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A community for Redditors who like to play the Lottery. Everything lottery from around the world. Post your winning tickets!

2012.11.04 18:29 The_Snoozberries If I Won The Lottery a.k.a, things I'd do if I were super rich.

What would you do if you won the lottery? What would you buy? Where would you go?

2023.05.28 16:37 OccupationallyEating UPDATE: West Marine Deal

UPDATE: West Marine Deal
Earlier, I posted about the $1900 online steak I was getting from WM, until they “back ordered” me. When I called customer service, they stated that WM was no longer ordering this kayak (I think Old Town may be discontinuing it). She stated there was a store in Delaware that had one in stock (pictures). The store manager offered to ship to me, with $100 off the online price, and so I should be receiving this yak soon for around 1800 including shipping!
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2023.05.28 16:19 move2usajobs-com 28.05 week news

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As an alternative process, we offer employment links to Finland for caregivers and to Canada for truck drivers.
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Sabhī kō namaskāra!

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2023.05.28 15:21 Boring-Watch8996 【GIVEAWAY】Celebrate more than 5.5K members of our community, 2 pairs of Made by Boring shoes, you can choose any pair you like!!

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2023.05.28 15:14 Visible-Ad743 Where you can't use your Coinbase visa card. LOL

I have been using a Coinbase card for a few ears now. I like it. It convenient and the rewards have been nice. Not going to lie. Last night I was scrolling through the platform and ran into a section where it lists where I can't spend with my coinbase Visa card.
The Coinbase Card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted, with the exception of the following prohibited merchant categories:
Now obviously not every use case applies but why would they go to the extent of posting this stuff if it isn't true? I don't get it. I am spending USDC which will be the defacto CBDC eventually. I should be able to spend it on anything I want, anywhere I want. Am I wrong?
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2023.05.28 09:38 KaleiKoi Anyone get PMFL / Paid leave after Gallbladder removal?

Okay, so I know this might sound like a reallyyy weird and unorthodox question to just in here as it's asking more about a legal thing surrounded gallbladders, than a actual gallbladder issue. BUT there's a reason I ask it here. I asked it here because a lot of the people in the subreddit probably/ maybe have had to go through the same process if they are in a state that allows it (Oregon, Washington, California, Washington, Delaware, Connecticut, ect.) And I can get it straight from the person.
Basically people tell you that gallbladder removal is one of the "better" surgeries to get, and sometimes, they can downplay how bad it really is / can be for certain people. Especially if it came with other complications (like mine).
I'm trying to apply for paid leave and it's asking me how many weeks I'm asking for. If I say too much they'll deny it. I am unsure of how many weeks to put because I do not know how my recovery is going to go, and I'm still having a bit of trouble walking and my stomach burns, and breathing can be really hard, and i have reached the point of nerve pain twitching / burning I heard 6 weeks is the usual full recovery time, for gallbladder surgery .
So I put down 6 weeks (and because my boss told me to take "as much time as they could give me" to make sure im 100% better physically and mentally.) But I'm afraid to submit it because I'm afraid I'll get denied for how "long" the time is. Because I know people know that gallbladder surgery is technically a common surgery, but it still hurts.
Has anyone else in a state that allows it gotten paid leave / leave? How long did they give you?
Thank you all so much, and I'm really, really, sorry if this post doesn't fit the guidelines.
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2023.05.28 08:22 shxurokxuro Paid off a huge portion of debt, left my mother’s, and moving in with SP

