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2013.02.18 19:38 AFreakingUnicorn raisedbynarcissists: for the children of abusive parents

This is a support group for people raised by abusive parents (with toxic, self-absorbed or abusive personality traits, which may be exhibited by those who suffer from cluster B personality disorders). Please share your stories, your questions, your histories, your fears and your triumphs. Significant others and friends are all welcome.

2023.06.04 23:35 GusTheProphet Destiny’s take on the woman having her wig snatched was so disappointing.

For people that don’t know I’m referring to the tik tok woman Ashley
Also for people who don’t know black women sometimes attach wigs with glue, by sewing or by clipping the hair down with combs which would anchor it into your natural hair. Snatching anyone’s wigs can cause your natural hair to be ripped out and it becomes bleed. (I’ve seen it so trust me it’s not pretty)
Now to destiny’s take.
The way that destiny babies this full grown adult by saying “he just looks drunk and confused” and “there’s no room for error anymore” is just weird to say the least. Theres like stupid drunk behavior and then there’s being unusually violent and cruel unprovoked.
Like this man has enough sense to become a lawyer but not enough to keep his intrusive thoughts to himself? C’mon man.
I think it was also unfair to say “I feel as if every single altercation that a person has now in real life has to be like the most important event that has ever happened to them” and essentially conclude that this was no biggie.
Like imagine this for a second, you’re walking down the road and someone you have never met comes up behind you and rips your hair off of your head, in the middle of a busy intersection, in front of everyone, in fucking NEW YORK out of all places in the world. It looked like she may have been going out so she probably spent time looking nice only to be assaulted and embarrassed. Like Yeah that would be on my top ten “dumbest shit that’s every happened to me”.
I honestly wouldn’t even have the courage to confront the man, I’d probably go home, cry and never wear a wig again.
I don’t think people understand how just being black and having hair invites so much weird invasive interactions our way. I’ve had men and women come up to me and touch or yank at my braids without permission. I got my hair straightened in high school once and a kid pulled at my natural hair and said “is this a weave”.
Like I get what destiny is saying, don’t socially lynch the dude. There should be some room for redemption, but the amount of sympathy he had off the bat for him, versus the person who was victimized by his aggressively stupid behavior was insane to me. Cancel culture is generally a bad thing, but no person should have to burden the thought of YOUR job security, or YOUR personal growth when you are running around assualting them.
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2023.06.04 23:35 imustconfess-- I just want the struggle to end

TW: self-harm / suicide
I, M19, have a kid. I am not with the mother anymore. Mother doesnt give me much time of day anymore. She has no intent on letting me be part of my child's life. I dont have the means to make it a legal matter right now, and in the state I live, men never win these cases anyway. I have been busting my ass for a long time to move out of the abusive home I was living to get stable with a job and a place of my own to help take care of him. I am now in a terrible position because of this. I moved into a 'boarding home' (loose wording there) where the landlord nickels and dimes everyone and does not respect human rights. I haven't been able to hold down a job and I am constantly getting fired from jobs so my checks barely cover my rent and I end up needing absurd loans from my older sister, that make me feel like scum to ask for, to pay my rent. Last week, my boss at my job gave me a heads up that he wants to fire me. Already. Just got the job two weeks ago. All I have done is bust my ass and try my best, 110%, but I am supposedly 'just too slow' and 'I always look lost', and I am 'just too weak'. I have scoliosis and I am very stick thin, I am severely underweight due to poor eating recently, and I am very bad at lifting weight because of these factors. You can see my skeleton through my skin very easily when I do not have my shirt on. He said I have until next Friday to 'shape up' or I am fired. For context, it is a construction gig.
As of yesterday I have been given my eviction notice by my landlord. I was making food, just butter toast, and had a knife in my hand, and I suppose I accidentally pointed it at my roommate when I had walked out of the kitchen and shouted at him and another roommate to go into their rooms, because they were shouting at each other late at night and one of them was drunk. The one whom I mistakenly pointed the knife at reported me to the landlord for 'threatening him with a knife and forcing him into his bedroom.' This is a god damn 52 year old man, framing me, a teenager. Long story short, the landlord believed him without question because he has been renting from her for a few years at this point and I have only been here for a number of months now.
I have until the first of next month to find a new place to live. I have zero savings. I have until this Friday to 'get stronger' or replace the job entirely or else I'll be stuck with the measly pay I have earned at work so far to get an apartment or something with, which would be absolutely impossible. I dont have credit either. My sister does not have means to help me much this time after all the help she has already given.
I feel like a miserable leech and a drain on everyone. I feel worthless for not even being able to hold down a fast food job, I dont know what the hell I'm thinking trying to get into construction. I am absolutely fucking worthless in the workforce. I am too much of a failure to hold a job.
Who the hell was I kidding thinking I could parent a child? I dont even know how to drive yet still.
I just want the hurt to end. I just want to have a stable job and be financially, and take care of and raise my child and develop a happy, healthy parent-child relationship with him. That is all I want. I cannot do any of this. I'm not capable. I'm too worthless. My child does not deserve me for a father. My child deserves better than me. His mother always tells me to not worry, or bother for that matter, because he is well taken care of with her and has all the love and financial support he needs already. She basically says that I am superfluous in his life.
If I am so superfluous, why did I bother with any of this? Why am I continuing to bother with it? Why should I even bother waking up tomorrow?
All I find myself wanting to do is walk down to the grocery store, buy a nice thick steak, a lemon, some asparagus, maybe some Pepsi. Go home. Cook it up and enjoy one last meal while watching my favorite movie ever. And then, take my life.
All I ever think about is dying anymore. Its all I dream about. I havent even been dreaming about my child recently, I just dream about dying. I look forward to the day I can rest in peace.
I am heavily contemplating this for myself, tonight. I may finally go through with it tonight. I cannot handle this stress. I cannot handle this pressure.
I am only 19, man. I am just a kid. I am not yet equipped with the tools needed to deal with these problems I have foolishly chosen to burden myself with. I am just a kid, with a kid. While my peers are enjoying their college years, having the best time of their lives, I am sitting here having what may be the final time of my life. I haven't even been alive for two decades yet.
I am just a kid. Make it all stop.
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2023.06.04 23:35 Careless-Loan-8062 Sobo or Nobo come late August? Advice greatly appreciated

