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A public blockchain infrastructure aiming to facilitate Internet level large-scale applications and bridge the physical world and the digital world to launch the era of Web 3.0.

2023.03.21 02:21 Comicalacimoc I manage a team of 10 and get along well with everyone. One person on the team truly does not carry her weight and doesn’t try to improve. She’s attended 8 funerals this year and taken 11 days off for them.

She took 8 days off for having Covid and is late at least 3 times a month. She regularly takes unexpected time off on the day she is supposed to have reports sent and others have to cover them.
I’ve spoken to her a couple of times about making sure her tasks are done on time and accurately.
A different time, she told my boss she had to take time off who communicated it to me. He’s very easy going and didn’t think much of it.
Today she left halfway through the day (she had been working from home) and called my boss and left a message with his assistant saying she had to leave for a family situation.
I emailed her nicely to contact me directly if she needed to take time off so I can make sure her tasks are covered. I also said I hope everything is okay.
She emailed me back a few minutes ago and cc’d my boss saying she was very upset and offended at my email and that I had no idea what a tragic situation was happening.
I don’t think I said anything out of line and our procedure is to call or email your direct manager if you need to take time off or leave early.
I forwarded her email to HR.
I’d like to de-escalate the situation tomorrow and will be guided by HR but how can I manage a person who just isn’t doing their work?
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2023.03.21 02:20 crackworry Todd V - Verbal Game Academy (Latest Version)

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2023.03.21 02:20 Sir_Chirpsalot Part 7 of my journey fanfic 'the forest and the guardians' is here!

Note: This part also contains minor spoilers for 'The Pathless'

Part 1 of the previous story:
Part 1 of this story:
Previous part:
Bulo had been trying to sleep since dusk. Ten minutes in, and she found herself pacing her house, unable to stay still. She was feeling incredibly nervous because there was a major fight between two Ryuthlians, and she had no idea how to stop it. One had burned the other's dream journal by accident, and they were determined to get revenge. Not only that, but she was still getting used to all the hefty responsibilities that came with being the leader. Eventually, her anxiety drove her to seek out comfort in another Ryuthlian; Cerbecus.
Cerbecus had been sleeping when he heard Bulo knock on the door. He assumed that Bulo was asking for advice on how to solve the problem between the two Ryuthlians; everyone knew about it. As such, he wasn't at all surprised when he saw her. “May I come in?” she asked. Cerbecus answered by opening the door wider, and she came in. She sat down on a chair and sighed. Cerbecus asked what was wrong. “It’s my stress. I just feel like I can’t take this,” she told him, breathing rapidly, and finally meeting his eyes. “Do you have any ideas as to what I could do?” Cerbecus hummed in thought. “Well, perhaps you could have a break or something, just a day off,” he suggested. Bulo nodded and said, “If I do take a break, would you be able to cover for me?”
A gleam suddenly came into Cerbecus’ eye. “You know, it sounds like you’re just too stressed out for this job, a bit too overwhelmed. Maybe it would be better if I took it over, permanently” he suggested. Bulo stopped. She was shocked. Sure, the deputy always replaced the leader eventually, but it had never been the case that they were replaced while still alive, unless other tribe members voted them out. She thought about it. The idea was frightening. Sure, this role made her nervous, but she still wanted it. She had been this stressed when she began her duty as deputy, but things had slowly got better. “I-I’m sure I’ll learn to manage myself in due time,” she replied. Cerbecus flicked the ground with his scarf, narrowing his eyes. “In due time, yes, but what about all the squabbles, arrangements, and building that need to be done in the meantime? You wouldn’t want a new training camp to be sloppily made just because you needed more time, or this difficult fight to end in disaster because you couldn’t give those two good advice?”
Those were the words that did it. She quickly imagined how the fight between those two Ryuthlians could unfold if she gave them the wrong advice, which she now thought would be the only outcome. She looked at Cerbecus with terror and felt a weight form on her scarf. She thought he was right. If she wanted the best for the tribe, she’d hand over complete leadership to someone who was really competent. She sat down and took a few deep breaths. “I’ll go back to being the deputy, right?” she asked. Cerbecus nodded, and Bulo left the house as a storm rolled in.

