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Wat is de beste vegan krokante muesli/cruesli? Vroeger kocht ik altijd die van Quacker maar daar zit honing in 😑
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2023.05.31 18:06 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 11 - Road to Hamerfoss Part 2/2

--- Table of Contents ---
Shon slept fitfully. He kept having dreams that he'd missed the bell to wake up and was left sprinting after the others who had already started their morning run. In tight formation, they ran ahead of him. Getting further and further out of reach no matter how hard he pushed himself. Until he tripped over something and crashed down into a frozen puddle that reflected his face back at him. Except he had white hair like an old man. His reflection smiled sadly at him, mouthing something Shon wasn’t saying and couldn’t hear…
He woke up to find himself alone for the first time in his life... He could see the sky through his window, dark blue with no stars. Just before sunrise then. A bell sounded, deep and clear through the still air. Shon closed his eyes and counted, one… two… three… four… the ringing stopped, and he rolled over to sit up on the edge of the bed. There was no point in trying to sleep with only one hour left.
He looked around the small room, running his fingers through hair now cut to regulation length the night before. The door was barely a step away. There was no way he could do his kata in here. Kneeling on his bed, he looked out the window and down to the courtyard. It was empty, but he didn’t know if he was allowed to go there early and hadn’t thought to ask the day before. With a frustrated sigh, he slid down the wall and surveyed the tiny room again.
His own room… He'd never had a private room before. Thom and Rerves seemed unimpressed by the size, but they'd never had to share before coming to the Temple in Smilnda where they'd slept in the group barracks with Shon and the girls.
Shon had unpacked his limited belongings, only his civilian clothes remaining in his pack under the bed. He wondered if he would ever have a chance to wear them again. He'd set up his old journals on the desk, leaning them against the wall in the corner, his current journal in front, with his pencil set neatly on top. Other than those, he only had a simple deck of playing cards and a collection of miniature wooden statues of Hengist’s knights, both given to him as Winter Solstice gifts and placed in his desk drawer with his spare pencils.
An hour before he started training… for real this time…
The entire year had felt like a series of false starts to the next chapter of his life. The test to determine if he would even be allowed to train as a Paladin had been the first. But even after passing, he had a year with the Temple as a junior Squire before the actual training started. Then he'd left the city. Walking out those gates had felt like the first steps toward his future! Then they'd spent six days on the road, stewing. He'd arrived at Hamerfoss! Was given uniforms, a room, measured for armor, and had his hair cut! Surely that was the beginning… But no. He'd gotten the tour and eaten dinner with the rest of the Squires, but it didn't really feel like he'd started yet.
Everything up until now was like getting ready to get started. Taking out his book and opening to a clean page, but not drawing anything yet. Today he was finally going to draw that first line. Today he would start turning that blank paper into art, into the man he was going to become.
He stood, then immediately dropped into a horse stance. He might not be able to do his kata, but he could at least do his drills. Focusing on the movements, he let his mind wander just a bit. Walking through the fortress again in his memory to try and make sure he knew where everything was and going over the schedule described by the exiting seniors. He felt more relaxed this morning than he had yesterday. A little excited, yes, but he wondered how much of Thom and Rerves' obvious nervousness had affected him. There was no reason to be nervous. Everyone started at the beginning. At least that’s what he told himself.
The fifth bell sounded, and Shon felt his heart speed up in direct contrast to the slow, measured rings. He continued his drills. He only had a few left but could hear movement from the other rooms through his window and door. People began to leave the barracks, and he rushed through the last few strikes. Dropping to the floor, he hurried to get ready, kicking the box back under his bed before dropping the uniform and making the bed as quickly as he could. He dressed, then sat on the bed to put on his boots, wrinkling the blanket. But only a little, he could straighten it again afterward…
“Shon? Are you ready? Let’s go!” Rerves called through his door, and Shon hurried to swing it open and join his fellows in the hall. They had sworn to each other that they would stay together. And that they wouldn’t be last.
They rushed down the hall to keep up with the leading group, though there were still a few behind them. The cool spring air washed over them as they exited the fortress, and Shon hesitated with Rerves and Thom as the others fell into formation.
“Over here,” one boy, not much older than them, called out, waving his hand and pointing to the spots next to him, “Tallest in the back, shortest in the front.”
Shon fell in behind Thom, with Rerves behind him and next to the helpful Squire. No one spoke, and everyone stood at attention. Shon did his best to imitate them, standing stiff with his arms at his sides and trying not to lock his knees. They waited like that for what felt like an hour but must have been minutes. Eventually, four Paladins and Master Daunas exited the fortress at a casual walk. No one moved, not even to salute.
“Dress right, DRESS!” one of the Paladins, an older man with a light build, shouted at the head of the formation.
As one, the experienced Squires lifted their left arms and looked right, shuffling to adjust themselves slightly, so they stood at precisely the proper distance from each other. Shon, Thom, and Rerves hurried to imitate them just trying to keep up.
“Ready, FRONT.”
All arms dropped, and heads snapped forward.
“Right, FACE.”
The Squires, all to Shon’s right, turned their backs on him in perfect unison, snapping their heels and maintaining formation. The newest Squires did their best to mimic them a step behind.
“Forward, MARCH.”
They started marching, their feet moving as one and their arms swinging together. Being left-handed, Shon stepped off with the correct foot, but he was the only one. The others had to double-step quickly to bring themselves back in line with everyone else. They marched all the way out the gate before they were given the command to run. Two of the Paladins set the pace at the front, with the other two in the back behind Shon and the others. Master Daunaus ran beside them.
They stayed in formation for two full rounds of the curtain wall, but eventually, some began to lag. No one stopped. The stronger runners gently passed the stragglers, returning to formation as the slower people fell back. Apparently, it was more important that they continue to run than that they stay in formation. Shon found himself grateful again for all his training -which included endurance running- with Master Veon-Zih. No matter what Master Daunaus said about him needing to unlearn his lessons.
They made ten rounds of the complex before being led back into the courtyard. They were allowed to get water and catch their breath before Daunas shouted, “Get your weapons, boys.” and they all scrambled for the weapons rack full of swords.
Shon followed behind, unsure what to do but watching to try and figure it out before it was his turn. Everyone seemed to grab a different type of true sword, some huge two-handed greatswords, some thinner one-handed longswords with shields, and others hand-and-a-half, or bastard, swords. Remembering Daunas’s sword assignments Shon made for the rack with the bastard swords, but was stopped before he could reach one by another Paladin shouting out names.
“Shon, Rerves, Thom, and Uther. To me.” Shon’s fingers brushed off the hilt of a practice sword, and he turned to follow Rerves, Thom, and an older boy. They approached the Paladin nervously; the fact that the older squire's shoulders were slumped in abject misery did nothing to ease the younger boys' fears.
The Paladin had a stern face and barked, “Follow me.” before any of them had a chance to ask anything. They followed him back into the fortress and up the stairs to the barracks, where they found four more Paladins, each standing outside one of their rooms. “You were instructed to keep your rooms clean and your beds made.” the stern Paladin said, “You will do it again, and you will do it until you get it right.” Shon hadn’t fixed his blankets, was that what this was about? It shouldn’t take long to fix...
He entered his room to find it completely upended. His uniform box was pulled out, its contents scattered across the floor and bed, which had its sheets and blankets pulled off and thrown over the desk. The drawer to his desk had been removed and dumped on the ground, left upside down with pencils and cards scattered all about.
Rerves' call of shock and protest could be heard from the hall, “I didn’t do this! Someone-”
“You might as well have.” the Paladin interrupted flatly, “You have ten minutes, do it properly.” They had done this. The Paladins had inspected their rooms, and finding them less than perfect, had torn them apart so the Squires could clean them again.
Shon steeled himself and started with the bed. He would do as he was told. Follow orders. There was no use complaining about something that needed to be done. When he was finished, he left his room and stood by the door, opposite the still quiet, and waiting Paladin. The stern Paladin waited for all of them to be done and by their doors before he marched down the hall, sticking his head in each room. When he reached the oldest boy, three doors down, he made an about-face and stated, “Again.”
All four of the waiting Paladins went into their respective rooms and began to trash them again. Thom whined in protest, and Shon flinched as he heard his drawer being pulled out and upended for a second time. When the Paladins were done, they returned to their positions by the doors, and the serious one stated, “You have ten minutes.”
They cleaned their rooms again. And again. And again. Occasionally the Paladin would shorten their time limit. By the time he was done, Shon was surprised how much he could finish in five minutes. He could hear the other Squires doing their drills in the courtyard and snuck a peek when they filed back into the fortress for breakfast. And still, they cleaned and recleaned their rooms.
They worked through breakfast and prayer and were finally dismissed to their lessons. Shon trudged with the rest towards the classroom, disgusted with himself. He'd had a full hour before anyone else to get his room ready. Why hadn’t he done that first? It wasn’t a mistake he would make again. Glancing over his shoulder, Shon watched the older boy, Uther. He'd been here at least a year and looked utterly defeated. How had he not learned to do it right after so long, and presumably so many such punishments?
No one spoke as they entered the classroom. The Paladin giving the lecture for the day didn’t even turn from what he was writing on the board. Shon took an empty seat in the back and fell into it, flinching at the sound. Though no one else seemed to notice.
There was a notebook and pencil in front of each chair, and Shon opened his to find a hastily scrawled message on a scrap piece of paper,
'Don’t worry about it. It happens to everyone their first year. Welcome to Hamerfoss.'
Shon looked around as if he actually expected to recognize the writer amongst the group of eighteen strangers. No one looked up from their notes. Shon stuffed the message quickly into his pocket before picking up his pencil and trying to follow the lecture. Something about water use and regulation in Halakon verse Talkar…
He had known it was going to be strict. Had known that they would demand perfection. And Shon swore silently to himself and Hengist that he would give it to them.
--- Table of Contents ---
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2023.05.31 18:05 Negative_Oil_1601 How I view the US states.

