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2008.07.19 20:02 Tijuana

Welcome to Tijuana! Sister city to San Diego and over all borderland. This city is not as scary as the media might have you believe. Our community is small but the city is gigantic. There is much more to Tijuana than you can imagine.

2008.09.15 23:36 Barry - you can't bury your past

Fan community for the HBO show, Barry. Premise: A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene.

2023.05.31 18:45 WesternWillingness54 Storkbite/ Angel Kiss

Hi! Just wanted to know if you have heard about about stork bite/ angel kiss. My little baby has this so called angel kiss on her face (forehead and left eyelid). And this is the first time I’ve seen a baby with this birthmark. I did research online and from what I’ve read, this type of birthmark will fade as the baby grows. I just want to heaknow your experiences or baby’s experiences about storkbite/ angel kiss.
Thank you.
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2023.05.31 18:44 wickacti Looking for dog sitter

Hi y'all, I recently was put into a situation where I'm extremely at-risk for homelessness. Luckily, I do have a sizable van to use as shelter, but I do have two dogs that will be with me if I end up on my own. I can be with them nearly 24/7, but I'm working two jobs, one of them being remote. The other is Monday through Thursday from around 8:30 to 12:30 for June and July. I wanted to put out feelers if anyone is able to let me drop them off for those few hours. I would sooner quit my job than leave them in a car in this heat for so long.
Some info about my dogs... I have Ruby, a 2 year old chihuahua. She's 5 pounds and can honestly be a bit bitchy towards other dogs, but absolutely an angel for humans. My other dog is Charlie, a mixed 2 month old. He hasn't met another living being (including any animal) that he has had an issue with. I'm working on getting him his first vaccines before I end up in the van.
These dogs are my babies and the only family I have left. Yeah, I've looked into surrendering them, but I don't think I could go on without the support they give me on a daily basis.
If you or someone you know could help me, please let me know. My income is limited at the moment, but I will be very upfront with you about what I can afford. Thank you guys so much 💓
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2023.05.31 18:44 Poke-Phd Subleasing 2 bedrooms June through August, $900/month each

Hello, my roommate and I are subleasing our 2 rooms in a 5Bed 4Bath house a couple blocks North of U-Village. It’s just across the street from bus lines for getting to campus and to the light rail. The $900 does not include utilities. There is a shared washer and dryer (coin operated).
DM if interested in pictures of the rooms/house or more details!
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2023.05.31 18:43 SprinklesSignal9308 What is the best mode of transportation to get 4 people from the 14th to the Champs Élysées for a 7 am tour bus departure.

We are doing an all day tour to Normandy with a 7 am pick up. Is taxi/UbeG7 my best option? How long should that take?
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2023.05.31 18:40 HeDrinkMilk Is OKC a coveted facility to work in?

I am from OKC and I'm in the process of finishing my medical. I understand I will be moving after the academy, but at the PEPC in Los Angeles, an FAA worker I was talking to said that he didn't think many controllers would be rushing to live in OKC. I understand things like staffing rates and facility needs heavily influence whether you can leave where you are at/go where you want, but generally speaking, do controllers want to be in OKC or Tulsa? I'd love to move back someday...
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2023.05.31 18:39 thuebanraqis 2 weeks since I stopped wearing the hijab (update)

Since a lot of people on my first post did want me to make an update, here it goes!
The experience has actually been quite mediocre. I’m very to-myself, and most of my free time is spent in the back country hunting and stuff. I think this really helped my transition into wearing normal, functional clothes as opposed to a jilbab. Everything was going quite well until I had to go back to the city for school, and then I started having a lot of panic attacks and isolating. I’ve been avoiding going to the gym or seeing anyone I know.
Attention from the opposite gender has definitely been strained. All of my male peers from school have only seen me fully covered, and I can tell they feel uncomfortable around me now, like they’re not sure if I’m still religious or not, so they’re kinda being extra cautious. On the other hand, I find that my relationships with women is a bit strained as well: with the hijab, I was never seen as competition by other women. I was just invisible. But now I’ve noticed a shift in social settings, and women seem less trustful of me, or like they’re sizing me up.
A Christian preacher called me a jezabell and told me I was going to hell while I was at a bus stop🤠—> wearing an ankle-length slip dress = hoe clothes? Anyway, aside from muslim men “respectfully advising” me makeup makes me look like a whre, I’ve never heard the jezabell comment before. One Pakistani guy from a masjid I briefly attended ran into me on the street and basically shouted at me that he hopes I get rped because I’m just a “stupid feminist” and women’s brains are “the size of walnuts.” Idk how getting assaulted would fix any of that, but I digress. Additionally, a few fake Instagram accounts have DM’ed me to inform me of what a terrible person I am, that god will forsake me, and that I’m just a wh*re now who is hell bound. I deleted Instagram since I have a private account and it was obviously people who know me in real life who were sending these messages.
I’ve been trying to make new friends, because I genuinely don’t want any contact with my old muslim friends anymore. I loved them, and they were good to have in my life while I held the same beliefs as them. However, I Islam is dangerous and i find the entire ideology disgusting. I can’t help but feel sick around anyone who has anything to do with that religion.
Something kinda awkward that I’ve come to realize is that I genuinely have no idea to just exist around religious people. I was an Islamic fundamentalist for pretty much my entire life, so I realized that unless I’m in an academic setting, the only conversations I’ve ever had on my free time with close friends was about. Sure, I always had hobby clubs that I went to, but the result of my religious past seems to mean that I literally don’t know how to just talk to people. I’m socially inept, and I’m gonna have to work on that.
Overall, not wearing a piece of fabric on my head has felt alright. I’m glad that I can just be seen as a random person whenever I’m outside, rather than advertise a delusional ideology. It’s been challenging to start building new friendships from scratch, but I know that I’ll meet people I actually resonate with while out foraging or hunting, working on research projects, or at lectures— people who actually have more to offer me than perpetuating the cycle of Islamic indoctrination.
Sorry for how unorganized this post is. I have so many strong feelings that seem indescribable due to their magnitude.
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2023.05.31 18:37 Hot-Specialist-6824 F15 over Nashua?

