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2023.06.03 20:30 PKAstra First time with covid, only took 2020 vaccine

Hey! So I just tested positive with COVID for the first time, based on timing and my symptoms I'd say it's the new Arcturus variant. I've only taken the J&J double vaccine from 2020. Things have been okay but I keep getting a recurring high fever which goes away for a while with advil, and now my throat has been hurting and I have fatigue.
Was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with the variant or any tips.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.03 20:11 throwaway_1112022 My (35F) mother (70F) sent me an email telling me her therapist told her to contact me.

Posting this from my throwaway account.
A bit of info for context about how I’m feeling: I suffered a stillbirth this past February. It was completely unexpected and doctors have been unable to find a cause, despite a full autopsy and genetic testing. I did not tell my mother I was pregnant. I do not want her to know I was pregnant. I can’t fault my mother for her poor timing because she didn’t know, but I really wish I didn’t have to deal with her problems right now.
Background about the relationship: My mother was a verbally and emotionally abusive parent throughout my childhood. She would occasionally cause physical pain. I was terrified of her. She got better once I was a teenager, but only because I started to stand up for myself. However, our fights were explosive (screaming, getting in each other’s faces, etc.). I don’t blame our poor relationship all on her. We were both immature, unreasonable, and cruel. As time went on, things calmed down a bit. We still fought a lot, but less. She wasn’t as aggressive; she was now primarily emotionally dependent, needy, whiny, illogical, dismissive, and self-centered. She also now has a massive victim complex (nothing is ever her fault), never listens (I have told her dozens of times why I dislike talking to her, but she instantly forgets), and pretty much delusional (claiming we rarely fought). I don’t want to suggest we never had good times. We did, but we never had a healthy relationship. It probably didn’t help that I lived with her until I was 32 (I couldn’t afford to live on my own and my mother would sometimes need financial assistance herself), when I moved in with my boyfriend.
When I moved in with my boyfriend (this was right before covid happened), I called my mom once a week, but this got increasingly irritating for me to do. I had nothing to talk about (I’m a homemaker and my life consists of cleaning and cooking), but I would listen to her complain about all her problems (most of which were her own creation). The few times I had something going on (like when my cat died), she would still want to talk about herself. She would send me spam emails, random news articles I didn’t want to read, and literal copies of emails she sent or received from other people (including work emails). She’d also call me during the day when I was busy (I tried to explain to her that being a homemaker was a full-time job, if you do it right, but she wouldn’t listen); when I would tell her I was busy, she would talk anyways.
This led to me implementing a rule: “do not contact me unless it’s an emergency, I’ll call you at the designated time”. She largely ignored this rule. So over time, as my irritation built up, the time between my calls to her became longer and my tone on the phone became more unfriendly. She would complain about how her other friends’ kids called them every day (I find this very hard to believe, plus she only has 2 friends, so not exactly a good sample size), so me calling once a week was neglectful. She would always say, “I feel like you don’t love / care about me.” And I’d have to reassure her over and over and over again that I did (I hate having to do this). I did explain to her why I found it hard to talk to her, but she never listened. One of the last conversations we had, I tried to explain to her how something she did hurt my feelings, and she said, “You’re over-reacting, GIRLIE.” I felt this was insensitive and unproductive.
I haven’t contacted my mother in about 3 months. My mental health has benefited.
Fast-forward to now: my mother left me a phone message this past Wednesday afternoon. She asked if I could get proof that my cat (the one who died) no longer lived with her. Apparently, she’s still on my mother’s lease. I didn’t call her back because I didn’t want to talk. I was planning on finding the death certificate this weekend (today) and sending it to her.
Friday morning, I receive an email from my mother titled “Emergency”. It’s a very long email. She says that this isn’t a life-or-death emergency, but still an emergency because she was “life-altering” decisions to make. She reiterates she needs proof that my cat is dead (I’m working on finding it). She basically says it’s my fault that she’s still paying pet rent because I asked her to keep my cat on her lease, in case I needed her to pet-sit. It’s possible I said that, but it’s been over 3 years since I moved out, and over a year since my cat passed, so I assumed that she had removed the cat from your lease by now. Whatever.
She goes on to complain about how I hate her; how I never see her for holidays; how the last time I called her it was to ask her to pay her Costco membership (I had paid her membership and was wondering if she wanted to pay me back); how I blocked her from social media; how I told her to get her own life, but only after I “waited” until she was “too old and sick” to move out and then “covid was everywhere”; how I told her to only call in an emergency; how I said we fought all the time; how I only stopped talking to her once she stopped sending me money; and how I “made her promise” to move in with me and my boyfriend in a “mother-in-law apartment” so that she could “help raise” my future children, but now won’t talk to her.
She then says she wants to move because she hates her city, and would like to move to where I live “because it’s 25% cheaper” (it’s not), but if I’m never going to talk to her, if she’ll never be able to see her future grandkids, then maybe she’ll go live closer to her friend who might die before she goes (doubtful, given my mother has increasingly poor health and refuses to do anything about it; she’s been killing herself slowly for decades).
She says that her therapist (who she started seeing maybe a couple months ago) told her she should ask me what changed. She claims it was a “close to 100% change”.
She also gives me a ton of irrelevant updates about her life, once again burdening me with a bunch of her problems.
There is truth to a lot of what she said, but she ignores a lot of context and also changes the framing. It’s true that I never saw her for the holidays. But this was because: [a] I get pretty carsick and she lives well over an hour away, [b] her house is a literal health hazard; there’s mold everywhere because she NEVER cleans even though she hasn’t worked in like 2 years and she’s a hoarder, and [c] she’s too immobile because of her weight to walk up to our top floor apartment.
It's true I blocked her from my social media. But she was treating my posts as an invitation to email me. It’s like she thought I was talking to her, specifically, or something.
It’s sort of true that I told her to “get her own life”; I encouraged her to cultivate friendships, discover new hobbies, and get healthy. I think it’s immensely important for people to have identities that don’t revolve around their children. She is emotionally dependent on me for her happiness (which she has admitted to in the past). This isn’t healthy for either of us. It’s weird that she views my encouragement as me being uncaring, when FOR YEARS BEFORE I MOVED OUT, she would go on and on about how, “When you move out, I can finally date, hire a maid, get hobbies, etc.” Also, I hardly “waited” to move out until she was “too old and sick to do anything”. Living with her was not a choice. I couldn’t move out because I wasn’t financially stable enough to live on my own (and had no one else to live with, until my boyfriend). I regret having to rely on her for help, but there was nothing I could do. There were moments in her life when she couldn’t afford to live by herself either. When she lost her job, it was my money that kept us both afloat. When she needed a new car, I paid for it. Our living situation was perhaps not ideal, but it benefited us both at certain moments. Finally, she’s not too old and sick to enjoy life. But it’s not up to me to convince her of that.
It's true that she did stop sending me money (it’s money she offered to send; I didn’t ask for it). But that’s not why our relationship went bad, and it’s honestly insulting of her to imply that I’m so greedy that the only reason I communicated with her was cash. Our relationship had been going bad long before that. For years.
It’s true that I did bring up the idea of her living with me and my boyfriend, but I hardly “made her promise” to move in and “help raise” our kids. Why would I do that, when her living with us has almost no benefit to me? (Also, there’s no way in hell I asked her to “help raise” my kids, for obvious reasons.) When I proposed this idea, it was back when I was (naively) optimistic that me moving out would magically improve our relationship. I knew she didn’t have enough money to retire and I cared about her. I thought if she could bring in enough money to cover most of her expenses, then I’d do all the cooking and cleaning, and she could relax and do the occasional babysitting. HOWEVER, this scenario was contingent on a LOT of things. We would need to be able to afford an extra large house, which is basically impossible now with the market. My boyfriend and I can’t even afford a starter home, despite being able to save a healthy amount each month. She would also need to get healthy, so that I wouldn’t have to physically assist her in everything she did. She’d have to learn to maintain a clean lifestyle and stop hoarding. She would also need hobbies and friends so she wouldn’t be reliant on me for constant input and entertainment. Finally, we’d need to have a good relationship. None of these things took place, so that offer is no longer on the table.
It is NOT true that we didn’t fight all the time. We fought constantly. It is NOT true that our relationship had a “close to 100% change”. Our relationship has been bad for a long time.
So that brings me to my dilemma. I really don’t want to talk to her. But I also don’t want her to keep harassing me. I guess I didn’t really want a relationship with her, at least for now, and I can’t see that changing. But I also didn’t feel like I should close the door completely, which I feel like she’s now asking me to make a decision on.
I also wonder if it is standard practice for a therapist to encourage their client ignore explicit boundaries in order to get in touch with a person who (according to them) hates them.
She continues to exhibit no remorse, does not acknowledge any wrongdoings, exhibits delusional thoughts (i.e. our relationship was wonderful), and is still nursing her victim complex. Her email is not encouraging and, if anything, makes me feel like I made the right decision in cutting off contact.
What should I do? Should I respond? If so, how much should I say? Should I instead ask to speak directly to her therapist? If so, I need assurances that things like my stillbirth are kept strictly confidential. Would a therapist protect my information?
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2023.06.03 19:58 MGK_2 Tone Deaf

