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2019.06.13 23:22 Welcome to Elden Ring Discussion !

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2019.06.17 17:59 Keep_on_keepin Elden Bling

Hi! This is a hub for players to show off their stylish Elden Ring characters. You are welcome to present your character with or without their blling. This subreddit consolidates two major parts of character customization in Elden Ring: Bling (fashion) and character creation.

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Elden Ring Online Help, Co-op and PvP. Welcome Traveler from beyond the Fog, I offer you an accord. Use this subreddit to arrange online matchmaking for the game Elden Ring.

2023.05.31 17:22 Unexpected_yetHere Almost quarter a century of gaming, several platforms, hundreds of titles played, and this would be my top 50 favorites (unranked, even narrowing it down to 50 of the best was hard)

Almost quarter a century of gaming, several platforms, hundreds of titles played, and this would be my top 50 favorites (unranked, even narrowing it down to 50 of the best was hard) submitted by Unexpected_yetHere to gaming [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:22 Suncityv 23m looking for someone I can talk to anytime

Hello, I’m looking for someone I can talk to anytime. I’m usually craving some form of social stop to throughout the day
Here’s a bit about me: I like to play video games. I’m good at valorant csgo league. But beside competitive games I like to play chill games like portal and elden ring. I like to go outside and do things like long/skateboarding. That also includes going fishing, hiking, camping and hanging out with friends. I enjoy to smoke thc, it always brings me up. My favorite music is hiphop and I enjoy juice wrld. My favorite movie is Donnie Darko.
Overall I’m pretty laidback and chill, just looking for a fun time. Have a good day/night
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2023.05.31 17:19 Adorable_Thanks_66 Elden ring great runes question (ps5)

Was wondering which great rune is the best for pve and for a bleed build
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2023.05.31 17:17 MattMBerkshire Build for new T2 Paolo ship

Apparently it's OP.
What build are people using on it?
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2023.05.31 17:10 Cool_GOLDEN_GUY Remember that ? if So it seems that it was right all along and everyone didn't believe it without even having a logical or reasonable reason to do such thing but turns out that was legit leak and most of the games here are true, then 100% we are getting Barbarians of the badlands DLC

Remember that ? if So it seems that it was right all along and everyone didn't believe it without even having a logical or reasonable reason to do such thing but turns out that was legit leak and most of the games here are true, then 100% we are getting Barbarians of the badlands DLC submitted by Cool_GOLDEN_GUY to eldenringdiscussion [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:06 Roland-Deschain275 Elden Ring (Modded w/ Tiche's Black Knife) - Royal Revenant - 300% More Damage/HP/Resist

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2023.05.31 16:59 InterestingGuest166 Anybody else do this?

Anybody else do this?
Hi, I play on playstation 4 elden ring, and I love this game so much. One of my favorite things to do, is 'invade' as a recusent finger. My name is "friendly knight" and I will do everything in my power to not fight, I'll just hang around, follow around, or just stand watch somewhere even fight off other invaders for the host if they haven't already nuked me and trust me enough. I only hela when a hunter or a player is just attacking without A second thought. I walk everywhere I don't run when I've invaded. And I use a pole torch as my way to show I'm friendly since I couldn't really hurt anyone with that thing.
It's so enjoyable when I just find a session of people that are just chill as hell, one guy and I ran around altus area throwing down the glow stones and just emoting around, he even sent home hunters who attacked me. Unfortunately one got the drop of us and nuked me immediately then acted like it was a massive victory.
If you're on PS4 and ever see me say hi! I wear gelmir knight armor and use the gilded great shield and zwiehander when I don't have the torch pole equipped. Sometimes I'll drop random weapons and armor sets for people ^ even duel if they want, and I won't ever pull out anything overpowered or unfair, just a sword and a greatshield.
I'm glad I've been able to play this game and tell my small tale here
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2023.05.31 16:56 Wee-Taku Elden Ring cosplays I photographed at Fanime 2023 Part 1

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2023.05.31 16:55 Arktul Game keeps turning of my Pc

I get no Bluescreen or any other error message, it just reboots like I pressed the reset Button.
The Eventviewer also doesn't show anything beyond:
"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.".
I could play the game over a year ago just fine, but when I tried to play it sometime after that I got this issue. I just talked it up to my psu giving out (I had a similiar problem before and it was my psu giving out but this time it only happens it 2 Games this one and a Neptunia game).
Sometime after that I got a new PC and again it was fine played till act 5 no issues, but when I tried to play through the ashes after a longer break it happend again.
Later on my HDD broke installed windows fresh on a new drive and it still happens.
-Same issue basically 2 PCs
-I can play other games beside those 2 just fine like Cyberpunk and Elden Ring and those really push my PC to its brink.
I tried:
-Setting everything to low
-changing vsynch on and off
-changing Borderless to Windowed to Fullscreen
-updating all my drivers
-capping the game to 30 FPS with nvidia
-turning off all background software
-checked my ram
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2023.05.31 16:54 TheCradledDM Athos 22: Beneath the Rains

