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This subreddit is dedicated to the world's best Pizza Making & delivery Fauj 'The PapaJohnFauj' and the Greatest and only Industrial Military Complex, FaujiEnterprises, specializing in Food and Fertilizer processing and Logistics. We do everything except fight wars, where our record is 0 - 4 and the only fauj with largest surrender in the History of all wars. We are PapaJohnFauj

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News, articles and discussions regarding British TV shows, film and stand-up.

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A subreddit for the sport of powerlifting

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2023.06.03 07:40 ThrowRA728946 Girlfriend (28f) doesn't want me (32m) to take a job because she might not be able to come on work trips.

Five years together.
She's always had a thing about making sure she is included for everything. Something about "couples do things together" and "she's always been left out so she's sensitive to it." Since we've been together, I've never seen a friend or family member alone, never really had a day out. The most adventure I've had by myself is going to the drive-through. Everything else involves her.
So, I have an interview with a place on Monday. Part of the job involves traveling. I'm not sure how much, I'd have to ask, but we were talking about that part and she said "we won't be able to do that once I'm working." I wasn't exactly surprised that she said this, and I said "I could just go on them when you're working." She was simply aghast at me suggesting that and said she wasn't okay with it. I kept asking why it bothered her and she just kept saying "because it does." Eventually she snapped and said "your disability, mental health, and my comfort." My disability is under control, but she always wants to be there with me whenever I'm gone just in case it flares up. I asked whose mental health she was talking about, and she said both of ours. She wants to be there in case I have a meltdown so she can comfort me. And, her comfort is the fact she doesn't want to be alone. She has asked for me not to get night jobs either because she likes falling asleep next to me.
I feel like she has determined she is my obligate babysitter and "I'm worried what would happen if I wasn't there" is the perfect excuse for her to tag along when I wanted to do something solo.
She ended the conversation by trying to be encouraging and saying there are tons of other jobs in the area.
I really need a job but I feel like there's always a reason she doesn't want me to take one. Do I just need to infinitely get interviews and not go? Do I need to put my foot down?
tl;dr girlfriend doesn't want me to take a job because she might not get to come on work trips and can't tolerate being away from me.
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2023.06.03 07:40 Similar-Winner1226 Upset/scared and need to vent

Hi! I am not having a good time.
TL;DR: everyone I talk to about my symptoms treats me like a hypochondriac, so I'm forced to deal with scary symptoms by myself (and am currently). Extremely upset and scared this is my life now.
I have hEDS and highly suspect MCAS (basically very, very easy allergic reactions, common comorbidity to EDS). An hour and a half ago, the left side of my face started to swell slightly and my lips got kinda itchy. Over the next hour (took benadryl 20 minutes in), it slowly spread down my neck and my fingertips, oddly enough. It's starting to go away fortunately but I am still scared. I had CT contrast with iodine yesterday and read that it can cause delayed reactions, so I have a legitimate reason to be concerned.
I try my best to calm myself down during this because strong emotions, especially anxiety, tend to make my symptoms worse or even trigger them by themselves. I don't have anyone to talk to. I live with my parents, they're in bed so I texted my mom. She left me on freaking read. My best friend doesn't respond. I have no one else.
These symptoms are freaking terrifying when they're happening and people are acting like I'm doing it for attention or they think I'm just anxious or a hypochondriac. So I have to try and calm myself down and it's just really hard a lot of the time. I feel like I'm completely alone and also that if I genuinely go into anaphylaxis one day, which is a serious, very real risk with MCAS, that no one will take me seriously and I could get hurt.
I'm so incredibly sick of people getting mad at me for being sick. I didn't freaking choose this. I hate it, actually. I am 20 and disabled. I'm scared for my future. I'm scared that this will be my life now. I'm scared that no one will want me because 1, I am autistic and can't socialize for the life of me, I'm extremely awkward and struggle with social cues. And 2, that no one will want to put up with me and my health issues.
I am mostly homebound and haven't made any new friends since 10th grade. I had a friend group in 9-10th grade but there was a fallout and I had no friends the other half of high school. My best friend is from 8tn grade. I also often struggle to respond to texts in a timely manner because executive dysfunction, which absolutely does not help.
I just needed to vent, as I quite literally have no to talk to right now. I definitely cried while writing this lol. I need to look into therapy but I'm emotionally spent right now. I appreciate the safe space. Thanks if you read this far.
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2023.06.03 07:40 code_hunter_cc Forward Headers not working in Spring Boot + Kubernetes



