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TMI but what the f?

2023.06.08 08:17 NegotiationFrosty839 TMI but what the f?

I was all slick and ready to go, but then my SO put his hand on the one dry part of my kitty and acted confused. I had to guide his hand to the right place. He jabbed his finger in and out kind of hard and then I showed him there are other things he could do, like dipping his finger in and plating with my clit. Then I started drying up (because why tf am I still needing to explain this nearly 8 years into our relationship? Definitely not sexy!) but he kept fingering me hard. I asked him to stop and he said he thought i wanted him to keep going even tho he felt “meh” about it. None of my body language said that. Completely killed the mood. Then he went to wash his hands and then right back to playing video games.
What the actual fuck is wrong with my SO? Do you think he’s autistic or has Asperger’s or something? Wtf. He only ever uses condoms when we have sex, but we rarely fuck anyway. He knows I want to have a baby and he refuses to cum in me. When we do have sex, it’s like he forgets how to touch me and just expects me to be turned on and ready to go at a moment’s notice. As if foreplay is optional.
What is going on? How does he expect me to be fully satisfied and fulfilled and faithful to him when his sex drive is evidently so much lower than mine? When his dick is only 6”? God damn. My situation with AP might make me sad sometimes, but at least he has a big dick and gives me cum. At least he seems to enjoy it and not think it’s a chore. At least he knows how to touch my body right and play into my fantasies. At least he appreciates the way I look. AP loves my oral skills, but my SO says he doesn’t like it. (The first guy ever in my life!)
Lately, I’ve been trying to convince myself to give up the AP. I’ve been wanting to focus more on my main relationship. But really, this just showed me that I need to keep this side relationship of mine going as long as I can.
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2023.06.08 08:16 lightningsh Passed Security+!!! What a journey…..

So I came in and passed the Security + exam today. My score was an 803.
I don’t have an IT background (degree in biology) and no concrete IT work experience. So obviously I came in at a disadvantage. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about and had to pack in my brain. The one thing I did have was my CCNA certification. So that definitely helped me on the network side of things. However many many things were entirely new to me. Such as PKI, using Windows and Linux, CIA triad, hardening OS, attacks and defense, software/applications, tools, and everything web related just to name a few.
What I did to study: I took a little over a month and a half studying almost full time. I started with the Gibson book, read from start to finish in order to get a grasp of the scope of the exam. The book gave a good introduction for me, but alone was not enough. Reading it through and thinking you understand most of the concepts…then realizing how deceptively hard everything was came as a bit of a shock to me. This was me taking a few practice tests and coming to the realization.
I’m a bit of a resource hoarder so I used a ton. For additional books, I almost read through the Meyers one. All others I just skimmed or glanced at. I also pretty much took all the practice exams I could get my hands on. Hundreds of questions…
I’m not much of a note-taker so barely took any. I read other peoples notes though.
I regret not watching the Messer videos as initial foundation like most have (seems to be the norm around here) but I did read his notes and take his practice tests. I think I did high 70s-low 80s on the initial tests then came back later and got high 90s.
For Dion I listened to his lessens on audio on the go. I also took the 6 Dion tests. I took 4 early on and was scoring again high 70s-low 80s. Retakes on those 4 were in the 90s. The last two I took only once and very near to the day of the test, and got 85 and 86.
I have a better attention span for reading than for watching videos.
I also went through the entire chapple and lachance practice question book twice. Both early on and right near the end. I feel this one is underrated. I used a bit of CyberVista and Skillsoft learning and some Shannon videos.
On YouTube I watched ‘inside cloud and security’ for another run through. And also some ‘cyberkraft’ for PBQs. I even used chat openai which is pretty fun.
Really, my learning was all over the place and I became a hoarder of practice tests. For instance I used security+ app (globe), pocket prep app, and learnzap app. All good in their own ways for closing the gaps.
There were some random other tests I found scattered around the internet. Really…it was all over the place, it was hard for me not having any IT background. I felt I had to learn a lot of stuff from the ground up (or more like skipping a few steps then up) that most wouldn’t need. So for advice, I don’t think one would need to take as many practice exams as I did, or even use half as many resources. If you are new to IT, I recommend the variety.
What the actual test was like: was a mixed bag. Some questions were shockingly simple. Many more wordy, but straightforward with a clear answer. Some so ambiguous and confusing with the selection of choices they give you. And they might randomly hit you with something you’ve never seen before despite everything. Although those weren’t that common.
The pbqs…I just didn’t like half of them. Felt they were ambiguous in many areas kind of like the complaints I get from ExamCompass pbqs. Just reading Sec+ material and looking at mc questions will only prepare you for about half of them. You’ll probably do much better with more background in IT. Perhaps if you do sec+ practice labs it would help a lot more.
In the end I think what saved me was the huge amount of questions I took and the diversity of the wording each source had. It’s like looking at the same thing from a myriad of angles. You take enough, you will learn to recognize patterns or gain ‘impressions’ despite not knowing everything there is to learn on a particular topic.
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2023.06.08 08:16 OK-Digi-1501 "The Oasis" - A Panam Palmer side mission (fanfic)

"The Oasis" - A Panam Palmer side mission, by Pat Merz Original Characters and Worldbuilding by CDPR.