I truly do appreciate all those who do post the studies on CCR5 and CCL5 and what the effects are of allowing and / or disallowing this chemical inter-cellular communication to and / or from happening. These studies go a long way into deciphering, unveiling and understanding the truth about this immunoregulatory communication cascade. I feel like these are akin to rays of light that shoot across the din of darkness where much is spoken, but little is said and even less heard. Most of the vast deluge of information is of minimal consequence, but the information discussing this cellular communication signal, really is of massive consequence.
For example, take this shooting star for instance: Barriers between Anti-CCR5 Therapy, Breast Cancer and Its Microenvironment and take note perrenialloser, these authors are not Chinese: by Elizabeth Brett , Dominik Duscher , Andrea Pagani , Adrien Daigeler , Jonas Kolbenschlag , Markus Hahn .
Many things are included in the article, but these are only a snippet:
"CCL5 is a potent chemokine with a physiological role of immune cell attraction and has gained particular attention in R&D for breast cancer treatment. Its receptor, CCR5, is a well-known co-factor for HIV entry through the cell membrane*. Interestingly,* biology research is unusually unified in describing CCL5 as a pro-oncogenic factor*, especially in breast cancer. In silico,* in vitro and in vivo studies blocking the CCL5/CCR5 axis show cancer cells become less invasive and less malignant*, and the extracellular matrices produced are* less oncogenic*. At present, CCR5 blocking is a mainstay of HIV treatment, but* despite its promising role in cancer treatment, CCR5 blocking in breast cancer remains unperformed*.*
As with all other forms of cancer, prognosis is strongly influenced by the clinical stage at which the cancer is diagnosed. The later the cancer is diagnosed, the more likely it is that the patient will not recover from the disease.
By acting as a classical chemotactic cytokine for T cells, eosinophils, basophils and other cells, CCL5 recruits leukocytes to the site of inflammation, induces proliferation of NK cells and is an HIV-suppressive factor released from CD8+ T cells. The receptor with the highest affinity for CCL5 is the CC motif chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5), being mainly expressed in T cells, smooth muscle endothelial cells, epithelial cells and parenchymal cells. The CCL5/CCR5 interaction facilitates inflammation, adhesion and migration of T cells in immune responses. CCR5 is involved in chronic diseases, cancers and COVID-19 infection.
There is a wealth of evidence showing that CCL5 is co-opted in breast cancer and in many other types of tumors, such as pancreatic, ovarian, prostate and glioma cancer. In vitro and in vivo tests show that blocking or knocking down CCL5/CCR5 is detrimental to tumors such breast cancer and limits metastases. The possibility of targeting the CCL5/CCR5 axis and inducing an antitumor environment is therefore real but challenging. However, a CCR5 blocker that can be part of cancer therapy has yet to be developed.
As introduced before, CCL5 is an extremely powerful chemoattractant with a physiologic role in recruiting immune cells in inflammatory or allergic circumstances CCL5 binds with high affinity to its main receptor CCR5, but also to CCR1, -3, -4, CD44 and GPR75. CCR5 is a seven-transmembrane G-protein-coupled receptor expressed on various cell types, such as T cells, macrophages, dendritic cells, eosinophils and microglia. The interaction between CCR5 and its high-affinity molecules (e.g., CCL5, CCL3, CCL4 and CCL8) results in G protein activation and a following boost of different signal transduction pathways. One of these is represented by NF-kB (Nuclear Factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer), in which CCL5 represents an important target gene.
As mentioned before, the CCL5/CCR5 interaction facilitates cancer progression through several different mechanisms. CCL5/CCR5 interaction increases tumor dimensions, induces ECM remodeling, increases cellular migration and metastasis formation, supports cellular stemness and expansion along the tumor borders, confers on cancer cell resistance to therapies, decreases DNA damage, deregulates cellular energetics (metabolic reprogramming), promotes angiogenesis, recruits immune and stromal cells and induces the immunosuppressive polarization of macrophages.
There is an unmatched level of evidence supporting the participation of all chemokines other than CCL5 in the construction, development and operation of the primary invasive breast tumor. CCL5 is also ubiquitous across breast cancer cases, being present at stages I, II and III, and over 95% of triple-negative breast tumors are CCR5+*.*
Belonging to a different pharmacological family, Leronlimab is a humanized igG4k monoclonal antibody also able to bind CCR5. Adams et al. recently reported some clinical trials testing Leronlimab in metastatic TNBC patients. The phase 1b/2 dose escalation (NCT03838367), Compassionate Use (NCT04313075) and the Basket Study (NCT04504942) were pooled in order to evaluate the drug’s safety and efficacy at 12 months. After the analysis of 28 metastatic TNBC patients, the authors showed that Leronlimab has significant antitumor activity. The clinical trials suggest that metastatic TNBC patients dosed with Leronlimab have a real clinical benefit with improved 1-year progression-free and overall survival and few treatment-emergent adverse events. Finally, after exploring the effect of Leronlimab on circulating tumor-associated cells (TACs) from peripheral blood, the authors revealed that Leronlimab resulted in a drop in circulating TACs in the majority of patients correlating with early therapy response.
Within the tumor, cancer cells secrete CCL5 and sustain the proliferation of CCR5-positive cells, recruit T-regulatory cells and monocytes, cause osteoclast activation and bone metastasis, neo-angiogenesis and cancer cells dissemination. CCR5 is therefore overexpressed in breast, head, neck, gastric, esophageal, pancreatic and prostate cancer, colorectal carcinoma, melanoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute lymphocytic leukemia and other tumors. In the clinical setting, higher cytoplasmic CCR5 staining and CCR5 receptor levels correlate with poor prognosis in breast cancer and gastric adenocarcinoma patients. Even elevated levels of its main ligand CCL5 indicate poor prognosis in breast, cervical, prostate, ovarian, gastric and pancreatic cancer and metastatic colorectal carcinoma."
But here is the bit of light only we who have those polarized sun glasses can appreciate. On 12/7/22, Cyrus puts forth CytoDyn's Plans to get Leronlimab to market. Essentially, it is the Investor Deck, filed with the SEC and it lays out his game plan for bringing Leronlimab to the people. One of the main problems with this prognostic plan is that share holders can not see it unfolding. The reason for this is that the #1 Priority of this plan is to get the clinical hold on Leronlimab Lifted. This process is shielded from shareholder sight. The other problem is that many of the remaining goals of the Investor Deck are dependent on meeting the 1st goal, the #1 priority. Therefore, they too are shielded from shareholder's view. Therefore, shareholder's can's see the plan unfolding.
This is what Cyrus said, " "9:25: We expect next year, 2023 to be catalyst driven in terms of growth and development for the company and we think that the table is set for a large number of significant developments to occur in early '23, including the submission of our complete response to the partial clinical hold for HIV, new additions to the leadership team, a corporate rebranding, and then following those events, we plan on initiating a NASH trial as well as continuing the advancement of the long acting CCR5 molecule."