be me; ex LizarDM
be also me; Adonis Valintellis (Tiefling Paladin), Thalia Milakos (Human Ranger) and Zaahir Kehmet (Earth Genasi Wizard)
turning the corner at speed, Zaahir ploughed into a market stall, throwing an array of fruits and nuts into the air as he struck
pain shot through his hip and back, but before the merchant could even raise their voice, Zaahir was up and running again, tossing a few loose coins over his shoulder in the process
left, right, then left again
he tore through the streets like a man possessed, pumping his arms and legs as he sprinted
his lungs burned and his heart pounded, but he knew he couldn't stop
if he stopped, they'd catch him. And he'd have to start all over again
the amulet he’d stolen slapped against his chest, burrowing a hole into his ribs with each strike
he’d tried to toss it before, get rid of it and all that followed
but no sooner would he try, the amulet would appear back on his person, as if he’d never attempted in the first place
and then there was the old man
that decrepit figure that clung to his mind like a tick. A relentless presence that refused to leave
Zaahir didn’t recognise him. There was very little he recognised
he was in Syracae, that much was certain
but the identity of the old man. The amulet around his neck. The reason he was here in the first place
he knew none of it
it was like a dream. The more he tried to remember, the more he forgot
Zaahir stopped at a corner, gasping for breath as his heart thundered against his rib cage
he had tried to take a different path. Tried to change the outcome
but he recognised these streets. These buildings
in spite of all he had done, he was in the lower agora again
it was as if the world itself were reshaping to fit a certain narrative
a narrative that he was forced to act in, even if he didn’t know the script
he observed the slope of the street, noting the downward decline to his right
muttering a foreign curse under his breath, he turned to the left, and began running
the upward slope burned his quads, but even as he ran, he could feel the world changing
the burn in his quads shifted to his calves, and now he was moving downhill
he stopped in place and turned, glancing in either direction
no matter which way he looked, the road always seemed to move downward
down to the lower agora
he was reflecting on this reality bending phenomenon when he became aware of the subtle changes in the wind
the air around him became hotter, and with it came the distinct odours of a foreign land
sand, salt, myrrh and oil of balanos and cedar
the shadows began to bend, and Zaahir felt the prickle of hairs on his neck begin to rise
a figure appeared at the end of the street, towering and gaunt
he had just the time to make out a bestial head, like that of a jackal, before he took off running
the world shifted around him once more, bending to fit the narrative in which he had no say
and Zaahir continued to play his part, ever the unwilling actor in a story he did not recognise
the rain cascaded down like a flood, running off the makeshift tarp and pooling at the adventurer’s feet
Thalia led the way, scanning what little area she could make out amidst the rain and gloom
behind her, Adonis held up his shield, bearing the weight of their meagre shelter without complaint
5 kilometres was not far to travel. In ideal conditions, the pair could cover that distance within under 45 minutes
but these were not ideal conditions, and their shambling gait slowed their progress to a crawl
peering through the storm, Thalia made out a silhouette in the near distance; pale against the darkened surroundings
beckoning Adonis to follow, Thalia led the way over, guiding the pair in an uncoordinated shuffle towards the figure
the rain parted and the silhouette manifested into the body of a woman, her head lowered as if in grief
dark hair clung to her face like a curtain, the clothes on her back soaked to the bone
Thalia gave a defeated sigh, already steering them away
this woman was the most recent in a long line of unfamiliar faces; giving the ranger just enough hope to cling onto, but not enough to keep the growing dread at bay
try as she might to ignore it, the ever shrinking thread on her wrist served as a terrible reminder of their fading chances of escape
by now, the thread had shrunk to 3 inches. A quarter of what they’d started with
even if they found Zaahir at this very moment, they wouldn’t have the time to escape the Underworld before their entrance closed
observing his partner’s fading willpower, Adonis rested a spare hand on her shoulder, and raised his voice to be heard over the downpour
“shall we try out the spell again? See what we can muster?”
Thalia slowed in her advance and gave a half hearted nod; unconvinced of their chances
the pair came to a stop, and Adonis stepped closer so as to bring them both beneath the full protection of his shield
safe from any wayward droplets of rain, Thalia closed her eyes and began to focus, calling on the ever shrinking well of magical power within her
imitating Zaahir’s spell had proven more difficult than expected
on top of the immense pressure and unforgiving environment; Zaahir’s style of magic couldn’t be further removed from her own
a strict academic approach to the arcane, his magic was brought about through years of careful study and hundreds of hours locked within a dusty library
her own approach was far less refined
to her, magic was less a thing to be studied and manipulated, and more a force to be reasoned with
a wild creature, that if you weren’t careful in your handling of, could just as easily harm you as the target you intended
wielding magic required both patience and care
two attributes that she found herself lacking as of late
drawing on the magic within her, she began to cast the spell, honing in on Zaahir’s unique life force
her perception expanded out like an aura, alerting her to the presence of several souls within the vicinity, each shining with its own distinct light
if she focused, she could begin to make out details. What they were wearing. What they looked like
but before she could begin to search for Zaahir, Thalia was met with an all too familiar resistance
an interference that hovered in the air, blurring her magical sight until each soul was indistinguishable from the next
letting loose a cry of frustration, Thalia released the spell, and her senses returned to her body
“I still can’t do it,” she meekly explained. “I always feel like I’m so close to getting it, but no matter what I do or how hard I try, I can’t make him out in all of... this-”
she waved her hands about frantically, gesturing to everything and nothing at all
giving a weary sigh in response, Adonis squeezed the young woman’s shoulder reassuringly
“it’s not your fault. With the rains and their effects, there may be too much magical energy floating around. It’s no wonder you can’t lock on”
“so what are we supposed to do? Keep walking and hope we stumble across him?”
Thalia pulled away from the paladin’s grasp and turned to meet his gaze, her once brown eyes now a steely grey
“I’m out of my depth here, Adonis. I know I’m meant to stay strong and be brave, but I’m not sure how much longer I can keep pretending that I’m not scared out of my mind”
“a demon almost killed me earlier and we've barely had a moment to stop and think. A few hours before that, you pulled me out of a flaming river of hell, and now, we’re standing on Chaon’s front lawn trying to steal one of his garden ornaments. Everything is moving so fast, and yet, I know we’re not moving fast enough”
she glared up at him, her body taut with anger and frustration
but after only a few moments, all of the strength in her body seemed to fade away, taking the anger along with it
her shoulders slumped, and now she looked up at him with tired eyes, searching his face for any hint of the guidance or wisdom she’d learned to rely on so heavily
“I just need to hear you say that you have a plan. That when all of this is over and done, that things are going to be okay. Because I can’t see the big picture anymore”
Adonis met the young woman’s gaze; her once bright, hopeful eyes now dull and so full of defeat
her will was hanging on by a thread
one wrong word, and that thread would snap
Adonis’ lips curled into a sad, tired smile, and his hand lifted to cradle her cheek
it was cold against his fingers, the last remnants of heat in her body having been stripped away by the rains
he held her for a moment, his mind working overtime to think of the right words. The inspiring phrases. The rousing speeches
but as he looked into her eyes, he knew that they weren’t what she needed right now
“when I first met you on that boat, I saw a scared, frightened young woman, taking her first steps into the wider world. A farmer’s daughter, trying her lot as an adventurer. You were clinging to Namira so tight, I was afraid you’d blow over if you let go for even a moment”
Thalia stared up at him, not saying a word in response
Adonis took that as his sign to continue
“you looked at the world like every little thing in it was a terrible threat. Every wave on the sea, every cloud in the sky. Even an old fool like me. You seemed so sure that the world was out to get you. And that first night, when the harpies came swooping in, I was sure you’d run. Take shelter or hide below deck”
his eyes glazed over as he spoke, as if he weren’t looking at the woman in front of him, but somewhere else. Somewhere far away from here
“imagine my surprise when instead, this frightened, shaking twig of a girl steps out onto the bow of the ship, and begins shooting these harpies down one after the other”
he began miming the arrows, an unconscious smile creeping across his face
“and I looked at you, thinking; where did that frightened girl go?. Who is this…doppleganger that’s taken her place?. Throughout the fight, I continued to watch; and eventually I figured it out. She wasn’t gone. Even then, as she took down harpy after harpy, I could see that she was still afraid”
his eyes focused on Thalia’s face, and the smile faded to a warm, proud expression
“and I knew from that very moment; That’s someone I want at my side. That girl is going to become a hero. Not because you weren’t frightened. But because you were. And you fought anyway”
he gave her shoulder a squeeze and gestured to the terrible rains around them
“now I’ll agree, things look dire. When I look forward, the big picture can be hard to see. But I look at the little picture, and I see what we’ve overcome to get here. No, we haven’t found Zaahir yet. But we know he’s in here, and every step we take, is a step closer to finding him”
Adonis rose to his full height, holding the shield high above his shoulders
“now, I’m ready to keep looking. No matter how long it takes. Are you ready?”
in spite of herself, a smile touched Thalia’s lips, and she felt a warm tear run down her cheek
stepping forward, she wrapped her arms around Adonis’ midsection, holding him tight as the rain pelted down around them
“thank you”
Adonis smiled down at her, feeling the corners of his eyes begin to well up in tears
he wiped them away with a finger, and Thalia pulled away, steadying herself with a long, shaky exhale
the paladin raised an eyebrow, giving her a wry grin
“so how about it. Want to give that spell one more shot?”
a nervous laugh escaped Thalia’s lips before she steeled her nerves and nodded
“yeah. I think so”
Adonis gestured for her to go ahead and Thalia took a deep breath in, closing her eyes as she let the world go quiet around her
when the rain had all but faded away, she dipped into the well of magic and felt the familiar buzz of energy that awaited
she tapped into it, feeling the energy race up her spine and cause her fingertips to tingle and her tongue to go numb
when the buzzing had settled, she began to reach out into the void, expanding her senses to the souls around her
the air hummed with arcane interference, the magic of the Fields hovering all around her
they blurred the essences around her, causing the individual souls to meld together into an incomprehensible soup
Thalia prepared to let the magic go, and then a thought entered her mind
don’t look at the big picture
just before the spell faded from her control, Thalia recalled it, coercing the magic back under her command
this time, when she cast her senses into the void, she didn’t focus on the souls, letting them drift to the peripherals of her vision
she needed something smaller. Something only Zaahir would have