Appreciate meeting trail name Lucky who hiked the AT through in 66’. Definite trail magic right near Pen Mar park. I accepted the trail name Lerner from him as he surprised me by naming me akin to my moms last name! (she passed this past April) Pretty wild and now I’ve got my momma to dedicate this adventure to! So yes, I’m taking this as a sign and am soaking up any and all information for my trip I plan to start at the end of august. Thinking sobo from Maine or nobo from Maryland and make it as far as I can before it becomes too cold. Then finish once things warm up again. I have a good amount of hiking experience but only a little backpacking. Green thumb for sure. I’m debating taking my 3 yr old pup, she’s a doodle of the golden variety. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :p
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2023.06.04 23:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Sam Ovens – Consulting Accelerator (

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2023.06.04 23:35 felloffthetruck Logitech MX Mechanical - How do I enable Smart Illumination ?

Just got this thing and the back light seems to stay constantly lit.
I have it set on static as the other modes do not thrill me.
I would like the back light to stay off until my hands get near the keyboard.
Please help. Thanks.
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2023.06.04 23:34 Distorted_Glass I can finally stop drinking

I've been on and off trying to stop drinking for years now. Despite the huge list of reasons that I should have stopped I always felt like I was missing out on something or there were experiences that I would never have again without alcohol. I just had an epiphany today after unfortunately falling off the wagon again yesterday.
Any experience or event that I feel like I would miss out on could happen whether alcohol is present or not. The difference is that without alcohol I will be even more present in that moment instead of being numbed to it. For some reason I had this belief in my head that without alcohol none of these things, whether it's a vacation with friends or a wedding or whatever would be as enjoyable without alcohol. However, I have actual experience in my previous stopping attempts where I had a perfectly great time at for example a barbecue with friends. In fact, unlike what I've been fooling myself to believe I do a much better job at socializing with the people around me when I'm not drinking.
I really wanted to type this out and unfortunately don't have anyone to talk to about this kind of thing. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.04 23:34 Snoo46854 Very new here, was pointed this direction from a different sub