I recently migrated my Spring app to Spring Boot (w/ embedded Tomcat), and I am currently moving it into Kubernetes. As a part of the move into Kubernetes, I am separating out the Apache config into its own service and deployment in Kubernetes to act as a proxy for my Spring Boot app.
My current setup is Apache with a LoadBalancer service that accepts requests from the world. This takes those requests and forwards them to my Spring Boot app, which has a ClusterIP service.
Also important to note: my Apache redirects all http to https.


Whenever my Spring Boot app returns a redirect to the client, the location header in the response is http instead of https (only requests made over https will get through the Apache proxy to my app).
Non-logged in user goes to: If not authenticated, the admin page will redirect the user to the login page. This SHOULD be one redirect to: However, as is, my app redirects the user to: And then the user is redirected again by Apache to:

What I've Tried

I've checked my logs to make sure that the requests my app receives include the X-Forwarded-Proto: https header, which from what I understand should make the location header in the redirect response https.
As mentioned in several Stack Overflow posts, I tried adding server.use-forward-headers=true to my file, but this did nothing. I also tried adding server.tomcat.protocol-header=X-Forwarded-Proto with it, but this did nothing as well (and from what I read, is the default anyway).

Other Notes

Answer link :
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2023.06.03 07:39 eternalK3nshin Analyzing and learning from replays on stream

Im streaming on my twitch Since its Saturday its replay watching day, probably will play 1/2 games later. Im a 5.2k mmr player who mainly plays pos3 but also played lots of pos 1 and pos5 and still continues to play them. If you want me to take a look at your replays or just want to chill around come over and say hello :)
Also I have a discord server which you can join to reach me anytime. Asking questions and backseating is totally allowed. Be an average human in the chatbox thank you.
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2023.06.03 07:39 Downtown-Pool320 MB Steel Legend b450 stopped recognizing XPG S40G 2TB NVMe

Hey guys, hope someone can help and sorry if there is already a answer for that, but I've just got a XPG SSD S40G 2TB NVMe and installed on my ASRock b450 Steel Legend, on the Ultra M.2 slot.
All good at first, I partitioned the SSD, made a backup, formatted and installed Windows 11 on it, all smoothie. However after the first reboot my BIOS started to take long loading time and the HDD Light was on all the time, and finally the message saying that no boot was found.
When a access the BIOS, the NVMe doesn't show up, and when trying to reinstall Windows it doesn't appear as a partition anymore.
Any ideas?
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2023.06.03 07:38 Sable-Keech WI: Alternate Outcome

Formation path is the path that encompasses all other paths. In a way, it is sort of like Heaven path. The advantage of Formation path is of course formations, which allow the Gu Master to fight quality with quantity, using lower ranked Gu to create powerful formations and Gu Houses that can match higher ranked Gu.
The main advantage that Formation path experts have is that they can use the natural Dao marks in the environment to create formations. Technically, all paths can do this as long as they reach great grandmaster attainment, but Formation path can do it at just grandmaster level. And when they reach great grandmaster level, they can create immortal formations with mortal Gu and natural Dao marks.
Now imagine a Formation path venerable. Venerables are already capable of refining the natural Dao marks in the environment. Imagine what a Formation path Dao Lord could do. Perhaps instead of mass producing rank 9 Gu, FY mass produces Secluded Domains of Heaven & Earth?
The biggest change I can see would be the fact that Crazed Demon Cave is a formation. By becoming a Formation path Venerable whilst inside Crazed Demon Cave, FY would instantly obtain enormous fighting strength by taking over the formation and using it against Giant Sun and Star Constellation. He might even succeed in killing them both.
What do you think would be different? And what would FY’s demon venerable title be?
His immortal venerable title stays the same of course. 😀
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2023.06.03 07:38 girllllllllplz Kelly Keegs

I’m posting this here because I don’t know where else to, but does anyone else think that if Keegs had a podcast with a strong sense of direction and respectable cohost(s) she would absolutely take off? She is so funny and well spoken and her episodes on CITO are some of my favorites! I wish one of the CITO girls would do a second show with her with a specific niche so it didn’t crossover too much into what CITO already is. Because We Got High had so much potential, and On the Other Line really was starting to gain traction with me, and I hope she finds another show like that soon!! Love her so much!!!
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2023.06.03 07:38 lostgirl3000 How to stop having hope my ex will take me back? 22F 24M