a unique item?
any items he possessed would have remained with his physical body
her brow furrowed in concentration, her mind conjuring up an image of her friend
it was blurry and imperfect, but she held it all the same, inspecting him in her mind’s eye
after a moment of careful observation, she was struck by a glaringly obvious feature
the gold in his skin
having been around the mage for so long, she’d almost forgotten how unique his appearance truly was
she nodded to herself, preparing to redirect the spell to seek out the nearest source of gold
but just before the spell could leave her fingertips, a sudden thought entered her mind
Adonis still had his coin purse
what were the chances that he didn’t have a single gold coin on him?
she supposed that she could throw his purse into the bottomless bag, but the thought had scarcely passed her mind before she dismissed it
she didn’t understand how the bag worked, and it wasn’t worth risking the few scraps of magic she had left on a hunch
giving a disappointed sigh, Thalia went back to brainstorming
what was unique to Zaahir?
what did he have, that no one else would?
she thought for several seconds, working over her mental image again and again, searching for something to focus on
her eyes passed over his body, his unique appearance and foreign clothes
his clothes
Zaahir had several sets of clothes. They all did
but the ones he wore that day were distinctly Khoprisi in design
“do Melanteans go to the Isle?” she blurted, her mind racing
Adonis’ voice reached her ears, but it sounded far away, as if she were hearing it through a thick wall
“Melanteans. What happens to their souls if they’re evil?”
she fought to maintain the spell, balancing her attention between it and Adonis’ response
“I don’t entirely recall. Melantean faith wasn’t my area of study”
uttering a curse under her breath, Thalia reigned in her intrusive thoughts, and recontained the spell that had begun to slip under her absence of concentration
without Adonis’ confirmation, she’d be taking an immense risk
but what else was she supposed to do?
resigning herself to the possibility of failure, Thalia cast the spell, refining her search to Khoprisi made clothes
her field of awareness expanded, passing over soul after soul
it grew wider and wider, with no hint of pause or recognition
and just as she was beginning to give up hope, the spell locked onto an object, and Thalia’s heart rose into her throat
not 300 metres away, right on the edge of her vision, was a layered cloth robe, cut from dyed Khoprisi linen
Thalia’s eyes shot open, and she turned to Adonis with a wide smile
“you found him?” Adonis asked, his eyes brightening with hope
“I found someone. I can’t make promises, but…”
in spite of her efforts to curb her enthusiasm, Thalia practically radiated a sense of renewed hope
his own reserved smile widening to a grin, Adonis gestured with his arm
“lead the way then”
giving an energetic nod, Thalia raised their cloth shelter and began to shuffle in the direction of the skirt, fighting every urge to not go running off into the rain spattered fields
it would be a rather pitiful end to wind up trapping themselves right before they found their friend
and so, forced to move at a crawling pace, Thalia led the way, projecting her thoughts out as if they might reach Zaahir somewhere within these Fields
hold on just a little bit longer. We’re on our way
Zaahir collapsed against the brick wall, gasping for air in between bouts of dry retching
his vision swam before his eyes, his heart pounding so hard in his chest he feared it would give out
not that it would matter
were he to die, he’d merely wind up right where he started, and be forced to relive this all over again
fighting to regain his breath and recompose himself, Zaahir closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against the cool brick wall
but where his brow should have touched hard brick, he instead felt the smooth texture of polished cedar wood
opening his eyes, he let out a long, exasperated groan; recognising an all too familiar door
even without this bizarre realm of scripted encounters and indefinite loops, he would have recognised Alekos’ storefront in a heartbeat
yet again, in spite of his best efforts, the world had reshaped itself to fit a certain narrative
a narrative where, after evading the local guards, he wound up at Alekos’ door, seeking to trade away his stolen goods
Zaahir contemplated walking away, as little as that would achieve, but the changing winds and the rising scent of sand and oils quickly dissuaded him
before he could change his mind, the Khoprisi mage flung the door open and darted inside, slamming it shut behind him
the winds died in an instant, and Zaahir was left to stew in the brief serenity of silence for a few grateful seconds
but only a few
for that silence was quickly broken by a voice that had begun to grate on him like no other
“Syphaeus? Archons above, is that you?”
rolling his eyes to the heavens, Zaahir turned to face the diminutive figure of Alekos, glaring down at him with an expression of pure contempt
“oh but it is!” the halfling cried, outstretching his arms to embrace the gold encrusted genasi
Zaahir brushed him off, keeping the deceitful shopkeeper at an arm’s length
Alekos retreated a step or two, raising his hands in apology. “Not a hugger, got it”
slipping into a smile as easily as one might slip into a pair of new sandals, Alekos recovered swiftly. “So, what brings you out this way? What can I do for you?”
knowing that the conversation would go by quicker if he complied, Zaahir slung the amulet off his neck and tossed it into the halfling’s hands
Alekos caught the amulet, and after a moment of inspection, his eyes widened in surprise
“where in Chaon did you get this?”
Zaahir didn’t answer, instead taking the opportunity to browse the wares around him
an enchanted spear, a pair of gnarled wands, a set of bracers
he wondered what poor souls had to die in order for these items to appear on display
behind him, Alekos continued the conversation, responding as if Zaahir had answered him
“I see. No need to worry. I’m no stranger to the odd spot of mischief. Don’t ask questions you don’t want answered, I always say. I take it you won’t be wanting receipts for this then”
he placed the amulet on the counter, then turned back to face Zaahir, watching the genasi with a gaze that felt almost predatory
a flash of light on the mage’s hand caught the halfling’s eye, and his expression lit up as he noticed it
“my, my. Well isn’t that a pretty thing on your finger”
Zaahir unconsciously glanced down at his hand, spying the cold metal ring adorning his middle fingertip
a band of polished silver, the ring was capped with an unknown symbol. Perhaps the signet of some noble family or another
pretty, but in the way that a viper was pretty
and Zaahir knew all too well the danger that lurked beneath its unassuming exterior
“enchanted no doubt. What sort of magic does it hold?”
once again, Zaahir said nothing, but Alekos flinched as if he’d been struck
“of course not, no,” the halfling said with a chuckle, that easy smile slipping back onto his lips. “Besides, I wouldn’t have the money if I did. As it stands, I doubt I even have the gold for this amulet. How much are you looking for?”
Alekos paused, nodding in response to some unspoken phrase
“well that’s awfully vague. Ships to Thessylae are cheap this time of year. You could buy yourself passage and a couple month’s lodging. Start a new life”
Zaahir had stopped listening by now, returning to browsing the store’s various wares
Alekos’ voice faded into the background, and Zaahir entertained himself by inspecting the goods on display
he was inspecting a spool of golden thread when a soft whisper brushed past his ear
quiet and practically incomprehensible, he might’ve mistaken it for wind
but then it came again; louder, and clearer
the genasi turned on the spot, scanning the room with wide eyes
but it was just as he had left it
Alekos continued to speak, acting as if nothing had happened
“I tracked them to a cave a couple days from here, just off the eastern road. I was about to commission the Guild, but now…”
Zaahir. Can you hear us?
the whisper came again. Undeniable this time
ignoring Alekos’ words, Zaahir honed in on the whisper, spinning in place as he searched for its source
we’re here. We’re finally here. Please, Zaahir
the voice was soft and feminine, and more than anything, incredibly familiar
he tried to remember. Tried to put a face to the voice. A name even
but just like everything else, it was like recalling a dream
wake up. We came all this way...please, Zaahir...just wake up
they sounded pleading. Desperate
in spite of the fog surrounding his mind, his heart began to ache for this woman
he was hurting her. He didn’t know how or why, but he was hurting her
Alekos had fallen silent now, and as Zaahir continued searching for that voice, he began to hear something else
something completely foreign to this world he’d found himself within
the warmth of the shop drained away, and a cold chill swept in to take its place
his clothes, once dry, now clung to his body like rags, soaked through with water
the store seemed to fall apart around him; breaking away into tiny fragmented pieces
a different voice came now. Older and deeper
booming from above like a terrible god
and with a heaving gasp for air, Zaahir was dragged screaming out of his crumbling world
rain pelted down around him like a storm, falling to the earth with droplets as thick as oil
the ground beneath him was made of a dead, black soil that resembled charcoal more than dirt, stretching out as far as he could see
he became aware of a presence above him, right before he felt a pair of crushing arms tighten around his ribs and squeeze the life from him
the air fled his lungs so violently that his vision began to cloud and darken
right before he thought he’d pass out, the arms abruptly let go, allowing him to breathe once more
when his sight finally recovered, he began to make out a face in front of him
pale and grey eyed, the figure appeared almost corpse-like in complexion. But beneath the ghastly visage, Zaahir recognised the familiar face of Thalia staring back at him, tears streaming down her cheeks in spite of the beaming smile across her face
he hardly had a moment to comprehend what he was looking at when Thalia pulled him into a second, even tighter hug
this time, he felt for sure that his ribs would crack beneath the pressure, and when he was finally released, he was light headed and woozy
“not too hard,” a voice warned, “you don’t want to kill him, do you?”
Zaahir groggily turned to follow the voice, and found himself staring up at the towering, horned figure of Adonis, beaming down at him with a wide grin
“wouldn’t want to have to go through this all the trouble finding him again, now would we?”
Adonis extended a hand, and lost in a state of foggy confusion, Zaahir blankly stared at it for a few seconds before thinking to take it
with a great, heaving motion, Adonis hoisted the genasi to his feet, and pulled him into a crushing, one armed embrace
“it’s good to have you back”
a smile spread across Zaahir’s lips, but it was a tired, thin lipped attempt
his legs felt unsteady beneath him, as if they might collapse at any moment
in fact, had it not been for Adonis holding him up, he feared he might do just that
feeling the limpness in his friend’s body, Adonis slung an arm beneath Zaahir’s own, bearing the young man’s weight onto his shoulders
“easy now, I’ve got you”
the paladin turned his head to look at Thalia, meeting her concerned gaze with a stern expression
“start leading the way out of here. We need to get him out of the rain”
with a task to distract her from Zaahir’s poor condition, Thalia set to leading them out, choosing a direction and marching away in a slow, shuffling gait
Adonis followed closely behind, holding Zaahir close so as to keep him beneath the protection of his shield
the genasi slumped against his arm, unable to bear his own weight, mind still reeling from the effects of the spell
Adonis stared down at his younger companion, curbing his relief with a heavy dose of concern
he hid it behind a smile, taking one tentative step, and then another
“come on, then. It’s high time we got you out of this place”
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Next Post:
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2023.05.31 16:49 GigaPinch UK - 4K Gaming and Streaming rig

