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2020.12.18 00:38 RalphyStevens DeliEtiquette

This community is dedicated to properly showing people how to go about entering a Deli, more specifically Deli’s in the Tri-state area of the USA. This will be a Do’s and Don’ts guide when interacting with employees as well as understanding the unspoken rules at your local deli.

2023.06.09 09:30 Asleep-Childhood-471 How to Maximize the Efficiency and Revenue of Ice Cream Shop?

How to Maximize the Efficiency and Revenue of Ice Cream Shop?
Ice cream shops must use fresh ingredients to ensure the visitors that it’s fresh and different flavours should be available at your ice cream parlour Many of the ice cream shops use fresh or locally sourced ingredients, which makes the ice cream delis, and even some make ice cream on-site to ensure the customers that it has fresh ingredients and always is fresh and tasty.
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2023.06.09 09:06 Takaothic It's a habit that comes from the job...

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2023.06.09 07:30 JardaniJovonovich818 Streak 11: Australian food.

[US English: I want to sound natural and colloquial]
I’ve been watching a series of videos about Australian food lately, and the food seems to be delicious. Specially the deli sandwiches. I don’t know if the sandwiches are typical in Australia but, there’s so many varieties and styles that I ended up hungry after watched the videos. And the sea food also seems to be really great, because of all the ways they prepare it, kind of reminds me of some meals that we have here in Mexico, but their preparation in Australia is unique, with their own style in every dish. I hope to visit the country one day and try to eat as much as I can, because I’m really amazed with the food.
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2023.06.09 06:27 norman_hates_666 zig icbm

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2023.06.09 06:16 Afluffygrue Fuck /u/spez. final version of my oft posted personal recommendations

You’ve seen the Going Dark API posts. I’m out. I’ll be using an app to nuke my content from Reddit at the end of the month. Save this or don’t.
Personal Arizona cannabis recommendations
Based on comments from
Updated 2023-06-08


ROSIN carts (use ≤ 2.0v, let cool between)


RESIN + CDT carts (“Live”)

BUDGET carts (cheap, distillate)

ROSIN jars




FLOWER budget 1, 2, 2



AVOID dispensaries


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2023.06.09 03:51 jbone9877 Best Lunch Specials

Heading out to the area this weekend to visit my parents but turns out they decided to go somewhere else and won’t even be there. My wife and I are just going to work from their place all week and grab lunch each day. I have couple spots I enjoy like Sherman’s, Grill a burger, and Real Italian deli but looking to hit a few new spots, preferably with a decent lunch special/happy hour. Not real picky on type of food/style. Any ideas for a couple of spots to hit?
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2023.06.09 03:49 FTkona what the fuck temu

what the fuck temu
white supremacist symbols??? or am I high
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2023.06.09 01:26 2267lib PT schedule

New hire PT deli - what’s a typical PT schedule-days/hours ?
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2023.06.09 00:48 Oakleypokely What’s the safest way to buy and eat lunch meat?

Okay so I’m dying for a sub sandwich or an Italian chopped salad. That viral chopped sandwich and salad going around is gonna be the death of me rn I swear.
I know you can heat up lunch meat to kill any potential bacteria/listeria, but if I wanted to eat it cold, what’s the best way to buy the lunch meat? Pre-packaged or from the deli?
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2023.06.09 00:34 Stadoceste Your club’s best all time import XV?

This is just a bit of fun, but what is your club’s all time foreign import XV - no domestic players?
Toulouse’s would look perhaps something like this:
  1. Gurthrö Steenkamp
  2. Corey Flynn
  3. Charlie Faumuina
  4. Pato Albacete
  5. Joe Tekori
  6. Jerome Kaino
  7. Trevor Brennan
  8. Finau Maka
  9. Byron Kelleher
  10. Luke McAlister
  11. Rupeni Caucau (even after just 13 games)
  12. Pita Ahki
  13. Maleli Kunavore
  14. Cheslin Kolbe
  15. Gareth Thomas
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2023.06.09 00:33 DucklumpsFannyPack I think I’m going to cry, felt bad after eating.

