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This is the subreddit for the Elden Ring gaming community. Elden Ring is an action RPG which takes place in the Lands Between, sometime after the Shattering of the titular Elden Ring. Players must explore and fight their way through the vast open-world to unite all the shards, restore the Elden Ring, and become Elden Lord. Elden Ring was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki and made in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. It was developed by FromSoft and published by Bandai Namco.

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A community dedicated to mods for Elden Ring, a game by FromSoftware. The main Elden Ring subreddit and two biggest Elden Ring discord servers do not allow discussion on mods, so here's a place where you can talk about them.

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Welcome to HollowEldenRingFans where we all share how disappointed we are about game events and lack of Elden Ring news in general.

2023.05.31 19:16 Guywithmetalramhead I utterly despise my job

Let me take you back to my graduation. I unfortunately didn’t graduate like everyone else I had to do summer school.. I finished with that and my step mom comes up like “we talked to insert name and got you a Job at Ups! Acting as if I’d be excited.. im 19 right now and still working there nearly a year in and I want to literally die because 1. I work at night 2. I have literally 1 friend who’s always busy and has all these other rich friends he wants to fit in with 3. My parents won’t let me find another job. Im so depressed all the time absolutely unable to speak I’ll walk in and say 2 words all night! I work alone most of the time my parents complained about driving me for a while before I called them on it and gave them the whole “fuck you” because they signed me up for this job and shift knowing they’d hate it as well!! So I got the “ever say that to me again and I’ll punch you in your fuckin face and kick you out” I’m 5’11 and about 120-130 pounds. My step dad is about 6’1 and 190 pounds.. so granted. I’m terrified of him! Im super scared he’ll hit me he’s put his hands on me and brothers before! And my parents have always thought I was a failure they’d rip up my homework erase it till I got it right sent me to my room without dinner because I was doing bad school wise. Told me to my face more than once how I’m a lazy human being who’s going nowhere in life and how much of a failure I am… I’ll admit I’m not the best kid but I’m never so bad where they should be calling me a failure. They just like doing that? I don’t know everything’s completely out of my control and I hate it. Another thing is my step dad literally said “get a different time or get another Job” but then yelled at me for trying to get a new job! I can’t even get a different shift I tried.. they won’t let me! They keep saying “you’re ruining this opportunity for yourself” because the benefits and money. I’m getting 210 a week and the benefits are good I guess so maybe they’re right and I should stay
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2023.05.31 19:16 Kind_Public_5366 python algo trading help needed

Hi, I have written a code in python to find the support & resistance levels of stocks and have set it up in github actions to send me notifications in telegram. The results are pretty decent, it has been running for last 6 months now.
Now i want to automate it to place orders in exchange. So basically it does all the calculations & stores the result in 2 dataframes, one for support & another for resistance. The output is like - support level for xyz is 100, buy above 101.5. Now signals are generated all through the day and this 101.5 value might be reached at end of day or after next few days... what would be the best approach to loop through the signals generated and put a buy order when the price is above the given level. I would also like to put a trailing stop loss at support level( here 100) and continue to hold it till the stock is added to the resistance dataframe, where i will sell it
I am planning to implement it in alpaca paper trading for now before i go live with real money.
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2023.05.31 19:16 Leonard4 New Spotlight Cam Plus, can't disable motion chime on base station?

We have a few older generation spotlight cameras, and a floodlight camera and they do not chime on motion. I just put up one of the newer generation Spotlight Cam plus with the 4w solar and I cannot for the life of me find a way to disable the motion chime that is being triggered. I do not have a ring chime, its just triggering through my alarm base station. This is driving me crazy lol
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2023.05.31 19:15 DesiGirl89 Where to get discounted subway passes?

