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2023.05.31 19:11 GarageDoorNow Seeking advice on taking career to next level- current aerospace machinist

Title summarizes it pretty well, looking for advice and similar personal experiences with growing your manufacturing career to a higher earning potential.
Currently I’m 25 y/o with 5 years experience, trained from the ground up at my current company, no degrees or certificates. I make $32 an hour (with unlimited OT) and overall have it very easy, to the point where I’ve grown bored and I know I need to get serious about learning more or going to school. I have some basic programming knowledge on the controller, but no actual CAD experience. I’m thinking about getting a 2 year programming degree or some type of online programming certificate (does that exist?) to really help build my resume and open the door to a more white collar position down the road. Is that worth it? Or should I just ask my company to learn in house, or find a different company that will train me? Some of these decisions are made more difficult in the fact that I work for a great company, good bosses, coworkers, schedule, etc, so I’m a little nervous to hop into something else and end up regretting it.
TLDR- current machinist happy and making a good living- but want to transition to higher paying white collar (or at least hybrid) role down the line.
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2023.05.31 19:09 alexanderb35 Read between the lines. Part 1: drug laws. Part 2: interacting with police. Summary

Mtl law book
Controlled drugs and substances act, cdsa. Substances on this list are controlled substances. Schedules are categories substances fall into
If lose case can be deported
If you possess over the legal limit of pot can be imprisoned post 2018 still. 2018 is when pot was legalized.
There are provincial and federal laws
The police arrest but the crown charges. Crown can charge for a different crime then police arrested for.
If you are being prosecuted then there are charges against you in a criminal file
The crown and police have a lot discretionary power with your treatment and your file. Crown is like prosecutor, not police.
Director of penal and criminal prosecutions, DPCP, prosecutor provincial boss, instruct and provide guidance for prosecutors. Other provinces have their own name.
Jury or judge acquit which means your innocent. Prosecutor can also withdraw charges "withdrawn" status.
Sentence are possible consequences of being guilty
Priors are prior criminal record
Law enforcement officer: immigration officers, police, youth protection agents, municipal inspectors, correctional officers etc.
Black, indigenous, racialized and migrant communities, people who are known to the police, are targeted more by police, meaning police also violate their human rights more often. Sentenced more harshly than whites. Drug laws are historically created to target these groups.
Systematic bias: those with authority, even incl teachers, have explicit or implicit bias against certain communities
Racial profiling: officers target certain groups of ppl and postal codes more.
Anti gang squad, anti gun squad, anti radicalization are dog whistles for targetting minorities. Also includes applying additional surv eillance to target group.
During say a anti gun police raids, they can prosecute the raided for any illegal drugs the cops find. This results in potential criminals fearing to call the police bc if there is an investigation the police could nail the caller. If a sex worker has HIV and does not disclose their HIV status it counts as sexual assault, meaning if a John beats her up, risky to call the cops on him.
If have PR status and found guilty could be deported/removal. Some drug addicts only are PRs.
Anytime you speak to police you are making a statement. Crown can use these statements to convince someone else to plead guilty or convict. Your silence cannot incriminate but your statement might.
Police allowed to lie. Will do anything really to get a statement. Don't react to any of their behaviours, comments, or questions since that can be a statement. Try to remain silent. But many ppl do not have the privilege of remaining quiet, ex that can worsen police behavior.
Rehearse how to speak to police without providing any incriminating statements if you think you want to make a statement.
Police cannot arrest you if they don't identity at least 1 offence. On arrest they give undertaking paper or hold you until court date.
After released by police, prosecutor might decide not to prosecute. If police are holding you after arrest your 1st court date happens after 1-3 days. Sentencing may be postponed until therapy/school/work etc is complete.
1st court case is usually 1-3 days after arrest, then bail applies for the 2nd court date in like months/yrs. When released after arrest can be released without conditions.
If plead guilty with lawyer, lawyer can negotiate to have certain charges withdrawn
Cannabis act covers cannabis.
You can be acquitted of 1 charge while charged with the others
Willing blindness: you are supposed to inquire about the nature of a delivery you are driving if the package seems suspicious.
4(1) Possession, "Simple possession": to prosecute evidence needed: knowledge/willful blindness that substance in your possession and knowledge/willful blindness that it is a controlled substance named in the cdsa and measure of control/consent to their possession Law requires measurable quantity of drug, ex residue in a bag If there are drugs in your car and you are the driver or passenger, it cannot be the only reason for a conviction. Possession - drugs don't have to be on you. Willful blindness - you ought to have know you have the drugs in your possession Knowledge of your possession is proven by it's location (hidden or in sight), whether police have statements by you or others. Schedule 4 substances and lower cannot be found guilty of simple possession, but can be found guilty of other offences like trafficking
Double doctoring/ 4(2) obtaining a practitioner: asked dr for prescription or drugs without disclosing that info about the drug that u received in the last 30 days. Both for personal usage and for dealing. Uncommon charge.
5(1) Drug trafficking, trafficking in substance: proof must prove that you did 1 of the following or that you offered to do one of the following: - Selling drug or prescription: incl if the sale is not completed. - helping or encouraging someone to buy/sell. Bringing the buyer to the seller and if without this help the sale would never have taken place. Introducing a potential buyer to a seller is sometimes prosecutable depending on the judge. It sounds like it might only be an offense if accused works for the dealer and arranges the meeting between buyer and seller, but not clear. - giving drugs for free or for "free" is still trafficking - cannot administer illegal drugs even if asked too - if transporting home for personal consumption only, simple possession. But if or the purposes of sharing with friend, roommate then trafficking. Exceptions: inside safe injection site for drug checking purposes. Buying doesn't seem to be trafficking. Selling a prescription (the paper) is trafficking - Max sentence is life
5(2) Possession for the purposes of trafficking: simple possession + purpose/intent of trafficking. Large quantity helpful to prosecutor but not required. Presence of measuring, packaging equipment, multiple bagged quantities, large amounts of cash, notebooks can be evidence. - Max sentence is life
Drug trafficking: sale, gift, administrating drug, transport of drug.
Case study: Nat brought cdsa drug to share with client at motel. Client overdoses and Nat has to call 911. Police show up too. She admits to cops that she bought the drugs and that he asked for them so the cops know it was his idea. She is convicted of trafficking.
6(1) Import (or export) and 6(2) possession for the purpose of import (or export): all must be proven: Bought drugs/organized their entry into Canada Knowledge/willful blindness/recklessness that controlled substance Intention to import the substance Bring drugs or organize their entry into the country: happens as soon as drug enters/leaves any country and continues until drug arrives at final destination in Canada in a person's possession. If in transit through mtl and Toronto offence has take place in both locations. You don't have to have been personally transporting the drugs or even present at the place of entry to be charged. If police intercept the drugs in transit, irrelevant to defense. Crown doesnt have to prove you know the precise nature of the drug. Recklessness: ex accused caught with 2 bottles of wine that contain dissolved cocaine, since the cocaine amount was large, the producer prob wouldn't give this bottle to a blind courier. Behaviour following importation may provide convincing evidence of participation in offence: meeting with ppl, receiving calls of short duration at late hours, coded language by accused+accomplices, using public telephones to talk to "accomplices" despite owning a cell. After drug arrives to final destination, other ppl cannot be prosecuted for "possession for purposes of import" Police are specifically looking for fake suitcases on flights being carried by women 30s-40s
7(1) Production of substance, 7.1(1) possession, sale, etc for use in production or trafficking: production - manufacturing, harvesting, growing, etc. Offence includes offering to produce drug Evidence must prove you have some control over location/operation of production: cannot be convicted for simply being in a place of production. Police usually do detailed surveillance against accused first. Warrants for interception of private communication, track/trace (surveillance device on car), garbage searches, search warrants Police usually find out when purchase of large or suspicious purchases that are commonly used in drug production.
If police are at your house for a DV investigation and they see a baggie of what looks like heroin, can result in arrest.
Possession means: you have it on your personal possession, you know a friend is holding it for you, you know that you have hidden it somewhere. If your friend is holding a cdsa drug for you and they know it's cdsa drug, then you both are in possession. If the cops raid your grandma's house and you stores cdsa drugs there, she will not be convicted.
Knowledge of the drug: you just have to know it's a controlled substance, not what it is specifically to be convicted.
Judges sentence more harshly depending on drug type. Ex if there are current anti meth events or media, worse sentence.
Possession of methadone/opioid agonist treatments (OAT): - Health care providers don't need permission to prescribe, administer, sell/provide methadone to patients. Patients need a ordeprescription. To own methadone must be a patient or health care provider basically.
Initial meeting with a judge after arrest is a bail hearing.