When Rezart woke up the next day, he headed down to the guardian training camp. Turns out, they had caught the last guardians yesterday, so the forest was finally safe. They had plenty of ideas on how to use them.
It was on his way there that he learned about what had happened last night. A Southern Tribe’s member told him about it since Ryuthlians, be it desert or forest, told the other tribes if they had a change of leadership. Rezart was concerned. “And you’re sure that Bulo did that?” he asked. The other Ryuthlian nodded. “Bulo said it was because she’s too stressed. She’s gone back to being a deputy.” Rezart frowned. Bulo, stressed but kind, only wanting the best for her tribe. Then again, if she thought that was best, then he wasn’t going to complain. Still, she had only been the leader for about a month.
The two Ryuthilans were about a mile away from the guardian training camp, and they had fallen silent. Rezart heard the mechanical whirls and hums of the guardians. He briefly felt uncomfortable but repressed those thoughts as he slid down and saw Cerbecus talking with a bunch of other Ryuthlians. Immediately Rezart noticed something different about him. He stood straighter and had a different look in his eye.
“We can build Guardian holding stations in the desert and use them to carry materials over the ocean. It’ll be faster and safer than normal boats. Not only that, but we could also use them for bulldozing the nearby trees and rocks, so we could gather resources more quickly,” Cerbecus told them. He turned his head when he saw Rezart. Rezart paused and looked around him. He had just arrived, and other eyes were already on him. He examined them. Eyes from the Western Tribe looked away in scorn, while the ones from the Southern Tribe seemed on edge. Eastern Rythulians were neutral. Nevertheless, he asked Cerbecus to give him a role. “I can still be useful,” he said. “I’ll find a way to control the guardians, even when they aren’t being held down.”
Cerbecus hummed in thought. After some thinking, he said, “Alright, you may do that. I thought that after your knowledge of their wild behavior dried up, you wouldn’t want to be part of the program anymore, but I’m happy to see that you’re still willing to make heroic contributions,” he said. Rezart felt happiness well up inside him. He suddenly felt wanted again, an important role to play in life had come back. Perhaps he didn’t need the Eastern Tribe after all.
In the end, he spent three months in the Guardian Training Program. During this time, he worked harder and more diligently than anyone else. Even the other Western Tribe members were impressed, and he found himself having small, non-aggressive conversations with them. His work culminated in an instrument that could control the guardians even when they had no weights or reins attached. It was a whistle that emitted a noise that was acoustic torture for them. If they heard it, they became paralyzed. The day they tested this out, along with some commands they had taught them, was the last day Rezart had hoped to rejoin his tribe.
On that day, they wanted to see how many trees a guardian could bulldoze in one go, and how well the whistle really worked. To no one's surprise, Cerbecus chose Pine for the experiment. In fact, Pine was always chosen for obedience experiments, as it still had some fiery rage left inside.
Bulldozing trees was nothing new to Pine. It had done that when it first arrived to create comfortable sleeping spaces. It had always done it with its partner, Bark. Pine now saw Ryuthlians coming up to it. The guardian recoiled slightly, then became confused when they removed the metal bindings from its wings. It moved them up and down, getting used to the feel again. It hadn't felt this light and free since it had been captured. It was honestly tempted to fly away, but Cerbecus had the reins attached to its face, and it could see the whistle that Cerbecus was holding. It hovered a meter above the ground, wondering what was going to happen next.
A total of forty Ryuthlians went with Pine. They stood next to its side and front, but not the tail. That was thanks to an incident where a Ryuthlian was close to Pine's tail, and Pine took the opportunity to thwack the poor chap. Cerbecus was at the front and made frequent glances back at Pine, who glared in return.
Cerbecus took Pine to an area full of young trees. He knew from before that guardians weren't able to tackle very large trees, but he was certain they could take out the small ones. When Pine saw them, it knew what Cerbecus wanted. Suddenly Pine thought it could escape. It knew that when Cerbecus let go of the reins, it was expected to bulldoze the trees down, but it had other plans. It waited in silence as Cerbecus blew the whistle while letting off the reins and backing away. Then he gave the signal to tear through a nearby tree.
The moment he did, Pine made its escape attempt. It flew right above the trees and for a moment thought it was safe. It heard cries from below and felt briefly secure, but then Cerbecus blew the whistle. It rattled the air. Pine struggled to recompose itself, but the noise continued, and it tumbled down, flattening several trees as it did.
The noise then stopped, but Pine didn't move. In all honesty, it was just worried about hearing it again. Cerbecus stood over the weakened guardian and gave the signal again to bulldoze the trees. Pine looked up at the sky, which now felt like a faraway dream. It then lifted itself off up the ground, went to one of the trees, and crashed clean through it. Cerbecus was impressed. He didn't expect Pine to cut a tree that was half a meter thick in three seconds. For a Ryuthlian, cutting down a tree that size took an hour. He recalled the power that the guardians had. They were still formidable beings, but the technology he had was more powerful than they could ever be.
Pine worked for a while, destroying every tree it could. At one point, it began to destroy trees just to release its frustration, becoming determined to flatten the whole forest. Yet exhaustion eventually overtook it, and Pine collapsed after five hours. When this happened, Cerbecus was disappointed, but then he looked around and saw a giant bare patch in the middle of the forest. He felt good.
The other Ryuthlians had also watched this happen from the sidelines. They had been there in case Pine made another escape attempt, and they each had their own whistle. Amongst them was Rezart. He had been quietly watching Pine, as required, but the whole time he had desperately desired to talk to the Ryuthlian who was standing next to him, a western tribe member. He didn’t even know what to talk about, but he wanted to make a proper reconnection with them once and for all. What made him even more eager was that they used to know each other. The Ryuthlian was one of his housemates, named Crozo. He remembered teaching her how to make pottery and encouraging her to keep going even when she was having a difficult time. She was standing a couple of meters away from him, staring at Pine intently. When Pine collapsed onto the ground, no one was sure what to do. They hadn’t brought any equipment to bring back a collapsed guardian. Rezart immediately volunteered to do this. When he did, he quickly glanced at Crozo, and the words came out without thought. “Would you like to join me?”
He paused, realizing the weight of what he had said. For a second, he prayed that he’d be accepted again, but Crozo only looked away with pain in her eyes. “No thanks. Maybe you and another eastern tribe member can get the equipment.” Rezart hesitated. In that moment, he knew that the headband he bore no longer had meaning, and he felt an empty feeling inside him. He walked back to the guardian training camp and came back with the equipment, not uttering a word to anyone. When he did come back, he looked Pine in the eye as they put the metal bindings on its wings. Pine looked back, then looked back at the ground.
Cernos had been wandering through the forest freely for a while now. He had obeyed Rezart, avoiding other Ryuthlians when he could. It was surprisingly easy. The forest was so massive that Cernos would have a hard time finding any Ryuthlians even if he wanted to. However, its size wouldn’t stop him from stumbling across what Rezart feared.
It was night when it happened, and most Ryuthlians had gone home. Indeed, Rezart would never have found out that Cernos had discovered the guardians if he hadn’t stayed behind, putting Pine back into its place. Rezart had a hard time feeling sorry for Pine. He felt sorry for the others, apart from Wood and Rock, but he had been there when Pine whistled happily when it had hit the other Ryuthlian with its tail. The Ryuthlian in question was lucky to be alive.
Pine emitted a low growl while Rezart tightened the ropes that connected the bindings to a nearby boulder, but it didn't move because it knew he had a whistle. They didn't use the tower anymore. Instead they used boulders. Rezart worked while thinking deeply about his tribe. It seemed that he would have to accept his place in the eastern tribe, especially since other Ryuthlians thought that's where he belonged. He sighed, then noticed a blue glow a few yards away. When Rezart saw the glow, he also spotted antlers. Immediately he panicked and tried to prevent Cernos from seeing Pine. He did this by trying to get Pine to look away from Cernos, but it was no use. Pine wasn't cooperating; instead, it looked directly at Cernos. When it saw him, it let out a loud roar that shook the trees. Cernos was a trusted friend. It prayed that he would break it free from the bindings.
For a moment, Rezart wanted to cry out to Cernos not to come near them, but then he didn't. No, it was useless to try now. Cernos was coming up the forest slope towards them. If he tried to stop him now, it would just be super suspicious. Instead, he stood a few paces away as Cernos made his way to the top and found himself standing in front of all fifty guardians, bound to boulders.
At first, Cernos struggled to understand what he was seeing. He was confused and approached the rope with suspicion, giving it a small sniff. He stepped back when he realized that they were made by Ryuthlians and became even more shocked when he finally saw Rezart. Pine whistled for Cernos, thinking that he would attack Rezart or free it, then narrowed its eye in disappointment when Cernos did nothing of the sort. Instead, he began to question Rezart.
"How did you do this?" Cernos began. Rezart sighed in relief. This wasn't so bad. "We set up nets in the forest to catch them. Don't worry, we didn't catch any other creatures, just the guardians," he informed him. Cernos nodded, and Rezart could see a disdainful look in his eye. "Why did you do it?" Rezart chuckled nervously. "Well, these beasts you see, they were terrorizing us, attacking us whenever they could. We didn't have a choice." Cernos was skeptical. "Why were they attacking you?" Rezart was incredibly tempted to lie, but he felt something disastrous was going to happen if he lied to a god. "We captured cloth dolphins, put them in stone, and used them for war."
At first, Cernos said nothing. He felt as though he had been shot. "So, it was your species that forced many cloth dolphins into their stone prisons," Cernos said. Rezart backed away, thinking that Cernos was going to attack him, but he didn't. Instead, he stood there in front of the guardians with his head lowered, defeated. He only wished he hadn't left the dying forest before the war. Maybe then he could have prevented this. He didn't know what to do. He felt so angry and frustrated, but all he could do was madly stamp the ground with his hooves. He wondered if there was something he could do to stop this now, then realized that there was nothing. No matter what, the Ryuthlians had ultimate power over the Guardians. He turned around and began to trot away, his head facing the ground.
Rezart, however, wasn't done. He was suddenly filled with outrage in his heart. He ran after Cernos, crying out to give him and his species another chance. However, it was useless. Cernos had immense anger in his heart and didn't want to hear any excuses. Instead, he fled when Rezart got near and disappeared into the darkness of the forest. Rezart chased after him relentlessly but got worn out after thirty minutes. After that, he decided to turn back home.
When he returned to the training camp the next day, he felt a shiver go down him. He couldn't get Cernos out of his head and felt hesitant to do anything. Nevertheless, he still worked all day, not knowing that others could sense his uneasy feelings. The one who noticed the most was Cerbecus, and he talked to him privately after training.
It was dusk. Cerbecus had collected everyone's whistles, which he claimed were for safekeeping. He kept them all in a tight box to which only he had the key. He held this box, tucked underneath his cloak when he talked to Rezart. "I've noticed that you've been acting odd today. Is something wrong?" he asked. Rezart shrugged. "I just...I'm not sure we should be doing this anymore. Is it actually right to do this to the guardians?" he asked. Cerberus was silent for a few seconds. Then he said, "You've redeemed yourself."
Rezart was surprised. At first, he wondered if he misheard something. "What? I've...fulfilled my task?" he asked. Cerbecus nodded. "Your task was to neutralize the guardian threat, and you have. More than that, it seems that the eastern tribe has accepted you. You should settle with them," he said. Rezart thought that he was joking at first until he saw a surprisingly nasty flicker in his eye, and his scarf flicking the ground. He suddenly realized that he wasn't wanted here anymore and left.
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2023.03.21 02:19 Appropriate_Scene204 is he interested?