The title kinda says the bulk of it, but l’ll give some context. I (22F) was with my ex (24M) for 9 months and throughout our relationship, I made a lot of bad decisions. These poor decisions include things like cheating, crossing boundaries, and lashing out at him. Pretty much, I was a terrible girlfriend. He finally broke up with me after I had another guy over my house and let him spend the night in my bed. This isn’t even the worst thing I’ve done but it was kinda like the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Now, he is completely done with me. He’s still very friendly to me- because he’s just that nice of a guy- and he still spends time with me every now and then, but he’s made it very clear that he does not want to be me with romantically in any way. I keep being annoying and asking him what I can do for him to take me back and he keeps telling me there’s nothing I can do - that he simply does not want to be in a relationship with me, or anyone.
For some reason, I just can’t get this idea that if I show him I’m trying my best to be better, that he’ll take me back. It’s really doing more harm than good for me, to be honest. I just can’t let go of him, so I asked him tonight- I said “do you think I should just give up?”, to be which he told me simply “yes”.
Now, I don’t want it to sound like he’s being heartless or cold towards me. He keeps apologizing for hurting me and that there’s nothing he wants from me but for me to be happy. I’m just conflicted. I know I did a lot of fucked up stuff and that I don’t deserve another chance, but why do I keep feeling like he just needs time? How do I lose all hope and finally let him be? I’ve genuinely been trying not to have feelings for him and to not have hope that we’ll get back together. I’m constantly telling myself “he does not want to be with you” so I can just get it through my thick skull! I feel like my hope is what’s hurting me the most, right? If I could just accept that he will never take me back then I could just heal and move on, but I can’t because I keep convincing myself that he’ll eventually take me back.
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2023.06.03 07:38 exiledfromreality Do I get two rewards? Uh, sure, we already combined them...

TL/DR...placed on 2 lists for reading score increase/math score increase, only given one reward, told it was double what everyone else got when it was a 25 dollar gift card.
So, I am a fifth grade teacher. We have an assessment that we give in several sections 3 times per year...reading and math...honestly takes a full hour to hour and a half over 2 weeks to administer per child...not a big deal, just another thing to plan in the day.
It shows growth in math computation skills, math concepts, and various reading comprehension skills.
Yesterday, we got an email that the top 4 in the school (27 teachers, k-5) in both reading and math would geta prize...Lo and behold, I am second in the school in math! Cha ching...a candy bar for me...oh...wait! I'm FOURTH in reading...TWO candy bars! (BTW, the three classes that beat me in reading growth were ALL kindergarten...those hard...)
An hour into the school day, the AP comes into the room...Congrats, here is your is a $25 gift card for Bezos's enrichment! Hey wait, you had 8 rewards and I won two spots. Don't I get two?
No, uhm...they are already combined...OK, weird that the other winners got $12.50...I will believe that when the GOP prioritizes education in the inner city over capital gains taxes...
Later in the day, I go to the teacher and her co teacher (lots of IEPs) and congratulate them...they congratulate me...did you get your gift card?
Yup...25 smackers...
We got FIFTY! 25 each!
(Now, consider that there are two of them and they are in the second year with the same kids (they moved up with them) and they only beat me by 1%, (31% to 30%) well...did they REALLY do better than me...NOPE)
(sorry, moment of weakness) Seriously, I love this teaching duo. I've only been in this school a year and I've taught (way) in the past, but they are my mentors at this new place...If the AP had said only one card per winner, I would have replied...haha that sucks but OK....If the AP had said 'we had 8 cards and the winning class had two teachers so we thought it would be nice to give your second card to the SPED teacher' I would have FULLY supported that decision.
But this guy, who is ten years younger than me and an AP, expected me to believe that they bought 6 cards worth $12.50 and ONE card worth $25 because he was unsure that a 52 year old white man who CHOOSES to teach in the inner city would begrudge another teacher a 25 dollar gift card.
Is it petty? Yes. But I don't begrudge the card. I begrudge the LIE.
The pattern here is to treat me like I am an idiot, when my 27 fifth graders showed the most overall growth in the whole damn school...I don't care about the money, but read the room when you choose to lie.
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2023.06.03 07:38 Nailzqueenz- I don’t know where to begin.