Thank you to anyone taking the time to read through this, and doubly thank you to those those that throw in their 2 cents.
What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
£2200 – willing to go a bit higher if it makes a huge and beneficial difference, say £200-£350.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
This week
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
Monitor: Dell 32'' 4K Gaming Monitor - G3223Q
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
If I need to.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Decent SSD.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
Black, nice looking case would be ideal, don’t really mind the size, as long as its spacious to fit the new generation of GPUs (seen they are huge). A window would be nice, but not a fan of RGB, although I don’t mind lights.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
My monitor is 4K, so want to take complete advantage of that, and play games at their highest possible FPS with my budget. I also want to make sure this setup can easily be upgraded, and therefore future proof.
Again. Thank you so much.
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2023.05.31 16:46 GamingRex007 Best build

Just tell me the best build, most powerful build in the game to kill bosses. I killed Godrick now I want the best most op build there is in Elden Ring. I don’t care if it’s mage, bleed or anything. Don’t tell me much about the nerd stuff, tell what I use to annihilate bosses.
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2023.05.31 16:38 Halflife37 Which one should my wife and I get?

Hey folks so couple details; I have a ps5 she has a ps4
We really like to play coop, borderlands, Nioh, elden ring - love it
I’ve been playing Skyrim again and she keeps saying she wishes she could play it with me - and foolish me, I completely forgot about ESO
So; what should we get? We don’t want tons of bells and whistles but all areas and quests would be good, and saving money is also good so should I get a ps4 version that comes with a free ps5 upgrade? Is there a monthly fee? What is the gameplay like compared to skyrim? What is the third person like? (She gets dizzy from FPS)
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2023.05.31 16:36 tfcheung Is it time to upgrade ? 7950x3D comes with free B650 MB

Hi guys,
I am using 3900x + 6800XT since 2019.
PS: The 6800XT is 2nd hand and just bought recently to replace Vega 64.
Recently, Canada Computer had a deal 7950XT + B650 MB $9XX CAD +tax.
I ordered this combo and haven't pickup yet because I am not sure should I upgrade CPU now.
The reason I am thinking to upgrade because I feel even Elden Ring doesn't get very smooth.
The reason I am thinking not to upgrade because I am using 6800XT only not 4090, and I am not heavy gamer anymore since I have two kids and I am busy on my work.

Please advise :) Thank you so much.
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2023.05.31 16:33 T0ky0n0 Have you ever watched any speedruns of Elden Ring?

I have watched speedruns of other fromsoftware games but not Elden Ring. What are some of the exploits and glitches speedrunners use?
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2023.05.31 16:27 Deltiasgaming1 ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class
Reddit gang, dropping this here so you can prepare for Necrom Chapter and Arcanist class when it drops on June 5th for PC and June 20th for consoles. I hope this helps you get prepared!
Written Guide: https://deltiasgaming.com/eso-necrom-chapter-essential-tips-to-prepare-for-the-arcanist-class/
Video Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZMoO6vKeWo
ESO Builds: Update 38 - https://deltiasgaming.com/best-eso-builds-update-38-necrom-chapte

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

ESO Necrom Chapter is just around the corner, so prepare for Arcanist Class with our Top 15 Essential Tips and level up quickly!
The Necrom chapter launches on June 5th and June 20th, so you have very little time to prepare everything for the new class. In our guide, we included tips and pieces of advice we learned after countless hours and multiple characters leveled in ESO.

ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class

In ESO, levelling a new character can be costly, long, and complex. Only the base game offers multiple skill lines, champion points, and guilds. You may be lost quickly if you are a beginner or play eso occasionally. What is the best race? How do you level up so that when you hit max level (50 and 160cp), you can jump straight to end-game content and feel powerful? We have answers to all those questions and more in our 15 simple essential tips to prepare for the new Necrom Chapter and the Arcanist Class in ESO.

Select Playstyle

Arcanist Class has many skills to enhance a unique, never seen in ESO before playstyle. As a result, in the Builds, we try to enhance the class identity. The following list explains shortly all you need to know about the new ESO class:
  • Arcanist class identity is built around tomes and ancient knowledge.
  • Class possesses complete tools within all three skill trees to fulfil all group roles and solo playstyles.
  • The class possesses a unique, strong damage debuff, the Abyssal Impact, which increases your damage to targets hit.
  • Arcanist’s rotation is based on Cruxes generation, debuffing enemies and channel damage.
  • Tanks and healers will enjoy this class due to the active combo system.


The Arcanist uses abilities to create and consume Cruxes, small triangular glyphs floating around the character (3 max). You will use specific skills to generate Cruxes and additional abilities that consume them, amplifying abilities and triggering important class passives.
Crux consumption could provide more damage, longer duration, cheaper resource cost, and more healing. Additionally, it generates and activates important passives. For example, Crux-consumption can give you more weapon/spell or critical damage. The more you use Cruxes, the better.
The following brief guide explains the combat with the ESO Arcanist class in builds:
  • Use one primary skill as a tank, damage dealer, or healer to generate Crux.
  • Consume that Crux with one or two skills for better damage, healing, and defenses.
  • Start building Crux again to use the other skill for another in-combat advantage.
  • In between combing Crux, maintain your buffs, healing, and damage over time skills.
  • Your build wants to find the sweet spot of constantly generating Crux and consuming it for bonuses.
  • You don’t want your build to have zero Crux or constantly three without a “dump” skill.
Now that you have an idea about the basics of the class, what should you play and why?
As a damage dealer (DPS), The Arcanist excels in stamina DPS. Primarily due to a variety of factors like medium armor passives, dual wield passives and medium armor choices that carry damage. Can you do well as a magicka based Arcanist damage dealer? Yes, but in group settings, medium armor excels due to its passive critical damage vs light armor penetration passive. If you want optimal, high end DPS, we recommend stamina based Arcanist as of the making of this guide.
Tanking on the Arcanist is exception with crowd control, unique buffs and debuffs. The fact that you have a built in class taunt along with built in major and minor breach means you can use different gear and weapon choices. The Arcanist also has Minor Courage passive which is exceptional for group play. Consider them one of the best tanks in PvE or PvP at launch.
Similar to tanking, the Arcanist healing is exception due to the buffs and passives. While the main burst heal, or lack thereof is weak, it makes up for it with huge buffs and debuffs that every team wants. Current, the Arcanist is an exceptional healer, just use Restoration Staff abilities for burst healing rather than in class skills.
Player Vs Player: In PvP, the Arcanist is quite weak compared to other classes. It lacks a burst heal, or delayed burst damage skill, and the class really wants you to use the Fatecarver skill “beam.” This is fine in PvE where enemies rarely stun or disrupt you, but in PvP, this isn’t the case. The class does have strong passives, and ultimate selections and with either a proc heavy loadout in melee, or a ranged beam build you can make it work.
Opinion: we recommend playing the Arcanist a stamina-based damage dealer for both PvE and PvP.

Race Choice

Does Race Matter in ESO? In general, no, you may get a maximum of 8% increased DPS going from an Argonian (weakest) to Khajiit/Dunmer (strongest). Most players won’t feel this unless they are trying to do bleeding-edge content. However, we do have some strong choices and recommendations for those looking to mid-max their Arcanist.
  • Stamina DPS
  1. Khajiit
  2. Dark Elf
  • Magicka DPS
  1. High Elf
  2. Dark Elf
  • Healer
  1. Breton
  2. Argonian
  • Tank
  1. Imperial
  2. Nord
Khajiit is the recommended Stamina Damage Dealer choice. With a unique 12% critical damage and balanced stats, and resource regeneration, Khajiit is all around the best choice. Only weakness is ESO’s 125% critical damage cap. Only in situations like trials parse dummies (21 million health) or fully min-maxed trials groups does this become an issue.
Dark Elf is a great secondary choice. What makes Dunmer’s (Dark Elves) great as damage dealers is balanced weapon/spell damage and max stamina and magicka pools. Major downside is the lack of any resource sustain or health.
High Elf is the recommended choice for magicka damage dealer Arcanist. The reason why, High Elf has a unique 5% damage reduction while channeling. This helps take less damage using your main channel as a damage dealer or a healer. The racial choice also has great passives for damage and resource sustain.
Dark Elf is also a great choice for magicka damage dealers for the same reasons its great on stamina.
Breton is the recommended racial choice for healing. With strong resource sustain, max stats, you will always be able to cast your skills when you need them.
Argonian also makes a great healer and is usually an optimal choice for PvP.
I would recommend an Imperial for reduced ultimate cost and cost of your abilities as a Tank.
Nord Race has a quick ultimate generation.
Don't freak out about the race you can always change with the race change token, and you must love your character.