Started working closely for about half the year with someone 5+ years ago. Families became friends. After a couple years, I started to have a little crush on him. The feelings would come and go. When they would come, I would turn them toward my own partner and marriage. I thought I could kind of sense the same from him, but never knew for sure, but was happy to just be good friends and to have the opportunity to spend so much time together doing what we both love. I sometimes would use it as a little escape fantasy when I needed a break from the day to day work/parent/partner life. I felt like I was keeping it super neat and clean and postive and healthy and was somewhat greateful to not have the confirmation of his feelings to deal with.
A little under a year ago, he let the cat out of the bag. He told me he had had a crush on me for a long time. He said he figured I knew, I confirmed I did. And told him I felt similarly. We agreed we both have very cool partners and we're lucky to get to be such close friends and spend so much time together. And that was it. Then my mind took over....
I started to feel guilty, started wondering if he had told his partner, the weight of having to deal with the reality of my inner fantasies ( long walks in the woods holding hands, seriously) coming to light, it was just all a lot. I spoke with him about it. He told his partner, I told mine. We are all very fond of each other. I don't think anyone was too surprised, no one was upset. He apologized to my partner for causing any stress or bad feelings. We're all pretty caring, loving folks, so we all hugged it out, life went on as usual.
But the realness of everything was still like a ton of bricks on my brain. I have been chewing on this situation, my feelings, and how to move forward nearly every day of all these months. Now, the seasonal work has started back up and I'm working with him every day again and I'm a fucking wreck. We've never had another conversation about it. I'm angry that he said something and screwed up what we had. There are things we did before that gave us a little more time together that now would possibly be suspect to our partners. Like once we went to a mutual friends party together because neither of our partners wanted to go. We went, we had good clean fun, we went home. But now, it would be awkward if we did that. I can say with 100% certainty I have never done or said anything that I wouldn't have if my partner were standing right there. Except the two convos with friend, one where he confessed, one where I asked what the hell and he clarified a little and explained he really wasn't trying to make anything happen/change/or be any different than it had been.
I'm now confused about my feelings about monogamy, commitment, love, intimacy. I'm not a very sexual person. I connect much more with people on a deep friendship level. If it wasn't for the memories of my 20's, I would probably say I'm asexual. This is not a lust situation, it's not NRE (This mutual tiny friendly crush has been going on for 5+ years. It's kind of clear to me what I want, which is just a little dedicated time with this person. But the thought of trying to navigate that with my partner who already has abandonment issues and is super insecure about my love, the thought of causing any pain to him, my very best friend in the whole universe, is crushing. It's not worth it. But is stuffing my feelings and letting myself just be eaten alive inside worth it? I'm still recovering from a year of stuffed feelings 25 years ago, I don't want to do that again. I kind of don't see a way forward without a lot of pain. I have no desire for my partner and my relationship to change. I love the life we have. I love him. Why can I love all my children but can't love two friends on a deeper level? To be clear, I have same sex friends who I feel similarly about, whom I miss dearly, and love, and hold hands with, and hug, and feel very intimately connected to. But I can tell them my heart hurts when I miss them. I can tell them that I love them. I can lay my head in their lap, and hold their hand on a walk. I'm free to express my feelings for them, but if I have that same sort of intimacy with a friend of the gender I've been historically attracted to, it's a betrayal.
What the hell can I do from here?? I really need some different perspectives on this. At this point I'm willing to start having some hard conversations, but I also don't know where to begin, I don't have great language for this situation, and I don't want to fuck things up. Do I talk to my partner? Or the friend? What if his partner is not ok with any of it? I'm ok with that if I know that boundary. I won't cross it and can deal with that. But I don't want to delve into the subject with my partner if it's a non-starter. HEEELLLPP!!
**EDIT to add (from other posting) : Was shamed for having an emotional affair and trying to justify it. I looked up signs you are having an emotional affair, I am doing exactly zero of those things. Nothing has happened after said revelation that didn't happen before. If anything, it's less.
TLDR: I'm (49F) happily married to partner (48M) for 20+ years. Family friend/co-worker of 7 years (50M) confessed long time crush almost a year ago. The feeling has always been mutual. All partners know, everything is good. NOTHING but friendship has ever happened. My mind is in a totally fucked up twist. What to do?!?!? I have to work closely with this person daily for 1/2 the year. Then miss them terribly the other half.
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2023.06.04 23:33 Laufschuhewelt How is it possible to have that many games?????

How is it possible to have that many games?????
This post is more like a rant. How is it fucking possible to have that many games played??? The server on 2vs2 is filled with this kind of players, that beat the shit out of you with eyes closed.
I'm playing for more than 5 years and I'm close to 3.5k games played, but the algo always put players against me with 15-20-25k games played.
Do these players have a life? Like dunno, friends, jobs, go out, do shit that humans do, or do they play all day, non-stop, for years.
It's frustrating to see the matchmaking always getting me "get-a-life" players that have way more experience than I do.
It's not fun! Actually, I'm thinking to quit this fucking game for good
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2023.06.04 23:33 ExistingGold1155 AITA for not doing everything before my daughters party started?

