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Turkey's best city!

2010.06.22 08:45 JustinPA Turkey's best city!


2023.06.06 23:53 Marcoh504 Let’s get it y’all

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2023.06.06 23:49 FakeElectionMaker Leansque (meaning Lion-esque in the country's native language) is a fictional country located in Western Europe.

Leansque (meaning Lion-esque in the country's native language) is a fictional country located in Western Europe.
Slide 1, clockwise from top:
  • Blank map of Leansque
  • Rivers of Leansque
  • Climate map of Leansque, using the Koppen classification system
  • Provinces of Leansque
  • Blank provinces of Leansque
  • Cities over 100,000 inhabitants
  • All land Leansque has ever controlled
Slide 2
The Lion of Judah was the symbol of Al-Asad.
The emirate had Islam as its official religion, but people of the book (Christians and Jews) were tolerated, as long as they paid the jizya and obeyed Muslim authorities.
Given its ethnic diversity, Al-Asad was unstable even during the 760s, with banditry being commonplace in its eastern and western borders. In Vasconia, there's the popular folk tale of a Robin Hood-style bandit that has been turned into books and movies.
Slide 3
In 1813, the failure of the French invasion of Russia caused Leansque to turn against Napoleon.
That same year, Guyana was given back to Britain, after a decade of occupation.
In March 1813, Leansque declared war on France, and launched an invasion through the Western Alps with the backing of 25,000 English forces. Within two months, Nantes and Bordeaux had been captured, and in July, a major French offensive failed. The front entered a stalemate until October, when the French defeat at Leipzig motivated the Coalition, and the Leansquean-British force won the battle of Tours.
With Paris surrounded by both sides, on 2 November 1813, Napoleon abdicated and went into exile in Elba.
Slide 4
The person in the image is Felipe Pereira (1770-1829), who uses Pedro I as a faceclaim due to being a fictional person and Brazil not existing.
Felipe was a Leansquean noble considered to be the country's greatest commander in the Napoleonic wars. He was the cousin of Renato Pereira (1752-1809), the Vice-King of Brazil between 1802 and 1808 who was known for repelling a British invasion of the colony.
Slide 5
Communes (Leansquean: comunas) of Leansque.
The country has 153 comunas among its 15 provinces.
Soon, I am going to make demographic maps with them, by urbanization, first language and largest political party.
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2023.06.06 23:46 IanSan5653 (cross posting from r/tampa) I made a concept for a realistic regional rail network for Tampa Bay - what do you think?

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2023.06.06 23:45 SparkieMark1977 Has anyone else experienced this?

Has anyone else experienced this?
Southampton are threatening to recall their loaned player because I'm not playing him enough. I can't play him, he's midway through a 5 month long injury.
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2023.06.06 23:42 JuniorCDC Chivas se reforzará con un futbolista(Emilio Tame) que jugó en las inferiores del Leicester City

Chivas se reforzará con un futbolista(Emilio Tame) que jugó en las inferiores del Leicester City
Quién es el jugador del Leicester que reforzará a Chivas? Emilio Tame, jugador mexico-español que milita en el Puebla será la nueva ‘perla’ de las Chivas.
El mediocampista nacido en Asturias comenzó su formación futbolística con la Sub-15 de Puebla y actualmente se encuentra en la Sub-20 de ‘La Franja’, pero en 2021 tuvo una experiencia en Europa.
Emilio Tame recibió una invitación del Leicester City para formar parte del campamento y probarse en la cantera de los ‘foxes’. De acuerdo al mismo jugador, el club inglés se fijó en él por su fuerza y visión táctica.
“El futbol de Europa es muy físico y creo que yo puedo ser ese jugador que choca y gana. De ahí surgió el interés del Leicester en ir a probarme”, comentó en su momento.
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2023.06.06 23:05 IanSan5653 I made a concept for a realistic regional rail network for Tampa Bay - what do you think?

