How much is tequila cayo perico


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The largest local whisky sub in the Reddit Whisky Network, this is the destination for Canadian fans of whisky (not just fans of Canadian whisky!) to plan meet-ups, discuss whisky from around the world, and bitch about our prices!

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This is a subreddit for discussions surrounding the use of limes over lemons in all contexts.

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2023.06.08 06:49 tumsoffun What's with him?

My husband will get in moods where he will do stuff that he knows will piss me off, like it's funny to him until I lose my today when we were driving to go out to eat, I was trying to talk to him about my problems with my new watch band and he kept interrupting me, which I have expressed many many times how much I hate that, to the point I snapped and loudly yelled "God damn it, fucking stop it! You know I hate that and also I told you today I was about to start my period so you know I'm pms-ing, why are you trying to piss me off?!" And then he sits in the driver's seat quietly like he's pouting or upset or something and I apologize for overreacting but he never apologizes to me!
He does it a lot of the time to just tease me a little bit and I'll roll my eyes and just play along, but idk why I have to feel like an asshole for the times I do finally snap when he knows he's doing something to purposely get under my skin. Wtf is that?!
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2023.06.08 06:48 gribau Maybe moving to Winston-Salem (I know you’re probably tired of these posts!)

Hi all!!!! Like I said in the title, I’m sorry for a repeated post but I would love some more input! My husband and I (both mid 20s with a pup) are either moving to Winston-Salem or Greensboro! One thing we are worried about with WS is that since it gives the small town feel we may get bored easily doing the same thing over and over each weekend since there may not be a lot of variety of things to do. We’re coming from a town of a little less than 80k, and we both went to college here so we’re a little ~bored~.
I guess what I’m really looking for are suggestions on is there a lot to do in WS, how much of a small town vibe does it give off, cons of WS / comparison to Greensboro.
Thanks so much everyone :)
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2023.06.08 06:48 aglungus Interviewing to be a "Loader/Cart Associate," what kind of pay should I expect?

Sorry if this kind of post is common or annoying.
I know what the job is and I'm fine doing it, I just want to know how much-ish it pays if anyone has an idea what to expect?
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2023.06.08 06:47 busybeeworking How can a culture be changed?

I have a few questions:
  1. How can a culture be changed, specifically it’s values, behaviors, and beliefs? As an example, people in the US talk about cultural problems and solutions but can’t actually do it. They logically want to, they attempt to with their actions, but change does not happen. One example is how intentional communities repeatedly fall apart and fail after forming.
  2. Why does the US struggle with mutual aid and activism even though people in countries in much worse conditions do it without excuses? (By activism I mean strategized action, not protests. We absolutely have this in some cities but it’s not widespread.) As an example, I notice that immigrants from community-based cultures don’t have a problem helping their neighbors, but people born here say they can’t.
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2023.06.08 06:47 djasonpenney You need an emergency kit!

It’s happened again...someone on this subreddit lost their vault this week. The agony is palpable.
“How could this happen”, they wonder. “I have a strong master password. I have good 2FA. I practice good opsec on my devices. I enter my master password every few days so I don’t forget it. But today...I can’t log in!”
People don’t talk about this enough, but there are TWO threats to your vault. The first one, that an attacker gets to read your secrets, is the one everyone talks about. But losing access can be just as bad! One Redditor scoffed at this. He argued that he could go to each website in turn and invoke their recovery workflow. There are a couple of problems with this. First, where do you get the list of websites? The vault has the list...oops, I guess that doesn’t work. Second, the recovery workflow often involves things like the name of your first pet or the name of your first boyfriend; if you answer truthfully, then if there is a website breach an attacker may learn enough to be able to reset your password on other sites. You should be making up unique fibs for those answers and saving those. If they are only in your vault, you’re sunk.
Third, your vault can and should have other items, ones that can’t be regained through a recovery workflow. What about the combination to your gym locker? What about the PIN to your husband’s mobile phone? The contents of your vault is precious and possibly irreplaceable.
“I have my master password memorized!”, you exclaim, “I’ll never forget it!” Sorry, experimental psychologists have known for 50 years that human memory is not reliable. You can recall a fact on a daily basis and then, with no warning, >POOF< it’s gone.
So what happens is, they come on to this subreddit and ask, “How can I get my vault back?” The harsh answer is that—aside from some workarounds like finding a Bitwarden client that is still logged in—there is not much that can be done if it gets to that point. There is no back door, at least for personal vaults. If there was a super special sneaky way for you to get back into your vault without your master password, it would be an attack surface for bad guys to open up your vault as well.
As part of setting up your vault, you need an emergency kit. An emergency kit is not as complete as a full backup of your vault, which is also an important precaution, but it is a bare minimum subset of a backup. It is enough to help you get back into your vault.

