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A place to discuss and share content relating to West Virginia's New River Gorge National Park and Preserve https://www.nps.gov/neri/index.htm

2015.08.28 02:22 Earthsophagus All the books in Lectures on Literature spoiled

About Nabokov's Lectures on Literature. Writing about: * Jeckyl and Hyde * Mansfield Park * Ulysses * Bleak House * Swann's Way * Madame Bovary * The Metamorphosis * and about Nabokov's take on them.

2023.06.07 01:49 Andyblob40 London show BST Hyde Park

Heading down to London in a month to finally see him live for the first time! Anybody else going?
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2023.06.07 01:48 cchocolat3 Is This What Living Without Ego Feels Like?

Hi guys, I've been reading different reddit posts without an account for quite some time now but I created one just to post this because it's a very profound experience for me.
Quick background about me, I've been meditating everyday for 10-20 mins for 3 years now (mindful meditation only) but of course there are some days that I don't get to sit just like you miss some days of your workout.
Yesterday I went to a store to buy some electrolyte drinks. I had to park my motorcycle 5 mins walk away from the store because that's the only place allowed to park. While I was walking I feel like I'm watching everything from a 3rd person view even though I'm still seeing with my own eyes in 1st person view, it "FEELS" like 3rd person view. I also feel detached in a sense that I don't identify myself with anything yet I'm connected to everything around me as if everything is me. All the people walking around, cars passing by, the stray cat sleeping, the water on the pavement, the wind, etc. all flows smoothly like one universal being. I didn't feel any happier when I became aware of the situation but it is peaceful and beauty-full (full of beauty). I can only get to this state with meditation so I didn't expect it to happen while being outside the house and doing some errands.
For all of my fellow observers who are on this path with me, what are your thoughts on this? Is this what living without ego feels like?
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2023.06.07 01:47 lorenmichael Mount Tabor stargazing?

Hi Portland!
I'm here for the week with my partner and I want to surprise her with a little trip one night to look at the stars from Mount Tabor.
I have some questions though!
Does the park actually close at 10 or is it closed to vehicles at 10?
If there are no cars after 10, could we park nearby and walk through the park until midnight or so?
If you have done this before, where's the best place to park and walk up? North side? West side?
If you have any tips at all about current places that are good for stargazing around here I would love to hear them. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.07 01:47 twooten11 Which sides of Charlotte are the safest/nicest and which to steer clear from?

Hello everyone, my wife and I are planning to move to the Charlotte area but we kind of want a good idea on where to look at. Places that are nice/affordable within the city and/or some decent suburbs/outskirts. We’re into nature and parks so we heard Huntersville is pretty nice but we just wanted to know what other options there were. Thank you all!
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2023.06.07 01:45 capnsven Looking for good Senior Community

So my parents are both 80 and stairs have become a problem for my mom so she’s wanting to move.
I feel like they’re too young to head into an “independent living” type place but I think it would be great if I could find someplace that is like an apartment or a condo that has a community center. My mom really needs to be able to make some friends wherever she is living.
I know these type of places are everywhere in Florida, but is there anything like that in this area? Preferably west side up to Tri-County area.
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2023.06.07 01:44 fategrandemperor [TOMT][PSA][mid 2000s - 2014] A British pencil drawn PSA that aired on Irish Nickelodeon after 6PM, focusing on an emotional support dog, ziplines and bullying, ending with a hotline being shown at the end

Hey TOMT! A friend of mine is looking for a PSA but she doesn't have a reddit account, so I decided to post in her place instead. Every response or question will be forwarded to her! She described the PSA like this:
"It was a pencil drawn animation one that used to be played after 6pm on Nick Toons that was British and had an emotional support dog in it. The emotional support dog would support the children/teenagers as they talked about a situation that they were worried about. This one was about two girls at the park confronting a bully on the zipline who wouldnt let anyone have a turn on the zipline. The girls tried to ask her if they could have a turn but the bully girl yelled at them. There was a shot of her standing over them and they were shrunken below her and she continued zip lining. The girls were like "she wasnt nice but maybe she was taking itnout on us becayse she has a bad family life" the bully girl then shown at home forlornly eating dinner while mum and dad shouted at each other in the bg and the girls felt sorry for her and told the dog. Then it faded out to a helpline number with a narrator"
I ended up asking if there was anything else special about the PSA. I got the following response:
"The bully girl had a pony tail and it was blonde and she wore green. The style was like lightly coloured pencils , like when youre quickly colouring. There was another video in the series but i dont remember that one much. Boy on the grass with his head in his hands knees pulled up with the dog resting his head by his feet. That one was more directly about abuse."
The PSA aired in Ireland (not Northern Ireland) and has supposedly been shown multiple times, according to my friend. She also states that she contacted various charities and tried to search for it with her mother, to no avail.
Hopefully this is enough info.
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2023.06.07 01:43 tabatot Advice needed - choosing between 2 good companies

Can't choose between 2 companies
Hi guys! Sorry for the long post but Just wanted to get your opinion or advice. I am currently torn between 2 choices right now.
I am currently 28yo, single and currently employed under Company Day but was previously employed under Company Night. I am renting a place in Makati for 13k/mo includes parking and I spend around 4k on Gas. I had the junior role under Company Night which was about 6k less than what their offering now on the senior role.
I received an offer from my old boss from Company Night for a senior role, very similar role from what I did. Now, I enjoyed it but I enjoy my current work but the thing is, Company Day is full RTO while Company Night is only 2x RTO per week. Base pay from Company Night is lower vs Company Day. Below are the details:
1) Company Day
- Base Pay: 66,XXX/mo
- Net: 54,XXX/mo
- Allowance(s): 650/mo non-taxable
- Monthly Total Take Home: 55,XXX/mo
- Yearly Benefits: Medicine & 13th month
- Annual Total: 773,XXX/yr
- Leaves: 12 per year available only after regularization
- Insurance: 160,XXX
- Follows PH Holidays
- Pinoy Culture, vertical management
- Blaming culture is present. No investigation whatsoever for any mistakes
- OT is expected but I dont do OT
- Career-growth is sort of hard because management most of the time doesn't allow internal movements due to staffing problems
- Very laid back in the morning but sometimes hassle in the afternoon. Pinoy time culture.
DAYSHIFT - No issue working with day.
2) Company Night
- Base Pay: 56,XXX/mo
- Net: 55,XXX/mo (with Night Shift Premium)
- Allowance(s): 8,XXX/mo non-taxable
- Monthly Total Take Home: 64,XXX/mo
- Yearly Benefits: Medicine, Xmas Gift, 13th month
- Annual Totl: 841,XXX/yr
- Leaves: 15 per year available immediately
- Insurance: 250,XXX
- Follows US Holidays (Approval to have day off on PH holidays)
- American/Western Culture, horizontal type of management
- Investigation culture is highly regarded to prevent mistakes from happening again
- OT is sometimes unavoidable but not encouraged. Most people time-in and time-out on time and doesnt work outside of working hours.
- Career-growth opportunity is immense. One can get hired internally to other business units and can sometimes be exposed to international projects/roles
- Very strict in time-in, time-out, break schedules.
- High importance on office related repetitive injuries
WORK FROM HOME 3x and RTO 2x per week
NIGHTSHIFT - Okay working 10PM to 7AM shift.
Is the 14K monthly net difference worth the night shift? Or should I stay in Company Day? I've got good friends from both Companies and I enjoy working in both. Should I be practical and get the higher take home pay + less expenses due to WFH? Is taking a dip in the Base Pay really worth it considering its a night shift?
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2023.06.07 01:39 shishk4bob Kind of confused and I need advice or some kind off reality check