I (30sF) finished a major group grad school project with a guy (30sM) who I think is kind of cute. He says "hi" every time he sees me, even if it's multiple times a day. I sometimes get no indication that he likes me or thinks I'm cute, so I Just assume he's not interested that way. But then sometimes I see something and am like "oh so he finds me cute?" Some examples:
-before our presentation he asked me a question one-on-one about something. I was nervous about the presentation so I felt flustered, and closed my eyes to gather my thoughts, and when I opened them he was beaming and kind of chuckling. Maybe I said something stupid, not sure, so maybe he was laughing at that.
but then, after our presentation was over, since I was leader of the group and assembled the group I got dessert for the group. He was on his way out and I said "would you like this?" and he said "no thanks" so I'm like "ok he doesn't like me, I guess." Cuz if he did he'd at least take it, maybe?
Then he says he can teach me to do some sports activity unrelated to our project so I'm like "ok" and we do that. But then this gives me an indication he may not be into me again:
-I picked it up quickly (I felt tired cuz it was kind of late, and he said I could practice on my own while he's in the gym and I could borrow his equipment anytime at night), and when he said "bye", no hug, just smile and wave "bye."
So I think "ok he's just being friendly, whatever." then:
-I was walking and saw him approaching me from the opposite direction, I was dressed up a bit more than usual to hang with friends (earrings, a crop top, high waist jeans, all a rarity for me), and cuz I felt like it, and he just kind of stopped, and was kind of like smiling (in a genuine not creepy way), said "hi" but like barely, and it felt honestly a little awkward, so I was like "see you later!" I didn't know what else to say. it was weird. haha.
So is it worth just hanging out with him, gauging his interest? Not sure. I mean I'm not like banking on him liking me, but just wondering. I should mention he's pretty introverted compared to me (I'm generally more outgoing). Also he's a little awkward.
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2023.03.21 02:19 superbassface DC vs AC for powering LED panels.

