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2023.06.05 12:51 redditfatima Lessons Learned from Publishing My Game on Steam - A Humble Reflection

Hey gamedev! I wanted to share my recent experience of publishing my second game on Steam (Cadence Cuties - warning: NSFW), along with some valuable lessons I learned along the way. It was quite a journey, and I hope my mistakes can help fellow developers avoid similar pitfalls. So, here's my story:
After patiently waiting for about two months, my game was finally accepted for publishing on Steam. However, the road to approval was longer than anticipated due to a series of blunders on my part. Let me outline the mistakes I made and the valuable lessons I've learned from them:
  1. Forgetting to Include a Custom File Format in the First Build:
In my excitement to submit my game, I mistakenly overlooked including a crucial custom file format required for the game to run properly. Since the game ran flawlessly on my PC, I overlooked this oversight. Unfortunately, this caused compatibility issues during the Steam reviewer's testing and triggered a manual review process. Lesson learned: Always double-check your build to ensure all necessary files are included.
  1. Updating Steam Achievement Feature During Review:
During the review process, I made the mistake of updating the Steam achievement feature. This created confusion between builds, as the reviewers thought the game didn't support achievements at all. It's important to have all Steam features fully implemented and tested before submitting for review. Lesson learned: Don't make any significant changes to Steam features during the review process.
  1. Miscommunication about the Level Editor Feature:
My game allows players to import songs and play them as custom levels, but I mistakenly labeled this feature as a "level editor." This caused confusion for the reviewers, as they were expecting a separate level editor program. Consequently, they assumed the game lacked this functionality. Clear communication is key, so make sure your features are appropriately labeled and explained. Lesson learned: Use clear and accurate terminology to avoid any misinterpretations.
  1. Testing with the Wrong Gamepad:
During testing, I used a generic USB gamepad, but the reviewers used an Xbox gamepad. This led to unexpected bugs and issues during their evaluation. It's crucial to test your game with different input devices to ensure compatibility. Lesson learned: Test your game with a variety of controllers to cover a broader range of player experiences.
  1. Setting the Release Date Too Close to the Review Date:
In my eagerness to release the game, I set the release date too near the expected review date. Unfortunately, due to the delay in the review process, my game automatically landed in the "new release" visibility round and missed the chance to gain visibility and generate sales. It's wise to leave some buffer time between the review date and the planned release date. Lesson learned: Be patient and give yourself enough time for unexpected delays.
So, TL;DR:
  1. Install and Run Tests through the Steam App:
Make sure to upload your game to Steam and thoroughly test it using the Steam app on your PC. This way, you can identify and fix any issues that might arise during the review process.
  1. Complete Steam Features before Review:
Before submitting your game for review, ensure that all Steam features you plan to implement are fully integrated and functioning correctly. This will avoid any confusion or misinterpretations during the review.
  1. Adjust the Release Date According to the Review Timeline:
Instead of rushing to set a release date, consider changing it multiple times until the review process is complete. This way, you can align the release with optimal visibility and promotional opportunities.
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2023.06.05 12:51 Moti5000 How much does their environment matter?

I want to make it work with my (23F) BP1 girlfriend.
I've practically known her only in a depressive / mixed episode, and we are apparently nearing a manic episode.
Although she takes her medicine and tells me she's serious about it, she doesnt have a plan for how to structure her days, her friends are amazing enablers that wont say no to anything or even understand her condition, she's into weed, occasional drinking, and won't say no to mdma and raving.
I would see it through if these factors didnt exist, but I know I wouldn't be comfortable, especially now that I've read what I've read and understood how mania deludes the brain.
Is there a chance to make it work with the factors I mentioned?
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2023.06.05 12:51 Eropnea I hate the colour blue

I cannot understand people who like blue colour.
When I see something that is blue, I become incredibly upset and anxious. I cannot stand it. I cannot be near that colour because I hate it so much and it makes me physically ill.
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2023.06.05 12:50 Sweet-Count2557 Kid Friendly Things To Do In San Antonio Texas Near Me

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2023.06.05 12:50 starmanziggy How do you accept that your partner has a close friend that he used to have sex with?