Am I being mentally abused or am I the problem??
Im asking this question because I don’t know what to believe anymore.
My older sister seems to always want to pick a fight with me.
For example, I’m watching TV and I have my laptop while eating breakfast by myself. She comes home with hot food and doesn’t ever ask me if I’m hungry. I always ask her if she wants anything when I’m out and most of the time she says yes.
Anyway, she comes in and says “Do you know I pay for the electricity”
and I said, “What’s the problem?” My laptop is running on battery so the only thing on is the tv. Then she says, “Well pick one unless you want to pay for electricity.”
I pay for the internet which is three times more than electricity. But I don’t bring it up or cap her data usage. I learned from the past that it’s better to just stay quiet because it’s not worth fighting. So I turned off the TV.
She goes to the kitchen took look for anything she can blame me for. She opens the microwave, and asks, “Have you seen the microwave?” I said, “What’s wrong with it?” She said, “It's dirty ass hell.” I replied, “Well if I saw it was dirty I woulda cleaned it.”
Then she replies, “No you wouldn’t you don’t do shit. You wait for me to do everything. When do you mop the floor?” What she doesn’t know is I do all of these things but I just don’t report it or tell anyone because I’m an adult. I’m 31 years old. It’s’ probably 11 AM I don’t want to start my day like this.
She never has anything nice to say. Yesterday, she got mad that I parked my car in the garage. She said, “Why did you park in the garage?” I usually park on the street but I just got back from the doctor and I could barely walk. My foot was swollen doctor said to lie down as soon as I get home and keep my feet elevated.
So she comes downstairs (knowing I just got back from the doctor, I asked her if she can take me and she said I can't take care of you. All I wanted was a ride. had it been the other way around I wouldn't let her drive herself to the hospital, I would take her and stay with her.
So she tells me, ugh you're useless I always have to do everything!
Which is not true.. she actually has beef with my cousin right now because my cousin told her the same thing. She said.. “we moved grandpa here to my house because you guys don't do anything to help him. Only we do when we visit”
So she and my cousin are not speaking because of the same reason that she’s mad at me. Supposably, I don't do anything. I do so much for her especially before I was diagnosed with a disability. It was only when I stopped working she started being more violent toward me.
We use to have a joke in the family that we were born in the wrong order because I use to pay for all her cell phones, cell phone bills, and food, and when she was on the run cause my mom kicked her out when we were teenagers I was the one helping her survive by giving her and her bf money which I know they used for drugs maybe. She's not an addict but her ex-bf is an addict.
So I’m at the dinner table and I decide I don't want to have this conversation because it's not worth the fight. My home is a lot better when we are getting along. Then she chases me and tells me to put my food away and I said I will but I don't want to be near you right now. You’re being violent.
Then she follows me up the stairs and tells me that I’m going to end up a lonely man and no girl is ever going to want to be with me because I'm such a pig. Her boyfriend comes in the house and tells me to just go in my room then she proceeds to take the dishes that I left on the table and placed them in front of my door.
I'm not asking for sympathy. I'm asking for evidence or some kind of idea about what I’m doing. Am I really the problem? Why does she hate me so much? I told her once that I loved her and whatever it is that changed the way she looked at me, I told her I apologize. I said Im sorry I wasn't a better brother.
I’m not asking for who is right or wrong. I don’t think that matters. But I feel like I’m being mentally abused, gaslighted, or maybe Im being too sensitive. She literally will find anything she can around the house just to bitch as me about. I think she gets happy when she finds out I fucked up somewhere in the house and she just loves to point it out.
I remember when I bought her an iPhone X when it first came out and she destroyed the phone within hours of having it because we unfortunately had to change her number. She said its all my fault and she threw the iPhone to the wall and shattered it. I felt bad because I didn't know we were getting new numbers. I apologized.
I called Sprint and figured out a way to get her old number back. It took a few days but I was able to. and I had to buy a new iPhone X because she destroyed the first one. When I told her her phone came in the mail and her number was restored. She pulls out an iPhone X and says she got her own now. I was furious but I just said whatever as long as we’re getting along that's what my mom would want. mom passed away years ago.. she never apologized. She didn't even give me her new number for maybe two years.
I guess what am i asking is…
what can I do to be a better brother?
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2023.06.07 01:38 Negative_Bat2183 r/mathew_west Lounge

A place for members of mathew_west to chat with each other
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2023.06.07 01:29 Lucky-Winter7661 Advance Planning Input