However, along the way, Cyrus has thrown us a bone or two and has given us some peeks as to what is happening and proof that things are in fact unfolding as he said they would. We have learned the name of the re-branding, LivImmune. There has recently been new additions to the leadership team, Melissa Palmer, MD as new CMO and Salah Kivlighn, PhD, Clinical & Strategic Advisor. By bringing on Melissa Palmer, MD Hepatologist, it can not be said any clearer that NASH is in the near future and CytoDyn's number one clinical indication. Cyrus has been saying that NASH would be monotherapy and wouldn't be combination therapy. We know that CytoDyn can not do it alone, it is too small. We can take a little deeper look and see that Dr. Palmer has a history with TAKeda pharmaceuticals. "Dr. Palmer left Kadmon in 2015 to become Global Lead on Shire's NASH program, as well as other liver-related issues within the company, such as orphan cholestatic liver diseases PFIC Alagilles, PSC and PBC, and liver-related safety issues (DILI), and was rapidly promoted to Global Development Lead - Hepatology and led the formation of the liver safety group. Shire was acquired by Takeda in 2019 at which time Dr. Palmer was recruited as Head of Liver Disease Development at Takeda." TAK has TAK-647 which is: " Ontamalimab is a fully human immunoglobulin G2 monoclonal antibody against mucosal addressin cell adhesion molecule-1 which failed phase 3 clinical trials for ulcerative colitis (UC) and Chrons Disease, but now is in Phase 1 clinical trials for NASH."
Prior to these we had: "12:56: We have also firmly established Dr. Scott Hansen as our Head of Research and Basic Science*.* Dr. Hansen is currently an Associate Professor at OHSU. and within this newly formalized role, Dr. Hansen will support our clinical development activities, related to biomarker and assay development for future clinical trials, as well as supporting and leading some of our earlier staged efforts, geared towards the development of longer acting molecules targeted to CCR5."
We learned that CytoDyn "13:33: has also recently entered into a joint development agreement with a 3rd party Research and Development Bio-Tech company to develop long acting or more longer acting molecule CCR5 blocking.
It goes without saying that CytoDyn needs help. CytoDyn has 4 different plays, and each play is devoid of a sufficient data pool which would draw in funding for that indication. Cyrus' long term goal expressed in the Investor Deck is to build out a strong enough clinical trial data pool to present it to a partner or a buyer. So then, without any cash of our own, Cyrus' plan is to have someone else's funding, partner with CytoDyn and build for us that data pool and in the end, have exactly those same partners compete for the entirety of the resultant conglomerate, for the whole or for a part once that data pool is firmly in hand.
The same story goes for HIV-Prep and HIV-Cure which is likely being run by the 3rd party Research and Development Bio-Tech company Vir, in collaboration to develop the long acting or a more longer acting molecule of CCR5 blockade. Vir is pretty much a given with Scott Hansen's strong connections there, but I remain skeptical due to the mechanism of action of VIR 1388 working to phagocytose HIV itself by initiating T Cells to target HIV epitopes while LL blocks CCR5. This was kept secret, but somewhat hinted at by Cyrus in the 4/11/23 Webcast .
We can apply the same logic in the Oncology study being run by MD Anderson using Merck's Keytruda in combination with Leronlimab. We had all been waiting to find out what had happened with the results of the MD Anderson study, and Cyrus threw us this line: "Leronlimab is currently being trialed in combination with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in a breast cancer xenograft model in partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center." From here, he gave us a hint of what is to come.
It can be assumed that as these collaborations are officially announced, that is, after the hold is lifted, that there shall be share price inflection. In his astute fashion, Cyrus has given us the secrets, has only threw us some bones, but, because of the strange times we live in, and because CytoDyn has not yet met Priority #1, the share price has not yet moved.
The only thing the market "sees" is the fact that the hold hasn't yet been lifted. They are "Blinded by the Light". The shooting stars grace the night sky, but nobody sees them, because everyone is blinded by the fact that the hold hasn't yet been lifted. Clothed by the blinding light, made tone deaf by the din of bewildering and unnecessary information. They say nothing else matters unless the hold is lifted and that is what share price is saying. Nothing else matters. Nobody even reads articles on CCR5/CCL5, they are meaningless without Priority #1 being met. That is what the market says. But what does the Fox say?
That's the point though, to use this as a blinding distraction and it is working. How else do the other Priorities get put into place, if there wasn't something put in place to distract from the construction? Of course, a clinical hold provides all the blinders necessary to construct partnerships within, without disclosure of their assembly. We can be assured, that everything Cyrus put together in that Investor Deck is happening. Maybe, not exactly as he said it would. Surely, he did not count on his getting sick, but, these things happen and he will recover and get right back on it, assuredly. Cyrus gave us that plan, so we can know what is happening despite the blinding light, despite the din of confusion that would be taking place in the proximal future ahead of that Investor Deck presentation which is taking place right now. He knew, that had he not provided those prognostic words, shareholders today would be blinded, but he gave us the plan, so we could see. The Investor Deck was free of charge, yet it was prognostic. It would have been impossible to see what is happening today, had it not been for that R & D Update then. We therefore can see the events unroll as they happen which lead to the goals he has set forth there in, as we have been witnessing them happening. That Deck was crucial for our understanding. Many of us have been pointing to that Deck, but no one more so than u/Upwithstock .
When the hold lifts, the blinders will be removed and all eyes shall be opened. Until then, only ours who have heard and understand that Investor Deck know what is happening now. All others remain blind to all of which is happening. They think it is all doom and gloom, but we know, that the Investor Plan is going forward. It is not a co-incidence that Cyrus told us all these things before this long period of waiting began. Long stents of time providing hardly any information. But when information did come, it was telling of the plan unfolding. Cyrus was saying, "Don't worry, the plan is going forward." So, he got sick, but there was a backup plan and likely, this was announced in a way he wasn't planning, but it was Plan B and he had our backs regardless and there wasn't even a set back. Cyrus will be back soon, assuredly. So, we wait for him.
How much hotter will it get? Hopefully, we get a webcast soon and I think it will be indicating that all has been recently submitted. I also hope that they will announce when Cyrus returns back to his seat. My eyes are glued to every detail that happens and how it correlates with the Investor Deck. It was given to us as shareholders, so lets stay focused on it and not be blinded. The sun is bright almost every day, but we are wearing special, polarized sun glasses. We will see that Deck unfold. Just hang on to your seats, because when it begins, it will happen quickly as it has been in the planning, design and soon to be rollout stages all the while. The triggering event approaches, and we know to look for it, so be ready.
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2023.06.03 19:51 Alert-Ad4070 It feels like the universe doesn’t want me to be sure if I have COVID or not

