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Catsmirin - where cats look at you full of love

2016.05.17 07:13 Deadpool_irl Catsmirin - where cats look at you full of love

Cats who love their owners with looks. Catch your kitty staring adoringly? Come here and share the moment!

2014.07.17 13:41 Ohzz Married At First Sight

Strangers getting married! Season 16 in Nashville, Tennessee now airing Wednesday nights at 8pm EST on Lifetime and streaming on Prime Video, Google Play, VUDU, and iTunes. -- "Tennessee based singles embark on a journey to meet the love of their lives during this 23-episode season, where they'll marry a complete stranger, travel to their honeymoons and then move in together as husband & wife." -- We are a fan run sub with no affiliation to Lifetime or its constituents.

2015.06.08 00:33 ChanmanVXXIII r/LivestreamFail: Livestream wins, fails, and everything in between

Welcome to LivestreamFail, the place for almost anything livestream related.

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2023.06.03 07:23 camsanityy 28f sudden constant extreme tiredness

im 28f, 350lbs. caucasian. no underlying conditions other than suspected PCOS. currently taking these supplements- maca root, berberine, vitamin C, vitamin d3, inositol, magnesium, zinc, and a prenatal. i've had a missing period since march which is why i'm on these supplements to help my hormones regulate. but this last 3 weeks i've suddenly had extreme tiredness. i can sleep 8-9 hours and still wake up exhausted, even falling asleep at random times throughout the day. i wake up every 2-3 hours at night to use the bathroom, and every time, i fall asleep while peeing. i wake up and go back to my bed and then the process repeats until i wake up for the day. i then fall asleep 1-2 times again when using the bathroom throughout the day. i've had no changes in my life, everything's been the same. just this sudden constant tiredness. i used to be able to sleep 6 hours a night and be fine for a day with no naps or anything. now i'm lucky if i can stay awake longer than an hour or two during the day without dozing off. i've tried drinking more coffee, but this has literally zero effects. im not sure what's going on or what to do
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2023.06.03 07:23 Sensitive_Hope9564 I'm requesting help r/teenagers!

Hi!! Im posting this here to spread my situation. I'm a 15 year old, high school freshman (transitioning to sophomore), from Texas asking for your aid of fundraising a jaw surgery and braces.
Heres my struggles: I have a family oversized (11), is impoverished (ive been homeless for 2 years of my life), and my father is bipolar and so unable to work. For reference of my poverty, I am admissible for free/reduced school lunch.
We have recently purchased a home for the first time in 7 years and still paying off expenses. I'm the low of priorities, ive been put off for a few months, which stresses me out as if I cant get surgery in time, i will lose my entire top jaw (GoFundMe description goes into detail).
I know we're all teenagers but even small donations such as $5 amount to my goal!! Thank you for reading, feel free to ask questions below. Have a good day!! <3
(Link to fundraiser is in my bio)
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2023.06.03 07:22 M3DU34 I f26 am thinking of breaking up with my girlfriend f25 but we have a non refundable expensive Hawaii trip booked in a week

