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A place for travelers in No Man's Sky to share and discuss in-game locations and have an awesome shared experience. The About tab has the sub rules, ship part guides and community event info.

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A forum for tacticians to discuss their views on both Football Manager and real world tactics.

2012.05.01 22:14 DJKool14 pyShipCommand - A Space-Base Combat/Strategy Game with a Scripting Twist

**pyShipCommand** is intended to be a persistent multiplayer SBS (Script Based Strategy) Game set in Space. There is no direct control over any of the units and the game progresses through Python AI Scripts written by each player. This allows the game to continue to run 24/7 without any direct player involvement.

2023.06.07 01:43 Inorai [Remnants of Magic] Legion - 55.1

[Remnants of Magic] Legion - 55.1
The room had already been quiet, but with Aedan’s words still hanging over the group, we might as well have been carved from stone. Alongside me, I saw Mason shrink back ever so slightly, his face bone-white.
Recluse nodded, though, still watching Aedan. “Let’s hear it,” he said, his voice low.
Aedan’s shoulders rose as he took a deep breath. His hands clasped tight around each other, clinging for stability.
And then he sat up straighter, locking eyes with Recluse.
“There’s a war brewing,” he said, and shook his head. “No. It’s not brewing. There’s a war going on right now.
“The Rekindler,” Recluse said. “Oh, I’ve been watching. The Legion’s got herself a handful, looks like.”
“It’s because of me,” Aedan said, more softly. His shoulders slumped. “I…Madis has been hunting me for a few centuries now. I thought I could stay ahead of him. And…I could, but..”
He didn’t turn and look, as such, but I saw him shift the faintest degree toward me. “I made some mistakes,” he said. “I screwed up, and…it slowed me down. It got Madis even more interested.”
“Seems like, yep,” Recluse said, still as nonchalant as he’d been since we stepped into his house.
“We want to bring this to a stop,” Aedan said, locking eyes with the man again. “I do not want to get caught up in the middle of some European fuckwit’s war. I just want them to leave me the fuck alone.” The corners of his lips twitched. “I get the feeling you understand that much.”
“Might have a clue,” Recluse said. “Don’t take this the wrong way, though, Wanderer, but I’ve yet to see how this is my problem.”
“Right,” Aedan mumbled. He shook his head, ruffling his hair with one hand. I saw him take another deep breath. “We want him gone. And the sooner he’s out of here, the sooner everyone can stop running around like chickens with their heads cut off, killing each other. It’s good for everyone. You included.”
“That’s all the way over on the east coast,” Recluse said, holding up a hand as if pushing back on an invisible wall. “It’s still nice and quiet over here.” His eyebrow quirked. “That Echo lout might be a giant pain in my ass, but they run a tight ship.”
“Y-Yeah, but-”
“Besides,” Recluse said. He sprawled back against his couch, spreading his arms against the soft fabric. The blue and green flickers of magic from out the window cast odd shadows across his face, making me feel even uneasier than I already did. “Isn’t like I can do much, eh? I’m closer to you than the Legion bitch.” His eyebrow twitched. “It’s just me ‘round these parts, I’m afraid. No army to speak of. Not sure exactly what you’re asking of me.”
“We don’t need you to fight,” I said, the words slipping out before I could stop myself. The affront building deep inside Recluse’s eyes had sent a shiver down my spine, screaming for me to get in front of this train before it went off the rails. “We’re already imposing enough on your night, sir. We wouldn’t come and ask a stranger to fight our battles for us.”
Recluse’s gaze drifted over to me. I froze. My skin crawled as he gave me a long, hard look, searching me from head to toe.
He nodded, just a little. “Well, at least you know that much,” he said, giving an almighty sniff. “Kids these days expect too much. Always asking the impossible, pounding on my door with their hands out.”
“He’s a pain in my butt,” Aedan said. A laugh rippled beneath the words. “But…this crew has been pretty good. Not nearly as bad as the usual bunch.” When Recluse turned back to him, he shook his head, sitting forward to brace his elbows against his knees. “Jon is right. We don’t need your help that directly. I’m not quite that forward.” His chin lifted. “We need information, and it’s looking like only you have what we need.”
“If you’re okay with helping us, we just have a few questions.” I blinked. It was Amber speaking, now, even if her arms and legs were stiff, one foot bouncing against the carpet. Her hazel eyes lingered on Recluse, unblinking. “That’s all. We can get right out of your hair. No more trouble.”
“And then, hopefully, we can get Madis out of town,” I said. “No trouble for a good long while.”
Recluse looked over, slow and deliberate. He fixed that same assessing look on Amber—but this time, his lips curled into a scowl. “Nothing else from you,” he said.
Amber stiffened, paling. “I-”
“You’ve got the same blood on you as the rest,” Recluse said. “I don’t want to hear another word out of you. This is a civilized household.”
I reached out, putting a hand on Amber’s knee. Already, I could see her paling, glancing my way. She shut her mouth, though, wrapping an arm around her midsection.
Recluse sighed, turning back to Aedan. “Say your piece,” he said. “I’m tired. Shit or get off the pot, son.”
Inwardly, my thoughts mused about Recluse calling him ‘son’ when both of them were a thousand years old. Or more. Sure, he looked like a man in his 40s or 50s, and Aedan looked like he couldn’t be more than a year or two over 20, but how much did that really matter here?
Aedan was squirming, though, readying himself, so I turned myself back to him, putting the treacherous little whispers from my mind.
“It’s a bit complicated,” Aedan said at last. “But the short version is that Madis is hiding. He’s got himself holed up somewhere in his territory, and we need to figure out where.” He spread his hands, gesturing into the open air. “We have a lead on a demi who fought with him once before. Successfully, we hope. We’re trying to track him down, but the trail’s gone cold.”
“Again, don’t see how I can help with that,” Recluse said. His eyebrow quirked. “I make it a matter of pride to not associate with the stained masses, you know. Did you think ‘Recluse’ was just for show?”
“I know,” Aedan said. “I…I know. But…” He licked his lips, shifting uncomfortably. “We have one last lead on the bastard. It seems whatever their magic is, it’s tied to the ley lines somehow. The old ones, that is.” His gaze dropped to the carpet, his eyes going misty. “A couple of finders spotted their fight, and the hallmarks they talked about are pretty clear. It all bubbled up about-”
“Three years ago.”
Aedan stopped. All around the room, eyes rose.
Recluse sat, no longer looking so casual. His knees were spread, hands wrapped around each other in his lap. His gaze was downcast.
“So you know of it,” Aedan said slowly.
For a long while, the room was quiet. There was no sound, even when we should’ve at least heard the cars from outside. It was like we’d been scooped out of the world, wrapped up tight in our own little cocoon.
I just counted the seconds, waiting. Aedan didn’t seem to want to push the point, which meant I damn sure wasn’t going to do it either. My heart beat in my chest. We’d found something—now, I was sure of it. Recluse knew something.
Only now I wasn’t so sure if it was the prize we’d been hoping for.
Finally, when the silence was starting to become intolerable, Recluse groaned. He braced hands on his knees, standing slowly. And then he trudged to the side, to stand before one blackened window, the streams of magic lighting the dark planes of his face.
“I don’t bring folks here much,” he said, staring out into the nothingness outside. “I like my peace and quiet, yes, but it’s more than that. There aren’t many who understand what I am. What this place is.”
“This place?” Aedan said. His brows pulled together. “You mean-”
“This house,” Recluse said. He reached out again, laying a hand against an armchair. His fingers curled against the fabric, oddly protective. Possessive. “This is my home. The place in the world that’s mine. But it’s more than that. It’s the heart of me, all the hopes and dreams I had, wrapped up in one tidy package.”
A realization shot through me like lightning. “This place is your relic,” I whispered. “The whole house. Isn’t it?”
Recluse chuckled. His fingers tightened against the chair.
The floor shook beneath my feet. I jumped, stifling a yelp. A tiny cry from alongside me said that Mason hadn’t been so fast.
And around me, I watched the house start to shift. The walls grated against each other, expanding and contracting as the room changed shape. A staircase appeared from behind a corner, then vanished as a hallway swallowed it whole. A kitchen peeked out from behind a column, tantalizingly warm and welcoming. The paint darkened, its luster fading to smooth, time-worn stone and timber.
As quickly as it started, it stopped. The house went still. The walls drifted back to their usual places, their suburban normalcy returning in sheets of white drywall.
“Well spotted,” Recluse said, glancing my way. He gave a quick, curt nod, but his eyes turned back outward. “When the end began, I gave this homestead everything I had. Everything I could muster up, I poured into these four walls.” His other hand pressed against the drywall, almost tenderly. “A place where my kin could be safe, no matter what came next. A place we could live out our lives, cradled in the magic we loved so dearly.”
He shook his head, ducking his chin low. His hand loosened against the wall. “Time rolled on,” he said, voice quiet. “It worked, but not how I planned.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Aedan said. I glanced back to him, and froze. His foot was tapping rapid-fire against the floor, his eyes impatient. Oh, no. “But I don’t see how-”
“Shut the hell up and let a man talk,” Recluse said, grinning down at him. “You barged into my house before the sun even had a chance to rise, Wanderer. Take what you get.”
Aedan flushed, but shut up, hunching lower in his seat.
“This was our farm,” Recluse said. He twisted, gesturing out the halfway-normal window toward the orchard outside. “And orchards have roots. When I worked my spell, I did it a little too well. Bound it a little too snugly—to me, but also to the rivers those roots drew from.”
“The ley lines,” I whispered.
“Indeed,” Recluse said. He sucked in a breath, his shoulders rising as he bobbed in place. “And that’s why your Legion bitch sent you here. That’s the connection you’re hunting after so dearly.”
“I don’t understand,” Aedan said. “I- The ley lines are-”
“Dry,” Recluse said. “Yep. Dead as a bone. But this house?” He rapped a knuckle against the wall. “It remembers. The magic is gone, but the currents remain. And it pulls us onward like a leaf on the river’s surface, riding the ghost of what was.”
What? I eased myself to my feet. “Jon,” I heard Amber hiss alongside me, but…well, you couldn’t just dangle something like that in front of me and not expect me to want a closer look.
Slowly, a good bit more fearful than before, I approached one of the darkened windows. The glimmers of magic were more pointed when I stood near it, like a nebula of blue beyond the glass. “Where are we?” I whispered?
“Right now?” Recluse said with a snort. “Dunno. Somewhere in Asia.”
What?” I heard Cailyn squeak. I was right there with her. That had not been the answer I’d intended or expected. I’d figured I’d get a some other mystery dimension or deep in the bottomless well of dry magic or something like that. Not that.
But when I stood there, staring out into the not-black…I shivered, drawing away. It wasn’t just a void. There was something there, an afterimage. A mountain, and green fields, and-
“Nope,” I gasped, hurling myself away from the window. “What the hell is that?”
Recluse’s booming laugh echoed through the room. “Not to your fancy, boy?”
“What the hell is this house?” I managed. Amber’s hands closed around my arm, pulling me back to the couch. I let her, dropping to the safely-comfortable cushion.
Recluse just kept chuckling, shaking his head. “Never gets old,” he chortled. “Told you, didn’t I? We’re ridin’ the old ley lines.”
“I didn’t think you meant it literally,” I said, wiping my palms against my jeans. For some reason, they’d gotten all sweaty.
“It’s just me and the magic, out here,” Recluse said. He glanced over his shoulder to Aedan, and the amusement slowly drained from his face, leaving him somber. “So I thought at first, back when this magic was new.”
The mood in the room shifted. I sat back, trying not to let my brewing fear show on my face.
Aedan looked a bit grey about the edges, but he sat motionless, staring at his opposite. “So you know something,” he said.
Recluse sat there for a long moment, as though letting the words ferment around us. Then he nodded, long and slow—and he looked over, staring out through the void-black window.
“It didn’t take long for me to realize I wasn’t alone.”
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2023.06.07 01:43 HumbleBumble0 "Self-conscious" communication

Hello, I'm taking a course that is saying for effective communication, avoid sounding overconfident or unsure of yourself. It says that speaking in terms of "I hope, I think, if you agree" is self-conscious and sounds unsure. However, to me what they call self-consciousness is just self-awareness. It's being careful to not make assumptions, leave room for the other person to offer their input, and avoids misleading. I think it is also more intellectually honest because everybody is speaking based on their own limited point of reference, and it can be helpful to use "I" statements to remind us all of this so that during stressful times it's easier to remember, Oh hey, maybe this person doesn't have access to the same information that I have access to and that's why we are drawing different conclusions.
What are your thoughts on this topic? How can we sound confident but still trustworthy and self-aware?
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2023.06.07 01:42 itsagivens [Sell/Swap] [US/Ajevie C/O] Full bottles and a floral sample set - indie and niche!

