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Una comunitat per a persones que viuen a Barcelona i visiten aquesta bonica ciutat. /// A community for people living in Barcelona and visiting this fine city. /// Una comunidad para personas que viven en Barcelona y visitan esta hermosa ciudad.

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2023.06.07 02:03 FelicitySmoak_ Sexy Fan Fiction Smut Tuesday!! - "Not Tonight"

Sexy Fan Fiction Smut Tuesday!! -
Warning: This is a very X-rated mature sexual fantasy. If you're not here for it, turn back around now. Don't read it then complain to me!! You knew what it was. You've been warned ;)

"Not Tonight"

I got home late from a long day, kicked off my shoes & unfastened my bra. I'm tired and the kids are already in bed so there's nothing to worry about, well except for Michael...
He walks downstairs and looks at you.
"You're home late." He says. I looked down to see the huge bulge in his pants. "I know, I'm so sorry.. I wasn't home to cook dinner." He chuckled and hugged me. I can feel his hard member poking me. It's the hardest he's been for a long time. I wonder what gave him that boner. "It's okay baby... I'm capable of making food you know", he laughs. I chuckle as he kisses my neck. I let out a moan. "Not tonight", I say simply. "Not tonight? Why?! I'm this hard and you don't want it", he says reaching down holding it through his pants. "No I don't want it, I'm tired and I'm sore from work. Maybe another night." I go upstairs and walk to the bedroom. He sighs and follows me, pouting like a child denied a toy. I swear sometimes it's like having a third child. I grab my pajamas from the dresser and start to undress, eager to get out of my work clothes and wash the day off
"I'm going to take a shower" Michael smiled and nodded. I went into the bathroom that was across the hall from the bedroom. Michael wanted to see what I was doing and when he walked by, he saw me continuing to take off my clothes. A playful grin came across his face. I was surprised when I saw that Michael had walked in on me. "Michael? What're you doing?" This man was relentless.
He chuckled as he turned on the shower head. I watched as he undressed himself and then he looked up. He bit his lip in that sexy way that he does, causing me to giggle. I can never resist that. We then stepped into the shower. The water was nice and warm. "We haven't been alone together for a while now, I thought we needed to spend quality time without the children here", he said with his eyes filled with lust. He pulled me closer to him, immediately pressing his lips against mine. I moaned as he forced his tongue into my mouth, and we wrapped them around each other, moving in a rhythmic fashion. After a few minutes, we had to break apart for air. I blushed and then smiled when Michael held me close to him. He gently nibbled on the soft spot on my neck
He held me for a few moments before turning me around so that my back was against his chest and my ass was against his pulsating cock
He gently massaged my shoulders and I relaxed at his touch, grateful for his soft hands. He began to kiss and suck on my neck, making me moan softly. He kisses me along my jaw, neck, and down to my shoulders.
I started to feel super heated as he knew all my weak spots. He continues to kiss along my neck as he wraps his arms around my front holding me tighter as those big hands gradually reach down to feel up my thighs.
"Relax baby. I'm going to make you feel so good". He whispered softly into my ear. His hand makes his way to my womanhood and he slowly starts rubbing it teasingly. The slowness was driving me crazy and I whimper out, desperate for him to go faster. I can feel him chuckle quietly behind me. "You like that, don't you?",he grins. "Mmm. Don't tease me, Michael".
I whined and he picked up the pace a little, rubbing circles and firmly stroking my wetness, before gently slipping his finger in, pushing up and down into my pleasure spot. "Ahhhh...yesss Michael", I moaned out as he added another finger, making me groan while feeling the amazing pressure. "I want to try something", he said, pushing me up against the shower wall. "Why did you stop?', I pout. "Shhh...I have only just begun, my baby", he said to me, putting his finger in my mouth to silence me. He reaches up and takes the shower head in his hands and presses a button to make the pressure come out stronger and quicker. I looked up at him, confused at what he was doing.
"Michael?", I questioned him, but he just grabbed one of my legs and threw it over his shoulder. causing me to clutch onto his shoulder tightly. "W-what are you doing?!", I asked him again He shuts me up by putting the shower head between my legs, so it's hitting directly at my womanhood. "O-oh my god!", I yelled out, gripping onto his shoulders even tighter, throwing my head back. "That's it...moan for me, baby", he encourages. "I-I can't t-take it, M-Michael", I could barely get the words out of my mouth as I started shaking all over. "Yes you can, baby". His tongue sexily licks up the side of my neck.
He suddenly removes the shower head and kneels down so his face is inclined with my pussy , my leg was still over his shoulder. He goes in and licks all over, roughly sucking and kissing me down there. I almost instantly had the feeling of reaching my climax. Michael looked from what he was doing, his dark hair was dripping wet. "Go ahead sweetie, cum for me" He flattens his tongue and gives me just one more lick causing me to scream out his name again and release on his mouth
He stands up and pulls me into him. We kiss deeply, tasting my sweetness on his tongue
"Seemed like you needed that", he giggled as he grabbed the towel off of the towel bar by the shower and stepped out, leaving me there to regain my composure

'Always such a giver, that one', I think to myself, shaking my head
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2023.06.07 02:03 ihatefez Possibly moving to Portland from Phoenix, AZ. Transplants (from anywhere), what considerations do you wish you would have thought of (or did) now that you live in Portland?

Hello Portlanders!
tldr: anything to consider when moving to Portland?
Forgive me if this is a exhausting question, but I did search both this and Portland and didn't find many answers. Anyway, for the past few years I've been juggling moving to Portland (or Denver) against how comfortable I am now. I love (LOVE) the weather here (barring anytime it's 110 or higher), but to my surprise Portland is reasonably temperate. (At least from what I see on and A few years ago I got my dream-ish job here, which is the main reason I stayed. Then, over the years I've been there my social life flourished (relatively) and now I have more friends I don't want to leave behind. Plus, I've been here almost my entire adult life so I haven't known much else. Conversely, I hit 30 a couple months ago, and have to ask myself "is this it?", and no, I don't think this is all I want to do, or be, or give. There is a small chance I might be getting another dream-ish job at a non-profit I really respect in Portland soon, so I figure just in case, let's get some advice from the locals! (although, I guess if I don't get the job... well hopefully this is useful to someone else one day, lol)
Generally, the big things I love about the idea of Portland:
I've never actually been to Portland. I know, it's silly to move somewhere I've never been, but I've done it a few times and it's always worked out.
So with all that said, is there anything you did consider when moving to Portland that you think is important, or in hindsight things you wish you would have given more thought?
Thank you for any and all answers, and I'm sorry for being long-winded!
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2023.06.07 02:02 Logical-Strength5240 Children’s father parole