So I was leaving Nashua heading towards the highway, I had just passed Holman stadium when a really loud jet flew by overhead. Was going from east to west, took a right turn banked at 90°. Then disappeared. Next thing I saw it climbing straight up for a few seconds. Another guy at the gas station (I had pulled over to watch it) said it was an f-15 and that's what the wings looked like. Any idea what it was doing in New Hampshire and where it was flying out of? The last time I saw a military jet were the Blue Angels out of peas but that was in the 90s when it was still open.
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2023.05.31 18:36 GameShrink What new monsters would you like to see in DD2?

The original DD wasn't shy about adapting some pretty impressive creatures from mythology and Dungeons & Dragons. Hydras, Griffons and Beholders come to mind as particularly impressive examples, as well as Grigori himself being one of the most intimidating dragons ever. Dark Arisen expanded this to include more grotesque and terrifying monsters such as the minotaur-like Eliminators and the classically demonic Daimon.
I'd like to see DD2 take this further by introducing some truly frightening, unique and breathtaking monstrosities. The latest trailer has already shown us that minotaurs, gorgons and sphinxes are joining the roster, so there are likely plenty more left to be shown.
Here are five other creatures I'm hoping to fight in DD2:
Mind Flayer: Arguably the coolest D&D monster, I could easily see these pop up as a new Lich variant. However, I would be much more excited to see them as giant, terrifying enemies like Death from Bitterblack, stalking you through the night in the open world if you stray into forbidden grounds and annihilating your party with their magic.
Lycanthrope: Smaller and speedier than an ogre, these werewolves would add a lot of atmosphere to the world. Imagine spotting a lone traveler on the road at night, only for them to transform into a vicious beast and attack. Introducing enemies that can masquerade as NPCs would also open up a lot of interesting narrative possibilities.
Seraphim: Biblically accurate angels are terrifying and, if DD2's story wants to go beyond the first game, introducing these as heavenly endgame enemies would be an excellent way to do so. You'd need to begin by slowly disabling it's wings to reduce it's mobility and then focus on blinding it's eyes to prevent it from casting spells. A natural fit!
Wendigo: If DD2 takes place in Hearthstone,as some are speculating, then there will likely be more woods and snowy biomes than we saw in Gransys. With this in mind, wendigos would be a perfect choice for boss monsters native to this climate. It's easy to picture encountering one in the middle of a blizzard, your party desperately trying to evade its wild strikes as it dashes in and out of the blinding storm.
Sky Leviathan: Okay, this one is a pipe dream, but you can't deny how cool it would be. Imagine seeing something like this flying high above a mountain and climbing up to face it. Your mages and archers pelt it from the ground while you leap on to a dangling tendril and climb onto its back like the massive desert colossus from Shadow of the Colossus.
Those are my picks so far. What would you like to see?
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2023.05.31 18:36 Aiden1204 What should I (M16) do about my gf (F17) friend (F16) after they had mutual romantic feelings following a temporary breakup?

