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Share your Thoughts on bigfoot and more

2017.12.06 18:22 Share your Thoughts on bigfoot and more

Project_BigFoot is a subreddit dedicated to the cryptid bigfoot,yeren,yowie,yeti,maricoxi and the rest.

2023.06.09 09:33 LordBastiIII Probably world ending kinda movie ca.2010

I only remember the start of the movie 2 scientists (i assume) go up the side of a mountain, next to a small village, with snowmobiles. They get to a frozen lake and drill some holes and there are methane bubbles or some other flammable gas. Mountain rumbles, maybe an avalanche, the guys have to retreat, on their way back theres suddenly a huge crack in the ground so they have to jump over. first guy makes it just fine, but second guy waits really long and when he finally jumps he arrives on the other side frozen solid. Thats all i know from it sorry. Thanks for any help <3
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2023.06.09 09:32 crescentkuki showing people how gay af i am (and it worked)

Just want to share my story on how I constantly try to look gay so people would know I'm into women :P
Sometimes, I dress up girly or masculine. Other times, both. Kumbaga baggy pants + "girly" top haha. I'm comfortable naman either way, pero minsan kasi inaakala ng iba na straight ako just because of how feminine I look. Kaya what I did is "level up" my fashion lol konting changes lang naman kasi I've heard how some accessories make you gay.
Not to stereotype, but nababasa ko lang din na some of these give u the gay vibe. If you're not really into these, just wear a pride pin, or anything pride related! I don't wear one, but I'm planning to kasi pride month ngayon hehe (hapi pride!) If you can be open, try it also. Ya'll can soon find someone of the same interest as yours :)
a short story that made me feel things:
Since sa univ namin is no dress code at all, I would try wearing boyish fits, but still adding that feminine side sa outfit ko. One time, may irregular student kaming nakasama sa class. I find her really cute and simple lang, kaya sabi ko " Hala sino siya? Who she" jokingly to my friends. They don't know yet that I'm gay. Bigla na lang sila naging "supportive" na para bang ine-encourage akong lapitan siya at makipag-get-to-know whahaha and they never asked anything about my sexuality. It felt like they just assumed that I'm into women and there's nothing wrong with that :>. Wala lang, usually kasi, people would be shocked af like "Omg tomboy ka?" o kaya "Gusto mo pala babae ah." But this time, inasar pa nila ko kay ate girl and even yung malakas yung loob ang lumapit sakaniya. sigaw pa niya, "Stella (not my real name), wala raw siya baon!" NAHIYA KO NUN GRABE PARANG HIGHSCHOOL LANG AMP. And it went on and on until she left the class (isang subj lang namin siya kasama), sad haha but genuinely tho, I want to get to know her. Ilang beses ko rin sya naka-eye contact (she has vv pretty eyes) haha dahil siguro na-mention na ko nung classmate ko sakaniya :}
But anyways, it was just nice that I give off that gay vibe xD, andami kong nakikitang lesbians dito who struggle to appear gay so men wouldn't hit on them. You can try leveling up your thing, but you do you if it makes u happy :)

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2023.06.09 09:30 dr-korbo Question about Quirrell [Spoiler]

In the 108th chapter Voldemort explains: "My remaining hope was the horcruxes I had hidden during in the hopeless idiocy of my youth. Imbuing them into ancient lockets, instead of anonymous pebbles, garding them beneath walls of poison in the center of a lake of Inferi, instead of portkeying them into the sea. [...] Nine years later, and four months after that night, a wandering adventurer named Quirinus Quirrell won past the protectionsguarding one of my earliest horcruxes."
We can assume that the horcrux found by the real Quirrell was one of the horcrux of the original HP story. There were 6 of them (excluding Harry himself). Which one was it?
- Tom Riddle's diary
- Slytherin's locket
- Hufflepuff's cup
- Ravenclaw's diadem
- Marvolo Gaunt's ring
- Nagini
Nagini was never mentionned in HPMOR so I suppose it was never created. Assuming Tom Riddle's diary and Hufflepuff's cup were given respectively to Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Lestrange, I think Quirrell would never be in contact with them. He was an adventurer, not a burglar. If Ravenclaw was still in the Room of Requirement, then we can also exclude it. Only the ring and the locket remain. The ring was buried. It would be surprising Quirrell would find it. So we can suppose he found the locket? Regulus Black didn't steal him because he had been killed by Voldemort.
I hoped there would be hints in the interrogation performed by Scrimgeour, since he listed several places where Quirrell travelled but none of them seems to match.
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2023.06.09 09:29 inv4zn Can I 'rent' a 20lb propane tank?

