Claire redfield vs demagorgon

What if Licker's Tongue gave Nemesis Lickers?

2023.06.03 01:59 CashLoud9432 What if Licker's Tongue gave Nemesis Lickers?

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2023.06.03 00:00 Mjm166773 Alternate Dominion Ending

Since the Page has been slow I decided reupload my alternative Dominion ending.
I truly feel the Final battle in dominion was really unnecessary, nice visually but didn't really connect to the story for it to be this epic battle. I feel writers couldn't really figure out a way to wrap up the film so the best they could do is have the new dinosaur battle the returning dinosaur. Kinda seems like a cheap conclusion. I was expecting this grand finale and didn't get that.
I posted this ending in different post with other changes to Dominion that I would have liked incorporated.
When Alan, Maisie and Owen go to find Beta, Maisie is again recaptured by Dodgson. Dodgson holds one of the stun guns to Maisie's neck. He offers to trade Maisie for Beta. Alan tries distract Dodgson while the Pyro-raptor approaches Dodgson from behind. The Pyro raptor leaps to attack Dodgson The Raptor goes for Dodgson's leg it latches on to his pants leg, Dodgson stuns the raptor. Maisie is able to slip get away from Dodgson in that moment. As the Pyro raptor attempts to get back up and charge Dodgson again he is able to slip away and limp through another lab door using his bracelet escaping. He sneaks off and makes his way to Amber mine train.
Pyro raptor shakes it's feathers and faces his attention to Alan Maisie and Owen. Owen aims the his tranquilizer gun at the pyro raptor just as he is about to shoot Malcolm and Ramsay enter the room Owen shoots but no tranqs are left. Suddenly a loud bang is heard and glass breaks, the large windows to the facility breaks and the dinosaurs that were summoned all come charging inside the building. Laboratory furniture and equipment begins to fly across room due to the wild dinosaurs running around aimlessly. The pyro raptor slightly distracted draws it's attention back to Owen, Alan, Maisie, Malcolm and Ramsay. Out of no where a Pteranodon swoops inside and lifts the pyro raptor off the ground attempting to fly off with the pyro raptor in it's claws. The pyro fights back in the air biting and clawing at the Pteranodon. The Pteranodon releases the raptor. The Pyro raptor is dropped from a large height and dropped on a lab table with beakers and test tubes filled with colored chemicals. but the pyro raptor regains footing and turns it's focus again to the group again. Above Claire and Ellie enter from the upper level of the facility and look down and see the danger occurring just below. just as the pyro raptor positions itself to attack, Claire uses the ax( the same ax she used to crash the system) and cuts some wall cables that are holding up the large light fixture. The large Fixture crashes down with bright burst on top of the pyro raptor crushing it. Claire says to Ellie that's one more point for women.

The group begins to head outside to head to the plane to meet Kayla. When they walk outside to their surprise total chaos has ensued (think ALL OUT DINOSAUR WAR). Dinosaurs are fighting, crashing in and out the facility, Biosyn vehicles being launched in the air by dinosaurs. The group continues to make their way to the plane trying to avoid charging dinosaurs and flying debris from the chaos of all the dinosaurs in one location. The T-rex approaches, the rex is standing between the Plane and the group. The group must make their way to the plane while also avoiding the rex. Two nearby fighting stegosaurus knock over a large metal platform almost crushing the group. Kayla yells to the group it's now or never they run from under the platform. Just as they move from under the platform the rex's foot crushes down on the platform as it pursues the group running to the plane. Wu falls to the ground while running to the plane and Alan and Malcolm help him up, just as they get Wu off the ground the rex leans down and attempts to chomp at Wu barley missing him. The rex lets out a loud roar. The group manages to make it to the plane safely, now the problem is that they need a clear runway so the plane can take off. The rex is blocking the only clear path for them to take off. Kayla shoots the flare gun to get the rex out of the way. The rex retreats and our survivors escape.
Followed by Dodgson's death scene.

This ending maybe cheesy to some but like Alan said the ending battle has nothing to so with our main protagonist so kind of seems pointless and serves no purpose to have the battle at the ending seems undeserved. Plus I wanted the Giga t live so we could see him/her again. These ending battles always make Rexy look weak. This ending also features more dinosaurs which would help with some complaints about their not being enough dinosaur action and this seemed appropriate with the dominion showing them dominating the sanctuary. Let me know what you think or if you have an alternate ending in mind.
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2023.06.02 23:47 Super_Imagination_90 If you had to kill 1 of the original 4, who would you pick?

Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and Leon S. Kennedy. If you have to kill off 1 of these characters in a future game, who would not be? You can still choose Chris Redfield if you want but just remember that he's still alive in the after credits scene of Village and the Shadows of Rose DLC. SO it's unlikely he'll die. So if you do choose Chris Redfield, well then who WOULD you also choose besides him?
Personally, I don't think anyone will end up ever dying out of these characters. But I do believe if they actually did, the best candidates I would say is Leon S. Kennedy or Jill Valentine. As I said before, I don't think they would ever do Chris Redfield because we already know he lives for a while longer unless they do games after the post credits scene in Village.
Claire Redfield I actually don't really see dying. I just don't see what you'd get out of it. As much as I'm sure people don't like it, it doesn't seem like they really want to use her much right now. Sure you'd get the sad story of Chris's sister dying, but I don't know it just doesn't feel like that's what they would go for in my opinion.
Leon S. Kennedy I can see dying, assuming they do kill someone obviously. To me he just seems like the type of character they would go to if they wanted to kill one of them. Obviously like if anyone died, it'll be sad, but I think they would end up using it to do a lot with Ada Wong. Show that whole story come to a close and see what Ada does after the sacrifice and death of Leon.
Jill Valentine I can see dying, but at the same I understand why someone might think they wouldn't kill her since e they already do that whole fake death in 5. But Jill, like Leon, just gives me the vibe of the character they would choose to kill if they killed anyone.
Now, my number 1 pick WOULD be Chris Redfield if that Village stuff didn't show that he exists and is living way further ahead from now. But without that, Chris definitely seems like the prime choice for killing a character. I believe the only character that I don't get that feeling from is Claire. She just doesn't seem like one they'd choose personally.
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2023.06.02 19:10 3EyedRavensFan It'll never happen, but here's a direction that might be cool for the series to take following RE4R