I've purchased a few monthly subway passes on FB Marketplace. People are selling them for $90-105 instead of the usual $127. They are wrapped in plastic so I know they haven't been activated. Where do people get these? They're selling them at a discount so they must be getting them at a discount. Wageworks is printed in the back. Are they getting them through work? Where can I find more of these? I look on FB Marketplace almost every day but they're pretty rare to find nowadays compared to last year.
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2023.05.31 19:15 I_speck What’s GeoFront?

I was watching CB Chara Go Nagai World OVA 2, where the characters go to GeoFront, an underground city, and can’t find any info on it. This was several years before Evangelion btw. Does anyone know what GeoFront is from?
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2023.05.31 19:15 thefinalthrowaway22 I can’t tell if I’m being self destructive/selfish, or if I’ve truly just been accepting less than the bare minimum.

The question is: am I being self-destructive/selfish, or am I subconsciously fighting against accepting the bare minimum and/or red flags?
This all surrounds my 6 year long marriage, going on 8 year long relationship.
I don’t know when I’m wearing rose tinted glasses anymore. I’m genuinely grateful for many things, but mentally I feel like I’m an absolute disaster at the same time - and those conflicting feelings are just killing me. I want to give up, get a divorce, but I can’t tell of it’s to save myself, or save my husband from me and my insanity.
My jealousy is at an all time high, and my self esteem is at an all time low. I have been yo-yoing between anorexia and binging for a few years now, losing 30 lbs and gaining it back. I’m ruining dates or family outings with my growing bitterness. I’m listening to people tell me how good of a man I have, but immediately thinking of all the negative things. The battle against my better judgement to go through his phone is enough to make me sweat, fidget, and nauseated. My mental health is seriously affecting my physical well-being at this point.
He added his new young secretary on his Facebook account. I had to legitimately use his phone in front of him, and I had to search someone in the search bar. His secretary’s name was typed in and she was added by him as a friend. Her first post that popped up was a bikini picture. I wanted to vomit. She is young, perky, beautiful, tall, blonde, and single - everything I’m not.
He won’t look at me naked - he’s never tried to sneak a peek while I’m dressing or in the shower like any of my exes. I expressed to him over a year ago I’d like to shower with him. We still haven’t. We’ve gone our entire relationship of nearly 8 years without him ever once seeing me fully nude. I often wonder if it’s because he doesn’t find me attractive.
He doesn’t touch my whole body when we have sex (under the covers, lights off). He won’t even undress me, I have to undress myself. I wonder if it’s because he is fantasizing about someone else and touching me would ruin his imagination.
He comments about how big my clothes are, even holding up my underwear and exclaiming how wide they looked. They were a size large. He did the same thing with my leggings, and extra large sized pair. Those are loose on me for when my period starts and I’m bloated - even though logically I know it could be just a sarcastic gut punch, it made me feel like I’m worthless. He calls other women “heavy set” even though they are smaller than me. I’ve been the same size since before we met, a 10/12. My wrist bones are so large I have to purchase men’s wrist watches, I’m simply not a dainty lady. My Nordic ancestry built me to survive famines and carry pine logs, and I try to find strength in that, but I slipped back in to not eating again instead.
But I am grateful that he pays the bills. I am grateful he moved me in to his house. I’m grateful he takes care of my animals when I can’t. I’m grateful he doesn’t control me.
But I have this deep seated nauseating gut feeling that it’s not “if” he’ll cheat on me or leave me, but “when.”
If I could find the strength to have higher self esteem, would I still think this way? Would the jealousy disappear?
I hate the thought of staying, but I equally hate the thought of leaving. What if I leave and he moves on to a new, beautiful girl? It will prove I was the problem the whole time. I wasn’t good enough for him.
I can’t keep going on like this, but I also can’t leave, and I don’t know where to start to fix any of this. What do I even do? What is the first step I need to take?
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2023.05.31 19:15 brinkcitykilla Scout is 8 months old and he is becoming a trouble maker