Hello all!
After a long break, I have a few things for sale: full bottles of Alkemia Silken Tent, Fantome Stolas, and Lovesick Witchery Strange Creature, and a mixed floral sample set that includes Alkemia, Ineke, Laro, Nui Cobalt, Solatice Scents, and Zoologist.
I also have a couple niche offerings: a full bottle of Liis Rose Struck and a manufacturer sample set from Piper & Perro. Both of these come with the original packaging!
Pictures of the full bottles and sample set are at the bottom of the spreadsheet to show fill.
Also open to swaps - see my ISO tab in the spreadsheet, or make an offer based on the kinds of things on there!
For purchases, shipping is $5, or free if you buy Rose Struck!
All orders come from a cat-friendly house and will be packed in recycled packaging. I will ship within a couple days!
Thanks for looking! :)
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2023.06.07 01:39 Defiant-Equipment436 Smiski UFT/UFS

Smiski UFT/UFS
Updated! For UFS is $13 +shipping I have my ISO on my profile (United States only) (Based in California)
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2023.06.07 01:35 FreshHumanNews The curious case of Human computers (Report, Essay)

Dear Galactic Emperor, Father of all Gaamians, Deltorstheks, Betholans, and Master of all their serving races. This is a report about Human computers, how they work, and how they evolved.
As Our Lord Emperor naturally knows, the first computers of our Great People were invented about 22,000 beirots ago (45,657 earth years). Naturally, besides rudimentary mechanical computers, these computers were based on cells and biological tissue which slowly integrated electronic and mechanical features through the bemetons (centuries? appx ~122 years). This development is standard in most species we know about since cells have always been widely available thanks to the divine process of evolution. Organic computers are almost always the first sophisticated computer technology developed by species in our universe. The only exception is, of course, the human species. For the sake of this research, human brains are not considered computers, since they lack the natural mathematical abilities that our brains have. This limitation basically made most humans mentally challenged, and it also motivated humans to create mechanical computers to help themselves even with basic operations like division and multiplication of integers. Apparently, the first human computers were mechanical, and they worked as a device to compensate for their lack of natural mathematical brain capabilities. We speculate that this brain limitation is what incentivized humans to start with very primitive computers that served as a starting point for their electronic computers.
Humans, indeed, jumped from mechanical to electronic computers, ignoring the usefulness of neurons and tissue for computing. This created an exact-value binary digital computer, which used unnecessarily high amounts of energy, and space and lacked the flexibility of neurons. These "stupid computers" however, were easily scalable and allowed humans to make many very simple math operations in a small space and window of time, by manipulating electrons. This made human computers superior to ours (forgive the blasphemy) in the aspect of speed and efficiency. However, our greater capabilities of using tissue for computing, combined with our capacity to exploit caching to avoid repetitive operations (which human computers do a lot), combined with some electronic technologies, allowed us to conquer space even with relatively slower biocomputers.
Our main advantage as a species is the early development of AI, since we started using biological computers a lot of bemetons ago, we already had AI that used the natural capabilities of neurons, without limitations of discrete digital values. Humans, however, refused to develop into the path of biocomputers and started simulating neurons using digital operations, which made their AI kind of mechanic and limited to discrete values (digital). This idea may sound insane and even absurd, but since humans are so used to digital electronic computers, this makes perfect sense to them. They are following the same pattern of unifying countless simple operations to emulate advanced operations in a symbolic binary system.
Besides computers, there are many inventions that humans developed that we never developed, even when we became a space-conquering species: microscopic electronic transistors, LED lights, and a theory of binary numbers are a few. These developments were simply not necessary for us as we built on top of natural technologies. Humans, however, love to *reinvent the wheel (*they used another phrase that is not translatable but equivalent to this). Today, many of our ships already use human-inspired computers to assist our existing biocomputers. As a flip side, humans never developed Yseron (growing ships?), Othotons (???) and Therohatos (???), which is a technology unique to our species that, in the hands of humans, maybe a threat to our galactic powers.
Conclusion and suggestion Human computers are unique in the development of galactic technology. We can and indeed we use technology inspired by their computers to enhance ours, even when ours developed organically for many bemetons until we were able to explore space. The development of human computers has been a blessing from Tegos (god?) to our species. We suggest that Our Emperor keep observing this planet and acquiring ideas that keep the supremacy of our species.
Edit: typos
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2023.06.07 01:35 Vice-Value-Virtue [US,US] [H]Alts, Baby Shinies, Slabbies, PP [W] PP, Video GamesWaifu, Skyridge Holo, GS, Tag Teams, Ponchos

Looking to change these slabs for Video games but also buy, sell, trade,
Video Games I am looking for - any Pokemon in gameboy or ds
Switch - Super Smash Bros

DMGED GENGAR ALT @ $120. Everything is OBO including my purchase offers for Tag Team Alts.

Take slab lot 2 (bandai) {does not include the latin altos alt) and 3(celebrations) for 420. (Does not include slab lot 1)

TT ALTS minty raw
(I don't think I have anything today that warrants these, however still stating on the off chance)
Skyridge Holos
Gold Stars
For Payal:

Lillie Sun and Moon Promo (raw or slabbed)
Lillie 66 (raw or slabbed)
Raichu TT (221)Alt PSA 10 (paying - $500)
Machamp Alt (199) TT PSA 10 (Paying - $380)
Psyduck TT ALT (218) PSA 10 (Paying - 400 OBO - NO RRECENT SALES)
TTaSableye TT Alt PSA 10 (paying 500)

[Scarlet and Violet JPN](
[Baby Shinies](
[Primes]( LP+ Probably grade a 6 or 7 in PSA bases on the other primes I graded in a similar condition. I could be wrong( more than likely will be wrong)
[Gira Alt]( 330 TV 300 PP
Mewtwo GG 80
Arceus GG 90
[Sylveon]( 160 PP 175 TV
Machamp 90 PPMachamp TV 100

PC a lil above market PROBABLY WON'T SELL. But if you offer enough, I won't say no, will prefer to trade

Way overpriced PC - But flexible for the Poncho Charizards in PSA 10s and the Magikarp as well. Lillie 66. Or fire sealed

Hearing backup offers, ^
$6 BMWT Shipping went up more than I remember
For trades we pay for our own shipping
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2023.06.07 01:22 GingerCat2121 Frustrated with Target

Hey I just need to vent and I'm not sure where to post this so I'm coming here after my third call with their support team. I live in the city yet the closest target to me is either a 25 minute drive in city traffic (where my car has been hit and run in the parking lot 2x last year) or a 17 minute drive into another state to a mini target where I have to pay a $14.50 toll to get there. It's frustrating. I used to shop multiple times a week as it was my most convient grocery store when I lived down south in the US and was around the corner from my parents home. I have had the same account since 2017 and once again have used it at least once a week every week since then for the most part. Well since moving to the city I began to take advantage of their two day free shipping and just buy what I needed and have it shipped to my apartment building. Most days it would arrive fine in my package room. Other days it would be left outside my building on a city street and guess what? If I wasn't working from home and didn't run it would be taken as soon as it was dropped off most lucky would be if it was left torn open and strewn about on the street. I complained to the building, PD, and Target every time as well as filed a report with both target and the shipping company they used.
The other day I place an order not thinking about it stuff for my partners birthday this weekend and I make the mental note it should come Monday 6/5. Today 6/6 it is still not here. I go on my app and the order was cancelled it says for supply issue. I go back.through add every item to my cart and it will make it barely on time on 6/9 I say that's fine and cancel the items that won't be here in time. I go back to work and then see the email ordered cancelled. Same notice. So I call customer support I'm told my account is suspended. I'm a little confused talk it out hang up and then I decide to call back for more details. I have giftcards and rewards in the app, did I lose those with the suspension etc? Call number two tells me that because I've had stolen packages and live in what's now mapped to target as a high theft area as other people in my building and other buildings near me have the same situation I no longer can place orders for shipping. I'm upset. I'm frustrated, but go back to working.
I decide you know what I'll take the time during my lunch break tomorrow. Hopefully traffic won't be bad. I'll place the order for drive up and just go pick it up that way I don't lose time in my schedule and I also don't leave my car to be hit in the lot. I place the order and an hour later it's cancelled again. I call support back and I can no longer use my account at all and all assets are frozen so I'm losing 6 years of history, $13.57 in reward dollars, and two $50 giftcards. The woman on the phone tells me because I have had three packages stolen from me in the last year from their business and the area I live in. She cannot even submit a claim to have my account become accessible in store. I honestly asked her if we can close the account and open a new one which she told me every account I open from here till forever will most likely be flagged and suspended.
I am just so pissed off. I did the math and in 6 years I have spent $30-40k at this store but because $187 in merchandise was stolen from me I can pretty much never shop there again or at least use the benefits of shopping there which is the major draw of doing so!?
ETA- Whoever out there has my pizza pan, melatonin pills, lamp, comforter, seasonal valentine's birds, and two pairs of denim shorts I hope a pigeon poops on you every time you walk outside.
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2023.06.07 01:22 GelatinGhostie My 2+ year old pre-build is giving me some problems, what should I replace?

>**What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
* Clip Studio Paint, I have a screen drawing tablet that I use. Possibly Adobe Photoshop or AfterEffects in the future. Final Fantasy XIV, fairly heavily modded.
>**What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
* Absolute max currently is about $800.
>**When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
* Ideally as soon as possible.
>**What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
* Only inner components.
>**Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
* South Carolina, USA. No access to Microcenter.
>**If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
* Windows 10 Home 22H2CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9700F CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHzMotherboard: Gigabyte Technology Co, B365 HD3RAM: 16GB BL8G30C15U4R.M8FE1HDD: WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0D: Size 931GBFree 931GBSSD: ADATA SX8100NPC: Size 476GBFree 21GBGPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2060 SUPER
Tower, two HP monitors, keyboard, and mouse.
>**Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
>**Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
* Large storage.
>**Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
* N/A
>**Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
* No.
>**Extra info or particulars:**
FFXIV occasionally crashes, and sometimes my computer bluescreens, it will also refuse to boot while taking me to BIOs whenever i try. When it reboots after the crash, the VGA error light comes on for a moment and then the boot error light says on until it boots it goes straight to bios until i restart it. Let me know if you need any more info, thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.07 01:14 letstalkaboutbras [SELL][US] Tons of new stuff added 👀 Hourglass, Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, La Mer, Foreo, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Becca, NYX, Nudestix, Colourpop, AVEDA, Tarte, Pat McGrath, Clinique Black Honey, Farmacy, COSRX, Well People, Urban Decay, bareMinerals, Lipstick Queen, Elf, Luxie, Real Techniques & more!