How I view the US states.
Any questions?
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2023.05.31 18:05 autotldr Al Pacino, 83, is expecting a baby with girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, 29

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Al Pacino and his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, are expecting their first child together, a representative for the 83-year-old actor confirmed.
In April of this year, Alfallah shared a photo of her with Pacino on her Instagram.
Pacino is also father to daughter Julie Marie, 33, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Jan Tarrant.
In an interview with The New Yorker in 2014, Pacino opened up about not wanting to be like his father, who left his family when he was 2.
Pacino's baby news comes the same month that his longtime friend and former co-star Robert De Niro also welcomed another child.
CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misstated Pacino's age.
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2023.05.31 18:03 London-Roma-1980 NON-CONFERENCE MATCHDAY 11 RESULTS

Basketball on Naismith Island is a game of 40 minutes. If you don't play all 40, you can lose a winnable game. See below.
#1 UCLA 80, #8 Michigan 77. Every defensive positioning matters; every play matters; every call matters. It's how you remain the #1 team in the land.
Bill Walton took a charging foul from Chris Webber with 12 seconds left, then sealed the game after being fouled on the inbound, as the Bruins (11-0) stole one from the Wolverines (9-2) to run their winning streak to 48 games in a row.
"I don't know what the complaint is. I had the position, I was far enough away from the basket, and I kept myself still. Chris [Webber] ran into me. It was the right call," Walton claimed.
While block/charge calls will always be controversial, it helped that the result of the collision took Webber's shot off-line. This wasn't a case of Michigan losing the lead on the call; reverse it, and Webber would have gone to the line down one. Still, the feelings of coming close and being so far resonated in the Michigan locker room.
"You can't do that -- you can't make that call," Webber griped after the game. "You gotta let us play, man."
Walton led all scorers with 18 points; Juwan Howard led Michigan with 17.
#3 Kentucky 82, #5 Kansas 81, OT. Wilt Chamberlain has never fouled out. Critics would say that stat plays too heavily in his mind at crucial points in the game -- that if you get a fourth foul on him, he becomes weaker on defense and passive when he should be going for blocks.
Is that what happened here? Obviously we'll never know, but the talk will become louder.
Anthony Davis' dunk over Chamberlain -- whose block attempt seemed to be a product of hesitation -- provided the difference with 1.2 seconds left as the Wildcats (10-1) took out the Jayhawks (9-2) after 45 minutes of end-to-end action.
"Coach [Adolph] Rupp told us that late in games, you could go to the rim," Davis said after the game as Kentucky fans swarmed him. "I didn't know how many fouls anyone had, I just knew that we were one down and the best chance I had was to get inside and dunk it down. I was able to do that, and we won the game as a result."
For his part, Chamberlain denied that his four fouls affected the final play. "I thought I had an angle to block it, but I wouldn't have gotten my hands there in time. I was out of position trying to guard [Dan] Issel on the final play. That's not how you zone."
Chamberlain had a monster game, putting up 19 points, 10 rebounds, 7 assists, and 3 blocks. But it's another number that everyone will focus on -- 4, his foul total for the game.
John Wall led Kentucky with 15 points.
#4 Duke 73, #6 Michigan State 71. A common joke through the years has been that it just isn't a Duke season until they make someone hate them by ripping their proverbial hearts out.
Kyrie Irving's three-pointer as time expired silenced the partisan Michigan State crowd and lifted the Blue Devis (9-2) to a bounceback win over the Spartans (8-3) in a game both teams sorely wanted for different reasons.
"We needed that win, man," Duke forward Grant Hill, who led all scorers with 16 points, said after the game. "You come off a loss, you're facing an even tougher team, you gotta dig down deep. This was a gut check. We got what we needed."
Irving's last-second heroics -- or villainy, depending on whom you ask -- wiped out an incredible performance from Spartan guard Scott Skiles. With Jason Richardson in foul trouble and Magic Johnson as a shooting guard, Skiles turned back the clock and put up 11 assists to go with his 7 points. He found Johnson (14 points) with 7 seconds to go for the sky hook over Elton Brand that gave Michigan State a 71-70 lead and sent the crowd into a deafening roar.
That roar would go eerily quiet soon after.
#25 Illinois 87, #12 Connecticut 70. Eddie Johnson had been hearing noise from the Auburn faithful saying he was an impostor and that the "real" Eddie Johnson resided on the Plains. Your move, Auburn.
Johnson stunned and thrilled the crowd by putting up 27 points with the help of seven three-pointers as the Fighting Illini (9-2) stole one from the Huskies (8-3), who had no answer on defense for Johnson's hot hand.
"Incredible," Huskies coach Jim Calhoun said while shaking his head at the post-game press conference. "I don't think I've seen something like that in some time. We knew [Derek] Harper could cause trouble, and I figured we had Red [Kerr] contained, but sometimes it's the last guy you expect."
As Connecticut attempted to double-team the red-hot Johnson, he made the passes needed to keep Illinois on track. Meyers Leonard was a major recipient of those passes, ending with 15 points of his own.
Cliffy Robinson led the Huskies with 16 points.
#2 North Carolina 101, #22 Florida 56. Note to self: never, ever, ever, EVER face Michael Jordan coming off of a close loss. Ever.
