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2023.06.04 23:21 Greenrybots Where can solar panels/roofs go if not the roof of your house?

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2023.06.04 23:21 losteasymover That's it. I said it to her

So after all these years being together as a friend from her side and as true love from my side i expressed her all my feelings i have it for her.
I decided this to tell her after we had our first kiss while we drunk, we would have move forward but i dont want that thing in a drunk mode where she has a chance of saying I have used her when she drunk so I stopped to kiss only. From that day i felt like I'm wasting both of our time i should anyhow tell her about my feelings so today after getting high i told her all the things which I had to.
For context: it's been 3 years we talk we were a colougues i left the company but we still in contact. After 1 year i met she had a breakup and I was her supporting role she used to tell me about her relationship, friends, office, and i used to talk and help her with all the problems she had.
Unknowingly i got feelings for her i kept it hide until now. Then I decided to tell her anyhow so, I started asking how it would be if we had slept that drunk night she was normal and told I would block you and feel shame for me and never talk with you. as our relationship was so open and transperency in all other things i told some personal stuff of me jerking off over thinking about her she felt so disgusting about this and told to stop talking with me. I clearly told her i have feelings for uh and I love you genuinely but as she never seen me as the guy for her, so she said I don't have any feelings and further don't try to contact her.
I respect her decision and moving on with it. I just wanted to share it here so I get some insights about the situation and how it should have been to talk in proper way, mistakes i did, things which would have been make it easier?
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2023.06.04 23:21 EthanBEUnited Thanks to House of Cards I discovered Washington D.C

Hello Washingtonians,
I watch House of Cards on Netflix and I discovered Washington D.C that I only knew about it from the news mentioning the president's residency. Since then, I did more research about this city (Youtube, Wikipedia, Google Street View...) and I like it more, I really want to visit this town and even live here. (I come from Europe (Belgium)).
I learn it exists other city to visit outside NYC, LA or Miami in America !
Anyway, I've just wanted to say my excitment about going there soon ! :-)
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2023.06.04 23:21 SkipTerrio Hawaiian Express

Those who remember the glorious, defunct Hawaiian Express buffet in the food court of the Main Place Mall in Santa Ana know why I am jonesing for a replacement.
Has anyone out there found a worthy replacement with the same menu/taste?
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2023.06.04 23:20 bit-toosilly you left like the october wind,

that opened up the windows to my being
and let them shut, my beliefs pinned
from your breeze that i found fleeing

you left like the october wind,
and all the dust you hid before
has surfaced now before my door,
inside my house, my mind and all

you left like the october wind,
that damaged the pictures of us
in which you playfully grinned
with a smile i find hard to trust

i wonder where is that smile
that i've not seen for a while?
is it brightening up another home?
one of which i am ignorant to,
and will it ever come back
the same way it left? a crack
in my passing out heart
has been spurting out the paint
you used to cover my home with.
and for the chance you decide
to come back to what was yours,
but now is mine, it can't look
the same anymore, for what you took
i can't restore and can't remake,
like the october wind you used
as an excuse to watch me break
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2023.06.04 23:20 adhonus Week Ahead for June 5, 2023: BZA to hear neighbors’ appeal of Free Union firearm storage business; UVA’s $5 million for West Main going to other projects; Louisa Supervisors considering emergency water ordinance

Five months down. Seven months to go until another year when we can do the whole countdown again. Until then, we have five days of government meetings that you might consider attending, participating in, or perhaps turning into a dance remix. On the latter, I can provide the soundbites if you provide the beat. Anyway, more details are in my newsletter for today, but this is a series of blurbs customized for Charlottesville.

