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2010.09.14 20:29 ilcocodrilo shroomers

For the hunting, growing, and consuming of mushrooms.

2013.10.31 05:43 Gotitaila Rite Aid

For employees & customers of Rite Aid.

2014.11.08 07:19 Ironnhead Halal in My Area!

This subreddit is where Muslim redditors (or any redditor who likes halal food) can ask fellow redditors for restaurants that offer halal food in a certain area.

2023.05.30 00:53 Proletlariet Slayer

Respect Slayer

Slayer: "Very nicely done. You haven't forgotten your manners, I see."

Zato=1: "Naturally. One: No matter how grim the situation, eliminating the target comes before all else; even preserving one's own life. Two: One must hone their skills so that killing comes as naturally as breathing. Three: It is not will, nor pride, nor victory, nor death that truly decides a battle, nor is it the ability to manipulate or dominate others. The most important thing in life is, of course..."

Both: "Dandyism."

Themes: XX Xrd
Slayer is the last of a race of immortal vampires who, long past his adventurous days, enjoys spending quality time with his wife and quietly roaming the world. A charming and refined gentleman, Slayer is an extremely powerful fighter who enjoys passively observing the goings-on of mankind and occasionally "meddling" in others' affairs, often offering advice to all the other characters. Above all, Slayer pursues a life of dandyism, leading a refined and leisurely life of casual luxury and an adherence to stringent standards of class.
In the 1990s, Slayer formed the Assassin's Guild, initially to supply him with a regular stream of fresh blood, but also to punish those that the law couldn't reach. Upon meeting his similarly-immortal wife Sharon, however, Slayer grew disinterested with the Guild and stepped away from it, creating a vacuum of power wherein Zato=1 was able to take over. By the time Guilty Gear XX rolled around, Slayer was roaming the world, seeking to fight enemies and allies alike one last time before he retired and left reality entirely to he with the rest of his kind. In some arcade endings he rekindles his love of combat and starts a new Guild, but this is generally non-canon.
Though he has a number of vampiric abilities and his millenia of experience could lend to expertise on a weapon, Slayer enjoys fighting with his fists and raw strength. Despite this relative handicap in a world of blades and magic, Slayer is far and away one of the strongest characters in the entire franchise and is rarely seen struggling, let alone being meaningfully stressed in a fight. Although he is occasionally frustrated by the lack of challenge others are capable of presenting him with, he is ever graceful to those with whom he fights, offering them congratulations for a good performance.
Signature Moves
Special Moves
  • Mappa Hunch - Slayer charges forward with a powerful punch. In Accent Core, Slayer can also feint with this move.
  • Bloodsucking Universe - Slayer takes a bite out of his opponent, stealing their health.
  • Dandy Step - Slayer sways backward and forward suddenly. Dandy Step has a number of powerful follow-up attacks to catch opponents who try to retaliate.
  • Footloose Journey - Slayer uses his shapeshifting cape to attack in the air.
  • Undertow - Slayer swells his arms with blood and claws downwards in a heavy swing.
Overdrives / Force Breaks
  • Dead On Time - Slayer flies across the screen with a devastating punch.
  • Eternal Wings - Slayer ascends upwards suddenly, catching his opponent with the force of his jump.
  • Straight Down Dandy - Slayer suddenly dives out of the air past his opponent.
Instant Kills
As Instant Kill animations are potentially canon, I'll include them as feats but will mark them where appropriate.
Mouse over a feat to see its source. Non-Canon story feats are included for completion's sake, but will be marked to tell them apart.
Please note that due to the difficulty of tracking down quality translated sources for some of the older games and media, many of these clips will be presented in the form of fan-translated scripts. Other sources (like the light novels) may be missing entirely, as they have never been translated and I can't read Japanese.
It's also worth noting that Slayer has never been seen actually going all-out, so none of this RT should be considered his top end capabilities.
Vampire Abilities
Noteworthy Scaling

"I remove my clothes / Devoid of reason and thought / With my alien"

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2023.05.30 00:29 Open-Rabbit9510 I wanna make an EP but I feel like I’m wasting good song potential, what do I do?

