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Malavika Mohanan was born on 4 August 1993 (28 Years, as in 2021) Height: 163 cm, 5 feet 4 inch Weight: 54 Kg Figure Measurement: 34-26-35 Eye Colour: Black Hair Colour: Black

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2023.06.09 08:57 Smooth_Ambition_264 GF (23F) wanted to take a break from 2.5 years of relationship with me (22M). Should we break up or try to make things work?

I have been in a relationship for 2.5 years now. This is my first relationship (but my gf has had two previous ones).
I would describe our relationship as mostly very happy and satisfying - I have never felt this close to a person or had this sort of a bond with anyone before, and this is quite literally the truth. I am an introvert and am socially awkward and reclusive (the sort that would stay in than go out), and being an overachiever since my childhood didn't help - regardless of how helpful, kind, understanding and open I try to be, I have trouble making friends (indeed, have been "used" by some several times).
My girlfriend is my first genuine friend (and possibly the only one as well atm) - for people who are wondering how I ended up dating someone, its due to the pandemic. People like me are a bit more talkative online and we hit it off (there was also some luck involved) due to my sense of humour.
However, we have developed fractures in our relationship for the past year. For my side, I have some issues - the main one is about her hanging out with others. Before anyone gives me hell for this, lemme clarify - I have trust issues (childhood sexual abuse; happens in guys too, yes) and have been socially isolated for most of my life from peers. In short, I have never been able to express my affection/emotions to others and have never received verbal affirmation of affection or acknowledgement from parents/anyone else which has led me to constantly seek external validation and affirmation.
My trust issues lead me to be jealous of others and I have known this to be completely wrong from day one. Nevertheless, we talked (and fought) about this at the very beginning (when things opened up after lockdowns and I finally realised that my girlfriend is actually social and extroverted - around last year), but even at that time, I acknowledged this as my problem and told her I would work on it. And, I did - mostly by engaging myself in something I loved doing when I knew she was out with friends (so that I didn't feel left out). It worked well (and my tendency to get upset reduced to nearly nothing). It was not a smooth journey, and there were a handful of times we fought, but right now, even she will agree that I have more or less overcome it.
Even then, our relationship was not the same as in the beginning - she took time out for friends and I took time out for myself as well regardless of whether she was free or not, and adding to our hectic schedule, this kind of increased the distance between us (we no longer talked as often throughout the day as we used to). However, things recently became worse - I mentioned that I would pretty much die for some validation and affirmation, and I have not been getting it from her for the past ~ 5 months. She doesn't say "I love you"s as often as she did, she has completely stopped saying things like "I miss you" or "I wish you were here" and so on. I have raised this issue several times with her and we have fought all times (I don't really remember what her defense was, but we did spiral away from this issue to others). While we generally have had a healthy and honest relationship, we tend to have intense fights since both of us are temperamental and stubborn, so the distance has just increased after each blow-up.
Recently, she has been very busy as well (both of us are Master's students) with some extra lab work and for the past 3 - 4 months, it's been very difficult to go on dates for even an hour. I didn't mind this, I am very pressed for time as well usually, but not to the extent of not having 1 hour in 3 months (we live separately and it isn't possible for us to meet after 6 say; not like it matters, she works till 9). What I have noticed however is that she has had time for hangouts with friends in this time (recently in fact) and has taken days off to go out with family; I have seen her choose to be a bit late (like 30 minutes?) for her work too, so she could hangout with friends after classes. In the same time, I have tried to get her to go out with me for even an hour or so, she either has classes or she says that she doesn't want to eat random stuff (not on a diet) or that she has to work in her lab (even if its 1 hour in the middle of classes). I didn't say anything at first, but in a recent fight, I said what had been on my mind - her recent idea of eating "healthy" and her insistence to visit her lab (even if it is for 15 minutes) instead of meeting up with me were excuses to not spend time with me and she obviously enjoys the company of her friends more than her boyfriend - she took it differently to what I expected and accused me of trying to make her choose between her friends and me (not my intention - I did not control my jealousy just to do this) and then said she was really stressed and had to work a lot and "you should at least be the most understanding but idk you're not" and that our schedules never matched (not true again) and that she always tried to control her diet (once again, not true - she does have insecurities regarding her weight, which I do not mind at all, and she has often said she would like to diet, but hasn't yet started and she has eaten out occasionally even in the middle of all this). Anyways, there was no resolution but we made up - we even went out a couple of times last month, though not for long.