Hey all, as I’m typing right now I just won 5,000 dollars from the lottery. Which paid off a huge portion of my debt that came from the state. I can provide pics as proof if needed.
Right before this happened I did a 30 minute meditation two days ago to help me get in the safe of wealth. It felt good and I decided to not stress about money. Money at the time was my wall when it came to manifesting. This time I stuck to it. Every single time I went to the habit of thinking about money in a bad way, I stopped myself and made sure to keep to the new story as best as I could. That I was wealthy, debt free, my state/federal taxes were paid off, and I was living comfortable.
Well tonight my brain was screaming for me to play a little bit of lottery. I made a hard stopping point for myself. 50 dollars max. And on my 41th dollar I won 5,000…a lot of it went to my debt that I owed to the state. I was still able to walk out with 600 bucks and that helped me with even more debt and some early birthday money. I cannot tell you guys how happy I am. My debt is almost clear. I don’t owe any taxes anymore and my hospital bills are paid.
As for my SP and living situation, I want to let you guys know circumstances mean nothing and bridge of incidents are real. I felt like I was stuck living with my toxic mom (I know I could of changed how I saw her in my inner world, it was just easier to manifest me leaving her home) constantly barely having any money, living paycheck to paycheck, and having extreme SP troubles. I decided to consciously manifest me being debt free (was hard, had some doubts at first), having money after my paychecks, not being stuck in a lease with my mom, and being able to live with my SP in CA since that’s where he was moving to. I would do meditations a LOT through the day. It helped me keep my new story in my mind. I also wore a ring since it helped me remember that the reality I want is here. No matter what the 3D threw at me. I would visualize my SP and I walking into our new place. For wealth, I simply imagined the feeling of what it felt like to have money. It brings me ease and peace. Although it was on again off again at first, once I took it seriously it came so fast.
Then the day happened. My mother and I got into a heated argument. To the point I had to get the police involved. The argument wasn’t provoked by me. It was provoked by her over something small. That ended up me leaving her house for good. My SP and I weren’t on talking terms this time. The last thing I said to him was “screw off.” I called him. It wasn’t out of desperation or anything, I could of called many other people. But my first instinct was to call him. He answered and he brought me to his job until he got off work. The rest was literally history.
We made up in late March and fast forward to now we literally are madly in love with each other. There was even a 3P that I manifested before we got back together. They’re gone now. He is also technically SP #2. I realized I loved him a lot more than my original SP. I manifested the ending of my relationship with SP #1 that was mutual. He didn’t want me to originally move with him. Now we’re making plans to move to CA in September. He calls me the pet names I visualized in my head. He treats me like his woman now when originally, because of my old beliefs, he wasn’t even sure he loved me.
Regarding my mother, I am officially out of her life now. I know we can change our inner world of situations like these. It was a hard feat considering the damage she’s done to me as a child. Years of verbal abuse before I knew about the law. It was easier for me to manifest myself out of her life. Which I did. She has no access to me anymore. No way to verbally harm me. My landlord cut my name out of the lease with no penalty. I was free.
I now live with my SP’s family and they treat me like family more than my own family has. I live rent free and only have to pay for my own food if we get takeout + detergent. They also let me keep my dog here so I don’t have to pay for onboarding for him. With this I was able to pay off so many things and the 5k wiped off my taxes and medical bills.
I have been meditating on this since February. Mainly the SP and leaving my mother. Money was on and off again since I used to half ass the new story until literally two days ago!!! The bridge of incidents were rough, but I’m happy I stood strong to my story and kept my inner talk clear. I live in my inner world and when I feel like doubting, I remind myself how I manifested things that literally felt impossible at first. Circumstances do not matter guys. I believe in us. Now it’s time to keep my new story.
Also side note: I originally posted this on the SP sub about this back when things started initially rolling in my manifestation. I was too excited so my emotions were all over the place. I decided to come back when my new story has progressed. I hope this brings hope to you guys. Remember, it’s not the technique that manifests. It’s what brings you to that state. For me, all I needed was meditations regarding wealth, visualizations about me moving, and some rain sounds. It really works guys.
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2023.05.28 05:15 Cdnraven Let’s talk about Draft Capital - how do you use it in your player rankings?