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2023.06.06 23:01 ai_jobs [HIRING] Staff Machine Learning Engineer, Entity Understanding - NYC in New York City, United States

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2023.06.06 23:00 ai_jobs [HIRING] Data Analyst in Vilnius, Vilnius City Municipality, Lithuania

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2023.06.06 22:50 speedymaine10 Let’s keep it going

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2023.06.06 22:40 Jhonjournalist A $1 Billion Commercial Complex will be Built in Baghdad

A $1 Billion Commercial Complex will be Built in Baghdad

raq will create a $1 billion shopping area in Baghdad, according to the kingdom’s ambassador to Iraq.
According to Abdulaziz Al Shammari, the Baghdad Avenue project will be erected close to the city’s international airport. According to him, it will have 4,000 residences and 2,500 villas in addition to restaurants, shops, and office buildings, making it the largest retail center in Iraq.
Commercial Complex
Although Mr. Al Shammari did not provide more information, he stated that there had been “great developments” in Saudi Arabia’s and Iraq’s relations. A team from the King Salman Medical Centre was in Baghdad at the same time to meet with Iraqi medical professionals.
The King Salman Medical Centre team’s visit to Baghdad today has allowed us to start enjoying the actual benefits of our relationships, according to Mr. Al Shammari.
  • Saudi Arabia and Iraq to establish a $1 billion shopping area in Baghdad.
  • Baghdad Avenue project nears airport, 4,000 residences, 2,500 villas, largest retail center in Iraq.
  • Kingdom and Iraq’s top doctors exchange experiences, and discuss economies and cultures.
The greatest doctors in the kingdom and the best doctors in Iraq came together for the first time to exchange experiences in various fields and subspecialties. Meetings between the nations’ economies and cultures are also scheduled, according to Mr. Al Shammari.
He predicted that activities between the two nations will pick up significantly. According to Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed [Shia] Al Sudani and his team, this will be a “distinctive stage for investment.”
Relations between Iraq and Saudi Arabia have improved significantly in recent years. After Saddam Hussein’s forces invaded Kuwait in 1990, the kingdom cut ties with Iraq, but in 2016, Riyadh and Baghdad started to mend fences.
To improve relations, Saudi Arabia reopened its embassy in Iraq and the two countries established a coordination committee. Since then, they have made several political, security, and commercial agreements that have resulted in the opening of a significant border crossing.
Learn More: https://www.worldmagzine.com/shopping/a-1-billion-commercial-complex-will-be-built-in-baghdad/
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2023.06.06 22:40 TigersBot Game Thread: Tigers @ Phillies - Tue, Jun 06 @ 06:40 PM EDT

Tigers @ Phillies - Tue, Jun 06

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 06:40 PM EDT

Links & Info

ALC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Minnesota Twins 31 29 - (-) - - (-)
2 Cleveland Guardians 27 32 3.5 (100) 8 8.0 (95)
3 Detroit Tigers 26 32 4.0 (100) 9 8.5 (95)
4 Chicago White Sox 26 35 5.5 (97) 10 10.0 (92)
5 Kansas City Royals 18 42 13.0 (90) 11 17.5 (85)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Tigers Tyler Alexander (1-0, 6.38 ERA, 24.0 IP) No report posted.
Phillies Taijuan Walker (4-3, 5.65 ERA, 57.1 IP) No report posted.
Tigers Lineup vs. Walker, T AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 McKinstry - RF - - - - - -
2 Báez, J - SS .143 .714 7 1 2 5
3 Torkelson - 1B - - - - - -
4 Maton, N - 3B .667 1.800 3 0 0 0
5 Baddoo - LF - - - - - -
6 Short - 2B - - - - - -
7 Cabrera, M - DH .333 1.000 3 0 0 1
8 Rogers - C - - - - - -
9 Marisnick - CF .500 1.167 4 0 1 0
10 Alexander, T - P - - - - - -
Phillies Lineup vs. Alexander, T AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Schwarber - LF .000 .000 2 0 0 1
2 Castellanos, N - RF .500 1.000 4 0 0 1
3 Harper - DH - - - - - -
4 Turner - SS .000 .000 1 0 1 0
5 Realmuto - C - - - - - -
6 Stott - 2B - - - - - -
7 Marsh - CF - - - - - -
8 Ellis - 3B - - - - - -
9 Clemens - 1B - - - - - -
10 Walker, T - P - - - - - -

