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2023.06.04 22:23 tawarmadivision [A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Serious] The Art Of Warfare (TAW.net) [16+] Recruiting Recruiting

[A3] [Recruiting] [EU] [New Player Friendly] [Semi-Serious] The Art Of Warfare (TAW.net) [16+] Recruiting Recruiting

With over 14 years as a unit (and 21 years as a gaming community), The Art of Warfare (TAW) is the perfect place for someone looking for a stable, long-term unit to join up with. The friendships formed within our unit extend beyond both ARMA and borders.
The Art of Warfare is a semi-Mil-Sim unit that strives for an even balance between tactical, smart gameplay and those "ARMA" moments that you can't help but turn to your battle buddy and ask - "did that just happen?"

Largely focused on modern military settings, our campaigns are carefully crafted and Zeus'd by members with years of experience.
We have around 50 members who are currently split into four squads. Three infantry squads and One support squad. On-top of that we have Zeuses and Field Command.

Looking to join? Right on! We just have a few requirements
  • Must be above 16 - no exceptions
  • Must own a legal copy of ARMA 3
  • Ideally own Apex & Contact due to Maps / Vehicles
  • Must have TeamSpeak 3
  • Must be able to attend majority of events
  • Must not be a part of another ARMA 3 unit that is semi milsim

Decided to make the leap? Good! Find the Discord link at the bottom of this post, or contact one of our recruiters below.
Almerra - Almerra#3090
Antiv - antiv#0015
BalintHUN - Price99#6578
TyrannesRex - TyrannesRex#0166
If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our officers on discord. You can also sign up on our website.


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2023.06.04 22:23 gnjanson11 Tenant Landlord dispute — should I pay this fee or not?

1 month before move out, my landlord sent an extensive “move out checklist.” Deep clean of shower, oven, cabinets, essentially everything to get the apartment prepared for the next tenant. There was no mention of these move out expectations in the lease we signed.
2 weeks before move out, landlord asks our plan to complete check list. She offered her cleaning service as an option. We asked for an estimate multiple times, but she would only give us the hourly rate per cleaner ($30). She did not correct us when we asked if 2 cleaners taking 1-2 hours was a fair expectation. Her response was “I assure you they’re very fast and effective.” We decided to book her service.
She ended up charging us of for 3 cleaners for 5 hours, a total of $450. I was extremely frustrated by this, as she was not transparent about the cost, plus I didn’t feel like I should paying for this in the first place. We paid a $350 non refundable move in fee, and never signed anything about paying for apartment cleaning upon move out.
I told her I never would have agreed to use her service at this cost and agreed to pay $150 as sign of goodwill, considering I am not contractually obligated to pay anything.
She said that if I wanted to go this route, she invoice me for “every little thing,” including having a dog at the apartment for several months, which was against my lease (I fully admit, I broke the rules. But she knew the dog was there and never told me to get rid of him). She said if we don’t pay all those charges, plus the cleaning fee, she would send us to “collections and credit will be impacted.” Or we could just pay the cleaning fee now.
It sorta feels like i’m being extorted. Do I have any options here?
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2023.06.04 22:23 Illustrious_Place548 Did y’all see jacobs live?!

Stank and shit were being super rude to him first with stank flicking him in the mouth he said don’t do that but she’s ballsy for even doing it in the first place then when the “fans” walked away the girls started to talk about them and he had to remind them that he was on live then it was raining and he was bringing the bags in and I guess he didn’t grab a bag and he said he was gonna go get it they wanted it now tho so shitney literally said “we pay for literally everything why can’t you go get the bag” like he’s a dog why do something nice if you can’t even treat that person like a person then he cut off the live - that live was crazy as fuck to me and rally showed a glimpse of what the boys have to deal with
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2023.06.04 22:22 Sea-Acanthisitta-822 Car break in/missing items