We’ve known each other for about 10 years but have only been dating 3 months. We have a bit of a history. We dated two years ago (were briefly engaged for 2 months) We also dated when we were in middle school (although I don’t really count that as it wasn’t serious, we were still young) I go back and forth a lot about me wanting to continue to stay in this relationship and if I should continue to put in the effort. Sorry if this is long and I appreciate it if you took the time to read it all. I really care about this girl. I tend to make a lot of excuses for her because I understand there’s no such thing as anyone who is perfect. I also understand that I’m far from perfect. I believe part of the beauty of love and a relationship is being able to grow together. Which is why I make excuses and stick around. I don’t know if some of these things I am putting up with are valid I don’t know if I’m lying to myself. Which is why I come to the redditors for your advice. I want to start by saying that I do a lot for my girlfriend. At the moment I have a lot of free time until I start school late June. Which allows me to ultimately spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. I drive her to work everyday. I take her lunch. I’ve helped her organize her closet. I help her clean her room. Wash the bathroom. I make the bed. Without getting more into specifics. I help her a lot. I don’t mind it I always make an effort to make her life easier since she is a healthcare worker and puts in a lot of hours. Also I have the time. Here’s the negatives. I never expect anything in return for my generosity. I just wish she would stop being so rude and negative about everything. She often complains about me snoring, taking the blanket, chewing gum too loud, I was “staring” at her sisters boyfriend, I was “staring” at her brother, if I bend over to tie my shoes “why are you showing those people your a**” if I ask her something that she has previously told me “why are you asking me I already told you, I hate repeating myself” I tell her I’m sorry I forgot can you please remind me. “No I hate when you don’t pay attention” If she’s in a mood she tells me to go to my house for a few days. I go to my house then she calls me the next day “when are you gonna come back??” It’s like I can go on and on about everything but do you get what I’m saying? I feel like I’m starting to go crazy. Is this normal behavior? What is wrong? Am I being too picky or overthinking? Please give me some insight am I right for wanting to break up or should I stick around and work on this. Is this fixable? Also we have a non refundable 5k vacation to Hawaii in one week. Not sure if I should stick through it or be done with it.
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2023.06.03 07:22 davidwholt [OFFICIAL] Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS Endurance Cup - Circuit Paul Ricard 1000km

[OFFICIAL] Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe Powered by AWS Endurance Cup - Circuit Paul Ricard 1000km
The final prep before the Spa 24!
Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe Race 1: 11:25 UTC, 13:25 local, 07:25 ET, 21:25 AEST
GT4 European Series Race 1: 12:55 UTC, 14:55 local, 08:55 ET, 22:55 AEST
McLaren Trophy Europe Race 1: 14:25 UTC, 16:25 local, 10:25 ET, 00:25 Sunday AEST
GT World Challenge Europe Race: 16:00 UTC, 18:00 local, 12:00 ET, 02:00 Sunday AEST
Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe Race 2: 08:05 UTC, 10:05 local, 04:05 ET, 18:05 AEST
GT4 European Series Race 2: 09:35 UTC, 11:35 local, 05:35 ET, 19:35 AEST
McLaren Trophy Europe Race 2: 12:45 UTC, 14:45 local, 08:45 ET, 20:45 AEST
Social Media
-Twitter Hashtags: #GTWorldChEU
Jump into WEC's Discord channel! Normally way more active than the discussion thread! https://discord.gg/4JGNSMG
Remember to sort by "new" to stay up to date!
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2023.06.03 07:22 appleciderexperience Digimon Savers (Or Data Squad) is sadly underrated/overhated

I'm rewatching Savers after many years, especially cuz first time actually watching it in Japanese dub instead of my 1st language (the dubbing suck btw but atleast the naming is japanese lol), it was good, i honestly love it more than 01,02 and Tamers, not saying its better mind you, i still lofe the older ones,
1.Savers inclusion with Digisoul is honestly one of my fav part of the anime, its a good inclusion if Bandai would have the balls to make a Digimon x Monster Hunter game
2.All the main tamers and partner digimon actually digivolve to the final form (Burst Mode)
3.The inclusion of Yggdrasill and The Holy Knights
4.The artwork, i think many people who dislike the anime cuz of change of artwork but its a good change of pace cuz i feel like most Digimon Anime Watcher already got older and become teenagers at that point and the artwork change fit with their age
5.Falcomon (i dont need to explain, he's just cool looking)
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2023.06.03 07:22 kal-yani Worried about my friend ( posted with permission)

Worried about my friend ( posted with permission)
So just found out she's in tremendous amounts of debt. I was trying to help her sort through her finances so we could clearly identify the problem and fix it but she had a really severe panic attack. Not only this but she's had a really hard life and seems to always ending up costing herself- time money, mental peace. What needs to be healed and what can I do to help?
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2023.06.03 07:22 Shakyji [WTS] Three Montblanc 144