Some one-liners:

Please ask questions! I will try to steer you toward more info and provide more context. Share with friends!
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2023.06.04 23:20 endersgame69 Adopted By Humans VII C16

It was not long, a mere week or three, after that point, that I found myself on a conference call with William, myself, Livingston, and the Earth Presider.
They all had stern, serious expressions on their faces, and my people’s ambassador had his hairs standing on end.
I’d begun that day wanting to spend time with Fauve down at the local coffee shop, Bau was on one of her rare trips outside of Chi’cagoa Rea, and I’d promised her I’d buy her a cup too so we could catch up.
I have to admit… ‘I actually ‘like’ having a sibling.’ I had that thought more than once. We weren’t too far off in age, at least as far as our species went, we’d both been drawn to the same things and we were both rising stars in our fields… even if she was one in relative exile, since she couldn’t go to Dlamias without getting arrested for the high crime of Job Abandonment.
It was one step removed from treason, since it undercut the security and stability of the state, but since I was on Earth, I had no obligation nor did anyone else have a right to arrest her.
So… coffee and shoptalk and probably Fauve doing a video interview on the fly over coffee… ‘Just Cook’n With Cookie’ was not an exceptionally popular show and more ‘alien content’ was a hot commodity on Earth and its colonies.
But no, instead of shop talk with a long absent sibling and my personal human, I had to deal with… I did not know what. But I was in no position to refuse the request.
“I will be blunt. We want your starbase ready faster. Much faster. You are moving far too slowly.” Livingston said it matter of factly, calmly, as if he were just giving you the time of day.
But I could read his body language. Bristling fur, ears down, tail stiff.
“That’s an unusual request, but before we even get to the why…” The Presider turned toward William, his image flickered a little, “Can it be done at all?”
I wondered about that myself, mind you, I wasn’t the only one building a space station, Earth was embarking on a massive expansion plan, putting stations in orbit around every world and a number of moons in their solar system. Whether it be to harvest gas or fuel or minerals or whatever else, or just to build defense platforms and additional shipyards, they were not acting by halves.
But mine was the most ambitious, meant specifically to rapidly enhance human capabilities… my gamble that Dlamias wouldn’t get in the way was now paying off in spades as my world evidently was badly in need of a competent ally.
William rubbed his jaw, “It can be done… I mean, if I had the right AI construction program and the manual supervisors to order it in accordance with our modification plans…it could be theoretically completed in a few months. We’d just need the shift personnel working twenty-four hours per day with a two hour overlap per shift to ensure continuity… but?” He shrugged.
“But what?” I asked. My tail was already wagging, the idea of finishing Paradyse sooner was frankly intoxicating.
“It’s a highly specialized position, there’s only so many people who can handle this kind of work, and right now they’re scattered across dozens of space station projects here and in other systems. If there were some more on Earth, I’d have hired them already.” He answered and slumped.
“It doesn’t matter how fast you pour water into a pitcher that only holds a liter, it’ll still overflow when it hits the limit.” He said it, and the Presider leaned back in his chair.
“There you have it.” The Presider answered, but Livingston was not through.
“What if you were provided the help?” Livingston’s question was punctuated by a gesture toward his holostation, and I could see the little jerking motions of his finger as he swiped data over from his position to ours.
“We can bring three thousand qualified personnel able to handle the various aspects of your station and monitor all the necessary construction. We can have them here…soon.”
“That would shave considerable time off the construction.” William answered off the cuff as he began flipping through the documents our Ambassador sent his way. The Presider was clearly going through the same information.
“Normally we would need to vet these for security purposes…” The Presider murmured half-heartedly as his eyes scanned the names on the list.
“There’s not a lot of time for that, Mr. Presider.” Livingston asserted.
“I suppose there’s not. I suppose… there’s not.” He ran his hand through his thick silver hair and began to breath with great slowness.
“We will throw in sufficient materials to begin fleet construction immediately.” Livingston promised, and that seemed to be what the Presider was waiting for.
“Alright… we accept your…help. And as a show of good faith, we will join the Rapax conference as you wish. Joint exercises will begin immediately and we will increase patrols across our stretch of the Sindari Road.” The Presider’s offer was perhaps more generous than it needed to be.
But then again, it was also things that were in the human interests.
Even so, it didn’t make a great deal of sense for me to be here. William could have informed me about everything after the fact. I missed my coffee date with Fauve and Bau over this. My annoyance began to reach its peak and I asked, “Forgive me, but… why am I here? I realize it’s my station project and everything, but there doesn’t seem to be anything for me in particular to do with any of this.”
Livingston drummed his fingers on his desk, a gesture matched by that of the Earth Presider.
“I think we both know better than that, Bailey Walker.” Livingston said pointedly, “You are half the reason the Praeda are up in arms, all those prey evolved species who are quaking in their scales, skins, furs, bladders, branches, or whatever it is they have or live in.”
“I… think that’ s a bit excessive. Don’t you think so, Presider?” I asked, but the square faced human only gave a sharp denial with the shake of his head.
“No. No I do not. However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.” He pointed out before I could start to panic.
“You’re going to explain yourself. Personally.” Livingston leaned across his desk as if he thought I couldn’t see him well enough. Both our worlds, in fact the most dangerous of the Hundred Terrors, are all sending diplomatic teams to speak with the common of the Praeda, to convince them that we mean them no harm, to convince them that we are not responsible for what has been happening…”
“The job Fauve referred to.” I guessed.
“Wait, so my daughter… Bailey, you didn’t mention this?!” William turned on me at once, his eyes wide with horror.
“I assumed you knew!” I exclaimed, and he almost instantly slumped.
“Of course you did, and of course she didn’t.” William concluded.
“They say a bird has got to leave the nest, but I didn’t think it would ever be to another part of the galaxy…” William’s heavy breath might as well have had the weight of the world on it to even imagine what lay ahead.
“Not to worry, we don’t plan on sending your daughter, or your friend, alone.” The Presider said, and I felt a knot of certainty crystalize in the pit of my stomach, that that did not sound as benign as I might have hoped.
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2023.06.04 23:20 TJP2002 Just in case anyone was wondering... the state of AI in relation to FOB in general