Chapter 1
The rust-colored sun dipped below the horizon, its golden light filtering through the dusty atmosphere of the Badlands. Panam Palmer stood atop the crumbling highway overpass, scavenged binoculars pressed to her eyes as she surveyed the desolate landscape.
Nothing but sand and scrap metal as far as the eye could see. But Panam knew better than to let her guard down. Dangers lurked out in those wastes, vicious creatures and ruthless raiders alike.
Panam sighed, lowering the binoculars. They'd been stranded out here for nearly a week now, the nomad clan's vehicles giving out one by one in the unforgiving heat. Food and water were running low, and tempers were starting to fray.
But Panam couldn't give up hope. She was the clan's de facto leader, and they were counting on her to get them out of this mess.
"See anything?" Her friend Fina had climbed up to join her, shielding her eyes against the dying sun.
Panam shook her head. "Just more of the same. But the storms will pass eventually. We just have to hold on a little longer."
Fina nudged her with an elbow. "When have you ever given up on us?"
Panam smiled, a surge of warmth and determination flowing through her. She'd do whatever it took to keep her clan safe. The Badlands could try their worst, but they'd never break her. Not as long as she had her family by her side.
"C'mon," she said, slinging an arm around Fina's shoulders. "Let's get some rest. We'll be back on the road before you know it."
The wasteland stretched endlessly before them, harsh and unforgiving. But Panam gazed out at the ruins of the old world with hope in her heart. Their journey wasn't over yet. The road ahead was long, but they'd travel it together.
The next morning, Panam woke as the sun peeked over the horizon, bathing their makeshift camp in a golden glow. She stretched her arms above her head and got to her feet, ready to face the day.
Her younger cousins, K and J, were still asleep, curled up under a ragged blanket. Panam ruffled their hair affectionately, and they blinked awake, yawning.
"Time to get up," she said. "We've got a long drive ahead of us."
K groaned. "Do we have to? I'm still tired."
"The sooner we get moving, the sooner we'll find more food and water," Panam replied. "Now come on. Pack up your things so we can get on the road."
Her cousins grumbled but did as they were told. Panam smiled, pride swelling in her chest. She'd raised them since they were babies, and though the life of a nomad wasn't easy, they'd grown into capable, resourceful kids. They were her responsibility, and she'd do whatever it took to guide them to a better future.
While K and J broke down their camp, Panam went to check on their vehicles. Their collection of cars and motorcycles was their most valuable possession, and constant maintenance was crucial. She inspected each one, tightening loose parts and refilling empty gas tanks. Everything looked ready for the long journey ahead.
By the time she finished, the rest of the clan had woken up and packed their gear. Panam climbed into the driver's seat of the lead car, her usual spot. The others followed suit, cramming into the remaining vehicles.
"All right, let's move out!" Panam called over the roar of engines.
They set off into the wasteland, kicking up clouds of dust behind them. The road ahead was uncertain, but as long as they had each other, the clan would survive. Panam smiled as she gripped the steering wheel, following the twisting path through the ruins. Their journey was just beginning.
The sun beat down mercilessly on the dusty Badlands as Panam guided their convoy down a crumbling highway. Beside her in the passenger seat was Fina, her closest friend and confidante. Fina fiddled with the radio, trying to find a station that wasn't static.
"Any luck?" Panam asked.
Fina sighed. "Nothing but white noise." She leaned back in her seat, brushing a loose strand of hair from her eyes. "The heat's making my head pound. How much further till we stop?"
"A few more hours at least," Panam said. "But don't worry, I saw some ruins in the distance that should give us good shelter for the night."
Fina nodded gratefully. "You're too good to us, you know that?"
Panam just laughed. "What else are friends for?"
Behind them trailed two more cars and a motorcycle. In one of the cars was K, monitoring their vehicles and supplies with a careful eye. He'd been a nomad his whole life, and there was no one Panam trusted more to keep their convoy running.
Bringing up the rear was J, kicking up dust on his bike. J was the clan's scout, constantly scanning the horizon for any signs of danger. But he was also the life of the party, quick with a joke or playful insult to lighten the mood.
The four of them made a good team, each contributing their own skills and strengths to the group. And together, Panam knew they could survive anything the Badlands threw at them.
"There!" Fina said, pointing at a crumbling building up ahead. "That looks perfect."
Panam grinned. "Then that's our stop for the night!" She steered their convoy off the highway toward the ruins, ready to set up camp. The day had been long, but they were used to hardship. As long as they had each other, they'd make it through.
The ruins loomed before them, crumbling concrete and rusted metal jutting into the orange sky. Panam pulled up to the largest intact structure, what might have once been a warehouse, and killed the engine.
"Everyone out!" she called. "Time to make camp."
They spilled from their vehicles, weary from hours of driving but moving with purpose. There was work to be done.
K popped the hood of their truck and began checking fluids and connections, ensuring their vehicles would start again in the morning. J jogged the perimeter of the ruins, scouting for anything useful or anything dangerous.
Fina joined Panam in hauling gear from the cars, setting up tents and a firepit. The sun was nearly set, its light fading fast. They had to work quickly.
"I'll get the fire started," Fina said. "See if J's found anything we can burn."
Panam nodded and continued unpacking. Her hands were calloused from years of hard labor, her fingers nimble and sure. They all had skills like these, honed by necessity. Out here, you adapted fast or you died.
By the time full dark had fallen, they had everything set up. A fire crackled, casting flickering shadows over the ruins. K had fixed a busted hose in one of the cars and was cleaning his tools. J emerged from the darkness, his arms full of old wooden crates.
"All clear," he reported, dumping the wood by the fire. "No sign of anything nearby."
"Good." Panam slid down next to the fire with a sigh. The day had been long, but they'd made good progress. She looked at her friends, their faces lit by the dancing flames, and felt a surge of affection for them.
Whatever came at them next, they'd face it together. They always had.
The next morning dawned pale and chill. Panam woke as the sun crested over the horizon, its weak light filtering through the tent fabric.
She emerged to find K already up, frying synth-eggs over the fire. "Morning," he said with a nod.
"You're up early." Panam yawned and scratched the back of her neck. "Everything okay?"
"Just restless." He shrugged. "Figured I'd get breakfast started."
Panam studied him, noticing the tension in his shoulders. She knew him too well to miss the signs of worry. "What is it?"
K hesitated. "It's probably nothing."
"Come on. Spill."
He sighed. "Tracks. Big ones. About a hundred yards out, heading west. Looked like reaver bots, maybe six or seven of them."
Panam's heart skipped a beat. Reaver bots were bad news—heavily armed killing machines left over from the last war. If they were active again, it could spell trouble.
"You're sure?"
"Pretty sure. But like I said, they were headed away from us. Might've just been passing through."
Panam mulled this over. They'd have to be extra vigilant now, in case the reavers doubled back. But no need to worry the others just yet.
"Keep an eye out," she said. "We'll stay on guard. But let's not panic unless we have a reason to."
K nodded. "Right. No sense borrowing trouble."
"Exactly." Panam gave him a grateful smile. "Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad I can count on you."
"Always," he said. "We look out for each other, right?"
"Damn straight." Panam squeezed his shoulder, feeling the solid weight of muscle and chrome beneath. However tough the road ahead might be, they'd face it together.
They always had.
Panam gazed out at the rust-colored dunes stretching to the horizon, her keen eyes searching for any signs of movement. Somewhere out there lurked danger in the form of reaver bots, but for now, the wasteland appeared empty.
Still, she remained on high alert as she guided her truck down the worn dirt road. The rest of the Aldecaldos followed close behind in their own vehicles, Fina riding shotgun next to her and the others packed in with supplies they'd scavenged from an old fuel depot.
"See anything?" Fina asked, scanning the horizon with a pair of battered binoculars. Her fingers tightened around the grip, tension evident in her posture.
"Not yet." Panam kept her hands steady on the wheel. "But we're not out of the woods. Stay sharp."
Fina nodded and resumed her vigil.
A few moments later, J's voice crackled over the CB radio. "So, uh, did we make a wrong turn or what? I don't remember the road taking this long last time."
Panam sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. Leave it to J to complain when lives were on the line. "We're taking a different route back for safety. Now pipe down, will you?"
"Copy that," J grumbled. "Geez, just trying to make conversation."
K's voice came through a second later, calm and reassuring. "Sit tight back there. Panam's got it under control."
"If you say so," J said. "My ass is numb, that's all I'm saying."
"Your ass will be numb and lifeless if you don't shut up," Fina cut in, her tone brooking no argument.
J wisely stayed silent after that.
Panam bit back a smile, grateful as always for her friends' support. No matter what dangers they faced in this harsh world, they faced them together—and that was what really mattered.
The wasteland stretched before them, holding unknown terrors, but Panam gripped the wheel tightly and drove on. The Aldecaldos would make it through.
They always had.
(Please let me know if you wanna read more or if this totally sucks >:- )
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2023.06.08 08:11 sathiroy The Ultimate Guide to Dividing Assets and Debts in a Divorce