For some background information me and girlfriend were in a relationship for a little over a year and then she broke up with me due to the influence of her mother saying that I was controlling and manipulative and that I was emotionally abusing her. Everyone refused to hear my side and I ended up going through a really rough time. I know that I wasn’t perfect but I don’t think I ever took it that far, and even if I did I have changed. We were broken up for a while and she developed a crush on her friend, who we can call Kate. I knew it was going to happen as I had worries in our relationship about Kate liking my gf. I was reassured that nothing was there and that there wouldn’t be anything there. My gf disrespected my boundaries and kept coming to me for relationship advice, pushing me farther down a hole I wanted out of. But I decided to be mature about it and i even encouraged her to date Kate so that she can move on and be happy. All that I want is for her to be happy. A bunch of irrelevant things happened, the only important thing being that while Kate liked her back she needed a break after just getting out of a relationship with someone who constantly lied to her. So after a little bit my gf asked me out. I said yes, at that point I was getting better and I was finally making progress but I still loved her more than anything. Fast forward a couple months and my gf said she had lost all feelings for Kate, I believe her and I kind of still do. Me, my gf, Kate, and 2 of our mutual friends went to kings island yesterday. Everything was doing good and my girlfriend was respectful and asked if things were ok, she sat with me on the ride there and on the first few rollercoasters, but she wanted to sit with Kate on one of them. I said it was ok, because it was, and then one ride turned into 4 and whenever I had enough and asked to sit with her on the diamondback.. she yelled at me and disrespected my boundaries and it ended in a fight. She sat next to Kate causing me to feel uncomfortable mixed with anxiety and i ended up having to sit out of the ride because I couldn’t take it. Eventually she apologized after I explained how I felt and I thought that everything would be ok, and for the last hour we were there she sat next to me on the rides. When we got on the bus to go back home she exploded at me. She called me controlling and used some things against making me feel pressured to allow her and her friend to hangout again. I am not comfortable and read for that, and I thought she understood that. Apparently not. I tried to explain it but she just doesn’t understand and I ended up crying on the entire 3 hour bus ride not able to do anything to help her see my side. All I asked from her was time to be comfortable with everything and to be ok with them hanging out. The sad thing is that I was so very close to allowing it and being ok with it.. but then she did that making me overthink that there were still feelings there. My gf has kept things from me regarding this type of stuff and I don’t know if I trust her after what happened on the bus. Now I feel like I did when we broke up and I’m scared that I’m just going to get yelled at. I spent the entire night crying getting a headache and barely being able to walk. I don’t know what to do. Should I just bottle everything like I did with a different friend? Im sorry for the length
TLDR: Me (M16) and my gf (F16) have been dating for a year, broke up due to me being emotionally abusive and controlling, and then my gf liked someone else but eventually asked me out again after I had changed. This friend, who we can call Kate, starts drama all the time and who tries to manipulate my friend into trying to date her. I banned hangouts and sleepovers for about a month to give everyone time to move on but now my gf is saying that I never changed and that everything is like how it used to be. What do I do?
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2023.05.31 18:35 --Clintoris-- NRFI 05/31 - Clintoris - I'm back bitch. This time with AI

NRFI 05/31 - Clintoris - I'm back bitch. This time with AI
Most of you don't know me, or don't care, or want me to jump off a cliff into a bunch of needles (remember that Saw scene? That f'ed me up) but I am back.

I am obsessed with NRFI's, no run first innings.

Max 2 pitchers, max 6 batters per half inning, every pitch matters. It is exciting, stressful and SOMEWHAT predictable other than the BS two out solo homer (F you ketel marte you dick). And with odds of -115, this bet is the equivalent of hitting a 2 point NBA favorite.

So I went on a little reddit run last year parlaying two NRFIs I felt had actual value and not fake value. I had a hell of a run and then an insane cold streak. the cold streak stuck with me because i did not have the advantage in certain situations. Guys would come up to bat and the announcer would say "George Castanza is 9 for his last 12 with 4 home runs" WTF. I was setting myself up to fail.

So I went to twitter to find stats and EVERYBODY SUCKS. Who gives a shit Gerrit Cole is 5 in a row NRFI? It's matchup drives, its pitch driven, its split driven, F you ketel Marte, it's trend driven. We need to be looking at PER AT BAT, not overall. Definition of confirmation bias.

After weeks of looking for people who actually knew how to reasonably try to predict NRFI I decided to do it myself. Literally no one is doing this and I get why, its complicated. It's WAY easier to use confirmation bias to sell picks. I have a full time job and a family and I rob banks on the side so I am busy (JK FBI). But i did it anyways.

So using these pitcher stats:
Overall WHIP
Overall OPS
Overall S/M %
vs LHB Score
vs LHB S/M %
Chase %
In Zone Contact %
Barrel %
Avg Exit Velocity (MPH)
Line Drive %
Recent 5 Starts WHIP

And these batter stats:

S/M %
OPS Against RHP
S/M %
Against LHP
S/M %
Chase %
In Zone Contact %
Barrel %
Avg Exit Velocity (MPH)
Line Drive %
Recent 7 OPS

I then used AI (ChatGPT) to pull historical stats and the weigh these stats (YAWN) with potential to get a hit. It gives me weights, then I weigh batting order based on importance for NRFI then use the algorithm to predict the outcome of a hit occurring in their first AB. Ends up looking like this:

I am not kidding, no one else does this. Anyone else want to take over? My wife is about to divorce me (F you ketel marte). The reason the numbers are so low is because I take the data and create a standard deviation of 1 based on all data (YAWN).
I stayed away from reddit for a minute because I hated losing bets where I wasnt taking in all info. I started a twitter account so i can test it there and I'm up to like 500 followers. I'm not a big social media guy so that's wild to me. @ NRFIusingAI
So long story short (I'm wrapping this up) - here are my odds today for an NRFI occurring:

Texas Rangers
52.66% , Rank 3 
Detroit Tigers
Los Angeles Angels
41.34% , Rank 12 
Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays
47.22% , Rank 8 
Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Guardians
48.32% , Rank 6 
Baltimore Orioles
Atlanta Braves
49.87% , Rank 5 
Oakland Athletics
Pittsburgh Pirates
52.93% , Rank 2 
San Francisco Giants
Washington Nationals
41.50% , Rank 11 
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
48.12% , Rank 7 
Miami Marlins
Milwaukee Brewers
54.10% , Rank 1 
Toronto Blue Jays
Cincinnati Reds
40.05% , Rank 14 
Boston Red Sox
Philadelphia Phillies
43.27% , Rank 10 
New York Mets
Minnesota Twins
43.68% , Rank 9 
Houston Astros
New York Yankees
50.40% , Rank 4 
Seattle Mariners
Colorado Rockies
40.32% , Rank 13 
Arizona Diamondbacks

I probably lost 50% of you by now, but after the NRFI is calculated, I then look into general team trends and OPS last 15 days to make picks.