  1. 144 No 1. https://imgur.com/a/IRDUuuw
  2. 144 No2 https://imgur.com/a/2jhZsBF
  3. 144 No 3 https://imgur.com/a/p1xzJUG
Black bodies. Gold trims. Snap on caps. 14 k M nibs on all three. All are wet and buttery smooth writers. No converters. Will come with one Montblanc cartridge to get you started. No original box. Writing samples in each individual link (the last image). Micro scratches seen under magnification. Some corrosion on the top ring of the section which is a bane of these pens. The high res photos are part of the description. Condition C for being vintage.
USD 150 each
The pens will be shipped from Jakarta, Indonesia via registered and insured airmail and a tracking number provided. Shipping will cost 20 USD. Payment via PayPal goods and services. If you have any questions or need more photos, please PM. Please comment on the thread before PMING.
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2023.06.03 07:22 Embarrassed_Radish15 Easy and fast GPA boosters no exam

Besides comp 210, admn 100, comm 100, Cmis 311, sosc 366, math 216, and Cmis 245 I am looking for the easiest courses I can take for gpa boosters. No exams or long essays please. I need 2-3 courses that I can do by October. I don’t care about subject matter, I’ll do what I have to.
Any word on comp 214, comp 282, or fnce 249?
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2023.06.03 07:22 Dtrom1055 Gem from the other day

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2023.06.03 07:22 PsychologicalAd4060 different potency nausea?

how does potency effect the nausea? I am going to be tripping somewhere soon where I cannot throw up, without looking like a tweaker. Whenever I eat over 2-2.5 I get nausea and 3 or 3.5 I will 100% vomit. If I take 1.5g of penis envy to have around an equivalent of 3g trip will I have the same nausea as eating 3GS?
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2023.06.03 07:21 Us3rnameNotTaken p101 better than w101 so far for me

Couldn't help but notice how much better designed it is than Wizard101. Starting off, you have the intro. You are imprisoned in a ship of the armada and you escape with the help of 2 pirates breaking you out, you then fight armada and escape to skull island. Very immersive and a strong start to introducing you to how the game works. W101 literally just welcomes you, walks you into a tower to fight the arc 1 antogonist and that is it. P101's combat system works a lot better too. It is flexible and gives you more room to strategize. W101 just makes you blade once or twice and then AOE. P101 is more in depth, in fact, so much so that I still don't understand 60% of the game after having played it for 3 days now and watching a lot of videos of guides and reddit posts. W101's only compexity lies within the obnoxiously complex usage of symbols on their cards. P101 is more balanced in terms of classes. Every class has its downsides but it doesn't affect them too much to play just as well as the other classes. W101 classes are unbalanced as well as being nonunique. Ice is terrible for PVE in every way. Stuns don't do anything in a lot of cases. Myth, Ice, and Fire's main gimmicks are useless. P101 has different builds for each class, W101 has 1 other build for 3 classes that still don't get used much at all because it is almost always useless.
Of course P101 has its downsides too but not to such a significant degree that the other game has. I dont know. I'm having a lot more fun on P101 than Kingsisle's favorite child. It seems like a much better game and it is a shame it never got close to an equal amount of attention because if it did all this time, this could have been an even greater game. This is coming from a level 18 musketeer, and a 150 max on Wizard101 before novus.
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2023.06.03 07:21 PSYICA El Hombre Bala

El Hombre Bala
Is it me or anyone else think this card is crazy good ?
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2023.06.03 07:21 SugarFreeLobbyist [WTS] Summer Sale: Parts, Lights, Mags & a Plate Carrier

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/1wDWZ22
Dibs takes priority, Venmo or Cashapp for those under 25 flair. IF G&S you pay the fee. NO NOTES in any payment!!!
Must comment on thread to purchase. Transaction under $20 add $5 for shipping.

