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2023.06.03 05:58 fairlyaround I have two questions

So, basically, I've recently found that I am intersex by looking through a raw dna file an analysis of my genes and chromosomes. What specific condition I have, I don't know (I plan on calling a specialist on Monday), all I know is that I have XY sex chromosomes but appear physically to be female (I am 17ftm).
A little bit of background for my first question, I have been on Testosterone HRT since August, only for it to have no effect on my body. I've done intense research and am going to ask about testing for both AIS and Swyer Syndrome. Now, I know masculinizing hrt has little to no effect in those with AIS, but what about those with Swyer Syndrome? Because I've been struggling to find any resources on masculinizing hrt in those with Swyer Syndrome, and I certainly can't ask my primary care physician, they'll just shoot me down and think I'm being overdramatic.
Now onto my second question, and I apologize in advance if this is inappropriate. Bit of background for this one too: I had a pelvic ultrasound last year before I started hrt because I basically hadn't had my period in almost a year, and they said it came back normal, measuring my uterus and what appeared to be ovaries (they couldn't see the left one due to gas). But, I looked at the measurements, and the measurement for what is supposed to be my right ovary is incredibly small compared to other people's in my age range, so I'm starting to wonder if what they saw were streak gonads and not actually full-on ovaries. So, that leads to my next question, what is the typical size of streak gonads in those with AIS or Swyer Syndrome? Because I can't find anything on that either.
Thank you all in advance, you all seem like very kind people, and if there is any way I can improve the way I worded things, please let me know.
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2023.06.03 05:56 tiredashellalready TIFU by ordrring two burritos.

TIFU. I really messed up in one simple way: forgetting that this particular restaurant sells extremely massive burritos. Burritos bigger than my own head. Burritos so huge that even in highschool, when this restaurant was still a tiny food truck, I couldn't even try to finish one. I am gonna be forced to eat these things all day tomorrow....
I still remember when I first saw the little food truck. Tiny. Innocent looking. And I was in search of good food that isn't the cafeteria slop that are as nutritious as cardboard laid out in the sun.
$12 for a burrito? Not... Terrible of a price but good food costs money and I loved quality, still do.
And then I saw it...
The behemoth. The MONSTER. I couldn't even begin to try to finish it. My small depressed self trying to eat such a massive, flower tortilla wrapped delicious delicacy, filled with rice, beans, pico de gallo, cabbage and more. Practically waiting to explode like a grenade that was over filled with gunpowder and needing only a good tap.
When I got home that day my grandma looked at me concerned before seeing me pull the barely even half eaten creation out from my backpack. I had been nibbling on it all day and barely made a dent. She wouldn't touch it because of her dentures and the irritation rice tended cause her when it slipped underneath.
I remember the name I gave those burritos, "Sumo Wrestler Burritos". Huge, massive, both worth and not worth it. Delicious but full of regret.
When the food truck disappeared I was saddened. I looked everywhere for them but I couldn't find it. I had thought that perhaps they didn't get enough recognition and weren't able to compete with the other businesses. This town is full of tradition. Traditional food. Traditional settings. Traditional old New Mexico.
But then a familiar business popped up, same area but in the abandoned building the food truck usually sat by.
The Giant Skillet.
Oh the food was better than ever. They had tacos, deepfried chili peppers, alcohol, merch, more desserts. They used to only have rice crispy treats that were like a large brick. They still were. They even had sushi and salad bowls. But oh... Oh how could I forget the burritos...
Foolishly, after I got home and was told by my stepdad that he and my mom were gonna go to this restaurant for a date, and asked if I wanted anything for both dinner and tomorrow for work. I was craving a burrito.
I asked for two.
Two burritos.
Like a darn fool I forgot. I forgot the one rule that is known about this restaurant. THE ONE RULE THAT I LEARNED SO LONG AGO.
When they got home I got out my little lunch box and saw them....
Bigger than my head. Heafty. So wide that when I take a bite I might as well have been a small mouse. A humming bird even.
I realized my mistake as memories flooded me of all the times I had to heave one of those burritos back to the high school and all the way home. I swiftly got a cutting board and sliced one in half. Put one half in my lunchbox and the other on a napkin and took it with me to my bedroom where I now sit. And to my horror... I see the mess I left myself in for next to my half burrito was my Nintendo Switch... It was as big as the screen in both width and length.
I am now here. Nibbling away at this monster. Fighting for my life to save my mom from the realization that I had unknowingly caused her to waste $40+ dollars on burritos that I will likely not be able to finish.
I will post a link to the comparison picture in the comments. If allowed. If not you will find it on my profile.
I am full of rice, beans, pico de gallo, cabbage, spices, and flower tortilla. Who knew that regret could taste so good.
I am honestly trying my best to finish it and totally not stalling as I type.
I just hope that this doesn't leave me sick tomorrow. I cannot risk missing work tomorrow because how would I even begin to explain it to my boss?
Oh how far I had fallen...
Like Lucifer, or Icarus, perhaps... perhaps I got cocky. It was what? 8 or 9 years ago since I had one of these? I swear they weren't this big...
They were huge but not... Pyramid Head's great sword huge! Maybe I forgot. Maybe... My frail sanity has finally caught up with me and the past few years truly had shattered my memory even further. Who knows.
What I do know is that I cannot let my mother know that I can't finish this dang thing right now. I'd like state some genuine advice here...
If you happen to find this restaurant. Ever. Do not be like me. Heed the warning.
Do beware, the burritos of this restaurant.
One is enough for the whole family.
I am genuinely trying while trying to not explode before I go to bed. If I survive I'll let you all know if I can.
TL;DR: I ordered two burritos, forgetting that the restaurants burritos are bigger than the League of Legends fan base. Send help.
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2023.06.03 05:56 Efficient_Stick_5038 Hsv 1 vent

This is a vent post because I’m just very frustrated and annoyed. I haven’t had a OB in a long time and breakout is really big. It’s only day 1 I know it’s going to hurt like hell and swell up really bad. I’m just not looking forward to it. It gets in the way of work and in the past school because I get it on my eyelid, and my eyelid swells so bad to the point I can’t see. Because of its location too it’s very painful, the initial start when blisters are forming is so awful. I’ve never seen someone else with the same placement and it makes me feel so alone. Its not only the physical pain, I feel so bad mentally when it happens I feel so ugly. I’m embarrassed to leave the house when its at its worst, I don’t want people to see me. Growing up and realizing what’s wrong with me and that there’s no cure upsets me to, I had hope that I could one day get rid of it but I know that’s not possible. Doctors are no help either, every time I would ask about it I would get no helpful information. If anyone else gets obs on their eyelids and has remedies that help with swelling please lmk
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2023.06.03 05:56 Revolutionary_Bird67 My Manager Gave Me An Anxiety Attack