Hi there! Last Wednesday afternoon/evening somebody broke into my car while I was playing frisbee at peaks view park. They stole my tote bag as well as my boyfriends bag with a bunch of medical equipment(stethoscope/reflex hammeetc). There was no cash or items of value for the people who stole it but there were some sentimental items/things needed for school/glasses/books/school ID, etc. the police said that often times the people who do this are just looking for cash and will dump the rest of the stuff in surrounding neighborhoods or whatever. I am not familiar with the area so I don’t know where to look but I figured I’d post and put some feelers out in case anybody sees any dumped belongings out in that area or can suggest places to look. It was a purple tote bag with a big textbook inside, a black leather bag with medical equipment. Long shot but figured I would post. Thank you (:
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2023.06.04 22:22 IntoThe_Cosmos Want to get some cool vinyl pressings…

I’ve recently started vinyl collecting, and I was wondering where I could get special colored pressings of albums like R&RNC, This Old Dog, or Salad Days. I already have 2 and Another One on standard pressing, but getting colored pressings of those would be cool too. Where would be the best place to order stuff like this? Thanks!
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2023.06.04 22:22 PenguinGamer99 PSA: Iah Bulu is being taken from us

Iah Bulu is a system housing multiple Odyssey installations such as Arai's Mine and Mitchell Resort. These facilities are the best places to get many Odyssey materials such as Ionized Gas, Compression-Liquefied Gas, Financial Projections and much more. These facilities were controlled by an Anarchy faction called "Dingos of Duwali", so you could commit any sort of crime at those facilities without any legal repercussions. Unfortunately, another faction with a ductatorship government is trying to take those facilities. If we let them win, it will become much more annoying to grind for Odyssey materials, as you would have to deal with bounties/fines or go to some other place that won't be as easy.
If anyone else cares about these facilities, I could use some help defending them.
(Main defence goals: Arai's Mine, Mitchell Resort, both on Iah Bulu A5)
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2023.06.04 22:22 Kenziekenzzzz Moving out

I know I have to move out of my moms house in a few months , it’s always been toxic and my 3 yr old son watches so it’s def needed. I’m just would like some advice , once I move out. I will have nobody that I know in this state to lean on at all even during emergencies. My dads side of the family lives in CT and is always telling me to move back . I was originally born there . Eventually when my son turns 5 , I plan on moving back . Should I get my first place there & just start looking for areas in CT ? Or should I keep my plan of staying in GA sign a lease for 1 year and pay off my car . I went to esthetician school down here and still have to get my license. My plan was to get a cheappppppp apartment and pay off my car then move to CT. But I wonder if that’s too much moving around . Plus I should aim to have room to pay off debt no matter where I’m living. I have 2 sisters , 1 brother a lot of aunts and uncles cousins in CT ( I Fly every yr to see ) I live w my mom who made it clear she still hates me from when my son was born. Raising my son in her house has been so stressful. I just want my son to be surrounded by more ppl who love him. What would you do ? Btw some of you may have seen me post once before . I was trying to decide if I was going to move back now I’m trying to decide which timeline is smarter as a single mom? I support my son 100 percent no support from his dad either.
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2023.06.04 22:22 Ludosleftnipplering Ugh, WHY?!?!

