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2023.06.04 21:43 WeskersSock Testing: allergy/intolerance & gut bacteria

I’ve been following this group for a while and have posted on here previously, but it’s been a long time and I’ve been on quite an interesting journey.
For a long time I was absolutely convinced I had serious histamine (and/or salicylate) issues, as my symptoms matched so many of the ones discussed here (hives, indigestion rash, etc) and I’ve had Hayfever since I was very young, and react to dairy.
Anyway I spent a large portion of last year working with a herbal medicine clinic and they did some great work but they were always at a disadvantage due to having no actual lab data. They did teach me a lot and helped improve my quality of life quite a bit.
This year I’ve been working with a Naturopath and she invited me to get allergy, intolerance and gut bacteria tests through a company she recommended.
The results can back and my gut bacteria is fairly normal for the most part, but is horribly low on 3 things: Akkermansia, Lactobacillus and Biffidobacterum (forgive the spelling here I can’t be bothered to check it) which as it turns out are really quite important, especially Akkermansia.
The results of the blood work suggest that my body doesn’t really fall into any category in terms of histamine, fodmap, paleo and all that. I have trouble with soya, pretty much all types of beans, shellfish, coffee, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, avocado, egg white, mushrooms, pork, pineapple, vanilla, walnuts, squash…there are many more, but these are perhaps the most significant.
Top 3 specifically are clams, string beans and soy.
Currently I’m on a plan to restore my gut bacteria, and eliminate the 3 main foods completely, and restrict the others. I’ve been told I probably have leaky gut. It’s been hard but the results are worth it and they are significant. I have no doubt I will continue to heal but it does seem to be a slow process. I’ve also been advised against extreme restrictions and elimination by my naturopath, and I concur having listened to some great podcasts on food and diets recently. I follow the eat the rainbow philosophy as best I can.
Anyway the take aways for me are:
1) get tested - you are guessing otherwise and it’s too dangerous without knowing what you’re dealing with, I would never have guessed white potatoes and so many of the other bizarre foods on my reaction list.
2) try to protect your gut bacteria by learning about the things which cause damage to it, and look into ways to rebuild it.
3) know that it can take 48 hours or more for what you’ve consumed to impact your body, so it’s really hard to guess what set off your reactions. It could just be that you’ve hit a limit of sorts rather than food x caused me to be ill.
4) eating the same foods over and over can have a really negative effect on the body. The micro biome of your gut needs variety. So it’s really important to mix up what you have and try new things. Tim Spectre gives some good advice on this, I would recommend listening to one of his podcasts.
5) I’m sure there’s plenty more and I may add them later, but I’ve covered the main points I wanted to share.
As an aside I’m currently following up on something I learned from a podcast with Steven Gundry. He mentions something called lectins and suggests they are really bad for the body, and quite a few of the foods I react to are in the high lectins list. I need to do a lot more research though as it could just be a coincidence.
I’m also learning about something known as TMS and the works of Dr John Sarno and Nicole Sachs. I’m not all that convinced about the subject matter yet but there’s definitely something interesting about it which resonates, and I know someone who healed using this method. Read about it if you will as it may help some of you, but I’m on the fence about it currently.
If anyone has any questions I’d be happy to answer as best I can. I don’t want you to think I’m over this yet but I may be able to help someone.
Finally be kind to yourself, it’s really really hard trying to do all this elimination stuff on your own. Mentally it can be exhausting. I personally find huge comfort with some spiritual teachings (The Untethered Soul, or The Power of Now for example). Regardless of weather that’s your thing it would really be a good idea to work on your mental fitness, as these challenges can take us to some dark places at times, but there is definitely a way back from it.
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2023.06.04 21:41 chirotomio Something is really, really wrong with my sister...