We seem to be at another crossroads in the Resident Evil universe. RE4R is making everybody and their grandmother ask "Where does Capcom go with the series next?" And there have been a lot of cool ideas thrown around. So I asked myself "If I had the power to make that decision, what would I do? What would I try to accomplish with the next game?" Here is what I came up with:
While I would warmly welcome a C:V remake, I know that game is not the most popular among the lot. RE5 can at least brag about selling really well, so that remake is a bigger possibility. Meanwhile C:V's sales were mediocre even for its time, and its story can be largely ignored by the main timeline. ALL OF THAT SAID... I see real potential for a BRAND NEW RE experience to emerge from this largely disregarded chapter.
The premise is simple - The story would follow Claire's search for her brother Chris, and take place before the events of C:V. Specifically, for those who remember the cutscene at the very beginning of C:V, it'll be about Claire's infiltration of Umbrella's Headquarters in Paris that ultimately leads to her capture (and the beginning of C:V). The bounds of the story would be relegated to just one high-rise building where Claire would have to navigate and fight her way from the bottom to the top to find the answers or leads she's looking for (with some typical RE twists thrown in for good measure, of course). Think RE meets Dredd/The Raid.
Gameplay-wise, it would be the return of over-the-shoulder 3rd person perspective, with RE4R stealth mechanics mixed in to a greater degree. Because Claire will not be just a female version of RE4 Leon, and therefore not nearly as well-trained for combat*, the conflict of her vs. an entire skyscraper of monsters and tricky traps and security systems necessitates a greater emphasis on stealth and defense mechanics. So, for instance, Claire would have more than just a knife for stealth combat. Perhaps she'd have a taser, a crossbow, and other quiet weapon options, with a grenade or two for those desperate moments, a la RE1 Remake. (Got more/better ideas? Let's here them!) She can still find other weapons along her journey, BUT...
The game would also feature environmental puzzles heavily, many of which would involve contextual tools and weapons. By this I mean two things: 1) the purpose of the contextual weapons would be to integrate them more into puzzle solving and not so much combat or weapon accumulation, and 2) that integration would ideally force developers to be more creative with their puzzles than just doing more of the same [Find correct key for correct lock] stuff. In terms of designing environmental puzzles, the RE series should venture away from the Zelda-esque Lock/Key/Hidden Switch mechanic and towards more interactive and thoughtful mechanics like those found in the new God of Wars or even the Hitman series (IMHO). Ever since the RE series did away with fixed camera angles I find its best puzzles to be the ones that test the player's spatial awareness and attention to detail. And those are the kind I think would best fit this fictitious game's environment.
RE4R seems to come across to a lot of us as an accumulation of the variety of things Capcom learned from making RE7, RE2R, and the other recent entries. So I think it's safe to say that RE developers are trying to hone in on what goes into making the most balanced RE experience possible. The "problem" as I see it is that the answer is probably not going to be in another remake - even if that remake is well liked. It'll have to be found in a new chapter.
I think the premise I laid out would be a really good balance of all my favorite aspects of RE games, including story, careful combat, environmental puzzle solving, and survival horror mechanics. But hey, that's just me. Do you guys prefer the more combat-heavy RE games? Do you think the wacky Lock/Key mechanic is a must-have? Let's discuss.
*We all know Claire can hold her own in a fight, but Leon had literally years worth of world-class training to "justify" the things he could pull off in RE4. Even with the experience she has in the world of RE there's no way developers could convince *me" that Claire could or would be as deftly soldier-like as him. I mean, at least Jill was a member of S.T.A.R.S. for crying out loud.
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2023.06.02 14:51 DeathAwaitss Europe, Asia, Africa. Chris Redfield, an agent of S.T.A.R.S. visited these and all other continents the world had to offer, and yet he only met one man worthy of Claire

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2023.06.02 02:14 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Women's Third Round

Mirracles do happen! Some great matches in the second round and some really zesty stuff in the third. Ladies first tonight, the ATP should be up in a few hours. Congrats to noomuam, Belle23, Dikkeduece, TehoInBugg, and Bmr33 on rounding out the top 5 in the WTA bracket contest so far <3.

Swiatek vs Wang :

Swiatek had some early difficulties against Liu. She gave back a break, she seemed frustrated by umpire overrules, and there were some swats at the ground with her racquet. It has to be tough to get as fired up as she does to compete and then not see the ball go through the hoop when the hoop feels large. Claire Liu doesn’t really have the game to compete with Swiatek, but a lot of players on tour beat themselves when facing a top player and she stayed steady in the first set. The second set was the usual Swiatek roll. The freedom to open up her game and the lack of scoreboard pressure really turns her into another opponent, which is why I think she struggles against the big servers at times.
Up next for Iga is a much tougher test against Xinyu Wang, who got past Rebecca Peterson in two very competitive sets. While checking out the 5-5 game in the first I realized there are a lot of matches on tour that aren’t very influential in the grand scheme of the draw, so they just get overlooked. Peterson and Wang was objectively a higher quality affair than Swiatek Liu, but the networks stick with the big names. When the big names aren’t there though, they wonder how to promote the game. It’s the same issue that golf had for a while after Tiger Woods left. Promote the sport first, not the players, and the fans will get to know the players on their own.
This match will be the first real look at Swiatek’s level, the same way Fucsovics was our first glance at Djokovic. Wang has a solid serve, and a really capable forehand. Her backhand isn’t anything special, but it isn’t a liability either. She beat Peterson by being a bit more able to generate winners off her forehand wing, so Swiatek should be okay here but still will need to improve her level. I do think that Wang’s classic approach to the game plays into Swiatek’s hands here a bit. Liu has a funkier game and hits a bit flat and uses dropshots, so if her execution is on and the flow of play is so slow she can create scoreboard pressure. With Wang, it’s the same equation throughout and I think Swiatek will find her timing and be able to create chances to get up court during the forehand to forehand exchanges. Swiatek in 2 with Wang winning around 6 games.