Scout is 8 months old and he is becoming a trouble maker
I need some help with Scout’s bad behavior of biting and becoming aggressive with me and my partner.
First I will say I have had labradors in my family my whole life growing up, but Scout is my first dog that is truly mine. Overall he is a very good dog. He is absolutely a natural retriever and loves to play fetch. He is very friendly and social, we live near the center of our town and he gets to meet lots of strangers and other dogs everyday. He is very a good learner, quickly mastering the basic commands and tricks. He also seems to be a very happy dog, sleeping, getting zoomies, cuddling and greeting us.
Now the problems that I need help with:
He can become very aggressive and hostile sometimes. Mostly it occurs when he gets something in his mouth that he refuses to drop, and he will start to growl/snarl and bite us if we try to get it from him.
The second situation where he gets very aggressive is seemingly randomly grabbing his leash in his mouth and then refusing to drop it and then biting and growling and tugging on it until we either give up or grab his chest harness and restrain him (but it’s difficult).
One event seems to have triggered some of this, when he ate a binky/pacifier that he found on the street. He refused to drop it and eventually swallowed it whole. But in the process we tried to get it out of his mouth/throat and probably traumatized him. 2 weeks passed and he never pooped it out, and an x-ray showed it was still in his stomach! So the vet was able to get it out through his throat while he was under anesthesia.
Since then, we have been trying to work hard in getting him used to dropping things by command. Rewarding him for dropping things, or convincing him to drop something in exchange for what he has. BUT this simply does not work in all situations, especially while we are outside on walks, he is constantly picking up little sticks and things. He is getting good about dropping a lot of things, but he is still very hostile when he finds something “good”.
The leash biting seems to happen most frequently when we cross the street or start to run. Maybe he thinks it’s a game? But then he refuses to drop it and will bite me and my partner.
Maybe he just needs more time and practice?? Any advice appreciated.
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2023.05.31 19:14 WetGrannyWZ Are you looking for an inclusive community of gamers? A place where you can find a party to play with, or just chat about life in general? Also have a self promo channel for those that are trying to grow a platform. Come check out my server!

Are you looking for an inclusive community of gamers? A place where you can find a party to play with, or just chat about life in general? Also have a self promo channel for those that are trying to grow a platform. Come check out my server! submitted by WetGrannyWZ to Warzone [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 19:13 shantanu_choukikar_ Angst, Flight from Freedom, and the Totalitarian State

Angst, Flight from Freedom, and the Totalitarian State
As part of my endeavour to get back to the very basics of existentialism, I found myself between the concepts of angst, radical individual freedom, and authenticity. Every time I read about these concepts, I cannot help but think about how they are intimately connected to the aspects of any totalitarian state. But before venturing into that territory (and the connection I am trying to make here is not that strong either, in my honest opinion), what exactly is angst?
Existentialists begin with the claim that human beings have radical free will. This, however, first and foremost leads to a rather sickening realization: because we have freedom, we are not one with the world. We do not go through simple motions of stimulus and response as most beings do. As a result of our ability to take decisions and tailor the way we react to the world, we are, in a sense, not wholly subsumed by it. Each individual has a separate identity from the world around them. This leads to a significant degree of estrangement. We are, in a sense, different from the world.
(I wrote a complete post dedicated to the existentialist concept of estrangement. You can check it out if you require more clarification on the same.
Estrangement- a Fundamental Pillar of Existential Philosophy by u/shantanu_choukikar_ in Existentialism )
This freedom also comes with a realization that we can, if we want, "disengage... with the world", to quote Sartre. Similarly, we can form our own meanings (this opens a whole new can of worms) and choose our own paths. This, consciously (sometimes unconsciously), makes us aware that we are responsible for everything we do. If you think about it, it is indeed a heavy realization. The famous example of a cliff is generally used to demonstrate this. To quote Wikipedia (which surprisingly does a good job this time):
"The archetypal example is the experience one has when standing on a cliff where one not only fears falling off it, but also dreads the possibility of throwing oneself off. In this experience that "nothing is holding me back", one senses the lack of anything that predetermines one to either throw oneself off or to stand still, and one experiences one's own freedom."
Just think about a very layman-ish (from a philosophical perspective) but meaningful (from a practical perspective) example: If I tell you that, baring the most extreme cases, it is you who are responsible for being stuck in a job or stream you do not find meaning in, and that at the ultimate level of analysis, it is your responsibility to change it if you want to find some semblance of meaning in that aspect of your life, how heavy would that make you feel?