To start, I have a healthy and happy relationship with my partner, except there is one stickler.
My partner used to be involved in an open relationship--he met someone, they dated/had sex, it didn't work out, and after years of developing a friendship and getting married, she opened her marriage and they had sex again for many years. She closed the relationship for other reasons.
He said there was no feelings involved and it always just sex, which I believe. He doesn't flirt with her when they're together.
But, like I've seen in so many posts on here and other subreddits, it's hard. It's emotionally challenging to watch your partner be friends with someone they used to be close and had sex with. In my case, I'm glad that he doesn't show inappropriate affection to her, but she shows so much affection to him. She's giving him random gifts and tells him all about her life and feels very comfortable at his place (a shared space with a roommate). Part of me knows that this makes him a good guy: he is capable of a platonic relationship, he has a caring friend, and he isn't doing anything wrong!
But I just can't seem to stomach this friendship... and I don't know how to process it. Exposure therapy? My anxiety goes through the ROOF when I'm around her or even worse when he is and I'm not. I don't like her behavior, even though this is technically a valid friendship.
I've tried going to therapy and my therapists (grad students, so I'm hopeful that maybe there's a technique or something more about there as I search for someone fully licensed) said that it makes sense that I feel this way because it's an unusual situation: his relationship to her isn't bounded by conventional social norms and so it's harder for me to process. What do I say to myself? What do I do?
I don't want to tell him to stop being friends with her because he acts appropriately, it's just that she likes him so much (but also: she's the one who ended things and then resumed something!!! it's weird and hard!!!). My partner has other female friends that I'm comfortable around, and his other relationships make sense because they follow conventional relationship rules where things stop and start in ways that make sense.
Options in my head feel like:
- Are there boundaries I haven't thought about?
- How do I accept this? Do I try harder to become her friend? She doesn't live near us, but visits every few months, but I could text her or something.
- Are there questions I should ask him about the relationship? I don't want to pry and I feel as though I don't need to know anything else, because this is about me processing my feelings.
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2023.06.05 12:49 ash1eywong I (18F) don't know how to speak up to my mother (40F) and father (40M). How do I communicate with them?

I moved to Australia exactly a year ago for university. I always had a love hate relationship with my parents. It wasn't terrible but it could definitely be better, coming from an Asian household. I wanted to leave home anyways since a lot had happened and I wanted a "new life". 2 months after I moved to Australia I met my current boyfriend, and his family. I guess it's the cultural difference but the love I feel from his family compared to my parents just makes me really sad because I wish my relationship with my parents are like my partner and his parents. I've flew home twice for 2 weeks throughout the year and both times I was literally crying every single day because I hated it there and I couldn't wait to get back to Australia. Now the thought of having to fly back again in 2 weeks is literally killing me lol. Here is my "issue", my summer break is from November to February and my parents expects me to be home for the whole 3 months; however, I know mentally, I will not be able to stand 4 months there, but I can't tell my parents I don't want to go back (for that long) because they are very passive aggressively with there words. They start saying things like "oh you don't love us anymore oh you only care about your life there, what are we then". Like. I Facetime them every single day, send them photos of my life everyday (or else father would passive aggressively go like "oh did you get kidnapped or something") and it's just like. Even talking to them on the phone is giving me the ick. I just DON'T WANNA GO BACK FOR 3 MONTHS! But I don't know how to communicate with them without upsetting them or causing drama. Like it's probably very selfish of me to say since my parents are paying for my tuitions fees and shit but I literally feel like I already have my own life here and I can see myself living here after I graduate (if successful). My parents expect me to go home after university but even me telling them I don't want to (even though it's my choice and I have the right to choose) will get them crazy they just can't accept that I'm growing up. Also, home is depressing. I just don't like it. I had a bad highschool life there, everything just reminds me of it. also, my parents are not actually 40, I just had to put it in my title according to rule 1
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2023.06.05 12:48 KeyCarpenter7303 Progression is super satisfying