So my kids dad went to prison for rape I believe she was over +18. He’s never met our youngest child the oldest doesn’t remember him too well. He’s been out since last January we’ve been in contact a lot with him disappearing every few months bc he has some situation that he can’t communicate with his children. My question is what can and can’t he do with the kids with him being on parole in CA. Our kids have sports and he tells them he will attend games/ practices but when it comes to it he just doesn’t show up. Hell then tell them oh your mom didn’t let me go or I couldn’t get off of work. He works 4am-5 or 6pm from my knowledge. The kids games for certain sports aren’t till after 6. Does his parole not allow him to be around other kids bc of what he went to prison for ? I feel like he’s just lying to not go but I’m not too sure when I spoke to the parole officer who insisted I keep In contact he told me he encourages him to attend the kids events. So I’m not sure.
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2023.06.07 02:02 m2wtf 20 [TF4F] New England USA - Sweetheart Looking for a Cutie <333

Hiya folks of Reddit :)
Do you ever wish, when you come home from a long day's work, that there was a caring, affectionate girl full of warmth waiting to talk to and care for you? Maybe you can unpack the day with her, or just talk about your mutual interests and hobbies while she listens and comforts you. Someone who has depth, and wants to see every facet of you and your wonderful personality? Look no further!
My name's Chloe, and I might just be the girl for you! I feature a caring heart, listening skills of a god, and a near-infinite stockpile of knowledge that is absolutely useless! Also, I have AWARD-WINNING HUGS! Please, I love hugging and cuddling, so just lemme hug you :).
Nitty-gritty facts section! I'm a trans woman, and a former college varsity athlete (bonus points if you can guess the sport), and I'm majoring in History and Classics. [send a bear emoji if ur reading this ;)] Hopefully, I'll either be a high school teacher or a college professor one day. I am a massive Star Wars fan, and my favorite tv shows/movies are usually historical/historical fiction or science fiction. I also make art! I'm mostly doing wood sculpture and drawing to relax these days :)
I also am really looking for someone who can be a supportive shoulder to lean on when dysphoria hits, can give me advice on outfits, make-up, anything :) (NOTE: proficiency in stuff not required lol, I need any help you can offer lol). I want to grow into myself along side your own personal growth!
What I'm looking for from you! A kind person (women + femmes get priority, but everyone's welcome!) who will treat me well, will be there to support me through my transition, and will positively impact my day :). Also a plus if you're on the more in-charge side of the spectrum, both in conversation and in the bedroom ;).
Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon! <3All the best, Chloe xo
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2023.06.07 02:01 ads1582 41m [Chat]

Its my drinking night so why try and make a new friend or 2 right? Names Adam from the east coast some of the things i enjoy are sports ( Hockey and baseball ) i try to get to at least 10-15 games a year i also enjoy playing pool and going bowling or being stupid at the bar with friends. I'm pretty easy going and simple so that should strike up a convo so if that sounds good to you drop a message! Ladies only please
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2023.06.07 02:00 WakingNightmare5023 I heard my boyfriend introduce me as his girlfriend for the first time

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. When I first met his family and friends we were in the awkward "This is my friend" stage because neither of us were quite sure what we wanted from the relationship.
Since we've made it official so to speak, he's never introduced me to anyone as his girlfriend. He asked me to be his girlfriend, his friends and family recognize me as his girlfriend, his parents introduce me to people as their son's girlfriend, but I've never heard him say it out loud.
We went to a bar tonight and ran into a coworker of his and he introduced me by saying "This is my girlfriend, Jay" and my heart just melted.
I can't quite explain it, but it felt so reassuring and I felt so safe.
It honestly scares me sometimes when I think about how much I love this man.
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2023.06.07 02:00 sadbudda My Dad has been venting to me daily for a few months now & I'm just getting completely exhausted.

I don't know what to do.
I'd like to think I'm a compassionate person & a good son. I won't lie, I feel guilty for feeling this way. Ultimately though, I just think my dad is pathetic. I hate every second I have to talk to him.
I'll try to keep context short but I feel it's important. My family divorced when I was 5. My siblings went with my mom & I chose to go with my dad because he told me he'd be lonely. There was a custody feud & for the next 20+ years, 90% of anything I heard from them was shit talk from both of them. It didn't take long for me to want as little to do with them as possible.
The divorce was apparently my dad's fault—for a truly terrible reason that still to this day is unclear. My mom said he was a narcissistic criminal piece of shit. My dad says she was selfish, greedy, & just wanted half his retirement. Obviously summarizing but that's the gist. Over time, I've lived with my dad so I could be bias but from what I can gather, she wasn't completely lying. To be honest, I can't say either of them were.
My dad was a busy guy, so ironically I ended up spending 90% of my time alone. This made me very comfortable with being alone & I actually struggle being around people constantly. I crave alone time, which is fortunate since moving around growing up & splitting from my family didn't exactly leave me with a ton of people to talk to. I still do have friends though, & I love them more than anything. There's nothing I want more in life than to spend quality times with my little circle.
My relationship with my dad growing up seemed pretty typical. I played a lot of sports & went to a lot of daycares. My dad played catch every once in a while. Other than that, as I grew up, our relationship typically seemed transactional. I never got something just out of love, I always had to either earn it (which is fair) or be guilt tripped over it (i.e. it would pop up later as a "You owe me" kind of thing). This eventually made me very independent. I feel as though I was essentially curated from the divorce to be alone & not need my parents for anything—which I took in stride apparently.
Everything just seemed to center around him. I couldn't even be upset because it would upset him so I matured emotionally. His daily "lectures" were just vents. I hated every moment of them. I felt like I'd been emotionally parenting him since I was 10 years old. He's just been this anchor of negativity in my life since before I can remember. Even the happy memories I have with him are just fogged by all the trauma he's dumped on me.
Finally, I went off to college. Had an amazing time. Graduated college. Got a great job. It was smooth sailing. I didn't reach out to him much but we were good. We got together every now and then—it was normal. It felt good. But now is different.
Within the last few months I got cheated on & laid off. I was/am going through a rough time & slipping into a deep depression. I am extremely anxious about my future & it's taking a lot of my energy to focus on getting all my ducks in a row. But these problems don't matter right now... because my dad has problems too.
He calls me every single day. Whenever I have plans, he's suddenly in the neighborhood & wants to drop by. I cannot get a fucking day without him spamming me. Why? Because he's lonely & his knees hurt. I can tell you there's likely a reason his trauma dumped son is the only person he has to talk to. Every time I talk to him its, "will you take care of me when I can't move around anymore? Idk what I'm going to do." "I'm just so stressed, can you stay on the phone until I fall asleep?" "I don't want to move home because your grandmas dying & I hate my brothers, can I just live with you?" "Can I spend the night tonight, I can't sleep & my knee hurts?" "I don't know what to do about this pain, I don't know if I'll be able to move tomorrow. My chest hurts." It's need after need after need after need. & they're always MASSIVE deals. It puts me under so so so much stress just figure out that nothings really THAT bad at the end of the day. He just wants to manipulate sympathy out of me to guilt trip me into spending time with him because he KNOWS I don't want to. He must know.
I just feel like I'm parenting my parent all over again. & He's never asked about my problems. Any help he's offered was phrased as a "well what do I get?" & it just makes me not want to talk to him. Sometimes I really do wish I just lived with my mom.
I just wish he could be a man & stop whining all the time. Stop lying & making such big deals out of things a 12 year old could handle. He pushes everyone away because he just wants a huge pity party everywhere he goes.
I don't feel like I owe him anything but I kind of do so it's so hard to just finally tell him I need to just live my own life without him. How do you tell your dad you just don't really want anything to do with him? Even if he probably subtly knows, I just can't bring myself to have this conversation. He needs help but I just can't give it to him anymore. I'm tried. & I'm spiraling because of it. Sometimes I think he just wants to drag someone down with him.
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2023.06.07 02:00 Danyatie [USA-IA][H] iPad Mini 6, Dell XPS 13 [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Item: Description/Condition: Price:
iPad Mini 6 (Starlight, 64 GB, WiFi) iPad is in excellent condition and comes with folio case and original packaging. Will not come with original charger. $350 USD shipped/ 320 Local (52240)
Dell XPS 13 9310 (i7-1185G7/ 32GB RAM/ 1TB SSD/ 3456x2160 OLED Touch display) Computer is in excellent condition with some wear on the edges. Don't have original packaging but comes with the original 45W charger. $800 USD shipped/ 750 Local (52240)
Repairs: None
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2023.06.07 02:00 ZrAckl some tips from an advantage player