Hey I just wanted to see what you think of this situation
Today I went into work at retail a customer got a floaty for 10 dollars but it rung up for 12. I called my new manager that was promoted I asked her if she knew how to change a price. She said no I knew how to granted I shouldn’t have changed the price but my other manager was in the car on lunch. I changed it she told me in front of a customer “you can’t do that” I understand but the customer was waiting. With some stuff we need a managers number and password sometimes we don’t need it. She said “I’m not fussing but don’t do it again” ok she brought it up again just let it go. Both of my managers were at the front and the manager asked again about how I did it I showed her and she told the other manager about how I don’t need there numbers to change the price. She argued with me about it I said “whether or not it was the wrong price you still have to honor the price that the customer said it was.” I saw it the strip said 10 dollars btw
She got mad and said “I’m gonna walk away” then my other manager started to chew me out about it and I told her what I said to my other manager I was getting mad I turned my back to her because I was getting mad. She told me she was talking to me not my back I tried to talk but she shut me up I put my head up and smiled I was getting mad. She told me my attitude needed to change right now I said “or what it sounds like your threatening me” she says she wasn’t so I told her I will leave I don’t have to be here. She told my other manger to come to the front and she told me to clock out and she’ll let my general manager know when I can come back in.
I clock out as I was walking to target I realized I had the walkie and they were talking about me I went back in and put it on register 1 I went to wait outside of target I then hear “another name manager wants you to come in and go into the office.” I told her no she said yes I then said “I’m not going since I don’t feel comfortable and I told my general manager I quit” she than called the manager that wanted me in the office she starts to follow me into target and she told the manager I was in target all I hear from the phone “ok” I walked away so I couldn’t hear it.
After awhile I get a call from my manager I didn’t answer and blocked her as right now I was scared that the target people were coming after me. I began to have an anxiety attack my body heating up my hands are shaking and my chest being super tight. I am now scared to go in public even tho I have a taser. A couple days after this the manager that followed me said she suffered from anxiety at age 16 but she gave me an anxiety attack. Well I guess I’ll be getting a call from my general manager so that’ll be fun. I’ll also contact hr about her following me. We’ll just wanted to get this off my chest thanks for reading.
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2023.06.03 05:56 Scionoftheflame I need advice, should I (24F) break the silence with (23M) friend?

So, to make this long story short. I am a 24 year old female who recently got ghosted by someone who went back with their ex. So before that happened, in 2018 i met this person, who we will call John. He is the younger brother of a school mate. He is only 1 year younger than me. Anyways, we met and talked and we became good friends, even gaming buddies. I really enjoyed having them as a friend, and i noticed my behavior changed whenever I was around them, I‘m usually a shy girl but they brought the outspoken version of myself. My mother even noticed and she even caught on before I even knew I had developed feelings for John. I didn’t realize it until a year into our friendship. However I was unaware John already had a girlfriend at the time since he didn’t tell me and we hardly talked about personal things. We just talked about gaming and joked around with each other about gaming. in 2019 I had found out from a mutual friend that John and his GF broke up and John was really going thru it, he really loved her and I couldn’t help but try my best to help in out, even though we had some arguments because I tried to cheer him up with cute stuff or even gaming and he just wasn’t having it. Our mutual friend talked to me in private and suggested I leave him alone for a while. I did and decided to game on my own, so he and I stopped talking. Our friendship was an on and off thing and the only reason we talked again was because he found out about my crush for him, I apologized to him about developing a crush on him but he insisted he wasn’t angry and that he had a feeling when we used to game from 8pm until 4am. Fast forward into 2021, he asked me out on a date and of course I happily accepted. Turns out this was his first date and so was mine. He was my first kiss, and even was willing to meet my mom even though we never became anything more than friends. We stopped talking in May of 2021 since meeting my mother, and we reconnected again in the New Year’s Eve of 2021. We talked again early 2022 and John was telling me about plans he wanted to do for the new year, like traveling and trying new things like bowling, ice skiing and much more. I told him that I believed in him and I knew he will succeed in making that happen to which he suggested that he and I will travel more often. I didn’t say much but agreed anyways, I was getting delusional in thinking he and I would finally be in a relationship and I’m pretty sure he just wanted to as friends. As the date was approaching for us to hang out, he was growing very distant and he stopped gaming and talking to me. We never went and haven’t talked for months now, and then I find out on my own he went back to his ex. I wish he would’ve told me, of course I would be sad but at least we would have some closure. But instead ghosted me and didnt tell me a thing. During the time we stopped talking he viewed my Tik tok account and I confronted him about it about why he is looking at my account and told him to please delete my number. Its now 2023, and still havent talked since then, Isee him looking at my Tik tok account viewing my account sometimes but I’m unsure if i should just break the ice and ask him what is going on. Should I stop being petty over something that can be resolved and just make the first move in messaging him? I don’t hate him anymore and I only care that he is okay.
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2023.06.03 05:55 GNGVir How to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint Teleport Diablo 4

You can see How to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint Teleport Diablo 4 following this video guide
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2023.06.03 05:55 StrangeWindow7851 Half you will never get sex here’s why:

Short (obviously but that’s not the worst thing), you don’t know how to talk to woman, you are socially castrated. You are also addicted to porn, which leaves you with no dopamine drive to pursue sex. You don’t know what it means to be a man. Instead of accepting you are genetically inferior, you blame society and racism. There are 5’0 to 5’7 who get pussy and are married but somehow, you 5’8 cornballs think it’s over because “women only want 6’0 chads” completely ignoring you don’t know the first thing about woman except extrapolated statistics. You take everything women say literally, yes, the love chads, why the fuck wouldn’t they? They are better. That does not mean you somehow lose all your value. If short men can’t get pussy, how the fuck is there an average height below 6’0? Ask yourselves these things.
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2023.06.03 05:55 OnegirlOnegoal "Dear Self" Episode 2 Book Club OnegirlOnegoal