Growing up, my family was able to go to Disney World about every 5 years. I enjoyed seeing the parks differently at each different stage of my life. As an adult with a family of my own now, I’d like to make semi-regular Disney trips a reality for my kids.
We took my son with my extended family in Summer of 2021. He was about 3.5 years old and wasn’t quite tall enough to do all the things, but even 2 years later he still talks about all the fun stuff we did. We also had my parents and younger siblings (ages 26, 12, 11, and 5), as well as my grandmother, who helped when the 2 youngest kids (my son and youngest sister) weren’t able to do something.
Well, my son is already asking when we will go back. I was thinking of planning a trip 5 years after the one he took last. This would be in June 2026. He would be 8.5. The issue is that we are about to have a second child, who will be just shy of 3 at that time. While my son handled the parks well at age 3.5, we also had a lot of help from my parents and my grandmother. There’s also a MASSIVE difference in a 3 year old and a 3.5 year old. They grow so much so fast! And every kid is different as well. My 3.5 year old was already done with midday naps, but our next child may still be napping at that age. Who knows?
Another consideration is cost. I know kids under 3 go free, but I did a quick estimate using similar dates but for 2024 and changing the ages of the kids from 2 and 8 to 3 and 9. Waiting a year only added about $600. (Yes, I know these are imaginary prices.) However, it would give us a whole additional year to save up and would actually DECREASE our financial stress and burden by lowering the amount we’d need to put aside each month. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how expensive Disney is.
My question is, would it be better to wait and go in 2027 when the boys are 3 (nearly 4) and 9.5, rather than in 2026? Will my older son still find it magical, or will he already be a punk and not want to do anything? He’ll love all the Star Wars stuff (he’s already a fan), but will he still tolerate the character stuff and all that? My sister and I (who went a lot as kids) are girls, and we never lost that love of the Disney magic, but girls seem to “grow out” of Disney a little later. That said, in recent years, Disney has added a lot of things that appeal to boys. I’d love to see them lean even more into Marvel IP and things like that. I love the stuff they’re doing in that regard on the west coast. Maybe they’ll be doing more of that by 2027?
Basically, I’m leaning heavily towards waiting the extra year, even though I, personally, would love to go back sooner. Does this make sense to anyone else? Can anyone give some insight into the difference between an almost-3-year-old and an almost-4-year-old experience? And also how to combat “I’m too cool for this” attitudes in pre-pubescent boys? (I really don’t think he’ll be like this, and we do try to be decent parents and not let him develop these types of attitudes, so there is that also.)
Thanks in advance for your insights and advice!
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2023.06.07 01:28 GainsLord Options for monthly garage parking in downtown San Diego?

Moving from NYC to San Diego in August and will need to buy a car for the first time in a few years. My new place only has one spot and we'll have two cars. Are there reasonable options for monthly parking in a public covered garage? Is that safe to leave a car in a public garage for vandalism etc? Any advice helps.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 01:25 reject_sensi-versity Help me compare schools as an incoming undergraduate freshman

Rutgers vs. Pomona
For PreMed Track (Major: Molecular Bio)
Pomona - Very high med school acceptance (85%) w/ grade inflation + accessibility to their pre-health resources - Ability to explore the 5Cs: Harvey Mudd, CMC, all great schools in one area - Has the prestige (in terms of grad school). Next to major city (LA) - Love the liberal arts feel— I am not overwhelmed, I get to know my professors well - Many graduates going on to top med schools (NYU, USC, Columbia, Stanford—- all places I would like to go for med/dent)
Cons - Not sure if Pomona is known to be good with appealing financial aid. - $36k a year (I would be taking out large loans) - Location is beautiful but it’s in a quaint old-person town (which is also kind of a pro) - Transportation is limited, cost of living is high in LA
Rutgers Pros - If I were to be the TOP premed student at Rutgers, I would have the same chances as anyone for med school - Probably lots of volunteering considering how close its university hospital is - East coast and NY-NJ-PA tristate is good, better than West Coast for jobs (will go back for med school) - Cheaper ($8k/year) - Better accessibility to food (it’s a college town with common-name stores + restaurants) - Traditional feel of college - I graduate nearly debt-free
Cons: - Too large 💀, I feel like I’ll miss catching the bus to class all the time and it doesn’t feel right to do virtual classes if all the lecture halls are full - NJ is depressing - Student body isn’t a great fit for me - Asbestos in the dorms, SA assault cancels Orientation Week, Professor Strike— Reputation is…... I just don’t want to be RU Screwed - More competition with other people for access to resources, less time with professors -Some have told me their premed advisors discourage med school applicants — results are similar to national average - Might burn out easily then consider switching
Is it worth investing over an undergrad education like Pomona, or just go to Rutgers and work hard but crapshoot when applying for medical school?
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2023.06.07 01:25 bemd13 Stalling

Hi, last week my car started stalling when I’m parked and today it did it when backing out of my driveway. It never did this before. Right before it happened I got gas at a new place and didn’t see that the truck was pulled in on the other side filling the pumps. My dad said that can stir up sediment and clog filters. Is that what happened? How expensive is this to fix? Would filling my tank with new gas (I’m at half) help at all?
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2023.06.07 01:22 GingerCat2121 Frustrated with Target

Hey I just need to vent and I'm not sure where to post this so I'm coming here after my third call with their support team. I live in the city yet the closest target to me is either a 25 minute drive in city traffic (where my car has been hit and run in the parking lot 2x last year) or a 17 minute drive into another state to a mini target where I have to pay a $14.50 toll to get there. It's frustrating. I used to shop multiple times a week as it was my most convient grocery store when I lived down south in the US and was around the corner from my parents home. I have had the same account since 2017 and once again have used it at least once a week every week since then for the most part. Well since moving to the city I began to take advantage of their two day free shipping and just buy what I needed and have it shipped to my apartment building. Most days it would arrive fine in my package room. Other days it would be left outside my building on a city street and guess what? If I wasn't working from home and didn't run it would be taken as soon as it was dropped off most lucky would be if it was left torn open and strewn about on the street. I complained to the building, PD, and Target every time as well as filed a report with both target and the shipping company they used.
The other day I place an order not thinking about it stuff for my partners birthday this weekend and I make the mental note it should come Monday 6/5. Today 6/6 it is still not here. I go on my app and the order was cancelled it says for supply issue. I go back.through add every item to my cart and it will make it barely on time on 6/9 I say that's fine and cancel the items that won't be here in time. I go back to work and then see the email ordered cancelled. Same notice. So I call customer support I'm told my account is suspended. I'm a little confused talk it out hang up and then I decide to call back for more details. I have giftcards and rewards in the app, did I lose those with the suspension etc? Call number two tells me that because I've had stolen packages and live in what's now mapped to target as a high theft area as other people in my building and other buildings near me have the same situation I no longer can place orders for shipping. I'm upset. I'm frustrated, but go back to working.
I decide you know what I'll take the time during my lunch break tomorrow. Hopefully traffic won't be bad. I'll place the order for drive up and just go pick it up that way I don't lose time in my schedule and I also don't leave my car to be hit in the lot. I place the order and an hour later it's cancelled again. I call support back and I can no longer use my account at all and all assets are frozen so I'm losing 6 years of history, $13.57 in reward dollars, and two $50 giftcards. The woman on the phone tells me because I have had three packages stolen from me in the last year from their business and the area I live in. She cannot even submit a claim to have my account become accessible in store. I honestly asked her if we can close the account and open a new one which she told me every account I open from here till forever will most likely be flagged and suspended.
I am just so pissed off. I did the math and in 6 years I have spent $30-40k at this store but because $187 in merchandise was stolen from me I can pretty much never shop there again or at least use the benefits of shopping there which is the major draw of doing so!?
ETA- Whoever out there has my pizza pan, melatonin pills, lamp, comforter, seasonal valentine's birds, and two pairs of denim shorts I hope a pigeon poops on you every time you walk outside.
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2023.06.07 01:19 temptationaus UFC 289: Nunes vs Aldana (Provide Picks Full Card Breakdown and Analysis)