hello, ive been an advantage player in online casinos for about a year now, i do bonus hunting and matched betting. in that time i have experienced the pull gambling has on you, ive been tempted to do more spins and gamble to try get back my short term losses and have given into those desires. but i came up with some of my own tips which helped me:

  1. understand you dont play slots, its all predetermined and youre just watching a meaningless video.
as soon as you hit spin, the slot knows how much it will pay, forget the reels, just look at your balance and see if it goes up or down. imagine this, a blank white screen with a small button saying spin and a small box saying how much you were paid on said spin or if you lost. no animations, no sounds, nothing. that is what a slot is, a random number generator which pays less than you put in. the main idea of this tip is to change your perception of slots. you can ignore everything on the screen.
also if you really want to play slots, turn off sound and turn the screen black and white, try to make it look really ugly. that way you wont get that dopamine rush and be able to just see a slot for what it is.

  1. every time you lose a spin or a hand or anything, say in your mind " i didnt win, i lost money"

say this every time, it might take some time but it will reaffirm the fact you lost money and hopefully make you wise to the fact you did. you wont get in that trance like state. its like post nut clarity in a way. Also even if you "win" (note the quotes) like half your stake on a slot, still say i lost money, because you still lost half your stake. this even applies to sports betting.

  1. remember whatever you gamble you WILL lost and you WONT win

for every 100000 people who gamble theres one lucky guy who hits a jackpot. it will NOT be you. there is a negligible chance of you winning in the long term. it is such a small number, its probably smaller than the length of an atom.

  1. watch out for casino advertisements, they are all lies

look at any casino ad and you see people winning, they are lying and deceitful. the reality is lose lose lose. if you ever see an ad repeat in your mind "they lost more than they won" when seeing people cheery. always remind yourself you cant win and there is a 0% chance of winning.

  1. read about how evil casinos are

there are many stories of people winning jackpots and winning money (not through cheating but dumb luck, remember you will not be this lucky) and the casinos dont pay out. they claim it was a malfunction when it obviously wasnt, they just hate winners. but they love losers. even card counters (whom do nothing illegal but are just very good at blackjack) get kicked out of casinos because they can actually win. Casinos want your money and dont want you to win. there is a good youtuber Steven Bridges who is a card counter. he documents him being kicked out of casinos and the lengths casinos are willing to go to in order to not pay out winnings.

also notice how easy online casinos make it to deposit money, how easy they make losing more and more money. how they manipulate you through false advertisements making you falsely believe you can win.
  1. meditation

plain and simple, you can develop more self control and stop yourself from gambling or depositing more.

i hope some of these help! the main idea is to change your perception of casinos from "oh i have the potential to win" or simple being hooked to the dopamine of the casinos and the feeling of being on edge, to understanding there is no such potential to win and that its all just fake, and to remove some of the abilities slots have to hook you in.

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2023.06.07 02:00 Warthog9198 Rakuten Referral Code - $30 for each of us after you spend a minimum of $30 through

I thought you would be interested in getting Cash Back at!
It’s an awesome site that gives you Cash Back when you shop online. With over 750 stores, including The Bay, Sport Chek, Canadian Tire, Old Navy, and Sephora, you get paid to shop for things you’re already buying.
Plus, get a $30 Cash Bonus when you join today!
Happy shopping!
Rakuten Canada
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2023.06.07 01:59 deaconblues1138 Thinking these new Kyotos are too big, but looking for options!

Thinking these new Kyotos are too big, but looking for options!
My first pair of Birks, and I’m really hoping I don’t have to return them!
My feet are about 26cm long but I went with size 42 since these were on sale and it was the smallest size available. Plus I have 6E wide feet, so I’m used to sizing up to compensate for extra width.
When I skooch my toes up to where they should be, there’s a pretty substantial gap of inches in the heel. I can’t really feel any issue, though, they seem fine to walk in, if a bit large.
Placing my heels in the heel cup is a non-starter though, my toes barely make it out of under the leather, and they rest right on the toe bar.
Honestly, if I put my feet roughly in the middle, there’s a gap at both ends, but it doesn’t feel too bad.
If these are just hopeless, I’ll accept it. Thanks for any advice!
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2023.06.07 01:59 Stock-Custard991 Learn from my mistakes.