Andreescu vs Tsurenko :

Sometimes it feels like the players know that people are doubting them. Ahead of her match with Navarro, Andreescu was set at just -160. This seemed like a lot of respect to me for the challenger, and when this line moved to -145 as people backed Navarro, I thought something was up. Andreescu played as if she had a chip on her shoulder in this one though, and there is a small chance that hearing people were doubting her gave her a bit of extra fire. Andreescu’s power was the big difference here. Navarro never really settled in the first set, and despite going up 4-2 in the second, it felt like any errors from her would cost her a game whereas Andreescu was able to score by hitting to pretty big targets. Absent the prices, I’d have expected Andreescu to win too, and since she beat Azarenka, I think the run continues against Tsurenko.
Lesia got a walkover against Lauren Davis, and hopefully she has a quick recovery for grass season. Tsurenko is a good test of Andreescu’s consistency and stamina, as she’ll put more balls in play than Navarro who is really looking to trade power. The problem for Bianca’s opponents is going to be protecting their serves. Andreescu was able to get full swings in a large chunk of the time against Navarro, and Tsurenko doesn’t have a ton of power in her delivery. I expect given the quick nature of Andreescu’s match today that she’ll be fresh for this match. Andreescu in 2.

Schmiedlova vs Day :

Big upset for Kayla Day, probably the win of her career if you set aside minor and junior titles. Keys was able to level the match after winning the second but she just couldn’t avoid unforced errors and the pace of the slightly slowed-down RG courts allowed Day to run down most of her shots. It looked a little like the play of Fernandez, but Day hits the ball with more zip and this allowed her to beat Keys in the rallies where Madison went safe. The best of Day’s game is her inside-out forehand, because the footwork she uses is identical to when she goes cross-court. This next match is very winnable, but it’ll be a big test of her physical strength because Schmiedlova hits a very heavy ball and doesn’t miss often.
A.K. Schmiedlova was lucky to get a qualifier in round two, and made the most of it by edging past Bolsova in two hard-fought sets. Kudermetova gifted her the first round win via unforced errors, but Schmiedlova’s height and her reliable baselining let her get across the finish line. I think Kayla is a slight favorite, but thus far she’s competed against offensive talents and this one will require her to improve her ratio of winners to unforced errors (10-23 in round two). Keys gave Day 74 unforced errors in their second round, and Schmiedlova is really not looking to force the issue so this should be a long one. I do think Day’s serving is a bit sharper, and her forehand is good enough to put away the rallies she gets ahead in. Should be a marathon, but I like the junior standout. Day in 3.

Andreeva M. vs Gauff :

OH FLUFF. This is ominous, like when you find an avocado you sort of forgot you had and go to squeeze it. Mirra Andreeva is one of the most reliable phenoms I’ve ever seen. When she’s slated to win, she wins. It isn’t a gimmicky or one-dimensional game either. She moves the ball well, seems very well coached and often chooses the right shot regardless of the importance of the point, and her serve isn’t half bad. Parry hung around early but Andreeva just doesn’t give you anything. She beat Haddad Maia earlier this year but I think this is the biggest test of her career thus far. Gauff is through after dismissing Rabat finalist Julia Grabher in two quick sets. Grabher went up a break in the second, but she was unable to hold serve at all in this match and it was a good reminder that Gauff’s troubles on court really only pop up when there is actual scoreboard and career pressure (playing a big name or another junior contender). I’m not sure what she’ll feel here, playing a player who very likely watched Gauff and gained some belief from her early wins on tour. Gauff is pretty mature though, as was evident by her court chatter down a break against Grabher. After a few misses, she advised herself to calm down, and it worked.
Andreeva is good enough to play with Gauff right now. Good enough to hit through her though is a different story. I don’t expect Mirra’s level to falter because of the opposition, but Gauff is the stronger player and can serve bigger. One of them has to lose here but it doesn’t feel like either are going to play poorly. Gauff’s weight of shot is heavier but she’s a little more error prone. I’m thinking Andreeva might be good for the upset here. Andreeva in 3.

Rybakina vs Sorribes Tormo :

Sorribes Tormo was clinical today in slowing down Petra Martic’s highly skilled offense. It sets up a challenge I know Sara will be excited for even though it likely ends her tournament. Rybakina beat the tough Czech standout Linda Noskova in straight sets, and though she’s been struggling on clay this is still a quality win. Rybakina vs Sorribes Tormo may take a while, because this is the classic match where Rybakina struggles. The players who used to be able to make her play a lot of balls could get the benefit of errors. At this point in her career, it’s not clear that those will come. Tormo’s serve is not strong enough to keep Rybakina at bay, and her willingness to give up court position and try to outlast and outmaneuver her opponent is not ideal with Rybakina has such a good technical production when she has time. Tormo’s slices could cause some troubles for Rybakina since she’s pretty tall, but I don’t think Rybakina is going to hit herself out of this match, nor do I think it’ll be over quick enough (if Tormo gains the lead) for Ryba not to reset her game and play a bit more conservative. Rybakina in 2.

Alexandrova vs Haddad Maia :

Haddad Maia had the much tougher match in her second round, barely squeaking by the big hitting lefty Diana Shnaider. Shnaider seems perfectly still then uncorks huge winners and deft dropshots. It’s really fun to watch and it’s unfortunate for her that she ran into BHM in such good form. Another huge hitting affair is in store here as Alexandrova comes in playing her best tennis. She rolled Friedsam who is generally a tough defensive test, and she’s one of the only players who’s taken a set off Swiatek on clay this season. Haddad Maia won both their previous matches, but this one should be very close. Alexandrova’s defense is a bit lacking here which could be the big difference, but defense doesn’t matter if you get the first big swing in, and with both her and Haddad serving well and hitting big it’s hard to point to any other real differences. Haddad Maia in 3.