I (20F), have two children (1F & 2F), we had my oldest daughter’s party yesterday, the party was scheduled to start at 1 and end at 3. My friend, her husband, and her child stayed the night to help me clean up and set up. My fiancé (21M), has three jobs in the house total, take the trash out, put dishes away, and swap the laundry. I do EVERYTHING else. I wash the dishes, and I fold and put laundry away, all I ask from him is to put the dry away and swap clothes downstairs. Our house is a two story with a basement. Our laundry machines are in the basement and I can’t just leave two children on their own upstairs for 5 minutes because our baby gate is broken and they are both on the go and we have cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink. Anyways, I left those three things undone while I was cooking food for the party, and cleaning. My friend helped as much as she could but she has health issues and if she’s on her feet too long something bad happens which I’m leaving as a personal disability. Anyways, people started showing up at 1 as scheduled, my fiancé didn’t show till 2-2:30 and we needed to use the grill, I don’t know how to use the gas grill and even if I did, I wasn’t going to ask my friend to watch my kids so I could go out to figure it out. He ended up talking about me being my back to his dad about how I didn’t do enough before the party because dishes weren’t entirely done and the trash wasn’t taken out. He then told one of our mutual friends that he wants a woman who does sh*t. I told my sister and she told me she would come get me and the kids because she thinks I deserve better. I keep finding ways to make it sound like I deserved it like, maybe I could have done more, and maybe I do in fact deserve it. But, in total honesty, our house is big. Upstairs is 4 bedrooms and downstairs is the bathroom, the dining room, kitchen, Play room, the weird room where the stairs to upstairs are and our living room which is the size of two and a half rooms combined, the sun room and the mud room. Every other room was done besides the mud room and the kitchen. I feel like a failure for not finishing in time. Six people total ate out of everyone that was here and the food wasn’t even done till after 3 so most people had already gone home. He then proceeded to tell me it takes 3 things to make him happy, “full stomach, drained ballsack, and a clean house” and then added if I didn’t like it then to give him the ring back. AITA for not getting everything done?
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2023.06.04 23:33 Suspicious-Bet-8181 Marketing advice to support my creative habits SOS

My whole life I’ve been creating. Drawing to avoid homework, commission paintings for friends and family, and editing videos for fun. 12 months ago today, I quit my job to pursue a professional art career. For the past 7 months I’ve been working hard to improve my art skill on all aspects, making it more impactful, more technical, unique, and building an audience. I’m inspired by artists like kim Jung Gi, Takashi, and few local artist who’ve had a profound impact on my life. I also love to help encourage others to create and pursue their interests.
Last night I had a girl and her father come and buy some art prints from my stand. She was shy and nervous, like she was meeting someone important. I looked back on my social media and realized they liked my past 20 posts. It was the first time in my life I realized that I had a real fan and not somebody that said what I was creating was cool. The experience reaffirmed my purpose and gave me some direction.
Going forward I’d like to define my brand. I’d love to help others and build more value and insight for my following. I’d love to tell deeper stories to help drive the sale of my original art. But I want people to understand what I do is the combination of hard work and creativity. Not the “starving artist” but the one who creates and feeds themselves.
But…. I need more income to support myself and pay the bills. So I need to optimize my website and learn more about digital marketing and e-commerce in order to do so. I don’t want a $10 guru webinar or a get rich quick scheme. I want to put in the work and learn like a normal human.
So the question I ask is.
What is the highest value digital marketing / brand identity information I can access that you think will help me on this journey. Books, courses, people to follow, YouTube videos, documentaries, lmk
Sincerely, A guy with a dream
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2023.06.04 23:33 MGH82 Final Thoughts on GBM

I wanted to share some of my opinions on GBM as the final hours approach.
First, I love and will truly miss this game. I am a day 1 player and haven't missed a single day. I remember hearing about the game and signing up to be notified when it launched. I'm married with a now three year old, so building gunpla hasn't been an option for sometime now and I was excited that a dedicated gundam game was coming to the US. It doesn't happen that often. From day 1 I was hooked! Being able to mix and match parts from my favorite units and live out my battle fantasies was an amazing thing, plus I don't (kinda) have to spend money, seemed like a win, win.
I understand the frustrations that people had as the game went on as it became more P2P, but I wasn't here for top scores. There were things that frustrated me, such as not having much content to use our brand new parts on later on, and the lack of custom coloring in the beginning, but it has kept me entertained. I think that if the devi had implemented the 2 week plan from the beginning, had a better plan for new content/game modes, and not made it so hard to figure out/inserted so many different currencies and where to spend them, this game could've been almost perfect.
Over all, after dealing with my first gacha game and the Bandai/Namco experience, I say they still did a 7/10 job. I was able to collect different suits and learn about others I had never heard about. But most importantly I got to see all of you, who created so many different and crazy designs, many I never wouldve though of.
To all the people that worked hard creating content for the game, putting together videos, spreadsheets, and reviews, thank you! Without you, many of us wouldn't have gotten as far as we had. Special thanks to TheOtherMC, Xant, SupremeKami, DarkSukiya, Piper, Gundam Newtype Labs and of course The Stab Dojo crew(TSD)!
This has been a great experience, meeting new people that share their love for gunpla, gaining a new community, and getting my building fix in without spending money or having small parts around my kid.
It's been fun, thank you all for being here! Remember gunpla is freedom! It's been an honor.
MGH82 signing off.
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2023.06.04 23:33 Trigirl153 CVS Self Service Checkout