To get bail: - better odds if minor crime - have $ via bail or signing a "recognizance" that says you'll pay bail. Get both back later on. A "surety" (friend) can pay for you. - fixed address that isn't a homeless shelter - ties to the community - family, legal job, studies, community engagement - proof of how will support self legally - having a friend reserve you a spot in rehab - indigenous
Conditions can prevent you from owning a cell phone.
Causing death by criminal negligence and manslaughter for giving drugs to someone who overdosed. rare. Can be convicted if you and a friend are shooting up together and you shoot them up at their request and then they die. Accidentally bringing a drug that contains fentanyl and your friend dies. Harsher punishment if accused is much older than decreased or if deceased is not much of a drug user.
Crown can withdraw some charges but keep others.
A guilty plea only may help improve sentencing. If pleading guilty better to do it before the trial.
Didn't type up schedule 1-7 drugs pg 38, 39 Schedule 1: opioids, meth, Adderall, ghb, methadone, MDMA Schedule 2: synthetic cannabinoids, most cannabis is regulated by the cannabis act now. 3: shrooms, lsd 4: zolpidem, steroids, benzodiazepines 5: not in the book if it exists 6: ingredients to manufacture drugs 9: manufacturing equipment ex machines to fill pills
Selling other medications like idk ibuprofen could be a civil matter where the gov might issue a large fine against you and failure to pay the fine results in conviction.
Sentencing - court determines punishment, ex prison, fines
If your lawyer and prosecutor agree on a specific sentence during a guilty plea, judge will most likely accept that, but judge doesn't have to.
Types of sentences: un/conditional discharge, fine, suspended sentence with probation and conditions (ex community service, rehab) imprisonment in institution or in community.
Being guilty can have other effects like travel ban to USA.
Sentencing considers: type and context of offence, circumstances of arrest, criminal record/priors, first charge for this kind of offence, current situation, level of detail and assurances in rehab plan, are there victims, prosecuted as summary or indictable offense. Unofficially judge considers bias like being anti-sex worker.
Prosecuted for either indictable offense or summary offense. sometimes the law decides which, sometimes prosecutor does. Determines max sentence and severity judge will serve.
Indictable offense - more serious. Some crimes are always indictable. Summary - less serious
Aggravating factors - reasons court gives harsher sentence: - Not having a drug addiction at the time of offence - priors - commited offence for financial gain - breach of trust - etc
Mitigating factors - reasons court gives better sentence: - guilty plea - been in drug rehab if had drug addiction at the time of the crime (get letters from case workers) - age - remorse - community involvement - etc
Mandatory minimum sentences, Mms.
Since 2012 Mms higher and a bunch of drugs moved up in schedule
Gladue report: - optional for accused. - affects all parts of court - prepared by some org - for anyone who identifies as indigenous
Impact of race and culture assessment IRCA: - A few provinces have this - gladue for black ppl - judge can legally ignore it - exists bc black ppl have faced a lot of adversity
Stimga = negative stereotypes
Ppl who use drug usually get worse treatment from justice system.
If you participate in a treatment program pre sentencing, it can reduce your sentence oand delay legal proceedings. Court needs to recognize its value and legitimacy. Court can also force you to attend a program of their choosing which can be like prison-lite. You can propose your plan to the court.
Special tribunals in mtrl regulate the provincial court treatment programs.
Many sex workers gain access to new resources and opportunities which can allow them change their condition and protect themselves. Anti sex worker laws deny them of this and their agency.
Drug addicts and sex workers are constantly stimgatized especially if they do sex work and use drugs.
Sex workers: Try to represent as a victim for a reduced sentence: - apologize and show remorse about your sex work - talk about how you're a victim of sex work - allow the court to paint your sex work as all the problems in your life - make no claim about the useful of sex work in your life - be poor, get exploited by clients/pimps - when the court tells you to stop talking to other sex workers, drug users, clients, do it.
If you are between 12-17 YO: - youth criminal justice act or director of youth protection applies to you, 1 or the other, you can sorta pick - "very serious" crimes you're prosecuted as an adult, so public criminal record - if an adult works with you on a crime it worsen the adults sentence
Police can charge you for possession of a weapon of they find a scissors or pocket knife
If police find you with a gun, they can easily give you 3 yrs. Weapons bans are 10 yrs.
Immigrants: - try to get either type of discharge (conditional or unconditional), that's the same as not guilty in immigration law. - refugees without Canadian citizenship can be deported - if you don't have PR, a hybrid offense or 2 summary offenses can get you deported - PR: receive a 6 month sentence or guilty of a crime that has max sentence of 10 yrs. - with an expired visa, cops database doesn't have that kind of info, but they could call Canadian Border Safety Agency (CBSA)
worse charges for drug trafficking if offence happens near school or other place frequented by minors, or on correctional facility grounds, or in a gang, setting traps, using someone else's building, creating hazards in a residential neighborhood
Indictable offence usually don't have fines associated with them.
Cannabis act (CA) - distribution and trafficking are the same thing - having on possession for sale is illegal - public place: public has assess too and any vehicle located in public view - generally refers to dried cannabis, usually 30g or equivalent
Illicit cannabis is illegally obtained cannabis. It doesn't have the gov stamp of approval
Some ppl give a fake name to cops bc risk of being identified is worse than the risk of obstruction. If you give police a fake address, they might mail court papers to that address and you won't be able to receive them. If you give the cops a fake name and need to retract it, try to say it's a "nickname but my legal name is x"
Recording cops: - legal for you to record cops unless property owner has rules against it, recording actually does interfer with the investigation - police may tell you that it's illegal. Might charge with obstruction, or say you're breaking like privacy, take your recording device, demand you erase recording, say they're seizing your phone bc it contains evidence - if police seize your phone, they could find incriminating evidence to charge you or someone else with another crime
Frisking: - cops can legally if u are arrested. Only supposed to if they thinking you have a dangerous item on you and are a threat to someone's safety. If you get upset this increases the odds they'll search you. If they are searching you for weapons not supposed to search you for other things like drugs, phones, tattoos etc. They can use this to search for needles to identify you as a drug user - searching you for evidence of the crime they say you committed - if you're temporarily detained/being questioned same thing - if you give them permission to search you or your property, they will. To prevent this say loudly "I do not consent to the search" and "je ne consens pas a une fouille" (jeh neh koh sehn pah ah oon foo yeh) - if an illegal search results in say drug charges, the drug charges could be withdrawn - if unlawful arrest (ex police brutality) then the subsequent search might be illegal
Seizures: - can seize items in a warrant. Ask to see and read the warrant. - if the warrant is to search a location, must have that address, specific area they can search, and list items theyre searching for - ask cops for a copy of the report identifying the seized items and where the items are being held Can seize items without warrant if they think it's related to a crime, ex: - weapons that may have been used in the offense, Items that provide evidence like phones, scales, note books, items obtained through criminal offenses like money from drug selling, They can seize items before any arrests While you're detained they will frequently go through your phone Note down: everything they seize, when, whom, where you were at the time. Careful about "obstructing" police while you do this, record officer name, patrol car number, badge number and other identitying info, knowing seizing location helpful for trying to get your things back, if an item is evidence you won't get it back til the end of the case, if it's considered proceeds of a crime you'll likely never get it back, illegal things you will never get back
While detained, you can try asking a guard or lawyer if you can use your phone to get phone numbers, usually they'll say no. Guards will be able to read your phone while this happens. Memorize the numbers of potential sureties.
Don't have incriminating evidence about yourself or your associates
Drug use equipment: - can legally distribute unused drug equipment - if you have drugs on you, having sterile drug equipment can be used as additional evidence against you - may still be seized by security - If you're hanging out with a drug users and you're searched and they find sterile needles, they may then search your companion
Being detained: - physical detention is like being cuffed - psychological - they tell you you're not free to leave/act like you can't leave - can detain for: you're connected to a crime, being a witness, victim, breaking a bylaws, warrant however discretionary power means they might not for a warrant, being present at a raid - technically don't have to identify yourself, but police will likely arrest you for obstruction - police have to tell you why
Being stopped and questioned: - just bc you are in the area a crime took place, doesn't mean they can stop and question you legally unless you match suspect description. They will anyway if they want
Warrants apply country wide
Arrested: - cops must tell you what you're being arrested for - they'll let you go with an "appearance notice" that may include conditions - you'll receive a "summons" in the mail is really an appearance notice - keep you in detention for a few days until a judge sees you - If you have kids, get a criminal lawyer and family law lawyer - if you're an immigrant criminal lawyer and immigration lawyeexpert - arrest warrant: must have name of person to arrested
You can negotiate conditions, like if banned from an area but have dr appointments there. Lawyer can do this.