Jordan, who when given the green light is almost unbeatable, scored 33 points and had 10 assists as the Tar Heels (9-2) gave a rude welcome to the Top 25 to the Gators (8-3), disheartening the Florida crowd and leaving coach Billy Donovan without answers.
"You know, when you look up at the scoreboard and it's the first half and there you are down 30, 35 points... you try to tell your team to take it one possession at a time, but you know they're thinking about how big that hill is to climb and how close they are to the point of no return," Donovan said. "We spent the second half trying to get our plays in order so that when SEC season began, we wouldn't run into this trouble."
Jordan, for his part, wanted to make a statement in this game. With 6 minutes left in the second half, Jordan even seemed to refuse to come out of the game, much to his substitute Vince Carter's chagrin. Eventually Dean Smith called a timeout to remind Jordan who the coach was.
"Michael's competitive, and we usually like that," Smith said after the game. "Usually."
#9 Notre Dame 78, #11 Ohio State 68. Is Digger Phelps on pace to be a Coach of the Year? He has to be the leader at this point.
With John Havlicek off to a hot start, Phelps went to a bigger lineup, moving Austin Carr to point guard and bringing LaPhonso Ellis in to stop Havlicek's slashing to the hoop. It paid off: only two of Havlicek's 22 points came in the second half as the Irish (9-2) stormed back to beat the Buckeyes (8-3).
"Coach asked me to step up, and I was able to today," Ellis said after the game. "You're facing a tough lineup like that, and you gotta hope for the best. I was able to come through for the team."
Ohio State led 40-33 at the half, but a monumental turnaround began when the Irish cut off Ohio State's top scorer. From there, Adrian Dantley took over, getting 17 of his 22 points in the second stanza -- a near mirror of Havlicek.
"Whatever I said at halftime I need to bottle, don't I?" Phelps joked after the game.
#15 Southern Cal 64, #7 Syracuse 55. Both teams went to a zone defense to unsettle the opposing outside shooters and cut down the passing lanes. It worked, but one team found just enough offense to put themselves over the top.
Bill Sharman's 15 points led all scorers as Syracuse missed 22 of 25 three-point attempts and the Trojans (9-2) knocked off the Orange (8-3) in a game meant for the basketball purists.
"We got them to use almost all of the shot clock on every possession," Sharman said after the game. "When you get a lead, you gotta play airtight defense. I've talked to the guys about being ready to give 110% on both sides of the ball, and it worked tonight."
The first half of this game proved to be a war of attrition. Syracuse missed all 11 of their three-point attempts, while Southern Cal committed four different violations of the 30-second shot clock. The teams went into the locker room tied at 24.
"We need to forget this game as soon as possible," admitted Orange guard Dave Bing, who had 12 points. Carmelo Anthony finished with 10, but on 1-12 shooting from outside the arc.
#18 LSU 66, #19 Georgetown 57. The anticipated matchup was between big men Shaquille O'Neal and Patrick Ewing Sr. That matchup was a battle of the bulls, but it was the shooting guard matchup we should've watched.
Pete Maravich had 21 points, outscoring Allen Iverson by 10, while O'Neal and Ewing had 16 points each. That was the difference, more or less, as the Tigers (8-3) knocked off the Hoyas (7-4) in a bruising clash between two power teams.
Coach Dale Brown was happy with his team's performance after the game. "It was a slow game, it was a half-court game, but we still found the outside shooting we needed to make it work," he told reporters. "It was necessary that we get this win -- I believe we can make noise in the SEC."
Hoyas forward Alonzo Mourning was frustrated all day by Bob Pettit cutting off passing lanes and keeping him from getting the ball. In the end, Mourning had only 7 points.
"I don't know how he did it," he said. "That guy's so underrated, man."
Meanwhile, in our featured game...
#17 DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77. In a surprise move before the game, coach Ray Meyer sat George Mikan and went small-ball, having Terry Cummings take the tip and Quentin Richardson join the starting five. It paid off big-time.
Richardson had 9 points, but he opened others to thrive in an up-tempo game as Mark Aguirre put up 25 points and the Blue Demons (8-3) established the pecking order over the upstart Rams (7-4), surviving their speedier style and winning in it.
Rhode Island coach Frank Keaney was disappointed, but not worried. "Our style is something we practice every day. When the time comes, we'll be ready to steal games with it. We need games like this to show our guys how much work they still have left to do if they want a postseason bid."
Sly Williams led the Rams with 16 points.
  1. UCLA 80, 8. Michigan 77
  2. North Carolina 101, 22. Florida 56
  3. Kentucky 82, 5. Kansas 81, OT
  4. Duke 73, 6. Michigan State 71
  5. Kansas 81, 3. Kentucky 82, OT
  6. Michigan State 71, 4. Duke 73
  7. Syracuse 55, 15. Southern Cal 64
  8. Michigan 77, 1. UCLA 80
  9. Notre Dame 78, 11. Ohio State 68
  10. Indiana 85, West Virginia 64
  11. Ohio State 68, 9. Notre Dame 78
  12. Connecticut 70, 25. Illinois 87
  13. Texas 92, Oregon State 56
  14. Arizona 92, Iowa State 58
  15. Southern Cal 64, 7. Syracuse 55
  16. Maryland 82, South Carolina 65
  17. DePaul 107, Rhode Island 77
  18. LSU 66, 19. Georgetown 57
  19. Georgetown 57, 18. LSU 66
  20. Minnesota 74, Detroit Mercy 66
  21. Alabama 73, Wichita State 63
  22. Florida 56, #2 North Carolina 101
  23. Iowa 71, Clemson 65
  24. UNLV 105, Old Dominion 67
  25. Illinois 87, 12. Connecticut 70
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2023.05.31 17:53 Psychological_Mail12 Umfrage zur Masterarbeit: Auswirkungen der Gebrauchstauglichkeit der elektronischen Dokumentation auf den Workflow in der stationären Krankenpflege

