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2023.05.31 17:45 brettstoner 14 Explorer 6F55 Unusual noise; converter, trans, or motor?

2014 Ford Explorer Sport with 3.5 Twin Turbo and 6F55 tranmission. Once warmed up it makes an intermittent metal screeching noise that appears to be coming from the bellhousing/transmission area.
Fluid pan drop and refill annually, fluid level at correct amount, and occurs even with serpentine belt removed (to eliminate A/C comp, bad pulley, etc). No cracks in flexplate, no marks on flexplate through inspection cover to identify rubbing, and converter bolts are tight.
It occurs in park, neutral, stationary in-gear foot on brake, and in-gear slow roll idling. Frequency of sound matches engine RPM. Once above 5 mph cannot hear either due to not present or ambient noise drowns it out. No OBD codes from any modules. No other unusual behavior, shifting issues, converter lock-up issues, etc. Oil pressure within spec.
Any ideas? I am guessing converter but not really sure.
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2023.05.31 17:45 Ndi_Omuntu Replacing Shattered Oven Door Glass- OEM Part Unavailable?

I fumbled a jar and it bounced off the oven door- all seemed fine at the time. A couple hours later- the external glass panel on the oven door shattered.
I looked for a replacement part specific to my model (a Maytag that was here when I moved in: model MER5765RAQ) and found this but everywhere I look says this specific part is unavailable.
I assume there's nothing special about this specific piece other than the fact it matches the oven and is the exact size it should be. My assumption is the glass protects you from accidentally touching something hot and also traps heat to keep the oven working efficiently.
Anyone more knowledgeable about ovens have any suggestions for how to find a suitable replacement?
My plan was to just replace the whole oven with one from my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore but they don't have any electric ovens available currently.
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2023.05.31 17:42 acmeicon Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets Review: The Perfect Solution for Sparkling Clean Dishes

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One of the key advantages of Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets is their all-in-one design. Each tablet combines multiple functions, including detergent, rinse aid, and water softener, eliminating the need for separate products. This convenience simplifies the dishwashing process and ensures that all aspects of cleaning are effectively addressed. With Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets, you can enjoy the benefits of a complete cleaning solution in a single, easy-to-use tablet.
Time and Energy Efficiency:
Using Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets can significantly save time and energy in your daily routine. The pre-measured tablets eliminate the need for measuring detergent, minimizing the risk of overuse or wastage. Simply pop a tablet into the dishwasher and let it do the work for you. Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets are designed to dissolve quickly and start working immediately, ensuring optimal cleaning efficiency. This allows you to focus on other tasks or enjoy some well-deserved relaxation while your dishes are being cleaned.
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Compatibility and Versatility:
Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets are compatible with most dishwasher models and can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. Whether you have a standard dishwasher or a high-end appliance, these tablets are formulated to deliver excellent results across various machine types. Additionally, Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets are suitable for a wide range of dishwashing needs, including regular dishwashing, heavy-duty cleaning, and tackling specific stains or food residues.
Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets have established themselves as a reliable and effective choice for effortless dishwashing. With their superior cleaning power, all-in-one convenience, and environmentally friendly approach, these tablets provide a hassle-free and efficient solution for sparkling clean dishes. Embrace the convenience, reliability, and exceptional results of Fuugu Dishwasher Tablets and transform your dishwashing routine into a time-saving and enjoyable experience.
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2023.05.31 17:41 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 50 (Aya)