Seems like everyone agrees that draft capital is important but I’m curious how exactly everyone factors that in. I’ve seen a few different schools of thought. I’ll present 3 of them here along with of my thoughts on what draft capital means to fantasy managers.
  1. Draft capital is the be all / end all of player evaluation for fantasy. This philosophy assumes that draft capital already indirectly factors in every other metric (age, productive, athletic profile, health, etc) and basically forces you to throw out any pre-draft rankings you might have come up with yourself. NFL scouts are way better than amateurs at evaluating talent so who are we to say who the better player is? For example, LaPorta was picked before Mayer, therefore LaPorta is the better player. It’s not always this black and white but you see this argument often. Landing spot is separate from this of course. If LaPorta went to the Falcons and had to compete with Pitts or something I don’t think anyone would be making this kind of rigid argument.
I think you can get by just fine doing this but I see two fatal flaws. First, there’s no way to hedge against NFL teams that reached for a player (either for positional need or just bad judgement). For this reason I personally dock players that got picked later than expected more than I upgrade players who got picked earlier than expected. It takes 32 teams to pass on a player for them to fall to Day 3, but it only takes 1 team to reach for a player to get taken much higher than he should. Second, it doesn’t account for the fact that a lot of late picks are often high ceiling, low floor (exactly what you should be aiming for to fill your bench). Some NFL teams may be valuing a low upside but low risk / reliable player over the lottery tickets, but that doesn’t mean fantasy managers should.
  1. Draft capital used as an additional metric along with the more tangible ones like breakout age, dominator rating, college production, athleticism, health, etc. This is by far the most common approach. You move players around post-draft but still factoring in your own pre-draft evaluations, often for sorting players within a tier who got similar draft capital. I think depending how much weight you give to draft capital, there is a risk of double-counting some of those other metrics that NFL scouts would have already considered in their own rankings. Nevertheless, there’s some inherit fantasy value impacts from draft capital that can’t be accounted for in any pure pre-draft player evaluations. For example, the commitment a front office may feel to give a player snaps and keep them on the roster longer if they were drafted high. In the same vein, if a team traded up to take that player they may feel even more committed to making them work out.
  2. Draft capital used only as a gut-check on pre-draft rankings. Thus philosophy would only make marginal changes to their rankings after the draft and only if there is a big difference in expected vs actual capital (2+ round). These people really stick their necks out and trust what they see. All the power to them because they make player discussions a lot more fun.
So how do you guys factor draft capital into your rookie rankings. Any other angles that I missed?
TLDR: Draft capital should be part of everyone’s rookie ranking methodology but it’s important not to double-count your other player evaluation metrics (which DC normally already accounts for) and, in my opinion should be factored more heavily for players that “fell” in the draft vs players that got taken earlier than expected. It takes 32 teams to pass on a player for them to fall to Day 3, but it only takes 1 team to reach.
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2023.05.28 04:46 Cucumber_Sweet Solarpunk check list

How do we get started with our ideal solarpunk society? I made a check list of all the things I think it should have. I'll leave it to the economist to figure out how to implement it.
Basic package (America+)
Premium package (Europe/Asia+) Everything in the basic package plus more!
Elite (Scandinavia+)
What did I miss?
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2023.05.28 04:32 Vivid-Possession-230 First post lottery mock

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2023.05.28 03:45 Ok_Struggle_3737 First post lottery mock

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2023.05.27 23:39 jorgedotdd17 First post lottery mock

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2023.05.27 22:59 rufas2000 The “God of the Gaps”