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2023.06.08 20:41 Mista9000 Perfectly Safe Demons -Ch 14- Bruised and cheerful

[Chapter One]

Prev and Next

Rosifo Girtwoud woke up feeling sore and exhausted. He slept well, but never as long as he’d have liked. He could hear his roommates moving around and getting ready for their days. Sitting up in bed, he stretched and took stock. His new job was physically demanding, but it was the best job he’d ever had. By a lot. He loved having his own room in a nice place, all thanks to his generous new salary! He could even afford to eat as much as he wanted, a luxury he’d not even dreamed was possible. Last night he ate three helpings of honey glazed pork at the pub! Still clumsy from sleep, Ros shrugged on a tunic and clean slacks, pausing for a second to appreciate the lordly quality of the garments. He still couldn’t believe he owned such nice things, and the Chief just gave it to him! Well, everyone got a few, but that didn’t make it any less special. Ros put on his belt as he went downstairs to the kitchen, where a few of his roommates were eating breakfast and the landlady was pulling some fresh buns out of the wood fired oven.
“Hey there’s the champ now!” called out Rikad, his housemate and co-worker.
“Heh, there are some perks to being the lightest guy on the squad!” Ros replied, referring to the agility drill he had won at work yesterday. Three days a week of training was by far the hardest part of the job, being trained by the Chief was like weathering a storm. Terrifying and dangerous, but something you could be proud of surviving. The other three days a week they worked were a holiday in comparison. Sitting on carts and standing by warehouses was easy.
Ros devoured his huge bowl of sweetened oats and then three buttered fresh buns. Pushing back from the long table with a satisfied sigh, he got up to leave for work with Rikad. The spring morning air was brisk, and they made sure to stay out of the way of loaded carts and riders that zipped by on the narrow cobblestone streets.
“What do you reckon the Chief will have us do today?” Rikad asked.
Ros snorted, “Quit embarrassing ourselves and pick up the pace?”
“Hah! That’s hardly a guess! I liked the knife throwing we did a few weeks ago, that was fun. I hope it’s not all runs and drills, I’m still aching from yesterday,” Rikad said.
“Yeah, I like combat drills. Other than when I have to spar with the Chief. He’s like a mountain that’s fast. I think the day I get a point on him, I’ll buy the whole team a beer!” Ros motioned a lunging jab as they walked.
“We’ll be too old to drink by then!” Rikad teased.
They were in for a typical training routine, a morning lecture on tactics and formations, some solo weapon drills, a short run, then a hearty lunch delivered from the nearby deli. Other days they just called a food cart into the yard with them, but Ros liked the deli lunches better. Also the novelty of someone else buying his lunches was thrilling. Ros assumed that this must be how pretty girls felt all the time. Maybe less sore and less yelled at. But maybe not.
The real highlight of the day was Ros got to see the owner of the whole company when he came out to observe their exercises. Ros hadn’t seen a real lord up close before he started at Pandemonium, and he thought it was one of the biggest perks. Mostly he looked like a tired doctor or shopkeeper, but Ros wasn’t disappointed. He had a nobility of his bearing, clarity in his eyes and an aura of authority. Even the Chief changed when he was around him! Seeing the him defer to anyone spoke volumes to their importance. Not only was he the lord of a whole company, he was also a mage! They were super rare even before the Church started purging all those heresies in their College of Magic, but now he wasn’t even sure there were any in the city!
“Agility drills are done! Imma talk to Mage Thippily, so you lot do some king of the hill sparring; Sword ‘n board! Ros and Kedril start!” boomed Chief of Security Stanisk.
Ros staggered exhaustedly to the equipment racks to get an arming jacket, leather helm, training sword and shield.
“Mage Thippliy is watching,” he whispered reverentially to himself as he geared up.
“Mind your tone or he’ll turn you into a turnip!” called Rikad.
Kedril grinned, “Hah, He’ll turn you into a turnip, Rik. He’ll just look at Ros and see his work is already done!”
Ros used to despise Kedril. He embodied everything Ros had yearned to become: handsome, confident, affluent, and sharp-witted. The team's dynamic was confrontational, rife with competition; they raced, fought, and scored against one another all day, three days a week. It had taken Ros a while to grasp that they were, in fact, a team. Kedril, infuriatingly attractive, devoted time to helping Ros in a few drills last week and offered valuable advice. So, albeit begrudgingly, Ros began to admire him. Kedril was older by a few years, substantially larger, and appeared to be one of the few who already had some training in arms. The prospect of sparring with him didn’t excite Ros.