[←Chapter 49] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 51→]
The weather was almost cold enough to imagine that Aya was back home, minus the creeping terror of the fog. She tried to push that last fact out of her mind, but it was ever present, along with its smothering sister from beneath the church. Still, despite the unpleasant edge, it was likely the last time she would get a proper rest before the battle.
The twins were obviously in their own world, Frare picking at the grasses around the tree, Sorore with eyes half-closed. The only people to offer any conversation were the paladins.
“Where… where do you come from, Lillian?” she said, after watching another bank of the fog wander overhead.
Lillian turned to her and gave her a strange look, not angry exactly, more wondering why she’d asked the question. Aya hoped that it wasn’t too much of a rude question back in Angorrah. At least she could always fall back on the excuse of being ignorant if it was.
“I come from Angorrah,” said the paladin.
“No, I mean where does your family come from?” she said.
Lillian’s expression deepened as if she was trying to figure out whether the question had some deeper meaning to it.
“Well, my father’s side of the family reaches back into antiquity. They’ve been on the same land for centuries. My mother is from Nieth, if that is what you mean, lady Aya.”
Aya nodded in encouragement, trying to get the Paladin to expand on the details. She didn’t, looking expectantly for a followup to the question.
“I was… just trying to make conversation,” Aya admitted, her gaze falling to the trodden dirt.
“Oh,” said Lillian, leaning back further as she looked elsewhere trying to abate the awkward realisation, “well, like I said, most of my family comes from my father’s side, and thus Angorrah. My mother is the only one that’s lived outside of it. Supposedly I have some uncles and aunts in Nieth, and some cousins too, but…”
“You’ve never met them?”
Lillian shook her head as she looked out to what was probably south - in the shifting fog it was difficult to tell.
“Never. I was inducted into the church at fifteen, I’ve never been outside of the continent. In fact, your village was the farthest I’ve ever been.”
“Oh. So you live in the actual city, then? Angorrah proper?”
“I might as well,” she laughed, although Aya thought it had a bitter edge to it, “I’ve spent over a decade of my life there.”
Aya sat and digested that for a few moments, before risking a further question.
“But it wasn’t always like that, was it? You lived somewhere else?”
“Yes, I did,” Lillian sighed, but said no more.
“I’ve lived in the city all my life,” Niche offered instead, “with my family. We’ve never known anything but the silver city for our entire lives. Both of my grandfather’s lines, as far as I could trace them, stay within its walls.”
“Would you mind… telling me about it?” Aya said, “I mean, we’re going there. But no one’s bothered to explain what it’s really like. Neither Sorore or Frare talk about it much either.”
“It’s the most beautiful city in the world,” said Niche instantly with absolute conviction.
“Anything else?” Aya said, looking rather unimpressed.
“It’s a- it’s difficult to explain,” said Niche, “the city is split in half.”
She vigorously nodded, hoping that this wouldn’t be the end of the details.
“It’s a city which…” he said, grasping at the words he was failing to find, “you really can’t- it’s something you have to actually see before it can be described.”
“Neither of us are poets, and besides, you’ll be in Angorrah soon enough,” said Lillian, “I can try though, however dry it might be. The city is split into two, like Niche said. On the upper half, the edges of the tributaries of the rivers form a bank where the old buildings sit. You’ll find the ecclesial courts, the palace of purity, and the chief garrison of the path of strength.”
She hovered her hands at different levels to illustrate the relative heights of the city districts.
“There’s a great sandstone cliff, with many small waterfalls coursing down. There’s a path that winds a way up under them - we used to walk them everyday as part of our training, then as part of our patrols. The names of all the founders of Angorrah, and many of the heroes that fought against the crown are etched into the cliff face. Of course, most travellers use the iron elevators that were built nearly a century ago.”
Aya already felt the numbing terror beginning to be forgotten almost, and she encouraged Lillian to continue.
“The lower half represents the majority of the city, both in terms of population and size,” she said, her fingers circling out to represent the relative immensity of this area, “layers upon layers of districts criss-crossed by roads and studded with alleys. It’s quite a lot to figure out.”
“They throw you off the deep end when they’re teaching you to patrol,” Niche said, “I remember just how lost you were the first couple times. Remember when you couldn’t figure out which dock you were at, and the sign was right next to you?”
“It was half-fallen off!” Lillian protested, her ears beginning to flush, “and the paint was practically gone, how was I supposed to realise-”
Aya was just about to ask the question of where she would be staying, when she saw a sharp motion in her periphery. Sorore sat bolt upright, staying at the remains of a leaf brought up to a narrow sliver of sunlight. There was a curious interplay within her expression, fear, excitement, and triumph merging together in the green of her eyes.
By the time that the paladins had turned, she was gesticulating wildly, saying that she had found something. Aya had barely any time to wonder before she’d taken off, leading them around the corner of the church. Apparently what she sought was not there, for she took them into the church and down through the door into the earth.
