmland svt
HR: 6 år för misshandel - Göteborg expressen
Bränder - Västergötland svt
Tidigare inlägg
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2023.06.08 06:34 Important-Length4341 5slip let’s go Gn

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2023.06.08 06:32 Essemre 112 Maldini or 112 Desailly?

112 Maldini or 112 Desailly? submitted by Essemre to FUTMobile [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 06:32 blockboy_boosie Still can’t beat level 10

Still can’t beat level 10
This my load out but can’t get pass level 10 on stage 15 any suggestions besides getting gold slayer I want to beat it with the mini slayer first
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2023.06.08 06:32 Holy_butch banner shield is all i want :>

banner shield is all i want :>
why it is stretch?? lmao
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2023.06.08 06:32 PauulC Only 67 minutes excluding color changes lol

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