I work in commercial photo and bought a couple Ecoflows for use at work. Their ability to charge with USB-C is great for powering my laptop on long shoot days.
But I'd like to start using it to power some lights (lower draw LEDs that pull around 200 watts). I was wondering if it makes sense to use the AC plug. Because if I use the AC plug, doesn't the power brick change the voltage back to DC before sending to the LED panel? So I was wondering if someone could explain this to me. It seems like the most efficient way to power a light that requires DC power would be to go from DC to DC? and skip the AC/power brick because that would just waste extra energy from the conversion. Any help would be appreciated!

The light in question is a 1x1 LED Panel ( with a max draw of 220watts. It takes power from a 4 pin xlr through a power brick to a wall plug. It has the option to be powered by V-mount or Gold Mount batteries which take a dtap to 4 pin xlr cable directly into the light itself.
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2023.03.21 02:19 eliseeium I saw this in another subreddit and I wanted to ask if any Petsmarts were haunted? Specifically experiences while working overnight?

I never had any besides the creepy noises the building made while you were the only one there.
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2023.03.21 02:18 AzagazNeverDies Blooming Needles

100% Emission, 80% Ehncancement, 80% Manipulation.
Blooming needles is hatsu of execution and torture afficionado Ben Biao. Ben is a notorious Black Book Hunter, who perfers to kill his bounties from afar, about 2 football stadiums away to be more precise.
Ben can enchance and shoot bamboo seeds from his blowgun with tremendous power. When the seed bullets reach the bounty's body, they will begin to grow at a dramatically accelerated rate of growth and branch out inwards.
The needles can be commanded to grow in specific directions, usually the brain or heart... Sometimes the liver or bladder to induce more pain. If the needles detect that they're being removed they will begin to grow in a coiled pattern to maximize tissue damage and bloodloss when being pulled.
The needle's rate of growth is directly proportional with how close Ben is to his target. After shooting a bounty once or twice, all Ben has to do is walk calmly towards them, where he will find the victim overtaken with small bamboo shoots protruding from their chest either writhing with pain and begging to be killed or already dead.
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2023.03.21 02:18 jacephoenix Help! I don’t know how to not be direct in my communication and it’s getting me in trouble at work

Hi all, just as the post says, I keep rubbing people the wrong way and I don’t mean to at all, I’m just very direct in my communication.
Now I’m on the CEO’s radar and afraid I’m going to get fired.
I sincerely try to be as helpful, knowledgeable, and efficient as possible but its often getting taken as me having an authoritarian tone.
Any advice would be helpful, I love my job and really don’t want to lose it.
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2023.03.21 02:18 Ok_Ordinary1884 $3,800 for a direct cremation?