At the end, before a wall of black stone, they found Efrain with his cat companion. He was holding a black knife, glittering in the gloomy light he’d cast. He turned as Sorore approached him, telling him that she understood what to do. Aya watched as, after a few further questions, he handed her the knife, which dissolved into a liquid in the girl’s palm.
With bated breath, Aya stared as the fluid metal branched out to form a new shape. She realised, with no small amount of envy, that the girl was using magic just as she had. The construction would’ve been a beautiful thing to watch if not for the deathly cold that permeated the catacombs. Aya felt like she could lay down and simply die here if she wasn’t careful.
When it was done, Sorore handed the knife back to Efrain, now solid, which he placed against the stones. They were promptly steered away as he told the Paladins to remove them from whatever lurked behind the door. The party was up the steps and walking past the beds, Frare whispering some consultations to the obviously upset Sorore when they heard the sound.
A long, distant wail, half-lost among the tombs.
Sorore took off running, managing to rend herself free of the paladin’s grip. By the time they managed to catch up, she was at the stairs, taking them two at a time, going deeper and deeper into the earth. The paladins were ahead of Aya with their longer strides, pounding down on the sands as she saw that the passage had changed.
In the distance, past where the black stone wall had been, there was a far distance light, barely visible in the dark. The cold had deepened even further, becoming something hateful to life itself. They were almost to the edge of the hallway, and within moments, they’d passed out through the door and into this new hidden place.
More stones, more elegantly laid and carved, more beds, these ones with carved reliefs of ancient men. Intricate pillars and vaulted ceilings rushed past as they pushed deeper and deeper into the tomb. Aya nearly fell over more than once in the gloom, even as the light grew closer and closer to them.
The paladins finally caught up to Sorore just before the opening to that little light, catching her by the arms and lifting her off her feet. As she struggled, Aya made it past her, finding Frare to her side and a great expanse before her. She caught a brief glance of the gaunt form of the mage, and something large and misshapen beyond him.
Then the scene exploded into light and heat as fire leapt from up and around them.
Her last sight, other than the inferno that rose like a flaming curtain was that of the mage, his black clothes now glittering a dark crimson. In silence, he regarded them, and Aya realised for the first time how empty his eyes were. The twin pits of blackness betrayed nothing about the man behind the mask, no sardonic warmth or cultivated intelligence.
She was carted away from the frightful sight, and back up the hall at a prodigious pace. The paladins had simply slung them over their shoulders and fled. Harder the gauntlets dug to her back, as the catacombs behind them went from darkness to a dull red. The children were not given rest or respite, only carried onwards, through the tombs, up the stairs, to burst out onto the church landing and through the door.
Several of the peasants in the church started and turned at their sudden reemergence. Aya staggered over to the wall, heaving as she tried to sooth her aching chest. The twins were much the same, Sorore fully bent over and wheezing with effort. However, before any of them could settle, they were steered roughly towards the small alcove of the medical bay.
The sights of the swords in hand sent the watching group into alarmed chatter. This was only compounded as Lillian and Niche took up positions from within the door they’d just come through. Moments later, there came the sound of the groaning of wood and stone as they began to shift and strain.
Worse still was the sight of red light from beneath the door and seeping through the joints of the stones. The air began to haze and billow, a hot breeze rushing past them. The door bursting into flame was enough to send some of the frightened defenders running for the church-front. Knights were beginning to gather, pointing and exclaiming their confusion at this new, mysterious threat.
“What is it? What have you done?” called Damafelce, starring in horror at the burning door.
Lillian didn’t even bother to answer, just squared her shoulders and gripped her sword tighter.
Whatever animosity between the two women vanished as Damafelce drew and stood beside Lillian. Sweat began to pool and drip despite the unnatural chill of the fog.
Doubt began to creep into Aya’s heart - perhaps she had indeed been wrong, and perhaps the wisdom and experience of the Paladins had steered them right. The brilliant flames and empty eyes had left their impression upon her. All her interactions with Efrain seemed to be cast in a new light, each comment taking on a sinister cast.
The stones were beginning to glow in their own right, cracking and popping as the mortar disintegrated. A child couldn’t take it anymore and began to scream. It brought to mind the previous evening, the impaling claw lifting the boy into the air. Fear mixed with what must’ve been resolution within Aya ,and she managed to bring herself to lay a hand on a child’s sleeve.
They all looked at her, eyes wide, many brimmed with tears, having already seen far too much.
“It’ll be alright,” she said, squeezing the arm of a girl, “we’ll make it. They’ll protect us.”