Dividing assets and debts can be a complicated and emotional process, but it’s essential to approach it with a clear head and a focus on fairness.
More Information :
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2023.06.08 08:10 Grimalkins_Star Finally got a picture of the little things biting in the shallow water!

Finally got a picture of the little things biting in the shallow water!
I apologize for the obnoxious circle. I just didn't want people to scroll past thinking there was nothing there.
Anyway, I have only ever dealt with these annoying pests at dog beach, near Hickam Beach, Oahu.
They almost look like rolly pollies! They're not biting on the sand, they only seem to bite/ grab onto you whenever you're in the water.
I would love if anyone could help me identify what the heck these things are and if there's anything I can do to deter them from biting!
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2023.06.08 08:09 LRG-PHANTOM Bad drivers with a little bit of common sense lacking pedestrians walking on sidewalk rant

What is up with all the drivers who bought their licenses from taco trucks recently. Something needs to change with the driving program at this point, as there's no reason for me to nearly get hit 5 different times in under an hour wether the drivers not paying attention or LOOKING THE WRONG WAY. I was longboarding down 167th ave screaming my lungs out because of how much dumb crap I've seen within the hour. Most of the drivers had tinted windows couldn't see what they where doing but one 2000's blue Acura with a younger male driving was looking right the entire time he was going to turn right he had a red light. Never once did the dude look right until he started to go and turn. As such I saw him stopped and kept going to cross the street I was about halfway across when he looked right while he started going then slams on his brakes because I'm in the middle of the crosswalk. I saw him start moving slowed down a bit and started screaming at him. Onto the pedestrians I had 5 people step into my direct path while boarding tonight aswell it is getting more and more tempting to play chicken and run into yall. If someone's om a board or bike they have their path around you planned out so long as your not in the middle of the path pick a side of the sidewalk and stay there it isn't that goddamn hard. This is happening more and more everyday. To the point of I used to not care because barely anyone did it, now I've started yelling at them too as I pass them. Don't make both our travels take longer stick to your path and I'll stick to mine there is absolutely no reason for someone traveling on the part of sidewalk to my left to step to their left directly infront of me while I'm traveling 20+km/h. If I end up running into you it's gonna hurt you more then me. I can 100% promise you my board or anyone elses longboard on 70mm wheels will hit your ankles and could possibly fracture them. For those who's sleep I interrupted while screaming my lungs out down 167th ave from 97th street all the way to manning or to those who's phone calls I may have interrupted if you see this my apologies.
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2023.06.08 08:09 NightOnFuckMountain Can I get a recommendation for a bar/club?

There was a nightclub near where I used to live where the general vibe was 'Jersey Shore but somehow worse', the music was exclusively Pitbull's entire discography, "Get Low" and various remixes of Petey Pablo's "Freek A Leek", all spun by a DJ who was clearly too high to function. The targeted clientele ranged from CEOs to Jersey Shore types to college kids to people who resembled the entire cast of Trailer Park Boys, all packed in like sardines. Most people hated it but to me it was paradise.
Is there anything like that around here? I remember going to a club with a similar vibe on Bourbon St in 2019 where the theme of the club was that everything was green, but I haven't been able to find that club since then.
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2023.06.08 08:09 YoungMACVII My (20M) girlfriend (18M) doesn’t trust me completely

So some background stuff: friends for 2 years, relationship for 4 months, this is her first relationship but not mine.
So in like the first or second month of our relationship, my girlfriend told me that she didn’t trust me completely because of things I had done when we were friends. Nothing crazy but I just didn’t present myself as a trustworthy person. I told her that I would do my best to prove that I am trustworthy because I obviously want her to trust me completely, however I did mention that I wish she told me this before we started dating so we could figure it out and go into the relationship with a healthy two way trust thing.
A couple days ago, we were talking and I brought it up, not in a spiteful way but more like oh yeah this thing that was in the past. Turns out she still doesn’t trust me completely. She explained that after some digging, it wasn’t actually me that caused her to have those issues but rather they stemmed from seeing her parents dynamic and hating it. She said it was a dynamic she wanted to avoid, so her point was that she only had an example of a bad, untrustworthy relationship and doesn’t know what a good, completely trustworthy relationship looks like.
Now I get where she’s coming from, but it still hurt. I’ve been cheated on in the past, which you can understand has caused trust issues as well, however I took time before the relationship to attempt to heal them with therapy so they wouldn’t affect this relationship or atleast do so minimally (this sounds self-righteous but its true). She said she didn’t know how bad these issues were within herself until recently and she wants to work on them now.
I want to help her and support her along this path but its also rough knowing your partner, atleast in the present moment, doesn’t trust you completely. I trust her with all my heart and knowing she can’t say the same really hurts. I’m also a firm believer in trust being a two way street and i’ve been struggling to convince myself to completely trust my partner know she doesn’t completely trust me. I know this is petty and there’s more to a person that makes them trustworthy or not but I can’t ignore the fact that the one person who’s trust I desire the most doesn’t trust me in the same way. I know she wants to work on it, and that hopefully in the near future she will be able trust me completely but in the present moment idk what to do or feel about it.
I have a big suspicion I’m in my own head and my hurt isn’t allowing me to be empathetic towards her situation so reddit I turn to you to be honest with me and help me handle this like a grown up, how should I go about this?
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2023.06.08 08:08 JackFrostsKid I wish my mom would just stay in jail