What does an emergency kit need?

How to store your emergency kit?

In its simplest form, you should put all these things on a piece of paper and store it where you keep your important documents such as your birth certificate, vehicle title, and marriage certificate. Some people keep these things in a fireproof box in their house. Others have a safe deposit box.
If you are extra cautious, you might consider storing a second emergency kit in a different location, in case of fire. Perhaps you have a trusted relative, or the alternate executor of y’all’s estate might hold a copy.
I know, it feels counter-intuitive to “just leave” your vault wide open. “If someone gets the emergency kit, they get everything!” The point is, there is no choice. You must have a written record. Your challenge will be to find a way to save it that is secure enough for your risk model.
“Hey! I’ll store the emergency kit in the cloud. That way no one can break into my house!” Um, no. That doesn’t work. You need the username, password, and 2FA for the cloud service. If you store something in the cloud, you also need an encryption key; don’t you dare store something like this in the cloud without also encrypting it. And none of this can be stored in the cloud; it’s circular. So you end up back where you started, where you need physical storage.
There are more complex ways to protect your emergency kit, but if you are going to go to that length, you should be thinking about a full backup (discussed a bit later).

What does an emergency kit not do for you?

An emergency kit does not have a copy of your vault. Suppose you make a change to your vault and then realize a couple of days later that it was a bad change. Bitwarden tries to protect you by keeping deleted entries in a wastebasket and keeping old passwords in a history. But that won’t protect you from every kind of bad change you might make. A backup copy of the vault will do that for you.
An emergency kit does not have the recovery codes for all your other websites. Google, Etsy, your VPN provider, and even your phone company (the equipment lock code) all have recovery codes. And as I mentioned earlier, those made-up answers to the recovery questions need to be stored somewhere.
If you use an “authenticator app” (a TOTP token generator), an emergency kit does not have all those TOTP keys (the shared secrets that are used to generate your tokens). If your phone dies, you might lose all those secrets. (I dislike Authy, but—if you trust it—you could include its encryption key in your emergency kit. Similarly, if you use 2FAS or its equivalent, you could include all the information (cloud login data, encryption key) in your emergency kit; that would allow you to import the app’s datastore into your replacement phone.
At this point we are moving into the realm of a full backup of your credential storage.

Full Backups

I do encourage vault owners to make full backups. It’s not for beginners, but everyone should eventually move to making a full backup and updating it on a periodic basis, at least once a year. I have a guide to doing this, but you will find other good advice on this subreddit.


There are two threats to your vault. Beyond someone reading your secrets, you can lose access to your vault. Make an emergency kit! Think about making full backups. Do this all now, before you lose access to your vault. Once you’ve lost the keys to the kingdom, there is no getting it back.
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2023.06.08 06:47 SoloSak3 You can do it

So, January 2nd, I broke up with my long term bf of 3 years. I thought I was lost and didn't know what I'd do with him in my life.
As of June 5th, I have my own apartment, and a new promotion at my job.
Not just that but without searching for anyone, my ex from highschool that I never lost feelings for came back into my life and I'm experiencing true bliss.
We've been talking for 2 months and he's changed so much, he's in the army and the amount of love that comes from this man is just unbelievable. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I decided to let him know everything that was going on in my head before he asked me again. He said that he was going to support me and show me patience as long as I was willing to do the same.
My ex rarely filled me with such words. I truly was blind in that relationship. I officially became an NRO trainer for my restaurant and I get to travel and be there for store openings and I never would've done this with the doubts in my past relationship.
My current bf has to hop around for training and is going to be deployed to Korea in a few months, so it feels good knowing I don't have to worry about someone that always wants to be down my throat about things.
I just wanted to share my good news bc of how torn and broken I felt and I hope that happiness comes around to everyone that reads this.
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2023.06.08 06:47 Kylie_Wiley first time trying makeup