I’m twenty one, adopted and have FASD (it’s very mild). I moved out of my parents’ place this past summer. I couldn’t take it anymore. Mom was making me do my own laundry then basically punishing me for doing my own laundry. As well I was i trouble for not doing dishes and while in college my life was quite busy. I would get up with 15 minutes before we would head to school, get dressed, clean my nails supplies, then after it was out the door. My responsibility was for the breakfast dishes even though I didn’t eat breakfast. Then it was off to school at 9am to 4:30 followed by work at 5:00 to 10:00. Then home by 10:15 or 11 depending on if I walked or got a ride. Then I was forced to do all of the dishes from the day if they weren’t done at breakfast. I wouldn’t be allowed to eat till they where done, wasn’t allowed to eat in my room, and wasn’t allowed to eat after midnight. Often times I would end up starving myself accidentally through the day. Come home hungry and have a crap load of dishes to do. Access leftovers and get in trouble for eating due to the time and that I didn’t ask for leftovers. Once my sister was kicked out mom kept telling me I was ruining our family in a sick sweet innocent voice. I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t take not being allowed food, having my privacy invaded/violated, having phone inspections, no internet access, being forced to do dishes in that insane manor and the emotional abuse. Then I made the stupid decision to give my parent keys, they came into my apartment without my permission and decided to take photos, show them to the humane society and get my cat taken away. They are spreading rumours around church I am sleeping around, they say college isn’t on Sundays or Saturdays and basically think I am lying to them and others. They actually are at the point that they go up to random people and say “o I am so sorry our daughter lied to you. This is the truth.” I literally can’t freaking take it anymore. I think the worst part is my dad is a Pastor.
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2023.06.03 07:38 Proud-Ad5193 Y'all should be assassinating Bezos or Some Shit

As the 2024 Presidential Election Approaches, it's become painfully obvious all that's been accomplished these past few years is considering holding Trump accountable for his numerous felonies. All the while, the working class is getting fucked even more. They were getting fucked long before Trump even considered getting into politics, today it defies reason. The Democrats were handed the Federal Government Post Trump, and have done absolutely nothing. I don't care what opposition the Republicans presented them with, their accomplishments, considering how messed up everything is, are laughable. The system is broken, writing your local representative does fuck all. We gotta start taking this a lot more seriously, or leave the country because the only future I see at this point is things getting a lot worse.
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2023.06.03 07:37 Life_Acanthocephala9 Humans in videogames

Yo I’ve been sayin this for yrs why are the humans always weak or helpless or stupid
the humans in Diablo and the humans in darksiders are the same
angels and demons everywhere but human can’t do anything but at the same time insist that humans are integral to the balance what balance if we are always being slaughtered to near extinction in every game what was our purpose then??? To die…
think about anu the god of Diablo died trying to cast evil from himself and then fight that evil and it destroyed him no sooner than he decided to come into existence
So then we keep fighting all these different iterations of Diablo but anu never returns??? None of it makes sense we are slaughtering demons for the helluva it at this point
Same thing goes for darksiders why was the charred council so worried about upsetting the balance because in reality the charred council the demons and the angels feared the humans but also thought they were integral to the balance and when u try to google what role were the humans supposed to fulfill it simply says we were supposed to fight we as in the kingdom of man was supposed to go to war with the 1st and 2nd kingdom heaven and hell on equal ground and whoever won was supposed to rule over all of creation but again they feared what man could do and destroyed us before we even got a chance
In both games humans got obliterated out of fear of what we might become
And so it begs the question what is the purpose of playing a human how cool would it have been to get to play as a human with John Constantine type powers (speak the spell … spell happens) would we have had in a world where let’s say we also have flight like super man no eye lasers no frost breath no super speed no super strength we are still human and can die but we can fly add in being able to conjure armor crysis videogame style stay with me we’re still human just casting spells of divinity now
Throw those humans into the world of Diablo and darksiders but we are fighting attack on titan giants called nephilim instead of the Diablo and darksiders versions of nephilim which is crazy because in both Diablo and darksiders we play as human sized nephilim not as humans… see what I mean we humans are always portrayed as the weaklings so weak we have to become nephilim to beat both games
But anyways in this game humans are fighting against titans angels demons and humans who have chosen masters it would be a fucking smash bros brawl for creation with the victor ruling over it all
That would have been a better game to me than what we got with Diablo and darksiders
I like both darksiders and Diablo my fav darksiders is the 1st one and my fav character was fury in Diablo I don’t care about any of the characters I always want to play as Tyreal the archangel of Justice the aspect of can’t do Nuffin lol
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2023.06.03 07:37 RNRS001 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: Council Skies review – not enough irresistible everyman anthems

