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The Circular Logic of Space Exploration

2023.06.07 01:26 normancrane The Circular Logic of Space Exploration

The Circular Logic of Space Exploration
Appleton rushed to scratch the message onto the back cover of a magazine lying face-down on a table near the telephone. Scratch—because the pen didn’t want to cooperate; the ballpoint stuck. Appleton’s fingers shook.
It was a prank, surely. The conversation had been recorded. He would end up on a website somewhere, the anonymous out-of-touch butt of some teenager’s joke.
Yet there was something in the quality of that voice, a voice that didn’t belong to any teenager, that forced the shapes of the letters through his wrist, onto the paper. Even as he felt the fool, he also felt the chronicler. The words could be historic.
The words: after a plain “hello” the voice had excused itself and muttered something about a wrong number and galactic interference. Then it had said, exactly, “No matter, you will have to do. My name is Charles R—and I am calling from Mars. First, record the date and time of this communication. Second, please bring it to the attention of one Mrs Mary Clare of 34 Wentworth St, Nottingham. Pass along also that I am doing fine and that, though food is scarce, I have had my fill, and that water is plenty once one digs past the red surface of things.”
That was all. Then the phone went dead. The connection had not been good to begin with, but there was no doubt about any of it. Nothing had been made up. There was no uncertainty.
Having written these five sentences, Appleton let go of the pen, wiped his forehead and retreated to the safety of his customary evening chair. It was a few minutes after six—his regular reading time—but Appleton gave no thought to books. Today, he sat silently in his chair until the clock struck seven. His neurons fired incessantly.
By eight, he had made up his mind: in the morning he would fly to Nottingham and personally deliver the message to Mary Clare.
There was only the slight problem of the wife.
She would arrive home tomorrow afternoon and find it empty. She would worry. Appleton’s greatest fear was that the wife would worry. She was of good breeding and delicate constitution, and worry might weaken her system enough to allow otherwise harmless bacteria to set up residence, which would lead to complications and eventually a prolonged bedridden death. He shuddered at the mere inkling. Right, he would have to compose a note: “My dear, I am off on a scholarly pursuit. Do not worry. I will return by Wednesday. Sincerely, your devoted husband.”
He folded the note and placed it on the dining room table. That, he realized, was more writing than he’d done since his tenure at Oxford. He felt productive again.

- - -

The plane skidded as it touched down, but the flight was otherwise without incident. Outside, grey clouds produced a cold mist that collected drops of water on the brim of Appleton’s hat as he waited by the terminal. Although no one could say so by looking at him, he was nervous.
He nearly misspoke while telling the driver the address. In the taxi, he caught himself rubbing his thumb compulsively against his forefinger like he hadn’t done since his rugby days.

