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Images, reviews, DIY, and all things concerning the cannabis extraction method known as "Rosin" or "Rosin Tech"

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A place to write a letter you don't intend to send.

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2023.06.08 07:43 Boomingwynnea685 "...and that's how I became known as the Alpha Brony."

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2023.06.08 07:41 EchoJobs 10X Genomics is hiring Software Engineer in Test - Computational Biology/Image Analysis USD 139k-170k Pleasanton, CA US [Bash Go R AWS Python Git OpenCV Rust Node.js]

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2023.06.08 07:41 Budget-Mud-5776 Temu offers a wide selection of affordable items. You don't feel like you're spending any money. It is hard to believe just how much you can get for just $10. Consequently, Temu is now the top-ranked app on the App Store.

Temu offers a wide selection of affordable items. You don't feel like you're spending any money. It is hard to believe just how much you can get for just $10. Consequently, Temu is now the top-ranked app on the App Store.
Just download TEMU from App store or Google play. Search the special code: 173745606.
Get your own cashrewards
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2023.06.08 07:40 ppmp28 [US] [Selling] Getting out of collecting, hoping to sell bundle of 55 items- deluxe Blu-ray's, steel books, and box sets

[US] [Selling] Getting out of collecting, hoping to sell bundle of 55 items- deluxe Blu-ray's, steel books, and box sets
Hi all! I’m new to this sub but I recently made a post on criterion about selling my whole collection here https://www.reddit.com/criterion/comments/13yf5vy/one_last_look_at_my_collection_before_i_start/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
While I’m working through some different offers and transactions I just wanted to post a big list of the blu rays I haven’t sold yet. They’re all in NM+ condition working perfectly, and they’re some of my favorites. I’m sad to see them go but I’m hoping I can use the funds from this to afford a new camera for work (I’m a freelance videographer.)
Ideally I want to sell all 55 of these in one mass bundle, if you’re interested pls DM me and once we finish the transactions I’ll get it shipped in a day or two. If you’re interested in buying just a few still feel free to reach out and we can discuss pricing! Hope to hear from ya’ll :)
Last House On The Left- Deluxe Arrow BluRay
The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On
The Battle of Algiers
The Addiction- Arrow
El Sur
Death By Hanging
The Driller Killer- Arrow Deluxe Steelbook
The Passion of Joan of Arc
The Breakfast Club
Cosmos- Arrow Bluray
Marketa Lazarova
The New World
Vengeance is Mine
Red Desert
Amores Perros
The Signifying Works of Marlon Riggs- Box Set
Shohei Imamura Survivor Ballads- Arrow Box Set
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The friends of Eddie Coyle
Four Flies on Grey Velvet- Arrow blu ray
Pickup on South Street
The Naked Kiss
The red Shoes
M- Fritz Lang
Pierrot Le Fou
Watership Down
The Bird With The Crystal Plumage- Arrow blu ray
Midnight Cowboy
Naked Lunch
Cruising- Arrow blu ray
Come Drink With Me- arrow blu ray
Dark Water- arrow blu ray
Drive- Steelbook
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Double Indemnity
The Shooting/ Ride In The Whirlwind
The Brood
The Hourglass Consortium
Paths of Glory
Fantastic Planet
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
The Texas Chaisaw Massacre- Steelbook
The Taisho Trilogy
12 Angry Men
America Lost and Found, The BBS Story Box Set
My DMs are wide open! Hope to hear from you! :)
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2023.06.08 07:39 Minecraft1464 Are we doing the June 12th strike on this subreddit?

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2023.06.08 07:39 Professional_Time555 Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating
Normal to still have this much of 60ml left after doing a c5 corvettes paint?
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2023.06.08 07:39 AfterStable1638 Who should I invest in?

Who should I invest in?
Looking for more offensive fighters
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2023.06.08 07:39 TimelyCommanda Went from grand dad to grand daddy

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2023.06.08 07:39 Brandianne79 Trying to identify a hit and run driver, my husband sustained fatal injuries.