For me personally, they nailed this aspect of the game.
I'm only about to enter WT4 (hopefully) so I don't know if this feeling will be kept up, but at the moment I can feel my character improving in tangible ways basically by the hour.
I'm playing a frozen orb sorc (not a meta build from what I know), so that may play into it, but I just want to describe my journey through the story a bit, and why progression actually feels so good to me. Sorry for the novel, but I felt like it was important to be detailed:
- You start the game of with barely any resource generation and no +maximum mana so you can't actually use it frozen orb that much. To top it off, it is hard to aim and does only half its damage when you misfire or enemies are too close. I started feeling fairly weak compared to some of the OP experiences I had in beta, but the combat was satisfying so I didn't mind.
- Over the first couple of levels after unlocking frozen orb, you add some essentialy abilities and passives: It becomes easier to chill and freeze enemies, enabling more opportunities to fire frozen orb properly. You unlock enchantments, meaning I could directly trigger frozen orb with other skills and see a huge damage jump right there.
- At some point mid campaign I found some items that apparently gave me some giga DPS boost. I found a big vulnerability multiplier on a 2H staff and rings, as well as a couple of items with damage to chilled and CCed enemies. I actually kept these for a long time because they were hard to roll. I remember only replacing some item power ~200 items when I started to find sacred items.
- I added more stuff that made a significant difference from the skill tree. I went with ice blades (not to be confused with ice shards), still don't know if that's a good combo with frozen orb but it made a big improvement. At this point, I basically added some more buttons to press that trigger more frozen orbs, I could see that vulnerability uptime on elites was significantly higher, and my defense took a big bump because you can rotate barriers with all those cooldowns using some skill tree passives.
- I think at this point I added some gloves and helmet that gave +1 to frozen orb and +1 to ice blades (respectively). It seems like a small thing but it made a noticeable bump in my damage. I think it scales the base damage of the skills so it's like a separate multiplier.
- From time to time since I was quite undereleveled for story progress (I remember getting into ilvl 45 story areas at level 35 or something) I would add some generic but good looking generic aspects from dungeons to my build. Since they were generic and the dungeon aspects have min rolls, the impact on my DPS wasn't huge but it allowed me to keep up and it certainly never felt like my build was going backwards because of level scaling during the story like some people are describing.
- I noticed that just because of how combat goes I was walking around a lot and not actually casting frozen orbs (like sometimes you can cast it, but you know it will not do good damage because you are not positioned properly. Or you need to dodge stuff etc.). On some occassions this led me to overcap mana leading to wasted efficiency. At this point I specced some points into max mana on the skill tree and got a helmet with a big +mana affix in addition to +ice blades. This seems like a pretty small change but it actually had quite a big impact on how good the build felt. Because now you would sometimes freeze elites to be in proper position, use the other abilities and be back at full mana after that, and then blast like 10+ frozen orbs in a row because of the combination of max mana + mana regen + 10% free proc from passives.
- I think somewhere around act 5 or near the end I found a legendary that made my key passive (that gives you 10% chance to get a free cast of frozen orb) basically trigger twice. So you get two free casts instead of one when it procs. Now this was an amazing addition in terms of how the build feels and this is why, valid criticisms notwithstanding, I love powerful legendary affixes like this. Basically you get lucky sometimes in combat and then get to totally pew pew pew for a few seconds because your mana keeps regenerating while you are casting those free frozen orbs. I think this probably bumped my DPS by a significant but not huge amount (maybe 5-10%?), but its impact on game feel was just tremendous.
- I got a random drop for a legendary that increases my CC duration by 80% while I'm healthy. It seems like only a situational change that isn't all that useful in a lot of scenarios but it actually felt amazing when I tried it out in practice. When elites get frozen they stay frozen SO LONG. I would now sometimes have some random added moment where I could delete some frozen elites where previously there would be an added cycle of running or teleporting away and going through another round of frozen orbs.
- In addition to all of this, I always noticed a big bump when I sometimes find good upgrades for my main weapon. This would take a while because I couldn't go for something that has +10 DPS because if the stats it actually rolled were too bad. I'm not losing a 25% vulnerability damage multiplier just because the weapon is goes from 500 to 510 DPS.
- Overall there were a few smaller moments that felt quite impactful for progression, but I would go on forever if I listed them all here. For example at the end of the story I got this unique that refunded half my frozen orb mana cost if it hits 5 or more enemies. Not useful for all scenarios but quite impactful for game feel and DPS output yet again, and so on.
I'm cutting it off here instead of describing progression to WT3 and then through WT3 because the post would get twice as long, but you get the picture. The paragon board adds a lot with regards to plugging obvious numeric holes in your build (for me this was crit related stuff and main stat) so there's an obvious power progression there. I feel like some item slots are indeed a bit boring (chest?) but it might just be that I'm not interested in scaling defensives as I am in scaling offensives. Maybe that will change once I inevitably try HC. However besides weapons I still look forward to checking helmets, gloves and amulets in particular. There are some giga rolls possible with these that I know but they are very hard to roll. Ami with +all skills, mana cost reduction, %int and damage or something? yes please
Overall I just wanted to present this as a counterpoint to the other post on the front page. Their criticism is probably legitimate but I just wanted to make sure Blizzard doesn't get the wrong impression and thinks that everyone feels like this.
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2023.06.05 12:48 thegirlnextdoor38 You CAN teach an old dog new tricks