If cops question you or tell you to go with them: - ask "am I free to leave? Am I being detained or arrested" if unclear ask again, if still unclear make motions to leave and leave if they don't stop you - if detained: "what am I being detained for?" - if arrested: "what am I being arrested for?" -- you have the right to ask and to speak to a lawyer - technically illegal for them to detain you due to trying to bring you to a shelter or rehab etc
Police legally have to wear badge number and name tag and have to identify themselves if you ask them to
After abusive police interaction, note down: - when, where event happened - held anywhere? Conditions of where you were held? Location? - officer names, numbers, car numbers - what was searched? When, where, how did it happen? - who was searched? How and where were they searched? Name and badge number of cop. - Dmges? take pics - who was detained? We're they offered an interpreter of needed? Do they speak the same language as the officer? - give all the info to lawyer
If cop grabs you and you pull away they might try to charge you with assault of an officer
Prep for dealing with police: - anyone in my party break a law? Any warrants? Youth protection involved with anyone? - if we're stopped by police, are we all staying silent, all giving the same info? Other plan? - are cops targetting me, the neighborhood? - if cops targetting someone else, can I walk away? - is my hangout area heavily surveilled? Is my party heavily surveilled? - if I have id, does it reflect the name I'm gonna tell the cops? What happens if an officer shows up who knows me? - how to respond to cops if my kids are with me? - condition breach? - am I carrying anything arrestable? Plan if they search me? - are all my incriminating items hidden from plain view? - what police consequences is most harmful to me? What am I most concerned about? What am I willing to do to avoid these? - can I role play with someone?
Good Samaritan overdose act (Good Sam law): - If someone is overdosing and you call 911, police legally aren't supposed to arrest you or anyone else there, incl overdosee for simple possession or simple possession condition breaches - everything else they can arrest you for. And they are known to use the opportunity to extract arrests Consider: throwing away/hiding your illegal drugs, tell others there you called 911 so they can leave, tell dispatch that area is safe so maybe police won't come, should I leave and get someone else to stay or leave a note on the overdosees,
Security guards, transit officers, etc: - no legal requirement to speak with them - they can citizens arrest you physically legally if they see you doing it - cannot legally search you - can legally use reasonable force to remove you from a building - Montreal public transit security can become special constables easily and can detain and arrest ppl suspected of criminal activity on mtl transit. Can access police database. - All public transit security can fine and issues tickets related to their public transit. You're required to provide them name, address, dob
Driving a vehicle: - if you are driving, police have more authority, like asking for ID, breathalyze - police can stop vehicles bc: see a driving violation, believe the vehicle is related or a crime, routine police blockade for like drunk drivers passing - often use license plates to determine if the car was stolen or a getaway vehicle or whatnot - police pulling over ppl in high crime areas for no other reason is illegal - important to not have knife, drug residue on plain view - if you're too shaky, pink eyes, they know lol in the car as drug dealers, they're more likely to find you suspicious - after arresting driver, they can legally search your vehicle if it's related to why they arrested you, ex they arrest you for drugs and then they can then search the vehicle for more drugs - more likely to search your vehicle if you're wearing a bulletproof vest - can search the vehicle legally for "safety", they see you have weapons charges and then they search the vehicle or if they have reason to fear for imminent evidence loss, fear imminent threat to someone's safety - legally easier for police to search your car then pat you down. - police can only legally ask driver for ID unless they turn the stop into an investigation in which case they can then ask everyone in the vehicle for ID - sleeping in your vehicle: take keys out of ignition, sleep in the back. Police may still harrass you and say it's in relation to criminal charges
Investigations: - begin for any reason, even via anonymous tip line calls - often police with surveill and if they see suspicious activity, they get a warrant
Residential location: - greatest privacy from police here legally, however: if owner unknown, abandon, frequented by marginalized ppl, police more likely to invade - when can they enter your house: generally police cannot enter without a warrant unless the person who answers the door consents, if they think someone inside is about to commit a crime or that a crime is in progress, in hot pursuit and the runner enters the house, if they think someone inside's life is in danger - if you don't consent to them entering say: I do NOT consent to you entering, je ne consens pas a ce que vous rentrez (jeh neh Kon sen pah ah seh voo rehn-tray) - can get warrants to enter for unpaid tickets, money owed to revenue Quebec - police search your home when: someone being arrested there and police think something is a danger to other potential occupants, police fear imminent lose of evidence, medical emergencies (Medicare card, suicide notes) - if they see something suspicious (drugs, scales, large sums of cash) in plain view (from your door, or anything they see if you allow them to enter. Even if you let them in, they're not supposed to search your house or roam to other rooms) they can seize it. - an arrest warrant isn't enough to search a place
Hotel/motel: for your room, generally same rules as residential, but a bit less privacy - for public areas, no privacy benefits - if cops get keys from hotel staff or permission from hotel staff they'll use that to enter your room - often will say the housekeeping staff saw something suspicious
House keepers: - if they see drugs, lots of condoms, paraphernalia, sex work publications or drug publications they may contact police. There is an increasing trend for this happening under the guise of human trafficking prevention esp if you're a marginalized/racialized women who uses drugs. - they are allowed to enter your room
Hospital: - usually won't provide the cops with much info unless they have a warrant for a patient. Sometimes even will not let cops into your hospital room - will contact law enforcement. Usually have low threshold to attempt to kick out ppl as it relates to arguments, raised voices, disruptions - if you are with a patient, hospital more likely to provide info on you to cops, so careful what info you give cops - as a patient u may have to change clothes and that could lead to dropping suspicious items out of your pocket - if you go to the hospital with a friend, tell them to stfu about providing info about you - bringing a friend can help by taking notes, advocating for you. Ideally your friend isn't know to the cops, can stay calm.
Supervised injection site, SIS: - inside cannot be charged with simple possession. Cannot give to others or administer to others. - staff cannot be charged with trafficking for providing the venue or material facilitating the drug usage. Same with staff checking drugs, which would normally be trafficking - police can do whatever outside of the building. If arrested for simple possession, could tell lawyer you were on your way to the sis/on your way back home - if you are investigated in relation to a sis, make sure your lawyer speaks with the sis bc your lawyer prob doesn't know the basics of the sis. - to use a sis, usually don't need to provide real name or info. If you give your real info, easier for medical staff at hospital to look you up if needed
Speaking to police: - if arrested cops suppose to stop asking you questions once you request to speak to a lawyer, but they will often still ask you questions anyway. After you speak to a lawyer they have the right to question you again - they will attempt to provoke you into speaking - interrogator will ask random questions to build rapport (ex personal life, interests). Will often promise or claim to help you if you talk to them - legally can lie about most things. Ex evidence, other ppl's statements, "if you leave now we can't help you later", "if you cooperate now you will get a more lenient sentence". - don't react to their questions
Initial appearance in from of a judge before bail hearing: - you appear before a judge within a day. If it's a weekend or holiday then after that. Have a lawyer come with you. This is when you plea guilty or not guilty - can try to exchange 1 release condition for another, discuss this with your lawyer beforehand - if you receive a fine, some organizations can you get a payment plan. Community service can also be used to pay off a fine.
Bail hearing - you can schedule the meeting with a judge at a later date to give you more time to prepare for how to make bail - usually happens within 3 days - prepare in advance how to get released on bail - Prosecutor will often argue you shouldn't be released bc: you won't attend your next court date, you pose a risk to the public, public will lose faith or you're released. - your lawyer will likely argue: you have a fixed address (can be friends, family), will obey your bail conditions - sometimes to make bail you need: bail money/recognizance document saying you'll pay latesurety. Surety should have legal job and no criminal record. Show that you have routine, like school, clubs, job, family. Can have someone who ideally does not have a record come testify to your character. Proof of income. Someone to book you a spot in rehab. - if the court takes your passport, photocopy the important pages
Cdsa and cannabis act are frderal criminal laws, but are often prosecuted by provincial/municipal forces
Law reform/Stella: The term decriminalization is getting more widely used and the meaning is recinding. Stella says decriminalization of drugs and sex work is a necessary first step to guarantee human rights. Drug use is not always an illness or problem. Abstinence is not the only way and thinking it's the only way is harmful. Drug sellers should be be categorized as bad ppl. If 1 law is repealed cops will often just target a sigmatized group with a new law. Alternative punishment instead of prison is still not decriminalization, aka Portugal model. For things like cannabis, even tho self possession of an amount is legal, you still can face police surveillance, unwanted police contact, trouble with landlord, etc. Individual prosecution directors, police departments can set guidelines, but those are not related to laws. Guidelines can say more or less punishment.
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2023.05.31 19:08 IamLightBlue I am looking to compare the difference between a Gspot/Clitoral blended orgasm and A-spot orgasms, based on their level of intensity and fulfillment.