So today I tried to check out at the register at CVS. Store associate told me I had to use the self service checkout. I had cold medicine and various other items and this wanted two transactions (one for HSA debit and the other). So I left and went to a different CVS as it wasn’t really out of my way. At that store the guy checking me out told me it’s now corporate policy to steer customers to self service and he’s been written up for checking people out. So yeah, we’re at the point now that corporations are actively trying to fire people for doing their job because it’s cheaper to offset that cost to the customer. Fuck CVS.
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2023.06.04 23:33 PDR447 Replacement for Cayenne diesel

Current car is a 2015 Cayenne diesel with 70k miles. Starting to think about replacing it as I'm a little skeptical about how the EPA fix may have messed with long term reliability. I am not as wealthy as the car might make me sound. The class action settlement made it similarly priced to a small/midsize SUV when I bought in 2018. It was the steal of a lifetime.
My routine commute varies from 10-50mi round trip, Cayenne isn't the best here. But, I do 5+ long road trips a year which the Cayenne blows everything out of the water on! It loves highway cruising. 30+mpg and 700 miles to the tank.
-SUV or truck(dog hauling and ski hauling, would camper shell a truck)
-AWD or 4WD(skiing, I know 2WD can be capable in the snow but California highway patrol disagrees, so 4 is easier here)
-2" receiver with decent tongue weight rating (frequently haul 200-250lb on luggage rack).
-I've towed with the Cayenne 2x in 5 years. So not a requirement but 5k towing would be nice to keep available.
-plug in hybrid intrigues me as it will be great for my daily commute. All electric is tough with the road trips.
-around 200" overall length max (garage constraint)
-would love to spend near 40, could maybe stretch to ~55 for the perfect car
The Cayenne has been a great car and I have no real reason to get rid of it, it's just the longevity concerns starting to creep into my head, along with a little bit of wanting something new and shiney a bit.
Let me know what you think! Or just tell me to smarten up and keep the Cayenne...
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2023.06.04 23:33 Just4TheSpamAndEggs No idea how to feel better