Hey Hey! It's Friday's Book Club. We are on Episode 2 of our New book reading of "DEAR SELF". This book is a self help book and at this point in all our lives I'm sure we can all use a little self help.
Leave me a comment on our website http:// to let me know your thoughts on what we just read.
So sit back and relax!
Dear Self by Ruby Dhal
Good morning, everyone! (0:00) Finding yourself in the truth. (1:28) There’s always room to learn. (4:09) What actions do you need to take to reach happiness? (5:57) You take part in so many activities each day without giving it a second thought. (8:21) What does finding yourself mean on these occasions mean? What will we find? (10:41) The process of finding yourself ambiguous. (13:11) How we can relate to each other in several ways. (15:30) Today’s reading. (17:22)

books #club #dearself

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2023.06.03 05:55 Intrepid-Spend4236 Easter memory

When I was fresh out of high school I was your typical washout, no job, no talent, no friends, and living in moms basement. I’m a chubby girl and I KNOW I’m not pretty, all the way to baggy clothes and a beard going on. So I know my level.
Now my mom is hard working, she works all day pretty much everyday and was a young mom so she did what she could. She didn’t have support when she was young as she is also independent thinking so she struggled a lot with us older kids, but she said it got easier by the time the younger kids were born.
Now we had lean times a lot when I was a kid and so I know the feeling of not getting things you wanted and had to learn to live without. Games, toys, friends, and certain members of the family and experiences. I don’t blame my mom because it’s poverty, not much you can do as a minority who looks like another minority in a rural area.
I don’t say this to bring pity, I just need and hope people can understand what we went through so this can reach you how deeply this reached me.
My youngest 4 siblings have the same dad, he was with us for a while before we realized how off he was and mom kicked him out. Weird beliefs and selfish tendencies.
While separated my mom shared custody of my siblings, they visited him on weekends. Back in 2016 they visited him for the Easter holiday and came back looking really glum. Now I’ve always struggled to understand emotions but I recognized disappointment when I saw it.
I know my family, we don’t admit anything bluntly so I had to do some work to find out what was going on and when I found out I was so panicked. I panic easily due to some anxiety issues I’ve always had, and this one stemmed from knowing the possibilities of how an experience can impact a kid at various stages of their lives. Basically what I found out was he didn’t celebrate Easter with them, he specifically took them for Easter knowing this and wanted to teach them a lesson and called them brats for wanting Easter. He was harsh but always pretended to be doting and sweet. I felt horrible since I had been hyping them about Easter. I ended up having a panic attack and then cried for a while. Once that was dealt with and I could think again I bashed my head for ideas. I had recently started my first job and was strapped for any money. I only had $20 to my name because I used it to buy snacks or things for my siblings.
I managed to come up with a basic plan and started it all when they went to school the next day. My littlest sister was too young for school so I took her with me to Wal-Mart and I ended up scrapping a lot of ideas trying to figure out the right plan. I had a limited time as I took the bus to get there and I needed to take a certain bus to be back in time for the kids to be back from school. I finally settled on a plan and ended up picking some ingredients and it totaled just a few cents under what I had.
When I got home I hid the 8 items around the house and waited for the kids to be back. When they got home they looked like they had been through hell and looked so lifeless. I rounded them all up and told them there was a surprise for them hidden around the house and they had to figure it out.
I realized the older kids might beat the younger kids in finding some of the stuff so I had them search but I went with the youngest first and after he found 2 items I moved onto the next one. Luckily it worked out all four kids found two items each and they set all the ingredients on the table and began to guess and ponder. I was worried sick since I had no idea how they could take this all without some sort of hiccup and then I would be at fault. So I’m wringing my hands trying not to show how panicked I am and waiting for them to figure it out. Then suddenly it was like a light bulb went off in each head and they all started flailing about and hopping around making strange sounds of excitement.
“Cookies! They’re for chocolate chip cookies!!”
I could finally breathe and we ended up all making cookies together.
I bring this up because I’m still stirring over this and this is because recently my siblings and I were on a road trip and talking to each other when the topic of who’s what kind of sibling. I had mostly just been listening as I like hearing them talk when someone said I was the fun aunt sister. They all started giving silly or embarrassing or weird examples of me then said how I had gotten them an Easter then about the pool and library and park visits I had taken them to even when mom said no. Mom is strict in where we go since she has been attacked before and we only have us siblings at home most of the time. I honestly thought they didn’t like me but hearing their stories made me feel a kind of puffy sensation in my chest and I dunno but I hope you feel that from hearing this as I want others to feel how happy that also made me feel since I’m really not a good sister since I’ve moved out and don’t see them so much.
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2023.06.03 05:55 EmoNightmareHotTopic I can't read or watch what I used to anymore without fear of being triggered

Back before I started self harm, just 2 years ago, I read a lot of dark fanfics. Included topics of depression and self harm. It was a way for me to cope with what I was feeling, because I was too scared to actually attempt self harm. If I couldn't actually follow through with anything, I could at least protect it onto fictional characters. It was my outlet. In the past almost 2 years, I've really struggled with self harm, with my worst time being self harming every day for a week. Right now I'm nearly 8 months clean. And I hate it. I'm so adamant to stay clean, I know it's not a healthy coping mechanism, and I'm scared I'm going to fall back into the daily habit, and I live at home with parents who have no idea I'm struggling with this. I was in therapy while I was at school, and my latest therapist is the reason I've been clean this long, but I haven't been able to continue over the summer. I've tried going back to my coping mechanism of reading dark fanfics, but those only make my urges worse now. TV shows that contain topics of depression and self harm make it worse too. Characters that I can relate to, especially those that don't feel they're good enough or they're failures, make my urges worse. I'm worried I'm going to relapse, but how can I not when all my old coping mechanisms and characters I relate to only make my urges worse? I really don't know what I'm going to do.
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2023.06.03 05:54 Minute_Mechanic2227 WIBTA for no longer caring for my grandpa?