This realization of one's freedom and the responsibility that comes with it leads to a state known as angst. Not everyone has the courage and maybe the required willpower to truly accept the responsibility for what they do. Even if they do have, most people just won't engage with it. Hence, people often try to suppress these feelings and engage in a flight from freedom.
Remember the passing mention of values (the can of worms) above? Deciding one's value system, based on which one will operate in this world, can be taxing. Not only is it taxing, the society often actively persecutes those who live on their own terms or whose values clash with the dominant values. Exercising one's existential freedom has a strong component of potential backlash.
It is much easier, then, to just "follow the herd" in the Nietzschean sense. One can forego one's freedom and perhaps the responsibility to think and act in accordance with what one considers authentic and just do whatever everyone is doing. This is the flight from freedom.
One characteristic of totalitarian states is an extreme version of precisely this. An overwhelming amount of individuals let go of their freedom. It is strangely analogous to a kind of mass psychosis. There is an enormous surrender to the values of whatever doctrine that is in power (totalitarian states and doctrines go hand-in-hand). No doctrine comes to power in a vacuum. Throughout the process of it assuming extreme power, there is profound support for it.
The press, various institutions, thinkers, and almost everyone latches on to the central entity having power. What is important is to understand that at the ultimate level of analysis, all such institutions are composed of individuals- individuals who have relinquished themselves to the values of the parent ideology that has, or will, gain power.
Why such a surrender happens on a massive scale instead of a local scale is perhaps a question for another inquiry. The aim of this post was just to link these various concepts together.
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2023.05.31 19:13 Artaxshadow 29 F GMT, looking for gamer friends same age & timezone

Hiya! I play a lot of video games, to the point it’s mostly all I do, and I’m always looking for new friends. I own my main PS5, switch, and mostly recently a PC setup with steam & Xbox game pass. Looking for other chill people with cool vibes who’d like to play things, preferably same time zone and age range. I’m really laid back and a bit hyperactive, generally a bit of a recluse 😅
I play: Final Fantasy XIV The Elder scrolls online (Both pc & ps5 but prefer ps5 for ESO) Elden ring (completed but wanting to replay and waiting for the sweet DLC) Horizon zero dawn 1&2 Wow (I suck) Runescape Dragon age (origins wins) Soulsbourne Control Day Z Ark (I suck) Skyrim (on every single platform- I really love Skyrim) Hitman Etc etc
I’m still looking for pc gaming suggestions as I’ve not long had my rig and looking for those sweet sandbox, cute indie games. (It’s a new but mid range setup, capable of running almost everything)
Not a fan of competitive shooters (too repetitive for my adhd 😂)
So if your a nerdy gamer with no life like me hmu :) I also have discord.✨💫 hope to see you around ✌🏻
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2023.05.31 19:13 RecoverWonderful9522 Suggestions

Just getting into the van life any recommendations where to start, what is the ideal van to try to find
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2023.05.31 19:13 lead1290 Where are y’all finding your AP’s?

Amazon? Hahaha. In all seriousness, I’m a relatively good looking guy and live in a well populated south eastern state in the United States, so I don’t think location is the issue. I met my previous long term AP on Reddit last year before she had to move for work. But as I’ve started my search for a new pAP, it’s been rough. Ghosting, flakiness, fake accounts/catfishing. I’m just looking for advice on where y’all are finding AP’s?? Thanks in advance
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2023.05.31 19:13 Wild-Item6883 AITA for showing up to my daughter's recital unannounced?