2023 Results (So Far): +13.78 Units
2022 Results: +73.185 Units
All Time: +87 Units
Quick recap for last week - one of our worst weeks in some time. It was a very frustrating watch on quite a lot of our bets. I mentioned in our betting mailout post weigh-ins that this was a massively dicey card in that it was going to be a hugely positive results or quite a rough week for betting and that came completely true (sadly). Recap:
  1. Daniel Santos ITD and under 2.5 rds - I don’t know how Munoz hung in there, he was getting absolutely battered at some many points. That one hurt.
  2. Castaneda wins RD 2/ RD 3 - A tonne of people riding the Gafarov side in this one, he showed some good heart and durability but Castaneda was the clear a side in this one as I thought. In retrospect, this was a really sharp bet and I think we were unlucky not to hit here.
  3. Zaleski ITD - on the right side with a close fight between these two, ITD never really looked likely. Chalk it.
  4. Tim Elliott ML - was my strongest lean and at a good price. All week I thought he would just be better than Altamirano everywhere and he was. I think Victor looked good and he is getting better and the guy is super tough but just outclassed in this one.
  5. Kara-France/Albazi under 4.5 rds - thought this was hitting when Albazi had the back of Kai and was choking him out, Kai did unreal to survive that. Close fight, never really close to any finish besides that RNC. Is what it is.
I think we were unlucky on a few of those picks and if a few things had gone differently it wouldve been a mammoth week. That’s part of the game though! Play your value, make your reads properly week after week and you will get your dues - firm believer.
Anyways enough waffle - let’s get into this week’s shenanigans. Name value wise, this is one of the worst PPV’s in some time - gotta feel for those Canadian fans. However, I say it most weeks, any weekend with MMA in my life is a better weekend than if there was nothing! Some strong favourites and some interesting underdogs this week.
David Dvořák (20-5) vs. Steve Erceg (9-1):
Erceg is a rangey FLW who fights out of OD. Decent little leg kick, more of a counter striker. He has good timing on his wrestling entries, good at using the overhand right consistently and then using that setup to feint and use double leg entries. Erceg also has really nice outside leg trips. He’s quite an elite grappler, very sharp on the ground and is outstanding at finding the back and on the mat he is so comfortable. He has complete control with his long arms and legs and is able to use them expertly to position his opponent where he wants them. He just has a great variety of submissions he is able to go to depending on the scramble situation. He is also very good at using his height to hold people against the cage and has really good knees in the clinch. Dvorak is an elusive, well rounded guy on the feet. He is quite a movement orientated FLW, very bouncy and likes to fight on the outside and off the back of his jab. Quite a wide base and can be very measured which means he should have good balance against an incoming takedown. He does at times rush into exchanges at times which worries me that he will get level changed and clean taken down. He is the far more experienced fighter with almost double the fights and this does seem like a step down in competition. Coming into this fight I thought I would be far on the Dvorak side given the striking advantage but I think Erceg can give Dvorak a lot of issues on the ground here with his scrambling ability and outside leg trips in the clinch. Close fight, edging Dvorak but if we see Erceg as a big underdog, I am definitely playing him, potentially by sub. For now, I will take David Dvorak via UD.
BET: If Erceg is over a +250 underdog, 1 unit play on Erceg. If I can get Erceg via SUB at +500 or more, I am definitely playing that.
Chris Daukaus (12-6) vs. Khalil Rountree (11-5) [CANCELLED BUT I HAD ALREADY ANALYSED SO ENJOY LOL]
Rountree is a SP Thai style fighter, he has very quick, sharp hands that pair with his explosive variety of kicks nicely. He has always been a super talented guy but struggled mentally so it is nice to see him put things together in that area as well as develop physically. I like the way he handfights in opposite stances, he really accentuates the rear body kick and straight shots which is excellent, it works better when he works off the back of his lead hand feints. Can be partial to losing a little technique with his boxing combos and swinging wildly which a skilled boxer in the pocket will take full advantage of. Daukaus coming down for to 205 for this fight which is a move that shouldve happened sooner IMO. He’s mainly a boxer who relies on quick hands in close, landing some decent volume but can be out powered. If you look at Daukaus’ record, there’s a clear trend - he KO’s grapplers and loses to competent strikers. Will be interested to see him on the scales but skill for skill, I favour Rountree’s kicking game to really shine here and given this will be an OD vs SP matchup, I favour the Rountree side even more - I expect the lead hand feints, sharp crosses and rear body kick to dictate this fight and lead to a KO within 2 rounds. Taking Khalil Rountree via TKO RD 2.
BET: Will be looking at the unders, Khalil ITD if in the range of -130 and under.
Nassourdine Imavov (12-4) vs. Chris Curtis (30-10):
This is a pretty tough fight to handicap given we have seen such varying degrees of success from both men. Imavov is a long, flowy Orthodox mainly kickboxer who has good footwork and really good straight shots. He has a similar style of footwork to his main training partner Cyril Gane however he has far less head movement and this really does show as he is quite hittable. I do really like the variety in the kicking game of Imavov, he has a very agile lead lead leg which means a lot of teeps, side kicks, oblique kicks and calf kicks. Imavov is far better when he is dictating the fight off the back of his jab and the one moving forward, when he is the one moving backwards his head movement is far worse, his chin is there to be hit and his footwork leaves him just in range. Chris Curtis is a Southpaw boxer who has a simple game plan in his fights - keep the fight standing with his great takedown defence and land the more significant shots in the pocket. He is good at moving forward, cutting off the cage and relying on initial slips and a high boxing guard to defend most shots. His lead hand is somewhat active but his money maker is definitely his body rips, which generally come off his slipping actions, as well as his rear hand cross. Given his heavy lead leg orientated boxing stance, Curtis has very little kicking ability and his ability to check kicks is next to nothing - this is an area I fully expect Imavov to exploit. To me, Imavov is going to be landing more volume, with the kicks and the hands, dictating where this fight takes place. I think Curtis will be slowly trying to move forward, cut the cage and use his power shots to the body to wear on Imavov to where he can take over late. I think the movement of Imavov will be enough to use angles in and out, land more often and use the clinch to get the Thai plum for knees to the body and to hold Curtis against the cage if need be. This is a close fight, I think the odds are pretty bang on here. Not interested in betting this fight but I will slightly edge Nassourdine Imavov via UD (29-28).
BET: Too many unknowns for me, no bet.
Aiemann Zahabi vs. Aoriqileng
Zahabi is one of the strangest fighters to breakdown for me simply because he is so awkward in his movements. He switches stances as he moves forward in the most uncomfortable looking way. I like his kicking counters, has nice kickboxing style counters and he clearly has some power in his hands. He is very low volume and looks to be the counter striker, letting his opponent throw first and then countering off that. He fights super infrequently which concerns me but is riding a few OK wins. Coming up against Aoriqileng here who is definitely rounding out his skill-set and getting better which you like to see. Defensively, he is good at just staying out of range with his footwork and staying in a tight shell, he also has a really good chin to absorb shots. Offensively, he is OK, he could probably benefit from using his jab more but he has good timing on his shots and has nice boxing combos in close specifically. He likes to lead in with a lead left hook and follow with his big cross and work off that. In this one, I think Aoriqileng is the side to be on. I think he is the more well-rounded fighter who can use his wrestling to mix things up but on the feet, I favour his power and hand-speed and I think he will touch Zahabi up in this one. I think Fight Ready will have Aoriqileng primed here and I think he will look better than his last fight. Taking Aoriqileng via UD.
BET: Swaying on an Aoriqileng ML play but as of right now, nothing.
Blake Bilder vs. Kyle Nelson
I think Bilder is better in every single area of this fight. He’s a better boxer, he is more durable, his grappling is probably his best aspect of his game and I think he will wear on Nelson here and outlast him. Bilder is (pardon me) building into his career nicely, I think this is a good opponent for him to put a showcase on against. Am curious to see what some props on Bilder ITD will be. I think he will have more volume, more power and he will be more live to finish the fight. I think Bilder’s speed will catch Nelson and then he will find a submission. Taking Blake Bilder via SUB RD 2.
BET: Nothing outlayed currently. Potential Bilder ITD play if +250. Probably a parlay piece.
Diana Belbiţă vs. Maria Oliveira
Close fight. Not interested here.
BET: no bet.
Jasmine Jasudavicius vs. Miranda Maverick