first time trying makeup
I used a moisturizing foundation, a bit of rose tinted blush, and a liquid eyeliner brush.
I love the foundation, it's the perfect tone for me, and it feels very light on my skin.
the blush, I feel like did nothing, it didn't seem to add any color, so either I did it wrong or it was a weak pigment. any advice for how to get my cheeks roster would be greatly appreciated!!
the eyeliner I feel like I did great for my first time. the wing on my right eye is a lot cleaner than the left, but the right eye, I feel like I went a bit high above my eye. who knew that you had to be ambidextrous to do eyeliner, it was so challenging.
for my lips, I just have the rose tinted Vaseline on because my lips get so chapped where I live, so I need as much moisturizing as I can get.
any advise on how to improve would be greatly appreciated, thank you!!!!
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2023.06.08 06:47 throw-away-7565 I think my uncle a pedo

Tldr I think my uncle is a pedophile and I don't know what to do
I'm fairly new to this whole posting for help but have recently found myself in a horrible delema and can't possibly do anything about it for some info I'm 15 and my family (,mom,dad, brother18,other brother14 , sister10) Live with my aunt and her 2 sons we all get along REALLY well as we grew up always having sleep overs around every week and always went on vacation with each other now my uncle whos always been in our lives as he has shared custody with my aunt this they work around it differently see my uncle is an illegal imagrnt and so when he and my aunt broke up they didn't actually divorce and he stayed in our lives solely because he's a great dad who pays for around 80% of my aunt's funds for her kids and she herself can't work due to being on the spectrum so she receives money monthly for her and her eldest son as he's also on the spectrum and is slowly going blind in one eye due to problems involving birth
Now my cousins go to stay with him every other week and he pays for everything but eversince there breakup he's found another women who already has kids and he still manages to take care of both families partially due to the monthly income from the states checks now the delema starts with the fact that we're living with them as of 2 years and he pays for half of the mortgage water electric and likewise bills while my parents pay for the other half ,it's a 4 bedroom house with 2 living rooms one when u enter the house and that's the room we made as my room my other siblings stay in the other shared room with a bunk bed and a normal bed they have there setups and everything we own a cat and a dog I own 2 ferrets that stay in my room (well taken care of)and my 2 cousins have there own rooms while my aunt has her own room that leaves my parents they sleep on couches in the 2nd living room which is connected to the kitchen and it's been like this for 2 years
Some info about my room or" living room" is that I have a mini fridge my bed and a ferret cage along with my desktop and laptop my "door" is actually a curtain that connects to the hallway I do online school and my room is set up in a way where it's the first room you walk into when you open the door to the house so those leaves for awkward experiences when it comes to the fact that I sleep her so lots of times especially during summer with my messed up sleep schedule I sleep during the day to afternoon and during this time my uncle sometimes drops by cus he lives nearby and he likes to check in at times so lots of times he comes by when I'm asleep RIGHT IN FRONT of anyone who comes to our house
Anyways now we are stuck living with our aunt as my mom has 15k saved in a secret account(for down payment) only I know about due to her and me being close and me being the only mature child when it comes to certain things well she's saving for a house and got that money from tax refund 2yrs And is currently trying her best to get a good paying job for a family of 8+(cousins added) Along with this she has a rly bad credit due to bad financial choices yes I'k it happens to everyone and she's working really hard to fix her mistakes but is finding much difficultys fixing her wrongs as for my dad the money he's making 800 a check (weekly) is being used on food+repairs+bills/phone/mortgage/insurance/ect. So we rly aren't making enough to leave and get a better house or start renting