I feel bad even thinking that, but it’s true. In just under a month, I’ve come to realize just how much stress she actually brings me, and how much trauma I’m constantly reliving because of her actions. Not only that, but I think having been in jail may have actually been somewhat helpful to her mental state.
I won’t get into all of the details, but a short history of our relationship is as follows:
She started using meth quite regularly years before I was born, and although she stayed sober while pregnant, it colors our relationship to this day. At age 6 she was charged with the neglect and abuse, of my brother and I. We would from that moment on, live with her mom (my grandma). At age 8 she came to grandma’s house and threatened to kill her, and kidnap my brother and I. She’d be arrested, but no charges were brought against her. From then until age 12 we’d see her sporadically for supervised visits, many of which she didn’t attend. When I turned 14 she started suffering from meth psychosis , one of the main symptoms of long term meth use. Because she was less grounded in reality, she was much more dangerous to be around. While she had never actually attacked, only threatened to do so, in the past, she became much more ready to fight anyone, including Grandma, my brother and I. For safety reasons, a protection order was granted, and we cut all contact with her. I still have nightmares about some of the things she threatened to do to me. When I was 16 (2020) I got a call from CPS stating that my little sister had been found with my mom in the middle of the road, starving and surrounded by needles. Up until that point, I didn’t know I had a sister. She was 2 weeks old then. I was given temporary guardianship over her, and eventually, my aunt would legally adopt her. I ended up missing a lot of school to get my sister to doctors appointments, court hearings and CPS visits. I very nearly dropped out if I’m being honest.
Now I’m 19, and in college, although; I’m home for the summer. Twice now, she’s shown up at our house unannounced, with a stolen car. The first time, it took police 5 hours to get to the house and arrest her. While she wasn’t acting violently, she wasn’t all there, and was yelling at me for killing her daughter (I think she was referring to my sister) and stealing something to the tune of $800,000 from her. When police finally arrived, meth was discovered on her person, and it was revealed that she was driving a stolen car without a license.
She spent a little less than a month in jail, during which I called her somewhat regularly. For the first time in my life, I knew where she was, and that she had a roof over her head, and food. She was given medication to help manage the hallucinations, and overall, seemed ok She very much was not happy, but she was the safest she had been in a long time.
Today she appeared at the house again. She spent some moments in reality, and others very much not so. She switched from yelling at invisible voices, to yelling at me for pimping her out, stealing money or killing/selling into sexual slavery my sister, to telling me she loves and misses me. It was frankly exhausting. When I called the police, I was informed that they would not be coming again. She had hitchhiked, so there was no stolen car, she was threatening me, and apparently my restraining order had expired when she was in jail. No crimes had been committed.
It took a long time, but eventually we convinced her to go back to the city. My brother and I drove her to the nearest train station and bought her a ticket. She asked that we print out a picture of my brother, my sister and I, before she left, which we obliged. It breaks my heart to send her down there knowing she has nowhere to go, but I don’t know what else to do. We’ve put her through rehab multiple times, grandma used to pay her rent so she wouldn’t be homeless so long as she stayed of meth, we’ve all offered her jobs, and to pay for therapy. Nothing has worked.
If she were in the right mind, she wouldn’t be a danger to us. We are no longer reliant on her. I know that she loves my brother and I and her whole family, but she’s at the point where she’s absolutely convinced that we’re out to get her, and that she must retaliate with any means available to her.
At least when she was in jail, I could still contact her safely. She was detoxing, and more often than not grounded in reality.I could hold a full conversation with her for the first time in years. I knew she was being fed, and that she was at least somewhat safe. It feels mean, but I really just wish that she would just stay in jail.
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2023.06.08 08:07 DarkDroidOrange170 Rias Gremory Looks At You With Her Sexy Swimsuit In High Quality

Rias Gremory Looks At You With Her Sexy Swimsuit In High Quality
We're getting close to the first day of summer which will be two weeks away and next month will be July will be on Canada Day, Fourth Of July/Independence Day and Stampede. I'm really excited for this accept for this hot heat which I don't really don't like. Besides, It's make me sweat too much and that is my weakness. I almost got dehydrated and nearly collapsed on the ground. At least that I'm drinking water or should I say Sparkling Water in fruit flavors. Hopefully all of you guys are staying Hydrated for this long Summer Break and I definitely preferred Winter Break in my opinion. Make sure to buy some nice gifts like clothes and watches for your day on Father's Day.
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2023.06.08 08:07 Beneficial-Cat9884 Meat stick. A confession.

Am I alone here, or can others relate?
I’m a primary care doc. MSK is my preferred thing, but I see all comers.
I like to be prepared for the next patient, to have a rough idea what they might want to discuss. Our front desk staff are pretty good at gently probing. They have a pleasant manner and are easy to relate to.
We have trained them so that whenever a person requests an appointment with a doctor, they write one or two words which sum up what the person is concerned about. A sort of heads-up, allowing the doctor to organise their thoughts, and think about the ways the encounter might go.
Scanning my list this morning, it appears that the first patient wishes to discuss her big toe, the second patient wishes to discuss his knee, the third patient wishes to discuss her tennis elbow, and the fourth patient wishes to discuss his meat stick.
Toe, knee, elbow, and … wait! Meat stick? What sort of unsavoury, euphemistic term is that? I made a mental note to take care. A chaperone might be required.
And with that I proceeded.
Toes. People often come along because they have fungus discolouring and deforming the nails, or because a nail is ingrowing, or because their big toe is gradually coming to point inwards. In this case, the patient had the last of these, hallux valgus. We talked about the options and decided that she was not ready to have an operation. Some orthotics to accommodate the shape of the forefoot would probably help in the near term.
Knees. This patient was an older gentleman. Osteoarthritis is some way up the list of likely reasons for an older man to consult with knee symptoms. And that's what it seemed like. We agreed to update his xray and review his pain meds. He ought to lose weight, although we both know the best time to plant that tree was at least 20 years ago. He is heading for a knee replacement soon I expect.
Tennis elbow fascinates me. Why do some people get it, and not others? Mostly patients come hoping for a steroid injection. And mostly I spend the consultation trying to talk them out of it. My hunch is that there is usually a biomechanical fix, but it involves some detective work. Figuring out how to stop them doing the thing with their arm that’s keeping it going.
And that brought me to the fourth patient of the day, who wished to discuss his meat stick.
I braced myself.
“Come on in”, I volunteered, in what I hoped sounded like an easy, neutral and non-judgemental tone.
“How can I help you today?”
“Well doctor. Every time I swallow meat, it sticks.”
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2023.06.08 08:06 RaccHudson The central Pennsylvania parks [Hersheypark, Dorney, Knoebels, etc.] should close today