My bf's mom passed away suddenly in December. She had moved to a small town in the mid US with her sister as they were having financial difficulties with securing housing. My bf lost his brother 3 years ago at 25 due to an infection from a tooth, so he was the only heir. His aunt, his mom's only sibling, was living in a small apartment with her. He got the call that she had been admitted to the hospital at 7am and by 4pm she had passed away. The sister has mental health and substance abuse issues and was lead by a friend to a funeral home the following day. We were unable to travel the 1,500 miles and we're informed that the funeral home had told her it would be $3,800 for a direct cremation. No service, no anything except the cremation. He grew up in an extremely dysfunctional home and they later ended up homeless but he felt compelled to stay with them bc was the "parent" figure for both his mom and aunt. He never even had a driver's license until he turned 30 last year. I spoke with the funeral home and I explained that I had recently been laid off (I made most of the money) and he was only working part time. We later discovered that she had a life insurance policy for $5,000. The sister got a ride to the funeral home and showed them the paperwork she found in his mom's belongings. His mom would have wanted him to have a car and start his life as an adult that had only recently broken his traumatic bond and was living as a functioning adult. The life insurance company ended up sending the $5,000 to our address and I knew immediately that he should have a car. I knew someone selling a Toyota Camry for $1500 that needed a little work but was a reliable starter car. I contacted the funeral home again and told them that I would send $3,200. I sent a cashier's check via 2 day priority mail and they received it on Friday. Today I called and a different guy answered the phone and said that there was a remaining balance. I explained that I had spoken to another person last week and again reiterated that her son had bought his first car and he was planning to go out to retrieve some of her belongings. The man said that he would look into it and send the remains after speaking with his colleague. I feel as though he was way overcharged for the service and by the time he had a chance to process what was happening, the funeral home had her cremated the day after she arrived from the hospital. I'm sorry for the long rant, I just feel like he was taken advantage of and God forbid there are any issues with the remains being sent out, (ie: you owe us $600) I just might explode. Her sister is on very heavy duty medications that are generally reserved for end of life care and I am quite certain that it didn't go unnoticed at the funeral home. She had no means of paying for a stamp, let alone $3,800. Any thoughts?
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2023.03.21 02:17 upinflames_ [AP Calculus AB: L'Hopital's Rule] How does jumping from this step to the next make sense?

[AP Calculus AB: L'Hopital's Rule] How does jumping from this step to the next make sense?
Sorry for the somewhat vague question, I didn't know how to phrase it otherwise. Basically, I was stuck on a question on my calc hw and I clicked a button where they walk you through it, but I don't understand how they got to the step marked in red from the other steps. The other steps make sense to me, I just don't understand why/how the 1/x in the denominator came to be.
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2023.03.21 02:17 PDXGalMeow Question about a refund from MOHELA

I paid off most of my loans in early 2022 (over 100k). I had a balance of 5k that I’ll pay if/when Biden’s forgiveness is denied. I called MOHELA in October for a refund of 15k with the Biden forgiveness announcement. I forgot about the refund request.
I was looking at my account over the weekend and was surprised to see I had a balance of over 100k again. I called MOHELA and they said that they refunded all my payments and that they cannot cancel the refund.
I contacted federal student aid and they cannot cancel the refund and don’t know when the refund will be issued. They directed me back to MOHELA. Is there anything else I should/can do?
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2023.03.21 02:17 overheadgantrycrane Things You Need To Know In Regards To The Marine Anchor Winch

Things You Need To Know In Regards To The Marine Anchor Winch
The marine anchor winch can be used in the marine industry on decks to anchor ships. The winch can be used when the ship arrives and it keeps the ship set up. This winch can be powered by diesel, hydraulics, electricity as well as manually if possible.

The winch doesn't consume much space in fact it is super easy to work. The marine electric anchor winch is reasonable in fact it is reliable. The parts are strong and long-lasting plus they don't require a lot of maintenance which makes them well worth the cost for virtually any ship.

Marine Anchor Winch

The marine winch comes in many sizes and it could also be customized which make sure that you find yourself with the proper winch for the job. The winches have the ability to be easily built with double drums or single drums. It is important to select the right winch for the position. A winch which is not big enough won't support the ship as well as a winch that is too big is a complete waste of space and power.

The winch works extremely well using a wire rope or a fiber rope depending on what the needs of the ship are. The rope wraps around the drum and it is disappointed or rolled up dependant upon if the anchor goes down or up. The operator in the winch will release the rope permit the anchor down therefore the boat could be stopped. When the operator starts to wind the rope around the drum the anchor should go up along with the ship can sail.

The winch can also use warping heads on one side of the drum or for both sides in the drum. The warping head isn't used to store rope yet it is employed to wrap rope. The machine might be configured for the needs of your ship, so you have got to understand specifically what your ship needs so that you can create the right choices.

When you are deciding on a winch for the ship you have to check out the dimensions in the ship first. Then you could begin to think about factors like the diameter of the rope and the length of the rope. The company will assist you to go with a winch that suits your specific situation so ensure that the work with them therefore you obtain the winch this is the right fit to meet your needs.

Finding the right winch is essential when you find yourself anchoring a ship. A trusted winch can certainly make anchoring the ship far less difficult and safer. The marine environment is harsh so you need a winch that may resist almost any situation. A top quality anchor winch keeps the ship and the people around the ship safe.

When you find yourself looking for a top quality winch always work with the maker so that you get exactly the thing you need. This winch is really a quality investment for your personal ship plus it provides you with several years of service. Every ship needs the right marine winch to maintain it safely anchored.

Methods For Deciding On The Best Anchor Winch For Your Boat

Are you currently planning to buy an anchor winch for your boat? Do you know what separates best anchor winches from others? There are many factors that should be taken into consideration to be able to pick the best anchor winch for the boat. If you think you can just go choose one without having done any any research on the sort of winch as well as its maker, you will be making a high priced mistake. This is the reason, it's important to do the research and think about the below mentioned ideas to make the right choice.

Choose the Right Size

Not all the winches are produced for all sorts of boats. The truth is, just about the most crucial elements that matters is the dimensions of the boat. For those who have a tremendous boat, it might be better to buy a winch with a much higher capacity as compared with a winch created for a smaller boat.