My sister and I were always close. There was only a year difference in age, her being the eldest one. We liked similar things, had similar interests, and protected one another. We went through things together, like getting over a first boyfriend or realizing how bad period cramps actually are. I was grateful for this, to have someone that understood me so deeply. Of course there were fights too. A lot of “you stole my shirt” and “is that my lip gloss?” But what sisterly relationship doesn’t have a bit of bickering scattered in the mix.
But then… the bickering got worse.
I don't mean to complain, especially on the internet to strangers I’ll likely never know. But lately, my sister has been… extra hostile. It started simple enough. I’d bump into her in the narrow hallway that separated our two bedrooms. She’d groan like normal, but there was a sharpness to the “fake” insults she would sling at me. “Jesus, take up enough space?” There was an underlying venom in her tone. I was used to our average bickering, but this put a crater in my chest. “Sorry, sheesh.” I brushed her off and kept moving.
The day after, I asked her if I could borrow something from her closet. “You’re so fucking annoying, Alice.” She didn’t say it with a tone nor did she yell at me. She said it like it was simply a fact. Her words were flat and she didn’t even spare a glance at me. “What the hell?” I retorted, but she just ignored me.
I started trying to avoid her after that. I figured, maybe she was going through something that she wasn’t ready to talk about yet. It happens, right? Whatever it was, I didn’t want to be in the middle of it. More and more, my sister started shutting everyone out. She would go to school, come home, lock herself in her room and… that was it. We barely saw her around the house. Later in the night I would hear her door unlatch and the sound of her feet scurrying down the hallway. Probably to the kitchen, since she never came down for dinner.
When mom would ask what was wrong, she would shrug her off and call her annoying. Always buried in her cell phone, always with an attitude. I started taking notice of her appearance. Now my sister is pretty, I won't deny it. I was always jealous of how perfectly her hair laid in comparison to my cow-licked part. Her teeth were straight and shiny, and she was a swimmer so it was rare for her to be out of shape. But she started to look… sickly? Her face was always pale, with big black bags under her eyes. Her lips were cracked and dry, even her fingernails started to look brittle. She was chewing on them and ripping the skin along the side of her nail bed. She always looked nervous and her eyes would dart around the room like she was constantly looking for a threat.
Months went by, I started my sophomore year and she was a junior. She wouldn’t acknowledge me in the hall, and even her friends started to avoid her. They said she was gloomy and weird. A drastic change in comparison to the previous summer. She was vibrant, full of life, and usually lit up any room she walked into.
But now she was miserable to be around. She would hurl insults at us, and berate us every chance she got. She would walk by me and pinch me hard enough to bruise the skin. When I'd yell at her for it, I was simply met with a wide grin and a shrill laugh. She made me nervous, like I had to be on guard any time she was around.
This wasn't Gemma. Something was wrong. As her sister, I needed to do something. So, one day, I decided to go into her room and do some snooping.
Now hear me out, I know snooping is wrong. I would never normally invade someone’s privacy like that. But I knew just asking her wasn’t going to get me anywhere. So snooping it was. I started by combing through her closet. I figured if she were to walk in on me, I could just say I was looking for something to wear. I brushed my fingers gently over the hanging clothes. Vibrant colors of pinks, purples, and yellows swirled together as I shoved them to either side. Her clothes would tell me nothing. Especially since she didn’t wear vibrant stuff anymore.
Her closet was pretty empty, just shoes and hanging clothes. A few random pieces of paper but nothing of value. I emptied out some of her spare handbags to find empty tubes of lip gloss and tissues. Useless, I thought.
I moved on to her vanity. I searched each drawer carefully. Vials of lip gloss, palettes of blush and eyeshadow, but nothing to indicate something was wrong. I shut one in frustration and sighed. This is stupid, I thought. She’s a moody teenager. I turned towards the bedroom door when something under her bed caught my eye.
A little piece of paper jutting out from underneath. I moved to the bedside and dropped to my knees. The paper had nothing but numbers scribbled across it, but behind it lay a small… journal? Diary? I picked it up and felt it over. It was damaged, the binding was loose and the cover was worn down. The edges of the paper inside looked… burnt? I stared at the small book for a minute. For some reason I felt a lump of nausea climbing up my throat. This small, seemingly harmless journal felt like a rock in my palm. Sweat broke out down the back of my neck.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” I murmured to myself. With a sigh I pulled the front cover back. My hands shook as I skimmed the pages. I swallowed hard. I guess I had every reason to be nervous.
On almost every single page, there was one message.
He is coming.
What the fuck does that mean? I blinked hard as I shifted through the pages. The handwriting on each page got worse and worse. It looked less like an average teenager’s handwriting and more like scribbles from a toddler as the pages went on. The writing started to look desperate the further into it I got.
He is coming
He is COMIIing!!!
HE IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!
More of the same as I scanned the pages. I was almost to the end when I heard a thump in the hallway. My heart fell out of my ass as I scrambled to shove the tiny book back under her bed. I flew to the closet and yanked the door open, shifting through her clothes. When her bedroom door swung open, for some reason, I felt uneasy.
“What are you doing in my room?” She snapped.
“Hey, Gemma. I was looking for something to wear.. I was going to a friend’s tonight.” I lied as calmly as I could. I could feel her moving behind me. I was scared she was going to get closer. This is ridiculous, I thought. She’s your sister. Still, I felt like a helpless gazelle being taunted by a lion.
I turned to look at her and was met with a gaze I have never witnessed before.
Her face was twisted into a snarled grimace. Anger seethed from every pore on her face. Her mouth fell open as she stared at me. “I-I’m sorry, Gem. You never used to care..” I suddenly felt very trapped and claustrophobic. Her bedroom door was closed and she stood between me and my one way out. Her head fell to the side as she blinked at me. “You’re useless.” She murmured faintly. “What?” I blinked at her. That was cruel, even for how Gemma was now. “You’re useless.” She shrugged as her head lay to the side in observance of me. It was like she was surveying how I was going to react. Her mouth started to fall open into a wide grin. “You’re useless and one day, Alice, I’m going to rip your tongue from your mouth.” She made a horrible gurgling noise from the back of her throat, followed by her usual shrill laugh. I stared at her in shock. Tears poured over my cheek as I shoved past her to the door. I had nothing to say, I just wanted to get away from her.
After that, we didn’t talk. If she walked into a room, I walked out of it. I didn’t know what was wrong with her, but I knew it had to have something to do with that weird little book. Her moods got worse, and it was making everyone in the house miserable. She started screaming at our parents, throwing glass plates on the ground. She would slam doors so hard the hinges would break. My dad had to replace her bedroom door twice. She would corner me or my mom, getting in our faces and taunting us. My mom tried taking her to therapy, but Gemma refused to go. She would sit in the car and scream until my mom let her out at the house.
And then one night.. Everything changed.
It was late, well past 11 pm. I was laying in my bed reading a manga I’d bought recently when I heard the familiar creak of her door opening. This was a usual routine for her now. She didn’t eat dinner with us, she would wait until we all went to bed and sneak down to the kitchen. I heard her soft footsteps walking up to my bedroom door when they suddenly stopped. I knew she was standing outside my door. My heart thumped in my chest. I stood up from my bed and hovered at the edge. I wanted to walk to my door, to open it, to just.. see her standing there. Hopefully apologetic and asking for forgiveness.
The thought made me laugh. And tear up, if I’m honest.
But instead I slowly approached my door. My heart was beating a mile a minute. There was no reason for me to be so nervous. She was just my sister. Her behavior had been weird, cruel even, but she hadn’t done anything too crazy for me to be fearful of her like this. My palms started to sweat and I felt a lump in my throat. I stood in front of the door and placed my hand on it gently. I stared at the doorknob, and I don’t know what possessed me to do it but… I locked it.
Her voice startled me. I jolted in position. My mouth was dry and I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. “Alice?” She tried again. It was her voice, definitely. But something about it seemed so unlike her. It felt almost… sinister. “Alice.” This time it came as a statement rather than checking to see if I was actually there. “Are you gonna let me in?” I felt her tap against the door. I still couldn’t bring myself to say anything. My hand hovered above the doorknob, but I wasn’t trying to let her in. I was prepared to grab it if she tried to open it.
Suddenly, she began knocking on my door. Relentlessly. It started as a few light taps, then turned into banging. She was banging on my door. The whole thing vibrated and shook as she smacked and pounded on the other side. “Alice!” She screeched. The doorknob started shaking violently. I grabbed hold of it with as much strength as I could. Tears brimmed my eyes and my heart felt like it was going to seize up. ”ALICE!!!” She was screaming now and my bedroom door was hanging on by a thread. The lock had already busted, and it was just me versus her holding it. I could hear my parents start to shuffle around, and I heard my mom’s voice down the hall. “Gemma? What’s going on?” She sounded half asleep and dazed.
Everything got sickeningly quiet. I took several quick breaths and tried to steady my body weight against the door. “Gemma?” My moms voice traveled down the hallway. I took a breath and pried my door open, just a crack, to try and see what was going on. I was met with an image that is seared into my brain.
Gemma was staring at me. But not just staring. Her mouth was hanging open in a twisted grin. It was an elongated smile, her lips were cracking and bleeding from how wide she had stretched her lips. Her eyes were like saucers. The white spaces of her eyes were filled with black that bore into me. She was making this awful… clicking sound? Like it was coming from the back of her throat. Every time she clicked her head would twitch and bob. Her face was nearly pressed against my door. Very slowly, she reached a hand up to touch her jawline. Her fingers were bloody, and I quickly realized it was because she had ripped her nails off. When I say ripped them off... I mean it looked like she had just peeled them from her nail bed. Quicker than I could react, she shot a hand out into the crack of the door. She snatched a fistful of my hair and with a sharp tug, she ripped a chunk from my scalp. I screamed as my hands flew to my head. She giggled like an excited little kid at how horrified I was. I slammed the door in her face. “Gemma what the fuck!” I smacked my door and let out a sob. What was happening to my sister?
I heard my dad from the end of the hall. “Gemma.. Are you okay? Can we take you to the hospital?” He sounded so desperate to help her. Sadness welled up in my chest for my parents. How could they fix her?
Without warning, I heard her take off down the stairs. Her feet smacked the ground and I heard her jump off the last few steps. I flung my door open and ran to my mom. She threw her arms around me and cradled me. My dad stood there for a minute, like he was weighing his options. Gemma was downstairs throwing glass around in the kitchen. Every few minutes we could hear her shrill laughter followed by those sick clicking noises. “You two, in the bedroom. Now.” My dad ushered us into my parents’ room. My mom and I sat on their bed while my dad paced back and forth. He decided to call 911, to ask for a mental health check. My mom sobbed quietly on the bed beside me. We could hear the loud crashing of glass and things being knocked over downstairs. I couldn’t get that horrible gaunt look out of my head. That wasn’t Gemma, I wouldn’t accept it.
Suddenly, everything stopped. The shattering of glass, the shrill laughter and the awful clicking sounds. Our house became deadly quiet. My dad stared at the bedroom door, his hands balled into fists. My mom kept an arm around me. There was a thump at the door that jolted all of us.
“Mommy?” It was Gemma. She spoke so softly she almost sounded like her old self. I went to call out to her but my dad motioned for me to stay quiet. Small, faint sobs traveled from the other side of the door. I could feel my mom tense beside me. There was a scratching sound, like she was scraping her nails down the side of the door.
Except it couldn’t be her nails… she had ripped them all off. I seized up at the idea of her dragging a knife up and down the door.
Gemma began to laugh. She wasn't just laughing, though. She was sobbing, and cackling, at the same time. It sounded like two different voices bubbling up from her throat. One would wail like it was in pain, and the other would laugh maniacally. I chose to believe the maniacal one was the voice dragging the knife across the bedroom door. She began knocking, or rather banging, on the door. "LET ME IN!" She shrieked, still heaving a mixture of laughter and sobs. The banging increased and I thought for sure the door would bust. My mom was pale and trembling beside me. My dad stared at the door, in disbelief or fear, I couldn't tell.
"You can't hide from me forever, Alice." She spoke so quietly I thought I made it up. I glanced at my mom who put a finger over her mouth, a sign for me to stay quiet.
Suddenly, an echo of footsteps bounded up the stairs from the end of the hall. “Police!” We heard someone shout. I felt my mom shift beside me as my dad approached the door. “Put it down!” We assumed he was talking to Gemma. We heard her giggle maniacally, and what I’m still assuming was a knife dragging back down the door. But following the shrill laughter was a plea that reverberates in my mind. "Please.. help me." She choked out a sob, but as soon as softness came it went. Her feet pounded against the hardwood floor of the hallway. “Stay put! I said don’t move!” But faster than I think anyone could react, we heard a sickening cackle followed by a heavy thud.
My dad waited about 10 minutes before pulling the door open. Gemma was gone, but there was a trail of blood streaking down the hallway. It reeked and made my stomach turn in knots. I was panting, both from the smell and the fear. There was a man laying at the end of the hallway, an officer, and it was clear he had been stabbed. We followed my dad down the hall, carefully trying to avoid stepping in blood. The officer groaned and my mom heaved a sigh of relief that he was alive. Backup was called, and an ambulance. They said he was stabbed 11 times, and miraculously survived. I don’t think that was an accident, though. I think if Gemma wanted him dead, he would be dead. I think that softness... that small sign of weakness was actually Gemma trying to save him. From whatever she had become.
There was no sign of her, though police followed a trail of blood through our front yard and onto the street. Strangely enough, it ended there. There was blood on our front door and, I guess, when police arrived the door was already open. That warranted them to search inside, where they found busted glass and shattered windows. Blood was pooled in the kitchen, and handprints stained the wall from floor to ceiling like… like she had been crawling on it. Even the police were at a loss about what happened. They’re still looking for her but, I don’t think she wants to be found. Not by them anyway.
The next day we packed as much as we could to leave. I was stuffing things into my suitcase, snagging a few books from my shelf to bring along, when a familiar sense of dread washed over me. My hands began to sweat and my fingers trembled as I brushed over the tiny diary. My mouth felt like cotton as I skimmed through the pages. I hadn’t seen Gemma, but somehow, I knew she had put this diary in my room. I’m not sure when… but judging by the blood on the pages, it was sometime during the previous night. The pages all looked familiar, except the very last one. This is why I’m reaching out for help, advice… anything. Because I’m pretty sure she’s coming back for me. I’m scared… and I feel like no matter how far away we go, Gemma is going to know exactly where I am.
Hel. He's. he lp here me…. Alice. Alice. Alice. ALICE. ALICE!!!!!!!
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2023.06.04 21:38 Password_Is_Mattress [USA] [H] Wii and DS/GBA Games [W] PayPal