Well, recently she told me she wanted to take a break from our relationship - needed time to think if she was ready for one (we're dating for 2.5 years) and that it would be beneficial for me too since it would be refreshing for me to meet new people (I am out for around 2 months in the summer at the different place for a project - I am not a social person, so I am sure she is aware that it would definitely not be refreshing for me to meet new people). I gave her a choice - break up or stay and work on our problems. She hemmed and hawed (this is where I got emotional and said things like "I have no one else; I'll just go back to being lonely af" and she said, "I am tired of being your only friend") and while she did decide to stay and work things out, I came off feeling that I was inadequate (because she explicitly stated several times that people in love decide to stay together despite the fact that they don't need each other).
For the past couple weeks (this was 3 weeks ago), I have moved to the new place and been adjusting - I text her throughout the day on what's going on, the new cuisine, my work and stuff - she works through the day till like 9 - 9.30 at night. She calls me at that time and tells me about her day, and replies to my texts later (if she doesn't fall asleep). We've not fought since then, but we've not had the chance to either tbh.
In any case, I am a bit in a dilemma - she still doesn't say ilys (unless I say it first) or stuff as I mentioned, she seems to have forgotten how insecure I am and desperate for affirmation, and I remember her saying "not needing" me quite vividly. All in all, I don't know if she actually wants to be with me and the fact that I am of no use to her (quite literally - earlier she used to talk about her problems and stuff, and that honesty has gone down with time and I really don't know why; I was always an understanding and non-judgemental listener and she has said so herself several times but now it really seems like she doesn't need a shoulder; even when I am upset, she rarely asks what's wrong) stings. I feel like she is taking me for granted (I have always done a lot of supportive stuff for her - staying up late to support her emotionally and mentally when she had stuff to work on, giving her a shoulder to cry on, always encouraging her, making her proud of her body; I may have been jealous, but I also had a lot of affection stored up since my childhood that I lavished on her) and I have mentioned this to her but to no avail really - whenever I raise an issue like this where you'd expect a partner to be understanding, she gets defensive (as if I were accusing her of something), and we fight on everything under the sun and reach no resolution. Recently (after that take a break stuff), she said she'd not send me nudes for now because she is not as comfortable as before - I didn't cause an issue on that, it would have been wrong to, but I can't help feel upset either (not because she won't send pics - she's not sent me a pic in like 6 months), it's more like I always prided myself on being a safe space for her and now I am not even that and it really hurts. Since we seemed to be doing better the past few weeks, I asked her a couple of days ago if she'd say she was comfortable now (once again, I have/had no intention of asking for a picture), but she said that while it was better, she was not there yet - it stung me (though I did not raise an issue again). If you have been following this rather long rant, I'm sure you'd know that it's not the action that hurts me, but the reason behind it (that she no longer sees me as a safe space).
Anyways, I just want to know... Should I let her go? I don't want to take a break, because it's not going to benefit me in any way, I'll just not be able to talk or text the only person I can in a new place where I know no one else - on the other hand, I am 100% sure she doesn't have anyone lined up either, idk how I know this, but she's not that kind of person. I don't want a break up (both of us still have feelings, I do, and she says she does and I have no reason to not believe her), but well, maybe sometimes that is the right thing to do. At the same time, we know we love each other and that is evident in the ease/comfort we have around each other when we are together (this is a big sign, especially for me), so maybe it's not over yet?
TL;DR - GF seems to take me for granted and won't listen or resolve issues I have in the relationship; says she's not as comfortable and wanted to take a break - Should I breakup or stay and hope it will work out?
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2023.06.09 08:57 Aka-Pulc0 PSA : Signs you might be addicted to bouldering :