Picking Faction

There are fantastic players in every faction, which doesn't matter in PvE unless you plan to play PvP with your friends in Imperial City, Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. For maximum potential builds in PvP "Any race, any alliance" feature, available from the crown store, will allow you to pick any race regardless of your alliance. It's a one-time purchase and of the most useful purchases in ESO.
Also, you can change Alliance with another very expensive token from the crown store.

Storage Space

Get storage boxes in your house for supplies, including gear, potions, food, etc., everything you are going to need to start leveling your new Arcanist character. When Necrom Chapter goes live, you can equip it and enjoy the class.

You can buy storage chests from Writs Vandor, located in each faction's main City (Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Ebonheart) with master crafting writ vouchers. Boxes are also available for Tel Var Stones in Imperial City Vendors or from the Crown store. Each player can own up to 4 large (60 slots) and 4 small (30 slots) chests. There are 360 slots available in total.

XP Boosters

If it's your first time playing ESO. I would not recommend the fast grind method, play slow and enjoy the game, though you can likewise use all XP boosters. However, if you're like me and have leveled multiple characters, you can start saving XP boosters now for an optimal way to rush to the end game.
The fastest way to level is to kill mobs with ESO XP boosters. You want to maximise the number of killed enemies per second. The Blackrose Prison Arena and Skyreach Catacombs are my preferred grinding spots. Here’s how you can maximize your XP gains if you’re in a rush to the end game:
  • 10% from the Training trait for each armor & weapon piece (purple quality)
  • 10% from ESO Plus Membership
  • 10% from the Ring of Mara equipped (if you are married to another player and grind with a partner)
  • 10% for being in a group of two
  • 1x Drink or XP Scroll Booster
  • 100% from in-game Events (Witches & New Life Festival etc.)
The easiest way to level quickly are cost-effective 100% XP boosters, grinding with a partner, having all training gear, purple quality or better. For example, I highly recommended Heartland Conqueror Set, which gives your training trait 100 more effectiveness. Order’s Wrath, Daedric Trickery, Oblivion's Foe and Wretched Vitality are other good setups for damage, defences and resources, craftable and easy to obtain.
To make the process even faster, you can make multiple sets of training armor (for levels 3, 10, 20, 30, 40 etc.) to make sure you stay powerful as you grind your way to 50. So that's when the storage boxes come in handy. Store all gear sets there and be ready for the grind.

PvP Boosters

Leveling PvP skill lines are important due to the passives and active abilities that everyone uses, even if you play PvE. For example, Reviving Barrier is an extremely useful ultimate skill in PvP and PvE for tanks, healers and, sometimes, damage dealers. Also, reaching support rank 9 grants Magicka Aid and increases your Magicka Recovery by 10% for each Support ability slotted.
Once you hit Level 10, you'll receive the invitation to Cyrodiil and start the introduction to PvP Quest. Upon completion, you'll get an alliance rank three, and two skill points. It's a good start, so you should never skip it.
Nextly, you can level alliance skill lines quickly on a new character if you use a Colovian War Torte and play low-level battlegrounds. Colovian War Torte is a craftable consumable that grants a 50% alliance point boost for 30 minutes. It is affected by the Connoisseur and Brewer passives from the Provisioning skill line. Despite being categorized as a food when crafting, the tortes can be consumed at the same time as regular foods and drinks. The 30-minute duration pauses if you log out and can be used as early as level 10.
The Molten War Torte and White-Gold War Torte are more powerful versions which grant 100% and 150% experience boosts, respectively. Note that while these items do provide a bonus to gains towards your Alliance War rank and skill lines, this bonus does not apply to leaderboard scores.

Gold for Inventory

The next essential tip on how to prepare for the Arcanist class and ESO Necrom Chapter is crucial Inventory Space. Save gold to max out your new Arcanist character carrying capacity. Each character that you create in The Elder Scrolls Online will start with 60 slots. You can increase the characters' inventory space by buying Pack Merchant upgrades up to 140 in total inventory Upgrades from Pack Merchant cost 179 700 Gold. Also, train your horse in the stable master to increase it by extra 60 slots to reach 200 inventory spaces in total. If you own a guild, you can also use its Bank for extra 500 item slots. Lastly, special pets from Crown Store can increase the inventory capacity by additional 20 slots.

Mount Speed

Like mentioned above, you can buy an upgrade for your mount at any stablemaster in towns. Each point in carry capacity will permanently increase your characters' inventory space by 1. You can only upgrade one of the thee mount perks every 20 hours.
However, you can speed up the process of horse upgrades if you own any riding lessons. Sometimes those upgrade items are part of daily login rewards or can be bought from the crown store. So check up on your stored daily rewards. This can give you a nice early start on your new arcanist.
As mentioned before leveling your PVP skills is essential, the Continuous Attack passive will give you a 30% mount speed boost and unlocks at Assault Rank 3.

Alchemy Mats

The alchemy skill line is necessary to level up on each character because of the Medicinal Use Passive that makes resulting effects last 30% longer and is a key to better combat performance. As a result, if you're using potions, you get more Recovery Weapon or Spell damage or whatever potion buff you have. Consuming potions in ESO has a 45-second cooldown, and with the Medicinal Use Passive, they last 47.5 seconds, which essentially gives you 100% uptime in combat, assuming you're consuming them on cooldown.
So, buy enough alchemy items to max out the alchemy skill, cheap ingredients, in guide traders, like buying and mixing wormwood or spider eggs with scrib jelly will get you from 1 to 50 quickly. Change out your solvent, you can start with Ichor, and as you level up, finish with Alkahest. Take advantage of this potion passive right away. Trust me, at the end-game, it really helps your survivability with resource sustain and running Buffs on cooldown.


The best food to prepare is the one that works at all levels, for example, Artaeum Pickled Fish Bowl, Candied Jester's Coins etc. you can get those recipes just by playing during in-game events, collecting rewards or from guild traders.
Jewels of Misrule
During leveling, I highly recommend Jewels of Misrule for beginning players without a lot of champion points because it gives max health and extra recovery and really carries your survivability. Additionally, it’s cheap.
Witchmother's Potent Brew
For magic users, Witchmother's Potent Brew it's going to give you Max Magicka, Max Health and Magicka Recovery.
Dubious Camoran Throne
Stamina-based users can use Dubious Camoran Throne similar to Whitchmoder purple food but increases your Max Stamina Stats.
You can make potions yourself, buy them from Crown Store or from daily rewards. You can also use the Endeavors system to buy some consumables. Another good option is Alliance potions for Alliance Points if you play PvP. You can buy them from Alliance Siege Merchants in Cyrodiil main gates or Battleground vendors in any major city. Alliance potions give these really important Buffs, and it'll help increase your damage and survivability.
Start collecting those consumables and put them in your bank or storage chest so you can have them available right away for your Arcanist.

Repair Kits/Soul Gems

Stock up on repair kits and Soulgems, especially if you’re grinding monsters. The normal repair kits you can get from Crafting writs or buying from guild traders. Additionally, you can obtain the special group repair kit for tickets from Impresario Vendor, who can be found in every big city.

Master Writs

For those that want to max your arcanist fast without grinding, is by using Master Crafting writs. Master writs are the fastest way, making you capable of reaching level 50 within 30 minutes. With a 150% xp boost from food and eso+, you only need 215 total alchemy or enchanting writs to reach level 50. Here is what to do if you want to level up quickly in eso by using Master Writs:
  1. Stock up on Master Writs. You can get them from Daily Writs Rewards. The more motifs and traits your character knows, the higher your chance of receiving a master writ. You can also buy writs from guild traders.
  • Alchemy and enchanting writs are the most optimal since they can be power leveled almost instantly and are fairly cheap to craft.
  1. Get writs certified with a new character. Find Danel Telano and Milenith in the main starter city of your faction: Daggerfall, Davon’s Watch, or Vulkhel Guard.
  2. Level up your crafting skill to max (of 50), and take the passives.
  3. Use your XP boosts
  4. Consume Master Crafting writ (you can have one type active at the same time)
  5. Craft the required items.
  6. Turn the crafted items to the master writ vendor. A good City to do master writs is Ebonhart in Deshaan, where crafting stations are close to the master writs vendor so that you can complete them quickly.
  7. Complete Master Crafting Writs on your new Arcanist character until you reach level 50.
This is one of many reasons why crafting writs and crafting in eso is so useful.