- - -

The house at 34 Wentworth St was made of pale yellow brick. It was smaller and set farther from the road than neighbouring houses. A stone path led to the front door, on either side of which bloomed a well-kempt garden. Appleton walked the path slowly, cherishing the smell of wet flowers and realizing that over the last twelve hours he’d developed a particular mental image of Mary Clare. It was something like the opposite of the wife.
He stood for a few moments before the front door and deliberated whether to ring the electronic bell or use the bronze knocker. Eventually, he rapped his knuckles against the wood. A woman opened the door.
“Yes, hello,” said Appleton.
The woman looked suspiciously at his hands, but he wasn’t carrying anything except the back cover of the magazine on which he’d written the message from Mars.
“I’m not selling,” he said. “I’m looking for Mrs Mary Clare. I’ve been informed that she lives at this address. I have a message for her from Charles R—.”
“Did he send you, the scoundrel?”
Appleton blinked.
“Well did he or didn’t he, speak up. All these years and he can’t even come back to show his face, sends some other poor fool.” Her eyes studied Appleton’s hat. “Or maybe he’s dead. Maybe that’s what you come to tell me. Last of kin or some such.”
“No, Mrs Clare—“
“Simpson, but one and the same as you’re looking for.”
“Mrs Simpson.” Appleton fumbled the correction. He’d shoved one hand into a cloak pocket and was furiously rubbing his fingers together. “Yesterday evening I received a phone call. I wasn’t meant to receive it, you see, there was a mistake with the connection. The call was from Mr Charles R—. He asked that I deliver this message.”
Appleton read aloud what he’d written on the magazine cover.
The woman laughed and stomped her foot. She was in her sixties, Appleton realized. Sections of her hair were greying. The lines under her eyes were deep and permanent. Her laughter was not a joyous laughter.
She said, “Whatever trick it is you’re playing, and whoever you’re playing it with, I’m too old for it, you understand? The past is dead. Mr Charles R— is dead. And I deserve to be left to my own peace. Don’t come back here.”
But before she could close the door, Appleton put his hand on her shoulder. It was a soft shoulder. Appleton gasped. Never had he been so forward with a woman.
“Please, Mr Charles R— is not dead. I spoke to him. I heard his voice. I’m telling you the truth. He’s alive. He’s just on another planet. It’s utterly remarkable!”
Mrs Simpson looked at Appleton with suddenly sympathetic eyes and, even as she removed his hand from her shoulder, kept her voice calm:
“He’s dead to me.”
Appleton’s hand fell limply against the side of his cloak.
“There are certain things you do that, once you do them, their consequences are permanent. There is no pretending and there is no coming back. Take care now, Mister.”
With that, she shut the door.

- - -

Upon returning home, Appleton’s life returned to normal—at least in all superficial respects: he smiled to his wife, he kept to himself, and, at Six O’clock each evening, he retreated to his customary chair to read his customary books. The magazine cover on which he’d written the message from Charles R—, he placed in a private drawer in the desk in his study, underneath unfinished essays and research into particle acceleration and magnet engine propulsion and other old academic bric-a-brac.
For weeks, whilst trying unsuccessfully to locate more information about Charles R—, he kept the drawer unlocked. But, once he’d given up hope, he turned the key and, with one click, banished all thought of Mars from his mind.
Or at least that’s what Appleton intended. For there are certain neurons that, once they start firing, are impossible to stop. At most, they can be slowed—their work delayed. They are not obtrusive neurons: they do not prevent, say, smiling to one’s wife or reading customary books. But they are persistent and every so often they make the results of their operation known. This happens most-of-all at unexpected times, as, for instance, when Appleton, having bent to retrieve a particularly large pine cone from the grass, stood up with the complete schematic for the Magna-IV Engine before his eyes, or, upon having been asked by the local lady grocer for his opinion about a recent stretch of fair weather, replied, “My God, Ruthenium!”
Once such ideas made themselves known to Appleton, he began putting them to paper. Once they were on paper, he tasked other, more compliant, neurons with dividing and conquering any problems that the papers made apparent; and, once those had been solved, what else was there to do but gather the necessary materials and construct the first prototypes?
Appleton kept mum about this, of course. To his physicist colleagues, he was still at work on the same book he’d been working on for the last decade. He was still irrelevant. The wife, as long he smiled to her, suspected nothing. It was only his books that could have given him away—lying unopened on their shelves, their regular Six O’clock appointments long forgotten, their yellowing pages gathering dust—but books by themselves cannot speak. Appleton’s secret was safe.
Even as the project approached completion, not one soul suspected.
When launch-day finally dawned and Appleton, having composed a note to his wife indicating that he would be away until Wednesday on a scholarly pursuit, packed the pieces and prototypes into the back of a rented truck and drove to an old farmer’s field, from where he would blast off that very noon, the whole world was still naïve to the history that would soon be made.
In the field, Appleton worked diligently. He filled the shell of the rocket with each of the separate machines he had designed and constructed. He had a life support system, a navigation system, a communications system. He had propulsion. He had fuel. He had everything that was necessary. Nothing had been overlooked. As the sun rose, it rose on years of endless effort that, today, had physically and for the first time come together in the middle of such a previously insignificant English spot on Earth.
By Ten O’clock, the rocket was nearly complete. All that was left was the installation of the final ingenious detail: the captain’s seat: Appleton’s own customary evening chair.
That done, Appleton looked for one last time at the earthly sky, its thin clouds moving slightly across an orange sun, then climbed into the rocket and closed the hatch. The pneumatics sighed. The inside air was warm. As he set the navigation, every click and beep audible as if within his own skull, Appleton wondered what became of Mary Simpson. But just as it had come, the wonder passed. He confirmed his intended destination on the small liquid crystal display and took a deep breath.
The destination was unbelievable: Appleton felt feverish. He maneuvered into his chair and strapped himself in. Space was tight but he was not uncomfortable. Besides—he thrust a needle into a vein in his arm—he would be asleep for most of the journey. The sedative began to flow. He activated the countdown sequence. When he awoke, he would already be in Saturn’s orbit.