Fresh from drills and immediately thrown into sparring, sweat trickled into Ros's eyes. The sting impaired his vision. He repeated to himself, 'Elbows in, shield up, tip forward, hips back,’ partially to fix his stance, partially to focus. Kedril was typically in better shape than him, but now appeared even more worn out. His guard was lax and messy, creating a gaping opening. Ros seized the opportunity and struck with a swift, precise jab. In the fleeting instant the jab took, Kedril's shield snapped into position, and his tip dealt a solid blow to Ros's ribs just beneath his sword arm. It was a feint - a brilliantly executed display of weakness where he was most prepared, exactly the tactic Stanisk had explained yesterday.
“Mashed Turnip!” Kedril shouted to the cheers of the others.
“Ros! You lost because your stance is awful! Keep lower! Coiled spring, lad!” the Chief shouted from across the yard.
Ros raised his hands over his head to cede the point and sat at the end of the bench. He hated losing, but he had expected to lose. He gratefully grabbed a cup of water and watched Kedril make short work of a few more challengers. It seemed like they were picking on him, but Ros was coming to understand they were also bonding with him, and these might be the closest friends he’d ever had. Not that it was a high bar, and he didn’t like all of them, but they had his back, and that meant a lot. Finally Jourgun, the biggest lad on the team, tore into Kedril with so much energy and fury that no amount of clever tactics could stop him. Even though he knew these were his friends, seeing Kedril getting bashed in the face with a shield was almost as good as seeing a real mage!
One thing Ros appreciated about training days was that they were shorter. After the sparring, Stanisk pulled aside Kedril and Jourgun for additional work, and dismissed the rest of the men. Ros trailed behind some of his newfound friends to a peculiar place where one would sit, fully naked, in a steam-filled room, all for two glucks.
“This is a sex thing, right?” Ros asked Rikad cautiously.
“What?! Light, no! It’s to relax and heal," Rikad explained. "They place herbs on hot rocks, we sit there, sweat, and breathe in the steam. It’s excellent, you’ll love it!”
“Sounds like we’re all naked and sweaty, though?” Ros remained convinced this was some intimate activity he wasn’t fully grasping. Rikad rolled his eyes and even paid Ros’s entry fee.
Inside the dim, tiled room was surprisingly comfortable. The steam smelled slightly of herbs and medicine, and it was so thick he couldn’t even see the far wall. A quick survey of the others revealed they were just as covered in bruises as he was, which gave Ros a fresh sense of camaraderie. They towelled off, dressed, drank some cold water, and left the strange business without any hint of the carnal encounter Ros had suspected. Despite his lingering confusion about the whole place, Ros liked it and wanted to come back. He appreciated his squadmates not making a single steamed turnip joke. He was hoping that didn’t stick as a nickname, he felt it didn’t remotely suit him.
After the steam, their muscles relaxed and the day's tension eased away. Ros and Rikad were starving. It had been hours since lunch, so they headed to a nearby tavern for drinks and dinner. Being able to simply enjoy food and drink without concern for the price was an intoxicatingly fresh experience. In fact, Ros enjoyed this newfound freedom even more than the meal itself.
After a huge dinner and a few beers Ros paused, and opened up a little.
"Did you know this is the pub where I talked the Chief into hiring me?"
"Really? To be honest, I've always wondered about that. No offence, but you're a lot smaller than the rest of us." Rikad pushed away his empty plate, taking a long drink of his beer.
"Yeah, I saw the Chief in here, dressed like a shining champion, buying ladies drinks and rounds for the whole bar. He was so confident and kind and relaxed. But also obviously dangerous. I’d never seen anyone like him!" Ros gestured to the tavern maid for a refill. "I must have been a sight. My clothes were more patch than original cloth, I was so skinny you could've counted my ribs through a sweater. Not that I had sweater money!" Ros reflected on the lean muscle he'd gained in recent months with inward satisfaction.
"Did the Chief take you for a beggar?"
Ros bristled at the suggestion. "Hell no! I've never begged in my life, I've always earned my keep!" his brief flare of indignation faded immediately. "No, he thought I was a refugee, from some starving backwater. Of course, I corrected him—after he bought me dinner!"