Being addicted to climbing is a serious condition, if you present aby of the sign below, please head immediatly to your local gym for proper recreation :
1- You always crimp/pinch everyhting : I mean in your everyday life, the door, the desk, the stairs handrails, the radiator
2- Your everyday shoes are just to big now : I mean, my big toe has to be squezzed, right ?
3- Can I climb this ? How would I reach the 1st balcony ? Can I cross my leaving room wihtout touching the ground ? yhea, I can campus across that subway cart easy.
4- You know way too much about skin care. But just for the hands
5- Depsite 4, your hands look like the moon surface. Nothing much to say
6- Everything hurt
7- Your youtube's recommendations are just random people climbing randon things. Yhea even that 1k subsrcribers channel
8- You can't pay attention anymore. There is alway a project in the back of your mind
Dam, that remind me of that V5 I need to figure out, have to go!
(Feel free to add to the list !)
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2023.06.09 08:56 Snovasys25 4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Remote Workforce

4 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Remote Workforce The remote workforce is on the rise, but there are still a lot of
misconceptions about remote work in different countries.
Here are four facts you didn't know about remote work in America.
  1. Remote work is in demand across all industries
According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, in April 2018, 42% percent of employed Americans were "self-employed," which includes freelancers and independent contractors.
That's up from just 26% percent in 1997. With that being said, even though more jobs being done remotely now than ever before, many people have misconceptions that it's just for creative types or consultants—but freelance jobs span every industry and skill level possible.
There are several reasons for this trend. For one , remote work can offer a better work-life balance. Employees working from home or in coworking spaces can often avoid commute times and have more flexible hours. Additionally, remote work can be an excellent option for parents or caregivers who need to be available for their families.
Another reason for the growing popularity of remote work is that it's simply more efficient in many cases. Advancements in technology have made it simple to stay in touch and productive when working remotely.
  1. Remote work isn't just a millennial thing
According to a 2020 poll from Flex Jobs, millennials are more likely to work remotely than older generations.
61% of millennials surveyed said they were "enthusiastic" about the prospect of working from home, while only 42% of Generation X-errs and 32% of baby boomers felt the same way.
But the data shows that remote work is gaining popularity across age groups. Various factors are influencing this recent phenomenon; among them is the rapid increase in the availability and use of personal electronics and high-speed digital internet connections.
What's more, the study found that remote work is not just a millennial thing. Most remote workers are over the age of 35.
So, if you're considering switching to remote work, know that you're not alone. Plenty of us are doing it, and we love it!
  1. Remote workers aren't all freelancing full-time
According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, 72% of people who telecommute do so at least 1 day per month for their primary employer.
So while we hear a lot about freelancing and remote jobs, there's a lot of people who work remotely and full-time for their primary job.
The demand for remote workers is high in the United States, especially among millennials. A recently published report shows that about half of US workers consider themselves better suited for work from home as an alternative. The presence of flexible schedules, no commuting, no required commute, and remote working are just some of the many reasons that working remotely is an excellent capability.
Of course, working remotely has its share of difficulties. For instance, it is impossible to maintain motivation when you are not working.
  1. Remote work isn't just technology-related
While remote work is most often associated with tech companies, according to The Balance, there are remote opportunities in pretty much every industry.
Whether in the arts, healthcare, retail, education, or science… there's a job out there for you! So why is remote work so popular? There are several reasons. First, it offers a great deal of flexibility and independence. Workers can often set their hours and work anywhere they want (including from home).
Second, remote work tends to be very technology driven. This means that workers need to be comfortable using various types of technology, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
Finally, remote work is often more productive than traditional office work. To build a remote team and a company, you must equip with tools and techniques to get the insight and work to A
To get insight, Time, Champ is the perfect software to manage your remote team and project simultaneously.
Time Champ offers productivity features to ensure that teams stay focused and on task.
  1. Website and App Monitoring
  2. Detailed Reporting
  3. Optional Screenshots
  4. Customizable Productivity Settings
  5. And many more
Take the next step
See Time Champ in action! Watch our on-demand demo webinar
Want to know more? Book a Demo
Don’t have Time Champ? Sign up for a free account in minutes , no credit card required
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2023.06.09 08:56 Pretend-Cobbler2245 in dire need of assistance, looking for any critique i can get on a SWE resume for new grad positions

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2023.06.09 08:53 WarmestPretzel QC Reread - 3615-3621

Number 3615: Tilly Has No Chill
Number 3616: Absolutely Zero Chill
Number 3617: Laying Down The Law
Numer 3618: Terms And Conditions
Number 3619: OMG Turkeys 2017
Number 3620: Dealmaking
Number 3621: Time To Shine
Previously on Questionable Content, Hannelore tried to explain and show Tilly that she doesn't need or want an assistant. Now, the Saga of Tilly continues. Plus Turkeys.
Will Tilly ever be chill? Will the turkey and peacock fight to the death? Will Hannelore enjoy her new phone?
According to the map, we've only gone 4 inches from the... QUESTIONABLE CONTENT REREAD!!!
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2023.06.09 08:53 lmcmasonry The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing in Boston: A Comprehensive Guide


Basement waterproofing is a crucial aspect of maintaining a safe and functional home, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall like Boston. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the importance of basement waterproofing, the signs of water damage to look out for, various waterproofing methods available, the role of professionals in the process, factors affecting costs, and the long-term benefits of waterproofing your basement.
Whether you're a homeowner or a property manager, understanding the significance of basement waterproofing can help you protect your investment and ensure a healthy living environment.

Understanding Basement Waterproofing

  1. What is Basement Waterproofing?
  2. How Does Basement Waterproofing Work?
  3. Why is Basement Waterproofing Necessary?