Hello again!
Payment via PayPal G&S. Shipping starts at $4.50 for a small item depending on zip and increases with weight (USPS). Shipping from the East Coast. $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Most are brand new.
Please don't ghost. It's okay if you change your mind. NIL based on timestamps. Note that I have some of these items listed on other platforms as well and will adjust the availability accordingly.
BN = Brand New; BNIB = Brand New In Box; BNIP = Brand New in Packaging; FS = full size; DS = deluxe size/travel size/mini; FWP = free with purchase
I'm very careful to keep my makeup clean and protected, keeping original packaging where I can. Smoke- and pet-free home. Always masking. See this wonderful feedback from previous buyer 1, 2 and 3 as references 😊
  Please comment below before sending a Reddit chat since I can't see those on mobile.  
New only: Dior beige mitzah, Rose Montaigne or Pink Corolle mono eyeshadows. Trestique Summer Glow & Go set from Boxy. Try me on Sephora Lipstories balms (I already have shades 07 and 08 and a couple others), must be sealed.
Mascara - $12 for all  
Lips - New
Lips - Swatched or Gentle Use
Brushes - Take all for $22
Skincare - $50 shipped for all
Skincare Tools
Fragrance, Hair & Body
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2023.06.07 01:13 Virtual-Nebula2028 Selling to US market from EU

Hello there! I have a plan to sell vintage clothing and I'm based in the EU. My intention is to provide free international shipping to customers in the US. After an order is paid, I ship within 24 hours, but the shipping time typically ranges from 6 to 10 days. However, I have concerns about whether customers will be willing to wait for their items, even if the prices are lower and shipping is free. Could you please share your thoughts on this? Thank you!
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2023.06.07 01:09 Killchrono I feel a lot of conflict about 2e's design is from people not realizing or liking its focus as a strategy game

Ever since the 5e influx, a lot of conversations have been…frustrating me, to put it lightly. There’s a feeling that while people are willing to engage with the game and generally like a lot of the concepts, there are people who get frustrated with Paizo's overarching design decisions to the point they demand change or call certain core philosophies objectively bad design.
As someone who very much likes most of the game's core philosophies, it's taken me a while to wrap my head around it, but I feel there was a crystallizing moment for me the other day when there was a thread discussing balance vs fun. Essentially, it purported that balance often came at the expense of fun, and that a lot of games end up becoming homogenized or having the soul sucked out of them for the sake of making every option viable.
Now of course, this is a false dichotomy. You can still have a game that is balanced between options that is also fun. A lot of imbalanced games are also not fun as well, even for the people they’re imbalanced in favor of. But it seems to be a major perception that when you play a game, you’re either here for a fun time or you’re here to play for keep and there’s no middle ground.
2e is no different. A lot of people treat the game's design as if it is trying to ruin their fun for the same if balance. Phrases like 'I know the game is balanced, it's just not fun' or 'they've overcorrected because they're too scared of breaking the game' get thrown around a lot.
Now I've seen this a lot over all of 2e's lifespan, but something became apparent as I was reading the thread; something that I’d sort of always realized, but for some reason I can’t figure out, it finally clicked to me how deep and intrinsic it is to the core discussions surrounding 2e.
The simple fact is: there are a lot of people who don’t seem to accept or even realise that PF2e is designed primarily as a strategy game before anything else.
(Just for reference, I made a Twitter thread about this, so I'm going to copy a lot of almost verbatim, but past that I’m going to elaborate in much more detail on thoughts and specific examples of what I’m talking about)
One of the big disconnects for me when I started playing DnD back in 3.5 (and eventually moved to PF1e) is that when I found out it was grid-based strategy, I was super excited. I loved games like FFT and Advance Wars back in the day, and had only just started playing FE:A, so I was down to clown.
The problem I eventually realized was the game isn't actually built for nuanced tactical play, despite being turn-based and having a grid and rules for interacting with it. It rewards expedient powergamed options and eclipses any concept of power cap.
5e was very similar. I went in seeing it was toned down and expected it to appeal more to that more nuanced gameplay. It certainly held the aesthetic of it, with mechanics like concentration to stop rampant buff stacking and streamline spellcasting, and to its credit it's skill floor was much more stable, making it easier to get on the ground floor with a playable character without needing an obtuse level of upfront system mastery.
But in the long term, I found it was just as bad an offender as 3.5/1e, between more extremely powerful expedient options, poorly tuned inter-class balance, monsters being quickly outscaled by player stats, and advantage being a very swingy buff state.
(sadly I missed 4e, which in hindsight I think would have absolutely been my bag)
So when 2e came out, I was cautious. I had been burnt before, and I was skeptical Paizo could actually stand on their own with a truly unique system apropos of DnD’s existing influence. But when I started my initial foray into the system, gingerly running small one shots and module length adventures with my players, I began to realize…this is it. This is the tactical d20 game I've been waiting over seven years for. Classes are much better balanced, the encounter building rules actually work, and my players are engaging in nuanced tactics beyond just trying to go for the biggest hits every turn. This is great!
I was super excited to have 2e finally meet that goal for being a d20 system that placed tactics at the heart of the gameplay.
...only to find people were bouncing off it while espousing the game's focus on strategy and the balance that came with it too stifling.
I've seen phrases akin to, ‘I get AOEs are effective, but I don't care if they're mathematically balanced compared to single target actions. I want the fantasy of blowing up all the enemies in the room with my fireball, not chipping them down half of their health and letting the martials mop up.’ Literally just the other day, I saw someone complain that they liked save or suck spells and that they were upset 2e did away with it. 'What if I WANT to turn the lich to stone with one spell and win the fight before it even starts?'
Obviously spellcasters are a low-hanging fruit that have been discussed ad-infinitum, but I see the same thing with martials more often than most people would realize. You have comments complaining that the base hit rates being closer to 50% than 70-80% is objectively bad design. People don’t want to engage in buff-based gameplay or teamwork that improves the odds in their favor; they want to have that high base chance as a standard and go to town with minimal windup or strategic investment.
Even from a mechanical standpoint, there's a common disdain towards a lot of the system's more nuanced mechanics that people feel are done more out of anti-fun pedantry than to create meaningful choices. I've seen people go on tirades about hand economy and how they hate needing to weigh up what you're holding at any given moment, all the way up to level 20 with no way around it. Plenty of people hate the shield mechanics for being finicky and seemingly existing for their own sake, while I love them because I get to see exactly when raising it stops my shield ally champion from getting hit and how much damage I chunk off when I block.
A lot of people talk about disconnect of expectations with the designers, but I'm starting to believe the source of this disconnect is rarely what they actually think it is, which is that strategy focus. 2e’s foundation is very clearly focused on trying to create strategy and meaningful gameplay loops via balance and tactical decision making, rather than the intense power curves of previous systems. So why are people engaging in a game like that when they want more freeform expression or have the fantasy be a pure power fantasy?
Well, the answer is, because they never wanted to engage in strategy in the first place, at least as far as the design tenets and expected player input of the strategy genre goes. They're coming in with a different expectation of what genre they want these games to be. I may come into it expecting XCOM and FFT, or even more tactics-focused board games (I mean in the end, what is an RPG with minis but a board game with more steps?). People like me want their character fantasies in a nuanced environment where I still get to have that feeling of being fantastical, but have to play smart to win. I don't have any expedient I-win buttons, and the victory is earnt, not given.
But others may come in expecting Diablo or Dynasty Warriors, where the power fantasy of being a one-man army is the appeal. They want to mow effortlessly through hordes of monsters and soldiers to feel unstoppable, where every attack is merely a scratch. Even bosses are just bigger roadblocks in the way to glory - they may stand a chance at putting you down, but ultimately you're a powerhouse. You're destined for greatness by virtue of the game glorifying you at every turn, narratively and mechanically.
Others still want that epic set piece experience - your Soulsborne/DMC/MGR style boss rushes, or Monster Hunter-esque scenarios against huge monsters, where smaller, less important adversaries are but window dressing to the main event. The game is more or less balanced around your capacity to stand toe to toe with Goliath beasts and master warriors. There is challenge and strategy, but it is focused around this particular format, where the game is about that pinpoint adrenaline, almost reaction-based combat against single major foes. This makes wide swathes of the available options and design decisions in a game like 2e redundant because everything gets consolidated into that focus on boss battles.
(I will say, there are elements of both the above that can exist in 2e, and with enough kerjiggering you can probably create an experience much closer to them than the intended game. But as far as official design goes, they are not the sole focus nor what the game is clearly designed around. There is a holistic experience at play here that incorporates a wider variety of combat scenarios)
And then there are the people who come in with…almost no gaming litmus to compare it to whatsoever. Combat in TTRPGs is the only true experience they've ever had of it being encapsulated in a mechanical experience. They may see it as a draw card. They may see it as an opportunity to just roleplay. Others still may see it as an impediment to their fun.
Obviously no one system is ever going to appeal to everyone, but I feel like a lot of people are coming into 2e either not understanding the fact the game is designed around this heavily tactical experience, or understanding it but not liking this and wanting it to shift design focus.
To be fair, this could be a good wake-up call for the rest of the community. One of the sentiments that often gets touted a lot is that people feel they’ve been misled by the advertising of 2e as a system; particularly coming from 5e, a lot of people feel a lot of the discussion has been about 2e ‘fixing’ its problems, creating a better holistic experience of the same game.
I’m beginning to believe the issue in hindsight is that the people saying that - myself included - have been coming at this from the assumption that the players who are complaining about 5e are doing so from the angle of a strategy game, when in fact, they haven’t.
But in our defense, I can absolutely see why we would have thought that. A lot of complaints relate to topics such as class imbalance, build disparity, poor encounter tuning, lack of coherent rules for character abilities, etc. Essentially, all stuff that reads ‘we care a lot about the mechanics of this game. We want it to be fairer and have more robust systems, more options in combat, etc.’
Essentially, stuff that is inherently linked to this strategy focus.
Clearly this hasn't been the case though, for whatever reason. Maybe it's about time that the people who like PF2e and are trying to sell it to others, and when discussing topics in places like this subreddit, acknowledge that 2e isn't actually an unmitigated power fantasy d20 system, but a version that is aimed at that sort of strategy aficionado who want a game that's about tactical engagement and builds mattering for the sake of how they engage with those strategy elements, rather than just being an expression of how they will inevitably win and treating the mechanics that keep those design goals in check as pedantic and anti-fun.
This will make PF2e a much less universally appealing switch. It might even lose players who'd otherwise not try it. But it's more honest and will probably do more good for bringing and guiding new players without breeding long-term resentment and feeling misled. At the very least, it will frame expectations better.
At the same time, I think a lot more people need to in turn understand that the people like me who really like this game do so specifically because of its focus on the strategy elements; that we understand things like the tight balance and nuanced mechanics are in place to enable that. I feel too much of the conversation can devolve into accusing these design decisions of being anti-fun, almost malicious, and that people who prefer it are being overly pedantic, often to the point of paranoia about imbalances.
Obviously there needs to be nuance. Some people do legitimately want that mechanical element but just disagree with certain points on the way Paizo does it. If people feel certain fiddly elements can be removed or underpowered mechanics can be buffed without breaking the balance or adding even more strategy, then sure, that's great. Let's have those discussions. But once there's a sort of 'I don't care about balance I care about fun' sentiment being thrown around, I feel that's when discussion begins to break down because it's fundamentally asking Paizo to change the direction of their design; one that a lot of people have come to this game specifically for, and pay the designers to make for our tastes.
As I said, no one game is going to make everyone happy, but some games are more focused on what they're aiming for than others. 2e is one of those games. I think the core conflict at the heart of 2e's direction is not that it's designed around a strategy focus, nor that others don't always like that. It's that there's a core assumption everyone playing d20 games is doing so because strategy is the main investment.
There's probably meaningful discussion to be had as to whether there is virtue in this as a core focus. Maybe people like myself are in fact just stickler pedants who are too focused on things being fair and balanced for our own good. Maybe no-one else cares about that nuanced strategy focus and it's too niche a market to bother with past indulging people like me through single player experiences. But either way, understanding that focus and where the differences of want from that will help discussion more than anything else
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2023.06.07 01:07 MountainNovel878 Guide to Sourcing Peptides 2023