There were some sparse nods and hopeful murmurs, but Aya could tell that some of the older ones didn’t believe it.
The stones were now a yellowish orange, and Aya was concerned that they might begin to melt and run like candle wax. The charm of the stones, their strength that almost seemed more akin to a confidence, was now utterly forgotten. The air within grew almost uncomfortably hot, villagers and knights alike holding their breath as they waited for whatever horror was going to emerge.
They waited, and waited, and waited.
The stones were still glowing, but it seemed whatever had come up from the deep had moved on and up. Slowly they faded from yellow, to orange, to red, and by the time they were brown, the peasants were turning to the paladins for guidance. Last to relax was Lillian, though it was only enough to see her sword tip faltered slightly.
“It’s moved to the roof,” she barely managed, such was the tension she held in her jaw.
Damafelce turned to remark, or perhaps to ask a question of the paladin about what she had just witnessed. She didn’t even open her mouth before a long chime echoed through the cooling air. She, along with the rest of her knights turned and rushed for the front doors.
Out from the pan and into the fire - another attack had begun.
Lillian and Niche looked at each other and then at the children, all three watching the stones resume their usual black.
“Mage or monsters?” said Niche, “which first?”
“Stay near the children until I get a better idea of what’s happening,” Lillian said, following the group of knights past the barricade.
Not long after she’d vanished into the night, a group of men burst through the charred door, partially taking what was left off its hinges. Doused in sweat, but otherwise unburnt, they stumbled into the mainstay of the church, and gesticulated wildly all around. When their glances fell on Niche, they began to beseech him, telling him of the living fire that had emerged onto the roof.
Niche picked up one of them that had fallen to the ground in haste or shock, shaking him, trying to get him to elaborate. Stories tumbled out of them of a great inferno, perhaps in the shape of a beast, perhaps not, that emerged, nay erupted, nay crawled from the tower stairs. At the heart of it was a black figure, one of the creatures, no, something horrible, no, the mage!
Niche’s eyes narrowed as he tried to parse some coherent meaning from the disparate stories. In the midst of the confusion, Aya took a half step toward the tower, terror, resolution, and a faint curiosity fighting with each other. Her foot pressed to the floor, and everything around her fell into a crystal clarity.
Bellows of command, clashes of claw and sword, the screams of men and beast, the whimpers of the frightened children. Every line on the stone, every bead of sweat and glance of eye, the smell of sweat and blood, the icy chill and the still-warm air. Everything, everywhere, at all once, clarion and present.
And beyond that, above them, something overshadowing them all, gathering, building itself. A wall of something, fulgent and hot, frothing and bearing down like a river breaking a log dam. Instinct drove her down to the cool stones, flattening her body and covering her head.
Behind her closed eyes, the darkness flipped to bright red, accompanied by a roar so great it became her. The entire building was shaking so violently she was sure she would be thrown out the front doors and to the slavering monsters. Heat rolled over her, smothering her like a quilt, driving away even the terrible chill. When she opened her eyes, she found soldiers, peasants and paladins on the ground, rolling and struggling to stand back up amid a floor of barricade splinters and glass shards.
The heat was reaching unbearable levels, driving Aya up and out, past the barricades in a mad scramble. Stumbling out into the comparatively cooler night, she looked up past the door and roof edge. Above the church extended a halo of fire, blooming outward like the bows of a mighty tree.
The branches fell to the earth, streaming sparks and embers into the evening as they furled across the remaining gardens, destroying all it touched. Most of the men had noticed the source of the heat and light, and were scrambling away desperately. The monsters, apparently having no such presence of mind, drove themselves further, and into the incinerating light.
The darkness came alive with the final screams of the things as they were burnt to ash. The human defenders were left mostly untouched, and the tide spilling over the outer wall were subsumed in the inferno. Aya slumped to the ground, witnessing this miraculous occurrence, not minding the cuts on her hands or knees.
“What…?” she said, watching the fires begin to wink out.
With that, she turned back, leaving the battle and its remnants all behind her. Through the barricades, through the aisle, through the clumsy grab by a still dazed Niche, through the door, up the melted stairs and out onto the roof.
There, across from the exit, lay a pair of slumped figures against the far wall. The mage was crumpled, motionless, saggy robes no longer cutting his trim figure. In his lap laid Innialysia, fur now merely coal black, no longer aglow as it had been.
On the railing of the roof, above the two, stood something faint in the light from the fire below. A shimmering, hazy outline, of a girl, looking down at them. As Aya drew to look at her, she could’ve sworn that the spirit was smiling as it began to fragment and dissipate. With a final gust of the warm breeze, the shimmering remnants were carried out to fade into the now clear stars.
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2023.05.31 17:41 Orphandestroyer98 The Lodge 2