Cocciaretto vs Pera :

I caught a good chunk of Vekic vs Pera and I was surprised by how hard Pera was hitting the ball off her backhand wing. It’s usually the more error prone side for her but she really was focused today. Vekic’s movement was a little slow, and she sent a lot of forehands into the net where it just looked like her swing was a little bit late. It’s hard to pick against Pera after what I’ve just watched her produce, so I probably won’t. Cocciaretto is a really good serve though, and she has a baseline game that looks like it’s low-percentage but is relatively steady. She beat Waltert pretty easily, and she’ll have a lot of crowd support which the Americans typically have none of at RG. I expect Pera to lose the same set she did to Vekic, but for her overall power and ability to redirect on her forehand side to give her a slight edge. Really close match, but Pera in 3.

Danilovic vs Jabeur :

Paolini had the second set locked up and was up 5-2 at one point, but her legs had left the building. It’s not surprising that her recent run of matches would eventually come to an end, and once she was visibly laboring, Danilovic’s job was easy. Credit to the lefty for hitting to the open court and not missing when the match got tight. She faced some break points in the 6-5 game as well, but she could see the finish line and it has been some inspired tennis this week from the qualifier. This next round might not be winnable, but Danilovic deserves a chance to play a big name on a big stage. Jabeur has been dealing with some fitness issues and has been somewhat underwhelming this clay season, but she’s rolled through all her matches so far this week. Danilovic’s forehand is how she scores most of her points, and I think Jabeur’s power will make it tough for her to really impose her will on rallies. This is Jabeur’s first big test this event, so it’ll be interesting to see how her defense is. Jabeur in 2 close sets.

Muchova vs Begu :

Podoroska did well to win a set against Muchova, and it’s a sign that Muchova’s stellar defense against Sakkari may have been partially a matchup thing more than a consistent presence at this event. It leaves the door open in her next round for Irina Camila Begu, who advanced fairly easily past Sara Errani. Errani pushed herself to the limit, but her arm seemed a bit flat. She was rolling her serves in more than usual, and not really looking to exert. Her forehand struggled to create depth, and though she went to moonballs early, Begu knew she was safe and was employing the same strategy against a much shorter opponent. Muchova and Begu should be close, as Begu has excellent power off both wings and is used to playing extended matches. I think Karolina’s attitude on court is a lot better than Begu’s though, and having navigated a 3 set match already and defeated Sakkari, she will be familiar with adversity in a way that Begu is perhaps not yet in this event. Very thin margins to point to, but Muchova’s tennis is pretty solid also. She’ll be the less consistent player on offense, but I think her overall level is a bit higher and it’s hard to play a really sharp opponent after a slow match like Errani was. Muchova in 3.

Tauson vs Avanesyan :

This Roland Garros field is extremely strong, but there are a lot of new names making their appearance in the third round. Avanesyan was able to hold off a second set surge from Leolia Jeanjean and make her first third round appearance. It was a nice reward in terms of match difficulty because her first win was a huge upset against Bencic. This is another big name for her, and I think she’s up to the task but perhaps it will be a little tougher than Bencic despite Belinda being a much more well-known and accomplished player. The reason I think she struggles with Tauson is how much harder Tauson hits. She’s blasting her way through this draw, and Fernandez found a solid level last match but her defense couldn’t stop Clara. Avanesyan definitely is a tougher test since Leylah has been having confidence issues, but it’s a comfortable situation for Tauson playing against another junior standout. Tauson also has a pretty strong service delivery which I think will give her a small edge. Tauson in 2-3.

Potapova vs Pavluchenkova :

This is tricky because Pavlyuchenkova probably shouldn’t be here. Samsonova had a bunch of chances to put the match away including going up 5-2 in the third set. Pavs is really solid but it was an unlikely comeback so it’s hard to gauge whether Potapova, a similar offensive talent, will wind up in a similar position. These two have met once, on clay in 2021, with Potapova winning in a third set. Potapova is definitely in good form and she’s playing good offense, but Pavlyuchenkova is really consistent and the power she hits with has a way of forcing her opponents into errors. This feels like a match Potapova should win in 2, but I’d be very nervous heading into a third against Pavs.

Mertens vs Pegula :

It’s interesting to see Pegula has a heavy favorite here considering Mertens has won both their previous meetings. Pegula wins on consistency and I don’t really think that works against Elise. Mertens has one of the best games on tour for a player without a big serve, and she tends to be a gatekeeper for the later rounds but doesn’t win many titles herself. For her to beat Pegula it’ll require her to play solid and to play 10-20 shot rallies for 2-3 hours. It’s unlikely that Pegula falls flat here also because she got a walkover last round after winning the first against Giorgi. I just don’t think either player is going to be able to create easy points here, so it’ll likely come down to conditioning. Hard to ignore the h2h, but I think Pegula will win this in 3.

Blinkova vs Svitolina :

A rematch of last weeks Strasbourg final. That match was competitive but Svitolina was pretty much always in the lead. I don’t expect much to have changed here. Blinkova pulled off a tremendous upset win against Garcia, but she’s a defensive baseliner and Svitolina is the same thing but with more speed and a heavier shot. Her backhand is a little better also. Svitolina in 2.