Now this is a fight that I might surprise some with. Let’s start with Maverick - she got a huge wrap from Anik probably over 1.5 years ago claiming she would beat Shevchenko. Now while that is completely ludicrous, she has shown a decent amount of talent. On the feet, she is pretty technical with her kickboxing, looking her best when she is at range and can use her kicks to dictate the fight. She is pretty well-rounded with an OK offensive wrestling game, generally built off clinch pressure and outside/inside trips. Now where she has struggled is her defensive wrestling, she is content to get stuck on her back and shows an inability to move or improve position. She is coming up against Jasudavicius here, who while is incredibly average on the feet, is honestly a very impressive female wrestler. She is BIG for the division, she is durable and she has really good forward pressure. I think while this fight is on the feet, Maverick will be the far better striker but I think Jasudavicius will be like a dog in this fight, moving forward, absorbing shots while she closes distance and holds Maverick up against the cage, using her massive frame before working takedowns and trips and maintaining top position to win minutes. I think this is a decent matchup for Jasudavicius and I think frankly that this is a far closer fight than the odds would indicate. It should be close but I am taking Jasmine Jasudavicius via UD.
BET: Jasudavicius ML +260 (1 unit to win 2.6).
Mike Malott vs. Adam Fugitt
Hometown boy in Mike Malott in this one. Malott fights out of both but southpaw stance mainly, with a Thai style striking game mixing powerful hands and sharp rear power kicks while keeping the fight in his range. On the ground he has really good BJJ, I like how smothering his top pressure is - he has really good balance to hold top position but uses it well to land good ground and pound and hunt submissions. He has good power in his hands, especially in his hooks that land in perfect placement and with excellent timing. Fugitt also fights out of southpaw and is a sort of OK everywhere but not great anywhere sort of fighter. He looks comfortable on the feet but is extremely hittable, not a lot of head movement but is super durable, I mean that head kick he just ate from Kinoshita was so flush and it didnt even wobble him. He is a Muay Thai bred fighter but has good wrestling pressure and we saw in his last fight that he can mix in takedowns, maintain top position and use vicious elbows to finish the fight. If we see SP v SP on the feet, I think this will be pretty closely contested. Both guys are fairly rudimentary strikers with Malott probably having more power but I think Fugitt has the durability to withstand this. I probably favour the grappling of Malott, I think pure grappling wise he is stronger and more technical and given I think that the striking is fairly close, I am going to lean Mike Malott via UD.
BET: Curious to see what the over 1.5 is set at given Fugitt is durable and can probably withstand Malott.
Dan Ige vs. Nate Landwehr
Man I love Nate Landwehr as a person and a personality within the UFC but this is just a really difficult matchup for him. Ige is super well-rounded with good power in his hands, nice movement, Hawaiian durability, effective offensive wrestling and good grappling. He is good in brawls but also content to fight from the outside and land his shots. Nate thrives when he can make these fights absolute scraps and wear on his opponent but I just don’t see Dan succumbing to the pressure of Nate. Nate’s chin can definitely be cracked and I think Ige has too much power in his hands, I think he will touch Nate and I think he will put him away. It’s a big step up in competition and one that I would love to see Nate do well in, but going to have to side with the more proven, well-rounded commodity at this point and take Dan Ige via TKO RD 2.
BET: no bet.
Eryk Anders vs. Marc-André Barriault
No time to watch tape and honestly not much interest. Two grappling offensive heavy boys. You’d think this goes overs.
BET: No bet
Charles Oliveira vs. Beneil Dariush
And finally, we are at the main event of the evening! Just kidding, but seriously…. We know who Charles Oliveira is, he is an aggressive, forward pushing, muay thai striker with elite offensive grappling. On the feet, I love Charles’ offense. He has technically beautiful and powerful boxing combinations, he has solid leg kicks, he has a agile lead leg which we see lets him use his teep to the guts and check kicks intermittently, he is just a lot to deal with. However, where he falls is his striking defence. He is susceptible to being hit and this is purely because he has no head movement and is always on centre line. While his recovery time is pretty decent, his chin isn’t great and we have seen that he can be submitted after being hurt if the opponent isn’t concerned with entering the grappling space with him. Onto Beneil Dariush - super well rounded guy, fights out of SP and is on some sort of upward trajectory career wise. While I do think the competition level can be slightly questioned, the same could have been said (and was said) of Charles post Kevin Lee / Tony Ferguson, but these guys cant prove themselves against top flight competition if they don’t get their chance and Beneil is getting his shot here. Beneil is good but not great on the feet, he has a sort of awkward style where he isn’t super explosive and is kind of flat footed but he does have power, good leg kicks and a decent chin. He has excellent takedown defence to keep the fight standing and if his opponent does get him down, he has elite scrambles to threaten submissions, specifically leg entanglements to use this to get back to his feet. Straight up, this is an excellent fight and we are in for a treat. How does this fight play out? It is definitely the critical question. I actually think Do Bronxs offensive wrestling is hugely underrated, he has elite double legs and if he can clinch up with you, especially against the cage, his knees to the body and elbows on the break and massive for wearing on his opponent. I honestly don’t think we see a massive amount of ground time here unless someone is rocked and wants to jump in, I think Beneil’s TD DEF is good enough to stay on the feet and I doubt he’s putting himself out to shoot singles and doubles and risk a scramble scenario with a non-concussed Charles. So the question is, who is the better striker? I think it’s Charles. I think his lead teep is going to be a huge weapon here, I think he will push the pace, use that to keep range and just wear at Beneil as well as off his jab and as long as he can avoid the big overhand left that Beneil loves, I think he is live in this one. Beneil drops his hands as he leg kicks and I can see Charles timing this, blocking the power left kick from Beneil and countering with left hook on the chin and I think we might see a ground and pound stoppage here. It is a super close fight, one that will be exciting from the start and one that will hurt no matter who loses. I think the odds are closer to a 50/50 than the bookmakers have it - I am taking Charles Oliveira via TKO RD 1.
BET: Charles Oliveira ITD +180 (1 unit to win 1.8)
Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana
This is a much more interesting fight than the previous Pena scheduling so I don’t mind seeing this replacement. Mexican fighters are on a hell of a run in title fights, so I am sure Aldana will be absorbing that momentum coming into this. Aldana is a very typical style Mexican fighter, good boxing especially in the pocket, some wicked durability and a really nice jab. She can be wrestled and taken down but for a mainly boxing fighter she manages to catch people in some strange scrambles sometimes which could play a key here. The main questions for Nunes is and always tends to be, what is her motivation like? We know how she fights, she loves to try and strike on the feet, has mean power but can also shoot takedowns and grapple with severe efficiency when she gets on top. We knew Pena was going to be durable, be awkward, be relentless and keep pushing forward and she did and she wore on Nunes. I think Aldana can do the same here, if she fights off the back of her long jab, she is a much more technical striker than Nunes IMO - and to be honest, I think Nunes has slightly regressed in her technicality on the feet. Aldana has a path to victory in fighting behind the jab, frustrating Nunes to engage in a dog fight which is much to Aldana’s benefit. I also think Nunes has a path to victory by working her takedowns, working her kicking game and winning minutes by smothering the output of Aldana. I capped this fight 55/45 to Aldana, will wait to see what they both look like on the scale before I pull the trigger but there is a potential of a Aldana ML play here if we get the right number. The pick will be Amanda Nunes via SUB RD 4 but has the potential to change.
BET: No bet currently, potential Aldana ML play.
And that wraps up the breakdowns for this week! Good luck, always gamble responsibly and remember to hang around long-term because there will be ups and downs but trust the process and we will build some bankroll. Would love to know if you agree or disagree anywhere and let us know who you are riding with below. Enjoy the fights!
Full transparency, I run a MMA betting service called Provide Picks. We have been operating for roughly a year and a half completely tracked and verifiable with a return of over 90 units in that short time. You can find our full tracking sheet history here and you can also see a bunch of customer testimonials and betting slips throughout that time here.
Me myself, I have watched MMA religiously for more than 10 years and trained for over 4.5 years, I love this sport so I figured why not help bring some insight and analysis to others! Now this isn’t a sales pitch, I know how Reddit works and I really enjoy the opinions shared on this sub-reddit so I genuinely want to help contribute and if you enjoy the output, please feel free to join the team! We are proven to be profitable long-term so if you have some spare change to invest at any level, you love the sport and are interested in improving your knowledge - come over and check us out at providepicks.com. As we have a fair base of paying members, it wouldn’t be fair to them to share every single one of our bets however I want to provide as much value for this betting community as people, hopefully to help you guys see a different angle in terms of MMA betting and long-term profitability and more importantly - sending these bookies broke.
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2023.06.07 01:19 Ok_Accountant_8716 AITA for not caring about my neighbor's idea of public street parking?