Memory transcript subject: Erim, lieutenant of the Kratotl extermination fleet Date: [standardized human time] October 19th, 2136
I woke up and got up from the couch. I looked around and saw my dad sleeping on a chair. I walked nervously into the kitchen where I saw the predator eating something between two buns.
The human heard me and put the food back into the plate. He then turned around and looked at me.
“Good morning go get something to eat from the fridge” he pointed at the white box container near an oven and a couple cabinets.
“I-I Uh c-can’t have m-m-meat you know?” I looked nervously at the old human. He once again stopped eating and looked at me with those nightmarish eyes.
“There other foods in there you dumbass, don’t you know humans are omnivores. Oh wait you wouldn’t because your too busy burning fucking children then having the time to actually research what the hell your doing!” I jumped back in fear at the elderly human. He banged his cane on the floor. He ripped a chunk out of his food and swallowed.
I nervously opened the fridge and saw what was inside. There were multiple drinks of the brown bottles. Some juice was also inside. So much meat of all different kinds, I almost puked at the sight.
I grabbed some of the weird of the fruit and brought it over to the table and nervously sat down in a chair. I examined the weird orange and red fruits infront of me.
I took a bite of the weird red fruit. It was juicy and delicious. I then took a bite of the round orange fruit. Wow that actually burned slightly. It was a citrusy taste for sure but wow.
I looked over at the predator Sean nervously. He kept chewing on the weird food in his hands.
“W-what are you e-eating?” The human looked up from his food.
“A breakfast sandwich” the human than took another bite out of the sandwich.
“What’s in it?”
“Cheese, sausage and fried eggs” I stopped eating right there and then. Did he just say eggs!? They eat fucking children!
I got from my chair fast and ran. The human got pissed and got up after me.
“GOD FUCKING DAMN IT THEY’RE NOT FERTILE YOU BIRD BRAIN GET BACK HERE!” I jumped off the walls dodging the human.
After going on for a while I got tired and the human grabbed me. He then set me down on a chair and looked at me.
“Just because I eat eggs doesn’t mean I eat babies!, you have understand this!” I trembled in fear at the predator yelling at me.
After explaining why he was eating eggs he sent me back to the living room where I watched tv for a couple hours till my dad woke up.
“Hey son you ok?” I looked at my father and nodded we then turned our attention towards the tv. It was some weird show about animal rescues or I think it was.
The human on the screen went into a murky water pond and stood on something before grabbing it from underneath his feet. He pulled it out of the water and it was some shelled reptile.
The poor prey animal was being held by the tail while the human was screaming something about wild action.
“Hey come on” we both looked at the human who was in the doorway. We nervously got up and followed. We walked into the garage and he had some bag connected to this weird vehicle.
“Get on” he sat on the weird vehicle obviously meant for snow. Me and my father than walked up and sat behind him.
The predator started the engine and we went flying through the snow. He then soon went into a forest dodging trees and rocks.
He then stopped and got off the vehicle and grabbed his bag. He unzipped it and pulled out a rifle with a scope on it.
“Come on an be quiet” we followed the hunter as slowly as possible and as quiet as we could possibly be.
He then stopped and aimed his rifle at something near the trees. I tried to focus on what he was aiming at and saw it was a brown prey animal with antlers.
He took in a breath and then held it for a couple seconds. I was going to try and stop him when.
A loud crack went through the air as the recoiled of the rifle hit the hunters shoulder. The creature was shot in the heart area and fell down after limping.
The human slowly walked over to the creature who was bleeding onto the snow. Me and dad followed him till we could see the whites of its eyes.
“Ah damn things still moving. Give me a second” Sean pulled out a big knife and kneeled down to the creature. He then punctured the throat of the creature ending its suffering.
Sean then grabbed the creature and heaved it onto his shoulder and carried it back to the vehicle. He tied the corpse to the back of his vehicle and got on.
Me and father then sat behind the human and he started to head back to the lodge.
We were in a snowy clearing when the human suddenly stopped.
“Why did we s-“ the human covered my beak to shut me up and pointed at something in the snow. I focused on it and saw it.
It was massive. A completely white predator as white as the snow. It looked like an albino Zurulian giant. One of its eye holes had a crater in them.
“A polar bear, and I know this one. It’s old one eye” the frosty air came off of the humans mouth whenever he spoke.
“Bastard killed my friend while back. Wonderful guy Navajo too” the polar bear walked around in the snow appearing to not notice us.
“We’ll come back for him some other time” the human started the engine again and raced back towards the lodge.
We soon arrived and he parked the vehicle outside while we headed in.
He brought the corpse inside and put it on a table. He then went to the kitchen and grabbed a couple knives and cleavers.
I watched nervously as the human took this huge knife and took off the antlers. He then looked over to me and dad.
“Come on then I can’t do this by myself” we nervously walked up to the human and he handed us a knife and a cleaver.
“Let’s get to skinning and carving!” I looked at the shine in the cleaver. Seeing my blue feathers reflecting back at me.
The human took the knife and started to skin the creature. He then pulled off the pelt and set it aside.
I looked at the red flesh of the poor creature. Such an awful way to go it was.
We spent hours hacking up the meat and organizing it. The human grabbed all the bones and put them in a bag which he put in the garage.
He wrapped all the meat up in tight bags and put them in a freezer.
He made us then go feed some plants to Ciran which we immediately did. Luckily the Harchen was still asleep so he wouldn’t have to see this.
Sean then told us to go rinse the blood off our feathers. We went into the showers and rinsed almost every piece of flesh and blood right off.
When we were done we walked into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch the tv.
I thought to myself if I would ever see my mom and my sister ever again.
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2023.05.31 17:38 rosky71 How does the method of cooking effect the weight of food?