For example, MIL/Blue Jays are #1, but Julio Tehran has one great start against a terrible Giants offense so it's skewing his stats. Also Blue Jays are top 3 in OPS last 15 days. PASS
I'll be posting this daily, these are not blind picks, but more helpful stats to help point you in the right direction.

Me? I am riding CLE/BAL NRFI -120, Cleveland 2nd worst offense in MLB last 15 days and Baltimore (other than Adley) has worse splits against LHP vs RHP.

If anyone has any questions or wants a different matchup hit me up. I burned out last year because I feel like I wasnt taking in enough info to be on the right side of NRFI bets. I am not concerned about that anymore. These are not sure thing bets (-110, -115, -120 never are) but watching an NRFI and hearing the announcer say the batter is 3 for last 25 is why I do all this BS.

NRFI resources -



GL today, thanks for all the messages of support asking me to come back. Gives me the motivation I needed to finish this.
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2023.05.31 18:35 Salty145 Learn to Linger: Anime's Growing Pacing Problem

Learn to Linger: Anime's Growing Pacing Problem
Three years back I started watching the entire Ghibli catalog chronologically starting with Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. I had never watched a Ghibli movie to completion up to that point, and let me just say that Miyazaki is kinda underrated. I know its common to rag on him because usually if someone cites one of his films as their favorite anime its probably because it they have probably only ever watched Ghibli films, but the man is by all accounts a master at what he does. Of all the movies I watched during that binge, though, one scene that still sticks with me to this day is the opening sequence to Nausicaä. The way the sound and visual direction is able to build this oppressive and isolating tone without any dialogue is brilliant and is the kind of scene that just tells you that you're gonna be in for a real treat.
If there's one thing that Ghibli films are most known for, even among non-anime fans, it's their ability to craft these cozy, vibrant worlds that awaken your in child and make you just want to explore every nook and cranny of their setting. However, they're far from an outlier in this regard. The 1980s and early 90s are brimming with genius directors who knew how to build an atmosphere. While he's best known for his work on 1995's Ghost in the Shell, director Mamoru Oshii was constructing deeply atmospheric all the way back in the 1980s, with his 1985 OVA Angel's Egg being perhaps the most extreme example of this. 1988's classic film Akira has been making the meme circuit lately, but it too thrives on building strong atmosphere. If you thought it just to be a lucky break, then let me point you to the third episode of 1987's Neo Tokyo which was also directed and storyboarded Katsuhiro Ootoomo and is just as rich in atmosphere as Akira is.
And I'm gonna be real with you chief... they just don't make em like they used to. A lot of people will chalk it up to "digital animation just hits different" but I don't think that paints a full picture. I think there's another factor at play here: one that I don't see discussed at all, but which I think any aspiring creative can learn from. So let's grab a nice warm cup of your preferred [insert whatever time you are reading this here] drink and let's explore pacing, atmosphere, and anime's growing need to slow the fuck down (mind my French).