So we're going camping this weekend, and because of the campfire ban, am borrowing a gas fire pit thing from a friend...but they said they need the propane tank.
Is there a way to borrow/rent the tank? Don't really want to spend $80 on a tank that I have no use for ever again, nor somewhere to keep it. Preferably somewhere between Burnaby and Chilliwack lol.
If it matters, it's Cultus, and they list "propane exchange" at $36.99, but I assume that means I need to bring a tank of my own to exchange for a full one?
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2023.06.09 09:22 SoilnRock OK, does anyone have the *ultimate* EEt installation guide?

It came to me in a dream that it is of utmost importance to do another full run - with half a party of shorties: Dwarf FighteCleric, Gnome Illusionist/Thief and Halfling FighteThief.
But all this is not important; what I would really love is a pointelink to a *single* installation guide for EET (and mods). Doey anyone have the ultimate link? I'm overwhelmed by all the different readmes and sites and opinions I find all over the internet.
Thx in advance!
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2023.06.09 09:18 Sellbuymusic [🎼Playlist] Movie 🚪ㅣOrchestra, animation BGM

[🎼Playlist] Movie <Suzume>🚪ㅣOrchestra, animation BGM
The film "Suzume" is an animated movie directed by Makoto Shinkai, known for "Your Name" and "Weathering with You." It tells the story of Suzume, who accidentally opens a door that triggers disasters and desperately tries to close them to prevent further calamities occurring throughout Japan.
Today, we have prepared a playlist featuring SELLBUYMUSIC background music that resembles the OST of the movie, along with memorable quotes from "Suzume"
[Memorable Quotes from "Suzume"]
Our greatest underground god!
Ancestral god of the earth!
This land we have borrowed since ancient times,
with great humility,
we’ll return it!
[SELLBUYMUSIC Weekly Playlist]
"Movie 🚪ㅣOrchestra, animation BGM"

  1. secret garden - SD Rain
  2. a tragic opera - So4
  3. KINGDOM - Cuzz
  4. lakes and clouds - icelsh
  5. lingering affection - JHYM
  6. Castle of Dragon - KUN.
  7. Tension - So4
  8. meltdown - SD Rain
  9. Storm - Gooonprog
  10. But Okay - Music mole
  11. The star was a salvation for the boy - mol
  12. Reminiscing about the past season - Pikkugi
  13. The last story - Pikkugi
  14. rise again - DPM squad
  15. rise again - DPM squad
Mysterious and grand orchestral, New Age music.
All the songs can be downloaded from SELLBUYMUSIC! Downloaded tracks can be used without copyright concerns and can even generate revenue on YouTube. 🥰

Royalty free background music library
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2023.06.09 09:13 LD-Rosie Recommended Camp Sites in Europe?

Hi all!
My girlfriend and I are trying to go camping as often as we can this summer and we're looking for some recommendations on camp grounds around Europe.
We just got home yesterday from our camping ground in Brühl, Germany and would like to find some that were pretty similar to that. The one we were in was Camping Heider Bergsee which was a relatively small campsite with a lake and a small bar onsite.
We're not quite ready to do wild camping just yet. We'll most likely be driving from my girlfriend's home in Denmark, so could reach most places throughout Europe but ideally under a 12 hour drive.
If anybody knows of any that are great for just swimming, BBQing, relaxing etc then we would love to hear about them and get them added to the list.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 09:10 Axe_Murderers_Unite Yo where my snakes at?