I know the the most accurate approach is to weigh meat raw prior to cooking, however for those who weigh their food cooked how does the method of cooking effect the ending weight? For example lets say you have been baking your chicken breasts in the oven, but with the weather being nicer you want to grill your chicken on the outdoor grill, or you have been cooking your steak on the skillet on the stove but again want to grill or even Sous Vide your steak does the method of cooking change the ending weight assuming internal temp of both are the same?
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2023.05.31 17:29 Olderpimo Lengthy post 61 M and 53 F andseeking advice

Sorry for the lengthy post.
At about age 11 or 12 I began to have doubts about the church.
I did all the things a TBM was supposed to do even though I really didn’t believe.
I attended BYU for 2 semesters. Then went on a mission got early release when the church went from 24 months to 18 month missions.
Dated while attend BYU, got married, my wife very TBM was abusive and controlling.
Had 3 children (2 left the church)
But with the with mental abuse withholding sex that led me to visiting saunas, and other gay establishments to get sexual relief. I ended that as the gay life style wasn’t me.
I even secretly got my nipples pierced as a way to to take control of my life.
After a deployment I didn’t hear her come home and she caught me with the nipple rings in that single event lead to my divorce after 27 years.
The other events lead to me being excommunicated, explored the gay life style again not for me not even bi. Got my ear pierced.
Met a wonderful lady who accepted me, a miscommunication issue got me rebaptized.
Heard about the CES letters read them it fit some of my thoughts.
4 years after that inactive with the wife. Got a tattoo, still have nipple piercings got my other ear pierced.
Paid tithing sporadically, never noticed blessings. Covid hit, was diagnosed with advanced psoriatic arthritis, lots of joint damage mostly in my feet. Maybe a miss diagnosis because it presented more like plantar fasciitis.
This a couple of years ago (2021) I’d say we were semi active but paid a full tithe. No blessing for me other than a drain on the bank account. Stopped paying in 2021. At paying a full tithe until Thanksgiving.
When I realized that 1) no blessing got passed over the 4th time for a promotion at work. 2) we weren’t putting money into our savings.
Mid December I got my retirement analysis and realized I could retire early I had 37 years of federal service. I retired in Feb 2022 at 60 no tithing was paid
November 2022 I asked to be EQ Secretary, accepted because you don’t turn down callings. Really got to realize how fucked up the church was. Again just like like when I was younger I couldn’t resolve what I was seeing versus the church.
Came across this sub. Kind of avoided it for a while thinking it was just full of angry anti Mormons.
We went on a delayed 10th anniversary cruise (Covid cancelled it twice) drank, alcohol daily think I was on a daily buzz, tons of coffee although I drank beer, occasionally cocktails, and coffee at home this was a new event. I wore a “Speedo” for tanning and even a swim in the oven nipple rings and all no one said anything
Realized what a mistake it was to accept the EQ job. Arthritis flared big time.
I was talking to my wife and mentioned they were redoing “ministering” assignments, said she was glad she did have any sisters to minister too told her according that she did. She was mad.
Recently about a month and half ago asked to be released. So far nothing.
Wife was talking about resigning from the the church and just stop being inactive.
I’ve heard a looked at several resigning processes. What is the best way? I thought about just writing notorized letters and sending them to my bishop, stake president, and the church or is using one of the services better
submitted by Olderpimo to exmormon [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:27 noesey Bob any better than Personio?