I adopted my dog 6 years ago. He was a needy little thing, and I became his person very quickly. My life changed within a blink of taking him home, as I couldn't bear to see him upset. Even crating for short periods of time to spend one on one time with my other dog caused so much barking he would end up sick. It was hard, but slowly he settled for short periods of time.
He was a runner. If the door was open for even a second he was out and on his merry way to freedom. We lived near a BBQ shack when he was younger and that was his destination almost every time. I'd run in, out of breath, yelling "anyone seen a dog??" And there he was, happily getting scraps, no care i was shoeless and in pajamas. He still did it when we moved, only it was a game of chase.
He was reactive to other dogs. I tried when I first adopted him to slowly bring him around "strange" dogs, but he wouldn't let them come near. He would pull and bark and go nuts. He only allowed his brother near him. Walking him was awful. I had to go early morning and late evening and just the backyard in the afternoon. I felt like a failure that he was so isolated.
He chewed so many things, from shoes, to glasses, to toys, to dressers and couches. I didn't think he would ever stop.
But he was happy. He played with his brother, with me, with my partner. He ate with vigor. He got into trouble, like most dogs do. All things the poor little dog in the shelter never would have gotten a chance to do. I still wished things would be different for him. That he could have a full life. But we persevered.
Then he turned 7.
I swear I have a different dog. He allows other dogs near him. Plays with them. Doesn't bark or pull or growl. He goes into his crate sometimes on his own to sleep. He walks himself in the front yard, and comes right back to me. He doesn't chew things or get into the trash anymore.
It was like... a complete transformation.
I've always loved my dog, but I didn't realize how much I disliked his behavior. It was like this weight I had been carrying for 6 years just vanished. He's still my happy go lucky pup, but now he has manners and listens. It's such a wonderful thing!!
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2023.06.05 12:48 marg-hoe Searching for resources for Masters thesis

Trigger warning: talk of murder trials in South Africa (for academic research purposes)
Good day everyone! I am currently undertaking research on the impact that live-streaming criminal trials has on sentencing outcomes, and as such I need a list of cases to compare to live-streamed trials.
Does anyone have any knowledge of any axe murders which have occurred within South Africa, apart from the Van Breda case (I have already included this case in my research, but I need something to compare it to which is not livestreamed). I have tried searching for cases, but the only thing Google (scholar) seems to want to suggest to me is the Van Breda case, probably due to the high traffic of news media coverage. I know these types of cases aren't that common, but I do have the feeling that there must have been more than one case with such a weapon in the last 30-ish years.
Also, if anyone knows of any suggestions for livestreamed criminal trials which are currently happening, very recently happened or are scheduled for the near future in South Africa, please let me know, as it could be relevant for my research. While I am South African myself, I have been residing in the Netherlands for the last year during my studies so may have missed livestreamed cases which made it to the South African news cycle. I will not be including the Oscar Pistorius case as it's outside the framework of my analysis.
Any help or even suggestions will be appreciated! Thank youuuu
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2023.06.05 12:47 Timely_Minimum4583 chinese massage near me walk in