Stock up on transmute stones by doing daily random dungeons, Battlegrounds or reaching tier 1 rewards in the Cyrodiil campaign on all your characters. Reaching tier 1 rewards can be completed by simply preparing the walls in Keeps, no PvP is required. Buy stone repair kits from Siege merchant, place them in your quick slot menu and repair damaged keep walls. You'll reach tier one quickly.
New sets are coming with ESO Necrom Chapter, and some of them will surely be used for the arcanist class, so it's an essential tip to be prepared and stacked up on transmutes.

Maxing Crafting

If you are interested in maxing out all the crafting lines on your arcanist, then you can pre-purchase intricate items from guild traders to deconstruct. Let them sit in your mailbox, and loot the mail on your arcanist to get a leg up in crafting quickly. Be sure to unlock the green CP "Inspiration boost" to make this even faster.
Gear pieces with the intricate trait can drop from any monster or crafting writs so hold on to them and place them in your storage chest or bank and be ready to level crafting on your new Arcanist character.

End Game Sets

There are just a ton of great sets that I use in my builds but here is a list of all great End-Game sets that are worth collecting for your Arcanist:
Damage Dealers:
  • Deadly Strike
    • Obtainable in Cyrodiil or Guild Traders
    • It increases your damage for channels and damage over time which equals pretty much everything The Arcanist does.
  • Soulshine
    • Obtainable in Reapers March Zone, Overland Set
    • Easy to get, base game, good damage set and is beginner-friendly. It grants you 369 weapon or spell damage for five seconds, and you'll be able to keep a high up-time on it.
  • Coral Riptide
    • Obtainable from Dreadsail Reef Trial, High Isle Chapter
    • For more advanced players with stamina builds. You lower your stamina, which increases your weapon and spell damage up to 740. Hart to maintain but very powerful option.
  • Whorl of the Depths
    • Obtainable from Dreadsail Reef Trial, High Isle Chapter
    • Excellent"proc" set that does really really good damage and comes in light armor
  • Pillar of Nirn
    • Obtainable from Falkreth Hold Dungeon, Horns of the Reach DLC
    • Another fantastic "proc" set that also does great damage and will be meta when Arcanist launches
  • Sul-Xan's Torment
    • Obtainable from Rockgrove Trial, Blackwood Chapter
  • Ansuul's Torment
    • Obtainable from Sanity's Edge Trial, Necrom Chapter
    • I'll be using it with The Arcanist as its five-piece bonus fits perfectly with the stationary Arcanist playstyle in PvE.
ESO had hundreds of sets, and this list is also long, so what to focus on? If you’re reading this, We're assuming you want to get powerful quickly and reach end-game content, so that’s what we will gear for.
Also, here are some essential tips for Leveling skill lines to max out skill points, skill lines and morphs and be ready for anything in-game:
  • Unlock Skill Lines (mages guild, fighter and undaunted)
  • Level all Armor (light, medium and heavy)
  • Unlock ALL Weapon Choices (dual wield, two-handed, bow etc.)
  • Setup Skill Bars with dead skills to level the maximum amount of them at once.
  • Level and change out skills and morph to level them all.

ESO Articles, Guides, and Builds

Thank you for reading the ESO Necrom Chapter: Essential Tips to Prepare for the Arcanist Class Guide! Also, consider watching me on Twitch. Feel free to ask me questions about my builds and the games I play, or check out my YouTube Channel.
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2023.05.31 16:18 lazylittlelady [Discussion] Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson---Chps. I-9 to 63

We get some more insight into all the characters in this exciting section! Welcome back to the discussion!
Marginalia - best place to post anything outside of this section, especially if it's spolier-y!
Just a reminder, we take spoilers very seriously, especially in this series, so hide everything that needs it. To indicate a spoiler, enclose the relevant text with the > ! and ! < characters (there is no space in-between). Also, not everyone has read the Mistborn books, so mark those appropriately, as well. This includes the discussion below. You have been warned!
POV: Lift, Wyndle
I-10: Szeth
POV: Szeth
I-11: New Rythms
POV: Eshonai and the Parshendi
Chapter 59: Fleet
"I'll address this letter to my 'old friend', as I have no idea what name you're using currently"
POV: Kaladin
Mosaic of Stormseat
Chapter 60: Veil Walks
"Have you given up on the gemstone, now that it is dead? And you no longer hide behind the name of your old master? I am told that in your current incarnation you've take a name that references what you presume to be one of your virtues"
POV: Shallan
Chapter 61: Obedience
POV: Shallan- 1 and 1/2 years ago flashback
Chapter 62: The One Who Kiled Promises
"This is, I suspect, a little like a skunk naming itself for its stench"
POV: Kaladin
Chapter 63: A Burning World
"Now, look what you've made me say. You've always been able to bring out the most extreme in me, old friend. And I do still name you a friend, for all that you weary me"
POV: Shallan
The next section is Chapter 64 – Chapter 70 for June 7
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2023.05.31 16:13 NAbsZer0 Looking for a friend to add to our warframe group!!

Hey, me and 2 other friends are looking for a fourth group member to grind warframe as a complete party. We dont just play warframe and really are down to have a new friend that we chat and play any and all games with. Some of the games we play are MW2, apex, rocket league, elden ring, hogwarts legacy, gta rp, civ6, vr chat, and a lot more. Our interests/hobbies are anime, video games, sports, ttrpg, and a lot more. We are all 25+ and currently the group is comprised of 1 woman and 2 men and would prefer an additional woman to add to the group to balance it out.
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2023.05.31 16:13 RobertSKeene [The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Seventy-Three (collaboration with u/hydrael)

[The Primeval Apocalypse] - Chapter Seventy-Three (collaboration with u/hydrael)