A few months ago I got out of prison after serving 5 years on a GTA charge. Long story short I was addicted to cocaine and eventually began jacking cars to help pay for my habit. Eventually, the law caught up with me and I got popped. When I got locked up, I was dating this woman Bernice and we had a 3 year old daughter named Kelsey, but after I got locked up she ghosted me and I haven't had contact with Kelsey since. Ever since I got out I've been trying to clean my life up, as I've made efforts to stay clean and on the right track, like getting an honest job selling used cars (ironic, I know) and attending NA meetings twice a week. I decided to delay approaching Kelsey until I was convinced that I was ready to step back in, something I lately decided I was.
Last week I decided to find out about Kelsey, so I asked my PO to find out where she goes to school. Once he told me where she goes to school, I found out that there was a dance recital the school was throwing; remembering how much Kelsey loved dance early, I check the program and lo and behold, she's one of the performers. So I go to the recital and, knowing how rocky my relationship with Bernice is, try to stay out of the way and keep to myself so I can focus on Kelsey. However, once the show was over and I decide to approach Kelsey and reintroduce myself, Bernice and her new husband accost me, yelling at me to get out. I counter and say that I have a right to get to know my daughter, that I'm trying to do things right now. Stepdad calls bullshit and says I'm still the same junkie I was back then, and Bernice agrees and tells me that she'll tell my PO if I show up again.
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2023.05.31 19:13 reallybadmomjokes Need someone to trace an image...

Hello Everyone! My grandfather had a caricature done and I'm wondering how or where I might be able to request someone trace the image for me so I have just the drawing and not the paper as part of the image. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but I'm have trouble finding a subreddit that might be able to help. I would be willing to pay for the service if necessary.
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2023.05.31 19:13 poeticmelodies UPDATE: Parent email ruining the end of my long weekend

Hi all - some of you asked for an update so here it is. You can find my original post here.
I originally said that my principal agreed with the parent and that they wanted to have a chat. We were not able to meet yesterday, so they sent my co-chair and I an email about what we would say to this parent who emailed us. I chatted with my co-chair when I got into school yesterday and we were both on the same page and stood our ground. We simply do not have enough time to change things now and add more kids. We suggested a compromise from the comments of my previous reddit post: Letting kids who didn't make it in film themselves and post it to FlipGrid or Google Drive so they can still participate and show off their talent.
I ended up talking to my principal today and they said our compromise was an okay idea, but made the decision of offering that kids who didn't make it could perform just for their homerooms in the AM the same day of the talent show (not adding more work for us but still giving the kid the opportunity to perform if they want). I'm not super happy about it because I don't think my co-workers will like it, but I'm over it and ready to move on.
Here's some of the email my principal sent:
Thank you for your email, I appreciate the points you brought to our attention. These are things that will be taken into consideration next year. Unfortunately, there were many students that showed us their talents this year (25 groups) and because of this we had to make the choice to limit the number of performances. We tried our best to include as many students as we could with the 40 minutes we have allotted for the talent show.
As a compromise I am offering that the students who we were not able to be included in the talent show the opportunity to display their talent in their homerooms the same day. We will invite all the acts that were not selected this opportunity. At this point in the year with as busy as the schedule is, this is the best I can offer.
I'm glad my principal ended up coming through and supporting us in this. Hindsight is 20/20. We know now that the process for next year will have to change because our enrollment is also going way up and kids are excited about it, but I also already said I will not be running it next year. This is just one of those events where you can't make everybody happy and it's too much for me. Either their kid gets disappointed or it's four hours long.
Thanks to everyone for their support and comments. It means a lot to me. Also wanna shout out my co-chair because they kept a much cooler head and handled it way better than I did!
Only 13 school days left until summer!
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2023.05.31 19:13 CommonSenseBuster Cheated on for 5 years straight.