All of this is important cus it's relivant to the way I'm thinking about the situation at hand let's get to that . Alright so here's where it starts lately around this month I've been picking up on red flags about my uncle and deciy to ignore them as "he's my uncul all he's ever done is good for our family he's been here for to long to notice something now" is what I would tell myself and what would these increasingly red flags be well, it started when he casually brought up to my mom that he wished I was his daughter as I'm so great and he sees me as his daughter and how I'm"so much more smarter than my cousins" and how "I'm glad her potential didn't go to waste with you caring for her " keep in mind this is all being said in Spanish well that was all good I thought that it was more a a bragging right and was happy he thought highly of me RIGHT?? Well after that day 1 week passed I was feeling very anxious and decided to go on a walk with my much loved mom all good but when we got back 8:??pm he was at the house and we greeted him well her but he seemed to notice I was down and decided to "spoil me " so he sent my mom 100$ and we went to Walmart and bought me sum books (mangas) and got sum snacks spent the rest on my ferrets and we bought sum cleaning supplies allls good right??
No cus 3-4 days later he comes to pick my cousins up 1 by one for them each to get 1 week with him to work and make money I thought it was nice so made a joke out of it and he said "oh well if you want I can take you with me but just for 2. Days and you'll have to be alone cus it's 1 by 1 " so I was weirded out and let it slip a bit cus u know "uncle would never" and so let it be but the next week he came by I jokingly said "I'm gonna need a pass to let you in any I'd?" And he replied by "KISSING ME ON THE HEAD" might not seem like a lot but dude doesn't even do that to his own kids and the last interaction u had with him didn't end well so ever since then I would avoid hime as I felt weird and dunno a bit scared to see what would happen next and BOY was u right now and behold 1 week later he pops by I see him park it's 7ph suns down and I decided to act like I slept early to avoid the guy I didn't want to see or talk with him after everything
something was just not feeling right so i did what I did and faked being asleep in hoped I would actually fall asleep and avoid him welp,....... He found his time and between the 2 minutes no one was near (everyone in their room ) mom and dad were at my step grandma's house ) he went and closed my door(curtains) I could tell do to it being like a shower curtain the roll in part but actual thicc curtains so no one can see pass ( my choice due to not liking the light pass through from the hallway )he layed down right next to me I was sleeping on my left side facing the wall he went and sorta spooned me but in a way where you are trying to be carful as to not wake them up and afterwards he sniffed my hair ?? And neck then sorta put his hand on my ass and very lightly squeezed it I had to lay there for 2-5 mins and wait till he left I felt so bad and confused not sad just confused
I don't know what to do so I told my younger brother 1yr gap and he's the most trust worthy and helpful ,after I told him we talked about how if I'm sleeping and he's not that he'd make sure to stay in my room with me Incase and if I'm awake and he's sleeping I'll go to his room and wait it out great .now problem still stands after his groping and actions I fake woke up and said hi he looked shocked but I played it off he fell for it and even want in for the "so when will you come and work for me " remember those 2 days of just me working for him that he promised =\ the balls this dam man has but I rly can't do anything I I talk or tell my mom then the whole family is fucked house is gone cousins don't get a dad we prob will stop talking with my cousin finding a house to rent will fuck it up even more then there goes for our hard worked credit and bam forever changed family I rly don't wanna ruin everything and feel like the soul reasoned everything was messed up along with not wanting to mess my mom's chance at finally getting a house when u told my brother about this and eveieas when I finally started crying I'm glade to have him and as I'm writing this I'm a bit emotional and feel so bad about myself
As of writing this it happens about 4hrs ago and now I'm just stuck in between what's my go to in one way there's snitching him out on the other I can keep it to myself and deal with it with the help of my brother but I'm still vunribal to him when both my brother and I are asleep and I think his lust or whatever is getting stronger ras the times he's been acting out on me have increased and the time in-between have decreased I'm afraid for my family and for me I just hope he doesn't touch me any more .I posted this here as I don't know much about where to post the right things hope this finds it's way to someone that. Can help he find a way through this without hiring my familys relationship
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2023.06.08 06:47 FatelessDestiny I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. I got a Betta, I couldn’t stand seeing him in those small containers they sell them in. I got the biggest tank I can afford right now that comes with a filter. I added the decor, including a log and two hammocks, one of which I’ve seen him use.