+ A B C D E F
1 Category Brand QTY Part/Desc Price Link
2 Parts Glock 1 OEM Glock 19.3 trigger & bar $20 https://imgur.com/a/175haTo
3 P80 2 P80 curved face trigger & bar $15 Each https://imgur.com/a/175haTo
4 Zev & Agency Arms 1 G19.3 threaded ZEV Dimpled Barrel with Agency Arms Double port Comp $200 https://imgur.com/a/175haTo
5 TAC STAR 1 TAC STAR shotgun 6-shot shotshell carrier for Remington 870/1100/11-87 $20 https://imgur.com/a/J2aVlqn
6 Alaska Arms 1 Quick Release Scope Rings 1" Rings $60 https://imgur.com/a/ULXZXmG
7 Barsto Barrels 1 Springfield XD 45 ACP Precision Barrel - Semi Fit $80 https://imgur.com/a/BTeumiI
10 Sig 2 OEM Sig Romeo low mounts $15 Each https://imgur.com/a/jgakwS9
11 SIRT 1 SIRT Training Pistol Glock 17 w/ 6 Mags $230 https://imgur.com/a/DhkcsZX
12 EGW 1 FN/FNS/FNX EGQ RMR Mount - Replaces Rear Sight $40 https://imgur.com/a/u8EUaoq
13 Mossberg 1 Mossberg Flex Systems shotgun pistol grip $20 https://imgur.com/a/ZFts5Qm
14 Unknown 1 Night Vision head harness mount for PVS-7 or PVS-14 $30 https://imgur.com/a/urYivIq
15 Unknown 4 AR-15 standard end plates $5 Each https://imgur.com/a/urYivIq
16 Unknown 1 Gas Block .750 $5 https://imgur.com/a/urYivIq
17 Unknown 2 Mil-spec Bolt Catch/Release $5 Each https://imgur.com/a/urYivIq
18 Unknown 2 Mil-spec Safety Selector $5 Each https://imgur.com/a/urYivIq
20 Unknown 1 Picatinny Vertical Foregrip/Bipod Broomstick- Black $15 https://imgur.com/a/hOOw7ah
21 Unknown 1 Picatinny Vertical Foregrip - Tan/FDE $5 https://imgur.com/a/5nCgNOm
22 Hera Arms HFG Vertical Foreend $10 Each https://imgur.com/a/5nCgNOm
23 Ergo Grip 2 Ergo Grip Sure Grip $15 Each https://imgur.com/a/5nCgNOm
24 Magpul 1 MOE AR15 Grip $10 https://imgur.com/a/5nCgNOm
25 Ruger 1 RedHawk Moon Clips 3pack $20 https://imgur.com/a/5nCgNOm
26 LWRCI 1 LWRCI Rail Section Kit 3-Hole (Part # 200-0012A01) $15 https://imgur.com/a/RPj8GLu
27 Unknown 1 .22LR 6-shot Revolver Cylinder, unsure of fit $15 https://imgur.com/a/iAX643r
28 Unknown 1 Combo: Magazine Adapters & grip, unsure of firearm fitment $5 https://imgur.com/a/kLLOIya
29 Arisaka 1 Black - OSM-M Offset Scout MLOK $40 https://imgur.com/a/MYrzRaZ
30 Arisaka 2 Black - ISM-m Inline Scout Mount MLOK $30 Each https://imgur.com/a/MYrzRaZ
32 Weapon Lights Streamlight 2 TLR7A - Has all keys, lightly used. $100 Each https://imgur.com/a/hQ8CWmL
34 Magazines Glock 9MM 6 G43 Magazines2 unopened 43 Magazines (one with pink extensions) 4 lightly used G43 mags, two flat base plate, one OEM pinky extension & one Fab defense +4 extension. 2 OEM Glock loaders $120 Total https://imgur.com/a/Bu8onTz