Division Scoreboard

MIN @ TB 06:40 PM EDT
KC @ MIA 06:40 PM EDT
CWS @ NYY 07:05 PM EDT
BOS @ CLE 07:10 PM EDT
Last Updated: 06/06/2023 05:47:24 PM EDT
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2023.06.06 22:29 wbaker18 The most cursed franchise team I've ever had

Let me tell you a story of these Kansas City Royals, possibly the most cursed franchise team I’ve ever played with.
2027: First time making the playoffs in this franchise. Win WCS and ALDS. Go down 3-0 in the ALCS to Baltimore. No biggie, already exceeded expectations. I want to get to the off-season so I start quick-simming. Win games 4,5,6 before finally losing game 7. A little frustrating, but nothing to be pissed about (yet). Baltimore goes on to win the World Series.
2028: Best record in AL with 95 wins. ALCS, facing the Red Sox, the two seed. Go up 3-1, and proceed to blow three straight games. Winning run in game seven is a dropped fly ball by right fielder and 2024 number 2 overall pick Michael Mullinax. Boston goes on to win the World Series.
2029: One less win than the year before, but Pythagorean W-L is 98 as we have better offense than year before. Michael Mullinax wins MVP with an 8 win season, and Logan Gilbert, acquired from the Angels in the 2027-28 offseason, wins the Cy Young. Face two seed Boston in the ALCS once again. Go up 2-0 before losing three in a row. Back home for game 6 where it looks like we’re coasting to force a game 7 up 5-2 when my 80/80 closer Emmanuel Clase, who has had a sub-2 ERA in his two seasons with the Royals since signing as a free agent comes in the eighth and gives up 6 runs. Boston goes on to win the World Series.
This off-season, I completely overhauled my pitching staff. Traded Clase, brought in three new starters as Gilbert demanded too much money to be brought back (John Sherman still not opening the checkbook even where three ALCS appearances) and add four new relievers.
2030: The Royals are the best team in baseball. Number one offense, number one pitching staff. Franchise record 104 regular season wins. Facing the 91 Red Sox in the ALDS, we go up 2-0, lose games 3 and 4, before coming home to win game 5 and defeat the specter that Boston has been over this franchise.
ALCS, facing 95 win Toronto. Win game 1. Game 2, closer gives up 4 in the eighth, but we tie with home runs on back to back pitches to send the game to extras. Neither team proceeded to score until Toronto does in the top of the 16th. 1-1 series. Proceed to lose games 3 and four in 12 and 10 innings, respectively, having hit two more game-tying home runs in the eighth and ninth innings. Game 5, down 1 heading into the top of the 9th. With 2 strikes and 2 outs, backup infielder Arjun Nimmala hits a solo shot to tie the game. We score another off a walk and a double and win game 5.
Game 6 back home goes into extras for the fourth time in the series. Bottom 10, Nimmala walks us off to force game 7. In game 7, we are up 3-0. Starter goes 6 shutout, Mullinax hits three run home run. I finally start to hope that we have broken the curse and are finally going to win the ALCS. Then, just as I am feeling good about myself, in the top of the 7th, we give up the following to start the inning with no outs:
Infield single
And lose game 7 7-3.
Toronto goes on to win the World Series.
I am going on a multi-week vacation in two weeks, and I am swearing off this game at least until I get back. In other news, I am way, way too young to be feeling these sorts of chest pains.
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2023.06.06 22:27 NightAngelRogue [Discussion] The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - Ch 43: The House at Auteuil, Ch 44: The Vendetta and Ch 45: The Rain of Blood - Chapter Discussion