I am constantly miserable. I'm just functioning. But, I have no one, which is making this all worse. I really, badly, just need a chance to vent and get it all out. Please don't comment if you are just going to make me feel worse. No comments at all are fine. I just need to get it out.
My life has been unfortunate. It could have been worse. It could have been better. But for many many years now it has just been nothing but stress, disappointment, and frustration. I have reached a point where I no longer have anything to get me excited for the future, nothing to look forward to, this is just my life now and I'm trying to figure out how to be okay with that.
Years ago my children were still young and sweet. They loved me. Every time they saw me they were happy and I was a good and active mom. I went back to school. I did well in school. I started working outside the home again. I wasn't in phenomenal shape but I was at least average and could do this like take my kids to the pool. I had such high goals and dreams for myself. I knew I just had to work hard and I was ready! I have always had strong work ethic.
But, everything has been an unfortunate series of events ever since with very little happiness in between. My career and school goals were totally derailed. Originally my husband was studying for an additional certification that would have made major changes for us. But, he decided to "let me" have my time in school instead. He ended up having a bad accident and was bedbound or close to it for many years afterward. It became impossible for me to finish my original career path and school AND work AND keep up with the kids, house, pets, yard, etc. So, I settled for a lesser certification and not an additional degree so I could focus on family.
I found a job that I was in love with. They made me think I was going to go so far. Constantly told me I was their "star employee". I loved my position. But, I quickly started to see the overturn rate, that management gossiping a lot, and that it was a toxic environment to work in. I still tried. I tried SO hard. I was a great employee. I really wanted to prove that I could be the employee tough enough to take it and still shine. But when someone else at work grabbed me "as a joke" and then I was belittled for going to management about it and told I encouraged it? It was time to quit. Really, I don't think my mental health has ever recovered from my time there.
I quit my job. I went to work in a different type of environment hoping it would give me a positive change. I hated it. LOATHED it. I was good at it but I hated every moment of it. After my husband was walking again and able to help with the kids I brought up going back to school. I shifted my focus since my health won't let me work the way I used to. I worked really hard... only to find that my chosen degree won't get me anywhere in my state. Due to all my state guidelines I basically do not have a degree that relates that anything I would be happy doing.
Currently, I went back to work at the place I was last content. I can't stretch as far as saying, "happy". Those days still had struggles. It isn't the same. I know I eventually need to find another job but I have no idea where to look or what to do. I feel like I can't find anything and whatever recruiters are contacting me for pays terrible and I know I would be so unhappy doing. I have 0 direction. No idea what to do. I can't work part-time forever.
My kids are growing. They don't want to spend time with mom anymore unless I'm giving them money or taking them somewhere. I try to have fun and joke around with them like we used to and they just get irritated with me now. I lost all my friends. How could I not? It has been years since I have been able to go do "fun" things. My responsibility level was too high. I have no one to talk to. I used to call one of my parents but now they are dying so that really isn't an option and also another huge source of stress.
My physical and mental health are greatly deteriorating. It is getting harder and harder to just live day to day. I'm a robot just completing actions with no real goal. Once my husband was healthy I encouraged him to get out and about since he was stuck for so long. I was worried about the quality of his life. He is back working out, has lost a tremendous amount of weight, he is buying himself new name brand clothes, has new hobbies, goes out with friends, and has continued to recieve raises and promotions at work on a steady basis. Although, admittedly he hates his current position. But, constantly reminds me of interviews or offers he has from other countries and the significant salaries that will go with it.
I try to open up to him about how I'm feeling and he gets mad. He gets frustrated with me. He snaps or yells and tells me to stop making him feel guilty for having a life. That I CAN go out. I CHOOSE not to. Even though I keep trying to remind him that I don't have any friends to do things with. He throws out names of people that I barely know, haven't spoken to in years, or his friend's wives like they would just immediately accept me. If I'm frustrated about work he tells me to just suck it up and find a position, get experience, and figure the rest out later. That he makes enough money anyway so I can take the pay cut. Or when he's really mad, "God, you need help."
I have put on weight. I look disgusting. Most days I'm embarrassed to even be seen in public because I have just let myself go so bad. I panic having to go to events, especially with people I know, trying to seem "normal" at events puts me in a depression for days. I have managed to only have to go places once or twice a year. Mainly just things like funerals. I can't stand that people can just look at me and know that I am a failure in life. I don't want people to ask me how I'm doing, how is school (I didn't tell anyone I graduated because I'm embarrassed by my degree), how is my marriage, how are my kids, how is work? I don't have a good answer for any of it. I just try to do the basic hugs and hello and then find a way to put myself back in a corner and try not to be noticed or put the focus on the other person.
My house is falling apart and I'm struggling to keep up with the home repair but we can't afford to have other people come fix stuff. My mind just isn't good. I can't take most medications because of my health issues. I take what I can. I take supplements. My job is physical. I'm trying to get back into working out but my family is always around and I'm too embarrassed to work out in front of them. I cook healthy meals. I have leftovers available. I have a music Playlist that I listen to that helps me get through my emotions or at least let's me cry because I fight crying so much. My sex life is definitely going downhill. He has a million excuses why when I can tell the reason is just that he is sick of me.
I'm tired. I'm sad. I'm hopeless. I have 0 idea what to do. Therapy does not work for me. I have tried it so many times and it routinely makes me feel significantly worse than better. I have tried to join groups to make friends and just end up with creepy dudes wanting to talk and within 5 lines it is just sex. I try to plan going out but can't find anyone to go with. Any time for "hobbies" is spent doing home repair.
Like... what do I do? How do I get back having hope this will get better? I know things aren't getting better from here. At the age that I'm at in not going to magically become more pretty. Even if I do exercise I'm never going to be "thin". No, I can't go back to school again. We physically cannot afford it again. I can't force my children to spend time with me. I can't fault my husband for being sick of being stuck with the ugly, depressed, burr of a wife he has stuck to him, which is why I encourage him to go do things away from me. I can keep chipping away at my house, but that is just chores. I'm basically just trying to fix it up well enough to sell. I listen to Hz frequency music for mood elevation. I try to watch funny animal videos or save funny memes.
I don't know what to do. I'm just lost. I'm just tired of being me.
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2023.06.04 23:32 whaleykale12 Hi there..

I (19F) guess I would just like to say. I recently got out of a relationship that wasn’t going so well from the beginning. But that was because we were both broken, so we decided to help build each other up. He moved out his dorm and into an apartment with me. And for the meantime, it worked. But eventually, he told me he was tired of me. Perhaps, I wasn’t progressing as much as him. He was older, he has graduated now and bought a new car a month after we ended things. I however, am still in school and don’t really have the funds for anything since I was the one paying majority of the expenses for the both of us. He contributed when he could, but not as much since I made slightly more. Now that he has graduated, full time job and just bought a car. I feel truly depleted. I feel used and tired. I obviously don’t pick the right people and need to work on myself. But I guess I’m just looking for someone to be there for me.. I know I’m stupid.
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2023.06.04 23:32 Weather-Disastrous Ex-Manager Reaching out for Job opportunity

Backstory: I recently started working at a new company 3 months ago. I found a great role with a manager who was even better. The job is fully remote, all the processes are in place, the people were Great, no overtime ever.
One month in, my new manager decides to leave to follow his boss to their new company for a higher title and more money. It sucked because he is great, but the team that was in place was able to help out and it worked out.
Jump to today, he recently reached out about an opportunity to work with him again, but he was honest about the role. The new role would be a lot of work because the company financials and processes needed a lot of clean up. Also the job would be Hybrid instead of remote. Not sure how much of an increase it would be, but most likely be at least 10-15k jump from $85k to almost $100k. I am leaning towards no, but this manager is willing to teach me, super nice, patient and chill. Is leaving a great role with a good company worth taking a chance with working one of the best managers I have had?
TLDR. Great ex manager reached out about new role. New role would be more more money but a lot more work and not 100% remote. Is $10-$15k worth it or should I just respectfully say no thanks?
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2023.06.04 23:32 Neku3721 A tribune to Johnson Blazkowicz - A fan among fans of LiS community.