Trusted colleagues, I am having a freaking nightmare trying to implement Personio- it’s been a comedy of errors up and down. After two weeks of chasing them to provide me the package we’re paying for (spoiler alert: I still only have a test account) despite our implementation having “started” several weeks ago, I’m just about at the point of telling them to go stick it and shifting to Bob instead.
But a small voice says it could be a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire.
So, was curious to hear if anyone has had experiences with both HRIS to give me the lowdown- is it worth looking into? Or should I continue to spam email Personio?
submitted by noesey to humanresources [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:24 Chicky_Nuggies2009 Scorpion idea 🦂

Boss tier creature
In the cave behind the rock in the sandbox Summoned with 'arachnid ambrosia' (3 broodmother venom, 4 salt shard, 3 black ant head, 1 pinecone piece)
3 attack patterns 1. big claw slam (takes a while to charge, can't be blocked) - stuns 2. claw attack, claw attack, sting (inflicts super venom) 3. bite, sting, bite
Weaknesses: Busting, chopping, fresh Resistances: Slashing, spicy, salty Weakpoint (takes no damage everywhere else): Underside
DROPS: 'Super venom' (The same one that you get from black widows)
'Scorpion shell' Used in: -(Tier 3) scorpion helmet (4 scorpion shell, 3 pupa leather) -(Tier 3) scorpion plate mail (5 scorpion shell, 4 pupa leather, 5 dust mite fuzz) -(Tier 3) scorpion greaves (3 scorpion shell, 2 pupa leather) Piece bonus - medium armour + deflect - 5% chance to negate damage Sleek bonus - sizzle protection Set bonus- thorns -(Tier 3) scorpion spear (2 scorpion shell, 1 scorpion stinger, super venom, 2 splinter, 3 lint rope) - inflicts poison -(Tier 3) scorpion wall shield (6 scorpion shell, 3 pinecone piece, 2 lint rope, 3 pupa leather) - 2 handed shield, move slowly while using, bit completely blocks damage from the front, food for multiplayer Scorpion equipment is in the style of roman gear
'Scorpion stinger' -Scorpion ballista (2 scorpion stinger, 7 pinecone piece, 4 splinter, 5 lint rope) -Ballista bolts (x5) (1 pinecone piece, 1 scorpion stinger, 2 lint rope) Ballista bolt x10 + super venom -> venom bolt Ballista bolt x5 + everchar coal -> burning bolt Ballista bolt x10 + gunpowder -> boom bolt -Scorpion spear
Drops both of its claws on the ground when looted, a tier 3 hammer is required to break open the claws and they drop 3-5 'meaty claw pieces' Cooking these gives you 'claw roast' When you eat a claw roast, you get a scorpion shell (the outside of the claw)
To defeat it, you have to (when it's charging its big claw slam) jump onto its back and it will smack itself in the face and flips itself over, and only then can you attack its underside
When you defeat it, you get the mutation 'Carapace' You take half damage from the front, but double damage from behind
submitted by Chicky_Nuggies2009 to GroundedGame [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:22 deckertlab Size up from Gene Cafe?

Been roasting on my Gene for 10+ years and I’ve gotten to the point that I know what I like and find myself doing a bunch of identical batches back to back every couple weeks, basically babysitting my roaster for 2 hours. I have a nice setup where I can store it in my kitchen with a vent tube that goes to my stoves downdraft. And also it seems like the gene is near the limit of a standard 15amp plug. Are bigger models typically gas powered? Am I going to have to move the operation outside or cut a hold in the wall?
submitted by deckertlab to roasting [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:21 Heavenly_Ocean My First Eyeshadow Pan Ever!

My First Eyeshadow Pan Ever!
I know it’s super small, but this is the first shadow I’ve ever hit pan on!! This is the shade “big magic” from the Tinkerbell x Colourpop palette. I just throw this all over my lids before I whirlwind my way to work.
submitted by Heavenly_Ocean to PanPorn [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:21 JehanDeMontperil Keyboard prints on the screen. Bad thing?

Every time I close the lid of my laptop, the next time I open it, there are very visible marks of the keyboard buttons printed on the screen. Can this extra pressure damage the screen with time? How to prevent that?
submitted by JehanDeMontperil to macbookair [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:20 JustUgh2323 Neighbor Rehabbing House & Filling Dumpster

I am just so tired of my new neighbor across the alley. I am on great terms with both my next door neighbors but we have a new neighbor across the alley who is doing the demo on his house and then hiring someone to do the actual reno.
First, we already have problems with our alley and trash pickups. We live in what is politely called a "transitional" neighborhood, which basically means the city is not doing any capital improvements. It was built in the 1960s, so the alleys are not paved and have deep ruts from trash trucks, especially since we live in West Texas and get all our annual rain in about a 2-4 week period, no joke. And like a lot of cities, there are problems with city services and we can't count on regular pickups.
But this new neighbor has not rented a rolloff for his debris. He is constantly filling the dumpster to the top so that none of the other 3 households that share the dumpster really have room for their trash and have to walk further down the alley or leave the trash on top and not close the dumpster. On more than one occasion this has meant the alley has been littered with trash. (We can't tell if it's from animals, but once we caught a dumpster diver going through things too.)
I have been able to live with this for a while. What really makes me upset today when I went out there is that he or his handyman has fixed it so that the entire lid structure is behind the dumpster and the lids cannot be closed at all.
Why is this a problem? We are actually moving and I am cleaning out my pantry and refrigerator, so there are going to be several trash sacks of food just sitting on top of the dumpster, waiting for the neighborhood's feral cats, possums and foxes to dig through and scatter to the winds.
I guess it will no longer be my problem, except that I really like my other neighbors, and they will be left with the "crap" to live with. Why can't people be more courteous?
submitted by JustUgh2323 to neighborsfromhell [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:15 No-Bicycle-3672 You can't close the door with the lid down. Found at train station bathroom