I mainly make rap music but I wanna make an EP that’s pop/rock/rap. It’s a bunch of demos I made last year that I have nostalgia for. I love the vocal Melodie’s and the tone of my voice but I’m not that confident in my singing. If I make this EP and my voice sucks and it goes over terribly then I’ve wasted all these really cool songs, should I make it with the change of it being bad? Here’s a demo I made last year, if I make this an official song the vocals will be less harsh
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2023.05.30 00:28 loxleyxoxo highs & lows

dear digital diary,
i don't expect anyone to read any of my posts, and wouldn't mind if nobody did. but on the off chance that someone else in the world can resonate, i'll put it all out there.
there's this one episode from a show called modern love that i really resonate with. it's the one with anne hathaway, her character's bipolar, but the parts in her life that i see in my own life in are her really high-highs and really low-lows. she's a different person when she's manic; similar to the double-life-feeling i kind of explained in my first entry. on her high days, she's productive, euphoric, in a great mood, and finding every reason to love life. on her low days, she doesn't get out of bed for days, she's cranky, motivation-less, and for lack of better words; a bitch. i felt like the episode was screaming, "hello? yeah, this is you!" at me. don't get me wrong, i truly don't think i'm bipolar, but i have all consuming highs and all consuming lows with this eating cycle that i've created for myself.
i've been in downward spiral the past few days, but today i emerged from my dark hole and got myself back onto a high. i woke up, deep cleaned my apartment and bedroom, went to the grocery store and stocked up on all of my safe foods that i'd need throughout the week, and picked up all of my packages that were collecting dust from my motivation-less days... the thing is, i always think the high will last. i always try to make them last as long as possible. in my paper journal, i keep a 'streak' of my productive days. when they end, i don't write until they've begun again. i think i only operate with a strict routine. one thing throws off the routine... it's a free for all. we know how that looks. excessive binge eating, messy room, a tower of laundry, neglecting obligations, depriving myself of a shower or anything productive at all, really.
so how can i keep this high and also include life obstacles? for one, i can't always rely on my one meal at dinner time. i've noticed this is one of the factors that stops me from living. if a friend asks me to do something that night and it compromises my eating window, then it's a 'no thanks!' from me. and that sucks. so i'm going to integrate a new plan that still aligns with my shitty-eating-habit mindset.
on the days that are normal, no plans, etc:
totaling about 280 calories
on the days that i have plans that evening:
totaling about 285 calories
and of course, chugging lemon water before every meal. i weighed 115.0 lbs today. i was scared to weigh, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it'd be. strange how that stupid little scale dictates how i'll feel about myself each day. i also keep an excel spreadsheet of all of my daily habits including how many steps i've taken, how many calories i've consumed, the amount of calories burned, if i've worked that day, moods, chores and errands, etc. i thought it would help my analyze my life better, but so far it's just been a fun little activity for me every morning. probably because i never stick to filling it in longer than 5 days. i'm trying to change that. so as you can tell, i'm a chronic planner. it makes me happy for whatever reason... probably because not having a set schedule for every moment of my day leads to going off the rails. alright, it's almost 6:30 pm so i'll go make my dinner.
i'll update again soon,
loxley xoxo
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2023.05.30 00:25 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (Complete Program)

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.05.30 00:23 TheJaseFiles I am sad. My friend said Cheer up, things could be worse. You could be stuck in a hole in the ground underwater...

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2023.05.30 00:20 code_hunter_cc Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline with Thin and Apache, not finding assets

My question is similar to this one Rails 3.2 Asset Pipeline with Passenger Endless Errors except that when I try to actually go to
I get a 404. Here's the thing I don't understand. It is looking in /assets/, but when I look at the code that was deployed, the assets are only in /public/assets, which is actually a symlink to /vawww/myapp/shared/assets. So what in the world is responsible for telling the app that looking in /assets will produce correct results??
I am using Rails 3.2.0, ruby-1.9.3-p125, deploying to Ubuntu, Apache, and Thin.
I should clarify: My assets are indeed deployed to the server. Everything works perfectly fine until they need to be served, in which case production.log tells me it's looking for them in /assets/application-eed7996ee9017637f923133371ab3e92.css, which 404's.
For every request my thin.log says
cache: [GET /] miss and production.log says
ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches [GET] "/assets/application-abecf2e096af9ee80697fd49e79a55e7.js"): UPDATE@Brandan thanks for the help. My assets are indeed in RAILS_ROOT/public/assets. I put this in my Apache vhost file:
DocumentRoot /varails/myappname/current/publicRewriteEngine OnXSendFile OnXSendFilePath /varails/myappname #not even sure if this line is needed Header unset ETag FileETag None ExpiresActive On ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 year" My RAILS_ROOT/config/environments/production.rb settings:
config.cache_classes = trueconfig.consider_all_requests_local = falseconfig.action_controller.perform_caching = trueconfig.serve_static_assets = falseconfig.assets.compress = trueconfig.assets.compile = falseconfig.assets.digest = trueconfig.action_dispatch.x_sendfile_header = "X-Sendfile" # for apache
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/apache/rails-3-2-asset-pipeline-with-thin-and-apache-not-finding-assets
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2023.05.30 00:14 Exotic-Cod4067 24M Looking for a chat with creative and philosophical people