So, I've never posted before but my heart is in my mouth and I don't want to bother OH with this as he's away for work. We've been NC with MIL and most of her clan for what will be 12 years in July. She claimed that she could "no longer have a relationship with (OH) whilst (Nipplering) is on the scene". When she uttered those words, OH and I had been together 7 years, married for 1 and we had 2 children together. At first we had some calls from her family, I had a rather spectacular letter sent my way and one by one they pledged their unwavering support for MIL and dropped us. GREAT!!! OH did receive a card at the beginning of the pandemic that essentially said "thinking of you, stay safe" (no mention of me or kids) but it's mostly been peaceful since then....... However, a couple of weeks ago I was sat outside the house in my car, getting myself together to go to the gym. I look up and there's a car creeping down the road, driver looking at houses as if to see house numbers or to recognise something. At first I thought it was a delivery driver, we get a lot at our door wanting the next street....then I get a closer look and although I couldn't see her face (thank you windscreen glare!) ITS HER!!!! She seems to notice me in the car but not recognise me (I change my hair often), she raises a hand and pulls round me and sits outside a neighbour's house for a moment. I wait, give my head a wobble and tell myself I'm mistaken. I expect the person to get out of the car and knock on a door but they don't, I'm watching in my rear-view. My eldest is in the house, I consider calling them but don't want to upset them. I then watch the car pull away and again, park up outside another neighbour's house, nobody gets out. At this point my anxiety and anger are boiling but I sit tight and wait until the car, eventually pulls away. I go to the gym and let off steam. On the way home I see the same car parked outside the hotel my IL's always stay at when they're in the area and almost rear-end someone cause I'd convinced myself I was wrong. Later that day I told OH what I'd seen and my suspicions and he said it was probably her (his gran has done similar by turning up in our town or in places he's worked) but not to worry as he has my back, she's nothing to us and it's not like they live locally...... So WHY?!?! now that he's left this evening for work, am I sat here having heart palpitations and struggling to breathe?!?! I know I shouldn't let it bother me, I know she's a coward and won't actually face me, so why the hell am I shaking?!?! UGH!!!!
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2023.06.04 22:22 mcgaymer86 Advice

As I will be promoting to guest this week, I want to leave some of you some advice. If you’re a GA or a SGA and you get the chance to promote to an SL position, do it. Gain the experience and knowledge you can so that you have the arsenal you need to move on to bigger and better things. Use this job as a stepping stone to better your resume. This place is good for learning the basics and advanced knowledge you need to work bigger and better management positions. It’ll be aggravating, maybe even infuriating at times, but the knowledge you’ll take away with you will be invaluable. I’ve had many ups and many downs with this job, but I learned a lot about myself, sales, management, and digging deeper into P&L’s to see the trends and needs of my store. I am thankful for that knowledge and experience I have gained. It’s a great entry into management, but unfortunately GameStop has led to their management program not being sustainable as a career or for anything long term.
To the SL’s, if you’ve been at it for more than 6mo or more, don’t hesitate to find something else. You’ve got the experience you need. The only person holding you back at this point is you.
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2023.06.04 22:22 Icy-Area1086 r/CentuplePizzazz Lounge

A place for members of CentuplePizzazz to chat with each other
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2023.06.04 22:22 ---x__x--- Universal basic income of £1,600 a month to be trialled in two places in England

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2023.06.04 22:22 throwaway_fortix Trying to get rid of tickets for the Bittersweet Daze Event in Philly on Aug 4

This might not be the right place to put this post but I bought tickets for me and a friend in January and we've recently had a falling out - now I'm kind of stuck with tickets and I don't really want to go anymore, so if anybody wants them just message or comment on here. I think I got them for 75 each.
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2023.06.04 22:21 pesver27 One team / many projects

We have a team that works across different projects. Each of these projects is owned by other teams they have to work with. So…
Project A / Team A Project B / Team B Project C / Team C
This team would work with Project A primarily, but also B and C circa. 15% and 30% of the time, and their respective teams. The team has a requirement to work primarily on Project A’s board and to match their workflow as they are primarily working with them.
I want to create an environment for this team in Jira where they only have to work in one place. Where they can create issues and also modify and update issues in one place, but these creations & modifications are reflected in their respective projects also.
Is there a way to do this? I’m fairly new to Jira so can’t wrap my head around this at the moment. I understand I can create a board which is just a filtered view of a project, but what I don’t understand is working across projects and what happens when you update an issue in one place will it reflect in another.
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2023.06.04 22:21 LostInTheWildPlace Glue vs Water?

Glue vs Water?
So, I have a problem of the "I should have looked closer at the lumber before I bought it" variety. I have two cedar eight foot long 4x4s. One appears to be fine. The other...