Hello, women, Please speak openly and honesty and please try to avoid using the word "different", when describing the orgasms. I am asking which of these are more desirable, based on intensity and fulfillment you feel during the orgasm.
So which feels more fulfilling and deepened: A blended orgasm by stimulating the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, or a pure A-spot orgasm, from deeper penetration? Maybe add on a 3rd: A blended orgasm by A-spot hitting and clitoral stimulation, because adding the clitoris is always a plus, right?
1) A G-spot/Clitoris blend
2) A pure A-spot interaction by penetration
3) An A-spot/Clitoris blend
Please rank these in order, because I really want to compare the G-spot vs A-spot, in terms of fulfillment. Please share your honest experiences. Thank you!
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2023.05.31 19:08 autotldr AI intensifies fight against ‘paper mills’ that churn out fake research

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Advances in artificial intelligence are complicating publishers' efforts to tackle the growing problem of paper mills - companies that produce fake scientific papers to order.
"The capacity of paper mills to generate increasingly plausible raw data is just going to be skyrocketing with AI," says Jennifer Byrne, a molecular biologist and publication-integrity researcher at New South Wales Health Pathology and the University of Sydney in Australia.
"I have seen fake microscopy images that were just generated by AI," says Jana Christopher, an image-data-integrity analyst at the publisher Federation of European Biological Societies Press in Heidelberg, Germany.
Sabina Alam, director of publishing ethics and integrity at Taylor & Francis, a publisher based in Abingdon, UK, agrees but says that such standards will take time to implement.
The summit also discussed other strategies for tackling the problem of paper mills more broadly, including organizing an awareness day or week for researchers, as well as identifying ways for publishers to share relevant information on suspected paper mills - for example when publishers simultaneously receive submissions - without breaching data-protection rules.
The apparent rise in paper mills increases demand for such techniques - both for detecting fake papers at the point of submission and for identifying those that are already published.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: publish#1 paper#2 research#3 mills#4 tool#5
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2023.05.31 19:08 ElonMuskSucksCock JUST FOUND OUT SEASONS EXIST???