I always wondered what my fellow tall "mostly" torso homies at. I'm 6'2'' and I wear a length 30 in US men's and over the years I have noticed while sitting I am taller than even my tallest 6'8" Plus friends but when we stand up I stay the same height and they grow another 6 inches above me.
I'm interested to hear about some of the mild inconveniences or benefits of having short legs but tall stature has done for you.
For example there have been instances I'm unable to ride a rollercoaster because they can't put the shoulder mechanism down, but at the same time I get to wear regular sized non-speciality pants and my girlfriend likes to wear my sweatpants because our legs are effectively the same size.
I jokingly call myself a snake sometimes because I really am just all torso.
Tell me I'm not alone, share some stories!
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2023.06.09 09:02 DankShrek6996 I dislike people in general.

I dislike my girlfriend, she annoys me. She always shows me constant Tik Toks which I find absolutely no comedic value in. It's annoying.
I think most Americans are too fat. Not our fault though when our country is a literal coast to coast shopping mall. Filled with fast food restaurants in every corner of the street . All people do is eat were always bored of something and we eat. People would eat roasted racoons ass on a stick if it was an option. They'd eat anything and everything if given the opportunity. Our country is obese af. They are impulse buying vacuumes at unstoppable rates. Rise of the Fatties.
I hate when skinny ding holes take joy rides on the Walmart scooters that's meant for the obese and disabled people. They annoy me too.
I hate when people act tough like gangbangers. With their cheese doodle shaped hair cuts and pants that sag so low that you can see the color of the underwear that they've been wearing for 2 weeks straight. Sometimes if your lucky you can see last week's shit stains from the remnants of racing stripes.
I hate people people with fancy long beards and mustaches. When did this trend start? They are always the bulky, I'm right about everything type. Alright yeah goofy steampunk looking mf, I know you had to shave off some pubes and make them into extensions to get some extra beard length. Your ego sucks your actual face pubes back up into your brain because of how self cautious you are about yourself.
I hate when people don't wash their hands. Fucking wash your god damn hands or I will call your ass out in public. I've done it twice and made them look like a disgusting filthy swine after wards.
I also hate when people bring their food with them into the bathroom. Fucking gross. Finish your food first, then take your shit. Don't forget to wash your hands too.
I've stolen from the corporate rich before. Don't ask how or why. I see you lurking in here FBI.. The corporte world are already prolific disgusting thieves. I had to get my fair share and an underpaid number.
I hate having to respect the elders. Why tf do I have to respect every single old geizure I see? I've met some of the most brutal elders one could imagine. Some who hate life so much that they take out all their hate and pain on the younger generations in heinous ways. Fuck that. Not every elder is a saint and some are either seriously out of whack or brutally sour apples.
I hate slum lords. These people are the worst kind of people. Finding every way to evict the poor and take advantage of poor people's financial lives. I hate the slum lords who never maintain the units and keep raising rent to outrages prices (not including amenities) for the tenant that would put them in survival flight or fight situations.
I could go on forever.
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2023.06.09 09:02 jellomellow000 How bad it is that my mom keeps letting pet fish go into the wild?

It ticks me off, because I’ve heard it’s bad for the environment but I’m not entirely sure if these species would even live or not in the wild to cause harm. It’s mostly goldfish and koi fish. Basically, she dug out a shitty “pond” that is pure dirt and doesn’t even have a liner. It’s also in a swampy area of the yard which floods regularly. So these fish either dry up (from the water evaporating or sinking away) or they get washed out from the floods into the storm drains. I’m 99% sure the drains lead to the nearby lakes. Instead of fixing a proper pond situation, she just buys new koi fish every time the old ones die or get swept into the drains.
No, she doesn’t listen when I tell her to stop. I don’t know what to do. How bad is this for the local ecosystems if they are surviving?
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2023.06.09 08:55 arbpotatoes Bespoke leathers, 1pc or 2pc?