And it just kinda keeps going.
The end project for this lumber is this.
These are the other two I made a while back, I just need another one.
These work as a base for a wood barrel planter. The center is filled with rock and provides open drainage when I overwater my shrubs. Once the wood is cut, I coated the cedar with a Thompson's WaterSeal. I'm not super happy with the color, but it will do.
Trick is, I'm looking to make a third one now. The good 4x4 will be enough to finish the project. But the cracked 4x4 could also be used if I can fix it up. My thought to fix the cracks would be to see if I can squeeze some wood glue in there, then clamp the thing down for a couple of days to seal it up. Then, I hit it with the WaterSeal to keep the rain and waterbucket runoff out. Since it's cedar, I'm not too worried about rot, but come winter time, I'm thinking the freeze-thaw cycle will widen the cracks and it will fall apart.
So... will glue do the job of holding it together when water hits it and freezes? Do I need something else to hold the wood together, like banding? Save it for another project, maybe an indoor one? Or should I just take the bad 4x4 and chop it into firewood?
Secondary question now that I'm looking at the finished picture: The feet are glued into place, but just flat wood on wood (WaterSeal applied after, so no glue on treated wood). Since there's about 28 to 30 gallons of dirt sitting on top of it, I don't think the feet are going anywhere. But should I have put some dowels in the feet to hold them more securely? Same with the frame joinery.
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2023.06.04 22:21 aaronjaffe Series recommendations please … drama/seinen/something really good

I generally don’t go in for the teenage boy power fantasy stuff or the over the top romantic anime. Here are some of my favorites….
March Comes in Like a Lion Bocchi the Rock Haikyuu!! A Place Further than the Universe Vinland Saga Your Lie in April
Enjoying Insomniacs After School from this season well enough.
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2023.06.04 22:21 Existing-Cherry4948 Anyone Here Not An Atheist?

I considered myself an Atheist for a long time. I now realize I am agnostic and not an atheist lol. Anyways, I am trying to find a spiritual path of my own. I am on a journey to get rid of the Christian idea of God. I just don't know where to begin or how to find it. It's so hard to find someone who isn't talking about YAWH when they talk about God. It's hard to find places that aren't Christian. I want 0 influence of any religion on this path. I want to find my own answers and create my own spiritual journey for myself.
I'm just looking for advice. Has anyone done that after Christianity? Found their own path to spirit/source/creatouniverse? I don't believe God (if there is one) is a man or woman. I believe God is just a source basically, a creator of the entire universe. In fact, our planet could be viewed as a god. Created everything on it and allowed all of us creatures to sustain life. How can I abandon the Christian view of God? How can I say God without getting a bad taste in my mouth or thinking negatively?
Sorry if this is all over the place. I have ADHD and tend to type a bunch of shit as it leaves my brain.
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2023.06.04 22:21 Rare-Patient8148 Can People Stop Feeding 1st Place in Comp DM?

I’ve played about 54 matches of it, and I kid you not when I say that when I started counting the matches where people just dive face-first into 1st place and die right away to them, more than half of those matches were ones where that was the case.
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2023.06.04 22:21 Texaslonghorns12345 Dynamic time of day and realistic weather needs to be a thing.

I know it’s EA but even for them it’s embarrassing and inexcusable. It’s 2023 and we don’t have dynamic time and realistic weather.
A game that starts at sunset should end at night,it shouldn’t be the same time of day. Madden 12, an 11 year old game, had dynamic time.
The lack of realistic weather not only makes 0 sense but it’s also really annoying. For context, I changed the premiere league up just to have a little more fun so I added teams like Barcelona,Real Madrid,Sevilla, a now relegated LAFC and a few more. During the winter months such as December through February,It’s really annoying to see players and managers wearing long sleeves in these places.
Yeah I understand it gets chilly in these cities, but it doesn’t get cold enough to where you need long sleeves or being able to see your breath. It really takes away the immersion.
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2023.06.04 22:21 thecursedmanCLW Stargaze