I'm sure nothing can go wrong here...
Building Atmosphere
So before I can go into where modern anime feels like its lacking, we first need to break down just how the hell we build atmosphere and setting in the first place, or at least how these classic works do it.
The short and easy answer is that they linger (cue title card), but does that even mean? I could argue that Hell's Paradise lingers with just how much the character seem to stand around and exposit so how is that any different from those prior series? There is, after all, this idea in writing that you can't be action non-stop, that you have to slow down and let your audience catch their breath. However, there's a massive difference between what something like Hell's Paradise does and what something like Angel's Egg does. Angel's Egg's plot certainly moves by at what many would consider to be a snail's pace. Not much happens on screen. Shots and scenes stay on for seemingly longer than they need to, not presenting any real new information in the same way that something like Hell's Paradise does. In that show, every piece of exposition works to build something. In Angel's Egg, it does not. However, what it does do is build atmosphere. With little dialogue for the viewer to chew on, you're instead required to engage with the OVA through its sound design and presentation, you pay attention to the minutia of the world and the fine details in every aspect of its composition. It also contrasts nicely with the more "action-y" parts of the film. By pulling back, it builds in time for the viewer to reflect and contemplate the scene that came before it and how that plays into the overall themes of the work. It isn't just building to the future, but also giving time to reflect on the past.
Most commonly, though, these calmer, speechless, "lingering" sequences are used to build atmosphere, like in Nausicaä or the opening episode to 2003's Texhnolyze. It's techniques like these that gave 80s anime that unique feel about it and (as with the Texhnolyze example) can be seen to have some lingering effects on the industry at large. However, what if you aren't trying to build an atmospheric Sci-Fi work like most of what I've listed above. Well, lingering on plot beats can also serve another purpose: building character.
What a tasty omelette...
Building Character
Think about it like this, lingering as I've described above is the cinematic equivalent of "stopping to smell the roses". However, there's an equal component in character writing that is also frequently overlooked. I can't think of any colloquial idioms off the top of my head, so I'll instead I'll invoke Cowboy Bebop (and maybe a little known, band named after bugs) and call it the "You're gonna carry that weight" principle.
In the same way that not every story has a happy ending, not every emotional arc is gonna have a neat conclusion. Introspection is a great thing to do in your own life and sometimes its helpful to just sit down, clear your head, and just stew on a problem. Not every emotion is gonna present itself with a sweeping orchestra and a river of tears. Sometimes you just have to live with those emotions, only being able to make sense of them in the quiet moments. The night sure is thick with the feeling of impending clarity.
This applies as much to story-telling as it does real time. Series like 1981's Urusei Yatsura, 1998's Cowboy Bebop, and 1995's Neon Genesis Evangelion thrive here, and (perhaps unlike the section on atmosphere) this does permeate to some degree into the more modern era of anime, serving as the core to 2016's March Comes in Like a Lion, and 2021's Megalobox 2 and Sonny Boy. So it's not a hard principle to grasp, but one that I do feel (as I will elaborate on in the next section) is a dying art. Hell, if I can go off on a brief tangent, while Chainsaw Man got a lot of shit by a vocal minority of fans for being "too cinematic", I think that cinematic feel and Nakayama's insertion of anime-original "fluff scenes" (see that famous Aki's morning routine sequence) help to build the atmosphere and sense of resolve in its characters. It helps them feel far more real despite their absurd flaws than most other Shounen casts in recent memory, but I digress.
So now that I've name dropped a dozen or so series that do it right (in what is quickly unraveling into a mess of a writing piece), let's explore why old thing good, new thing bad, or at least where a lot of more recent shows seem to miss the point...
I'm sure this man brews a mean cup of Joe...
The Modern Problem
Who here is watching Heavenly Delusion? Yeah, that's right. Time to talk about current things and get SPICY with my takes.
I think Heavenly Delusion is one of the biggest let downs this season. Ironically, while its OP builds a strong sense of atmosphere and does a lot of what I talk about here but in OP form, the series itself never seems to get it, and its far from alone. See, for a post-apocalyptic story, Heavenly Delusion does a pretty poor job of world-building. It's always moving, always proposing new questions (to speak nothing on how I feel about those questions), and always expositing, but it never stops. It never slows down long enough to give you time to process any of it, and in a genre as stooped in atmosphere as post-apocalyptic survival stories tend to be, I find that deeply unfortunately. Just take a look at 2017's Girls' Last Tour and I dare you to say that Heavenly Delusion has half the sense of atmosphere that show has. GLT is dripping in atmosphere for a lot of the reasons I've already talked about. It's hauntingly dripping in suffocating silence and hopelessness and feeds that into what narrative tangents we get every odd episode. Heavenly Delusion has none of that. Hell, it can't even make the man-eaters convincingly intimidating.
And it's far from alone. While some series from recent memory thrive on their quick wit (Bocchi the Rock, The Tatami Time Machine Blues, Great Pretender, etc.) so many others seem intent on moving at the speed of sound, and missing out on the slow parts that gives your story heart. Trigun Stampede doesn't work half as well without slowing down every so often, and finishing every episode off with a contemplative and slow ED that works as a great consolidation of resources to give you that breathing room and time to linger; Skip and Loafer excels at tinging some of its slower moments with a hint of profound sadness and introspection that build a sense of realness to its narrative instead of droning on from plot point to plot point; and the highly overlooked Do It Yourself from last fall is basically Lingering the Animation with how it uses a methodical plot to deliver one of the most pointed portrayals of "enjoy life in the moment" that the genre has ever put forth. All these series work by slowing their pacing when they need to and giving time to linger and are all newer series, so what am I even on right now?
No, the problem is all the shows that simply don't so this. Call of the Night has a setting rife for this atmospheric contemplation but decides that's slow and boring so its gonna be a pseudo-Shounen instead. Hell's Paradise comes out of the gate with its narrative and only slows down to play exposition catch-up after hooking in the audience. Demon Slayer couldn't be bothered to give us more than a line of dialogue from the family whose brutal (off-screen) murder at the hand of demons serves as the backbone of its entire narrative. Jujutsu Kaisen suffers the same, ultimately undermining what could be a half decent meditation on death and the meaning of life (good thing we got Chainsaw Man for that). Oshi no Ko decides to front load its story, not with endearing character moments, but an hour and a half of exposition all to set up one scene that itself barely deserves the setup. I'm kinda picking on the big names because they're the most prominent, but believe me this issue goes all the way down the food chain. But I think the most egregious offenders are Summertime Render and Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. The former having the audacity to layer that sweet, sweet atmosphere on thick in the opening episodes only to push it aside in mind-numbingly fast-paced action, and the latter... well...
I watched Edgerunners back during the initial hype, and while I certainly enjoyed its great cast, great animation, and excellent score, I always felt like it was missing something though I could never put my finger on it. Now I kinda get it. For a series based on Japanese cyberpunk aesthetics that (as far as I'm aware) arose from the Sci-Fi boom of the 80s, it seems to not fully understand what made that aesthetic work in the first place. In the most brutal twist of irony imaginable, Edgerunners is a fast-pace, high octane action series form start to finish that never once stops to linger long enough to allow any of the weight to settle in. It never slows to explore the implications of its setting besides "this is just how the genre does things I guess" and tries to be so cool so hard that at times it overplays its hand and can come off as awkward (you will never convince me that "Choom" is not cringy af). It is an overall really good show, but standing in the shadow of giants, I just can't help but feel like it could have been so much more.
Anyway, let's wrap this puppy up...
Side note: the ED actually has a pretty great sense of weight to it that the series itself lacks. Go watch that MV if you haven't already...
Final Thoughts
So what's the point?
Gonna be honest... I don't know. I know at the end of the day, most people who watch anime don't care and that's fine. I hold no grudges for those who like any of the series that I listed above, and do think many of them (pretty much all of them except Summertime Render) have their own charms that make for enjoyable, if incomplete, watches. But at the same time, I'm hoping that by spending this last hour or so of my time, I can maybe get some gears turning in your head and get discussion going on how to improve things in the future. I know a lot of new fans don't like to watch older anime for any number of reasons, even if I think by doing that we blind ourselves and create problems that past generations have already solved. I'm an artist at heart. I love to hone my craft my seeing what works and doesn't work in others, and hope that just maybe I can maybe provoke a cheekly little "interesting. I never thought of it like that" from like-minded folk.
I've always loved anime for its ability to build atmosphere and style, and maybe just a little feel like the modern climate is moving away from that. However, instead of making another "old anime good, new anime bad" post I wanted to maybe be a little more constructive and dive into the why behind the way I feel.
I hope this was at least mildly enjoyable to read, and I'd love to hear what y'all have to say about this topic in the comments below. Meanwhile, I've been sitting at this screen for close to two hours and need to go touch some grass.
Maybe I'll finally watch that 2nd Patlabor film like I've been meaning to for the last week...
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2023.05.31 18:34 warmheartedmuffin Return trip from Koh Samet