Firstly sorry for the title didn't know what else to title this. And I also didn't know where else to post this.
In 2008 when I (30F) was 15 I met Dave 17M (now 31m). We met on social media platform Bebo in July of that year. We hit it off right away and never stopped talking. After a couple of weeks Dave asked me out and i said yes.Even though i had my doubts and Dave lived 300 miles away in Brighton. We continued to talk non stop every day and finally met for the first time in December when Dave traveled by train to my home town. As soon as he got off the train he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. At that moment I knew I loved him. During the few days he was down We made love for the first time. And yes, he took my V card (I had turnt 16 I'm August that year). He promised I would see him again and he'd be back after Christmas (spoiler alert I never did). A couple of weeks after he went back home I realised I had missed my period. I took several pregnancy tests and all were negative. We were still talking non stop but also like to send each other love letters in the post. The one I wrote that week expressed how upset I felt that I wasn't pregnant and that I know that when we married (like we planned) we would be able to have our own children then. However, he never got that letter. His mum decided to open it and read it herself. Somehow she managed to get my number off of his phone and would text and call me threatening me saying things like I was trying to baby trap her son. After a couple months Dave broke up with me because we could no longer be together. I knew it was his muns doing that she forced him to leave me. I was completely heartbroken. Dave was what I knew to be true love I was completely devoted to him I saw my life and future with him.
Over the years we tried to work it out. But every time he left me, I would either sleep around a little or get into bad relationships where I was cheated on or abused physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially. I realise now that I did this because I was trying to replace him, to find another him. And because I was scared of being alone. I would come out of these relationships (even the good ones) breaking things of because I knew that I still loved David and they weren't him. None of them compared to how he made me feel. I would always go back to Dave. Because he was familiar because he was the one I wanted and loved and I couldn't be without.
In july 2019, I came out of a relationship where I just escaped with my life. I found out he had been cheating grabbed my stuff, and to cut story short I called the police when he got physically violent and tried to stab me to and when he realised I was on the phone to the police he jumped in to his car and knocked me over. (And because the police don't care about d.v victims he got away with every thing). For the rest of 2019 and some of 2020 Dave and I were in and out of a relationship. But he couldn't handle the emotional damage and trauma from that relationship.
Fast forward to May 2021 after months of not speaking to Dave. He randomly messaged me on insta saying that he feels he can now handle me and wants to give us one last go because he knows he loves me. After a couple hours of thinking I messaged back no I don't think it will work this time.
I thought I would never find someone to treat me the way I should be treated and love me for me. I was on dating sites but could never find someone to click with. Always replying with sarcasm to the men who were after one thing or who wanted to comment on ny chest size. 🙄 Then in June 2021 I met Liam (not his real name). Liam was so sweet and kind and loving. We hit it off right away none stop talking to each other everyday. He told me he has autism and I told him about Dave and my bad relationships. But he was willing to see all through that. We talked for a few weeks before we finally met. And as soon as I saw him smile I knew. We dated for a month and pretty much saw each ither every single day. After the month if dating he asked me out and I said yes. In August we will be celebrating 2 years together. Liam knows me so well. Better than I know myself. He's fixed all the things that he didn't break. Taught me to love myself and let people in more, not be so closed off. I smile so much more, I feel safe, loved, wanted , needed and appreciated. I know that he loves me for me. Liam looks after me, takes care of me, puts me first most of the time, he is always there when I needed him and I know I can trust him. We have started looking for somewhere to live and even talked about getting married and having children. Now, I honestly thought I would never know what true love is and I have found it. I am head over heels in love and it feels so good.
Dave, if you're ever reading this, I want to thank you. For the first part of our relationship you set the bar for how a relationship should be. At the time and for 12 years, I did honestly and truly love you. But, you hurt me. You hurt me so much and in many more ways that I haven't mentioned here. I was in and out of these bad relationships because I felt like it was my karma. My karma for losing you. Karma for maybe not loving you properly or enough. You hurt me more than the guys did in the bad relationships. I looked for you in those relationships even in the few good ones. And when it wasn't you, it wasn't enough. It wasn't good enough. Nothing was ever good enough unless it was you. That bar (for how I should be treated) you set that high. Well, no one topped that until Liam came along. He topped that bar and flew right past it even higher. I have moved on. And I am so happy. So loved. And so in love. Thank you for the time that you gave me. And honestly and truly loved you once. But I don't anymore.
To anyone else reading this who is feeling like you will never find love. Please don't do what I did. In and out of meaningless relationships. Take time to find yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself. Do the things that make you happy. Explore. Go on day trips. Holidays. Love life and yourself. And when you are least expecting it. Love will find you.
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2023.06.07 01:59 seriousbidnez Investigation underway after father of 6 found shot to death in Miami - WSVN 7News Miami News, Weather, Sports Fort Lauderdale

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2023.06.07 01:59 Al_Cappuccino_ Covid long-hauler with costochondritis (I think)

I've had a debilitating case of Long Covid for the past 11 months. I'm male, 39, and before I got sick I was in very good physical health (played soccer, tennis, ran, etc., though didn't lift weights) and also double vaxxed and boosted. Now (I'm sure you've heard the stories) I'm largely housebound, unable to work, and struggle to walk more than a few blocks without getting out of breath. A number of the symptoms I had at the start -- fatigue, brain fog, palpitations -- have largely resolved, but I'm left with a relentless pressure in my chest that gets more intense and painful when I do anything remotely strenuous. Simply bending down to pick something up off the floor or taking out the trash are enough to cause a flare up. I've seen many doctors during the time I've been sick, and a battery of tests (chest x-ray, CT scan, EKG, echocardiogram, cardio stress test, pulmonary function test, bloodwork, etc.) have come back normal, ruling out any underlying condition. However, it was only two weeks ago that a new doctor suggested I might have costochondritis. I've been researching the condition online (this community has been an invaluable resource), and I'm now pretty convinced this is what I've been experiencing. To be clear: what I feel is a near-constant pressure, like someone is pressing against my ribcage or trachea, not the kind of stabbing pain that could be mistaken for a heart attack. I know the latter is what most people with costo experience, but it seems it can also manifest as pressure.
I have appointments with a rheumatologist and a sports doctor in the coming weeks, and I'm hoping they'll be able to confirm this diagnosis and tell me what to do about it. (I will share what they tell me with the group.) I absolutely realize that costo is not a great thing to have, and that people can struggle with it for years, but it's been hugely comforting to arrive at a (potential) diagnosis. Before my call with the new doctor two weeks ago, I was beginning to accept that I simply had some sort of mysterious autoimmune disease and that there was nothing to do but treat the symptoms and hope against hope that it would one day go away on its own; I was beginning to accept that it might NEVER go away. The few times I've attempted any sort of proper cardio workout (I had to run on a treadmill for the stress test, for example) have been a complete disaster, leaving me with intense chest tightness and breathlessness for days. This made me fear that I'd developed chronic fatigue syndrome, which seems to have happened to a lot of Covid long-haulers. What makes the costo diagnosis seem like a more plausible explanation is that my symptoms are so concentrated in my chest (and because, like I say, the earlier symptoms I experienced -- brain fog, etc. -- have mostly cleared up). Also, in the past two weeks I've begun doing various stretching exercises recommended on YouTube, and I'm already starting to feel SOME relief. The pressure/pain is still more or less constant, but I've found that while I'm stretching and for maybe 30-60 minutes afterwards it largely goes away. (I will probably try the backpod, but I want to hear what the sports doc has to say first.) Another trigger for the chest discomfort is poor sleep -- I've never slept well but my insomnia has been much, much worse since I got Covid. (I also have out-of-control anxiety, which I'm sure doesn't help.) In the past two weeks a bad night's sleep will still cause me a lot of discomfort in the chest, but it's not quite as intense as it was after bad sleep in the previous 10 months or so.
All this gives me hope that my costo may be biomechanical in origin (rather than the result of some kind of systemic inflammation, in which case it seems all bets are off). Does anyone on here know if that makes sense? Or is it wishful thinking? I get the impression that a lot of people with Long Covid have developed costo, but does anyone know anything about the KIND of costo they tend to develop -- i.e., whether it's biomechanical or something more nebulous? Are there established ways to distinguish between the two etiologies? For context, I had an asthma attack and had to spend a night in hospital two months after I got the initial Covid infection, and for weeks before and after this hospitalization I was coughing and straining for breath in a way that seems like it could have triggered biomechanical costo. I've also spent months lying on a sofa, hunched over a laptop or a book, which I now understand is very bad for the ribs and spine. Hopefully the doctors I'm going to see will be able to tell me more, and as I say, I'll share what I learn with the group.
Anyway, sorry for the overlong post -- I just wanted to be as precise and comprehensive as possible. This has been the greatest physical and mental challenge of my life (every day is a new mountain to climb), but I'm now (cautiously) optimistic I may be getting somewhere. Any advice would be gratefully received, and thank you to everyone who's already shared their experience and expertise.
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2023.06.07 01:59 Trialshock92 Floating weapons bug still persist