Stearns vs Kasatkina :

Believing worked! Peyton Stearns USO futures you heard it here third! Jokes aside, that was a really good win. Ostapenko is capable of imploding but she’s a really aggressive returner and Stearns did well to get through. Up next is a match that it almost seems like she should win. Kasatkina managed to beat Vondrousova in 2 sets which is pretty impressive. She’s around -230 for the next round which might be fair, but if I look at their games on paper Stearns seems a little better. She has a better serve, she has a bigger forehand, and her backhand hits harder and goes down the line well. I know Kasatkina is playing tremendous, but this is on Stearns racquet if she can maintain the work ethic and play consistent on big points.
Stearns has a tendency to require two chances to win the same game. The break point opens up, but she sends the first return long trying to do a bit too much. The line is open, but she sends the first one a few inches wide. It’s a by-product of being in the college tennis world I expect. She was likely better than a lot of her opponents, so blasting away was a viable option. Against Kasatkina, those errors will cost you the match because she isn’t going to miss. It’ll take multiple shots per rally to maneuver Kasatkina into a spot where Stearns can safely go for a big shot, so hopefully her coaches are preparing her for a long and tactical battle. I’m fully expecting the upset, but if she loses it’ll only be to unforced errors. Stearns in 3.

Stephens vs Putintseva :

Big upset for Putintseva. Her dropshots were remarkable in this one and so was her work ethic. Zheng started off strong but she was rattled in this one and once Yelena got in a rhythm Zheng was really up against it. It makes me think that Putintseva has half a chance here against Sloane, but wow is Stephens playing well. Gracheva looked relatively helpless against Stephens. Stephens hit with more power, and her composure makes it seem like nothing you’re doing is having an effect. Gracheva is looking to play offense though, and the errors and forced shots hurt her. Putintseva is looking to wait for mistakes just the same as Stephens, so I think this will be a very close match despite Sloane’s form. Having just lost to Bronzetti, and with Putintseva having had previous success against Stephens (last win on hardcourt, and the only win on clay), I think she gets this one in 3.

Rakhimova vs Sabalenka :

Rakhimova led from start to finish against Frech, and she comes into this match being soundly disrespected by the books. Sabalenka is something like -2000 to win, and while I agree she should win, I don’t know if it’s going to be so straightforward. It seems at times that Sabalenka doesn’t really pay attention to what’s going on at the other end of the net. If she’s missing, she just keeps swinging. It’s a tactic that’s finally paying off because her serving woes are gone, but sometimes I think she’s the more consistent player and doesn’t realize it. Shymanovich fared well against Sabalenka, and it was mostly from hitting the ball solid and into the court. Despite her good play, I didn’t feel like Aryna was really in any danger, and Shimanovich did seem to be making more unforced errors than winners. I think she could have gone into hitting-partner mode and won quicker and with less expenditure of energy. Just a random thought, but sometimes you have to deviate from plan A for a quicker and simpler win.
This is a match where I also think Sabalenka doesn’t need to do as much. Rakhimova hits solid and breaks serve well. She doesn’t really deviate from the cross-court patterns and she doesn’t really go for winners from neutral. Sabalenka can look for her spots, but if she’s trying to just hit through Kamila, it may take this match to overtime since Rakhimova reflects power very well and her stamina is excellent. I’m sure Sabalenka will continue to evolve her game, but I do expect Rakhimova to win a handful of games here just due to Sabalenka forcing the issue. Sabalenka in 2-3.
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2023.06.02 00:25 MiXing317 Recommendations for ear piercing for elementary daughter

I know tattoo/piercing shops are generally the way to go vs a place like Claire's. There are plenty in the area so I'm looking for recommendations of a good place to handle a first time ear piercing for a kid.
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2023.06.01 18:14 jabthejesusfreak The Best Episode of Lost: Round 1, Day 29

The updated bracket is here.

Yesterday's match-up was definitely a tough one for a couple of fan favorites, but it looks like Ethan beating up Jack is more exciting for the group than Henry Gale's debut as All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues advances.

Today? Today is most likely a blowout, I'm not going to lie. An iconic Season 1 episode against an early Season 3 episode generally spells doom for the latter. But there's always the possibility I'll be proven wrong on that. Synopses are below:

"Do No Harm" is the 20th episode of Season 1. Jack and Sun work to save Boone while Kate is sent to retrieve Sawyer's alcohol for sterilization. On the way back, she runs into a clearly-in-labor Claire. She calls for help, Jin hears her, and is given the alcohol to take to Jack. Kate stays and helps Claire deliver Aaron, while Jack gives his greatest efforts to save Boone, ultimately having Sun try to stop him from giving his own blood to save Boone, and only giving up when Boone tells him he can let him go. In flashback, we see the events surrounding Jack's wedding to Sarah, where he tells her that she saved him, not the other way around. On island, after Boone's death, Jack vows to go after and confront Locke.

"The Glass Ballerina" is the second episode of Season 3. In flashback, we see Sun having an affair with Jae Lee, which Mr. Paik has found out about. Paik sends Jin to take care of the problem, but does not tell Jin what he knows. Jin beats up Jae Lee and tells him to leave and go to America, to never show his face there again. Jae instead relents, committing suicide by jumping off the balcony of the hotel room. On island, we get more of Jack in an aquarium (Where Ben shows him footage of the Red Sox winning the World Series), Sawyer and Kate in the cages and their work in the quarry, and Sun, Jin, and Sayid on the boat. Sun, Jin, and Sayid find a decoy village and are confronted by The Others, leading to Colleen being shot and their boat being taken.

So which one gets your vote?

Poll Link: Do No Harm VS The Glass Ballerina
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2023.06.01 05:22 AggroTelloYoutube [H] List of games I want to trade [W] Looking for Biomutant and wishlist games but will look at all offers