Getting weekly PCR tests was a huge part of my COVID mitigation strategy. I wear masks as well but I also work in industries where I am constantly surrounded by unmasked people indoors, so I like to double check! When the emergency ended I called my insurance to see if my PCR tests at my local pharmacy would be covered, and they assured me they would be. However, the local pharmacist told me that the laboratory straight up just STOPPED picking up test samples.
Then I bought some Lucira tests, and over the course of a week I’ve taken two tests that didn’t work right. No matter how hard I pressed on the test tube, the ready light didn’t blink. It seems like the test never started running.
I can’t afford a weekly $75 PCR test from a pharmacy not in my network. I called my health insurance for a list of pharmacies in network and they said they’d email it, but they never sent it! I have no idea how to tell if I have COVID or not now. I feel so frustrated.
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2023.06.03 19:48 boredmama_84 Positive Pregnancy Test. I'm 38!! 🫨

So this just happened!! I am 38, I'm in a committed relationship with my boyfriend of 7 years. I have a 16m, he has a 8f and we have a 2f. Our 2 year old was a HUGE surprise!!
A little back story- I was married to my first husband, we had our son, and when he was 2 we got off birth control and we were never able to conceive again. Our marriage fell apart when our son was about 8. I met my now boyfriend and we became pregnant over covid. At the time, my clinic was closed,and with all the "crazy" that was going on in the world, my birth control shot wasn't on my mind, plus I always felt in the back of my mind that I couldn't get pregnant again, well surprise surprise we had our daughter! She was a shock but she is an absolute joy and we wouldn't trade her for anything!
All that being said, we truly did NOT want to have anymore children, and this morning I took a test, as I've been feeling nauseous and I was late, it was positive!!
Now comes the reason for the post. This brings me a tremendous amount of anxiety, as well as for my boyfriend. We live in a small 3 bdrm townhouse, and finances are tight. We are just in such a mode of, how are we going to do this, how are we going to afford it, Also, I am 38 years old and pretty overweight, which can cause complications, so that brings added anxiety as well. To make matters worse, a close friend of mine, her daughter was 38, overweight, and pregnant and she and baby passed away very suddenly when she was 35 weeks pregnant due to step b. This has me spiraling with thoughts. I'm just looking for some encouragement and kind words as all I can keep thinking is, "I'm to old for this, how are we going to do this"
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2023.06.03 19:48 PopeBroccoli Kesha Meet and greet tickets - I am no longer able to go - I understand they are expensive, but I bought them at that price thinking the meet and greets were sold out. I regretted buying them because clearly it's a lot, bu at the time I thought it was worth it to meet my idol. I'l add a pic as proof