Signs of Basement Water Damage

  1. Visible Signs of Water Intrusion
  2. Musty Odors and Mold Growth
  3. Efflorescence and Stains on Walls
  4. Cracks in the Foundation
  5. High Humidity Levels

The Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Prevention of Structural Damage
  2. Protection Against Mold and Mildew
  3. Improved Indoor Air Quality
  4. Increased Property Value
  5. Expanded Living Space
  6. Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Basement Waterproofing Methods

  1. Exterior Waterproofing
  • Excavation and Drainage System Installation
  • Waterproof Membranes and Coatings
  • French Drains and Sump Pumps
  1. Interior Waterproofing
  • Interior Drainage Systems
  • Vapor Barriers and Sealants
  • Crack Injections
  • Dehumidifiers

The Role of Professionals in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Expert Evaluation and Assessment
  2. Customized Waterproofing Solutions
  3. Quality Workmanship and Materials
  4. Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations
  5. Warranty and Aftercare Services

Factors Affecting Basement Waterproofing Costs

  1. Size and Complexity of the Basement
  2. Severity of Water Damage
  3. Waterproofing Method Chosen
  4. Accessibility and Site Conditions
  5. Additional Factors to Consider

DIY vs. Professional Waterproofing

  1. Pros and Cons of DIY Waterproofing
  2. When DIY Waterproofing Is Suitable
  3. When Professional Waterproofing Is Recommended
  4. Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Basement Waterproofing

  1. Neglecting Early Warning Signs
  2. Inadequate Surface Preparation
  3. Poor Drainage System Design
  4. Incorrect Waterproofing Product Selection
  5. Improper Application Techniques

How to Choose a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

  1. Research and Reviews
  2. Licensing and Insurance
  3. Experience and Expertise
  4. Written Estimates and Contracts
  5. Warranties and Guarantees

Basement Waterproofing in Boston: Challenges and Considerations

  1. High Water Table and Hydrostatic Pressure
  2. Freezing and Thawing Cycles
  3. Aging Infrastructure and Drainage Systems
  4. Historical Building Considerations
  5. Building Permits and Regulations

The Cost-Effectiveness of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Comparing Costs and Potential Damages
  2. Long-Term Savings and Return on Investment
  3. Insurance Coverage and Premiums

Maintaining a Waterproofed Basement

  1. Regular Inspections and Maintenance Tasks
  2. Proper Ventilation and Dehumidification
  3. Prompt Repairs and Addressing Issues
  4. Landscaping and Exterior Drainage Maintenance
  5. Professional Check-ups and Servicing

Long-Term Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

  1. Structural Integrity and Home Safety
  2. Healthy Living Environment
  3. Extended Lifespan of the Property
  4. Peace of Mind and Reduced Stress
  5. Higher Resale Value


In conclusion,basement waterproofing is a critical investment for homeowners in Boston. By proactively addressing water intrusion and moisture issues, you can prevent costly damages, protect your health, and increase the value of your property. Whether you choose exterior or interior waterproofing methods, consulting with professionals like LMC Masonry can provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.
Don't wait until water damage becomes a major problem – take action now to safeguard your basement and enjoy the long-term benefits of a dry and functional space.
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2023.06.09 08:51 skelement 96% Shiny Level 51 Lucario

96% Shiny Level 51 Lucario submitted by skelement to pokemongobrag [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 08:51 butterela 8 Exercise for a Healthy Body