Will trade multiple games for a higher value game.
AggroTelloYoutubes IGS rep page
AggroTello's Wishlist
Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition
Autonauts vs Piratebots
Alchemy Garden
Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders
Adventures of Chris
Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics
A Story About My Uncle
Alien Rage - Unlimited
Alien Breed: Impact
Alien Breed 2: Assault
Alien Breed 2: Assault
Alien Breed 3: Descent
Build Lands
Beyond Contact
Brunch Club
Blazing Chrome
Beholder 2
Cats in Time
Cook, Serve, Delicious!
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!
Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!
Claire's Cruisin' Cafe
Call of Cthulhu®: Dark Corners of the Earth
Curse: The Eye of Isis
Dust to the End
Dead End Job
Dark Deity
Drink More Glurp
DOOM (1993)
Fallout 3
Fallout: New Vegas
From Space
Grand Mountain Adventure: Wonderlands
Game Dev Studio
Golf Gang
Garfield Kart
Garfield Kart - Furious Racing
Geometric Sniper
Geometric Sniper - Z
Geometric Sniper - Blood in Paris
Home Sweet Home
Helheim Hassle
I Am Fish
I am not a Monster: First Contact
Just Die Already
Kingdom Rush
Lair of the Clockwork God
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lornsword Winter Chronicle
Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail
Main Assembly
Machinika Museum
MegaRace 1
MegaRace 2
Peachleaf Pirates
Police Stories
Rebel Galaxy
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
Snooker 19
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Syberia II
State of Mind
Serial Cleaner
Slain: Back from Hell
Survivalist: Invisible Strain
The Spectrum Retreat
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
The Coma: Recut
Tomb Raider V: Chronicles
Tomb Raider VI: The Angel of Darkness
tiny & Tall: Gleipnir
The Wild Eight
Terrain of Magical Expertise
Tiny Troopers
The Suicide of Rachel Foster
The Inner World
Unto The End
Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy
Vambrace: Cold Soul
Wolfenstein 3D
Wayward Souls
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2023.06.01 02:21 VernonKazama My Personal Resident Evil (canon) Playable Character Tier List

⚠️ Please Read ⚠️
This tier list is of my personal favorite CANON protagonist. Meaning character's you play as during the CANON timeline of Resident Evil. That means no non canon characters from Mercenaries, Raid Mode, Ghost Survivors, etc.
Before you ask, because Rosemary Winters and Clancy Jarvis didn't have pictures, I replaced them w/Rachel Foley and Brad Vicker's pics respectively. Also I don’t know why they went with certain pics for certain characters. I didn't make this template. Also pictures do not affect my tier listings. Just because it's RE7's Chris does not affect my placement.
And most importantly, the Honorable Mentions tier. There is almost no variation between the characters of Wesker, Krauser and Richard in Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles and Outbreak characters play similarly to eachother. Therefore that's the reasoning why I placed them where they are.
Again this is my tier list ranking but I am interested in where you'd place yours tho. Thank you for reading and let the controversy begin..
>! S+ Rank Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield
S Rank Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, HUNK, Barry Burton
A Rank Billy Coen, Sheva Alomar, Piers Nivans
B Rank Sherry Birkin, Carlos Oliveira, Ethan Winters, Bruce McGivern, Fong Ling, , Moira Burton, Jake Muller
C Rank Steve Burnside, Ark Thompson, Mia Winters, Joe Baker, Ashley Graham, Rosemary Winters, Zoe Baker, Natalia Korda, Evgeny Rebic, Clancy Jarvis
D Tier Parker Luciani, Josh Stone, Helena Harper
F Tier Keith Lumley, 3A7
Honorable Mentions Albert Wesker, Richard Aiken, Jack Krauser, Kevin Ryman, Mark Wilkins, Cindy Lennox, Alyssa Ashcroft, Yoko Suzuki, George Hamilton, Jim Chapman, David King !<
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2023.06.01 01:53 HuxleyandHiro Huxley & Hiro Books: Preview this Friday at the Ladybug Festival in historic downtown Wilmington!

Hi everyone,
We’re Ryan and Claire from Huxley & Hiro Books down on Market Street in Wilmington. As you may have heard, we are in the process of opening an independent bookstore later this year (Oct/Nov). However, we will be at our store with a small preview sale and fundraiser this Friday June 2nd as part of the Ladybug Music Festival and to honor our mission of giving back to the community.
Where? 419 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE
When? Friday June 2nd from 4pm until 8pm
What? Preview sale and charity fundraiser with books, enamel pins, bags, and stickers. $1 from the proceeds of each Huxley or Hiro sticker will go to a nearby animal charity. Shibes vs Maine Coons, who will win?
We hope you will come say hi and check out the Ladybug Festival. The headliners Adia Victoria (gothic blues) and our very own Nitro Nitra are fantastic, and there will be a DJ, multiple stages, food carts, and market stalls. Best of all? The festival is free! We look forward to seeing you there!
Cheers, Claire and Ryan
PS: We would be most grateful for your follow on Instagram or Facebook, and for sharing our presence with your friends!
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2023.06.01 01:51 HuxleyandHiro Huxley & Hiro Books: Preview this Friday at the Ladybug Festival in historic downtown Wilmington!

Hi everyone,
We’re Ryan and Claire from Huxley & Hiro Books down on Market Street in Wilmington. As you may have heard, we are in the process of opening an independent bookstore later this year (Oct/Nov). However, we will be at our store with a small preview sale and fundraiser this Friday June 2nd as part of the Ladybug Music Festival and to honor our mission of giving back to the community.
Where? 419 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE
When? Friday June 2nd from 4pm until 8pm
What? Preview sale and charity fundraiser with books, enamel pins, bags, and stickers. $1 from the proceeds of each Huxley or Hiro sticker will go to a nearby animal charity. Shibes vs Maine Coons, who will win?
We hope you will come say hi and check out the Ladybug Festival. The headliners Adia Victoria (gothic blues) and our very own Nitro Nitra are fantastic, and there will be a DJ, multiple stages, food carts, and market stalls. Best of all? The festival is free! We look forward to seeing you there!
Cheers, Claire and Ryan
PS: We would be most grateful for your follow on Instagram or Facebook, and for sharing our presence with your friends!
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2023.06.01 00:03 Puzzle1963 The real Chris from the original game is dead

One of questions i often ask myself in Resident evil game is Chris Redfield from the original Resident evil are dead. In the intro of main menu on RE 1996 we can see someone who looks suspiciously like Chris Redfield being attacked by creature. At the end of the game in Jill's scenario, if we choose to leave chris in his cell, he will die in the mansion explosion and that's the same thing with Chris scenario. In Rensident evil 7 there's a clone of Chris so my theory it's Chris was cloned that's maybe for it Clair Redfield has no news of him in next RE game. One more thing if we look the face of chris in the following games, we see that it does not the same.
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2023.05.31 23:35 TheInfamousMaze What's your headcanon for RE characters not only surviving bites/infections, but gaining superhuman abilities?