Keep in mind, I made a mistake because I panic bought and ran on my emotions. I'm 19 this was going to be my first concert, kesha is my inspiration, but I should have been smarter because I go to college, I live with roommates and I still need to buy a car. I hope you guys understand where I'm coming from.
Nov 18 • Sat • 8:00PM • 2023Hollywood Palladium, Hollywood, CA
Kesha Is Here Meet and Greet Package-One premium reserved ticket in the first 5 rows OR general admission ticket (where applicable)-Meet and greet with Kesha*-Personal photograph with Kesha-Early entry into the venue-Custom Kesha 2023 jacket (Exclusive to VIP!)-Exclusive Kesha tarot cards-Specially designed Kesha tote bag-Commemorative meet and greet laminate-Early merchandise shopping-On-site host-Limited availability*For the artist safety and backstage protocol, all Kesha Is Here VIP fans will need to take a rapid covid test prior to going backstage, administered onsite at VIP check-in. If the test has a positive result, the guest will not be admitted to the meet & greet. General event admission after a positive test is at the discretion of local city/venue guidelines. **Please note that seating may vary by venue. VIP merchandise will be distributed at the show. If VIP purchasers have any questions about their package, please have them contact [email protected] BEAT.COM. VIP details and check-in information will be emailed by On Location prior to the show date.
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2023.06.03 19:38 Overeducated_catlady How day 2 of my honeymoon is going