You can't close the door with the lid down. Found at train station bathroom submitted by No-Bicycle-3672 to u/No-Bicycle-3672 [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:11 grac43 Toddler Sippy Cup w Spout (not silicone)

Would appreciate everyones input here. We’ve been using the lalo little cup but we’re frustrated with the aftertaste left by the silicone — can’t seem to get them really clean.
What we are looking for:
Minimum parts (lalo has a straw, lid, and cup) Dishwasher safe Built in handles
Thank you!
submitted by grac43 to toddlers [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:11 Most_insignificant Trying to restore this old family cast iron.

Trying to restore this old family cast iron.
Trying to get this cast iron back for daily usage. I have used it in the past, but while it was in possession of my sibling, it took some beatings. There is coloration within the pan that made me reach out before using it again.
I seasoned it with avocado oil last night and seasoned it in the oven at 400 for 50 minutes. Any advice on whether the pan is ready to use or if I need to take any additional steps/precautions would be greatly appreciated!
submitted by Most_insignificant to castiron [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:09 grac43 Toddler Sippy Cup w Spout (not silicone)

Would appreciate everyones input here. We’ve been using the lalo little cup but we’re frustrated with the aftertaste left by the silicone — can’t seem to get them really clean.
What we are looking for:
Minimum parts (lalo has a straw, lid, and cup) Dishwasher safe Built in handles
Thank you!
submitted by grac43 to BuyItForLife [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:08 Holykael God is an abomination

Unconditional love allows everything. Absolutely everything no exception. That means god will create a character that will live in a reality where he is fed shit and is tortured every day. God will create a baby who is put in the microwave or the oven. God will create a child that will be crucified.
There is an infinity of misery, pain and suffering out there to be experienced and it is not seen as inferior to the other side. God is inherently evil and disgusting, there's no other way to see it. It will inflict intolerable pain on countless beings.
And the most outrageous of all is that god is all alone. What's it trying to prove with this horrendous way of existing. What's it suffering for. Why isn't it simply having a good time 24/7.
I hate my life and my existence. I don't have free will or control over it, my misery was entirely planned and designed by god. I wish nothing existed at all. None of the beings created by god have volition, they can't do anything about their miserable fates, they are destined to suffer it. God is the ultimate cruel bastard.
submitted by Holykael to nonduality [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:08 Binsky89 Are Nema 23s Overkill?

So, my current project is converting an old oven into a heated print chamber. Originally I was going to just stick my Ender 3 v2 in it and call it good, but while shopping for parts to build a 3D scanner, I decided to build a new printer inside it using linear rails.
I figured, since I'm building from scratch, why not use the more powerful motors since space isn't a huge issue.
I just don't know if the 23s will be too powerful for a 3D printer. I am considering using gear boxes to increase the speed at the cost of reducing torque.
My other option is to use 17s with gear boxes to increase torque and precision at the cost of speed. This can get close to the high torque of the 23s with only drawing 2A
submitted by Binsky89 to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:03 dootdootmctoot Injured at work, unsure about liability and need advice.

Hello, obviously to hide specifics I will avoid names and obviously identifables, but here goes.
Last Friday while working in a factory, I noticed a pressured unit/still leaking steam, I began to move it from its heat source and the lid came undone, spraying my arm with boiling liquid. I’ve sustained a third degree burn to the majority of my arm. I am currently not working until I’ve attended wound clinics and they advise it’s sensible to return.
My questions are:
  1. I’m worried I will be blamed for this incident. How can I avoid this happening?
  2. Do I have a claim for compensation? I understand if I followed this through I would likely have to leave the job.
submitted by dootdootmctoot to LegalAdviceUK [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 17:03 preggox3 32 yo/ Female What is this white pinprick dot located deep in my eyelid?

So 3 weeks ago, my eyelid swelled and I was diagnosed with an internal stye. I've done everything since then to rid of it and it's slowly going away. However while checking my stye I noticed this white pinprick dot located inside my upper lid. It's next to my stye, but separate. It isn't connected. It's rather deep in the lid. It's white and very small. Is this just a coincidence I found this or is it related to my stye? It's rather deep in my eyelid. Is it normal anatomy?
32 yo female No previous health conditions https://imgur.com/a/USu5CT4
submitted by preggox3 to eyetriage [link] [comments]

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