Exercise is the best way to maintain or improve health. Regular exercise can make you healthy, and strong, and improve your immune system. There are so many ways of exercising to make your body healthy and improve your health. You can do exercise when you want but there are morning and evening is the most preferred time to do exercise. Your timing of doing exercise is based on your ability and strength.
1. Running
Running is the best and most preferred exercise for many people to make their bodies healthy and strong. Running can improve our strength, stamina, immunity, ability, and lower muscles. Athletes can mostly prefer running to build their stamina, improve strength, and immune system and build muscles.
There is no certain limit of doing running in one day. You can run by your ability and improve your running ability through practice. You can start running with a short distance and increase this slowly. You can run daily or on certain days in a week as per your schedule.
Daily running can help you to fight many diseases and reduce the risk of disease. Regular running improves your creativity and makes your body energetic and strong. It also helps to maintain and lose weight.
2. Walking
Walking is the most preferred type of exercise by old age people. This exercise can’t need any resources or things to start. You can start walking at any time and any place. But the best time for walking is morning or evening. You can walk based on your ability and strength.
Walking is the best exercise to digest your food and improve your digestive system. Exercise can also improve your stamina, strength, immune system, digestive system, and health. When you start walking regularly you can feel better. It will also freshen your mood, and make your body energetic, creative, and also improve your mental health.
3. Cycling
Cycling is a good exercise to improve your muscles and make them strong. It can also help to build stamina, improve the immune system, and improve strength, and ability.
You can do cycling to maintain or lose your health and improve or build your lower muscles. It is a very effective way to build your lower muscles and stamina. You can do cycling on your time and ability. If you do this regularly then only 15-20 min cycling is enough to maintain and improve your health. And if you doing this only 1 or 2 times a week then you need to do this at least 1 to 2 hours at one time. This can help you to maintain or lose weight and also to improve your health and make your body strong and healthy.
4. Push-ups
Push-ups can improve your muscle strength. It also helps you build muscles, and increase stamina and strength. If you do push-ups regularly then you can build your chest, arm, shoulder, and back muscles. You can shape your arm and chest with daily push-ups.
If you want to start push-ups then you need to learn the basics of push-ups and start with small sets. Like 10-15 at one time and increase this by practicing or doing regularly. Push-ups can also be a good option to warm up your body before doing any exercise or sports activity. Push-ups didn’t need any equipment or resources for doing. You can do this at any time or any place when you want.
5. Squat
The squat is an exercise to build your leg muscles and improve your stamina and strength. Sports people can mostly prefer squats to build or improve their lower muscles. You can start this exercise slowly and then increase this with regular practice and make your body healthy and strong. If you can do regular practice of squats then you are also able to do these squats with weight or build your muscles fast or better way.
Some types of squats can impact different muscles. Normal squats can build your upper thighs, sumo squats can build your lower thigh, and jumping squats can build your whole thigh and also the cafes.
6. Lunges
Lunges are the best way to improve or build your legs and muscles. Lunges is the best exercise which didn’t need any equipment. You do this at any time and any place and increase your strength and stamina. Lunges can help you to build your upper thighs, lower thighs, and cafes.
7. Yoga
Yoga is the best exercise for those who want to make their body flexible, improve their mental health, and improve their physical health. There are so many types of yoga. Which can help you to make your body and life healthy.
Yoga is a good exercise that was didn’t need any equipment or resources. Morning is the best time to do yoga. Because in the morning your body is fresh. And the environment or air is also fresh.
8. Swimming
Swimming is a good exercise that can impact our whole body. This exercise helps us to build stamina and strength. Swimming is the best way which can relax your all muscle.
Those are some good exercises that can make your body healthy. And improve your health.
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2023.06.09 08:48 charliefinkwinkwink Comparing Jrue Holiday and Cason Wallace lone college season stats

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2023.06.09 08:48 Ok-Willingness-9438 4 Innovative IT Tools Dental Offices Can Leverage for Higher Profits

Are you a dental office owner or staff member feeling frustrated with inefficiencies or communication gaps within your workplace? Perhaps you’ve experienced slow patient intake or a lack of time to focus on higher-level tasks due to manual, repetitive work.
Did you know that dental practices incorporating IT into their operations see an average increase of 20% in productivity and revenue? That’s why we’re excited to share a range of innovative IT tools to help your dental office streamline its operations for higher profits.
So, keep reading to know how these tools work and how they can benefit your dental office.
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2023.06.09 08:45 dark87928 Please help

I was told the teeth need to be 1/4 inch and if it starts browning it's definitely ready but this is my first time and im not sure if anything wrong or what I'm 12 days in is it ready
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2023.06.09 08:44 mzbacon Is homemade onion/garlic in honey syrup safe and/or effective?

My kids (2 & 4) are getting over a lingering cough. It’s only been for a few days, it’s not severe, their breathing appears to be unaffected, tested COVID negative, and they have no fever or runny nose. I’m not worried about it and I figure it will run it’s course over the next few days.
My parents have out-of-town friends who are visiting for a while. One of the friends,“Marcie”, heard the coughing and made a couple of natural cough syrups for them. They are both in mason jars, one with honey and whole garlic cloves, the other with honey and chopped onion. They have not been refrigerated, have been sitting out on the counter for a couple days (in a warm climate), and the garlic one has been opened and has a couple inches of head space. They have not been canned or sealed with heat, but my mom says that Marcie boiled the jars before she filled them.
I appreciate the gesture and the time and thought that went in to making these for my kids. That being said, I am skeptical towards most natural, homeopathic “medicine”. I also am wary with any advice that Marcie gives, as she’s a vocal anti-vaxxer, is deeply involved in a health supplement MLM, and is prone to discussing conspiracy theories.
I have told my parents that they are not to give my kids anything from those jars. My first instinct was there could be a risk of botulism. I trust my parents to respect my wishes, although they think I’m over-reacting.
I am worried that my parents will eventually ingest the syrup themselves as a health-boosting thing. They already have purchased some of the MLM supplements from Marcie in the past. I tried googling honey and onion/garlic syrup to see how it should be stored and if there are any risks, but all I’ve been getting are homeopathic blogs. Even those say the syrup should be refrigerated and tossed after so many days.
Marcie will be staying for a while, so I can’t toss out the jars without directly confronting her, which I don’t want to do. However, if the syrup is unsafe, I would like to inform my parents so they don’t take it themselves and risk their own health. Is there a risk for botulism or some other bacteria with these ingredients in this type of storage? Are there any resources I can use to show the risks?
Edit: I hope this is the right sub to post this question. If not, I can delete this.
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2023.06.09 08:44 Unique-Figure6612 [ONLINE COURSE] Coach Kyle – Endgame