Trying to identify a hit and run driver, my husband sustained fatal injuries.
Im asking for everyone's help to identify the driver in a hit and run accident on May 13th in La Rue, Oh 43332.. It was on the news this past Friday.. It happened in Marion county on Rt 95 between LaRue and New Bloomington Ohio. The driver we're looking for was driving a black (or dark green) BMW X5 2007-2013 (possibly a diesel) there are witnesses, pictures, a woman he tried to run off the road a few minutes before the accident has a video of him.. he was traveling north through Richwood, Oh before the accident on Rt 37.. we believe from the Marysville area.. he could possibly be from Marion, Kenton, Marysville, somewhere in that area we think. My husband left to get our pizza from jc's in La Rue.. was gone from home for 8 minutes before the crash. This guy passed him in La Rue and whatever he did when he passed my husband caused my husband to follow him. I believe to get a tag number. The BMW was traveling well over 100mph in the video where the woman was trying to get his tag number. He has a license plate cover that is too dark to see through. I've offered a 1500 reward for information leading to the driver being identified and arrested. My husband was in a 2016 WRX STI.. and the last couple of pics are him and his car because he loved it so much 💔 someone local suggested reddit whatsthiscar, they suggested BMW, they suggested, RBI, and RBI suggested Columbus and Ohio reddit.. so it is Posted in other groups.. thank you for taking the time to read all of this ..
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2023.06.08 07:38 Minecraft1464 We should do the June 12th strike

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2023.06.08 07:38 doomer_claire [TotK] Tears of the Kingdom got some wacky lore stuff going on