Sort of Anchor Winch

You will find different types of winches available for sale and it is important so that you can understand the distinction between various types and select one who meets your expectations which is available within your budget. Two of the more common forms of anchor winches are referred to as drum winch and wind lass winch. Wind lass type winch continues to be the popular type for several years and is also traditionally used although not everybody considers these to be the better choice.

One reason is these winches do not have a lengthy service life and so are much less reliable as a few of the other types. However, drum type winches are recognized to be considerably more reliable and can be installed anywhere on the boat. Simply speaking, a drum type winch is regarded as a much better choice as compared with other types.

Other Crucial Elements

A few of the other factors that matters are the water conditions, swell, and other such factors. In some instances, using a smaller winch on a bigger boat makes much more sense. Similarly, the complete height and width in the winch also matters and its holding power, maximum capacity as well as maximum payout retrieval.

Reputation Of Manufacturer

Whilst the technical specifications of any winch are really important but it really does not necessarily mean you could overlook the trustworthiness of the manufacturer along with other critical factors such as warranty and cost. Upon having decided upon the technical specifications you need on an anchor winch, it can be time for you to explore brands you can find along with their price and warranties. You should choose a manufacturer which includes excellent reputation locally and is recognized for delivering high-quality products. Attempt to avoid no name brands, especially when you're unable to find any testimonials for the brand online.


Will not create the mistake of buying a boat anchor winch based only on its cost. You might be able to find several options available at a less expensive price point in comparison to the well reviewed options nevertheless, you may ultimately end up paying far more money across the total service life of the winch as you might be forced to spend lots of money on repairs and maintenance.

To conclude, there are a variety of anchor winches available for sale instead of every anchor winch is the best choice. This is why, it is crucial that you can pay special focus on the technical specifications of your winch as well as the manufacturer's reputation along with its price. The aforementioned tips should direct you towards making a good choice.
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2023.03.21 02:17 ThrowRAasdfgh432 I (19m) broke up with my gf (19f) and it might have been the biggest fumble ever

about a month ago, I sat my girlfriend of 1yr4months down and suggested we instead transition to friends because our relationship was failing and she agreed it was for the best - we both kinda knew it was coming and I decided I should probably just get it done with instead of dragging out the relationship and festering negative emotions towards each other.
I decided on this because she wasn’t giving me a lot of love, she was being negative all the time and our sex life was just non existent, it just didn’t feel like I was dating anyone. So we have since then continued on as friends and neither of us really had an issue with it. But given i’m 19, im young and really stupid and i’m growing a lot - ive been trying these past couple years to reflect on my actions and be the best version of myself I can be, and i think I might have made the biggest mistake i’ve ever made and fumbled the best thing to have happened to me.
this past weekend, she invited me and a bunch of my friends up to her beach house. it was nice but I felt a lot of pain in my stomach seeing her super happy and hanging out with everyone and I didn’t know why, since i was quite happy with us not being together. so the day after, after most people went home, I decided to clean up the entire house to save her the cleaning. while I did this I just thought about everything, and I felt worse and worse as I ruminated deeper about our relationship. we didn’t end because she didn’t care as much about the relationship as I did, we ended because I was an utter garbage human being and I didn’t show her the respect she deserved and I never stopped thinking about myself. I started to look at everything I did through her shoes and I was just disgusted with myself.
a brief history into some of the shittiness: I had some really bad friends around me early into the relationship where everything was dick measuring and everyone was just an arsehole to each-other. I was incredibly insecure and conducted myself in such a terrible way, and i’m humiliated for the person I was. I ridiculed my girlfriend in front of my friends, I toyed with her emotions purely for fun, I told her she meant nothing to me and that I was pulling away all the time and when sex became less frequent I made her feel guilty and put a lot of pressure on it, which is so horrible.
I moved on from that friend group and really changed who I was, but I still wasn’t perfect to her and I didn’t let her really get some of the stuff I did off her mind - when she brought it up, I would sometimes apologise but I also would get very upset or really frustrated and so she obviously had a hard time recovering from those scars.
then my life really got turned on its head and I developed a chronic stomach illness (deserved). we were living together at the beach house I mentioned - she inherited it and it’s been a financial and legal nightmare for her - and she was basically my sole carer and caterer since early on I really was unable to do a lot, and I mostly sat on the couch over a bucket too sick to move. sometimes I cooked and cleaned a bit but she carried 90% of the house on her shoulders on top of uni on top of almost full time care for me. I was slowly getting better but I got very used to being unwell to do things and started to expect her to do everything, and got upset when she wouldn’t. she pulled away and I kept asking her why she wasn’t interacting with me and this would cause her to bring up some stuff in the past or talk about how it felt like I was a child and she was my carer. I would get upset about this and would tell her she wasn’t listening to me (ironic) and couldn’t drop the shit in the past even though i changed. we slowly kept pulling away from each other and this was where we decided to pull the plug.
I was so ashamed to be confronting myself about all this stuff I had done, and after I cleaned up I wrote a huge speech in my notes directed towards her and when she came home, I sat her down and apologised so, so, so deeply for everything. I accepted full guilt for my actions and let her know she was in the right, and did so much for me, and was so loyal to me, and I threw it away because I was so selfish that I could never take in her perspective and I only cared how I felt. she was so happy to be hearing this and we had a really good talk and hugged out any negativity towards one another.
I asked her if she ever saw us dating again and I promised if I ever got the chance I would treat her the way I wish I did back then, instead of being so complacent with the relationship. I told her I understood if she just wanted me to leave forever and I understand if she needs time. she said she didn’t know, and in general doesn’t feel like dating anyone right now, but would like me in her life no matter what outcome.
my plan of action is to be as good a friend to her as I can and show her that i’ve really realised all these things about myself. my heart always has been in the right place and I always wanted the best for her, but I was just so, so stupid and selfish that I really thought too much about my feelings instead of hers. i’m not going to put any pressure on us dating or anything like that, but the issue is that since all these negative opinions I had of her died off when I realised the way she acted was just a reflection of the terrible way I was treating her, I fell completely in love with that same girl I did over a year ago. I understand I might have fucked it beyond repair and i’m so terrified she will never have those same feelings for me. i’m willing to fight for it and do whatever is right but I really would appreciate some outside thought. is it possible I get given a second chance? what’s my best course of action? thanks for the read, I really appreciate any responses this may get
tl;dr broke up with my girlfriend because she was a negative nancy and didn’t care about me as much as I cared about her. turns out though, I was just a complete shithead to her and I ruined a relationship with the best person i’ve ever met. i’ve apologised to her deeply and thoroughly changed my character, she says she thinks very highly of me with how i’ve changed and with what i said, but isn’t sure whether or not we will get back together just yet and I need help navigating this
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2023.03.21 02:16 marathiteriyaki CHSSA President Resigns after Disqualification of HS From State Tournament