I live in a subruban house. I have street parking. Today, I went and parked outside of my house on the street next to a grassy area. My neighbor was at the door and said, "Don't park there. I don't know why people just can't park at other places. You have all that extra space (her pointing to the other empty spots)." I told her that it was probably because this is closer to the house, so there's less walking. She goes on this whole rant saying there's so much parking and it's hard to see who is coming by when they get out because a car is parked at that particular spot.
I listened carefully but then she escalated the whole thing by saying "If you don't move your car out of the spot, I'm going to call the police." I told her it's a public parking spot and I was sure "people can park anywhere," but she retailated with, "Nope, no. Move your car or ill call the police." At this point, I rolled my eyes and got into my car to move it because I felt like I was talking a brick wall. As I got into my car, she stood outside the door and stared at me until I moved the car into a different spot. I got out and said, "There! Happy?!" She looked at me for a moment then went back inside.
The thing is, she's used other excuses before too.
Just yesterday, she was having a party and I was parked in the same spot. My dad was down there and she told him to tell me to move my car because "they have a beginner driver and it's hard for them to leave the driveway" even though I left ample space for them. I went down to move it since I had to go run an errand anyway, and 20 minutes later, when I came back home, I see their black pickup truck halfway into the entrance of their driveway. She's also the type of neighbor to have parties with loud music until 2 in the morning when some of us have work in the morning.
AITA here? Someone please enlighten me.
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2023.06.07 01:09 ItsDumi [SOUL STEALER] Chapter 15 - Tunnel Vision