- - -

“Hello? Can you hear me?”
The communications equipment produced only a monotonous hiss punctuated by crackles. Appleton scratched his head. He’d programmed the system to link directly to the telephone in his home. The signal was strong enough. It should be working. He tried another connection.
This time, there was a faint click and the echo of a voice.
“Darling! It’s me. Please say something,” Appleton spoke into the receiver.
The voice wobbled.
“I hope you can hear me. I hope you haven’t been worrying. I hope I haven’t caused you harm. Please, darling, say something so that I know there isn’t a malfunction.”
The echoing voice suddenly came into rather clear focus. “Who is this? And do you want to speak with my mum?”
Appleton knew right away that it wasn’t the voice of the wife. In fact, it wasn’t even a female voice. It was the voice of a boy.
“My name is Appleton,” said Appleton. “I am attempting to contact the wife. Unfortunately, I may have miscalculated. Nonetheless, if you’d be a good lad and please make a note of the following: I am calling from Titan, which is the largest moon of the plane—
“Saturn, I know. I’m not stupid.”
Appleton cleared his throat and adjusted his headset. “Yes, that’s mighty good of you. As I was saying, I am on Titan, having only just arrived, you see. But the situation thus far appears manageable. I predict I shall make a fair go of living here.” He remembered his reason for calling. “Right, then, if you could tell as much to the wife, whom you will find living at 11 Golden Pheasant Lane in Beaconsfield, I would be much obliged. Her name is—“
The connection went dead. The communications system went offline. Try as Appleton might, no amount of banging, prodding and reprogramming ever brought it back.

- - -

Phil Jones replaced the telephone receiver.
“Who was that?” his mother asked.
Then disappeared down the hall without waiting for an answer.
Phil went back to the homework spread out on his bedroom floor, whose doing Appleton had interrupted. Geography lay beside history, which bordered an island of English. Phil tried all three subjects—cross his innocent heart, he did—but all at once the history was too boring, the English too imprecise and the geography too much pointless memorisation. He rubbed his eyes. Next year he’d be in high school. The homework would only get harder.
He typed the letters almost absent-mindedly into a Google image search.
The moon stared at him.
Somewhere inside his head, certain neurons were beginning to fire.
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2023.06.07 01:08 throwaway17377474728 Lack of productivity causing anxiety rashes

I (16F) recently finished a nursing program to get my CNA, and now that it is over I feel a huge rush of anxiety because I am not doing anything and being “unproductive”. I know it is summer and I have nothing to complete, but if I’m not doing something or preparing for something I get so anxious to the point I break out into hives. I’ve already applied for nursing home jobs, I take gymnastics 3 days a week (but ever since I switched gyms I never feel productive their ether), and I do dance once a week. I think it is because I know I’m graduating next and I don’t want to be unprepared for my future. What is this and how do I stop it.
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2023.06.07 01:02 Revolutionary-Hat-96 Another Montreal Street house fire🔥