Some background I gave up a job in my favourite province to stay and take care of my grandpa. I’ve had access to his bank account for 2 years as he always needed help logging in (I have never used any of his money for personal use and don’t even know how much he has as I’ve never checked).
My aunt (whom I’ll refer to as W) has all my grandpas passwords and took his book with his passwords in them. She then changed his bank account password and when I went to help him log in this morning we realized it had been changed so he called W to get his book back. My aunt whom I thought I was very close with and started to view as a mother figure since I don’t really have a relationship with mine came over this afternoon. She went on to lecture me and say I had no business having anything to do with his finances. That I had no right having access to anything and for some reason brought up that I’m a private person and she has no idea how much money is in my bank account. Then implied I was mooching off of my grandfather because I’m staying here rent free despite me doing all the cooking, cleaning, driving, and any errands that need to be done. And I don’t even want to be here I want to be doing a job I enjoy spending time with people my own age. The entire time she just was saying how I have no right or no business helping my grandpa log into his bank account because she’s not comfortable with me having his passwords. And when I asked for clarification why because it sounded like she was implying I would steal his money she just kept repeating how I have no right.
Now I’m not really upset about not having his passwords. It’s definitely annoying that she is keeping everything so he needs to contact her if he can’t remember his password instead of just having it in a book by his computer. But I just feel so unappreciated, like an outsider, and insulted that after all the time I’ve put into cultivating what I thought were good relationships with my family members and making sacrifices to make their lives easier that she thinks so little of me and had no problem berating me.
I’d like to finally move back to BC so I can be around my friends and get a job I enjoy but WIBTA for leaving all the responsibilities of caring my grandpa to my Aunt? The last time I was gone for an extended period of time they said it was too much to deal with on their own
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2023.06.03 05:54 shithrowawaystain UPDATE : mother is furious at me after setting a boundary

i updated the first post but needed to make another post. we had a very big fight. me, mother, and my father. it was very bad. i was sobbing and couldn’t breathe, my mother told me to stop hyperventilating even though i was having a panic attack. i told her i was having one yet they kept yelling. i was begging for them to stop and just let me be but they kept fighting me. my mom tried to forcibly remove my shirt and i was screaming quite literally, my dad told me this fight that “i caused” was the reason our relationship failed. so i’m not doing great. i feel really numb and just terrified of the next day. i hate being here. i can’t go into the common areas like the living room or kitchen without feeling physically i’ll bcs it reminds me of the fight. i get nauseous on the way home from work bcs i don’t want to be here. im emotionally numb and emotionally exhausted. i was disassociating for like 12+ hours and im just left feeling completely empty. i am so tired, i just want to leave my house and never return. i just want to sleep and wake up somewhere else or not at all lmao. im so tired but i have to keep going some how. when i got to work after the fight, my manager who im close with hugged me and i felt more love in that hug than any hug from my parents. im truly convinced he cares more about me. anyways, thank you for reading.
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2023.06.03 05:54 doctorerhardt Beneath the Crimson Moon [Online] [Roleplay Focused] [5e] [16+] [LGBTQ+] [EST]

Hello everyone! I’m Doc, He/Him, 17, a young DM with a love for storytelling. I’ve always wanted to delve into a campaign inspired by media such as Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, and other games I’ve always got to watch my dad play while I planned my sessions for a year now… So, that led me to begin planning this campaign! I'm not too experienced at reddit so this is a shot in the dark.
I have been playing D&D for about 3 years, Dming for 1, and I am super excited to find some possible players for this. I’m looking for a maximum of 4-5 players, with a heavy focus on roleplay and character development. I recently took a class in anthropology and have been really inspired to run a campaign inspired by a specific culture, particularly east asian cultures, so here we are!
I would say I'm a fairly loose dm. I don't mind bending rules to let you do something cool and I heavily focus on RP, less combat (as I am terrible at balancing.) I REALLY love involving my players' backstories into campaigns like these so if you have any cool characters I’d love to hear about them and push them into the story! I dont use VTT’s (however I do track combat encounters etc in my own creative ways) and am entirely theater of the mind style in my dming. We will be using DNDbeyond, as I have quite the amount of sourcebooks on there. I will totally be willing to help you guys make characters that fit into the story as well if thats your cup of tea!
Please note this campaign is NOT a place for people who are close minded. I am aiming for;
An age range of 16-22
Open minded people (Queer, Disabled, POC friendly)
People who are okay with no VTT/Theater of the Mind style
People who don’t follow rules to the extreme in D&D People with a consistent schedule
And most of all, people are willing to have fun!
A bit of info about the world can be found below, along with its plot hook!
Amidst the somber silence that permeates the battlefield, a lone ronin cuts a solitary figure. His footsteps echo softly as he traverses the scarred earth, his presence a solemn tribute to the fallen. The wind whistles through the empty spaces, murmuring secrets of honor and sacrifice. With a fluid motion, the ronin sheathes his blade, its steel gleaming with a bittersweet gleam. The weight of countless lives hangs heavy upon it, a reminder of the battles fought and lives lost. In that moment, the ronin's gaze transcends the mortal realm, his eyes fixed upon a distant horizon, where the souls of fallen warriors find solace.
As he lingers among the fallen, the ronin's voice, a timeworn rasp, resonates through the air, carrying a message. "In the realm of sacrifice, warriors become eternal," he murmurs, glaring towards the ground.
The ronin stands tall, a silent guardian amidst the remnants of conflict, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. In his quiet yet peaceful presence, the fallen warriors find solace, their sacrifices acknowledged, and their memory preserved. And as the moon rises over the battlefield, casting its cool hues upon the landscape, the ronin steps forward, his dull eyes focused on the crimson moon above.
Shinkoku (The continent) is a land of captivating contrasts. Beautiful forests bursting with vibrant wildlife give way to serene bamboo groves, where the whisper of the wind through the slender stalks creates an ethereal melody. Rolling plains, adorned with fields of swaying golden wheat, provide a picturesque backdrop for peaceful villages and thriving farmlands. The continent is dotted with sacred sites, where towering buildings and tranquil shrines stand as testaments to the spiritual connection between mortals and the divine. Hidden within the depths of ancient forests and atop mist-shrouded mountains, these sacred places serve as gateways to realms unseen and hold the wisdom of generations past.
Shinkoku is a realm steeped in history and honor. The ruins of ancient empires, crumbling castles, and battle-scarred fortresses stand as echoes of the conflicts that have shaped the land. The echoes of the samurai's code of Bushido resonate through the mountains, carrying tales of noble warriors who upheld their honor and fought for justice. Yet… Many seemingly are stuck in the past.
But amidst the breathtaking beauty and profound tranquility, shadows lurk in the corners of Shinkoku. Political intrigues simmer in the palaces of powerful daimyos, while clandestine organizations seek to exploit the realm's hidden secrets. Supernatural creatures, both benevolent and malevolent, roam the land, their presence shaping the destinies of mortals and spirits alike.
And at the top of it all, the shogun of Shinkoku rules eternal.
Interested? Go ahead and fill out this google Forum! I look forward to seeing you all :) Note this post will be closed once I feel I've gotten enough responses, or its been 24 hours! If you have any questions, leave them below!
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2023.06.03 05:53 G1bs0nNZ I had a go at modelling how my medication impacts me. I take methylphenidate (sustained release at 9am, and 20mg instant release at 1pm), interesting to see how the levels look over the day. I made a few assumptions, but it's certainly interesting. Might be interesting to others also.