This is a flair that started around 5pm the day before. I was laying down pretty much the whole time in a hospital bed so this amount of tachycardia is pretty severe for me since I don’t usually have it this bad when I’m laying down (and I don’t have IST).
My husband and I have never been on a big trip in the 10yrs we’ve been together so going to Paris for two weeks is huge for us and we were so excited!
Well, after a long flight and a little bit of walking around the city, I ended up in a major flair and was hospitalized. The ER doc was concerned I had a pulmonary embolism because in addition to tachycardia and low blood pressure I also had fever and chest pain. I did explain to them that I have POTS but they didn’t really seem to be familiar with it. After 9 hours in the worst hospital I’ve ever been in (filthy, rude nurses and no compassion), they gave me one measly bag of fluids and sent me home with Tylenol. Covid test was negative/normal as were all other scans, bloodwork, etc. I’m thinking this was all just a bad POTS flair from traveling and walking ? I dunno. I knew the trip could be hard on my body but I guess I naively thought I’d be ok. Now I’m in bed and basically two plus days of our trip are a waste.
I know, I know, I am in PARIS (!) and so fortunate and shouldn’t be complaining. But what can I say, im Still really bummed. We had reservations for a few things today and can’t get that money or time back. My husband is very supportive and doing his best to put on a happy face and make it seem like no big deal but I feel terrible that I’m always a burden. Maybe I just shouldn’t travel anymore. 😔. Anyway, friends, thanks for listening. If you have any tips for how I survive the rest of our trip, please share
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2023.06.03 19:28 Top-Yak-9855 Is this true??

Is this true??
Sorry for bad quality just recieved this from a friend.
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2023.06.03 18:54 chaoserrant low B12

2 years ago my doctor checked my B12 level and found to be around 400 (200-1000 range or similar)
She advised I supplement 1000 mcg daily which I did somewhat consistently (meaning I sometime forgot some days, played with the dosage and used 500 mcg, or used drops with some variation of the dosage). Rechecked it several times and it used to be around 500-600 until, after 2 years, it became 1200. Around that time I got Covid as well.
Thinking that it is too much, I stopped taking B12 for 4 months. Then checked it again and it was 157. I will see a doctor soon. But I am intrigued and wonder if covid had something to do with it because this is lower than before taking B12 supplements.
I should say that I also had other tests, and no sign of anemia though I had some gastric problems on and off since covid (they get better but gradually). I am shocked that it dropped from 1200 to 157 in 4 months without supplements. I resumed taking B12 and will see what the doctor say but last time he was not really clear if I need to take B12 forever.
some people say the serum test is useless as the blood level vary widely from day to day but not sure if this refers to low levels like mine. Does anyone has any insights?
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2023.06.03 18:49 Migueldemaria [UPDATE] low low recovery

This is an update from my previous post. COVID, Flu and Strep were all negative. Actually did 4 COVID tests. Fever wasn’t going away so I asked for more testing. I got my CBC done and my monocytes are high. So it’s most likely mononucleosis which makes sense. I have all the symptoms and fever can last 10 days with mono. It’s either that or leukemia lol. I have blood cultures in the works and full STI panel just to be sure.
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2023.06.03 18:32 Rhi093 Help to ease “itchy lungs” - Adult RSV

30 year old female from Australia. No underlying respiratory conditions but I do have PCOS. I am not currently taking any regular medications. About 4 days ago I got this annoying, persistent cough that progressively got worse to the point that I have difficulty breathing, extremely itchy lungs and in the last 2 days have almost lost my voice. I work at a medical practice and to be on the safe side, one of the doctor’s sent off a Covid-19 PCR (and added on respiratory viruses as well) I am negative for covid, but tested positive for Respiratory Syncytial Virus RNA. I am feeling under the weather generally with basic cold/flu symptoms, but as stated above, my lungs feel so ITCHY! I have been coughing to the point that I have vomited today! Is there anything at all I can do to ease this itchiness and coughing? So far I am taking 2x ibuprofen and 2x paracetamol every 4 hours, cough medicine every 4 hours and suck on menthol lozenges throughout the day. I am keeping well hydrated. Please help! I haven’t been able to sleep or even relax because of the coughing, my muscles are sore and my whole body is over it!
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2023.06.03 18:25 catmojo16 Test At Home for Covid pcr

This is a long shot but does anyone know of a home visit pcr covid test? Or home pcr kit. Thanks 🙏
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2023.06.03 18:04 Conscious_Ask8527 Covid Leave of Absence