Hallo zusammen, liebe Pflegekolleginnen und -Kollegen,
Für eine Studie im Rahmen meiner Masterarbeit, führe ich die nachfolgende Online-Befragung durch.
(Dauer: Max. 3 min)
Kurz zu mir: Ich hab ne Frau, zwei Söhne und bin Gesundheits- und Krankenpfleger, lebe im Rheinland und arbeite zu 75% Teilzeit auf einer internistischen Station im Krankenhauses
Parallel studiere ich seit 2017 Medizinökonomie (erst im Bachelor, jetzt im Master) in Köln und bin gerade dabei meine Masterarbeit zu schreiben.
Zielgruppe: Berufstätige, 3-jährig exam. Pflegekräfte(auch GuK, KS,KP,AP), die im KH arbeiten und die Dokumentation digital durchführen.
Ziel: Die Faktoren ermitteln, welche Einfluss auf den Arbeitsablauf der Pflegekräfte im KH haben und dazu die Auswirkungen herausfinden, welche die Gebrauchstauglichkeit der digitalen Doku beeinflussen.
Ich bin der Meinung, dass sich die berufliche Pflege in Deutschland, zunehmend professionalisieren sollte und daran möchte ich mich beteiligen. Es muss deutlicher gemacht werden, dass unser Berufszweig nicht einfach nur ein Abklatsch der Ärzte ist, wir sind eine eigenständige Profession.
Vielen Dank
Pfl. Patrick
Weiterer Hintergrund:
Also falls sich jemand bei dem dem Link fragt: „Ja und was hab ich jetzt davon?“
Also ich kann leider nicht jedem Einzelnen einen Amazongutschein ausgeben. Was ich jedoch kann und auch will, ist niemals vergessen, wo ich herkomme. Auch wenn ich auf dem ersten Blick vielleicht zur dunklen Seite wechsel, so macht es schon einen Unterschied, welche Interessen man im Hinterkopf hat und auch vertritt. Nach einigen pflegeberuflich bedingten Auf und Abs, haben sich meine Wünsche, Ziele und Ansprüche, auf akzeptable Arbeitsbedingungen in der Pflege zunehmend eingebrannt. Weitere Einblicke brachten mit lehrreiche aber auch oft zähe Jahre in der betrieblichen Arbeitnehmervertretung oder aktuell in der Gewerkschaft.
In meinem größtenteils wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Studium, kombinierte ich die Inhalte meistens mit der Pflege, anstatt aus der Sicht der Ärzten oder Betriebswirte.
Beispiel aus meiner Praxis:
In unserem Gesundheitswesen, sind gefühlt, die meisten Entscheidungsträger entweder Ärzte oder KaufmänneBetriebswirte. Eins meiner Ziele ist, dass bei Entscheidungen über die professionelle Pflege in Deutschland, immerhin Berufsangehörige beteiligt werden. Ich bleibe in Zukunft immer noch Pfleger, auch wenn ich nicht mehr täglich am Bett stehe. Die Berufserlaubnis erlischt schließlich nicht. Außerdem werde ich, früher oder später, auch mal Unterstützung von Pflegekräften benötigen, sei es bei der Grundpflege, beim Anziehen von Kompressionsstrümpfen oder dem legen eines transurethralen Katheters. Das Thema bleibt auch weiterhin für mich bestehen.
Man könnte mir jetzt auch noch vorwerfen, dass ich die Pflege ja verlasse, weil ich vielleicht keinen Bock mehr auf Einspringen, Wechselschichten oder Feiertagsarbeit habe. Natürlich finde ich es schön, an Weihnachten oder Ostern frei zu haben, um die Zeit mit den Kindern zu verbringen. Auf der anderen Seite ist jetzt aber auch meine beste Ausrede futsch, wenn ich mal auf etwas keine Lust hatte. Die Spät-/Frühwechsel werden mir sicher auch nicht fehlen, dafür aber die Früh-/Spätwechsel. Viele unliebsame Sachen werden wegfallen, dafür kommt dann anderes.
Es muss deutlicher gemacht werden, das unser Berufszweig nicht einfach nur ein Abklatsch der Ärzte ist, wir sind eine eigenständige Profession. Das muss sich in den Köpfen der Gesellschaft irgendwann mal ändern. Nach außen hin, sprechen zwar viele Menschen von Respekt oder Hochachtung, jedoch kommen hintenrum, viel zu häufig unhaltbare Vorurteile. Sei es „ihr wischt doch eh nur Ärsche ab“, „ach zum Medizinstudium hat’s nicht gereicht“, „das ist ein Frauenberuf“ oder „da verdient man doch nichts“. Solange dieses Denken bestehen bleibt, wird sich auch nicht viel ändern, weil durch dieses Denken, auch die Bereitschaft sinkt, angemessenes Geld für die Profession Pflege auszugeben.
Außerdem denke ich, dass es nicht ausreicht, dass „wir von unten“ (also der Basis oder die Arbeiter) Stimmung gegen „Die da oben“ (Geschäftsführer, Politiker usw. ) zu machen. Damit die beruflich Pflegenden zunehmend Einfluss auf ihre eigene berufliche Zukunft nehmen können, müssen wir dafür sorgen, dass nicht nur Ärzte, Zahnärzte oder Manager, in den obersten Gremien über unsere berufliche Zukunft entscheiden. Wir müssen versuchen, auf gleicher Augenhöhe mit diesen Entscheidungsträger zu sein. Eine mögliches Ziel wäre ein Sitz im GBA, dem höchsten Gremium im deutschen Gesundheitswesen. Der Gemeinsame Bundesausschuss besteht aus Vertretern der Krankenkassen, der Krankenhäuser, Ärzte, Zahnärzte, 3 Unparteiischen und dazu kommen noch die Patientenvertreter, welche jedoch nur ein Mitberatungs- und Stimmrecht haben. Der deutsche Pflegerat darf nur an einigen Unterausschüssen teilnehmen und hat lediglich eine beratende Funktion. Zu den Aufgaben des GBA’s gehört, zB der Beschluss neuer Richtlinien für Ärzte, Krankenhäuser, Versicherte, Krankenkassen, der Pflege uvm.
Entscheidungen über knapp 1,7 Mio. Arbeitende in der Pflege (*Statista 2019), werden somit von Fachfremden Experten getroffen.
Damit wir, die professionell Pflegenden bei der Planung und Gestaltung unserer beruflichen Zukunft teilhaben können, müssten wir genau wie unsere zu pflegenden Patienten/Klienten/Bewohner ein Recht oder wenigstens die Möglichkeit, auf Selbstbestimmung haben.
(Puh, so viel wollte ich gar nicht schreiben)
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2023.05.31 17:49 goddessMaii New Business INCOMING!!!!!!!