[Discussion] The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - Ch 43: The House at Auteuil, Ch 44: The Vendetta and Ch 45: The Rain of Blood - Chapter Discussion
Hello, readers! Welcome to the discussion of Ch 43: The House at Auteuil, Ch 44: The Vendetta and Ch 45: The Rain of Blood.
Please remember that we have a strict spoiler policy at bookclub. You can check out the rules here.
Remember, if you do wish to discuss outside of what we have read so far, you can head over to the Marginalia and do so there.
Feel free to answer any or all of the discussion questions below! We will continue with the next three chapters next Tuesday! Looking forward to discussing these chapters with you all!
- Rogue
Important links:
Chapter Summaries:
Chapter 43: The House at Auteuil: Monte Cristo goes to visit his recently purchased summerhouse. While exploring the grounds, Monte Cristo meets his steward who becomes erratic when Monte Cristo stands in a certain spot. When the Count presses him for an explanation, Bertuccio explains a complex story.
Chapter 44: The Vendetta: Bertuccio explains that, years ago, his brother, a soldier in Napoleon's army, was murdered by royalist assassins in the city of Nimes. Seeking justice, Bertuccio visited the public prosecutor of Nimes, who, at the time, was Gerard de Villefort. Villefort, a royalist, was unsympathetic to Bertuccio’s story and turned him away. Bertuccio swore revenge on the public prosecutor.
Villefort fled, terrified of Bertuccio’s vengeance but Bertucio was able to track Villefort to the summerhouse in Auteuil, where he kept a mistress, a widowed baroness. One night, Bertuccio hid in the small garden behind the summerhouse, waiting for Villefort. He stabbed him and left him for dead, having been caught by surprise burying a box. Inside the box was a baby, recently smothered, but was able to breathe again after receiving mouth to mouth resuscitation. After the baby stayed in the hospital for 8 months, Bertuccio raised the baby with the help of his widowed sister in law. They named the baby Benedetto and he showed early signs of cruelty. When the boy was older, he disappeared and was never heard from again. Bertuccio was away smuggling goods in France. Hiding in a loft behind Caderousse’s inn. Bertuccio watched Caderousse and his wife with a jeweler selling the diamond that Abbe Busoni gave them for 45 thousand francs. Due to a storm, the jeweler stayed in Caderousse’s inn.
Chapter 45: The Rain of Blood: Continuing the story, Caderousse fled with the diamond after killing the jeweler and his own wife. Police arrested Bertuccio for the crime, but Bertuccio mentioned Abbe Busoni as the seller of the diamond so the police tracked him down. Busoni visited Bertuccio in prison and Bertuccio gave his whole story. Busoni advised that Bertuccio should seek out the Count of Monte Cristo if he ever got out of prison. Later, Caderousse confessed and was sentenced to a lifetime of hard labor while Bertuccio went to work for the Count of Monte Cristo. Eleven year old Benedetto tortured his adopted mother for money and killed her.
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2023.06.06 22:20 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 705