This community was inspired by our own frustration in navigating the unregulated peptide research community. In doing so, we have compiled information about sourcing peptides, their legality, and the regulatory paradigm that surrounds the actual transaction (payment) for research peptides. When the broader peptide research community also learns about these facets, it will contribute to maintaining the legality and thus availability of research peptides.
Peptides sold, obtained, and possessed for laboratory, research, and analytical purposes are generally legal. Laws and regulations will vary based on country and geographical location.
It is illegal to sell, buy, possess, and utilize peptides for purposes other than the aforementioned.
We’ve noticed that many peptide researchers are often inspired by information they hear about on social media, blogs, or in videos. However, oftentimes inadequate research is done in advance of acquiring or attempting to acquire peptides. This puts risk on the individual and on the broader peptide research community.
Research peptides can be obtained from online sources. They can also be obtained by a licensed professional at various clinics (both online and brick and mortar). It is very important to note that just because a clinic prescribes and/or sells peptides, they are almost invariably still sourced from overseas and there is no assurance of quality control. .
For the purposes of our research and this subreddit, we only do laboratory testing on US peptide suppliers. We also only use US testing laboratories (currently, we use two of them).
If you found this subreddit but are interested in peptides for medical use, please consult with a licensed medical professional.
The reason that many people appear not to do this, is that it can be very expensive, difficult to qualify, and not all peptides of interest may be available or indicated.
There are many online research peptide vendors, particularly lately. This is not inherently a good thing as it dilutes the pressure on any given vendor to perform rigorous quality control. Without third party testing, it is virtually impossible to know what you’re getting. Again, this was one of our primary inspirations for starting this community.
The vast majority of vendors are sourcing their peptides from China. A very small number of vendors are manufacturing them in the US. Small batch peptide synthesis has an approximate equipment (not including trained personnel) cost of over half a million dollars. Smaller or less experienced (newer) vendors are unlikely to be doing this. However, if one can identify vendors who are doing this, it is a very good idea in our experience.
Unlike testing one’s luck by ordering small-ish quantities of peptides from overseas, US vendors will provide some of the following additional benefits:
The vendor does all of the work – they do customer service and fulfil orders much more quickly than any sort of international import. They (hopefully) provide replacements when things go wrong. This gives the customer some assurance because there is an entity attached to the order.
They are also less expensive than when obtained from a clinic.
Fortunately or unfortunately, due to research peptides being unregulated, anyone can essentially be a “vendor” without oversight. At the same time, the customer is still likely receiving the same peptide they would have otherwise obtained from overseas themselves. Note – many people think that reliable overseas vendors will sell retail quantity numbers of peptides directly to consumers. This is rarely true, and often leads to being scammed.
This has left a gap for many bad actors to enter the space.
This doesn't mean that all vendors are getting quality peptides from China/overseas either. Some have been shown by researchers to either be dosed in inefficacious amounts, contain none of the actual compound that it should, and/or have completely different compounds than it claims to have.
You can read more about buying from Chinese suppliers here.
Even when a COA is posted by a vendor, it’s important that it is somehow verifiable. There is a large percentage of photoshopped/fake COAs posted online by vendors and affiliates. For this reason, some legitimate vendors do not post COAs on their website, but make them available upon request.
When reading a COA, purity tells you about the quality of the peptide. This confirms that they gave you the correct product.
Purity is usually more than adequate when comparing or testing peptides. It will give you a general idea about what is in your product and it can still be cost effective.
When also testing for quantity, it gets a lot more expensive. Vendors most typically rely on the tests they received from their Chinese suppliers instead of doing it themselves through a 3rd party lab. These tests cost several times more than purity-only tests, and are not often done.
It is easy for vendors to fake test results that they say they performed themselves. Others fake test results from labs to make it seem like they are 3rd party tested. This makes it important to be able to verify test results.
The lab tests that we have performed are done with testing facilities in the US who we can trust.
The next best place to find information about vendors would be on forums. Namely this subreddit and our website.
Search through Reddit and see what others have said about their experiences with brands. Namely the customer service, scams, and shipping. These are anecdotal reports, and while we make a strong effort to hedge against vendor solicitation influencing these anecdotes, it is still possible that “recommendations” made by users are some forms of solicitation.
We don't see anecdotal posts or comments as a credible source for dictating the quality of a vendor. There is no way to prove their suggestion.
We have been doing our own anonymous buying from vendors and sending those samples in for testing. You can view these test results on our forum here.
We prefer to keep everything evidence based and let the COAs and tests speak for themselves.
While you are looking for where to source your research peptides, you are more than likely going to see ads, chat requests, and comments/replies from vendors trying to manipulate users.
We advise you to be smart with engaging with anyone that engages with you for the aforementioned purposes. Check their post history and karma at very minimum (not always indicative of anything, but helpful).It’s likely best to just avoid blindly taking any random suggestions, particularly if made via “DM.”
A rule of thumb is that if anyone pushes in favor of, or against a vendor to a strong degree, likely has a vested interest as a vendor or affiliate.
Some vendors are not happy with the work we have been doing. They know they may be selling low quality peptides and they fear that we will randomly run a lab test on their products.
Many peptide researchers do not understand that it can be difficult to obtain peptides from a payment perspective. We have an article about this here. In short, banks are the intermediary between merchants (vendors) and the credit/debit card brands. Based on rules and guidance from the card brands, banks make policies on what types of product/service types can be offered by merchants (vendors) for card transactions.
Many vendors who offer direct traditional card payment options for research peptides are engaging in what is called transaction laundering. This is the act of misrepresenting, in one or more ways, what they are selling to their bank/payment processor. This comes with serious legal risks that in some cases, can extend to the customers unknowingly.
When customers insist on using their card to buy research chemicals, they are creating the need for vendors to heavily focus on the huge hassle of payments, instead of things like customer service and quality control. All of the payment work-arounds like CashApp, PayPal, Venmo, etc. are also unsustainable. Once those companies realize that their apps are being used to facilitate the sale of these items, the accounts will get shut down. The only sustainable method for vendors and for customers is cryptocurrency.
Cryptocurrency is not difficult to use, and it removes middle men from a transaction so the customer and vendor can transact without requiring “permission” from an intermediary. You can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card or bank account easily. You will notice that vendors often incentivize the use of this payment method with discounts or by other means. Many vendors also add fees to be able to use some kind of card payment method. There is a reason for this.
Any peptide researchecustomer should be part of the solution, not part of the problem. We don’t want a community of peptide vendors who are fixated on payments to lure in buyers versus fixated on quality control, sustainability, regulatory compliance (legal, and banking/payment compliance).
We hope that you find this community and its content valuable and helpful.
If you have had any good or bad experiences, please write up a review and post it to the subreddit.
There is a review tag you can use to help others find it easier.
Peptide Source
While we strive to always provide accurate, current, and safe advice in all of our posts, it’s important to stress that they are no substitute for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider. You should always consult a licensed healthcare/medical professional. The content we’ve included in this guide is merely meant to be informational and does not constitute medical advice. Peptides that are available to the vast majority of consumers are for research and laboratory use only. Only vendors that strictly adhere to this legal framework should be trusted, and NO VENDOR that insinuates or promotes (directly or indirectly) human use/consumption of peptides should not be supported by anyone in the peptide community, period. Particularly if the community would like these peptides to remain legally available for research and laboratory use without further regulatory intervention.
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2023.06.07 01:04 trifling_fo_sho Rooted Alpine X DAFAQ degraft, $35 shipped in US lower 48

Rooted Alpine X DAFAQ degraft, $35 shipped in US lower 48
Slight scarring at base from neem oil treatment but has completely grown out. Worst scars shown, healthy growth at tip also shown. Fed organically. Ships bare root within the US lower 48. Zelle (preferred), PayPal FF, cashapp
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2023.06.07 01:02 Hot_Negotiation3480 Does my resume still suck? I took your advice Reddit (Thanks!). Applying to employee training/education, and safety related jobs.
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2023.06.07 01:01 Throwaway-zxc Shipping not as described?

I recently had the option to purchase a lightweight item (less than 8 pounds) from multiple sellers but chose a seller that's about an hour away from me. The reasoning behind this was, based on the shipping service they were advertising and their stated handling time, I'd get the item the next day. They had good feedback, so I purchased the item. What could possibly go wrong?
Move forward a couple days, and the seller sends me tracking for a considerably cheaper, entirely different shipping service that costs less than half of what was advertised and will take twice as long to arrive. As you might imagine, this was not accompanied by a refund for the difference in price. The seller has still yet to give the item to the carrier and hasn't communicated the reason for the delay. With all the time this seller has spent sitting on the item, I could've bought from the seller I usually purchase these parts from several thousand miles away and received it by now. I've learned my lesson and will be doing this from now on.
How would you handle feedback in this situation? Do you consider receiving the shipping service listed to be part of whether the item is as described? If they use a far cheaper service instead of the one advertised and fail to communicate, would you leave at bare minimum a neutral?
I've had sellers get pissed off over asking how they ship things...situations like this are why. 20 years on eBay and buying has been more frustrating over the past couple years than it ever was in the previous 18 years.
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2023.06.07 00:50 Big-Nectarine-6293 Pro-life here preparing for a debate. Tear my opening apart.

Basically, I want you to criticize what I've written as much as possible. Specifically, I'd like to avoid any of the following:
- Argument from emotion
- Non-sequitur
- Misrepresenting the pro-choice position.
Also lmk if my framework seems like a fair one to use and fits with my arguments. If you see anything that makes you reconsider part of your position or that you think is a strong point, feel free to mention that too. (I can dream, right?) If you have formal debate experience, that's a plus. I will try to follow up with all comments.
If you want to insult me personally, that's fine. At least then I know what to expect (lol). I'd rather have my position torn apart here than in the middle of a formal debate.