I posted this on my FB. I thought I might as well post it here too.
Just to be clear this is advice not a command (last time my verbiage was a bit bossy). I’m copying it here. The intended audience is a bit different as there is more interest and experience in religious debate here than on my FB page. It’s also written to Christians which are many (but not all) of my FB friends. When I post here I usually don’t write from the perspective that Christianity is true in order to encourage more discussion.
I’m happy to read different perspectives to refine my own.
All that said here it is:
Saturday apologetics tip: avoid the “God of the Gaps” argument.
This is where a proposal says “We don’t know how X happened therefore God”. X usually being the creation of the universe.
Problem 1: Just because you, your friends, your community, the leading scientists, Donald Trump, a full clown car, the world, aliens on Cygnus X-2 etc. don’t understand how X occurred doesn’t mean there isn’t an explanation for X.
Problem 2: A lack of an explanation (“the gap”) isn’t an invitation to fill it with anything. If I don’t know how the junk in my yard got there that doesn’t mean my meany head ex did it.
Problem 3: the most important one for Christians that propose “We don’t know how an intricately designed universe could have been created without a creator” is this: that line of reasoning only gets you to a creator. The only thing we know about this creator from this proposition is she / he / it is capable to design and implement its design to cause what we see here. It says nothing about personality, motives, involvement level, morality, characteristics, benevolence etc. it seems fairly labor intensive for the benefit of “ok yeah, I guess something created the universe”.
To add to problem 3 I have an interest in these philosophical debates. If you are talking with someone parroting a line they heard from “atheists r us on YouTube” and you are good at rhetoric you’ll likely get somewhere. But if somebody has thought about this and decided against it you absolutely will not make any headway (short of divine intervention). I can name 3 arguments they will use against you right now, full stop.
1) God of the gaps (which I presented)
2) “I don’t know” for sure is the only answer
3) Simplicity is a sign of creation, not complexity. Nature takes many roundabout ways to produce results where a good designer / creator would have streamlined.
4) While the odds of having a planet suitable for life is astronomical if given enough chances it can happen. Lottery odds are also astronomical but somebody wins. This presupposes that the cosmos kept “trying” to get it right and eventually it did because it tried so many times.
If you’ve read this far the point isn’t that God didn’t create our universe. It’s that focusing on that isn’t a winner unless you truly think that’s the thing keeping a person from belief. Low chance of success and success doesn’t get you far. Skip it and work to the other strategies you’ll have to employ anyway after you convinced someone that this universe has a “creator”.
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2023.05.27 22:14 Franzchise It’s been so long

Growing up I spent lots of time and money buying and trading and collecting cards. Mainly basketball but lot of baseball as well.
Always remained a hobbyist and die hard sports fan. Recently coming across posts on Twitter of people cracking boxes, buying and trading has given me a itch that needs scratching.
As I delved back into it from the outside I have been overwhelmed by the variety of cards and values out there and the lingo and terms and really wanted a bit of guidance before i head over to the local card shop tomorrow morning.
I wanted to purchase a box or two and wanted to spend around $500 to 600 to get going.
I love the lottery like chance of pulling something rare and valuable to build a collection and just didn’t know where to start.
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2023.05.27 19:23 ishpatelll Any shopped from this Seller ? Is this page legit ?

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2023.05.27 18:53 North-Mousse3240 Delaware state university?

hey guys, i’m at the point where i’m starting to look into uni’s and i’ve been looking into Delaware state for their aviation program, possibly a double major with business. this would be the only aviation uni i apply too, just because compared to other aviation unis, it’ll be “cheaper” to attend. Because i live in delaware, i’ll atleast be guaranteed to get free tuition scholarship, and possibly another scholarship for free room/board and other fees if i continue to do well in school.
on the rate currently posted on the website, the flight costs will be a little under 60k total. this would likely by far be my cheapest option, compared to programs like atp, or most other flight unis.
does any of you know anything about Delaware state or know anyone who goes there? i have some more questions if possible
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2023.05.27 16:56 howtallareyou-67 The Perfect 2023 Blazers Offseason