I’ve never told anybody my situation but it’s really eating at me. I don’t want to feel alone any longer.
Ive (26F) and (24m) have been in an off again on again relationship for 5 years.
He is a pathological liar and has ONCE even admitted in the past he started lying as a kid for whatever reason I don’t remember. He is also a chronic cheater.
It’s given me many mental problems.. I have C-PTSD, BPD and anxiety due to the years of trauma with it. I’ve woke myself up crying and snorting in my dreams reliving certain moments of things he’s done wrong to me. When I get a flashback out of the blue it’s like I’m reliving it and I sometimes (though rarely) have even fainted! Who knew what cheating could do to a person.
I’ve stayed for 5 years throughout all the cheating because I really love him and feel like nobody else is out here for me. I believe the reason I feel like this is I was homeschooled, never really had friends, got pregnant very young with my former partner of almost 7 years. I was extremely sheltered up until the separation with my then, ex husband. I shortly afterwards met my current boyfriend. I quickly believed everything he said not listening to his ex trying to warn me of the person he was. I wished I would’ve listened before I got attached. If only I had knew the real world.
He always promised it would be the last time with no more lies. I started writing it down with the date it had got so often. I thought if I could show him where I documented it the last time, that he would eventually stop.
He never will admit to anything even with photo proof being shown in front of him. He just says it wasn’t him. I told him on one occasion when I had proof that if he couldn’t fess up I’d drink bleach. That man let me drink bleach by sticking to his lies even when he knew I knew.
The good news is, the first time finding out was the hardest. I’ve not gotten used to it by any means, but I cope better and am doing better about learning my place to him. I can’t describe the feeling I feel. It’s sheer emptiness and just utter determination to die knowing he really doesn’t care. I don’t understand why he won’t just leave me if the things he does is more important than me being happy. He’s essentially trying to kill me and he knows it is.
I have a very strong unusual attachment to him that he knows I’m unable to break. He is my favorite and only person. We have lived together most our relationship. We get along perfect with everything else. Our only fights are over his lies or him doing things behind my back.. I love who he is, his sense of humor and everything about him. I whole heartedly believe I won’t ever find anyone like him again in the sense of who he is when he’s not cheating or hiding stuff that would hurt me. I’m trapped and he knows it.
Their is no escape. No hope. No way safely out. When we do break up, I’m the most manic, crazy, insane, sad, alcoholic, risk taking person ever. I have never been able to be alone and heal In privacy like a person needs to. In my family situation I 100% support my mother financially with her trailer I stay at on the weekends. I can’t afford to keep up another home on top of all her expenses and rent. When we’ve broken up in the past, I have to go back to my moms so I’m not allowed to just cry it out without being seen. I don’t want anyone to see the way I need to be letting sadness and anger out. She has no idea he does this to me and I would never tell her..
Thanks to anyone that read my rant/vent. I needed it off my chest. To the cheaters out here, how could you ever say you don’t realize what your doing. You’re slowly killing them. I’m already dead.
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2023.05.31 19:12 Ingenious_sss How to create a News app where i can update content daily

I want to create a Flutter app for a news channel but all the tutorials i find tell me to use NewsApi org. This is a new company and they do not have the funding to subscribe to it. Is there a way where they can manually edit or create News contents and They don’t use English as their news language.
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2023.05.31 19:12 TankIllustrious2002 [15F] HMU Plsssssss

Hey there! I'm a 15-year-old who's totally obsessed with dogs and true crime. Seriously, those are my jam! And guess what? I'm a hardcore insomniac, so I'm lightning-fast when it comes to responding (most of the time, at least). Oh, and just so you know, I'm pan-romantic and asexual. Figured it's important for you to get the whole picture.
When I'm not burning the midnight oil, you can find me out in nature, hiking my heart out or shredding the slopes on my skis. And yeah, I'm also a bookworm. Can't resist a good read! But hey, here's the deal: I won't be tolerating any creepy stuff, pedos, or weirdos asking for my foot pics. Seriously, if that's you, go grab some holy water, dude. Ain't nobody got time for that.
Oh, and about the pictures... Sorry, but I'm not about compromising my anonymity, you know? Gotta keep things on the down-low. Hope you get where I'm coming from. If we build up some trust though, who knows? Maybe one day I'll be cool sharing some pics.
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2023.05.31 19:12 reallybadmomjokes Where can I commission someone to trace this?