A tribune to Johnson Blazkowicz - A fan among fans of LiS community.
As a tribute to our comrade JB, Olverts and I have retrieved his artwork and put it in a public folder in Mega.
This is to keep his work as a digital archive, but also to save his digital work. Thanks JB. Be a free wolf now !
u/Olverts :
All artworks in this collections are created by Johnson_Blazkowicz, aka JohnsonTerminal. The purpose of this collection, is to make sure that he lives on through his art.
u/Neku3721 :
Thanks a lot for your work man.
Like Daniel, Sean and Karen's lanterns floating in the Arizona sky, in the beautiful, wild and fearsome nature. JB looks down on us from above, a star in the village of Away. You're living your own afterlife, living a new start. Watch over Away and the wolf brothers.
Somewhere in a wild, wild world, there lived wolf brothers with their papa wolf. And a large pack of Life is Strange 2 fans. They lived free, in peace and in love with Life Is Strange.
"Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieve it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
Dylan Thomas (poem quoted in Chris Nolan's Interstellar movie)".
u/Olverts and u/Neku3721 from LifeIsStrange2 subreddit on Sunday 4th of June on 2023 year
We miss you, wolf brother.
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2023.06.04 23:32 Emergency_Argument29 Ted Lasso Headcanons

What headcanons does everyone have? I’m curious.
Some of mine:
-Sam becomes Captain when Issac leaves
-Issac opens a barbershop when he retires (his one haircut a season rule still applies for all Greyhounds past and present)
-Nate eventually becomes a manager of another team after being an assistant to Roy for a few years. They leave things on good terms and have a friendly rivalry. Also Nate purposely chooses a less than successful team and turns them around.
-Colin ends up coaching and becomes Roy’s new assistant coach after Nate leaves.
-Nora’s interest in running a football club continues and eventually she becomes Higgins’ assistant with plans to take over for him when he retires and maybe Rebecca someday.
-Dani accidentally starts a cult at some point.
-Henry decides to study abroad for a year during college and stays at Richmond. He meets Phoebe and they immediately hit it off, bonding over football and divorced parents. They quickly become best friends before feelings develop. Roy is unsure how he feels about them.
Tell me yours.
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2023.06.04 23:32 RoutineBottle1202 Should a Catholic go to the beach?

I am convinced that swimming in the ocean and relaxing in a tropical beach are not a sin in themselves. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the Lord's creation in this way. However, nowadays people are wearing very immoral clothing at the beach. There has already been designed, thank God, modest swinwear that Christians can wear at the beach without fear of sin. But one can still see many immodestly dressed in these environments, like men not wearing shirts and women wearing bikinis. Is it permissible then, to frequent the beach? If a Catholic goes to said environments, will he or she be putting himself in a near occasion of sin? How does one go to the beach and does not put oneself in spiritual danger? My reason tells me that enjoying the beach is possible without sin, but I struggle with this matter, primarily because I understood a priest once say that a Catholic should not go to beaches to avoid occasions of sin, but I wonder if he was wrong or I misunderstood what he said since this was a priest from Brazil and I heard him speak these things in Portuguese. Sorry for the long question.
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2023.06.04 23:32 Inevitable_Alcholic Kismet