Looking for a chat with someone around my age or older about music, art, poetry, travelling or philosophy. I have an interest in world religions and peoples personal views and perspectives on the universe no matter what way they see it. I love talking to creative people
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2023.05.29 23:43 anon134574284 Will I make it to 40

I’m not suicidal, I am burnt out, But I just have a feeling I’m not going to make it past 40.
Maybe it’ll be the cigarettes, tiredness behind the wheel, something sudden, or not
And I do believe in a God. ( my beliefs, doesn’t have to be anyone else’s.) I just feel as though I wasn’t meant to be here for a long time, like, I’ve been fateful to live a short and sweet life.
Im grateful for my life, although there was a time I wasn’t, I’m grateful for the small things, climbing a hill, and watching the world from a height, sunsets, the moon, stars and anything universe, nature related, the birds, bees, dogs, cats, cows, everything.
Seeing a person smile when I compliment their necklace, or telling someone to have a good day and getting a “you too”. Seeing people around me succeed and have goals, aspirations.
Playing piano and writing poems, feeling the sun on my face, and the rain, watching the stars in the night sky - I’ve said it twice because it’s one of my favourite past times, falling asleep and waking up slow, listening to the rain on a rooftop, people watching, painting, reading, watching the same tv and movies over and over again trying to emulate the feeling I got the first time, remembering memories, reading our old texts, all of it.
I do love life, I’m grateful for it. But I think I’ll be content if I reach 39, I don’t care to grow old and see wrinkles form on my face as my hair goes grey, I want to experience life for everyday and the extraordinary, the everyday beautiful.
But short and sweet, I think that’s what I’ll be, and I’m not sad, I’m trying to feel content. I don’t want to be selfish as I know many would love to have more time, I just have an incling, my plan until 40, maybe it’s a way to ensure I enjoy everything now. I’m not too sure
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2023.05.29 23:21 RealSpookySounds Jesus, Mbappe....you almost screwed me!

Jesus, Mbappe....you almost screwed me!
(FM 20) It's hard to defend against Mbappe at any moment, but a CL QF where he's top scorer is even harder. Fortunately for me, I kept them quiet in the first leg, and won 4-0. That final goal really helped us out in the end. My boy, Flávio Henrique scored on his birthday to make sure that we'd go through comfortably, but let me tell you when Mbappe scored twice in a minute, I was scared for my life. The man was playing possessed. That home advantage in CL is so ridiculously OP.
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2023.05.29 23:15 JoshAsdvgi The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister

The Brother and Sister
The Native American Story of the Brother and Sister
(( This story of the Brother and Sister is featured in the book entitled the Red Indian Fairy Book by Frances Jenkins Olcott published in Boston, New York by Houghton Mifflin Company in 1917 ))
An Arapaho Story