All tested, working, CIB unless noted. $4 shipping first game, $2 per additional. Open to bundles or offers. Ask for pictures or re-testing. If you've bought from me before let me know!
GBA (Cartridge Only)
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2023.06.04 21:37 CocoCommeUneNoix À la recherche d'un nouveau casque audio.

Bonjour reddit! Depuis le début d’année, j’ai renouvelé quelques périphériques qui commençaient à se faire un peu vieillissants dans mon setup. Il m’en reste un, qui, selon moi, est le plus important, mais qui est aussi celui pour lequel j’ai le moins de connaissances et j’ai donc un peu peur de mal choisir: mon prochain casque. J’ai un HyperX Cloud depuis 6 ans. Il a énormément de qualités mais avec mon utilisation intensive il commence à être à bout de souffle et a besoin d'être remplacé.
En terme d’utilisation, c’est ⅓ de jeu (je joue très peu à des jeux compétitifs/ difficiles), ⅓ de films et séries et ⅓ de musique (vraiment de tous les genres).
Au niveau du son, j’aimerais un truc équilibré, mais globalement je préfère trop de basses que pas assez s’il fallait choisir. Je recherche pas nécessairement un son neutre, surtout plus clair et détaillé que ce que j’ai actuellement et qui arrive à peu près à retranscrire toutes les fréquences. Avec ou sans micro ça m’est égal. Je préfèrerais un design sobre mais ça m’est un peu égal aussi. Puis aussi, je préfèrerais du filaire en jack. En terme de budget, au début je m’étais fixé 100 euros de limite mais je pense finalement pouvoir monter un peu au dessus (150max?), mais pas mettre plusieurs centaines d’euros. Je cherche pas le top du top ultra che qui nécessite une carte son externe, juste un son agréable et immersif à un prix contenu.
J’avais commencé à regarder parmi les casques “gamer”. J’avais vu l’audio technica ATH-GL3 et le beyerdynamics MMX150, aussi quelques produits Epos. Je me dis que me tourner vers des marques réputées pourrait déjà être mieux que vers les marques de périphériques traditionnelles, mais je me trompe peut-être. On m’avait dit du bien du logitech G Pro X aussi. En non gamer, j’ai vu des modèles de chez AKG mais je suis un peu perdu, puis je sais aussi que c'est des choix assez subjectifs.
Auriez vous des produits à me conseiller ou des avis sur ceux dont j'ai pu parler? Merci d’avance🌝!
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2023.06.04 21:34 MeboldRice Rate my cd collection

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2023.06.04 21:27 Streetperson12345 Ah Yes, my first rage quitter.

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2023.06.04 21:23 ZCalliope Un dealer est entré par ma fenêtre

Je m'appelle Zoé. C'est arrivé y a presque un an, je venais d'emménager dans mon appartement à l'époque. J'avais 19 ans, j'avais habité pendant un an en coloc mais là c'était mon premier appart vraiment solo.
J'habite dans un quartier un peu craignos dans ma ville, pas dans la rue la plus glauque mais le quartier est connu pour être notamment un lieu important de trafic (drogue etc). Seulement moi mon immeuble donne vraiment littéralement sur un arrêt de tram, donc je me croyais bêtement en sécurité (comme c'est une rue hyper passante du coup).
Dans ma ville on est particulièrement sujets à la canicule, donc il fait très vite vraiment très chaud. En plus, je supporte hyper mal la chaleur, donc à cette période de l'année (c'était mi juin) je dormais avec les fenêtres ouvertes.
Désolée, cette histoire est pleine de descriptions mais c'est un peu important. En gros, dans mon appart y a deux pièces, un salon et une chambre, et l'appart est traversant ; j'ai une fenêtre au nord et une fenêtre au sud. Celle au sud donne sur l'arrêt de tram, celle au nord donne sur une cour intérieure. J'habite au premier étage. Faut savoir aussi que la cour a une porte qui a l'époque était cassée et donc ne fermait pas, et donnait sur un "couloir" qui donnait sur la porte d'entrée de l'immeuble qui ne fermait pas non plus ; n'importe qui pouvait vraiment rentrer tranquille dans mon immeuble. Faut savoir aussi que le son circulait donc très facilement, et qu'il était parfois difficile de savoir si le bruit qu'on entendait venait de la cour intérieure ou de la rue quand les fenêtres étaient ouvertes.
Une nuit donc, je suis réveillée vers 2h du matin par des bruits de voix vraiment très forts. J'entends vaguement (puisque je sors du sommeil) qu'il s'agit d'une dispute, et que la dispute en question a l'air à propos d'un deal qui a l'air de mal se passer. Jusque là, c'est juste un peu relou parce que ça me réveille, mais je me dis que je vais juste me lever, fermer mes fenêtres et me rendormir.
Sauf qu'au moment où je me redresse, j'entends un truc du style "attends attends, y a des fenêtres ouvertes là, on peut se faire entendre". La voix a l'air "jeune", je ne sais pas trop comment la qualifier autrement, et très nerveuse (comme si la personne en plus d'être énervée était hyper stressée). Disons que ça m'a un peu stoppée, mais pas tellement plus ; jusqu'à ce que je me dise que potentiellement, il parle de mon appart. L'autre répond "ta gueule c'est juste quelqu'un qui a chaud, il est 2h du mat, il dort t'inquiètes, personne entend rien". J'avoue qu'à ce moment là je me suis dit "oui, écoutes ton pote". Et là, j'entends l'autre répondre "faudrait vérifier, si on se fait chopper on est morts, faut pas qu'ils appellent les flics".
Je rappelle que le bruit circule beaucoup ; à ce moment-là, je ne suis donc pas sûre de savoir si la discussion a lieu dans ma rue, ou dans la cour intérieure de mon immeuble. Sachant que si la discussion a lieu dans la cour, la fenêtre donne directement dans ma chambre.
J'avoue qu'à ce moment là, je me suis demandé qui pouvait avoir cette p*** d'idée. Je veux dire ; si on a peur de se faire chopper, on s'enfuit non ? Et surtout... vérifier ? Comment ça ? Comment ?
Le mec plus tranquille a eu l'air d'avoir la même idée que moi puisqu'il a répondu "vérifier comment (un truc du genre) tu vas pas monter au truc pour vérifier du con". Et là l'autre énervé lâche un "bah pourquoi pas ? C'est vitef, s'il dort c'est bon tranquille".
A ce moment là, je me suis juste dit que j'étais encore endormie en fait, que j'avais mal compris, que je faisais un cauchemar ou je sais pas. Mais ce mec pouvait pas avoir dit ça, qui a ce réflexe ? A cet instant, je suis juste tétanisée, je me suis rallongée, et je me dis juste qu'il faut absolument pas que je bouge, que je fasse "semblant" au cas où, etc. Je suis donc restée terrifiée dans mon lit, les yeux fermés, à attendre de savoir quoi faire.
Et j'ai entendu cette phrase absolument horrible : "p***** il escalade ce b*****"." A ce moment là, j'ai mes yeux rivés sur mon balcon et je vois juste le pire truc qui aurait pu arriver : une main qui agrippe un barreau. (bon, au moins la bonne nouvelle : la discussion avait donc lieu depuis la rue, et non directement dans mon immeuble).
Sauf que la main a lâché le barreau ; il y a eu énormément de cri, d'insultes, et de ce que j'ai compris l'autre avait du l'agripper par la jambe et le tirer en arrière pour l'empêcher d'entrer dans l'appart. D'autres sont arrivés, et vraisemblablement ils sont partis en courant.
Je suis restée tétanisée pendant de très longues minutes, avant de fermer d'abord la fenêtre de ma chambre, puis d'avancer (dans le noir) jusqu'à la fenêtre de mon salon, que j'ai fermée aussi. Depuis je dors avec un ventilateur s'il faut, mais jamais plu avec les fenêtres ouvertes (ou avec les volets fermés). A l'époque j'étais avec un mec qui a dormi chez moi les deux mois suivants ; je ne pouvais plus passer une nuit seule dans mon appart.
J'ai pas arrêté de me poser vingt milles questions dans les jours qui ont suivi. Dans quel état de panique était ce mec pour avoir cette réaction ? Est-ce qu'il attendait quelque chose pour ne pas pouvoir tout simplement s'enfuir ? Qu'est-ce qui se serait passé s'il était effectivement entré chez moi, dans l'état d'énervement dans lequel il avait l'air d'être ?
J'ai juste pas cru ma propre histoire pendant longtemps, tellement cette réaction me paraissait juste invraisemblable.
Aujourd'hui on est en juin, il fait chaud, et passé 20h je ne fonctionne qu'au ventilateur.
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2023.06.04 21:21 Brassmonkey700 Just finished a 3 month internship and feeling used