"Hah! The proper sequence," Rikad agreed, laughing.
"Anyway, he asked about my plans. I told him I was waiting till I was eighteen to join the army and serve the Emperor."
"You've certainly filled out since I met you, but I'm not sure you'd pass the army physical even now," Rikad cautiously speculated.
"The Chief was blunter about it. 'Yer so scrawny, a necromancer would find ya offputting, the army ain't gonna waste rations on ya.'" Ros imitated Stanisk’s gruff rural northerner accent.
"Hah! That sounds about right. Which makes your wearing company purple less clear than ever!" Rikad replied.
"Well, he asked if I knew my way around the city. I said I've tread every cobblestone here, so he offered me a job running letters and picking up parcels. Better work than sweeping alleys for a half-gluck and stale bread. I figured a fancy man like him would pay alright."
The waitress finally brought the next round, and Ros paused to take a long drink. Setting his mug down, he continued. "I walked into the Chief's office, and there he was behind that tiny desk with his book and quill. He looked like a cave troll trying to be a librarian. But I wasn't gonna laugh—it was still the Chief. He said, 'We don’t got a lot for now but I’ll give you a list in the morning, and see that it gets done.' I said ain’t fancy, I don’t know how to read! He didn't lose his cool. He simply nodded and said, 'Alright, just report to me in the morning, and we’ll get you started.' Oh, and he warned me never to speak to the Mage unless spoken to, which suited me fine."
Ros took another drink of his beer, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and continued. "I was hoping for five gee a day. I’d probably have done it for a lone gluck, to be honest. So imagine my shock when he apologised that he could only offer me twenty glucks a day!"
"Where were you living, that five would've been enough?" Rikad asked, curious.
Ros, slightly flushed from the beer, leaned forward. "Under a bloody hedge!" He burst into laughter at his own expense.
"That's rough man," Rikad commented, shaking his head.
Ros nodded. "It was, but it's behind me now. After a month or so of running errands, the Chief finally let me join the crew he was training. That's how I ended up a part of the elite guard of a learned lord mage."
Rikad, his face ruddy, pointed his finger at Ros’s chest. "It’s your attitude! You always train the hardest. It’s changed the whole team's tone."
Ros nodded again, serious. "I gotta! The fifteen hundred gee I make every month now is probably more than I did in the last decade. Total! I bet we make as much as a knight commander does leading a thousand soldiers!"
Rikad looked at him suspiciously. "Wait, a decade? Aren't you still a teenager?"
Ros shrugged. "It's been a long, hard time. Anyway, I know I promised to go to see that folk band with you tonight, but I'm spent. I think I might call it an early night." He finished the beer in two long gulps and stood up.
"I get it. Besides, tomorrow's Sunday. We can finally sleep in!" Rikad pointed out.
Ros woke to a frantic pounding on his bedroom door. It was still dark out.
“Go away! Keep it down! You’ll wake the whole house!” Ros grumbled, mostly asleep.
“Come on man! Emergency meeting at the training yard. We gotta go now!” Rikad hoarsely whispered.
“Ah, that’s not good!” Ros threw on some clothes and headed out the door with his friend.
“Think it has something to do with what Kedril and Jourgun were doing after work?” Ros asked.
“Maybe? That was hours and hours ago, and those guys are great, and they were with the Chief,” Rikad countered.
They jogged through the mostly empty streets. The moons were behind clouds, and the dew made the cobblestones slick. The faint flickering of their leviathan oil lamp cast strange shadows in the foggy night. The city felt on edge, too many people on the streets in the middle of the night, whispering. A few times Ros thought he heard something about thunder and demons, which did nothing to calm his growing panic.
“What if something happened to Mage Thippily? Are we all unemployed now?” Ros asked, knowing Rikad knew as much as he did.
“What is the business we guard? Something to do with magically formed super secret goods that no one was allowed to talk about. I think? I should have asked,” Rikad lamented.
Finally they made it to the yard, and Kedril was standing at the gate, torch held aloft.
“Good lads! Go into the workshop and take a seat. The Chief has some tea on.” Kedril’s voice was as calm and steady as ever, but his face was pale and drawn, and his eyes never focused on them, just scanned the night intently.
“Inside? Are you sure?” Ros had never gone inside; that was the single biggest rule.
Kedril just nodded. Ros and Rikad looked at each other for courage and moved forward. The big yard door to the workshop opened a crack, and warm light was spilling out. Rikad motioned Ros to go first, and he poked his head in, fully expecting to lose it.