Disclaimer: This isn't medical advice or information, just my own mini investigation
Here is the Image - A little ADHD project
So first up, the assumptions were:
  1. The half-life of the medication in the system is 2 hours
  2. That sustained release (54mg) gives off 20mg immediately, then 14mg per hour over 4 hours (based this loosely off of the Concerta studies I've seen)
  3. In my body, it takes about 1 hour for a dose to start having a meaningful impact
How I think it relates to my experience: So first and foremost, I definitely can feel the medication working after about an hour when I take sustained release, and then it feels remarkably level over the following 4 hours, but intensifies over the course of the day. I used to find that SR was quite useful for me overall for about 6 hours of the day.
What this used to mean however, is that it stopped being effective far too early in the day for what I needed to do. This is when I got put onto IR (2x10mg) to supplement my initial dose. I've been allowed to experiment with a range of dosing regimes. My most effective is taking the medication @ 7am and 1pm (10mg) and again at 3pm if I needed to fit more into my day.
At present I'm not working in the morning, and so take it at around 9am, and for reasons to do with mental health treatment, had to be taking 20mg IR at 1pm, and I haven't changed it since. What I find is that for about 2 hours (2-4pm) it feels quite intense, borderline uncomfortable, so I may look at changing back to 1pm and 3pm now that it's within my control.
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2023.06.03 05:52 Big_Assist4950 LU BU is still the STRONGEST human (excluding adam)

LU BU is still the STRONGEST human (excluding adam)

He is still the strongest

Lubu is incredibly underrated, but what many don't realize is that he still remains the strongest human since Adam. In this image of the post I put everyone who is defeated by Lubu, and I intend to give an explanation for each one of them about how Lubu is among the strongest of the verse.

It is surprising how much Lubu is underestimated by the fandom, even though he has already shown feats that make him the most balanced fighter of humanity. Strength, stamina, durability, speed, explosiveness, reflexes... Its spinoff literally starts with the narrator saying that Lubu is the strongest under the sky, besides that he has reached the apex of human potential. Lubu's physical attributes are extremely well-balanced, which allows him to perform well against everyone in the squad, winning most of them. Characters like Jack, Heracles and Zero I think I don't need to elaborate too much to show that Lubu wins, so I'll just pass them by.

Raiden: With volund he is physically stronger than Lubu, but that's about it. Raiden has already shown that he can't compete in stamina, speed and damage potential, as well as having the substantial disadvantage of fighting unarmed, consequently converting to a range disadvantage. Raiden can't dodge all of Lubu's blows, his muscles aren't stopping the halberd's blows.

Hajun: Many may feel that Hajun is stronger than Lubu, but the manga doesn't show enough evidence of this. Hajun might have the advantage in attack speed and durability, but a fight between two fighters so physically fit would inevitably be decided by the strongest blow of each. Although Hajun is fast, he is not fast enough to overwhelm Lubu, as Buddha with no Future Sight was managing to block most of the hits, which remained even when he only had one eye. Going for Hajun's strongest attack (said by him), Buddha managed to block completely. We know that Buda doesn't even come close to Lubu in the physical aspect, so if someone so inferior in that aspect managed to hold back Hajun's strength, there's no doubt that Lubu could. Lubu fully defended Thor's Hammer, which even he already had a remarkably higher energy release than the Flames of Glory. Furthermore, Sky Eater managed to counter the strongest blow of the physically strongest god and with the strongest divine weapon, all of which are eclipsing Hajun by a good margin. Sky Eater > Flames of Glory.

Shiva: Extremely tough fight, perhaps the most 50/50 here. Shiva undoubtedly has the speed to pressure Lubu, and his flames can definitely hurt his tough physique. Raiden with his muscle manipulation can create a defensive wall, but in a normal condition it is not possible to say that he is objectively more durable than Lubu, and if so, there is no way to quantify how much. Anyway, Lubu has already reacted to many quick strikes in his spinoff, and his halberd would certainly be more effective in blocking Shiva's attacks, as they better prevent the flames from coming into direct contact with Lubu. However, the main reason that I think is decisive here is personality. Shiva is very arrogant and proud, it is likely that he would try to decide in a direct contest of strength. Given how Shiva behaves, he would choose to face the Sky Eater... That's how he fights.

Sasaki: Sasaki is a versatile fighter, but lacks some attributes that would allow him to hold his own in this fight. We don't know how Sasaki would fare against fighters with the profile. Blocking with the sword wouldn't work, it would immediately break under Lubu's strength. Unlike Poseidon, Lubu starts his fights with the intention of finishing off the first strike, meaning Sasaki wouldn't have the extra time he had to analyze. Sasaki starts out much weaker than Lubu, this fight is all about who gets to the other first. In other words, is Lubu going to throw a Sky Eater before Sasaki fully adjusts to his style? It's unlikely, as the spinoff showed that lubu has excellent resistance to cuts (being able to block with his arms blades that cut bears like butter, this when he was only 8 years old), while Sasaki has no resistance to massive blows, being one of the weakest fighters physically. Analyzing the fighters, Lubu would be able to do better, as he doesn't need time to reach his peak.

Qin: Lubu is a direct counter to Qin due to the nature of its volunds. Considering that a simple halberd strike would destroy one of the shoulder pads, it would be difficult for Qin to continue since he can't just use his volund to block. Even if Qin switched to the sword, it wouldn't do much good, his volund is still defensive and would remain at the mercy of the shield breaker. The air bubble would be an issue, as Lubu has no direct response to them. In practice Qin would only be postponing an inevitable defeat. Without the deflection he cannot break the halberd, it would be a matter of time before Lubu manages to connect a Sky Eater from afar. Not only that, Lubu is canonically declared above Qin, he is often called the strongest in the history of China, and the beginning of his spinoff says that no emperor deserves the title of strongest more than Lubu. It's not about opinion, Lubu is above Qin narratively.

Beelzebu: Same reason as Qin, the shield breaker is a strong counter to Bel's ability. The caos god can have its impact reduced by the Sky Eater, whereas any attack from the Lubu would consistently destroy Bel's shield. Without Hell's Gate to defend and with the caos God severely reduced, Bel couldn't do much else, it would be a matter of time before Lubu destroyed the staff or slashed Bel himself. Sorath's variations are no stronger than Lubu's strongest attack, and we saw in its spinoff that more than one Sky Eater is possible if needed.