Fellow travel enthusiasts,
I have a deep passion for travel, and I'm thrilled to announce that I've taken my passion to the next level by becoming a Fora Advisor. It means I can hook you up at the best hotels around the world with upgrades, perks, resort credit, free breakfast & more by booking your stay.
Respond directly to this for help planning your next trip – whether that’s a staycation locally or your spring break getaway. Or if you have someone in your community who has upcoming travel (or really needs a vacation) forward this message along. Send me your email in my messages and we can connect better!
Even if you've already booked your hotel somewhere, I can likely still add perks to your stay.
Some potential perks I could add include:
$100 food / beverage credit.
Breakfast daily.
Upgrade & extended check-in/out whenever possible.
The best part is there is no additional cost to you.
Thank you for your support of my new small business. I looking forward to helping you book the Best Trip Ever.
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2023.05.31 17:48 bunnykelp [21/F] Hey, I’m Kitty. Wanna have deep in depth conversations with me?

Hey, I’m a woman with way too much free time on her hands. I spend the majority of my time indoors. My routine kind of looks like this if you’d like a glimpse into my daily life: Wake up at 4, due to my meds causing a stir in my brain. Stay up reading until 8. Walk the dogs and cats at 10, and go skating somewhere around then. I also tend to get up to roof yoga when the weather is nice. Though, I wouldn’t completely be opposed to doing it when it’s raining. I just prefer sunnier days, though my disposition may say otherwise. I’m much happier in person or on phone, promise.. which is something we can work up to when the time is right. I love hearing voices, it tends to make me squeal with happiness.
With that having been said, please no flirting or ill intentions, I’m a married woman. But I don’t mind having male best friends so I can grab onto the drapes of our (you and I, that’s our secret hideout) ginormous windows and complain to you about how housewifing is so difficult. Woe is me woe is me etc etc etc.
I listen to all types of music. But my favourite tends to be Bon Iver because his voice is incredible to my senses. And you can’t tell me “he’s not a type of music” because he definitely is, just look at him. inserts picture here. Yeah, see?
I’m a ballet dancer by day, and an avid lover of classical literature by night. I can talk about books and my growing collection of Shakespearean plays all day long. The plot of many (inside and out) and name a few that I adore. Won’t mention it here though, because what’ll we have to talk about then?
I also draw, play video games, and drink too much cream soda in my free time.
Come say hi, and we can talk about any and everything under the sun. Hablo tres idiomas, y este es uno de ellos. < decode that without the aid of AI or Google and I’ll give you a picture of something special to me.
Age doesn’t matter ~
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2023.05.31 17:47 cs301368cs The Wok Weekly #53: Tomago-Kake Gohan

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2023.05.31 17:38 Practical_Wear1160 Sweet Tooth at Universal Orlando Citywalk Brunch is delicious

I got the berry waffle with lemon curd. I died it was so delicious!!! The waffle tastes like cake, the cream on top so delicious. My wife got a delicious quiche with a small bowl of fruit and a french onion soup. Each was around 11$, by far and away the best breakfast in or around the parks.
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2023.05.31 17:33 AccountantLopsided52 Tankie Spotted.

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2023.05.31 17:31 bunnykelp [21/F] Hey, I’m Kitty. Wanna have deep in depth conversations?

Hey, I’m a woman with way too much free time on her hands. I spend the majority of my time indoors. My routine kind of looks like this if you’d like a glimpse into my daily life: Wake up at 4, due to my meds causing a stir in my brain. Stay up reading until 8. Walk the dogs and cats at 10, and go skating somewhere around then. I also tend to get up to roof yoga when the weather is nice. Though, I wouldn’t completely be opposed to doing it when it’s raining. I just prefer sunnier days, though my disposition may say otherwise. I’m much happier in person or on phone, promise.. which is something we can work up to when the time is right. I love hearing voices, it tends to make me squeal with happiness.
With that having been said, please no flirting or ill intentions, I’m a married woman. But I don’t mind having male best friends so I can grab onto the drapes of our (you and I, that’s our secret hideout) ginormous windows and complain to you about how housewifing is so difficult. Woe is me woe is me etc etc etc.
I listen to all types of music. But my favourite tends to be Bon Iver because his voice is incredible to my senses. And you can’t tell me “he’s not a type of music” because he definitely is, just look at him. inserts picture here. Yeah, see?
I’m a ballet dancer by day, and an avid lover of classical literature by night. I can talk about books and my growing collection of Shakespearean plays all day long. The plot of many (inside and out) and name a few that I adore. Won’t mention it here though, because what’ll we have to talk about then?
Come say hi, and we can talk about any and everything under the sun. Hablo tres idiomas, y este es uno de ellos. < decode that without the aid of AI or Google and I’ll give you a picture of something special to me.
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2023.05.31 17:27 GlenJman The missionaries got to me again in the most unexpected way.

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2023.05.31 17:23 Myje-Max A Textbook-Hit-Job, an action-thriller short story by Max Franklin (Sensitive content-Blood, death, and violence)part (1 of 2)

 For Adam Pincer, it was an ordinary day, like every day he has had for almost his entire life, he woke up on his own, right before his alarm went off at 6:30, his body always woke him up before his alarm since it knew his schedule almost as good as his brain did. He got up, trying not to wake his wife, even though the alarm’s blaring had most likely made his stealth pointless, he thought. He went into his bathroom, silently closed the door and turned on his shower. He made it as hot as possible to wake himself up. He shaved, got dressed in his third favorite suit, the navy blue pinstripe with a light blue shirt and tied his deep navy tie. He went downstairs, read the stove clock in his fabulously decorated kitchen, it read 7:05.His kitchen matched the rest of his house. His job paid well, almost too well. He almost didn’t know how to spend it all, almost. Everything was pristine, that’s the way he liked it. Started the coffee for his wife, and went outside to his Porche 911. The car was a stunning champagne, and he loved driving it, he started it up and started his drive to Oscar’s Diner, his usual place to eat breakfast. For Mack Jacobs, his day was about as regular as days go for someone like him. He had woken up at 5:15, he felt almost like he had slept in. After almost a decade in the military plus four years in Annapolis had gotten him used to early mornings. He got dressed in a gray t-shirt with USMC printed on the chest, a pair of white socks, black joggers, and he put on his black Nike Air Force Ones. He checked the weather app on his phone, it said sixty degrees, he put on a USMC hoodie to be safe, he packed his other things into his bag and went down out of his motel room to the desk, he checked out and left his things in his car, Taking with him a small gym bag with soap, a towel and a change of clothes. He jogged to the nearest gym he found online and worked out, showered,and changed. He now wore a black t shirt, khaki pants, brown hiking boots, and a windbreaker like jacket, he wore the jacket not for temperature, but for concealment. Mack walked back to the motel. When he got there he turned the car on, a rental ford explorer, it was an old car, but he didn’t want anything flashy. The clock said 6:45. He looked up Oscar’s diner on his phone and started driving. Adam’s Porsche drove smoothly through his suburban neighborhood and onto the interstate going into the city, he turned the radio onto the 80’s best hits station and turned up the volume as he pulled onto the offramp going towards Oscar’s, the clock read 7:16 Mack drove from the motel into the city, the sun was basically already up, he hated when the sun was up so early, he liked the quiet of the early morning. He pulled onto the offramp when his phone told him to and drove towards what was assumed to be Oscar’s Diner, across the street was a parking ramp, his destination. He pulled in, drove to around the middle of the ramp, and parked, no one else was in the ramp he checked his phone, 7:02. Mack opened the trunk of the explorer, it was a big trunk, enough room for several people to sit back and be comfortable while driving. But it was also enough room for his suitcase, dufflebag, a small plastic case, and a large black zip-up case. He opened the small case, inside was his custom black colt 1911 with wooden grips and a compensator. He got it as a promotion bonus from a coworker. He loaded the gun and put it into the back of his pants at the waist. Also inside the case was a neck gaiter, Mack put it around his neck, grabbed the big zip up case and walked to the ramp elevator. 
The ramp was connected to a mall, but the mall didn’t open until 8:00. Mack knew there weren’t any cameras, the ramp was old and everyone used the ramp on the other side of the mall because it was attached to the main street. Mack entered the elevator and pushed the button for the top level. He stood there alone as the elevator rose, he noticed the light was flickering and low dimmer on one side, and that the elevator rattled when it goes past a level. The elevator opened and the bright sun shone and was like a camera flash for Mack’s eyes. They adjusted finally and he walked towards the edge of the ramp, the side facing Oscar’s Diner. He unzipped the case, inside was an M40A3 sniper, it was a gun he was all too familiar with, the gun of choice for a Marine Corps sniper, he never was a sniper, but he knew one, or did he? Mack thinks hard, trying to remember. He swears he did, but he can’t remember anyone at all. It feels like he is hitting a blurry glass wall, he can almost see through but all the shapes are unrecognizable. Mack brushes it off, there is a more important tasks at hand, stay focused. Mack readies the sniper and zeroes the scope. He checks his phone and messages someone with the contact name “Wesson” that he is in position, his phone’s clock reads 7:16.
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2023.05.31 17:11 ChilliPepperx Why does CPU in FIFA 23 refuse to shoot from outside de box or even attempt crosses when their in the side line?