Like the title says. I just finished a 15 week unpaid internship with a digital media company as a producer. I was familiar with the network which has millions of viewers and the show I worked on was very popular which got me excited at the start. I went in seeking journalism experience.
I took the internship (unpaid) during my final semester of my senior year of college, which now ends in one week. Entering the internship I thought it would be a cool experience to learn hands on but figured they wouldn’t ask too much of me considering it was unpaid. Turns out, they had me waking up at 7am and working till 4pm three days a week. Within one week they had me fully writing, producing, and editing my own stories which got turned to YouTube/FB etc. videos.
They began asking me to stay after and produce stories for the next show and to find and develop pitches for new stories in my off time. The show, while large only had a team of two producers and one host. Two producers fell out after a couple weeks (I even worked with them on my days off during spring break during this time) and our team ended up with one producer, me, and a new paid temp who knew as much as I did. It became all consuming but with all the work I was putting in for the show I thought I was earning….something.
As my time with them came to an end I realized how many coping mechanisms I’d developed to handle the workload, how I hadn’t been tending to my academic work as much as I should’ve, nor my mental and physical health. Upon the end of it, I reached out the the hiring director who I had developed a good relationship with to say thank you and inquire about positions, no reply. Another cc’d director i had never met sent a generic reply encouraging me to sign up for openings when I see them. Other than that I got a fairly nice but rather generic letter of rec from a producer which had.. not the best grammar and I had to photoshop it to say ‘he’ instead of ‘she.’ They also sent a, ‘keep in touch.’
I know to some extent it’s my fault, I signed up for it. I figured in media paid internships are near impossible to come by so I took the chance. I did learn a decent amount on producing digital news but I’m not sure it should’ve come at such a cost. By the end of month one I was no longer learning, just working as if I was a full on producer. Also sad to know my videos got millions of views but no credit to me for producing them. Is there any way this was positive and I’m looking at it wrong? I guess it was a large part of my life these months and now that it’s over I feel left with so little and a bit used.
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2023.06.04 21:20 Brassmonkey700 Just finished a digital media internship as a writer/producer, feeling a bit used

Like the title says. I just finished a 15 week unpaid internship with a digital media company as a producer. I was familiar with the network which has millions of viewers and the show I worked on was very popular which got me excited at the start. I went in seeking journalism experience.
I took the internship (unpaid) during my final semester of my senior year of college, which now ends in one week. Entering the internship I thought it would be a cool experience to learn hands on but figured they wouldn’t ask too much of me considering it was unpaid. Turns out, they had me waking up at 7am and working till 4pm three days a week. Within one week they had me fully writing, producing, and editing my own stories which got turned to YouTube/FB etc. videos.
They began asking me to stay after and produce stories for the next show and to find and develop pitches for new stories in my off time. The show, while large only had a team of two producers and one host. Two producers fell out after a couple weeks (I even worked with them on my days off during spring break during this time) and our team ended up with one producer, me, and a new paid temp who knew as much as I did. It became all consuming but with all the work I was putting in for the show I thought I was earning….something.
As my time with them came to an end I realized how many coping mechanisms I’d developed to handle the workload, how I hadn’t been tending to my academic work as much as I should’ve, nor my mental and physical health. Upon the end of it, I reached out the the hiring director who I had developed a good relationship with to say thank you and inquire about positions, no reply. Another cc’d director i had never met sent a generic reply encouraging me to sign up for openings when I see them. Other than that I got a fairly nice but rather generic letter of rec from a producer which had.. not the best grammar and I had to photoshop it to say ‘he’ instead of ‘she.’ They also sent a, ‘keep in touch.’
I know to some extent it’s my fault, I signed up for it. I figured in media paid internships are near impossible to come by so I took the chance. I did learn a decent amount on producing digital news but I’m not sure it should’ve come at such a cost. By the end of month one I was no longer learning, just working as if I was a full on producer. Also sad to know my videos got millions of views but no credit to me for producing them. Is there any way this was positive and I’m looking at it wrong? I guess it was a large part of my life these months and now that it’s over I feel left with so little and a bit used.
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2023.06.04 21:20 TheGooseGirl Anybody else hear that old SGI canard about how those who leave the cult "will come crawling back, begging for forgiveness"?