I went to Samed a few years ago, and was very happy with the bus trip that I took from Ekkamai to Rayong. Much better than the cramped minivans, and quick too. The return trip wasn't as easy, the bus station in Rayong was empty and I couldn't for the life of me find any place to get a return ticket with the same bus, so I was forced to use a minivan company which was a long and arduous ordeal. At Ekkamai they told me I can't buy a return ticket in advance and that I have to get it at my destination.
Do you know how/where I can get a return ticket on the bus to Bangkok from Samed/Rayong? Appreciate any help!
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2023.05.31 18:33 Usethebackexit Head over to Aussietiktoksnark - closing this page down

I’m off all, she’s pushed me too far. I’ve let her win today, my little girl is in heaven and instead of being able to celebrate her birthday today, I’ve had to spend the day dealing with the implications of Sarah’s accusations towards me. It’s 2:16am and I’ve spent the last hour sitting on my bathroom floor crying, I’m exhausted, she’s shared my personal details and she’s making false allegations against me. I can’t give away the details of what today has involved but it’s been a long day, as will tomorrow and Friday. My time away to spend time together as a family for my baby’s birthday consisted of me being absolutely thrashed by her online. I’ve made silly snark comments on Reddit, but nothing that constitutes the amount of abuse and harassment I am receiving. As sad as I am that I couldn’t visit my family and celebrate our angel girl today because of what this woman is doing, SM is so so lucky that I am not suffering from depression, because the sheer amount of torture I am being put through is enough to push someone over the edge.
I know she will probably just laugh at this and feel good that she’s won but trust me, it’s not over. People will know what you have done, enjoy your platform while you’ve still got it. Because unlike everyone else, I refuse to just sit quiet and back down. Eventually I will actually share what has GENUINELY happened and then let people form an opinion based on the truth not a bunch of made up lies.
Have the day you deserve.
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2023.05.31 18:33 Grand_Clock8145 Met my(M27) old match (F26) of Feeld again. What should I do?