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2023.06.05 12:47 Lexi_______ The idiocy and audacity of some people during raids

So while rushing some hard steel cradle raids I decided to listen to game chat to hear this one player cussing me out as useless and not helping while completely oblivious to their own complete incompetence.
I do the 3 towers by myself (the ones you sit next to for a few seconds), I kill the mini-boss by myself (the others are just doing other things? who knows but I'm used to it by this point), then we all kill the 3 damage towers kind of together.
By this point I assess that my team are not equipped well enough to take out the Levi with me in one go, so instead I go to a cheese spot and wait. It's a spot that I can fall in the lake if done wrong, but done right the Levi just jumps in the lake, easy raid.
While I'm sat there waiting this one player is dying and spawning over and over 4-5 times now. This guy has a near 14000PS build with 2 Yaoguai drones and a trombone. Every time they throw their drones they are immediately shot out the sky by the bots and their aimbot; they practically only have a trombone.
Every respawn this persons mic lights up so I decide to listen, knowing full well I'm likely being berated for not throwing myself into the meat-grinder like a true professional like themselves; of course that's exactly what is happening, all sorts of slurs and being told I'm not helping all while I've done practically the entire raid on my own while this person throws 2 drones which get destroyed in mere moments.
Every time this guy respawns the Levi focuses them and stops driving to the cheese location that I've set up; just an endless cycle of throwing 2 drones, dying and moaning whilst failing to realise how stupid what they're doing is and how much time and coins they're wasting.
I cannot fathom how people think they're entitled to your actions like this while being a completely useless waste of time themselves, I'd say ignorance is bliss but this guy was clearly enraged by his own dumb choices and the inability to comprehend them.
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2023.06.05 12:43 babywitchesreign HELP! not sure if this is a melanoma, i'm overseas and worried. very bizarre looking with holes!! F23

F[23] of mixed descent - asian and british, i have fair skin but tanned while abroad and shortly after this mole appeared on my back and it is very unusual with holes/pores inside. unfortuantely i am abroad for the next 6 months and since melanomas spread fast i am worried that i will need to get this checked here (it will cost a fortune, i was quoted 2k in paris for the total procedure). can someone tell me if this looks suspicious or if it is even a mole? i googled and couldn't find anything showing a mole with holes.

Here is a photo: It is on my back and I only noticed it a week ago, not sure if it has been there longer.
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2023.06.05 12:43 Buphido [TLM] On Twinborn and Savants

So I finally finished "The Lost Metal", which means I have now caught up to the entirety of phase 2 of the cosmere (though I‘m still missing white sand where I‘m waiting on the omnibus) and it was a joy to see the worlds colliding more and more, making me point at the page and yell out "I know that thing!" But I cannot help but wish that certain concepts I loved and consider to have vast potential had been investigated in the Wax and Wayne series more in depth.
Specifically, as can be gleaned from the title, I‘m talking about Twinborn and Savants. Miles Hundredlives, while being the villain to my least favourite cosmere book if I had to pick one, had strong implications right from the getgo of the Wax and Wayne series, using his nature as both a Bloodmaker and an Augur to get out more health from burning gold than he invested, and that was fascinating to me. But as far as I know, we didn’t get to see any character with similar abilities in the later books. Not only that, but we didn’t get to see ANY other twinborn except for Wax and Wayne, if I remember correctly. Yes, we did get hemalurgists, which fill a similar role, but due to their nature, I feel like their combat styles weren’t so much a fluent merging of one metallurgical and one feruchemical art through years of experience but rather an assortment of different powers meant to give them any edge in combat they could get, and it didn’t feel nearly as natural to me as the twinborns we know. For instance, think of a pewterarm (pewter) steelruner (steel) twinborn for the ultimate brawler, a leecher spinner (both chromium) twinborn for an incredibly lucky character with the ability to leech your metals if you get close or even a seeker (bronze) windwhisperer (tin) twinborn for the ultimate sniper. So many options, yet so little variety.
Savants then. Spooks Daredevil arc was fascinating and badass and it raised my expectations for potential savants skyhigh. But then the only other savant we ever saw (and I‘m not entirely sure if he actually was one or if I misread) was the pewterarm under Miles in AoL. And I know that the drawbacks to being a savant are severe, but that’s what makes it do interesting! Think of slider (bendalloy) savants who are forever locked in sped up time but might be able to move their bubble with them, nicroburst (nicrosil) savants who passively make any misting expend their entire stock of metal in one unexpected burst via a single touch and might even be able to do so at a short distance or seeker (bronze) savants who, like Vin, can pierce copper clouds, though at the expense of never being able to turn it off.
Anyway, the Mistborn series has yet to enter at least one to two more eras, so we might see some more exploration of these concepts, but I feel like the more Scadrial progresses technologically, the less likely we are for that to happen, so I really wish W&W would have taken the chance.
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2023.06.05 12:43 DarklzBlo What was your initial impressions of infinity train season 1 before watching it? Like what did you guys predict the plot to be?