The Primeval Apocalypse by Alex Raizman and Robert Keene
Start here (Prologue) Previous
Rachel and her front line were able to scramble clear as the entelodont charged, barely before they were trampled underfoot. I had the brief option to stand with Rachel and her crew, but I cast that plan aside to stick with the giant boarlike monster as it barrelled towards the Mandrill queen.
The whole plan had revolved around flipping the most fearsome fighter on the field to our side. The last thing I wanted was to let that investment be wasted.
With the beast joining the fight, Rachel’s crew took the upper hand in combat once more .The Mandrills weren’t all breaking and running, but their morale had been badly damaged by the sight of their celebrated secret weapon turning against them.
It would have to be enough. The entelodont only had eyes for the queen, and it was not going to be swayed from that course. The best way to help them was going to be to help the beast to eliminate her and her forces.
The giant monster smashed through the wood-and-stone wall of the animal pen between it and the queen. Despite the opening of their potential path to freedom—or to the fight—all the animals being kept within fled the other direction, too terrified of the massive beast to do anything else.
I heard the queen let out a bellowing hoot of challenge at the beast’s approach, and when I peeked around the monster’s flank, I saw that she was activating an ability that caused a red glow to suffuse her arms.
The entelodont learned what that meant before I did. When it slammed into her, she held her ground, grabbing its face with her hands to stop it from biting her. Its momentum sent her sliding back, but she managed to avoid being bowled over as she held her ground.
The small army of guards with her scattered and scrambled back, too terrified to attack yet. But she held.
And that’s when I circled around.
With her whole ability-enhanced strength turned to the task of keeping those massive square teeth from chomping down on her, there wasn’t anything she could do about me. I rushed up on her and slammed both axes into her at once with reckless abandon, one in her back and the other at her elbow, hoping to break her hold. The giant gashes I left behind didn’t stop her, and the entelodont’s rage hadn’t subsided in the slightest. The contest of strength persisted.
I wanted to keep beating up on her, but the initial shock of the monster’s charge was wearing off.
The small army with the queen charged in at me, and I suddenly felt very alone.
My best attempt to tip the scales was to launch a quick kick into the queen’s gut, hitting her with Skull Bash to stun her. Where I hadn’t broken her grapple with the entelodont with damage, the stun did it. Her grip failed and the entelodont bowled her over, its charge carrying it through as it overran a bunch of her guards while it bull rushed her away from me.
More Mandrills rushed in at me from every other side. I still had a bit of time left on my buffs, but I feared I was in over my head here. It had been a long time since I used my Defensive Stance toggle, but this was the time for it. The achievement-granted ability boosted my parry skill, while reducing my weapon skill. Combined with the skill boosts from Rachel’s shouts, it was the best way to survive against dozens of foes at once.
Weapons whipped at me from every angle, but leaning hard on the system to save me paid off. My own axes became a protective dome of blades. My Beast Hunter awareness let me keep ahead of even foes attacking from behind me, my Parrying skill controlling my limbs to block those attacks.
Even still, more than a few broke through my defenses. My Dodge skill let me slip under and around a few of those, but not everything. A sword sliced across my cheek. The spiked butt of a poleaxe smashed into my leg. The side of a spearhead left a shallow cut on my forearm. And all around me were enraged hooting Mandrill faces, each one more intent than the last to be the one to kill me.
A strange sound was coming from somewhere nearby. Too rhythmic and patterned to be random background noise. Too close to be anything from outside the fight. It took me a minute to place it. It was me.
I was laughing.
Somehow, in the middle of this dire struggle for my life, I realized the truth: I was having fun.
The damage that snuck through my defenses was small. With all these foes working so hard, I had still taken more damage from the entelodont’s swipe than I was here.
My growing level had surpassed the power of an army of Mandrills. It was possible that the alpha or the queen might be a serious challenge for me one-on-one, but here? Against a bunch of low-level guards?
I was the apex predator now.
I left Defensive Stance active. The last thing I wanted was a lucky hit to take me out. But after activating a charge of Second Wind for some healing, I shifted my focus, lashing out against the foes around me.
My axe ripped through flimsy leather armor. A Mandrill screamed, falling away with a near-mortal wound. My next strike was faster, and I unleashed Maul with it, a blast of crimson energy emanating from the attack and opening deep bleeding wounds on every Mandrill around me. I bared my teeth in a rictus grin at the army around me, and reveled in the sensation of power it gave me to see them flinch.
Through my bond with Noaich, I sensed his approach. He’d pulled himself from the wreckage of the building the alpha had chucked him through, and was charging to my rescue, keeping low to the ground to ambush the first foe he could reach. I wanted to instruct him to fall back—to help Rachel and her people instead—but so long as the queen’s forces were here with me, they weren’t over there making that fight harder. And I couldn’t refuse his help if I wanted to come out of this fight victorious.
My initial burst of offense had given me some breathing room.
No, that wasn’t accurate.
The Mandrills were the ones reclaiming breathing room. I couldn’t have that.
I looked around the group until I made eye contact with one of them. It was a juvenile male, with a sword and a crude square wooden shield. I swept my axe at him and activated Mistral Reach, launching a blast of energy at him.
As soon as it left my weapon, I charged after it.
The blast of energy sent his hastily-raised shield smashing into his chest, stunning him briefly while I smashed my axe into his shoulder, hurling him down onto the ground.
I flung myself at the Mandrill that was standing beside the downed juvenile. My axes flew, ripping through her defenses and sending her scrambling back, fleeing before my damage output combined with the bleed effect from Maul spelled her doom.
It’s a monster! one of the Mandrills behind me shouted. Too much for us!
We are twenty of the best-trained fighters in SongLight, another crowed from nearby. And there’s only one of it! Just kill it!
I turned and found the one who’d spoken with such hubris. It was another juvenile male, trying to lead the older, more experienced guards around him at my back.
I grinned and lunged towards him.
To his credit, he parried my first strike. But the second axe right behind it split his nose in half diagonally, sending him flailing wildly. I kicked one of his feet out from under him and as he fell I hacked a deep gash into his side, feeling the scrape of his ribs against the blade through the iron weapon.
“Come on, then,” I said, flashing a big grin at the Mandrills who had been rallying behind the now-downed would-be hero. “Throw yourselves at me. I’m just a monster, aren’t I? What are you so afraid of?”
They had apparently been told to expect to hear me speak intelligibly, as none of them were surprised. The survivor who was huddled in the camp to the northeast had likely told them what to expect from me. But my words and actions clearly rattled them.
I didn’t wait for them to recover, launching myself at the next Mandrill, hacking into its armored arm to send a poleaxe clattering to the ground. I let out a cackling laugh as I hacked into the Mandrill’s chest, sending blood spraying. I didn’t even wait for that one to hit the ground before slashing at the next, sending her scrambling back, dropping her sword and shoving at the wall of guards around me to try and escape.
She pushed her way out of the ring of guards, and ran face-first into death itself.
Noaich pounced, snapping his jaws closed around her arm and twisting away with terrible destructive force. I thought she was going to get blended in his death roll, but she wasn’t sturdy enough even for that. Her arm broke off at the elbow, sending a spray of blood and sharpening her screams as she bolted away from the fight in a state of shocked panic.
That seemed to break the morale of the remaining fighters. Only about a third of the Mandrills around me broke at first, backing off. But when the numbers around me thinned, the morale of those who were uncertain failed as well. And the seven or eight who remained confident recognized the shift in the situation, backing off and screaming for the cowards to return and fight.
Well within my radius, I could see that Rachel’s group had been mobbed by more and more Mandrills, but were fighting them off now. The tide was turning and Rachel was leading the charge, jumping from line to line on all sides to support her team and keep them going despite the odds.
To the south, I could see the alpha abandoning the fight. He was heading east, but circling southwards around Rachel’s line. Was he seeking reinforcements? Or was there a secret weapon he was going to attack with after his guards bought enough time?
As the Mandrills around me scattered, though, there was one thing remaining that consumed my attention.
The entelodont was fighting the queen and her few remaining guards. The Mandrills were losing. Badly. The queen was now fighting with a giant claymore with a wavy edge, and though the blade was coated in blood and gore, the giant beast looked unharmed. As I watched, a giant gash along one shoulder knitted closed before my eyes.
I suddenly remembered that the cerebtyrannus had lost access to its telekinetic abilities while under the effects of the herbs.
A cold finger ran down my spine.
What had I actually unleashed?
The Queen and her forces were wounded. Several mortally. She had to realize that this was not going to end her way so long as The Big One was a neutral entity in this fight.
Herbs! she demanded with a blood-curdling monkey shriek. Someone get the herbs!
“Rachel!” I bellowed in response. “Now!”
I felt like it was a minor miracle that she heard me over the din of battle. But when she yelled her response, it was loud. I was convinced that she’d gotten a passive from her Barbarian subclass that let her put some inhuman volume behind her words.
“PETER!” she roared. “NOW!”
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2023.05.31 16:04 Db9210 Sexy Gamer Girl BAMBOLA Fucked Hard In Elden Ring And Doggystyle

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2023.05.31 16:04 Grievous69 Energy weapons tier list - 0.96a RC10