How long do you think before at least one attempt at an ai model of Patrick's voice, or a non-shitty example of an AI trying to do FOB, will happen?
Ive been looking into it, and my gut feeling for the answer is "A LOT longer than you would think!"
What do we know so far?
So far, in case nobody knew. This is where AI fob currently stands
Basically unless someone with the skills and the tech goes all in and sets out with the single minded goal to create AI fall out boy music or die? Weve got a LOOOOONG while to wait before this sub is banning AI content, unless the "I PuT fAlL oUt BoY lYrIcS iNtO AI iMaGe MaKEr aNd GoT ThIS", posts prompt it to happen early😂
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2023.06.04 23:20 WolfahANM My cat is constantly having urination issues. From crystals to stresscolitis. He got a plug, my doctor did one last try at expressing his bladder while he was sedated instead of putting a cath in him. Plug came out and a pee fountain began😅

My cat is constantly having urination issues. From crystals to stresscolitis. He got a plug, my doctor did one last try at expressing his bladder while he was sedated instead of putting a cath in him. Plug came out and a pee fountain began😅 submitted by WolfahANM to VetTech [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 23:20 FragMut [XB1] [XBX] [M23] Selling Madden 23 Coins @ $18 per Million 100% Safe, 0% Chance of Ban Okie Doke 2.3 Method Always Available Read Post for Details on New Trading Process ELITE REP