Floating weapons bug still persist
Apparently, reporting it to Sega, multiple times in May, is not enough. I just made a post in the Feedback area in the CoH 3 Forum, and reported it once more with the link provided in the Bugs Discussion, with a detailed report and video included. And just in case, here I report the Bug on Reddit aswell. Basically, whenever soldiers are affected by explosionsz their upgrade weapons, like Panzershreks and BARs, start to float. I used the cheat command to show it, but even on regular games, it happens regularly, whenever soldiers survive. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 01:58 Ifasogbon Ogunda Ose - Ado Ekiti Odun Agbaye. International Ifa Council

Preamble The Pilgrimage for this year took a new turn. The Pilgims who attended this year's event was unprecedented. So far, we recorded the highest number of Pilgrims. Also, people came from Rep Du Benin, Rep Du Togo, Cote d'Ivoire, Yoruba people from Gambia were in attendance. Also in attendance were Pilgrims from USA, Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, etc. Those who could not attend physically sent their various Ifa messages on Ogunda Ose. Messages came from Brasil, Cuba, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Ecuardo, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbedos, Jamaica etc. It was truly a Pilgrimage and Festival of World dimension. It is completely beyond the shores of Yoruba land!!!
Health Right from the 20th of May when all Pilgrims converged at Ado Ekiti, our Medical teams were busy attending to the medical needs of the people, both Pilgrims and indigenes of the communities that we went to. The health of the people is one of our major priorities.
Transportation and Logistics: Because there were more Pilgrims who attended this year's Festival and Pilgrimage, there were more vehicles which conveyed the Pilgrims to the various Holy Sites. Everything went smoothly, all thanks to the Green Circle International and the Ekiti State Ministry of Arts and Culture. The Director of Arts and Culture deserves our special mention. His diligence made everyting stress free for us throughout the 9-day period.
Our thanks and gratitude go to all the Royal Fathers who stood by us throughout the Pilgrimage period.
Our thanks also go to His Exellency, the Governor of Ekiti State who graciously released Oke Igeti, the home of Orunmila to us. Not only that, the Governor promises to develop Oke Igeti to Holy site of International standard. The International Council For Ifa Religion will forever be grateful to you sir. I enjoin all Ifa devotees throughout the world to please remember the Governor of Ekiti State in your daily prayers. Ase!!! In view of this heartwarming development, i enjoin all devotees throughout the world to come and see the seats of Orunmila-In-Council; the misterious water that Orunmila was using to initiate and heal people; the wonder Opon Ifa that Orunmila was using for consultation at Oke Igeti. This Opon Ifa is made of quartz stone. Come and see the Ope Awonyin that Orunmila was using; come and marvel at the Irosun trees that produce iyerosun powder for Orunmila and his Awo. In short, come and see Ifa wonder at Oke Igeti!!! All these become possible through the grace of the Governor and our Royal Fathers, especially the Ewi of Ado.
Elders in 17 countries were present for the World Annual Ifa Consultation in Oke Igeti. Eleven countries physically gave messages on Oke Igeti while eight other countries sent their messages via internet and other social media.
The Odu that was revealed during consultation is Ogunda'See, Ogunda Ose. Ifa came with the IRE of cool prosperity for all devotees in the next 12 months and beyond.
For this reason, all Ifa and Orisa Temples need to feed Ifa with one white pigeon each. Each temple also needs to feed each Orisa in the Temple with one eku emo, brown rat. If there are 20 Orisa in a particular Temple, there is the need to procure 20 eku emo and give one to each Orisa in that Temple.
Each member also need to procure six catfish, three to feed Ori and three to feed Ifa.
For those who are born by this Odu during Ikosedaye or Itenifa, there is the need to feed Ifa with one eku emo, apart from the materials mentioned above.
  1. Ifa says that all Temples around the world will be blessed with success and prosperity. Ifa says that all Temples shall also be blessed with free gifts that will change our lives for good.
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with 4 hens, 16 pigeons and money. There is also the need to feed Ewiri, the blacksmith's anvil as recommended by Ifa. On this Ifa says:
Ogunda'see ni o m'ese oyun A o m'ese osika l'ona Dia fun Ewiri Ti yoo maa f'enu re fa ifa wo'le Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Ko pe, ko jinna E waa ba'ni ni jebutu ire
Translation Ogunda'see does not know the footprint of a pregnant woman We cannot identify the footprint of a wicked person on the road Ifa's message for Ewiri, the Anvil Who will use his mouth to attract free gifts to his home He was advised to offer ebo He complies Before long, and not too far Join us in the midst of all ire of life
  1. Ifa says that apart from feeding Ewiri, the Anvil, there is equally the need for all Temples to procure sekere made with cowries. This sekere is to be played regularly in all Temples. Doing so will attract wealth and prosperity into our Temples and all members will benefit from the grace of the Divinities. On this, Ifa says:
Ogunda Sense Babalawo Sekere to dia fun Sekere Ti n s'awo re'lu il'Aje Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Nje Sekere ma rin, maa yan Ara a re l'okun Ara a re l'Aje gbe n so
Translation Ogunda Sense, Ifa cast for Sekere, When going to the land of prosperity, She was advised to offer ebo She complied Sekere walk and match majestically, Your body is filled qith Okun beads, Your body germinates wealth and prosperity
  1. Ifa says that even though success and prosperity are guaranteed for members of all Temples this year, Ifa however warns all men never to maltreat their spouses for any reason whatsoever. Ifa also advises all women never to provoke their spouses. Ifa says that women in the Temples will be protected and blessed by Orunmila this year. What all women need to do is to support, assist encourage and bless their men to succeed.
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with 4 rats, 4 fish, 4 pigeons, 4 hens, 4 guinea fowls, 4 roosters and money in the multiples of four. There is also the need for each Temple to feed Ifa with a mature she goat. On this, Ifa says;