I’m hoping someone can give me some advice. I got a Betta, I couldn’t stand seeing him in those small containers they sell them in. I got the biggest tank I can afford right now that comes with a filter. I added the decor, including a log and two hammocks, one of which I’ve seen him use.
However, he doesn’t seem to move from this area much. His water has been conditioned, the flow isn’t too fast, the temperature is in an okay range. His fins also have those weird things on them, which he didn’t have when I got him. Could anyone give me some answers as to what may be going on, and how I can help him survive his first night in my place? Thank you.
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2023.06.08 06:47 sad_lesbian_throwawa I’m sending nudes to strange men as a form of self harm

TW: self harm
Hi. I’m an early 20-somethings lesbian and a former self harmer through more conventional means, recently relapsing after 6 years of not cutting. I’m not conventionally attractive at all. Recently I’ve been trolling online for guys snapchats and sending them nude pictures and videos of me and engaging in sexting. On a physical level, I’m able to get wet (though not nearly as much as I can from anything involving women) for this which made me think maybe I was bisexual and just had some sort of weird. kink, but the more I think about it the more it’s definitely a form of self harm and I don’t know how to stop. I do it compulsively, but I’m not attracted to these men. Their dick pics do nothing for me. The chat often times has to insanely graphic for me to be anything but dry. I’m confident I’m a lesbian, the idea of fucking or dating and marrying a man makes me feel nauseous and scared and absolutely not turned on at all. I feel disgusted when I do it and scared, and that’s why I keep doing it. I’m addicted to it at this point and I don’t know how to stop.
I guess what I’m asking is what steps can I take other than therapy (which I’m currently looking for) to stop myself from doing this more?
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2023.06.08 06:47 Ash_Ash_2022 Ndad manipulates so he can have grandchildren

Sorry if this is too long. Has a little backstop.
My fiance and I have been together going on 8 years now. Deeply in love, live together, he's my person forever. No relationship issues whatsoever. We complete eachother. Perfectly happy with eachother and our life together. We just hadn't gotten married. Nothing to do with commitment or anything, we just haven't done it. Plan on it for sure, but I digress.
My parents are extremely materialistic and care wayyyy too much what other people think of them. Could be strangers or their neighbors, they just care about their image. They are wealthy so they have all kinds of elaborate things. My dad is the main narcissist, my mom just enables him. They've already "disowned" my brother over some pettiness that relates to what they are doing to me now. Neither I or my brother have any children. Thus, no grandkids for my parents to gloat around. Grandchildren are the ONLY thing (yes, I said thing because that's how they view the situation) to gloat and brag to their friends about. They pressured my brother so much who has infertility issues to the point that they had a huge blow up and have cut communication with each other.
Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. My dad calls me in his typical mood (mad) about something that happened at work. He has been pressuring my fiance and I to have a baby and get married. Which, if we want to do either of those things it is totally up to US. Not anyone else. My dad has the audacity to tell me " I don't think he's committed to you. I think you should just get your own place and find someone else so you can have a baby." I was completely silent because I couldn't quite believe that someone would say something so untrue and totally selfish. That's my PERSON! Screw my happiness right? Just flip my life upside down so tHeY can have a grandchild. That's pretty ballsy to even think to take that gamble of me finding someone else in the first place. Like, my dad literally festers on things too. He's been festering about us not being married and not giving them grandkids for a while now.
It really really hurt my fiance when I told him what my dad said about him. He thought him and my dad had a great relationship. They even work at the same place together! To make matters more irritating, my ndad sends random people to my fiances work area asking when he's going to marry me.
When my dad said that it broke my heart. THAT was the moment that I realized that my happiness doesn't matter to him, as long as they get a grandkid to brag about to all their friends. It was that moment when I realized that I didn't matter at all. They did the same thing to my brother and now me. I get wanting to have grandchildren but they don't want a grandchild for the reasons people typically do. They want one so they can flaunt it and brag about because they've already done all they can like that with their money.
We've put up boundaries and distanced ourselves from my parents, but I think I'm really going to have to sever ties with them soon. This is just one of many many stories of their narcissist ways. Sorry this is so long.
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2023.06.08 06:46 Throwaway3000132 I am so socially awkward that it pisses me off.