Available all day and night. Instant Delivery, no ea tax, no risk of bans. PM if interested
Cash App, Venmo, Btc/eth, Apple Pay, Zelle, Paypal, and Amazon Gift Cards for payments.
2 Methods Available:
  1. Okie Doke 2.3 --- see below for complete details. I will need access to your ea/sony/or xbox account for 10-15 minutes to complete the deal, you can be online simultaneously and change your password right after if it makes you feel better. This is 100% safe
  2. Bid Method: Post 12 91-92 overalls for 100 bid, 1 hour, for every 1 million purchased. This method is NOT guaranteed against bans. The only reason I am offering this is that certain buyers seem to think they can't be banned and aren't willing to do it the right way, even though it is 100% safe, so figured I would add this as an option
The bad news: Ea took away the trade block.
The GOOD news: delivering safe and fast coins is still doable
How so?
  • I’m a professional / specialist in the ART of coin trading workarounds. I was safely trading coins years before the trade block was the most common method used
  • EA will never hold me back . Where there is a will there's a way and I got a lot of will
  • My partners and I invested in proprietary software / techniques years ago for a day like this to come. We can easily handle 100+ million in daily transfers with just as much efficiency and safety as ever before
  • You don’t need to post any cards to auction . You don’t need to gather or find any cards to trade. Just pay and relax while we work
  • You can actually watch me conduct the trade in real time if it makes you feel safer
Ban Free Guaranteed Coins: if you are unhappy or get banned for using my service I will refund your money. Customer satisfaction and safety of delivery are my main priorities.
Exciting, right ?
So what’s the method?
  • We call it the Okie Doke 2.3 Full details I can’t disclose because it’s a trade secret. Just know , It’s some voodoo that the average, inexperienced and even some higher ranked coin sellers can’t do or offer
Why won’t you explain all the details?
  • Because we spent hundreds of hourssss and thousands of dollars researching and developing an automated trading process knowing a day like this would come. You can WATCH the trade happening in real time if you would like
What details can you give?
  • it’s a form of comfort trading. I just need your ea account email and password (not your Xbox , not your PlayStation , although these are ok as well) and about 10-15 minutes for me to complete the work and you are all set ! You can watch this happening real time if you prefer or you can be be playing a game , my process will not interfere.
Is there any chance of being banned ?
  • NO, 0% chance.
Why do you need my account details?
  • Accessing your madden account allows me to use my automation software to complete the trade fast , safely and efficiently
Can’t I just post cards to the auction house?
  • Of course , but it will be like playing Russian roulette with EA.
    I’m sure some sellers will try to entice people by offering low prices or say they have a method that works but I’d be very careful . If they don’t have dozens of accounts, some kind of automation software, and proper networking their method can’t be trusted.
Can’t you steal my coins , players ?
1st- Coins, technically yes, but Why would I want to do this ? I’m Trying to sell you coins and get referrals , why would I steal from you ? I have 1000s of completed transactions and worked hard to earn my rep , I’m not risking that over any amount of money . If you think I’m in the business of stealing or don’t care about your accounts safety , we aren’t a good match to do business
2nd- players / cards , Nooooooo. Your players are locked and can’t be sold on app if you have any ability or added any Training to the card. There is also a lock feature you can use in the game if you are nervous.
3rd- you can change your password right after the trade is complete if it makes you feel better
4th- you can watch me complete the trade if you are on the game
This is a 100% risk free transaction
I understand giving me your account details can sound strange but it’s the safest , fastest and most efficient method of transferring coins. For added assurance, I’m guaranteeing your experience and account safety or I will promptly refund your money.
Final notes/ comments :
Moving forward it will be difficult for new , inexperienced and non trusted coin sellers to conduct business without a middle man or selling directly to a more experienced, reputable seller. Without software / bots and some serious research and testing they can’t offer the same service. Allowing them to practice on your account would be ill-advised.
I have already seen posts stating users are testing a method(s) since ‘Sunday or last week’ with no ban. This is comical , our methods were tested in Madden 15 and every year since . Taking their advice could prove detrimental and I would highly advise against listening to them. We are professionals, don’t waste your time with amateurs practicing on your account.
I have also seen users posting about selling ltds even though it wasn’t possible at the time . This is something else that shouldn’t taken serious. If the seller isn’t aware of what’s going on in the game , how can you trust that the information they are giving you is true ? Don’t be naïve , deal only with professionals at this point.
I look forward to being your coin provider and was able to provide some insight. Thanks for the reading and enjoy your day
Deal With a trusted Seller. Over 650 confirmed trades.
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2023.06.04 23:19 silverachievement My partner M36 wants to stop going to couples therapy with me F29

My partner always had trust issues and had a difficult time if i wanted to go out alone. He says he trusts me, but doesn’t trusts other people. He gets very insecure if i go to places where other men could be. He had a difficult child hood and i think this caused it. We started going to couples therapy and things started to improve little by little. We got to the point where i could go out every 2 weeks so i could grab lunch with a friend or go to a friends house. But things started getting difficult when i mentioned there are still other things i wanted to do sometime in my life. Things like sports or a city trip alone. This caused a lot of stress and suddenly he doesn’t want to do the therapy anymore. He doesn’t want to do individual therapy either. I know these problems won’t get solved by themselves and quitting won’t solve anything. I love my partner, he’s sweet and does a lot of chores in the house, but i fear for our future. Am i exaggerating for expecting to do other things this in my alone-time other then the things i mentioned?
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2023.06.04 23:19 _Unstable_Dodo_ First night with my new pup, Femi! (it's 23.12 here at the moment of posting)