Capes and Conundrums
“This is so much fun! I didn’t think that something like this was around here before!” Migalla says and her mother laughs.
“Last time we were here you were so small that chasing the family Purriz was the most excitement you’d get in a day Migalla.”
“Mom!” Migalla protests as Echosong giggles.
“Daughter!” She says back in amusement as they climb in through the window of the building that the clue they had frisked from those very fetching men had on them. If she wasn’t a married woman then she’d be looking to cure that with these men. They were clearly both dedicated and fun loving with all the shame of an exhibitionist but the self control you need from a soldier.
A pity her little Migalla is still a little too young to do more than occasionally have a wandering hand or find herself staring. The sort of thing you chide someone for or at worst give them a swat or two to get them to stop. Although... at this rate... between the sheer amount of CHEST shown by ‘Maxie Zeus’ and how tight the suit on ‘Firefly’ was... she might start developing a little early in the interest category.
“So... what IS your name ma’am? Did that... Mighty Zeus say it right when he called you Nyx?” Echosong asks and The Huntress perks up a little before letting out a bit of a laugh.
“Oh! Oh this must have been awkward! Oh no, my name is Migalla as well. It’s tradition in my family that the tenth daughter is always named Migalla. Little Migalla here is my tenth born and I am tenth born to my own mother, who was ninth born.”
“So Migalla and Migalla? How does that...”
“Call me Patience. It’s the family name after all. Huntsmistress Migalla Patience, and my adorable daughte Huntress in training Migalla Patience.”
“And granddaughter of Huntsmistress Migalla Patience right?”
“Actually mother’s a botanist. When all three of us are in a room she’s Doctor Migalla.”
“Yes.” Patience responds with a very amused tone. “Now if you get my great aunt in the room then Huntsmistress Migalla will get more than one answer. Much like Huntress in training Migalla will get my adorable little girl and at least three cousins.”
“Family reunions must be a lot of fun.” Echosong states as she tries to make sense of the strange acoustics of this place. There’s no echo despite the fact their should be. Furthermore there’s utter darkness and no source of light. But the light should be moving past certain areas. Something’s going on. What though? She’s not sure.
“The Migalla table at the gathering is always full of the funniest and most confusing conversations.” Migalla says and Echosong laughs. Migalla then smiles at a memory. “Mom, was it Migalla or Migalla that was telling Migalla that last time she saw Migalla she was in a fight with Migalla and it was such a relief to see her and Migalla had made up?”
“Yes, yes it was. Now back to the game at hand... we’re looking for a Ra’s Al Ghul. Some kind of immortal mad eco-terrorist that wishes to crash economies, destroy cities and leave the nature of the world pristine.” Patience notes.
“Wrong world for that. If we let that happen then Skathac gets set on fire again and again.” Echosong notes. “Also... hang on... I have the booklet here. Right! The resurrection method he uses has been slowly driving him insane.”
“Insane little creature? How very base and untoward to use such childish insults.” A refined voice with a slight accent states clearly.
“Speakers, he could be anywhere between here and Centris.” Patience warns.
“Indeed I can miss... Patience was it? Hmm... I expected the detective. I am torn between concern and relief that the rest of the sleeping masses upon this wretched and ruined world are beginning to awaken. Tell me, will you use your awareness and strength to save the world, or doom it?”
“Skathac isn’t a world that needs saving, it needs saving from.” Migalla states in an incredulous tone.
“Seriously old man! Haven’t you been outside? It’s a roasty nine hundred and eighty degrees outside the thermal shields! And it’s the cooler part of the year!” Echosong exclaims.
“I am certain that the world will cool when...”
“What craziness are you up to this time Ra’s? Are you sure you don’t need a retirement home?” Patience mocks him and there’s a silence.
“I am certain that...”
“They even have diapers your size now! So you don’t even have to figure out where the bathroom is!”
“Migalla that’s too far! Incontinence is nothing to joke about. Unless it’s funny.” Patience chides her before laughing.
“Mercenary, get in there.” Ra’s states coldly. Suddenly the darkness is pulled away revealing the warehouse they’re in to be a full of machinery and the trick they used to disguise this to be sound absorbing curtains that blended perfectly in the darkness.
They’re surrounded. Dozens of men in black outfits and only their eyes exposed glaring down. But most importantly are two. One an older looking man with a pointed hairstyle, grey streaks in his beard and a high collared green cape on. The other a very large and powerfully built man in black and grey armour with a half orange facemask. He looks like he walked right out of the Teen Titans cartoon.
“Decisions, decisions...” Deathstroke states.
“I am not paying you dither. Attack!” Ra’s Al Ghul orders and Deathstroke MOVES. His open palm slams into Patient’s stomach and sends her skidding backwards even as her footclaws dig into the concrete below. She leaves four foot long trenches and staggers back a step to regain her footing.
She deflects his left jab, blocks the right cross and then takes a brutal kick to the side of the knee and is sent sprawling. However she still has more limbs to play and her knife hand slams into the sides of his stomach in a powerful cross chop. She gets an impression of far more organs in there than most life, and she knows she hit at least one of them painfully.
His answer is a snap kick that takes her in the stomach and sends her staggering.