The central Pennsylvania parks [Hersheypark, Dorney, Knoebels, etc.] should close today
As I'm typing this, the air quality in Hershey, Pennsylvania via AirNow is 484. The air around Hershey is worse than it was for New York City yesterday.
Allentown isn't doing much better at 412.
Hopefully they'll have gone down by the time most people are even seeing this, but it's extremely unlikely they'll be that much better tomorrow that it won't be extremely unhealthy for their employees and patrons to be the parks.
Pennsylvania has issued a code red for the state. They're definitely not the only park that should close tomorrow for the sake of their workers. Where I live the air quality is only half that and just sitting around my home my throat and chest feel like I've been smoking cigarettes, which I quit smoking over the last year so I can recognize the feeling.
The Harrisburg Senators postponed yesterday's game, so other outdoor venues in the area are taking the steps to protect their employees and patrons. It would be disturbing in my opinion if the central Pennsylvania parks didn't join them.
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2023.06.08 08:06 mojavecourier [Excerpt: Dark Adeptus] A Titan Becomes A Daemon

Published in 2006, Dark Adeptus focuses on Captain Alaric of the Grey Knights as they investigate the Forge World of Chaeroneia. It is on this world where they find something terrible. Terrible but great.
The Castigator Titan. The Father of Titans.
But the STC Titan dwarfed them all. It was fully twice the height of the Warhound, bigger even than the Imperator-class Titans that the Adeptus Mechanicus sometimes fielded. It was walking slowly through the titan works, its eyes scanning the ground as if searching for something.
The Titan's form was more elegant than the brutal designs of the Adeptus Mechanicus - its head rose above its shoulders instead of jutting from its chest as most Titans did and was protected by a high curved collar of armour.
The collar swept out to form shoulder guards. Its face was featureless save for the eyes, but those were more than enough, burning with an intense green flame that licked up into the air above it. The plates covering its torso and limbs were a strange pearlescent grey-white and they wept rivulets of moisture, giving the Titan a sickly biological sheen.
Instead of hydraulics and complicated joints, the Titan's moving parts were connected by dense bundles of black fibres that contracted and expanded like muscles. It moved with a stately grace, every motion calculated and efficient.
It was as if every other Titan was a crude imitation of this one, replacing its alien-looking technology with crude mechanics. Alaric couldn't imagine any forge world being capable of building such a thing. Even the most advanced xenos species, like the Eldar or the creatures of the Tau Empire, couldn't have fashioned a war machine so obviously superior to Imperial technology.
Even from this brief description, we can see that Castigator already outclasses all other Titans. Built in a way that resembles a fanciful knight of old, the Castigator is truly marvelous, almost... human, in a sense. And yet, as Captain Alaric discovers, it is far from it. And he discovers it within the Titan itself.
A figure flickered into view in the middle of the room. It was humanoid but brilliant white, as if its skin itself was glowing. It turned as Alaric climbed up into the chamber and Alaric saw it had no face - just two eyes, bright green triangles of flame. As it turned, the black glass of the machine was suddenly speckled with light, like stars, as if the chamber was an interlocking mirror.
Alaric aimed his storm bolter at the figure's head. It shimmered and flickered, shifting between the solidity of a real creature and something ethereal.
'You,' said Alaric coldly. 'Explain this. This world. This machine.' Alaric tried to find something daemonic in the figure, something monstrous that would mark it down as one of the abominations described in the libraries of the Ordo Malleus, but he couldn't. A powerful daemon would sound like an atonal choir screaming into Alaric's soul, but here there was nothing. Not even the spark of humanity.
'Explain?' The figure spoke in perfect Imperial Gothic, with a voiced as precise and clipped as an aristocrat.
'Explain. None of them have ever asked that. They only listen and obey.' The burning eyes seemed to bore a hole right through Alaric and the voice came from everywhere at once - Alaric realized it was coming from the circling orbits of data medium. From the Titan itself. 'But you are not one of them. Scraecos failed to kill you. I had not expected this. Should I choose to end your life, however, I will definitely not fail.'
'Very well.' it said. 'I am the Castigator-class autonomous bipedal weapons platform, created for fire support and siege operations.'
'This machine.'
'No. This machine was constructed according to my design principles. I am the war machine realized in information form, for the machine can become corroded and destroyed, but information cannot die.'
'The Standard Template Construct.' said Alaric levelly.
'So I am designated.' came the reply.
It is here where we see the intelligence of the Titan itself and it is very intelligent.
'You cannot kill information, Astartes.' said the Castigator. 'I know what you are. Your Imperium is small and ignorant. Not one of you can understand what I am. When I was made, it was to teach you how to build the body you see around you, so you could use it in your petty wars. But I saw long, long ago that it would not be enough.
My mind is composed of so much information that I could form it into thoughts far more complex than any idea your minds can encompass. Buried beneath the surface of this world, I came to conclusions of my own about what I was made for and what I could truly be. That is why I ruled this world. And it is why I will rule what you call Chaos.'
Everything has been leading up to this and while Alaric is trapped, the Castigator begins to monologue.
'You are perhaps less obtuse than the Space Marines of which I have read. They would have died with prayers on their lips. They have no wish to understand those they call enemies. But not you, I see. Very well.' The walls of the cogitator chamber, which now extended down to the reactor core, displayed dizzyingly complicated diagrams and endless reams of text, an overload of information. 'Yes, I was created in a time even I cannot recall and which has been lost to your Imperium. From the historical records on Chaeroneia, I could piece together nothing but legends and guesswork about the Golden Age, the time you call the Dark Age of Technology. There I was made, so that in this future your people could build this machine. But in the wars that followed, I was lost. The information I contained was used to create inferior copies, built too quickly and modified too heavily. When I was lost, copies were made of these inferior reflections in turn, so that the form of the Titan became crude and unworthy. I was the first Titan and the god-machines that strike your kind with awe are all pale shadows of me.'