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2023.05.31 19:08 DungeonMaster19 My boss is requiring me to come in on my day off, but I don’t have child care for that day.

My boss warned me two weeks in advanced that I would need to come in for a meeting on my day off. I work as a server in a restaurant at the airport. The commute is one hour, and the time it takes me to park and go through security is another hour. So they are asking me to travel 2 hours each way for what I’m guessing is a one hour meeting. This is annoying, but the main issue is that I do not have childcare on the days I do not work. And because the location is the airport, I could not take my child with me through security. Is this legal? I am an hourly employee and the employer is at will.
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2023.05.31 19:06 ICantThinkOfAName280 Would sending this page in still work? i heard it's still the correct P.o. box

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2023.05.31 19:06 Big-Distribution5950 Mil making look like a bitter bm

I have some screenshots of the messages if anyone wants pm to see them*
Mil won’t leave me alone she texts me almost everyday then invites me every holiday. Not the big holiday but every holiday. She been doing since I went no contact I think she knows it’s makes me mad. She asked for pictures I said i didn’t have none at the moment which I didn’t. I’m not finna send no bad pictures she likes to gossip. She asked me when she’ll see her grandson I said I’ll let her know”. She just seen him on May 13th.. idk if she expecting every weekend or what?? Then she didn’t text for 4 days. Came back and said was I still mad? I’m like no if u feel that way don’t contact me” cause clearly she just trying to keep some drama going. Idk what she planning but I feel like she’s scheming. We go back to court in 2 weeks and I let me ex watch our son unsupervised. I talk to AOG they said it won’t effect the court order but I still feel she doing something sneaky. Plus I feel like she wants revenge because I went no contact and u know that causes narc injuries. What can I say to her to turn the situation around?
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2023.05.31 19:06 sunjacques794 Am I to stupid to play that?

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2023.05.31 19:05 cptjimmy42 I made a Frost Mead to explore the small mountain in my backyard, I was not disappointed.

I made a Frost Mead to explore the small mountain in my backyard, I was not disappointed.
Only 2 bosses down, and one new land sailed to for swamp. Now that I hunted some leeches for meads, I'm gonna go take a peek at things. Oh and I learned starred wolves will despwan in a pit with no food and no one watching them.
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2023.05.31 19:05 stonecold9999 Manchild and doormat love story

Doormat had watched manchild's serial before, she had liked him. She flirted with him throughout their ssk days. He was probably just being charming and trying to copy srk, how he keeps teasing his costars, janab tried to copy and dipika took it seriously.
Distance made dipika raunak fall apart, meanwhile janab realises she is serious about him. Janab backs out, leaves the show making it clear to dipika that he isn't interested. But in 2013, shoaib's father falls ill, he is admitted, it is brain haemorrhage, that changes shoaib's life. He is not working at this moment, and that is when dipika helps. He cannot reject her help as he has no other option. Financially he and his family is dependent on him, maybe ammi wanted shoaib to marry dipika.. also this is also when dipika is going through a divorce. Divorce is finalized in 2015, so they need to be secretive about their relationship, so 2 years they hide it, even though the rumors are spread all over the internet. 2016 is when they accept the relationship. 2017 is when they participate in nach baliye and get engaged. A narrative is set that the relationship started after the divorce, the year of relationship is different in every interview, hence they are lying clearly. Also dipika must have changed her religion by her own choice, as she wanted to have a proper nikaah and for that there is no other option. She wants the perfect wife tag by shoaib's family. 2018 after they get married, they dint have any source of income, so dipika had to opt for big boss. Her winning the show made things easy for them financially. 2020 changed their careers and life, youtube happened and the rest is history. Dipika desperately wants to sell the perfect family narrative to the world, and she will till the end of the road..
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2023.05.31 19:05 kfg3 Work issue

Not sure if this is the right place to seek advice….
I am currently working for a small company in Orange County, Ca - 3 employees + 2 bosses/owners.
I came back from my vacation yesterday to find out that there was a big argument between one of the bosses and my coworker.
Essentially- the three of us decided to stop answering phone calls during our lunch break (1hr) because it usually involved talking to customers for 5mins or longer depending on their needs. And we aren’t getting paid for this and it snatches up our lunch time. No one wants to stop mid eating to work.
During the time I was on a vacation said boss got upset because the phone kept ringing and my two coworkers did not answer. It escalated to the point where they were both yelling at each other and my coworker mentioned that “legally” we are not required to answer the phone during lunch and that it should be as if we are not in the office
That same day the other boss pulled my other coworker aside and told her that we should answer phone calls during our lunch break as courtesy because of the “benefits” we are provided •1 hr lunch break •bonuses and pay increase based on performance every 6 months. • as well as a “flexible schedule”
And basically mentioned that these benefits can be taken away. But they were part of our employment offers.
Side note: the boss that started the problem has a history of yelling at employees (pretty much verbally abusive when he is mad) and speaking over us when we try to defend ourselves and the other boss always takes his side and never sticks up for us. They both always act like nothing happened when issues like these happen.
Any advice is welcomed.
Edit- we have no HR. One of the bosses is essentially “HR” but it’s basically employees vs bosses.
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2023.05.31 19:05 Sketchy_1347 What is your current favorite PvE team rn?

What is your current favorite PvE team rn?
I normally use moonlight for more cc in place of stardust but I like using stardust more .
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2023.05.31 19:04 AlFakherInTheAss [UK] [H] Gateron Oil King 2x35 pack switches [W] Paypal

Item Quantity Description Price
Gateron Oil King Switches (35 per pack) 2 Lubing service by KBDFANS. Krytox GPL205g0 for switches and GPL105 for springs. £32.50 each or £60 for both. Shipped via Royal Mail 24hr Tracked.
Hi, I purchased these switches along with my KBDFANS TOFU65 2.0 and got them lubed by KBDFANS, however I quickly realised I'm not a fan of the 55g actuation force that many desire. Having come from TTC GOLD PINK switches with 37g of actuation force, the oil kings felt a tad heavy for my liking.
I have shown proof of my order (only last week) and delivery (yesterday) for piece of mind that they have barely been used. Price includes shipping :)
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2023.05.31 19:03 Maciek1212 your thumbnail is : damn sus

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2023.05.31 19:03 thatguyisswell Thoughts on this 2.09 vs 2.22 LG E VVS2?