[ONLINE COURSE] Coach Kyle – Endgame

Coach Kyle – Endgame

LINK DOWNLOAD: https://www.datingcourse.net/coach-kyle-endgame/

Spoken at English with Portuguese Subtitles

The Most Complete 100% Focused Training in Practical and Modern Seduction
You will learn from scratch how seduction works in practice along with Coach Kyle, who has hundreds of real approaches on Youtube. Then you will have the opportunity to learn from Nerd Seductive everything you need to know to put this knowledge into practice and make it something that really makes you conquer the best women, or even the type of girl you’ve always wanted!
Nerd Seductive and Coach Kyle as mentors showing you in practice everything you need to meet, attract and conquer women as you always wanted!
They came together to teach you how to seduce Incredible Women from Start to Finish!
This training consists of several modules that, in total, add up to
Over 20 hours of exclusive content from Coach Kyle with videos of real approaches reinforced by the technical analysis of Nerd Seductive.
Each class is complete and covers all the details of seduction, from the approach to a possible intimate encounter.
All this for you to learn all the steps of seduction effectively and quickly. following approaches in practice, in addition to group discussions and mentoring.

What you’ll learn

  • Lesson 1 – The Mindset for Approaches.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – How to deal with rejection.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – Showing your intentions.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Dealing With Your Anxiety.mp4
  • Lesson 5 – Building your Social Status.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – How to start your night.mp4
  • Lesson 7 – Eye Contact.mp4
  • Lesson 8 – How to Open Women.mp4
  • Lesson 9 – Dealing with a group of women.mp4
  • Lesson 10 – Discover Her Style.mp4
  • Lesson 11 – When you know it’s the end of the approach.mp4
  • Lesson 12 – Do this when you see the possibility of rejection.mp4
  • Class 5 – Sub Communicating Your Personality.mp4
  • Lesson 1 – Demonstrating value at the club.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Triggers of Attraction.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – The Most Attractive Qualities.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Showing Your Leadership.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – Adding emotions to your conversations.mp4
  • Lesson 1 – The Art of Storytelling.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Painting images in your stories.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – Improving Your Stories.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Triggers for your stories.mp4
  • Lesson 5 – Asking Questions About Stories.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – Discovering Weaknesses in Your Stories.mp4
  • Class 2 – Verbal Structure.mp4
  • Lesson 1 – The Comfort Window.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – Leaving the Boring Conversation.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Building comfort indirectly.mp4
  • Lesson 5 – Closing your interactions.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – Calibrating your game on the girl.mp4
  • Class 3 – Qualifying the girl.mp4
  • Class 5 – Asking Questions.mp4
  • Lesson 1 – Structures of your game.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Solidifying Your Connection.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Creating Comfort.mp4
Module 06 – Advanced Conversation Techniques
  • 1 Destroying Approach Anxiety.mp4
  • 2 Strategies for Approaching Girls.mp4
  • 4 The Verbal Structure for Attractive Conversation.mp4
  • 5 Techniques to evolve your communication.mp4
  • 7 Control the girl’s emotions with this technique.mp4
  • 8 What to do when she says she has a boyfriend.mp4
  • Class 1 – Intimate escalation.mp4
  • Class 3 – Sexually Climbing.mp4
  • Class 5 – Last Minute Endurance.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Taking the pressure off your bedroom.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Handling Objections.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – Reading her objections.mp4
  • Lesson 7 – Main Learnings.mp4
  • Lesson 1 – Lessons and Failures.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Smart Climbing.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – Keeping the vibe in your place.mp4
  • Lesson 4 – Important Learnings.mp4
  • Lesson 5 – Report and Stories.mp4
  • 1 How to make physical escalation until sex.mp4
  • 2 – Starting the Kiss.mp4
  • 3 Learning to observe if the girl is comfortable.mp4
Module 10 – Compilation of Infields and Approaches
  • Lesson 1 – Physicality and Calibration.mp4
  • Lesson 2 – Analysis of approaches.mp4
  • Lesson 3 – Approach Analysis Part 2.mp4
  • Lesson 4- Climbing The Smart Way.mp4
  • Lesson 5 – Sharpening your physicality.mp4
  • Lesson 6 – Approach Analysis part 3.mp4
  • Lesson 7 – Approach Analysis Part 4.mp4
  • Lesson 8 – Conclusion.mp4
  • 1 Primeiro Infield – Levou a Loira Russa em uma Cafeteria.mp4
  • 3 Terceiro Infield- Abordou uma mina na Balada.mp4
  • 1 How to change your relationships with women step by step.mp4
  • 3 Taking the woman on a date in less than 30 minutes.mp4
  • 5 Stop caring about the beginning of the approach.mp4
  • 6 Never approach this way.mp4
  • 9 What is MODERN SEDUCTION.mp4
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2023.06.09 08:41 zachty22 A Leather Sleeve That Once Cost $199; I Just Got For $30. Extremely Happy!