The Story of the Brother and Sister
There were three streams all flowing east, and near them a tribe of Indians was camping.
A brother and sister were playing at a distance from the camp, and a Chief passed by them. The children called him saucy names and he was very angry.
Going to the camp he bade all the people pack up, and move to another camping-ground. Before moving away, the people took the two children who had been saucy to the Chief, and tied them each to a pole.
They leaned the poles against some trees, and leaving the children to die, they took their goods, and went to another place.
Well, the poor children suffered hunger and thirst, and wept bitterly.
At last an old Wolf, the Chief of all the Wolves, saw them, and he said to himself,
"How pitiful these children are!"
Then he cried out to the pack, "Come, all ye Wolves, from all directions!"
In a minute Wolves and Coyotes came running from every part of the Earth, and the old Wolf said to them:—
"I pity these children.
Seize the poles and lower them slowly.
Then chew off the ropes and free the children."
The Wolves and the Coyotes did as he told them to do, and loosed the children.
But when the boy and girl saw all the wild animals running about them, they were terribly frightened, for they thought that they would surely be eaten.
But the old Wolf said:—
"Do not be afraid! Stay with us, and we will care for you."
After that he called four big Wolves from the pack, and said:
"You, Clouded Wolf, who are above all others in daring deeds, provide food for this boy and girl.
White Wolf, I want you also to look for food for them.
Black Coyote, go out and find meat.
And you also, Black Wolf, who are brave and cunning, provide meat for them."
Immediately the four big Wolves ran away, and soon came back laden with the best parts of a Buffalo; and piled all the meat in front of the children.
The brother and sister ate, and were made strong again.
Then the old Wolf told them to go into the timber near by, and live there; and he said that he would stay with them.
It was now Winter.
The boy got together some poles and made a frame for a brush house; while his sister gathered long reeds, and with them thatched the house.
She made a door of brush and sticks, and inside she put brush for two beds.
They then made a nice comfortable bed near the door where the old Wolf might sleep.
When the house was finished, it began to snow.
They all went in, and the old Wolf said,
"I am feeble, and suffer much from cold.
I have no strength, no swiftness, no warmth.
If it were not for your kindness I should be out in the snow.
Therefore I thank you for letting me live with you in this comfortable house."
So that night the Wolf slept by the door, the girl slept on the north side of the house, and the boy at the back.
Well, in the morning the boy was the first to get up to make the fire; and he looked out, and the snow was over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Elk near by.
The whole snow was yellow with them as far as he could see.
In the timber, on the banks of the rivers, and everywhere, the Elk were standing, walking, or lying down.
The boy shut the door quickly, and said to his sister, "Get up!
There are herds of Elk close by."
"Why should I get up?" said she; "I can't do anything."
But the boy answered, "Just get up and look at them anyway."
"I can't do anything by looking at them," said she.
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Elk."
So she rose, and opened the door; and as soon as she looked at an Elk, it fell down dead. Then she gave her brother a flint knife with a bone handle, and he ran out into the snow, and skinned the Elk as easily as if he had always known how to do it.
As soon as he had skinned the animal, he threw its hide into the house, and the girl folded it three times, and sat on it.
Immediately the hide became a soft and beautiful skin, all dressed ready for use.
Then the girl looked at more Elk, and they fell down dead; and the boy skinned them; and so she did until they had thirty-six skins.
They next sliced the meat, and hung it to dry on the trees near the three streams.
After that the girl took some of the thirty-six skins, and piling them one on the other, she sat on them, saying,
"I wish that all these skins may be sewed together for a tent."
And when she got up, and spread them out, they had become a tent with a bird ornament on top, and four round ornaments on the sides, and rattles over the door.
Then the girl said, "I wish for twenty-nine straight tent poles."
And when she went outside, there were the tent poles made of otter-weeds. Soon the tent stood covered, and was very handsome.
Then the girl folded three skins, and sat on them, saying,
"I wish for a wall-hanging embroidered with Porcupine quills of every colour."
And it was so, for when she got up the Elk skins were changed into a beautiful hanging, which she fastened behind her brother's bed.
Then she folded three more skins, and sat on them, and wished for an embroidered hanging for her bed, and she got it.
After that she did the same to more skins, and wished for an embroidered and ornamented blanket, and she gave that to the old Wolf.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow over all the land.
And what was his surprise to see great herds of Buffalo near by.
The whole snow was black with them.
He waked his sister, and bade her get up, but she said:
"What can I do? You have broken my sleep. Let me sleep longer."
"My Grandchild," called the old Wolf, "get up and look at the Buffalo."
So she rose, and opened the door, and as soon as she looked at some of the Buffalo, they fell down dead.
The boy skinned the animals, and brought in their hides.
The girl took one, and folded it three times, saying,
"I wish this to become a robe with bird ornaments."
Then it became an embroidered robe, and she gave it to her brother.
Then she took another skin and did the same, saying,
"I wish this to be a painted robe for myself."
And it turned into a robe; and when she spread it out the painting was seen bright and beautiful.
Then she took another skin, and, in the same manner, made it a robe with red and yellow embroidery at the four corners, and eight lines of embroidery across it, and between them black lines painted with charcoal.
This she gave to the old Wolf.
After that she made three pillows for the beds.
On the one for her brother was the picture of an animal embroidered in yellow quills.
The eye was dark with yellow quills around it.
On the throat were a hundred bars of yellow quills.
The ear was a yellow cross of quill-work.
The head was round, and the tail and nose were bars of yellow quills. All around the edge of the pillow were fifty bars of yellow quills.
The pillow for the girl was white, embroidered with an animal made of black and white bars of quill-work; while the pillow for the old Wolf was very beautiful, embroidered with red and yellow quills.
Well, after seven days it snowed again, and when the boy got up in the morning to make the fire, he looked out and saw the snow covering the land.
And what was his surprise to see more herds of Elk near by.
The snow was yellow with them.
He called his sister, and the old Wolf bade her rise and look at the animals, and she did. Immediately some of them fell down dead.
Then as before, the girl folded, and sat on their skins, and wished for a fine hunting-shirt for her brother, embroidered in circles of red and yellow quills, with fringes along the edge, and tufts of long hair hanging between the fringes.
Then she wished for leggings for him, and a pair of moccasins embroidered with birds.
For herself she wished for a woman's dress handsomely embroidered, and with four rows of fringes, also for leggings and moccasins.
As the old Wolf could not wear clothes, she of course did not wish for any garment for him.
Then the boy said, "I wish I could have for a Dog a Panther of yellow colour with white sides."
His sister went outside the tent, and called, "Come, Panther of yellow colour with white sides!"
And immediately the Panther came walking through the timber, slowly twisting his tail.
He entered the tent, and lay down by the boy, and put his head on the boy's knee.
Then the boy said, "I wish you could have for a Dog a Bear with white streaks down his fore legs, and whose claws are white with black streaks."
So his sister went outside the tent, and called,
"Come, Bear with white streaks down your fore legs, and with claws white with black streaks."
And immediately the Bear came pacing through the timber, and sat down at the foot of the girl's bed.
After that the brother and sister lived very happily with the old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
They had plenty to eat, for the dried meat was piled up before the door of the tent, and there was meat still hanging from the trees.
One day two Indians from the tribe that had deserted the children, happened to be hunting by the streams, and they saw the handsome tent in the timber.
They went toward it, and, lo, there were the boy and girl beautifully dressed; while on one side of the tent sat the Panther, and on the other side the Bear, and the old Wolf was lying just in front of the door.
Well, when the animals saw the men, the old Wolf rose up growling, the Panther crouched to spring, and the Bear stiffened his hair.
The men were very much frightened, but the boy told the animals to lie down, and he invited the men into the tent.
The girl bade them be seated, and gave them pemmican in wooden bowls.
Now the men saw the wonderful tent and all its fine furnishings, and they looked at the great pile of dried meat before the door, and said to the children that they would return at once to the tribe, and tell the people to come and see them.
But the girl said that if they came, they must camp down by the streams, and not approach the tent, or the animals would kill them.
So the men went back to the people, and the tribe came to the streams, and made their camp.
And though they could see the beautiful tent in the distance, they dared not approach it for fear of the animals.
But the brother and sister gave some of their meat to the people, and after that the two continued to live happily in their tent, guarded by the faithful old Wolf, the Panther, and the Bear.
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2023.05.29 22:22 autotldr ‘I was so scared’: the Ukrainian children taken to Russia for financial gain Ukraine