I need some leathers made because I'm 6'6 and no off the rack suit fits me right. I'm going to be doing minimoto on gokart tracks. At the place I'm intending to get it made 1pc or 2pc are the same price. I already have a leather jacket that I wear for street and have been wearing for twisties runs ect along with a mismatched pair of leather pants. I'm told that a 2pc suit isn't something where you can just wear the jacket alone anyway because it'd be too short to do so.
So I'm wondering, if I have to go made to measure anyway, should I go 1pc or 2pc? Mostly will use it on the track and for twisty days, but my twisty days end up being 6-8hrs a lot of the time.
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2023.06.09 08:54 Ryan_PapaDigi Is it possible to get more organic views on TikTok?

Yes, and it’s easy!
We are now offering guaranteed TikTok views with our buy Tiktok Views service. We’re one of the best providers of this service because we offer a variety of payment methods and fast results.
TikTok is the most popular video app in the world. More than 1 billion people use it every month, and that number is growing by the second. If you’re not already on TikTok, now is the perfect time to join in on all the fun. You’ll be able to connect with friends, family members, and fans who love your content just as much as you do.
The key to success on any social media platform is engagement—and there’s no better way to engage with your audience than by providing them with great content that keeps them coming back for more. But how are you supposed to create that kind of content if you have no idea what works? And how can you know what’s going to work unless you try it out?
That’s where we come in! At PapaDigi, our mission is to help creators like yourself find your voice and hone in on what makes your videos so great—so that everyone else can see it too! We’re here 24/7 with proven tips and tricks for improving your TikTok presence, so make sure you check us out today!
TikTok is a social media that allows users to make and share short videos. It is very popular among the younger generation and has over 300 million users. It is also one of the fastest growing apps on the internet.
You can use TikTok to watch videos, record videos, and even lip sync to songs. The app was founded by ByteDance, which also owns Douyin and These other apps have similar functions as TikTok but only have a smaller audience than TikTok does. TikTok’s main competition comes from Instagram, Snapchat, and; however, it has a much larger following than both of these platforms combined.
The most popular users on TikTok are musicians like Shawn Mendes or Nicki Minaj who post videos every day of them singing new lyrics or playing instruments while they dance around in their bedrooms wearing pajamas or sweat pants (depending on how much money they make). There are also many “vloggers” who upload daily vlogs about their lives that include everything from makeup tutorials to cooking meals with their families (or sometimes just themselves!). It
Check our website for the packages
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2023.06.09 08:53 Discover-Lamb2828 I never realized how lonely I was until now

I decided to go on a road trip this summer and I don’t know if it was a good idea. I didn’t know where to go so I looked up a random city generator on Google and it gave me Milwaukee. I packed a bag and drove from California from Milwaukee but once I left California a strong feeling of loneliness entered my mind. I lost my mom and one of my best friends three months apart this year and I have been putting off processing both their deaths for a while. Both of them were very important to me and they both died suddenly and the past couple of months have been awful knowing they are no longer in my life.
Driving on the open roads and highway alone has given me plenty of time to think and all I think about is them. Whenever I look at something it reminds me of one of them and I get emotional. I reached Salt Lake City and my friend has family there and when I remembered that fact I pulled over to the side of the road and started crying. I cried for three hours and couldn’t calm myself down. Eventually I ran out of tears and I fell asleep in a parking lot and I continued driving to Milwaukee. I bawled my eyes out again when passed by a farm in Wyoming and thought about how my mom always wanted to own a farm.
I made it to Milwaukee yesterday and I have barely left my hotel room. There’s a public market in the city so I grabbed a bunch of food and water and went back to my room to cry some more. I feel so lonely right now. The two people I cared the most about are gone and I miss them every second. I have a big family and a lot of friends but I don’t think anyone sees how much pain I am going through right now. I have a therapist I have been seeing but it hasn’t lead to anything.
I finished another crying session about an hour ago and it was the worst one yet. I’m exhausted. I should have turned back in Salt Lake City. I leave Milwaukee in two days and I really do not want to drive back alone with my thoughts. I am thinking about calling my friend who said she wants to travel somewhere this summer and ask if she wants to fly to Milwaukee and drive back with me. I need someone beside me right now. This road trip was a bad idea.
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2023.06.09 08:50 Team_Instinct [USA][H] 32X, FDS, Dreamcast, Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox [W] Genesis, GBA stuff