I posted about the choice between two pups on this sub recently, and this is maybe a mini update. This is Femi! She is neither of those two pups. The lady was beginning to be quite rude when I messaged her with some final questions, so we decided to let the puppies go. We quickly found another offer and here she is! Little Femi, short for Faemyra Targaryen, first of her name, protector of the house ;)) Femi also means love in Nigerian and me and Mom found it funny cause Femi as in feminist haha. My previous dog had something against men so we will see how she will turn out
back to the first night, Femi is 7 weeks old now, and she was also the smallest of the litter. I'm gonna (try to, as I have school tomorrow) keep an eye on her during the first few nights. She's on quarantine now for a month until she gets all the shots she needs :))
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2023.06.04 23:19 Safe_Ad_2027 35M looking for friends

I am just posting to express my interest in finding friends who share my hobbies such as traveling, reading, hiking in nature, and having meaningful conversations. I am looking for individuals who are serious about communication and clean dialogue.
I believe that having friends who share common interests is a great way to enhance one's life experiences and broaden one's horizons. It would be wonderful to have companions to explore new places, exchange thoughts and ideas, and enjoy the beauty of nature together.
If you are someone who shares similar interests and values, I would love to hear from you and potentially form a friendship that is based on mutual respect and understanding.
Note : I do not smoke, drink, or engage in any prohibited substances. not dirty chatting.
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2023.06.04 23:18 Teknomekanoid My window only opens to 12 inches, what are my options?

Hey all, just moved, house has radiators and no ductwork for central air, and have a small office my pc is in. I spend a lot of time in there and it gets really hot. The one usable window only opens to just under 12’ and I can’t find anything that will fit it after visiting 3 stores and googling. Portable units seem to be a lot more expensive for some reason. What can I do here? I’m looking for lower budget, doesn’t need high btu because it’s a small room.
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2023.06.04 23:18 RedPillDevoter I am responsible for multimedia projections in this year’s convention. I will try to hijack it with the removed videos.

I will be responsible for the whole 3 days for multimedia projection in this year’s convention and I am very tempted to “forget” and play the two removed videos in the corresponding part.
Even if they point me and say to stop them, while live, that could leave some doubt seeds in the attendance.
I know that I will be exposed because of this post and they will know it, but to be honest, it is about time for the house of cards to fall. I will leave with a bang.
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2023.06.04 23:18 Boooobbbyyy I (25M) think I am losing attraction to my (26F) GF

I (25M) met a great woman (26F) two months ago and asked her to be my GF last week. She said she wanted me to be her Bf and everything has been going really well. We have really good communication and we go out of our own way to do nice things for each other. She constantly tells me how nice it is to be in such a mutual relationship.
My issue: I can’t help but feel like I am not physically satisfied though. Our sex is decent and was satisfying at first but now I catch myself fantasizing about being with other women. I would never cheat, as I care for this woman greatly. I just don’t know if I can continue this relationship if I’m constantly thinking about other women’s attractiveness. I feel like such an idiot since I so recently asked her to be my girlfriend. Things were just going so well I’m surprised and honestly frustrated my emotions have done such a flip flop. Maybe I felt like this from the start and just haven’t realized it till now. It seems like the best thing to do would be to sit on my feelings and explain to her how I’ve been feeling in the least hurtful way possible.
I’m sure manny people in relationships find others attractive but if appreciating another persons attractiveness interferes with how you feel about your SO then how do you handle that?
What would be the best way to go about expressing this to her what do I even say?
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2023.06.04 23:18 SawkyScribe Pokemon: Information Societies and Globalization over time