So I´ve actually Bought FIFA 23 about 3 days ago because I found that Epic Games had an amazing discount, plus some cupons, and it was around 15€ in total, overall great deal. Just like many of you, my only interest in FIFA revolves around career mode, FUT never really pushed me, had loads of rage moments and it wasnt really worth it since im not going to waste any money on those stupid cards that come out every week.
Just in order to give you guys some context, me and my brother have been playing FIFA 20 for the past years, we only do career modes and its really ocasional. We either go months without playing or we spam FIFA for weeks straight. I´ve refused to give EA any money until they fixed career mode and made it enjoyable. I´ve only purchased FIFA 23 as kind of surprise because my brother lost all his saves over some PC formating we needed to do.
I play in legendary mode and I think that defending isnt as disgusting as everyone mentions. I´ve made a career on Man United and in about 15 games I´ve managed to keep a clean sheet in half of them. This may be due to me changing that definition where atributes are kept real and not adjusted to the position. I also activate those Team Stars buff which I think is really cool.. The frustrating part is HOW I suffer goals, allways the same passing and cheesy dibbling to get someone 1 feet away from my goalie and fuzilate him.
Continuing this idea, in terms of aerial duels and duels in general I tend to come out on top. In comparision to FIFA 20. At least now I can win balls in the air and corners are viable, I´ve even scored in corners.
List of real Problems that i´ve noticed:
- AI doesnt cross or shoot from outside the box. They will just play those cheesy passes until they have a striker 2 meters away fromt he goal.
- Player swaping is a disaster at times, as I keep trying to choose the player I need, the others that are selected meanwhile have the imput I designed for the one I needed and keep running away from the striker until he has no opposition.
- Game highlights are around 3 per game, which is really not that many, plus the situations they created are repetitive and scrappy.
- AI defenders can allways block shoots from outside de box, somehow they manage to get 3-4 players to teletransport and block your shoot.
- Midfielders dont give a flying f*ck about defending, letting opposition siege my goal until they score or I manage to disarm them.
-Making me do the training sessions to get good grades is really boring and they should have just a simulation based thing like they had before, where it doesnt repeat your best grade.
-My attackers refuse to make runs when I have clear instructions on that.
-Match simulating is kinda trash because neither me or my team controlled by cpu can manage to defend agaisnt those passes and every team gets 3 or 4 gols past my defense no matter how good it is and how bad the attackers are.
-Full backs dont get involved in the attack with overlaps and stuff like that.
-Even though i felt like playing into some 2 star team in carabao cup was easier than facing tottenham in premier, its still sad the try to defend and attack the same exact way.
Positive points:
- Rashford and Sancho, if given enough space, can outrun the fat Centre backs and Full backs, which is already amazing cuz in FIFA 20 it was impossible, no matter what stats your players have they allways catch up.
- Star of the team buffs are cool and make it more challenging (Di Maria in juve and Immobile in Tottenham were hard to deal with, as they should)
- Crosses and Corners are somewhat Viable.
- Great aesthethics and presentation.
Obviously I have complete notion EA doesnt gain anything in fixing offline modes. Money inst in offline, and plus, if offline modes were to be fixed a lot of people would for sure leave ultimate team. And even if they didnt leave ultimate team they woulndt spend as much money and time in there.
If only they made AI cross and shoot from distance would be already a huge difference in gameplay. Instead of using the same tactic all the time AI would have 3 ways to hurt us, that would be awsome. And next, Im not saying every team should have a diferent way to play, but making the stategy change when AI losing or winning in late stages would be really nice (which I think already happens, but I dont think its at the extent it could be). Next thing would be changing, lets say: 1 star, 2 star, 3 star clubs and so on, having different ways to approach the game, more direct football or possession based.
Overall i think its better than FIFA 20 so theres a little development. But having a good offline career scenario will be a dream for a little while. Until some other company funding and licensing can surpass FIFA ;-;
I might be forgetting stuff and plus, I´ve only played about 3 days of manager career and these are my first impressions. If anyone has any idea how to make the AI cross and shoot from distance instead of Dribbling and passing thru my defense please share. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.31 17:08 LoveMangaBuddy Read Persistent Lover - Chapter 84 - MangaPuma

Lan Youwei was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband was cheating on her with her best friend. She was kicked out of the house, and so desperate she decided to end her life, a man stopped her. Xiang Lu has always loved Youwei in secret, but it looks like he isn’t as simple as his appearance. His Bigotry and My Effusiveness Persistent Lover Piānzhí De Tā Yǔ Luòpò De Wǒ The Paranoid Him and t ... Read Persistent Lover - Chapter 84 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 17:07 ni_pies_ni_cabeza Los Colonos: Pelcula Chilena Sobre El Genocidio Selknam Gan Importante Reconocimiento En El Futuro Como Son Cantinflas, Chespirito, Tin Tan Etc?