Kita looks in her hand, holding a basket with a few veg and eggs. A little confused, she reaches for her head and feels a hair band wrapped around it as her hair drapes freely over her shoulders.
What was I doin'-
“Here you go, Kita”.
She spins in a panic, raising her hands to guard.
“Oh”, she responds as her eyes come upon the vast plantations and animal kraals, tightly surrounded by a luscious forest.
“You’re too young to be going crazy, my sweet,” says an old lady as she puts a few slices of ham into the basket. “A’jem offered a generous cow recently, so there is a little extra for everybody today”.
Kita Smiles, “Thanks, Ami. Did you do something with your hair? It's pretty,”
“Thank you, my sweet”, Ami giggles as she pushes her grey hair behind her ear.
“Today is the recurrence of me and A’jem. When the dots of Yeo appear in the night sky, we are reminded of our bond.”
“Yeo?” asks Kita.
“I won’t be able to give you the full story today, my sweet- But according to the scripts, Yeo is the spirit of provision, and due to our bond matching on this day- we are tasked with the provision of the crops,"
“I didn’t know the spirits provided our tasks?”
Ami makes her way to the nearby pile of greens that have been plucked.
“They once did… Today, they seem to be dealing with other matters,”
“What matters?”
Ami chuckles, Carefully rooting some of the nearby crops and placing them into a basket beside her.
“I’m sure your Mother would like those recipes to make breakfast, Kita. We can explore your curiosity at another time”.
“Oh... Of course. Thanks for the extra slices, Ami.” She says, turning to make her way back up the hill.
“M’pai Yeo Ket’p prauvhishk,” Ami calls out to Kita.
May Yeo continue to provide.
On her way up the hill, she can see above all the trees surrounding the farm, with the sol casting a warm, orange light against the pinnacle of the whisping greenery. The village resides atop a flat hill, making the walk up quite steep and more suited for the youth of the village. At the peak of the trail, you can see the entire surrounding area with the green extending far beyond what she initially thought. She walks this path every day. Why does it seem so unfamiliar now?
The town reaches from the North, round to the East and South. To the west is a stretch of mountains leading straight up north. Apparently, the sea resides to the South, but it can’t be seen from here.
Ta’ah and I should try finding it sometime.
She arrives on the Eastern side of the village and walks up to two large, interconnected tipis. She steps through the entrance draped with beads that clatter like a soft rain as she steps through them. Her heartbeat rises as she steps through this uncannily familiar place.
She knows she lives here, why does it feel like she hasn't been here in a while?
There's wooden art on every countertop and suspended from the ceiling of every room. Some are much bigger than others, occupying a space on the floor but standing as tall as the shelves and cupboards. In the centre of the ceiling is a chandelier, with dozens of fireflies circling around its nest in the centre.
As Kita steps into the hall of the connected tipis, she can see a lady seated in the other room, before a small fire in the middle. Kita can only see the back of her head, and hear the sound of chopping emanating from the lady's lap… she's preparing a meal.
Is she?-
Kita's eyes widen in shock as she recognizes the back of her lady’s head. Sitting in the chair she always sits in when she chops vegetables for breakfast or dinner. Kita stumbles backwards, and the basket of meats and vegetables slips out of her hand, crashing to the floor as a plethora of coin spills out.
Surprised by the coin in her basket, she looks back up to see if the lady noticed, but is met with the face of a man, looking at her with concern as he mouths some words she can't make out.
What is this?
She realizes something is off. She's not really here… is she? The fabrics of the tipi around her slowly dissipate to reveal the bodies of shoppers and residents all around her. She tries to glance past the man's head, at her lady still sitting in the chair- But all these tables and people start to get in the way.
"Mom?" Kita asks, catching the ladies' attention before she disappears.
"Perfect timing, Ki," Her soft, loving voice responds as she slowly turns her head. Kita's heart races, as the lady slowly turns around to see her- But before Kita gets the chance, she is back in the cave.
Everything comes back to her like a vortex as she hears the man's panicked voice.
"Miss, are you okay?"
What just happened? Kita tries to recall why the shopkeeper is so concerned but only remembers a moment of blackness. Noticing that her hand is trembling uncontrollably- She quickly puts her hand behind her back, hoping the man didn't notice.
Faint images dissipate in her mind as the feeling of an unfamiliar memory fades away.
She’s tired.
That's all.
"I'm fine," Kita steps away from him. Tilting her head to see past him, only to see shoppers and passers-by. She feels disappointed, as if something is incomplete. But what? What did she see? The experience slips away from her like a forgettable name, leaving her with questions and vague ideas.
She crouches down to pick up all the coin she'd dropped, then stands back up with her arm outstretched. Hoping the man just takes the coin and goes on with his day without trying to get all religious about what just happened.
He squints in confusion. Taken aback by her strange behaviour. Then he looks down at her hand, back up at her, and reaches his hand out.
"Thank you for your business, Miss,"
Kita nods her head, without saying a word. Anything she'd try to say would slur out of her mouth and make things more awkward. Now pacing away from the man's stall with haste, she massages her temple; it strains under the weight of her worrying and thinking.
Something just happened. For a brief moment, she wasn't here. Where was she?
Why can't I remember?
She doesn't want to lose it.
She sits on the floor, amongst the busy shoppers. Takes a deep breath before closing her eyes, and concentrates on the brief period of darkness. Thinking of the most immediate difference between that world and her own.
The greenery.
Air that was so… different. Every breath felt rich with substance.
"A farm?" Kita inquires, vaguely envisioning an unfamiliar old lady who accompanied it.
She tries to recall further. Who is the lady?
It is lost to her… But, a word comes to mind.
"Yeo," she says to herself. The meaning doesn't accompany the sound as it rolls from her lips.
And after that…
A numbness trickles in her stomach- Giving her the urge to throw up in discomfort. There’s something inside of her that she desperately needs to eject.
"Mother?" She whispers to herself. Her eyes whip open when she recalls what came next, and the numbness grows- a good and bad sign.
I saw my Mother.
What did she look like? She cannot place a face or even a hair colour on it. She is certain she saw her, but she also knows she didn't. This may all be fabricated.
A daydream.
This hollow feeling is irrational. Why does she miss someone she can't remember? She knows nothing about her Mother, yet the thought of whoever that might be makes Kita feel… Sad?
Is this sadness?
The distance between herself and her emotions is larger than she was aware of. She should know what sadness feels like- She should know why she’s sad… Right?
Kita stands to her feet, all the more confused by the details she barely recalls. It's unnecessarily frustrating. She'd rather go about her day than continue straining her mind over nonsense. All these thoughts of family life, religion and her past are a part of her mind she can’t deal with all at once.
It’s overwhelming.
She’s not built for that life anyway. Someone who has no grasp of their own emotions or sense of self isn’t fit for a 'regular' life. No, most people in this world haven’t had theirs taken from them. They haven’t had their entire sense of being wiped clean, as if it’s a dirty rag. Nobody could truly understand what she’s going through. Nor would they understand what she will have to do to get it all back.
She’s a monster.
A killer.
It’s the only way for her to get her soul back...
She must get it back.
Read ahead on RoyalRoad [https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy](https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/68702/soul-stealer-anti-hero-reincarnation-fantasy)
Kita's thoughts - Post Chapter 15
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2023.06.07 01:03 renegaderacineboys Gangs In Philly Map (Philadelphia Gang Maps And Sets) Gangs in Philadelphia reddit