I'm relatively new to the series, but from what I have seen, watching playthroughs of RE4 and 5, RE: Degeneration, and playing the REmakes, it seems that these characters are special to both survive attacks from various zombies and monsters, and at the same time have way more than normal human ability, that appears to increase over time. Now, I know that the "official canon" says 1.they've never been bit in canon, and 2. they're perfectly human, just that it's a game. But 1. i don't buy that, and 2. let's have a little fun. What if they're connected and the T-Virus, G-Virus, Plagas, etc all infected the main characters in different ways, but instead of becoming infected as intended, they maintained their humanity while gaining special abilities? It seems plausible, doesn't it? The question then is when in the timeline? Were Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire infected by the T-Virus and became superhuman, or did they all extraordinarily survive the first outbreak without any bites, but gain abilities from their other adventures? Did Leon really get all the way through Raccoon City without a scratch, just to be infected by Plagas in the next story, or was he already more than human by then?
Forgive me if I'm talking like I know things so early in the story, but If I love three things in this world, it's superhumans, monsters and superhumans vs monsters, and this idea, in headcanon, makes RE way more appealing overall to me.
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2023.05.31 18:27 jabthejesusfreak The Best Episode of Lost: Round 1, Day 28

The updated bracket is here.

Yesterday's match-ups both ended up being pretty substantial blowouts, and Lockdown and The Variable cruised into Round 2. Today's match-up? This should be an interesting one. On one side, we have the debut of Henry Gale and Sayid's interrogation of him. On the other, we have the reveal of Ethan and the battle to get Claire and Charlie back. Synopses are below:

"One of Them" is the 14th episode of Season 2. Ana-Lucia and Sayid meet Henry Gale after he is captured by Rousseau. Henry is taken back to The Swan to be interroagted by Sayid. Jack and Locke argue over how far to push things and whether to trust Henry or not. Sayid uses his skills as a tortuerer and determines that he does not believe Henry's story after locking himself in the armory with Henry and beating him mercilessly. Jack forces Locke to open the door to stop this by keeping Locke from hitting the button. Locke enters the code, but not before the timer hits zero and begins to show hieroglyphics. In flashback, we see Sayid used as an interpreter an interrogator against his former commanding officer. He deals with Inman throughout this time, eventually being left on the side of the road by Inman with "some new skills" and a wad of cash for his troubles.

"All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" is the 11th episode of Season 1. In flashback, we see Jack try, but fail, to save the life of a woman on the operating table. It's revealed that he took over from his father who had been drinking prior to the surgery. Christian wants Jack to back his story of what happened with the review board, but Jack chooses to reveal Christian's drinking and his belief that it affected his ability in this surgery. On island, Jack, Locke, Kate, and Boone go after Ethan after learning that he wasn't on the plane and he took Charlie and Claire. Jack is confronted by Ethan in a fight, and he states that if Jack keeps following he will kill one of them. They continue to follow until the find Charlie hung from a tree. Jack tries to save him, but Charlie appears to have been killed. Despite Kate's protests, Jack refuses to give up and does eventually get Charlie breathing again. Locke and Boone, having followed a different trail, end up finding a hunk of metal in the ground and begin to unearth some sort of hatch door.

So which one are you taking? Make your pick!

Poll Link: One Of Them VS All The Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues
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2023.05.31 14:42 Ordinary_Substance26 Eleven vs Claire Redfield #battle #shorts

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2023.05.31 12:43 Secksi323 Claire gets the lowdown on Rust vs Cerberus

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2023.05.31 12:28 Voodoochild1984- I have this feeling that normal people get either recruited (by all directions) or so decieved that they are essentially western bots. It could be a huge Iceberg

This is something that I've allways wanted to point out but I don't know where to start. Take worldnews as an example, many of them are essentially or equally to bots although it is quite clear that they support thiefs and liars and thus support their own demize.
So it appears to me that there is (i.e. must be) in every forum some sort of "enthusiasts" like enablers, perception shifters and opinion enhancers and this goes so far that:
1) there are so many of them that I doubt they are on a pay roll and
2) that they push the narrative to hard to be just someone causally involved and
3) that this is not only limited to politics but also to religion and other aspects of life.
Some of this is obvious and other not. It depends from which standpoint You're watching this but it helps to question the motives on every subject or topic in order to dissect a personal opinion vs. an eerie opinion forging.
  • just an example: You have this "ukraine is holy and has no scelletons in their closet" people but it get's murky when Elons Rocket got launched a few weeks ago and everyone was.. too enthusiastic in the commandments. Don't get me wrong, it was just.. I don't know, it was too much and hyped in the sense of.. being hyped up by a promotor on some cheap holyday resort.
Look, nowadays You don't get shut down by a regime but by the people!! This is some progress, however they have managed it.
On a side note: I suppose that You are aware that every uprising movement get's undermined within a whimp of the eye and it may, just imo, make more sense to e wary of the movements that made it instead to the one (for no big reason) un-popular.
Here are some links but please excuse me that I became too weak to present and reason as it is neccessary. It's the more up to You.
Now, there is the QAnon movement with Micael Flinn who copied nearly 1:1 a speech of Claire Prophet a cult leader from the 90's
and my take is to decieve the people into a partial commitment to the occult.
On the other hand, the bear hugging is afaik a magical and occult act that serves ultimately to manipulate people (yes, You've heard that right..)
Listen here 1-2 minute from 45:00 till 47:00
In Wesley Clark Jr.'s American Psyops, Chapter: Relevations on spotify
Then You have imo an uprising of sects and "witnesses" of near death experiences (nde) that spill the beans on every religious take with .. claims of "I saw Buddha, Krishna and Jesus in heaven"
It doesn't matter whether most people won't fall for it but a few mallable people are still a few ones
Then You got this recruitment video from 2022
Disturbing Psyops Recruitment Video Wants to Change War Forever / channel: dark footage
Then there is a push from the occult side and I would like to point out to the "Gospel of Judas" I won't comment that much, exept that it might show the pantheon of the illuminati but I highly recommend to examine it.
Then You have of course the Religions like Al-Quaeda and Isis and fundamental christianity in the US and the extremist settlers in israel, who don't regard any arab, no matter if muslim or christian, as unimportant sometimes in regards of their life!
I'm in no way against jews and I'm not for the destruction of Israel but for the destruction of the literal apartheid there!
May I remind You that according to Noam Chomsky, the US and Israel have destroyed the sacular and modern islam?
And it was the US who created Isis within the Abu-Grahib prison in Bagdad and it was not an oppsie as well as Bush Jr. wasn't that stupid to act surprized about the attack on 9/11, while visiting school children (how innocent, right?)
  • hold on, I may derail this a bit but not entirely!
What is the common denominator of Israel and Ukraine?
That they can do whatever they want and it gets supported by the western media (no matter which country, they are unisono)
Example: the ukraine has even a 13 year old girl on their kill list! Channel: The Grayzone
or, that US citiziens and even a jewish reporter (the son of Gabor Maté!!) landed on that kill list and it is serious!
Grayzone journalists added to ukraine "kill list"
To sum this up: the US not only enables people and nations to do whatever they wish, the US has even managed to gain a substancial ammount of volunteers to echo their opinion and the same signature can be found in regards to Elon Musk, the inventor of the literal Brain Chip implant but as well as in spiritual or to be more frank; in occult aspects and probably many more!
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2023.05.31 08:26 TameHook 5/5 On The Fun Scale