Hades: Basically the same thing as Hajun, where the fight is decided by the stronger attack of both, and again the lubu attack stands out. Ico Desmos doesn't have any feats or citations that could scale to Sky Eater or higher, just thinking it can isn't enough. Destroying a Qin volund is equivalent to accepting Geirrod head on? From the scale of feats it doesn't seem like it, as a volund being destroyed happens more often than a Geirrod scale feat. Lubu is also faster than Hades, tougher and more durable. Something that is often overlooked by the community is that Heimdall was having trouble narrating the first round, whereas with others besides poseidon vs sasaki he doesn't seem to have that problem. It goes to show that first-round fighters are often underestimated in speed, but the spinoff does well to fill that gap.

Tesla: Lubu can destroy the zone with the sky eater, and without it Tesla cannot keep up. He's not as fast without tesla steps, his teleport doesn't work without the zone. Basically he cannot make use of his best strategies. In this situation, any massive attack from the Lubu could damage the armor's functioning, the absence of maximum acceleration would weigh heavily here. Even if Tesla managed to recover the zone eventually, Lubu would not be lost. He has the durability to take a lot of Tesla's punches, in addition to being able to destroy the ground with his attacks and limit the tesla steps again. Nothing works well for Tesla, it's a bad combination.

You can question many results here, but first of all check if your belief in Lubu's defeat is based on logical reasoning with the power scale or if it's just because you don't like Lubu. What makes this character so standout is how well balanced his strengths are. Sasaki has hax, but lacks strength and durability. Shiva has speed, but lacks durability and reaction. Tesla also has speed, but lacks experience and firepower. Beelzebu has attack and defense, but its durability and strength are lower. Hades has the same stat distribution as Lubu, but on a slightly smaller scale and with a time limit because of the suicide technique. Regardless of skills or tributes, Lubu manages to exploit many of the disadvantages that these other fighters I mentioned have, but not all have to exploit anything in lubu, he is monstrous in everything. It's hard to compete for strength, it's hard to compete for durability, it's hard to compete for speed. In the spinoff we see lubu casually having all kinds of demonstrations, he is a warrior formed on the battlefield for decades, it is not because the first round had less demonstration of speed that he is slow. If you look at the lubu without a bias, you'll quickly understand why it is said to have reached the peak of humanity.
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2023.06.03 05:52 cloneboiCT118 I’m wanting to quite.

Just so people know I don’t think I’d ever kill myself. However it’s not like I don’t have good reason too. Im 19 my parents are divorced I don’t talk to my dad he’s a horrible man. I live with my loving caring mom for now my goal is to join the army next year “why don’t you join the army now?” I hear some of you asking well I can’t I’m in the middle of a medicine wean for epilepsy and so far it’s going good. I’ve been reaching out to 4 very old friends just to talk to. Although my friend I was most excited to see when we hung out I noticed myself falling back in love with her. Im just so sick of this shit I already know her answer will be no I haven’t asked her out but I have in the past. But this stupid ass part of me thinks things will be different since we haven’t talked in 3 years but I know she will just say she loves me as a very close friend or something like that. She is the only one that is keeping me in this state I feel like if I never knew her I’d be gone. But I don’t want to die and I don’t want to leave her. Even though she doesn’t know it I love her more than I think she could ever know. I have no family she’s the closet thing I have to family (besides my mom) idk though I feel every time I talk to her or my mom I just feel like I’m a burden with my seizure disorder, my anxiety, my depression. I’m truly a lost cause. You may say to me “well you haven’t had a seizure for 2 years now and your wean is going good” and where as your right I still feel like a burden I feel like god is testing me because he’s gonna do something big with me. But I also feel god chose wrong. I have nothing to offer this world. And I feel the girl I like would be horribly upset if I took my own life but I know she would be able to move on along with my mom. The world has to keep spinning and people HAVE to move on. Again I don’t think I’d ever kill myself. But some nights are tougher than others and tonight is one of those horribly tough nights:( I just want it to all be over. I want god to make whatever he wants to happen happen or just let me stop being depressed. Because right now falling back in love with my best friend whom I know most likely doesn’t love me. I’m a mess. And I want to end it. But I feel I’m to weak to even end my own life. I’m a fuck up.
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2023.06.03 05:52 collent582 DawnCraft Vampires

So I started playing DawnCraft and while a fair few of the normal mobs can be a bit of a pain the vampire from (atleast I think) simple mobs is a damn monster and I don’t know what to do about it. They appear all over the place and they have a attack that they instantly grab onto you completely freeze you and practically insta kill you. I have no idea how to deal with them and if anyone else has figured them out I’d love to know, thanks.
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2023.06.03 05:52 Biologicalphenomenon Unexpected

We kissed today. Completely unexpected. It was like coming home. The easy banter that lead up to it, absent for the time we spent apart, roared back to life as we talked.
I kept saying ‘I should go’, which we both knew I should. The longer I stayed the more likely we were going to be magnetized to each other. The light faded, and the shadows of the trees turned into the omnipresent darkness of night. And still, we could not step away.
Finally, I said goodbye. I went in for the hug, which unlocked it all. We remained entangled in our embrace, melting into the familiar curves of each other. I stroked your hair and your arms found the curve of my waist. I felt you turn your face into my neck and breathe deeply. I loved that. I pulled away, determine to stick to our new boundaries. But pulling away put my face inches from yours, and I could feel the pull of your lips. I can’t deny I wanted you. That I missed you. Your face reflected the little light left from the day, contrasting with your dark hair. Oh, how familiar that is.
After all the light conversation, the attempts to pretend the deeper things in life aren’t happening, and the magic of touching you, I decided what I wanted. What I wanted was to kiss you. I grabbed your face quickly, perhaps in fear that you’d pull away. I pressed my lips against yours, and I felt you kiss me back. Ah, the feeling of home. I missed that. I missed you. What a constant, this beautiful act is. Kissing is so standard and even overlooked in society about the beautiful and intimate language that it is with your lover. Being without your kisses reminds me of how precious they are.
Eventually, I do have to leave. Darkness has settled upon us and we cannot avoid it anymore. The weight of life comes back to us, but perhaps a little lighter with this special joy we just shared. We disentangle, my hands running across your shoulders, down your arms, and to your hands, holding them as I soak up your presence. We smile to each other as I get in the car and we kiss passionately one more time through my open car window, with me pinned to the drivers seat. I feel your hand move from my face to my chest and back to my face again. I desperately wish I could allow more to happen. But for now, memories will have to do.
I drive away touching my lips and thinking about you, wondering if this was a one time thing or if I’ll get to kiss you again.
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2023.06.03 05:51 Drakolf TftM Vagraxi Empire- Infiltration:

Teela-Vashant paced nervously in the D-Class starship's recreational room. She was one of her people's most skilled infiltrators, capable of affecting another species' mannerisms and form through hard light holograms and well-honed vocal precision.
She hadn't even made it past the first blockade, the Humans didn't accept her story of being a straggler from the Vagrax Prime Incident trying to return home, and had not only overridden the controls of the commandeered starship, but kept in a gravitational tether that she couldn't disrupt from her end.
The ship's comm unit beeped, indicating the Humans were making a communications request. She still had an opportunity to make it out with her life. She breathed in, calming herself, and approached the comm unit.
"Am I going to be kept here much longer?" She asked in perfect Terran. She had studied Human behavior, and affected the mannerisms of their dominant females. "I demand to see your commanding officer!"
"Mrs.-" There was a burst of static. "-I'm sorry, I can't keep a straight face with that name. 'Alexia Marvel', wow, what a name." Teela-Vashant did not betray a single emotion to the male Human voice. "Look, I'll be blunt with you, the ship you're piloting isn't meant for deep space conflict- it doesn't even have any guns- and the designation matches a ship that was reported missing from the logs on the Epsilon Eridani colony, you know, the one you Vagraxi raided."
The Human spoke with certainty, this troubled her. "I'm sending an agent to talk to you in person, you're going to tell him what your mission is, and then we're going to send you back to your home world so you can tell them to brush up on their espionage. At least make it interesting."
The comm unit went silent, and almost immediately after, the ship shoot. Teela-Vashant braced herself against the console. A ship had directly docked with hers. She strode into the recreational room, she heard footsteps, heavy, likely a Human soldier bogged down with heavy weaponry and armor. She's have him on the ground in seconds.
The door opened, she lunged for it, only to find nobody there.
"Yep, it's a Vagraxi." Teela-Vashant felt a hand grab the facsimile of cloth that covered the disguise she wore and was pulled up. "Move." She was moved back into the recreational room. "Sit." She walked over to the chair and sat down. Her eyes widened as she looked at a Vagraxi male, though this one was dressed as a Human soldier was. With green scales, a pair of short finned crests running along the back of their head, and a large, stocky body, he was a fine specimen of their species.
This raised several questions.
"Your lack of panic also indicates you're not Human." The Vagraxi soldier stated. "Drop the disguise, there's no point in hiding it."
She obliged. "Teela-Vashant, Infiltrator, Xaram Tek-vos. Who are you?"
"Adrian Bragg, Human Soldier in the Exoterra Defense Force, Metahuman Brigade."
A Human? "Is that what they call defectors in the Human military?" Teela-Vashant asked.
Adrian bared his throat, the scars from a Biological Assimilation Drone were clear on it. Yes, this man had been Human. "Tell me, Teela, have you ever successfully assimilated a Human before?"
"I refuse to comment." She stated.
"Because you haven't." Adrian replied. "Nasty piece of work, your BADs, uses the subject's resistance as a means to scramble their memories and implant new ones, takes years of therapy to sort them out. Let me tell you something, and I want you to commit this to memory, I volunteered to have it tested on me."
The cold shock that rushed through Teela-Vashant's body was the only indication of a genuine emotional response she had given since she'd been captured. There was a meaning implied in his words, they knew the limitation of the Biological Assimilation Drones.
"You... willingly assimilated yourself." She stated.
"I mean, I always wanted to be an anthro lizard, there's millions of us on Earth who'd jump at the chance. Of course, nobody's willing to betray their own species for it, so when you kept sending your BADs at us, well, one of our scientists decided to test it, figured out what it does, so we've got a steadily rising number of Metahumans with implanted memories both ready and capable of infiltrating your entire society and bringing it down from the inside."
The cold shock turned to horror. Adrian smirked- an expression foreign to a Vagraxi face- and added, "Oh, and one more thing. At least half of your 'converts' are our spies. Good luck figuring out which ones they are."
Adrian stood up and left the ship, a shudder indicated the ship had decoupled, and the auto-pilot systems engaged as the ship began flying back to Vagrax Prime...
-EDF A-Class Dreadnought 'Bulwark'-
Marcus watched the ship fly away on the monitors, and barely acknowledged Adrian as he climbed back onto the observation deck. "Target seems to have accepted they're heading home." He remarked.
Adrian approached his friend and leaned against the back of the seat, looking over his head at the holoscreens. "Yeah?"
"Yeah." Marcus replied. "What was all of that bullshit you fed her about us infiltrating their system?"
"Eh, it'll give them something to chew on for a while, maybe it'll get them to stop trying to conquer us while the Gixx ambassadors are here." He paused. "Are you gonna get the poke, or are you waiting for the Xenobiologists to figure out how to splice other DNA in?"
"I'll wait for now, give your report to the Commander, she'll probably laugh her ass off at your antics."
"Will do." Adrian straightened up. "And let me know if you do decide to get the poke, it takes a week to get used to the tail and you're gonna want someone around to help you adjust."
"Yeah, yeah." Adrian left the observation deck, ready to give his report...
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2023.06.03 05:51 Psychological-Rule68 The game is not in alpha stage, more like in disappointment stage

When I play the game Im for a short period of time amazed like 10% of the time and 90% frustrated with bugs or performance issues.I dont want even to talk about all the issues I encored just remembering makes me mad and also poor performance on high end pc, the game doesn't use more than 30% of gpu.I have:RTX 3080TiRyzen 9 5950x32GB 3600 Mhz CL 14 B die tuned.M.2 NVEm
Im barley impressed with this game, boring in general, tons of bus and very low performance.I can put with boring part, I can play with 15 fps even but for god sake fix the bugs, make everything work.This is why I would blame even more the veterans players, letting old bugs unfixed by the devs, you guys got so used to this game that didn't insist enough to get bugs fixed.Having both bugs and very low performance on a game that's been developed for over 10 years is a disappointment.No wonder it has 3k concurrent players while others log in every 2 patches to check and leave again.This is unacceptable, their direction on how to develop the game is leading no were, too slow and too little progress.I want 3x the amount of bugs to be fixed, not 10 years to fix old bugs from 5 years ago or fix the performance, make the game p2p the servers are trash, crash most of the time and disconnected me 2x today.If by 2025 everything is exactly the same, very slow improvement, tons of bugs and poor performance the game is decently dead-dead.
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2023.06.03 05:51 Ingenious0range why is life like this....