Plz read argument with formatting and sources here (reddit doesn't let me underline):

My opening so far:
Harm: To adversely affect
Modus Ponens: A logical argument form
Person: An individual with inherent moral value
Prima facie: True under default circumstances
This debate should be evaluated on the moral basis of protecting human rights. Essentially, all persons possess inalienable rights that ought to be protected. Furthermore, the importance of a right is directly proportional to the loss in utility caused by violating it. A teenager’s right not to be stabbed, for example, is more important than their right to a high school education. The merits of each proposal, with regards to abortion legality, should be judged based on how well they protect human rights. If the harm to a fetus from abortion is proportional to the harm caused to a person by violating some human right, then abortion is also a violation of human rights.
Human rights should be afforded to all persons. I hold that a person is a human being who can in some way be harmed. Furthermore, I hold that having one’s lifespan reduced is a harm. Someone with CIPA may not physically suffer when they are killed, but they have been harmed nonetheless.
Uncertainty Principle
For the sake of argument, suppose we are uncertain about the moral status of an unborn child. In this case, abortion is akin to drunk driving, where the risk of killing someone is low but not negligible. People have the freedom to drink alcohol and drive a car prima facie but not when such actions risk harming an innocent person. Similarly, if there is a non-negligible chance that an unborn child is a person, abortion ought to be illegal.
My Case
Arguments 1-4 will deal with establishing the personhood of unborn children. Arguments 5-6 will demonstrate that as a result, abortion is unjustified. Argument 7 will deal with the efficacy of abortion bans.
  1. Killing Human Beings is Wrong:
Unborn Children are Human Beings
The overwhelming scientific consensus holds that a human being is formed at conception.
Significance of Killing Humans
Note that a human being is a person regardless of their stage of development (infant, teenager, adult). It hardly makes a difference to someone whether they are aborted as an embryo or killed painlessly in their sleep two minutes after their birth. Both actions are immoral, because they achieve a similar effect.
An alternate view holds that moral value should come from intelligence, past experiences, ability to feel pain, level of dependency, or level of development. But a number of obvious counterexamples show this view to be flawed:
An infant born in a coma with no past conscious experiences is a person, and killing them is wrong.
Adult dogs and dolphins are smarter than newborns, but killing a newborn is more evil than killing a dog or a dolphin.
Newborns are dependent on their parents and on society, but killing them is wrong.
Killing a child is as bad as killing an adult, if not worse. Thus, it is clear that the potential to live a long life outweighs a human’s level of biological development.
Therefore, we should treat human beings as persons, regardless of past experiences or stage of development.
  1. Unborn Children Have a Future Like Ours:
Coma Analogy
Suppose there is someone in a deep coma, who will awaken in nine months. They have lost all of their memories, and they will not recognize anyone. Clearly, it would be morally impermissible to kill them. I argue that any reason why it would be wrong to kill the comatose individual can also be used to show that abortion is wrong. This is because murder affects a person’s future—and unborn children have a future like ours.
Associated Harms
The harm principle holds that actions should generally be considered moral unless they cause some kind of harm to someone else. Therefore, if the action of killing the comatose person is wrong, it must be because it has one or several harmful effects. I can think of several:
Missed opportunities: Upon awakening, the comatose individual could have lived a long life
Lack of choice: No choice was given to the individual whose opportunities were lost, because we did not wait for them to wake up and made the decision for them
Violation of a social contract: We would not want someone to kill us or steal our opportunities, so it would be wrong to do so to someone else
Note that all of these harms also occur when an unborn child is killed. If these harms make killing the comatose individual wrong, then they certainly make killing an unborn child wrong.
  1. Development of Human Beings is Continuous:
Drawing a Line
At any point, a being is either a person or not a person. Therefore, operating on the assumption that a toddler is a person, my opponent will have to designate some point in pregnancy at which point a non-person becomes a person, despite the “non-person” and “person” sharing similar DNA, cell structures, etc. Of course, if we designate human beings as persons from the point of conception, we can avoid this dilemma.
Transitive Property
I hold that a human adult is the same person that they were as an unborn child. I think we can argue that people remain the same person throughout their life—otherwise Ted Bundy was an innocent person being held in prison for crimes someone else committed. I think we can agree then that someone in a coma is the same person that they were before and the same person after they awaken. We can credit this to several factors:
Equivalent DNA
Continuous development
Narrative continuity (the location of the person remains unchanged or changed gradually)
But if we accept any of these factors to argue that people in comas are the same person as they were before, then we must also accept that adults are the same person that they were in utero—due to similar DNA, continuous development, etc.
  1. Removing an Unborn Child’s Ability to Have Conscious Experiences is Wrong:
Operation Thought Experiment
Suppose there exists an operation that can be performed on an unborn child—one that will hinder their eyesight in the future with no medical benefit. Performing this operation on an unborn child would be immoral, even though it removes potential experiences, rather than ones that the unborn child is currently capable of.
Removing more potential experiences (ability to hear, ability to feel, etc.) would be worse, not better.
Modus Ponens
P1: Removing an unborn child’s potential conscious experiences is wrong.
P2: Abortion is removing an unborn child’s potential conscious experiences.
C1: Therefore, abortion is wrong.
  1. Killing vs. Letting Die:
My View
It is true, in earlier stages of pregnancy, that an unborn child depends on their mother’s body to survive. However, due to the circumstances of pregnancy, I argue that abortion is not simply “letting someone die,” but that it is a direct killing morally indistinguishable from murder.
Means of Abortion
Abortions are performed by sucking an unborn child through a vacuum hose and crushing their organs or by sucking out their brains with a vacuum. This is not simply “withdrawing bodily support” but direct killing. Even if you disagree with my argument below, the means by which abortion is performed involve directly killing the child, which is simply unjustifiable.
Prima Facie Violations of Bodily Autonomy
Forced labor (such as carrying heavy objects)
Forced medical procedures
Bodily autonomy is a prima facie right, meaning that with all things being equal, violating it is unjust. However, in the case of abortion, all things are not equal. This is why pregnancy is not listed above; it never occurs in a prima facie scenario.
Three States of Dependence
Consider the following three states of dependence:
A: Person X does not require your body to survive
B: Person X does require your body to survive, and your body is currently supporting them
C: Person X does require your body to survive, and your body is not currently supporting them
Third Syllogism
P1: Actively making Person X go from states A -> C is morally equivalent to murder.
P2: Abortion involves making Person X go from states A -> C.
C1: Therefore, abortion is morally equivalent to murder.
Suppose Sam is a doctor who can fix a stab wound. Sam stabs Jack (A -> C). The point is not whether Sam should be legally forced to heal Jack (though he certainly has a moral obligation to). The point is that an action from A -> C is murder.
Suppose a woman carries her newborn child into the forest full of wild beasts (A -> B). She then decides she is tired, or perhaps she is scared of being slowed down by the weight of an infant. For whatever reason, she leaves her child in the forest (B -> C) where it is then eaten by wild beasts. This action is clearly infanticide, and lawmakers have a duty to prosecute a parent who makes such a decision. Going from A -> B and then from B -> C is therefore unjust killing. The “extra step” of A -> B does not absolve the woman of murder.
Before conception, Person X (the unborn child) does not yet exist. Therefore, the period before conception is State A.
Abortion in most cases involves actively taking an action that then leads to pregnancy (A -> B) and then terminating the pregnancy (B -> C). Hence, like the forest analogy, it is an unjustified killing of a human being and should be classified as murder.
  1. Duty to Save:
Even if we granted that abortion was simply “letting someone die” instead of direct killing, it would not follow that abortion ought to be legal.
Weighting of Rights
Recall that the importance of a right is directly proportional to the loss in utility caused by violating said right. Since the government has a duty to protect human rights, we should default to protecting the right that is more important. Being killed at a young age prevents someone from experiencing their entire life. Being pregnant lasts for nine months, and despite being inconvenient, it does not prevent a pregnant person from experiencing those nine months.
Drowning Child Thought Experiment
Virtue ethics are fundamental in our understanding of human rights. Essentially, if a child’s life depends on Person X specifically, and the utility lost from helping them is significantly less than the value of the child’s life, then Person X has a duty to help them. This scenario is so extreme that it follows from any reasonable interpretation of virtue ethics.
Consider the following scenario. (It comes from a pro-choice philosopher, so no one can accuse me of cherry picking):
You notice a child has fallen in a pond and appears to be drowning. To wade in and pull the child out would be easy but it will mean that you get your clothes wet and muddy, and by the time you go home and change you will have missed your first class.
It’s clear from the doctrine of virtue ethics that saving the child is a moral obligation. Failing to save the child would be almost equivalent, morally speaking, to directly killing them. The government sometimes enforces this moral obligation via duty to protect laws. Since everyone has the responsibility to save a child in the circumstances I outlined, it follows that duty to protect laws ought to apply to everyone as well. Note that these laws are even more ubiquitous when Person X has directly endangered the person who depends on them. Surely if Person X throws the child into the pond, not rescuing the child would be murder.
So a pregnant person would have the duty not to let a child die, even if pregnancy is inconvenient. The child’s life is simply far more valuable than the utility lost from pregnancy. Furthermore, 99% of abortions are performed on children conceived consensually, making the moral obligation to save them even greater, as noted above.
Responsibilities of Parents
Infanticide was common in Ancient Rome. If we can agree that these killings were wrong, then it stands to reason that parents have a moral obligation to prevent their children from dying. In ancient times, this would include carrying a child around, feeding them, housing them, and in many cases, breastfeeding.
Comparison to Pregnancy
P1: The right of a child to live outweighs their parent’s right not to raise them.
P2: Pregnancy is less inconvenient than raising a child.
C1: The right of a child to live outweighs their mother’s right to avoid pregnancy.
The infanticide example establishes P1. Hence, I will argue for P2. It is simply the case that raising a child in ancient times would require physical labor, which can lead to all sorts of health conditions. The loss in utility from raising a child is greater than that lost from pregnancy, but it does not follow that infanticide in Ancient Rome was somehow justified.
  1. Effects of an Abortion Ban:
The clear conclusion of the evidence available is that abortion bans save lives. Essentially, a law against abortion gives women plenty of strong incentives not to get an abortion, but no reasons to get an abortion that they wouldn’t have before. Arguing that no woman will decide against abortion due to a ban is simply illogical.
Lives Lost From Abortion
In 2020, there were 620,000 abortions legally performed in the US. One study calculated the value of a human life as approximately seven million dollars, and as such, legalized abortion has an annual cost of $4.3 trillion dollars. Add the per capita contribution of individuals to US GDP, about $70,248. If one works from age 18 to 65, 47 * 70,248 * 620,000 is an additional $2.0 trillion lost in GDP annually from abortion.
Measures of Efficacy
Women whose pregnancy occurred before Roe vs. Wade had dramatically lower abortion rates. Legal abortion before Roe reduced teenage birth rates; in fact, legalizing abortion had a higher impact on pregnancy rates than contraception. Abortion rates by state of residence show that states with heavier abortion restrictions have lower abortion rates, even when accounting for women who cross state lines. When Bulgaria liberalized its abortion laws, the abortion rate increased by a factor of 60. Furthermore, abortion is measurably reduced, not simply “driven underground.” Restricting abortion in Bulgaria, when controlling for other factors, increased fertility rates by about 12%.
Policy Additions
Abortions bans already save lives, but going abroad to obtain an abortion could also be made illegal, similarly to laws against sex tourism. If you think an abortion ban would be hard to enforce, consider the difficulty of enforcing child pornography bans, in which case both the buyer and the seller have an incentive to remain secret. The government still manages to track down people who access this illicit content.
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2023.06.07 00:49 ClayXros What are approximate draw-strengths of natural materials?