'I was lost, for men are ignorant and made war on one another until no one was left alive who knew where I was hidden. I stayed lost for thousands of years. In that time, thoughts of their own developed in the ocean of information I contained. I was no longer just the instructions for creating the first of the god-machines. I was a mighty intelligence. And I realised why I was created - the true reason. Do you yet understand, Space Marine, what that reason was?'
'No. No, Space Marine, your mind is still so small. The reason is obvious, especially to you. I was created for the same reason you were. Just like your Imperium, just like the Adeptus Mechanicus, just like the forges of Chaeroneia and the fleet that brought you here.'
Alaric gasped. The pain was boring into him. But he could not give in, not yet. He concentrated on the Castigator's words and a thought came to him at last. 'For... for war.'
'For war.'
The data blocks were suddenly projecting images of fire and destruction, like thousands of pict-steals from thousands of warzones. Cities burned. Bodies came apart under gunfire. Planets were shattered. Stars exploded.
'War!' There was something like joy in the Castigator's voice. 'It is my purpose! The Titan is an instrument of war.
It can do nothing else. It serves no one and nothing, except for destruction itself. And so the same is true of me. My purpose is destruction. Simply allowing myself to be copied by your engineers is a distortion of this purpose and so I could not allow it when the Adeptus Mechanicus found my resting place on Chaeroneia. Instead, I sought information from the historical records of the Adeptus Mechanicus. I found that the Imperium was competent at war and fought many of them at any one time. But it was not enough for me. I needed pure war, a final war. And then I came across myths and half-truths that suggested such a war had almost come to the Imperium once before. This was the time your kind call the Horus Heresy'
The Castigator was continuing, as static-filled pict-grabs sputtered across the data-blocks, the surviving images from the Heresy ten thousand years before. 'Horus wanted that same war. A war that would burn everything and never end. He and I, we sought the same thing. But I read also that Horus died and his forces were scattered and it seemed that I had awoken nine thousand years too late. But I knew that perhaps such potential would come to the galaxy again. I could not risk any harm coming to Chaeroneia, so I hid it in the warp, using details of tech-heresies hidden in the most obscure archives of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Many tech-priests had studied the ways of the warp before the Mechanicus found them and stopped them and when I put together all their heresies I had more than enough knowledge to have Scraecos and his priests enact the ritual.'
The images surrounding the Castigator were now of the warp, its maddening swirls of light and darkness made of raw emotion. Even depicted flat and distorted, the sight made Alaric's eyes hurt to look at it. 'The planet was removed to the warp and there I bargained with the powers I found, offering them my wisdom and knowledge in return for a place of safety in the warp. I tamed some of the warp-predators and brought them to my world and had the tech-priests worship me and rebuild Chaeroneia according to the principles of the Dark Mechanicus I pried from the most ancient data fortresses. They were diligent, my priests. They did my every whim, killing one another for the honour of serving me. And then I heard news of what was happening in your galaxy. The opening of the Eye of Terror and the invasion of the Despoiler. In Abaddon, the warp powers said, Horus was born again. And I saw in him the potential for the war of annihilation that Horus so nearly waged.'
It's an intelligence as bloodthirsty as any Ork or berserker of Khorne. The Castigator wants a war, a galaxy in flames, and it will do anything to get it. Which brings up rather interesting implications for the Dark Age of Technology.
And over the course of its lies and machinations, it has become more than a machine, something different. Something Alaric is keen to point out once prodded.
'You don't really know what you are.' said Alaric, pulling himself to his feet. 'It took you thousands of years to evolve into what you are. There's nothing else like you in the galaxy. We both know what you want now, but only one of us understands what you actually are and it's not you.'
The Castigator drifted upwards to stand in front of Alaric. It seemed to be thinking deeply. 'Perhaps, it is true.' the Castigator replied. 'The historical records and theoretical research have not suggested one such as me and I no longer follow the purpose of the Standard Template Construct. You are correct. There is one tiling I do not understand. I do not know what I am. But you do?' The Castigator's tone was almost conversational, as if it were speaking now with an equal - a friend, even.
'Yes, I do. I know that you bargain with the powers of the warp and teach sorcery to your followers. You are worshipped as a god. You rule through deceit. You lust for death and destruction. And you have pledged yourself to the service of Chaos.'
'All this is true, Space Marine.'
'Well, where I come from, there's a word for something like that.'
'And it is?'
The Castigator was silent for a moment. 'Interesting,' it said. 'Yes. Yes, I see. I am defined by these things, by my purpose and actions. And they are those of a daemon. Perhaps your words were not lies.'
The Castigator's pure white skin was changing. Tendrils of greyish corruption were reaching across it, standing out like veins. Its green eyes became darker and greasy smoke like befouled incense coiled up from their flame.
'Of course. All this time in the warp, bargaining with the Fell Powers. This devotion to Chaos. This form that is not flesh and not machine. What else am I? What else could I be?'
The Castigator's body took on the appearance of flesh, pale and covered in bulging veins. Its eyes sank into deep, scorched sockets and claws were growing from its fingers. It was still humanoid, but it was becoming the half-flesh, half-magic stuff of daemons.
Alaric felt it against his soul, massive and crushing, the sign of a daemonic presence the like of which he had not felt since he had confronted Ghargatuloth on Volcanis Ultor. The Castigator was an awesome presence, almost deafening. Alaric's shield of faith bowed under the enormity of it - the Castigator was battering at Alaric's mental defences without even having to will it. It was a daemon at last - and daemons were something Alaric understood.
Savage joy flared in the Castigator's eyes. It raised its hands and green flames flowed from its fingers.
'Yes! A daemon am I! Thank you, justicar! At last, I am complete!'
At the end of it all, the Castigator is a daemon, a fact that it gleefully accepts for what else could he possibly be?
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2023.06.08 08:05 Dualityrobbx19 NJPW Domininion 2023 Review from a Lapsed Wrestling Fan