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 79%. (I'm a bot)
Thousands of children have been kidnapped and taken to Russia since Moscow's full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February last year.
According to the Ukrainian government, 16,226 children have been deported to Russia, of whom 10,513 have been located, and more than 300 have returned.
The experience of the Popova family, and others who spoke to the Guardian, sheds light on another aspect of the removal of Ukrainian children to Russia: how friends and even relatives took children, sometimes for mercenary reasons.
In some cases we are talking about children who were in occupied areas while the rest of their family stayed in Ukrainian-controlled areas, and those families have lost connection with their children.
"Now they are afraid they will never see them again. Then we need to talk about the children who are now in Russia who we know nothing about. Children whose parents have been imprisoned after being separated at the filtration camps or whose parents have been killed, in particular during the siege of Mariupol."We are most concerned for those children who have been missing for six months and more where Russian authorities have prepared birth certificates and passports and sent them to foster families.
As in Alina's case, Kuleba said he had heard of other Ukrainian children being taken for financial benefit.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: children#1 Alina#2 Russia#3 Russian#4 Ukrainian#5
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2023.05.29 21:21 peoplehater420 an overhead of my city + some surrounding areas

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2023.05.29 21:16 carebear2u New Job Inquiry

Hi, you guys…
Story Time.
Currently I’ve been an afternoon Daycare Teacher for 1 years olds for about a month now. I work in a Infant Centre full of baby babies. I work from 2:45-6pm. The employees/Teachers are quitting because first they aren’t getting paid enough and secondly the job is exhausting. When I got hired I got a decent pay rate, but that’s not the point. I LOVE THIS JOB. The only thing I don’t like is the drama! But my room is fine… it’s just the other rooms.
Today I got offered a position with more pay and benefits. It’s just 1 dollar and 35 cents more plus benefits, 401k and yatta, yatta. It’s a medical receptionist postion with different roles. I have generalized anxiety so idk…
I’m having trouble deciding on what to do. Help!
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2023.05.29 21:05 Betty-Adams Humans are Weird – Biscuits Recipes