35 Glock 9MM 1 OEM G17 - 10rd Magazine Fits G17 G19 G26 $20 https://imgur.com/a/aUvwFdb
36 Glock 40 S&W 3 OEM Glock 40S&W 15rd Magazines Fits: G22 G23 G24 G27 G31 G32 G33 G35 kel-tec Will fit smaller frames 40 cal S&W 40SW $65 Total https://imgur.com/a/eVvbWYD
37 Glock 40 S&W 4 >4x OEM Glock 40S&W 9rd Magazines 1x OEM unopened magazine w/ flat base3x used magazines with pinky extensions Fits G27 only $85 Total https://imgur.com/a/vbtWRhF
38 Glock 45 ACP 2 OEM GLOCK Magazines 45ACP 1x OEM unopened magazine 1x lightly used magazine Fits: G21 G41 G30, G36. $50 Total https://imgur.com/a/2NSKO0D
39 Glock 45 GAP 1 OEM GLOCK 45GAP 10rd Fits: G37, G38 G39 $20 https://imgur.com/a/vljg0xs
40 Canik 2 OEM Canik TP9 SC 12RD Has Glue Residue $50 Total https://imgur.com/a/9WYug0M
41 FNH 5 OEM FNH FNS-9C, 9MM 12RD magazines 3x OEM used magazine w/ flat base 2x OEM used magazines with pinky extensions $125 Total https://imgur.com/a/qoOKwdb
42 FNH 2 OEM FNH FNS-40, FNX-40 14RD magazines $60 Total https://imgur.com/a/Jmm9E9g
43 H&K 2 H&K P2000 / USP 40C $60 Total https://imgur.com/a/AYBPKb9
44 Ruger 1 OEM Ruger SR9 9MM 17RD $20 https://imgur.com/a/Rfyzf8G
45 Ruger 1 OEM Ruger Security-9 9mm 15RD $20 https://imgur.com/a/Rfyzf8G
46 Ruger 1 OEM Ruger P-Series 9mm 15RD $20 https://imgur.com/a/Rfyzf8G
47 Ruger 2 Mini 14 Magazines - $40 Total https://imgur.com/a/zUDKm7v
48 SAR 1 OEM SAR 9MM 17RD magazine $20 https://imgur.com/a/KyhrUpm
49 SIG 2 OEM SIG SAUER P250 P320 full 14RD .40/.357SIG $60 Total https://imgur.com/a/j1NYlt9
50 SIG 1 OEM Sig Sauer SP2022, 2340, 2009 12RD .40 / 357 SIG magazine $20 https://imgur.com/a/hZCawl1
52 Springfield 2 OEM Springfield Hellcat 9mm 11rd & 13rd magazines $60 Total https://imgur.com/a/9Ko3Jru
53 S&W 1 S&W MP DRY FIRE MAG (no Spring Kit) $50 https://imgur.com/a/HY8wRj8
54 S&W 3 OEM S&W M&P Shield 9mm 7 and 8Rds 2x 8rd used magazines with adapter 1x 7rd used magazine with flat base $65 Total https://imgur.com/a/jTEo9Ug
55 S&W 1 OEM S&W SW9 / SW9VE 9MM 17RD Magazine Includes Xgrip sleeve Full-to-sub $20 https://imgur.com/a/2OrzpO7
56 S&W 1 OEM S&W M&P9C compact 9mm 12RD Magazine $25 https://imgur.com/a/rZD5xbk
57 S&W 1 S&W M&P9 9MM 17RD $25 https://imgur.com/a/uOjTL3s
58 Taurus 5 Taurus G2c / PT-111 Millennium Pro G2 Magazine 9mm Luger 12 Rounds Steel Blued $100 Total https://imgur.com/a/rcsEbdg
59 Walter 2 OEM Walther Creed PPX 9mm magazines $50 Total https://imgur.com/a/DT5iLtg
61 Plate Carrier Velocity System 1 PC4 – LEPC Front – APC Back – CBN1 $150 https://imgur.com/a/W5CZqfA
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2023.06.03 07:21 InternStock Well that's the most outrageous recent change