if you're my sister and you're seeing this, just get the fuck away and don't tell any of this to our parents
my life has yet again gone to shit. i lost another friend today. nobody irl even sees me as my true self, and my parents are absolutely awful to me. just tonight my mom called me an "awful human being" and my dad called me a "selfish abusive bastard". i have no privacy at home, and no safe place anywhere besides with my therapist who i see once a week. i don't have a door to my bedroom, my parents have parental controls installed on my pc and they frequently block every app on it so i can't use it. they also frequently shut off the electricity to my bedroom "jus cuz". i had a mental breakdown about 30 minutes ago and was screaming at my parents because i just can't take any more of their shit, i also pushed a chair at my mom and it barely touched her and she screamed. they never leave me alone and are constantly yelling at me for one thing or another. tonight they just told me that I'm not allowed to do a week long activity that I've been planning on doing for 6+ months and takes place in 2 weeks. there's people who are counting on me being there and now i can't be there because of my fucking parents. this was one of two things i have to live for and now I'm just down to my singular friend who also has a shitty life. she keeps saying she's gonna [redacted cuz rules], and I'm really scared one day she is going to and i won't be able to stop her. she means the world to me, i love her so fucking much, and she's the only stable thing in my life. i can always count on her to just be there and feel like shit with me or help me feel better. I'm just done with life... I'm not going to [redacted cuz rules]. my state sucks, I'm trans and i live in a state that is very bad for trans people. a law was passed that bans gender affirming care for minors, and even though I don't want to transition while living with my shitty unsupportive parents it still makes me feel like shit. there's a surplus of other bills that are going to be passed that i don't have the energy to list. i have no hope for my future, or anything of the sort, but I'm just gonna keep suffering through every day until i can finally move out. my birthday is in a week and i know it's gonna be shit because of my parents. a day that usually is good is gonna be shit because of how I'm gonna be treated. they're going to deadname and misgender me and so much more. just why is life like this 💔💔💔💔💔
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2023.06.03 05:51 _depression101 Should I quit my internship?

I'm a second year mechanical engineering student going into my third year.
Right now I'm working two internships. We'll call them "manufacturing internship" and "design internship."
I started the manufacturing internship at the beginning of May for $17/hour x 40 hours per week. I really had my hopes up because in the job description, and during the interview process, my supervisor played up the role. I was under the impression that about 50% of the job would be tooling design, and the rest would be a combination process design, and other bits and bobs. Then I started the internship. I've done almost none of what was in the job description - I don't even have a Solidworks license to do tooling design. At the beginning, I did maybe a couple hours of tooling design because another engineer let me work on his computer ... and that's it, that's the only mechanical design experience I've gotten from this internship. When they say "process design," they mean "make travelers for the production runs." Then the other "bits and bobs" are literally 90% of the job: datasheets, organizing things, "verifying" information, and straight up faking missing data.
That's the other thing I dislike about this company: they're dishonest with the work they do. They're months behind on work, so to compensate, they outsource some products to outside vendors and resell it marked up 500%, and pass it off as their own. This in and of itself isn't bad, especially since it is pretty common practice... The problem comes when they fake data - they need to scan their products to make sure they meet certain optical requirements, but when they get something from an outside vendor, they just straight up fake the data... which is especially frustrating because they literally have the equipment to scan it, they just don't. This applies to their own products as well. Missing a scan? Fake data. The scan shows the product isn't up to spec? They "adjust" it. A customer requires a scan they're not capable of taking? More fake data. And they push a lot of this "faking" and "adjusting" onto me. It feels like the only reason they hired me was so they can push liability onto someone less significant, which is probably the case.
I can't get myself to stare at/make fake datasheets for 40 hours a week so I've been using python scripts to fast track the process. This opened up a huge amount of time in my schedule to do other stuff so I was hoping leverage that fact to get me on some tooling design projects or something of the like... but when I talked to them, they just told me they're having trouble getting a Solidworks license. So I've been following up (both via email and in person) literally every two days and I still don't have a CAD software to use... which is a common pattern. I bring something up and they'll "put me on a project," but I'll need XYZ to do that project and they'll never give me XYZ regardless of how many times I follow up... so I end up doing busywork.
To be honest, working here really beats me down. I'm barely getting any mechanical engineering experience, this position won't help me in my career, and I just feel very mislead and used. I hate this company and I'm here for no other reason than the money, and I will happily take it from them.
The design internship, on the other hand, has been much better. I got the offer about 1.5 weeks ago. I requested to be put on second shift with the manufacturing internship supervisor so I could take the first shift position at the design internship, and I started working at the new place a week ago. This past week I worked about 35 hours with the design internship and 25 hours with the manufacturing internship.
I'm confident that this new internship is better: I learned more there on my first day than I learned in my entire manufacturing internship. They pay $22/hour. For interns, they target about 50% of hours being billable work and 50% paid learning through various courses they have internally, and with other companies. I also get a 401k and health insurance. They have several other interns who have been there a while and can attest to the job being pretty accurate to the job description, and the whole team seems pretty honest in their work.
So anyway... my question is: do I keep my old manufacturing internship, or should I just migrate entirely over to the new design internship? Part of my motive for keeping the manufacturing internship is that I still (for some reason) have hope that I'll get some decent manufacturing experience / mechanical design experience related to manufacturing. Even though I plan on going more into the design side of things in my career, I think having some background in manufacturing is valuable because it gives you a more intimate understanding of how a factory floor works, which can help guide design decisions. I can also leverage that in future internships/jobs/interviews. My other main motive is money. I know money is not everything, but keeping the manufacturing internship means I'll have an additional $3000 in my pocket at the end of summer. This is the first time in my life I've been doing better than just breaking even and having that $3000 in my pocket is a lot to me. If I only work for the design internship, I'll still have a decent surplus for these next few months, but I kind of want to just suck it up this summer and work both internships for the extra $3000... even though just this one week at 60 hours + classes has kinda been eating away at me.
What would you do in my shoes? Any advice is appreciated
TLDR: I have a toxic relationship with an employer, then a new employer finally showed me what it's like to be treated right. I plan to pursue things with the new employer, but I'm not sure whether I should continue to dig gold from my first employer.
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