Howdy. I'm making a tabletop-RPG crafting system and want to include bow crafting. I'm basing the range and power on the strings draw strength, but I can't find reliable info about the lbs ranges, only "the best" or what works. What are the approximate strengths of string materials you all use?
Feel free to nerd out, I need weak 20 lb string materials all the way up to 200.
My system uses a modified metric system. 1 Weight = 1.25 kg = 2.75 lbs 1 Weight on the draw equals about 1 Range(1 meter, 1 yard), and 10 Weight gives a +1 to penetration.
I'm thinking of using Cotton as the weaker baseline to judge the rest of the materials, but again, basically no reliable stats I can find.
My system isn't pure mundane means, the characters use "magic" to keep the materials from degrading. So as long as the material can handle 1 day of use, I'd like to know about it. I'll also take academic resources with numbers I missed. Thank you!
submitted by ClayXros to Archery [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 00:46 smashT Coffee with Captain from dGenNetwork with Doodles CEO Julian Holguin Jun 6, 2023

Coffee with Captain from dGenNetwork Twitter Spaces today featured Doodles CEO Julian Holguin
If anyone wants to listen back:
I've shared some of the Doodles related Q&A below:
Can you tell us a little bit about this Camp experience for those who missed the announcement?
Julian: So Camp and Doodles has been underway for a while. It's definitely been a concept that we've been kicking around since I started at the company and the whole idea was that if you can create an immersive retail experience that brings people into your world and kind of draft off of the success that Doodles had at SXSW and make it more permanent, you can really reach people in a meaningful way. It's why people go to Disneyland, Universal Studios etc. It's a big endeavor to launch a theme park. There are massive businesses that are built around actually standing up these theme parks but there's kind of a hole in the market for every weekend, almost everyday activities you can do with a family or with friends that bring consumers and fans and collectors closer to your experience in a way that's truly experiential. So Camp is a business that has been able to stand up a really incredible solution for that.
I actually discovered it with my family while I was living in Los Angeles. I brought my son to their Nike kids camp and I was blown away. You walk in, it's a specialty toy store, it's got all the viral kids toys and it's kind of like a modern day FAO Schwarz, it's really cool. Then they have this ticketed experience where you buy tickets to whatever the branded theme is, that time in L.A, it was Nike. You take the family through this magic door at the back of the store and it opens up into this 6000 square foot, crazy guided immersive experience where there's actors, they call them counselors that take you through this whole experience that's guided for your family and your kids and they're immersed in the world. It's play, it's fun and then at the end of it is this really cool gift shop experience where people can get a chance to take home the stuff that they just interacted with and some of the energy that they were just able to put into play.
Camp has a network of these stores across the country. They also have one in Atlanta, which just debuted with The Little Mermaid, they have one in New York, which debuted with Disney Encanto, they've done Paw Patrol, they have Mickey and Friends live in Dallas, so they have this whole network. We're opening a new store with them this summer that's Doodles. So we're going to be side by side with some of the best and most beloved IP in the world and bringing what so many people love about Doodles to life permanently. The idea is that we're going to be a specific location for around 3 to 6 months potentially a little bit longer and then that show is actually built to pack up and go on the road. So we'll move to a different one of their locations.
We're making a bunch of new products, our first actual kids merchandise. It's going to be integrated into the experience. The experience that you're going to see is brand new, completely built from the ground up. Anybody that's been to our live events know that we know how to do this and we really do know how to bring people into our world and this is another opportunity for us to also age down and reach a new demographic with kids, parents and kind of everybody in between so it's a really exciting time for us. We believe immersive retail is going to be a massive thing in the future. If yesterday's Apple event actually punctuated anything, it's this concept of mixed reality that is going to be prevalent in our life and the whole idea of immersive retail is to continually use digital product, live experiences to bring people closer to stories, to bring people closer to characters, to bring people actually into the universe that we're ultimately creating and we all know being in Web3 how that is core to the ethos, that's why all of us signed up. We want to feel like we're part of this, so we're really excited. Can't wait for everybody to see more.
Why is Camp the ideal partner versus doing this yourselves?
Julian: I think we do IRL as good as anybody in the world, not just anybody in Web3. I think the elevation that Doodles brought to the space when it comes to IRL after SXSW was a call to action to everybody in the space to kind of level up and you've seen a lot of people, based on what we did start to invest more in these live experiences and try and bring people closer to the actual IP. I think we've been leaders in that regard and we have no doubt that we would have been able to build a really special live experience if we had just done it from the ground up but it made a lot more sense knowing that this is not our core competency to actually partner with somebody to help operate a fully baked retail location. As much as camp is a business that we're completely leaning into, it's also a test for product market fit, one thing that they have is email subscriber lists, customers, real fans of their brand that seek out these kinds of experiences in the cities that they're in so there's already built in marketing value that we have by partnering with Camp, the infrastructure, they know how to operate a store from day to day.
They know the right amount of inventory to order, they know the right way to actually have these experiences flow when it comes to a three hour guided experience and they know how to get the most value for their customers and ultimately out of their customers. So it was a really good idea for us to actually partner with somebody before going all in and investing 100% of our own money into an experience like this and we truly think partnership is the way to learn as much as you possibly can and it's also not that different from the way that massive IP shows up at theme parks and such, there are theme park operators like Merlin Entertainment and what they do is license IP and then ultimately build theme parks around them. So there are very few people that actually stand up their own theme park businesses and actually bring their own live experiences to market. I do think it's something that we could probably own one day but the best idea short term was to do it with somebody that's a true expert in it and kind of shares a similar ethos that we do.
How do you plan to drive people to the Doodles experience vs something like Mickey that's also in Camp stores?
That's exactly why it made so much sense to actually partner with Camp because they have a built in audience and customer base. Right off the bat we're going to have thousands of people that are going to become aware of Doodles instantly just because we're partnering with Camp and going to have a location activated in a particular city. So that's number one. Number two is that that's not going to be enough, we want to try and actually integrate within that city and and the surrounding markets. So what we're going to be doing is a full fledged marketing campaign. We're going to be sponsoring local events, we're going to be working with local influencers, people that have kids, people that don't, we're going to be doing outdoor, we're going to be doing radio, we're going to be getting the message out there about Doodles, but not just about Doodles. The fact that there is this new incredible experience that's coming to market. New York, LA, Miami, Austin, Columbus, Ohio, a lot of these places have a lot of major entertainment things that come by but there's very few things that fill this gap. You can go to Six Flags, Disneyland, you can go to a tour that's coming through town like I take my kid to the Jurassic World tour and it's really cool but there's not many things that are IP driven that you can go to any weekend.
You can knock out three hours with your family, there's just a really big hole in that market in almost every single city. The fact the experience is going to be coming to the city that we're going to is a marketing opportunity within itself. So Doodles is going to draft off of that solution that this experience is actually providing to the market and I think everybody knows this that's been to our events, once you're in, once you experience it, you have a really big opportunity with a brand like Doodles to keep people interested in your ecosystem, to keep people interested in what you're doing. The other thing you kind of mentioned about our events where you see strollers and families around during the day and then at night it's a Diplo concert, we're going to be doing a similar kind of thing with daypart programing where there's going to be basically daytime programing for kids and families and then at night, not every single night but at night there's going to be more adult focused programing where the setting and the scene is a lot more for people that are over 21 and not really in that family kind of setting. So it's going to be pretty cool to see our ability to actually target multiple demographics and try and be a multi-generational brand.
You have mentioned that Doodles is like the Amex black card of the collection. How does that work related to the Doodles Camp experience?
Julian: We've been maintaining this. So essentially the Doodles OG collection, obviously there's provenance associated with it, it's the art that started it all, it's one of 10,000 Burnt Toast but it also comes with this contract that's going to give you the ultimate access in the entire ecosystem. Sometimes access means you're going to get entered for a raffle to be one of the only 300 people that get the Pharrell pack for free. Sometimes it's going to be access to a major live event that we're propping up at a big cultural moment and sometimes it's going to be something like Camp where you are going to get free entry, you are going to get merchandise credits, you are going to get concierge services, meaning when you show up, it's not going to be like somebody walking off the street, the store is going to be waiting for you, you're going to be treated like a true VIP because that's what people that hold the original collection are and we think that's a pretty special thing. We think people strive for that. We think people want to feel special, especially when they're investing money in collectibles and the things that we offer in our ecosystem so if you're traveling to come to this specific location, we want that experience to feel very special to you.
We don't want you to feel like just any normal consumer off the street. You're part of the Doodles universe, the same way that the characters that are being displayed in that experience are. So it's really special to us and really important to us that we live up to that in that our community. The people that are truly in the community every single day, engaging, building. There's a fictional universe of characters and then there's the real world lifestyle of Doodles, the real world lifestyle of Doodles we want to be as known and as much of a part of our story as the actual fictional universe and that's what we're trying to perpetuate with this idea of like white glove concierge service. I always think of it like concierge key with American Airlines or the Black Card with American Express or Club 33 with Disney, it doesn't mean every single thing that we do is going to be free but it means there's going to be a very, very special experience for OGs at every step of the way and this is just another iteration of that.
When you gave the presentation at NFTNYC about a year ago, you talked about immersive experiences, culture, music, is there anything that has changed or pivoted in strategy since that presentation?
Julian: I think a business like us you need to give yourselves agency to pivot as things unfold and as technology develops and I'd say that our vision has not changed at all but the way we get there maybe there are a couple changes but they wouldn't be noticeable to somebody looking from the outside in. I think the way that we think about on-chain loyalty, rewards and engagement and a hub like the stoodio being connected to every single consumer touchpoint, we've always had a vision for that because there's countless examples of major IP in the world that has fans and really loyal supporters that go out and see them at the movies, theme parks, buy merch, play games and the IP actually has no way of tracking all of that behavior. They have no idea who these people are, much less how to reward them for their support and for their loyalty. If you build from the ground up with that mindset, you're going to be able to create a much deeper relationship between you and your most loyal supporters, which is kind of what Web3 is about. So how do we create a brand that can do what any of these major IP operators do with an audience of millions, but we're doing it with thousands and then you build that traditional business model on top of it to create something truly exponential.
That is the vision, that's the game. I think the thing that most people don't understand is that brands today, it's not like you can just go build one tentpole and build a global IP off of that. If you're Disney you can, you can release Encanto, be working on it for five years and have all the distribution to make that a hit but it doesn't work that way for most people trying to build an IP. Most brands need to be present every day where consumers spend their time on social media, in live events, through merchandise, people spend their time in very fragmented ways these days, and attention is very difficult to maintain. So this whole concept of transmedia storytelling is really important and if you think about what GoldenWolf is, they're an animation and creative studio that specializes in advertising content, on digital content, on social content. So knowing that we are going to be a transmedia storytelling brand, meaning we're going to be present in many different areas and we're going to be creating content around all of the things that we do, whether it be Camp, brand partnerships that we have coming up, Doodles Records, anything with the product and the stoodio, new NFT collections etc. What could be a better asset internally than an Emmy nominated advertising and animation studio? We're going to be able to put high quality content out in a way that other people truly just can't keep up with.
I don't mean content for the sake of content. I truly mean high quality content. So GoldenWolf being in the mix is huge for us. Ingi is an incredible thought leader, always thinking about new ways to push technology forward. For us blockchain is obviously what made Doodles what it is and it's obviously what is most interesting to us and how digital ownership brings people closer to an IP but how can you use some other emerging technologies to actually create quicker time to market for animation so you can create more animations? How do you use it to create more immersive environments? Really thinking about new ways to push the envelope and at the end of the day, people connect with stories, people connect with characters, people love joyful entertainment and if we can make those people feel like they're part of our universe the same way that our main characters are, that's when you get something that I don't think truly exists in the world today and it's something we're really excited about so I'd say not a ton has changed, how we get there and the mechanism in which we deliver these incredible stories and bring people closer will always change. That's just kind of the nature of being in the world that we're in but I'd say we have as much or more conviction than when I started.
Did Apple's Vision Pro announcement yesterday strengthen your belief in the future of experiential and immersive experiences
Julian: Yeah. Everybody knows Burnt Toast for creating the characters but he's actually a really incredible product and thought leader in how to leverage technology to create more content. He's been beating this drum for a long time. Mixed reality. He really loves augmented reality specifically and I think what you saw last night was a major step in how this is ultimately going to evolve. That headset is going to get smaller and smaller. The computing power is going to get stronger and stronger. The price is going to get cheaper and cheaper. The technology is going to get more intuitive and anybody that's not thinking about that future is definitely going to get left behind. How long it takes to get to a point where that use case is truly at scale? Who knows? I think it happens faster these days than it ever has before. I think it's actually a really exciting time if you're a creator, especially if you're a creator in a world where you're trying to connect physical and digital. We couldn't be more bullish and we couldn't be more excited for the kind of things that we're actually going to be able to make with a truly great platform like that.
I think the metaverse is a term, it's not what's actually being created. It's thrown around so much and people talk about the metaverse like it's someplace we're going and not someplace that we kind of live in today. Everybody very carefully curates what they put on social media, younger generations care so much about the digital assets that they can acquire like Roblox and Fortnite, people care about what their Zoom looks like, everybody on this Twitter space has very carefully curated what their PFP looks like and what their Twitter feed looks like. We are very much living in a world that has bridges from digital and IRL and what the announcement was yesterday and what Disney is doing is just talking about a much more intuitive and deeper way to make that a reality and to create better experiences. If you looked at the visuals, imagine throwing on a headset and being able to watch a Disney movie like that or to watch a game on ESPN. I don't even think people can really feel the impact of how that's going to be. It's going to be incredible. It's going to be an entertainment experience that just does not exist today and until people can actually feel it, I think there's going to be a lot of speculation, but that showed a lot of promise, we were all pretty blown away watching that presentation.
I love that you've mentioned a couple times the prioritization of content and good content, is Doodles active on platforms outside of twitter or is that coming?
Julian: It's coming up. We are mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. We needed to actually get the GoldenWolf acquisition through and then ultimately integrate the company and the business into Doodles so that naturally just takes some time and what we didn't want to do was just rush to get content out there because it's something that you feel like you have to do. Quality takes time. A brand that's going to live forever and and be timeless takes time. It's not like technology where if you're first and you're quick, you get a leg up. People are always starving for new IP. People are always looking for new stories. People are always looking for new ways to actually connect and feel joy and escape and what we can't do is rush to put something out that doesn't truly mirror or represent the Doodles brand and the bar for quality that we have. Obviously we're going to have a TikTok channel, we're going to have more YouTube content. It's just taking a little bit of time as these things should. I don't want to give you like an exact date of when that stuff is going to happen, but it's all being developed as we speak in addition to the long form, whether that be television or film and then what are the characters names? What are the stories? What adventures do they go on? What is the universe like? You're going to start to see tidbits of that throughout the summer and into the end of the year.