This was originally posted on Blazersedge
Last year I published a post on Blazersedge titled "The Perfect 2022 Blazers Offseason," and in it I outlined the following moves I thought the Blazers should make during the 2022 offseason:
1) Trade for Jerami Grant
2) Draft Shaedon Sharpe
3) Trade for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope using the TPE we had last year
4) Use our MLE to sign Kevon Looney as our backup big.
Not to congratulate myself too much, but the first two the team actually did and look to have been the right moves, and if they'd done the other two I think we'd have had a much better season as both those players have been key parts on playoff teams.
So, I've thought a lot about what the Blazers should do this summer (my family says probably too much), and after considering a variety of scenarios I think I'm ready to outline what I believe would be the "perfect 2023 Blazers offseason."
To start with, I must fully admit that I'm a Dame guy. I'll ride or die with him, which I know will disqualify everything else I'm about to say for about half of you. But, I just fundamentally believe that we should make every effort to build an actual contender around him before trading away the best Blazer I've had the good fortune of watching (too young to speak on Walton). With that said, I'm also a huge believer in the draft and the value in having players that are outperforming their contract. Outside of the Jokic's of the world, this has most often meant picking near the top of the draft. The more Shaedon's we can have on our team the better (I know! Hot take!). But, as I'll demonstrate, these two things aren't mutually exclusive.
I also believe that the most valuable traits in a player are positional size, competitiveness, and court awareness. Being a former collegiate player myself, as well as a coach at the high school level, I understand implicitly the value in having guys that compete at a very high level and can process the game rapidly at both ends of the court, especially when those are packaged with someone who can overwhelm you with size.
This was so apparent when watching us play against a team like the Bucks last year. Sharing the court with them looked like it was the freshman squad versus the varsity team. We were so tiny comparatively that, outside of a Dame nuclear event, we were just never going to have a chance at being competitive.
A couple other things must be considered. First, the new CBA is effectively going to serve as a hard cap for all but the most profligate spenders. However, a few of the most honerous provisions don't fully bake in until next offseason. So, we have a bit of a window to go for it this offseason before accepting the full ramifications of that decision next year. Speaking of those full ramifications, I think any transactions also have to leave you with "outs" to escape the full brunt of the imposed roster building restrictions, if it proved necessary. Meaning we still need to have assets we could get real value for if we had to backtrack.
Alright, enough prologue, let's get to it. Here is the deal: Portland engages Orlando, Phoenix, and Toronto in a four team trade with the following moving parts:
Portland gets: Pascal Siakam, Deandre Ayton, #11
Phoenix gets: Jusuf Nurkic, Gary Harris, Kevin Knox, #13
Toronto gets: Jalen Suggs, Nassir Little, Keon Johnson, #3
Orlando gets: Anfernee Simons
Yes, it's a lot of moving parts and it may actually need to be separate transactions, but I believe it's all legal and works salary wise (according to Fanspo, for what that's worth). I also think it's a classic "all sides feel like they gave up too much, which means it's probably about right value for everyone" type of trade.
As a result, we have upgraded our talent at two positions in the starting lineup and still have multiple bites at the draft apple, including a lottery pick, as well as our MLE to upgrade our depth. We're also huge, across all five positions. Even Dame is fairly big for a point guard.
With the picks you take Cason Wallace at #11, James Nnaji at #23, and Olivier-Maxence Spencer at #43. Only Wallace would be in the opening day rotation.
We then re-sign Grant, Thybulle, and Eubanks, and with our MLE we go after a veteran wing like Torrey Craig (the free agent market is garbage this year).
In the end, the new roster looks like this:
Note: I think Matisse makes the most sense as a starter with that group, as he can be the point of attack defender next to Dame, but Shaedon will end up playing a majority of the 2-guard minutes.
Yes, that's a very expensive team that would be well into the tax, but if we ventured back in time two years and I told you we could have a starting lineup of Dame, Matisse, Grant, Siakam, and Ayton, with a young and supremely athletic Brandon Roy (Sharpe) as our 6th man and a young Jrue Holiday (Wallace) and Clint Capella (Nnaji) on the bench as well, and all we'd have to give up was Anfernee Simons, Nurk, the #3 pick, some salary filler, and some of the Allen Family Trust money in tax payouts, I assume the vast majority of you'd ask where to sign.
I think this gives Cronin and Jody a year to assess the situation and decide whether to continue down the path of competing with Dame (which would entail resigning Siakam, as ridiculously expensive as that would be), or blowing the whole thing up to see what you can get for Dame, Grant, and Siakam (in a sign and trade) next offseason. I also think it takes advantage of a time in the NBA where there's no truly dominant team (a #7 and a #8 seed were 2/4ths of the conference finalists this year). As good as I think Denver is, I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that the lineup outlined above would at least have a reasonable chance against them in a seven game series.
So, what say you Blazers Redditors? For those with critiques, I welcome you! All I ask is that you actually be willing to intellectually engage, rather than just say some variant of "your stupid, your proposal is stupid," as that just shuts down all potential for productive back and forth. I look forward to engaging with you in the comments.
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2023.05.27 16:53 YonTheStoned420 Little update to my last post here. Sorry I forgot I took this video lol. Shows the downstem and bowl better. Everything matches. Just wondering if anyone’s ever seen or heard about a University of Delaware delph before.