Hi everyone,
I'm back in search of trying to find a diamond. If you check my post history, you'll see I ordered a diamond from Brilliance in April, to only receive a different diamond (which they didn't inform me they were doing) in May. I returned the one they sent, so I desperately need help picking a new one.
Option 1 - 2.09 E VVS2
Option 2 - 2.22 E VVS2
Any thoughts of opinions would be great, thank you!
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2023.05.31 19:03 ThatWaterAmerican 40-Year-Old OSR Guys Bully an Actual Child

When I was about 8-10 years old, my mom begged my dad to let me play D&D 3.5e with his regular group. I was never told how to play. They just gave me a rogue character sheet and sat me at the table. I was in way over my head but I was having a good time, even though I didn’t know what I was doing.
What I didn’t know until years later was that the other players said I was ruining the game (I don’t blame them for that tbh I literally did not know what I was doing). I’m sure this story would be very different from their perspective.
So, I think it was the third session I got up to use the bathroom. When I came back, the DM said that my character had triggered a trap and died. I asked if there was anything anyone could do.
One of the characters… cast animate dead on me. And my character rose up as a zombie that I was allowed to control. They said I had to follow their orders and that zombies can’t talk. That meant I couldn’t do anything except roll dice in combat. And everyone laughed at me.
As a child being bullied by five 40-year-old men at a stranger’s house, I started crying because I didn’t even know how my character died and obviously, I did not want him to be a zombie.
My dad told me to calm down and the other guys started teasing me. Just being straight up mean. My dad sat there and stared at me as his friends called me names and made snarky comments, which made me cry more. Which made my dad take me outside and tell me to calm down or he'd call my mom to pick me up.
My zombified character survived two combat encounters and died during a big fight against kobolds. The guys told me there was nothing they could do because zombies can’t be resurrected again. And so, I sat at the table for several hours, not allowed to do anything but watch.
After that session, I was not invited back. To this day, my dad has never talked to me about it. And I only found out how the other players felt from my mom over a decade later.
I fully acknowledge that I was most likely annoying and ruining the game for these OSR guys, but I wish my dad had talked to me and taught me to play the game instead of finding a creative way to make it so I couldn’t speak ,and gave me a ticking clock before I was out of the game.
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2023.05.31 19:02 strawbeawi SA assistance

Are there any SAs present that work at the Dallas Galleria location in Texas, I really want to buy a bag today and have sent my phone order over today but I know it can take up to 2 days for a response since my last purchase was last year 😭
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2023.05.31 19:02 Edward_Stivenson Ib Extended Essay Writing Guide