Hello all I (M27) matched with someone on Feeld (F26). We instantly connected and vibed like crazy. We very quickly moved from the application to whatsapp and then even to the call within a few hours. Mind you I'm quite a patient person. This person suggested we moved on different applications. (Dating app -> whatsapp -> call) We connected amazingly intellectually, emotionally, mentally wherein this person even mentioned i could be their soulmate. But I don't believe in Soulmates. We even discussed our kinks and fetishes. And they almost aligned. Except for a few things which were not super important for either od us.
She is extremely beautiful and I'm average if you really ask me ( in comparison to her),to which she stated that she doesn't care one bit about my appearance untill i touched her mind and soul. ( Which i did apparently, not my words but hers)
After a week of talking, some stuff went down at her end. And she was feeling low. And requested we i would come over. With no promises of anything happening. Which was super fine by me as I was not in any rush as i really felt something really good could come out of this. I was into this emotionally as i saw this spark and I was genuinely worried about her being slightly sad. And wanted to do something to cheer her up. So when she invited me over i cooked something to cheer her up as she really liked the local food from where i come from. The meeting was quite short 2-2.5 hours as she lives far away and i had to take a bus to reach with not so good connections. The date/meet up went amazing. We talked and there was that spark still. Obviously i was in awe of how pretty she was and my heart was smitten. But i held onto my nerves. We had the food i brought and some alcohol. After the consent we made n stuff. Details not so necessary. But one instance that was important is that she told me that she made a personal red flag list and always made to check it with the guys she would meet. And we both went through the list together and i didn't show any red flags so far. To which she told me I'm perfect. And i wasn't faking anything to be honest. That's how i really am.
I couldn't stay overnight as i was leaving for a week long office trip the next day in another country. So i had to end that meeting. She seemed like she enjoyed it alot too. And i did too. Believe me i did regret having that office trip the next day. However, at the end she did offer to pay for my taxi if i stayed overnight( I felt like she wanted me to stay). But I couldn't do that to her as the taxi would ha e costed her a fortune and I'm just not comfortable in asking her to pay for me because the amount was too big and we just met. And I wasn't packed everything for the trip 😭
Anyways, i got slightly busy on my trip, which i i immediately communicated and she was very relieved and did tell me that she would've gotten paranoid had i not communicated. But I'm a very communicative person. She had some issues with her bestfriend that she told me about. And she had a total nervous breakdown because of it and wasn't able to handle it. Plus i wasn't there to help her in anyway. And after i came back from my trip. She was just too sad and broken for anything. She told me this.
And told me that she is not in a good mental state to date anyone. And thanked me for everything and told me no one in her lifetime has been able to hold so long conversations with her like i used to and how i was such an impactful person in her life. So we ended on positive terms wishing each other well. I removed the app as she did too. As i needed some time off after this emotionally intense interaction. Plus i did feel so amazing with her and was sad that this didn't work out. I met other people in life.
And now after 8 months, i re-joined this app.
I saw her again on that application. And I don't know if i should swipe left or swipe right on her. I mean the connection was just mind blowing. But what if she doesn't feel the same way and I'd embarrass myself if i swiped right. And she wouldn't. But on the other hand what if this was actually a sign that i should match and talk to her again and i ignored it and lost this amazing connection i had with this person.
Please any insights would be nice. Apologies for the mistakes in spelling. English is not my first language.
TLDR: Met my Feeld match that i had super connection again. Should i text her again or not?
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2023.05.31 18:33 JustPassingByKek Was sent an appeal letter

This is my first time going through EDD. I got an orange letter with an appeal notice. I believe it’s just a phone call. Does anyone know what it entails?
For insight the issue they addressed I felt was because of miscommunication. The previous manager would have the delivery driver park their delivery truck in the center lot. Not the lead. The supposed second time wasn’t even the truck to which I made sure to even call if our driver was going to be late after closing. It was a fork lift I thought our asm would used it had taken care of. He claimed too that he would “retrain us to his closing standards” and never did as well He also threw me under the bus to a dm claiming it was my fault the new signs didn’t go up. When he was the one who told me not to do what my main job was and that it wasn’t as important. ( a few lower employees from that time even witnessed it and felt that was unfair he made it my fault though I was prepping before like planned.
He was trying to ask me to demote even though I had work there 4 years. I remember asking if there was anything else I could do because I needed the pay to help my family stay afloat. He told me no.
I even broke my toe on a gate they neglected and still a year later never fixed. (Probably still not even after I left) Still coming to work every day.
I felt we were short staffed too because our previous manager at least had a cashier (that had to stay up front) and a sales floor person to help cover customers and make closing more at ease. It became constant running around. And being at my current part time job is making me realize even more how little help we had juggling everything.
I can answer more questions if needed. But I need insight because the process makes me nervous as this is my first time going through this.
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2023.05.31 18:33 Dragons_o Selling two vip tickets for Los Angeles June 2. Please reach out to me for more information.

Put in vacation time months ago apparently never got approved. So can’t go to the concert anymore please reach out to me if you want to purchase the tickets. They instantly sold out when I got them so.
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2023.05.31 18:32 Impression-Visual Looking to sell my Billie Eilish A Love Letter to Los Angeles Disney Plus Premiere Promo Package. $150 USD. Please comment below or message me if interested.

Looking to sell my Billie Eilish A Love Letter to Los Angeles Disney Plus Premiere Promo Package. $150 USD. Please comment below or message me if interested.
This promo package was given to the people who attended the A Love Letter To Los Angeles Disney Plus Premiere. it includes a vegan chocolate bar, 2 postcards, a menu sheet, and a tote bag.
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2023.05.31 18:32 Equal_Bit335 Is this relationship worth staying in? Me (34F) and 30M

Hey Reddit.
I've been struggling for a long time and finally decided that I need help as I am near breaking point.
My bf seems to get upset over things easily and will remain upset with me over a prolonged period of time. We usually only have around 2-3 hours or so together when we meet but he stays angry at me for 2/3 of that time over something I do. What I do you ask? Well, I am clumsy, absentminded, and don't think through things well enough. He gets upset with me over things like accidently pressing the bell to get off the bus one stop earlier than the right one or making him move over so someone can sit but the person later declined. I understand that I ought to do better in this respect and think through things more but I also can't figure out the need to stay mad at me for such a long time. It doesn't seem to help matters?
I know that I am always making this kind of careless mistakes despite him repeatedly telling me to be more aware. But the way he reacts seem to be disproportionate to the situation. He bangs public property when I upset him.
There is another issue that I don't really trust his feelings for me. It's al because I felt he would get upset with me easily. He is upset that I don't trust him. I have also reacted in insecure ways that have upsetted him also aside from the above issues.
I guess what I want to ask is if his anger is justified? And if it is, what can I do to better meet his needs?
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2023.05.31 18:30 stnnydsu2 Stuck on 44-100