For me it was interesting because when I saw the animated short just before it was greenlit I was like wow she really wants to go home! How did she get onto the train? And then it left my mind for a while. Then I saw some images of infinity train or something mainly of tulips home and the field with snow outside her room and then with a combination of those factors I was like “oh so I guess this story is about a young girl who took her life for granted and doesn’t appreciate it and so the train took her when she least expected it as a punishment or something to teach her a lesson and that we’d get flashbacks of her home life and these flashbacks would fuel her desire to go home even more. Then when she gets off the train she appreciates her life even more than before. Think of it as almost a near death experience where it gets you to appreciate your life and never take it for granted again. Basically in my head it was darker than what was shown but I wasn’t exactly too far off either…
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2023.06.05 12:41 ratchet2323 I'm contemplating suicide because I'm a 23 year old virgin (male)

I will graduate from college this year and I still have zero romantic/sexual experience. The vast majority of people start fucking daily at 16 and needless to say, at 23, most people have triple digit body counts so I guess I'm simply too ugly to date/fuck. Btw I'm fit, shower every morning, take good care of myself, dress well, have a good social circle and social life overall, and despite all this I'm still fucking single. Should I wait a few more years to see if some woman will find me attractive enough to fuck me or should I just kill myself? Also I believe that looks are everything when it comes to dating/sex. I believe that average/unattractive men will never have romantic relationships/sex lives. I'm doing my best to improve my looks (grooming, dressing well etc.) but I guess my face is the issue. I have constant thoughts of suicide every single day, there is a gun range near where I live and I'm afraid I might go and shoot myself in the head.
Personality is fucking bullshit. Looks are everything. I just read a post on this subreddit about some guy telling his girlfriend that using a sex toy is "cheating" and he's disgusted by her sexual past. See, losers like this guy can get girlfriends because they are chads. They are tall and handsome, that's all that matters. The fact that the average highshooler has more sexual experience than me is a good enough reason to end my miserable life. I'm almost mid 20s and my prime years are gone. I don't give a fuck if I have sex after 23, I'm old anyway. Dating is nothing but a bullshit competition and the guys I'm competing with are 6ft3 chads who started fucking at 15. It's not fair so I believe I have the right to commit suicide. It's a losing battle anyway.
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2023.06.05 12:40 ICantWrite1234 The Girl In My Dream - By Me

I had a dream. I was with friends that I didn't recognize, in a room I had never been in. A simple bedroom with a four poster bed pushed into a corner. A dresser across the room with pictures I couldn't make out. A tv hanging from the wall above it playing a movie we weren't paying attention to. There were five of us, I can't remember their faces except one. A girl with dark hair and dark eyes. She was mesmerizing. Her hair flowed across her shoulders framing her face perfectly. Her smile was slightly lopsided but seemed to only enhance her beauty. She laughed at a joke someone had said, none of their words made sense to me as i sat on the bed in front of them smiling and talking animatedly about the unknown topic
As we laughed her head rested on my shoulder and I fell into her lap, trying to get oxygen into my lungs. The others left to get something in the other room. We both began to sit up after finally catching our breath. Our eyes locked halfway. Our faces, so close together yet so far away. A slight smile slowly peaked its way onto her face. The emotions I felt towards her in that moment were indescribable. The overwhelming feeling of love. The need to be near her. The beating of my own heart could be heard by anyone.
I felt as if time had stopped as I stared at what could have only been created by God himself.The world around me seemed to melt away as we drew closer. The moment our lips touched I felt as if I had been sent straight to heaven. The feeling of pure bliss, no other moment in my life could be comparable. She pulled me closer until I was laying on her chest, staring into the windows of her soul. I felt so content and safe in that moment as if this was where I was created to be. It was as if she was a part of me. I felt that if I moved it would be like losing an arm, a feeling that I would never be whole again. The air arround her seemed to pull me in as if i had never breathed before and was drinking in as much if her as i could. Everything in that moment felt as if it was made for us. I continued to enjoy everything, sneaking small kisses here and there, cracking jokes in between. The feeling of selfless love for this person was permeating through my entire body as everything faded away...
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2023.06.05 12:40 GunnerKnight Dealing with an irritating roommate