Little update to my last post here. Sorry I forgot I took this video lol. Shows the downstem and bowl better. Everything matches. Just wondering if anyone’s ever seen or heard about a University of Delaware delph before. submitted by YonTheStoned420 to illadelphbongs [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 06:21 Walk1000Miles SSDI_SSI Post Flairs

All posts on SSDI_SSI are assigned a post flair. The flairs are used to categorize topics, making it easier to find certain types of content.
It's important to select the correct flair that pertains to the topic you are sharing. Doing so allows Subredditors to locate topics of interest.
An alphabetical list of current SSDI_SSI post flairs is submitted below.
This list is based on input from you.The topics of your posts / comments were tracked and accumulated, eventually becoming this list.
Are there any flairs (re: topics) you would like to add to the SSDI_SSI Subreddit?
Please review the SSDI_SSI flairs and provide input if you have suggestions.
ABLE - Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014
Accessibility Issues
Alcohol Use Disorder
Appeals Process (1) Reconsideration
Appeals Process (2) ALJ Hearing
Appeals Process (3) Appeals Council Review
Appeals Process (4) Federal Court Review
Application Process and Status
Back Pay
Benefit Verification Letter
CAL - Compassionate Allowances Links
Canceled or Reduced SSDI
Canceled or Reduced SSI
CDB - Childhood Disability Benefits - Title II
CDR - Continuing Disability Review
CE - Consultive Examination
Child Support
COLA - Cost of Living Adjustment
Concurrent SSDI and SSI
Credit Cards
DAC - Disabled Adult Children
Dental Services
Dependent Benefits
Direct Express
DME - Durable Medical Equipment
Dual Medicaid and Medicare
Earned Income
Economics of Being Disabled
ER - Emergency Room Visits
EXR - Expedited Reinstatement
Extra Help
FBR - Federal Benefit Rate
Fund Raising
FYI - For Your Information
Hiring an Attorney
Housing Issues
In-kind Support and Maintenance
Interim Support
Investments and Stock Purchases
Living Abroad While on Disability
Lottery or Gambling Winnings
Mental Health
Nursing Home Issues
Out of Network Treatment
Overpayment Issues
PASS - Plan to Achieve Self Support - Title XVI
Payment Issues
PERA - Personal Equity and Retirement Accounts
PERC - Preeffectuation Review Contact
PIA - Primary Insurance Amount
Presumptive Disability Payments
Private Retirement Benefits
QDD - Quick Disability Determination
Qualified Non-Citizen SSI Benefits
Quality Assurance and Control
Reasonable Accommodations
Reentitlement Period (RP)
Reporting Changes
Reporting Wages
Representative Payee
RSDI - Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
Self Care
SGA - Substantial Gainful Activity
SNT - Special Needs Trust
Specific Subreddit News
Spend Down
Spousal Benefits
Spouses Insurance Policy
SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance - Title II
SSI - Supplemental Security Income - Title XVI
SSP - State Supplementary Payments
Stimulus Checks
Substance Abuse or Addiction
Survivor Benefits
TANF - Temporary Assistance to Needy Families
Territorial Exclusions
Ticket to Work
Traveling While on Disability
Turning 18 While Disabled
TWP - Trial Work Period - Title II
UI - Unearned Income - Title XVI
UWA - Unsuccessful Work Attempt
Vents and Rants
Vocational Experts
Voluntarily Suspending Benefits
Windfall Offset
Work Activity
Work Credits or Quarters
Work Incentives
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2023.05.27 06:12 PM_YOUR_SMALLBOOBIES There are Amazing Apes amongst Us