Humans are Weird – Biscuits Recipes

Original Post: http://www.authorbettyadams.com/bettys-blog/humans-are-weird-biscuit-recipes
Embracesgladly was carefully maintaining her grip on Human Friend Maria as they moved down the corridor of the dry cave system. The lights pained on the ceiling to provide a near surface level of luminosity were just turning orange as somewhere, und upon und of solid rock above them the barren surface of the planet turned away from its harsh, near star. Again the human’s hormone profile changed, grew past the point on the gradient the Undulate had learned to recognize. Mindfully Embracesgladly loosed a gripping appendage to ‘pat’ Human Friend Maria’s main gripping appendage. Human Friend Maria returned the gesture by applying gentle pressure with the full area of her gripping surface to where it cradled Embracesgladly’s mass. Human Friend Maria’s massive central atmosphere pumps took on a more mechanical rhythm as she shifted from passive to active control of her oxygen exchange and by the time they had reached Human Friend Maria’s habsuite, carved into the glittering granite of the world, the human’s pheromone gradient had begun to shift back into a less abnormal range. The massive mammal paused in front of her door and drew in a deep breath. “See you tomorrow eh Hugs?” Human Friend Maria said, her voice still sounding a bit weak as it rumbled out of her chest and though the air. “Unless you would like a sleeping companion,” Embracesgladly offered. Human Friend Maria’s fibers stiffened and her stripes flushed with various emotions. Embracesgladly was pained to note that there wasn’t a little offense in the mix and when Human Friend Maria spoke her voice was carefully controlled into recognizably cheerful tones. “No! I’m good. You shuffle on back to your habsuite.” “Very well!” Embracesgladly tried to put as much cheer in her own voice. “If you need anything in the night remember your door is right beside the waterlock!” She made a broad gesture down at the shimmering blue hatch and scrambled down Human Friend Maria’s side when the human’s usually powerful arms went limp and released her. The human maintained her stiff, upright posture until her door had opened and the massive mammal disappeared though it. However Embracesgladly felt the thump of the human slumping against the wall before dragging her massive bipedal frame towards the human sized hydration pool. That was one perk of this world, Embracesgladly mused. There was always plentiful water of the temperature the humans thrived in. She slipped down into the wet corridor and swam slowly towards the medical pod. She pulled herself up into the rapidly darkening medical bay and spread her appendages to get her bearings. Human Friend John lay on one of the human slabs, emitting a rhythmic sound. The absolutely massive – even for a human – mammal had been complaining of sleep issues and was no doubt here to make sure he wasn’t suffocating in the night as (supposedly) many humans did. However he was soundly asleep by the dim glow of his stripes and the bases chief medic was quietly sorting expired medical patches by an Undulate sized soaking tank the humans kept about two unds above the floor to decontaminate their hands. “Swim over!” Medic Lurchesover waved to her. Embracesgladly came to him and started helping with the sorting. “How goes your personal assignment?” he asked with his dorsal appendages even as he ventral appendages continued to sort. “It is working,” Embracesgladly responded slowly. “I do feel that I am doing her good.” “Despite her best efforts?” Medic Lurchesover prodded gently. “She is participating as best she can,” Embracesgladly replied quickly. “But she does resent needing help.” “Can you sound that that is actually a common human reaction?” Medic Lurchesover demanded with a particularly wide gesture of his dorsal appendages. “It does not seem to flow with reality,” Embracesgladly admitted as she felt the surface of a questionable patch. “I just am trying to swim towards my best efforts.” For several companionable moments they sorted the patches while Medic Lurchesover mulled over her half request-half observation. Finally he set down his patches. “Have you attention-attention-attention indefinitely?” he asked, emitting a rippling overtone along with the gestures. Embracesgladly set down her own patches and absorbed his meaning in stillness for several moments. “I am sorry,” she finally said. “I simply cannot sound how repeated attention touches is anything but a petty annoyance? Are you suggesting I overwhelm her biochemistry induces paranoia with genuine irritation adrenaline?” Medic Lurchesover rippled with amused understanding. “It is very confusing to us, I sound,” he gestured in soothing swoops. “You are wise to not simply try it on an emotionally compromised patient.” “She is my friend, not my patient,” Embracesgladly corrected him. “I have no medical training.” “Well!” Medic Lurchesover stated as he resumed his sorting. “Why don’t you go try it out on Human Friend John and see how he responds? That should clear the waters!” Embracesgently waved a speculative appendage cluster in the direction of the massive human who had shifted from a rhythmic to a stuttering and gurgling sound profile. “I am not a medic,” she gestured slowly, “but are there not issues of consent?” “Oh, John waived all those consent bits to help with the training,” Medic Lurchesover replied as he dropped a torn patch into the waste bin. “Isn’t he in the middle of a medical test?” she pressed. “That he failed hours ago,” Medic Lurchesover said. “You’ll be doing him a favor if you wake him. Remember to do the sound now.” Embracesgently wasn’t quite firm in the strokes of the thing, but waiving his medical consent to save time and help out did seem like something Human Friend John would do, even if it was, rather especially if it was of questionable legality. So she shuffled across to his slab and with some effort climbed up beside him. “You need to be on a flat surface,” Medic Lurchesover gestured. “Chest, back, or lap.” She obediently climbed up on Human Friend John’s wide ribcage, noting again the dark irregularities of scars that intersected his stripes at odd angles. “Like this?” she asked as she began gently tapping out the words for attention on the central bony structure that supported his internal frame. “Slower, and don’t forget the sound,” Medic Lurchesover instructed. Embracesgently slowed her gestured and tried to mimic the sound Medic Lurchesover had been making. It was rather difficult, especially out of water, though she found that if she pulsed the waves from her own surface down into the cavity of Human Friend John’s chest she got better results. As she expected Human Friend John woke at the attention. The sounds he was making cut off with a gurgle and his lights brightened as his eyelids flickered open. He spent several long moments blinking as his bifocal eyes brought the Undulate on his chest into resolution. Embracesgently continued the supposed soothing method, and despite Medic Lurchesover’s assurance was surprised to see the humans colors rippled as his tension dropped. His face finally stretched into a grin and one massive gripping appendage came up and patted Embracesgently in a soothing human greeting. “Daw!” the human rumbled out. “Someone’s makin biscuits!” His face split open in a cavernous yawn and he slumped back, now with contented light radiating out from his stripes. Embracesgently continued her actions until the dimming of his lights showed he was deeply asleep and then eased off the human and his slab. Medic Lurchesover looked rather smug from the set of his appendages but she could afford to be generous. If Human Friend Maria responded to the odd comfort gesture even an appendage as well as Human Friend John did they should begin the very next morning. Still one question was tickling her lagging appendages. “What are biscuits?” she asked Medic Lurchesover, “and how does this gesture resemble making them?”