Meanwhile Migalla and Echosong are set upon by the ninja horde with a single wordless command from Ra’s. Echosong responds by letting out a sonic scream infused with Axiom that batters back at least three of them and send them sprawling in midair to crash into the machinery uselessly.
Migalla on the other hand jumps back at them and with Axiom infused hands coutners their swords and, after a bit of fumbling, grabs them by the shirt and tries to land on a pipe. She slips and begins to slide backwards, but she wraps her tail around it and firms her footing so they turn on the pipe instead and simply fall off. Leaving her hanging upside down with a ninja in each pair of arms.
She gives them both a few shacks before bonking them together and then dropping them before shifting and skittering to the top of the pipe instead.
She’s then met by a pair of ninjas to either side. She takes a stance that allows both of them access to her sides and uses Axiom to expand her field of vision. Fighting off two people at once will be tricky. But with her four arms and tail, they’ve got a grand total of one limb on her. Hopefully it won’t make that much difference.
Patience meanwhile is having a blast. Deathstroke... or is he Slade when he’s more Teen Titans style? Anyways, Mister Wilson is all sorts of fun. Sure, she has a few limbs on him. The tail nearly gets him as she sweeps for the legs or stabs with the blade, but he downright slithers out of the way of that, showing that he’s as flexible as he’s physically strong and... and...
“Tell me Mister Wilson... do you offer lessons?” Patience asks.
“Oh?” Slade asks. Nothing grand in his tone as he deflects two attacks and shifts to the side to try and get her with an elbow. Unfortunately there’s a distinct lack of organs in the place he hits her, and he’d have had more impact if he slammed into her thigh instead.
“Oh yes... I’m a married woman, but if I could my husband to MOVE like you do... He’s not much of a fighter your see.”
“A brawl before bed to spice up the marital life?” Slade asks in a scornful tone.
“Something like that. A poet can make a woman melt with words alone, but there’s something to be said if he can scoop her up afterwards to carry her to bed.” Patience says and there’s a scoff from under the mask.
“Okay, that needs to come off.” She insists making a grab for the mask. It’s latched on though and it’s not coming off.
She gets a flurry of body shots as she tries to grab at the helmet and then as she lunges for it again she’s instead grabbed and the flip is turned into a hammer throw that sends her hurtling through the factory. She aborts the flight by twisting in the air and grabbing the underside of a walkway and stopping her flight.
She paces along the underside of the walkway, easily keeping grip as she keeps track of Slade. Who throws down a smoke bomb and she senses movement behind her. Her tail lashes out but something binds it and she decides to go all out.
The metal of the walkway bends and cracks under her sheer strength as she bursts through the underside of it to attack Slade, only to find his solid boot slamming into the top of her head with enough force to break her grip, break the line he tied her with and break the pipe underneath them clean through.
“Oh!... Oh wow! You’re good!”
“Of course I am...” Slade begins even as the walkway he’s standing on creaks and groans. It then snaps under his feet and he falls. He falls in perfect control as he angles himself to avoid the edges of the pipe and he lands in a crouch right in front of Patience. “Deathstroke The Terminator.”
“I think this is a bit much for most contestants.”
“You’re a bit much for mere level four. We have you on record fighting Lava Serpents without protective gear and with only the most basic weapons. You can handle it big girl.” Deathstroke The Terminator states. “Now then. Shall we?”
Her response is a lightning fast charge that phases right through him. She skids to a stop and turns. Red runes are glowing over his armour with a jagged mark over his forehead.
“Really?” Patience asks.
“Really.” Deathstroke says before gesturing and half the equipment in the factory hurls itself at her. The Huntsmistress laughs in glee at the challenge.
While mother was having her fun, Migalla was having some of her own. She had managed to swipe a quartet of swords from the ninja and wasn’t so much as using them as flailing them around in their vague directions as she swung from her tail. On the walkway above a Ninja finally gets up there and dislodges her tail, causing her to start to fall, but Echosong swoops in, grabs her and helps her stick the landing even as she sweeps with her Axiom infused voice.
Between the blades, the fury and the scream the ninja fall back and one of them is dramatically killed by Ra’s Al Ghul.
“Incompetent fool.” The older man says in a dark tone as he bares the ‘bloody’ (sauce covered) falchion. “All of you. Out. I will deal with this myself.”
The ninjas scatter and Ra’s Al Ghul throws away his cloak to reveal that he has an armoured vest, pants and boots underneath. “A pity that one can only depend on a mercenary. I will need to increase my training of them.”
In the background Deathstroke’s and Patience’s fight has escalated into a two person war. Literal magic is being used on both sides as Slade reveals enormous teleportion, pyrokinesis and just kinesis in general as Patience shows that she can easily match the teleportation. Knows her way around throwing lightning and can cause the ground to quake with every move she makes.
“Now then. Let us begin.” Ra’s states before suddenly charging them both. Migalla’s swords are outright shattered against his falchion in a single swipe and the round kick to the side sends her sprawling as Echosong opens up with a sonic scream.
He DODGES the scream and lands some feet away, skidding from the sheer speed of the movement.
“All this effort and you still haven’t fully uncovered the plan. I expected more of someone taking up The Detective’s mantle. Perhaps his faith in you is misplaced?”