I'm a flex employee, I tested positive for covid and do have symptoms. I don't know how I go about this because I have a shift today and its my 1 shift a week minimum day. My PTO is 3hrs. I haven't heard anything from HR after reporting my test result. Idk if I should go in for an hour and just use PTO for the rest or if I should do 2min PTO...if I use the 2min PTO will I get 2 points total (1 for partial absence and 1 for not working a minimum of 4hrs per week?)?
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2023.06.03 17:56 purple_lemon_sugar Health Check

I'm not exactly sure my mother is asking me to "reddit this", but she wants to know what the health check before going on board entails. Do they test you for covid, ask you questions, take your temperature, all of the above? We're heading out on Navigator of the Seas in about a week.
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2023.06.03 17:47 dalleyrand Vitamin supplements are not a precaution against SARS

There have been claims that vitamin supplements are a "precaution" against SARS. This is false. There is no scientific evidence that vitamin supplements will help you if you are exposed to SARS:
Eating a nutritious variety of foods can give you enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for a healthy immune system. However, you might wonder whether taking certain dietary supplements can help your immune system work better or make you less likely to get sick or die of COVID-19. Scientists are looking at how some dietary supplement ingredients might affect the body’s ability to fight infections, viruses, and other diseases. The results so far do not show that any are useful for COVID-19.
Vitamin supplements are not a precaution against SARS. Real precautions against SARS are the following:
If I left anything out, please add to the list of precautions in the comments. But don't peddle your vitamin supplements or other nonsense here.
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2023.06.03 17:40 blipplyboo I'm at a loss, no clue what to do

Hi, please read the entire post, before responding as it's a bit of a non typical situation
I started HRT in December of 2016 (i was 20), was continuing femininizing very well, had good levels etc. Then covid happened in 2020. I lost insurance and access to hrt in beginning of March 2020. Before stopping hrt my e levels were about 190pg/ml and t was about 3ng/dl. I was taking 8mg of estradiol valerate pills a day split in am and pm dose and 300mg spiro a day, again split in two.
I did not regain access to hrt till about May 30th 2020 (im 24 at the time). During this time, my body hair and skin basically returned to pre-hrt conditions, I also loss some fat redistribution, and breast fat, sex drive skyrocketed. My bloodwork taken the day of starting hrt again was 668ng/dl for t and 98 pg/ml for e
I restarted my regime at the same dosage I was taking before.
After about 3 months, my sex drive didn't seem to be dropping, and gained some body hair, but it seemed to stop eventually, leveled out, never decreased. I had my doctor take blood tests again and we decided to try lupron depot and switch to estradiol injections. Long story short, my sex drive seemed to increase on lupron after like 5 months of use. Durring my lupron phase, my levels were 667pg/ml for e and 38ng/dl for t. My doctor wasn't testing dht at the time, which in retrospect I should have asked, but I really knew nothing about it at the time. We were still figuring out a good dosage for me on e injections.
We then decide to go back to spiro (same dosage), keep e injections, but add dutasteride. I keep this regime untill my srs in may 2021 my most recent bloodwork before the surgery had T at 16ng/dl E at 470pg/ml and dht at <10ng/dl. My sex drive did drop during this time, not to pre covid but still a significant change, body hair and skin, still leveled out since when I was on lupron.
After surgery I had a worsening of skin and gained some more body hair, which I understand is from the initial t surge reaction from removal of testes.
So here I am in June 2023 (im 27 now), two years post op. Yet I never regained the same results I achieved pre stopping hrt. My body hair has never reduced since that stop gap of hrt. Skin has become less oily, but remains the rough texture it had pre-hrt. I can never seem to regain the weight and fat distribution I had before the stop gap. I was 175lb before stop gap. I stay around 155lb to 160lb now.
My most recent blood work is, T is 12ng/dl e ranges from 190 to 300pg/ml at trough and dht stays <5ng/dl. It's like my transition is on pause. I'm not getting any more masculization, but I also am not re-feminizing. My endo thinks it's extremly odd and we have even tested dhea to try to figure out something. But it was normal. I still take dutasteride post op, because anytime I stop hair starts shedding and I'm afraid mpb will begin.
I'm at a loss. The only things left I can really think of are my body processed pills differently than injections, age, I was 20 when I first started vs 24 after stop gap. Or I developed some kind of androgen sensitivity during the stop gap.
Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 17:35 profromdover2021 I'm at it again, COVID is still a major issue!

From Epoch Times:
A COVID-19 outbreak unfolded at a conference held by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) despite most attendees being vaccinated.
About 1,800 CDC staffers and others gathered in April in a hotel in Atlanta, where the CDC is headquartered, for a conference focused on epidemiological investigations and strategies.
On April 27, the last day of the conference, several people notified organizers that they had tested positive for COVID-19. The CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health worked together to survey attendees to try to figure out how many people had tested positive.
“The goals were to learn more about transmission that occurred and add to our understanding as we transition to the next phase of COVID-19 surveillance and response,” the CDC said in a May 26 statement.
Approximately 80 percent of attendees filled out the survey. Among those, 181 said they tested positive for COVID-19.
Every person who reported testing positive was vaccinated, a CDC spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email.
The most recent publication, released on May 26, showed poor effectiveness against hospitalization from the Pfizer and Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccines, which replaced the old vaccines earlier this year.
Among adults without “documented immunocompromising conditions,” the protection was 62 percent between seven and 59 days but went to 47 percent before plunging to just 24 percent after 120 days.
Among adults with “documented immunocompromising conditions,” the effectiveness peaked at just 41 percent, hitting 13 percent after 120 days.
Researchers did not provide the effectiveness estimates among all adults, or the combined population of those with and without “documented immunocompromising conditions.” They also did not provide the unadjusted vaccine effectiveness (VE) estimates, or estimates before adjusting for certain variables.
About 8 percent of American adults are still unvaccinated, according to CDC data, though that percentage may be a big overestimate (pdf).
Researchers said the data showed that bivalent doses “helped provide protection against COVID-19-associated hospitalization and critical disease” adding that “waning of protection was evidence in some groups.”
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2023.06.03 17:34 MathematicianOld6362 Two Free Tickets to 1776 - Sunday PM