Hey Bros, I need your help in dealing with a roommate of mine.
Context: Currently living in a shared 3BHK with a total of 7 tenants. Three of them mostly mind their own business with minimal interaction whenever necessary. However, one of the flatmates is overall a decent guy but seems to have something against me. He and I used to talk frequently earlier, but in recent times, he started teasing me in the name of jokes, inappropriate touching, casual body shaming, calling abuses, etc. Like I accept the fact that I am obese but he seems to constantly tease me in front of others like it is providing him some sort of gratification. The worst part is he will behave/interact properly with others but starts name calling, casual/joking insults me like I have hurt him personally (I haven't).
In addition, he is highly irresponsible. For example, he will use the common utensils but won't wash them and provide meaningless excuses to avoid any sort of blame. He has also been called out by one of the senioexperienced roommates for living in a non professional manner but he chooses to ignore it. Ironically, he is the son of a retired Air Force officer. While I am actively participating in taking up responsibilities for all types of cleanliness, maintenance, maid/Wifi payments, etc. So you can probably understand how hard it is to put so much effort and then being the only one getting ridiculed from a person who is just enjoying the benefits without any consequences.
Even after putting up with his irresponsibility, I am tired of being the only target whenever he opens his mouth to insult me but in a "jokingly" way when confronted. The senior roommate asks me to ignore it in order to avoid "giving even a miniscule amount of attention". However, personally I feel that he won't stop in the near future. At worst times, I just feel like moving away and finding a different apartment so that I can be free from all of this.
So I humbly request you to suggest some tips for avoiding such situations or at least put a stop to all his casual shenanigans. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.05 12:39 Hot_Style8235 Want to start dating again but still on the fence.

Broke up with my ex almost 3 years ago. We were together nearly 10 years and she was my first and only partner, we met when I was a teenager. We broke up for a number of reasons but one of the main contributing factors was that she was looking to have children and I wasn’t ready and couldn’t tell her if I would ever be ready.Even though it's been almost 3 years I’m only just now feeling like I want to try dating.
After the last 3 years reflecting on wether or not I’d want to have children I’m still not sure. I would say that I’m erring slightly on the side of not. I find it hard to imagine taking on such a responsibility when I’ve barely been able to hold down a job throughout my adult life so far. I’d say I’m good with kids and they do bring me some joy, and there were times with my ex where I could have imagined a smaller version of us with us out on our walks together etc but I don’t know if I’m just romanticising the idea and if its something I’d actually want.
I guess I’m wondering, where do I go from here? I want to date but I’m still not sure, possibly more toward child free but also wondering if I just feel that way because I’ve never been mature and responsible enough to seriously consider it.
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2023.06.05 12:38 peliccancars12 Pre-book Cab Ride from Stansted Airport CM24 to Luton Airport LU2

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2023.06.05 12:38 goody_fyre11 A probably dumb question about log-off timers

As I'm starting to finally learn what I should about the game (will join a corp today, haven't forgotten about that, thanks to those who taught me enough to get my Caldari standing up to -2) I'm also starting to ask questions about things I take for granted. One of them is log-off timers. Whenever I attack enemies that aren't players, I get a yellow timer that says that I'll "remain in space on log-off until timer expries".
The way I've always interpreted this is "your ship will be put into space near your last position no matter where you are until the timer runs out" leading me to dock at a station and wait out the yellow timer before logging off, because I fear I'll be kicked out into space on log-off because of the timer's description. Am I correct about this or am I way overthinking it?
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2023.06.05 12:36 runtimeerrorz Kicked out of CS major: transfer or switch to Computer Engineering?