Would you star gaze with me?
Getting lost in every twinkling light we see.
Walk amongst the forest trees , our feet bare against the ground?
Feeling the earth without making a sound.
Would you hold my hand as we walked?
Our fingers rubbing together to express a hint of admiration.
Would you lie with me in a field of grass all alone, our bodies intertwined beneath the pale light of the moon?
Would you kiss me if I ask you too?
Would you love me as I loved you?
Would you share this moment with me,
This deep moment of beautiful passion.
This yearning for the earth and it's riches.
Making wishes despite our knowledge of them not existing.
Would you let me hold you despite the distance?
We could laugh and reminisce while the earth engulfs us in tranquility and pure Bliss.
Would you cherish this moment, this peaceful night?
Would you love the earth as much as I?
We can gather around around a crystal clear lake, dip our toes in the cool waters of the place.
Feel our bodies as they grow warmer together.
We'd never feel out of place here.
We can walk the distance path alone,
Our feet casting shadows on the dark dirt below.
We can sing with the gentle summer breeze,
Moving along as we dance together with the trees.
We can play all night until dawn returns,
Only then will we rest.
Only then will we go home.
Come play, my gentle soul mate.
Come love me beneath the stars.
For we are one beneath the pale moonlight tonight,
And we are safe amongst the spirits of the earth.
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2023.06.04 22:21 UnfairMail8233 r/Me_frostWhelveGobbled Lounge

A place for members of Me_frostWhelveGobbled to chat with each other
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2023.06.04 22:21 SkyVegetable9960 The situation Regarding these are we dating the same person groups

First off , I'd like to preface this with stating I have had Access to both the men and woman groups( and continue to). Some of what I will be stating is not 100 confirmed and still under investigation, so please to do act on or believe what I say with full validity. I'd like to add photos of screenshots I have of both groups, but unsure if that will lead to this post being taken down.
What started as a group to help women safely navigate online dating as like most thing with good intentions had turned quite sour. Here in Vancouver we can actually see this happen first hand with the Arewedatingthesameguy and respectively, Arewedatingthesamegirl groups.
If you are unfamiliar with these groups,in short, You post a person's Picture, First name, and add emojis or questions to verify if anyone had has experience with that person. Sometimes,posts could be made anonymously. ( that feature currently has currently been taken away in some of these groups due to harassment reports)
The woman's groups have been repeatedly brought up for concerns by posts by people who have either
A, not actually met the person in the photo but are posting for drama or internet clout
B, are a ex, or friends of the ex are saying things that either are defamatory or outright untrue in some cases (see point A)
C, Harrassment or Online bullying over simple things such as appearance or, vibes.
D,comments on the photos made by people who have either not met the person in question, or do know them but proceed to share their personal information in the group or in private messages with non virtuous intent.
That being all said, there was a good reason for this. There are many serial abusers and con people who have evaded or abused the legal or social system that continue to prey on people. Sharing their personal info was seen as a last resort when people ha e been abused and the legal system did nothing to protect them.
This eventually devolved into a typical internet mess with all the problems I mentioned leading to group suspensions, harassment campaigns ,and for some, thoughts of ending their lives due to the effects of false accusations by absolute strangers.
The Mens group has also been guilty of this at times, even facing accusations of sharing intimate photos.( I can confidently say there were no such photos shared,and was a false claim made to RCMP with 0 evidence provided by the accuser. No texts or Screenshots provided) often than not the men groups were mostly jokes, accompanied by some people simply seeking dating advice. Additionally the men who seemed to abuse anonymity or their online presence to harm women, were often taken to tasks by the other males.
The majority of these men's groups were cresting in response to women's,with a partial focus on discussing the women putting forth false accusations, rather than only discussing potential catfishing.
That is a different situation from the woman's group. Many women at times have questioned or outright fought against claims made against some in the women's group, due to possibly knowing or actually knowing they were false claims. Many of these people were bullied or banned from the group, at times simply for not joining the mob.
These groups are run by a Paola Sanchez and a Brian Milbrand. In regards to our local groups here, these people are not from British Columbia or possibly even Canada. They are responsible for controlling the majority of these woman's groups, almost like a business brand of sorts. They are not ran by locals for the most part, in Vancouver or anywhere else.
The validity of these people identities are also in doubt, as unlike most Online creators they don't show their faces or make statements via blogs. Frequently Paola in particular will post group updates via text, not video. There have also been anecdotal evidence that Paola is a AI generated account. That is potentially disproven by legal papers published by Paola herself, as she seeks business rights to make a App.
Speaking of the App in question, there have been concerns by men and women regarding this as well. Paola has frequently some point in every one of the groups she has run, asked for Money. She has gone through multiple avenues to reportedly obtain more than $50.000. She has been noted to use her Facebook group suspension as a cause to raise money for a App. Her reasoning is along the lines of Facebook not being a viable place to host such groups, despite implying she has Friends at Meta that keep her groups from being permanently closed.
That also has been a topic of discussion as by Facebook rules usually Group leaders can have their accounts banned if their Pages and Group are constantly flagged yet Paola remains.
This has led to accusations she and her partner have been manipulating these groups for financial gain, while she could have just crowd funded the app initially out in the open like many entrepreneurs. This has been exacerbated by women in these groups being banned for calling for better moderation and verification of information. These groups have been accused by men and woman for being nothing more than Drama factories, designed for harassment since the rules on these groups are rarely properly enforced.
Theres more I wish to lay out but I simply wanted to state the situation as it is at the moment.
People need to have safe options for dating That needs to be said. Anybody can be a victim of assault or abuse from a Online acquaintance. However these groups, particularly the ones ran by Paola seem to have a different motive. So please be mindful when joining and engaging in these groups.
Put yourself in someone else's shoes.
The mentality of "If you didn't do anything there's nothing to worry about " is incredibly harmful. Not to bring race into this, but as a personal of colour who used to live in the States, that usually leads to someone getting shot or brought in by police on false charges. Just saying.
Anyway let's do better to provide a safe Dating environment , while also looking out for each other in a positive way.
On a personal note, the drama regarding thus actually gave me some ideas that even pre existing Dating apps could use. I have no idea where to hand off my ideas, a outlet would be helpful. Which sounds odd considering how I've typed about someone seeking financial gain now it seems I'm doing the same.
These ideas involve consent, geo tracking , date verification etc etc, so anyone i can bounce these ideas in the comments or somewhere you can send me can be helpful.
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2023.06.04 22:21 aggressiveenOises aaaaa di q na alam