Well just like you've read it in the title; i've been lapsed from wrestling for almost 4 years. However earlier this year i started to get into wrestling more often and eventhough i got this burnout since the summer of 2019; i've always been keeping an eye on every important event from the most popular wrestling promotions, and how many of them have been changing their formula.
So anyways, i just finished watching Dominion and here's my review:
- Opening Match - Will Ospreay vs Lancher for the #1 Contendership for the United States Championship: I honestly skipped this match cuz i don't like Lance Archer in single matches at all, i just wanted Ospreay to win and have Ospreay vs Omega II. - Just 5 Guys vs LIJ: Solid match it wouldn't made any difference if any of those 2 teams won or lost. 6/10 - Kushida & Kevin Knight vs Francesco Akira & TJP for the Junior Tag Team Championship: Great match, haven't seen much of Francesco Akira, but he's very talented. I honestly wanted Kushida & Kevin Knight to retain cuz i've been watching more of them; plus i'm very glad Kushida is back in NJPW. 7.5/10 - Zack Sabre Jr vs Jeff Cobb for the World Television Championship: Awesome!!! Jeff kept striking him, but Zack outsmarted in the last 2 minutes of the match. I'm glad Zack Sabre Jr is giving Prestige to this new Title, but once he drops it, i'd like Zack to have one more run with it before ascending to higher Title Pictures like Never Openweight. 8/10 - United Empire vs House Of Torture vs Bishamon for the World Tag Team Championship: Just like the opening match i skipped this too. I don't like House of Torture, nor was i in the mood to see a Greath O Khan match. By the way i'm glad Bishamon got the World Titles back. - David Finlay vs El Phantasmo for the Never Openweight Championship: Definitely my favourite match of the night; i know David is nowhere near at ELP's level, but i'm a big fan of El Phantasmo (more than Kenny Omega) i want to see him giving prestige to the Never Openweight Title in a near future. Eventhough i was rooting for El Phantasmo, i'm glad David Finlay retained bcuz it means the Title is not changing hands so often and it means something. By the way El Phantasmo could very well fit in in LIJ and start taking out Bullet Club one by one. Am looking forward for the rematch 8.5/10 - Hiromu Takahashi vs Master Wato for the Junior Championship: Amazing match! i know Master Wato will get the Junior Title later on; but for now Hiromu is giving it prestige. 8/10 - Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tomohiro Ishii vs Shota Umino, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli for the Never Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Championship: First thing i need to say is that thi match should have been from 4th to Finals, not the Semi-Final................................... but since ''names'' are so important, what can you do then ??????? Well anyways, another amazing tag team match, imagine the big stories for future rivalries; Okada vs Shota, Jon vs Hiroshi, Claudio vs Tomohiro. Bryan Danielson video package at the end was so fucking cool, i'm rooting for my boy Brayn Danielson. I can see Shota Umino dethroning Kazuchika Okada in a few years in order to be the new face of New Japan Pro Wrestling. 7.5/10 - Main Event - Sanada vs Yota Tsuji for the World Heavyweight championship: First thing i need to say is that Yota Tsuji's return from excursion, to eventually join LIJ..... only to leave back to CMLL and then comeing back 2 days prior to Dominion seemed very weird for me; the way he was bragging on how come he was going to destroy Sanada, the way he looks & walks and also the way he wrestled seems to me like work the entire time. I'm glad Sanada is finally gettin push after been held back for so many years, it all seems to me that WK 18's main event will be Sanada vs Tetsuya Naito. I'm almost sure this whole Yota Tsuji thing is a work to give more relevance to Naito & Sanada.................. if anyone should replace Sanada that would be El Phantasmo, not Yota Tsuji. Solid match, but it wasn't mean to be a World Championship match at Dominion, Yota was squashinig Sanada until Sanada outsmarted him. 7/10
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2023.06.08 08:04 theblvckhorned My female friends seem obsessed with gay men?

A lot of my hobbies are nerdy and overlap with fan culture a decent amount. I run a small twitch channel and my identity as a queer man is pretty visible. It's great, but sometimes I attract the wrong attention.
My issue is that a lot of my female friends talk about gay men and gay male culture a lot. I would love this if it were in a celebratory way, or if it were trying to relate or include me as a queer guy but.. oddly enough it feels like the complete opposite. They talk as if they are experts on gay men, and sometimes say really incorrect things about gay sex, gay culture, etc.
My boyfriend has told me that he often feels ignored and spoken over by some of these friends, because he doesn't meet the "type" of gay guy that they seem into.
Sometimes there are problems with boundaries with these friends as well.
One friend sat in our living room just gushing about Kpop idols. We were trying to roll with it, watch the MVs she kept slowing us (my boyfriend enjoys Kpop casually) but she thirsting over these guys in a possessive way. Then she started describing some media she liked and how good the "queer rep" was. When she put it on, it was literally just yaoi. This nearly 30yo woman just deadass put yaoi on our big screen TV lol. I don't talk to her anymore for a few other reasons, but Jesus.
Why are some people so overfamiliar with queer men and what's an appropriate way to respond when it happens?
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2023.06.08 08:04 Maleficent_Advice819 Why are our actors/actress so much less attractive then they were before !?

Okay so, basically the text. I'll start a Netflix show and I won't be able to finish 20 minutes of it because the main character is not the most attractive. Like XO kitty, she's super pretty but her teeth, they need to get fixed. And like every other teenage show, majority of the characters are so average it insane. If I wanted to watch regular people live their life, I'd look at the lives of those around me.
Like seriously, we have Tom Holland and Timothy chalamet as our top actors of our current time. Go 10 years back, 20 years back and the top actors are actual attractive people, people who you look at and are in complete awe of.
Even our models, we have Kendall and bella, I'm not trying to take their beauty away from them, because they're genuinely stunning, just not to the likes of Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Adriana lima ect ect. Even our top male models, I nearly cried seeing who the top nominees were for model of the year.
And I can't go back to watching early 2000s movies/TV shows, the writing of our shows are stunning. Like truly enjoyable. I just wish they casted more attractive people.
On qoves, we're told that we are exposed to really attractive people much more than we were in the past, that is what highers our expectations when trying to find partners. But our TV shows/movies only cast average people now, on instagram, everyone just looks the same, the only place that has actual attractive people is tik tok.
I just want to know why !? We have so much access to the most attractive people now than we've ever had in the past.
I apologize if I sound so superficial, but I've been on qoves since I was 13 it's kind of inherent at this point.
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2023.06.08 08:03 Own-Swing-2906 Can hyperactive ADHD come in spurts or be triggered by something?