Pretty much title.
I cannot for the life of me hold a regular conversation without starting to feel weird and/or saying something that makes the situation shitty, and it really pisses me off that I am like that. At this point I can't even discern if I am making it up due to being used to the feeling of awkwardness, and if that ends up making things weird, or if I really am as awkward as I feel I am all the time.
Today I had procedure done to me that involved a machine giving me a massage of sorts. I've been getting these for a recurring problem I have and I am used to how it works. A new girl started working at the place, she came by and politely informed me that I had 5 minutes left after checking out the machine's display. I responded with a "ya", because I just knew it beforehand and she took it badly. And the thing is, it's not her fault and even though I had zero malicious intent when I said it, I realize how it sounded and how she must've perceived it. And that's just one example. Yes, it's whatever, it can happen. It's not a big deal and I can absolutely look past it. But I can describe a ton more that are basically identical to this one.
It's been like this all my life essentially. I somehow manage to have a decent social life regardless, but I cannot even image what I would do if I had to make new friends or meet new colleagues, train someone at work, etc.
These situations keep happening to me and by now I am fully aware that I keep provoking them. I absolutely cannot blame it on others. I've tried staying quiet, but people feel awkward around me, especially chatty ones. It's like there are no win scenarios. At some point it gets fucked and apparently I can't fix it. I tried to look at it rationally. Like maybe it's a self-esteem issue, a confidence problem. I tried working on myself, lost a bunch of weight, bought a bunch of clothes, etc., and I actively try to practice, communicate more and better, but none of these things really helped the matter. I keep running into situations that I have to laugh off somehow in some weird attempt to salvage the conversation, or that completely die off due to what I am describing. And I can sense when it happens, the exact moment the flow of the dialogue just goes completely off. I can feel it in my bones, see it happen in real time, and I can't prevent it. And it's eating me alive.
Rant over. Thanks for reading.
And finally: any advice? Has any of you guys been in a similar situation and managed to improve? I feel lost.
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2023.06.08 06:46 necksarefathered boyfriend broke up with me because he was too insecure

My ex broke up with me two days ago when I tried to talk to him about how he's been making me feel and how I wanted more communication. After some talking he went silent and then said that we weren't working out. The week before we broke up I noticed something was off, he seemed distant and I couldn't figure out why. During our breakup he said he couldn't be in a relationship anymore because he doesn't believe he deserves me. He said he overthought too much during our relationship and never told me. I knew he was insecure but I didn't think it was to a point where he thought he wasn't worthy of love? He has a lot of trauma from his parents, deep rooted insecurities and just overthinks a lot. He said he didn't want to burden me anymore. He's told me many times before that he feels bad that I have to deal with him when I have so much going on. When he would tell me I always assured him that I loved him and he wasn't a problem in my life. I wish I had done more to reassure him this. Did I fail in doing something? He had his flaws, but I did truly love him and was willing to look past those things. There were many times where he told me that he felt like he wasn't dong enough for me and felt like he isn't good enough, I always told him that I loved him and Im with him because I want to be. When we broke up he assured me that he loved me but he couldn't handle being in a relationship anymore because ultimately all he was gonna do is hurt me. He assured me that it wasn't my fault and it is all him. We had a break in April because he felt overwhelmed by his feelings of inadequacy and needed time to work it through, when he came back he said he will be better for me and work on his issues. He told me during our breakup that he was going to break up with me in April but wanted to make it work. At the end he let his insecurities win because no matter how much I told him that I loved him he still felt like he wasn't worthy of it. It hurt knowing he cant accept my love because he hates himself that much, I kept begging him to please let me help him, that he is a worthy person no matter how many mistakes he makes and that he's a good person and deserves love. He just broke down in tears and said no he isn't and that all he does is hurt people. He said i'm going to be much happier without him. He also said that he was scared at some point I would realize he was a shitty boyfriend and leave him for someone. I don't understand why he would think that about me. I know the breakup is for the best, he has his issues that prevent him from being in a functioning relationship, I wanted more and he wasn't willing to change due to his issues. It just hurts. I feel like at some point I failed and didn't offer him enough support. Was I not worth changing for? If he loved me why couldn't he try and make it work? TL;DR: Ex broke up with me due to his own issues and insecurities that made him overwhelmed and he couldn't handle being in a relationship
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2023.06.08 06:46 Niftyalpaca Chrome downloaded "goobspatch" application on my mac and is requesting to open it