Ewekewe inu igbe okan soso ni n so Dia fun Ifajinrin Ti n s'omo bibi inu Agbonniregun Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo E ma na 'Fajinrin aya Awo E ma na 'Fajinrin aya Awo Eeyan to ba na 'Fajinrin Yoo ri'ja Ifa E ma na 'Fajinrin aya Awo
Translation All mysterious leaves in the forest germinate only one, Ifa's message for Ifajinrin, The child of Agbonniregun, She was advised to offer ebo, She complied , Do not maltreat 'Fajinrin, the wife of Awo, Do not beat 'Fajinrin, the wife pf Awo , The person who maltreats 'Fajinrin, With face the wrath of Ifa, Do not maltreat 'Fajinrin, the wife of Awo
  1. Ifa assures all devotees that they will be protected against all forms of violent or untimely death. Iga says that no matter how dire the situation may be, they will be protected and spared. Ifa advises all Temple members to make Orunmila their sanctuary. Each Temple is advised to offer ebo with one mature he goat, lead and money and feed Ifa with one mature she goat.
Orunmila wi o m'oju jo emere Emi naa wi, mo lo m'oju jo emere Orunmila ni omo Ogun to m'oju jo emere To dabi wipe yoo kuu Orunmila ni ko nii ku Orunmila wi o lo m'oju jo emere Emi naa wi, mo lo m'oju jo emere Orunmila ni omo Ija to m'oju jo emere To dabi wipe yoo kuu Orunmila ni ko nii ku Orunmila wi o lo m'oju jo emere Emi naa wi, mo lo m'oju jo emere Orunmila ni omo Osoosi to m'oju jo emere To dabi wipe yoo kuu Orunmila ni ko nii ku Orunmila wii, o lo m'oju jo emere Emi naa wi, mo lo m'oju jo emere Orunmila ni omo oun to m'oju jo emere To dabi wipe yoo kuu Orunmila ni ko nii ku Orunmila ni bo ba se bi ise omo toun ba ni Oje kii ku l'emere Sunmunu, omo oje a d'agba
Translation Orunmila declares that he looks like someone destined to die young, I chorus that he looks like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that the child of Ogun who, appears like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that he will not die young, Orunmila declares that he looks like someone destined to die young, I chorus that he looks like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that the child of Ija who appears like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that he will not die young, Orunmila declares that he looks like someone destined to die young, I chorus that he looks like someone destined to die young, Orunmils says that the child of Osoosi who appears like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that he will not die young, Orunmila declares that he looks like someone destined to die young, I chorus that he looks like someone destined to die young Orunmila says that the child of Agbonniregun who appears like someone destined to die young, Orunmila says that he will not die young, Orunmila declares that the lead does not die young, The child of oje, lead is boung to enjoy long life
  1. Ifa says that Temple members looking for the blessing of the fruit of the womb shall be blessed according to their hearts desire. Ifa advises those looking for the fruit of the womb to offer ebo with 4 rats, 4 fish, 2 hens one she goat and money. Out of these ebo materials, 2 rats, 2 fish and one hen will be used to feed Ifa. On this, Ifa says:
Orunmila wi o da'see Mi o da'see Bara a mi Agbonniregun Orunmila wi eyi to da'see si'kun omo eku Oyun lo maa fi ni Omo lo maa fi bi Orunmila wi o da'see Mi o da'see Bara a mi Agbonniregun Orunmila ni eyi to da'see si'kun omo eja Oyun lo maa fi ni Omo lo maa fi bi Orunmila wi o da'see Mi o da'see Baraa mi Agbonniregun Orunmila wi eyi to da'see si'kun omo eye Oyun lo maa fi ni Omo lo maa fi bi Orunmila wi o da'see Mi o da'see Bara a mi Agbonniregun Orunmila wi eyi to da'see si'kun omo eran Oyun lo maa fi ni Omo lo maa fi bi Orunmila wi o lo da'see Mi o da'see Bara a mi Agbonniregun Orunmila wi eyi to da'see si'kun Apetebi aya Akapo toun Oyun lo maa fi ni Omo lo maa fi bi
Translation Orunmila declares the menstral fluid is no longer flowing, I chorus that it in no longer flowing, Agbonniregun my father, Orunmila says that the fluid that ceases to flow in the womb of the rat, It will lead to pregnancy, The outcome will be babies, Orunmila declares that the menstrual fluid is no longer flowing, I chorus that it is no longer flowing Agbonniregun my father, Orunmila says that the menstrual fluid that, ceases to flow in the womb of the fish , It will become pregnancy, The outcome will be babies, Orunmila declares that the menstrual fluid is no longer flowing , I chorus that it is no longer flowing Agbonniregun my father, Orunmila says that the menstrual fluid that, ceases to flow in the womb of the bird, It will become pregnancy, The outcome will be babies, Orunmila declares that the menstrual fluid os no longer flowing, I chorus that it is no longer flowing Agbonniregun my father, Orunmila says that the menstrual fluid that ceases to flow, It will become pregnancy , The outcome will be babies , Orunmila declares that the menstrual fluid is no longer flowing , I chorus that it is no longer flowing Agbonniregun my father , Orunmila says that the menstrual fluid that, ceases to flow in the womb of the beast, It will become pregnancy , The outcome will be babies , Orunmila declares that the menstrual fluid is no longer flowing , I chorus that it is no longer flowing Agbonniregun my father , Orunmila says that the menstrual fluid that ceases to flow in the womb of Apetebi the wife of my Akapo It will become pregnancy The outcome will be babies
  1. Ifa assures all devotees that they will be protected against untimely death, especially the type that affects multitudes. Ifa warns that all devotees needs to avoid the consumption of mushrooms of any kind in the next 12 months.
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with one mature he goat and plenty of different mushrooms. On this, Ifa says:
Gagamaniwa Dia fun orunlojo esun A bu fun Etipatiro Won ni ki won ru'bo Ki won ma baa ku iku ajoku Etipatiro nikan lo nbe leyin to n s'ebo Nje gbo esun lo n ku Etipatiro nikan ni kii ba won ku iku ajoku
Translation Gagamaniwa, He cast ifa for 165 different mushrooms , And also for Etipatiro, They were advised to offer ebo, For them not to experience death in multitudes , Only Etipatiro complied and offered ebo, All myshrooms die, Only Etipatiro was spared ,
  1. Ifa says that Ifa and Orisa Temples and their devotees will be blessed with success, good luck, prosperity and longevity.
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with one he goat, one she goat and money. There is also the beed to feed Ogun with one rooster, roasted corn, roasted yams and palm oil. On this, Ifa says:
Ewu l'ori arugbo Kasan l'orun aj'ewa Akutapa okete Dia fun Olori-Ire Tii s'omo Ogunda Ose Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Gunnugun kii ku l'ewe Kangere, ma d'agba ma d'arugbo, kangere Akalamagbo won kii ku l'ewe Kangere, ma d'agba ma d'arugbo, kangere
Translation Grey hair fills the head of an aged person, Veins appear round the neck of beans consumer, When big rat dies, its limbs are stretched before it is smoked , Ifa's messages for Olori-Ire, the Lucky One, The offspring of Ogunda Ose , He wasadvised to offer ebo, He complied, The vulture never dies young, I will live to my old age, And Akalamagbo vulture never dies young, I will live to my old age,
  1. Ifa says that Ifa and Orisa devotees throughout the world will be blessed with all ire of life. Ifa however warns that we need to be contented with the blessings that Olodumare has given to us. We must not be greedy; we must not cheat; we must not tell lies and we must not be diabolic in all our undertakings in life
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with one he goat, one she goat, four pigeons and money. There us also the need to feed Ifa with one she goat.
Apaadi to d'oju de ogiri T'ogiri nii se Dia fun Orunmila Baba n sunkun oun o ri're pe Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Nje ti'nu-t'eyin mi re e o Labalaba kii s'ede Ti'nu-t'eyin mi re e o
Translation Any potshwrd that faces the wall, Belongs to the wall, Ifa's message for Orunmila , When lamenting and complaining his inability to have all ire of life, He wasadvised to offer ebo, He complied, I harbor no secret anywhere, The butterfly harbors no diabolical plan, This is me in and out
  1. Ifa warns all devotees not to be foing out in the dead of the night. All Temple leaders and administrators need to warn all their members to desist drom going out in the night. It is to protect members from danger.
Ifa advises each Temple to offer ebo with one he goat three guinea fowls and money. On this, Ifa says:
Alapandede nii ko si'le ana a re koro Oko eni nii wo'le to'ni Dia fun Oru Ti n loo gbe Olowo n'iyawo Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O ko'ti ogbonyin s'ebo Nje Oru o ma m'Olowo Ifa k'eni ma rin l'oru
Translation The bat flies into its mother's nest quietly, One's husband is he who has the right to enter one's room, Ifa's message for Oru, the Dead of the Night, When going to marry Olowo as wife, He was advised to offer ebo , He failed to comply, The dead of the night has no respect for any honorable person, Ifa warns all not to go out at night
  1. Ifa advises all devotees to take very good care of their hygiene. They need to eat healthy meals. This will help chase ailments away from all members. There is the need for Temple leaders to lay emphasis on personal and enviromental hygiene to members of their congregations.
Ebo materials here are one he goat, three guinea fowls and money. Special akose can also be prepared for members suffering from any ailment
Ogunda-see o m'ese oyun Aba o m'ese onde Oosa gbagbe, ko la'se e pepeye A ti nba won rin A o mo'nu u won A o m'eke A n b'eke l'owo Dia fun Olofin Won ni ko ru'bo Ki arun-un kange-kange o ma baa se e O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Ipepe la mu sin'ra Agbon la fi gb'arun danu
Translation Ogunda Ose cannot detected the footprint of a pregnant woman, The chain cannot detect the legs of its captive, Orisa forgot to separate the toes of a duck, We are miving with them, We do not know their mind, We do not know the liar, We are shaking hands with cheats, Ifa's messages for Olofin, When he wasadvised to offer ebo, In order to avoid being inflicted with ailments He complied, We have used strong barks to strengthen our body , And used basket to chase ailments away
  1. Ifa says that there is the need for all Temples to offer ebo for the protection of the young ones in the Temples against untimely death and calamity.
Ebo materials here are one completely black she goat, one completely black female sheep and one completely black hen. These materials will be used to feed Iroko tree. On this, Ifa says:
Okun ya di'na O mi lengbe sihin-in O mi lengbe sohun-un Dia fun Iya Irenre-Molode To yoo ma f'omo re da'jo Ebo ni won ni ko waa se O gb'ebo, o ru'bo Ewure dudu mo mu bo Iroko Ki'ku o ma pa Irenre-Molode omo o mi o Aguntan dudu mo mu bo Iroko Ki'ku o ma pa Irenre-Molode omo o mi o Adie okoko dudu momu bo Iroko Ki'ku o ma pa Irenre-Molode omo o mi o
Translation The sea overflows its bank, It flows to this side, And flows majestically to the other side, Ifa's message for the mother of Irenre-Molode, Who had been losing herchildren to death, She was advised to offer ebo, She complied, A black she goat i have procured to feed Iroko May death not snatch away Irenre-Molode my child A black ewe i have brought to feed Iroko May death not take away Irenre-Molode my baby I have brought a black hen to propitiate Iroko May death spare the life of Irenre-Molode my child
  1. Ifa warns all devotees not to inflict pain on those who had once helped them in one way or the other. Members must never pay good deeds with evil. Not heeding this warning may lead to serious repercaution for the culprit
Ebo materials here are three he goats and money. On this, Ifa says:
Oka lo m'ori jo ade Okuuku lo fi fifa jo ere Dia fun Ogun Ti a bi l'ode Ire Ti won o ja a lo wo ni'luu Ibese Ebo ni won ni ko waa se Oore qaa d'ese n'Ibese Oore d'ese Eyin ara Ibese E ma ma s'oore mo o Oore d'ese n'Ibese o
Translation The head of a cobra resembles a crown, The cloth weaver's box drags like a python, Ifa's message for Ogun, Who was born at Ire town, And was trained in Ibese land, He wasadvised to offer ebo, Good deeds has turned to a sin in Ibese town, Benevolence has become a sin, Inhabitants of Ibese, Dont display benevolence anymore, Good deed has become a sin in Ibese town
  1. Ifa
  2. Ori
  3. Esu Odara
  4. Ogun
  5. Egungun
  6. Egbe
  7. Sango
  8. Osun
  9. Orisa Oko
  10. Iroko
  1. Must never kill or eat a snake
  2. Must never deny responsibility over pregnancy issue
  3. Must never pay good deeds with evil
  4. Must never eat mushrooms
  5. Must never wear black or red dress
  6. Must never go out at night
  7. Must never cheat, lie or be diabolical
  8. Must never snatch another person's spouse or lover
  9. Must never give false promises
  10. Must never fail to take care of personal hygiene
Solagbade Popoola, ficssmn President, International Council For Ifa Religion
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2023.06.07 01:57 TriceraDoctor Device Offline