Hi - I have two free tickets to 1776. I just tested positive for COVID so I will be hanging out in quarantine, but no need for these to go to waste.
ETA: claimed!
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2023.06.03 17:30 ImmaculateRedditor Turned away from Dhamma Sirī for trying to follow their own protocols (just to vent and help release these intrusive sensations)

A little back information, I signed up for my second 10 day course for May 31st through June 11th. To go to the course we all agreed to quarantine for 7 days prior to the course. Upon arrival we also had to submit a negative covid test before we could be admitted. While doing the course we have to wear a mask in all public spaces, but while meditating in the hall we can take the mask off once we are seated.
Yesterday was day two and when leaving the hall during the 3:30 to 5:00 pm meditation period (to head to the pagoda), I noticed a bulletin saying that one of my fellow students tested positive for covid. I've had to be hospitalized at one point due to covid so it had me a little spooked, but it did say that from then on we would have to keep our masks on even in the hall so I would continue on. I skipped the tea break to meditate even longer. Once in the hall for the next group sitting I couldn't help but notice only two others than myself wore a mask while meditating in the hall.
I did stay in the hall for the meditation, but during the break before the discourse I talked with the dorm manager saying that I couldn't continue the course if people weren't going to wear masks as we sit 2 feet apart from each other. I have little doubt that the student had at least infected their neighbors, he said he understood and had me talk to the teacher. When I brought up that we should be masked up and I wouldn't be able to continue since getting covid could be detrimental to me, he said I could sit further back, but I insisted I couldn't continue unless we were masked up. The first 10 day I took we everyone was masked up the entire time in the hall. I was told I could leave then if sitting further back alone wouldn't suffice.
While getting my things from the office I told the dorm manager I could stay the night then clean my room while everyone was a breakfast if possible unless I had to leave then. I was informed that I would have plenty of time to clean my room then leave while everyone was sitting in for the last part of the day. I got home last night at 1am because I was kicked out of the course for trying to adhere to their own protocols.
It is what it is, and I wont hang onto any anger, and even if I might sound like a broken record I'm taken aback that I couldn't finish the course because they wont follow their own posted protocols.
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2023.06.03 17:08 Mammaw66 CEA.

52F. I was diagnosed with colon cancer and had resection 12/20. In middle of Covid. My CEA was .8, after cancer removed .5. I never went back for any follow ups because I was told it was stage 1, no cancer in the 52 lymph nodes they took out and we were in middle of pandemic. Been having some changes in bowel movements and very tired. Had CEA test few days ago and it’s 1.1. Still in normal range but highest mine has been. Family doc said she doesn’t follow ceas and to contact gastroenterologist or oncologist (never met one-rem pandemic). I definitely am calling gastroenterologist Monday. Just wondering has anyone else had CEAs change like this. I am also fat, old and in menopause, so that could be why I am tired. I just keep going round and round with all this. Sorry. I am little worried. Just trying to make it to Monday without letting anyone know what’s going on. No sense worrying fam. Oh yeah-had colonoscopy 3/22. 1 non cancerous polyp, small ulcer in stomache, divertic u something, and acid reflux. Gastroenterologist said come back in 2 years.
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2023.06.03 17:08 bjkda Virus going around Astoria?

Hey --- for 5 DAYS I've had headache, fever,chills, nausea, severe fatigue, and sensitive to light ..... I've had PCR COVID test and Flu strains A & B test. Both are normal, negative. Anyone else experiencing these symptoms?
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2023.06.03 17:01 Endalyne Covid's parting gift is pink eye, I guess.

Over a week ago I tested positive for the first time. The fever came and went for days, the congestion lingered and is slowly fading (mostly gone but occasionally pops up), the coughing lingers, but the phlegm and mucus and everything else is finally drying up. I've gotten my husband and my dad sick but I'm feeling energetic again. My taste and smell are back, fully. My airways are a little irritated from coughing but I'll go hours without coughing now and will be fine until I cough a little bit before going without coughing for hours again. Much better than earlier in the illness, so it would seem like I'm healing.
And then this pink eye shows up last night. Last night one of my eyes was a little dry and then I wake up and it's red and a tiny bit goopy. Not excessively, it's just like my eye is a little watery. No pain or irritation, just a little annoying, but the worst part is I thought I was DONE. I wasn't developing any new symptoms and I'm on Day 9 so the really scary part might've been over. Argh!
For people who developed pink eye at some point, how long did it last for you? A few days?
Edit: My other eye was watery and irritated at some point during COVID at the same time as my other one, it just doesn't seem like it progressed to being dry and then pink.
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