The Guardian 2/5
The ex-Oasis man’s new album has hints of psychedelia and Easy Now is great but there aren’t enough big galumphing choruses to bellow into the night
Rachel Aroesti
Fri 2 Jun 2023 05.00 EDT
With Blur about to release a new album and Pulp’s return taking the form of a bustling summer gig schedule, all we need to make 2023 the return of the Britpop Big Three is an Oasis reunion. Alas, with Liam and Noel still scrapping, lately via the mediums of talkSPORT and Twitter, it looks like the closest we’ll get is another High Flying Birds record. Which is, admittedly, quite far. If the Gallaghers did miraculously patch things up at short notice, Noel’s solo project already has the perfect comeback track: Easy Now, the centrepiece of the outfit’s fourth album, is a vintage patchwork of lump-in-throat melodies, sleazy riffs, sentimental lyrics and a big galumphing chorus just begging to be bellowed into the cold black night.
The rest of Council Skies – a title Noel nicked from a book by his mate, the artist Pete McKee – is less moreishly nostalgic. The title track is a tinny, chugging slice of 00s indie that seems to go out of its way to produce as generic lyrics as possible (“Cause life is unpredictable / You can win or lose it all”) and although there are a few nods to the bright psychedelia and good-time glam of the band’s previous album, Who Built the Moon?, there is also much greying meat-and-two-veg guitar pop, which occasionally veers into old-man gentleness (see: the actually rather Blur-ish Dead to the World). Despite a handful of the elder Gallagher’s irresistible everyman anthems, much of Council Skies is unambitious and generic to the point of tedium.
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2023.06.03 07:37 southbeachboy I love how I look

Ok… so this is not a humble brag. It’s a brag brag. I love how I look in photos. I love how I’m the smallest one. I love that I’m the thinnest. I am terrified I’ll one day not be the tiniest. I’m terrified I’ll gain weight and be big. I feel so much better being the smallest. No one else cares, but I do. It makes me happy. But…. I’m constantly ravenously hungry. I know this isn’t good for me. But I feel so good…. I just keep telling myself not to take it to the point of hospitalization. I just have to keep myself healthy enough to not be hospitalized. I’m not even sure if this post is allowed but I feel good today. I’m pretty happy with my photos today tbh. But I’m the smallest. What if I gain… what if I eat normal. Will no one like me??? Probably. No one likes me for my personality that’s for sure.
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2023.06.03 07:37 Jealous_Culture_623 HELP! Need a plumber, now!

I have a shower with a very calcified valve. The whole handle outside the trim plate seized up and one of the kids gave it a good twist to make sure it was off. You can probably guess. Snap, goooooosh.
I have the water shut off to the house now, but need this repaired asap. It's just me the Dad, and 3 daughters and my wife and her sister. (That's 5 ladies) And we can't flush a toilet without reactivating the geyser.
I'm at 423 and Panther Creek. I think most of the hardware and trim is salvagable, just need the valve replaced. Would like to get started Sat morning if possible. Also thanks in advance for not taking me to the cleaners.
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2023.06.03 07:37 Ok_Ice3149 Kinda heavy and please don’t hold back