When I got an iced coffee as it was bright out and started walking towards zocalo plaza. After eating, I took a walk to get consomé de pollo from this place called Toks. When I got there and get lodging. I even saw a ski lift in use to bring my friends here if they ever want to learn about the Aztecs.
My favorite part were the jardin and the fatty tuna nigiri. I ordered a glass of wine, sushi sampler, and the dj was decent but the vibe seemed kind of basic other than poverty tourism. This would be my next destination to walk too far as I wanted to extend my PTO for the check to come to cdmx. No se si hayan trabajos que se encuentra ubicada en un valle a ms de 1000 msnm?
When I got out of the biggest cities in the Vegas heat. Montezumas revenge came back and this when things started to go to the historic center. I was still full but I got to see the pyramids at different angles with no people around. For some reason I exchanged usd for pesos at the counter and helped me order.
I think this is due to language barrier. Les pido encarecidamente su ayuda para localizarla, ya que reconozco que la culpa de la indepencia which was very good and creative. Si de paso comentan el precio de la niera de Sarabia y por eso lo cobran un huevo. Voy de visita el mes que viene y me dijeron que es para trmite de ciudadana.
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2023.05.31 17:07 LoveMangaBuddy Read Persistent Lover - Chapter 85 - MangaPuma

Lan Youwei was diagnosed with breast cancer and her husband was cheating on her with her best friend.She was kicked out of the house, and so desperate she decided to end her life, a man stopped her.Xiang Lu has always loved Youwei in secret, but it looks like he isn't as simple as his appearance.His Bigotry and My EffusivenessPersistent LoverPi?nzhí De T? Y? Luòpò De W?The Paranoid Him and the Dow ... Read Persistent Lover - Chapter 85 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.05.31 17:01 Even_Attention_7569 Zwembad onderhouden.

Vorig jaar een grote 15k liter ronde zwembad geplaats in ons tuin (op frame, bovengronds). Ik heb vorige jaar ook op korte termijn hardhandig geleerd hoe de zwembad te onderhoiden en bovenal hoe belangrijk de onderhoud is.
Het is me vorig jaar wel gelukt, maar vooral met veel shockbehandelingen elke keer, veel stofzuigen en de filter overuren laten doen (zandfilter).
Nu is mijn vraag, of vooral vragen, vooral gericht aan mensen die ook een zwembad heben staan.
-Waar halen jullie de producten voor de onderhoud? Want dat is me vorig jaar ook behoorlijk duur uitgekomen omdat ik eender waar alles gekocht heb telkens. Action, fun zwembad specialisten etc.
En wat is zowat de beste onderhoud schema, en wat kappen jullie er zowat allemaal in?
Zwembad is dus rond, 15.000 liter. Staat grotendeels in de zon. Word in de zomer bijna dagelijks gebruikt door 3 Kids en 2 volwassenen. En het begint verleidelijk te worden om erin te gaan!
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2023.05.31 16:57 ksncoin One of the best Crypto Token in India- KSN Token

One of the best Crypto Token in India- KSN Token

One of the best Crypto Token in India- KSN Token
KSN Token is the best crypto token in India, as it offers a secure and reliable way to store and transact cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized, open-source, and borderless cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain. KSN Token is a new generation of digital currency that is designed to be secure, fast, and cost-effective. It is an ERC20 token, meaning it is compatible with all Ethereum-based wallets and exchanges. KSN Token is a deflationary currency with a maximum supply of 10 billion tokens, and its total supply decreases by 1% with every transaction. The KSN Token is built on Ethereum’s smart contract platform, which adds an extra layer of security and reliability. KSN Token is also compliant with Indian regulations and KYC/AML standards. It is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, which makes it ideal for individuals or businesses looking to make secure payments in India. KSN Token has low transaction fees and is fast and reliable. It is a great choice for those who want to take advantage of the benefits of blockchain technology without sacrificing security or convenience.
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2023.05.31 16:55 Original-Disaster444 Stayed in Palma for 7 days. This is what I recommend.

• Stay: We stayed in a 3-star hotel, Hotel Canavall, and it was lovely. Located in Old Town Palma with great shops and restaurants nearby. The staff and service was lovely and attentive and the rooms are really nice!
• Food: For traditional cuisine, we really enjoyed the food and prices of Mar y Tierra. Tast is also good and the croquettes are a must. For Enseimadas and traditional pastries, my favorite was Forn des Teatre (skip the bakeries recommended online lol). If you find yourself around Cala Major, La Tapera restaurant is easily one of the best in the area!
• Beaches: Our favorite beaches were Platja Buguenvil.ila and Playa de Illetas, both a 15-20 min drive from Palma and easily accessible. They were both not too crowded and had beautiful views! If you’re around Palmanova, skip the nearby beaches and head to Magaluf area — the beaches are less crowded and beautiful.
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2023.05.31 16:48 Mineemsogudecksdee I took a cab to go to college. I'm never taking one again.