Famicom Disk System
Title Condition
Akumajou Dracula Game + Hard Case & Insert
Dead Zone Game + Hard Case & Insert
Eggerland CIB
Electrician Sealed
Esper Dream CIB
Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally CIB
Famicom Tantei Club Pt 1 Loose
Holy Sword Psycho Loose + Hard Case
KiKi KaiKai: Doutou Hen Loose + Hard Case
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Link No Bouken: The Legend of Zelda 2 Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Mahjong Kazoku Loose + Hard Case
Moero Twinbee CIB except for softshell
Moero Twinbee CIB
Super Mario Bros 2 CIB except for softshell
Volleyball Loose + Hard Case & Insert
Wardner no Mori Loose + Hard Case
Zelda no Densetsu: The Legend of Zelda Loose + Hard Case

Title Condition
Connect Four / Perfection / Trouble Loose
Crash Nitro Kart Loose
Crash & Spyro Superpack Loose
Donkey Kong Country Loose
Donkey Kong Country 2 Loose
Donkey Kong Country 3 Loose
Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog Loose
Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Loose
Hot Wheels Stunt Track / World Race Loose
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Loose
Mario Kart Super Circuit Loose
Pinball Tycoon Loose
Pokemon Sapphire Version Loose
Shrek 2 Loose
Spider-Man Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Atlantis Squarepantis Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Lights Camera Pants! Loose
Spongebob Squarepants The Movie Loose
Spongebob Squarepants Revenge of the Flying Dutchman Loose
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Loose
Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World Loose
Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island Loose

Title Condition
Blue Stinger Loose
Charge Blast Loose
Crazy Taxi Loose
Dynamite Cop! Loose
Ecco The Dolphin Defender of the Future Loose
Expendable Loose
House of the Dead 2 Loose
Incoming Loose
Midway's Greatest Arcade hits Vol 1 Loose
Monaco Grand Prix Loose
Seaman Loose + Microphone
Sonic Adventure Loose
Web Browser Loose
Dreamcast Magazine May 2000 Vol 5 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Sep 2000 Vol 7 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Dec 2000 Vol 9 Disc Only
Dreamcast Magazine Jan 2001 Vol 10 Disc Only

Title Condition
Tennis Master Series 2003 Sealed
WWF Platinum Hits Sealed
Chase Hollywood Stunt Driver CIB
Halo Combat Evolved CIB
MechAssault Best of Platinum Hits CIB
Nascar Heat 2002 CIB
Project Gotham Racing CIB
Project Gotham Racing 2 Platinum Hits CIB
Sega GT 2002 / JSRF CIB
Simpsons Road Rage Platinum Hits CIB

Title Condition
Pinobee Sealed
Shooter Space Shot Sealed
Army Men 3D GH CIB
Crash Bandicoot GH CIB
Crash Bandicoot 2 GH CIB
ECW Anarchy Rulz CIB
ECW Hardcore Revolution CIB
Final Fantasy 7 CIB
Ford Racing CIB
Gran Turismo GH CIB
IHRA Drag Racing CIB
Jampack 12 Vol.2 CIB
Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98 CIB
Knockout Kings 2000 CIB
Madden 2000 CIB
Metal Gear Solid GH CIB
Nascar Rumble CIB
NFL Gameday 98 CIB
Parasite Eve (Missing Collector's CD)
Power Move Wrestling CIB
Superbike 2000 CIB
Test Drive 5 CIB
WCW Backstage Assault CIB
WCW Mayhem CIB
WCW vs The World CIB
WWF Attitude CIB
WWF War Zone CIB
WWF SmackDown! 2 Know Your Role CIB
Activision Classic Games (2600) Loose
Chrono Cross Loose
Final Fantasy Tactics Loose
Final Fantasy VII Loose
Gran Turismo Loose
Gran Turismo 2 Loose
Interactive CD Sampler Disc Vol. 9 Loose
King's Field Loose
Legend of Dragoon Loose
Metal Gear Solid Loose
Official U.S. Playstation Oct 1998 Disc #13 Loose
Riven Loose
Spec Ops: Covert Assault Loose
Tomb Raider II Loose
Wild Arms 2 Loose
WCW NWO Thunder Case + Manual
Chrono Cross Manual Only
Final Fantasy Tactics GH Manual Only