I haven’t seen anyone post about this, but my experiences with CHSSA have not been so pleasant so I’m not exactly surprised.
Here’s the email sent out to coaches and administrators:
Hello Coaches and Administrators
After serving various roles for over a decade the CHSSA Board and I have parted ways. I am no longer the CHSSA President.
This exit comes nearly a year after I was asked to take over as President when our then current President resigned without any communication a few weeks before our State Tournament.
I was subsequently voted in unanimously and I promised to bring order and transparency to a board that had been largely dysfunctional and contentious for years. Over this period there were numerous board members resigning or forced out as well as disagreements that resulted in allegations, harassment, and general bad behavior.
I tried as hard as I could to bring order and just plain old fashioned courtesy and respect but was immediately targeted with the same contempt.
In the face of tremendous contentiousness, I was able to persevere in a few of my goals to serve the organization's mission, the activity and the scholars.
My first goal was to focus on our registration process. Specifically our lack of communication with administrators and the ongoing problem of unauthorized coaching. I was able to institute a sound process that ensured the safety of our students and facilitated a communication channel directly with our school administrators. Yet this win was not without struggle, contention, disrespect, allegations of lying, and utter vitriol.
The same issue of school registration is the second reason I am writing to you today. I’ve been asked to reach out to all of you by a school regarding what effectively amounts to a disqualification of its students from the State Tournament.
10 scholars from one of our schools are effectively not able to compete at the State Tournament. This appears to be another example of the board's inaction and dysfunction.
The registration process I put forth and agreed upon included the Area Chairs immediately following up after online registration with the Principal of a school. This was done to create a channel of communication and confirm the information contained within the registration materials. Most importantly, the authorization of the named coach.
Unfortunately, this did not happen.
Today 10 scholars from this school who worked hard, competed, and qualified for our State Tournament are what appears to be punished. The coach of this school listed a, fully vetted and authorized by the school, individual on the signature line. An honest mistake. With no attempt to falsify or with any malice whatsoever. In fact, the coach clearly included on the title line "school designated".
Without going into too much detail. What you need to know is that the Executive Board's investigation was in my opinion ridiculous. Conversations immediately began with a disqualification of the school. The school was never contacted. Utterly on purpose. I contacted the school, delivered the facts and new information to the Executive Board along with my recommendation. My recommendation included just a fine.
The Executive Board has since required the school to not only bring their coach but an additional administrator to the State Tournament. The Principal of the school has made it clear that they are unable to field an extra administrator. Thus effectively disqualifying the scholars from competing.
In my opinion and the administration this mandate is frankly egregious, unprecedented, unnecessary. I believe it serves no purpose but to effectively disqualify the 10 scholars from the State Tournament. Had the Principal been contacted by the Area Chair months ago after registration had been submitted as dictated by the new procedure I created and agreed upon by the Board any and all mistakes would have been cleared up immediately.
One of my key tenants of giving back to an activity that had given so much to my younger self is to ensure that scholars never suffer due to adult mistakes. As a volunteer Board I cannot imagine what could possibly matter more than this. Given the culpability of the organization through negligence or apathy I can't imagine why students would ever have to suffer in this situation.
I should not have to give my resume but I have served and currently serve on several corporate and non-profit boards. I've never seen anything to this degree of dysfunction and contempt before. This latest straw betrays everything the organization should stand for.
Best, Chris Harris
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2023.03.21 02:16 EnvironmentalGoose51 Studying Actuarial Science but really enjoying first year accounting.