5/5 On The Fun Scale submitted by TameHook to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 03:11 Objective-Orchid-741 Claire/Jamie's sacrifice and ways they show their commitment

I've seen discourse around how much Jamie does for Claire vs what she does for him.
First - I'll just say my own POV is that there isn't a competition between them and they both are next level devoted and committed to the relationship in ways that surpass any other TV couple I've ever seen.
With that said, I do always find this conversation interesting because Claire left EVERYTHING to come back to Jamie. Her 1960s life included friends, a successful career, wealth, nice home, warm baths(!), and physical safety. Her 1700s life includes sleeping on the ground with deadly creatures around half the time, kidnappings, bathing in a cold river, the threat of (or actual) rape and being burned at the stake constantly, more wars, etc. Not to mention how brutal time travel is on the body.
It is true that her impulsivity and commitment to her 'oath' gets them/Jamie into trouble. But Jamie has done this, too (challenging Black Jack to a duel, regardless of the reasons, had many terrible repercussions and absolutely NO good outcome. Not to mention he could have died without saying goodbye to his wife).
She doesn't give Jamie's long beautiful speeches about her love for him (which is true to the book!) but is there a bigger sacrifice you can make than leaving everything you care about to be with someone? I can't see more devotion to someone than saying 'I would do it all over again, and more to be with you' when you think about what that actually meant for her life and safety and family.
Anyway, team JC! Would be curious to hear what people think, especially if you feel like Claire doesn't do enough for Jamie, in light of these thoughts!
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2023.05.31 01:59 AsteralCows Crystal vs Claire and Xavier

Crystal vs Claire and Xavier submitted by AsteralCows to TheAngelsNP [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 17:13 CT_Phipps [Book Review] Tronick by Rosie Record - Really good dystopian rebel scifi
TRONICK by Rosie Record is a cyberpunk novel that attracted me by its cover. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but I feel like the Claire Redfield-esque biker girl picture is full of personality that drips out of the image. You can tell a lot about who Fiona Tronick is by this image and it inspired me to pick up the book. Was it worth it? Oh yes, definitely, though I would love to have a sequel in order to answer some of its mysteries.
The premise is that California is isolated from the rest of the world by the massive wall that covers the entirety of the country. It apparently covers much of the ocean around it as well, calling into question whether or not this is a Matrix-like simulation or perhaps Dark City experiment. The people inside, generation PW 1.6 don’t know and don’t really care as they’re too wrapped up in their own problems.
Fiona exists in the border between the street as well as the rich and powerful. While she pretends to be a low-level drug dealer, she’s actually an agent for the Agency. The Agency is a secret police that manages not only law enforcement in the California Annex but virtually everything else as well. Fiona thinks of herself as a rebel and one of the people but she’s involved in numerous projects to keep the crooked system functioning.
Ultimately, Tronick’s fence-sitting is unsustainable. As much as she likes to think she can walk the line and just hang out with the underworld as her friends, the simple fact is she is part of the system. A system that considers her friends to be enemies of the state and is using Tronick to get to them. The fact Tronick is blind to this fact is a bit unbelievable but the book shows she suffers from serious self-denial.
I really like the world-building of this book as we see the kind of hard scrabble existence that the California Annex’s citizens suffer through. Many of them are seeking something higher, whether religious or philosophical, but this just leads them to become vulnerable to scammers. The fact the Agency actively puts out bad faith operators to avoid losing even the slightest bit of control is a neat little detail.
Rosie Record’s prose is raw, dark, and full of intense emotions that are often absent from modern day cyberpunk stories as well as supposedly harder edged sci-fi. You get to taste the environment and what sort of world that our protagonists inhabit. The Annex’s inhabitants are surrounded by drugs, celebrity worship, crime, and an oppressive government. So, you know, nothing at all like modern day Los Angeles.
I think if you like dystopian science fiction but have aged out of The Hunger Games and Divergent readership, then you will like this. It’s definitely adult and mature but has a very likable protagonist even if she’s got some serious issues. I also think this is something that would appeal to fans of classic and more recent cyberpunk fair too.
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