Title Condition
God of War 2 CIB
Guitar Hero Aerosmith CIB
Madden 2005 CIB
Madden 2007 Hall of Fame Edition CIB
Resident Evil 4 GH Game + Case
007 Agent Under Fire Loose
Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex Loose
MLB Slugfest 2004 Loose
Orphen Scion of Sorcery Case + Manual

Title Condition
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2009 CIB
Call of Duty 4 GH CIB
Condemed 2: BloodShot CIB
Evil Within CIB
Genki: Days of the Blade CIB
Infamous 2 CIB
Last of Us CIB
Nier CIB
Tom Clancy's Endwar CIB
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 CIB
Soul Calibur IV GH CIB
Twisted Metal CIB

Title Condition
ATP Tour Championship Tennis CIB
General Chaos CIB
Lost Vikings CIB
Mortal Kombat II Game + Case
Sub Terrania Game + Case
Zoom! Game + Case
Aladdin Loose
Altered Beast Loose
Blaster Master 2 Loose
Castlevania Bloodlines Loose
Fatal Rewind Loose
Golden Axe (Mega Drive) Loose
James Pond 3 Loose
Kawasaki Superbike Loose
Lion King Loose
Maximum Carnage Loose
OutRun Loose
Pat Riley Basketball Loose
Sonic The Hedgehog Loose
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Loose
Sonic Spinball Loose
Splatterhouse 3 Loose
Super Hang-On Loose
TMNT Hyperstone Heist Loose
Vectorman Loose
Wolverine Adamantium Rage Loose
WWF Raw Loose
X-Men Loose
X-Men 2 Loose

Title Condition
Metal Head Loose
Doom Loose
Star Wars Loose
Star Wars Loose

Title Condition
Gran Turismo Game + Manual


Title Condition
Arrow Flash CIB
Darius Extra Version (Strictly Limited) CIB
Earthworm Jim (hardcase) CIB
Earthworm Jim 2 CIB
El Viento CIB
Fire Shark CIB
Gaiares CIB
Gain Ground CIB
King's Bounty CIB
Landstalker CIB
Lightening Force CIB
Midnight Resistance CIB
Musha CIB
Panorama Cotton (Strictly Limited) CIB
Steel Empire CIB
Ristar CIB
Shinobi III CIB
Slap Fight CIB
Thunder Force III CIB
Ultracore (Strictly Limited) CIB
Wings of Wor CIB
Air Buster Box + Manual
Beyond Oasis Box + Manual
Elemental Master Box + Manual
Maximum Carnage Box + Manual
Ranger X Box + Manual
Strider Box + Manual

Title Condition
Advance Guardian Heroes Loose
Car Battler Joe Loose
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Loose
Demikids Loose
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Loose
Mega Man Battle Network 6 Loose
Ninja Five-O Loose
Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon Loose
Shining Soul II Loose
Summon Night: Swordcraft Story Loose
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch Loose
I have other Genesis titles I'm trying to complete as well but the above is the highest current priority.
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2023.06.09 08:44 More_Midnight72 20 #Everett/Boston/Online - Looking For An Older Partner (Can't Host)