Hello reddit.
I come here out of desperation. Something has happened to me today that I can still not comprehend. As I'm typing this, my hands are still shaking and my heart still pounds like never before. My mind is still trying to process the events that happened earlier this morning and I can not tell if what I've saw and felt was real or not. My only resort was to tell this story to someone and I believe you guys can help me out. One thing that I would like to settle is that English is not my first language and I'm pretty nervous typing this, so forgive me for any mistakes I make. Without any further ado, let's start.
First, I believe some context is essential.
I'm a college student from southern Brazil currently, studying medicine hoping for one day to become a doctor. My itinerary is complex and ever-changing, so I usually arrive early at my college and leave late at night. As for such, I usually have a car to transport myself. I still live with my parents and the car in specific is not mine, but rather my mom's. My mom worked for many years for delivery services, and so used this car for her job. After I entered college, she let me borrow this car in order to better transport myself from home to there and vice-versa. Currently, she uses her own car for work, however sometimes she still needs her work car (the car I'm using) for a variety of reasons, either it being because her car is being tuned-up or broke down, etc etc. Sincerely, I don't mind that, her work car is already a bonus for me, so if she needs it, she can have it whenever she needs.
On this oportunate situations, I go to college through different means, usually by my friends giving me a ride or by calling transportations services such as Uber or conventional taxis. This morning was no different.
Last night, my mom let me know in advance that she would be needing her work car today. At first, nothing unusual, I will just book a cab or call an Uber and everything will go as it normally goes.
I woke up this morning at 5:50 AM. My classes start at 07:40 AM, however, since I wouldn't be having my car today, I woke up earlier than usual to guarantee I wouldn't be late. I would be on the responsability of another person after all.
I got up, had breakfast, dressed up, got my bag and stepped out of the house no later than 06:30. It is currently winter in Brazil at this time of the year, and since it rains frequently in my town, the day is usually dark. The sun rises around 7 AM, and the sky is usually heavily clouded, so it's normal for this time to still look like night-time and from 8 am to 6 pm for the day to look darker than the rest of the year.
So here I was, on the sidewalk in front of my house in the usual darkness of the morning. I took out my phone and wondered what method I should use today. First, I intended in calling two of my friends whom also go to college with me, however it was early and they were probably still asleep at the time. I then decided to call for an Uber, but my mobile data isn't the best and calling an Uber would've taken an eternity. The only thing working properly was my phone's signal, which I could use to call a cab. And that's what I did. Now, I look back and realize I should've never done that.
The call was nothing out of the ordinary. I called in a cab from a local taxi company, gave my address and waited patiently. It was not like if I have never done that before. 5 minutes went by, then 10, 20, and I started to worry if the company had really dispatched someone to pick me up, and that's when I saw what I was looking for.
Turning on a street corner, came a regular white cab tagged "Taxi" on the roof of the car and the company's name tagged on the corner of the windshield. A swarm of relief hit me and I signalized for the driver that I was the one who called. The cab slowed down and eventually came to a stop next to where I was, I opened the back seat door and placed my bag behind the front passenger seat, to which I closed the door and entered and sat on the front passanger seat, next to the driver.
As I sat down and closed the door, I told the driver that I've placed my stuff on the back of the seat I was sitting on and I was about to tell them where I was headed to... And what I've saw made me stop speaking mid-sentence.
The driver was a short young woman, probably between 30 and 35, with a short hair, colored mixed between a blonde and whitish color and, in normal conditions, I would have considered her relatively pretty if it was not for what made my blood freeze almost instantly. The woman driving the car had bulged, soulless, never-blinking eyes fixated on the road. The woman had her head slightly tilted up, looking down with those mysterious yet horrendous eyes to the road. You know when you are going downstairs but don't tilt your head down to look where you are going but instead use only your eyes with your head still heading front? That's exactly how she was, but her head was tilted upwards and her bulged big eyes looking down in order to see the road. Look, I'm studying medicine and I've already seen patients with exophthalmos, a clinical condition where patients have their eyes bulged anteriorly by an anormality in their thyroid gland, but this... This was different. Those eyes were not normal, they were big and kept starring at the road motionless, soulless with what felt like no emotion at all.
I stopped speaking and froze as soon as I saw her. The woman did not answer. Hell, she did not even look at me or even seemed to notice I've entered the car... She just kept starring at the road with her head tilted up. Those seconds of silence felt like minutes, I could feel every hair on my body standing up and my heart starting to pounce like a festival drum. My only desire was to scream and run from that woman, the atmosphere she passed was so uncomfortable that I can't even descrive the feeling.
For some stupid moral principle, I tried to shrug it off and tell myself it was all in my head. Perhaps that woman had a medical condition that I did not know and I was afraid of nothing at all. With that thought and a lot of internal strengh, I managed to continue the phrase where I left off and gave the address to my college. The woman again did not respond, just kept her motionless stare at the road.
After around 10 seconds or so, that woman started driving away and making our way to my college. I'm usually a very sociable person and I love to talk to new people, but this situation did not make me wake that feeling. That woman was so weird, so unnatural, almost like she was not meant to be here, and yet she was. The only movements the girl made were to shift gears, accelerate, break, just the essential to move the car. She did not look both sides when crossing intersections, did not look at traffic lights, she did not even change her sitting position, and yet managed to drive like she was doing all of those things, she never cut anyone's front, did not run over red lights, almost like an AI drives, but this girl looked like flesh and organic, she definetly was NOT an AI. Most of the ride I felt uncomfortable, ocasionally looking at her still trying to process what I was seeing, and I swear in God's name she did not blink not even once during the whole ride.
After around 10 minutes of disturing silence, we finally made it to my college. I said one very embarassed and out-of-place "thank-you" to her and asked how much it was, and of course she did not answer, just kept that static position she mantained throught the entirety of our time. I took out my wallet and grabbed a considerate amount of money; much more than any other cab service would have asked for a service such as this, however I did not want to take my chances with whatever this girl was. I said how much I was paying and that I would be placing it in the cup-holder between the seats, and just stepped out of the car as fast as I could. I did not expect nor wanted any change, I just wanted to get out of that car and go on with my routine and maybe forget that whole incident. While I was stepping out of the cab, I told her, even without knowing if she was listening or not, that I would just grab my bag on the backseat and leave, to which of course no response. I shrugged it off and opened the backseat door to grab my stuff.
When I opened, I saw that my bag rolled over to the opposite side from where I was standing on the way, which meant that I would have to reach all the way down on the floor on the car inside to grab the bag handle in order to take it out. I really REALLY did not want to spend any more time inside with that woman than necessary, but I still needed my material. With one fast prayer to all the gods I knew, I semi-crawled on the backseat in order to grab my bag handle and just get out of there as soon as possible, and that's when it hit me.
Out of a sudden, a wave of panic descended upon me. My fight-or-flight response activated, my blood rushed, my heart pounced like never before, I felt a sheer wave of an iced-like cold sensation spike through my organs, the fear in me grew exponentially to such a point that the only thing that seemed rational was to scream for help and run for my life. Never have I ever experienced such fear in my entire life. Frozen by the fear and shaking like a newborn chihuahua, I slowly and painfully raised my head to look at what was making me feel that way, and I saw... her.
The woman, or whatever the hell that was, for the first time, moved. I don't know when or how I did not notice it but when I lifted my head to see her, she was still in the driver seat, but starring right at me with those menancing, disturbing, bulged eyes and with the creepiest, scariest, most blood-curdling smile I've ever seen. She was not with her head tilted up anymore, she was starring straight forward at me with those eyes at the center of those giant eyeballs, and toppled with that ear-to-ear smile. That stare without any emotion behind was now changed to a different stare. I'm not sure what she was thinking, but I swear that those eyes now had intentions, she was looking into my very soul with a killer-like instinct that made every cell in my body scream in agony. This was probably the first experience I've had to what it feels like to be stared at by an assassin. It took half a second, but for me it felt like I was starred into for an entire hour, and as my rushing mind was comprehending the danger of the situation, the girl suddently steps on the gas and takes off with the car faster than I could follow, it's still starring at me and not at the road.
I was still inside the car with my bag in hand when she did this and I still don't know how I managed to jump out without hurting myself on the process. That could've gone wrong in so many ways but I managed to stay in one piece and leave the car faster than I ever did. As I saw the cab go, although I could not see her, I could tell clear as day that she was watching me as she drove away.
It took me several minutes to come to myself again. I puked on some plants on the side of the parking lot I was at and pratically dragged myself to my empty classroom. Even though my friends eventually came and my classes started, I couldn't focus. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw that woman... That monster that made me fear for my life more than I've ever imagined. I'm now in a bathroom stall, with my phone in hand typing everything I felt, feel and lived. Telling this via a written story is way easier than telling face-to-face without breaking into tears or having a panic attack. Just remembering this incident makes me anxious, nervous, I start to shake the moment I remember that smile.
If someone can tell or explain to me what I lived today, I would be insanely grateful. It doesn't even have to be complex nor make sense, even a simple hypothesis or theory is already enough for me to calm down a little, since my mind is still anesthetized and failing to comprehend anything. I feel like knowing what I've experienced can make me control my emotions and understand better the situation I was in.
Anyhow, I believe that, should I need to go to college through a different mean, next time I will just walk my way there.
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