Gangs In Philadelphia-
Folks Nation 1978
West Kensington, Kensington Frankford, and Tacony - Maniac Latin Disciples (Puerto Rico)
Olney Oak Lane and Wyoming- Maniac Latin Disciples ( Puerto Rico )
North Philadelphia, Franklinville, Fairhill, and North Philadelphia West - Boss King Cobras
Strawberry Manson, Allegheny West, Nicetown-Tioga, & Upper North Philadelphia -
Renegade Insane Gangster King Cobras
People Nation 1978
Stenton and North West Philadelphia- Spanish Four Corner Hustlers
Elmwood Park- Spanish Four Corner Hustlers
Cobbs Creek- 57th/63rd Street- Walnut Street/Cobbs Creek Highway
Almighty Latin Stones Nation
52nd/57th Street- Walnut Street/Spruce Street- Corner Latin Stones Nation
Haddington, Caroll Park, and Hestonville- 52nd/63rd Street-Lansdowne/ Chestnut St- Blue Fin Nation Gang/ Blue Fin 5 Disciples /Black and white colors
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2023.06.07 01:02 PinkSlimeIsPeople How booked out are tent campgrounds during Joint holiday (fellesferie) in July?

Planning my big tour of Norway in July, and hope to be camping in my tent for ~10 days (out of 20 I'll be renting an EV). Mostly in the west and fjord lands. I'd love to have the flexibility to keep driving for longer if I feel like it, or cut a day short if I'm really enjoying a certain area, but that requires being flexible with where I'll be camping out. How important is it to make a reservation (thus locking in how far I go that day)? Do they all fill up weeks ahead of time or are there usually some spots left at the end of the day?
Note that I'm aware wild camping is an option, though it doesn't seem that easy to locate spots to park the car in many places to do it, even with the Park4Night map.
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2023.06.07 01:00 DRYAN6911 Why is there never anyone swimming/boating/paddle boarding etc in the bay between Hyde park and Davis island?

Why is this?
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2023.06.07 01:00 ProcrastiNovelist Sorting book list by year

I have this list of 3,600 books which I want to sort by year but the books aren't all formatted the same. Is there a way to do this with Notepad++? Here's a sample:
Beside the fire a collection of Irish Gaelic folk stories - Hyde, Douglas 1890
British goblins Welsh folk-lore, fairy mythology, legends and traditions - Sikes, W 1880
Cambrensis everus the history of ancient Ireland vindicated the religion, laws and civilization of her people .. (Volume 1) - Lynch, John 1848
Cambrensis everus the history of ancient Ireland vindicated the religion, laws and civilization of her people .. (Volume 2) - Lynch, John 1848
Carmina Gadelica Hymns and Incantations with Illustrative Notes on Words, Rites, and Customs Vol I ... - Alexander C 1900
Carmina Gadelica Hymns and Incantations with Illustrative Notes on Words, Rites, and Customs Vol II ... - Alexander C 1900
Catalogue of the Manx crosses with the runic inscriptions - Kermode, Philip Moore Callow 1892
Celt and Saxon - Meredith, G 1910
Celtia; a Pan-Celtic monthly magazine - The Celtic Association Dublin (1901)
Celtic and mediaeval romance - A. T. Nutt (1899)
Celtic art in pagan and Christian times - Allen, J 1904
Celtic ballads and chansons - Price, Candelent
Celtic Britain - Sir John Rhys 1908
Celtic Britain and the pilgrim movement - Jones, G
Celtic dialects Gaelic, Brythonic, Pictish, and some Stirlingshire place-names - Macdonald,T 1903
Celtic fables, fairy tales, & legends versified - J Williams 1862
Celtic Fairy Tales - Joseph Jacobs
Celtic folklore, Welsh and Manx (Volume 1) - Rhys, John 1901
Celtic folklore, Welsh and Manx (Volume 2) - Rhys, John 1901
Celtic illuminative art in the gospel books of Durrow, Lindisfarne, and Kells - Robinson, S 1908
Celtic Ireland - S. Bryant (1889)
Celtic Irish songs and song-writers. A selection. With an introduction and memoirs - C. M. Collins (1885)
Celtic magazine a monthly periodical ... literature, history, antiquities, folk-lore, traditions.... material interests of the Celt .. - Mackenzie, Alexander 1875
Celtic memories, and other poems - N J O'Connor
Celtic Myth and Legend - Poetry and Romance - Charles Squire 1910
Celtic Mythology And Religion - A Macbain 1885
Celtic place names in Aberdeenshire - J. Milne
Celtic Religion in pre-Christian times - E Anwyl 1906
Celtic researches, on the origin, traditions & language, of the ancient Britons; - Davies, E 1804
Celtic Scotland - a history of ancient Alban Vol 1 - W. F. Skene (1886)
Celtic Scotland - a history of ancient Alban Vol 2 - W. F. Skene (1887)
Celtic Scotland - a history of ancient Alban Vol 3 - W. F. Skene (1876)
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2023.06.07 00:59 bikegridnow Join us on Saturday, June 10th, at 5:30pm as we celebrate one year of community, activism, and jamming it up!

Join us on Saturday, June 10th, at 5:30pm as we celebrate one year of community, activism, and jamming it up! submitted by bikegridnow to chibike [link] [comments]