Okay, so I'm not a computer person, but I tried to figure out as much stuff as I could, but don't know how to proceed. I've seen short posts about "goobspatch," but wanted to ask more in-depth, as this seems to be popping up for a bunch of Mac users in the last month or so. Also to preface, I didn't download anything myself, it didn't pop up in my downloads folder etc., it just popped up randomly as I was trying to quit Chrome.
On my mac, I got the noticiation "Goobspatch" is an app downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it? This item is on the disk image "" Chrome downloaded this disk image on an unknown date. Apple checked it for malicious software and none was detected." Immediately I was like "oh sh*t" and clicked "Show Disk Image," and it took me to a folder that seemed like it was a deluge of files extracting themselves, so I shut down my computer in terror. Looking it up, (I'm sure I'm butchering it) but it seems like it highjacks google ads in the background to boost profits etc etc.
I rebooted my computer on safemode, scanned for malware with malwarebytes and ESET Cyber Security Pro, and both told me nothing was wrong at any point. I found in my applications "" and deleted that. Despite that, every time I went to check on chrome, it said it was constantly updating. I then went to chrome and reset the settings, deleted extensions, etc., and after that, Chrome seemed to stop updating constantly. But, I don't think I'm out of the woods yet.
Initially, I couldn't find what it was constantly updating, so I dug around in my library and found the last things that were updating in that frenzy were under GoogleSoftwareUpdate, and were "CountingMetrics.plist" and "ReportingAttributes.plist." Did I finally find the little devils? Should I be good to go if I delete them?

I also looked up my .dmg files and found a whole mess of things, all similarly named with things like "078-22846-371.dmg.j132ap.im4m" they all had those numbers in the front, the text after varied to ".dmg.root_hash.j132.ap.im4m." ".dmg.trustcache.j137ap.im4m," and some called "basesystem.dmg.x86.trustcache.j230kap.im4m" and so on for probably 100+ files. No clue if maybe that was the stuff I saw extracting? It says they never opened, so that's a bit reassuring? Not sure if I should cull that herd, cuz I have no idea what they are, since they have no date on them at all.
All-in-all, I just wanna make sure I fully get rid of whatever weaseled its way into my computer. After this, pretty sure I'm gonna delete chrome and just switch to safari (if you guys agree it's safer for Macs).
Thanks for your time!!
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2023.06.08 06:46 theclumsystol Liang Wenbo Net Worth: How Much Is He Worth?

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2023.06.08 06:46 Shot_Importance1073 School List Help Please!!

Im overwhelmed with seeing such steep hours for ECs. How do people have time for 1500 research hours with no gap year ?? My stats are solid but im worried my ECs are no good enough to apply to T20s. What do y’all think? I really love research but couldn’t “accumulate” a ton of hours like others because i was busy with other things too. But the hope is a research heavy school.
519, 3.94, 3.95 sGPA, ORM, state school
Research- 500 hours, writing manuscript now, 1 minor presentation
Clinical volunteering- 300 hours total: 150 from hospital volunteering and 150 from covid clinics
Non clinical- 800 hours including highschool, volunteered at tennis camp for underserved kids every summer but 2020.
Leadership- 200 hours in sorority working with sexual assault survivors, 50 hours in club creating a whole project to spread awareness about SA
Shadowing- 80 hours with 3 docs
Paid nonclinical- 300 hours teaching underserved 1st students
Social justice and advocacy- 200 hours with club that combats mental health stigma
Hobby- gardening
CURRENT LIST Cornell Michigan UPitt Einstein Sinai Rochester Columbia
Are these all too much of reaches? I want to apply to 10 max as I am broke so please help add safeties and remove some of these
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2023.06.08 06:46 BeachNuts2000 Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley Part 2