Looking for a more down to earth Extended Essay Guide? Then look no further. It is safe to assume that you are currently tackling the challenges of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. Nonetheless, that does not mean that students are given all the necessary resources to address complex extended essay questions. Throughout this IB Extended Essay Guide, experts from our online paper writing service will be exploring the most efficient methods to manage and complete such a challenging task.
What is an IB Extended Essay?
It is a well-known fact that the IB Diploma Programme is quite demanding as it includes multiple forms of assessment, one of which is the Extended Essay. It is designed for students aged between 16 to 19 to help prepare them for life's challenges. Overall it aims to do so by encouraging its participants to be independent thinkers that are knowledgeable, caring, compassionate as well as have an inquisitive nature about the world around them. One develops their intercultural understanding due to the methods used to teach the material, particularly the Extended Essay, and the multicultural learning environment that prepares students to approach issues from a multitude of viewpoints.
Visibly the IB programme is designed to empower students by allowing them to engage in higher level studies of their preferred subjects. Thus, the Extended Essay Topics will be based on one of the higher level subjects. In most cases, the IB Extended Essay is shortened to EE.
Regardless of what Extended Essay topics are being taken into consideration, the assignment itself cannot exceed 4000 words. The assignment must make use of a
  1. Cover Page/Title Page;
  2. Abstract;
  3. Table of Content;
  4. Main Body and a Bibliography.
This task should be structured as a mini-thesis written under the supervision of an academic supervisor, usually one of the IB teachers available at the school. The result obtained from students Extended Essay topics is counted towards the value of their IB Diploma. For those seeking a more detailed explanation of how it is tallied up, we will go over that in the sections to come.
The process itself requires one to have their Extended Essay topics approved by the IBO which is not as complicated as most expect it to be. After it has been accepted, it is time to decide whether one will make use of a typical research paper format, conduct some form of experiment or seek to solve a prominent problem. Most IB schools will allow their students to pick the advisor they want to provide them with various IB Extended Essay Guidelines.
How will the Assignment be Graded?
Usually, the advisors are required to provide students with a handout explaining the grading scheme for all Extended Essay questions. However if it is still unclear, we will go over it again in the section below. As stated by the official Extended Essay Guidelines, the assignment will be marked by a number of external examiners which have been appointed by the IB. The grading scale begins at 0, being the lowest, and ends at 36, being the highest. Nevertheless, despite having a range, there are still some subject-specific as well as general criteria applied to the Extended Essay format as well as content. Therefore, according to how many Rubric Assessment Points you obtain, a Description Letter will be allocated to indicate the final grade.
As you can see a Extended Essay will take up a significant amount of time from the student, but it is vital to make sure it comes out perfect. So what are you waiting for? Get the best college essay writing help from the SuperbPaper today.
Extended Essay Example: Grading Scheme.
How does the Extended Essay impact my diploma?
As of 2014, since the first examination in May 2015, students who receive an E on their Extended Essay topics or Theory of Knowledge (TOK) will no longer be eligible to be awarded the prestigious IB diploma. These two grades are still being combined allowing students to receive up to 3 points towards their degree by completing both assignments successfully.
Specific Criteria
If you have been wondering how to get all those 36 points for your Extended Essay topics then here is the answer. Having mentioned several times that there are some rather rigorous strict criteria used to grade Extended Essay topics, we will now have a look at all of them individually explaining their relevance and role. We have included the maximum amount of points each of these sections carry to give pupils a better understanding of their worth, nonetheless despite their numerical value all are equally important.
A: Research Question [ 2 points Max ]
In most subjects, the purpose of the essay will be highlighted in the form of a question, which is why this criterion is called Research Question. Nonetheless, specific Extended Essay topics will allow and even encourage different approaches when defining them. With that in mind, the research question still has to be included on the title page, and an introduction of the Extended Essay format requires that.
B: Introduction [ 2 points Max ]
According to the IB Extended Essay Guidelines examiners must assess the degree to which pupil’s introduction highlights the relationship between the research question and background knowledge the individual already posses on the Extended Essay topic. Students should look to underline the significance and worth of this examination holistically. Overall the context of the chosen research question must be stated and examined.
C: Investigation [ 4 points Max ]
As indicated by the IB Extended Essay Guide our following criterion entails examining the degree to which students have planned their investigations. In essence, examiners are looking to see an extensive range of sources is taken into consideration, efficient use of data as well as implementing these elements in the right places. Overall make sure you collect ONLY relevant material that has been carefully selected as it must support the idea of the investigation.
D: Knowledge and Understanding of the Topic Studied [ 4 points Max ]
This criterion assesses the degree to which students are aware of the current state of affairs in the respective field they are investigating. Nonetheless, that statement has to be taken with a pinch of salt since it is referring to what a pre-university student can elaborate on and not a Masters graduate. Thus, our Extended Essay Guide encourages students to evidentiate their knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand by indicating how the investigation impacts this subject from their current academic perspective.
E: Reasoned Argument [ 4 points Max ]
Due to the title, it is somewhat straightforward what will be placed under assessment. The IB Extended Essay Guidelines explicitly require students to make good use of all the data or reading material collected to showcase their ideas coherently and logically. Thus, pupils may decide to argue against their research question or choose to find various ways of proving it. Keep in mind that the paper must succeed in proving or disproving the original hypothesis according to the IB Extended Essay Guide.
F: Application of Analytical and Evaluative Skills Appropriate to the Subject [ 4 points Max ]
Students display an appropriate use of their analytical and evaluative skills throughout each section included in their Extensive Essay structure.
G: Use of Language Appropriate to the Subject [ 4 Points Max ]
Appropriate use of academic terminology, language, grammar, etc. throughout the assignment. Overall the goal is to get one's ideas across to the public in a clear and concise manner.
H: Conclusion [ 2 points Max ]
The goal here is clearly to assess the impact of a student's conclusion. Relevancy and consistency throughout one's argument will play a significant role for examiners. Make sure not to leave any unanswered questions to tackle within the conclusion. Doing so can indicate the student's research was not thorough enough or the Extended Essay structure was not properly organized. The keys to success are to be consistent in the methods and evidence used to support one's argument as well as keeping things as clear and concise as possible without repeating the introduction.
I: Formal Presentation [ 4 points Max ]
As simple as it might sound at first, the following criterion concerns itself with the formal physical elements of the Extended Essay. It is utterly crucial that students are aware of these requirements depicted in any Extended Essay Guide. Again consistency is critical as students must adhere to the standard format described below in the IB Extended Essay Guidelines section. For more information on what these elements are, consult “What is an IB Extended Essay?” located at the start of our Extended Essay Guide. Sticking to a simple set of rules can end up awarding the student 4 points, which would be a shame to lose out on.
J: Abstract [ 2 points Max ]
Remember that regardless of what Extended Essay topics are being taken into consideration the abstract can never exceed 300 words as it will result in losing these 2 points. Make sure you include the research question being investigated, how the data or reading material will be collected as well as how one expects the investigation to conclude.
K: Holistic Judgement [ 4 points Max ]
The last criterion sets out to assess the qualities which distinguish an excellent Extended Essay from a fantastic one. In essence what it means is displaying a passionate intellectual initiative and a firm understanding of what the topic entails. It is highly recommended in any Extended Essay Guide that pupils seek to apply holistic judgment throughout the entire assignment.
IB Extended Essay Guidelines
Similar to all standardized testing systems the Extended Essay guidelines are based on common criteria, some interpreted in specific ways according to the subject. So let’s have a look at the most general ones provided by our psychology essay writing service experts:
Such Extended Essay Guidelines should be given out to you by every IB institution. Nonetheless, they are quite lengthy and can take a while to get through. We hope that by reading a shortened and more succinct version of it, you will have saved some time, which you can now invest into perfecting one’s Extended Essay Outline.
What are the Best Extended Essay Topics?
Before exploring where one might strike goals regarding their Extended Essay topics, it is essential to be aware of the examiner's expectations. The IB programme makes use of a complex system where everything is interconnected.
When first confronted with the Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL) available topics it can get a bit confusing due to how layered the system is. First off what ATL concerns itself with are planned strategies, skills and/or attitudes designed to suffuse one's teaching and learning environment. The goal behind ATL is to help students develop in five different areas, namely:
  1. Becoming an Independent Thinker
  2. Developing Self-Management Traits
  3. Encouraging Effective Communication
  4. Exploring Social Aspects
  5. Performing Fruitful Research
Thus, to help students in their grooming process and prepare them for writing some fantastic Extended Essay topics the curriculum is designed much like one of a university. Meaning each pupil must choose six courses from six distinct groups. Doing so gives one a taste of what everything entails so they may gauge what field is best suited for their Extended Essay questions. The groups go as follows:
In case you change your mind on what subjects fit best one has the option to change them up to a specific date. The date is established by each institution, in particular. Nevertheless, once the period has passed, it will be physically impossible for students to catch up with the material they have missed. With that being said, each must have at least three, with a maximum of four, higher level (HL) classes while taking the rest at the standard level (SL). The difference between those is straightforward: a higher level class will require 240 recommended teaching hours and standard level a total of 150 recommended teaching hours.
Now, since we have a basic idea of how the system works and what is expected of us, we can have a look at what makes Extended Essay topics shine. Most students tend to deviate from the given list of topics by adding their own unique spin to it. The best way to go about any Extended Essay questions is by having the topic based on one of your higher level subjects. Below we will provide an Extended Essay example for each of the six groups.
English A1 HL: How effective was Seamus Heaney’s response in “The Pen’s view of the Sword” to “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland as shown in “Wintering Out and North”?
History HL: A in-depth comparative study between Chinese and Japanese high school history textbooks depicting the acts of Japanese Aggression in China from 1935 to 1937.
Visual Arts HL: To what extent has Salvador Dali’s surrealist movement impacted our interpretation of modern artworks?
Physics HL: Deformation from free-falling - Investigating how the height from which we drop molten wax onto a water surface affect its size and shape.
Mathematics HL: An investigation into the relationship between Pascal's Triangle and the Fibonacci sequence.
Economics/Business Management HL: To what extent has the recession affected the consumption of demerit goods in China?
Secret Tips and Tricks To Tackle Any IB Extended Essay Questions
Phew, it has been quite a journey so far, and it’s not over yet. Since we have covered all the significant elements which need to include in your Extended Essay topics what else could be left? Well, below, our talented paper writers have come up with some fantastic tips and tricks that students can put into practice quite quickly. Unless you order essay online directly from our website, this type of Extended Essay guide looks to get you going in the right direction so you don't have to spend countless hours correcting silly mistakes which can sometimes occur.
The following segment of the Extended Essay Guide is split into two distinct sections. One is a simple list of what to do and not to do while tackling this assignment as well as some fantastic tips and tricks to help you get it done in no time. So let’s have a look at each list of these Extended Essay tips carefully and understand how they will help us get it done in time.
The “Do’s and Don'ts” of Tackling Any Extended Essay Questions
Since the IB Extended Essay Topics are quite challenging here is a roadmap to help you understand what the examiners are looking for.
Extended Essay Dos:
Extended Essay Don’ts:
Secret Tips and Tricks:
Find The Perfect Balance For Your Extended Essay Research Question
Quite often students tend to struggle when trying to create their perfect Extended Essay questions. The issue arises due to the topics needing to be broad enough so writing 4,000 words for them is not an issue but at the same time make sure they are narrowed down to keep them from turning into books. A great example is history students who are passionate about World War II (WWII) seeking to create their topics. It is easily understood that choosing to write about the impact the war had on Europe is primarily a book in itself. Thus it is better to look at it from a different perspective. One can instead narrow it down to the impact WWII had on the performance of German military forces from 1945-1950.
As easy as it might sound in this Extended Essay guide, the best way to go about perfecting your topic is by brainstorming multiple alternatives which seem attractive. Some students work better with Extended Essay topics requiring pupils to make some sort of comparison. But how could one apply that in such a scenario? It is essential to keep in mind that if choosing to do so we must find a form of comparison tailored to enrich the context. Thus, in our case, we can take a look at how a country such as Britain saw the German military in the time period selected. Overall we would now have researched two different sources that come to offer opposing viewpoints in our Extended Essay Outline. For example, a German source would describe the militaries lack of strength as increasing local civil unrest instead of helping maintain peace. While on the other hand, the British source would illustrate how the state of the German military had to remain this way since they had proven to be a threat to the international security of Europe twice in less than 50 years.
Avoid using comparisons unless they are genuinely relevant to the Extended Essay Topics being developed. If you are still unsure whether a specific comparison can match your topic the best thing to do is to consult the academic advisor.
Avoid Picking Up Extravagant Topics, Stick To Writing About Something You Really Enjoy
So how does one go about finding their passion for writing a fantastic Extended Essay? Quite often the answer is staring us right in the face.
Despite how demanding the IB Diploma Programme can be, eventually, we all find a class that helps relieve some of the pressure since everything comes to you naturally. It is highly recommended throughout this Extended Essay Guide that students pursue their passions since they will end up spending a lot of time working on the assignment. An unexpected benefit which can come from writing an fantastic Extended Essay is obtaining a scholarship by using it as a term of reference in interviews.
Let’s assume that by now you’ve discovered the most suitable subject for your Extended Essay. If it is English A1 then apparently it will involve researching what books literal motifs can create a fascinating comparison. Start by brainstorming, as previously mentioned, to narrow it down to a manageable margin or list of possible options. Usually the fastest way to complete the Extended Essay outline is by looking at what your favorite chapters were in that book or course and why. However, try not to spend more than 2 hours on this process at most to obtain satisfactory results. If it seems to need more time then perhaps it is best to consider choosing a different Extended Essay topic.
Choose the Best Possible Academic Advisor:
When looking to pick an academic supervisor for your Extended Essay topic, it is essential to keep a few things in mind.
First off, you have to convince them to supervise your Extended Essay early on since other students might want to seek out this particular teacher as well. In a sense, it is first come, first served. Some might require candidates to submit an Extended Essay outline before being accepted, but it is always worth it. Doing so ensures one does not end up with a random supervisor who is not passionate about the Extended Essay topic itself. Another crucial thing to value is selecting a tutor who is willing to take the time to go through several Extended Essay drafts and include an extensive set of notes on what can be improved. However, with that being said the IBO states explicitly that while advisors are allowed to suggest improvements to students Extended Essay topics they can not directly engage in writing up changes for it. Thus, one can understand why there is such a high demand for a detailed Extended Essay Guide. Overall the academic advisor should spend between two to three hours with the candidate discussing the intricacies of their Extended Essay topic. In essence, the process makes the students choice quite crucial since if they pick a teacher they have no connection to, this individual might not push the student to their limits. Thus, that is why in this Extended Essay Guide we recommend pupils always select a teacher you have worked with before either in class or during an extracurricular activity.
So what are the keys to getting the best possible academic advisor for any Extended Essay Topics again?
  1. Pick an advisor that will motivate you and push you to the limit.
  2. Make sure you get in touch with them early on, so they are not overburdened.
  3. Submit an agreement form if necessary.
  4. Always ask if they are willing to take the time and review multiple drafts.
  5. Avoid choosing one's favorite teacher to be the advisor, UNLESS what they teach is directly related to the Extended Essay topic.
Starting Sooner Is Always Better Than Later
As dull as it might sound by now, it cannot be stressed enough by any Extended Essay Guide. But as evident as it might be, there is always something a lot more fun to do in high school than coming up with Extended Essay topics. However, regardless of how confident one is in their academic skills and ability to write up assignments quickly, it is nearly impossible to produce a convincing 4,000-word essay in a week or less and expect a good grade. As previously mentioned in the Extended Essay Guide the task requires students to read multiple articles, books, plays, or even watch several documentaries. Thus, unless one decides to buy an essay from our service, the sooner one gets started, the faster they can finish.
Despite the universal IBO curriculum, not all institutions have the same deadlines. Meaning some schools will want them handed in as early as November from their Senior year class while others will have to submit theirs by February at the latest. Usually, the task deadlines will be provided to you in advance during the student's Junior Year. Nonetheless, if this has not come up the best thing to do is talk to the IB coordinator and find a useful Extended Essay Guide.
Having mentioned it several times throughout this Extended Essay Guide, we will provide you with an ideal timetable which students can use to plan out this paper:
*Note: The timeline is tailored, so everything is done in advance before everything is due to help relieve some of the pressure.
Establishing a clear structure is half the battle
Visibly the IB loves the use of an organized Extended Essay structure. A smart way to approach such a challenge, as indicated by our Extended Essay Guide, is to have a clear introduction (2 pages max), research question, main body (up to 18 pages max usually), conclusion (1 page) and a robust, reliable set of references (separate page). Steer clear of coming up with an ambiguous abstract confusing the examiner more rather than give them a good understanding of what is to come in the Extended Essay structure.
Since the Extended Essay Guide indicates the main body will take up the most space, it is best to split it up into several components or elements. This way it is easier to define one’s Extended Essay outline, especially if it is a comparison. However, for those looking to conduct various experiments, it is best to follow the scientific method style. Meaning the Extended Essay outline begins by explaining the research question, describing the research methods that will be used to collect data, present the data, analyze the data, present all the possible uncertainties the experiment carries and lastly evaluate the success of the research in the form of a conclusion.
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2023.05.31 19:02 Armorlon I was worried about turn economy and if this would be another slog fest but no I completely ignored the fact that he had a BoH and the boss is just dead. This is exactly why I haven't given out more than 1 BoH to a party, well now they're gone from both the current and previous party.