Humans are Weird ​Book Series

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2023.05.29 20:31 AlbanianKek Do recent graduates usually move to find the right job?

I just graduated with my BBA and I’m pretty lost as to what to do. I work at a commercial property management company making $20 with no benefits. So I’m looking for something better and not really sure what direction to go in. I live in Northern Idaho and there’s not many good job prospects tbh. I feel like I may need to move at least to neighboring Spokane, perhaps even farther. What would you guys do if you were me?
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2023.05.29 19:11 Proletlariet Mirage TMNT

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"We are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… We strike hard and fade away… Into the night!"
Mutated in the sewers of New York City, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the sons of Hamato Splinter, raised to exact vengeance on the Shredder for murdering Splinter's master. Succeeding in the mission, the turtles are left to figure out what to do with the rest of their lives, fighting gangs, evil aliens, mystic monsters, and everything in-between while they do so.
Feats will be marked with the source.


Wielding two katanas, Leo is the field leader of the TMNT and the most committed to the ideals of the ninja
Full RT






Wielding dual sai, Raph is the most hotheaded of the TMNT, quick to anger and the most brutal of his brothers
Full RT






Wielding a bo staff, Don is the smartest of the TMNT, serving as the resident tech expert
Full RT






Wielding twin nunchucks, Mike is the most easygoing of the TMNT, providing a more laid-back and empathetic viewpoint to the team
Full RT





Shared Feats




Shared Gear

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2023.05.29 18:03 ChevChance Auto Renewal Status at SeaWorld, San Diego?