The Raw after Clash of Champions:
Rhea and the rest of Judgment Day arrive on Raw to shoot a promo. Dom hypes Rhea as The Eradicator has eradicated The Man and no one is left to defeat her. Rhea, while still miffed about the result, feels appreciated in Dom Dom’s praise and starts speaking on the mic. Rhea says that The Man gave her challenge and that she wouldn’t mind fighting her again. She says that The Man is the only worthy challenger to her and that no one else is worthy in her eyes other than Lynch. Rhea continues on how Becky has accomplished much in WWE, but that in the process has lost many friends. The Eradicator mentions that some of her friends have either left, betrayed her, or have yet to. Rhea then eyes on Finn and Finn gives a look back to Rhea. Rhea then states that she wants to challenge Lynch again this time at Clash of the Castle. She not only wants another fight, but also humiliate Lynch in front of Ireland, her hometown, where the main event is located. She ends the promo and leaves the ring with the rest of JD. Finn at first hesitant follows through as they exit.
Next week on Raw:
Lynch returns and shoots a promo. She goes on about her accomplishments and states she won’t give up her quest to defeat Rhea. She also mentions how despite losing friends, she still has people that care for her and that Rhea should be worried that The Man will come around to kick her ass.
Contract signing segment on the Raw before Clash at the Castle:
Rhea and Becky come face to face once more with both making the match official. Rhea proclaims that she will humiliate Lynch not just in Ireland, but in front of Finn, Seth, and even her daughter Roux. Becky retorts back saying that while Rhea maybe talented and full of potential, she has yet been humbled feeling in a state of defeat just like how she was when she was Big Time Becks. Lynch knows how to prepare in defeat whereas she thinks that Rhea would not feel so mighty when she gets dethroned. This angers Rhea and Ripley boasts in how she is the future and that she has defeated many like her. Lynch just smirks and leaves the ring.
Clash at the Castle:
It’s time for the second match between the two and both give it their all. Rhea gives a Nightmare lock to Lynch but Lynch counters it to The Disarm-her. It seems Rhea is about to tap but she recovers and turns the tides by delivering a Rip Tide to Lynch. 1..2..3 Rhea retains the title. Lynch falls in defeat and Rhea mocks Becky with Dom on her side for support. After the match, Becky walks out backstage when she suddenly encounters Finn Balor. Finn comes to tell Rebecca that she still gave it her all and that despite being from the opposite side he states that Lynch is his greatest student and that he couldn’t be more proud than what she has achieved. Becky takes this to heart and hugs Finn. However, it seems Finn wasn’t all that sincere as it’s revealed that Rhea was the mastermind of the encounter. Rhea tells Finn that false sense of hope should keep Lynch busy until their next encounter. Finn retorts in that Rhea should worry about her next challenger and that he’s still leader of JD. Rhea then gives a reality check to Finn that he hasn’t proven his worth lately and that sooner or later JD will have a new leader. Finn looks at her and then leaves. Ripley can only smile for what is to come later on.
End of part 2
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2023.06.08 06:46 Potential-Ad2557 Anyone else’s partner start treating them completely differently after the baby was born?

Asking because I’m tired of being talked to like I’m trash & feeling like a craigslist roommate. I don’t know how much longer I can deal with this. I know there’s “the roommate phase” after the baby is born & lots of couples talk about that, but this feels different & so wrong. & when I’ve tried to talk about things I get shut down or attacked or met with defensiveness. So I’m at the point where I’m scared to talk about anything & can feel my flight response kicking in.
Is this something that eventually gets better? Anyone have any tips? (I’m open to therapy & have asked him to go to therapy with me & by himself… it just hasn’t happened yet. He refuses anger management though & that’s one thing I think really needs to happen.)
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2023.06.08 06:46 theguyinyourwall Buff a bad move by giving it a useful secondary effect, along with who could have this added to their movepool

Sometimes from generation to generation moves get buffed some more drastic ones are teleport becoming good or how infamous post generation 6 knock off is for how good of a damage buff it got. There are many more examples but how about you buff a bad move and try and make it useable along with expanding the access it has slightly.

Flame wheel will be my example as its a lowish power physical fire move with a small chance to burn. However lets give it the effects of rapid spin? In the anime it was shown being used to incinerate toxic spikes place under the ground and it does have a spin. Don't make it a TM/Tutor but have it become more common in various pokemon's learn sets giving a bunch of mons a form of hazard control. Offensive pokemon with spinning ability aren't uncommon and while running off the mon's much lower physcial attack I could see some Iron Moth sets without much hazard control getting mileage especially as its a safe click vs Gholdengo which otherwise makes hazard removal much harder until its down as not only do they take chip but are threatened by firey dance in the next turn meaning they aren't likely to switch out. Dachsbun for a lower tier pokemon which could get mileage as its faster than many other purely support mons and having a wish passer with the ability to clean hazards seems like a nice support mon for some teams
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