Here is a reference:
...You are the SGI. If you are not happy with SGI, you must work harder to make it better. Leaving the SGI is the same as trying to escape your karma, which can’t be done. The people who quit are deluded traitors. Those who betray the SGI are betraying Nichiren. They will experience retribution. Those who leave come crawling back to SGI begging for forgiveness.... Source
Here are some early sources - from none other than Icky Duh himself!
During the last war when the government and the military persecuted Mr. Makiguchi and Mr. Toda, it is said that most of the three thousand members at that time gave up the faith. This brings home to us the truth of Shikyonanji mentioned by Nichiren Daishonin.
I don't know what "shikyonanji" means. Anyone?
Edit: It might mean "the difficulty of maintaining faith (in the time period following the Buddha's extinction)".
These persons are now in the depths of poverty, and living in misery. Many of them have come to ask me to forgive them and permit them to have the Gohonzon once more. In 1950 and 1951, when Sansho and Shima beset upon [sic] Mr. Toda, many members doubted the Gohonzon and abandoned the Sokagakkai. Most of them have come to ask pardon and to be allowed to join the Society [Sokagakkai] again.
Really? Why are such examples never named? Ikeda is constantly alluding to anonymous examples who either do what he wishes people would do or who illustrate what he wishes was happening in reality.
Later, our Society encountered many trials in the form of abuse and libel in the Japanese presses and magazines and every stormy situation saw some persons quit the Society. They, however, are now asking for the Gohonzon and affiliation with the Sokagakkai again, attracted by the present influential position and splendid unity of the Society. When Miss Kashiwabara, Mr. Harashima and Mr. Kodaira failed in the Upper House election a few years ago, many left the Sokagakkai, saying, "Why this outcome, if we have the great Gohonzon?" A few years later they came to ask for readmission to the Society when they saw that the three leaders⏤Mr. Harashima and MIss Kashiwabara⏤gained the largest number of votes, and mr. Kodaira also received a fairly good ballot.
The human mind is really unreliable. It is difficult indeed to keep faith in the Gohonzon in difficult situations. Those who have never lost the faith in the Gohonzon in spite of slander and abuse from their neighbors have without fail become quite happy, all of them receiving great divine favor.
Those who went astray have invited complete failure. They are beset by difficulties. Indeed, after ten or fifteen years there arises a surprising difference between piety and impiety. - Ikeda, ""Shikyonanji" speech, November 7, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, pp. 216-217.
Welp, I've been out over 15 years and I'm doing far better than I was as an SGI membeleader - and I'm doing better than anyone I knew in SGI (except for that one couple who got rich through entrepreneurship, built their dream home in Leucadia, CA, and a year later, the husband was dead of cancer), even those who'd practiced far longer than me. Even the Japanese ex-pat war bride "pioneers"!
If you desert the Gohonzon, you cannot find the way to happiness. I cannot repeat this too many times. I have seen members forsake the Gohonzon, then return to It [sic] three, seven, ten or fifteen years later. They never fail to apologize for their former behavior and begin again to pray to the Gohonzon. I told you this, hoping that you will not repeat their folly. - Ikeda, "Organization of Sokagakkai" speech, November 11, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, p. 232.
More of the Ikeda cult fear training.
I wish you to be assiduous in practicing Shakubuku with the firm belief that even those who abuse at first will soon come to you again saying, "Please permit me to believe in the Gohonzon." - Ikeda, "Right or Wrong of Honzon" speech, December 6, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, p. 278.
Hm. As if they need anyone's "permission" 🤨
If someone criticizes our Society, he is committing one of the five deadly crimes. If he severely slanders True Buddhism, he cannot receive the divine benefits of the Gohonzon, but will live in great agony of punishment. This is the most dreadful thing one can imagine in life. - Ikeda, "Ha-Wagoso⏤Criticism of the Sokagakkai" speech, June 28, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, p. 118.
Fear training
There is another question as to why we should have faith in the Gohonzon. If we are well-off, healthy and have no troubles there may be no necessity to believe in the Gohonzon.
Works for me!
THIS is why SGI members always recruit downward, never upward. They seek out people doing worse than themselves; that's the only kind of person they can ever hope to impress.
Such so-called health or happiness, however, will not necessarily continue forever. We cannot foretell the future. In this respect, we feel the necessity of religion. There is no one in the world without trouble or worry. Some people pretend not to suffer, but inwardly they all suffer much more bitterly than we.
Ikeda, fancying himself everyone's "omniscient narrator" 🙄
As if HE'd know the reality of the lives of people he's never even MET! Such arrogance!
In the Kampatsu-bon, the 28th Chapter of the Hokekyo [Lotus Sutra], there are explanations about the cause of misery and misfortune in life. It reads, for example, "Those who have fallen to the ground should rise up again from the very same ground." It means that those who slander the Gohonzon must suffer indefinitely and that there is therefore no other way to efface their sins and to attain Buddhahood than to praise and worship the Dai-Gohonzon.
Et tu, Ické?
A person who slanders the Gohonzon purposely or inadvertently will surely bring retribution upon himself. We suffer miserable lives because we spoke ill of the Gohonzon in the past. However hard one may strive and study, whatever honor one may have, he cannot solve his problems unless he is acquainted with the law of causality throughout the three existences of past, present and future.
Nope - people in society are doing just fine without the Ikeda cult addiction.
Then Dick-Eata Scamse goes on for several paragraphs victim-blaming the disabled for everything he makes up that they supposedly did to DESERVE those disabilities. THAT's always a good look 🙄
Ikeda also prescribes monstrous punishment for those who refuse to be ruled by him and bullies others using their familial tragedies against them:
If someone should slander us, followers of the true faith, he is certain to receive dreadful retribution. He will never be able to live in peace if he insists on persecuting us. This is stated positively in the sutras of Sakyamuni [sic] and the Gosho of Nichiren Daishonin, and there are many actual proofs for it.
That's nice, isn't it? The veiled threat: "WE will make sure they can never live in peace" 🤭
And if some delusional nobody many centuries ago wrote some delusional nonsense, that means REALITY has to conform to those ravings! BTW, Shakyamuni never declared that everyone who didn't agree with him must be "punished" - that came from the unknown writers of the Mahayana, Shakyamuni's CRITICS and DETRACTORS who fancied themselves qualified to rewrite the scriptures to be the way THEY wanted them to be - and then attribute them to Shakyamuni because they knew no one would listen to their crazy asses!
In more recent times, the officials who persecuted the presidents Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and Josei Toda met similar fates in retribution for their evil deeds. One went insane, one had his head crushed by a street-car (showing the actual proof of the Buddha's word, "The slanderer will have his head broken into seven"), and another's child drowned in a river. These are actual proof of the punishment of those who slander the Gohonzon. Let's practice Shakubuku bravely with firm knowledge that those who defame us, believers of the Gohonzon, will be punished according to their deeds. - Ikeda, "Slanderers Will Incur Punishment" speech, May 26, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, pp. 42-43.
Oh, that's nice, isn't it? Why don't Ikeda's direct disciples explain to us WHY Ikeda's favorite son died young (only age 29) from a perforated ulcer, which even in the year he died (1984) was rarely, if ever, fatal? Explain to us Ikeda's strokes! The Japanese describe having a stroke as "having one's head broken into 7 pieces", you know, and Icky's supposedly had TWO. WHY hasn't Ikeda made any public appearance where he spoke or delivered any kind of address on video or been interviewed by a newscaster since May, 2010, if something TERRIBLE isn't wrong that will shake EVERYBODY's faith if they were to SEE it with their own eyes?? We all KNOW what a spotlight hog Ikeda is - it's all he's ever lived for. He's chased the spotlight relentlessly his entire life; there's NO WAY he'd ever give that up unless he were FORCED to. Why does the Soka Gakkai keep Ikeda out of public view while still promoting him as everyone's "mentor" if there isn't something seriously wrong??
And hoping for critics to be punished - that's not a group you'd ever want to see in political power, is it?