Hey everyone! Hope your night is going well! Just wanted to pass by and put out this post in search of a more serious connection!
In other words, I would like to find someone I can really connect with online at first then slowly start to get to really know each other irl. And maybe even a bit more, heh ;)
Now, I can write a whole paragraph about my interests, dislikes and stuff but I want that to happen in convo. To make it simpler my interests are video games such as Apex, Music, and WEEEED. I love smoking, but makes it hard when I am back home for the summer ugh.
It would be nice if you smoked as well heh, we can be smoking buddies! Now, to give a better idea of what I am looking for: I am looking for an older guy to be in a fwb sort of relationship, I dont mind getting closer~
My preferences are pretty open. My body type are more for dad bods but I am open. I am looking for disease free and STD free (Not trying to already catch something...) As for dick sizes (heh), I am more for average to big, the length doesnt matter if there is a good thickness to it 😉.
I DON'T SEND PICS THAT QUICK. In the future I don't mind if we get more comfortable.
Now, as for me, I am more on the chubby side so you would have to be fine with a plus sized guy. I am hairy since im masc. I'm a college latino dude who is 5'6, I have some curves with my hips which is good for grip ;) Not too big under the pants, but I prefer to be the bottom one Xp
Hope to hear from yall!!
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2023.06.09 08:30 AioliAdditional4584 Toronto Spontaneous Itinerary - Saturday, June 10

If anyone wanted to do anything over this coming weekend but has not yet planned anything, I wanted to share my itinerary for this Saturday. I believe this itinerary is great for either spending some more leisure time with friends or even bringing out someone for a date. Hope this helps brighten up someone's day and save people some time!
Overall Google Map Travel Locations -
11:00am - 12:30pm (Do West Fest)
Description: Do West Fest is an annual celebration of music, arts, food, fun, and community takes place along Dundas Street West, from Shaw Street to Landsdowne Avenue, covering 16 blocks of downtown Toronto
Site:, Location: Do West Fest, 1166 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1X4
12:50pm - 1:20pm (Toronto Flower Market)
Description: Founded in May 2013, Toronto Flower Market is the city’s first outdoor flower market. They celebrate and support Ontario-grown flowers & plants, connecting growers and florists directly with the city
Site:, Location: CAMH, 1001 Queen St W
2:00pm - 2:30pm (Toronto Art Crawl)
Description: Toronto Art Crawl was founded in 2013 with the simple mission to create a plaform for Toronto artists and designers to sell their amazing creations, and to promote culture and creativity in our awesome City of Toronto
Site:, Location: The Bentway, 250 Fort York Blvd
Optional Travel to Grilled Cheese Challenge:
4:00pm - 5:00pm (Lakeshore Village Grilled Cheese Challenge)
Description: The Furlani Grilled Cheese Challenge festival is hosted by the Lakeshore Village BIA and is Ontario's oldest celebration of grilled cheese sandwiches. Competitors/vendors compete to earn the title of "The Best Grilled Cheese"
Site:, Location: Lake Shore Blvd West at Islington Ave (Closer to Etobicoke)
Hoping to do these posts on a weekly basis so let me know if this is of any help
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2023.06.09 08:21 Independent-Ad-132 Can anyone fix this photo of my grandma and her best friend?

Can anyone fix this photo of my grandma and her best friend?
I have a family reunion this weekend in Okoboji and thought it would be fun to show a really old (taken in 1948 in Okoboji , Iowa) photo of my grandmother and her best friend at the lake. They are both no longer alive.. I would appreciate any help and will tip. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.09 08:15 lonelysteps Is this two games in one?

I was initially confused what Sam Lake was saying about the game being 50/50 Alan and Saga, even though you csn swap at any checkpoint. But the, at the end of the interview, he said you could just play as Alan all the way until the end if you are so inclined.
So...does that mean that there are essentially two campaigns? A full set of levels for Alan and a full set of levels for Saga? And is the only way to see the whole game to play it twice?
If so, then I'm really curious how long each half runs for. It could either be two super-brief campaigns, combined to make the equivalent of a full game; or it could just be one really massive chapter!
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2023.06.09 08:08 SiddipetModel Are the topics in newer episodes getting too repetitive/boring?