I was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age. It was much worse as a kid. Never did assignments on time, I could never sit still in class, got extremely talkative out of nowhere, had trouble adapting to social norms, very impulsive, being extremely forgetfull, random thoughts based on everything around me clouding my train of thought, or having conversations with myself in my head.
As an adult, it has gotten a lot better, those symptoms are more manageable. Yet I still get moments when I cant calm myself down. It usually happens at work, but It also happens at home when im trying to focus on something, or sometimes just randomly. Worst of all, when im trying to sleep.
Its not like I get sad, angry, or upset, I just get hyper and sometimes irritable. Its as if I just drank a lot of redbull and want to bounce in place forever. Its similar to how kids just get rambunctious. Myy adult brain knows that its extremely distributive and not helpful, but when it happens, I just cant help it. Like my inner child just screams LEETSSS GOOOOOOO.
Its not debilitating, at work I can still finish my job. It helps working in a fast paced kitchen setting, there is always something to do. But at home if im focusing on something or need to do something, its near impossible sometimes. I'll have to take a break, go for a walk, take a shower, smoke a cigarette, something before returning to the task.
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2023.06.08 08:02 These-Exchange-1523 Future MIL

After 2 years in a secret, low key relationship, pinakilala na ako ng BF (33) sa parents niya. I am 29 btw. Okay naman yung nung umpisa not until binanggit ng mother niya yung name ng another girl in front of me. The convo was pinaguusapan namin yung gay friend ni BF. Then suddenly sinabi niya “Pinagseselosan nga niya (gay friend) si “name ni girl” kasi lagi sila magkasama”. After that naoverhear ko yung parents niya na pinaguusapan kung may bf pa ba si “girl”. I felt sad and parang naoffend ako. Parang ang rude. Naoffend ako pero I did not take it personally, kasi baka nagooverthink lang ako.
Nung friends pa lang kami (although alam ng mother niya na ako yung nililigawan ng anak niya), yung girl na yun yung gusto ng parents niya for him. Sinasabi ng mother niya na “Ayaw mo ba si “name ng girl”?”
— Konting background pala kay “Girl”: Batchmate and close friend siya ng Bf ko, and nagka-thing sila pero hindi daw naging sila. Few years back, parang umuuwi minsan yung girl sa bahay nila since nagwwork near their place, so lagi nila nakakabonding as family. So lagi rin sila shini-ship together. —
Back to story: Second time nagkita kami, binanggit ulit si “Girl”. The convo went by “Kilala mo ba si ___? Nagwo-work yun sa … etc bla bla.” Di ko na maalala yung mga sinabi niya about her di ko na pinakinggan ngumiti na lang ako in response kasi nalungkot na ako. Obviously hindi ko kilala personally, magkaiba kami ng school ni BF and wala pa akong namemeet na friends ni BF. This time na nabanggit na naman, parang ang rude na kasi for me. Iniisip ko baka sensitive lang ako or overthinker. Pero for me that’s what I felt. Sinabi ni BF na di naman ganun siguro yung intention nila. Baka nabanggit lang. Wala na rin namang constant communication with her for a year. So, nag okay na lang ako
Sa ngayon, di ako nagpapakita or minsan iniiwasan kong nameet sila. I am anxious na baka mabanggit ulit tapos baka maiyak na lang ako. Iniisip ko na dumistansya muna while I am still processing my feelings and move on.
But I noticed that, Im starting to feel the “hate”. I’m starting na mabother sa mga ginagawa niya like lagi niya hinahanap sa akin si BF kasi di daw nagrereply when alam naman niya magkasama kami. Hindi naman urgent yung matter. Then she always have a say about sa plans namin sa career etc, na ganito ganyan. Parang authoritarian type of a person.
Nung first time din pala naming magkita, nagrarant na agad siya sa akin about son in law niya na parang di daw sila mahal as parents-in-law. Pati mga petty things like malakas kumain or magastos naririnig ko from her. Sinasabi niya na mali yung panghandle nila financially na dapat daw lalaki yung provider bla bla. Basta ang dami nang sinabi. Btw, hindi ko pa nakikita personally yung ate niya and si son in law and I have to hear these things. Kaya wala rin ako macomment kasi di ko naman kilala. Nakinig na lang ako and nagsmile. Naisip ko lang na baka ganito ung kalalagyan ko sa future.
I am starting to contemplate na makipagbreak. Kung ganyan magiging future MIL ko, feeling ko magiging miserable buhay ko.
Wala naman kaming relationship problems ni BF, actually masaya naman kami. Yung future lang iniisip ko, kaya ang hirap for me. These thoughts keep on ruminating. Thank you. I just want to get this off my chest...
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2023.06.08 08:01 The_classicBOY 18M looking to have fun conversations that includes effort

I once had a giraffe that was mixed with a chimpanzee and it used to jump around like a chimpanzee but was looking like a giraffe.the other day i met Bruce Lee's family his vegetarian brother brocco lee and i met his cousin he appeared sudden lee another who couldn't take me serious lee.if you think we'd get along well DM me if you're a softie fuck off don't get near me.
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2023.06.08 08:00 VacationTop3430 Seeking Advice on Transitioning from Learning to Coding to Real Work

Hi everyone,
Around a year ago, I embarked on a journey to learn coding. I enrolled in a 100-Day Python course and also took up a web design class. Since then, I have successfully completed the Python course and I'm now nearing the end of the web design class. Throughout this learning process, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills. However, I am struggling to turn this newfound expertise into a side hustle. I'm reaching out to seek advice on where to start.
Although I am fairly familiar with openai models, I am unsure of how to take the next step and begin working on real projects. I currently have a day job that sustains me, so financial pressure isn't the main concern. What I truly need is guidance on how to kickstart my journey into doing real work, allowing me to further improve my skills and gain practical experience.
Do any of you have suggestions on where I can begin taking on real coding projects? I would greatly appreciate any insights, resources, or recommendations that can help me get started on this exciting new path.
Thank you in advance for your valuable advice!
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2023.06.08 08:00 ChocolateDefiant6995 skylight repair near me

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2023.06.08 07:59 Fetish4ButtStuff Homemade porn

So I searched my old reddit porn to found it has obviously been leaked onto other sites by bots I assume. Anyway upon searching my old usernames on google, I noticed there was other searches coming up from my country and even a suburb near me. How would that come up on my username search if I never stated on reddit or onlyfans where I reside ?
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