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2023.06.09 08:41 tester_0 feel horrible when taking 2mg oral estradiol but feel fine sublingual estradiol need advice.

Should I be listening to my body and just go with 2mg sublingual estradiol because I felt better when I did? Would increasing my oral dose maybe help me with my symptoms on oral?
here is a list of reasons why I want to do oral.

  1. Heard low dose leads to better breast growth and oral dose is lower dose then sublingual and mimicking thelarche like many here have talked about.
  2. I have bad teeth problems so don't want the medication to be in my mouth with lactose ingredient while at work where I can't brush my teeth and don't have time to brush my teeth 4 times a day from 4 doses split, 2 of the times at work. So I was looking into rectal administration which would avoid the medication sitting in my mouth but I can't find much information of it actually working or any advice. So that's why for now I also want to do oral which the medication just goes in with no need for it to sit in my mouth.
  3. I really want to get that estrone ratio test its just to fatiguing and feel horrible with migraines and pains to get there right now.

Should I just be listening to my body and just go sublingual 2mg estradiol and just split it 3 times so its easier to dose and its only 1 time during work instead of 2? If sublingual estradiol half life is 4 hours is this not a good idea? I still don't understand the significance of splitting into 4 doses like everyone is talking about when one would still be skipping 2 doses while sleep and hence not fitting between sublingual estradiol's half life anyways.
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2023.06.09 08:39 Thestonestudio Lord Vishnu Statue For Home 18″

Lord Vishnu Statue For Home 18″
Lord Vishnu Statue Details
Materials: Hand carved in green stone

Lord Vishnu Statue Details
Total Height Including Base: 1.5ft /18 inches
Width: 11 inches
Depth: 4.5 inches
Weight: 4-5 kgs approx
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2023.06.09 08:38 Nitin-Trade7750 Driving factors for real estate in 2023

Some of the driving factors for real estate in 2023 include:
  1. Increased availability of affordable and mid-segment housing options.
  2. Trusted builders gaining a stronger foothold in the market.
  3. The influence of lifestyle preferences on real estate choices.
  4. Rethinking investment purposes in light of changing conditions.
  5. Improved conditions and suitability for both buyers and top builders in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, leading to a brighter future for the real estate sector in India.
One renowned name that enjoys unwavering trust in the realm of top real estate developers in Pune is Raviraj Realty.
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2023.06.09 08:36 Autospoke321 Key Steps for a Successful Used Car Purchase

The demand for used cars is on the rise due to factors such as inflation, personal mobility preferences, and the soaring costs of new vehicles. Whether motivated by budget constraints or the desire to develop driving skills before investing in a brand-new model, buying a used car can offer excellent value for money. However, it is crucial to approach the process with caution and follow essential steps to ensure a wise investment. This article provides five key steps to help buyers make informed decisions and secure a good used car deal.

1: Exercise Patience and Avoid Hasty Decisions

When considering the purchase of a used car, it is essential not to rush into a decision. With a wide variety of models available in the market, it is easy to be swayed by visually appealing options. However, it is crucial to take the necessary time to thoroughly explore all available choices before making a final purchase. One must remember that appearances can be deceiving, and not everything that glitters is gold. Even if a car appears perfect on the surface, it is important to dig deeper and conduct a comprehensive assessment.