I wasn't even thinking long form. Is that alpha?
Julian: You've definitely heard that before. Of course if your any major IP, you want to figure out a way to exploit that IP in new ways and film, television, longer form takes a longer time and it's something that we don't really feel the need to rush into because it's not like we have everything riding on Doodles being like a smash TV show or a major hit movie at the box office. If you think about the way brands operate today, evergreen social content, narrative storytelling, different kinds of physical and digital experiences, merchandise, true connection to your audience and your community every single day. That's what Doodles is really going to prioritize and in parallel to that, yes, how do we actually get like a bigger tentpole to market?
I think you were hinting to building out the lore of the collection, are there plans to roll out content around exactly what it is to be a holder of these collections?
Julian: That's a great question. I'd say that first and foremost, all the fictional universe and lore for what Doodles is building is going to emanate from our collections. So the characters are going to emanate from the original collection. Some of the fashion inspiration in our universe is going to emanate from Doodles2, it's going to be very clear to anybody that's been around for a while or anybody that knows Doodles that the world that's being built is being built around the NFT's and the community is going to have several ways to take part in that and then as far as actually marketing what it means to be an OG holder, there's going to be a ton of content. There already has been a lot of content if you look our marketing pages and some of the tweet threads, some of the animations that we've made to kind of take people through whatever experience we're promoting at the time but when it does come to the actual membership itself, that's something that we're going to continue to prioritize. There's going to be a lot of content made around that and it's something that we talk about internally every day.
If you look at another collection, DeGods. They seem to really be leaning into these seasons. What I mean by that is the content they create, they sort of build up to the utility for months
Julian: That's not entirely our strategy to speculate on what utility may or may not be, I would just say that what we found works for us is kind of just showing people, iterating and testing and we think that's a really good long term strategy for us, especially because we're in a position where we're able to do a lot right now because of the capital that we raised last year. I think the utility is going to get very clear and the ecosystem is going to become very clear soon. I think people are already starting to feel it with the launch of the stoodio, the Pharrell Pack, Pharrell himself becoming a Doodle in our universe, Camp and some of the other partnerships that we're getting ready to announce that are going to happen this summer and into the end of the year so I'd say that we want people to feel like more is coming, but we also don't want to over promise and have people have outsized expectations because I think a lot of projects fall victim to that.
We're also fans of what a lot of other people are doing and we study what other people are doing to try and take bits of that and see how they could fit our business. I think the thing that's really exciting about Web3 right now is that not everyone is doing things the same way. Specifically in the PFP collections, everybody is kind of establishing their own lane and doing really incredible work across the space and I'd say that should be an exciting thing because what works for one project won't necessarily work for the next. It's pretty cool that we're all collections, we're all NFT's, we're all Web3 but at the end of the day, the track that we're taking and the businesses that we're creating are actually really different. So I'd say that we look at these things, it's just figuring out when and why to implement them or activate them but I think mainly what you're saying is, how can you make sure that the utility isn't really going under the radar and it's something that we're championing as much as the big brand moments and that's something that is 100% a priority for us and making sure that the community feels and understands what it means to be a holder.
I love that these projects are taking different paths and while I think others will follow, I do think it's going to take a big brand like Doodles kind of chart that blueprint in a sense.
Julian: Yeah and others others have followed. When Jordan, Evan and Scott started the company, they were very clear that this was an IP that they were going to develop over time and making sure that the community was part of that IP. SXSW was kind of a statement that Doodles made. NFTNYC was a statement that Doodles made and you've seen a lot of projects actually try and do what we are doing. Everybody knows Doodles may not have been the best at talking about what we're doing but at the end of the day, I think no one's going to be able to deny that there's a really thriving ecosystem, company and community being built around this IP come the next few months when all that's about to release is going to release. It's a very exciting time to be a Doodle holder. I feel like Doodle holders are going to be very proud to represent the brand and be ambassadors for the brand and I think we're really proud that the community that has stuck around and truly engaged with us this entire way is going to feel very good about where we're going. It's an exciting time for Web3. I think you're going to see a lot of really interesting work. I've always said that last year was kind of the year of shipping promises and this year going into next year is really going to be the year that you actually start seeing all of us ship product and you're starting to see some really incredible work unfold and we're just happy that we still have a chance to do that.
Can we expect any other in real life activations whether it be Art Basel or otherwise this year or is it all focus on Camp?
Julian: Camp is going to be the main focus from an investment perspective, meaning most of what we have for live is going towards Camp and building that out as a true business, with that being said we love popping up at other IRL moments because it's a way to onboard new people into our ecosystem and also reward key community members. What we did at Something In The Water was we basically set up this 30 by 30 space. We called it Doodle Beach. There was a merch shop that promoted our collaboration with BBC Ice Cream and then there was another space where you could actually test out the Doodles2 product experience on screen and go into the stoodio, mess around a little bit, learn more about Doodles and what it is. We were able to onboard a lot of festival goers that really didn't know anything about the brand beforehand but we were able to break off 50 super VIP tickets with incredible access to the stage and raffle those off for Doodles community members. We're going to be doing that again at other moments this year. Exactly which ones, we're not prepared to say yet but that will always be a focus for us. What we wanted to do was create an activation that could be easily packed up and travel so we could take a similar thing from event to event versus trying to go completely all in on a SXSW or Art Basel, not to say that's not going to be something we do in the future, we're just trying to scale our live event footprint and our activity a little bit more.
Was there ever a discussion about creating permanent Doodle-branded locations, inspired by the success of Doodleputt, such as Doodles laser tag or Doodles go kart racing?
Julian: I think the thing that we wanted to kind of steer clear of is having any association for Doodles that was not specifically about Doodles, the characters and the stories. If the first time people are experiencing Doodles is through golf or laser tag or bowling you kind of run the risk of people thinking that's what it is. If you think about Mario, the characters, the stories, people were very familiar with what those were before Mario Kart or Mario Golf or Mario Tennis ever came out, I do think there's an opportunity for that in the future. I think people loved Doodleputt, but I think the strategy there was really more about how do you create something splashy and noteworthy at Art Basel that people were truly going to care about doing that was very social but we believe that Camp and the experience that we're creating there is a much better format for where we're going but the idea of Doodles popping up with other sorts of immersive experiences is definitely interesting and something we are actively working on what it looks like to bring other experiences to different markets around the world and it's going to continue to be a core strategy of ours. We're going to learn a lot with with what we do at Camp and we're going to use that data to continue to build out the ecosystem.
Have you considered creating a weekly series on platforms like YouTube, where kids can tune in to watch and engage with the brand on a regular basis, even though you mentioned that you're not pursuing a Doodles movie or animation?
Julian: To clarify, a movie, doodles animation, that's actually something we're actively working on. It's just there's no rush to get that out there. When it comes to YouTube, I'm a parent that utilized Cocomelon and Paw Patrol and all these different things on YouTube. So I totally get it. I think there is going to be YouTube content very soon, but there's also going to be TikTok and more Instagram content and there's just going to be a stronger throughline for what we're creating and why, you're going to start to see the story and some of the characters unfold. Not all at once. I'd say that the minute to two minute long videos is something that translates more of like a webcomic, animated series, physical book or social content? All of these things are are being developed right now. So I'd say what you're hoping for is exactly the work that GoldenWolf is doing. Whatever format it comes in I'm not going to guarantee on the spaces today but you can just rest assured knowing that this is 100% top of mind and as big of a priority as anything in the company, probably the biggest priority in the company.
You were referencing OG holders, are these benefits for those that held for a while or just a Doodle holder in general?
Julian: We do believe that if you own an original Doodle, you're entitled to the kind of the standard benefits that we're building around membership in owning that Doodle but we also are working through ways to make sure people that have stuck around and engaged are rewarded. If you look at the Pharrell pack, the criteria to actually enter the raffle, you had to have had an OG Doodle, you had to have dooplicated a Doodle, opened a Genesis Box and you had to have signed up for an account with the stoodio. If you did not have an OG Doodle, you were not eligible for that raffle but if you didn't do all the other things that kind of engaged members of the community do, you also couldn't be part of that raffle. So I think you're going to start to see things where all Doodles holders get an opportunity for something. Only Doodles holders that have taken certain actions are going to get an opportunity for something and kind of everything in between.
How do you plan to onboard individuals from the immersive camp experience into the Web3 space?
Julian: I'd say that's exactly what we're building and our vision. How do you build a on-chain collectible ecosystem that connects to every single consumer touchpoint? We kind of look at Doodles as a funnel where most people are going to come into contact with us through engaging with content on social media, showing up at experiences like Camp, seeing Adidas or Pharrell post about Doodles etc All of a sudden those people are aware of Doodles and we have an NFT product in the stoodio that feels a lot more like skinning a character in Fortnite or buying something in Roblox where you're basically outfitting your avatar in whatever activation you saw. So like Adidas, Pharrell, you can now buy the stuff that they were representing, build your doodle in that likeness. There's no friction to get in, signing up for a wallet and getting into the stoodio is as easy as setting up an Instagram or Spotify account. It's not even just about it being easy, it's familiar. Getting a metamask, holding a seed phrase, buying crypto, that stuff is not familiar and it scares most people.
We know the technology is ultimately going to get better but in the meantime we want a meaningful way to actually onboard people into this hub that we've built in the stoodio. So if you can create media, experiences, attention you can actually bring them in to your hub, to your collectible ecosystem through a really easy to use product. A product they care about that helps them represent themselves, they get to be a Doodle the same way that our main characters are going to get to be a Doodle. Now they're in, they're going to learn more about blockchain, they're going to learn more about Web3 but they were able to get out of their own way because the technology was invisible. They weren't scared of NFT's and crypto the first time they integrated with Doodles because they had no idea that's what it was. That's a really interesting opportunity because right now for a lot of people it's kind of the boogeyman and if you can help people understand it isn't about the headlines that you read, it's about a better technology stack to create a more meaningful relationship between supporters, collectors, community and the IP itself.
None of the rest is going to matter to those people. Our goal is ultimately to have the entire collectible ecosystem connect to everywhere that people are experiencing the brand. You're going to see that with Camp. You've seen that at all of our live events, if you were a Doodle holder at Art Basel, at Doodleputt, you were able to flash your badge at different activation pillars and it would make a noise and you would get access to different shots, a door would open up and you could actually hit it through the secret passageway and give you an edge over somebody that didn't have a Doodle, you were able to display your Doodle in certain areas in the actual experience itself. So we kind of look at it like it's in real life, it's digital, everything's connected. That is what we're building right now and we really want to make sure that you're giving people as little friction as possible that don't know much about us or the space as a whole.
Beyond GoldenWolf is Doodles looking at other acquisitions in the space?
Julian: We're always looking at acquisitions. There's always an opportunity to bring companies in that are either struggling or thriving but by bringing them together, you create an exponential effect. Any time we look at an acquisition, it's always how can we create one plus one equals three.. GoldenWolf is not just about ingesting a really great creative team. It's how can we reinvent their company to create a much better version of GoldenWolf while at the same time creating a new world for the development of Doodles IP. So I'd say that to the extent that any Web3 IP, any underlying infrastructure is interesting, we're definitely all in on on those ideas. We brought in all the engineering and product resources from a from another Web3 company that was struggling earlier this year. It wasn't publicized or anything but it's always something that we're vetting and looking at. I'd also say joint ventures and partnerships, we want to be vertically integrated and own the relationship with our community as much as we possibly can but that's not to say that we're going to be experts in every single area we want to operate in so partnership and joint ventures and trying to scale businesses together is always something that's top of mind for us so yes, absolutely. We're always looking at that.
What does Doodles look like in two years?
Julian: I think in the context of Doodles. Doodles is a lifestyle brand that people engage with and are a part of every day. People use it as their PFP, people buy the merch, they communicate with each other, you actually build more content off of the IP, people are starting businesses based off of the IP. Doodles is very real and present in our everyday life and the idea that there are community members where as the brand scales, those people, their interests in the company or the brand scale as well. You're running that parallel to a fictional universe of characters, who is our Buzz Lightyear? Who is our Woody? The fact that there are community members that will be known in the community and the story of those community members just as much as who our main characters are I think is really special because then you could take a fictional universe and a lifestyle brand and have them crash into each other at times.
If you look at the end card for the last trailer we did promoting the Pharrell Pack and Stoodio, it was really cool to see because you saw Pharrell as a Doodle. He's a real person in the real world, but he is now a character in the Doodles universe the same way Lady Gaga and The Weeknd have done things like that with The Simpsons. They're real people but they're in this fictional universe. You saw our main character, the mascot and you also saw a bunch of characters that you might not know, it could be someone from North Dakota or Hong Kong or Tokyo or Miami and the whole point is that they're living in this same universe together. When I think about IP developed from the ground up in Web3, especially when it comes to what Doodles is doing, that concept of digital identity delivered through a brand and the community being as much a part of our universe as the fictional characters that are ultimately going to scale to millions. That is what I think is really interesting about what we're building here and that's why I think the the notion of building a business with your core people is so special and something that doesn't really exist in in the world of IP today.
Can crossovers between real-life and digital formats create a compelling and unique experience?
Julian: If you think about your relationship with Mickey Mouse, you watch the shows, maybe you go to the movies. I don't think he's really at the box office anymore but you buy the t-shirt, maybe there's some games, you go to Disneyland. It's really great but there are going to be people in our community that are like Mickey Mouse, right? Like people.
Look at Doodlien, the holographic alien. He minted it. He's turned down massive offers. He is one of the biggest champions of the brand and if you're in Doodles, you know who Doodlien is. That's all part of the of the story of Doodles. People aren't just falling in love with the characters and the stories. They're also falling in love with the process and how it all came together because they feel truly invested in it. That's really special and and I think that's going to be the thing that really, really separates Web3 from a lot of the other IP out there.
I think the main thing I'll sign off with is, Doodles is doing exactly what we said we would be doing at NFTNYC last year. It takes a while to build businesses that truly matter and to build brands and characters and stories that truly matter and then to bring a community closer to that entire experience. I think people are going to be really proud to see what's coming next but very excited to see all the positive reaction and engagement we've had on the timeline recently so appreciate the time today, guys, and we'll talk again soon.
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2023.06.07 00:43 TongueBandit69 [WTS] Bronze / DLC Protech PT+ Auto Facebook Exclusive