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2023.06.03 07:21 TheAnxiousAntisocial When’s the best time to open my next card?

Hey guys -
After having my Discover for over 3 years, I finally started to try out some new cards.
I currently have: - Target RedCard
Authorized User
Opened in March 2002
$15,000 limit
Use for 5% off Target
Opened April 2020
Use for 5% rotating categories
Opened February 2023
Use for 3% gas, 3% groceries, 3% online shopping (excluding when a 5% category appears that beats the 3%)
Opened April 2023
Use for 3% pharmacies, 3% dining, and 5% categories
I’ve covered most of my spend with these three cards with the exception of general spend for things like vet visits, doctor co-pays, car insurance and other car expenses, etc. So I think the final card I need for now (correct me if I’m wrong) is a catch-all card. I’m looking for one with a SUB, Apple Pay support, no redemption minimum and the Wells Fargo Active Cash seems to fit the bill the best. I just finished my Freedom Flex SUB, so I’m starting to look into it. I am pre-qualified for the Active Cash and Credit Karma also says I have “excellent approval odds” but I take those with a grain of salt I suppose.
Do I have a good shot at getting it soon? I was thinking of applying for it after my Freedom Flex hits 2 months old.
My credit profile: 14 accounts - consists of federal and private student loans ranging back to 2018-2022, car loan in 2022, and the above listed credit cards and their details. No late or missed payments. Average age of credit is 2 years and 5 months, oldest account is 4 years and 9 months.
Like I said - hoping this will be the last card I get for awhile as all my spend will be covered for now, I just want to ensure it’s a good time and I want the best possible odds at getting the card as it always sucks to get rejected.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 07:21 bayvipsam RongVang Vin

Nếu anh em đang tìm kiếm một địa điểm để chơi các game bài đổi thưởng thì anh em không phải đi đâu xa, RongVang Vin có tất cả các game không khác gì một casino cho anh em lựa chọn. Tại đây có rất nhiều game đổi thưởng từ truyền thống đến đại như: game bài Poker đầy cuốn hút, game bài 3 cây đơn giản nhưng dễ dàng phân cao thấp, game bài Tiến lên miền Nam đầy truyền thống,…
Link bài viết : https://bayvipsam.com/rongvang-vin/
Xem thêm :
Nhà cái Bayvip Sam một cổng game với nhiều trò chơi cá cược hấp dẫn được nhiều người ở Việt Nam tham gia cá cược. BAYVIP được nhiều tổ chức cấp phép hoạt động hợp pháp cùng với đó là tính minh bạch rõ ràng đối với người chơi khi nạp rút tiền dễ dàng và nhanh chóng.
#bayvip #bayvipsam #cacuocbayvip #nhacaibayvip
Thông tin doanh nghiệp
Tên doanh nghiệp: BAYVIP Hay Bayvip
Địa chỉ: 228 Ấp Phước Hưng 2, Xã Phước Lâm, Huyện Cần Giuộc, Tỉnh Long An
Số điện thoại: 0987899228
Email: [email protected]
Post Code: 700000
Website: https://bayvipsam.com/
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2023.06.03 07:21 jgskgamer Don't know if this is supposed to be on the help desk, please tel me. Doubt about audeze isine's cipher cable

Don't know if this is supposed to be on the help desk, please tel me. Doubt about audeze isine's cipher cable
Hi! I have an isine10, and I been using this EQ with it, but I bough I isine20 , and it came with this Bluetooth cipher cable, does anyone know what version it is, and what's the eq it is doing? It sound very good with the 10's! Not so much with the 20's...
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2023.06.03 07:21 wayaboveavg Booking Multiple Redemption stays on the same nights

Hello All,
I have enough points to book 3 rooms for 2 nights in the same hotel on the same days. Will this be an issue, as obviously i will only be staying in one of them?
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2023.06.03 07:21 AutoModerator The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity AISays.org

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