There was a fatal Montreal Street housefire with fatalities in March 2023 and now we have a second one in June 2023.
When I was a student at Queens (2 part time programs in my 20-30s), I has access to their Student Health clinic for my healthcare. One time I had a nurse named Diane Nolting said she worked for KFL&A Public Health before being hired at Queen’s. She said part of the Swamp Ward/Inner Harbour history is that Rideau and Montreal St used to have shanties. No toilets, dirt floors, subsistence rentals.
These various ramshackle houses along Montreal Street are starting to remind me of that. 😱
Are some of them Rooming Houses? The possible safety and Fire Code standards of them appears questionable when I travel past (driving; bus).
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2023.06.07 00:55 HourWillow790 I think I screwed up my nursing school interview

I just went in for my pre nursing interview with my school. I practiced for weeks and did mock interviews. I don't know what happened. I was so nervous I started saying stupid things and I have no idea why I said them. I went to my car and cried for a couple of hours. My program interviews 50 people but only accepts 40 and I think I definitely am going to be at the bottom of the list. They somehow score the interview and require a 70% to even be considered. I have no idea how it's scored or what I made, but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't even get 70%.
I said a lot of things I think was dumb, but I think one of the worst was the very first interview when they asked if I was a team player or an individual. I said I was a team player, but then I got nervous and started to babble stupid things about how I struggled to work in groups because I lack the confidence to speak up and that I struggle with delegating tasks because I feel like asking for helps makes me lazy and selfish. I don't know why I did that and freaked out. I could have talked about my experience volunteering on teams or literally anything but the stupidity I said. And I think I screwed up when they asked how diversity could be incorporated in nursing. I said that I believed diverse people should be hired and we should focus on learning about other cultures and their needs. Then for some stupid reason I blurted out that nurses "shouldn't all look like me- young white women." I have no clue why that came out of my mouth. I don't think that was appropriate at all.
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2023.06.07 00:42 HourWillow790 I think I screwed up my nursing school interview

I just went in for my pre nursing interview with my school. I practiced for weeks and did mock interviews. I don't know what happened. I was so nervous I started saying stupid things and I have no idea why I said them. I went to my car and cried for a couple of hours. My program interviews 50 people but only accepts 40 and I think I definitely am going to be at the bottom of the list. They somehow score the interview and require a 70% to even be considered. I have no idea how it's scored or what I made, but I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't even get 70%.
I said a lot of things I think was dumb, but I think one of the worst was the very first interview when they asked if I was a team player or an individual. I said I was a team player, but then I got nervous and started to babble stupid things about how I struggled to work in groups because I lack the confidence to speak up and that I struggle with delegating tasks because I feel like asking for helps makes me lazy and selfish. I don't know why I did that and freaked out. I could have talked about my experience volunteering on teams or literally anything but the stupidity I said. And I think I screwed up when they asked how diversity could be incorporated in nursing. I said that I believed diverse people should be hired and we should focus on learning about other cultures and their needs. Then for some stupid reason I blurted out that nurses "shouldn't all look like me- young white women." I have no clue why that came out of my mouth. I don't think that was appropriate at all.
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2023.06.07 00:15 Blondeandbrilliant28 AITA for wanting my sister to skip school for my wedding?

Im (26) getting married in the fall and my sister (24) is one of my maids of honor, along with my other sister (21). I was just informed by my mom today that my sister will be most missing my shower, possibly part of my bachelorette, and my wedding ceremony at least, because she has to go to class that day.
She just started a new nursing track program that is super accelerated down to 10 months and they had told her that she can't miss a class or she might as well drop to the next track program that's 2 years. I find that to be impossible that she can't miss a day of class for my wedding day, a sick day, other obligation etc. I'm okay if she can't come to shower or bachelorette, but my actual wedding too??? She "might be able to come for the reception part" but she is a maid of honor. She should be there all day. She goes to school locally, lives at home, already paid tuition; it's not like she is taking a flight or missing an entire week of class or losing money by attending.
I love my sister and we have always been close but I'm upset and she doesn't seem to think she needs to try and ask for the day off class. I'm annoyed that not attending my wedding even crossed her mind as a possibility. Do I make her not a maid of honor? Do I suck it up? My mom thinks I am being unkind and that everything is fine because she will be there at the reception. She and I are at odds a lot through the process and has been insulting/demeaning and I think her saying that is another way to minimize me and my day. When I asked my sister about it she just made a cringe face and didn’t answer and changed the subject. My fiancé is also upset at the way my family has been handling our wedding process but I’m hesitant to offend since my parents are paying. So AITA for seemingly being the only one in my family wanting my sister to skip class and be at my wedding?
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2023.06.07 00:14 anxietybunnyhotdog Can I take an online LPN-rn bridge?