Stuck on 44-100
I don’t know much about strategy and how to efficiently utilize all of the angels skills in a team. I know I leveled up angels most would say is a waste.
But if someone could help me. I also want to be better at PVP, but right now I want to move on from 44-100.
Thanks in advanced!
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2023.05.31 18:30 FeathersoftheFallen I'm depressing myself with my own made up infidelity storyline.

In my novel, the love established protagonist, an angel, falls into Hell after her human form is destroyed. She soon finds herself in Hell, taken captive by the faction controlled by the antagonist. She's close to being tortured and killed by her captors, however, the demon who discovered her wandering the wastes of Hell, aimlessly after the fall, sees the value in keeping someone who was deep in their enemies council. He also pities her, as he more than the other demons remembers what is was like to be an angel. He ends up making her a member of his household staff to ensure her safety from the other antagonists that would harm her. This isn't entirely selfless, he's the Prince of Lust, and is hoping to eventually corrupt her into one of servants.
Though under her protection, another high ranking Demon tries to assault her, and acting fast she defends herself, Mortally wounding him, but is overpowered and nearly strangled to death. The Prince, drawn to the commotion, arrives and tries to pacify the situation, but is forced to kill the other high-ranking demon, something he can't get away with, even being a Prince. He and the angel are dragged in front of the Queen, and the protagonist lies about the situation, to make it seem like they were attacked unprovoked, and though suspicious, the Queen pardons them.
After basically saving the Prince's life with that lie, the two realize that whatever happens going forward, they're dependent on each other to survive it. There's been a lot of physical attraction and desire up until this point, but it's around this time, that she goes to him and puts herself in a position where he'll pursue her, and they begin sleeping together. Months go by, and they're behaving like a proper couple, unofficially, as he's in the nobility and set to marry someone else.
I Hate that I wrote their chemistry so well. Because the Protagonist was in a long established relationship before she went to Hell. She assumes her husband was killed in the same battle she was, and her husband lit her funeral pyre earlier in the novel. She doesn't think she's going to see her husband again, but come the end of the novel, husband is going to manage to descend into Hell on an unrelated mission and discover her there. When they see each other under the new circumstances, I don't think I can take it.
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2023.05.31 18:30 Bluest_waters I just laugh at all this hysteria over AI doom. Listen, we have known the climate crisis would devastate global civilization for years now and yet have done nothing about it. Why now are we suddenly acting liking we care about the future?

Exxon accurately predicted the climate crisis in 1982
According to their research, the academics found that between 63% and 83% of the climate projections Exxon made were accurate in predicting future climate change and global warming. Exxon predicted that climate change would cause global warming of 0.20° ± 0.04 degrees Celsius per decade, which is the same as academic and governmental predictions that came out between 1970 and 2007.
in 1989 James Hansen, climate expert, testified before congress that the human CO2 emissins would devastate society if not curtailed. He also predicted in 1988 how much the climate would warm. Thirty years later those predictions are totally accurate.
And what have we done about it? I would say "nothing" but in reality in 1989 climate destroying emissions were at 22B tons/yr, today they are at 37B tons/year. So we have actually just accelerated the bus into the brick wall.
Barely anyone cares. You hear about it from time to time, but nothing is actually being done about for real.
And yet now that AI is here (sort of) suddenly its big and scary and it could doom us all and we need to do something NOW! Everyone oh my God its an emergency! This could be the end! holy shit!
and realistically we don't know, AI is still a big mystery. It might not be a big deal at all. when it comes to the climate we KNOW, we absolutely KNOW it will wreak havoc, and some of us have been screaming about it for years, and nobody really cares.
So why should I give a shit about AI? For all I know AI could save us all from the coming climate apocalypse. It might actually be a very good thing, maybe. Who knows? We already fucked up our biosphere so the only truly bad thing AI can do is accelerate our doom. Meanwhile it could do a lot of good, it might create new technology and economic initiatives that make life on earth much better.
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2023.05.31 18:29 Kirbacho Mallorca: Recommendations for Shuttle Services?

I am planning a Mallorca trip for next year and hoping to get recommendations on shuttle/bus services.
I plan to stay in Port de Pollenca or Alcudia. The last time I went, I was able to access Cap Formentor, Lluc, Sa Calobra, and inland areas like Petra by just riding from my hotel.
For my next trip, I'd like to be able to ride the western/north western part of the island like Andratx, Valldemossa, Soller, and Orient. I no longer have the fitness to be able to ride from Port de Pollenca to these locations and hoping there may be some shuttle/bike hire services that can grab me from my hotel and drop me off closer to these areas; either as one way or pick up at a later time.
Thank you!
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