2: Assess the Car's Overall Condition

After narrowing down the options, it is crucial to carefully examine the overall condition of the selected used car. If one possesses technical knowledge about vehicles, they can perform the inspection themselves. Otherwise, seeking assistance from a trusted individual knowledgeable about cars is recommended. While a car may seem fine on the outside, a keen eye can identify potential cover-ups and determine its true value.
During the inspection, attention should be paid to details such as paint damage, signs of rusting, and any hidden flaws. The interior of the car should be thoroughly examined, focusing on the quality and functionality of the upholstery, music system, infotainment system, and seats. Additionally, the tires should be inspected for wear and tear, and the wheel alignment should be carefully assessed. Scrutinizing the engine for leaks, corrosion, and cracked tubes is crucial. Furthermore, checking the oil and transmission fluid using a dipstick is recommended.

3: Conduct Multiple Test Drives

Whether purchasing a new or used car, never finalize a deal without taking a test drive. A test drive allows buyers to evaluate the car's performance, functionality of various components, and its handling under different driving conditions. If satisfaction is not achieved with a single test drive, multiple drives should be taken. It is also advisable to have a trusted individual with automotive knowledge accompany the buyer or conduct a test drive on their behalf. Spending a considerable amount of time driving the car will unveil insights that the seller may not disclose.

4: Verify Maintenance RecordsM

Obtaining the maintenance records of the used car is essential to understand its history and any potential issues it may have encountered. Some car owners maintain meticulous records, keeping receipts and notes of servicing dates, while others may not be as organized. Regardless, it is crucial to review the maintenance history before making a purchase. This information provides insights into the car's past care and potential maintenance requirements.

5: Authenticate Registration Certificate and Review Other Documents

Before finalizing the deal, it is important to check the authenticity of the vehicle's registration certificate (RC). The RC contains crucial details such as the owner's name, engine number, and chassis number. Ensuring that the RC is original and not a duplicate (marked as DRC) is crucial. Discussing the DRC status with the seller and confirming the car's registration location is important. The buyer's name should appear on the vehicle's RC before completing the purchase.
Additionally, other important documents, such as the original purchase invoice, insurance papers, road tax receipts, and pollution certificate, should be reviewed. Paying attention to Form 35 and the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the financing company, if applicable, is necessary. Any modifications to the engine's displacement or changes in the vehicle's color should be specified in the registration certificate as well.


Buying a used car can be a practical and cost-effective choice, but it requires careful consideration and attention to detail. By following these five key steps, buyers can ensure they make informed decisions and secure a good used car that meets their needs while providing value for their money.
It is important to resist the temptation of making hasty decisions and instead take the necessary time to explore different options and thoroughly inspect the overall condition of the car. Conducting multiple test drives will reveal valuable insights into the car's performance and functionality. Reviewing maintenance records will provide a clearer understanding of the car's history and potential maintenance issues.
Verifying the authenticity of the registration certificate and reviewing other important documents will protect buyers from potential legal or financial complications. Ensuring that all necessary paperwork is in order before finalizing the purchase is crucial.
By conducting thorough research and evaluation, buyers can make informed decisions and increase their chances of purchasing a reliable and well-maintained used car.
It is important to remember that purchasing a car is a significant investment, and obtaining the best value for one's hard-earned money should be a priority. With proper care and attention, buying a used car can be a rewarding experience, providing a reliable mode of transportation and long-term cost savings.
Also Read: Important Things to Know About Automatic Cars
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2023.06.09 08:36 Kalico99 PK KIM 4.0 TS AJ1 Mocha High - Review

PK KIM 4.0 TS AJ1 Mocha High - Review
Hey RepSneakers, I wanted to post an honest review about my purchase from PK Kim of the PK 4.0 TS AJ1 Mocha High.
I wanted to start by saying I purchased the shoe May 1st, received QC on May 22nd and they were shipped to me in the states via DHL, arrived June 4th. It was a long process but well worth the wait.
The quality on these is amazing. It came with all the laces, box was in great condition, suede is amazing, shape/toe boxes are perfect and I have no complaints about the shoe.
I recommend purchasing from PK, but do understand that it may be a drawn out process compared to what’s typical, but it is worth the wait for PK 4.0.
If you have any questions or would like more photos, PM me! 🥂
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2023.06.09 08:35 Thestonestudio Buddha Fountain Statue 3.5′

Buddha Fountain Statue 3.5′
Buddha Fountain Statue Details
Materials: Hand carved in brown sandstone

Buddha Fountain Statue Details
Buddha Dimension Height: 2.5ft/ 30 inches
Length: 21-22 inches
Depth: 11-12 inches
Lotus Base DimensionHeight: 1 ft/ 12 inches
Diameter: 28-30 inches
Weight: 220-280 Kgs approx
submitted by Thestonestudio to StoneStatue [link] [comments]