“Oy, is that Ros? Git your scrawny ass in here,” Chief Stanisk rumbled.
The two men felt like flies exploring a web, but inside was surprisingly normal. Five other guards were already there, and the room was a lot like any other workshop. It had planked floors, shelves and tables and one corner was even converted into a kitchen. There were a few simple stools set up, and two incredibly luxurious loungers. Like everyone else, Ros and Rikad took a stool. The Chief gestured to a kettle and mugs for the tea, but no one seemed interested.
“What’s happening, is everyone okay?” Ros finally asked.
“Short answer is yes, for now.” Stanisk said calmly. “We’ll give the other lads a few minutes to get here, then I’ll explain.”
“Holy light, sir! You aren’t wearing your armour!” This unsettled Ros more than anything he’d seen all night, it was like seeing a bear shaved. Chief was just sitting there in trousers and a shirt, sipping tea. He’d never seen the Chief without armour.
“Needs cleaned,” he answered cryptically.
Follow up questions were interrupted by the rest of the men arriving, followed by Kedril and then Jourgun, who must have been watching the far gate.
“Alright, gather round, at ease.” Stanisk started. He looked relaxed which was probably a good sign.
“You lot were hired to protect the interests of our operations. There was an attempt on Mage Thippliy’s life tonight, at his meeting. Security Specialists Kedril and Jourgun did excellent work, and I have full confidence in all of your growing abilities. Our concern is there will be additional attempts."
There was a murmur of apprehension. The mage was the company. Without him there was nothing to guard. No one here wanted to lose their jobs, but they had been suspicious from the start. The pay didn’t match the work.
Stanisk paused as Mage Thipply and the elv, that had only been speculated to exist, came down the ladder from the loft. The mage was dressed like normal, in his brown pants and a white shirt, frameless glasses and a short well maintained beard streaked with grey. The elv was wearing an oversized sweater and long stockings. It had the effect of making her upper body look human, but with the long spindly legs of a shore bird. Her huge nocturnal eyes stared at them all unblinkingly, and her long narrow fingers with too many segments wrapped around a mug of tea. Ros was both intimidated and repulsed. It was like a bird or an insect pretending to be a person, but with eyes that had intelligence and cruelty.
“Ah! Um, thank you all for coming!” The mage was directly addressing them, Ros grinned despite his fears and worries. “There have been events over the last week or so that have culminated tonight, and I no longer think that our operation in Jagged Cove is viable.” The mage saw the reaction of the crowd turn sharply negative. He hastily added, “Of course I’m not closing up shop, we’re just moving to another location. A location outside of the capital region, and I’d like you all to join us.”
Ros sighed and leaned back in relief. This wasn’t bad news at all. He’d gladly move to the bottom of the sea for the Mage. He could feel his pulse returning to normal, as other people started asking questions.
“What? I can’t leave the city, I got a wife and kids!” a guard named Theros said.
“Oh, I just started dating a baker's apprentice, is there an option to stay?” Jourgun asked.
The elv stood up, and addressed the room with an icy indifference. “This is not a negotiation. There is a ship that is leaving in about six hours. If you are on it, you will remain employed. We have also made considerations for your families. They are welcome on the ship, and you can find new homes in the town we relocate to.” She subtly nodded to the Chief before continuing. “Chief Stanisk values your skills so highly that he convinced the board of directors to offer each of you a five year contract. The contract will have some additional employment conditions, but there will be a 5000 glindi signing bonus. Follow Chief Stanisk’s instructions to get on the boat, and we’ll see you there. Or not.”
She returned to the ornate chair, and the room erupted into chaos.
“Holy light! That’s so much!”
“I’d be insane not to sign!”
“Where are we even going?”
Ros grinned from ear to ear, what’s to decide? This was the best possible outcome! Free money to see the world! Packing his bags would take no time, and he could carry everything that mattered in one trip.
Stanisk took command of the room, “You with young ‘uns, we got the company wagons for you waiting, get a move on. I’ll take the mage’s personal wagon and do a loop to Kedril’s, Eowin’s and Klive’s. The rest of you, leg it! Meet back here in three hours and tell anyone what asks, that you took a job out of the city. Be vague! Come on, pick up the pace you helpless kittens!"