'The final fate of all traitors is a degrading story of suffering and ignominy,' said President Makiguchi with keen perception. What he says is absolutely true, as you have seen with your own eyes. President Toda also declared: 'To betray the Soka Gakkai is to betray the Daishonin. You’ll know what I mean, when you see the retribution they incur at the end of their lives.' - Daisaku Ikeda

Continuing with the Ikedascreed from before that bit ↑:
In order to live a happy life, solving these problems, surmounting all hardships and changing our destinies, we must worship the Dai-Gohozon [sic] with ardent faith. It is not for the sake of others, Nichiren Shoshu, or the Shiki Chapter, that we worship the Gohonzon. It is because we know that we cannot be happy unless we worship the Gohonzon. - Ikeda, "The Sin of Slandering the Gohonzon" speech, June 24, 1960, from Lectures on Buddhism Vol. I, The Seikyo Press, Tokyo, 1962, pp. 107-110.
SURE ya can! TRY IT ONCE!!
How many of YOU ever saw anyone who'd left the SGI "come crawling back, begging for forgiveness"? I never saw a single one, though I was assured they existed - somewhere...
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2023.06.04 21:19 psychedelya Realizing that you are the problem

This is all still pretty fresh and I’m obviously emotional and haven’t been eating well and this is my one source of venting where I won’t start to cry so here it is.
The only analogy I’ve been able to think of to describe the dynamic I’ve created in my 5 yr relationship is that there’s always 2 “roles” : the broken glass and someone to fix it. I can’t ever be the glass. It’s obviously a lot of things compounded together like my inability to express my emotions calmly, my lack of caring, my childhood, etc. But over the years of growing up and lying and manipulating conversations and arguments and life problems to get by it started to become so subconscious and second nature I guess I can’t remember when it started.
I rarely ever “lost” an argument. It really didn’t matter if I was in the wrong or what I said or didn’t say because somehow I was going to become the victim by either shutting down or blowing up and it would always end in her saying sorry and me accepting it like she did something wrong.
It wasn’t until she basically put her foot down and said she can’t tolerate it any more that I could actually reflect and realize just how manipulative and toxic I can be and how not ready I was for a connection this serious. I would do it all over again, marry, live, and die with this woman, but the life she’d be living trying to get me to catch up to her isn’t fair. I realized I was the problem and that’s great, but now I have to sit with it and theres no way to manipulate or wiggle my way out of feeling like a horrible person. I was the biggest problem the whole time
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2023.06.04 21:17 Jacob12000 League Initiative

League Initiative:

Man of Iron-Anthony Kent/Kal-Ark (Tales of Action)

Part-Time Reserve:

Arachni-Bat - Peter Wayne (Fantasy Detective Comics)

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2023.06.04 21:17 WritingAboutMagic [QCrit] Fantasty Mystery - THE MONSTER WITHIN (97k, 1ST Attempt)

Hello Everyone,
I intended to write a long preamble, but then decided it's not worth it. Suffice it to say, things happened and I'll likely query this project before querying my political fantasy.
To those curious: I queried this book 1.5 years ago to 24 agents. I got exactly 0 bites. It can still go to 20+ other agents - maybe more, if they open.
The query and words you'll see have gone through minor changes, but are by and large the same I sent back then. The changes include:
- moving the housekeeping to the beginning and cutting it down (it used to include words like "complete" and had some other extraneous details).
- cutting down my bio, including the mention that I live in Poland, rephrased to the more vague "I'm from Poland"
- minor tweaks of word choice and sentences in the pitch - I think I did 3 little changes?
So... I guess this was still quite a long preamble for PubTips' standards. But that's it, that's why I'm asking for your feedback again so soon.

Dear [Agent],
Vampire SHERLOCK HOLMES meets THE WITCHER in THE MONSTER WITHIN, a 97,000-word adult fantasy mystery. It’s a standalone with the potential to be the first in a trilogy.
Arkady is a century old vampire born to be a monster like his parents, but he refuses to inherit their taste for bloodshed. In a world where humans are rapidly industrializing and rediscovering the supernatural at the same time, he’s spent the better part of the last forty years slaying strigas, drowners, and wraiths. Nothing excites him like a good murder—to solve—until a mysterious criminal appears in his city, putting his resolve and skills to the test.
When a striga kills one of the guests at a party Arkady attends, he becomes the prime suspect. The leading officer of the investigation lost her father to a vampire, making her even more prejudiced against his kind than most humans. Arkady teams up with her to prove his innocence. When another demon strikes in the city’s heart, he realizes the striga’s turning was more than a simple tragedy. Someone is desecrating graves and summoning monsters that prowl the streets and prey on the hapless humans. They must be stopped.
Every new demon means new clues in the puzzle that spans the entire city, but also lives lost and a step closer to the criminal’s elusive goal. If Arkady solves the mystery in time, perhaps he can finally prove to himself and everyone around that he’s not one of the monsters. And if he can’t, well, the more people demons kill, the stronger they get—and they can prey on vampires too.
I’m from Poland and I used the region’s history and culture as inspiration for my plot and world building. Please see the first [number] pages of my manuscript below.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
[signature and contact]

300 words:
The scent of blood was distracting. Arkady was the only person who smelled it—he could tell that by listening to the merry chatter of the guests around. As he closed his eyes, their laughter and footsteps became almost as loud as the beating of their hearts, and the scents seemed to amplify.
Coming in with the wind. He felt the slightest breeze wafting through the ballroom. From upstairs.
The scent was not the kind caused by a cut finger. It was deep and pungent, whispering of a human’s heart ripped open and the blood spilling free. It was a small victory, really, that looking into the nearby platter, his eyes remained pale blue instead of turning red.
Now what? Arkady picked one of the glasses of wine, careful to avoid touching the silverware. Go there?
He was positive that he could maintain control even when faced with a massacre. He was not his father. However, it would be hard to explain barging into a room full of blood and gore to other guests. They’d only just entered the hall; many were still in the antechamber, shedding their overcoats. Inevitably they would wonder how he’d known where to search or even that there was something to find. It was safer to let someone else discover the body. Sooner or later, the scent of death would reach their mortal senses, and before that happened, Arkady could freely investigate the mansion, asking questions people would later hesitate to answer.
He strolled through the crowd as the trickle of newcomers dried up. The ballroom was simply the hall of a large mansion, now with tables set by the walls and many of the doors open to let the guests into the sitting rooms and the library. One wing led to the kitchens and servants’ quarters, and it was constantly crossed by servers carrying appetizers. [...]
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2023.06.04 21:06 Ryshee_ Je dessine mon premier manga, des avis ?

Salut Reddit, je dessine mon tout premier manga amateur "Twins of Janus" qui est disponible sur la plateforme Mangadraft (qui regroupe pleins de mangas amateurs ou pro très sympas).
Voici le synopsis :
Dans un monde enfoui où seuls les plus puissants vivent assez haut pour distinguer le ciel, les jumeaux Ethan et Erika sont nés avec le mystérieux pouvoir de permuter leurs corps. Cependant, si le premier est bien là, impossible de savoir où se situe le deuxième. Leur seul espoir pour retrouver une vie normale et séparée, partir à la recherche de leur moitié perdue.
Si vous êtes curieux ou que vous avez envie de découvrir de nouvelles histoires, n'hésitez pas à y faire un tour. Et pourquoi pas même à me faire des retours si vous voyez des choses qui vous semblent bien, pas bien ou à améliorer en tant que lecteurs.
Merci :D
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2023.06.04 21:04 gtj 2008 hybrid — I’m getting decidedly worse mileage on the streets than freeway.

My 2008 Ford Escape hybrid has 186,000 miles. I recently realized that on the freeway, I’m getting roughly 33–34 miles per gallon but when I drive on city streets, it’s around 23 miles per gallon, possibly less. My understanding is that hybrids should get considerably better mpg in the city then on the freeway, right?
Might this be from a depleted HV battery? Any other possibilities for such a big drop off?
(Also, calculations on increasing city MPG from 23 to 33 indicate that I’d save about $375/yr, which isn’t enough to make economic sense for replacing a battery at a cost of $3–4,000)
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2023.06.04 21:03 Dasd282 Do Elves sleep?