WTS only
Heavily patina’d but lightly carried Facebook exclusive bronze / dlc PT+.
The pivot screw is marred up but only on the outer edge. The hex bit still seats fully but my dumbass didn’t do that and it slipped and marred the very outer edge of the screw. It’s fully functional just a little less aesthetically pleasing now.
Other than the issue above it’s completely mint with box. Blade is perfectly fine and sharp. Nice hefty feel and the typical Protech action. I’m sure Protech would even ship a new screw if someone reached out to them.
Based on condition I’m trying to price accordingly.
SV: 2️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ TYD PPFF CONUS
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2023.06.07 00:42 Pinkwalele [US-MI] [H] RAMA U80A SEQ2, Think 6.5v2, Bento R2 base/artisans, Mr. Sleeves R2, Minimal R2 [W] PayPal

CONUS only, shipping included for everything!
Item Condition Price
Bento R2 Artisans (Kanji, Waves, O) Sealed 40 each
GMK Mr. Sleeves R2 Sealed 50
GMK Minimal R2 Sealed 85
GMK Bento R2 Revival Base Kit Sealed 100
Think 6.5 v2 1u Polycarbonate, solder PCB, 1u White badge Sealed 240
RAMA U80a-seq2 SOYA Hotswap, rear angles Opened for inspection, 550
Please comment before PMing!
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2023.06.07 00:36 m0mentai [USA-RI][H] Pokemon Colosseum bonus disk, Castlevania, Mike Tyson Punch Out, Brave Fencer Musashi, Games for NES, SNES, GB, GBA, 3DS, DS, PS, PS2 SNES(SNS-101) console [W] PayPal

The following items are all for sale. Prices are as indicated, but I am willing to negotiate. Shipping is not included unless otherwise agreed upon. All items come from a smoke-free home. Willing to bundle if the deal is right. All offers will be considered and I will try to respond to every one of them. Payment is expected via PayPal. I am happy to accept F&F if the buyer is comfortable, but I also accept G&S if you’d prefer. Images are provided below, but please let me know if you need any additional information/images or if you find the links to be broken.
NINTENDO 3DS bundle both for $29 shipped
Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call - $15
Brain Age: Concentration Training - $15
NINTENDO DS bundle them all for $165 shipped
Snood 2: On Vacation - $2 (or free with any purchase)
Personal Trainer: Cooking - $2 (or free w/ any purchase)
Nintendo DS Browser - $12
Big Brain Academy - $2 (or free w/ any purchase)
Brain Age - $5
Brain Age 2 - $5
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - $105
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - $50, water damage to cover art
Brave Fencer Musashi - $80, no manual
PS2 bundle all for $215 shipped
Dynasty Warriors 4 GH - $10
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1 - $10
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2 - $10
Guitar Hero - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Guitar Hero 2 - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Ace Combat 4 GH - $5 (or free w/ any purchase)
Madden 2003, 2005 - $2 each or free with any purchase
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - $195
Pokemon Colosseum bonus disc - $175
NINTENDO GAMEBOY bundle all for $200 shipped
Kirby’s Pinball Land - $20
WWF Superstars - $10
Pac-Man - $10
Operation C - $35
Batman: Return of the Joker - $30
Super Mario Land - $25
Tetris - $15
Baseball - $10
Ninja Gaiden Shadow - $50
NINTENDO GAMEBOY ADVANCE bundle both for $25 shipped
Mario Pinball Land - $15
Yu Gi Oh: Eternal Duelist Soul - $12
SNES bundle both for $32 shipped
Mario Paint - $5
Zelda LttP - $30
NES (all games come with an dust sleeve) bundle all for $175 shipped
Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf - $5
WWF Wrestlemania Challenge - $5
Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball - $5
Flight of the Intruder - $5
Track & Field 2 - $5
RC Pro Am - $8
Castlevania - $25
Mike Tyson’s Punch Out - $40, white bullets
Tetris - $15
Tetris 2 - $10
10 Yard Fight - $5
NES Play Action Football - $5
Bases Loaded 3 - $5
Championship Bowling - $5
Classic Concentration - $10
Duck Hunt - $10
Blades of Steel - $8
Golf - $5
NES Cleaning Kit - $10
SNES - $75 (A/V cord, power brick, 1 controller, manual, poster (torn)).
NES Sleeves & Manuals
FFX-2 - $12
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2023.06.07 00:35 Crusherader [US-NY][H] GMK Sumi, Think6.5 V2 (Darth Vader, LE), Plume 65 [W]Paypal
ALL Brand New In Box, only opened for pictures.
Can meet in NYC
Item Condition and Extras Price
Gmk Sumi (Base + Novelties) BNIB $155 + shipping
Think6.5 LE 1U BNIB $600 + shipping
Think6.5 Darth Vader 2U BNIB 2x PCB $500 + shipping
Plume 65 Navy/Brass BNIB 2x Brass plate and PCB $800 + shipping

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