As the title suggests, I think Tears of the Kingdom completely destroys any consistency in the story of Breath of the Wild, and in turn the rest of the Zelda timeline, and is by nature pretty goofy. Allow me to explain my points. I do have to preface, I do not and never will on my own volition own a Wii, and thus have never played Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, or Skyward Sword. I realize that doesn't help my case at all as someone claiming any level of authority on Zelda lore, but this post aims to illustrate that the lack of knowledge I have on the lore of those games doesn't even matter.
One thing that has been floating around in the Zelda lore community over the past six years since Breath of the Wild released was the tapestry depicted the original battle between the hero and the great calamity, ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild. It is often believed that this specific hero was a Zonai, due to his odd looks and green arm reminiscent of Rauru's. Problems arise when in Tears of the Kingdom, we see that the red hair of the hero in the tapestry, often attributed to the Zonai by the Barbarian armor set isn't actually a trait the Zonai had. From what we know of the Zonai, their hair was white rather than red, albeit we only get to see two of them. Moreover, they were scholars rather than warriors, building machines to work for them, comparable to those built by the Sheikah to do battle, although it is made clear in TotK that the Zonai gave machines a much greater presence in their lives than the Sheikah did, with the constructs (what the Zonai call their machines) working as soldiers and servants, rather than just soldiers.
The Barbarian set itself introduces some contrivance into the lore by indication that the Zonai came from and resided within the Faron region in the Southeast reaches of Hyrule. It's impossible to say whether or not there is any truth to this, because we only ever see two Zonai, but their ruins are all across Hyrule, underground and above. There very well may have been a point in time that the Zonai only lived within the Faron region, but they did not come from it. Historically, according to Tears of the Kingdom, the Zonai were an advanced civilization that came from the sky. Unfortunately, it's impossible to say what it means to say that the Zonai came from the sky. Would it make them aliens, like those seen in Majora's Mask? Were they like the people of Skyloft? If so, why was there no record of any large structures having been in the sky at any point from the founding of Hyrule to the Great Upheaval? Was the Faron region just unexplored by the Zora, Rito, Goron, or Hylian nations before the Zonai built a complex flying machine to fly them out of the region and into what is now Central Hyrule, and everyone there thought them to be gods when they landed? Forgiving me for calling it convoluted, but I think that explanation is indeed too convoluted to be correct. Unfortunately, taken at face value, it seems that the Barbarian set doesn't reference the Zonai at all, being that its description mentions warriors from Faron and the Zonai are specifically referred to as advanced scholar demigods from the sky. Rauru and Mineru themselves fight with magic instead of weapons, which seems to be within their regular abilities rather than granted by their secret stones, seeing as it is made clear that secret stones only amplify abilities rather than granting them, though this falls apart when applied to Ganondorf, whom I can guarantee did not have an innate ability to summon monsters and turn the moon red.
My point with all of this is that the hero seen in the tapestry of the great calamity cannot possibly be a Zonai, because the figure does appear to be a hero with red hair wielding a blade. The Zonai are shown to have done very little fighting of their own, and very little usage of swords (in fact, the only Zonai swords in-game belong to constucts) along with a lack of red hair and an unlikelihood of having created or worn the Barbarian armor set. Truthfully, none of that matters at all since if we account for the events of Tears of the Kingdom, the great calamity possibly didn't happen ten thousand years ago anyway.
Many Zelda fans have decided that the events of Tears of the Kingdom's memories occur ten thousand years before those of Breath of the Wild, and whether it's actually stated in-game, or the time between TotK's Imprisoning War and Link's triumph over Ganondorf is just stated to be "thousands of years" does make a pretty big difference, however if we assume the events are ten thousand years apart, unless upon being sealed away Ganondorf immediately manifested Calamity Ganon, I find it hard to believe that it happened in the first place. We know the original great calamity had to have happened during or after the reign of Rauru, due to the presence of Hyrule Castle in the tapestry. Along with the Divine Beasts, guardians, and towers also present in the tapestry, nowhere to be found anywhere within the present or past of Tears of the Kingdom, I think it is safe to say this casually accepted ten thousand year gap cannot be the case, and that TotK's Imprisoning War happens before the arrival of the great calamity. That's fine, but... If it's the same Imprisoning War as the one mentioned in prior Zelda games, more problems arise. There's the obvious issue that Ganondorf didn't get sent to any other realm, he just got placed under the castle, and then other issues like the presence of a Rito sage which would be impossible if we are to assume the Rito "evolved" from the Zora when the Great Sea showed up sometime after OoT, and there is no real reason not to believe that, seeing as the series' writers have confirmed it. The only way at all that the Imprisoning War of TotK happens after the entirety of the rest of the Zelda timeline, with the implication being that Hyrule fell to ruin and was rebuilt by the Zonai, who have never been present before in any Zelda game at all.
Another big issue arises on the topic of the Sheikah and their technology. This is one that has been debated for a while now. The question goes: After Breath of the Wild, what happened to the Sheikah towers, shrines, guardians, and Divine Beasts? It has only been a few years, and it seems like it would be difficult to fully get rid of them all in that time. The generally agreed answer is that they were removed and used to build the new towers present in TotK. This answer is really dumb. Those towers are significantly smaller than the ones in BotW. Shrines also contain vast underground areas that could not be "removed" or refilled within the span of a few years, and they contain the bodies of one-hundred and twenty-four possibly dead or alive mummified monks, which would no doubt constitute them as sacred places unfit to be destroyed. The Divine Beasts are also the only resting grounds for the Champions' spirits, a fact that pretty much everyone in Hyrule knows. Only two of the Champions even have memorials outside of the Divine beasts, those being Mipha and Daruk, and Daruk's memorial was defaced by Yunobo. For Revali and Urbosa, their Divine Beasts are the only memorial they have, and unfortunately all but Mipha seem to have undergone the third death. It seems odd, then, that the Divine Beasts were not also considered sacred and left undisturbed. In other words, it's a question that still remains unanswered, and I personally believe that's because it's a retcon. They weren't removed, the writers just want us to accept the new continuity they've designed in which they were never there.
Also, for another contradiction to Breath of the Wild, the Zonai are referred to throughout BotW as mysterious and unknown, pretty much only referenced in item descriptions. Tears of the Kingdom retcons all of that. Pretty much everyone recognizes Zonai ruins when they see them. Talk to most NPCs, they'll have something to say about the Zonai. Even Zelda knows a hell of a lot about them at the start of the game. Pretty much every major character has accepted that the Zonai founded Hyrule, when literally nothing in the previous game indicates that.
Finally, let's look at how Tears of the Kingdom contradicts its own lore. Possibly not inhabited by the Zonai, the Faron region contains imagery that makes it clear that the people there worshipped the dragons, specifically Farosh. The one implication that those are Zonai ruins comes with Mineru's quest, in which Link has to go around the Dracozu river looking for some explicitly Zonai armor. However, if they are Zonai ruins, issues associated with dragon worship become MUCH bigger, but even if they aren't, there are still issues with the concept of dragon worship. Put simply, if you eat a secret stone you become a dragon and lose everything, and that's universally agreed to be a bad thing. So, the dragons were people who ate secret stones. But that's forbidden... So why would they be worshipped by anyone...?
On the topic of secret stones, what's up with Ganondorf? He puts on a secret stone and suddenly becomes a demon king with the power to create red slime and spawn monsters and turn the moon red. Anyone else puts on a secret stone, they can make a gust of air, or roll fast, or move some water, or strike lightning. Why is it that Ganondorf suddenly becomes a deity when he wears one? Is it his connection with Demise, his innate abilities only manifesting as those of his original form? In that case, why is it that the Triforce only turns him into a pig guy? One seems vastly superior to the other. I just personally believe there is no good reason to make Ganondorf the Demon King, since he shows two feats throughout TotK's memories: leading a group of Gerudo who control a swarm of molduga with a pungi like snake charmers. And it's not Ganondorf who plays it. And making a puppet Zelda. That's it. It seems overboard to give him control of the moon. And it is the moon, it's not a puppet moon. You could say everything he makes, monsters included, are just puppets, but the issue is the extent of his power. Rauru is considered a god by Hyrule and the best he can do is sacrifice himself sealing one guy away. One guy. Ganondorf gets armies. Rauru gets to seal one guy and make an explosion and die. Yunobo gets to roll, but he can do that without the stone. Sidon gets to make a bubble. Again, he can do that without the stone. Riju gets to strike lightning, and she too can do that without the stone. Tulin gets to make gusts, but he too can do that without the stone. Sonia can rewind stuff, but Link can do that without a stone. Mineru gets to attach stuff to her construct body, something that I kid you not EVERY CONSTRUCT CAN DO. The stone doesn't let her have the body. She could already do that. The stone isn't even really what lets her attach stuff to it. Really, it does absolutely nothing for her. Period. So why does Ganondorf get armies and the power to manifest whatever he wants? That's silly. I'm sorry, really, it's goofy. Kohga can do all kinds of wacky stuff, if that guy got a secret stone I think Hyrule would legitimately be doomed, judging by the logic of Ganondorf and his silly rock. The would would transform into a giant spiked ball or something. Genuinely, the difference of power between the level of amplification on Ganondorf's abilities and the level of those amplified for everyone else is so drastic that I consider it contradicting to the game's lore, because once again, Rauru is considered a god and his power is dwarfed by Ganondorf's.
I'd love to hear your opinions, and I know someone's gonna say mine doesn't matter because I haven't played the Wii games, frankly I don't care, I included only a few references to them that pretty much every Zelda fan knows. Really, I'm not the most versed in Zelda lore and this is not in any way my attempt to appear as an authority on it, but I do think someone with authority on Zelda lore such as Zeltik should look at TotK through a critical lens because it's goofy. I've seen very little but praise posted about this game everywhere but this sub, and as someone who enjoyed playing it I personally do not think the praise is warranted.
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2023.06.08 07:38 Kimba93 UK report: Male suicide is not primary caused by mental health problems