I’m a fan, please don’t be triggered.
But I feel like nowadays most of the topics on the pod have been kinda boring and non interesting. For example, that murder preacher, the jizz in your pants mod, steal your dog guy, transphobic roman antwood, Jared Leto climbing a wall, hunger call, twitch fuckup…These are just from two episodes but I am sure if I put enough time into this, I can find a pattern of mid topics gaining more and more time.
These episodes come with great segments so it’s easy to miss. But I have been watching the pod in segments a lot lately and keep realising most of the tiny segments are so boring.
Like the murder guy is another variant of big nik, which is another variant of Andrew tate and Ben shapiro.
All I had to know about hungers call was that he had an infection, that’s it. Rest of it was boring. Even that, idk if it needed to be a call in. I get that he is friend of the show but meh.
Twitch fuck up was already covered by Charlie and ludwig and once you’ve seen it you’ve seen it all.
Same with that dog stealing guy, pyro, Charlie, Hasan all covered this weeks ago and it’s triggering at this point, that idiot won’t change and nothing new to add to it.
Don’t get me started on all the transphobes and homophobes. It’s always to same. I feel like we are shouting at a wall and it’s so annoying. Every one asshole we take on, two new pop up. A never ending zombie apocalypse.
I am sick of seeing alpha bros, and clips from that whatever podcast, with the rise of social media any idiot with a mic becomes a pseudo intellectual out there to spread his agenda. So annoying and repetitive.
I am not here to spread any hate, I know it’s important to some people that h3 speaks out against transphobia and homophobia and misogyny.
I don’t know anyone irl who watches the pod or even cares about these topics so I’m just sharing my thoughts here. That’s it. Just how I’ve been feeling lately.
For example, even after all that back and forth with abba and preach, i feel like it has done nothing in the grand scheme of things other than me being triggered that they are successful. They moved on and are back to their shitty takes. They won’t respond to any of the valid criticism Ethan put out. Their fans hate us more and I don’t think anyone ever changed their opinion. Feels like I’m the only one who got angry and it’s for nothing.
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2023.06.09 08:00 AutoModerator The Weekend Wrap-Up - [06/09/23 to 06/11/23]

Another Friday, another weekend -- welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up! This is a free-for-all (FFA) discussion post in which almost anything goes, just remember to be kind to each other and don't break any of our core rules. Talk about your week, talk about your weekend, talk about your pet (remember the pet tax!). Of course, you can also talk about the dramas and shows you have been watching.
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2023.06.09 07:57 jumpsuitman Casual version of army/AF hot weather OCP pants?

I've grown accustom to the cut, and fit of those pants. Anyone produces a casual version of the same cut/fit/materials without the scorpion pattern?
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2023.06.09 07:55 Marigoldssun Can't even enjoy the beach with my mom...

Me and my mom were having a lovely day at the beach. Sitting, chatting, etc etc. Pretty much no one else on the beach at that time. Until... some lady and her out of control dog show up.
I only knew there was a dog headed our way when we heard the approach of loud sniffing and disgusting panting, followed by this giant ugly-ass golden lab (can't stand that particular fucking breed) bursting into our beach tent, sticking its head into our food bag (of fucking course), getting it's painfully thin wire leash tangled around my body, then my neck, at which point my mom grabbed the leash and tried to pull it away. The dog took off sprinting before she could let go, thankfully after it was off my neck, and the stupid shitbeast gave my poor mom rope burn on her hands. My mom even apologized to the owner as she's too sweet to even say much :( Of course, the owner did fuck-all to help and after a brief half-assed apology just runs off (or is rather pulled away) with her still out-of-control mongrel.
Me and my mom continued to sit on the beach for a bit, I kept an eye on the owner. She had absolutely zero control of this thing despite it being on a leash and her screaming at it. It was rather like the owner was the one on the leash, not the dog. It just kept pulling her around, she couldn't stop it at all. She almost got knocked into the sand by the pulling a few times. It had no training whatsoever and would not even respond to it's name from what I saw/heard.
Of course, while she's getting dragged around by this dog going hog-wild on the beach and pissing on everything and continuing to wrap it's way-too-long and painful leash around other people who were approaching the beach, her four elementary/kindergarten aged kids are unsupervised playing in the high tide (there is no lifeguard on duty) with no flotation devices to be seen, as she's too distracted by the dog pulling her around to actually pay attention to them most of the time.
Dog owners... jesus fucking christ. I know this story isn't really that interesting but I had to rant somewhere where people won't shit and piss their pants because I have the gall to dislike shitty dog owners and their shitty mongrels fucking up every pleasant moment.
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