I'm crazy about you, truly madly deeply. I've known you for almost half my life, we've often bumped into each other at the wrong times in our life. We've both grown so much from when we were 16, yet we're still the same horny teenagers who can't keep our hands off each other. When I saw you at the pub and spent most of the night staring into your hazel eyes everything just clicked for me. The more time I spend with you the stronger I feel. When I hear you knock at my door I still jump out of fear and excitement, trying to act cool so you don't see an overexcited man child bounding towards the door. I'm glad you took the first move and didn't continue to use me as a dead mouse for your own perversions. I know I should have said no, but my brain shut off as I jumped at the chance to see you alone. It was different with you, we both thought it would be 14 years of unresolved lust coming forward and would then fizzle out and we could go back to being normal. But it's done the opposite, our weirdness bounces off of each other and we can spend hours laughing about the silliest things. In this time we've had together I've had a lifetime of happiness and laughing. Our inside jokes just appear, making me smile at a bottle of water in the shop because it reminds me of you.
Our fears make us ask the other if we're sure and if we want to end it, but I know from my side id never want to end it, there will never be a day where I don't want to see you or hear your voice. I have to trust what you say and not get too into my own head about it.
At a table with friends and we inevitably end up sitting next to each other I yearn for your hand to find me and your touch to send sparks through my body. When we're alone I can't keep my hands off of you, just to be near you, or feel your hand in mine. I'm sometimes taken aback by your beauty and wonder how I got so lucky to see your mind laid bare, or for you to show me your teeth.
I feel strongly about you, when I'm having a bad day my phone pinging and knowing it's you cheers me up immensely, you're the first thing I think of when I wake up. There aren't enough words or time to explain how I feel about you, I show you snippets when I can or when you need them. There's just something natural about the way you make me feel, I feel more like myself around you than I do when I'm alone, like you're the other half of my soul.
I know that the whole situation isn't easy, and that neither of us saw it going this far, but I just want you to know, I'll always support whatever you do or want, because I feel like you're the missing piece of my jigsaw, and I wouldn't do anything to lose that. I would wait 3000 days for a chance with you. As you said "It's kismet"
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2023.06.04 23:32 tomatocucumber RSD at work (long workplace vent)

About 3 months ago, I accepted a manager role for a small team of 4 people. The team is very close to each other, but they’ve never really had a manager. (Someone to set up processes and goals.)
3/4 of them have been complaining about me to other sr leadership, including my boss. It makes me angry and sad, and it feels personal. Most of them have less than 3 years of experience, and they’re being paid a very decent amount. The market for their roles is really tight rn, and it’s very unlikely that they’d find something similar in terms of salary. I was on the job market prior to this job for 5 months, so I know.
It’s frustrating because I feel like they don’t respect or like me. I’m asking them to follow some basic documentation to better communicate their efforts to other leaders who don’t understand the amount of work they put in. It requires some accountability, and they are very resistant.
I think I’m winning over 2 of them by giving them projects that are directly tied to their goals at the company, but the other two are really mean.
They accused me of making emotional decisions, even though I’ve been heavily masking and trying to be as analytical as possible. I vacillate between 1) telling them they can either do it this way or leave and 2) trying to convince them that these new processes are better. What I’m asking them to do is what they’d be asked to do at virtually any other job in our field, but because they basically only have experience here, they’re uninformed about that part of the field.
It makes me feel weak and maybe I seem weak to my boss. It goes so against how I’ve interacted with my bosses in my career. I’ve been trying to delay any reactions to them to avoid expressing my immediate emotions, but it’s been really hard.
All this to say that my workplace feels toxic to me. I could replace all of them, but that doesn’t feel right because I don’t want to let my emotions regarding their disrespect affect that decision-making response and I know what it’s like out there to scramble for a job.
Anyway, feeling very disliked and unlikable and sad about it, and it’s causing a lot of negative self-talk. I feel stressed and beleaguered. I want them to like me, and I’m trying to be a good boss. How do I get past this?
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2023.06.04 23:32 aabb12321ba Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan

Sunny rooms in downtown Manhattan
Room A - $1300 - The one with Full size bed with built in closet.
Room B - $1400 - The one with Twin size bed
***Room may be unfurnished or furnished (additional fees apply) at the time of your move-in date.
Two sunny bedrooms for rent on the 5th floor next to the F train subway station ( 1 minute away) in Manhattan Chinatown LES. Also a few minutes away from the B, D, M, J, Z, N, R, Q, W and 6 train. Citi bike, M22, M15 and M9 buses nearby. The environment is quiet and suitable for students or singles. Come with a large window, furniture and bed frame per the pic. Rooftop with great views and laundromat around the corner! 3 blocks away from the South Street Seaport which provides beautiful views of the two bridges and is perfect for a sunset jog or stroll. Also steps away from tons of art galleries, parks and overall amazing vibes the people and the neighborhood have to offer! AMAZING location. Less than 5 minute walk from TRADER JOES, TARGET, Fine Fare Supermarkets, libraries and the new Regal Cinema. Located near the popular 169 Bar, JaJaJa Kiki's, Clandestino, Mission Chinese, Scarr's Pizza, Forgtmenot, Clockwork Bar, Beverly's and much much more!
Require no smoking, clean, quiet and responsible person! This apartment is a typical old walk-up apartment in Chinatown. Air conditioning, electricity and gas are not included. Proof of income is requested. Please tell me a little about yourself. I would need your ID and references. When replying please include a small bio describing your work/personal schedule and include social/ linkedin links. Prefer long term with 2 months notice (60 days, first of the month) if you decide to move out. 1 month deposit required.
Email for more photos.
If this post is still up then the room is still available. Thank You.
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