Hi, fairly new Tolkien reader here (I have read the Hobbit and Fellowship.) I came across a line at the end of the second chapter of Two Towers that was intriguing to me, so I thought I’d ask here
From “The Riders of Rohan”
(Speaking at first about Aragorn): ‘With that he fell asleep. Legolas already lay motionless, his fair hands folded upon his breast, his eyes unclosed, blending living night and deep dream, as is the way with Elves.’
How do you guys interpret this? Is he sleeping with his eyes open? Is he even sleeping at all? Now that I think of it, throughout the journey across Rohan until they meet Eomer, it seems like Legolas never slept
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2023.06.04 20:59 PaintedCollection First time host family

So my husband and I are really considering having an au pair watch our children. From what I’ve seen, we’d need to go through an agency because we live in the US. We’re in NY about a 70 miles north of NYC.
I guess my questions are: which agencies have people had positive experiences with and what was it like having an au pair? I’m a bit nervous about the whole process in general because my children are young and can’t really advocate for themselves (4yrs, 2yrs, and our 3rd is due in October).
We would be looking for an au pair to start in December 2023 while I’m still on maternity leave so I can help her learn our routine and get to know her. I would return to work in late January/early February when the baby is over 3m.
As for our set up, we have an extra bedroom on the 1st level of our home. We would be able to provide our au pair with a car and a 2nd hand cellphone with unlimited data if we add her to our plan. We would need her to watch the children for about 5-8 hours a day, M-F. I’m a teacher so she can have off on days I’m not working (without a decrease in stipend pay of course). She would also mostly be off in the summers. Just more of an extra set of hands occasionally. She would be welcome to join us on any day trips we go on as a guest.
The only downside for our au pair is my husband and I live a very frugal lifestyle and have a very strict budget. We can’t afford to eat out or go on vacations out of state. We take a few local day trips a year. The most extravagant places we would go are the Bronx Zoo, the Natural History Museum, the NY renaissance faire, and some local places in the Hudson Valley that are either free or low cost.
Anyway, sorry this is so long. Wasn’t sure which details would be need to know.
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2023.06.04 20:59 North_manchester Wackiest D&D game of my life, ends very differently than we thought at the beginning.

So, this session lasted ~10 hours, and 2 of my players were gone that day, we were a small group so I created my own DMPC, a 200 year old Human Wizard, who constantly complained. The other was a 2 INCH tall dwarf (he wrote inches instead of meters on his paper, and we thought it s funny.)
We started in the town of North Manchester, immediately, we saw something of our interest, a car so weird it looked like it was made by Dr Seuss, and we decided to steal it, Dwarf swings his battle axe and kills the driver, Dr Seuss. We go to the mortuary and give him a burial, we decide we need some kind of improvement, so we go to the local thrift shop and attempt to buy a giant spike to put on it, he won’t sell so we beat him up and he alerts the guards.
As we are driving down the Main Street we get stopped by the guards, we try to ram them, but we roll a Nat 1, so the car is damaged. We fight the guards and win, but dwarf is injured badly and needs medical attention, we send him to the clinic and they fix him up (My character is very rich so we can buy the stuff needed) and we get the car fixed, but in a bad condition.
In the fray the shop owner escapes, we want to find him, so we head north and try to catch up to him. On the way we get caught in a horrible storm, we hide in an Amish house, they won’t let us in so we barge in, they hide while we look for them. As we get in the barn, a tornado hits and dwarf gets sucked up. He gets slammed into the barn and loses consciousness, the storm passes and the car is not looking good, I roll a perception check to see if there is anything to repair it with, I find an old tool box to repair the car with, I roll to fix it and I do well.
We head back to North Manchester (sidenote, this was modeled after my home town) and send him to the hospital, but on the way there the car breaks down inside of town, and I can get him out nor can I tow the car. so I move it to the curb and go get the medical stuff. Luckily I got healed quickly, I go to the local pharmacy right next to the car, but I look out the window and see he is not there, he had been kidnapped by the shop owner we beat up. This is when my friend walks in.
She likes D&D and asks for a character, I give her the person at the front desk, who we will call Ronda, she is a normal worker, but high in persuasion and always has a flintlock. We get the car fixed and peel westward, we catch them at a bridge, at that moment the dwarf busts down the door separating the van (which looks like the mystery machine) and the drivers seat, we start attacking our the shop owner as we are driving, I cast magic, Ronda shoots her gun and destroys his leg, dwarf comes behind and shoves his battle axe 20 X the size of him, directly into the man’s skull. We give Ronda the armor, take the money, and set out for the city of Scishshire.
on the way we find a small, semi-abandoned town with a lot of homeless people, we thought it would be funny if we took some with us, so Ronda convinces 2 to join us, bob and jerry, the cat walks in and sits on a chair, so we thought it would be funny if we gave the cat a character, jerry, and indeed, it was hilarious. On the way there we stopped by a mountain and got someone to take a painting of us, after we accidentally set fire to a forest near the mountain, and fled.
We arrive in the city and dwarf starts a problem, while drunk, he attacks the checkpoint guards and is put into 1 health, we ask for forgiveness and are let through. Dwarf enters into a hospital and is put on a ventilator, the rest of us go to a bar, where we all succeed in rolls and don’t get drunk. we all check in at an inn and rest.
the next morning dwarf is stabilized, I cast some magic and get him healed enough to walk, but we leave him there. We got another idea, we go to the slums and try to recruit another homeless person, named Ben, we succeed. We quickly realized that we have Ben, and we have jerry, so we give them money and they start a traveling ice cream shop. And All the sudden we get a letter to come to a specific location, we arrive there and see a man.
when we see him, he is in purple rags, he is the homeless king. We meet him and he asks what we are doing, what us foreigners are doing. We can feel the bad vibes emanating from him, we say nothing, but then, he whispers to a man to his right, we know something is about to go down, so we decide to kill him, I cast chains, then Ronda pulls out her flintlock and shoots him square in the head, chaos befalls the city as we hide.
The next morning, we get as many hobos to join us as possible, more than 100, with that we declare us as the new homeless kings, and the rest join us, as we march off to another town. We arrive and gather all the homeless and the entire town gaurd to join us, we go back to the city and raid the armor, taking enough for every man to have at least some armor, and weapons. Now with our new force, we rally knights, guards, and mages to join us, we get many to come with us, and set up camp in a forest.
We march to a large town, get more forces, rinse and repeat for a few more, by the end of recruiting, we have over 1000 men at our command. The nearby cities have United to cast us away, so we go on the offensive, we have former lumberjacks, carpenters, blacksmiths, and really any profession you can think of, we target the walled town of graspich, we build up catapults and rams to break the walls, we set out to attack.
We crack open the gate and take minimal losses, dwarfs cohort attacks the main palace and kills the king, we take the town and declare a new kingdom, Ronda makes a new religion and we end the session.
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2023.06.04 20:56 alto_cumulus Tips for long distance air travel with kids!

Now that I’ve done two vacations over a 12h flight away with a baby and a toddler, I feel totally qualified to write a guide on the subject. So without further ado, here’s my tips.
In my experience, I’ve been able to check car seats and strollers for free. In my last trip with two kids, I brought two car seats and two strollers. I checked 3 items for free and brought one on the plane. The gate agent was kind enough to seat us with an extra seat so we could have a space for the lap infant’s car seat as well. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they can seat you with extra space.
Did you know they sell car seat bags with wheels for the airport? I saw another family with them, and I was super jealous and ordered one immediately. It sure beats lugging the car seat by hand.
Bring the stroller as far into the gate as you can. You can gate check a stroller, but you shouldn’t collapse it until you’re as far down the ramp as they let you go with it.
I have seen inflatable cubes that you can shove in the foot area for kids to stretch out and sleep on. So it basically extends their seat where the feet would be. Probably not useful for an infant, but definitely worth having the option to use it for a toddler. When my kid fell asleep on my lap, I was stuck there for hours.
If your stroller bag isn’t durable, it’s gonna get wrecked.
Bring enough snacks and entertainment on the flight for your toddler, and don’t count on the airplane meals being satisfying. Bringing a shiny new toy is optimal. It might buy you hours of time.
Assume your kids are going to get sick at the worst times. Like, walking from the gate to the airplane. Probably because they’re kids and licked the floor of the airport and caught something exotic. Yes, this happened to us. (Un)Fortunately, it happened to me TWICE IN A ROW so I had the diaper bag stocked with everything possible this time around. Electrolyte powder, Motrin, Tylenol, mylicon, Benadryl. Pro tip: airports let you take children’s medicine above the fluid allowance, but a lot of things like Motrin and Tylenol also come in tablet form for kids, which are lighter and more compact.
Additionally, make sure you have health coverage for wherever you’re going. When my kid ended up in the hospital after catching an exotic stomach bug (the first of two illnesses on the trip, he was fine thankfully), we were grateful that the ER bill was covered. Our credit card covers travel health insurance, so it might be worth getting a travel card if you don’t have other insurance options. Travel cards rock in general, too.
Assume you’re also going to get whatever your kids catch, and make sure you have all possible medicines for yourself too. I was an idiot and only brought pedialyte for my kids. The country I was in apparently doesn’t have Gatorade, so I was SOL for myself (and allergic to the flavors of the electrolyte powders I could find in stores.)
Wet bags. For those who don’t know, they are fabric, waterproof bags that zip shut. You can put blow out clothes, barf clothes, and swimsuits in them. They’re incredibly useful for when your child starts puking in the middle of a 3h drive.
Mentally prepare kids for what’s about to happen. We read my toddler the Byron Barton books on planes and airports, so he knew what to expect. For daily trips, we’d tell him what city we were going to and what we were going to do there. It also helped him talk about it afterwards “We’re going in car and see fishies, mama!”
Bring furniture repair touch up stuff (like stain pens or colored wax crayons to fix scratches) and superglue. Just in case your hotel is decorated with things that aren’t toddler-proof.
Pack some basic meals. We brought pasta boxes and all of the kids’ favorite snacks on the plane, so we didn’t have to rush to a grocery store upon landing.
Vacation destinations with lots of things to see are probably better than more adult relaxation destinations. I love me some Iceland trips, but the only thing to do there is see beautiful nature and relax, which my toddler and baby won’t appreciate. A trip to somewhere like Florence, where you can go out and walk through streets and check out different museums and cafes is probably much more fun for toddlers.
Whatever toys you bring should be easily replaceable if you’re unfortunate enough to lose them. Source: left kiddo’s favorite stuffed animal across the world. Fortunately, it’s of a character that has a “baby” series and an “adult” series, so we were able to replace it with the grown up version of the character and tell kiddo that his toy grew up. Phew.
What are your guys’ travel tips?
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2023.06.04 20:51 nearbyareas On exhaust number 6. Might be 7 now actually. Lost count