In September 2022, an UK report about male suicide argued that male suicide is not primary caused by mental health problems and can't be solved with making men talk more about how they feel. Among the people who made the report were researches from the Centre for Male Psychology, whose head thinks that men not talking as much about their feelings might be caused by evolution (as men had to stay quiet while stalking prey). According to the report, there are three main issues why men commit suicide: External factors, universal issues and transitions.
External factors are:
- Relationship breakdown (separation and divorce) and related issues such as family courts, CMS payments, child contact, isolation and domestic abuse;
- Financial concerns/pressures;
- Employment/Work/Unemployment (including workplace culture, redundancy, too old or injured to continue with “blue collar” work);
- Housing/Homelessness;
- Bereavement;
- Isolation/Loneliness (including being single/living alone);
- Addictions;
- Ethnicity with respect to feeling they will not be supported or believed because of their race;
Universal issues are:
- Social integration and loss of social connection;
- Loss of meaning and purpose;
- A gap in available and clearly signposted male-friendly services;
- Lack of professional/societal curiosity or empathy with respect to male wellbeing (Men do talk but who is listening/acting/asking?).
Transitions are:
- Loss of work (and no alternatives – worsened by recession), family, relationship loss, home/homelessness, entry into the criminal justice system, sexuality, disability and bereavement and going to university/college;
- Life changes such as the transition from armed forces to civilian life or realising you are gay and being in fear of the consequence of disclosure.
According to the researchers, most men commit suicide as a practical, solution-based response to a problem they face, meaning a "rational" action or decisions. Therefore, male suicide should not be viewed as an emotional, but a practical problem. Instead of telling men to talk more about their feelings, we as society need to actually solve the problems that men face, and stop demonizing men by telling them that it's their problem because they don't talk about their feelings and by using the term "toxic masculinity."
It's rare for me to disagree more with a report than this one. How does someone make a difference between a suicide caused by mental health problems and a suicide caused by "external stressors"? Do the people who made the report think that mental health problems can only cause suicides if there were zero external stressors before the person committed suicide? The person had a perfect life and then just out of nowhere became depressed, because of "chemical imbalances" (?), without any external stressor whatsoever? This is of course absurd, an external stressor can cause mental health problems, that than can lead to depression and suicide. And it's not exactly new knowledge, of course everyone knows that men and women can both experience mental health problems that come from external stressors. The report mentioned literally everything possible that can cause mental health problems (loneliness, loss of meaning, relationship problems, money problems, etc.), while trying to argue male suicide is not primary caused by "mental health problems."
However, the report does say at the end that mental health services should expand their help for men, that there should be more training for male-specific mental health help, and that there should be more male psychologists. So yeah, even this report argues that men should be more encouraged to talk about their feelings and to take care about their mental health.
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2023.06.08 07:37 bigDivot99 Got Plushcare Prescription for Ozempic but UHC denied due to not having diabetes, Plushcare open to appeal, do I have any options?