Prev and Next
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2023.06.08 20:27 ZigzagmanTrader $TWOH is adding new products and new categories to their online store this week. No images yet, but work is progressing.

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2023.06.08 18:56 Railman20 What are yor thoughts on this drink? Also would this be a good start for a non alcoholic?

What are yor thoughts on this drink? Also would this be a good start for a non alcoholic?
I like mtn dew and I usually go for the sodas, I don't drink alcoholic beverages, but, have been thinking about trying one.
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2023.06.08 08:06 femacampcouncilor These are my work buttons

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2023.06.08 08:05 queriesandqueries123 I don’t know if I should talk to my boss/HR about this guy at work or if I’m just being sensitive

I’m a cleaner at a supermarket, and every night I clean the bakery, deli, and produce departments as well as other places. I dread going to the deli because there’s this guy who is always super passive-aggressive to me and who talks to me like he thinks I’m an idiot, or like he’s better than me.
I’ve known him for maybe two months now. Since I’ve known him, he’s made it clear he doesn’t like me being in ‘his’ department and he doesn’t see why I ‘need to be there’. I just feel very unwelcome and uncomfortable when I have to work around him. When I brought some trainees into the department to show them the ropes, he kept saying I seemed ‘new’ or like I didn’t know what I was doing.
I was cleaning one of the chicken ovens the other day in a way differently to how I do it normally, and he came over to say ‘you could always just drain it you know’ — I didn’t know I could do that. No one told me or showed me that I could do that. I said thanks and he kind of rolled his eyes and had a ‘it was pretty obvious’ look about him. I said it must have been entertaining for him to watch me try cleaning a different way, and he went ‘oh yeah’ in a condescending way, like he actually thought I was a fucking idiot who was cleaning like a dumbass.
He just doesn’t have anything nice to say, and I’d rather he just not interact with me because otherwise he’s just so passive aggressive and insulting. I’m just trying to do my job, clean up the place, and he makes me feel shitty.
But, I don’t know if this is anything serious. He hasn’t threatened me or sexually harassed me, so I feel like it’s not worth going to HR and I worry they’ll just think I’m not tough enough to deal with certain personalities.
Any advice?
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2023.06.08 06:55 WhistleFeather13 Never Have I Ever cast in Conversion with Teen Vogue’s Versha Sharma (Highlights)