I’m starting PRAC in Canada in September. After two years I plan on getting my license so I’ll be an LPN. After that the plan is to take the “Rn-Bsn” bridge program (which is American) on “Post University”. This will take 12-24 months depending on how quickly you go. I am lucky enough to be able to do nothing but school online for a year without working if I wanted to. My mom will not charge me for rent as long as I am in college.
After I complete my Bsn I would take the NCLEX in Canada. So, this would take approximately 3-4 years (or, the length of taking a BSCN program where I live). However if I can finish my bsn online in one year, then that makes it 3 years. This is shorter than taking a BSCN program.
I don’t have experience with these decisions and I want to know if this is a good path I’ve carved out for myself. Like, is it possible for me to get my bsn on post university even though it’s American then take the Canadian NCLEX? I checked the website and it said that as a Canadian I can do this as long as I provide proof I am an LPN in my region.
I would bridge at a local college but it’s a total of 4 years after LPN so 6 years. 3 years is cutting that in half.
Post university is accredited by “CCNE, commission on collegiate nursing education”, and “ACEN, accreditation commission for education in nursing”
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2023.06.07 00:12 lunarfusedloki Random panic attack?

Lot to unpack on what happened today lol. I am in an accelerated bachelors of nursing program and I have anxiety/adhd. I’m used to having panic attacks where I cannot breathe or I begin to hyperventilate. During my lab today I started to get really hot/sweat profusely. I started to get dizzy/vision started blacking out as if I was about to pass out so I hurried to the bathroom; as soon as I got in there I was able to reorient myself/splash water on my face and felt fine. I went to the gym but I ate plenty today before lab. I have a patho test coming up this week that I could be stressed about but I was perfectly fine going in to lab. I was wondering if anyone else had these symptoms of a panic attack? They have never been this bad but I’m trying to rule it out before I assume it’s something worse. :/
TLDR; got really sweaty/dizzy/ vision started blacking out (felt fine after I left the room and splashed water on my face) and wondering if anyone has these signs as panic attack symptoms?
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2023.06.07 00:06 Significant-Wing-340 Applying to programs with 2.6 GPA

I am set to graduate this year with a Bachelors degree in an unrelated field. My college years have been really tough due to some personal struggles and my performance has not been the best. My undergrad GPA will probably be around 2.6 when I graduate. I kind of floated through college not really sure of my path. I think I needed those years to figure out what I actually wanted and I have recently had the realization that nursing is really what I want to do :) I don’t think an ABSN program is a good fit for my situation financially, and I’m not sure I could even get into one based on my academic performance. I want to get into a good ADN program at a cc nearby, but how can I make myself a competitive applicant? I’m stressed about my low gpa but I REALLY want this!
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2023.06.06 23:51 starchild992 Accepted into radiography program, should I disclose mental illness history?

I just got a physical done, in which the nurse told me to fill out my own medical history. It specifically asks about mental disorders/emotional instability. I'm unsure if I should put yes or no as I know there is a stigma about these things and I don't want to be kicked out. But will I get kicked out for falsifying information if I put "no?" My medical record states a history of "anxiety, depression, panic disorder, self-injurious behavior." It also states "substance abuse" because I used to smoke pot (eye roll). But I don't know if they will look at my medical record. I did have to sign some sort of release form at the enrollment meeting. I have been mentally stable for 5 years with no medication; my issues were purely situational. I got a near perfect score on my HESI exam and know I will do great in the program. What do I do? It's due in 2 months. Help!
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2023.06.06 23:40 Stye88 Do unto others...