Warning: long post
I wrote a few weeks back about the strange anachronistic technology in the Pokemon setting. This is a society that can transmute living matter into data but most people were using pagers for example. I thought a lot about why this is the case. The obvious answer is that the games are simply reflective of the technological innovations of the time period they are in, but that’s no fun. I think it’s more interesting to look at how the first few generations depicted world’s that did not operate in information societies.
So what is an information society? This can be defined in one of five ways: technological, economic, occupational, spatial, and cultural.
• Technological: how much and what level of tech is there?
• Economic: how much of a country’s GDP is made up by information activity?
• Occupational: how many information jobs are there?
• Spatial: how connected are we across gaps of time and space?
l Cultural: how much does internet affect our culture?
With this, I think we have a very helpful framework for our discussion. I can confidently say gens I-IV are not information societies. Society has not reformed itself around emerging technologies (I doubt the PokeNav, or the PokeGear had the effect the first iPhone did). You get the sense that most people were working blue collar jobs in Johto and Hoenn, or there weren’t that many jobs available in the tech sector. It’s even said corporations like Devon Corp and Silph Co are more intersted in making pokemart goods that electronic devices. Phones didn’t collapse time and space, most people would call you to bring you to there physical location. You also don’t feel that technology had deeply penetrated people’s mind as a cultural force. I think the Japanese inspired ethos of communing and living harmoniously with nature had severely dampened the effect that new technology could have in reshaping people’s lives. That changes immediately as we move west.
As soon as we land in Unova, we hit a setting that feels very contemporary even when stacked up against the Switch games. Almost every house has a TV. Cars and planes are so ubiquitous that you see multiple highways throughout the game and there’s a town with a whole airfield. With all the skyscrapers in Castelia City, you can tell that a huge chunk of jobs involve information processing. Hell, there’s a literal survey HQ in the city, you don’t get more data driven than that! The most interesting innovation has to be the X-Transceiver.
While older gadgets had been very reflective of their time, I find it interesting how forward facing this little watch was. The idea of a watch that had the capacity to make and receive phone calls with a screen resolution good enough for a video feed wouldn’t be realized until 5 years after the game came out. Even the way your only mode of interaction with Professor Juniper through most of B2W2 mirrors how so many of us have relationships through our devices that bridge physical and temporal gaps between us and the recipient. It really is amazing to see how deeply technological determinism (the way by which technology shapes our lives) is felt here compared to just one game ago.
It’s only in gen VIII and XI that we truly feel the cultural ramifications in full. Global consumption of media has evolved the Pokemon gym challenge from a simple rite of passage to a full blown spectator sport. Reliable access to video streaming devices has increased so much that being a Twitch streamer is a viable and recognized career in these games. Imagine telling yourself that in 2014.
Further, I love how the growth in technology usage has led to a tangibly more globalized world in these games. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, while being geographically close, feel incredibly insulated from one another. The complete lack of cross-cultural pollination had people sometimes thinking these games took place on different planets from one another. Not so in later entries. Technology has shrunk the world and brought it together. It’s why you see so many more references to previous games in later gens, or how the Pokemon World Tournament and the Battle Tree is able to rope so many different trainers from across the globe to compete together.
While initially I thought the disparity between the resources the Pokemon world had the technology that was available to the average person was quite silly, I think I’ve come to appreciate how the innovations that we see between games and regions is a fun reflection of the changes that we’ve seen in our own world. If anything I mentioned up to interested you, you can go read more in Theories on Information Societies by Frank V Webster. It’s a bit dated, but an interesting way to look at the way we measured the changes in the world around us in the past.
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2023.06.04 23:18 more_guess Hey, for the people who have a "formal" job + a routine that involves going to the gym 4-5 a week + eating mostly often do you do drugs in order to keep up with a reasonable life, but still have fun?

Just to provide a bit of a context, I'm a lawyer in my early 30s, and I've always had formal jobs with a somehow informal lifestyle but mostly sober (let's say, just doing some drugs -including alcohol- once or twice a month and that was all. Nevertheless, in my late 20s I decided to change my path, and left my home city in the Americas to go to Europe, study a different career and start a new life more aligned with my interests. It took me a few months to realise how everybody here do lots of drugs, most of my friends do them daily, and even though I wanted to have an alternative job, the only 2 jobs I've found in the past couple of years have been very formal ones.
Likewise, I know that I like taking care of my body, so I wanna keep going to the gym at least 4 times a week and eat mostly clean, however, I've been particularly active in 2 communities where drugs are always present: 1) the kinky community (I also organise events in my house, so GBH, sidenafil, and 3mmc are always here every time I do something), and 2) the techno community (MDMA, ecstasy, 4mmc and alcohol).
In this regard, I've found myself doing hard drugs not only every weekend, but sometimes 4x per week (frid-sat-sun-mon), and I've been super unproductive at work (I've had to sleep in the bathroom more than once), I've skipped the gym many days, skipped my meals, etc, and while I don't want my life to become a total mess, I wanna keep having fun. So, I wonder what's your drug intake regime, for all of you who have a "formal job" and wants to build/maintain a nice body in your 30s. Thank you!
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2023.06.04 23:18 commercialprojects12 Milestone 32nd Avenue commercial project Sector 15 Gurgaon