I've had two software internships, I really enjoy programming.
I go to a university where you can be kicked out of the CS program, because a professor made a Data Structures & Algorithms entrance exam that if you don't pass, you get kicked out of the CS major with no way to get back in. Admittedly, this is my fault for not taking seriously, and it's only after I failed it that I'm working on my ability to write DSA code without references. I was naive and landed both my internships without DSA interviews, so I didn't start seriously practicing it until recently. I now know most companies ask DSA interviews.
My options are to stay at the same school by switching my major to Computer Engineering, or to transfer to another school to continue Computer Science.
I know I want to pursue software, and as a result, I feel almost like I'd be "wasting" time/energy on the EE-side of the CompEng degree. I have a specific school in mind that I would transfer to, and I've talked to their CS majors, their CS program is nowhere near as difficult in comparison, which means I'd have more time to practice DSA and make projects.
However, I'd be leaving behind all my mentors and friends at my current school. And I have to figure out a way to pay for the school I'd be transferring to, I'd be able to pay for most of it with my scholarships but not all of it. I was thinking about having a part-time campus job, or seeing if my current hybrid internship would allow me to be fully remote during the school year.
Can Computer Engineering majors give me their thoughts? Are there any projects I should do to see if CompEng is for me?
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2023.06.05 12:36 jj_man236 DEEP after effects...( 5 months sober)

Alright so I'm writing this to i guess educate or to tell anyone who still does it to quit like RIGHT NOW. I had watched images of porn since I was about 11 or 12 and only started masturbating to it when I was 14. I did so and was addicted to it for 3 years till i was 16. I had gone on a wild journey because for about 70% of the time i abused porn, i genuinely wanted to quit. I was so frickin stupid because what i tried to do after many failed attempts was to slowly move from complete porn ( Porn hub type shit ) to jerking off to Instagram pictures and videos. In my stupidity i thought this was like a "watered down" porn cause the girls weren't fully naked. I saw myself moving from watching that to not watching at all, and it actually did work. I stopped watching porn and or any sexualized content but I still couldn't stop jerking off. I was addicted to it still and could not go more than two weeks without doing so. My thoughts were so sexualized all the time. When I was in the shower, in class, outside, and generally anywhere. It was so bad it was rather comical sometimes in a way. I remember one time i stimulated myself in the shower with water from the portable shower head for goodness sake! At this time i would masturbate but by my own thoughts like thinking about girls in my school etc... I personally believe it took divine intervention to help me stop porn and masturbation. I thanked God for delivering me out of it. God opened my eyes to see that these frequent thoughts were not only coming from porn and social media, but even the games i play ( I'm an avid gamer) which reminds me of a particular game i used to play which had over sexualized female characters led young stupid me to search porn of that game which i believe is the WORST regret of my life.... I don't know if you may call it a fetish or something along the lines of that but I was obsessed with anal sex i would imagine having anal sex with one of the female characters in the game and whilst watching this character in the game's porn videos ( imagine there's a site on this reddit just for porn about that character) i would masturbate in a way to replicate anal. I would proceed to not use lubrication and make my hand tighter around my penis( trying to recreate a bumhole) then slowly jam my penis through. I say this was the WORST regret of my life as this repeated action i believe was a factor in my current health situation... I get random pains near the tip of my penis throughout the day. I've seen the doctor a couple times and after couple tests they've not found nothing wrong ( no bacterial or fungal infection) however I'm still in pain. My quality of erection has also reduced. I am afraid it's a serious underlying issue. Despite overcoming porn for 5 months now and masturbation, i constantly have deep regret and hatred for myself. I ask for thoughts and prayers as i have been referred to a urologist and dermatologist... In conclusion this thing may not only affect you on a mental level, but also a physical level. If my testimony is not shock therapy to quit immediately I don't know what is.
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