I was worried about turn economy and if this would be another slog fest but no I completely ignored the fact that he had a BoH and the boss is just dead. This is exactly why I haven't given out more than 1 BoH to a party, well now they're gone from both the current and previous party. submitted by Armorlon to dndmemes [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 19:01 QueenYMB Technical Update Announcement.....

Technical Update Announcement..... submitted by QueenYMB to RomanceClub [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 19:01 Confused_Dev_Q buying an elite series 2 controller through my xbox

Hi all,
I've been having some issues lately with my stock series s (white) controller, that came with my xbox series s when I got it two months ago. The left trigger is a bit "sticky" and make a different noise compared to the right one. The left stick also seems to have some drift from time to time. I figured best to replace it before it gets worse. (I'm sending it back for warranty tomorrow).
Sending it back means I will be left without of a controller. I already ordered a shock blue controller (I like how it looks). But I'm very intrigued by the elite series 2. I'm by no means a pro gamer, very casual, play mostly cod and some forza horizon.
I've heard some horror stories surrounding the elite series 2, but also some positive stories.
Yesterday I saw some kind of add on my xbox homescreen for the elite series 2. I clicked on it and the price was €127.99. Which is significantly less than €179 price that most webshops seem to be selling it for.
Does anyone have experience with buying hardware through your xbox/xbox/microsoft store? It kind of seems too good to be true? Is warranty still the same as in a webshop/physical store?
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