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2023.06.06 23:28 Ok-Statistician-6553 I’m truly embarrassed and ashamed that I’ve gotten to this point

I got married earlier this year and because we had no help from either of our parents, we were left to pay for our wedding with our own money (which is totally fine, I’m not trying to complain just explaining the situation). I had saved about $20,000 that I ended up using to pay for my nursing program out of pocket. Looking back, I would’ve been better off using my life savings for our wedding and just getting a government student loan, but I can’t go back in time, and I can’t change things. From our wedding, I put the majority of it on our credit card, because I am just a nurse (i work in a pediatric cicu), I don’t make that much money. I now have about $25,000 in credit card debt. This truly is super embarrassing that I let it get this bad as a am typically very good with my money. I am wishing now that we would have just eloped but again, I can’t change the past. However, I am looking to possibly consolidate the credit card debt, or at least get a lower interest rate there’s something else. After doing some research, the “national debt relief“ website looks like it may be a good option, but I want to get some other peoples input into this. My goal is to have the credit card debt paid off by the end of 2024. Does anyone have any insight to this or any other suggestions? I’ve been picking up 1 to 2 extras per week (working 56 hours a week with dying kids which isn’t ideal) to start paying down the credit card debt but I’m still interested in getting a third-party involved to help. Any suggestions? I also just want to mention that I’ve cut down all of my bills as much as I can, but with the cost of living and the prices of things skyrocketing, it’s not like I can go without food or gas to get me to work so I don’t need any suggestions about cutting my bills down! Just some insight as to a third-party I can get involved to help consolidate and get a lower interest rate! Thanks!!!
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2023.06.06 23:19 Ok-Decision833 Need advice. Applying daily and sending resumes to 100+ companies. No interviews. What's wrong?

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2023.06.06 23:07 MaryBurke333 ugpa 2.6 masters gpa 4.0 will i get screened out because of my ugpa?

I graduated undergrad with a 2.6 gpa. I was dealing with severe depression for a good portion of my undergrad years after the loss of a couple family members which had a big effect on my academic performance. I did take a 1 year accelerated biological science m.s. program after i graduated and got a 4.0. But I'm worried that I'll still get screened out by dental schools with my ugpa. Should I take some community college classes to bring my undergrad to a 3.0 or is it not necessary?
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2023.06.06 22:42 norcalnatv BofA tech session on gaming (06-06-23)

Jeff Fisher, SVP/GM gaming
PC Gaming growing, 2019-2022 added 100M users, most important entertainment media today. Consumer PCs were flat during this time, GeForce had 1.4x sell through, revenue growing at 20% CAGR
Installed base 44% on RTX (56% to upgrade), avg user upgrades every 3-3.5 yrs, generally replacing with a ~$300 more expensive card.
RTX, Ray Tracing/DLSS key differentiators. 400+ apps enabled.
Microsoft and Nvidia have partnered to develop a new AI framework MS will be embedding into Windows. This provides a common programing interface and will allow "AI Acceleration" on other devices like CPUs. This framework will allow functions like background noise removal, background blur, and eye direction correction in Zoom-like video exchanges. (Background here: Nvidia developed these noise, blur, eye correction techniques in 2018/19 and productized them for RTX only platforms years ago -- now they are "giving them" to the industry so other tech companies can enjoy and expand the AI ecosystem.)
ACE for games is a huge new feature (will only run on Nvidia GPUs for the near-mid term). ACE utilizes existing Nvidia AI frameworks (Riva for speach, NeMo for LLM/chat, and Omniverse for audio to speech animation) to bring real time interactivity to characters via generative AI in next generation games. It will bring a whole new gaming experience to users and again expand Nvidia's footprint in AI.
Bottom line: Nvidia continues to raise the bar on performance and to add new features to ward off competition. ACE is an example I doubt will run on competitive GPUs for some number of years. This is exactly how Nvidia keeps the competition at bay in both gaming and Data Center: They cannibalize their own differentiators, raise performance, and identify new value-add features for consecutive generations, rinse and repeat. When competitors catch up, Nvidia has already moved ahead but only after capturing the lion's share of margin dollars.
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2023.06.06 22:24 TommyTummie1999 DUI court date