First Last
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2023.06.06 22:18 jessiewhite2008 Characters if this was in Gotham (REDUX)

Em City: A part of Arkham made for non criminals to be given similar treatment to those who were found insane.
Father Mukada: Hugo Strange who starts off as a nice priest guy but slowly becomes an evil scientist as the weight of Arkham comes crumbling down on him
Beecher: Two Face for obvious reasons
Vern Schilinger: White Dragon as they are just the same character
Hank Schilinger: Peacemaker
Adebisi: Croc because suicide squad
Miguel: Jerome Joker due to his identical personality and his involvement with what happened to Leo's daughter
O'Riley: Riddler due to his identical personality
Kareem: Either Ra's al Ghul or the head Of The Court of Owls due to his similar moral compass. Maybe Mr Freeze after he is abandoned by the Court.
McManus: At the end of the show he genetically mods himself and becomes Man Bat after getting desperate to end the chaos in the place.
Nino: Carmine Falcone
Dino: Joe Chill
Kenny: Red Hood's dad who becomes a Red Lantern
Leo:Commissioner Gordon
Leo's Daughter: Batgirl because Killing Joke
Hill: Becomes Cyborg after almost dying
Keller: Either Jeremiah Joker or Killer Moth
Pancanamo: Black Mask
Morales: Penguin because he looks like a pitch perfect casting
Gloria:Becomes Batwoman to avenge Leo's daughter
Johhny Basil: Ethan Bennett from the 2004 Batman cartoon
Shirley: Punchline
Peter Marie: Aged down to her 20s so she can become Harley Quinn
Poet: A comedian who becomes Ventriloquist
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2023.06.06 22:13 Bright_Variation_333 Discovering Jordan: Rich History, Culture, and Cuisine

Jordan is a country located in the Middle East. Jordan is a diverse and multicultural country, with a rich history and a vibrant culture.
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2023.06.06 22:12 ziggyblackdust I need music recs but I'll take roasts too :)

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2023.06.06 22:05 CalendarNormal7647 Parlay to all take place this week. 🤞🍀

Parlay to all take place this week. 🤞🍀
Hi all, decided to play it safe risk, very small and go for picks that I feel are most likely to hit. Good luck anyone who is tailing! 🤞🍀
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2023.06.06 21:47 ALJJ1971 2 Bases Parley Special... Tail Carefully 😶‍🌫️

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2023.06.06 21:18 Worth-Trainer6141 Let’s make some money???🤷‍♂️ lol

Let’s make some money???🤷‍♂️ lol
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2023.06.06 21:11 Bannedfromthenet Today's Haul. Flash Vol 2 #1 and others

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