Where can I commission someone to trace this?
Hello Everyone! My grandfather had this caricature done and I'm wondering how or where I might be able to request someone trace the image for me so I have just the drawing and not the paper as part of the image. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this but I'm have trouble finding a subreddit that might be able to help. I would be willing to pay for the service if necessary.
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2023.05.31 19:12 ContributionDue9507 Advice if a toxic relationship between I (31 f) and the guy (32 m) I’ve been with for 9 years

I’ve was with my kids father for almost 9 years. We were together for 4 and engaged for 4 but never spoke about marriage. He didn’t want to really take that next step. I didn’t even have an engagement just a ring giving to me and said here you go. Well for the past 3 years or so. It’s always fighting always ending in arguments every day to the point where it affects my mental health. I had to start seeing a therapist. For the past 2 years I’ve had a best friend (36 m) who is a male. He’s seen both sides of stories has heard the fights. Everything. I fell in love with him. We had a fight and it came out the next day after a group of us went to a wedding for my best friends uncle. Seeing them up there and the love they shared I almost shattered because I know I’ll never have that. I know my best friend will give it to me but I can’t help but to feel guilty. My kids father is now trying but it’s like I have no more energy no more fights left. I asked for marriage counseling, tried to explain what’s going on how he has become so distant and self absorbed into his meditation that is all his life has become. He said he has to better himself before he can better a relationship. I feel like we’ve grown apart. He’s thrown things in the past that happened almost 9 years ago. That just don’t end. Mistakes were made. I wanna move on and be happy with my best friend. But I feel like I’m a piece of crap because I don’t want to work it out anymore. I feel like a double edge sword is stabbing me and he’s the boy who cried wolf. Side note. I’ve tried to leave multiple times in the past 3 years. Different occasions. So this isn’t the first time, but my mind just finally says enough. I will say we both have an equal part at going at it. I have said horrible things and so has he. But one thing that has always stayed with me was being called of piece of shit growing up and I’ve said that to him because he would alway calls me that. I’ve also said really messed up things like I’ll just go sleep with someone else to show you how done I am. I know I’m not innocent. My brother in law had to stop streaming because one of his highest views was us fighting. I just lost out before on unhealthy relationship versus good ones and I don’t want to make the mistake again with my heart holding someone else in it now. Is this a toxic relationship? Is it time to move on?
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2023.05.31 19:11 dogecoinInVeStOr-420 How Do I get around taped doors?

Suppose you were on a field trip where you stayed in a hotel. They tape the outside of your door to see whether or not someone opened the door. How would you go about opening the door without them finding the ripped/moved tape?
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2023.05.31 19:11 dsaf6229 Old knight UGS from Ds2 (with all its ds2 characteristics) vs ds3 ugs roster

So, I want to see how the worst UGS from ds2 sotfs would be in ds3 complete with all its ds2 ugs properties. Let me list those properties below:
- Faster swing speed than ds3 (this is massive)
- Even faster swing speed after doing running/rolling attack
- Ability to knock down opponent with only a 2H running/heavy attack (this is a huge deal)
- Ability to riposte harder enemies by stunlocking them with 2H running/heavy attack.
The worst UGS from ds2 put as is in to ds3 would prove to be a very disruptive UGS weapon. Especially in PVP. The whole point of this post is to show just how bad the UGS are in ds3 and arguably in elden ring too, since there they are similar to the ds3 ugs as well.
I'd like to know your thoughts on this as well.
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