Hello, I got involved in DUI crash no injury at the beginning of April got court date on May 4th then got moved to May 30th then moved again but no new court date yet. The lawyer said there is no news from the DA yet. I am already accept my fault and I am ready for the consequences so I just want to get everything over and start going on the Diversion program. Do you guys know what the reason for the court to keep getting pushed back? Anything I can do during the waiting time? Any estimate for the court date? I’m in Portland Oregon btw. Thank you so much!
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2023.06.06 22:17 CactusHuggerInCali Public Health Girlie Looking for College Reccs!!

Hi I'm a rising senior from central California looking for colleges with strong undergraduate programs in Public Health or related fields. I've also considered nursing as an alternative path though that’s a whole other thing altogether. Here's a little background information about me:
Academics: -Current GPA: Approximately 3.6-3.8 (exact GPA to be determined once final grades are available though my district calculates things weird) -Graduating with associates next year
Extracurriculars: -Volunteering at church and other church activities for like 6ish years -orchestra since like 4th grade lol with participation in honor orchestra and smaller ensembles and gigs (am considering playing music in college as I really love the viola) -Latina youth leadership program since sophomore year -Academic decathlon since freshman year -internship with my city last summer -nonprofit internship this summer!! -small internship with online indie magazine (probably won’t list this & unsure about my other internships lol)
Preferences: Honestly I’m not too picky; and just seeking colleges that are less selective, but open to considering some competitive options as well. I’ve already researched the UC's and CSU's I’m interested in applying to (thank goodness for fee waivers I’m applying to 4 of each) but am kind of stuck on where else I should apply minus a couple of schools I’ve heard about like Baylor and Emory :) To be completely honest I’m not really stressing about the college application process since my local CSU accepts pretty much all local students with a qualifying GPA and I’d be totally cool going there and saving my dough, but I don’t want to limit myself! I’m open to any regions really and want to add that I’m Latina if that counts for anything when recommending colleges . Any recommendations will be appreciated and feel free to ask me for any clarifications!!
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.06 22:02 jdjdjdjsssfndjd Advice: Which university should I go to if I am pursuing nursing?

I don’t know which university I should go to I have accepted my offer from TMU nursing but recently I just received an offer for McMaster Mohawk nursing program its a collaborative program. Well I’m thinking of accepting the McMaster offer as it is closer to home as I reside Hamilton and because of the rankings online of their nursing program. Based on my choices in OUAC I had the Mohawk McMaster program 2nd and the TMU nursing 3rd. Should I go to McMaster instead? Because I personally don’t know which is better. Thanks 🙏
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2023.06.06 21:44 Flaky_Incident2024 Canadian looking into ABSN programs in America

I am a Canadian Arts graduate who wants to get into nursing. ABSN programs in Canada are 2 years and it feels like that is very long. I am trying to look into ABSN programs in the States. Any help is appreciated. Is it worth the extra fees and get out earlier? where do I start looking? Thanks in advance for all the feedback.
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2023.06.06 21:33 Loose-Sky2537 BScNursing vs biochem - thoughts?

Hey everyone;
I’m a returning UBCO student, I completed my first year with a specialization in biochemistry, the workload was definitely heavy and the content was challenging but I’ve decided to switch to nursing. I plan on being a medical aesthetician and I would like to earn the degree. I was wondering if anyone could give me some input on the nursing program because I have no idea what to expect. Will there be lots of labs like biochem? Is the workload heavy, and the most important question is how enjoyable is the program? Do you think I would enjoy it more than biochem?
Thanks 🙏
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2023.06.06 21:31 BigUwuBaby Over 400 applications, no interviews. New grad in US looking for SWE roles, been freelancing/contracting for the past year. What am I doing wrong? I have 2 versions - please help, any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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2023.06.06 21:30 Jessiej0615 Good pop up!

Good pop up!
I can’t believe it! Still feels surreal but this is the longest 48 hrs of my life
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