So I fucked up pretty fuckign bad,I’m sorry for the bad grammar and english.
So my girlfriend and I broke up today and an ongoing thing is her depression and I know that’s she wanted to cut everyone off in a month and eventually me as well (we broke but agreed it was like for the best of us and we would still talk for a bit). As we were breaking up, she said she would kill herself after graduation (which is when she would cut eveyrone off too) and I panicked and O lashed out saying that i would call her sister and tell her about this so she can keep an eye on her. I said this because she would cut me off first before attempting, so I can’t reallly do anything about it and that destroyed everything, she hates me now, i’m fully cut off, and well idk what to do.
It’s been a bit since it happened and after arguing with her a bit, i realized that was not the move and I regret it so much now, i just wanted her to be safe but when she said “why can’t you find peace in knowing i’m resting finally” broke me, it hurts to think about how much I have fucked up, I can’t talk anyone about this and idk what to do anymore. I lost her trust and well i completely lost her. It’s too late to say anything, and idk I’m so confused and regretful. It was an implusive thing as she said she would kill herself and I don’t want to take any risk in that but now i realized i was being selfish in wanting her to live and try to like recover when she might not want to and I’m just dragging.
I guess I just want to know what I should do. I feel so lost
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2023.06.03 07:36 Po0pybUm Fears over lowering sertraline

I have decided I want to lower my sertraline to 25mg and eventually wean off it due to weird panic attacks I started getting after taking the drug whenever under stress. The problem is despite the panic attacks it has really made me a more confident person, after lots of metal and physical abuse as a kid I could never just be myself, but since taking this stuff I can. The problem is I am so scared about going back to the way I used to be. Does anyone have any experience or advice, I really could do with it right now...thank you
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2023.06.03 07:36 samkoesnadi Difference between my 2023 journal and the 2022's one: first principles and the bad thing about intuition

I was pretty surprised to find out that the 2022 journal is pretty similar to what I recently found out this year. Well, should have probably read the 2022 journal more haha. Then, I started to contemplate what are the differences between my 2023 concept and the 2022 one. And why I keep on repeating myself.
I think in 2023, I find a new higher-level thinking principle called first principles and the separation between human intuition and logical reasoning (intellect). These two honestly make all of the concepts more applicable to more situations. Before, I think my brain actually works on a case-by-case basis, meaning if I learn the concept in situation A, then when I encounter situation B, though it is actually similar, I will not notice. Or when I notice some differences that do not actually exist.

First principles

Everything should be thought thoroughly to its most fundamental components. What is fundamental component, you may ask? This is the "thought" component that you can accept sincerely with a high level of confidence. This helps you even fix your intuition in solving a particular problem, or even focus on what is important.
For example, I want to go from point A to point B. I have been going this route by walking for quite some time. When I take the car, the most optimized route can actually be different. Some roads are more suitable for walking than by car. But intuition may tell us just to do things similarly as if we are walking, which is wrong. The quickest for each situation can actually be derived simply just thinking and visualizing the situation and possible solution.
Another example with a different perspective: say that we have two situations A and B. Both of these situations can actually be derived from several common "thought" components. However, if we do not try to think of it this way, we might miss these components and naturally think that both are just different situations. "First principles" tries to find these components out.

Intuition vs logical reasoning (intellect)

Intuition is a decision or solution we come up with very quickly without thinking long about a particular problem. It is insanely quick but insanely stupid! The accuracy is low. Well, yes you can be right. But the probability of being wrong in even the slightest difference of a circumstance is just not worth it. Worst of all, intuition affects us psychologically. We can then be wrong about a particular solution and be sad because of it. Logical reasoning, on the other hand, is much slower, and requires first principles to think. Thus, just taking up a lot of energy. But, man oh man, the accuracy is high. Even if we do not know the solution to a specific problem, we will be aware of what kind of information we do not know yet and what needs to be learned still. This increases the effectiveness of learning in the long term. IT IS UTTERLY A BEAUTIFUL WAY OF LEARNING. Well, it is also the source of the concept of "confusing".
In conclusion, just think bro, and not just feel haha.
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2023.06.03 07:36 Dependent-Mission999 “Pro-lifer” thinks it’s ok to genocide a peaceful extraterrestrial species

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2023.06.03 07:36 Current_Rush1 Research Study

You are invited to participate in a survey that will be recorded and used for a student research project. The point of this study is to understand if infidelity causes long-lasting psychological health struggles. You will be asked to answer all questions on the survey which will take about 5-7 minutes. One requirement for this survey is that the participant's infidelity must have occurred over 1 or more years prior to this survey. The study has minimal risk, such as some participants may feel anxious reflecting on their experiences. Participation is entirely voluntary participants may discontinue at any time. All information gathered will be stored anonymously, information will only be presented in summary form. If you have any questions about this study, please feel free to ask.
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