The Milestone 32nd Avenue is a commercial project located in Sector 15 Gurgaon. The project offers a variety of office spaces and retail shops. The project is developed by Milestone Group. The project is well connected to the major transportation hubs and the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway. The project is spread over an area of 10 acres. The project offers a variety of amenities such as a food court, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a club house, a landscaped garden, a 24 hour security system, an intercom facility, a power backup system and a car parking facility. The project is located in close proximity to the Huda City Centre Metro Station.

The need for a commercial project in Sector 15 Gurgaon

The commercial project in Sector 15 Gurgaon is developed by the renowned builder Milestone. The project is situated in the heart of the city and is well connected to the Delhi NCR region. The project offers a range of office spaces, retail shops, and food & beverage outlets. The project is a perfect destination for the businesses to set up their base. The project is strategically located and offers a variety of benefits to the businesses.
The project is located in Sector 15 Gurgaon which is one of the prime commercial areas in the city. The area is well connected to the Delhi NCR region and is easily accessible from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The area is also well connected to the major highways and roads. The project is also close to the major residential areas and corporate offices. The project offers a variety of office spaces and retail shops which are suitable for the businesses. The project also has a food court which offers a variety of cuisines. The project is a perfect destination for the businesses to set up their base. The project offers a variety of benefits to the businesses.
The project offers a variety of office spaces which are suitable for the businesses. The project also has a retail zone which offers a variety of shops. The project is also close to the major residential areas and corporate offices. The project offers a variety of benefits to the businesses. The project is developed by the renowned builder Milestone. The project is situated in the heart of the city and is well connected to the Delhi NCR region. The project offers a range of office spaces, retail shops, and food & beverage outlets. The project is a perfect destination for the businesses to set up their base. The project is strategically located and offers a variety of benefits to the businesses.

The advantages of the proposed Milestone 32nd Avenue commercial project

The Milestone 32nd Avenue commercial project is a proposed mixed-use development project located in Sector 15, Gurgaon, India. The project is being developed by Milestone Group, a leading real estate development company in India.
The project will include a mix of residential, office, retail, and hotel uses. The residential component will consist of luxury apartments. The office component will be a state-of-the-art business center. The retail component will include a high-end shopping mall. The hotel component will be a 5-star hotel.
The project is located in close proximity to major transportation hubs, including the Indira Gandhi International Airport and the Delhi Metro. The project is also located in close proximity to several major businesses and IT parks.
The project is expected to create numerous employment opportunities in the area. The project is also expected to generate significant economic activity in the area.
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Image Transcription: Text and Image
\ #OFFTHELIST Action Weekend June 23rd - June 25th
A weekend of Action, Organizational Unity, and Solidarity with Cuba. - JUNE 23 / - LOBBYING DAY & FILM SCREENING - JUNE 24 / - ARTS BUILD & CULTURAL EVENTS - JUNE 24 / - ACTION & INTERNATIONALISM
[Logos of various organizations]
  • ANSWER Coalition
  • Party for Socialism & Liberation
  • Communist Party USA
  • International Peoples’ Assembly
  • All-African People’s Revolutionary Party
  • Global Health Partners
  • Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)
  • Solidarity Committee of the Americas
  • IFCO/Pastors For Peace
  • AltruVistas
  • Women In Struggle/Mujeres En Lucha
  • Mass. Peace Action
  • CovertAction Magazine
  • Friends of Latin America
  • Alliance for Cuba Engagement & Respect
  • Workers World Party
  • Pan-African Community Action (PACA)
  • Democratic Socialists of America
  • Los Angeles Hands Off Cuba Cttee
  • Harriet Tubman Center for Social Justice
  • The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement
  • Lowcountry Action Committee (LAC)
  • Our Revolution
[Poster of events that will happen in late June from an organization called National Network On Cuba (NNOC) with a blue radical gradient background. The top left on the poster includes the logo of the organization sprouting from the White House with other flowers, a Clapperboard, a small image of a map of the continents, a man taking into a megaphone and, paintbrushes in a jar.]
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2023.06.04 23:18 ThrowRAeew23645 I [20M] want to have an equal relationship with my controlling guardians [43M] [44F]