I’m in Massachusetts and my app isn’t connecting. I’ve had my system for 2 years without this happening and no WiFi changes. Wondering if there’s something going on regionally or system wide.
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2023.06.07 01:57 General_Performance6 Im thinking about trading in my 2013 audi A5 cabriolet for a 2011 E93 bmw 335I M sport , but i also like the convirtible E class merc need more opinions!

Hello im looking for a luxurious convirtible and im about to pull the trigger for the 2011 bmw, i had a 2008 e93 bmw 328I with a 6 speed and i loved that car , but would like more options , im not looking for just two seaters as its just to small! Thanks!
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2023.06.07 01:57 Fireflash2742 Changing text size dynamically in a MOGRT

Hiya folks, so I was making a lower third MOGRT file today and sent it off to someone in our company to use. He asked if it was possible for the text to scale down if the length exceeds the boundaries of the graphic it's on top of. IE: There's a bar underneath, but if you type too much obviously the text just keeps going and will run off beyond the bar. I know I can lock it into a text box but that will only cause it to word-wrap, and we don't want that. The obvious answer is put text size controls in and adjust manually, but I'm sure there's a way to do it dynamically with a little expression magic. Any ideas?
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2023.06.07 01:56 Night_Runner Aaaand it's a refund. What a disappointment... O_o

I did not think the game would be so bad that I'd have to refund it - never did that for a game before, but wow. This is something else... (Also, this whole post is a rant. Sorry, just gotta get it off my chest. Feel free to sound off and/or tell me why I'm wrong.)
I grew up playing Diablo-1 and Diablo-2. Dumped a lot of time into Diablo-3 when that came out, too. I really, really hoped D-4 would be better after the FUBAR they committed with D-3. (Remember when your character was basically a Terminator, walking through the halls of heaven and destroying everything in its path with zero effort? Good times, great worldbuilding, very wow, much impressive.) But JFC, right from the start, D-4 seems to be the least demanding, most ridiculously casual game of the entire franchise.
This is a rant. Feel free to close it. :) If this helps at least one other person avoid purchasing the game, cool.
To start, the graphics were amazing. That first cut scene? Wow. Also, the character customization window was excellent. As for the rest...
  1. The sorceress starts the game with zero spells. Her only weapon is a stick that also doesn't cast spells. :) That's not a sorceress - that's an over-confident applicant to the mage school. (Compare and contrast D-2 at least giving you a rudimentary magic staff from the start.)
  2. No option to chat or even listen to the mysterious delirious stranger whose very presence kicked off a quest. Why? Just.... why? At least let me hang out and listen to his ravings. But nah, zero freedom.
  3. Can't loot any of the animals I killed. (Killing a goddamn bear with one shot was pretty funny.) Can't harvest their hide, or blood, or horns (that deer had so much potential), or souls, or teeth. Lame. Wasteful, even.
  4. Novice-level spells cost zero mana and can be fired non-stop. O_o That turns the dynamic into a plain old "point and click." There's zero tactics involved - and I made sure to play on the "experienced" difficulty level, not the newbie level. Remember how in D-2 you had to run around and conserve your mana while a bunch of mobs chased you? Yeah, so there's an infinite source of basic-level magic now, apparently.
  5. Speaking of running around: no stamina bar anymore, either. Every character is now a marathon runner, woot!
  6. Somewhere after Diablo-3, the world lost the belt technology. :) Shame, really: I guess they all wear suspenders and/or togas now. You can carry a ridiculous amount of gear in your inventory now, but gods help you if you decide to carry more than 4 potions on your person.
  7. The first big boss (X'Fer or some similar cliché fantasy name, all X's and apostrophes) got defeated just by clicking on him, holding down the button for a couple of minutes, and occasionally stepping aside. Smooooth. Compare and contrast with the horror that was the Butcher in D-1, or how ridiculously difficult it was to kill Blood Raven in D-2.
  8. Accidentally clicked on the non-obvious exit right after killing the boss. The game wouldn't let me to climb back inside the tower to pick up the loot. Why? Just... why? Skyrim came out 11.5 years ago, and even that gave you the freedom to backtrack, unless you specifically jumped off a ledge. Seems like the future gameplay will also be straight and one-sided like you're a one-dimensional character.
  9. Again, the cut scenes make for nice eye candy, but that's wayyyy too much cut-scene material for just the first 30 minutes or so of gameplay. (Compare and contrast: in the TV show Heroes, it took 9 episodes of build-up before they even showed the face of the villain Sylar. Here, we have the big bad monologuing at the very beginning.)
  10. Speaking of monologuing: the British accents in the intro cut scene (three looters and a scholar) were kind of amusing, though kind of cliché. But what was up with everrrryone in that village trrrying theirrrr best to do a strrrrronk Easterrrrn-Eurrropean accent? It felt so damn cringy, almost like watching "Orange is the New Black" again. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I don't recall such an overabundance of thick ethnic accents in any of the previous games. Characters had foreign names, yes, and each NPC's voice conveyed some aspect of their personality, but can you imagine the inhabitants of D-2's Lut Gholein doing super-thick Middle-Eastern accents just for the fun of it? JFC...
  11. The leveling is way, wayyyyyy too fast. Five levels just for clearing out a ridiculously easy boss and a few skeletons?.. I logged out in disgust and got my refund ASAP, but I wouldn't be surprised if I also scored 10 achievements along the way. ("Newwww achievement! Your character met their FitBit goal for the day by walking 50 steps!")

tl;dr - shoddy writing, poor gameplay design and worldbuilding, zero challenge or tactics involved, and the dev team probably had fewer RPG players than the dev team that created D-3. :(
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2023.06.07 01:56 Moist_Data6906 Am I wrong for having a go at my housemate for breaking my chair?

At the start of the university year my house of 6 moved in, we all had identical chairs in each of our rooms at the desks. I decided early on that I would replace my chair with a proper desk chair instead of using the folded one provided. I moved my chair to a storage area, under the stairs, and left it there as did a couple of my other housemates. I should note that my chair was perfectly fine at this point, and have proof of this, I just wanted an upgrade. Many months passed as we now approach the end of the year and half of my stuff needed to be taken back to my parent's house for storage, over the summer, this is because my parents would need to make two trips due to not having enough space for all my stuff to fit in one journey. The time gap between these two trips is about 3 weeks the next trip will be in about a week. One of the items taken back was my desk chair. When I went to retrieve my chair from under the stairs I initially noticed that one of the bars was broken, while I knew this was not necessarily my chair I thought it would function the same so just took it anyway. When I moved it back to my room and sat down I realised the issue as it buckled under my weight. I was, I feel, understandably annoyed as I originally had a perfectly fine chair at the start of the year. After talking it through with my housemates I found out that one of them, let's call him Steve, admitted he had swapped his chair for mine after accidentally breaking the chair during the year. I understandably was annoyed as I now had to use one of the very uncomfortable kitchen chairs for the next 3 weeks, let alone eventually explain to the landlord why a chair was broken. I asked him why he never let anyone know about it and he said he did, however, I can't remember him saying anything and neither do my housemates either. I then asked him about which of us is gonna take responsibility when it comes down to the inspection once we leave, and he says that he will take half of the responsibility as I apparently made the damage worse. I think he should take full responsibility as I never would have made the damage worse if I had my original chair as that was not broken at all. I also had a go at him about the fact that I now have to sit uncomfortably while he is perfectly fine, however, he failed to show a bit of sympathy. I am less bothered about this, however, but I do sit at my desk for long periods of time so is at least a bit irritating. Am I wrong for having a go at him and asking him to claim responsibility or am I responsible too?
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2023.06.07 01:55 Redditor6512 [USA-NY] [H] Tab S7, S21 Ultra, WF1000XM3, Quest 2, Sony MDR-7508 [W] Paypal

Tab S7 - Selling my Mystic Black 256GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Wi-Fi! Includes S-Pen, Generic Charger, FREE book cover Looking for $320 SHIPPED
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Sony MDR-7508 - $75, 2 different ear muffs for comfort minimal wear and tear. Worn only for class and that's it maybe used 15 times.
Jelly 2 - Great condition barely used, thought it'd cure my reddit addiction but nope. $135
Don't be afraid to message me with reasonable offers!
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