yezzzz college application szn nanaman (tbh i h8 this szn kasi leg8 the kaba is real) i only applied to dalawang school with a course na bs nursing. i think i bombed my exam n interview sa first school kasi i did not qualify sa course na pinili ko, however, i was offered to the other courses. this rejection is really painful kasi for the first time na reject ako, i did not cry kasi di ako nagqualify, i cried kasi nareject ako and umabot sa point na i questioned my skills. i don't like bs nursing in the first place kaso i envy those nakapasok sa course na yun esp sa mga kakilala ko. gusto ko lang naman mag bs nursing for the approval of mg family (eldest doter things) i don't know if disappointed yung fam ko, i feel like they are kasi ako lang daw yung naiiba sa circle namin, kasi yung friends ko nakapasok sa first choice nila tho bs medtech yun. sa same school pa rin, i chose bs pt na kasi in demand din daw na premed pero i applied pa rin sa other school bs nursing. i don't know if i should continue ang application sa other school or just proceed sa bs pt. parang nahihiya kasi ako mag take ng bs pt kasi parang tinapon lang nila ako sa ibang course ganun sayang ganda q teh.
na notice ko rin daming hadlang nung nag-aapply ako for nursing example na delay yung bus namin for 3 hours tapos halos naubusan kami ng ticket sa bus like last 3 tickets nalang talaga ante and then i almost forgot my test permit, di rin naka sharpen pencils ko😭😭. sa other school na inapplyan ko na bs nursing halos di nila na receive application ko ante kinailangan ko pa silang i-email and wala pa akong schedule sa pag exam. should i just take that as a sign na wag mag bs nursing? huhu
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