Here are some highlights (from my notes) from the NHIE cast discussion with Teen Vogue’s Versha Sharma tonight.
Season 4 is about letting go of grief/grief letting go of them
Themes on NHIE like mental health and sexuality are culturally groundbreaking for the South Asian community:
-Sexuality is culturally taboo—kisses were not shown on Bollywood until recently and it’s rarely discussed. Young women watch the show with mothers & it’s created a bond. Mental health & sexuality are important to watch by South Asian families even if they don’t speak about it, because people have experienced that and it resonates.
Richa says she really loves that this show normalizes finding love when you’re a widow & at an older age b/c it’s so taboo in our culture. Poorna says TV can reflect who we are but also who we can be. S1 Ep10-dispersing Mohan’s ashes—exact ritual & place that Mindy did it for her mom—these rituals of grief are so cathartic & symbolic and rooted in South Asian/Hindu culture
Poorna: this show is one where our outsides are mirroring our “insides” in our lives & in our homes. There’s a Japanese writer on staff who fleshed out Paxton’s heritage & internment presentation.
Therapy scenes—Niecey Nash has taught her so much, some of Maitreyi’s favorite scenes—her favorite line is “You feel a lot, which also means you’re going to hurt a lot. But it means you will live a life that is emotionally rich and really beautiful.” The Vishwakumar family never shames Devi for going to therapy—it’s very normalized. It’s not the norm in the South Asian community, but sometimes it’s nice to show the positive—not just who we are but who we can be as Poorna said.
Re: WGA strike—streaming, pay structures, healthcare coverage changed:
It’s become very difficult for 99% of the industry to make a living b/c there’s no royalties. Writers of colowomen & other marginalized people are less likely to get pay parity so solidarity is important
The depiction of multigenerational South Asian women normalizes what immigrant families look like. Poorna had her cousin & pati living with her. Shows South Asian women in different life stages. Initially they’re each others foils, but by S4, they’re each others’ biggest support, biggest cheerleaders, & biggest source of learning.
Usually older South Asian women would be foils to the younger character, but on this show they grow & have rich arcs, relationships & characters evolve. Older South Asian women have a very strong one-dimensional ending as a widow, like a period, but the writers have made that period into a comma and you can imagine where they are in 5-10 years.
Maitreyi lived with 4 generations of women—mom, grandma, great-grandma all under one roof. “I am who I am because of the women in my real life. And it was really awesome to see Devi become who she is because of the biggest cheerleaders in her own home. It’s truly reflective of South Asian families. We don’t know the word “retirement home”.”
Devi & Kamala: Lovely to see their relationship evolve rather than just there to be a foil. We’ve never seen 2 brown sisters on American TV.
Maitreyi: Devi is an antihero of NHIE but went on a hero’s journey. Which will continue on. “For fans sad the show is ending because of the representation. Know good things are coming. There’s gonna be more shows that do the same thing, but actually better. We’re only getting better. This isn’t the end for representation and feeling seen.”
Richa: “What Will & Grace did for the LGBTQ community 25 years ago paved the way for other shows including NHIE. I really believe that that’s what this show has done for the South Asian community.” Poorna is doing another show, & Richa just filmed another series. Really believe it’s because of this show—the roles that they’re seeing and being offered never existed before. They know what they’re seeing today did not exist even 2 years ago. South Asians were locked out of these rooms and now they’re filling these rooms.
Poorna: We were completely erased, completely marginalized. We were never the center of any story that we saw and therefore never the center of our own narratives. We’ve just scratched the surface with NHIE, but the growth and the community and sense of belonging that we all feel in the last 4 years is leaps and bounds. We took a giant step forward for South Asian representation. What I love most is the criticism of people saying “that didn’t represent me” because it meant that they were hungry and there was a demand for more. And those people are going to go on and create that. This is just the small fire that got lit and it’s going to blow up.
Poorna: We’ve only seen model minorities on TV including the Vishwakumars. Deli Boys is about a cocaine-dealing family. That’s what is next. Poorna is playing a South Asian mafia gangster boss on two different movie & series. “It’s incredible the doors that this has opened and we feel it every day on sets. We feel the change that we were a small part of creating. And we’ll be here in 25 years with a retrospective.”
Poorna: Wanted to portray an immigrant woman with a fashion sense, which is rarely seen, with designs from India.
Richa: Kamala having to stand up to white men in her lab. That was my favorite storyline. Women of color in STEM is a real systemic problem—Richa received messages from South Asian women & women of color around the world saying this literally happened to me. Not being given credit, not being able to use their voice, their names being completely erased from papers really happen all the time [side note: this happened to me as a South Asian woman in a STEM field too.]. Maitreyi: An underrated line on the show is Devi telling Kamala that “People think Asian women will take all kinds of crap. Bow down and hand them tea or some shit. You can’t let them.”
Maitreyi: How much of a “Crazy Devi” moment is just a woman of color getting angry? I love seeing her get angry and upset. I’ve ripped out a kitchen drawers! Richa: We’ve all had that. Sometimes it’s just a woman of color getting angry and it’s not crazy at all actually. We should all feel rage sometimes. Poorna: I feel like like rage is so off limits for so many brown girls, and to have a “Crazy Devi moment” is just a moment where you’ve hit some kind of limit and you’re not allowed to express how it feels.
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2023.06.08 05:55 War_Crimes_R_Cool istg niggas can’t take shit serious😭

state lookin like a 2023 apocalypse game set in ny nd you still got niggas outside smoking bro😭
ian even mention the memes, mfs could have a 9/11 pt 2 nd be talking bout some “why it’s a cubical inside the deli?”
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2023.06.08 05:19 Icy_Record7250 How can I use this very dry pita bread?

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2023.06.08 04:08 Feeling-Kangaroo-252 Word comp/ lawsuit

So, I recently had an incident at work and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it to pursue a legal case.
I work at a deli shop and I was recently cut my the automatic deli slicer that we have. I reach to turn off the machine and it didn’t turn off. I didn’t realize that it didn’t turn off and I reached to grab the item that fell and my small and ring finger both had deep lacerations. I went to the hospital and ended up having to get a skin graft, I’ve been in a splint for a week and I will need physical therapy afterwards.
The injury isn’t the reason that I am considering a case though (unless I should).. at my job it says that it’s mandatory that we wear chain gloves whenever we use the deli slicer, but we don’t (they probably got some after the incident) have any in the store and I was never trained with them. I’ve been with the company for 5 months now and I’ve never seen anyone wearing them, I was trained with our general manager and he never mentioned them to me at all.
Is it worth pursuing a case??
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2023.06.08 03:37 its_snook Hey everyone. I'm making a YouTube video on Nightcrawler and how it critiques capitalism. I need help with thumbnail. The content of the video is great and well edited just need a good thumbnail to represent it.

Hey everyone. I'm making a YouTube video on Nightcrawler and how it critiques capitalism. I need help with thumbnail. The content of the video is great and well edited just need a good thumbnail to represent it. submitted by its_snook to SigmaMale [link] [comments]