So I (20M) have been under my guardian's care since 2019 when both my parents died. We had a decent relationship, but when I was taken under their care when I was a freshman in high school, I was a gaming addict, and my grades were average. (Way below average to high performers like them)
I wish I could get into the mess that happened, but essentially, my high school years were stressful. Covid happened, they kept moving, so every year I went to a different school.
Moreover, they thought it was best if they took my electronics away, and isolated me from friends and family because of my game addiction, and essentially made school my only focus. Plus, they had really high standards on every aspect of life, Physical, mental, spiritual and used food/sleep as punishments if I didn't meet them. (almost never, everything was my fault, even if its out of my control)
They got me diagnosed with conduct disorder (long story), treated me as a criminal, (cameras in house, chair under their door at night). Sent me to a group home to "teach me a lesson" (which I liked more than being with them) so they took me back. Plus, they withheld me from going to college because I didn't show that I was "responsible enough". Even the counselor that They got for me agreed that this was a toxic relationship, and they needed to loosen control in some respects.
Even so, not being responsible was total BS because they later kicked me out, and I've been just fine on my own: found a cheap place to rent, have a decent amount of savings to last a few months without my job, started investing, learned how to draw as a hobby, instead of games, and started writing as a way of self-reflection.
After some time to myself to clear my head, I started getting back with them for the past 6 months, so I could get back on track for college. However, they wanted my previous counselor to approve of me before I could officially meet with them. I did all of that, and met with them recently. However, recent events proved that they still want control. (taking away electronics, and isolating me for a short week with family) Which I made it clear was a no go for me. I hated that time.
So, after a year of self reflection, I unwound all of those experiences and I guess I got a revelation that its not all of my fault. It was my fault for acting out, being a spoiled brat who only wanted to play games, and I truly believe that they had good intentions, cause I was way out of control when I first went under them. However, I don't agree in their continuation of extreme methods, even after I had the gaming addiction washed out of me year one.
I honestly don't know what to think, cause even though it was awful, a lot of good came out of it, and I know what I want in life now. I still believe that they have good intentions at heart, and even if they aren't good nurturers in my opinion cause they're super busy with their jobs but still want control, they're awesome teachers responsible for my academic growth, and some morals/values, and I, admittedly, look up to them in some respect.
However, I'm done being their financial and emotional hostage, and losing control of my personal life/hobbies. (they are the executors of my parent's will, which left me with and education trust fund and more, but I doubt I can get any besides the education fund, cause I stupidly signed a few things)
I'm honestly considering just leaving the money behind if I can't have an equal relationship. I don't doubt that they wouldn't give it back to me, cause they're rich af, but I don't want to be controlled isolated by them as a condition.
I'm gonna go to my counselor with this issue, but how should I rebuild this relationship if there is no trust or respect for boundaries? (I want to get as many perspectives as possible.)
TLDR: My guardians and I had a toxic relationship growing up and split last year, but I want to get back with them cause they're pretty cool people and have control over my college funds.
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2023.06.04 23:18 Safe_Ad_2027 [chat] 35M Uk looking for friends

I am just posting to express my interest in finding friends who share my hobbies such as traveling, reading, hiking in nature, and having meaningful conversations. I am looking for individuals who are serious about communication and clean dialogue.
I believe that having friends who share common interests is a great way to enhance one's life experiences and broaden one's horizons. It would be wonderful to have companions to explore new places, exchange thoughts and ideas, and enjoy the beauty of nature together.
If you are someone who shares similar interests and values, I would love to hear from you and potentially form a friendship that is based on mutual respect and understanding.
Note : I do not smoke, drink, or engage in any prohibited substances. not dirty chatting
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