Can anyone update me about the status of cancelling SeaWorlds mandatory auto renewal? Is it still by phone only? I decided not to pull the trigger on a bunch of passes for me/my family after seeing the prominent auto renewal notice (presumably appeared after lawyers began collecting names for a class action against them - many users claimed the auto renewal was buried in small text ToS notices, and that they didn't get notification of a recharge beforehand, as required by California law).
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2023.05.29 17:54 Wraithgar Playing certain games freezes and then kicks me to the lock screen

Hey friends,
Recently when trying to play some games from steam, my mac has been locking up, and then kicks me to the lock screen. Upon logging back in, it acts like the machine restarted. Steam reopens, discord reopens, chrome says I shut down improperly. When it does kick me to the lock screen, it also looks like it removes my background to the more standard Macbook background and not my custom wallpaper.
This at first only happened in 1 game in particular, Stellaris, and only once the most recent DLC came out. Ironically, not during actual game play but when trying to build a custom empire and assign traits and make a flag.
Last night, I was playing Golf with Friends, and every time I'd get to the 3rd hole, freeze wait 30 seconds, and then kicked to the lock screen.
I have updated my Mac's OS so it says I have no more updates left, and I tried it on Stellaris and couldn't get through the empire creator still.
I think it's a RAM issue, but didn't know if anyone had any other thoughts.
Specs: Processor: 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X
MAC OS: Ventura 13.4
HD: 304.2/499 available.
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2023.05.29 16:13 Cloudraa U6-LR AP flapping up and down but works fine on home network

Hey guys,
I've recently started working with Ubiquiti stuff at work and it's been great! But I've ran into one issue with an AP for a customer that's been puzzling me and I can't seem to figure out the problem
I've got three U6-LRs wired into a Cisco switch and joined to a Dream Machine Pro. Two of them are doing fine but the one for the main floor of the building keeps flapping up and down, and I can't seem to figure out why. I tried a different cable, reset the AP a few times, and even tried wiring it up to a different switch but nothing seems to work - it keeps flapping up and then going offline every 3-5 minutes.
I thought it was dead but I adopted it to my home network and it works just fine. Only difference is that it's on an older cloud key instead of the Dream Machine. Anyone have any idea what the issue could be?
Thanks in advance for any tips :)
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2023.05.29 15:55 KnowWhatYouWrite What happens on an overseas base after a battle? Especially regarding memorials and funerals for fallen troops after a recent battle. (asking for a story)

I don't know where else to ask.
I am writing a fictional war that takes place in Eastern Europe, and most of the story takes place on a fictional joint base in Poland. After a series of battles during wintertime where many US troops died, I was wondering what would be the protocol after that. For example, heightened base security? Are severely injured troops flown to Germany, or what happens to them? How about funerals or memorial events for the fallen troops?
Here are 3 specific questions:
  1. What happens to wounded and rescued troops? One of my main characters who fought in the winter battles gets immediately flown to Germany on a MedEVAC by Airmen PJs, but maybe that's not how it works. After treatment and recovery, he probably wouldn't go back to the Poland base where he was stationed, and instead just get sent back to the stateside - correct me if I am wrong. I am also assuming he probably won't last long in the service with a missing limb and just get separated? I was hoping he can see the mass funeral or memorial of his fellow troops on the Poland base but it's fine if that's unlikely to happen.
  2. I am assuming that a joint base has multiple generals from multiple branches working together, correct me if I am wrong. Would an Army general have any sort of command over what Airmen or Marines do, for example, or will he just need to come up with a strategy with an USAF or USMC general for stuff like that? I have one specific General character that I follow throughout my story and I don't know what branch to make him. A lot of soldiers and Marines get killed in the battle, which weighs on his mind because he had to make choices that would risk their lives, so I am guessing something like an Army general would make more sense.
  3. I am writing a mass funeral or a memorial that happens on the base for the recent winter battles, but was thinking if it's fine to just designate Memorial Day for that scene? It's 5 months later from the battles, and I was wondering if an earlier memorial event would have happened after a battle like that. I first imagined the Polish locales around the base bringing a bunch of red poppies to the funeral/memorial events as a gift to commemorate the fallen troops, because the red poppy is the Polish national flower. But then it's just coincidental it also happens to be the symbol of fallen soldiers during Memorial Day, so I was thinking of just designating a memorial day event as the scene to flesh out in the story.
Thanks for reading and hope to get some insight on how to make my stories more realistic.
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2023.05.29 14:09 cold_herbs Choosing to start over is just a choice that we decide to make. It's the better pill we need to swallow to find God and His will for us in this world. i took my bitter pill 3 years ago and boy has it been crazy............

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