There will be two tiers listed for ships/weapons. The first one always showing how good something is in the hands of AI, the second one being for player control. If there is only one tier, then there isn't a noticeable difference in power between the pilot.
Tiers are relative, meaning something being C tier doesn't mean it's bad. It's simply niche and you can better choices available. There's almost no truly bad ships/weapons in Starsector so it would be boring to have a tier list consisting of maybe 3 tiers.
Antimatter Blaster: B / S-
Torpedo in the form of a gun pretty much. AMB has only 400 range but deals a ton of energy damage. Kind of niche due to such extreme strike nature, it's hard on flux on your own ship, so I'm not a big fan of giving these to AI ships often. Although there are places where even AI will know how to use it (like Scarab and Fury). For some reason it has 20 charges, which you probably won't spend until the big fights come. Very nice for phase ships especially. But yeah expect this to shine when a skilled player uses it, it's easy to end up in a sticky situation with a big flux spike.
Burst PD Laser: A+
Best energy PD, they even got buffed this patch. They work on charges so they're really good at stopping missiles, unless there's a barrage coming at you. Also really great versus fighters since the burst itself has good hit strength. Consider Expanded Magazines hullmod if your other energy weapons have charges, you'll get good value out of it.
Ion Cannon: B
If you don't have medium energy mounts, this will be your only form of EMP pressure, I can't call it bad. EMP is basically a win more tool but it can help a lot with fast pesky ships and fighters. Somewhat expensive at 6 OP for what it does. Much more useful in early game where enemies have weak shields.
IR Pulse Laser: B+
Standard pew pew assault weapon, not much to say about it. Good efficiency, good DPS, also your only source of consistent hard flux damage in small mounts. Damage per shot is on the low side so it does almost nothing to armour of destroyers and up.
LR PD Laser: B
As name tells, long range PD weapon that has an advantage over other options. It can actually destroy missiles that detonate at ranges outside of standard PD range (Sabots, DEMs). 800 base range is a lot so you could make a whole grid of PD lasers if you're up against a missile heavy fleet. One downside is low DPS so you'll need more than 1-2 on a ship. Thankfully it got buffed so it costs less OP, which was my main complaint before.
PD Laser: B
Half range of LR PDs, but has actual competent DPS, it just might kill a single fighter. Until you find Burst PDs, you'll be probably using this on your energy mounts.
Tactical Laser: B
Effciency buff was nice, I still think it's niche in a way where it only makes sense on ships going full disco mode with beams. One funny thing with Tacticals dealing 1000 ranged energy damage, is it keeping the AI's shields up, they don't like being painted on armour. So unless your ships has other long range weapons, it will just needlessly negate the 0-flux speed bonus. It's also not bad on carriers and other support ships which will stay away from fights, but might need something to deter frigates.
Graviton Beam: A
This one is a doozy with all the effects it has. So first, it's a 1000 range kinetic beam, so it might seem meh at first. But it's cheap and easy to spam since it's light on flux and cheap on OP. Then, it has the effect of increasing ALL shield damage a target takes while Graviton(s) is firing at it. Scales up to 3 Gravitons with 10% more shield damage. That's big considering even your other allies benefit from it, provided they attack the same target. Then it also has a special effect of slightly pushing things along its beam path. Meaning it can fling missiles away (not always though) and even some fighters. Not something you will rely on but nevertheless a neat thing to have. Guess the buff worked in the end. Nice option for midiline ships.
Heavy Blaster: B / A+
Large weapon in a medium package, HB has monstrous DPS potential at the cost of very bad efficiency. Please don't put this on AI ships that don't have enough flux for it. Each shot is damaging enough that it works as a quasi anti armour weapon. Pairs well with SO and/or Sabots.
Heavy Burst PD Laser: B-
First, I want to be clear and say this isn't a bad PD weapon. The problem is well, it occupies a medium energy mount, and all ships with those have plenty of small mounts for smaller Burst PDs. So no real reason to mount them despite the buffs it got (while losing the ability to ignore decoy flares). And same as small variants, great versus fighters and stopping missiles fast while it has more generous regenerating charges. Maybe it works nice on some mod ships, so far I haven't found a good vanilla candidate without sacrificing damage.
Ion Beam: B+
Getting a much needed flux cost reduction, it feels better now. 1000 range EMP beam is very nice for long range builds or support ships. It also has a nice shield pierce effect where it can deal EMP damage through arcs when the targets is at high flux. As other EMP weapons it costs a fair amount of OP.
Ion Pulser: A / S-
Charge based EMP weapon with short range but extreme burst potential. This will shut down a whole ass ship at once is what I'm saying. Great for strike builds where you could safely vent in the face of danger that is temporarily helpless. For an EMP weapon it's also not bad at dealing actual damage to hull, something that other options do not have. S-modded Expanded Magazines makes it even better.
IR Autolance: B
Cheap anti-fighter weapon, it's a charge based fragmentation beam with smart targeting system, meaning it will save charges for either fighters or when the enemy shields get dropped. It's a better Thumper in a nutshell. Nice on midline ships who won't have enough flux for everything. Only 8 OP and low flux usage, make sure you have plenty of assault firepower elsewhere before deciding on these.
Phase Lance: C / B
Almost everything getting buffs left Phase Lance in a meh spot. You have better ways to get through shields, you have better anti armour tools, and dealing with fighters is not worth the price if that's going to be your main thing for it. Burst damage is still nice, it didn't suddenly become unusable. You just have more efficient burst options. 1.2 efficiency and you deal soft flux is asking a lot. Although still decent on flagship strike builds, phase ships as well.
Pulse Laser: A-
Having the same efficiency as the small variant was a big deal. It is now the shield cracker option in most situations and smaller ships can actually handle the flux. Bring something for heavy armour though.
Autopulse Laser: A / A+
Pulse Laser but now with charges. Incredible burst capability and efficiency, and now its biggest weakness - sustained DPS - can be solved by s-modding Expanded Magazines. Excellent for dealing with shields, as far as high tech ships manage, damage per shot isn't crazy, you'll spend a lot of time cracking through capitals. One thing rarely seen is energy weapons not being accurate. Autopulse is much better mounted in hardpoints where that drawback gets nearly negated. As in turrets it will start to fire all over the place in prolonged burst, but it's not like you care much for hitting shields.
High Intensity Laser: A+
Better than ever, with 0.8 efficiency now and reworked Gravitons. HIL is basically death to anything that has their shields down. Melts through armour like butter, you only need to make sure you have enough kinetic damage to deal with shields. HE beam that is unlockable, perfect accuracy and mountstrous DPS at 1000 range will ruin the day of any Shield Shunted ship. Only reason it isn't S tier is because it's dead weight while shields are up, so you technically need to wait to use your big guns.
Paladin PD System: C+
Like Heavy Burst PD, asking to devote a non-small energy mount just for PD is a hard one. ESPECIALLY large energy mounts, which are the best in the game. I mean Paladin got reworked before, it melts missiles, it melts fighters with AOE fragmentation explosions, it does everything it needs. It's just niche at the end of the day, many ships that have large energies need them for damage. You could definitely make it work on a Champion or Odyssey, you'll just be sacrificing raw power.
Plasma Cannon: B+ / S-
Best DPS in a large energy mount, and even good damage per shot, it's role is anti-everything. Pretty simple weapon but pretty darn strong. AI ships will be running hot, it's much better with a careful player knowing when to stop firing. Not the main role of it, a cool thing it does is having shots so powerful, they go straight through most fighters. So you can be attacking another big ship and completely unitentionally clear entire fighter wings.
Tachyon Lance: B+ / S
Sniper's wet dream, Tach Lance is Plasma Lance on crack. 1000 range, incredible burst damage and a ton of EMP damage on top. And like with Ion Beam, its EMP arcs can hit through shields when the target is high on flux. Similar to HIL, it's smart to have a lot of kinetic firepower as well. With Tachyons you either want to overwhelm the target with as many as you can have, or fire them in the right moment. The enemy otherwise just dissipates soft flux and walks away. AI will sometimes fire at dumb shit but at least the shit will be no more. Only time it's not a great choice, is on fast ships that can easily get it, you're better of mounting something more efficient and hard flux.
This patch "introduced" 2 hybrid weapons, which are just changed energy weapons from before. And they still work like that, all stat changing buffs such as skills and hullmods work exactly as if they were energy weapons. They can just be mounted in ballistic slots now.
Mining Laser: C+
Never in my life would I think of putting this little thing higher than D tier. But it happened, since it costs a whopping ONE OP. You still need a hundred of these to stop missiles and kill fighters, but at least it won't bring you to cry anymore. They're an okay alternative if you're really hurting for OP and you have a ton of unfilled small mounts. 4 of these have the same flux/second as a single PD laser, and same OP cost, but higher DPS and more range. So it's an actual choice now. They still get scrapped as soon as you find Burst PDs.
Mining Blaster: A-
Another blessing from the maker, this was F tier in my previous tier list... It got completely changed, it's another charge based weapon, but dealing HE damage that is is scripted (not reduced by armour). And like IR Autolance autofire AI is smart enough not to fire on shields. Absolutey amazing versus phase ships. Mind you it'll obviously always be worse than ballistics due to inefficiency. It just works so great on many speedy builds where you need burst armour cracking.
I'll be talking about some energy weapons you won't find in markets or just randomly as loot somewhere. So if you don't mind slight spoilers, go right ahead. Hint: They're LG weapons.
Kinetic Blaster: A-
First thing we notice here is dogshit efficiency for a kinetic weapon. So why is it so highly ranked? DPS. It breaks shields faster than every other non-large energy weapon. Pulse Laser is barely a bit worse versus shields, and it deals energy damage. Time to break shields is just such an important tool in this game that the inefficiency isn't such a huge hit. Besides, this will be used on high tech ships which already use non efficient fancy weapons.
Gigacannon: C+ / C
I love this thing so much. It's basically a big Antimatter Blaster, not having that much higher damage, but it has standard range, amazing flux efficiency and doesn't use ammo. The problem is DPS. Among the large energy weapons, it has such lower DPS values. 150 is almost small energy tier. So this leaves it in a niche tier, where it's great on ships that don't have flux for DPS powerhouses, and just need something mounted. It also has a short chargeup animation, but when it hits, boy does it hit.
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2023.05.31 16:01 BedEasy2946 Which souls game should I play after Elden Ring?

I love the game and I'm nearing the end, just gotta get past fire giant and radagon, (I think anyways, not entirely sure yet) then it's done.
I'm thinking of getting into more from software games, so which should I play next?
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