Hey guys,
Currently studying actuarial science and my first year units are all core commerce units which includes first year accounting. I do enjoy math and commerce and thought I would enjoy being an actuary. So far I have not done anything directly related to actuarial work just calc 1 and 2 and first year stats. I'm doing accounting for the first time and i REALLY like it. Surprisingly. I am one of the few in the class actually enjoying it haha. I'm considering making a switch but I am on the fence, what is the higher level accounting like? Does it stray away from first year into something that's different? The reasons for me liking it, is because I get this dopamine hit whenever I balance things correctly, record the correct credit and debit, adjust things correctly, apply depreciation correctly. It's like putting together a piece of puzzle. Math gives me that satisfaction too, but i am thinking maybe accounting is for me?
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2023.03.21 02:16 feihood Controller explanation on PC

Can somebody explain to me how controller support works for skills that you shoot skill shots that don’t continue for ever? Like how would you aim rain of arrows to hit a boss? Or toxic rain? I understand you would use an analog to walk and an analog to aim a direction.
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2023.03.21 02:15 MrAnxiety___ Are there any theories to support the direction the mud flood would have traveled? North to south, S to N, E to W, ect?

Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.21 02:15 John9776701 Why do I have so much regret quitting my last job?

I (M24) got my first job out of university about a year and a half ago. The job requires me to travel about 70% of the time as the companies clients were located all around the country. Between the constant travelling and not loving what I was doing I ended up quitting after 10 months and finding another job (at a lower pay) in a field I was more interested in. This job I’m currently in is a lot more interesting and theirs a lot of room to grow (the position I have is brand new to the company and my direct bosses are the owners). The problem I am having is I have regrets on quitting my past job. Although I did feel worn down from travelling I really miss it. I regret not giving it more of a chance especially since I was inline for a promotion. I also have a standing offer to go back if I wanted so I’m not sure what to do. Idk how to get over this feeling and what I should do next
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2023.03.21 02:15 Limp-Arugula210 which should I choose?

Hello everyone, I'm having trouble deciding which job to choose. If anyone who has more experience can weigh in on my situation:
Been working as a staff accountant with minor supervisory role for four years at a hotel. Last year, I switched to a different accounting role in retail. The retail role is supervisory level, in charge of month-end close, forecasting, and budgeting and has one direct report. The retail company is also a prestigious brand that's part of an MNC.
Recently, I got a call from my old boss at the hotel to fill in the accounting manager role. It comes with a 48% raise from my current salary and about 4 direct report. The accounting manager, however, is not solely responsible for financial reporting. It is shared by the accounting manager and finance director.
Should I go for it? My current career aspiration is to be a controller or a finance director.
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2023.03.21 02:15 Johnneedshelp80 Help needed - computer crashes at idle or winblows startup - but not while gaming or stress testing

Hi community, please let me know if this isn't the best place to place this.
So I'm having a computer problem (duh) that is driving me crazy. I'm running Windows 10 home and it will randomly crash loading into windows and just sitting idle in windows..... other times it works for 2 min sometimes 10min, the kicker.... IF it loads up and I can quickly start a game, or a benchmark or anything that taxes the system a bit, ZERO crashes. for days on end. I can keep up Minecraft or final fantasy online and I can keep it up for days. (thats what she said) But if I reboot it etc then back to crashing until I can get "lucky" enough that I can get windows running and something to tax the CPU/GPU and its back to being good for days.
I think I covered all my t/s bases short of a reload windows and it still happens, below is a list of all the stuff I did. I dont care to overclock so if you have suggestions to leave auto or underclock I can try that but I think it's a software thing. The steps are below, long story short the only thing I haven't replaced is the CPU but I tried a different power supply and no diffence, unhooked my driver, anything USB, replaced the MB, etc. etc.
I've run burn in tests, memtest, and they dont show anything wrong and no freezes. I can stay in BIOS for hours, no freezing. Its just when it loads windows, or loads windows "fixes" or "recovery" it will freeze. Even disconnecting the SSD and putting in a blank SATA drive and running the recovery... freezes....... But again, if I can get into windows and start up a game or benchmark it wont freeze forever?
Any ideas? t/s steps below and my spec.
  1. I changed various bios settings, from Ram to Auto vs the DOHP that never seems to work, to turning security stuff on and off, because microcrap released a patch a few months ago when this started happening that checks security signatures on stuff for windows 11 and a bunch of people were having problems with windows 10 as well. I had the websites booked marked but the computer that is having the problem is having those links and I'm posting this on another computer.
    1. I honestly dont know what CSM or TRM security crap on and off does. I mean I can read the manual but its very generic boil plate stuff. Also it doesn't matter if they are on/off it will still freeze.
    2. I've also turned the m.2 to gen4 off and on and the video card gen4 and those dont seem to help.
    3. Left RAM DOHP, and it detects the right settings but wont post because ASUS sucks at this sort of thing, but leaving it Auto underclocks the crap out of the RAM and manual is hit or miss.
  2. I unhooked everything but the SSD, Video card, and one USB to my hub so I can use the keyboard/mouse, I even tried hooking just those two directly and bypassing the usb hub. So only video, mouse, keyboard, and nothing else in any of the ports and connections inside or outside.
  3. I tried different RAM same thing, completely replaced the motherboard to identical version, same thing.
  4. I had all the latest driver updates, windows crap, etc all updated before this started a few months ago I even flashed the BIOS to the newest version 4602
specs CPU - Ryzen 9 5950x MB - ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin PC RAM DDR4 4000 (PC4 32000) Model F4-4000C18D-64GVK SSD - MP600 Corsair 2TB. Video - Asus ROG rtx 3080
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2023.03.21 02:15 flightroam Masculinity Blueprint - Casey Zander (Complete Program)

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2023.03.21 02:15 devready Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint (Updated Course)

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