I don't want to divulge too much about my personal information, but my life has recently been in a downward spiral.
I used to be very active here, but life has gotten very real for me lately.
I've needed to sell a lot of shares to cover emergency expenses, and these past few weeks have been brutal trying to stay afloat to buy groceries and whatnot while watching the rest of the stock market take off for seemingly no reason.
I'm at the point where I may very well miss the rocket.
Very few things bring me to a darker place than that thought.
I saw a post by a certain ape who "didn't win the lottery." We chatted, and he was so generous in offering some help. He sent me a bit of emergency cash to buy me a bit more time.
Here's a link to the post:
I'm a complete stranger on the internet, and this guy sent me some grocery money so that I could hold another share-or-so of my GME through earnings and all of the hype that is June.
I am speechless and so touched. A lot of us are probably struggling day-by-day, but this small gesture has made me really emotional. My life has been really bad lately, and I'm really looking forward to making it out on the other side, where I promise to pay it forward as well.
Pulte, if you're reading this, thank you for your generosity and example as well. There is an amazing Ape who is following your lead, and it has really touched my cold, miserable heart.
u/ ididntwinthelottery thank you so much, you are an Amazing Ape and an Amazing Human.
There are some truly generous and good-intentioned people whom I hope become very wealthy in the post-MOASS world who will bring such positive changes to the world. I'm inspired to do the same when my situation gets better, as well.
Thank you so much,
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2023.05.27 03:09 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/PsychedelicRock roundup for the week of May 19 - May 25

Friday, May 19 - Thursday, May 25

Top Media

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65 22 comments 🏜️Does my song “Sonoran Sundown” sound like it could be a western movie soundtrack, let me know what you think, link in text👇
40 4 comments Osees - Intercepted Message (new album out in august) [Sp] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]
33 7 comments Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Bicycle (2011)
32 6 comments Some footage I got from Acid Mothers in Delaware 5/19. Complete with S.L. Telles from ST 37 bowing down to the noise. Wild show.
22 14 comments Show Report: Acid Mother's Temple @ Grog Shop, Cleveland OH
22 4 comments Shoegaze from Estonia. (Noir- Woven)
13 3 comments She's About A Mover - The Sir Douglas Quintet [Sp] [AM] [BC] [Dzr] [SC]

Top Remaining Posts

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50 49 comments The best part about being away from home for work is I get to come back to all of the music I had ordered. See any of your favorites here?
43 7 comments Rose City Band - Garden Party
42 5 comments My painting of Syd Barrett
41 5 comments Philly peeps, here’s a sick show coming up with the guitarist of Kikagaku Moyo
29 13 comments Introducing New Mid-West Psych-Rock/Jazz Project "Bleeding Lizard" With Their Debut Single "River of Perception" An intricate combination of intertwining guitars, vibey vocals and themes of Taoism and psychedelia
16 18 comments I went to Altai mountains to record my first LP with real shamans and babushkas
15 14 comments Acid mothers temple & Earthless

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0 15 comments Greta Van Fleet Releases New Single "Sacred The Thread"!
0 13 comments Why did I see myself as a disfigured deamon or witch or monster while on LSD?
5 6 comments Discovering Psych Rock Music
1 6 comments Supergroups
10 5 comments Calming Psych Spotify Playlist.
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