Hey folks,
Trying to get on Ozempic for weight loss and did the blood work up via Plushcare and scored a prescription for Ozempic.
UHC denied the PA as I am not suffering from diabetes but Plushcare sent me the following letter:
UHC denied your prior authorization. I've been following up on your denial and what the options would be for an appeal. Your plan only covers this medication if you have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and if there is enough evidence submitted to prove it. Please be advised that appeal approval often always requires a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. PlushCare doesn't have records to that effect. If you have labs and proof of type 2 diabetes from an outside facility, please book a follow up appointment so that additional medical notes can be charted. Please be advised that a type 2 diabetes diagnosis with proof must be listed on your medical chart notes in order for us to list it on your authorization. Appeals take around 30 days and insurance will likely deny any other related meds submitted during that time as duplicate therapy. Your other option would be to check with your insurance to find out what GLP-1 medications are included and for what diagnoses, then book an appointment to discuss which would be the most appropriate for you. Thank you! Weight Loss Medications that do not require Type 2 Diabetes: Wegovy, Saxenda, Contrave and or Plenity. ———-
UHC doesn’t cover Wegovy or the other alternatives so what are my options for Ozempic? Keep eating Snicker bars until I get diabetes and get another blood panel? (Ha)
Any advice on how to appeal?
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.08 07:37 jimmy_tanner new copypasta just dropped

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2023.06.08 07:37 Minecraft1464 We doing the June 12th strike?

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2023.06.08 07:37 ballurrdaredditor Can someone please draw my lil boi for me? His name is SMILEY MAN (and yes his name is pronounced in uppercase letters)

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2023.06.08 07:37 Katers13434 Why does Emmy think knowing who someone is, holds so much power?

Like pop off sis, I’ve literally had people send you my name and I’m yet to have a letter in my mailbox, or a knock at my door 😂
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2023.06.08 07:36 ruiuk8 "Clouding it Up" TONIGHT! The Only Comedy Show for Stoners! 21:00 in Neukölln!

Well hellohello my lovely stoners & comedy fans of BerlinSocialClub

It's Thursday again! The weekend is nearly here and I am just here to suggest that if you were looking for something incredibly fun to do tonight, well...

CLOUDING IT UP ☁️ is here!

The only comedy show where absolutely EVERYONE (Audience & Comedians) will be high as a kite!

Bare in mind that we will be making sure everyone's on the same page! (Wink, wink!)

Regardless of wether you're by yourself, on a date or within a large group of friends, YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST! 💥

With a fire line up, consisting of some of the most talented English-speaking comedians in Berlin!

Laura Tarkany! 🇭🇺
Sugumar Chandrasekaran! 🇮🇳
Ben Belnick! 🇦🇺
Ahmad Alkurdi! 🇸🇾
Araz Slange! 🇦🇿
Stephan Schieber! 🇬🇹
Nate Hester! 🇺🇸 🇵🇱
and Miles Lloyd! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


📍 Valentin Stüberl, Donaustraße 112, Berlin 12043


So make sure to get there nice and early and get the pre-smoking oand pre-drinking game started! And tell your friends, to tell their friends to tell their friends and so on!

Limited Seating. BOOK YOUR SEATS HERE!
Tickets at the door cost 12€ (Cash Only!)

Alright peeepz, I think that covers it!
Much love y'all! And see you there!

Link to our Instagram Eventbrite
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2023.06.08 07:36 Slow_Counter_9825 yeh whi hai jo tri-colour aur national anthem ko disrespect karne ka legalisation mang rhi thi ..

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2023.06.08 07:36 JellySqueezed Cursed force safe for addons?

I really wanna use addons but last time I tried I got a funny letter in the mail a few years ago. I really wanna try some addons again but I’m scared it’ll happen again
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2023.06.08 07:35 No-Celebration-1051 The remaining mods have me blocked 😢😢🥺🥺

The remaining mods have me blocked 😢😢🥺🥺
Ahhh well I know somehow someway you’re still watching. I know how you badass bitches like to do that. It’s all fun and games to group together and talk shit but when someone ‘steps on your toes’ you block and hide. It’s ok I’ll sit here and talk to myself all day 😂😂😂 also- Cory commented in that sub if y’all are interested
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