On exhaust number 6. Might be 7 now actually. Lost count
2012 Vauxhall Corsa D S ecoflex 1L model 3cyl.
Had this car for a while. Start of 2021. Been pretty good so far. But since July 2022. It's been eating exhausts every month or 100 miles ish.
Things I suspect that may have been missed.
●Mounts for exhaust and upper engine mounts. Dog bone mount was replaced.
●Suspension components.
●Unknown parts I don't have knowledge of
I started to get a P0171 code appear since the saga began.
That disappears when pcv is unplugged ( still connected just no power ) may need replaced but would rather get it all as a whole.
I heard a noise that I thought was related to rear suspension but perhaps not. Pipe was hitting road at a point.
Another thing it likes to do is come apart from the pipe that connects the tailbox to the exhaust system. Did debate if exhausts were wrong size. The exhaust seems to be pulling the backbox towards the cars better when the backbox seems more secure pulled back with the hanger bend meeting the rubber mount. It was a fair distance in the opposite direction.
Included as much photos as possible. Feel free to ask if I've been unclear.
Also Included new exhaust and parts I ordered. I also think the existing flexi is smaller than this one .
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2023.06.04 20:48 coraline9 Problèmes familiaux, besoin d extérioriser

Bonjour à tous, premier post pour moi ici... Désolée d avance du pavé, j'ai vraiment besoin de parler et je n'ai pas vraiment eu de retours objectifs de ma famille et de mes proches.
Alors voilà, aujourd'hui, on a fêté les 1 an de mon fils. On avait invité la famille, quelques amis proches, et tout se passait extrêmement bien. Et puis, comme tout ne peut pas être parfait tout le temps, il a fallu que jais un petit différent avec ma sœur. Elle n'a pas encore d enfant, et on a jamais été très proches. Elle ne l'est pas non plus avec son neveu, ne prend pas de nouvelles et ne s'y intéresse pas quand j'en parle, mais je comprends, et je me dis que si un jour elle devient maman, on pourra peut être plus échanger. Si je ne suis pas proche d elle, c'est aussi parce que je n'ai pas l'impression qu'on partage les mêmes valeurs, elle est carriériste, ce que je trouve chouette, mais carrément ego centrée... Enfin bref, aujourd'hui, pendant qu'elle parlait avec mon conjoint, mon père attendait pour faire une photo de groupe, sachant que tous les invités (environ une quarantaine dont des petits etc) étaient déjà en place, donc je les appelle en rigolant un peu, puis j'y vais, en leur demandant de poursuivre leur discussion après, comme tout le monde attendait. Et la, ça ne lui a pas plus, et elle m'a carrément parlé extrêmement sèchement, j'étais assez choquée (tout le monde a halluciné en fait). Elle me dit que c était parce que mon conjoint devait lui refaire les WC de son cabinet, et qu'il fallait que ce soit le 17 juillet, donc je lui réponds que ça ne sera pas possible parce qu'on sera en Italie jusqu'au 18, elle continue à me dire si ce sera à cette date et c'est tout en gros, elle vient de le prévenir assez en avance donc ce sera comme ça et pas autrement, qu'on a qu'à déplacer ou écourter nos vacances. Bref, je lui dis de se calmer et de venir, elle finit par le faire, puis elle repart chez elle, à deux heures de route, sans dire au revoir ni rien. Je vais voir mon conjoint, qui me dit tant pis, on rentrera plus tôt d Italie. Donc la, je lui ai parlé d'un ton énervé en disant que non on allait pas écourter des vacances payées, en plus les premières avec notre fils pour elle. Il se vexe (il a parfois un sale caractère, mais c'est surtout la fatigue je pense, on s'est couché assez tard et levés tôt pour préparer l anniversaire), et il me plante, il retourne à la maison (on avait loué une cabane dans la forêt). Sachant qu'il y avait sa famille etc. J'ai pas l impression d avoir exagéré en disant ça, je ne sais pas ce que, objectivement, vous en pensez ? Est ce qu'on devrait vraiment écourter nos vacances ? Sachant que ma sœur a donné l'info seulement aujourd'hui ? Comment réagir avec elle ? On est déjà pas très proches, alors je me dis que si en plus il y a ce froid entre nous, on risque de se perdre. Mais ce n'est pas la première fois qu'elle fait "sa princesse", à chaque fois je cède et je m'excuse, pour lui faire plaisir et qu'elle revienne, alors que je trouve ses attitudes disproportionnées... enfin bref, je suis perdue, et j'aurais besoin de vos avis, parce que mes proches me soutiennent mais est ce qu'ils sont objectifs...? Merci infiniment aux courageux et courageuses ayant lu tout ça jusqu'au bout !
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2023.06.04 20:45 le_francais_benet Est-ce le début de la fin du monde ?

Météo et dérèglement climatique : violentes pluies, violents orages. Delahousse parle de solutions possibles pour y pallier :
- agrandir les évacuations d'eau => dans le reportage, impossible, car ça coûterait des centaines de milliards, et c'est une fuite en avant (il faudrait réagrandir à nouveau 50 ans plus tard)
- incliner les surfaces accompagné de "verdification" pour que les eaux soient retenues par des zones vertes => comment fait-on ? on fout du vert partout ? et entre les immeubles, on fait comment ? sur toutes les surfaces bétonnées des villes => le sujet se termine sur cette proposition de "verdification", bref, pas de solution viable.
Politique : on élit des personnes de plus en plus violentes socialement parlant, avec un usage abusif de la police, un détournement de l'esprit des textes de loi, etc.
Publicités : on flatte les bas instincts des êtres humains, comme jamais auparavant. Une petite fille demande à son père durant toute la pub de faire attention à la voiture. A la fin de la pub, la petite fille dit à la voiture : "un jour, tu seras à moi". Mention spéciale pour les pub SFR (Drahi) : on tire vers le bas comme jamais !
Contenus et CSA : on met 12 (ans) voire 10 (ans) sur des contenus où il y a des coupes de membres, de tête, du sang, etc. Rappel : Terminator 1 (1984) interdit aux -18 ans à cause d'UNE scène où une fausse tête mal faite de Schwarzenegger se retire un œil touché par balle, œil qui tombe dans l'évier rempli d'eau opaque un peu rougie par le sang.
Le monde devient violent dans tous les domaines ?
Y a-t-il une volonté de nous détruire ?
Tous les curseurs vont dans le même sens (cf. plus haut !)
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